PODCAST: The Queen joins us to talk Supercoach

Published by Jock on

Supercoach 2014 podcast

We are smack bang in the middle of footy season community

That means that we are now in the run home towards our AFL Supercoach and AFL Fantasy finals.

This is an absolutely critical time of the season – and it is bloody timely to have The Queen and Prince Phillip in flapping tarp studios to lend their insights into our pre round 13 trading.

The big news that Jobe Watson’s injury will see him out for up to 12 weeks dominates proceedings this evening in an emotion charged podcast.

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Big Ben

In like Flynn


Movement in the arousel curve Benny boy?


Whose the best mid to get in for Watson? Can get anyone

Current mids- Ablett, pendles, JPK, beams, liberatore, (Watson), selwood, rockliff


Steve Johnson

Marcus J

ive got fyfe, goddard, swan, bartel and dangerfield in mine that you dont have


I've got Bartel in defence and dangerfield up front

The Garbo

Johnson if your looking for a real bargain! Will allow you to pocket 80k and have a guy who can pull huge scores

nonono stevie j

I wouldn't be picking Stevie J, he has Freo (Crowley) then Carlton (Carrazzo) in the first 2 SC finals. His record against these heavy tags is not good.


I would seriously consider Callan Ward.


Fyfe for mind, still has a high breakeven so will still drop, however keep in your mind that last year ross rested his guns.
I'd consider Sloane, as jock said just dropped below 100 once. has proven his case


Swan – he is getting better and he has a super easy run coming home
Fyfe – he is a gun

(I prefer swan) maybe Boyd


I’m trading in Steve Johnson for tyeson and also trading out lewis Taylor and don’t know who to bring in for him. Will have $504 to spend, any suggestions.


If your looking to upgrade Taylor, at that price there is David Swallow is looking good, Stpehan Hill who is killing it of late. But the one is standing out to me around that Price Range is Dane Swan is Cheap below 500k


Hey community!

This is my first year doings supercoach and I was wondering what I should do with Sdt and Jed Adcock. They seem to be serving rubbish on a weekly basis.



Hey Tom!

What does your current Defense look like mate?


Hanley is value for money… jump on board the Hanley train this week Tom before he skyrockets in price

peter pan artichoke

is there anything i can do with my team? 14 trades left 11k in the bank.
def: simpson, bartel, mcveigh, hibberd, enright, hurn. (georgio, clurey)
mid: ablett, pendles, beams, selwood, libba, sloane, tyson, k mitchell (crouch, acres)
ruck: sandi, mcevo (derickx, thurlow)
fwd: zorko, roughy, dangerfield, gray, fasolo, higgins (shenton, lloyd)
thoughts? need to get rid of higgins, fasolo and tyson
who to get rid of first and who to get?

The Garbo

Fasolo imo.
Tyson has peaked in price but will still score so you wont need to stress about having him on the field. (his poor score today was due to a hard tag by MaCaffer – dont expect that to happen to often)

peter pan artichoke

was thinking fasolo to stefan martin and then tyson to a premium under 560k thoughts?

The Garbo

Stefan Martin had a ripper of a game vs Minson, Didn't look out of his depth and his ability to move around to collect the ball is a real advantage – no reliance on just hitouts but still gets them.

STILL he is a pricey downgrade option and we've only seen one game.

Tyson at 470kish is an easy move. Johnson is in the bargain bit at 500k and is a bit of an x factor player that can score huge. Treloar 540k has also been flying under the radar avg 113. Last 3 117. Last 5 109.

The Garbo

Cant wait to have a listen to some supercoach gold tomorrow morning!

Community Thoughts — Trade or Hold this week. (would have to be a downgrade or one up one down)

11 trades. 9k in bank.

def: Swallow, Simpson, McVeigh, Hooker, Hanley, Jaensch (Laidler, McDonald)
mid: Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Libba, Polec, MaCrae, Goddard, Jelwood (MCrouch, Taylor)
ruc: Sandi, Goldstein (Thrulow, Currie)
fwd: Danger, Martin, Dahlhaus, Zorko, LeCras, Shenton (Ambrose, Lloyd)

Cheers Community


I'd hold mate, you have a pretty good team.
I'd probably only use 1 trade and that be either downgrading Mcdonald or Laidler to someone like Bews or Litherland just to make some coin.
Shenton is still making money so let his price hit it's peak.
You could always use a few trades and downgrade Laidler or Mcdonald and downgrade Crouch to O'brien. That give you enough to upgrade Lloyd to Robbie Gray or Luke Parker.

The Garbo

Cheers Phil!
Shenton/Ambrose on the field was my only real concern that is really tempting me to trade up.


