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Flesh for Fantasy – Round 18

Published by Jock on

flesh-for-fantasy-150x150G’day community,

Another bleepin’ split round. The AFL just loves drawing everything out. SuperCoaches are gagging at the bit to play some finals, while many (myself included) just want this season to end. However, I have an inkling the AFL doesn’t really considered the interests of the JR Community when formulating the draw so we must push on.

The first week without Gaz was an empty one. I personally had forgotten how to change my captain, but we must continue to push on and strive for greatness. We do it for Jock and for ourselves.

Let’s begin.


Sam Mitchell (HAW) DEF/MID – $412,800 SC

  • Next 5 Games: SYD (H), WBD (H), MELB (H), FRE (A), GEE (H)
  • Recent Scores: 86, 96, 9, 76, 103
  • Breakeven: 81

Brilliant in his second game back from injury, Sam Mitchell at $412,800 is definitely worth considering if you’re in need of a cheap defender. 28 touches and 7 tackles in a hard working, battling performance shows me Sam has a bit left in the tank after a long lay off. He won’t score 110+ every week, but with the Dogs and Melbourne to come in a difficult period and given his price, I reckon Mitchell could be a solid pick up late in the season.

David Myers (ESS) MID – $428,000 SC

  • Next 5 Games: WBD (A), SYD (A), RICH (A), WCE (H), GCS (H)
  • Recent Scores: 83, 77, 85, 123, 100
  • Breakeven: 34

Left field, and basically owned by no one, David Myers could be the bloke that helps you make and win a final. His last couple of weeks have been excellent and funny how it has coincided with Essendon’s last 2 performances. Bomber has sent him head to head with some of this season’s inform midfielders and while this may limit his scoring to some extent, the past two weeks have shown an ability to win his own ball and limit his opposition. He has a racking left foot and also hits targets better than most. Definitely worth a look at. POD.

Hamish McIntosh (GEE) RUCK – $437,300 SC

  • Next 5 Games: GWS (A), NM (A), FRE (H), CARL (A), HAW (A)
  • Recent Scores: 81, 65, 100, 144
  • Breakeven: 13

Another risky one given he’s to come up against Mumford, Goldstein and Sandilands in his next 3, McIntosh presents another POD-type selection. Given he was up against Will Minson and Mark Jamar past 2 weeks, you’d expect him to dominate the ruck? Wrong. He lost to Minson 2 weeks ago and merely beat Jamar for tap outs. Where McIntosh won his points was around the ground. 20 touches and a goal v Melbourne and 17 touches v the Dogs. Cheap ruck option if you’re in need of one.


Matthew Jaesnch (ADEL) DEF – $396,200 SC

  • Next 5 Games: COLL (A), WCE (H), BRIS (A), RICH (H), NM (A)
  • Recent Scores: 38, 70, 92, 58, 103, 78
  • Breakeven: 57

If you haven’t dumped him already, now is the time to do so while Sam Mitchell is cheap. You won’t win a final with a bloke who is just not pumping out consistent scores. Not much analysis needed when you look at his scores – 38 one week, 70 next, 92 the following, then backs it up with a 58. Been like this since his return from injury and while I would usually say it’s going to be tough to move him on at that price, if you can muster up a spare$17k, you can move him on to Mitchell.

Dane Swan (COLL) MID – $429,100 SC

  • Next 5 Games: ADEL (H), PORT (H), WCE (A), BRIS (H), GWS (A)
  • Recent Scores: 76, 90, 90, 70, 68
  • Breakeven: 120

Dane looks shot. Once the Ned Stark to Robert Baratheon (Gary Ablett, King), Swan just looks like someone really struggling with form and injuries. Bucks playing him more as a high half forward, which tells you Bucks doesn’t have the confidence in Dane. That 68 from Dane on the weekend has to be one of his lowest scores ever. Telling from someone playing in a side that really need to step it up a gear now. Wouldn’t surprise me if he were rested at some point in the run home because I just don’t think Collingwood can drag him along in a time where they need 22 blokes firing to make the 8. Dump him.


