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PODCAST: Boy oh boy wowee community

Published by Jock on

Supercoach 2014 podcast

Captain choice was critical in round 17

And on a weekend where we toiled to move on with life after Gary – plenty of us were burnt by the Pendlebury 93 and were left pining for our magical bald friend.

But we need to move on with a new para dime of life after Gary.

And speaking of putting something behind us – Brian Taylor made a bit of a blue on the weekend and will reside in the bungalow for a few days. He joins us for this week’s podcast.

How did you go this week community? Enjoy the show.


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Boy Oh Boy Wowee


have 3 duds left.. suckling, tyson,wingard… 150k in the bank… 4 trades.. what do i do… going for the league win currently sitting in 8th posi….
what do i do o wise jock?
thinking suckling > mitchell
Tyson > boyd…


Hey mate, considering your cash situation, it's hard to argue with the proposal you've conjured up. Suckling -> Mitchell is definitely a winner, and Boyd, although down on his early form, seems to be great value at that price!

Some alternatives that you could afford – if you have exactly 150k, you could sneak Mundy in your side. Otherwise, I'd say the best value for money picks at around that 500k price are Murphy and Hanley.

Obviously if you don't have Dangerfield, pick him up, but for a BIG POD, take a look at Jaeger O'Meara – now that Gary is gone, someone has to fill the void, and even though Gold Coast played a poor outing at the weekend, it looks like Jaeger is really ready to step up and soak up some of Gary's regular 150 points that are up for grabs!


Mate, what about Travis Boak for Dom Tyson. 553k and cranking out 100's each week in an underperforming team.

john fitzgerald

scored a reasonable 2222 this week mate with 2 donuts.

teams looking ok with 8 trades left

def : bartel, enright, simpson, mcveigh, hurn and hibberd (no bench cover)
mid: ablett, pendles, JPK, selwood, libba, sloane, beams, fyfe (acres, crouch)
ruck: sandi, big boy mcevoy (no bench cover)
fwd: danger, parker, gray, zorko, roughead, stef martin (honeychurch, sam lloyd)

for trades this week i was thinking of trading ablett to sam mitchell via dpp which will bank me 266k

then correcting one of my under performing premos.

cheers community

john fitzgerald

alright mate, who though? i have a few under performing premos in roughy, simpson and sandi who do you think i should upgrade?


With no bench cover I think you need to hold your trades to trade out injured players when finals come along. For your sake you need to hope if players get injured they are the under performing premiums that way your killing 2 birds with one stone

john fitzgerald

was thinking of doing, next 2 weeks i face the 2 bottom sides so i can hold 7 trades for the finals. with 266k in the war chest.


I wouldn't perturbed at all with having much bench cover with 8 trades, your siting nicely.
In fact my team is very much like your side but I will only have 6 trades left after trading out Ablett this week.
I also copped a donut last week by not trading out Ablett but I want Rockliff in my midfield as he is a absolute GUN midfielder and because he was suspended last week it was pointless bringing Rocky in.
Rockliff has a breakeven of 117 and they are playing GCS this week so he is liable to score 140+ so he will be my captain this week with Selwood as my VC at this stage.

Your midfield is exactly the same as mine apart from you already have a ultra premium in Libba and I still have Miles who I will trade in for JPK after round 18 as JPK's break even is still quite high at 141

Don't get me wrong I love Sam Mitchell but I think you would be crazy to bring him in when you can get a ultra premium in Rockliff. Mitchell will score between 70 to 100 each week and he defiantly wont score you 100's each week, where Rockliff will score you 100+ each week as he has done all season.

If you trade Ablett straight to Rockliff I understand you will only be making $33k but with 7 trades remaining the last thing you need to worry about is generating cash when you can get ultra Premiums such as Rockliff and still make 33k from the one trade.

I know its highly likely you don't have Thurlow but I have to ask. Do you have Thurlow in your Ruck?
If you do have him then you do have cover in your Ruck & Forward line by using Martin to Thurlow and then put Lloyd in your forward line to cover Martin.
If you don't have Thurlow I wouldn't recommend getting him now as you have plenty of trades to fix any injured players between now and the season end.
However if you chose to trade Ablett for Rockliff like I am doing and if you are fortunate enough to afford Ben Brown to your ruck bench at $179,700 that would give you double the cover considering you already have Stef Martin, The only reason I am mentioning Ben Brown now is because he has a negative break even and is projected to go up another $40k after round 18 so if you cannot afford Brown simply don't joepardise Rockliff for someone else especially when you'll have 7 trades remaining to fix any injured players between now and season end.

Good luck mate in whatever your decision ends up being.

john fitzgerald

i do have thurlow mate and archie smith. thanks for this extremely well written and detailed reply. trading ablett to mitchell will generate a lot of cash going forward and i still get a very good midfielder in either bartel or mcveigh. with the cash i then can upgrade my shit players in simpson, roughy and enright.


