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Supercoach 2014

A full weekend of footy you BEAUTY

And this round may have already kicked off with Sydney THUMPING Geelong but there is still plenty of water to travel under the bridge in terms of trading this weekend.

Settle in and get your pen and paper ready because Thursday is the night that the COMMUNITY SPEAKS. Tonight we even hear from a few mates from the jockey fraternity which is a real treat.

As discussed in the podcast – we’d be rapt if you could complete our quick Community survey. We’re after your voice on how we’re going, and where we might head into the future Click here..

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  1. BCHawks says:

    Can't wait to listen to this so excited!

  2. Tommy says:

    Superb effort Jock mate!

  3. Tommy says:

    Swan or Goddard or Priddis as m8? Thoughts

  4. Ray says:

    Should I get Watson or Goddard for polec

  5. Mitch says:

    Hey community,
    Looking to move Josh Kelly on this week, wondering who you would pick out of Cameron Shenton and Kane Mitchell?

  6. Remy says:

    Langford to Jaensch? Or save the trade. 15 trades left.
    What do you think?

    • OldOcker says:

      Not a Jaensch fan and Langford has been used to tag but still has achievable B/E of 43.
      I would be saving that trade and see what both players do this week. You need to be looking at a top 8 defender and I don't think Jaensch is in that category.

    • Cam says:

      Hold. Aim higher than Jaensch.

      • Azmataz says:

        I agree. If you don't have Jaensch yet, don't get him in – you can do better.
        If you have him – hold onto him as he is good enough.

  7. GarglesnarfFC says:

    Save, hawks have GWS this week. However, with a new coach at Hawthorn for the year all Hawks will need watching as some will benefit, some won't and some won't change.

    • Jezz says:

      For the year?
      You're simply trolling now…

      • Stumped says:

        I don't believe Gargles is trolling.

        Clarko might be out for quite some time based on what his syndrome rquires for recovery

      • GarglesnarfFC says:

        Not at all Jezz. I have had this syndrome and it took me 4-6 months to get over it. I find it bizarre that everyone expects him back in a few weeks. Stress is a major trigger for it, and given what an AFL coach goes through I find it hard to believe that he can make a full recovery before September without making himself sick again.

        So don't be surprised if he is not back as coach in any match day capacity this year.

        • Captain joc says:

          I was listening to a radio station and they were talking to a doctor about his condition saying it could take anywhere between 3 months and 2 years to recover from it I wouldn’t be surprised if all in all he never coaches again

  8. Branks says:

    Is Queen Elizabeth going to join the sunday podcast Jock?

  9. Donavan says:

    Shenton/Lewis Taylor/Hartung/Ambrose

    Which 2 do e think will score the best this week?

    2 will start, and 2 will be benched.

    • OldOcker says:

      Lewis Taylor and Shenton.

      • Remy says:

        I'd say play Hartung.

        I can see him getting a lot of free space (as he did against the Saints)
        From what I've seen Hartung plays well when there's a lot of space for him to move.

        I reckon put the E on one of Shenton or Taylor (as they play before Hartung)

    • Donavan says:

      Thanks for the feedback gents.

      I started ambrose, with Shenton (Emerg), and have just switch S.Lloyd on for Ambrose to take advantage of Shentons 100points.

      I am leaning towards starting Taylor as my M8, with Hartung (Emerg) – vest is an issue because I think they will give Simpkin a full game. Dont have the loophole luxury in the mids, as Acres has already collected his zero.

      • Azmataz says:

        Damn I wish did the same. I have Shenton's 100 on the bench as an emergency – made a last minute swap with bloody Taylor..Oh well..

  10. Paul says:

    Thoughts on Kane Mitchell? Job Security?

    • Donavan says:

      I'd prefer my job security, and I work in the automotive industry.

      That means – not secure, wouldnt go near him.

    • OldOcker says:

      Too risky for mine in a very good team.

    • wes says:

      Dom Cassisi (knee), Angus Monfries (ankle) and Hamish Hartlett (suspended) all out of the side.
      Paul Stewart, Andrew Moore and Jake Neade come into the side.

      Considering this news, I differ in opinion to the above. as an M8 depending on your circumstances I reckon he may be a goer as opposed to other options.
      Will he last whole year – maybe not. None of the above are long term injuries. But he is there long enough to make some $$ off him still

  11. Daniel says:

    I'm trading Polec to Shenton and Langdon to Simpson. Then enough cash to go Taylor to Parker next week.