Here the key break-even scores to keep in mind heading into round 18:


  • Patrick Dangerfield (ADEL) 73 BE
  • Sam Mitchell (HAW) 81 BE
  • Steven Motlop (GEE) 27 BE
  • Steve Johnson (GEE) 67 BE
  • Brent Harvey (NM) 90 BE
  • Todd Goldstein (NM) 77 BE
  • Luke Dahlhaus (WBD) 59 BE
  • Luke Parker (SYD) 64 BE
  • Marc Murphy (CARL) 64 BE
  • Anthony Miles (RICH) 67 BE
  • Hamish Hartlett (RICH) 40 BE


  • Sam Jacobs (ADEL) 161 BE
  • Jimmy Bartel (GEE) 153 BE
  • Pearce Hanley (BRIS) 144 BE
  • Matthew Priddis (WCE) 123 BE
  • Josh P Kennedy (SYD) 141 BE
  • Lance Franklin (SYD) 144 BE
  • Dustin Martin (RICH) 130 BE
  • Dyson Heppell (ESS) 114 BE
  • Dayne Beams (COLL) 124 BE
  • Scott Pendlebury (COLL) 151 BE
  • Dane Swan (COLL) 120 BE
  • Nathan Fyfe (FRE) 139 BE
  • David Mundy (FRE) 125 BE
  • Aaron Sandilands (FRE) 136 BE
  • Paul Duffield (FRE) 146 BE


Here are this week’s burning questions:

Image 1

ANSWER: Hmmmm, good question. I think Hanley should be kept purely on his ceiling. While his consistency may be questioned, you can’t fault fact on his day he is a 150+ scorer. David Swallow is another one in pretty good knick, so I reckon Hibberd by process of elimination, and the fact he just hasn’t scored nearly as well as he did at the start of the year – very little scores of 100+.

Image 2

ANSWER: On form, those two are definitely the ones to go in with RIGHT NOW. However, most will still go in with Sandilands and while having him at R2 and Goldstein/Sauce at R1 is safe, I think to really be knee deep in finals, you may need to consider dumping Sandi. He is in a rut of sorts, and I base this on the fact he is no longer a walk up 100+. If you can get someone like Goldstein/Sauce in who look likely to score 100+, you’ll hold yourself in much better stead to go deep.

Image 3

ANSWER: Almost a six to one-type question. Both not giving anywhere near the output they can. Both at same price and both pumping out similar scores. Purely because he is a midfielder and has the greater potential to score, I’m going to say dump Tex before Wingard. However, you should definitely make a play to trade out Wingard soon too.

Image 4

ANSWER: Depends. How gutsy are you? Safety Crim would keep that one trade in case someone goes down – which I guarantee will happen the General arrives in a few weeks time. However, I think Shenton needs to be moved on and Boomer is in outrageous form. Personally, I would hold that trade, but if you decide not to, enjoy the big scores from Boomer.

Good luck this weekend community

Mr Crimmins.


Feast Your Eyes On What’s Offered This Week:

PODCAST: Boy Oh Boy Wowee Community

Round 18 Supercoach Prices and Breakevens

Round 18 Supercoach Scouting Report


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G’day fellas thoughts on libba and callan ward? Looking to bring one of them for gaz this week thoughts? Got 7 trades and 30k in the bank



Although I've been a Libba owner from the get go I would probably go Ward who has been ultra consistent this season.

There's that added risk with Libba that if Griffen doesn't play then his scores can really suffer. Nonetheless Libba is still a great pick and he's served me well for much of the season but I'd probably choose Ward if splitting hairs right now.


Both are excellent picks, Libba has a MASSIVE ceiling, but has the tendency to go missing (esp when Griffin is out). 6 sub 100 scores, 7 120+ scores.

