Tight Arse Tuesday, Round 12

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mick-the-madCommunity, how good was it to have a full complement of players to choose from again.

For the most part scores across the leagues looked pretty good, with most of us now close to full premium. If you’re not quite there yet, then hopefully another “Tight Arse Tuesday” can help you finish those teams off.



Taylor Walker

Average 86
Breakeven -1
Current Price $334,000
Priced to Average 66

What a difference a week can make when it comes to who’s hot and who’s not. Last week the words “Taylor Walker” brought vomit erupting from many readers’ months, and shear disbelief that I dare suggest that he was a valid selection option. A week later and he has now become round 12’s second most traded in player.

Last week I stated that although he hasn’t set the world on fire in his two return games to date he has still shown me enough to suggest he can get back to those 2012 levels again. He collected 17 disposals and 7 marks with 4 behinds in his first match back and 13 disposals, 5 marks and one goal one in his second match. You would have to expect that he would be a little sluggish on his comeback, remembering that he only played 5 games since the final series in 2012. The fact that he seems up and about, collecting possessions and marking the ball is very encouraging and I’m backing that the goals will come in time. When they do, you can expect some big scores form Taylor.

On the weekend the goals did come and so did the big score of 146. Now before we go getting too carried away, this isn’t going to happen every week and mark my word there will be games where he doesn’t hit the score board and we will see those sub 70 scores again. If you didn’t pick him up last week you have missed one of his massive scores and thus if my predicted average of 96-100pts is to run true from last week, that would mean he will average 92-96pts from this week on. Still not too bad for a 334k player, considering there aren’t too many forwards in that bracket as we speak.

The Mad Irishman’s Verdict
2014 Predicted Status: Strong Midpricer/Premium
Predicted Average from here on out: 92-96pts

Final Word:

If I was looking to bring in a Key Position forward this week then why not pick the guy who will cost you the least and most likely provide you with similar or better than all the other Key Position forwards. Look is he going to have a few terrible scores? Sure, but we should all know that anyway. ALL KEY POSITION FORWARDS DO. The bonus with Tex is you won’t be forking out heaps of cash and watching it disappear like you would have done if you picked Riewoldt, Franklin, Roughead, Petrie, Cloke, Pavlich, or Kennedy at the start of the year. If you have a full forward line then I would suggest you make two trades this week and bring both Tex and a non playing rookie in, and loophole Tex for the rest of the year, ensuring you only get his big scores and I’m confident that there will be some more to come.

Lance Franklin

Average to date 84.1
Breakeven 32
Current Price $443,400
Priced to Average 85

Now most of you probably know that Franklin didn’t have the greatest start to the season. I know many of you reading this have found this out the hard way. I also know that many of you who had picked him up from the start of the year have since given him the flick, and the thought that he has all of a sudden become a valid selection sickens you to the core. But is Franklin really a valid selection? I think it’s time that we go on a journey into the world of stats and see what is really happening with one Lance Franklin.

We all know what Franklin is capable of, as he has produced the goods in the past. The table below shows Franklin’s SC performances over the years.

Image 1

Of course we all know he had a pretty ordinary season in 2013. Many went into this year assuming that 2013 was a dip in form most likely caused by a contribution of factors, namely:

Contract Distractions – It is a very real thing and the stats would back this up.The greatest evidence that he wasn’t 100% in the game was the drop in his tackle numbers. It is one thing to have a drop off in disposals and you can make excuses for that, like the Hawks game plan changing slightly by not going to Franklin as much. However one stat you can’t make an excuse for is the tackle count. Amazingly this dropped by 1.2 tackles a game in 2013 compared to 2012 and that just proved to me that Franklin’s intensity and desire wasn’t all there in 2013, and why would it be? If you didn’t know where you would be working in 6 months’ time do you think you’d be giving 100% at your current workplace, knowing rival firms wanted to snap you up on a far more attractive salary? Have a think about that one.

Hawthorn Preparing for Life After Buddy–It would have been naive to think that Alistair Clarkson wasn’t preparing for the worst case scenario of Franklin leaving. Even if it was only a second thought to the main focus of winning the flag, it was still there and there is evidence to suggest the game plan had been tweaked when it came to how and who the Hawks went inside 50 to. Jarryd Roughead stats between 2013 and 2012 didn’t actually change all that much apart from two key indicators. While his marks per game where roughly the same in both years at 4.5 and 4.6 marks a game respectively, his marks inside 50 increased by 1.1 per game from 1.8 to 2.9 per game. We also see a direct correlation between the increase of marks inside 50 and the Coleman winning year of 2.9 goals a game, an increase of 1.1 per game on his 2012 season. So while Franklin’s marks inside 50 went down 1.6 per game Roughead’s went up by 1.1 per game. Get from that what you want but I think it is fair to say the Hawks where preparing for life after Buddy.

So for all those who picked Franklin at the start of the season it wasn’t the worst assumption that as he moved on, he’d be back to being the main focus of attack for his knew club and he would be back to his 110+ SC average ways once more. Add to that he was at a perceived bargain price at the start of the year; it’s not surprising that so many jumped on.

On the other hand if any of you had read my preseason article on Franklin you might not have been in such a big hurry to bring him in. In that article I did a comparison of his old club, the Hawks and his new club, the Swans. In 2013 both played a completely different brand of football and the assumption that you could lift one player from one club and plonk him straight into the other and that his output would remain the same was a very dangerous assumption to make. These were the difference between the clubs in 2013.

Image 2
A comparison of both sides on some key indicators revealed that:

  • On the contested possessions, Sydney ranked first in the competition with an average of 155.2 per game. Over 6 more per game than the next best in the competition and 13 more than the Hawks who were ranked 8th.
  • The Swans also ranked number one in the competition in the clearance department, with 42.1 per game. This is 3.8 more than the Hawks who with 38.3 a game are ranked 6th in the competition.
  • The Swans also ranked number one in the competition for tackles per game with 71.1 per game, compared to the Hawks who are ranked 8th with 64.5 per game.
  • On the flip side the Hawks are number 2 in the competition when it comes to effective disposal efficiency with only North Melbourne with a better percentage. This compares to Sydney, who languish in 15th spot when it comes to disposal efficiency.
  • The Hawks were also the best ball users when it comes to clangers. They had the fewest clangers of any other team last season, whereas the Swans ranked 6th for the average number of clangers per game.

As you can see from the breakdown of the stats in the above table, the Swan’s were more of a contested footy team. They tried to dominate in the middle, with high contested footy where winning the ball in close is paramount. The focus wasn’t on the run and carry but just getting the ball forward and if it wasn’t clean ball they would go about winning the contested footy at the next break down up the ground. The Hawks on the other hand were a possession based side that relied on quality ball use. They were more patient in their build up and kicked and marked the ball a lot more. The emphasis was not about getting the ball forward quickly but instead finding a target with the ball first and foremost.