    • OldOcker says:

      Hi Daniel, Sound trading mate, Taylor may well be worth keeping a little longer after Parker's score tonight, Taylor has a low B/E of 3.
      Parker's B/E next week will be about 113. (Lost about $3,000 in value tonight.)

  12. dognino says:

    Read a post a week or two ago that someone was looking for the stats interface to check players history.

    If you go to the 2014 game strategy tab up top, there is a thread " higgenater is back" inside is a link to the stats interface tool.


    • OldOcker says:

      Hi dognino, Yes I think that was Wombat FC. I will let him know when I see him online.


  13. Captain joc says:

    Got walker, cutler and georgiou in my backline was originally gonna trade Langdon to Shenton but looks like I will cop a donut that way could swing swallow or Langdon into and somehow get shenton thoughts?

    • OldOcker says:

      Ouch Captain, I have a similar problem and may have to cop a doughnut which hurts. I don''t have a midfield-defender swing in the middle. I still have Tom Clurey because I didn't want to waste a trade to get rid of him.
      If you can swing someone back to cover I would be doing that to get Shenton.

      • Captain joc says:

        Well my plan was Langdon to shenton, Higgins to buddy
        Then next Langford to premo fwd and have about 100k leftover but I’ve already done the Higgins to buddy trade I could do cutler to shenton via swallow and then next week Langdon to fwd premo with no money leftover after that and only have to upgrade one mid

  14. julz says:

    Wondering what people’s thoughts were on Buddy tonight? I only got to see a bit of first quarter, how much impact did he have really? I see Buddy ended up eith 4.3 and tonned up in SC but figured that wouldn’t have been hard to do seeing sydney poleaxed geelong.

    Is Buddy now worth looking at getting in, will go up 50k though probably. Obviously this wk was the best to get Buddy price-wise personally i avoided him as wasn’t convinced and i already have NRoo and Zorko spudding it in fwd line. Now having 2nd thoughts re: Buddy even for a fwd loophole option down the track (BTW i havent had buddy in my team

    at all this year)


    Just wondering other people’s opinions

    • dognino says:

      He played a pretty good game, made a lot of contests. still a big risk tho as kurt 'made of glass' tippet could go down at any stage with an injury and then buddy will get double teamed by defenders again, and cats had a pretty weak back line tonight

    • wes says:

      I want to know if you got him in before lock out?
      He played great so are you crying or happy??

      • julz says:

        Nah wes i didn’t get him have planned to do a double downgrade while there r rookies on the horizon.
        SC website was down last night anyway after teams dropped thank god for the app on my phone only just managed to get bews into my team, fat lot of good that did with his huge score!
        Might have to look at buddy next week pretty much a straight swap from Higgins but worried i could b going from one burnman to another (although Higgins has repaid the faith so far)

        • wes says:

          My trades this week were going to be Macrae and Higgins out for SHenton and Luke Parker and a lot of $$.
          I changed my mind and went Macrae and G Rohan out for same pair without the cash influx.
          Boy am I happy so far. Luke Parker vs Buddy… I'd take parker… solid as scorer.
          I looked at doggies run over next 5 and apart from say dahl and libba, I just seek pts and $$ leaking… esp from macrae and Higgins.
          But I will cop Higgins this week, seeing as he is set to play more a def into off role. Might help his scoring stay reasonably the same.
          maybe Higgins to buddy for me too next week. but I am smitten by swans players at the moment.

  15. Lance says:

    Which of the three of Polec, Fasolo, Sam Lloyd to trade out for Shenton?

    • wes says:

      I'd go Lloyd – he seems real out of favour.
      I think at least for this week you can keep Polec in with injuries there and his output should be around BE level and you won't lose on him.

      • Azmataz says:

        I would go Polec – more money! If Lloyd is on your bench at the moment, I wouldn't worry too much about moving him on. I am holding onto him HOPING that he gets another crack soon. Same goes with Acres.

        If he is on your field though, yeah move him on.

        I would wait and see how Fasolo goes against the Saints.

  16. Josh says:

    I ent Kennedy Harris for lecras good trade????

    • Matt says:

      Smart move getting rid of JKH. Can see LeCras as a high midpricer/low premium. I would prefer Watts 35k cheaper and a breakeven of 22.

      • Azmataz says:

        For $420k you can do a lot better than Le Cras. You can get Wingard for $436k, Pavfor $434k, Dixon $421k, Nick Reiwoldt $399k, Buddy $430 odd k.