Should I get rid of Tyson got 215k to spend or trade Hallahan

The Garbo

Has a 152 BE. Will bleed some cash in the next 2-3 weeks. But he should still score +80 so if your running low on trades you can hold him on your field and not stress too much about poor output. (He did get Macaffered today though – dont expect that to happen often).

Though an extra 30k odd will get you Steve Johnson


Looks time for Tyson to go. He's served us well.


Whats this queen crap


Best back line option? Can afford anyone


Malceski. He is the best value at the moment and will be top 6 defenders in my opinion


Hanley is cheap as chips and scoring well, absolute bargin


Fair dinkum Jock. This queen bitch better not be back next year. ffs


Is it just me or does the Queen have a slight accent? Might've had a lengthy holiday in Pyanmar


Sounds like she has a tiger in her throat.


Are people still looking to bring in obrien?

Marcus J

i would have it he didn't get the vest. after a ton you would have thought he may get a start

but that 16 this week hurts


Not after his sub affected match on the weekend.

The Wiz

hey guys, scored 2275 but my worries are : M. Johnson, Cotchin, suckling, and others
Heres the team

Backs: Hibberd, mcveigh, birchall, bartel, m. johnson, suckling (tippet, georgio)
Mids: Gaz, Dal santo, cotchin, murphy, selwood, goddard, beams, swallow, (Lloyd, hartung)
Ruck : Goldy (Finally a good score !!!) Sandi (Lobb, King)
Forwards: Dangerfield, martin, dalhaus, wingard, parker, ambrose (L. Taylor, Lloyd)

Ideally wouldve liked to get rid of suckling and lewis taylor this week but with michael johnson out and i really wanna dump cotchin!

Thinking of going M.Johnson > Fyfe
Cotchin > Zorko

Before trades 10k and after 14k

Thoughs appreciated community !!!

Marcus J

i hate cotchin and i have zorko but i wouldn't recommend that trade. zorko still aint consistent enough.


what about johnson > hanley
Cotchin > Treloar

The Garbo

Zorko has only had two poor games of 46, 59. And one sub affected game due to him playing sick. So hardly that inconsistent. Especially for a fwd. Let alone one at 400k.

Im also not a fan of your proposed trades. Would need to have Lloyd, Hartung or Georgiou on the field and hopefully named to play.

Why not look at something like:

Johnson > Prem Mid (Fyfe?) via DPP Swallow
LTaylor/JLloyd > Downgrade

The Wiz

i like your thinking garbo the only thing is if we think cotchin's form has been bad, they have freo this week and he will cop the viscous crowley tag.
Really wanna get rid of cotch, what are your thoughts, still hold him??


If you have Cotchin now, must hold him now and hope he turns his season around, if you really wanna get rid of him id say back Swan, around the same price, he hill lift trust me
Hanley is back, get him in for Johnson
Don't get the burn man Zorko not worth it!!


Game is crushing me, simple as that. Yet despite the weekly wrecking ball am still having a blast. And it's due mostly to everything and everyone in these walls.

There's a tendency to think you know more than you do. And you go against tried and true principles. The SC gods have not allowed that arrogance to go unpaid.

But as the road has been bumpy, it's not been boring or without laughs and joy. And not giving up to make league finals. Just musing what a delightfully punishing and wonderfully unpredictable game this is.


Great to see ur still having fun and upbeat Throtts.
Can see many of us (including myself) running out of trades as injuries start to mount.
Pity that Jobe will be out for so long as I reckon many of us would have held him if it was 4 weeker.

Good luck to those still in the hunt for overall.

Many thanks to Jock et al and this stellar community, ur wisdom has certainly helped me immensely this yr.


Same boat, Lostlarrikin. 3-4 weeks would've kept him. Have to get rid of Jobe and Billings. Save the rest…if I can. Shame to say that I've binged on trades so have only 5 left. Ugggggh.

It's a game, so I try to have fun. Don't get me wrong…I HATE to lose. But in the end it's something I do because I enjoy it and make the great game of footy even more enjoyable.

And echo your words to those in the hunt…keep battling! I'll try my best to aid your efforts.


Hey lads!

It can be a very fickle game.

In my only cash league, in consecutive rounds i lost by 3 pts and 4 pts. Couldn't believe it! On top of overall points, yet lingering in 12th spot on the ladder. It certainly can do your head in at times, that's for sure.

Then at the same time in your league Throtts, i was travelling nicely. Bloody crazy sh*t.

It's a game we may never fully master, but for hell i will never stop trying.

Like you guys, i also have Jobe to trade out. Ward is my target right now.