Rucks have been so fickle this season that I'm not sure that I agree with the inner sanctum that ditching Sandiballs is really worth a precious trade at least in my own situation.

Reckon bringing in Sammy Mitchell for $400K is a better use of a trade for most coaches this week. Of course those with spare trades can do both if they so desire but I'll be hanging on to the block of flats for now.


I’m in the same boat my final few trades will be for players getting injured and missing multiple weeks as Im lucky I have bench cover on all lines. Maybe look to loophole Martin and sandilands if a non playing ruck is in your team might be more appropriate at this time of the season.


It's just a luxury most of us just can't afford right now even though I agree with the boys that his scores are waning by the looks. And the bugger you bring in to replace him could spud it up too.


I'm in the same boat SC. Just gonna ride out Sandilands, even through a possible rest. Although with the late season split-round I'm hoping there won't be any resting… fingers-crossed.


Anyone know the sc finals fixture?


What do you mean exactly Jacob? The SC finals mimic the structure of the real stuff with qualifying and elimination finals commencing Round 20. But I'm guessing you already knew that??


Captain choice now is all about studying form and upcoming opponents. I went Fyfe this week purely playing the %'s as they played GWS.

Garglesnarf FC

I had Pendles as VC and when hes 63 at half time, whacked the C on Fyfe.

This week will be Fyfe VC, and Rockliff C


Jock old son need help 1 spud left to up grade in Shenton only 33,000 in the chest and only 2 trades really need some advice ambrose and kerstan as cover, cheers ols son


It’s going to be hard to upgrade with only one trade and $33,000 in the chest all you would be doing is sideways trading. Can you swing shenton into your mids put a premium mid/fwd into your forward line and loop hole shenton with the other two bench mids. I would suggest this in your fwd line but all your fwd line is currently playing. That might be better off at this stage with only two trades.

Garglesnarf FC

Agreed. Reckon you hold those two trades and use them for injuries. You have 2 weeks left plus 4 weeks of finals. Those trades are going to be precious.


Have a look at josh caddy mate


happy with 2394 this week with donut from Hibberd


6 trades left and getting Mitchell into my defence. Question is who to trade out?
Defenders are
Mcveigh, Burgoyne, Reece shaw, Docherty , Langford, s Thompson, Hanley, Enright.


Shaw, docherty or Thompson. North and Sydney have friendly draws keep that in mind. If you trade Langford your going to have a lot of cash on your bench. Would you be better trading Mitchell into your midfield?


Thanks Leighroy,
My Midfield is full of premiums, and would be a waste of a trade getting any of them out. Except maybe griffin, who's donut cost me a win and top spot on the league ladder this wk.
Was thinking maybe a sideways trade with shaw. That was not too much cash left sitting on the bench.
Hopefully Thompson pulls his finger out, thought I'd pick him up at the bottom of his price drop but he just keeps going downhill.


If its Heath Shaw you have in Defence, you do realise that Heath Shaw is out for at least the next 3 weeks minimum due to some bleeding on the brain. I think H Shaw will be out for longer then the 3 weekswhat they are stating.


it says reece shaw?


which is a better trade??

jaensch OUT sam mitchell IN
stefan martin OUT robbie gray IN


definitely first trade mate, no need to trade out stefan martin !!


First one.
Martin is hitting the ton weekly and gray will probably miss with concussion.


I'd say the first especially if Leuey remains sidelined. Sammy Mitchell is really a must for most coaches this week in my book and Jaensch has been rather up and down lately after that splendid start so seems a reasonable candidate.

Bob Murphy will be the fella who makes way for Sammy in my squad this week.


I think Stefan Martin will play the remainder of the season unless he gets injured or suspended. I think that Leuey will be put away for the season. Lions are done and dusted for 2014 and would be silly to risk Leuey.

Muddies mudflaps

Great podcast boys!

I’m coming home strong in my first year of supercoach in the top 4 of all three leagues I’m in! Along with catching the supercoach bug and found a new way of appreciating our game instard of focusing on my team (Richmond) I look at all the teams and appreciate great players no matter the colours they have on All thanks to my brothers and sisters here!

Now what you guys think I have 4 trades left with 120k in the warchest is it worth me using one of these trades trading L Taylor up to sam Mitchell, suckling pig to Mitchell or just holding my trades for the finals coming up


I would make the trade to get Mitchell in. Who for is really based on your team. I would then keep your last three trades for unexpected situations in your team.


So are the split rounds the same as normal round but in 2 weeks?


Yes mate. Just like Round 1.

It's a bit annoying for everyone concerned but the players and coaches of course, though it may mean a few less players get rested in Rounds 22 and 23 than usual perhaps. Well one can only hope ha ha.


Yeah, round 18 is held over 2 weeks, but is only 1 super oath match-up.


Harvey or Parker?


I would probably go with Harvey but you can't go wrong either way!


2651 for the round. Holding trades this week.


That's a ripping score. What was your weekly rank Lambo?


