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Supercoach 2014 podcast

A time of celebration community!

A head thumping period of the AFL Fantasy and Supercoach season is over and this week we kick off directly from our end of bye period party.

The byes can well and truly get stuffed and we can all move forward into the middle of the season without having to worry about these dag on a sheep’s arse byes.

And as always we are presented with some challenging choices this week. Choices around who are the best trade in options. Who needs to go. Who should stay.

 *IMPORTANT NOTE: we’d be absolutely rapt this week if you could complete our community survey to help us nut out our plans for the next 12 months, look out for it this week on the site, facebook, the twitter etc*

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  1. John Connor says:

    Started the byes outside the top 10,000. Now in the top 5000. Thanks for the advice community, now let's finish the job!

  2. henry says:

    My team did $#*% today lads not happy. Only scored 1533
    any need for improvement or just a bad week.
    def: bartel, mcveigh, hibberd, landgon, Enright, hurn (georgiu, clurey)
    mid: ablett (cap 🙁 ), pendles, beams, selwood,libba,Sloane,Tyson,dunstan (acres,crouch)
    ruck: sandiballs, mcevoy (derickx, thurlow)
    fwd: danger,gray,zorko,Higgins,roughead,fasolo (Lloyd, shenton)
    Have 82k in the bank and 16 trades help needed!

    • Mebois says:

      i would say trade dunstan to cameron or lennon through shenton dpp. then langdon to maybe hanley.

      • henry says:

        i can feel langdon getting his be of 74 this week against my saints.
        will trade dunstan for one of those and then upgrade crouch or sam lloyd.

      • Kev says:

        Hanley hasn't topped the 100 since round 3. I'd look elsewhere until he can find some consistency

        • Captain joc says:

          Dunstan to Cameron as said above

          Crouch to premo mid if not named again

          • henry says:

            can afford anyone under 566k thoughts?

            • Sulzeer says:

              how many trades left? What about Dunstan to Kane Mitchell Son?

              • henry says:

                16 trades mate

                • Sulzeer says:

                  So you got plenty, Trading down from Dunstan to Mitchell, as mitchell is on the bubble, scoring well and could be a good bit of business for a few weeks and take you upto another premo

          • Emmanuel says:

            Wasn’t overly impressed with Cameron. I included him this week but concerned about the performance. What are your thoughts?

            • henry says:

              same mate. would love for him to have scored higher this week. but as long as he can keep his name on the sheet ill take it!

    • pete says:

      have a serious look at k Mitchell midfielder port 240g ave100 dis 17.5 ..ave 8.tackles on the bubble price due to rise 150 g next 3 . be -56. . he looks tough as nails im seriously thinking of trading him but how is my issue. you have plenty trades 16 . Dunston still has a little bit of coin to be had but nothing compared to Mitchell. . and langdon 411g or enright upto D swallow gcs 501g be worth a thought .

    • James says:

      Mcevoy got injured on saturday night so maybe him

    • trev says:

      You need to move dunstan out now! And think about Tyson, need full premium midfield within the next 2 weeks

      • henry says:

        tyson you reckon mate? not sure if hes a keeper… Job security very very good. scoring well.

  3. Scano says:

    Langdon! never scores well when Fas is in the side

    • LukTon says:


      Bringing in a forward this week, but cannot choose between Parker and Dahlhaus. The emotional me wants to go with Dahlhaus cos I love the bloke, but the more composed me wants to go with Parker.

      I can see Dahlhaus pumping out bigger scores with dull weeks when either his production is down or if the Doggies smashed, and I see Parker as giving me around about 100 every week with very good consistancy and in a great side consistantly plumping up his scores a bit. I do, however, see both averaging pretty much the same scores from now till the end of the season.

      WHICH ONE?? It's hard, but at the moment I'm leaning towards Parker. What do you think community?? Parker or Dahlhaus?

      (I am open to other suggestions, but just not keen on Boomer)

  4. Jimmy says:

    Thoughts on Matt Priddis as a POD. Seems to be hitting some form and good draw to come.

    • Steve says:

      jet got him

    • pieofgod says:

      only problem with Priddis is his ceiling – he's an M8…. as he's a 95-100 kinda guy. If thats all you want/need then he's as consistent as anyone at that level. Trouble is that the Mid Field spots could be filled with so many guns worthy of taking above him

  5. Jack says:

    Love the Work Fellas!!

    Community what do i do, Polac, Langdon, Thumber ( KK), 1 has to go this week to a premo!! Who should be the unluckly one?

    • Azmataz says:

      The one with the highest breakeven mate. Which happens to be Polec with 123. The other 2 Haven't quite maxed out yet.

      • LukTon says:

        I dunno Azmataz, i get the feeling we've seen the best of Langdon for the year now.

        I'm still with you on lopping off Polec first – his high profit margin, mixed with the super cheap premo midfielders who are available right now, make for a great time to trade him, but consider downgrading Langdon to cash him in this week too.

        • Azmataz says:

          Yes but have you looked at who the Pies have in the next 3 games? StK, Melb and WB. I'm just saying it may be worth holding for a week if you have other priorities around the park. That is if he is at your D6. If you have 2 rookies on field in your defence, move him on.

  6. Tommy says:

    brilliant stuff jock mate!

  7. John says:

    Fellas looking to get rid of
    1 of Lloyd, Acres or Ambrose for Shenton
    1 of Polec, Wright for a premium.
    Any thoughts

    • Tom.H says:

      why would you get rid of Lloyd? He still has a -ve BE. Im holding onto Acres as an M10 just waiting out until he comes back, and Ambrose just holding as a F6. Do you really need to waste a trade in going to Shenton?

      Out of Polec and Wright, go Polec for a premo MID

    • Kevin Horton says:

      Acres – Will be sitting on the pine for another month or so.
      If Polec is your M7-8 I'd leave him for now and upgrade Wright.

  8. oliverfisher says:

    Considering going
    Laidler, Polec out
    Pendlebury and Bews in

    45k in the bank and this is my current squad

    Def: Swallow, Jaensch, Birchall, Murphy, Hanley, Langdon ( Tippett, Laidler)

    Mids: Beams, Rockliff, Selwood, Fyfe, Cotchin, Shuey, Tyson, Polec ( Sheed, O'rourke)

    Rucks: Sandilands, Goldstein ( Derickx. Currie)

    Forwards: Dangerfield, Rioli, Martin, Roughead, Dahlhouse,, Zorko ( Cameron, Lloyd)

    I don't have much cover on the bench so should be looking at a couple of downgrades instead and get rid of Lloyd and Tippett and focus on upgrades later on?

    • rosco_peco says:

      Tippett > Bews as he will be out for a while recovering from a boob job.

      Tough going with the second trade, like you say not much bench cover in the mids, maybe even a Sheed/O'Rourke > Langdon > Bews and upgrade Polec?