May do Parker and save some cash. Or Boomer. Not sure. Need to get Billings out too. Uggggggh.

Yeah, I hear ya. I'm getting throttled in my own league. Glad you're doing better.


Hey TF,

Have got Jobe as well mate…..thinking of following trades this week…..

OUT: J Watson & B Acres

IN: P Hanley and C Wingard…..which means I will not have any rookies on ground except Langdon…..and happy to keep him as D6 till S Mitchell drops his value & bring him in a month or so….



Hey Raj!

Strong trades. Both on the uptick. And strong values. Kudos to having only Langdon as your lone rook.

Sammy won't be back for 2-3 weeks. And will take a couple more rounds for him to drop value to where it's tasty. 5 weeks = round 18. Could be a finals special. Or given his age a risk that could easily backfire. Best of luck in that, my man.


Should I trade Sdt and Adcock


I have Adcock too, I have 500k to spend. I have Hibberd and Birchall so want to know the communities thoughts on the best available defender 500k or under.
Thanks guys


Andrew Swallow @ 477K looks tempting for Watson. Can use the extra 100K to upgrade LMac to McVeigh. This leaves me with 11 trades and only 1 premo short with Shenton up fwd. Any thoughts appreciated greatly.


Hanley @440K gives an extra 50K and opens swing set


Have a couple options so that after next weeks trades I'll be at full premiums.

1) Robbie Gray + Stevie J
2) Pendles + Wingard (or any forward around 450K next week)
3) Priddis + Wingard (or any forward around 500K)

What do people think?


Pendles + Zorko


Currently have Zorks, Pav, Martin, Danger and Franklin

The Garbo

Avoid Wingard, He plays like a key forward and if hes not kicking goals hes not scoring big.
What about Dahlhaus or a risk on LeCras


Hi guys, TOTW time, a bit early this week as I have a bit on this week:


DEF: Dunn, Duffield, Heater, Spurr, Hodgey, Hanley (Malceski, Keefe)
MID: Gibbs, Hartlett, GAJ, Zaharakis, Hannebery, Ward, Stokes, Redden (Nath.Jones, Macrae)
RUC: Goldy, Sandy (Lobbe, NicNat)
FWD: Roughy, Boomer, Gray, Tomahawk, Impey, Pav (Schulz, Petrie)

First time entries for this year were Spurr, Malceski (surprisingly!), Keefe, Stokes, Redden, Macrae, Lobbe, NicNat, Impey, Petrie. Some nice POD's here, particularly Macrae still going strong (31st overall, av 106.2), and now Redden starting to pump out some good scores possibly as an M7 or 8.

GAJ is clear leader for the year with 10 entries in the 12 rounds, Sandy second with 8.


DEF: Simpson, Swallow, McVeigh, Bartel, Malceski, Burgoyne (Hibberd, Smith (ADE))
MID: GAJ, Pendles, JPK, Beams, Jelwood, Libba, Ward, Jobe (Sloane, Murph)
RUC: Sandy, Sauce (Minson, Cox)
FWD: Boomer, Gray, Danger, Parker, Dusty, Breust (Zorko, Pav)

How many of these guys do you have in your team now? I currently have 18, short 1 x DEF, 2 x MID, 1 x FWD.
Mind you, Jobe will be replaced next week by one of Nicky Dal (27pts behind), Nath Jones (52), Prestia (54), Hannebery (60), Gibbs (69), Priddis (70), Redden (71), and maybe Wines (103) or Treloar (105) as rank outsiders.

Toying with the idea of adding a rolling 4-5 round scoring (maybe TOTM – team of the month?) to really jump on the guys that are currently scoring well, some of the guys in the TOTY may be on the downward slope such as Hibberd which will show these guys up – thoughts?

Always up for comments on this btw – anyone finding this useful in finalising their teams at the halfway point?

Cheers, Michael


Hi Michael
Interesting to see a totw…
I had 3 players of that lot – crying!!!!
My prems all scored like rookies – seriously couldn't believe how low they went this round.
Interesting how many key pos fwds made top team this rd…


Very informative, I like it. Cheers


Probably won't jump on O'Brien… if he can't get a full game after kicking the winning goal then I can't really see him not being sub


Here is my current team, was trying to decide what trades i should make.