Ward on the other hand, has been very consistent this year. Every game bar 3 have been tons. with 9 120+ scores!
Excluding his 48 – I think he got KO'ed that week – he hasn't gone below 92.

for Consistency, go Ward – for the possibility of BIG – go Libba


Excellent form as always Crimmo!
I'm in the position to move Sandi to Goldy, and have made the trade 5 bloody times this week only to reverse it!
It goes against my mantra of sideways trading, but Ross Lyon's tendency to rest his stars at THE WRONG TIME, and Goldy and Norf's run of form are making me want to do it…
I think you have convinced me to pull trigger.


has ross convinced you?



His injury is confirmed to keep him out for 4 weeks!


Yes I think most coaches with him were ditching him this week regardless but this news now makes it a 'no brainer'.

I think many have suspected that Swanny has been playing sore for a while and this probably confirms it.


Thanks TG. Looks like Cloke survives in my team. One had to go this week and my decision is made.


Not really sure why anyone would have Swan anyway. Much better options, and has been SC irrelevant for a while IMO.


The temptation to get on was definitely there after his big Anzac Day performance and many thought the worm had turned so I can understand how folk were sucked in.

Reckon a lot of coaches have just endured his crappiness as they had other priorities to deal with and there was always that hope he could 'come good'. But at least this news makes the decision even easier.


Hey guys,
fwd line is:
parker, D.martin, Zorko, Bruest, Wingard, LeCras (ambrose, cameron)
(also have Danger in the mid)
I want Franklin, i need him.
have 3 trades left, $44k, will trade shenton out for honeychurch for the extra cash for franklin
who should i trade out?


If you are determined to get Buddy in then The Chad would be the one I use for trade bait.

You should also consider Boomer for similar coin to Buddy or even just holding your 3 precious trades for now.

In the past 7 days we've had Gaz, 1AW and now Swanny all go down. Who knows what next week throws up??


Im looking at who are must haves to get into my team: I have 390 k and 9 trades left. I want the strongest possible team to take out the first final. Im clear in the top 4 and will finish there.

B Bartel McVeigh Swallow Enright Birchall Suckling (Laidler Clurey)
M Ablett Pendles Kennedy Selwood Delsanto Beams Murphy Zorko (Taylor Acres)
R Sandi JAcobs (Thurlow Currie)
F Danger Martin ROughy Dalihaus Gray S MArtin (Kerstin Honeychurch)

This round Suckling for Mitchell and Taylor for Parker
Next Ablett for Rockcliff and Roughead for Boomer
Then ??? Downgrade Kerstin for ? and Zorko for Fyfe?


Why don't you get rid of Ablett this week for Rocky.


What's your team name?

The Garbo

Fyfe + Rocky would be the two mids I'd grab.
I wouldnt want zorko in the mid, id trade out roughy and keep zorko in the fwd. Then Birchall/Enright/Suckling would be my next trade. Malceski? Simpson?


You still have ablett……..what are u smoking davo


Im holding Ablett for now due to breakevens. First Mitchell in for Suckling then Taylor out for Parker. Next week Ablett for Rockcliff and Roughhead for Fyfe via Zorko- Then Boomer is the next but how to get him in? Trade Dalihaus?


best pick for swan priced under 475k
looking at montagna, deledio, shuey or cunnington, which one ?
help me crimmo


Purely based on the price you have IMO Deledio…..proven premo and sort of coming back to form with a 110 last week….Richmond also have a reasonable draw for the rest of the season……

Good luck,



Shuey has scorched me before, but his recent form is impressive.


Yeah had him one week, then injured and was forced to trade him, im leaning towards lids but gets tagged, or theres griffin, but unsure if he will score big


ok, should i go Mitchell in for Burgoyne or Enright?
Both are similar performers and apart from Enright's 100 odd in the last round, they are both scoring mid 80's.


I would keep Burgoyne, the Hawks have a hard run home, and when they are challenged Burgoyne gets thrown into the midfield and is usually very effective.


Hi community need some people opinions

backs: McVeigh, Bartel, Hanley, Hurn, Swallow, Burgoyne (Cutler, Georgio)
mids: Pendles, Libba, Ward, Selwood, Rockliff, Beams, JPK, KANE MITCHELL (Acres, Hartung)
ruck: Sandi, Mummy (Derickx, Thurlow)
fwd: Gray, Parker, Danger, D.Martin, Wingard, Zorko (Cameron, Honeychurch)

I have 3 trades left and nothing in the bank. Was thinking of going Derickx to Ben Brown to get cash and before he goes up too much for ruck cover incase Sandi gets rested. Then I was going to hold trades. I wanted to get in Sam Mitchell but I think it is more important that I hold trades.