5th for the round. Not so good overall though about 40,000th


Geez not far off the weekly grand then.


Need to get rid of shenton now and have 220k in the bank. Thinking of getting Robbin gray if he is named this week after his concussion, but if he misses, then steven motlop at 495k. Thoughts??

Kenny Powers

robbie gray looked like he didn't even know he was on planet earth as he was helped off the ground so reckon he'll miss for sure .. Motlop been go gang-busters for a few weeks now so looks prime value at under 500g's. With all the other big names he has in his side it's unlikely the opposition could afford to tag him, kicks goals and if nothing else "looks" influential.



I'm getting in Mitchell this week, but I have to get rid of either Jaensch or Enright…



Maybe even Dane Swan, who is too busy at the tattoo parlor to attend training and get better at footy.


I know aye!!


Jaensch would be my vote. You could probably expect to average an extra 25-30pts per round upgrading him to Mitchell at a guess.

Tom McVilly

Hey community just want your thoughts on my team

Defenders: McVeigh, Swallow, Simpson, Hanley, Mackie, Burgoyne

Mids: Pendlebury, Rockliff, fyfe, ward, cotchin, Selwood, Libba, Beams

Rucks: Goldstein, Mumford

Forwards: dangerfield, D.Martin, chapman, wingard, Walker, McGovern

Thanks guys


That's a nice team. Really only your forward line requires work if you have the trades and cash available.

Really Wingard, Tex and McGovern aren't up to snuff imho. I would probably start with McGovern who looks to be plateauing in price now and try to upgrade him to a Gray, Parker, Booomer type if you can scrape together the cash.

As the lads mentioned in the podcast Wingard looks to be a dead end this season sadly given how Hinkley is using him and his inability to tonne up with any regularity.

Also Tex has only given us one round to get excited about. The other 8 scores have been between 47 and 83 even though I believe Jock is still keeping the faith for now.

So first priority would be McGovern then The Chad and then Tex if you have surplus trades otherwise just do the best you can but that would be my focus if I was in your shoes.


kade simpson or sam mitchell


Both are solid options but it's hard to pass up Sammy at $413K.




Going pretty good, scored 2487 this week, need to get either Parker or D Martin in team. Have gone with key position players, seems like every week two do well and two give poor score.

Forwards: Dangerfield, chapman, Pav, buddy, Cloke, roughie (kersten, b Johnstone).

Who should I get, Parker or dusty?

Who should go, Pav, Roughie or Cloke?


I'd make the Cloke of Invisibility disappear forever before he leaks more cash with that 31 in his average for the next fortnight. As the crew said Parker Power is virtually a must have this season.

Roughie hasn't travelled north of 90th parallel for 6 weeks now so he'd also be on my short list to jettison if he doesn't produce come SC finals time.

But Clokey would be my priority as a pitiful 72 average this season says it all really.

Vic City

Current team is looking like

Defenders: Swallow, Bartel, Hanley, McVeigh, Enright, McDonald (Laidler, TIppett)

Mids: Pendlebury, JJK, Selwood, Goddard, Parker, Beams, Murphy, Miles (Shenton, O'Brien)

Rucks: Sandilands, Naitanui (Brown, King)

Forwards: D. Martin, R. Gray, Dangerfield, Zorko, S. Martin, Roughead (Cameron, Honeychurch)

$543,600 banked, thinking of going either:

Shenton -> Rockliff and McDonald -> S. Mitchell or Shenton -> Sloane/NDS/? and McDonald -> Malceski.

Either way I'm going to be a little light in the back with Laidler as a sub going into finals and no DPP options but gives me more freedom to shift elsewhere.



i would go for your first option, sam mitchell is a must


First option. Rocky is SC gold!!


Is it worth not bothering with rocky at his inflated price, can't quite afford him so going for ward and gray instead of gray and rocky


I think that's a reasonable compromise myself. Lions have a killer draw coming up soon and Rocky is almost a lone hand in the middle with both Rich and now Redden done for 2014.

Rocky will still score well of course the superb player that he is but I just think both Rocky and Hanley owners could be in for slightly more lean times than they have been accustomed to in the past few months.

So I wouldn't over extend myself to get Rocky in and Ward has performed well all season. The Sloane Ranger is another one to consider too as the Crows have a tidy run home.


thoughts on burgouyne to mitchell
have 6 trades and $128k in the war chest
rest of my team is premo
have gardener on the bench in the back line

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Dont mind that trade Brandon

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Miles gettig the tag was a worry but he still posted a respectable 95. I'm still holding him for at least another week. BE of 61 is attainable. He's been more than serviceable.


I'm low on trades so am going to hold him until SC finals… maybe week 2 or 3.
Both Cotchin and Deledio got off the chain with Miles being tagger and the tigers won… not sure that will happen again. You'd think either Cotchin and Deledio will be tagged from now on given they've found form again.


Have to trade out gaz this week. Who should I get??

