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Supercoach 2014

Life after Gary.

That’s what most of tonight boils down to community. No longer this season will be able to rely on the little master to bring home the fantasy bikkies.

Let’s allow ourselves some time to mourn – that’s healthy. But lets also rise to meet the challenge that his absence presents us with.

This is a very interesting fork in the road, and choices made this week could well decide Supercoach Premierships.

I can’t bloody wait to get stuck in – enjoy the show.







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  1. SC Survivor says:

    Humbled Jock. Your wisdom traverses cosmoses … comosi??
    What is plural for cosmos Jock? Thanks mate.
    Love this website!

    • jockreynolds says:

      I think you had it with cosmosess Survivor. Either that or Cosmossii. One of those. I'll ask Higg. Thanks for your kind words mate

  2. BCHawks says:

    So glad that it up earlier tonight thanks Jock!

  3. skateordie says:

    Bloody ross lyon!! barlow is named on the interchange list. being a sunday game.. the final team hasn't been named yet. will barlow be rested???

  4. Jesse says:

    ripper yet again jock never fail to disappoint

  5. Fabian says:

    Hey Jock,
    What's the scenario with the Donor's group and qualifying for the JR leagues?
    Will it be a certain number going through? If so how many?
    1? 2? 4? 8? 13?

    Cheers mate

    • Azmataz says:

      Good question there Fabian, Id like to know that too!

      • jockreynolds says:

        Gday there Az – you'll need to make the top 6 to make divvy three next season mate. The top 6 from the donors group, and also the top 6 from the qualifiers group will get in

    • jockreynolds says:

      Gday there Fabian – you'll need to make the top 6 to make divvy three next season mate. The top 6 from the donors group, and also the top 6 from the qualifiers group will get in

  6. shayne says:

    my mids are Pendles JPK Jelwood Libba Sloane Priddis and Beams and i need to trade out Ablett so would someone like Levi Greenwood make a worthwhile POD.What are peoples thoughts plz

  7. Cheers Jock.
    Happy to help a fellow member of the community!

  8. Mozz says:

    What a podcast Jock!

    My trade this week is Ablett –> Petrie

    Trade OUT Ablett, swap Parker into the MID and then bring in Petrie. Pocket myself 200k in the process and open up the fwd/mid swing set too!

  9. @HJ_Mitch says:

    IN repect of our superhero, Gaz, a joke:
    Superman's had a hard week of fighting crime in Metropolis and was ready for some R&R.
    On Friday afternoon he looked up his pals Batman and Spider-Man to see if they were up for going on the prowl that evening.
    Both turn him down on account of prior commitments and Superman is pretty annoyed.
    As he's flying around the stratosphere letting off steam, he spots Wonder Woman lying on her back stark naked sunbathing on her deck.
    "Hey," he thinks, "I'm Superman and I don't need those two clowns to have a good time. I can just fly down there at the speed of light, catch a quickie and fly away before she knows what happened."
    So, Superman zips down, takes advantage of the situation and flies away at the speed of light.
    Wonder Woman asks, "What was that?"
    The Invisible Man says, "I don't know but it hurt like hell!"

  10. Chris says:

    bit of carnage here.. had plenty of trades but due to an unlucky run of injured players have managed to only have 6 trades remaining.

    had to trade out hibberd last week..
    how long are shaw and goddard out for?

    • SCaddict says:

      Floggard is just a one week suspension so he will be back for Rd 18.

      Shaw is still dealing with the effects of the concussion and his return date is uncertain but it could be another 2 or 3 rounds.

  11. Josh says:

    i have no bench cover for the defense line as well as hibberd being out this week. I also have 2 trades left, is it worth trading hibberd out to field 18 or just hold off on the trade and just play with 17?

    • Ryan says:

      That would all depend on whether or not you are playing for league wins, and whether or not you think you'll be able to win your league matches without him. Nevertheless it's a short sighted move, I'd only consider it if this weeks league match determined whether you will be playing finals, if not, hold.