While at the Hawks Franklin got 56.4% of his possessions uncontested over his last three years he was there, where he led up the ground to collect quality ball from the elite kicks of his Hawthorne team mates. I figured this was not going to be the case at the Swans and unless he learned how to win more contested ball I didn’t foresee Franklin averaging the 18+ disposals a game like he produced in 2011 and 2012.

Likewise I assumed the quality of ball coming inside 50 will be a lot different than what he was used to at the Hawks. The under pressure rushed kicks coming in from a contested breakdown would be a far cry from the slower more patient build ups from the Hawks. Franklin has never been renowned for his overhead marks,and I somehow doubted if that part of his game is going to change under new coaching at the Swans. I couldn’t imagine him taking a specky over a pack from a wobbly Dan Hannebery clearance.

The one stat I did see improving on last year was his tackle count as Sydney are just ferocious in this category and it won’t take Franklin long to join in. I wouldn’t be surprised if he improved on his average of 3.7 a game in 2012 and push close to the 4 a game total in 2014.

However I drew to a conclusion that this was the only stat I could see Franklin improving on from his best Supercoach year of 2012 and hence why I didn’t think we would be seeing his average sore back up to the 110+ that he produced that year. It was for those reasons I didn’t pick up Franklin at the start of the year. Now don’t get me wrong I decided to pick up a few other spuds, but that’s another story altogether, isn’t that right Mr. Roughead!

So after 12 rounds and Franklin’s current average of 84.1 you would have to say that analysis seems to be adding up, or does it? I’m afraid for all those who gave Franklin the boot; something has changed down at the Swans in 2014. If we look at a comparison of their stats from this year and last in isolation first:

Image 3
We can see that Sydney have improved on their disposals numbers, but what I find significant is that their contested ball is down slightly and their uncontested ball has gone up considerably by 27.6 per game. Add to this that their clanger numbers are down and their disposal efficiency has gone up, all pointing to the fact that Sydney have now combined that contested style of footy with a bit of outside class. It is no surprise that the likes of Parker, Bird, McVeigh, Malceskihave been prominent scorers this year, especially of late.

The scary thing is that these stats analyse the year as a hole, and it has really only been the last 5 games that have seen Sydney start putting it all together.

Image 4
As you can see over the last five games in 2014 Sydney have been running at 75.85% disposal efficiency. Only Essendon can claim to have better disposal efficiency. Their clanger numbers over the last five are also very impressive, with only Adelaide averaging fewer clangers per game. This is all the more impressive considering that Sydney have been averaging 416 disposals a game, which ranks them first in the competition for disposals, ahead of Franklin’s old team the Hawks.

So what does this all mean I hear you ask? Well if the reasons I listed above for not selecting Franklin at the start of the year are no longer true then surely Franklin now becomes a very relative option once more.

Sydney has added an element of outside class to their game plan over the last 5 weeks, to add to arguably the best contested game in the competition. Sydney games have all of a sudden become a pleasure to watch and with the increased quality ball use it has afforded Franklin with much better service. In the last three games Franklin has played since he came back from a minor knee injury he suffered in round 6 against Melbourne, he has had 21, 18 and 23 disposals, 10, 8 and 6 marks and 2, 5 and 4 goals. In his best supercoach year of 2012 he averaged 18.4 disposals, 5.8 marks and 3.6 goals a game. In his last three he is bettering all those stats.

Of course something else of significance has happened since he has come back from that knee injury, and that is the return of his fellow big money signing teammate, Kurt Tippet. Tippet came back in the side the same week Franklin returned against the Hawks and has changed the entire complexion of the Swan’s setup and Franklin’s role.

Having Tippet as the full forward has allowed Franklin to push up the ground more and collect more disposals. Since Tippet’s return Franklin has collected 7.33 more disposals a game. It also means that he is no longer been double teamed when the Swans go to him inside the forward 50, as the oppositions players just can’t afford to come off Tippet.

So much can happen is such a short space of time in this game. When news broke the Franklin was involved in a car accident only 6 weeks ago, with the Swans then 2 and 3 on the ladder, I couldn’t have envisioned myself writing about how amazing the Swans are playing and how Franklin looks back to his 2012 best, yet here we are. I never like to get too caught up in media driven hype but you can’t deny how amazing the Swan’s stats from the last five games are. Now you can say that they are currently going through a purple patch and they are likely to fall off again this year, or you can go down the line of thought that they are just hitting their straps right now, as they are building towards finals and an assault on another premiership flag. If you are in the latter group, which I am, then I don’t see anything stopping Franklin from getting back to his 2012 Hawthorn form for the rest of this season.

The Mad Irishman’s Verdict

2014 Predicted Status: Premium
Predicted Average from here on out: 99-103pts

Final Word:

I know I don’t have to say this anymore but yes he too will have a few terrible scores from here on out. ALL KEY POSITION FORWARDS DO. However if he is going to be averaging 18 disposals a game he will only need to hit the scoreboard a couple of times for him to tonne up. Then there will be games where he kicks a bag and watch him bang out big 130+ games. The fact that he is playing with his confidence again, and taking marks I didn’t think he was capable of doing, is telling me a really big score isn’t that far away.


What do you think community, is Lance Buddy Franklin back to his best? Can you see him having premium output for the rest of the year, or have I truly gone mad? Will you be bring him in to your team this week? Leave a comment below or hit me up on twitter @Da_Mad_Irishman


The Midnight Oils Been Burning This Week:

PODCAST – Dreamtime In Flapping Tarp Studios

Round 12 Supercoach Prices And Breakevens 




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Dutch Life

Hey community would love your thoughts on what to do this week, my team is:

DEF: Swallow, Bartel, Simpson, Birchall, Jaencsh, Langdon (Georgiou, Cutler)

MIDS: Gary, Pendulbery, S.Johnson, Selwood, Watson, JPK, Murphy, Cotchin ( Hallahan, Acres)

RUC: Sandilands, Goldstein ( Derickx, King)

FWD: Dangerfeild, Parker, Martin, Zorko, Shenton, Taylor (Ambrose, Cameron)

I have 9 trades left and $151,000, was thinking of holding trades this week and then next week going


And then

Taylor>Robbie Gray.

Would love you thoughts, ideas, and opinions.

Cheers community


You must be one of very few who don’t have Beams.

Good team but not many trades left. I was going to suggest trade Derricks to someone to free up cash, not sure if you have that luxury.

Save a spot in defence for Sam Mitchell when he is back, only need to fill F5 and F6, its now of never with Tex.

Captain joc

If your goal is league then hold Langdon and wait for Mitchell
Trade derickx down to smith upgrade Taylor to a fwd


Not sure that Mitchell is a great idea. His price plummet the first two weeks he's back, and at his age the injury is quite likely to strike again. I would move now on McVeigh.

Dutch Life

I down graded Derickx and upgrades Taylor to Robbie Gray, thoughts community.?


