The Jock Reynolds 2014 Community Survey

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Jock Reynolds - The Father of FantasyGday Community.

It’s no secret that we are bloody proud of this joint. We have assembled a community that we are so rapt and proud of.

The spirit of camaraderie – of positive and constructive fellowship – of equality for every human that visits these internet pages is something that we do not take for granted. It’s something we cherish.

We want to get better folks. And this week we’re asking for your help. Clicking the link below and filling out our 2014 Community Service will not only give us a good feel for where we’re at… but critically where we might be able to head into the future.

We want to make absolutely sure that this joint is here for many many years to come – and by completing  this survey you will help us chart a course towards a better more sustainable community who dances to nobody else’s drum but our own communities.

Click here to complete the Jock Reynolds 2014 Community Survey


Your Eyes Will Be Glued To This Site This Round:

PODCAST – End Of Bye Rounds PARTY

Tight Arse Tuesday – Round 11

Round 11 Prices and Breakevens

Round 11 Supercoach Scouting Report

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If i had a job i'd definately chip in 😉


Same with me 🙂


All the Community should try do this survey!


For sure. Can make something great into something extraordinary.


Well Said T/Finger.
This is our oppertunity to help ourselves to tailor what we want from Jock & the Crew


Done old mate!

Looking forward to the JR Community Supercoach Draft Premier League opening up next year!

You heard it from me first!

You guys are interested in this right?



Sounds grouse


can someone explain what a draft league is?


Like the afl draft, at the start of the supercoach season say I had pick 1, you had 2 and jock had 3 you could select any player that hasn't been chosen. For example I'd go Gary Ablett for my pick, you'd probably go with scott pendlebury and jock might go with nathan fyfe. You can also trade players with other people throughout the year and pick up free agents (players that haven't been drafted) along the way. Also, there is no salary cap!


Think of the end of year draft.

each of the 8-18 teams ion the "draft" pick, until all teams are full.

i.e. 1 Gary Ablett in the league. 1 Pendles. 1 Joel Selwood. etc.


How Jarrad Jansen hasn't made his debut yet for Geelong is beyond me

Captain joc

Can’t wait to see him


And that Titch can't get a game!

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Complete the survey peoples. Lets build a better community! Even though its awesome already. Keep up the awesome work boys!!!


Just needs an article dedicated to rookies each round and the site would be perfect!

Garglesnarf FC



who should i trade out for bews langdon or enright


Langdon. Not a keeper and while Fas is running around, Langdon won't be pumping out those 100+ scores

john snow

It won't allow me to complete the survey. Says its not live?

I agree that more time could be spent on rookies. It's a great site though Jock.


Same here


All good now just done it!
Forgot to add but maybe a Thursday night podcast a little earlier than 10 especially when the Thursday night foot is on like tomorrow night

Al .J

hey guys, if theres anyone who can work out BE's can you help me out.
What will pendleburys price be next week if he scores say 135.


I filled out the survey last night and have realized over the last 2 days that my comments are not showing (Although they appear to be) and I have not been able to get a response via email.
So I have had to open another account.
I spent 4 hours answering questions the other day and not one is posted. N0 bugs or virus in my system have scanned all and is clean.
Have I been banned for some reason?



Pendles will go up about $15,000 and new B/E would be about 100.


Awesome Jock just finished the survey, the only thing i wanted to change is if you swapped higgo and crouching from the sunday nigt podcast to the thursday night podcast.
Any thoughts community?


Done! Speaking for myself I would pay to get a monthly premium podcast episode, the boys provide plenty of value so I'd be willing to pay for it (and yes I am a donor!) Also what about some merchandise? I'd go to the footy in my Jock Reynolds beanie if I could. Probably download a few ring-tones too (" I trade ass off! BANG BANG!"). Then there's the full set of action figures, the matching pillow case/bed spread set, the stubbie holder…


Brilliant Frank, scarves and footys – I’m in


Hey Jock Comuter and Next G device what stubby coolers in the merchandising dept.


Bobble heads!


Video podcasts anyone??


Yeah, like last year. They were bloody good!


Love this community! Thank you for the opportunity too chuck my 2 cents in jock & co. Appreciate it !