  12. The Ranger says:

    I don't do C***book but here's my ode to His Gazjesty in the form of a haiku….

    Hairless one!
    You leave me.

  13. Dutch Life says:

    Who do I get for Gaz.?

    Already have Pendles, Ward, JPK, Selwood, Cotchin, Murphy, Johnson.

    With Obrien and Acres on the Bench.

    I was thinking Rockliff but he is out this week,

    Fyfe, but worried about being rested,

    Libba, incositincy.?

    Any other options, I think I might go fyfe, Libba, or Sloan,?

    Would love your help community.

    I currently have 3 trades and $160,000.

    • Ryan says:

      Priddis is in good form, only in 2.33% of teams, risky but could pay off.

    • Garglesnarf FC says:

      Why is everyone worried about Fyfe being rested? Every single player in the comp is goin to get a rest, either next week or the week after.

      In Freo’s case, they play next week and then a week off due to it being a split round over two weekends. Ross is hardly going to need to give him another week off after that, especially with the dog fight in progress for a top 4 spot.

      No-one should avoid Fyfe because of the fear of being rested. Injured yes, rested no.

      • Redwolf says:

        Freo are slightly different than most teams (except for West coast) because they have so much travelling to do. Most players don't want to be rested, as it disrupts their season. unless fyfe is sore, I don't expect him to be rested.

        Freo play home this week then travel to play saints on a 6 day rest. If there is a game players will be rested it will be this one. I'm thinking Sandilands.

        However, after the Saints game they have a 12 day break before a home game against Carlton. Then a 9 day break before they travel to play geelong and a 8 day break prior to the Hawks at Home.

        The last two weeks are a concern. Travel to Brisbane on a 7 day break, it will depend on where they are on table, but this is a likely REST game as well, especially as they only have a 5 day break before there last game at home against Port.

        Beware of Next week when they play saints. thinking Sandilands will get a rest. and Round 22 against Brisbane will rest a heap of players.

        • Kev says:

          Redwolf, this is why they brought in the rolling fixture for the last round. Teams are guaranteed a 6-day break. As the play on the sunday in round 22, their final game will be on a saturday or sunday

  14. Ryan says:

    Howdy community, I've only got 2 trades left, yes 2 D: haven't had Ablett all season so am not forced to burn a trade this week. However I'd classify my team as almost full premium, the only non-premiums I'd consider I have are enright and Stefan Martin. I'm considering potential future donuts by using my two trades over the next two weeks. By trading derickx to brown for ruck cover and some money. Then the following week I'll have enough cash to go Stefan Martin to boomer.
    Somebody tell me that I'm crazy, or are these trades worth the huge risk that accompanies them?
    Cheers guys

    • Azmataz says:

      Dont bother burning trades for cover now. If someone gets injured, you are better saving the trade for when that happens and straight swapping to another premium. Derickx to brown is a burnt trade in my opinion for zero points benefit.

      • Kev says:

        Agree entirely. Still 3 rounds of the supercoach season, then potentially another 4 if you make the grand final. 7 weeks with 0 trades would be suicide

  15. Azmataz says:

    Great podcast there Jock. I am of the same opinion as you mate – we need to swap the mighty Ablett to another Super premium. For me, I am going Ablett to JPK. I don't have Fyfe, but I still think he will be rested when we need him most. Already have Libba, Pendles and Rocky (on the bench…)

    I am also getting rid of Murph the turd. He is gone for Steven Johnson – I can just see him going large against Melbourne and GWS in his next two. It is just too tempting to resist.

    I am full premo with 3 trades left with heaps of cash. I have Petrie at the moment, so will let him kick a bag against the Saints, then should be able to do a straight swap to Boomer next week.

    Now…no more suspensions or injuries please..

    • Garglesnarf FC says:

      Az, Fyfe gets his rest in a fortnight. Same as every other Freo player as they have a week off.

      He won’t get rested after that.