Selwood rockcliff or fyfe. Any tips would be much appreciated. Thanks




Need to trade Ablett. Rockcliff or Kennedy and why please

Garglesnarf FC

I play the bottom two teams in my main league over the next two weeks, so despite remaining 5th, I will hold trades until week one.

2365 with a donut from McDonalds late withdrawal and Shaws out. My trade in of the year, Carlisle saved my arse. 155 from a bloke I spent $269,900 on in round 12 definitely put a smile on my face this weekend.


It's always nice when a bargain bin pick up goes large like that.

Garglesnarf FC

One of my few good calls this year, he was brought in as D7 and has played D6 for the last two weeks and has been very handy!

As much as it pains me to say it, the Bombers are playing some seriously good footy at the right end of the season. Hibberds return should only strengthen them further so if you have Hibberd I would hold him for the run home.


Hi community need some help desperately.
I'm going for league wins and I'm currently 8th. I'm going to make finals no matter what and I have 2 easy game coming up. If some results go my way I can go to 4th.

backs: McVeigh, Bartel, Hanley, Hurn, Swallow, Burgoyne (Cutler, Georgio)
mids: Pendles, Libba, Ward, Selwood, Rockliff, Beams, JPK, KANE MITCHELL (Acres, Hartung)
ruck: Sandi, Mummy (Derickx, Thurlow)
fwd: Gray, Parker, Danger, D.Martin, Wingard, Zorko (Cameron, Honeychurch)

I have 3 trades left and nothing in the bank. Was thinking of going Derickx to Ben Brown to get cash and before he goes up too much for ruck cover incase Sandi gets rested. Then I was going to hold trades. I wanted to get in Sam Mitchell but I think it is more important that I hold trades.

Thoughts Please Community


I have gone
Swan > Mitchell
Wingard > Motlop

and with 4 trades left and 19k in the bank i think what ive got will prob have to do me for a while


Good trade


2,147 overall and sitting first in a couple of leagues with 3 trades left (after this week's trade) and $221k in the bank.
Second to last upgrade: Taylor to Harvey.
Now going to wait until either week two or three of SC finals to upgrade Miles. Will be looking at JPK or Libba for the last trade in. Pretty happy with my season so far. Had to use more trades than I'd like to cover injuries but overall, not doing too badly.

Team is:

Def: Swallow, McVeigh, Bartel, Jaensch, Hanley, Hibberd (Georgiou, Bews)
Mids: Pendlebury, Selwood, Ward, Sloane, Beams, Fyfe, Rockliff, Miles (Acres, Honeychurch)
Rucks: Sandilands, Jacobs (Currie, King)
Fwds: Harvey, Dangerfield, Parker, D Martin, Zorko, Wingard (Lloyd, Cameron)


You're in a very good position there. Yeah I'd keep riding Miles for a while yet as the dude keeps producing.

I only have 3 trades left too but am aggressively playing for best possible overall rank (currently 650th) so will be upgrading Bob Murphy to Sammy Mitchell this week.


Dead dingos donga. Changed captains last seconod from Johnson to Barlow. :O(


Robbie Gray or Steven Motlop?




Consider K Jack


He probably needs a forward mate and Kizza is only a mid forward swinger in AFL Fantasy not Supercoach. As a side note I did see that Crouching One brought in Jack to his midfield on the weekend.


Yeah I was thinking gray but only if he plays this week after his concussion. Jack isn't a forward though


My bad. I forget the SC difference with DT.


I have Swallow, Bartel, McVeigh, Burgoyne, H Shaw, Jaensch (Laidler, Langford) in my backline and looking to bring in Mitchell.
Who should go?
Was thinking Laidler then if Langford is dropped again I could loophole Jaensch and Burgoyne as Hawks play after Crows most weeks from here on – thoughts please?
3 trades and $456K in the bank.


Heath Shaw isn't expected back until August. Has bleeding on the brain.
So, i'd probably boot him for S-Mitch


I’ve got 2 trades left,

Only weaknesses are wingard and swan.

What do I do? 1st and 2nd in all leagues but 10th in the one I really want to make top 8. I’m sitting 10th and one win from the 8.

Thinking trading swan for Mitchell and wingard to someone around 470k


at this stage I think you need to hold trades. Swan isn't scoring great, but he is a proven high scorer and after the Pies defeat he might come out and start next few weeks. Is there anyway you can switch Wingard to mid and trade to Mitchell?


yeah im thinking buckley has to start him in the midfield sooner or later.. but heard he's had problems with his wrist or something..

I can swing wingard to midfield- good idea mate. now that would be a good trade


having a shocker of a time in the last couple of weeks with injuries everywhere and underperforming players..
my plan of having 7 forwards and loopholing t.walker has gone down the drain due to injuries and has made me play him on field which is annoying

thoughts of trades this week.. – mitchell
natanui- J.P.K (via martin into ruck, dangerfield into fwd leaving midfield gap)


still got some other players that i want to swap over.. ie… tex walker, wingard, dane swan, north melbourne thompson but looks like they are staying for the longhall.. only positive is i have 7 premium defenders so now i can loophole my mids/def


Not sure I would ditch Nic Nat especially given that Stef Martin's future scoring is still not 100% assured as good as he's been the past 6 weeks. Leuey coming back in might or might not change things. It still remains to be seen either way.