  17. Jarrod05 says:

    Need help, down grading Aish! Was thinking Shenton or K. Mitchell for pod? Thoughts?

  18. Jarrod05 says:

    I’d trade polec! High break even and has prob reached his max.

  19. Maso says:

    Great podcast jock and some very good wisdom from the community,
    Trying to decide if i should go Tex this week to sit at F6

    • Maso says:

      My forwards – Danger,Dusty,Wingard,Pav,Buddy then rookies – impey,ambrose,cameron

    • OldOcker says:

      Hi Maso, I am going to use Tex as my F7 emergency loophole player at his price, He may well act as an F6 for a week or two.
      Shenton is the other option to generate some cash.

  20. Remy says:

    Who should I put captain out of:
    Pendles, Watson, Beams, Cotchin, Libba and Goddard?
    (Already used VC on Bartel)
    Thanks community

    • Donavan says:

      I would select Libba or Beams, most likely Libba.

    • julz says:

      I would go pendles or beams vs a weaker SK side (sorry jock)
      Libba could get Crowleyed altho he will most likely go to griff

  21. matthewjsampson says:

    Should I play L. Taylor or Shenton on ground this week?

  22. hmmmmm says:

    trade shuey to ward or hold?

  23. Simon T says:

    Hi Community

    Desperately need some help!!!. Currently starring at two donuts in DEF with J Tippett and Cutler both out but also want to trade Dunstan or Acres. Popular pick seems to be Shenton (St K) as he is cheap and a FWD/MID but would prefer to use the trade to pick up Wingard or Goddard instead if I can find the cash. Missed out on Bews last night (possibly a blessing with a score of 29) but now don't know who to trade Tippett out for with only $90k available and 16 trades left.

    Any help/advice greatly appreciated.

    • Gold Coast Blues says:

      are any of these players on your field or just bench?

    • OldOcker says:

      Do you have any def/mid players in your midfield, It is hard to help without knowing your team structure.
      Are Tippet and Cutler both on field players for you to have 2 doughnuts?

      • OldOcker says:

        There is not much in defense but if you wanted to take a gamble on Brodie Martin (ADE) he has a B/E -21
        make sure he is playing first. He is on the extended bench but has played last 2 games.
        Cutler – Brodie Martin.
        Dunstan – Wingard.
        This will leave you $12,100 in the bank.

  24. Gilly says:

    Anyone know much about Zach Obrien who is playing his first game for Brisbane this week? 23 year old that played 12 games for the Essendon reserves last year. Only $102k could be pretty helpful if his is any good.

  25. Gold Coast Blues says:

    Made another dud move yesterday – traded R.Shaw out for M.Johnson. Should have traded Langdon out and kept Shaw a little longer. Then he goes and makes it worse with a 118.

    • Derek says:

      Johnson a good trade in though. Will do very well with Freo's next 8 games

  26. Michael says:

    Any thoughts on a defender upgrade? My backline is McVeigh, Bartel, Simpson, Swallow, Langdon, Langford, Georgiou and Tippet. Thinking of Hibberd or Hanley. Thoughts on them or any other suggestions?

  27. simplyred says:

    jimmy cassidy never rode Makybe Diva.
    Stick to fantasy footy jock

  28. CJay says:

    Shenton looks a good trade in option but who to slaughter?
    A: Aish
    B: M. Crouch
    Thoughts community ?

    • Cam says:

      Aish's BE is 85 and Crouch's is 79. I'd be more inclined to cull Crouch first considering how they're scoring at the moment.

  29. Pots says:

    Love some advise from the community.
    Is K. Simpson (OUT Polec via DPP) worth getting in this week for a full BAC or shall I get in Dahlhuas for the non playing S Lloyd? Still have Taylor, Ambrose,Lloyd and Cameron to plump up in FWD

    • chandanrajdb says:

      Dahlhuas for Lloyd looks good IMO…..Polec playing against Melbourne this week and St Kilda next week he will not leak cash too much…and will have a solid output…..

      Lloyd on the other hand not sure whether he comes back into the team?

      Simpson is a good pick but bit overs IMO…


    • OldOcker says:

      Hi Pots, It appears that you need to strengthen your forward line and Dahlhaus will do that but has a B/E of 125 this week, Which means he might come down a little in price. He is a keeper and a solid choice.
      Simpson has a B/E of 49 and is a solid choice also, He may seem a little bit overs in price but his price should go up again next week. Will be top 6 defender in my opinion.
      Depends on whether you are happy with your current back-line or not but I would be leaning towards fixing the forward line first with too many rookies on the ground.