      • Garglesnarf FC says:

        Bews will be out for Smedts either this week or next. Avoid

        • rosco_peco says:

          Good to know Gargles! almost brought him in last week but decided on Cameron and J.Selwood, so will hold off now. who would you recommend instead of Bews? Looking to get in one of Liberatore or JPK, GODDARD!!!, team currently as follows;

          BAC: Simpson, Bartel, Swallow, McVeigh, Hibberd, Kolodjashnij, Langdon, Langford
          MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Beams, Rockliff, Selwood, Parker, Cotchin, Tyson, Hallahan, Acres
          RUC: Sandilands, Jacobs, Thurlow, King
          FWD: Dangerfield, Dahlhaus, Martin, Gunston, Zorko, Z.Merrett, Ambrose, Cameron

          $56K in the kitty mate, not sure who to drop.

          • Garglesnarf FC says:

            Super solid squad! I can see why Langdon to Bews would work though but you would end up stuck with a donut at D8. See if he gets named for number 3 and maybe take the punt.

            Only alternatives I can identify are 1) a cheap 102k defender as a donut for more cash? or 2) a 191k defender in Brodie Martin, his 7 drops off this week so he should make you around $75k in 3 weeks.

            Not great options either way.

    • WombatsFC says:

      Do whatever you can to get Pendle or Gaz.

  9. Mebois says:

    i scored 1883 this week, pretty happy with that but dont know what trades to make this week.

    DEF: swallow, bartel, hibberd, mcveigh, b.smith, kolo (langdon, langford)
    MID: Ablett, pendles, beams, libba, cotchin, polec, hunter, crouch (hallahan, acres)
    RUC: Sandi, jacobs (currie, thurlow)
    FWD: Danger, wingard, gunston, pav, fasolo, walker (cameron, jkh)


    • WombatsFC says:

      Get Rockliff, Parker,Fyffe, Johnson, Gray and/or Ned Kelly Simpson.
      Trade Langford,Polec,Hunter,KK,JKH,Crouch

      • Mebois says:

        1. i have 182k
        2. kolo isnt going anywhere and could be a keeper. best rookie this imo after polec.
        3. i traded rockliff to ablett just before his late withdrawal.
        who should i trade for shenton im thinking hunter.
        and if i did that i would have 290k, but im looking at kane mitchell and i think he is kind of a wingard, wingard was bad in season 1 but has now blossemed but wingard was pick 5. but mitchell did win sandover medal.

  10. Pat says:

    hey jock another wonderful podcast, so wise!!!
    Need some help with the trades this week, who to go out of: Langford, Langdon, Polec, Georgiou, L.Taylor, S.Llyod,P. Ambrose or COTCHIN???

  11. Ryan says:

    Howdy community,
    I'm predicted to win all 5 leagues this week, so am considering a double downgrade. Currently have 125k in the bank.
    If I were to go with the double downgrade, my trades would be
    Langdon –> bews
    Acres –> Shenton, leaving me with 419k

    Alternatively if I go one up, one down these are the trades I've been contemplating:
    Acres –> Shenton
    Langdon to one of Michael Johnson, nick malceski or Andrew mackie, I'm leaning towards Mackie, 50k cheaper than the other two, and if you take his injury affected 57 out of his average he's averaging 100.
    What do you guys think is the better trade plan, and if it's one up and one down who should be the premium defender I bring in?
    Cheers community,many help greatly appreciated 🙂

  12. Jdawg says:


    • Sulzeer says:

      in same boat but with only 1 fwd rookie on field, between impey, lloyd or ambrose, Id just leave it, for a few weeks, we have not got many trades.. so unless you need to move someone on id be just leaving it alone.. well thats my plan anyway.

      • Ryan says:

        Agree Sulzeer, wait a couple of weeks and Zorko will be somewhere in the range of 300-350k.

        • Sulzeer says:

          not sure id be interested in bringing in a zorko into finals the way hes been scoring lately no matter how cheap he is, higgins looking more and more likely to be a keeper as the weeks go by…

          • Ryan says:

            The word is he had an illness last time out, yes he only scored 12 but take that out of his average and when he was fully fit he was averaging 96, if he's at say 325k, it is a steal

            • Sulzeer says:

              interesting, they said Rocky had a migraine a few weeks back, still managed a 95 by memory.. built with stronger stuff i guess. 325k he would be a handy F6 I guess, worth the risk, atleast hes more likely to be a bit more reliable over a Lloyd if he plays or a Impey..

            • Garglesnarf FC says:

              He only played because Rockliff was even worse, if it had been a home game the Lions would had several more changes, and Zorko would not have played. He is 100% in a 2 weeks time.

          • Captain joc says:

            Migraine and gastro are 2 completely different things a lot harder to play with gastro then a migraine

            • shallots says:

              very true- zorko sharted about 10 times throughout the game and was thinking about the dunny. And if Rocky played with a migraine then he is a superstar!!!! Most people who suffer migraines besides having excruciating pain have blurred vision, dizziness, feel extremely sick and usually need darkness and a quiet place where they can sleep for 2 days. Yet alone playing AFL!!! Hats off to you Rocky!!

    • Tom.H says:

      I'm in the same situation as you. I'm going to hold my team for as long as I can now, and then bring in a FWD premo that is performing come finals time. Gray, Harvey, Wingard might all drop off come the finals and people like Pav might start scoring really well.
      HOLD YOUR TEAM AS LONG AS YOU CAN!!! You want about 6 trades going into finals

    • Bellybuttonfluff says:

      I'm in same situation but if we get rid of the last two rooks can we hold our trading finger only for injuries until round 18 or something. I am going to try. I figure I've had my run of injuries for the year early. So I'm gonna give it a go.

  13. Ocker says:

    JOCK and COMMUNITY RE: P.O.D (As asked on podcast Thursday)
    I am giving my view of "Point of Difference", Which in Bean-Counter terms is associated with "Price Point" as well to maximise a companies profit.
    It is all about having an advantage over your opposition.

    When we look at what a POD is in Super-Coach terms It is not necessarily having a different player but at what price and at what stage of the season you pick the same player up at to maximise our scores. We are all looking to gain some sort of an advantage over everyone else. This can be done in a number of ways.
    Planning your team strategy at the start of the season is a POD as is "who you pick" but also "who you don't pick" for you team.

    Given the bye situation I only wanted 2 players out of round 8 in the midfield so I decided on Ablett and Beams with the plan of picking up Pendlebury and J Selwood after their byes.Given their current prices and scores I have made the correct decision. We need to look at value for money. One Hundred Thousand teams had Pendlebury at the start of the year but I chose not to as a POD.

    Profit Total Points
    Ablett $59,400 1212
    Beams $86,700 962
    Total $146,100 in financial profit for 2174 Points.