I think your team is quite solid, a defense I would consider complete unless Langdon doesn't keep up what he is doing.

Your midfield is done. So is your Ruck.

You need 2 more forwards but I would not be using those trades. We are just half way through the season,
If I were you I would strongly STOP trading.


hey guys which trade option please:

Option 1:
Langford > Pendles
Suckling > Bews

Option 2:
Langford > D. Swallow
Dericks > Smith

Cheers all

Jacob Black

Option One for me. But if you could maybe wait a week or two until Daniel Pearce (WBD) gets a game.hes a defensive rookie and his js is alot better than bews. And hes cheaper.


Wait until Langford goes up some more and Pendles comes down. Be patient


will pendles come down? whats his BE?


Brilliant Mick, I'm thinking of bringing in buddy this week and I think you have almost convinced me. But I do have enough cash to bring in Parker, do you think I should save the cash for elsewhere and bring in buddy or bring in Parker with that extra cash for more consistency? Great stuff mate.


Depends on your your season goals. I'd say bring Buddy in if you are looking to make up ground in your league and/or rank. If you are trying to stay ahead of the pack i'd bring in Parker or even better Grey. Parker might drop off a little with a forward line of Buddy, Tippet and goods. A lot of his early season tonnes came off the back of kicking multiple goals, might not kick as many now.


I had the same dilemma whether to bring in Parker for safe option or bring in Buddy…..

After reading your article and your comment above regarding Parker's score getting affected (which makes sense) I am 100% convinced that I will be trading in Buddy this week…..should have bought him last week….shitting myself i held Polec and he dropped in price by $38k and buddy went up in price by $36k…total loss of nearly $74k and now i have to do 2 trades to bring Buddy in…..

OUT: Polec & Lloyd

IN: Buddy & O'Brien (i know i am jumping on O'Brien bit early, but there is no better option for downgrades)

This will leave only one rookie on the field in my team SHENTON in the midfield…..will be looking to bring in Steve J in couple of weeks….


what about both this week i can bring in two premos…………kennedy…or zorko…or simpson…?


That's a lot of paragraphs you've put into Lance Franklin there Mick! I think it'll take a while to persuade the community to trade him back in after the start of the season. Me personally, i'd like to see a couple more tons from him, but will seriously consider in 2-3 rounds!


In 2-3 rounds he'll be up around the 500k mark buddy. Best to snatch him now before it's too late.

Captain joc

A 96,126 and a 108 not enough for you? Has had 2 weeks off in the last 5 weeks so the knee should be feeling better


Break even at 15 not bad but a score of 71 again this week.. I got rid of franklin near the start I will never coach Him ever again I'm done with him!!


Yeah Mozz I think if you don't go this week he might be a little too expensive in a week or two down the track. I always say go with your gut in this game and if your not feeling him this week then don't bring him in.


Hey Mick

If you are so huge on Tex how come you didn't trade him in yourself last round? And will you be trading him in this week then?

And are you still passing on Jaensch despite another huge tonne on the weekend?


We all have different strategy's mate, I wanted Bird last week but couldn't fit him into my structure… you think Mick is throwing misinformation just to make us all lose? we are all in it together mate and Mick's advice is Gold!


Hey Tom,

I do really like Tex but when teams where named last Friday I had Andrew Walker, Tom Culter, Will Langford and Alex Georgiou as non playing defenders, while I had 8 playing forwards and 7 of them were strong midpricer/premium. So as you could imagine I needed to act in the backline so I traded Higgins to Shenton in my forward line and Culter up to Simpson in my backline. If Andrew Walker was named I would have went Higgins into Walker and Fasolo into Franklin 🙁

Now this week I can only get one

The Jaensch one is tough, especially with massive scores like the one he got last weekend – but if you read the article again the reason I didn't want to bring him in now was take i fear his role will change when Henderson comes back in and thats during Supercoach finals. I just don't want to burn a trade on him during finals.

I assume you are a very happy Jaensch owner but not a fan of Tex?


Thoughts on D Zorko Mick?…..would you be considering him in your next TAT article BE is 99 may or may not go up in price this week…..but if you take out 2 of his injury affected scores he is scoring pretty well…..

Thoughts would be appreciated….



I still think Ryan Bastinac should qualify for TAT
Averaged 93 last season and could easily average up to 100 for the rest of the season now that he come back in to favour with the coach (avoid the vest) and picked up 27 disposals against the eagles


I’m keeping an eye on Cunnington and Swallow also down at Arden St. Consistency issues of the whole team are the issue!


Hi Jim, apart from the fact he has dropped $178K on his starting price please provide us with some reasons why he should make TAT?? Mick has provided statistics and historical evidence on why Buddy and Tex are good options. Can you do the same for Bastinac?Considering you are trying to justify bringing in a bloke who has only tonned up twice in 10 games, is averaging 70 for the year (60 if you take the 2 tonnes out) and only averaged 93 last year (which is not acceptable for a midfielder) probably should give us some more reasons to bring in a mid priced midfielder!!!


Big call Jim saying he will average 100 from here on considering of all the remaining teams he has to play this year the ONLY one he has averaged over 100 against is GWS??!


Good day Jim,

Too be honest I haven't had Ryan on my radar at all, but just for fun i'll have a look through the stats and pay close attention to him over the weekend. I think Cunnington, Swallow and Dal Santo will be the main three at the Roos so it might be difficult for Ryan to score consistently well for the remainder of the year. Been only a midfielder too, it would be hard to justify bringing him if he is only going to average 90 for the rest of the year

The Ranger

Got a small herd of cows that aren't fattening up as I'd like.
Georgiou. Schoenmakers. Hartung. Acres. S.Lloyd. Ambrose. Even L.Taylor.
What to do with them?
Move them on for lower priced rookies that might make money quicker?
Or stay patient?
Got 12 trades left and want 4-6 going in to finals.
Only 19K in the bank so could do with some cash generation.


If ur in the 8 stay patient. Last year I lost the first 7 of 8 by less than 10 pts and was 2nd last. Traded aggressively and made the 8 in the last wk before finals, got all the way to the GF then had to cop 2 donuts due to the general and lost by less than 100pts. I had no choice but to have a crack and it was an awesome ride, but just 1 more trade could’ve saved me.

The hurt had me pumping out practice spreadsheets n trade scenarios all pre season…. You’ve gotta lose one to hurt bad enough to never want to lose again! (Whoever said that sucks…winning would’ve been much more enjoyable)

Trades are golden come finals time!


one a week during finals is what we should all aim for – of coarse if your not going to be playing finals then you need to trade yourself in their and might not have the 4 when you get there.

The Ranger

Thanks Mick.
I'll be playing finals and will def be going in with at least 4 trades.
Made that same Hazey mistake in the past!

Still need some more opinions on what to do with slow fattening calves….


Hold all untill peak!


