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The weekend chinwag – how are you travelling?

Published by Jock on

Jock Reynolds - The Father of FantasyThis is a massive weekend.

How are you all getting on? Seasons are being won and lost as I type.

I may have gotten slightly carried away on the Twitter last night about Brian Lake.. but you see I have Petrie in my FWD line and if some bugger is going to strangle one of my lads I’ll let em have it every bloody time.

Enough of my crap. How is your team travelling folks?

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Suckling my only player so far. I didn't get Ben Brown and will probably switch Ambrose out for Kersten today. Downgrade week for me against a poor opponent so it'll be a quiet on Jock.


I got an easy win coming too, conserving trades, hoping Zac Jones goes well as i have him covering Shaw

Skin dog

Petrie is a fcking eye gouging dog spud,, he won’t get a touch for the next month!!!


Goddamit Birchall
Losing seasons since 2013


Guys, need to beat top of the ladder in league battle to stay in the 8. It's gonna be tight – thinking of trading out Macrae (set to drop 20K) and bring in final mid premo – but who is the best bet for this round to go large: Rocky, JPK or C.Ward? cheers!


Which ones does the top of the table have? No point getting the same guy/s because you won't be gaining any points. If he has none of the 3 I'd go JPK/Ward/Rocky.

Though Rocky could go massive today if it stays wet in Melbourne. Proven wet tracker


Yep thanks – he has none of the above three. Rocky has a tough SC finals draw is my only concern – clamps from McCaffer and Crowley looming…


They will go to hanley


Yer I reckon that he might do very well the rest of the season so if Wingard scores poorly again I might be trading him to Petrie.


absolute flog, brian lake is Jock, should be rubbed out for 4 weeks disgraceful scenes


Hey Jock, coaches not allowed to talk to opposition players anymore remember. Scotty v Rockliff lol


Can anyone shed any light on Geelong not playing some of their big names this week.

Who are they likely to not play, and how likely is it that they won’t play????

Playing a team stacked with Geelong’s best players, and it may be my best chance of a much needed win.


Captain pendles or ablett? All thoughts appreciated

Jimmy Columbine

I had no players from either team play last night so im sitting on a fat Zero at the moment. im on top in all 3 leagues im in so im pretty confident for a top 4 finish even with the zero im going to wack this week from heath shaw. 4 trades for the rest of the season with a full premo team and some average bench support.


Took your wisdom Jock and picked up Petrie a few weeks back. You're a bloody legend mate


absolute flog, brian lake is Jock, should be rubbed out for 4 weeks disgraceful scenes


Do Brisbane have any taggers or run with players playing today?? Feeling Cotchin could go big!!

Also should I take Rougheads 83 or field Stefan Martin?

Thanks in advance!


field Stefan Martin


Same feeling about Cotchin. I have placed the VC on him, with Gaz as C.

Cotchin has been getting plenty of ball for 3 weeks now, and finally turned that into SC points last week.

Tough call on Roughead/Martin, keep in mind rumors of Geelong not playing a few including Stevie J. You may need bench cover if you have Stevie J up forward.


Have Tex at F6 with $120k in the kitty. Thinking of trading to Parker….or as Tex is playing GWS is it worth holding off and riding the Tex Train a few weeks longer!?


Parker mate.


What's happened to birchall? Doesn't look to be involved in any linkup play anymore, just sits back in defence!


He might free up when Gibson returns.


I hope all the Cats stars miss. Sure I'll be cut because I'll miss Selwood's score but would love to see the Doggies smash 'em after thinking it's a rest game.


If I have hibberd and 32,800 in the cap who should I get ?????????


What's up with Danger? Only on 33pts halfway through 3rd quarter!

The Filth

Take Rockliffs 139pts as captain or go with Gazza?


Im thinking the same. Macaffer tag too


Im going to take Rocky. Geez I hate going against GAZ thoughj


Guys QUICK take 130 from coach or captain pendles/gaz??