    Pendlebury -$50,300 1035
    J Selwood -$89,200 959
    Total -$139,500 in financial loss for 1994 Points.
    Looking at these figures I am 180 points better off and money saved from my initial 10 million starting value which allowed me to get Dangerfield instead of Wingard at the start of season. Choosing the right team in the first place can be a POD.
    It could be argued why I did not start with Pendlebury as well for more points but I had to make a choice regarding byes and my score over the byes has made up for points lost in the first 7 rounds. If I lost any at all.

    Short of writing an encyclopedia I liken the phrase POD to the word "if".
    When I was a kid we were always told that the word "IF" was the shortest word in the dictionary with the longest meaning. "If only I had picked up that player last week" Are you guilty of saying that?
    OR If only I left the big C on Ablett?

    Making the right decision at the right time.
    Cheers Community hope this gives you an understanding of "POD".

    • shallots says:

      yeh but all of that is neither here nor there. You started with Danger I didnt and got him 70K cheaper than you- but who were the other 27 players in your starting team.

      POD explains itself and means being different. Whether you started with Pendles or not- if your team ends up with him like everyone then there is no point of difference- so the example you give 'if' isnt quite true. If you want POD's- what Jock and the boys are talking about and the rest of the community are talking about then you want players that everyone else is unlikely to start OR finish with.

      No matter how you look at it Pendles is NOT a POD and never will be.

      If you want a list of POD's for this year then here go's-
      JPK, Libba, Boyd, NDS, Ward, Sloane, Jacobs, N Jones, R Gray, Prestia, Priddis, Sidebottom, Gibbs, Ebert, Hanneberry, Rockliff, SJ, Treloar, Montagna, K Simpson, K Jack, Barlow, Heppell, Dahlhaus, Deledio, Macrae, Goddard Redden, Mundy, Omear, Boak, Wines and L Parker.

      They are 33 out of the top 50 averaging players this year and all POD's and all somewhat cheaper than other similar scoring prems. But how many do you have? And these are the POD of the league and who they are referring to.

      If you have any of the above players then you have high scoring POD's

      And the profit/points comparison you have is only valid for round 10. 5 weeks ago those numbers would have been different and if 5 weeks they will also be different.

      The biggest skill is also based on luck and it comes down to what rookies you start with, what players get injured and most importantly who and when you trade.

      • Ocker says:

        Hi shallots, Yes you got Dangerfield at the right time which became a point of difference.
        Your last sentence summed up exactly what I was using as an example which is a POD.

        "The biggest skill is also based on luck and it comes down to what rookies you start with, what players get injured and most importantly who and when you trade"

        I was just answering a question of Jock's interest to hear of the Communities opinion on what a POD is if you listened to Thursday nights Podcast.
        I do not have a microphone and I was giving my opinion where it could be read.
        I understand what you are saying but I am not here to cause an argument and opinions should be welcomed in this Community not picked on.


      • Ocker says:

        By the way shallots, Thank You for taking the time to at least read my opinion.


      • liam says:

        Hi ocker, I can completely understand what you are saying but imo the example you are giving describes “value” more than POD. I don’t really buy into this whole notion of POD and think people get carried away with it. I posted on here a few weeks ago that Paddy Ryder should be brought in. Most people consider him a POD however I got him because of his price and potential output – value! For opinions sake I think POD simply means a player that only a small number of teams have at the time when that player is going well! I’m sure a lot of people jumped on Gibson from north melbourne thinking they were getting a great “pod” and it has backfired!!


        • Ocker says:

          Hi liam, Value is part of it mate and that is why I also said that making the right decision at the right time is also a very important part of being a point of difference. You are exactly right mate in what you are saying. Right decisions regarding players and picking them up at the right price is a point of difference. The 30 trades brought into the equation makes the decisions we make even more important.
          To sum the whole POD opinion up, It is actually a business module on it's own and hence my reference to the word "If". The whole explanation cannot be described in one short post.
          I am sure if Jock reads this he would appreciate your thoughts as I do.

          Cheers, and good luck with Paddy.

    • WombatsFC says:

      Hi Ocker, thanks for your insights mate and I agree that the decision to not-select a payer is as much a point of difference as the decision to select a player; the laws of physics confirm it.
      However I don't believe that your cost v benefit analysis of your decision to not get Pendle & Selwood is relevant in isolation because your decision also had an influence on every other player that you selected in your squad and, will continue to impact all future decisions.
      In actuality there are no Points Of Difference unless you have players that are not in any other team.
      A lot of the Players listed by Shallotts are in less teams than other players but this only makes them less popular in general. If more than 7 the other 17 coaches in your league all have a particular player he's not a Pod even though he's only owned by 0.5% of coaches overall.

      • Ocker says:

        HI Wombat, You are right again mate maybe I should have not used an example as such. Just trying to give an insight into what a POD means to us in Super-Coach. The whole selection process of your starting team is a POD. I like the analysis of your league assessment although at the time of writing I was looking at the overall situation of winning the $.
        I was just giving an opinion that seems to have started a debate which was not my intention but I am sure Jock will enjoy reading this post because I think that it is what he was looking for. (Our Opinions)

        PS: Still after stats?

        • Captain joc says:

          My opinion is you shouldn’t look for PODS, you should just go for the best 22 players you can get

          • Ocker says:

            Hi Captain, That is my way of thinking too mate but just answering a question that Jock asked of the Community which seems to have sparked the right response.


    • throttlefinger says:

      Great insight as always, Ocker.

      Yeah, POD is like the wind. Shifts league to league and round to round. It's something that I've tried to be conscious of yet not led by the nose too much by. In fact, I think early on I went a bit POD heavy (Dunn & Houli) and it bit me in the backside. Now try to be more sensible about it.

  14. Tom.H says:

    Why is everyone thinking of getting rid of Sam Lloyd? HE STILL HAS A -VE BREAK EVEN PEOPLE!!!

    • Cozza says:

      Because he still needs to get a game for his negative break even to be worth any $$. If he’s not named in next few weeks, he is no good to you unless you are short of trades or don’t need cash from other sources

    • Sulzeer says:

      some probably need someone actually playing..

    • WombatsFC says:

      Relton Roberts same team and might have even been the same number.

      • WombatsFC says:

        Matt Thomas has his spot and with Cotchin playin like cheese eating surrender monkey they need all the muscle they can get in the middle so, Lloydy will have to wait until someone else stuffs up.

    • throttlefinger says:

      Keep him. Use as loop. BE is too low to off. Form has been good. Dimma tinkering so may be out again.

  15. Nick says:

    Want to get rid of wright who should I get i was thinking pavilch thoughts

  16. mike says:

    Traded my ass off over last 3 weeks now am holding and bracing for injuries until taking the leagues and the comp.

    backs: Bartel, Swallow, McVeigh, Hibberd, Enright, Suckling (Cutler, Georgiou)

    Mids: GAJ, Beams, Selwood, Watson, Swan, Libba, Murphy, Polec (Hartung, Acres)

    Rucks: Sandi, Gold (Currie, Thurlow)

    Forwards: Danger, Martin, Pav, Zorko, Bud, Higgins (Cameron, Shenton)

  17. Ben says:

    Thoughts on Mick Barlow? CHEEEEEEAAAP

    • Sulzeer says:

      I think he will drop a little more, not alot but a little, will he cop Picken next weekend?

