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 A community call to arms

Belonging to a community is all about support. You scratch my back, I scratch yours …. even if your back is really bloody hairy, has bad acne or even the shingles.

The Communities own Crouching One has an itchy back at the moment folks and it’s keeping him up at nights. It’s time for you to step up and help our little Oracle from the Orient with some advice on what reins he should pull this week.

He’s ranked 259th and is dead set gunning for a top 100 finish but he is up the proverbial creek this week with GAZ, ROCKY and GODDARD all in the guts and only FIVE trades remaining.

In the words of Josh P Kennedy, when he was the President of the Americas, “Ask not what can The Community do for me, ask what can I bloody do for The Community!”

I Bloody love this place!

The Supercoach team of the Crouching One

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Ablett out for Fyfe, sub Honeychurch into FWD line for one of the DPP's to cover Rocky/Goddard and then make the trick decision on trading either Rocky/Goddard, personally I'd trade Goddard maybe for Sloane, 2 trades used 3 in the bank still….


Of course we need to hold until teams are named later this arvo…..


Until the teams are known it's hard to call, but the first move would have to be Gaz to Fyfe. I'd be very hesitant move on Rocky or Goddard, especially if there is cover. Perhaps some faith in Honeychurch and Acres will have to be placed if they are both named. Keeping Rocky and Goddard on the bench this week will hurt, but is surely the best move for the long term. Many will be benching Rocky this week so not so much ground lost on that one…. Best of luck Crouching – welcome.


Go for it The Crouching One!! All the best for cracking the top 100 this week!!

I would consider the following:
Ablett and Goddard go out – in come Sloane (awesome run in the finals) & Steve Johnson (fairly easy 3-4 rounds coming up)
Swap Honeychurch and Dusty – Rocky on to bench
Swap Ben Brown and Stefan Martin – Martin on field, Honeychurch to provide backup – if Dangerfield not named


Or if you want to go for a slight PoD – consider Michael Barlow


Hi Crouching,

The 2 trades I would be considering doing this week in your team are,

OUT: B Acres & GAZ

IN: L Parker & Morabito – this way you are generating cash for future upgrades and also covering your mid this week by Honeychurch and Morabito (just hope that Morabito will not be a SUB this week)……

Personally I wouldn't be considering getting rid of Premos this time of the season especially if they are fit and are missing because of suspensions for only a week……LTI is a different case though……

Next week you can bring in S Mitchell into your midfield by trading out S Lloyd and swinging Honeychurch to your FWD line….which enables swing set between all your lines…..which is really important when low on trades……

Thats my 2 cents….


Giri Logeswaran

GAJ to Fyfe. Then Acres (if not named) to a mid/fwd non playing rookie. Then swing that non playing rookie for Dustin Martin meaning for this round you will have 22 playing. For future weeks, look at fixing up Bob Murphy and bringing Luke Parker into your forward line.


I’m ranked 272nd with 11 trades left, every year I hear of people with very few trades left at this time of the year, it’s suicide! There is almost always an Ablett style situation. My theory is to ensure I have trades for the finals, particularly the grand final. Late outs, general soreness, Ross Lyon… they’re all out to get you.

I reckon Fyfe is a chance for the Ross Lyon rest, especially with his history of shoulders. My 2 cents in your situation, bring in Stevie J or Robbie Gray for ablett, swap honeychurch and another dpp to go into your mids (d.martin will do), swap stefan martin and brown and put martin in the ground in your forwards, use leftover ablett cash (especially if trading to stevie j, should be nearly 200k) to upgrade Blake acres to someone (anyone), he is a waste of space.

Premier sound system

Fyfe for gaz no brainer, hold rocky
at all cost, think your bigger problems the back line long term you have to get Mitchell in for Murphy or grimes ASAP. Mic nat a weak link too


Boomer switch with honeychurch , boomer covers floggard. S Martin switch with brown, Martin onto the the field , honeychurch on bench .

Trade ablett to fyfe for higher ceiling or sloane for consistency .

Wait for teams, talk of acres playing again??? Could cover rocky


How about swinging Danger into the mid's, trading out Gaz for Fyfe (VC) ?

mungos men

GAJ to Teenwolf, Stef mart to FWD swap for BBrown, Boomer up to mids for Honeychurch, trade goddard for McVeigh for back/mid swingset. bench Rocky… hope for the best


How about (subject to selections obviously)

Ablett -> Fyfe
Goddard -> Sloane
Swap one of Harvey/Danger/D.Martin/Zorko with Honeychurch, becomes M8. Rocky on bench.
Swap S.Martin and Brown, S.Martin becomes F6

Cross finger, pray to Slipper, fly kick any General soreness outs.


