PODCAST: Round 13 Community Night podcast

Published by Jock on

Supercoach 2014

Critical weekend of the season.

This is where your opponents will go to sleep. They’ll get lazy. They’ll lapse in concentration. They’ll feel as if this is the part of the season where its time to just slip into cruise mode and go through the motions.

But if you’ve been around this joint a while you’ll know that NOW is to the time to STRIKE. NOW is the time to unleash hell. Now is the time to grind your opponents into a fine dust.

Enjoy this week’s Thursday Community Night podcast community

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peter pan artichoke

def: simpson, bartel, mcveigh, hibberd, enright, hurn. (georgio, clurey)
mid: ablett, pendles, beams, selwood, libba, sloane, tyson, k mitchell (crouch, acres)
ruck: sandi, mcevo (derickx, thurlow)
fwd: zorko, roughy, dangerfield, gray, fasolo, higgins (shenton, lloyd)
that is my current team. Trades this week
fasolo to martin (brings in the Stefan martin and thurlow ruck swing set) leaves me with 92k in the bank
and then Tyson to who? Can get anyone from def/mid/fwd I have about 570k
will have 12 trades left.
I chose not to bring steven Johnson (one for you jock) in because I would have 4 cats players
thinking about swining mcveigh to the mid then trading Tyson to hanley to make some cash and get a good player thoughts?


Brilliant thoughts, maybe bring in d.swallow or parker to open swing sets if not griffen is stil cheap and nat fyfe is 572k


9 trade left, do i pull the pin on McEvoy and make a little cash on Naitanui?

Geez I'm in some desperate need of advice on this one! For context, I'm one spot away from full premo but will require two more trades to fill the last spot. If I trade Big Boy to Dog Dog, then the one up – one down to fill my last spot, I'll have six trades to cover injuries.



Cheers Jock, thanks for the reply

Also, just wanted to take a second to say we all love your consistently high level of effort on this site mate. We know you must put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears for (at the moment) relatively little financial reward, yet we genuinely appreciate it even more knowing that is the case, and we're all behind you in chipping in what we can during your rise up the media/fantasy ladder. Thanks for everything Supercoach Jock and the boys!

On your advice – cash is a hard thing to come by this year, as we're all aware. I have the future mindset to bring in Robbie Gray in a couple of weeks once Impey and Shenton have fully matured, and I worry that I may not have enough money later to bring in a ruck premo if Big Boi continues the way he does. But my goodness, is it hard to go against the advice of the Father of Fantasy!

Needless to say, tonight will be a sleepless night, but I'm leaning towards your option Mr. Jock!


Hey fellas I'm a bit stuck this week.
My first trade is going to be Watson>Sloane which will leave me with 100k. Should my second trade be sideways trading Adcock to a premium or downgrading Taylor, Cutler or Hartung … Help!!!!!!!!


Downgrade to….? Bubble options out there this week are O'Brien (HUGE sub risk) or McGovern maybe? Wouldn't want him on the field. Morabito is bashing down the door, might be worth waiting.

Hold Adcock, trade to improve your team. Not trade one problem to another


Is it worth holding Hartung this week and skipping on O'Brien and Mcgovern and waiting a few weeks for a better js player or pull the plug this week


Best midfielder under 527k? Parker or Swallow for swing sets or is it worth picking a genuine midfielder like Mundy or Swan…


Hey fellas wondering who to trade out, (out) of SDT or Adcock


I’m holding with SDT for now n hoping his form improves with Norths lighter run home. Luxury upgrade only if you’ve got yr other areas sorted.


Hi everyone.
I have some defense troubles which need sorting.
I have Bews on my field with no cover… I was considering trading Cotchin down to Beams to generate enough cash to upgrade Bews.
However some people have said that that's not a wise choice.
What should I do community?
Def: Suckling, McVeigh, Hibberd, Hanley, Kolodjashnij, Bews (Cutler, Fuller)
(Mid: Ward, Pendles, Beams, Douglas, Mundy, Dal Santo, Ablett, Cotchin (Shenton, Morabito)


How about upgrading him without downgrading cotchin? Depending on your trades and $$$
If you have under 10 trades and need a win this week look at your best upgrade for bews
If you have over 10 trades it could be a decent option but i would go someone cheeper then beams
Good luck


Sorry i mean cutler.. Could you upgrade him?