      • Beady Eye says:

        No one ever tags Barlow.

        • WombatsFC says:

          Ross Lyon is coach, anticipate a bye from Freo premo's in final four rounds = SC finals

          • Beady Eye says:

            I'm curious as to whether that was the first time he rested his guns en masse, or did he do the same thing at St Kilda?

            I know everyone talks about that game like a SC horror story, but it might have been more due to the particular situation (ie. Freo already virtually locked into 3rd spot) than a trend.

          • @TyLuton says:

            Will Ross have the same luxury this year?

    • Ben says:

      he would be an absolute #treat if he wasn't going to be rested, its inevitable. However, I could use him as a stepping stone to a, say, Pendlebury, and then go BANG. Flag under the belt

  18. Jottie says:

    G'day jock very happy with the teams performance ended up with 1932, took pendles vc and gained 20000 places in rank went from 45 too 25000 overall although I think I may be clawing too much back to win it this year, your master class along with crouching mr crimmins Higgs and the baron have me looking forward too next year already have learnt too always go with the gut have gone with the gut 6 /10 times this season and they have paid off next year it will be 10/10 you guys are legends thanks you for all your interesting articles

  19. Branon2416 says:

    what is rory sloanes b/e??

  20. henry says:

    also jock mate,
    what i want as part of the community is way longer sunday podcasts if possible!
    there bloody incredible

  21. Clayton says:

    Hey Jock/Community. Stuck on trades this week:
    Thinking of going either
    Langford – Bews
    Dunstan – One of Barlow/Priddis/Boak/Prestia… Leaning towards Barlow at the moment.
    This means I field LangDON as my D6
    Langdon – Bews
    Dunstan – Fyfe.
    Would really love Fyfe but it means I have LangFORD as my D6.

    Do you reckon Langford will score similarily then Langdon this week or will we see more 100's…?

    • Captain joc says:

      Fasolo back in the pies side don’t expect big scores from Langdon, Langford got a breakeven of 42, Langdon breakeven is 74 I’d trade out Langdon cop the Langford as D6 on the chin for a week then next week you can downgrade to someone else and then upgrade Langford depending on his score I reckon Langford could get up in the 70-90s this week playing against gws

    • Jacob Black says:

      I’d consider Goddard. Averaging about 115 without that injurey affected score of 11. And hes playing teams he plays well against come finals.

      • Clayton says:

        Holy shit I never even considered Goddard! Just checked out his stats then. Thank you sir!

    • WombatsFC says:

      LangFORD has GWS this week I think he'll score significantly more this week than Langdon even if Fasolo doesn't play.

  22. Captain joc says:

    Anyone considering Kane Mitchell from port instead of shenton?

    • Ocker says:

      Yes Captain.

      • Captain joc says:

        Looking pretty juicy hey!!

        • Ocker says:

          Giving very serious thought to him, Appears vest days are over and looking strong, Had a shocker this week if a player got injured or played bad I had him. Lost 3,000 places this week.
          Will have to take drastic steps maybe and Mitchell looks at least a good stepping stone even if it is the wrong time of year to be doing that. (6 guns on bench didn't help)


          • Captain joc says:

            Yeah I got 1774 from 17 was hoping for 1900 but gazza as captain was a letdown
            Yeah I reckon Mitchell could be a very good M8 to average between 70-100?? Then bang make 200k free off someone else and upgrade him to the best available mid

            Not only that port seem to be winning and that normally helps a little bit

            • Ocker says:

              Looking to use him as a stepping stone to Stevie J when his price bottoms out at the moment.
              Holding that last mid 8 spot and he could well be a safe bet to do that.
              Just going to have tea and then update my stats for the week and have a good look at the situation.


          • Captain joc says:

            Yeah although shenton is really worth it at 155k I like him but she tons next 5 are: COLL, port, geel, WCE, RCH
            Compared to Mitchell next 5: mel(tio park), ST.K, syd, WB, adel(basically home game)
            CAPS= home games

    • WombatsFC says:

      I think Shentons DPP status make him a far more valuable than Mitchell. If one of your forwards goes down you can use Shenton to cover. can't do that with Mitchell.

    • Kris says:

      I REALLY like Mitchell – THOUGH hes a bit too pricey for my liking this part of the year, and me personally I wouldn't want him on the field in the final stages of the season meaning I would end up trading him out. That said I would feel more comfortable grabbing a player under 200k, as money is easier to make.
      I would now only consider Mitchell Just to have some solid bench cover if poo hits the fan with injuries.

  23. Sleepy says:

    What about GAJ? Who do we pick as the C now if the MRP get onto his elbow in the face of Picken?

    • Ocker says:

      Worry about that if it happens.
      The only thing that it will affect is the Brownlow. You still have VC and C choices.
      What happens if GAJ retires next week?


    • shallots says:

      Bookies will be super happy this week- GAJ will easily win the brownlow but will be inelligible because according to nearly every football commentator he is gone for a week- no if buts or maybes it seems. Throwing out the elbow is like the knee- it is almost physically impossible for it to hit someone accidently.

      JPK the best replacement for GAJ as C I reckon

    • Kenny Powers says:

      No way will he get a game .. It's GOD jnr. we are talking about here .. if it was a rookie or no name player they'd be guaranteed at least a week – that's just how the AFL rolls!! Take the Judd elbow to the face of Pav a couple years back as a precedence .. forceful enough to draw blood but NO suspension .. as he had priors we can only assume it was be bcoz it was the much-loved Judd.

      • Gary rohan the spud says:

        even if he gets done he can plead guilty and 25% will be lost which means he will get one week but the guilty plea will mean he wont miss any weeks. however he will still be ineligible for the brownlow

  24. Dean says:

    First and foremost awesome podcast as always Jock, Higgo, Crouching & Wayno.

    Dear Jock and community your advice would be much appreciated as im hoping to have a complete premium side by round 13 if possable. I currently have $240,000 in the warchest and have 15 trades left.

    In round 11 im considering trading out POLEC for JP KENNEDY
    Then also trade out JPK and bring in CAMERON SHENTON. This will leave me with $200,300 in the warchest leading into round 12 I really wanted to get MARTIN in my forward line this week but due to my reminder on my phone not going off, I totally forgot and missed out. I would like to get MARTIN in my side this week as his B/E is 53 but then again so is JP KENNEDY.

    My side so far is this.




    Hope to hear back from you guys soon, as your advice will be greatly appreciated. Good Luck community.