My team;

DEF: Birchell, suckling, Hanley, Harry lumumba, KK, Langdon, Langford, Aylett
MIDS: Ablett, Beams, Selwood, Steven Johnson, JPK, Watson, Cotchin, Daisy Thomas, Hartung, Acres
RUCK: Sandi, HMac
FWD: Dangerfield, Buddy, Chappy, PAV, Roughhead, Cloke, JKH, Ambrose

15 trades left,

I want to upgrade Daisy to Pendles. KK, Langdon & Suckling to Bartel, mcVeigh and Sam Mitchell. HMac as well. Need at least another $700k.

My rookies, Langford, ambrose, Hartung and JKH are almost ready for culling and If I find suitable rookies i should generate about $500k. Leaves me a bit short, hopefully Aylett and Acres can get a game.

Any suggestions?

I have no DDP swing sets

neil the nail

give up


Holy key position forwards batman. You must have one of the ballsiest forward lines out there…….imagine if they all fired in the same round

Rookies are rare this year, I probly have 2 rounds more before I need to start 1 up 1 down for my last on field positions and have my fingers crossed someone pops up in time . I'm stuck with tippet and acres not playin, but can't afford the sideways trade to replace them


Langford down to the next def rookie on the bubble. Daisy down to O'Brien next week for cash, KK or Langdon up to Bartel/McVeigh. JPK is ready to go now, as he will 15k or so over the next few weeks, consider taking a punt on McCarthy or Colledge getting a game or even Honeychurch as a floating donut, that will free up 175k.

With 15 trades acres could also be considered worth moving on as he won't generate you any useful cash until round 20 at the earliest.


Cheers for the write-up there Mick – has made me think about Buddy a bit more..

I only have one more spot to fill in my forward line, and that is filled by Fasolo at the moment, who might just be alright. But I don't want to NOT have Buddy when he pumps out a 130+ score.

Then again, I will be happy NOT having him when he gives us a bloody 50.

At the moment I have gone Langdon to Malceski and Lewis Taylor to O'Brien but plans could change..


Very persuasive case for Franklin, Mick.

Question I have is why not consider Tippett. Low score of 84 and high of 116. And conversely if Buddy heats up, he should have more one on one contests. Plus he's a dead aim kicker (or more reliable than Buddy this season).

Cost is more yet his performance hasn't been as up and down. Thoughts, my kindred whisky-sipper.

Captain joc

I think you could be onto something their throttlefinger I’ve been watching his progress but just thought he was a bit too dear


Mick makes a great case for both Walker and Buddy. May zig and go with Tippett. Like what I've been seeing as well, Capt J.


Tippett missed the easiest kick of the game from 10m in front last week haha
Apart from that, you're 100% right, he and buddy could swing back and forth for who gets the 100+ score, and I think it would be buddy more often than not.

Also, Tippett is injury prone, so could cause some trouble later on. He might also start averaging out his yearly goal spread by kicking 1 or 2 per game, so I dont think he will be this reliable for the whole season, however Sydney have a ripper ride home, which would definitely help!

For his price, its worth looking elsewhere IMO, Franklin the obvious alternative.

Hope your choice works out!


Great point, HOD. The injury prone is a big concern. Probably why most have not jumped on him.

Swans seemed very focused on getting him the rock so can't see his scores going as low as Buddy's. And don't think his price is all that high. Only a $1K more than his starting price. Walker is the less risky of the 3 yet the Suns are not exactly the defensive whizzes. Buddy looks like he's gaining steam yet don't know if he's going to average as well as Mick says. Could but that would require 2012 form. Big if.


Fair call.

Especially when they both single out their defender, more than capable of winning the 1 on 1. Hard to say you'd be wrong with either.

I dont want to get sucked in to Walker's aura, however good he is, there just isnt a space for him in my side. He'd have to be a keeper(as Higgo mentioned), but certainly will dump those 50-60's often.
He finishes with WCE, BRI, RICH, NTH, STK…..might be a handy pickup closing in on finals, before then he plays pretty much all the top teams.

I went Buddy last week and with a sneaky $50 on him for the coleman at $10 haha



Yeah, I don't have many trades so whomever I bring in will be locked. That's the risk with Tippett and his injuries.


Gotta risk it to get the biscuit!


Excellent option Throttle for a number of reasons.
The bloke came to AFL from basketball and ave 80 in his first year.
He is hardly ever outmarked.
Horse Longmire was a KPF and his coaching philosophy is to isolate a big bloke in the goal square.
He kicks a lot of goals.
Managed several big tons when sharing fwd line with Taylor Walker at Adelaide.
Swans targeted him BEFORE Buddy as a KPF, Buddy was recruited as a Goodes replacement.
He's only played 3 games so he'll be strong all season.

Despite the mentions of injury vulnerability he has missed far less games per season over the last 6 years due to injury than the other options (Walker,Franklin). Tippets 2013 games missed were due to sanctions not injury

Based on the lack of knowledge of him by most Victorians he will only be trusted by South Australians and as such he will be the elusive POD that everybody is searching for.


All credit goes to you, Womby.

These additional insights are simply excellent. No surprise…you've been killing it this year on diamond in the rough takes. KT's exceptional hands were clear when he played with the Crows. And a side like the Swans is only going to raise his game to full potential.

Thanks again for your insight. He and Walker may be the final pieces to the forward puzzle.


You make a very strong case for Tippet too, Throttlefinger

I wasn't trying to leave Tippet out, I just happened to focus on Buddy this week. Nothing wrong with Tippet at all – Hope he smashes it for you 😀


Thanks Mick! And appreciate the time, thought and wisdom thrown in TAT. Never disappoints, my man.


Community, help/advice is needed!

Knocked out a decent score of 2307 last week but torn as to whether or not to tinker with the team or hold off on trades. My team is as follows:

B – Bartel, Swallow, Hibberd, Jaensch, Suckling, R. Shaw (Cutler, Georgiou)
M – GAJ, Pendles, Beams, Watson, McVeigh, Cotchin, Hallahan, Taylor (Shenton, Hartung)
R – Sandi, Lobbe (Derickx, Thurlow)
F – Danger, Boomer, Pav, Wingard, Zorko, Fasolo (Lloyd, Cameron)

I have 12 trades and 125k in the bank and would love to beef up my mids but need the cows to fatten a bit more. Was also thinking of getting Buddy or Tex in but not sure how to go about it or whether its worth it?
Thanks guys

Captain joc

What about suckling to Goddard via mcveigh


Goddard or Barlow Captain? I like your thinking.


You have heaps of trades, maybe burn one on upgrading Suckling and/or Fasolo.
If you're scoring that well as is, you can afford to hold your trades for rookie downgrades and for injuries.

Keep an eye out for those fallen premiums mate!
Looking good!


Thanks mate, feeling as though the Suckling upgrade is on the cards!


Taylor to Tex, Zorko into the mids? That means only one rookie on the field and Taylor looks to be pretty maxed out.