But yes Sammy Mitchell should be a high priority for many coaches this week. I'd wait until later in the week but if there is still talk of Heater possibly not returning until August I reckon I'd make the move for Mitchell myself.


On AFL DT :O( (SC next year I promise)

D: Mcveigh, Simpson, Swalow, Del santo, Burgoyne, Jensch (Bews, Fasolo )
M: Jelwwod, Pendles, Barlow, Johnson, Beamy, Cotch, Libba, Griffen (Ellis, shenton).
R: Mumford, Sandi (Currie, Thurlow)
FWD: Parker, D Martin, Danger, Buddy, S Martin, McGovern (Ambrose, Kersten)

Warchest: 540k (Been building but over did it me thinks). Gotta use my two trades or lose them.

1. Jensch to Mitchell and Griffen to Rocliffe
2. Jensch to MItchell and Griffen to JPK
3. Jensch to Mitchell and Ambrose to K Jack
3. Jensch to Mitchell and Ambrose to R Gray

I like option 1 and 3. But cant decide. Any advice appriciated.

PS: Morabito starting next week. Bloody Lyon waited too long. SOmeone should get him hooked on SC so he is kinder to us.




5 trades left and 120k in the bank, currently sitting in 2nd and need one win to maintain top 3 spot. Looking at 1 or 2 trades this week. Current team is

Def: McVeigh, Swallow, Hanley, Jaensch, Murphy, Birchall (Tippett, News)

Mids: Fyfe, Rockliff, J Selwood, Cotchin, Shuey, Pendlebury, Beams, L Parker (Sheed, O’Rourke)

Rucks:Sandilands,Goldstein (brown,Currie)

Fwds: Martin, Zorko, Dalhouse, Roughead, Dangerfield, McGovern (Rioli, Cameron)

Was thinking of trading out Rioli and Murphy, swinging Parker forward and then bringing in Johnson and Mitchell. The other option is to just get Johnson and hold trades or also get rid of Roughead.


I like your first options, Rioli and Murphy out for StevieJ and Mitchell.

jack riewoldt

so happy with my 2499 with 7 donuts had a grouse week


team name jacky boy?

jack power

cinnamon donuts ….. ?????


7 donuts on the bench…


If the guys scored 2499 with 7 donuts in his best 22 then he would gladly tell you the name of his team.
I don't understand why people make up such absurd statements, clearly this guys is talking BS.


Is it worth moving Hibberd on for Sammy Mitchell – only 3 trades left!


im thinking the exact same thing but i only have 1 trade left!
im buggered


I probably wouldn't make that move if Hibberd plays this weekend. He's already shown this season that he's fully capable of being a top 8 defender. I'd give the same answer to someone with Kade Simpson even though his form has dropped off likewise and hasn't tonned up in over 6 weeks.

However if Hibberd misses again then I reckon you seriously have to consider pulling the trigger for Mitchell especially if your backup is either poor or non existent.

Of course if you are sitting pretty in your leagues and not too concerned with rank then holding on to your trades is still the wisest thing you can do if your focus is primarily on premierships.


Julz hell no, keep Hibberd unless you know he's out for 3 or more weeks. Hibberd will out score Mitchell or at the very worst match him, so it would be a waist of a much needed trade. 3 trades left is not enough at this stage in the game, HOLD on to each one of those trades for when someone is injured.


MY TEam:

Back: bartel, Hanley, Birchell, Enright, Burgoyne, Suckling (Bews, Georgiou)
Mids: Pendlebury, JPK, Selwood, Steve J, Cotchin, Libba, McVeigh, Swan, (Acres, Honeyvhurch)
Rucks: Dandilands, Martin (King, Holmes)
Forwards; Dangerfield, Harvey, Parker, Martin, Franklin, Cloke (Shenton, Impey)

7 trades left, $70k.

Have slipped in overall rank from about 5k to outside top 10k (looking at you Cloke & Swanny). Also slipped in league rankings to be around 4-7th in leagues now.

need to make some good moves to set up the Finals.

Havn't had Beams all year, should I get him instead of swan? or go to fyfe?

Will paint the fence next couple of weeks, cash in Impey & Shenton. to get Mitchell and Beams/fyfe.

Any other sugestions, ie Cloke? Rucks?

Have kept trades and now want to make most of them.


I wouldn't get Beams. Every man and his dog has him and he has been just scraping by over the last month. Maybe Swan>S.mitchell this week and downgrade a rookie and then next week move him down back for Suckling and go bang in the mid with Fyfe or Rocky and downgrade another rookie. Then I look at Cloke and think if it was my team I'd move heaven and earth to get that tool out.