Well given Sandi is being rested this week, I would do 1 of 2 things.

1. If you need the league win, or need 2 rucks to win your league match-up/s then you need to move Derickx and Brown is a good option.
2. If you dont need to win your league match-up, or could do so with a trade – then this is my prefered option.


Any love for Sam Fisher out there? Scored a 102 on the weekend from 15 touches. POD selection from smitch who will be popular this week


Fair enough Sandi hasn't put together some big scores of late, but with a bloke who averages 39 hit outs a week he doesn't need a lot for him to go right to crack the ton. Silly to trade him out while he is playing IMO

jack power

Also a good idea to check what structures the other players in your league have .. of 8 potential final's opponents in my league, 6 have Sandi and all have enough rookies to make me think they wont be trading Sandi in a hurry. This is the only week he is likely to be rested so we'll all know in a couple hours.


Sandi omitted due to a back injury (or Ross Lyon code for "gonna play marbles with all the supercoaches")
So now what? I have Derickx as back up who hasn't been getting a game but isn't injured either. He due to play next week so can don't know if he'll get a call up and cover this week's doughnut. Should we be trading Sandi or what???


A rest is a rest, Jock. Can't do much about it. Second best average for rucks and 19th best overall. Knee jerk trade of the highest order. Could probably justify the trade if in with a shot of the 50k or fighting for a spot in the top 8. Myself? I'm a bit a bit too far back and sitting pretty a game clear at the top of the table. Holding


I have 7 trades left and $537,700 in the bank. My team is
Bartel, Simpson, Jaensch, Birchall, Suckling, McDonald (Bews, Jones)
Selwood, Sloane, Beams, Murphy, D.Thomas, Griffen, Aish, Dunstan (Taylor, J.Martin)
Sandilands, Cox (Ceglar, Brown)
Dangerfield, Parker, D.Martin, Zorko, Roughead, Wingard (Ambrose, Cameron)
Any suggestions?


Get rid of McDonals, Aish and Dunstan. By this time of the year you should be pretty much at full premo. You could upgrade whoever you wanted this week and to make some money next week, downgrade a bench player to a rookie. example, jack martin to honeychurch and then make another upgrade


McDonald – S.Mitchell and Aish – S.Johnston


5 trades left with a really inconsistent backline. I have birchall, Murphy and Jaensch and 120k. I also need to dump rioli either by bringing in a fwd or swinging Parker and bringing in a mid. Sitting second and should finish top 4 even if i lose the next 2 weeks, was thinking of dumping Murphy buy now leaning towards Jaensch


Jaench or Birchall to go?


Jaensch I'd let go if you have the trades. Birch is a proven premium although his role has changed a bit this season with all the Hawks outs.

Although Jaensch started off the year with a real flourish his scores have been fairly disappointing most weeks since round 6. He is borderline premo at best and Mitchell would make an excellent upgrade there if that's who you are considering.


Bloody hell Swan…..i am in the biggest pickle of my supercoach history…the season is just about done for me i think!

I have 2 trades left 147k in the chest
Back : Hanley,Hodge,McVeigh,Jaensch,Bartel, Frawley (bews, jones)
Mid: Rocky, pendles,D.Beams,fyfe, Jelwood, JPK, danger,swan (shenton,hartung)
ruck: Sandi, NicNat ( Derieckx,currie)
Fwd: L.Parker,D.Martin,Dalhaus, Buddy, Pav,s.Martin (honeychurch, c.cameron)

What do you think fellas? Hold and use honey nut cornflakes or shenton as cover for swan to come back or pull the trigger and ride the season out with one trade?


Nah given that we may not even see Swanny again for Supercoach purposes he is certainly worth one of your two remaining trades, as last week proved we can't rely on Shenton's or Honeychurch's scoring for any extended period of time.