Kennedy (Sydney), selwood or Fyfe as captain if Ablett doesn't fire?


mate im contemplating that SAME combo hahahaha. im watchin ablett to see how he goes before i make that decision tho. kennedy is a gun but freo are playin melb, its a toughie


gazza has a better 2nd quater, if he has a good third ill run with kennedy as the back up


ablett dislocated shoulder, the SC gods must be angry, its down to fyfe or kennedy for me, but which one?


Is Selwood going to get rested???


Freo playing in darwin. Will b greasy n a high stoppage game against a Paul Roos type game plan


Kennedy or fife as captain?




Ablett down


6-8 weeks out…


If I was a betting man I'd say about 6 weeks. Kennedy the likely replacement for my team. I'm already scouring the wire.


A real game changer.

Big advantage for those who have plenty of trades available.


Only really need one. Gaz>Kennedy/rockliff/fyfe/Libba


Hee hee. I am one of the 30 percent stark raving maddies. As a member of the community I still feel your pain though 🙂

john snow

I was going to go libba, went against my own advice at the last minute and went to fyfe…..
not looking good either…

Dutch Life

I’m feeling it jock :/


Parker, Gray or Boomer for Shenton to finish my fwd line? Currently is Danger, Buddy, Zorko, Dahlhaus & Dusty. Can go Parker today or wait til next week & get other 2.


Season over for me 🙁 will have no trades left after my Ablett and Dixon woes oh and shitard (Wingard) looking forward to next year now guys hope you all do well guys!

Ps with Ablett and Dixon going down for me me this round this brings my year injury tally to 12! Shocking year for me to say the least.


15/1667/Rockliff hoping for around 2500, expecting low scores and heaps of panic this round because of Ablett #notmyproblem


that will be a good score, looks like a lot of people had ablett as skipper this week. a lot of premos looked to have underperformed aswell. i have him but had the vc on him luckily. im 15/1511/Kennedy(yet to play) lookin at about 2350 but will be happy with 2300 which should win me most of my league matches with mr wombats lookin like a bit of a speed bump in the throttledome. he cleverly loopholed rocky so if u read this mate, well played.

Clint in Scotland

Right Community, those of us who have VC’d Ablett, who are we put the big C on?

I’m choosing between Selwood, Steve Johnson, Bartel or Libba. I was thinking Libba, but the stats point to Jimmy.

Any thoughts are welcomed.

Thanks Community.

big aggots

Wet miserable day at Sleepy Hollow. Bartel conditions to a T.

Mangrove Jack

Gutted .. 1490 with 6 to play, GAJ had the C, Hibberd a donut. Was looking at 2500+, now would be ecstatic for 2200. Hope ZJones gets a run with the Swans today.

Waiting to hear the prognosis for GAJ, but fear his season is over. Could he still win the Brownlow ?

An interesting week ahead…


Had Ablett as vc
Who should I put the C on? Selwood, libba, Parker, Mcveigh, malceski, mackie


who do you think will score the least out of mcveigh, k.simpson, bartel (i took gardiners 100)


That decision could be made for you, whispers going around that bartel will be a late out. If not I'd probably put Simpson in the bench


Are the rumours true about Selwood, Johnson and Bartel getting rested?


Heard the rumours but I doubt they would be rested unless under injury clouds as Geelong are fighting to retain touch with top 4. Would you rest your 3 best players in those circumstances?


Agree medadsson. If cats win they will jump to 4th and top 4 is gold at the moment.


They need a big win to go to 4th


Who should I captain? Libba or JPK
Pls answer!

Clint in Scotland

I’ve got Libba, but wish I had JPK (all the way!)


What are the community's thoughts on O'Meara as a possible left field replacement for GAJ?
(If out for 4+ weeks)
He might benefit from more on ball time? Or be the tag target?
25+ possies and tonned up the last 2 weeks, against Hawks and Pies no less!
GC have a good run from here with Dogs, Lions, Saints, Blues, Power, Bombers, Eagles.