      • Azmataz says:

        Yeah ideally I would like to have him in. There is always next week or the week after to upgrade a Beams or A Swallow…

  16. grugeneski says:

    my team for rnd 17

    def: bartel, malceski, mcveigh, hanley, lumumba, suckling (z jones, c cameron)
    mid: pendles, swallow, parker, wines, o'meara, macrae, swan (o'brien, ross)
    ruc: sauce, mummy (brown, thurlow)
    fwd: boomer, danger, dusty, zorko, pav, bird (honeychurch, c cameron)

    Had $74k in the bank before making my moves for the week. Initially was going to swap GAJ for fyfe and upgrade macrae to selwood. However as I didn't have any fwd/mid cover in my midfield decided instead to downgrade GAJ to zorko which gave me made me 233k and allowed me to upgrade to mcveigh for cutler who was sitting on my bench in backline. Allowing me to bench Z Jones, who will hopefully be back next week giving me cover to downgrade/upgrade one of suckling/lumumba/swan or macrae.

    Wondering if i made the right move or if I should upgrade macrae now before he drops price even more after this week?

    • Matt says:

      Definitely a good move. Don't get to excited on Zak Jones the way Sydney is going he could spend more than 1 on the sidelines. With a high BE Macrae is likely to drop 20k this week, but for the 22 warm bodies it is the right decision. Next week u will be able to generate about 30k in going straight to Sam Mitchell anyway.

  17. SCannonymous says:

    Food for thought:
    – Cheap M/F swingers: Honeychurch 117K plays his third this week OR Towers 123K will play his first game back from injury after great pre-season and good early season form. Spina from Ade is a non starting rookie option at 102K. Towers can play (he would be the high risk, high rewards investment), while Honeychurch should continue to get games. If you were seeking bench cover with the chance of cracking 100 points in your forward line – look no further than Josh Caddy, a 253K M/F about to explode!
    – Shenton named on the bench this week, three possibilities: 1. making room for taller backs to match up against North. 2. Not favoured and on the edge of selection. 3. Tagged for some midfield rotation. I think it's the first option, but I think now might be the time to trade him out if you were thinking that way.
    – Ablett replacement is very much dependant upon individual teams. I am going Sloane.
    I suspect North have turned a corner and could dominate SC scoring in the coming weeks – picking the eyes out of their list could reap big rewards, but who do you pick??
    – Mitchell will bottom out next week, but you can wait a further week and he may only go up another 5K if have more urgent trades eg. Morabito.

  18. Dools says:

    G’day Jock and community

    GAJ became Libba and I also traded Ebert into the ‘Slone Ranger” I have 6 trades left and avg around the 2200 pts per round. I’m going to miss GAJ scores and the “C” delimma that it now entails. Currently 9th in Jocks Div 2 so its make or break for the final run home . I think I picked well but I was sorely tempted to get “Chilli up the bum Dusty Martin” back in the team , but like last year he has proven inconsistant in an under performing team.
    feed back appriciated community

    • Good trades,
      Although I disagree with your take on "Dusty"…
      8 tons in a row is hardly "inconsistent".
      Since his bye: 118, 134, 102, 108, 108, 148, 104, 102.

      I'd say he is in the top 5 fwds ro have. He is in my team, and i rate his year better than Danger…
      Just my 2 bob.

      • Dools says:

        Thanks for the reply TG. – I completely got that one wrong on Martin, thanks for the heads up I will be watching him closely this week and anything in the 90's is whooska bang bang back in.

  19. Azmataz says:

    Gidday Jock, how do I get in one of the Jock Reynolds leagues next season? Im ranked 600 so will be up for the challenge!

    • Matt says:

      He posts a code number for the challenger league at the start of the season. If u want to qualify to higher leagues next year must be successful. Welcome

    • jockreynolds says:

      Hi there Azz – yeah mate look out for the qualifiers league invite next year on the site. Make the top 6 and whooska – you're in divvy 3

  20. Josh says:

    Who should I trade in for Rhyce shaw I went micheal Johnson who do u guys think I should bring in anyone under 500k

    • SCaddict says:

      Sammy Mitchell will be an absolute steal if you can wait another week. Still pretty good value if you have to pull the trigger right now but I'll be sitting tight another week to buy him as cheap as possible.