11 trades left, thinking of going Tyson to Swallow and downgrading lloyd to mcgovern and then bring in Ablett for Shuey next week and downgrade derickx.


If that leaves your team full premo with 7 trades left you're in a good spot


Hibberd or Hanley ?

Malceski or Simpson ?

Should we hold Langdon or trade?


Hanley and Malceski have hit their low and on the way up. I see langdon as a keeper until he brings up a sub par score than he should go


Hey Jock ! When should the podcast of this be up?


Haha cheers ! Just easier to listen to as a podcast when I’m walking to footy training 🙂


Hi community,
Going for the league win and am in 1st place by a win.
My team is :
Def: Swallow,Simpson,Bartel,Burgoyne,Enright, Mcveigh (Gardiner, Vandeleur)
Mid: Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Selwood, Watson, Dal Santo, Murphy, Shenton ( Hartung, Roberston)
Ruck: Sandi, Jacobs (Derickx, Currie)
Fwd: Dangerfield, Parker, Martin,Zorko,Dahlhaus,Franklin (Ambrose, Lloyd)
11 trades and 198k in the bank.

OPTION 1: Thinking of going Watson to Gray because in the next few weeks i will be upgrading shenton and want a DPP MID/FWD

OPTION 2: Watson to any mid I don't have


Option 1. Gray has midfield output anyway so having him in the guts for 1 or 2 weeks won't be an issue.

Your team is looking good!


Luke shuey ?


probably not gab, wouldnt look at wasting trades, go straight to premium hood champ!!!


yeah thats what i was thinking, but reckon he has something to give the struggling team like "MAGOOS"

peter pan artichoke

fasolo to martin (brings in the Stefan martin and thurlow ruck swing set) leaves me with 92k in the bank
and then Tyson to who? Can get anyone from def/mid/fwd I have about 570k
will have 12 trades left.
I chose not to bring steven Johnson (one for you jock) in because I would have 4 cats players
thinking about swining mcveigh to the mid then trading Tyson to hanley to make some cash and get a good player thoughts?


Hi Community,

How does a Tyson to Ward and Acres to Jayden Hunt sound?
This opens up my mid/defense swing plus Acres is still out for another 3 weeks. Have Shenton as bench coverage in mid as well who should play out the year.



Tyson to Ward brings in another keeper. But the JS of Jayden Hunt could depend on how he plays this week.


What do people think of McGovan?
Ive copped fasolos crap game waited for him to come back and give me big scores and he plays crap gets subbed and dropped.. This would help me upgrade to an unltra premo next week which will be much needed as im playing a good opponent


What to do i have 8 trades and Rookies such as
Georgiou, cutler, hartung, acres, king, cameron…..


Ur Squirrel gripped and someone is givin them a good squeeze mate. Your in trouble but think you need to hold on the trade button for a few wks mate. Trades will win u games in the finals


Cameron is thought to only be a 1 wkbinjury. If u have a full team on field, with nothing on the horizon I would be holding for a couple to see if anyone pops up soon.


yeah was thinking just holding, then see if anyone is a late out, having only 2 rookies on the field the rest premium or close to is pretty good, and who to play out of ambrose or shenton


I’m throwing Shenton on. I like his wild man hairy beard faced approach!


Trading Watson to zorko -14 break even and duel position player and pocketing some cash. thoughts?
Or do we go a straight swap to Fife with a much higher break even but better more reliable scoring?


Damn McDonut’s finally gotta go I think so I can avoid the 0. Shenton to fwds n Swallow for Polec. Leaves me with $90k to try and get Parker and or Robbie and or Boomer to finish off the team.