Howdy community! Pushing for league glory only, 2 trades and $130k in the chest.

what would you do in my position?

mcveigh, swallow, bartel, burgoyne, hanley,suckling (bews, z jones)

pendles, rocky, jelwood, beams, cotchin, murphy, johnson, miles (langdon, acres)

sandi, naitanui (derrickx, currie)

danger, d martin, zorko, dahlhaus, wingard, mcgovern (shenton, cameron)


Langdon to Sam Mitchell opening up swingset for a chance at combating unforseen outs and then just hold onto your plums (and your precious 1 trade) til finals


only 2 trades left, not much you can do. Hold for now.

Sandi will be rested either this week or next, can you handle a 0 for the week he is out (if he is out)?

Hold trades and hope your selected players can do the job. Keep trades in case of injuries during finals.


I don't usually trouble the community with my problems but I'm at a bit of a crossroads…

Going for league win (ranked 2nd, but it's very tight) and hoping to finish my season by cracking the top 10,000 (currently 13500)

McVeigh, Bartel, Simpson, Hanley, Hibberd, Bob Murphy (Bews, McStay)
Pendles, Fyfe, Selwood, Beams, S Johnson, Barlow, Dangerfield, Swallow, (Acres, Honeychurch)
Sandiballs, Golstein (Currie, Thurlow)
Boomer, Parker, Franklin, Roughie, Stef Martin, Tex Walker (S Lloyd, Kersten)

$276,600 and 7 trades left

I'm considering calling Tex and Swallow failed experiments and generating a bit of cash going Swallow > Sam Mitchell and Tex > Sloane (via Danger) giving me def/mid/fwd swingsets, leaving me with 5 trades and $139k for a rainy day.

But if anyone has an ideas i'm all ears.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

If your going for league wins murphy to Mitchell & tex up To best available with your remaining cash. Hang on to swallow for a bit


cheers for the help, but based on average points gained the numbers on that move don't add up.

i'm calling mitchell's average 101 (disregarding his 9 point injury round)

your suggestion:

murph to mitchell gains 17 points for $28,100
tex to Rockliff (best available) gains 52 points for $280,400

total gain 69 points for $308,500 or $4471 per point gained

alternatively leaving bob alone:

swallow to mitchell gains 13 points and a profit of +$83000
tex to jpk gains 46 points for $227300

total gain 59 points for $144300 or $2445 per point gained, plus a bit of cash in the kitty to help out later on


at this point of the season you don't worry about Points per $ etc, its all about having the players who will score you the MOST points.

Mitchell will score better than Murphy and Rocky will score better than Tex


Basically Sam Lloyd coming back to play messed with my plan to upgrade him to Sam Mitchell. Also it's Andrew Swallow from north i have in my team, not David Swallow.

i totally take your point, i'm not so much worried about points per $ but just using it to illustrate my point. I'm considering dumping swallow because that will earn me money AND get me more points AND give me DPP flex. Paying extra to upgrade Bob will only get me a slightly better return than upgrading swallow, and the first suggestion was to hold onto Swallow "for a bit". not a solid plan at this stage of the season, I would've thought either keep him for good or dump him.


also thanks for the reply


I agree with you on Tex. I reckon expectations were way too high there in my view. KPPs have trouble producing consistent high scores at the best of times, let alone those who have recently missed 12 months out of the game. He will be all the better in 2015 with a full and uninterrupted preseason.

So yes I very much like the idea of upgrading him to either the Sloane Ranger or Ward via DPP manipulation.

And then you could look at either upgrading Swallow or converting Bob Murphy to Sammy Mitchell as Pieman suggested which in fact I'll be doing likewise this week.

Murphy has only averaged about 72pts for the past 5 weeks so I reckon the gap between the two is closer to 25-30pts myself which is damn good value for $30K!


Thanks mate. Going on form lines it's definitely the call to stop mucking around and spend that war chest, swallow has averaged 105 over the last three which isn't terrible for an M8 (with a view to upgrade to a super premium in time for a prelim). Tex out for JPK/ward/sloane, Bob out for Mitchell.


Does anyone else think Motlop can continue till the end of the season


Yeah I reckon




Pretty happy with my team to be honest, sitting top 2000. Still stuck with swan though and with 100k not quite sure he to get, even though I still have suckling I think getting rid of this spud should be a priority.

Any help would be appreciated


gotta get rid of suckling first, you have many choices in def. mitchell is one of them

how many trades u have left?


Bloody Ebert, 35 on the weekend, I am so sick of him!
Community, I have 3 trades left. Is it worth trading this shitty choice of a POD out of my team?
My team is finished with pretty good bench cover….


Can't see him scoring big for the rest of the season with ports tough run home
It is probably worth trading him out depending on how much cash you have….


On top in all 4 leagues, only 5 trades left but I'm addicted to trades and have a double must this week… Give me a like if you think these trades are a good play, in a cash league, but I really want to crack in as high as I can on the rankings!