      Kade Simpson is the other to look at if you are concerned about Mitchell's body holding together for the next 2 months.

  21. julz says:

    Hi community, need a bit of help
    Decided to get Sloan in for Gaz to make extra cash to upgrade elsewhere as still have Ambrose playing on the field. Obvious trade is to go Ambrose to Buddy or Boomer (not sure which)?
    My concern is that I have no playing cover in the forward line and have cash in the form of Hallahan rotting on the bench. Thinking about downgrading Hallahan as second trade this week to cheap mid-def swing (ie J Hunt from Melb) to open up this swing set. This would give me lots of money and then would be able to upgrade one of my bench forwards (Cameron, Lennon) to whatever forward I want next week and keep Ambrose as cover
    Would mean only 2 trades after next week (5 at the moment)
    What to do, just upgrade team and hope for the best and save a trade, or use an extra trade to get cover?

    • Mozz says:

      depends what you're going for: league wins or overall rank.

      If you're going for overall rank then sure, do the trades for bench cover.
      If you're going for league wins, try and save as many trades as possible

  22. Zak says:

    Hi guys, just wondering what you think about going from Gaz to Harvey?
    Would open up my mid forward swing. I have all the big midfielders except rockliff and Kennedy.
    Or should I look at sloane or dal santo. I want a big ceiling.

    Thanks guys

  23. Sarah says:

    Hi community, I need help with a decision… I'm trading out Ablett and Lewis Taylor and I've come up with the following options but I can't decide…

    a. Libba and Harvey
    b. JPK and Harvey
    c. Fyfe and Gray

    Would be so much easier if I could afford Fyfe and Harvey!!

    • Dools says:

      IMHO Sarah, option C

      • Mozz says:

        I'm tempted by A actually. Libba is pretty cheap for his output at the moment AND Harvey is going to have an amazing run of easy opponents in the finals

        • Ryan says:

          Agree with you to an extent Mozz, feel Harvey will have a huge run to end the season, however I've had Libba all year and he has been consistently inconsistent, you wouldn't want one of his poor 60ish point matches in a semi final or a grand final. So I would personally go with B Sarah.

          • Sarah says:

            I think what I'll do is trade for Fyfe this week and should be able to afford the Harvey trade next week. Thanks guys.

  24. Matt says:

    My Team is:
    Bartel, Simpson, Jaensch, Birchall, Suckling, McDonald (Bews, Jones)
    Selwood, Beams, Murphy, Griffen, D.Thomas, Wingard, Aish, Dunstan (Ablett, J.Martin)
    Sandilands, Ceglar (Cox, Brown)
    Parker, Dangerfield, D.Martin, Zorko, Roughead, Taylor (Ambrose, Cameron)
    I have 8 trades left and $432,100 in the bank. Any suggestions?

    • Ryan says:

      There is a few non-premium players there that you would want to get rid off. Firstly, Ablett has to go, your ruck stocks are thin, and a few rookies still on the field. If you trade Ablett to sloane/priddis/fyfe/jpk/pendles, will leave you with around 500k in the bank. Then other the next few weeks you can start upgrading some of those on field rookies. I'd get rid of McDonald first, as both of your bench rookies aren't playing.

      • Matt says:

        Thanks, will probably go with Rory Sloane and pocket the 110k. I see him as a good POD and with a low breakeven of 76 not sure if i can look past him.

  25. TigerTuff says:

    Hibberd to SMitchell or KSimpson?

    • BCHawks says:

      Mitchell by far but if you can wait a week you will save yourself 30k

  26. Grayson says:

    Trade Ablett for Pendles and move Shenton from midfield bench to cover for Rockliff OR
    Trade Ablett and Shenton for Libba and Zorko.
    Have 8 trades left, but not convinced Zorko will score higher than Shenton this week. Thoughts appreciated?