    • shallots says:

      wow mate get JPK if you can afford him- he is seriously going to smash this competition open and mark my words- EVERYONE will start with JPK in 2015. I heard he got back to back 20 contested possesions in his last 2 games. First player to ever do that supposedly. Actually it may have been first player to get 20 contested possesions twice full stop. But dont quote me on that last one.

  25. Sleepy says:

    Hi Ocker just creating a bit of a stir. It probably wont happen and we all know he wont retire but I watched the game and it was like hey "I am Garry Ablett why aren't you looking after me umpire?" Throwing his arms about and shaking his head. Hell he got 5 free kicks. How many stars get a tag and don't carry on like that?

    • Ocker says:

      Sleepy, I did realize that mate and know where you are coming from I watched it too but he did cop a bit from every dog that came near him as they went past. Pretty sure all free kicks were after he spoke to the umpires too.


      • Sleepy says:

        Cheers Ocker. Yep and nothing personal against GAJ or anybody else but I just find it a bit of a no brainer with no challenge at all throwing the C on GAJ every week. I wonder how many SC teams lost this week coz he had a bad day?

        • Ocker says:

          I won my main league but had a shocker of a week if someone got injured or scored badly I had them.
          Lost 3,000 places this week. I cannot pick the right VC so GAJ has been Captain every week for me so far. Six Guns on bench did not help. Team looks good with everyone back on the ground.


        • Emmanuel says:

          Yep, GAJ cost me an important league game…

  26. lostlarrikin says:

    Currently holding Taylor, Ambrose and Lloyd up fwd (one on field).
    Considering moving Taylor to Cameron to make cash for the Langdon > Bartel upgrade.

    Would prefer to hold fire and conserve trades but with Langdon bottoming out and Jimmy set to rise, the time seems right.

    Thoughts? (13 trades left)

  27. Anthony says:

    Currently have 169.200 in the bank and only 12 trades left. I need help mainly with forward i think, my side so far is this.
    Bartel, Swallow, Mcveigh
    KK, Burgouyne,Cutler
    Fuller, Flynn

    Ablett, Watson, Beams, Selwood
    Rockliff, Johnson, Fyfe,Shenton
    Acres, Spina

    Sandilands, Gundy
    Currie, Nankervis

    Dangerfield, Roughead, Martin
    Fasolo, Lloyd, Walker
    Ambrose, Honeychurch

    Planning on trading out someone for zorko.

    • Azmataz says:

      Hold off on Zorko as he will drop in price more with a BE of 137. I think you need to sort out your defence with Cutler on the field. You can get some cheap, solid defenders at the moment, such as Hanley for $420k or Enright for $430k. Ideally you would want a Simpson or a Hibberd but they are expensive. But since Cutler is only at $220k you are a bit short. KK is doing ok at the mo and his BE is only 50 so no rush to ship him on.
      Maybe even Grundy to NicNat could be a good trade now..
      Good luck

      • Anthony says:

        What if i trade out lloyd, switch Shenton to forward and pick Hartung?

        • Azmataz says:

          I would avoid Hartung as he has already had his first price rise and does not have good job security. Maybe consider Kane Mitchell from Port, as he is a gun and is averaging 100, BE is -57 and has a much better job security than Hartung. He is priced at $240k but is worth it and will score better while he is making you money.
          See if LLoyd is playing this week first as he is also a gun and has a negative BE. But then again Fasolo has StK, Melb and WB in the next 3 games so COULD go good.

  28. Tom says:

    Thought on Fyfe or Kennedy or any other midfielder.
    I already have Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Rockliff, Watson, Selwood, Polec, Hartung,(crouch, acres)
    Looking to upgrade Polec this week

    • Azmataz says:

      Yeah mate both look good options. I would go JPK out of those two if you have the cash. I would do the same but fall just short, so might hold.

  29. Azmataz says:

    Who will make the most cash community? Kane Warhorse Mitchell or Cameron the beast Shenton?

  30. Michael says:

    Hi everyone.

    I have 188 000 to upgrade either KK, Polec or Lewis Taylor. What should I do? Also only have 9 trades left but I’m ranked in the top 300, so not all doom and gloom. Cheers

    • Kev says:

      If you've been playing this game for a few years, Michael, you'll know that the end of season "general soreness" is likely to rear his head once more. I'd be very cautious with my trades from this point forth.

      Taylor has a 4b.e, KK 50-odd, I'd keep those two. Polec has a high b.e of 123, though personally I'm not rushing to trade him out. A solid M8 and has shown he can have a high ceiling

      • Michael says:

        thank you Kev! Will probably reverse trades and hold onto Langford, as he will provide good cover when a premium is out for a week

    • chandanrajdb says:

      Upgrade Polec to someone Premo Midfielder…..there are plenty of option to choose from……


    • Kris says:

      hold your trades

  31. wes says:

    Hi Community
    Toughy for me – who would you pick as an upgrade for Jack Macrae? I feel it is time to let him out to pasture…
    Current mids in my team – Stevie J, GAJ, Cornes, Beams, Swan, Polec, Sam Gibson, (Dom Tyson, Jake Lloyd)

    Options –
    Promote Tyson to P8, downgrade Macrae to ???? and gain some $$$ (Shenton in?)
    Keep Tyson on bench, upgrade Macrae to ???? ( Josh Kennedy??)

    Am thinking having Tyson on bench is just wasting money now. So maybe a better question is who to keep out of Tyson, Polec and Macrae?
    I could do with some $ for my DEF

    • Tom.H says:

      trade out polec for Josh Kennedy

      • wes says:

        thanks Tom
        that still leaves me with a mid pricer on the bench… Most people seem to think in here Polec out is a good idea now.
        Which of Tyson and Macrae would you lose? and who for?

        • Dean says:

          Wes defiantly trade out Polec and get either JPK or FYFE

          Secondly Regarding who to get rid of out of Macrae or Tyson, that's easy trade out Macrae due to his B/E at 90 compared to Tyson's B/E which is only 14 and he is projected to increase $38k

          Hope that helps you make up your mind.

    • Kris says:

      After this week I would trade Tyson.
      Trade Polec this week due to high BE though he still scores very well consistantly so you can keep playing him on the field if your in no rush and are happy to preserve some trades.
      Macrae would be the last on my list. He wont change in price much from here on out.

  32. Tom says:

    Should I upgrade langdon or downgrade? Only have $430,500. Was looking at rampe maybe or is there good downgrade options like young bews? Thanks

  33. James says:

    Thought on M.Crouch to Kane Mitchell and then polec to either fyfe or kennedy, fyfe has the easier run home…

  34. wes says:

    Community and particularly Jock and team!!

    Hot topic for me, captian killers – I am talking taggers.
    Can you list the best captain killers going around this year – some stats on who they control.
    Would be interesting to see those for the likes of mcaffer and co.
    e.g. – a friend has Montagna, and is considering trading him out for a big reason that he will get the mcagger tag this round and not only not score points, but drop $$$ big time too…


  35. Benno says:

    Dumped Ablett on Friday, enjoyed spending his $750,000 but more enjoyed watching him stink it up! Biggest risk of the season just paid off!