Def: Swallow, Murphy, Birchall, Hanley, Langdon, Jaensch, ( Bews, Tippett)
Mids: Pendlebury, Beams, J Selwood, Cotchin, Rockliff, Fyfe, Tyson, Shuey (Sheed, O'rourke)
Rucks: Sandilands,Goldstein,( Currie, Derickx)
Forwards: Martin, Dalhouse, Roughead, Rioli, Zorko ( Loyd, Cameron)

12k in the bank and 11 trades left, with not much bench coverage. I want to get Tyson on, could possible go 1.Cotchin and Tyson out: Ablett and S Martin in via forward swing
2. Tyson and sheed out; Johnson/ Barlow/ Goddard and Morabito in (if named)
3. Tyson and Langdon out: Shaw and Pavlich in


No one talking about Boomer as a replacement for Watson.
In some pretty good form and an easy run from here (not to mention the dpp)
Am I missing something?


Plus having a swing in your mid will make things even easier when your trade count goes down.


I think people hesitate because his 36 years old even though age doesnt matter for him. If people can look pass the perception of his old age they would see that he is an elite player and a must have in the forward line although too expensive for a fwd at the moment


Should i trade out Flynn and watson for dorchety and zorko?

Captain joc

Is jpk to dear??

The Filth

Unfortunately he is playing to his average…his points average is equal to his price.

I don't have him in my side yet but I aim to get him next week.
A must if you can afford him – top 6 midfielder.

Captain joc

Well I’ve got Watson and the 3 replacements I’m considering are jpk, rocky or sloane
Jpk at 657k
Rocky at 647k
Sloane at 553k

The Filth

All good options…
I will probably bring in Ward for Watson this week and upgrade Langdon into JPK next week.

Break Evens for this week:
JPK 153
Rocky 102
Sloane 85

Swans playing Port – so I'm hoping JPK will drop a bit in price whilst Langdon makes a little against the Bulldogs. Wards break even only 76 so I figured if I want him in my mids it is best to get him first.

If money is not a concern – JPK all the way Captain!

Captain joc

Money is not a concern but it would only leave me with 192k for a upgrade in the fwd line

The Filth

Who are your fwds Capt?

Captain joc

Zorko, buddy, Parker, dusty, dangerfield , shenton ( Ambrose, Cameron)

The Filth

I managed to find your team in one of your earlier posts (pre round 12) Capt.
I understand you don't have a large number of trades left.

Another alternative would be to trade Watson for R Gray (or even Boomer if you prefer). You could then use his DPP to swap one of your forwards into the mids for upgrade after they have appreciated in price.
This would leave you with a kitty of 300k. I did a similar trade earlier.
Only problem is you are paying a premium for Gray and Port play the Swans this week.

It may save you a trade later as you may not have to 'paint the fence' – one trade down and one trade up.


Sloane just cos he's cheaper


Looking for a cheap ruckman, who's the best option out of nic nat, zac smith and weekend at Charlie dixons?

The Garbo

Stefan Martin is also cheap and turned some heads in his first game vs Minson on the weekend.
Outve the ones you listed I like Nic Nat

Jacob Black

Nic Nat for sure.


Stefan Martin worth considering


Stephen Hill, Isaac Smith and an out of form Dane Swan…..Sorry i just had to shake my head.

No mention of Callan Ward (588K) I'm looking at him right now to replace Watson.

5 Round Ave: 129.0

Past 6 Scores 108, 145, 123, 100, 142, 135.


"Should i trade:"

Buddy, Liberatore, Roughead, Zorko, Wingard, Martin, Cotchin, Dahlhaus…….and probably more i've forgotten.

Week in, week out people asking the above question. It's driving me insane – don't get me wrong i enjoy listening, reading, and commenting with any advice i can provide. But reading and hearing people ask these type of questions over and over becomes very mundane.

Stick fat with your premiums unless they incur a 4+ week injury. You traded them into your side for a reason, stick with them and concentrate on upgrading other areas of your team. You can always come back to them later in the year.

How many are regretting trading Martin, Libba, or Zorko after his past fortnight…..or even Roughy!!! 180+!

The voice message re Dahlhaus in the podcast tipped me over the edge.

I simply feel we can be far more constructive and creative as a community.

Rant over.

The Filth

True….but Cotchin has to go!!! haha..


Well said mate. Couldn't agree more. It's like when Zorko scored 20 when he was sick he was the most traded player out. I just couldn't believe it. I love it how has stuck it to all those people with some solid scores now.

The Filth

I also kept the faith with Zorko.
Too many people chase last weeks points and continue to sideways trade.


The only premium I traded out (apart from the two troublesome Mitchells!) was Goldy before his first price rise. Traded him for Sauce so don't regret it. Goldy Average 93 compared to Sauce's of 104. And that includs Goldy's monster score last round.

The Garbo



Yeah last week the fella who HAD to go because he couldn't score 'properly' was The Chad. Those who traded him out last week would've felt a wee bit nauseous when he pumped out a 112 on the weekend.