    • rob says:

      Yep straight swap from Ablett to Pendles and keep your trades for next week. Agree that Zorko is not consistent enough and Shenton may well score as much or very close to what Zorko scores

  27. Mozz says:

    So many people are going for Brent Harvey, by why aren't people considering Drew Petrie? Has come back into form AND is only 420k?

    • SCaddict says:

      KPPitis…you just don't know what you will get week to week with big forwards even though he's been scoring well lately.

      • Mozz says:

        So if i have the money (which i do), i should just go Ablett –> Harvey?

        • SCaddict says:

          Yes Mozz I reckon Boomer is worth considering if his DPP bonus will actually give you a significant and useable advantage.

          But for most folk I think keeping it simple and swapping GAJ for another elite mid e.g. Pendles, JPK, Teen Wolf, Sloane Ranger is the way to go.

          • Mozz says:

            And who will you be bringing in, SCaddict?

            • SCaddict says:

              I already have Pendles, JPK and Libba so still umming and arring between Sloane and Fyfe.

              I was all set to bring in Rocky this week but the MRP threw a spanner in the works there so either Fyfe or Sloane it will be. At this stage leaning more towards Sloane.

              • Mozz says:

                I'm actually thinking Andrew Swallow now.
                – Proven premium
                – Easy finals run
                – Cheap
                – Real POD


                • SCaddict says:

                  It sounds like you could really use the cash then if you are disregarding the other elite mids.

                  But no question Swallow is underpriced. You seem to be pretty sweet on Kangas players and I must concede they do have an appealing remaining draw.

                  The only knock I would have on that idea is that I don't foresee Swallow being a viable C or VC option most weeks but if you already have a few of Pendles, Libba, JPK, Fyfe etc then that's perhaps not an issue for you. Remember we no longer have the Gaz captaincy security blanket any more.

                  If that is the case then there is definitely a value and POD attraction in downgrading to Swallow.

  28. Ryan says:

    Hey community, what are everyone's thoughts on bringing in Goldstein for sandilands, a sideways trade I know, however sandilands will most likely be rested some time in sc finals, losing value fast and has only one ton in the last month, virtually the same price. Is it worth the trade?

    • julz says:

      Depends how many trades you have left and if you have cover or not for Sandi, thinking he will get rested but if you have cover I wouldn't do it personally.

      • Ryan says:

        Cheers Julz, only two trades so it is very risky, however no cover either. Maybe a straight swap in the sc finals if he's announced out?

  29. Alex says:

    G'day community,

    I have got a bit of a situation. I am looking for a backline trade for Langdon. My backline is currently Swallow, Bartel, Malceski, Hanley, Suckling and Langdon with Mcveigh as a mid/def swap!

    Thoughts would be appreciated!

    • Ryan says:

      Well the most obvious choice would be wait a week and get sam Mitchell from hawthorn, he'll be 420k approx. however I think if you can wait two weeks, Michael Johnson from freo will be lower in price from his injury 4 weeks ago, he's in virtually no teams and was playing exceptionally.

    • Mozz says:

      Easily Sam Mitchell! Proven premium and will be cheap next week if you can hold out ONE more week

  30. julz says:

    Buddy or Boomer for last forward upgrade, can't decide?!

    • Mozz says:

      Boomer for sure!

    • Ryan says:

      Boomer if you've got the coin, just because if consistency, buddy can score the 150, but he cans also score a 50.

    • SCaddict says:

      I can understand your indecision.

      Despite all the buzz over Boomer this season it is actually Buddy who has scored more points over the past 7 rounds, if only just. 🙂

      The Kangas do have a super soft remaining draw but the Swans draw is pretty favourable too. Tippett is also expected back for Rd 18 which should only boost Buddy's scoring around the ground.

      So it's a real coin flip in my mind I'm afraid.