1425/15 had vc on Ablett & capt on Libba, with Bartel, Selwood, Hurn, Mclovin', Smurph & Malceski also had to take Ambrose 37 as I didn't realise there was no Pav……still hoping for 2200+

I wonder what a par score will be this week as looks like a lot of people will suffer due to GAJ…… Thank god for the captains loophole, cause without that just about everybody would have been screwed.


Libba or selwood as captain?


For Ablett, is the best option Rocky, JPK or Libba?

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Thinking JPK Adam. Only because he plays in a winning team.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Nic Nat out community. The general strikes

Gold Rush

That General prick has me suffering in my Jocks, Jock!


Playing top of the table this round, who has only lost 1 game so far. I Had the VC on rockliff, but didn't get online in time to loophole, so stuck with Gazs score, opponent had C on pendles and I'm projected to lose by 30 points 🙁


7 trades left community.

Have NicNat with bench cover Derickx, both not playing today.

Do I go NicNat to Minson, or Derickx to Simpson or Lycett (WCE)?

Appreciate your input.



Similar problem for me.
Deciding to do Nic Nat to Lycett to make a bit of cash.


I am going Derickx to Lycett. Here's hoping Lycett goes big.


Did some more calculations and I am going to sit on Nic Nat and gamble, and save the trade.
It is a close contest with my opponent and I might just sneak in the win without a 2nd Ruck.
And will need a trade next week for Ablett to Pendles.

Also hoping Bartel is a late out, mu opponent and I both have him – but he has no coverage.
Sitting 7th in league, but next 2 rounds are VC 15th and 16th.


That plan 5mins ago did not last long.
Simpson and Kelly out for Geelong, so Bews is back in the team

My opponent has Bews and was going to cop a donut, now I need Lycett's points.
Down to 8 trades and $430k cash.


do i take kersten or honeychurch on my field


The game is at Geelong, so I would take Kersten.


Yep, Libba for me too Jock but geez, the way this round it going it's probably the wrong bloody choice


great call in hindsight Jock. I was lucky, locked in Rocky's 141 when I seen it.


Everyone has decided to stuff me this season Jock so it isn't the first time that Ablett get 61 as my Captain and I couldn't loophole D.Gardiner 100 in. Maybe it is time to have a chat to the players in the podcast in the bungalow like you did last season about Round 21


JPK 35 at 1/2time – have as captain – fml SC!


…and Lukey Parker having a blinder on 87!


lookin at about 2200 at best. JPK smashed me with his 77 as my captain


The Horsemiller captain curse struck again, I had Liberatore last week and Ablett this week. My 2 lowest scores for the round both weeks, still currently 2320 with Bartel and Selwood a quarter to play. Going Ablett C over Rocky a disaster.

Looking like a 2350+ should be an ok score? Currently top 500, hoping to improve on that.


The captains curse is enough to drive a man further to the drink!!!!!


2373, did I mention gaz C? haha


Managed to avoid the carnage, had VC on Rocky and loopholed. Helps me pull back some of the 800 places I lost thanks smurphs donut a few weeks back


Ambrose, Birchall, McGovern

this week -.-


2335. Seems low, especially after last week, but Im not sure?




Anyone with super coach gold be able to provide the scores for Stevie J, Enright, Selwood and DAhlhaus.

Appreciate it.


Thanks Nathan.

Hope these numbers don't change, they point me with a 1 point win. 2201-2200


2475/Rocky Had a few duds but seems like a good score for the round and won all my leagues


Great score MDFC




That is a great score. Nobody would have got over 2600 this week, surely?


Cheers, top score a touch over 2500


2229 absolute stinker for me. Thought I avoided the gablett carnage with vc on him and jpk c and then jpk has a rubbish game!!


Birchall cost me $1000 :/