So I'd make good use of that war chest and bring in a NDS, Stevie J, Libba type myself.


Need to move Swan, Stevie J or Mitchell would be my choice.

Mitchell opens up the Def/Mid swing, which may be handy for coverage should others fall over.


community, thoughts on R Palmer up forward? only owned by .97% of teams. the question is do you think he can average 90+ from here on??

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Hello Skateordie. The reason he's in .97% of teams is becuase he's scored over 100 once this year. And at 418K it doesn't represent any value. Can't see anything to indicate a 90+ average. Good luck.


Any ideas for who to bring in for Dane Swan ? 200k in the bank already with 8 trades left . And Brad Ebert. should I keep him?


You've got plenty of great choices. If I was in your shoes I'd pick between JPK, Sloane Dog and Ward.

Ebert is a tricky one as it really depends how Hinkley uses him. If he's given a largely negating role his scores can really take a nose dive but when he' freed up to win the ball he can post some impressive numbers.

As he hasn't tonned up in over a month and Port seem to be in bit of a rut right now I'd probably say move him on but it's a tough call given he's worth sub $450K now.


nope. boot swan. with the 200k (not knowing your team) you have a choice of anyone bar rocky and fyfe really.


Now theres no point of getting mitchell…everyone's jumping on him lol


Just because a trade is popular don't let it put you off. You don't want to miss out on value scoring where you can get it.

Just as everyone started with GAJ, Sandiballs and Beams there is good reason many coaches are bringing in Mitchell this round.


Agree SCaddict.
Unless you feel as though Mitchell isn't worth the trade – you should make it!


What are your thoughts on stevie motlop?


I reckon he's a great POD


Sandilands did not board the plane to Melbourne


Thoughts on Sandilands to Mike Pyke?


not for mine. But, stick to your gut.
should you think he'll dominate – go for it

The Vampire

seeya sandilands- nice knowing you and you lasted ALOT longer than expected. but we all knew this was coming so good bye and tell ya story walking pal!!!!


Kept a trade in my pocket, just for him. thought it might be against Brisbane, but could see it coming


are u going to trade him or do you have bench cover/


Bit harsh, his being rested for just 1 match (2 weeks). He will come back fresh, and will be useful for the remainder of the season.


Hi community, with Sandilands out this week I have to burn a trade because derickx probably wont be named and I'll have no bench cover. I was going to do Derickx to ben brown. Now, Kane Mitchell has been dropped and I dont have any mid bench cover. If i trade mitchell ill have 1 trade left. Not sure what to do wether to cop the 0 or trade them both. Thoughts?


if you can win this week, or afford to lose then take a zero.

if not then you have to trade, there is no point missing the finals of your league with trades in your pocket.


Hi Community,

Is having McVeigh, Kennedy, Parker and Franklin to many Swans players in one team? Prone to being rested at some stage?



Hi James,

I don't think so, I have all them plus McVeigh.
Why change a winning team? and Ross the TOSS isn't the coach.


sorry, make that *Malceski*


I have all those guys too along with Malceski so I don't think so. Horse traditionally hasn't rested stars for the sake of it.

However if the Swans are guaranteed a top 2 spot after round 22 then yes it's a possibility but I wouldn't be overly worried about it. Plenty of other Supercoach problems to deal with at the moment.


Should i go Jaensch to Mitchell, i've only got 2 trades left.

Dutch Life

I have the exact same question mate. I’m leaning towards making the trade.


What are peoples thoughts on going Shenton to Caddy leaving me with 2 trades left. Shenton's JS really isn't that good and Caddy's 2 weeks have been good and with a negative breakeven this is the last week I could do it it also gives be the handy Mid/Fwd swing. Would love peoples's thoughts


Also his poor scores of 24,33,37 have been when he has had the vest and has come on late in the game.


This would be a good talking point for the Community podcast.

Is it worth burning one of your last trades to shore up your bench cover or is it worth keeping this trade for onfield LTIs? I'm not sure I know the answer.

