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The weekend chinwag – how are you travelling?

Published by Jock on

Jock Reynolds - The Father of Fantasy

 How is your first weekend without Sir Gazzlington goin?

Sauce with 110, Sloane with 105 and Danger back to his best with a trouser zip challenging 159.

It’s a no brainer on taking the VC loophole on Danger… but with Gaz gone, I must admit I’m considering taking Sauce’s 110 on the loop.

How is your weekend going so far folks?

Some tweets of interest:




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Nicky dal or Barlow boys ?


So it would of had to of been Judd that Crouching picked. Anyway I am on 442 from 4 with buddy performing badly again.


Sorry meant Roughhead


What happens if you have two emergencies in a position, 1 doesn’t play and the other does? Which score do you get? The 0 or the scoring players score?


the lower score of the emergencies


Only if both play. If only one emergency plays, you get that score

big aggots

Had to pull the trigger a week early and bring Smitch into defense this week for Hibberd. Sitting o. Gaz for a week as I want Rockliff. Have Zorko as cover for this week.


Still thinking about trading wingard to b Harvey. It would leave me 4 trades and $230,000 in the bank. Also will b bringing Sam Mitchell in next week. Thoughts?


Same here I traded him out for Gray this week, sick of his terrible scores.

john snow

I went wingard to parker this week. Wingard is now guaranteed to go 120 plus this weekend


Thinking of trading Ablett for Barlow or Greenwood to make a bit of coin to fix another area of my team or is there someone else i should consider?my other mids are Pendles JPK Libba Sloane Jelwood Priddis and Beams.Thoughts plz


am i just wasting my time with this trade?

john fitzgerald

is it time to trade roughy out?


Roughy is simply one of those frustrating forwards who will make you love him with a 160 score then go Casper and hit 68. I'd hold unless you don't have Parker, Gray or one of the more reliable forwards.

john fitzgerald

if it is time to give him the flick i am holding onto gaz this week because im versing the worst player in my main league and i will swing gary to defence and pick up sam mitchel i could then get any fwd.

thoughts of a fwd would be boomer or dusty


Hawks have a diabolical run home so yes I'd look to 'upgrade' him if you can, especially if you have more than 5 trades. With less than 5 trades you probably have to keep him unfortunately, all things being equal.


traded Ward for Gazza.

was thinking Libba but hoping Ward will continue his good form.

john fitzgerald

who for captain?
jpk vc – pendles c
jpk vc – fyfe c
pendles vc – fyfe c

with the last option i will have to make a risky decision nearing 3 quarter time.

john fitzgerald

thanks mate, i get back from football at 3 so ill be able to keep a hawk eye on the situation

john fitzgerald

thanks mate, i get back from football at 3 so i will be able to keep a hawk eye on the situation.

Mangrove Jack

I went to DePendelberry to replace GAJ, 5 trades left. Thought Hibberd would be back and now no cover on bench. How did ZJones concussion become an Achillies problem.

Have the V on Parker and C on Pendles


Mora or the church and will mora get a full fame boys ?


thoughts on Dal Santo V Greenwood as last mid


Who would you trade out if you could only choose one out of Tex Walker or Wingard.


Thanks Jock!


If I was to bet I reckon both will continue to frustrate and disappoint myself.

However Crows do have a fairly easy run home so perhaps Tex can rack up a bag here or there. I just wouldn't count on it though from what we've seen thus far.

He probably needs another full preseason to get back to the Tex of 2012. I plan to dump him from my AFL Fantasy team next week as he's only been treading water in most of the games he's played in 2014.


How is Kerstens js? Or is there any other forward rookies?

john snow

I think his JS is good but don't think he will score well


Is Selwood a good capatain option


Becuase I cant decided who to like loophole out of Selwood, JPK, Libba and pendles


VC Options – Nicky Dal Vs Sainters
Stevie J Vs Melbourne
Naitanui (remember cox is out)Vs Brisbane


Joel Selwood also an option


Im thinking not selwood because of the wet conditions


Big mistake 147 SC Points


Who should i start onfield to cover floggard this week c.shenton or m.honeychurch?

mr dj

shenton sub


Big Benny Brown went down in the sheds at 1/4 time – may get subbed out, not sure what's wrong with him atm.
Also anyone know what's up with Bartel? 14pts nearing 1/2 time!