On the flip side everyone apparently needed to get Tex in because he was going to spit out these huge scores. Reckon we should hang on to our precious trades and not get sucked in by 'whim of the week' as I like to call it.

Conserve them for what really matters upgrading to premium, bringing in choice rookies and dealing with LTIs like Jobe.


I like how Tyson scores a low score and people automatically want to get rid off him.
i've seen it happen numerous times with rookies who score big and they have a bad game (like everyone does) and suddenly we should trade them.
O'meara last year he had a bad game and people got rid off him and then he still managed to score 90+.
Polec, people dumped and his still playing well.
The fact is that Tyson is still a scoring player, if he starts bleeding a lot of cash then yes trade him but not after 1 game. If you have other areas in your team that aren't strong, focus on them. And if people have not much trades, why get rid of a scoring player whos proven to score consistently and in long term, have no trades and players get rested/injured?
We always say wait another week when a rookie plays his 1st game.
If a rookie has priced well and he has a bad day, wait another week to see how he does.

The Filth

Tyson is a rookie occupying a valuable midfield slot and should be treated as such. He has five scores over 100 and six under. Not good enough for a permanent midfield spot.

Some traded him too early but really he should have been traded out of your team just prior to his round 10 bye. New quality rookies are fewer now and many players missed the boat by hanging on too long. I think some get attached to well performing rookies and are reluctant to pull the trade trigger when required.
His break even this week is 152. He can be expected to drop by around 50k over the next two weeks as his scores of 136 against the Bulldogs in R8 and the 122 he scored against Richmond in R9 drop out of his rolling average.

I upgraded Polec into Pendlebury and Tyson into J Selwood when they reached their bye rounds. I'm sorry but Polec's scores of 83, 46 and 99 post bye are not enough in a midfield spot. You have to keep turning over rookies for cash generation and upgrade your onfield side to premiums.

Upgrade Tyson if you can.


I wasn't saying that, i was saying that if you have problems in other positions, you should focus on them. Tyson while he has a high break even, he'll still score well. I don't have the guy in my team but if i had the choice to upgrade Tyson to say Selwood or JKH to Luke Parker, i'd pick Parker. Tyson has the ability to score over a ton, Kennedy Harris has the risk of being subbed and playing poorly. And i also said that a lot of people are around 8-10 trades now, that's really risky having that low of trades so why waste 1 possible 2 trades when Tyson can score well?
I learnt last year that using a lot of trades will hurt you at the end of the season and one of my biggest mistakes was trading O'meara out.
99 is a good score. Danger only scored 70 odd and no one cared. Everyone has off days, even Ablett, should we trade Gaz because his price dips?

Garglesnarf FC

It’s a good point Phil. I have Tyson, but I also have McDonald and Langford as D5&6in my defence. I am tempted to trade Tyson into Ward, but points wise, it may be wiser to turn Langford into HShaw. The issue with that idea is cash as Tyson will drop $35-50k over the next two weeks, while Langford should rise between $10-40k, so dumping Tyson this week and moving on Langford in 2-3 weeks is an extra $45-90k bank bonus.

Can Tyson return to his run of 100’s, if yes then it’s worth riding out the price drop, otherwise its time to upgrade.

The Filth

(I don't know how many trades you have left Garglesnarf.)
In your case – why trade not Tyson for Shaw if you want him. Cull Tyson and upgrade Langdon.
You can play your choice Shenton, Fasolo or Ambrose onfield as your last player (if you use Grays DPP status with Shenton)
Shaws BE is 40 this week so he is probably going to rise by 20k – Tyson is likely to drop 25k this week. There is 45k you don't lose plus the money you generate from the cull – around 200k after you pay the 100k to upgrade Langford. This will give you cash for another upgrade next week – maybe one of your problem forwards.
Langfords BE is 47 but is only likely to rise by 10k assuming he plays of course. Clarkson played him as a run with player but the replacement coach is not utilising him in this role.
Moving on Langford in 2-3 weeks is more time without a premo side. Langfords possible pay rise (assuming he plays) is offset by the potential price rise of the player you want – Shaw.

The Filth

s/be "why not trade Tyson for Shaw.." …oops!

The Filth

Gaz and Danger are proven ultra-premiums – no comparison with Tyson…not a great analogy.