Hallahan could be culled next week and Shenton and Hartung in maybe 3-4 weeks time.

CJ's trade worth a look as well, although I prefer Barlow but not by much.


Amazing analysis mate! That was a terrific read, full of interest.

Captain joc

Back:mcveigh, swallow, bartel, Simpson, walker, jaensch ( cutler, georgiou)

Mid:Ablett, pendlebury, beams, liberatore, Watson, fyfe, Langdon ( Taylor, acres)

Ruck: Sandilands, Goldstein (currie, king)

Fwd: dangerfield, Parker, Martin, zorko, franklin, shenton ( Ambrose, Cameron)

8 trades and 190k left

I was thinking of upgrading Langdon

Community’s thoughts?


Taylor and Langdon are pretty maxed. One down to O'Brien the other up to JPK? Then you can just sit back and wait til Shenton overtakes a few premo forwards. Of course the only issue there is that I just killed your DPP action.

Langdon to Tex, Zorko into M8? Consider Taylor > O'Brien next week.


Hi CJ,

I would be considering doing the below trades,

OUT: Langdon & L Taylor

IN: B Goddard & Tex (by swinging Shenton into the Mids)….

Goddard has a very easy run home and he is a value at his current price……

Your team will be full of Premos and you can sit back and relax for few weeks or you can consider bringing in O'Brien in the Midfield by trading out Acres and generating around 60k next week which will leave with a handy warchest for future requirements.

And once Shenton reaches his peak you can consider culling him to a MID/FWD Premo "C Wingard" in 2 weeks…….he will be priced around 350k in 2 weeks…..yeah I know he is not performing well but he will be a much better option to have as cover compared to rookies……

My 2 cents…..


Captain joc

Thanks guys I’m considering both options I’m thinking jpk is too much so I’m thinking of just doing Langdon to Goddard or dal santo but leaning to Goddard as 40k cheaper

The Garbo

I'd look to hold your trades. 8 trades is leaving you very bare potentially.
Maxwell is in doubt for this round which should give langdon another good output this week. So you can hold him this rd.
As for your F6 I would prob force myself to live with shenton on the field at least for another 3 rounds.

But if you are wanting to trade. Goddard has performed ALL year (bar his injury game) and is still quite cheap.


Hi Community
Long time reader, first time to post.
Trying for league win, 15 trades and $716k available
Def – Swallow, Bartel, Walker, Johnson, Burgoyne, Suckling, (Enright, Laidler)
Mid – Ablett, Beams, Prestia, Dal Santo, Martin, Polec, Dunstan, Langdon, (M Crouch, S Gray)
Ruck – Sandilands, Natanui (Currie, Thurlow)
Fwd – Dangerfield, Franklin, Josh Kennedy, Shenton, L Taylor, McDonough (Ambrose, Lloyd)

Problems are weak Mid and Fwd, also too many non-playing. Was thinking
Crouch out and Barlow in.
McDonough out, move Martin to Fwd, J Selwood in

Thoughts, suggestions for future weeks ?


Also maybe its time to offload someone like dunstan or suckling. You could trade suckling, swing langdon back there and get another mid. Its up to you

Garglesnarf FC

I like those trades Porcelain. You need some fwd cover as JJK is out this week with a broken cheek. Also be careful who you trade out as I am reading on a few sites that Lloyd & McDonough are in the mix for selection this week which may change your plans a little bit.

As Tom suggests Polec and Dunstan are starting to leak cash so a solid alternative plan could be Polec > Selwood/Pendles & McDonough > Zorko depending on who gets named thursday.


You could consider bringing in a Premo who is underpriced currently and will be going up,

Trades you are considering to do above are very solid as well, if you are going for league wins I would definitely pick Goddard before Barlow and Selwood has a high BE and you can still bring him in next week if you can pick up Barlow and Goddard this week……

Basically what I am saying is pick up the premos who are cheap currently and who will be going up in price after this week like Barlow and Goddard……

Underpriced Premos in 2 different lines you can consider…..

B Goddard
M Barlow

T Walker
L Franklin



Thanks everyone for the replies

Yes, with JJK injury beinig 1-2 weeks and Richmond losses – I am hoping Lloyd & McDonough get good game minutes.
I have got Franklin, but am unsure about Walker as many other posters talk caution with the power forwards.


Hi Community
I am struggling to decide wether or not to make a trade this week. I have 11 trades left and here is my team
def: Swallow, Bartel, Burgoyne, Hurn, Langdon, Hanley, (Gerogio, Cutler)
mid: Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Selwood, Kennedy, Watson, Rockliff, Kane Mitchell, (Hartung, Acres)
ruck: Sandi, Mumford (derickx, thurlow)
fwd: Danger, Martin, Parker, Zorko, Fasolo, Taylor (lloyd, cameron)

Thought community? Many thanks in advance


What's your trade idea, Tom?

The Garbo

If Lloyd doesnt get named you could use him for the loophole to get the best score outve taylorcameron. Thus holding onto your trades this week.


Does anyone know what polecs be is?


B/E 152….. time to cull

Dinkum Davo



Its 124 not 152


according to Jocks B/E page it was a 152

The Garbo

Jocks page is off on a lot of breakevens. According to SC Gold its 124. And playing Saints could bode well for him


This is my team with 13 trades remaining

Defenders: Swallow, Hanley, Langdon, Burgoyne, Langford, Docherty
Midfield: Ablett, Libba, Beams, Pendles, Rockliff, Goddard, Jelwood, SMurph
Rucks: McIntosh, Sandilands
Forwards: Dangerfield, Zorko, Pavlich, Higgins, Dusty, Boomer

I was thinking of trading Langford to Bartel & L.Taylor (who is on my bench) to O'Brien
I have 259k in the bank.

Thoughts community?



If you've got the cash to go Langford to Bartel without making that second trade, I'd hold off on O'Brien for now. Always a risk involved with bringing in rooks after 1 game.

Taylor has a 49 b.e this week, he should meet that and go up by a couple thousand. Never know when that extra little bit of cash will come in handy!


Thanks for the advice there Kev, Instead of Langford I have decided to trade Langdon as his B/E is 112. I will hold out trading Taylor & see how O'Brien fares this week.

Garglesnarf FC

I’m jealous? Seriously you are going to be at the ‘LUXURY’ trade point with 10 trades left!

From a pure safety perspective I would hold the Taylor trade until next week when O’Brien is on the bubble, who knows someone might do an ACL and he becomes a perfect downgrade.

Lastly, depending on selections and your DPP plans, should you trade Langdon out first? He seems to have maxed out but Langford still has a week or 2 to go, making you another 10-12k.


…should have read this reply first haha


Who is the best value/ consistent scoring option as a forward spot out of the following? (Has to be under 450k right now). Other suggestions welcome!
Franklin, Hawkins, Higgins, Lecras, Walker, Pavlich, Josh J Kennedy.
Be interested to hear what you think 🙂


Probably read the article in which you are posting to. It may give you an idea.