Pre trades The 2Girl Walrus lines up like this;

Simpson, McVeigh, Swallow, Bartel, SDT, Mackie, Cutler, McD

Ablett, Selwood, Beams, Pendles, Griffen, Polec, Goddard, Barlow, Acres, Shenton,

NicNat, Sandi, Derickx, Currie

Danger, Pav, Zorko, Martin, Ambrose, Cameron, Lloyd, McDonough

12 trades & $20k. Thoughts, advice and prayers all welcome 🙂


My thought – McDonut – genious nickname haha!

Regarding your team, I'd be looking to move on one of the tiger boys, and yeah mcdonut is the one – Lloyd couldn't be far away from getting another game taking in to account the way they're travelling!

Love the amount of trades you have mate! what about in addition to your trade, use the money to get Hanley for either SDT or Mackie – I reckon theres around 20 – 30 points per round to be made right there as well! Having another DPP couldn't hurt either! However, this is a bit of a low priority trade – the players you have are certainly capable of scoring well and will be warm bodies for the rest of the season.

Just throwing in suggestive options for you mate for the sake of it though, and I think you're well poised for a great end to the year.


I would consider trade McDoughnil out swap Shenton forward bring in J Hunt (mid/def) Melb non player but very handy swing player with your solid defense. Trade Polec to A. Swallow. This should leave a little more in the kitty for next upgrades. Hunt would need miracle to play this year, but i think that even with twelve trades left it opens great flexibility with in your team & better cash generation.


Have $240K and 11 trades so looking at:
Hartung to Wingard (and move Shenton to MID bench)
L. Taylor to Steven Johnson (no MID bench cover)



I'd get rid of Hartung first. SJ will probably drop further after this week.

Dutch Life

My trades this week will be:

Watson> Ward

Hallahan> Obrien

This will leave me with 330,000 odd in the warchest,

And 7 trades…

Thoughts community, cheers.

By the way, would just like to say, yet again another fantastic podcast jock,

keep up the great work, the whole community appreciates it.

Thanks Jock

Mungos Men

Sounds like a good set up for the coming weeks, maybe look to beams JS is good and will not be sub affected, should be priced around 350k in lead up to finals easy to upgrade to premo…

Kenny Powers

McEvoy out for Nic Nat and a bit of cash or …
Currie out for S Martin with Big Boy to the bench allowing me to use the emergency loophole when he returns ..
Thanks community


Hey jock, thoughts on big boy? Trade or hold? 13 trades left


Ibbotson has shoulders like bags of twisties. Injury risk.


Hey Jock!
Majak is out and no currie for Nth Melb this week….Goldy at $470k is $100+k cheaper than the start of the season, and first game as sole ruck! Following 166 might've hit a bit of form like the big dish as well! Any thoughts or wisdoms?

Stevie G

heppel is ranked 4th in disposal along with prestia this year. Good trade for watson i reckon.

Garglesnarf FC

I would now consider trading IN bombers players as very risky.

With the ASADA stuff blowing up in such a specific and personal manner for many of the players, there is now a pretty significant distraction to deal with. If they get well beaten from here then the Bombers overall share of points will drop meaning their players will score propertionally lower than current averages.

Given the wealth of other alternatives I would avoid Heppell.


Better options then heppell, but i have him and gets 90-110 most weeks


Won't Heppell get the best opposition tagger now that Jobe's gone?


Looking forward to listening Jock & community. Will help make my drive to work much more entertaining.


Hello community. Considering making a move to downgrade Sandi for Martin then upgrading Billings for Dixon. Have Mummy and NicNat in my rucks and looping each week is driving me a bit bonkers. Plus this will give me some DPP and coverage for finals time.

Brains or bollocks?


You already have Mummy and nic Nat in rucks as well as Sandi on bench?
Why are you not having Sandi and Mummy and doing nicnat into martin? Sandi's been going well – and you should still be able to do billings into Dixon.
DPP coverage for finals is great move.


Hey Wes. Had Sandi and Mummy from the get. Brought NicNat when his price was low and Mummy out. Sandi will be rested soon. Not a matter of if. NicNat is hitting his stride and has low mileage on the odometer. Plus Cox out means solo ruckage.