      • Derek says:

        Simpson over priced, and will get more attention in future weeks, not sure if he has proven himself as a keeper yet

        • OldOcker says:

          Not proven as a keeper yet?
          2011 Average 94.5 Last 3rd of season 106.7
          2012 Average 93.7 Last 3rd of season 97.0
          2013 Average 95.1 Last 3rd of season 107.7
          Simpson has always been listed as a mid-fielder but is now a defender this season.
          Yes he may get more attention but good players handle that he seems to have done that for a while.

      • Pots says:

        Was going to go the FWD option but I think I may go with Simpson now since Langford is now out. Can't afford the 0.

    • Pots says:

      I should state that only two of these rookies are on the ground.

  30. Sully321 says:

    Which two should I put in out of JKH, impey, Lloyd and Charlie Cameron?

    • Sarah says:

      Whichever two aren't named as the sub when the games start! Likely to be JKH and Cameron. Lloyd isn't named to play.

    • OldOcker says:

      With Lloyd not playing you can use the loophole on the others.

  31. julz says:

    Who to field out of Lennon, Charlie Cameron and Ambrose?

  32. tension head says:

    anyone else read jocks email in jocks voice? lol, im guessing im not the only one

  33. tension head says:

    anyone else read jocks email in jocks voice? lol, im guessing im not the only one. I even threw in a few “y’knows”

  34. David says:

    Guys im thinking about off loading Ablett and swinging in swallow from my defence, the trading Ablett to Jensch?
    That will give me 514k to double upgrade my shocking forward line to a Zorko or N.Reiwoldt and Parker to finish my forward line.

    • Azmataz says:

      Dude that is crazy

    • Shinboner says:

      Terrible, terrible move. You're losing about 50-60 points and a surefire lock-in captain for a 20-30 point/week increase in the forward line.

    • BeagzBoyz says:

      Should have done it last week if you were going to. Could have made some money off it as well with gazza going to drop 50-75k in the next week or two. Only issue is the captaincy but if you have solid mid fielders then may as well do it

  35. James says:

    Best Forward Premo's?

    • Matt says:

      Dangerfield, Robbie Gray, Boomer Harvey, Lukey Parker. Dont count out Dustin Martin and Jack Riewoldt with very low BE of 38 and 30.

  36. dognino says:

    Thursday night footy is killing my SC decisions

    • OldOcker says:

      Thursday's and Monday's as well are a right royal pain in the seat of my pants, Nearly as bad as byes.

  37. Lewis says:

    Hey community, was going to do polec to pendles and impey to shenton, but with enright, j. tippett and now langford out in my backline i am staring at a donut. I have about 200k in the kitty and have 5 premo defenders already playing this week. I cant swing in anyone from the mids. Should i trade out langford and if so do i stick with getting pendles in or leave him for another week and get in shenton?

    • Derek says:

      is Langford out?

      • Lewis says:

        omitted and named on the emergencies mate. its on the afl website "rd 11 full teams"

      • Derek says:

        I have Walker, Aylett, Webster and now Langford in DEF all not playing.

        • Captain joc says:

          What about jaensch then you can loophole between jaensch and enright

          • Leighroy says:

            A lot of people in this position I have walker, enright, Langford and cutler. Traded out cutler for bews on Thursday and now thinking of trading Langford to janech. It would mean I have Langdon on the bench next week but could move him on and shift cash to another line just not sure who to downgrade to. Can’t really loop hole as enright has played, and, trades would just allow you to avoid a donut

    • Azmataz says:

      I would be inclined to cop the donut and stick with plan A. Both Pendles and Shenton are must haves

      • Lewis says:

        how do you think pendles will go with swan out? will he still score more than polec against melbourne?

        • Azmataz says:

          Absolutely. I reckon he will score BETTER with Swan being out. I would say 95% chance that Pendles will outscore Polec.

  38. Brandon2416 says:

    taylor or hurting on field?

  39. John says:

    best fwd premium

  40. Derek says:

    i'm worried that Langdon will get Vest tonight!

    • OldOcker says:

      Good chance looking at bench.

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      Seeds man is the sub

      • dognino says:

        Langdon named on the wing

        • Leighroy says:

          Maxwell injury adds to job security and fasolo playing forward. With those in mind the question is “is Langdon a keeper” I believe the answer is really up to the individual and how many trades people have burnt on injuries during the year

  41. Roo Boy says:

    Strongly considering Jack Steven! Great PoD if he comes good? Or do I need to have a good hard look in the mirror??