Ablett to Parker or Cotchin, if Acre.s does not play then can go Acres to Caddy (mid/fwd) adding another swinger to see out the year with 3 trades. Looking forward to Crouchings fishing charters


Ablett to Fyfe – and Goddard to Sloane (Rockliff & Acres on mid bench)

S Martin on field in FWD line – D Martin to MID for Honeychurch


Fyfe in for ablett, Stevie j for Goddard and sub honeychurch on for rockliff. Stevie j just about to hit form against crap opposition and as cheap as hell ever be!


Gaz to premo mid (fyfe, stevie j, sloane)
Swing honey church in forward for dpp like dusty. Swing s Martin in forward for Ben brown. If needed for cover trade acres to morabito. Dusty will be cover for rocky, morabito or acres cover for Goddard, and a Martin playing in forward.


Gaz out for Steven bloody johnson, swap honeychurch with boomer then stef martin with bb. Then trade acres for morabito. That way you can loophole bb and honey, play morabito on field and should have enough to trade smitchell in next week.

The Ranger

Firstly, grab hold of your balls and take a deep breath.
Then repeat after me.
"I will not panic trade at this stage of the season because I am a bloody legend and whilst others around me will lose their head I will hold firm to what I know to be wise and true and not trade out Premos unless they are out long term"


IN: R.Gray

Port have been in a training phase and will come home strongly.
You may also have to trade Acres out if he's not named but if he is I'd keep the trade.
There will be more injuries and suspensions and general bloody soreness to cover yet.

Best of luck!


Ordinarily I’d say trade GAJ and Goddard to midfielders, but playing grimes and murphy each week is an issue, so I’d recommend getting a defence/mid for Goddard and trading GAJ to fyfe. Or you could save some money and get Steve Johnson or something and upgrade Lloyd or cutler next week, because you really don’t have any cover, if something like this happens again you won’t be able to trade out of it.


REAL POD OPTION an a great way to pocket $200k:

Albert OUT
Andrew Swallow IN

Thoughts community?


ablett-swallow (180k cash)
wait and see if acres is named, if so play him and swap honeychurch into the forward line with zork.
Having zorko and acres as back up fir goddard and rockliff.
Then use the emergency loophole with ben brown and honeychurch (or maybe even stefan).
1 trade used with 180 k generated and no doughnuts!


Fyfe is the best player you don't have so first instinct is to go Ablett–>Fyfe as he could easily average 130 from here. There is a chance to be worried for a rest but Freo have a tough finish Gee, Haw, Bris, Port as their last four. The only time to rest players would be against Bris., but spots may still be up in the air and with percentage very important he may only rest those carrying a niggle of which Fyfe is not one. And remember the split round.

Best course of action may be Goddard to Keiren Jack. Doubt many have him and has the possibility to go on a 120 rampage as he did from around rounds 5-14ish where he didn't drop under 110. Just a thought, I hasn't done any research into why he is cheaper now but I'd expect him to bounce back. I'm wary of Stevie J, could av 120 or 100 for the rest of the season and I'm guessing your looking for a pod.

Anyway at 518k K Jack should buy you significant cash for injury sideways in the future or to fix up you weakness which is without a doubt your defence. Cutler is out for 3 with a groin so don't be relying on him for emergencies cover.


A man by the name of Sam bloody Mitchell. Yes it is probably a little bit early to bring him in, BUT if you go Ablett down to Mitchell you open up the DPP between the backs and forwards. Then you have a stack of extra cash to do whatever you want elsewhere.


*Backs and mids sorry


Trade out G. Ablett, switch Harvey into your midfield and bring in Drew Petrie.


Need to be cautious of Ross Lyon and his resting strategy over the next few weeks, it has been reported here in the west, that he will be pulling people left right and centre to ensure they have another crack at the GF.

"Over the next two months, as Fremantle head into a third straight finals series, watch for some strategic rest and recuperation to Dockers playmakers and matchwinners."


Just go bang bang. Ablett to Fyfe and Goddard to Ward and cover Rockliff with Honeychurch.