What I am trying to say is players reach a plateau. Their points output reaches their average and they do not generate any more cash. They then may become say a 90pt average midfielder. They are stagnant and are not making anymore cash or extra points over 90.
In the Tyson example, if you are having problems in another line you could upgrade him for example to a Bartel – swing them into your backline and start another rookie ramp in your mids. There are obviously more quality midfield rookies which can score reasonable points. The new rookie may only be scoring perhaps 70pts but is generating a new cash stream, not stagnating. The 20pts differential is hopefully made up by the premium you have placed in your other line and the scoring differential in the player they replace (eg Bartel over say a Laidler). Picking the peaks and troughs in players break evens may save you say 20-50k. These amounts add up and effectively save you trades later on in your efforts to generate cash to reach a full premium team.
The bye rounds were a huge opportunity to make points/trades this year. By only including your best 18 scores even modest outputs by new rookies can be important as not everyone may have a full 18, or compensated by not having their scores counting by having extra players. All this whilst the rookies are generating cash. Three trades a week was great.
I am not attempting to tell you how to suck eggs or preach something to you you probably already know. It is important to trade aggressively to maximise points output for your team. 'Guns and rookies' is still the most effective way of generating enough cash to get the uber-premiums you want and not necessarily settling for lesser premiums you can afford.
Luck also plays a big part. I am sure there are teams that have had serious injury problems or that had to make substantial corrective trades. I can foresee that these teams may have a Tyson as their M6 in their end-of-year side as they have run out of trades/money.

Good luck Phil – hope your team has a great season.

"The Filth"

The Garbo

Spot on Phil!
With trades dwindling and a long way to go still. Is it not better to hold trades till later in the season or fix more concerning areas before upgrading a 90avg player? Injuries happen to premiums every week. Just look at Jobe and all the upset owners who will now have to use another valuable trade.

Regarding Tyson he had peaked in price last week, and will prob sit around the 430-50k mark the rest of season. SO you have to ask yourself is the 20-50k worth risking one of few trades left on a guy that averages 90?
I've kept Polec as my M8 (only mid left to upgrade) because I know he can easily score 80-120 a game (the 46 was from a hard tag by Cross and the 99 couldve easily been 130 but they subbed him as a precaution in the third since the game was wrapped) and will begin to recover the cash he just bled over the past 3 weeks. Also I have the bigger issue of having to play either Shenton or Ambrose in the fwd. Which will be my first area to fix.

Garglesnarf FC

Great discussion Garbo. I’m coming around to the thinking that says if some coaches have begun to regard Polec and Tyson as worth running a hard tag on, then they are almost a premium, albeit one who struggles with a tag. I think I am now going to focus on moving Langford off the field this week, and probably Fasolo as well.


Anyone like Isaac Smith?
I also have my eye on Stevie Motlop…


reasonably consistent far as I am concerned.
who are you looking at trading out for him?

Rick Grimes

Simpson, Johnson, Birchall, Houli, Langdon, Cutler (Georgio, Clurey).

GAJ, Beams, JPK, Libba, Sloan, Fife, Selwood, Cotch (Taylor, O’Brien).

Sandy, Sauce (Derickx, Currie).

Danger, Gray, Harvey, Zorko, Pav, Ambrose (Shenton, Lennon).

8 trades left. Got an easy fixture this week so can continue to play a man short in def (assuming Cuttler stays on the outer).

Or could go Derickx to Lobb and upgrade to …? Was thinking Hanley looks value. Malcheski playing bloody well mind.


The Garbo

8 trades is scary. Would unfortunately look to hold off this week. UNLESS your struggling to make finals.


well Johnson is stuffed for 4 weeks so i'd be fixing that asap


Hey community!

Who would be the best back line option at this stage? I can afford anyone

Rick Grimes

Malcheski is burning hot right now. I was thinking McVeigh but he has me reconsidering. Bartel and Hanley are the others on my radar.

The Garbo

Who do you already have?


Hibberd is flying under the radar right now. Reckon he's solid value at his current price and definitely top 10 defender material.

A month ago he was 'The' man to get in but his scoring has cooled off a little lately which means he can be snapped up well under $500K now.


Trades this week:

Taylor out, O'Brien in.
Fasolo out, swing Shenton to fwd line, swing Langdon to midfield, Malceski in.

Stevie Johnson still has a BE of 135 so am going to wait another week.

Actually, i might have to go Hanley instead of Malceski and should then be able to make a straight swap from Langdon to Stevie J next week….

The Garbo

I like your Hanley idea


Malceski or Dunn?

Anyone else getting McGovern?

Rick Grimes

Mcgovern or Mclovin?

The Garbo



selwood, fyfe, ward or Sloane?

Rick Grimes

I have the first three. Enjoying Sloan. He just gets so much ball and is everywhere. Bit like Pendles. Had a bad week couple back otherwise averaging 120. Good POD I reckon. Ward might be interesting choice too. Just concerns me that GWS can get thumped from time to time.

