YOU LITTLE RIPPER! Get stuck in below to our first monthly donors podcast:

Published by Jock on

Supercoach 2014 podcast

Click here to listen in

(Right click or option-click the link above and choose “Save As…” to download the MP3 file)

Genuine thanks from Jock, Crouching, Higgo and all the lads for helping to make sure that are able to keep serving our community and put in the hard yards to help make this joint rock!

If you have any dramas with playing the podcast, can you email me here: [email protected]

And remember – as discussed in the podcast – lets UNLEASH below with inner sanctum wisdoms (especially your monthly no-one-talk-him-crouchingone-say-him)!

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Big Ben

You beauty Jock, just signed up for 6 months mate


Love ya Jock


You legend mate

Homeless Heroes

Just signed up for 6 months jock my boy. Was a pleasure!


6 months of stimulation for the arousal curve sorted to help with the quiet times here up on East Timor!!!! Yyyyeeeeeaaaaewwwww!


I’ll have to keep you blokes up to date if we get the local footy league back up n running here! There’s some cracking little players up here! A Come back in the fwd pocket at 36 years old,in 36 degrees n 137% humidity sounds achievable, right?


Loving this Jock – maybe a slot in the next donor podcast for winner?

Scott Thompson for me.

Cheers old mate


Had him all season
Stain in the underpants
I have washed underpants
with wash powder and nappysan
clean jocks


ps. donor podcast was awesome


Just donated Jock, least I can do. Currently perched at my highest ever position, 498. I'll not lie, I'm scared. My nose has been bleeding a bit. I need the wisdom of the community to make me more robust of plum.


Donated to you Jock! Thanks for all the great work you do and this Special Podcast is just the cherry on top of an already large and delicious cake that you have created. I'll happily continue to donate to this community monthly to keep the great place going! Thanks Jock & co.


Signed up for 6 months Jock old boy. Sitting at 1904 overall so far in only my second year at this capper and it’s all thanks to you and the team mate. Placed 15th in the donors leagus at this stage (Colvins Clangers). Love ya work mate.


Great stuff Jock! Can we download this in iTunes to listen to when we're on the road?

Dave Ruddick

Great Podcast …where was Wayno? I nominate Callan Ward as my no-one talk him player…averaging 124 for last 5 weeks in only 6% of teams…keep in mind if an injury to one of your premo Mids late in the season… A great unique pick.


Love it Jock 20 bucks well spent. Just to throw in my all time favourite quote by you knowledge is knowing that tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting tomato in a bloody fruit salad. You'd be crazy to pick these guys mentioned for crouching ones contest but my pick is Dylan Sheil


Quality podcast and glad to chip in – my pick is Nathan Hrovat.


Great podcast jock loved every minute of it. Such great wisdom from all and think everyone will agree that we got our moneys worth
My pick for the no one say him pretend you buy him podcast dooner one month challenge is Steven Motlop. 1.16% of teams sticking to that 300K ish cash price at $378K and going left of field with a FWD but think he will do me proud. Coming into form of late and this month he will have a dream run I'm predicting he will be scoring 80-100 each week which for a FWD i think we would all love
Cheers for that mate


Haha jock i just saw Steven motlop has made an appearance in Flesh for fantasy Get him in
Lets see how the man holds up


Hello Jock. My no-one-talk-him-crouching-one-say-him for this month is Scott D Thompson from North. Owned by 3.44%, 129 last week, will average 105+ during the next month.


Fantastic podcast, Jock, Higgo and Crotching1.

My team is swimming about a mile south of a hefty mound of whale shit. Taking lots of lumps. But there's more to be learned when you're down than up. And this podcast was like a pound of kale and a keg of pilsner. Delicious and nutritious!

Thanks for upping your podcast stamina. Well worth the donation.

Think my ripper of the week: the Sloane man. Less than 5% have him. Gonna go absolutely banshee on the Power.


All signed up Jock! Looking forward to my drive to work more than usual.

Just realised Lynden Dunn is THE most expensive defender in the game! WTF!


Traded him out when I saw Roos move him to forward. One of my many horrible moves this year, Gargle. Big lesson I learned this year is back your selections. Ugggh.


Ouch! Those ones hurt Throttle.


Biggest reoccurring error. Biggest lesson as well.

David Bish

Monthly subscription jock mate. Looking forward to your wisdom


Signed up and threw an extra fiver your way Jock. Get yourself a pie and coke.

My no-one-talk-him-crouching-one-say-him for this month is Adam Goodes. Don't know if he's left field enough but in only 0.77% of teams so I figure he qualifies.


Jock, I've already donated earlier this year, but stuff it. I'm happy to throw more coin your way. Great podcast and some significant nuggets of wisdom.

My pick is David Zaharakis.


Happy to donate to this wonderful site, the monthly podcast is just a bonus keep up the great work πŸ™‚


Jock Mate,
Any chance we are able to download this podcast as an Mp3?
Would love to be able to chuck this on the iPod to listen to on the way to work.


Legend mate!


Got it all sorted! Can't wait to hear the wisdom in the morn. I've improved a hell of a lot in the sc since finding the community at the start of last year so cheers to the awesome community.


Great pearls of wisdom, the double fold! Been advocating 2 ply for years!!! Thanks for the site and the podcasts. My No one talk him, no one have him nomination is Lachie Neale – in just 476 teams. Perfect run home starting with Eagles this weekend.


I agree Jock. But this is what happens when people live in apartments or have indoor dunnies. No longer can we just grab a handful of dry cooch that sneaked under the bottom boards of the thunder box and clean ourselves in the way that nature intended.

I submit Jed Adcock to Crouching's Challenge. Obviously the rules will grant me a X 1.5 on points due to selecting the most difficult position= def.


hopeso mate, top 200, but losing alot of patience in him


Outstanding work lads. My nomination is Anthony Morabito. Its only a matter of time and may get the vest week one but will go bang!!


Marvellous podcast there boys. Some bloody good wisdom there. I'm going Nick Reiwoldt for the Crouching Comp. He loves playing the Tigers and is about to go Nuts. Only $360k. Welcome!


trent mckenzie !!, starting to turn his form around


An oldie but a goodie, I reckon Nick Dal Santo could come home strong. Reckon more midfield time when it gets to the business end, and have a look at Norths run home!


Just signed up jock, looking forward to feasting the ears on this one.