It does, but there are other players to consider beyond Tex and Buddy


Zorko. Averaging 100 without the illness-effected 12.


Thanks Sarah, got him already! 🙂
My forwards atm are Danger, Martin, Roughy, Harvey, Zorko and a rookie holding F6.


Go with Franklin mate…..its been well written above by Mick why we should be considering Franklin strongly…..



It's one of the two above I think. Can even make a bit of money out of Walker, but think Buddy might get the btter, more consistent scores.


I'm still bullish on LeCras. Yes he has his injury issues, but tackled like a mad man last week indicating confidence in his arm.

Garglesnarf FC

Not JJK, he’s out this week.

OMG no000000! it’s Hig., deep breath Hurgh, oh stuff it. Higgins.

Still wont pick him in my team, nor Buddy as they are both rolled gold burnmen.


Hello again community.

Another question for you on which rookie defenseman will be the best pick up in my scenario.

The two key things I'm looking for is cheap and job security to cover my backline with a mediocre score just so I don't get donuts.

Bews is cheapest but JS is quite average I would have though.
Litherland is next with greater scoring potential, but again JS is average.
Gardiner is after that and his JS seems quite good but scoring potential isn't great.

Because this is D7 and I'm getting low on trades the probability is that this is a lock for the season, so does anyone have any thoughts on who I should target?

Garglesnarf FC

NONE of the above! If you go for one of these guys you are basically trading in permanent donut, who you can use for loophole purposes. If you are going to do that get a cheap one who plays on sundays alot.

Melbourne plays on Sunday or Monday for next four weeks, making Jayden Hunt at 117300 a reasonable target. Next best for sunday games is Adelaide who have two players in the 102,400 price bracket in Battersby and Kelly. If you are going to trade down, one of these three is the go.


I've got Clurey already as D8 for defensive loophole, I want a D7 to set and forget who will score in case of one of my defenders being left out at late notice.

Garglesnarf FC

Carlisle @ $270k? Horrible price, but plenty of upside especially if he stays back, but really I dont know if there is a cheaper option that will do more than score 20-30 at this stage, and certainly not one worth burining a trade on.


Assuming you already have zorko?! Pav has a very easy run coming up and freo are starting to hit their straps. He could pull out some massive scores. Having said that he doesnt seem to be getting as much ball this year. IMO stay clear of the West Coast boys – le cras is not consistent enough and is very injury prone, Josh Kennedy is out with a fractured cheekbone and IMO is not supercoach relevant anyways and west coast's run isnt the easiest. Hawkins doesnt do enough work to be considered. Unfortunately the CONSISTENT forwards are now all above the price of 450k that you've listed!! ;( I'd be leaning towards Buddy and Pav, flip a coin for which one! One for left field is Jeremy HOWE who is in a purple patch at the moment, average 99 over last 3 rounds!!


Yeah, I have Zorko. Tough call hey? As a Hawks fan, it's painful to consider Buddy.. ha ha.. Love the Pav.. but his consistency is a concern… same with Hawkins..
I'd love to get Parker, but don't have the coin yet.. only 10 trades left and about 5 rookies that are still not yet prime to slaughter..
Have Roughy, Martin, Dangerfield, Zorko, Harvey up forward atm..
Thinking of swining Danger into mid, and upgrading Polec to a better forward (Polec has to go)


G'day all

Would love some feedback and advice on my team and the trades Im contemplating.

DEEF: Mcveigh, Simpson, Swallow, Burgoyne, Jensch, Langdon (Bews, Grifith)
Mids: Abblett, Beams, Watson, Jelwood, Cotchin, Libba, Griffin, X Ellis (M crouch, N robertson)
Ruck: Sandy, Mummy (Longer, Currie)
Fwd: Dangers, Martin, Zorko, WIngard, Fasolo, Billings (Shenton, Ambrose)

$340k in the kitty and 21 trades left. Going for overall ranking. 4 away from a all premium (some borderline, ore like strong midpricers I know).

Tossing up between these trade.

1. Billings to Walker
2. Fasolo to Franklin
3. M crouch to Goddard/A Swallow
4. Longer to NicNat

Thanks for reading, double thanks if you responded.


Have u seriously got 21 trades left or do u mean 11!! U have a great team
I would upgrade yr midfield get rid of Ellis even if u have to downgrade somewhere ie crouch or prob n Robertson first, then get pendles if u can.
Or get rid of billings, i would get buddy before tex personally. Tex will get double teamed potentially


21 trades left! You must have nailed your initial team, Tman. Out of interest, what is your overall rank?

I like trade 3 (Goddard over Swallow), and moving X Ellis onto your bench so you have a full premo midfield.

Trade 2 also has merit, depends on your thoughts regarding Buddy and KPP's

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Gday Tman. Envious of the number of trades you have. If this was my team I would grab the cash from Longer & go on an upgrading spree. First finish your midfield & maybe to go a cheaper premium. Then next week upgrade Fasolo & Billings to Buddy & another FWD. Shenton is good cover. At some stage trade Crouch or Robertson to Mitch Honeychurch to have a swingset in the mids.


Julz, kev itchy. No need to be envious. Sorry playing dreamteam but making use of this forum. :p)
Everyone has 22 trades left in dreamteam.

Will be jumping onto SC next year for sure and struglling with trades like you all. lol

I am leaning towards bringing in Goddard and Walker/Franklin. Mads assessment above got me questioning picking Franklin over Taylor, given the expected average and price difference.


Probably no point using this forum as you will very rarely get a dreamteam response!!! You could probably find other blogs/forums that might be able to help you with your predicament!


I wholeheartedly disagree. Jock has served me well with fatasy footy regardless of not being SC.


Hey All

Just a quick question Langdon to Priddis or Sloane??



Sloane, hasbetter run home


thanks mate


prestia if you haven't got him


Prestia you say? Over Sloanes consistency ??




Sloane. Prestia / Suns have a tough run and he'll face more attention with Ablett sore.


Thanks Mate … I have gone with Sloane … He doesnt always rack up massive scores but with his consistency you cant go wrong


Normally i wouldn’t sideways trade but NRoo is annoying me is it worth going to buddy who is hitting form and has higher ceiling. 12 trades left. 3-4 players away from full premo (dare i say it this depends if i keep shaun Higgins or not!