Gaz out to non playing Ruckman (with dpp) by swinging dusty into your mids then (s)martin to the forward line -this will generate a ton of $$, then acres to McVeigh, this will give you cover for Goddard this week and also allow you to swing him between defence if any injurys or swap him with grimes and use grimes as your cover!. Sydney have a great run home.


Garry 'Fairy Floss' Ablett out Joel 'plays when he's dead' Selwood in
Murphy out McVeigh in.


Ablett for Levi Greenwood.
Move Boomer into midfield for Honeychurch
Move Ben Brown into ruck for Stef Martin
Put Martin onto field.
Trade Acres out for Trent Dumont (North) who is almost guaranteed to play this week


I like this. Great POD and allows you to keep both rocky and Goddard. Morobito is the other rookie that could be selected for acres. Go for broke no prize for second


Crouching One seems to be doing just fine thus far without my help. The only solution I can suggest is wait till teams come out tonight, crack a cold one and throw slipper at TV – the answer may hit you in the face or maybe just the slipper. Take some comfort knowing that your direct competition has just as many issues to consider but only two trades as well. Flykick their a$$es.

stephen f

Ablett to fife and acres to Thurlow subtuting Harvey into midfield and then change s Martin for Thurlow and then brown and s Martin can cover danger if he doesn’t play and Harvey as he has gone to dounuts and you keep Goddard and rocky

stephen f

Bloody spell check ….that’s fyfe you will also have close to $80000 cash

James Sykes

Hey Crouching.

You might be able to avoid a donut with only one trade. Here's what I would probably do…..

Ablett to Fyfe seems best with who you have already.

Swap S Martin for B Brown. (DPP)

Swap Boomer for Honeychurch. (DPP)

S Martin on ground up fwd, Honeychurch to the bench.

Bench BJ and Rocky for Boomer and Acres.

Hope Acres gets selected!


Crouching…. The SC gods have given you the proverbial finger.

I'm currently ranked 116, have all three Ablett, Rocky and Goddard.
I'll admit, I'm in a better place than you right now, but i'd like to offer a hand to a fellow man, as you, Jock and Higgo have provided for us time and time again!

Now this obviosly depends on teams tonight.

Let's go Stefan M – FWD, Brown to RUCK.
One of your mid/fwds in the MID, swapping Church into the FWD line.

I see there is no DEF/MID swing set, so by trading Ablett down to McVeigh, you get that set, and a decent averaging player, and pocketing $159,700.

If Shady isn't playing this week, go to Morabito to keep 22 warm onfield bodies. Leaving 3 trades.
If Shady plays, keep the trade. Meaning 4 Trades.

Next week, you can use the $179,700 to up Grimes into S.Mitchell, and possibly even R. Murphy into Kade Simpson or Hibberd. All three of these guys, in my opinion, are 10-20 pts a week better players than R. Murphy and Grimes.
If you kept Shady, you'd be left 2 Trades – if you booted Shady, you'd be left 1.
These trades will allow flexibility, and leave S. Martin as def/fwd Cover and church as Mid cover and half def cover.
It seems hard to understand how Church is mid AND def cover, but having McVeigh in the guts, if a swinging def is out, church comes on, but if a non swinging def is out… you're Sh*t outta luck, unless one of your bench players is named – or you burn a trade on Hunt from Melb.
Going Ablett into a MID only, (i.e. Sloane, Fyfe) seems good now, but reduces the flexibility, and also doesn't allow the ability to give the turds in Grimes and R.Murphy the boot. or cover the already shaky and understrength backline.

Hopefully you can move past this and attain the sub 100 rank and get the ever elusive crumpet from Mrs Crouching.
All the best.


I would trade out Ablett and sub Swallow into the mids for a Duffield or Malceski or if you want to make extra cash Simpson/Walker or hell even a Jaensch and then trade out BJ and sub in one of your mid/fwd premiums and get Robbie Gray with cash left over.
Team would end up like;

Backs: Malceski Bartel Hanley Emergencies: Georgiou
Grimes Hurn Murphy Cutler
Mids: Pendlebury Kennedy Liberatore Dal Santo Emergencies: Rockliff
Swallow Martin Beams Honeychurch Acres
Rucks: Jacobs Naitanui Emergencies: Currie Brown
Forwards: Harvey Gray Dangerfield Emergencies: Martin.S
Zorko Franklin Roughead Lloyd

If you do the above trade it leaves you with $175,600 in the bank, and opens up a premium mid/back and mid/fwd eligibility (which may have kept you out of this trouble in the first place) and Stefan martin to covers any outs in the fwds or rucks while he is still making cash and at any point can be traded to a full premium or downgraded to a rookie at a later date making your war chest around 550k.
The downside of the trade is that there is no massive replacement for Gary but I don't trust Fyfe myself anyway.


god damn thing made my positions look all out of order but you get the picture


With only 5 trades left and that backline, I’d be going Ablett out for Stevie J (sorry Jock, Steve Johnson).