    • Itchy Nuts Pieman says:

      Benno you have the biggest balls of all. Can you get him back? Who'd you spend your cash on?

    • Garglesnarf FC says:

      Considering doing the same thing this week. Ablett to KMitch this, and trade him back in for Polec in three weeks time. Will allow my last defensive upgrade to be done next week, and will leave a $300k war chest after rnd 14 to use on the run home.

      Its the best way for me to maximise my points output next week, and generate cash over the next three.

      • Benno says:

        Could work, but sounds pretty risky. The biggest risk is that he comes back with 180 this week and no price change. Could you go straight to Langdon to a def premium and Polec down to Shenton / Lennon / Kmitch?

        I only did it because I'm now sitting on full premium across all lines with 13 trades to spare.

    • Derek says:

      haha, I mentioned that in a post last week and there were howls of protest. I see SUNS having a very tough run of games coming up and knew that Gaz would have a couple of below par scores, didn't think it would be so soon.

      • Benno says:

        Totally agree, the question now is when to get hime back in and who for!

      • Buzzer says:

        It's a really interesting point. I've often found that Gaz scores heavily against better teams as his young teammates struggle.

  36. Itchy Nuts Pieman says:

    Landgon people. I'd suggest hold for a week or 2 before pulling the trigger. Has the Saints & Melbourne next 2.

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      That just means it won't go down back much

      • Itchy Nuts Pieman says:

        Depends on your priorties. I'm looking at going up to Hibberd for hopefully 80k. And Langford to Hanley for 100k.

    • Beady Eye says:

      I don't think people's concern with Langdon is over the opposition, more so the fact Fasolo is back and stealing his role.

    • Garglesnarf FC says:

      Break even of 75 this week and about 110 next week. Time to upgrade him either this week or next before his price goes south.

      Fasolo playing really stuffs his scoring

  37. MightyDonsFC says:

    Downgrade to Kane Mitchell or Liam shiels? Need a mid priced midfielder that will make 100k and have a 90avg for a few matches

  38. Marcus J says:

    alot of poeple seem to be thinking about jumping on bews but i wouldn't recommend it. he has minimal job security i reckon.

    • Itchy Nuts Pieman says:

      I'm with you Marcus. Big No for me.

    • Beady Eye says:

      I think he's in the same boat as most Geelong rookies – he'll get a run of games then a rest, while the next youngster gets a go. So he might not play from here to the end, but more likely go out and come back in pending form.

      I wouldn't count on him playing every week, but he's looked solid (particularly against Freo) and should be a decent bench defender. There's not a whole lot else to choose from!

    • Garglesnarf FC says:

      Will not get picked this week I fear.

      • Captain joc says:

        I beg to differ I reckon they will play him abit as he looks good

        • Garglesnarf FC says:

          Fair enough CJ, but with only 3 kicks 5 handballs 1 mark and 4 tackles, he needs to ‘look good’ more often to keep his spot!

          • Gilly says:

            Smedts getting thru his game in the VFL last week doesn't help his long term prospects imo. Would be handy if he could keep his spot though.

            • Gold Coast Blues says:

              I brought him in before he had even played a game. Got rid of Georgiou and brought him in – won me my league game too! My DEF is pretty solid, so not too worried about him just sitting on the bench.

  39. Beady Eye says:

    One trade this week is set aside for young Shenton, but I'm torn on which premo to bring in alongside him. Help me out community!

    Langdon to Simpson
    Polec to Goddard

    • Marcus J says:

      i did polec to goddard myself. ave 120 over last 3. looks solid

    • Mike says:

      Simpson , that'll get you the most points added by far I reckon.

    • chandanrajdb says:

      Hi BE,

      I am going for Goddard as well, he is averaging around 116 PPG if you take out his injury affected score out this season…..and I am happy to bring him into my team…which will complete my MIDs…..

      G Ablett, S Pendlebury, D Beams, T Libertore, J Watson, D Swan, J Selwood, B Goddard……(BENCH: Shenton / Dunstan, B Acres)

      Polec to Goddard for me this week……this trade is confirmed

      My other trade I am considering bringing in Shenton but not sure who to trade out…..have couple of options below,

      OUT: Dunstan, but Dunstan has a achievable BE this week……


      OUT: S Lloyd IN Shenton, i know S Lloyd has a "-VE" BE will make more money, but the question mark is will he come back to the team…..????

      Thoughts Please….


      • Garglesnarf FC says:

        Dunstan for Shenton. You get more value from his DPP in the mids, and while Dunstans BE is achievable, he isn’t going up in value. Shenton will make you another $150k+.

        To be honest given that Acres will have a ‘2’ sitting there for two weeks after his 4-6 weeks off, it’s not the worst move in the world to dump him for Shenton instead of Dunstan or Polec (if you can afford it)

      • Dean says:

        IMO your crazy bringing in Goddard into your midfield. Once all this ASADA stuff comes out soon God knows what's going to eventuate, but its not looking good that's for sure. I would not be selecting any Essendon players at this point.

        • chandanrajdb says:

          Hi Dean,

          Wouldn't affect Goddard mate he was not in the team during the Supplement SAGA of Essendon…..so it shouldn't be a factor if you are considering to bring in Goddard into your team…..


        • Beady Eye says:

          With all the legal convolutions to come, I couldn't see an outcome being reached this year, let alone anyone copping a ban.

          The distraction the whole saga causes for the players, well that's something else.

  40. Emmanuel says:

    Disappointing round. Only managed 1683 after a great start. Too many let downs. GAJ was bound to have an off day. Was hoping it wasn’t when my opponent had Pendles as captain.

    Great podcast again gents. Very informative.

    Your expert guidance is again welcome. Team below:

    D: McVeigh Bartel Swallow R Shaw Suckling Enright (Bews Langford)

    M: GAJ Selwood Beams Swan Murphy Cotchin Polec Langdon (Acres JKelly)

    R: Sandi Lobbe (Derickx Thurlow)

    F: Danger Dusty Zorko Tex Walker Billings Cameron (Lloyd Ambrose)

    11 trades and $299k

    I’d like to repair my Swan instead of Pendles blunder but don’t want to waste a trade.

    Other ideas…

    Polec to Watson

    Kelly to Shenton


    Polec to Watson

    Lobbe ro Jacobs.

    I feel I’m a bit short in the fwd line.

    Open to ideas though. Thanks heaps!

  41. Derek says:

    I'm glad bye rounds are out of way. I didn't do to good. In my 5 leagues I ended up only 6 wins and 9 losses over the last three weeks.

    Roughy and StevieJ suspended did for me this week and cost me at least 2 wins, and going JPK as capt over Gaz last week cost me 2 wins.