Do GCS tag though? I didn't think that they did.

mr dj.

D: Swallow – Bartel – Malceski – McVeigh – Simpson – Suckling – Litherland – Georgiou
M: Ablett – Pendlebury – Selwood, J – Priddis – Beams, D – Fyfe – Murphy, M – Rockliff – Honeychurch – Acres
R: Jacobs – Sandilands – Currie – Brown
F: Harvey – Dangerfield – Martin, D – Roughead – Martin, S – McGovern – Lloyd – Cameron

5 trades left, $50,300, 3rd in league, 6732 overall

1. Ablett > L. Parker (next week s McGovern > Libba via Parker swing to Fw)
2. Ablett > R. Gray (next week same as above)
3. Ablett > Libba
4. Ablett > JPK
5. better option

thoughts please


A all the way


Should I take jelwood 144 VC or risk it on fyfe?


take it no doubt


Taken thanks capt rocky

john snow

take that for sure. Fyfe will be very, very luck to score that highly, Hope he does, I had the VC on Dal Santo and the C on Fyfe


Does anyone know how long treloar will be out for? I don't have cover for him, and if he's gonna miss multiple games I might trade him out to ward or Barlow

Cheers community


Had to play Shenton this week to cover for Rocky, he was SUB. Had time to change to Honeychurch, he was SUB but still had time to change to Johnstone (Carlton)


Go Blaine! Seems odd, but I really need to keep Rocky.


Blaine is 7sc at 3/4 time


You just can't take a trick you poor bugger.

You'd think at least one of these blokes could register at least 40pts going into this weekend but their head coaches had other ideas.


Who should i put the C on this week out of D,Martin, Beams, Pendles or Pavlich?


Pendles, also hear that Beams may be out.

john snow

Where did you get your info on beams being out?

john snow


Itchy Nuts Pieman

Should be some huge scores this round. Looking at 2500 odd personally!


Yes Pieman I'm projected to hit around 2500 too. Like many folks I have Pendles as C today so how he goes will have a significant determination on where I eventually land. So 150 plus would be sweet! 🙂

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Nice one SCA. How’s your overall rank. I’m hoping Pendles pulls off a monster


777…a nice easy one to remember ha ha.

Hoping to bob up a few places after this round but will just have to see what the final wash up is tonight. How about your good self?


Me too Pieman! 200 from Pendles would be nice :p

Are you a Collingwood supporter? or Just like Meat pise?
Or both?

Haha i'm a one eyed pieman myself – Hoping for a nice win today!

Rank 116 – hoping to pull off a top 50 or so. best before this year is 1761 (last year)


haha *meat PIES*

Itchy Nuts Pieman

I am a die hard pies man. But I love meat pies myself. I’ve knocked over my fair share. Rank is 590. So not too bad. But 6th in my main league. Really tough league. 007 would sound better SCA

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Fantastic rank TG. That’s nuts. You still in with a shot to win it?

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Not bad at all Jock. Had the VC on JPK but I can’t get the score. No loophole options. Bench played early this week


I did the same bloody thing – didn't realise until after all games yesterday! Have C on Fyfe as a POD, hoping he can blast another 150+.


Nice one Jock – Mine is 2462, on 1797 w/Pendles as (C), Mundy, Dusty, Sandi and Beams.


had some bad scores from Hanley, Roughead and Bartel but I should crack 2400

Itchy Nuts Pieman

How is everyone travelling


looking at 2300 odd but having shenton, litherland and honeychurch on field for hibberd, rocky and the dufflecoat has cost me well over 200 points. Over than that travelling ok.


The week I trade out Wingard is the week he starts to perform well!

john snow

It was guaranteed, I traded him this week as well. Got Parker for him though so he surely wont score as well as him this week or for the rest of the season


You've got that right!

Apples and oranges from a fantasy perspective.


I also traded him out but got dal santo


Nah you made the right move. He just goes MIA too often to really trouble the Champion Data boys. Plus it looks like the Port bubble has now officially burst and they have a challenging remaining draw.

The kid hasn't even averaged 80 for the season so you'd have to say he just isn't fantasy relevant in 2014 unfortunately.

john snow

At the moment I have the C on Fyfe, thinking of changing it to Pendles….