      • Mozz says:

        Boomer v Franklin in some stats:

        Predicted avg output for rest of season: 115.4
        Predicted price rise/drop: +$3,000
        SC Qualifying Final v GWS @ SO: avg 109 v GWS & 110 @ SO
        SC Semi Final v Bulldogs @ ES: avg 110 v Dogs & 102 @ ES
        SC Prelim Final v Adelaide @ BA: avg 85 v Adelaide & 131 @ BA
        SC Grand Final v Melbourne @ ES: avg 101 v Melb & 102 @ ES

        Predicted avg output for rest of season: 115.1
        Predicted price increase/decrease: +$16,000
        SC Qualifying Final v Port Adelaide @ AO: Avg 91 vs PA & 130 @ AO
        SC Semi Final v St Kilda @SCG. Avg 86 v St K & 103 @ SCG
        SC Prelim Final v Bulldogs @ ES. Avg 89 v Dogs & 95 @ ES
        SC Grand Final v RIchmond @ ANZ: Avg 107 v Rich & 76 @ ANZ

        Based on these stats, I would go with Boomer

  31. Daniel says:

    Does anyone know any downgrade options?

  32. Jacob says:

    Is it worth getting Hanley in? Worried about inconsistency

    • SCaddict says:

      Hanley has performed exceedingly well ever since Mad Mick showcased him in a TAT a while back.

      However I find it very difficult to justify shelling out over $500K for a defender at the best of times how ever well they may be playing presently.

      I believe both Mitchell and Simpson represent far better value options myself.

      • Mozz says:

        Hanley's Supercoach finals run is quitea tough one.
        Qualifying final v Adelaide @ Gabba: Avg 114 vs Adelaide & 90 @ G
        Semi Final v Collingwood @ MCG: Avg 60.00 v Collingwood & 82 @ MCG
        Prelim Final v Fremantle @ Gabba: Avg 66.50 v Fremantle & 90 @ G
        Grand Final v Geelong @ SS: Avg 82 v Geelong & 59 @ SS

        not very high numbers especially in the final where he will have to play the cats in geelong. I will not be picking up Hanley

        • SCaddict says:

          I agree Mozz. That was one reason that turned me off Hanley when he was quite cheap although I've somewhat regretted passing on him given how well he's gone since then.

        • RooBoy says:

          Same reason I passed on him when he was cheap a month ago. Opted instead for H Shaw…Grrrrrr

  33. shayne says:

    there's a lot of talk about Boomer but would greenwood be an option?

  34. Chris says:

    What to do? All I’m concerned is for the league win

    Am sitting 3rd and 8th in my two leagues and if I lose this week It will be hard to get back into the 8 as it is tight.

    Good news is that in the league I’m 8th I’m playing last so will win regardless but 3rd am playing a better opponent but can afford the loss

    Have been plagued with zeros of late with
    Nic nat last week a late out and the likes of hibberd, Goddard, ablett, shaw

    Got rid of hibberd for mcveigh last week but am still stuck with a zero this week

    Should I hold off shaw for Mitchell next week
    Or go shaw to Simpson ?

    • Mozz says:

      In my opinion, you NEED Mitchell for the finals. He is a proven premium andhas good averages against opponents in the supercoach finals. SO if you bring in simpson this week, will your backline be filled? If that's the case then there's no way for you to get Mitchell in next week and you will miss out!

      If i were you, I would trade ablett out for someone else this week, and then shaw –> mitchell next week
      Ablett –> Mitchell this week and Shaw –> SImpson next week so you get both

  35. Danny says:

    Hey guys. Lost by 7 pts last week. sent me from 6th to 10th. Pav late late out and only 2 mids break 100 hurt
    4 Trades left. No choice but to go for it. Playing 5th. got $67,300
    D.swallow, McV, Burgoyne, Hanley, Suck, Enright, (Cutler, Warren)
    Gaz, Pendle, Jelwood, Ward, D.Beam, Fyfe, Cotch, JPK, (Shent, Hartung)
    Sandi, Z.Smith, (thurlow, King)
    Danger, Dusty, Zork, Buddy, Pav, L.Taylor, (B.Brown. C.Cameron)
    Love some opinions please.
    My idea is Gaz for Bartel,
    and L.Taylor for Parker.
    Leaves me 2 trades, $43.300 and a sneaky chance of finals

    • Redwolf says:

      think about Hodge over bartel. Heap cheaper. Hodge will do anything to get the hawks over the line tonight, I can see a big month for him coming up.