    How did everyone else go W/L over the bye weeks?

    • Beady Eye says:

      Lost this week by 15 points. Danger over Pendles as captain meant I couldn't capitalise on my opponent's own Gaz captaincy fail.

    • SCaddict says:

      Had unbelievable rookie carnage during the byes with nearly every injury and vest imaginable but somehow came though the other side with 11/15 Ws and improved about 4000 ranking places.

      Thankfully didn't have any premo suspensions to deal with which no doubt could've been killer blows at our most vulnerable time.

      Anyway now the byes are finally over and we can all just focus on finishing off our teams.

    • Nifty says:

      Done well over the bye's. 14/15 lost the one by 32 points.

  42. Tim says:

    Need some help here guys: $275,000 in bank / 11 Trades Left
    D: Simpson Burgoyne Langdon Watts Enright Laidler Gardiner Tippett
    M: Ablett Beams Libba Watson Bartel Cotchin Fyfe Polec Kelly Hartung
    R: Sandi Mummy Derickx Thurlow
    F:Danger Breust Martin Higgins Hale Fasolo Lloyd Kennedy-Harris

    Polec > Kennedy
    Kennedy-Harris > Shenton

    Thoughts appreciated.

    • Garglesnarf FC says:

      Kelly to Shenton for the M/F in the mids, and Polec to Kennedy. Same cash generation, but more flexibility for the rest of the year with DPP options.

      • Tim says:

        Cheers Garglesnarf
        Do you think JFK or Pendles is a better option?

        • Garglesnarf FC says:

          In the short term probably Pendles as the Pies have a soft run, but over the rest of the year it will only be a point or 2 difference, so go with who you like.

  43. Lauz says:

    Hi Guys,
    really unsure what to do with my trades this week
    have 11 left, with $317300 in the bank

    Def: Swallow, Bartel, Burguoyne, McDonald, Hurn, Mcveigh (Tippet, Georgiou)
    Mid: Ablett, D.Beams, J.Selwood, Dal Santo, Wines,Vince, Polec, J.Kelly (hallahan, Acres)
    Ruck: Sanidlands, Jacobs (Derickx, Currie)
    Forward: Dangerfield, Breust, Martin, Zorko, Fasolo, L. Taylor (C. Cameron, Ambrose)

    Was thinking Tippet > Bews is a must
    Unsure whether to trade out of Polec or Kelly, and who i would trade them to
    Polec > Pendlebury would leave me with more cash for next week.

    Or should i trade in my forward line?

    Your thoughts and advice would be much appreciated!

    • Beady Eye says:

      Rather than further beefing up your mids, I'd swing Taylor in there and grab a premium forward instead.

    • Itchy Nuts Pieman says:

      Your best points come from the Midfield. So upgrade there. Polec & Kelly to best available mids. Tippett to Bews is not a good trade IMO. Pendles would be nice but you have other priorities to fix.

    • Garglesnarf FC says:

      Tippett to Bews will simply give you another donut. I would be very surprised if Bews gets picked this week, and if he does he will need a blinder to make it for next week. Smedts was back in the reserves and played well and while he may get another run in the ressies this week he must be back in the senior side sooner than later.

      Kellys price will plunge, so he is your primary out to Shenton IMO. Then trade out Vince, to JPK/Fyfe/Pendles, as he is performing worse than Polec.

  44. Derek says:

    I was about to fill my midfield with my last Premium this week – welcome Pendles.

    But daisy has gone and done played well! He was going to make way for Pendles. Should I now hold Daisy and extract a few more $ from him and look at an upgrade in my defence?

    My team:

    DEF: Birchell, Suckling, Simpson, KK, Langdon, Langford, Webster, Aylett
    MIDS: Ablett, Beams, Watson, Cotchin, JPK, Selwood, StevieJ, D Thomas, Acres, Hartung
    RUCK: Sandi, HMac
    FWD: Danger, Chappy, Buddy, PAV, Roughhead, Martin, JKH, Ambrose


    Was planning to JKH >> Cameron & Thomas >> Pendles

    I have a number of Defenders who will be ready for the culling (Webster, Langford, Langdon, KK, Suckling) over the next few weeks to upgrade. Not sure if i'm going to have enough cash to get the very best defenders & pendles. 16 trades left.

    any thoughts would be most welcome. Welcome!

    • sharker4 says:

      Pendles will be a lot more reliable then Daisy

    • Beady Eye says:

      Defence is definitely the weakest line looking at that, while your other mids in Watson, JPK, SJ, etc can still provide Pendles-like output. Pendles is like Gaz in that his standard is so high that tonning up (but not completely smashing it) can still cause him to lose value. You may well be able to grab him later in the year at sub-$600K if he drops a couple of 110's.

      All that to say, I'd downgrade Daisy to a rookie instead and use the profit to improve your defence.

  45. sharker4 says:

    Looking at making my midfield full premo this week, have been looking at getting in Pendles for a while and can now afford him, however that will give me 3 pies in the mids, too risky? Other option is Selwood, who is 80K cheaper but might not score as well as Pendles. Thoughts?

  46. Jack says:

    Is it Worth going Crouch to Kane Mithchell!!

  47. Mike says:

    Any bombers fans think Aylett is an option down back? Seems to have had good vfl form? Is he one injury away from job security?

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      I prefer ashby over him, so it's a no at this point from me

    • crabb says:

      Aylett will only get a couple a games for the year mate, bomber says it in the members vids. He's a hardworking kid, but don't think he'll get more gametime than gleeson down back, he is the most promising rookie.

  48. SC Lover says:

    Hello Community,

    Thoughts on Zorko? Hold or Upgrade while still at a decent price to be able to trade,

    I have enough money in the war chest to get whoever I want,

    Option 1
    Zorko > Wingard

    Option 2
    Ambrose > Wingard


    Option 3

    Zorko, Ambrose > Shenton ( Only reason is so I don't miss out on banking the cash with Shenton, because if I go with the options above, I wont have much money in the warchest to do upgrades later on)


    cheers guys!

  49. Cameron says:

    Its Buddy time

  50. TigerTuff says:

    Polec to Rockliff
    Lloyd to Shenton
    Lloyd to Parker
    Polec to Shenton
    Both Forward and MIdfield last upgrades

    • Mike says:

      Err, neither? Wait a week or so on Lloyd unless he's on field for you, in which case you have to trade. Does rocky score that much more than Polec ATM? Mind you Parker is a pretty good addition to any forward line, but you would have to have Shenton on the bench, if so we'll that sounds great.

  51. Buzzer says:

    I need some help with my rucks. I sat Mummy on the bench for weeks and he came back with a 40!! He is still 576K but I really liked what I saw with NicNat on Saturday. Thought he jumped as high as I've seen him for 18 months & good scores to follow. The trade gets me 208K and able to upgrade Josh Kelly to a Griffen as M8.
    Yes or no that trade ?

