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PODCAST: Ablett Down. Ablett Down.

Published by Jock on

Supercoach 2014 podcast

Gary Ablett Junior is down.

And this is as significant a fantasy challenge as we may face this season. The current word is we could be looking at 3 weeks – maybe more.

While he is in the very best of hands in the bungalow out back – all of us need to put some real thought into how to handle this situation.

Let’s rip right in.


As mentioned in the podcast here are some snaps from my day in Daylesford:


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john fitzgerald

rockcliff, NDL, priddis or someone else. can afford anyone,
current midfield,
pendles, beams, fyfe, JPK, selwood, libba and sloane.

8 trades left.


Get Rocky in ya team


Rocky. Lotta games at Gabba (4 out of the next 6) and has proven even with tag that he's going to get the points.


Great podcast as always! Scored 2367 which for this week was a pretty good score and my rank is now 640!


Damn! Ripping score, BCH! Keep it up my man.


Thanks Throttle!


Ablett, O’Brien out
Cotchin, Nicky Dal in

Good trades? Finally gives me full premo mids.


Pretty sure I saw somewhere that Damian Barret had news that Gaz could be out for up to 4-6 weeks.

If so we have to trade him.

I'm thinking Liber or Ward? Not sure on rockliff with his finals run home…



Ripper podcast yet again jock loved it mate


Pfffffft… Torn rotator cuff nothing more.
If GAJ can't play with a torn cuff he should take up netball. With suns in contention for a finals berth Gaz will miss 1-2 at most. Who cares if he can't mark overhead for rest of year.
Trade him at your peril unless you have enough trades to get him back in 2 weeks.


Understand the reasons behind not trading but he will be out 4 min. Suns won't rush back their best player. That's the bottom line unless the tear isn't as bad or Gaz is a quick healer…both which could be possible. But rushing him back because especially because they are in contention is too shortsighted and a bad move.

Flacid Jaff

Agreed. The dogs have the saints, the dogs and the lions in their next 3, he won't be rushed back to play those games that they should probably win without him. One of those is a split round so that should see out 4 weeks rest.
Ablett WILL be back to finish off the season, starting with the blues in the 1st week of supercoach finals. Do you really want to be playing an elimination final against a bloke who has GARY ABLETT JUNIOR as a POD Captain after a months rest with a desperation to drag his team firmly into their first finals apearance?! He will average 250 in the last month to win you your league and to drag you up those supercoach rankings.
Only trade out Gary if you have the trades to get him back in when he returns!

Gold Rush

Do you really reckon that opposition teams are not going to target that shoulder?


Torn rotator is a worst case diagnosis and still not an injury to keep him out for 5-weeks which is how long the next four games will take. Don't forget the split round scenario next week and week after. If he misses 3-weeks he only misses 2 games.
After 3-weeks he wont have any inflammation or pain and the only possible lingering effect would be a small amount of laxity in the joint when his arm is raised above his head, strapping will minimise this.
It wont matter how much the opposition target his shoulder it wont be sore and whilst they're focusing on his shoulder Gaz will be dishing off handballs and lazer passes as per usual.


3 weeks is pretty optimistic. And probably unrealistic. Prepare for at least 4. At best.

Still not worth trading.


Best option: Ablett to Rockliff, Ablett to Cotchin and shenton to pavilion or Ablett to Cotchin and wait to Sam Mitchell gets back to his best and trade out suckling for him?
Got 47k in the bank with 3 trades left

john snow

If you still have shenton, I would be going abett to a cheaper premo mid and turning shenton into someone decent with the cash left over. Not Pav, KPP and getting old..

john d

Sam Mitchell and Libba or Jack Grimes and Rocky?


Who will take Ablett's role in the mid?


current mids are:

ablett, pendles, libba, beams, cotchin, sloane, langdon, shenton (honeychurch, acres)

i have 595k in the bank and i have 7 trades left and i want to get the a full team. who should i get?


JPK or Rocky. JPK is a beast!


I agree that JPK is a GUN however he has a break even of 152 and his highest score against Carlton is only 108 so I think it would be stupid to bring in JPK this week, if you don't have JPK and you want him then get him in round the second round of 18

The obvious choice is to bring in Rockliff who has a break even of 114 and his highest score against West Coast is 179. Other then that you can bring in Fyfe but that wouldn't be my selection.