Rank: 288

Hartung to Hunt (def/mid)
Cutler to S Mitchell

This effectively gives me solid def/mid swing cover for the remainder of the season, no more trades barring season ending injuries. Expect both Acres and Cameron to be back for finals cover and Lloyd back FINALLY warmed the heart.

Def: Swallow, Malceski, Mcveigh, Bartel, Walker, Mitchell (Jaensch, Georgio)

Mid: Pendlebury, Rockliff, Fyfe, Selwood, Ward, Sloane, Dal Santo, Beams (Acres, Hunt mid/def)

Ruck: Sandilands, Lobbe (Thurlow fwd/mid, Currie)

Fwd: Harvey, Dangerfield, Parker, D Martin, Zorko, S Martin (Lloyd, C Cameon)


Not sure if you need to waste a trade on Hartung to Hunt. Keep the trade imo.


See why your doing the Hartung to Hunt trade (def/mid swing),but agree that just the Cutler to Mitchell trade would do this week.

Save the Hartung/Hunt trade. With Acres getting a game soon, you will have coverage in the Mids anyhow.


generates the additional cash required and it also means my cover is Jaensch instead of Acres, BUT Walker out for the year throws a massive spanner in the works. May have to also go Walker to K Simpson next week. Not many other options out there at Walkers price…


Or just suck it up and go Walker to S Mitchell and consider a Hartung to Hunt, Cutler to M Johnson trade…


Should I upgrade cutler to either Bartel/ Mitchell/ other premium


I would go malceski if you don't have him

Otherwise Bartel


My back line is Mcveigh, malceski, Murphy, swallow, mackie, jones (cutler,clurey)


Hello Community,

I have almost broken into the top 10,000 , which is my target. I am also looking for at least 1 league win (from my 4 teams, who will all finish in the finals).

My team is-

Def – Swallow, Malceski, McVeigh, Hanley, Enright, Firrito (Shoenmakers, Tippett)
Mid – Pendlebury, Priddis, D.Beams, Cotchin, Bartel, D.Martin, Johnson, Goddard (Miles, Acres)
Ruck – Sandilands, Naitanui (Lycett, Lobb)
Fwd – Dangerfield, Gray, Zorko, Dahlhaus, Franklin, Roughead (S.Lloyd, Shenton)

I have 4 trades and just $20,500 in the chest. Have my swing sets in place, and bench over on each line.

Would love to upgrade Firrito to S.Mitchell, but dont have the coin. Any thoughts on how to better strenghen my D6, or do I continue to play loophole between Firrito and Schoenmakers, or bring Mitchell in for Miles as a M9.

Love the communities thoughs. Thanks in advance


You could downgrade Shenton or Lloyd to a cheap rookie and use the left over cash to upgrade firrito to Mitchell


I've got some significant choices to make this week, any feedback would be appreciated

I'm likely to make top 4 in all my leagues, but the finals series will be intense and I have some ideas, not sure what will be optimal
Team as it stands

A respectable $338,800 in the warchest
Swallow, Bartel, Malceski, Simpson, Jaench, Birchall (Cameron, Georgiou)
JPK, Pendles, Selwood, NDS, Dangerfield, Beams, Fyfe, Goddard (Acres, Hartung)
Lobbe, Sandi (Currie, Nankervis)
Parker, DMartin, Zorko, Pavlich, Smartin, McGovern (Kersten, BJohnson)

Option 1 – Two Upgrades
McGovern – Ward (Via Danger Swing)
Smartin – Gray
$24k left in the bank

This option gives me a full premo team with 2 trades into finals, but leaves me with birchall and the chance of sandi stuffing my season. This also prevents me from getting harvey or rocky, which could be crucial

Option 2 – Sandi insurance
McGovern – Ward
Sandilands – Harvey (via Smartin swing)
$26k in bank
This does allow me to bring premos in and fix the sandi debacle, it also leaves me with Smartin on field, and IF looey comes back, that could be bad. Although I do get Harvey here which might be crucial with norths finals run

Option 3 – Effing Birchall
Birchall – Mitchell
McGovern – Harvey
$82k in bank
Leaves me room for an upgrade next week and gets rid of birchall, problem is with Smartin + 82k it won't leave me with a very good mid premo, or at least not the likes of rocky/ward. Also the lack of trades is an issue

Feedback would be appreciated!


I would do-

Birchall to Mitchell
McGovern to Rockliff (via Dangerfield swing)


I like donavan’s idea only thing is you will have no swing links and you need to have these set up before you run out of trades.

Keep Martin he is scoring well

Mangrove Jack

If you think Sandi is going to be a big problem, what about FThurlow in for either R3/R4, gives you the Fwd/Rck swing to SMartin and you have Kersten for cover in Fwd line.

With Freo and Nth playing wk 1 of the split Rd, and Haw in wk 2, you could wait and see if Freo name Sandi and go from there. Unfortunately, Harvey and Mitchell will prob make their BE this next Rd and will rise again in price, so could be interesting decisions. I would focus on Harvey first and then see where your gut feel takes you.