The Garbo


Beady Eye

I've finally had enough of drooping Cox – the question is who to swap to. Favouring a downgrade approach to upgrade a rookie to premium elsewhere.

Should I go the obvious route in Dog Dog, or is Stefan Martin a cheaper smokey candidate as Brisbane's sole ruckman for the foreseeable future?

The Garbo

Martin looked very good in his first game vs Minson. BUT it is only his first game AND more importantly he will just be a temporary ruck for you. Won't be able to take him to finals.

Beady Eye

That's my concern – that Berger comes back before the end of the year and stuffs up the plan. Might have to give it another week and see if anything changes…

The Garbo

Just remember Nic Nat only has a 23BE (though I still think he will be up and down)


Hold onto your Cox. He is a proven premium, i'm sure you have other positions that need attention.

Beady Eye

Based on this season I have to disagree.

He WAS a proven premium, but with age creeping up on him and Naitanui now close to full fitness, his days in the premium bracket are over IMO.

Didn't look like doing anything on the weekend, and with the Weags likely heading for a rebuild, there's an ever-decreasing need for them to play him in the ruck over Dog Dog and their other young rucks (who are showing strong WAFL form).


I would go the obvious choice in Nic Nat

Dutch Life

Awesome podcast guys!

Would love some my advice on my team.

DEF: Bartel, Swallow, Simpson, Birchall, Jaensch, Langdon (Cutler Gregiou)

MIDS: Gary, Pendulberry, JPK, Sellwood, Watson, Murphy, Cotchin, Steve Johnson( Hallahan, Acres)

RUCS: Sandilands, Goldstein( Derickx, King)

FWDS: Danger, Parker, Martin, Zorko, Shenton, Taylor ( Ambrose, Cameron)

9 trades, $151,000 in the bank, was thinking:


Watson> To any promo I can afford.

Would love your advice community, Cheers


Main Concern there is Watson, Could go Fyfe?, Barlow, Sloane? This Week
I would personally keep Langdon in your backline atm
Could possibly downgrade Hallahan would get much of a go now to O'Brian meaning then youll have heaps of coin to upgrade L.Taylor


Current Team: Scored 2450 Last Week
Currently got 11 trades left, Have about 22,000 atm
Thinking going Watson to Fyfe? and Langdon to Hanley?
What is your thoughts community?

Def: Mcveigh, Hibbard, Suckling, Langdon, Walker, Kolodjashnji: (Bews, Aylett)

Mid: Ablett, Pendlebury, JPK, Selwood, Watson, Beams, Boyd, K.Mitchell, (L.Taylor, Acres)

Rucks: Sandilands, Jacobs: (Thurlow, Currie)

Fwd: Gray, Dangerifeld, Parker, Roughead, Higgins, Martin: ( Shenton, Cameron)


Do it


Sounds pretty good to me


Probably best for the community as a whole that hopefully the Queen has just made her last appearance on the podcast Jock




Thanking the community in advance for second opinions…
Im thinking fasolos role is not reliable with williams and other similar types able to run off half back at pies, what does the community think about trading in stefan martin to replace him??
Id bank $82k and it would open up thurlow swing set for ruck cover, and maybe allow me to trade dericks in future for last cash grab.

The Garbo

Fasolo's time is up. I did kind of expect him to score better on the w/e with maxwell outve the team…

As I've mentioned before. Martin has only played ONE game. A good one at that though. Chances are it is highly unlikely you will be taking him to finals and he is a pricey downgrade option albeit there are not many options available. Personally I will be looking at him next week if he plays well on the weekend again but the price and dwindling trades could ultimately deter me and force me to wait for players like bock, morabito, honeychurch etc to get a game


I think that's a decent plan cudz although ideally you should wait another week before you get Martin in. The rotten luck that the Lions have had with ruckmen this year you'd hate for something to happen to Stef in his second game.

Also if he spuds it up I reckon Leppa is itching for an excuse to play Archie Smith though after last weekend that seems a remote possibility now.

Lastly bear in mind that Stef may not be a keeper. With Leuey due back in around 5-6 weeks even if Stef can consolidate his spot in the team he would then likely be moved forward which could really curtail his scoring potential.

So you may need to keep a spare trade in your hip pocket to convert him to say Dixon at some point after he's earned you a bunch of coin.


These are great points addict and right in line with what im thinking.
I dont think I can hold fasolo and would be able to loophole s. Martin and c. Camerons scores until a rookie fattens up with sam llyod being idle.
Any other thoughts on fasolo? I didnt see the whole game


No I was working so didn't catch the game. Fasolo's BE is not terrible at 76 and he did register 95 in round 11.