      • Danny says:

        I hear ya red, but I need points now, and Sammy isnt ready to pump out 100+ yet IMO

  36. Jarrod05 says:

    Hey fellas need some help!

    Rucks: Sandy/Jacobs and Stefan Martin on the bench. Should I trade Sandy and put Martin on the ground for some cash? Or wait until Martin reaches max and trade him?

    Appreciate some feedback!

  37. Derek says:

    Talk that Griffen will miss this week because of Illness.

    I was going Ablett to Libba. Thinking I might jump on fyfe instead. No griffen Libba gets the tag.

  38. TOM says:

    Is motlop a good upgrade option getting rid of mcgovern

  39. OzSonic says:

    Went like this and I'll stick to it.

    Ablett out for Sloan

    McGovern out for Parker.

    $300K in the bank and 7 trades left and 3 easy games left. I've just got to cross my fingers that no injuries occur and I'm all set to make a big play finals time.

  40. George says:

    My current defence is this: Swallow, Simpson, Burgoyne, Enright, Docherty, ZJones (Bews, Georgiou)
    Have 50k left in the bank. Gonna cop a donut this round with Jones out and Bews as emergency, but I want to kow your thouhts on what I can do to avoid on next round (I don't have anyone I can swing into the backline via dpp either)

    • SCaddict says:

      Unfortunately that's a fairly weak backline especially at this business end of the season. Are there any of your bench guys in other lines that you can downgrade to generate cash next round?

      You really need to upgrade Zak Jones to a premo such as Sammy Mitchell which will require about another $200K on top of the $50K you already have. Otherwise you'll find it pretty tough to compete against the better teams.

      Shaw, Hanners and Tippett are all expected back for Rd 18 so Jones is going to really struggle to regain his spot even if he is 100% healthy.

  41. Jack says:

    i have 4 trades left. Hibberd is not playing again so should i trade him out? I already have Swallow, Mcveigh,Bartel, Birchall and Enright.
    Thoughts would be appreciated

    • Jack says:

      I also have no back up on my bench

    • Nathan says:

      What are your goals Jack? If rank, then trade. If your going for finals wins, hold. Me personally, I've done a double trade and now only have 3 trades left. But I am full premo with bench cover and going for overall rank (Im currently 591 but want a top 500 finish).

    • SCaddict says:

      It's a tough one. If we knew for certain that Hibberd would be back next round then I'd say its probably best to just take the donut and conserve the trades.

      But given that we don't know that for a fact and frankly Hibberd's output in the second half of the season has been disappointing it could be opportune to jump on say a Sammy Mitchell.

      It's line ball with just 4 trades left though.

  42. Shaun says:

    Who should I bench out of Dangerfeild, Roughead and S.Martin??

    Thanks guys!

  43. Nathan says:

    in fact, trade Roughie out

  44. Derek says:

    One Hawks scores over 100sc, that was Ceglar with 105. Joke!

  45. Derek says:

    Sam Mitchell will be the most traded in player this week. I couldn’t wait and got him this week.

  46. jaydos says:

    thinking of trading Ablett for either Barlow or Greenwood who would finish the year better? My other mids are Pendles JPK Libba Sloane Priddis Jelwood and Beams

  47. Chris says:

    Shenton or Honeychurch to put on the field?

  48. Rememberthetitans says:

    Hey guys …. Predicament , upgrade Higgins to Parker / harvey ?

    Cheers guys

  49. Donavan says:

    Do I take Shoenmakers 76 points or field Firrito?

  50. John p says:

    Only got the 3 trades left
    Should i burn one on cale hooker to S Mitchell ?
    Help please