Good luck with your choices..


just found out walker is out for the year.
Options are Mitchell, Duffield, Hodge, Swallow.
Is there anyone else to consider?
Already have Malceski, Bartel, Hanley, McVeigh and Johnson.


Mitchell is the go.


Hurn but I would recommend Mitchell or Swallow


I got Hurn a couple of weeks ago and have regretted it every minute since. Go for Mitchell. There is a reason everybody is getting him this week. He is a proven premium at a bargain price.



However as Higgo said, everyone will be getting him this week, so no POD.


Bad luck on 1AW but it's perfect timing with Mitchell.

You'd be getting a proven uber premium for $400K and pocket change. Need I say more!


What should be my priority with 143,700 and 4 trades.
A) trade out shenton to Burgoyne or swan for midfield bench cover
B) use the cash to upgrade nick riewoldt


I'd upgrade Riewoldt.


Riewoldt has actually had a few good games so I would hold him


I would upgrade Shenton, but not convinced on Burgoyne. Depends on your team, and DPP's.


Who to dump for Mitchell, Simpson, Hurn or Burgoyne?

dean billman



Only two trades left but am tempted to trade Thompson to Mitchell.


Annoying that I have to trade out Walker this week who should I go to Mitchell or a POD?


Mitchell, he is fresh, he has come back looking sharp, and his match conditioning will be better each week.

Garglesnarf FC

He is too good to ignore at this price, and is perfect for anyone copping a long term injury. He also wont go up more than 9-15k this week, even if he scores 115, so you can hold off a week if your team has no pressing concerns two weeks out from finals.


3 trades left, Walker to S Mitchell, thoughts … Hold or Trade?

Matt. D

of course trade, trading out a player who will not score above 0 for the rest of this year for an absolute proven premium who has come back from injury !
The literal definition of a no brainer


I’m trading Walker to malceski already have Mitchell going to leave me with 1 trade but do have mid fwd and mid def swing links so hoping to cruse to the finish line without carnage. jB you need to trade walker out


Will definitely trade, 6 rounds to go 2 trades left before the finals walking on thin ice

Garglesnarf FC

Something to be wary of when trading this week, is the split round. With almost half the teams not getting named until next week late outs could be a very big concern.

If you can hold off doing any trades this week, and leave it until next week when you seen the last 8 team sheets, you may save yourself some pain. i.e. With the Hawks playing next week, those looking at bringing in Sammy Mitchell dont HAVE to do it this week unless it’s to cover Walker or Gaz.


Great heads up, Gargles. First round split messed many up with hasty decisions (hand in air). In the future, throwing the pause button on unless absolutely necessary may be the go-to strategy for split rounds…although truthfully I hope this sort of scheduling chicanery ends this season.


Yes we should always delay our trades as long as possible. That saved me one week when Stevie J was a late withdrawl.

However I want to switch Bob Murphy for Mitchell this round so have no choice but to make that move this weekend before the Dogs play obviously.


i got sandi and nic nat. thinking of having martin as my 2nd ruck. question is which one should go?


No mate.
Who will you put in as replacement fwd? Maybe you have options there… I didn't
Are there many options you don't have? Sandi for Jacobs maybe… Leave stef fwd
I'd seriously do ruc to ruc…


i was gonna buy boomer for the fwd line. i will then have boomer, danger, parker, gray, martin and wright. i guess my main objective was to save using a trade in the ruck and therefore completing my fwd line.


had 5 trades with a full premo team. Watson, Walker, Gaz with season ending injuries have brought me down to 1.

Second year playing this frustrating game and just bumped into the top 5% am I stuffed or do I still have a chance?


Indeed it's a brutal game. If you are ranked around 15,000 (5%) that means you are some 3,000pts behind the yellow jersey.

In other words you would need to make up about 500pts per round on the leading pack so yes you will have to shelve those dreams of fame and fortune for another season I'm afraid.

However there is still plenty to play for in terms of new PBs, weekly prizes and premierships.


Thoughts please on tex walker out, reiwoldt in as an option for rd 19
Saints got free this week, so waiting there, as they got better run after this rd.


I have 4 trades left and 430k

To be cut, I have to keep one spud backman and one Key fwd:

Suckling or Birchall?
Shenton (currently bench)
Gunston or Pavlich?

I've also had Pyke all bloody year and struggled to get rid of him for a load of reasons, injuries and correctives early and then his value was too low for my warchest, now I have the money and he smashes out a 130 and wins me a few league games?!?! Do I flick him or can he hit a few tons on his run home?

Help appreciated community


Or is it plausible to keep Shenton on bench, go suck to Mitch for 30k, Pyke up to mummy next round for under 200 and have 200+ to upgrade birch and either PAV/gun????


not sure of some of your options… sucking to Mitchell is a good option though.
I'd take gun over pav most days of the week.

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