Good Luck


I dont think Rocky will be scoring that this time round for some reason…


Wasn’t a beast against eagles.had a shocker


Rocky he plays vey well when his team gets beaten


thanks guys, i think i will bring in stevie j and rocky. im not sure if i should hold on to ablett though


i just saw that rockliff is injured so im going to trade:

mcgovern (honeychurch dpp)> stevie j

this leaves me with 129k so then i hope to downgrade shenton and upgrade acres or something like that.

thanks for the advice guys.


Top podcast fella's and thanks for the options on Gaz.
I moved into top 10 in the donor group this week and and almost back in the top 1,000 overall. I reckon GAJ will miss 2 games max and I'm going to paint the fence with Docherty and swap Acres for Dusty. When Gaz comes back in round 19 I'll slide dusty into F6 and loophole Stefan in the ruck.


Be interesting to see how Stef goes with Luey's return on the horizon.

big aggots

They're all at sea the Lions up forward. I can see Luey coming back through the forward line as a target deep – like last year. Plenty of good scores to come for Martin. Has shown he can go forward and score while resting from his Melb days.

Adam the genius

Hey jock,

Thought I’d share some wisdom with what I think I’m doing and a lot of others could also.

This is a move that can be used for anyone with a complete midfield, a current mid/fwd rookie(like honeychurch) DPP in the midfield and to even further benefit from this move have a ruck forwArd swing with the likes of Martin and thurlow.

Now, I currently only have two trades, so preferably need to keep him but I’m ranked 30th overall so will lose to many points brining honey church on.

So, I will be trading shane Kersten out of my forward line to Ben Kennedy. I am certain that Kennedy will keep his spot in the pies side and is only priced 230k and I predict he will average between 70-90 for the next 2-3 weeks.

By doing this I can swing Kennedy into my mids to replace Ablett for the next 2-3, and further to that, if any forward or midfielder goes down for the remainder of the season you have Kennedy on your bench, or even better, if a ruck goes down you can swap Martin into the rucks, thurlow into the forwards and put Kennedy on field.

Essentially this will be worth an extra trade with this backup. The only line you don’t have insurance for is the backline. And if you are still worried about the loss of points you can still trade Ablett to a premium and bring Kennedy in also, still leaving you with the insurance and gaining you extra points, but that’ll depend on how thin your trades are.

Let me know what you think.


Far be it for me to say what you should be doing ranked 30th in the nation but if it was me in your shoes I'd play a straight bat and just do a direct swap of Gaz probably for Libba, now that Griffen is back to take the heat of him from a tagged POV.

Just reckon you're putting a bit too much faith in Ben Kennedy producing the goods off the back of one huge game. You could be kicking yourself in the weeks to come as Libba or whoever else you fancy goes large whilst Kennedy gives you 50s and 60s (or even donuts) waiting for whenever Gaz is given the green light to return.

Sure your plan could come off but it's not the way I'd play your superb hand to be frank. I'll be ditching Gaz for Rocky myself though notice you already have him hence the Libba suggestion.

Still you've come this far making obviously great decisions so you should probably ignore all external advice (including mine!) and just back yourself in at this point if you truly believe this is your best course of action.

I'll be keenly following your progress (added you as a rival) to see how this key decision plays out and wish you the very best for the $50K on whatever crunch choice you make this round!


isn't kennedy is very prone to being the sub?


Not anymore, he was comfortably the pies best on Saturday and will get full games


How do you plan on swinging Kennedy into your mids when he is a FWD only? You might need to think through your plan a little better or you'll soon plummet from your imaginary 30th place.


You can swing someone like Martin into the mids and put Kennedy on field in forward line
Settle down mate

Vic City

Last thing I needed right now. Plus Nic Nat's scratch cost me 2 wins.

Thinking Ablett to Parker and Ambrose to Honeychurch this week

then S. Cameron to Rockliff and then McDonald to a ~550,000 defender (who?) next week.

Gives me full premo and gives me A. Miles as bench cover.

Vic City

Thoughts on this? Or is Miles worth keeping on field in order to save an extra trade and cash for finals (or potentially upgrade Enright), in which case I'd probably do Ablett to Rocky instead of Parker this week.


Depends on how many trades you have.

Like Ablett to Parker, but prefer Ablett to Rocky, and Ambrose to Honeychurch.

Vic City

Down to 6 (every year I tell myself I'll be smarter but I never am)

I think Rocky is a better option too but Parker will rise more this week and I have fairly easy fixtures. I'm thinking of just going with the first option and bring in Rocky and someone like S. Mitchell down back next week.