Looking at your team and considering you can always swing Gray into your forward line I'd probably hang on to that trade but it's a tough call. I take it you are also trading out 1AW this week for Mitchell?


Yes I am probably going to go to Mitchell and I see your point that I can swing but this week I am forced to swing Martin into my ruck so can't play him on field and also I would also give me good cover for late outs.

Caddy starting as sub is a worry but I hope his performance over the last 2 week should be enough to keep him away from it. Also he is listed as Ruck Rover on the AFL website so I don't think he'll be sub.

Anyway if I do decide to make the trade I won't be doing it to Saturday night.


If i had 3 trades left, and 5 weeks remaining, I wouldnt be using them on bench cover. Better waiting until you need to use them, or bettering your on-field if you need the wins.

Dutch Life

Got two trades left at $220,000+ in the bank, and was looking to trade Jaensch up to Smitchell, but was concerned due to my trades left, but if I do this, I will have to hope for no injuries, what should I do community.?
Would really like your wisdom community cheers.


Wouldn't risk it

Dutch Life

That’s what I was thinking, might hold until finals.?


How do I swing wingard to mid from fwd while at same time trading swan for fwd? I remember Higgo doing similar with omeara and gibb 2013.


Press trade on swan, and to the left of your screen there will be an icon next to your players saying "Sub". I'll let you figure out the rest


Got it! Cheers.


Brodie Smith or Sam Mitchell in for Walker and why?


Definitely Mitchell proven elite premium and has a much higher ceiling only positive towards Smith is that he is owned by less people but I wouldn't let that persuade get MITCHELL.


In addition to BCH's explaination, Mitchell also provides the flexibility being a DPP.


Hello Community,

I have looking for a league win (from my 4 teams, who will all finish in the finals). I am going to win in all 4 leagues this week regardless of what trades I do or dont do this week.

My team is-

Def – Swallow, Malceski, McVeigh, Hanley, Enright, Firrito (Shoenmakers, Tippett)
Mid – Pendlebury, Priddis, D.Beams, Cotchin, Bartel, D.Martin, Johnson, Goddard (Miles, Acres)
Ruck – Sandilands, Naitanui (Lycett, Lobb)
Fwd – Dangerfield, Gray, Zorko, Dahlhaus, Franklin, Roughead (S.Lloyd, Shenton)

I have 4 trades and just $20,500 in the chest. Have my swing sets in place, and bench over on each line.

I have 3 alternatives that I am considering at this time-

1. No trades this week
2. Shoenmakers & Shenton for S.Mitchell & Honeychurch (leaving $106.1k & 2 trades)
3. Miles & Schoenmakers for Rockliff (via Bartel swing) and Honeychurch (leaving $15.7k & 2 trades)

Love the communities thoughs. Thanks in advance


Hey Donavan. Trades are the most precious tool. And you have only few left. Since you're in a good position for league finals, I'd not trade. Or next week as well. Save those 4 for any unexpected surprises during finals. Or use it to get a leg up on your competition.

In other words, use your hammer when it's going to matter most.


Thanks Throttlefinger,

That is my preference, and I could still do the option 3 trades in the next round (prices of Miles & Honeychurch will likely both go up about the same amount).

I will hold steady.


Will say, if you had to make a trade that will help during the finals, #2 is pretty strong. Getting Mitchell now is probably the right time.


In which order should i trade first – Wingard, L.Taylor, McGovern?
Which 2 should i trade in out of Rockliff, JPK, B.Harvey?


Anthony miles to sam mitchell?

Simon T

G’day Community.

Playing one short in the ruck this week so thinking of making trades elsewhere. Have 8 left but need to win to stay in the top 8.

Thinking of trading Polec to Mitchell, Myers or any other suggestion and/or McGovern //Taylor to Martin or Motlop.



Thoughts on trading out Lewis Taylor for morabito? Pretty sure morabito’s JS will be good for the rest of the year? Just for my M9 and to free up some cash for any LTI’s??

Cheers fellas


Should I trade in JpK or prestia before lockout??