    • Azmataz says:

      A major gamble mate but might just come off! I have took a gamble bringing in Rockliff for Polec this week despite Rocky having a poor record against Carlton. I also found that Rocky seems to score WAY better when playing for a losing team, so have took the punt.

      Trust your gut.

      • Roo Boy says:

        Thanks Azmataz! Rocky is a gun and should reward your faith.

        I rolled the dice with him, will make or break me. Gambling on him coming good for the remainder of the season

  42. George says:

    Langford out, now gonna get a 0 in defense because I can't reverse trades, great!

    • Leighroy says:

      I have cutler, enright, walker and Langford so I feel your pain. I traded cutler for bews but also need to trade Langford now as he may not be in boltons plans and may have peaked in price. I wanted to get shenton in but unfortunately missed this week. Might downgrade Langford to Martin as with a full side my d6 is Langdon. I can use the cash to upgrade a mid next week or the week after. Good luck

  43. MightyDonsFC says:

    Dane Swan OUT

  44. James says:

    robbie gray in?

  45. James says:

    dahlhaus in?

  46. James says:

    brent harvey in?

  47. James says:

    bruest in?

  48. James says:

    wingard in?

  49. James says:

    libba, pendles , fyfe, griffen, watson or heppel

  50. scano says:

    thoughts on Hanley?

    • Tommykwr says:

      I wouldn't trade him in
      Can't we him scoring as well as the opening rounds

      • Azmataz says:

        Risky trade. No for me but I can see the upside. Will be a rollercoaster ride – a bit like Zorko

    • Shinboner says:

      Just brought him in! He's getting his hands on the pill, and the bye has given him time to recuperate. He will explode any week now.

  51. Donavan says:

    Rare situation his week, wondering if anyone else has encountered it.

    Playing agains a team with 22 on-field different players to my team. Zero common players on the field.

    • Shinboner says:

      Never encountered that myself, with most teams having Sandi, Beams, Swallow and Gazza. 22 uniques will definitely keep things interesting for you.

      • Wattsieesq says:

        Very rare. I am up against someone this week and we have 1 in common. No as good as one but its the lowest I've gone up against.

  52. James says:

    best forward upgrade option..

  53. Antonio says:

    Do I take Beams 126 or keep C on Ablett?

  54. Drew says:

    Do i take Derick's 75 or play S.Hampson, i'm worried that with Maric back, hampson will start to drop off

  55. Donavan says:

    How much will Shenton go up in value? $70k?

    • Captain joc says:

      He will go up to 220k

      • Leighroy says:

        Yeah I wanted to get him in but have cutler, walker, enright and Langford in my back line. Traded out cutler for bews but now need to trade out Langford to avoid the donut. I’m thinking janech as I have $129k plus langfords price

        • Captain joc says:

          Hurn if you have too

          • Leighroy says:

            The other option which I like a lot more now is Langford to Brodie Martin nets me cash to upgrade fasolo or crouch to a prem midfielder and swing dustin Martin into forward line if fasolo is culled. When my back line is fit it leaves me with mcveigh, swallow, bartel, walker, enright, and Langdon. I think this is better then having to downgrade again in my back line in weeks to come

  56. Drew says:

    Who should i put the vc on this week out of:
    Watson, D.Martin, Zorko, Danger or Ablett?

    • Azmataz says:

      The VC? Ablett or Danger. Do you have that luxury? Who would you put the C on if it doesn't come off and who is your loop hole player?

  57. Sam says:

    I have to trade out langford this week and i already have a full premo backline, who should i get in out of jaensch, s.thompson and s.hurn?

  58. Hussler says:

    Who's best to trade in for jkh ?? Bruest, rgray, dalhaus ??? Can afford any of these three.

    • BCHawks says:

      I'd go Gray personally. He has played very well this year, so has Dalhaus though so either would be good. You should also consider Wingard if you don't have him.

  59. BCHawks says:

    So how much will Pendlebury got up this week with his 118 as I look to get him in next week and also should I take Beams 126 or back Gazza in?

    • OldOcker says:

      Pendles will go up about $8,500 with a new B/E of about 112 next week.
      I have Beams VC but I am going to back GAJ as I always do.

      • BCHawks says:

        thanks mate I think that I will back him in and I should be able to afford Pendles next week.

  60. GarglesnarfFC says:

    Have used Lloyd on the field to loophole Fasolos 95. Now reading that Dangerfield is quite likely to be a late withdrawal tomorrow. Do I swap Ambrose back on to the field for Lloyd or leave it and risk a donut from Paddy D?