Garglesnarf FC

Hi Throttle! Not sure that spending that many trades on rucks is a wise move. You have 3 now so you have cover, buying two more now just seems like crazytalk! (apologies Crouching)

The other issue I see with it is just how much money you have invested on the bench scoring you a zero each week, and using two trades to keep the same problem just doesnt seem very clever IMO.

If you have any other areas to focus on, I would focus on them, and make your team BETTER not just different.


Hey Gargles! Well, it's basically to make my team better, as it is the only way to upgrade Billings. F6 is my weak area right now. Can't have him along with Cameron and Lennon. Most immediate need by far.

And can't see the Sandi train getting any better from this point on. The value probably won't get too much higher. And can sense he's going to get rested during their easy run home. Why not cull him and reap the rewards from bringing him at a cheap price. Plus gaining a DPP in Martin adds a little more flexibility which is extra insurance. Not a bad thing to have, agree?

Garglesnarf FC

Sure Throttle, I get the flexibility part, but you already have cover for when Sandi gets rested. You dont need flexibility.

If you are really keen then just trade Billings to Martin, & Sandi to Thurlow for the $400k cash grab. Then you get cash, cover, and flexibility.

Then that $400k can go on buying you some serious premiums next week, which will be on the field rather than the bench.


Very good suggestion, my man.

My point is really around not keeping Billings, Cameron and Lennon. That's a black hole. Need a solid F6. Billings is the weakest of the three.


End up trading in Tippett last week mate? Had that awful feeling he was due for an injury haha


Ha! Nope. Weird rash developed on my knees. Took it as a sign to not trade him in. Went Buddy instead.


Is fyfe going to get rested?


downgrading matt crouch to zac o’brien to free up some cash
upgrading higgins to robbie gray.
or should i save some cash and go with luke parker who has been ultra consistent?


Parker has been solid all season. Is obrien going to sit on your bench on on your field becuase he is likely to be the sub vest


On the bench with acres. I have Shelton on the field who will be upgraded to stevie j in the next fortnight


Hi guys this is my team so far, I have 10 trades left.
backs: swallow, bartel, hanley, burogoyne, hurn, langdon, (gerogio, cutler).
mids: Ablett, pendles, beams, rockliff, selwood, watson, kane mitchell (hartung, acres)
rucks: sandi mumford (derickx, thurlow)
fwds: danger, martin, zorko, parker, fasolo, shenton (cameron, llyod)

Was thinking of going langdon to malceski and Watson to whover i can afford have 100k

Garglesnarf FC

Wait until the team sheet at 5:30 as either or both of Langdon & Fasolo could be out, which might change your plans a little.

john snow

If Langdons out, Malceski loos the goods

Garglesnarf FC

Just a quick comment, the podcast mentioned that Fasolo is out. He isn’t…yet, but he is on an extended bench with Langdon and Broomhead. Broomhead could well get the nod ahead of him, so watch the updated sheets at 5:30pm this evening.


Hi guys,
I can't decide who to get rid of out of Fasolo and Higgins…downgrading to S.Martin
WB vs Collingwood
Higgins BE 100 Ave 84
Fasolo BE 76 Ave 74



john snow

Fasolo, I'm sending him west this week…..


I am looking at bringing in S.Martin this week and I will play him on field this week and then next week he will become my ruck/forward cover as I will be upgrading P.Ambrose to a premium forward. Will S.Martin provide solid bench cover or am I wasting a trade getting him in?

Beady Eye

I'm bringing him in as my F6 next week to swap with Thurlow on the ruck bench as needed.

Should be valuable cover if the Human Tree cops a rest/injury.



Garglesnarf FC

Considering the same thing BCH.

The possible concerns I have with Martin are;

A) Has apparrently had 3 hamstring injuries this year
& B) Will Luenberger take his spot in 5-6 weeks?

I am banking on Luey not coming back this year, bu those hammy’s are a worry. Will likely take the punt on him anyway.


thanks mate, I didn't know that he had the hammy problems but will have to take the risk.

john snow

I'm going to bring him in, probably play him on my forwards bench. Have Thurlow in my rucks giving me that swing option. Gives me the chance to trade Derrickx to a bargain basement rookie for a cash grab. Pyke is back so his influence wont be as great.