Buddy is doing well but its also a risk … I took that risk last week and it paid off … long term is anybodies guess
We all know what he is capable of though


N.Roo is done for the year – I'd do the trade


Dilemma SCs, Parker or R Gray for Hallahan need a swinging mid/fwd? Or another? have franklin, zorko, Martin, danger, Elliot, Higgins already danger can move up to mid if required will make mid look more balanced need to get the swing happening cheers Pomattack


R Gray – Parker scored well early as he was kicking multiple goals. With a forward line of Tippet, Buddy and Goodes he is likely to fall down to a 95 average player – Gray will keep his 105pt average

The Mullet

My tip for the week. If you are holding back on trades for a week or 2 and don't have Wingard, keep a close eye on his price. His current BE is 138 and SC gold is projecting his price to go below 400k this week. Scores so far have been 100, 104, 70, 53, 83, 81, 98, 100, 10. Yes, his change of role this year has lowered his scoring potential. But if you try to look at him as a very reliable F6 and can get him for @380k, why not? The DPP status doesn't hurt either. The only reason I can see for not grabbing him is Tex/Buddy/Cloke starting to appear on the radar at the same time which offer more risk/reward.

The Mullet

Forgot to mention he will probably have a week out with concussion, but that changes nothing, just gives an extra week for the cash cow he replaces to hopefully make a bit more cash.

The Garbo

Not a fan, he only scores well when he starts kicking goals. But for his price in a few weeks you'd be crazy not to at least give him a look for the F6 spot


Hi community,
Going for the league win and am in 1st place by a win.
My team is :
Def: Swallow,Simpson,Bartel,Burgoyne,Enright, Mcveigh (Gardiner, Vandeleur)
Mid: Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Selwood, Watson, Dal Santo, Murphy, Taylor ( Hartung, Roberston)
Ruck: Sandi, Jacobs (Derickx, Currie)
Fwd: Dangerfield, Parker, Martin,Zorko,Dahlhaus,Shenton (Ambrose, Llyod)
12 trades and 354k in the bank.

OPTION 1: Roberston OUT(via mcveigh DPP) Hibberd IN. Would leave me with 92k in the bank and only 1 fwd premo to have a full premo team.

OPTION 2 : Enright OUT Hibberd IN
If you have any other trade options please comment


No need to get Hibberd in for Robertson, already have 6 Defence Premos.

What are you going to do when Sam Mitchell comes back? he will very cheap after a couple of games.

Derrickx to Nic Nat only $90k (use Ruck loophole for rest of the year)


but if i do the hibbberd trade it opens up a DEF/MID swing set and then I have full premo mid??


Your team is looking really good mate…..

only thing i will looking to do in your team is trade out Taylor and bring in a premo MID or Premo FWD see options below…..

and next week downgrade Robertson to O'Brien….

OUT: Taylor IN: Goddard…this week


OUT: L Taylor IN: L Franklin – by swinging Shenton to your mid…
with this option you will still have that MID/FWD swing…..for DEF/MID swing I will probably bring in a dummy rookie "J Hunt" from Mel just to have that swing set happening between MID/DEF……which is handy….

You will have one rookie "Shenton" on ground you can upgrade him or Hartng in next 2 to 3 weeks….

Very good team…..

What are you ranked overall mate just for curiosity…..



thanks for the wisdom Raj and I am ranked 1,860th and Im only a 13 year old boy. So I am very happy with that


would it be a good idea to spend the extra cash and bring in robbie fray instead of franklin


Solid Option to consider Gray…..but paying bit too much for him and at this stage of the season you need to be looking at bringing in a value premium…..who has dropped in price and going up not a player who has sort of reached there peak price….

Good going Brandon…..keep up the good work….you are doing great…..



With 12 trades left and a good team, he can certainly afford a luxury trade. In your position Robbie Grey is a much better option than Franklin IMO.


I would go Robbo to prem mid like Priddis, Goddard or Fyfe

Good work btw


hey Lads,
is Zorko worth getting at this stage? in replace to JKH


I'm in the same boat as you. Wondering if he's value. I'd be using Taylor for the trade. I think if you take out his illness-effected 12 he's averaging 100 and I've just answered my own question by looking at that… so the answer is YES, he is worth bringing in.





Looking for some trade advice community

Def: Swallow, Simpson, McVeigh, Bartel, Burgoyne, Hurn (Langdon, Tippet)
Mid: Pendles, JPK, Beams, Selwood, Ebert, Fyfe, Swan, Goddard (Acres, Hartung)
Rucks: Sandi, Jacobs (Derickx, Currie)
Fwds: Danger, Parker, Martin, Gunston, Rough, Buddy (McDonough, Ambrose)

Having a completed back line renders Langdon useless sitting on the bench. Entertaining a cash grab, trading down Langdon to a basement rookie to generate 312K. Thoughts on this idea?

Also looking at my Rucks (Sandi and Jacobs) and wondering if a downgrade to Nic Nat is worth the trade?

Currently have 11 trades remaining, full premium across all lines and 12K in the bank. Thoughts appreciated!


You have managed to upgrade all the rookies and still have 11 trades left which is a good thing firstly….

Keep Langdon….you need someone on the bench who has good JS……and also he is a DPP…

If you want to generate cash I will looking to cull Derickx to a Brisbane Lions rookie ruckmen if he gets named this week……this will generate good cash and also next week you can go from Hartung or Acres to O'Brien from Brisbane Lions who will be on bubble if he plays this week which will also generate some cash…..
You can also consider bringing in a DPP (DEF/MID dummy rookie player to enable the swing set between def and mid and swing Langdon as a cover basically for both MID and DEF)….

And then you can do all this luxury trade if required (sideways trade from a under performing Premo to someone who is doing well)…..

And yes you need to somehow Bring in GAZZA into your team…..



nice team. I would have a think about upgrading Derrickx to NIc Nat. Will only cost $90k.

Then use your Ruck loophole for the rest of the year to get the best of Sandi, Jacobs and Nic nat.

there is a guy who plays in the guts for the Suns, might have a look at him, some say he is pretty good.


no dont waste the trade, didnt think a guy called derek would trade derrickx 😛


Is anyone else wondering if Geelong Tanked on Thursday night?


Nope – just out classed


Tanked for what???

Garglesnarf FC

??? WTF


Def: McVeigh, Swallow, Simpson, Bartel, Burgoyne, Langdon (Cutler, Gardiner)
Mid: Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Selwood, Watson, Tyson, Polec, Shenton (Hallahan, Hartung)
Ruck: Sandi, Cox (Derrickz, Currie)
Fwd: Danger, Martin, Parker, Chapman, Pavlich, Higgins (Taylor, Cameron)

11 trades
Ranked: 2176th

DT ranked: 221st

Would like to do Pav > Franklin but best if i build warchest from Hallahan, Hartung, Cameron, Gardiner, Cutler – any thoughts?

The Garbo

I would look first at moving langdon, or getting shenton onto the pine.


Hi community,

Thinking of going Langdon > Jaensch and Taylor > Tex or Buddy and would love to hear any thoughts of the trades.