Leave me a couple for finals and a fair bit of cash, plus the ability to use Parker as forward cover.

big aggots

I'm happy with Miles & have used his score through Jono O'Rourke a couple of times. He's averaging 104, BE only 50 and invaluable with late outs recently and weekly clouds over Stevie J and Flop Selwood at Geelong. Will bring him on for Ablett as I can't trade GAJ back in later. If Ablett recovery is swift, will turn Miles into Sam Mitchell and bring swingsets into play.


Isn't it great to see Cotch back in form!?!?
Finally re-paying those who stuck fat.


I jumped on him 2 rounds ago, 168 and 133 not bad!

dean billman

I'll be hanging on to Miles if he keeps his form, he is killing it.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Same here Dean. He's proving a very worthy M8. Still has a low BE of 52.


I'm going Ablett to Sloan


Thinking the same OS. Gives me the cash to turn Wingard into Gray. Waiting for Gaz injury assessment

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Thinking the same Ozsonic. They have a nice run home.


Ambrose or McGovern out this week?


Hi community, after listening to the podcast, I'm still unsure of what to do with Gary Ablett.
My team:

Backs: Swallow, Bartel, Hurn, Hanley, McVeigh, Burgoyne (Cutler, Georgio)
Mids: ABLETT, Pendles, Beams, Rocky, Kennedy, Ward, Selwood, K.Mitchell (Acres, Hartung)
Rucks: Sandi, Mummy (Derickx, Thurlow)
Fwds: Danger, D.Martin, Parker, Wingard, Zorko, McGovern (Cameron, Honeychurch)

I have a few ideas.

1. Keep Gary, trade hartung, sub danger into mid and pick up kersten. That means I will be playing with McGovern and one of my bench rookies on field.
2. Trade Gary, to who I'm not sure.

Or should I keep Gary and look at trading Derickx to Brown or Apeness incase Sandi gets injured then do another trade. I currently have 5 trades left and 100,000 left in the bank.



Hi Tom, depending on Gary's diagnosis (which we will hopefully know this afternoon), I think he has got to go – 4-5 weeks is what is expected and that is too long to leave him on your bench. However, you could use the Ablett trade to help get you to full premo.

Looking at your team, you would probably want to upgrade McGovern and K.Mitchell. McGovern has a high BE this week (105), so he is likely to decrease in value next week. I would suggest downgrading Ablett to someone like Sloane, which would make you around $105k. That would leave you with around $546k to spend on a premo forward. Robbie Gray is $530k and probably the best of the bunch that you can afford and do not already have.

Other option is Stef Martin who is $419k, which would leave you with more money to upgrade K.Mitchell. My concern with Martin is the impact that Leuy will have on his scoring when her returns – I would not have Stef Martin in the premo category at this stage.

Another option is to downgrade Ablett to someone like Sloan and trade Derickx to Brown (who has better JS than Apeness) leaving you with $350k cash which you can use to upgrade both Mitchell and McGovern next week. Problem is that you will only have 1 trade left and no mid/back bench cover, so you will be running short on trades if you want a full premo team.


Well guys, it seems someone has to ruin my day in supercoach and this time it is Ablett. My team at the moment looks like this
Def-D.Swallow, L.Hodge, S.Burgoyne, M.Jaensch, S.Hurn, S.Docherty (T.Cutler, D.Gardiner)
Mid-G.Ablett, S.Pendlebury, D.Beams, J.Selwood, N.Fyfe, N.Jones, M.Murphy, L.Shuey (B.Hartung, B.Acres)
Ruck-S.Jacobs, A.Sandilands (T.Derickx, F.Thurlow)
Fwd-P.Dangerfield, L.Parker, D.Martin, D.Zorko, S.Martin, J.Elliott (P.Ambrose, C.Cameron)
4 trades, $40,700 in the bank
What do I do?


You could trade ablett to someone like a Kennedy or Rockliff or even Libba. With the remaining cash you may be able to upgrade Docherty or whoever you want

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Your light on for trades & bench cover. You could go Ablett down to say Miles, & next week with the cash turn a Bench player into Sam Mitchell.


rocky, jpk or libba?
got pendles, fyfe, sloane and selwood


JPK or Rocky


Rocky copped 1 week from MRP,
what about ward ?