You know nothing (Jon Snow) haha Derickx will probs be probs be pushed out once Tippett and Pyke are playing together


Which option should i do?

A) Watson to Stevie J and Langdon to Hibberd
B) Watson to A.Swallow and Langdon to D.Swallow


or C) Watson to Stevie J and Suckling to D.Swallow


Like others, my first move will be to trade the injured Watson for Sloandod

But I still have another doughnut to fix, so out gose Hartung

(To free up some cash) which Rookie to choose?

O’Brien or McGovern

Which do you think might have the best job security going forward

& maybe seeing out the season on the bench?


mcgovern looked ready made against the hawks last week… i'm looking at him this week.


What is McGoverns JS like ?
Why did he miss those 5-6 weeks between his first and second games ?


Another fine cast from Flapping Tarp studios!

Your thoughts on my team at this late stage would be greatly appreciated, community. I have 8 trades and a measly 50k in the chest… it's ablett time for my boys…

DEF: swallow, mcveigh, bartel, burgoyne, suckling, (hanley, langdon, bews)
MID: rockliff, beams, selwood, murphy, cotchin, goddard, tyson, taylor (hartung, acres)
RUC: sandilands, naitanui (derrickx, currie)
FWD: danger, martin, zorko, dahlhaus, wingard, shenton (lloyd, cameron)

I'm thinking:
1. cotchin/tyson, taylor – for – ablett, mcgovern (shenton dpp)

2. cotchin/tyson, taylor – for – ablett, some cheap defender goes here (langdon dpp)


Morning community and happy Friday!

A massive round of applause for Jock and the boys what a wealth of information you provide us on a weekly basis!! Thanks for the tireless effort lads it is much appreciated!

I am hoping someone can suggest what is best trade wise this week. I am currently ranked inside top 3k.
My team is:

K. Simpson, D. Swallow, J. McVeigh, J. Bartel, M. Hibberd, M. Suckling (Langford, Cutler)

G. Ablett, S. Pendlebury, D. Beams, J. Selwood, T. Liberatore, O. Wines, N. Fyfe, C. Shenton (Michie, Acres)

A. Sandilands, S. Mumford (Derrickx, King)

P. Dangerfield, L. Parker, D. Martin, D. Zorko, S. Higgins, A. Fasolo (Ambrose, Cameron)

I want Callan Ward badly.

Do I

A – Trade Suckling to 102k spud & Fasolo to Ward (Swing Shenton FWD) leaving me with a donut this week in DEF but UG Langford to Malceski next week


B – Trade Suckling to Malceski and Fasolo to Spina(102k) then next week DG langford to a 102k spud and UG Ambrose to Ward??

Please help


i'm liking the sound of option B this week. Being in the top 3k, you really don't to have a 0 on the field.
Go with B


Thanks Mozz.
I tend to agree. Donuts are much better at lunch!


john snow

Who are peoples best and worst trade for the season

My worst- Nick Reiwoldt for $585K or Bews a few weeks back
Best- Dom Tyson

Worst starter- Savage. Didn't fire a shot. Looked good at hawks with limited opportunites
Best starter- Sandi, Polec, good old gary for captaincy….


Worst trade in: Cale Hooker R6
Best: Swallow/Gray R3

Worst Starter: TMitchell
Best: JPK


Savage was such a tease hahaha


Hey everyone i need a defender at about 425 thousand and the best options seem to be jaensch, robert murphy and cale hooker who are all averaging about 90

Help please ??


Jaensch for mine Gaz


Need some cash to allow me to trade Watson for Pendles.

Currently have Sandi, Ryder, Dericks and Currie in ruck.

a) Downgrade Dericks to 102K player and further use this money to upgrade my last premo next week
b) Keep derricks for now and go Ryder to Nic Nat, Goldy or Lobbe.

Playing for rankings and worried that Ryder isn't going to bounce back with this extra controversy.


Michael Johnson – hold or trade out? How longs' he out for? Little defensive coverage, so pull the pin on him?


Ben Mcevoy for Nic Nat??

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