I have 12 trades left and $189,000 to play with. Team is:

Def: Swallow, Bartel, Hibberd, Walker, Enright, Langdon (Langford, Bews)
Mid: Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Selwood, Dal Santo, Cotchin,Goddard, Tyson (Hallahan, Acres)
Ruck: Sandi, Mummy (Derrickz, Thurlow)
Fwd: Danger, Martin, Zorko, Wingard, Taylor, Shenton (Impey, Cameron)



Good trades…..IMO……


The Garbo

I like langdon to jaensch though I'm not sold on the buddy and tex hype. Would rather a player that doesnt need to bag a few goals to break the ton. Maybe a LeCras could be a cheap option

The Garbo

Though Tex is cheap enough to take the risk

tom mcvilly

hey I need some advice im choosing between hibberd and jaensch



The Garbo

hibberd better than jaensch. BUT comes down to cost though and if you'd rather spend more in other areas to help get a good team balance. (for an extra 30k you can get a mid who avgs 110ish opposed to hibberds 98)


Is a back line consisting of McVeigh, Bartel, Johnson, Walker, Hurn and jaensch any good or does it need one more SILKY player?


no it is pretty good almost exactly the same as mine


Sam Mitchell when he comes back

The Garbo

Quite solid! wait till finals to see if you need to upgrade one of them. I've done something similar in hopes it'll pay off. My back consists 3 value picks (jaensch, hooker, hanley) and 3 champs (swallow, simpson, mcveigh).


Langdon to Malceski (512K) or Jaensch (417k)?

Saving 95k if I were to get Jaensch is the main factor complicating the decision….


I'd go Hurn or Hanley personally.


Leave room for Sam Mitchell when he returns. He may get as low as $430k

Garglesnarf FC

Derek, I know your sold on Mitchell but the guy is still a month away! Then it will take 2 weeks for his price to bottom out that means you are waiting to trade him on until round 19!

I am afraid Sammy is not SC relevant unless you are looking to cover an injury to a premium defender after his return.

The Garbo

Depends how many spots on your team you still have to upgrade (and how many trades left). if two or more spots need upgrading, I'd look for value/savings in the backline ie. jaensch/hurn/hanley


What would you do in my shoes, fellow community peoples? only 9 trades left and I'm looking at ablett next week once his 222 BE disappears… oh… and only $85k in the chest.

DEF: Swallow Bartel McVeigh Burgoyne Suckling Hanley (Langdon Bews)

MID: Rockliff Selwood Murphy Beams Cotchin Goddard Tyson Shenton (Hartung Acres)

RUC: Sandilands Derrickx (Pyke Currie)

FWD: Dangerfield Martin Zorko Dahlhaus Wingard Lloyd (Taylor Cameron)


Hey guys,
like many teams, i almost have a full premo team. Just looking for some helpful tips and advice on my team

B: Simpson, Bartel, McVeigh, Langdon, Enright, Langford (Georgiou, Cameron)
M: Ablett, Pendlebury, Beams, Jelwood, Dal Santo, Rockliff, Cotchin, Fyfe (Hartung, Acres)
R: Sandilands, McEvoy (Currie, King)
F: Dangerfield, Martin, Zorko, Wingard, Texan Walker, Shenton (Lloyd, Ambrose)

Have 13 trades left with 103k
have made one trade which was Taylor-Texan
when team is finished wanting to get rid of a few players

Cheers guys


Howdy gents thoughts on trades for this week, got 18 trades left and only 20k in the kitty

B: Swallow, Simpson, McVeigh, Hibberd, Suckling, McDonald (C Cameron, Georgiou)
M: GAJ, Pendlebury, Beams, Libba, Watson, Murphy, Polec, Dunstan (Shenton, Acres)
R: Sandilands, Mumford (Currie, Thurlow)
F: Dangerfield, Martin, Breust, N Riewoldt, Z Merrett, Impey (Ambrose, C Cameron)


Dunstan to OBrien
Merrett to Tex

Should leave u with some cash for another upgrade next wk i.e. Polec

The Garbo

biggest issue i'd have with your team is gImpey on the field.


Can bring in both pendles and rocky this week for billings and matt thomas, should I do this or wait a week as thomas has a low break even?


pull the trigger mate.

The Garbo

sounds like a ripper set of trades. Though personally I'm not a fan of paying 630kish for rockliff now. Money can be saved on picks like Steve J, Boyd, Fyfe, who should all be going down in price over the next couple weeks. Or even picks like prestia, treloar, barlow if you cant wait to make the move


Or I could cut my losses on cotchin now? and bring in JPK as well in next couple of weeks


Def: Swallow, Bartel, McVeigh, Burgoyne, Hibberd, Bews (Georgio, Clurey)
Mid: GAJ, Pendels, JPK, Beams, Selwood, Libba, Langdon, Hallahan (S.Gray, Acres)
Ruck: Sandi, McEvoy (Currie, King)
Fwd: Danger,R. Gray, Martin, Gunston, Wingard, Fasolo (L.Taylor, Cameron)

11 Trades $655,300 in the bank.

Any suggestions please?


You need to get Bews off the field. Maybe upgrade Georgio as he's made the most cash to a premo defender. Langdon would be the other rookie I'd look to upgrade this week. That'll depend on how much cash you have left after getting a premo defender but Rockliff would slot nicely into your midfield.

The Garbo

Agree. Bews is your biggest issue – could upgrade georgio to a hanley/jeansch/johnson.
Hallahan has a little longer left in him due to hawks injuries. Langdon is nearing his end. But if Maxwell doesnt get named this week, langdon should have another decent game this rd.


One of your 3 def rookies into Simpson, Malceski or someone of similar ilk. Give Langdon another week before making a decision on him. Ideally you can get another premium mid in as soon as possible too, maybe for Sam Gray because he doesn't seem to be doing anything. Obviously all this depends on your cashflow and might involve painting the fence to make it all happen… depending on how O'Brien goes this week he may be a good option for a downgrade.


Would it be a good plan to trade Lloyd into walker and use him as a ‘stepping stone’ to someone like a dalhaus???


Or I could go for shenton as I didn’t get him before

The Garbo

Tex has looked better than most as a key forward (even in his first two dud scoring games) and his price reduces the risk a lot in picking him up. Just be prepared for some classic dud scores though.

Garglesnarf FC

Tex is a better option than Shenton IMO, however I am hoping that the Tigers weild a dirty great axe this week and give Lloyd a game.


I'm in the same boat hoping Lloyd gets a game this week.

The Garbo

I think its just a matter of time before Lloyd gets named again.

The Garbo

Is MaCrae a keeper? (or at least till finals?)

Pikey Mikey

Need some advice. I have 17 trades left and will be upgrade Polec to a fallen premium like Barlow or Goddard. I want to get rid of Dale Thomas and this article convinced me on Walker. I was thinking about hitting two birds with one stone and trading Thomas to Walker via a dual position link like D Martin, Zorko or Dangerfield. The extra dosh from the second trade will even let me bring in Pendles for Polec if i dont want to bank a profit. What do people think?


Jock who would you pick out of Rory Sloane vs Kieran Jack, for a lock in mid for the rest of the year?