Itchy Nuts Pieman

Wonder what Ross has install for us today

john snow

No feedback, ended up going with Pendles, hopefully the right call. Plays well against Essendon. Fyfe could go large this arvo too though


H/T Bombers vs Pies relevant SC scores
Bombers: Chappy 87, Ambrose 58, Heppell 48, Ryder 47, Daniher 23
Pies: Pendles 59, Sidebum 55, Beams 52, Swan 33, Cloke 18, Langdon 17, Kennedy 0 (sub)


All going well, ahead of opponent by 47. I had Cloke, he had Ambrose.

Just when you think you get a win….


approaching 3/4 time Freo vs GWS:
Freo: Fyfe 85, Pav 84, Mundy 77, Barlow 74, Johnson 57, Sandy 52, Mayne 46, Morabito 5 (sub)
GWS: Greene 97, Ward 87, Mummy 63, Kelly 35, Cameron 26, O'Rourke 0 (sub)


A pretty poor 2311 for me this week. I hope that I don't drop to much in the ranks.


2486, a good score, not good enough though losing a league by 1 point due to scaling. Just got to hate it sometimes


2416 🙂 with the likes of Bartel and Shenton stinking it. Looped Steve Johnson for captain 🙂


Rank: 334 (hope to climb again). Rockliff DONUT hurt a potentially good score…

Good (14 100+): Danger 159, Boomer 150, Selwood 144, Ward 132, Fyfe 127, Malceski 123, Parker 123, Mcveigh 121

Bad: DONUT, Bartel 57, Jaensch 78 (goes to the bench next week, Cutler out S Mitchell in)

The benchmark

2513 all premium squad with 3 trades and 200k in the bank. Cruise control


2400 on the dot with Liberatore as captain. Also had a donut and mackie stinking it up in defence
How did everyone else go?


2326 with 21men, not too shabby at all

Fyfe cap

Bartel and Jaench stinkers didn't help

The Garbo

pulled a 2422 this round.
Quite pleased with myself, especially entering the round with ablett + goddard on the bench, whilst having to play Shenton (ended up as sub…) and Ambrose.


What does everyone think par score for this week is?

Finished on 2469.

Highlights: Enright, Murph, Parker, Ambrose, Danger, Jelwood, McVeigh, JPK, Cotchin, Beams, Simpson, Zorko all perfomed above expectation.

Lowlights: stuffing up captain loophole – had VC on JPK but left it too late to get the C off Fyfe, only cost me 13pts luckily; shockers from Bartel, Hanley (only traded him in this week too!), plus unders from Sandy, Swallow, Sauce, Fyfe, Pendles, Dusty & Taylor.

How did everyone go?


Anything over 2500 is a damn fine score. Think most coaches should be satisfied with anything over 2400 given all the outs this weekend and popular backup such as Honeychurch and Shenton starting with vests.

Plenty of good coaches were sub 2400 this week for one reason or another. I finished on 2450 after Pendles and the rest of his Pies spudded it up so very happy to bank that score and just move on to next round.


2487 (included Cloke’s 31).

Won my two major leagues by 8pts and 1pt. Thrillers.


Saw Danners post above!


2424 – topped my league despite having pendles as captain. Pretty happy with that.



Hanley the big disappointment. A few under par but overall pretty pleased.

I've got the Suckling Pig and Jaensch still in my back half and plan to amend that when the time is right. Bartel and Mitchell the obvious candidates. Don't liek planning to far ahead though. Injuries have a way of breaking up my plans so I don't 😛


Very keen to see how Crouching went after reading that teaser tweet about his mystery trades.

Hopefully the slipper spoke wisely! 🙂


Looks like he went B.Crouch and K.Jack…..very interesting selections there.


Yer I was shocked to.


2404 with 2 players short, won all my games so very happy.


Well done to 2,400+ scorers.

Sadly for me my team's been pummelled by injury week after week. Maybe next year …


Wingard = Stain in my underpants again. P**s off my team welcome.

john snow

was a great feeling to be wingard free this weekend


Sounds liberating!


Scored 2150 without 2 players and with an underperforming James Bartel. I was not expecting much but still not bad methinks.