Libba, Rocky or Ward?

not sure about rockliff with his finals run home


my opinion in this situation is whether or not you need that extra 70k from rocky to libba.
If you have a full team and this is your last trade, i'd go rocky but if you need the cash go libba


I've only got one spot left in my forward line, should i get Parker or harvey


Parker great POD and I've had him all season, super consistent player, scored 151 this weel

Muddies Mudflaps

Thinking about gaz down to jpk then swan upto rockliff that would leave my midfield with

Pendles, jpk, ward , jelwood, delsanto, rockliff and Hanley

however it would only leave me with 10k in the bank and L Taylor as my f6 with 5 trades left for any injuries what you guys think?


Sounds reasonable, you’ve still got a lot of trades. I’ve only got 5 now and have one upgrade to go on field as well as the Ablett problem so you’re in a good position.


Can someone offer their opinion on these types of trades

Ablett and Acres out for two possible trades:

Rockliff/Fyfe and (either) Griffen/Swan/Hartlett/Deledio/Montagna
Or (two of these choices)


Libba and jack


Rocky will miss 1 week due to MRP and carryover points


Hartlett looks like a great pickup this round


Rockliff OUT for one week. Is it true??


Yep. MRP got him


I'd really like to swear right now!!!


Do it.


Just like to hear people's thoughts on my potential trade this week
Gazza to the Sloan Ranger
Then with the cash I have ambrose to jaeger o'meara, think he will benefit with gazza out plus I believe that teams would tag the human meatball and Harley bennell before young jaeger .
Thanks guys all comments would be much appreciated


great move Ben


Thanks mate really appreciate the feedback


JPK and Rocky likely to miss a week due to MRP…
once listed, you don't get off.

personally – in a team with Beams, Swan and Cornes in it, losing Rocky for a week is a killer… and JPK was on my shopping list for Gazza


No, it's JJK not JPK


The MRP can get stuffed now I have rocky, jpk and goddard all out this week


wrong josh kennedy pal. JPK is not out.


oh good everyone was saying josh kennedy so I assumed that it was the supercoach relevant one


I am still losing sleep, selecting Tom Mitchell over Parker in my initial team…..


Join the club, kept tommy till the bye rounds. Would love to have parker sitting in my fwd/mids now


Rockliff and Goddard out… The MRP strikes again!


I have 10 trades and will finish top 4 so im waiting two weeks then ill use 4 trades to finish off the team (hopefully). I don’t want the mids I bring in injured before the finals possibly.

Some issues going forwards for myself and a lot of teams that are out of overall and trying to win leagues:

1. Who to trade out and who to keep as backup?

Shenton or Taylor? Shenton has pretty much made all hes going to make but if hes back up its maybe better trading Taylor a couple of weeks later for more cash?
Laidler or Suckling.? Suckling is the superior scorer but very inconsistent. Is worth more and is probably too expensive to be sitting on the bench. Unless Clurey doesnt play and I loophole Suckling with say an equally inconsistent team mate in Birchall.
Does Martin back up both Ruck and Forward lines or I bring in another gun forward Parker or Boomer or Buddy and S Martin is F Reserve and swings to ruck thru Thurlow if needed.

2. Trade in targets?

Keeping Gaz at this stage but I like the Sloane idea or Rockcliff as he needs to in some way replace Gazs scoring. I can afford to keep Gaz for the next 4 weeks (3 rounds) and then make a call on the eve of finals. I like the idea of Swallow for his price and Norths draw and he seems to be hitting his straps. Cotchin has gone up too much already for someone as inconsistent as him.
Best premium forward I dont have as above Boomer Parker or Buddy?

3. Loopholing V Playing Emergencies Im working on my strategy and will not loophole unless necessary say with Clurey not playing or Currie so ill loophole Martin/sandi and Enright/Birchall with Laidler (preferable Suckling depending on cash) but too risky all over ground with late withdrawals as decent backups are needed. So im thinking Laidler as backup and trade Sucklng to Mitchell. Whats your strategy with loopholing v playing emergencies if any?

Apologies for the long post but I think these are all valuable points that need to be resolved going forward if you want those all important bragging rights over your mates!

Any thoughts greatly appreciated. What do you think Jock and do you think Im 1/10 a chance to write a guest article on league strategy approaching finals. Ill leave it to the experts I think but what does the community think?


I think Taylor is better back-up. Suckling is too much cash to be sitting on the bench. Agree with Swallow, i brought him in a few weeks back and am pretty happy. Also brought in Petrie who has been more than useful. North players are carving it up, so will still consider Boomer now that he is affordable. I only really loophole the captain, and have very limited opportunities for the emergency loophole.