    • chandanrajdb says:

      Hi GFC,

      Dangerfield will play mate….just saw tweet about him saying he trained yesterday at 100%….

      I have an issue this week, Langford out means I will have to cop a donut this week….which I do not want since I am going for overall…..have 1 trade left for this week and $201k in the warchest…considering trading Langford out to a premium def….who do you think I need to be considering,

      At the moment I am considering….
      1. Hanley
      2. M Johnson from freo, if I trade him in I will have literally 0 money in the warchest….and also by looking at his past seasons averages he hasn't averaged more than 90…..???
      3. G Birchall…..bit up and down this season….but based on the stats and past season averages he has averaged 90 – 98……

      Or is there anyone else I should be considering???

      Comments / thoughts/ suggestions would be much appreciated…..

      Thank you….


      • Donavan says:

        I like Johnson. Think he will average 100 or more for the rest of the season.

        Bichalls role will change when all of the other hawk defenders return.

      • GarglesnarfFC says:

        Hey Raj, sorry not to reply earlier but have been out having a life away from SC for the day.

        First up it isn't a disaster to have a donut for a week, so don't feel you HAVE to burn a trade, especially if you only have 1 left. Langford will be back sooner rather than later, even with a new coach. However, if you feel you have to trade then Johnson at Freo is a solid pick. Scores consistently and has a butter soft draw for 9 weeks.

    • Donavan says:

      Have you got anyway of switching Dangerfield to the midfield where you probably have emergency coverage?

      I have just done this.

      • GarglesnarfFC says:

        Not in SC. Have done this in DT, using Wright as a swingman to cover his out if req.

        Will leave Ambrose on the bench. Even if he plays he is a likely sub candidate and might score stuff all. I will take the 95.

  61. scano says:

    How many trades to people have?

  62. dannyyboyy says:

    is kade simpson to expensive?

    • BCHawks says:

      not the way he is playing.

      • dannyyboyy says:

        got a donut in the backs if i dont upgrade langford. was originally thinkin bartel or mcveigh but they have played already. i dont have simpson either. might have to bite the bullet and pull the trigger. somehow i dont think those puns should go together…thanks BC

    • chandanrajdb says:

      IMO yes…..priced to average around 113 points per game…..if you think he will average 113 for the rest of the season then go for him…..


      • dannyyboyy says:

        im in need of a defender and the other options dont jump out at me. burgoyne hibberd and johnson are the others that ive been considering. but simpsons output should be better so im thinkin it might be worth the cash. its reminding me of last year when i spent heaps on hartlett and he burned me, but he was only a kid and simpson is an "old campaigner". what do u thik i should do?

        • chandanrajdb says:

          I have hibberd….and happy with him……Simpson vs hibberd hard one…..both will be in the top 10 def by season end IMO….Simpson bit overpriced, in saying that if ur not concerned with the money then go for Simpson for sure got a higher ceiling and a low BE as well…..

          Hope this helps….


  63. Jono says:

    Nice score from Shenton last night and have him as my emergency. I can loophole him by trading Polec to Simpson via McDonald to the midfield. Is Simpson too expensive at 567k? I've already got the other must-have defenders. Or would it be better to keep Polec and trade to a cheap midfield premium in the following weeks? Thanks for your suggestions community.

    • chandanrajdb says:

      I wanted to bring Simpson in as well but held on to polec considering Port' s next 2 matches against Melbourne and st kilda…….Polec will produce a solid output and will not leak too much of cash….after 2 rounds u consider ur options in midfield or defence….

      And yes Simpson is bit overpriced….IMO…


      • Michael says:

        Polec needs a good 2nd half, only on about 28 at 1/2time. Also has something happened to Wingard? On 6pts at 1/2time!!

  64. chandanrajdb says:

    Hello community,

    I have an issue this week, Langford out means I will have to cop a donut this week….which I do not want since I am going for overall…..have 1 trade left for this week and $201k in the warchest…considering trading Langford out to a premium def….who do you think I need to be considering,

    At the moment I am considering….
    1. Hanley
    2. M Johnson from freo, if I trade him in I will have literally 0 money in the warchest….and also by looking at his past seasons averages he hasn't averaged more than 90…..???
    3. G Birchall…..bit up and down this season….but based on the stats and past season averages he has averaged 90 – 98……

    Or is there anyone else I should be considering???