Done the thing jocko, more articles on POD's was all I had to add, there's a few good ones at the mo, Brad Ebert, into my team this week. Boom


Done! Agree with MightyDons above, an article on rookies weekly would be fantastic.


Done, thanks to all. Not sure if it was subliminal but found myself in a semi autonomous state making this years donation after completing survey 🙂 PS: Hope Higgo gets his lady in that parallel universe … sounds like he'd had a few too many quarks.


Donesky. Cheers Jock


Glad to participate in the survey, have done my part.

Now onto the footy, can people let me know what they think of my ideas for the following weeks as per the team below:

DEF: McVeigh, Swallow, Suckling, Dunn, Jaensch, Langdon (Kolodjasnij, Clurey)
MID: Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Selwood, B Harvey, Cotchin, Polec, Crouch (Robertson, Acres)
RUC: Sandilands, Cox (Derickx, King)
FWD: Dangerfield, Dahlhaus, Wingard, Higgins, Fasolo, Lloyd (Impey Cameron)

$158k in the kitty. Thoughts are as follow for next few weeks:

This week: Polec > Griffin, Crouch > Mitchell
Next week: Dunn or Langdon > Bews or Gardiner, B Harvey Down to FWD line and Fasolo or Lloyd > Barlow

This should still give me a good 150-200k, and then when Mitchell matures a bit more in a few more rounds, Ill trade him up with the extra cash for another premo mid, maybe a Jack Steven, Jobe if I can afford, or JPK if I can afford that as well.

Thoughts on this? If your not a fan, make your suggestions? Thanks community!!!


Just not sold on Mitchell. The sub role will be hanging over him until he can establish his place in port's midfield. IMO he hasn't done that yet.


Thoughts for a suitable replacement trade?


Agreed, he's only a second year player, amongst a gun midfield, played 2 ripper games….
He can definitely make some cash, but so could someone like a Clay Beams who's a lot cheaper.


My opinion

Skip Mitchell with his 300k pricetag and questionable JS. Jump on bews this week.

Griffon has a lot of upside and value. I like the choice.

Captain joc

Instead of Mitchell & Griffen why don’t you go crouch to shenton pocket 120k then go polec to Watson/Barlow/rocky?


@Tman: Hes only 240k, I would argue that Bews has worse job security than Mitchell. Thanks for the advice though!!

@Captain joc: I could go Shenton but the reasoning behind Mitchell was that I could have a player at around 400k in around 3 weeks time, at which point I could do a straight upgrade for a premo. He would also be acting as a M8 for a few weeks whatever situation I choose. So if I choose Shenton I may be sacrificing a few points playing as M8, altough the cash generated by be higher.

From what I've seen of Mitchell, his endeavour for the ball although he may look a bit special (needs a haircut) is unmatched. His average of 100 and consistency seems pretty good and I feel like there are a few more candidates for the vest before Mitchell comes along.

Captain joc

He has to average a 100 until rd 15 to get to 440k but I just don’t think he will average 100 maybe 75-90
I think his job security isn’t the best either and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him have the vest soon


Mitchell carved it up in the WAFL in 2012 and won a sandover. I brought him in last year as he's mature age etc but copped the vest a lot. I think with a year in the system him, he will avoid the vest. I'm not going for him though. I'll bank cash by downgrading to Shenton and potentially either paint the fence or double down with Cameron. I haven't decided yet.


So if we believe that Mitchell has an average of 75-90, what do we see Shenton's average as 70-80?


Probably closer to 70 than 80, but I agree. I'll have Shenton on my bench so as long as he appreciates in the next few rounds, I'll be happy. The $100k, I save on going Shenton will be used to upgrade Polec or Langdon to Stevie J or Hibbert.