I am definitely trading Gaz, as he is way too much money to be scoring donuts. JPK welcome to the team.


Can anyone confirm the extent of Dangerfield's injury?
Or is he just playing sore?…


With 570k, I'm looking @ upgrading Pat Ambrose…

Which forward looks the best option?????????????????
FWD: Petrie, Martin, Zorko, Dangerfield, Parker, Ambrose (Cameron. S, T. O'Brien)
Thanks for the help in advance.


Gray by a fair bit.


Ablett to Griffen too risky?


Who needs to go first:
Bruest or Wingard?


G'day all,
I'm in nausea dual in Bali and need some urgent help!!!!
Just checked my side, birch all 37? Hibberd 0? Ablett ??
What do I do, I have 39k in the bank, please help
Hold or trade Ablett ??


Trade, but depending on how many you have left.
Preferably swap Ablett for ultra-premo or downgrade, e.g. Rocky (Suspended) Pendles, JPK, Ward, Libba….etc


Thoughts on Kade Simpson? He is becoming extremely cheap! $422,000.



Still a rip off.


Which backman should I trade in for Langdon? My current backline is Swallow, Bartel, Malceski, Hanley, Suckling, Langdon.






I have got McVeigh in the midfield currently as a back/mid swap!

Garglesnarf FC

Can you upgrade a mid? and then swap McVeigh and Langdon, and get Langdon onto the bench?

That would be the best way to use your M/D swingset IMO.


Hey Jock!
What is the scenario for the Donor's league and getting into the JR division leagues?
Will it be top 2 make it? Top 4 or top 8?

Currently 9th in the Donor's League so knowing whether I can still make it through (a top 8 system) or not (a top 2 system) will determine how I work around the GAJ conundrum


Great question Fabian. I'm currently 10th in the Donor league and pondering the same as you.


Very close then! Hopefully it's top 8, as I'm going to be fighting an uphill battle with Goddard/Ablett out this week and only 1 playing emergency!

Was planning to use one of my 4 remaining trades to bring in a bottomed out Mitchell for Acres to give me Def/Mid coverage. This week has put a real dint in my plans!

But yes, hopefully we can find out about the donor league and progression and what not. Will try and comment the question ASAP when a new article pops up.


Nice question mate….even i am interested in the reply from Jock regarding this….sitting 2nd in the Donor's league….hopefully i can make the cut…..



Hi community, after listening to the podcast, IHi community, after listening to the podcast, I'm still unsure of what to do with Gary Ablett.
My team:

Backs: Swallow, Bartel, Hurn, Hanley, McVeigh, Burgoyne (Cutler, Georgio)
Mids: ABLETT, Pendles, Beams, Rocky, Kennedy, Ward, Selwood, K.Mitchell (Acres, Hartung)
Rucks: Sandi, Mummy (Derickx, Thurlow)
Fwds: Danger, D.Martin, Parker, Wingard, Zorko, McGovern (Cameron, Honeychurch)

I was wanting to hold Gaz.

I have 5 trades left and $80,000 left in the bank.

Thoughts PLEASE community?'m still unsure of what to do with Gary Ablett.


Gaz back for round 19.
Get the news firsthand on channel 7 tonight.




Nope. Opted for surgery, Gone for the year.


Libba or Ward?d


Think I'm gonna hold ablett, though no bench coverage

Bloody acres and hartung

dean billman

Acres a chance to play this week they reckon.


Is it worth trading acres in the midfield to someone like a Honeychurch with for/mid status and swapping them for wingard who is in my forward line.
Wingard would then play for Ablett in the mid and Honeychurch will be on the bench in forward line
Mids: are beams, libba, Sloane, side bottom, ward, selwood, Cotchin, wingard. (Ablett, Obrien)


depends who would be your f6?


It's official! Gary Ablett Jnr is done for the season!


Ouch. Yep, he's gone:(


Ben Kennedy or honeychurch


Guys i need help!

I have 8 trades left and 25,000 in the bank.

I need to get rid of GAJ because of his injury and Montangna due to poor form.

any suggestions would be great!

Thanks Rob

Dutch Life

Who to get in for Gaz.?
Already have Pendles, Ward, JPK, Selwood, Cotchin, Murphy, Johnson.
With Obrien and Acres on the Bench.
I was thinking Rockliff but he is out this week,
Fyfe, but worried about being rested,
Libba, incositincy.?
Any other options, I think I might go fyfe.?
Would love your help community.
I currently have 3 trades and $160,000.