    Comments / thoughts/ suggestions would be much appreciated…..

    Thank you….


    • simon says:

      Raj… I'm in a similar situation. I have McVeigh, swallow & barrel as my main premiums BUT am now considering dropping Langford for ????? Simpson surely cant maintain 140+ thus will drop to low 500k in coming weeks so im holding out. Im Considering Burgoyne. He is cheaper and is showing reasonable consistency. plus GWS this week.

      other options. ?

    • dannyyboyy says:

      im in the same boat with 333k in the bank. im torn between simpson and burgoyne now, but leaning towards simpson still. burgoyne is 57k cheaper with an average over 100 which is decent for a back though, i just dont know how consistant he can be over the rest of the year, which is why i think simpson might still be the better option, even though he is overpriced by about 30k. just my thoughts

      • chandanrajdb says:

        If u have the cash and if u don't need the warchest for any other upgrades in ur team then go for Simpson…he is definitely a top 5 defender for the year……for some reason I don't like Burgoyne…..


    • OldOcker says:

      This is the answer I gave to a previous question to someone that said Simpson is Not proven as a keeper yet?
      2011 Average 94.5 Last 3rd of season 106.7
      2012 Average 93.7 Last 3rd of season 97.0
      2013 Average 95.1 Last 3rd of season 107.7
      Simpson has always been listed as a mid-fielder but is now a defender this season.
      Yes he may get more attention but good players handle that he seems to have done that for a while.

      I do not have Simpson in my team at the moment but I do have Burgoyne who I am very happy with, He is a gun. Was looking to get Simpson myself this week but outs have forced me to defer for a week unfortunately.

      • chandanrajdb says:

        I haven't said that Simpson is not a keeper mate…..he is absolutely a keeper…….

        Given my circumstances and based on my warchest I cannot afford Simpson…..

        I seeking communities help in regards to a premium def under $500k…..who do u think I need to be strongly considering……


        • OldOcker says:

          Sorry mate I hit the wrong reply I will have a look at stats and prices for you be back with a reply in a couple of minutes.

        • OldOcker says:

          Grant Birchall seems to be the best option under $500k in my opinion if you have to have someone this week. I myself went Andrew Walker who is not playing this week but I have cover with KoloJAZknee.

          • chandanrajdb says:

            Thanks Ocker,

            My current def

            J MaCveigh, M Hibberd, J Bartel, A Walker, D Swallow, T Langdon, W Langford, T Cutler…


  65. simon says:

    I think so. 520k is fair

  66. John says:

    Best upgrade from Polec who hasn't played… Already have Watson, NDS, Gaz and Libba. Price no issue

  67. Sac says:

    I want to possibility loophole Shentons' 100 (FWD Emg) but have Danger, Martin, Roughy, R Grey and Chappy to choose from in my fwdline. Does anyone think Chappy will have 100+? Roughy was my first thought but Hawks play GWS which lately have been exciting the arousal curves of opposition fwd's

    • OldOcker says:

      You have only mentioned 5 forwards?
      Dangerfield could possibly be a late out as well so your decision might be made for you.
      The arousal droop is getting a bit slack and worn out.

  68. Branks says:

    Is it a good idea to make Priddis captain this week? As he has averaged 136 over his last 3 against North Melbourne.

  69. Benno_S says:

    Alright, here's my dilemma. Going for league win with 75k in the bank. Sitting 11th, one game out of the 8, playing top spot. Thought I had him covered until his choices of cloke and buddy have got him in the box seat.

    I'm not far away from premium but my forward line has Lloyd, ambrose and and Charlie Cameron being bench and f6. Toying with the idea of bringing in big tex for Lloyd in the hope of scraping an extra 50-60 points to get me across the line. Is this just craziness?

    • Donavan says:

      Never trade for a league win, unless it is in a finals game. Remember your team is your team, don't be swayed by opposition, particularly this early in the season.

    • derek says:

      Tex is ok, what about Petrie?

    • Benno_S says:

      Thanks for the thoughts guys. Think I'll hold out this round and reset myself for next week. Bit like Geelong!

  70. David says:

    Can't take this anymore this year, ever since round 1 i have been raped by injuries suspensions and – 30 scores in every round. Now to continue this trend Wingard joins my party from hell!

    Here's a list of players that were in my team start of season, during and now:


    • OldOcker says:

      David, Chin up mate there is still the league win.
      Money for the highest score of the week.
      AND your own pride and determination to see the season out.
      NEVER give up mate.