Mungos Men

True however with Enright’s ankle in disarray may be rested for a couple of weeks (which I hope not given hes in my team)bews may be handed games to mature the rig incase Enright doesn’t survive finals campaign… on another note word is billie smedts has been playing half back flank(watch this space)…


what have ya got to loose Avzmo, worth a punt i reckon, its a calculated risk, and supercoach is about taking a chance and being a little different to the norm, imo mitchell will make way more coin quicker than beams


Bloody great defence mate! Mine's nowhere! I have Simpson, Swallow, Enright, H Taylor, Langdon, Docherty, Bews and A Georgiou. My Feds suck aswell, but (injuries pending) I won't need to trade in my mids or rucks. My 2 ruck men are Sandi and Jacobs and my midfield is Gazza Pendles, Selwood, JPK, Murphy, Beams, Swan and Goddard.




I think the community podcast should be moved to a Wednesday when we have Thursday night games. By the time we get to listen to it, a lot of the content is useless.


Keen as beans to see what comes of this survey, as a long time visitor (rare poster) its been amazing to see how this community has grown.

Really am interested in a new "arm" for epl so i can smash everyone :p


I would love to see the great man’s weekly team and hear his thoughts on what he is actually going to be doing, then on Sunday/Monday he can show what he actually did and why.

shame shame

Do all you clowns realise that this “survey” is simply the beginning of an advertising and marketing storm! They can disguise it as something else but translation – MORE ADS!! Who says they’re not here to make money ay!


bring back the dislike button.. I say!

shame shame

@jottie – Survey says "suck my balls!"


Good call @Jottie


With the amount of time Jock and the lads put into this, they deserve some form of revenue, it doesnt hurt to have related adverts on the side, just ignore them mate and concentrate on the Supercoach goodness!


Here here, I hope they can make a full time living from it and retire rich men!


Have a nice day 'shame shame'…….spread the luv.,,,,you'll feel much much better!


Just completed. Cheers jock and co.

Idea is a joint team run by the experts with the aim of maximum team value by end of supercoach. This can act as a great rookie/cash cow guide through out the season. An weekly article on trades for this team and reasons/expectations.

Question am I stupid for not trading out mummy this week? Going with double downgrades to sheanton and bews instead.


I have done the survey, and happily did so. keep up the great work lads!


What to do with big boy mcevoy?


I was going to trade out Kade Kolo for Hibberd to basically finish my team (with a couple out lower premiums eg Enright).

My question is: Should I trade Enright out to Hibberd or hold enright and trade out KK?

Captain joc

Trade enright


What about the "Jock Reynolds" app, I would happily pay for this and it could have more articles that are more in depth then the website, and by doing this you could make a profit and it would be worth your time. What do you think Jock and community?


I filled out the survey last night and have realized over the last 2 days that my comments are not showing (Although they appear to be) and I have not been able to get a response via email.
So I have had to open another account.
I spent 4 hours answering questions the other day and not one is posted. N0 bugs or virus in my system have scanned all and is clean.
Have I been banned for some reason?



G'day Old Ocker … not sure if this will help but I created an account on Intense Debate (tab at bottom of comments) and just remain logged in on that (you can of course log in and out). Haven't received and marketing emails etc from that site so perhaps if you try that, you get a profile etc. but I only use it here with no problems. Good Luck.


Cheers mate have done but I can't have just "Ocker" anymore I had to change my name.


She'll be right mate.



Hi all!!

I haven't really asked for help in here before but I am in a real pickle!! I have a few issues with my backs and forwards and not really sure who I should trade in or out this week … just going for league wins here … any help would be greatly appreciated!!

B: Swallow, Burgoyne, Enright, Hanley, Suckling, Langford (Cutler, Cameron)
M: Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Selwood, Johnson, fyfe, Cotchin, langdon (hartung, shenton)
R: Sandis, Cox (Derickx, Thurlow)
F: Danger, Dusty, Dahlhaus, Rioli, Zorko, Taylor (Ambrose, Cameron)

Not sure if I should get rid of enright or rioli for better Premiums … or is that more of a sideways trade considering there only out for 1-2 weeks ?? I just have no idea lol

Was even thinking of downgrading Rioli to Franklin … Hes finally showing some good form and would give me some coin in the bank??

Cheers fellow SC Feends


Langfors to bews
Kelly to K.Mitchell


Kelly to K.Mitchell
Robertson to Shenton?


2nd option


how long is enright out for??


Can Sam Lloyd crack into a winning tigers outfit?

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