With the cash you pocket, you can turn Cutler into Sam Mitchell down back next week when he drops to 400k to improve the backline and give you some bench cover back there for the rest of the year.


Out-ablett In-greenwood
Move def to mid
Out-Goddard In-Malceski


Gaz to Jelwood
Mrs Crouching to Bedroom

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Nice 1 wombats


No big tricks or swings,this is crazy talk,just dump the almighty man of magic gaz for the “Slooooaaaane Ranger


That would be my advice in a nutshell too. KISS principle applies to fantasy footy too.

Hopefully Acres gets selected or Crouching may just have to wear that donut as trading out Floggard when he will only miss a game is not worth one of Crouching's 4 remaining trades with still 7 weeks to go imho.

Team sheets out in less than 30 minutes now so fingers crossed there.


No big tricks or swings,this is crazy talk,just dump the almighty man of magic gaz for the “Slooooaaaane Ranger


With 5 trades left and still in need of some upgrades. I'd hold both Rocky/Goddard. Trade Gazza for Stevie pocket the 100k. I concede Stevie has a tendency to get himself into trouble.

S martin to fwd -> B brown to ruck bench
B Martin to mids -> Huneychurch to fwd bench

Use remaining trades on 1 downgrade and 3 upgrades.

Grimes to S MItchell in a week or two
Murphy to Mcveigh
Roughie to parker


Crouching one – one trade needed that's obvious – Ablett out for Sloane ranger or Fyfe.

Swing Honeychurch into fwds for Dusty, and play Dusty in the mids. Have Rocky and Goddard on the bench.

Swing S Martin into fwd line through Ben Brown, and play him on the field.

Hope Acres is playing to avoid donut in the mids. Not a big fan of trading out Goddard but might be necessary to avoid donut.


sloane or libba???

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Sloane very consistent. Libba can go huge but throw in some poor scores. I’m agonising over the same decision. Leanings towards Sloane


All day reversing ablett trade for Sloan then JPK. Gut feel Sloane..?


JPK for mine – ultra.
Sloane building, been great all year – but JPK can go larger.


Cheers-3 trades left big decision. Have adequate bench support McDonald Shenton honeychurch but don't want them on the ground top two all my 5 comps.

Gold Rush

Trade arse off! Welcome.


sidey for gaz. Simples


I have Ablett, Shaw, Rioli all out injured with Rocky suspended. No cover down back but have mcgovern, Sheed and O’Rourke as cover for the others. 7 trades left and 20k. Sitting in 2nd with an easy win this week but play 3rd and 4th the next 2 weeks. Who should I trade out?

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Hello Ollie. I’d be trading Ablett & Rioli this week. Without seeing your team is hard to suggest your best options

Josh Jarman

Gaz to Sloane; Honeychurch swinging with Dangerfield or other FWD/Mid covering Rocky; Swing S.Martin (R/F) and Brown (R/F) and play S.Martin in FWD on field.

Dead Meat

Use your trades, Tiger. Out Ablett and Goddard. In Fyfe and Barlow


Heres an idea, don't listen to anyone on here and go with your gut, lol

Vidporn Terdsak

i hab same poblem as you clouching one…my thai mrs won't put out..i hab big nuts, blue balls, couple of Acres as day say in da classics….My slipper say me last night " More libido…more libido…no more acres … more acres!!" What dis mean???

I take matter into own hand and wake up with solution on chest…My slipper not say me "More libido".. He say me "Morabito..Morabito"" Velly hard to understand a Thai slipper sometimes…..Acres out..Morabito in….Good luck


I think downgrade Ablett to Sloane, with the extra cash upgrade Grimes to Simpson. Then next week upgrade Bob Murphy to Sam Mitchell again using the cash generated from the Ablett downgrade

Big Kahuna

What did you do Crouching?