    • dognino says:

      I'll see your list and raise

      Have 6 donuts sitting on my benches and 2 on field right now with

      • dognino says:

        How could I forget, also started with Rohan, McDonough and Barlow too.

  71. Hazey says:

    Pretty happy with bringing in Mackie over a premium mid for Polec :-/

  72. piewood1 says:

    1165 / 10……Just scored 669 from 5 players in the Brisbane v Carlton game Rocky 182, Zorko 131, Hanley 98, Murphy 156 & 102 from Docherty…….I'm stoked!

    • Jottie says:

      Nice mate! Goes to show , stick to your premiums! Your faith in them just paid off!!

      • piewood1 says:

        Only premos I got rid of were S.Mitchell due to injury & this week his namesake Tom coz I got tired of his no-selction. when they are both back & start to show something, I figure I can always buy them back at a cheaper price.

  73. michael says:

    Zorko the magnificent – YES!!

  74. derek says:

    i'm playing against someone predicted to score 2682!!!.

    • piewood1 says:

      Wow that's huge!!!….2 questions so hows things going for you? & are they on target for that score?

    • Jottie says:

      I'm playing I against you in raj's league mate obviously not that bloke your doing well, I'm proven performers I have been a bit unlucky I had win gard and enright wit no cover for cutler 🙁

    • Liam says:

      Im playing someone who is predicted to beat me and they dont even have Gaz or pendles???!!! Go figure

  75. Kenny Powers says:

    How can Hibberd get 91% DE when he has had 5 clangers from 23 possies? Propeller Heads again ..

  76. MightyDonsFC says:

    Up a bit too late last night, thought I put the C on smurph only to find out it was on gray. With walker out I accidentally fielded clurey instead of bews and to cap it all off Charlie Cameron appeared on my field when I though ambrose was starting 🙁

  77. taylorwoof says:

    Tom Rockliff STAR!

    That is all.

  78. BCHawks says:

    Still deciding whether or not to take Beams score or back Gazza.

  79. Aaron says:

    Danger or ablett captain?

  80. Liam says:

    Another Wayno's hot tip (wingard) bites the dust! Interesting to see now if Shenton is cursed and who Wayno puts the mock on in tonights podcast!! (please don't kill barlow for me wayno!!!)

    • Bit harsh on Wayno. Last 2 Wingard scored 98 & 100. He got KO’d yesterday. Shenton backed by his 99 with 100. I’d say the tips have been excellent. I’m shattered I didn’t get in Shenton!

      • Liam says:

        Just a gee up Itchy, carrying on from my post last week!! As am i mate, but there is light at the end of the tunnel – zac obrien!!

  81. Brent says:

    Guys quick ablett or danger as the big C

  82. Simon says:

    Not Sam Jacobs

  83. dognino says:

    YESSSS! Late change Lewis out, Langford back in. 1 less donut to worry about

  84. piewood1 says:

    1877 / 15 with Libba, Burnman Higgins, Pav, Sandi, Burgoyne, Langford & Boomer Harvey…..So hoping for a score of around 2500.

    • The Mullet says:

      I've got a feeling there will be some big scores this week. I wonder what par will be. Could be one of those weeks you need 2350+ just to stop going backwards.

  85. MightyDonsFC says:

    Jacobs and West this weekend. Lord have mercy on Lobbe!

  86. piewood1 says:

    So far I have 10 tons a 99 two 98s an 88 & a 71 which is my lowest score so far.

    • RooBoy says:

      13 tons, 99, 98, 96, 95, 92, lowest is 88. Burgoyne, Mumford, Harvey still in play.

    • dognino says:

      I ended up with 2250, with a donut in the ruck and wingards 10.

      10 tons, 6 in the 90's , 3 in the 70's and 2 in the 60's

  87. piewood1 says:

    Wow! looks like you will win the top spot of the week then….well done

    • RooBoy says:

      2332 with those 3 left. Don't know about top spot!
      Reckon there will be some big scores but in with a chance I s'pose.

  88. The Filth says:

    Final score 2416 – thanks to the late change for Langford, glad I didn't have to take Bews score….
    Not bad considering I didn't have any of the 'monster' scores of Cloke, Rockliff, Taylor Walker etc.
    Hopefully good enough to keep me in the top 100.

  89. piewood1 says:

    Looks like a higher than usual scoring round I have 2468 with Harvey to go. RooBoy must be on target for well over 2600

    • RooBoy says:

      Guys, what's the highest score for the car so far?
      I finished with a 2642.