Bringing in a guy before he's on the bubble is always an added risk but given Martin is not an untried rookie and his JS looks fairly assured for the next month at least, that risk is not perhaps as significant as usual.


Yeah next week looks the go
Thanks boss




Staaaaaan Darsh!


haha! yes!
Oh Darsh, you're even dumber than I thought, again!


jake carlisle if someones looking at a cheap D6 hes you man, playing defence now


Wait off a week i feel! Hurley back this week, could mean a shift back up forward


In the podcast.. what do u guys think of the sandi down to martin idea to generate cash for like a bews up to hanley idea?

Beady Eye

I'd see if you can get him in either as your R3 or F6, then swing him in for Sandi later in the year when the Human Tree cops an injury or a rest. That way you'll get Martin at his current price (likely to rise) without unnecessarily giving up the 118 points a game you're currently getting from Sandi.

Plus if you're like a lot a people and still have Thurlow on your ruck bench, you can play the emergency loophole game for added thrills.


Sorta wasting trades i feel. i have Bews aswell on my bench, most likely will get dropped.
if you have the trades go ahead, Martin is brisbanes last ruckman,
watch him closely this week


yeah very true, but really think weve found where he plays best and breakeven of 12 i think


people still looking to bring in obrien?

Beady Eye

Lack of downgrade options may mean he's in by default.

Garglesnarf FC

No point for me. I already have enough cows for my limited trades just need them to fatten over the next 3-5 weeks.

If you are short on cash generation he may be a handy option as he certainly racks up points from very limited game time (currently something like 33%) if he can get a full game or two his price should skyrocket.


nah don't get him in


If he's going to wear the vest every week, whats the point. Waste of a trade


Do people think it's time to say goodbye to Lewis Taylor?
I'm thinking of doing two trades this week because of bloody Watson. SO!

Watson –> Sloane/NDS (really unsure who to go for here, advice would be great)
Taylor –> Stefan Martin. Will open up the swing set and as i have thurlow, can use martin when sandi gets rested

Thoughts community, thanks in advance πŸ™‚


Who out of Chad Wingard and Cyril Rioli will be the better option down forward in the long run?


If one had hartung and acres as there mid bench what would one do???


Well I have both as well and may trade one to obrien from Brisbane….could also wait and hope Fremantle play morabito as a downgrade option


I have both on bench as well, don't really like the look of O'Brien… I will just hold and hope cover is not required until hopefully the likes of HoneyChurch or as Cuz has mentioned Morabito get a run


Im in the same boat and holding for now. O'brien looks to be a waste of a trade, so im not tempted by that


What does everyone think of getting in Zaharakis?
He has hit some form the last couple and with Jobe gone he could ton up more often than not.


Hey guys,
Thoughts about bringing in miles for Watson. I need some cash but have a reasonably strong side. Already have 7 other premium midfielders



A bit too risky for my liking, especially with Hardwick as coach and some of the questionable decisions he has made with other youngsters… just one bad game away from getting dropped with Hardwick as coach in my opinion.

The Filth

Richmond side is in a state of flux – no guarantee of job security. Losing side, players achieving average/low scores. Tigers also play Fremantle and Sydney in the next two games.


Really interesting discussion about Dom Tyson earlier today. Reminding me alot of Jaeger last year who ended up on my bench in the gf. Full premium in forwards and backs, my midfield looks like this:
Gaj, Pendlebury, beams, k.Jack, Watson, jelwood, Tyson, L.Taylor (hallahan, Hartung)
12 trades and 42k left.
Could go Watson and Tyson to Stevie j and maybe ward or Sloane. Or trade just Watson out. I know Tyson was macaffered but if I trade him have only Taylor as a rook on field – useful for swingset and can lose him later on. The risk is that if Tyson comes out with a 60 this week the opportunity is gone. Any more thoughts on Tyson?? If he doesn’t go now then when?


Cull him for sure. He is a rookie and should be treated as so. The midfield should be full of premiums as they score most of your points. Tyson is simply not a premium.

Stevie G

got heppell in for watson, the kid reminds me of hird.
I can see him being premium next year.


who is more important to get into my forward line. Parker, Dalhaus or Harvey. Tend to think an upgrade from Kennedy-Harris to Parker would be my best option with Kennedy-Harris the sub? Or should it be an upgrade from Ambrose to another forward instead?


Who is the best current forward downgrade?


Watson for Stevie J, Hartung swung forward Shenton to the Mids Hartung for Stef