    • Garglesnarf FC says:

      I actually like it! Thats a nice aggressive trade, not without risk, but I think NicNat has plenty of upside as does Griffen.

    • Beady Eye says:

      The risk you run with Dog Dog is that he'll always share the ruck load with, at minimum, Cox and possibly another ruckman. Given he's still learning the game, he doesn't have a massive impact when he's not on the ball.

      Griffen scored well on the weekend but as Jock mentioned, he also wasn't tagged. His scores have been down this year as he's copping the heavy tag most weeks – the risk is that this week's score is an outlier and he'll drop off again with more attention.

      If you're comfortable with those risks, then go for it. Personally I'm steering clear of both.

    • Michael says:

      I'd keep Mummy as you've kept him for this long and he'll come good, don't forget 1st week back from about 6-7 weeks off so was always going to start slow. Also not sold on NicNat this year, worried he's still playing injured. Never really rated Griffin, I'd go Libba instead if you can.

    • Kris says:

      Youve held onto Mummy for this long, why not persist a bit longer and not waste a trade till end of season when your trades become more valuable. I can see mummy averaging 80-90. His first three games were vs poor rucks and 2 of the 3 in the wet. inflated scores much?

  52. Michael says:

    Need some advice community please!

    Currently have only 10 trades left, was originally not going to trade this week but…

    Considering the following:

    Polec out, Shenton in, giving me mid/fwd swing capability with Dusty, Danger, Zorko & Taylor
    Then Shoenmakers out, Simpson in.

    Finalises my def premos and gives me an extra $30K to spend.

    Team after trades:

    DEF: Simpson, Swallow, Bartel, McVeigh, Hibberd, Enright (Langdon, Bews)
    MID: GAJ, Pendles, JPK, Beams, Jelwood, Murph, Fyfe, Shenton (Hallahan, Acres)
    RUC: Sandy, Sauce (Derickx, King)
    FWD: Danger, Dusty, Pav, Zorko, Taylor, Lloyd (Ambrose, Cameron)

    $43.6K left. 1 mid & 2 fwd premos to complete full on field premo.

    Good trade, bad trade or no trade?

    Thanks guys!

    • julz says:

      It could be a good trade but depends what your priorities are at the moment. To upgrade ASAP or conserve trades. You have a really good team prior to trading so might be the time to conserve the trades, 10 left ATM is not much and there are still 13 rounds to go. I know Polec and Langdon have high B/Es and might lose cash though but on the flip side they are still scoring well most week. Polec would be a good M8 for most of the year you would think, is Shenton going to outscore him?
      Personally I have got Shenton in as I wanted a mid/fwd swing in the guts so I could cover people if injured. However you have Taylor who could serve this purpose in a few weeks if you wanted to trade out a fattened mid rookie then (ie Hallahan, swing Taylor into the guts via sub button and trade Hallahan for a forward – you could also do this this week and trade Polec for a forward if needed)
      I also have Simpson who has been a gun since I've had him, he might be at a high price ATM though so you could potentially wait and see if he drops (I hope not personally but you never know!)
      Sorry I'm prob not much help, just some things to think about.

    • Kris says:

      conserve your trades. 10 trades isnt much and an injury, suspension, rest could ruin you

  53. abc says:

    am thinking of Polec > Pendles, i also have langdon, for 1k do i upgrade to Hanley??

  54. Mike says:

    As a fellow intellectual and ladies man, I like what Higgo had to say on Grif. He's a dodgy choice based on he's liable to get tagged a lot, and has trouble scoring when he is. Might not be a bad trade if you could up a rook mid to full premium such as Pendles, Selwood, Liba etc. Mummy's just warming up (I hope, as I also kept him) so if Griff gives you a bunch of nineties and Mummy heads back to 120s it won't look so hot.

  55. WombatsFC says:

    2012 was Jobe Watsons only full season since 2006.
    He has a long track record of breaking down within soft tissue injuries in the second half of the season and without the medical team that kept him on the field in 2012 I seriously doubt he will make it to the end of this years home and away rounds. Last year he missed 3 in the back half of the season and in 2011 he missed 6.

  56. rampaging roos says:

    Made it through the byes ….. Just ! Ranked 97th overall
    B Burguoyne , Swallow , Enright , M Johnson , Mcveigh , Langdon , (Gerogiou , Clurey)
    M Ablett , Pendles , Selwood , Beams , Fyfe , Goddard , Libba ,Polec , (Hartung , Acres)
    R Sandi ,Jacobs ,(Thurlow,Currie)
    F Danger,Matera , Parker, Dalhaus ,Wingard ,Taylor (Llyod, Ambrose)

    Thinking of going Polec – Kennedy (Swans) or Langdon – Sinpson

    15 trades , $220k in the bank

    Need my rookies to stop getting injured and actually play but team almost complete

  57. Tman says:

    Great podcast Jock and co. 18 trades left and 165k in the kitty.

    Looking for some advice on the following

    Trading mummy to either sauce or natanui. 177k difference in spending is nothing to be sneezed at. I usually dont spend big in ruck department. Has Nicnat turned the corner yet? or do i bite the bullet and spend up on sauce.

    Also who to cull out of N robertson/M crouch/X Ellis? To bring in K MItchell.

    Thanks heaps
    Many thanks

    • Mozz says:

      Natanui for sure. He is going to go BANG

    • Beady Eye says:

      I wouldn't be falling over myself to bring in Mitchell. Fringe player similar to others at Port, wouldn't take much to see him drop out.

  58. Mozz says:

    My current FWD line rookies are Taylor, Ambrose and Lloyd. I'm going to upgrade Polec this week to Pendlebury and then downgrade JKH to a rookie. SHOULD I:
    Downgrade to a playing rookie ie. Shenton, Cameron, Lennon and get cash generation
    Downgrade to a non-playing bargain basement rookie who i could use as a loophole, so that I can get the best score out of the rookies that I already have?

    • Benno says:

      Totally depends on whether you have the trades remaining to make use of a playing rookie. There are some solid forward rookie options on the bubble this round but if you don't have the trades remaining to further downgrade them later in the season then a tactical $100,000 forward with late games could be a ripper option! However injuries can kill you and replacements come in handy. Comes down to your structure i think

    • blake says:

      Go the cash generation mate

  59. SC Lover says:

    Here is a question community.

    How important is it to trade in cash cows at this point? with people probably lingering around the 10 – 16 trades mark.

    Ill use myself as a example,

    I currently have $360k in the war chest with 5 spots left in my team for upgrading.

    Do you do a double upgrade this week – spend all your money and miss out on the likes of downgrading options providing they play such as Bews & Shenton?

    Or do you do a double downgrade to Bews & Shenton bank all your cash and upgrade in the coming weeks hoping your left over rookies keep playing and go up in price.


    Thanks guys!


    • Beady Eye says:

      I'm in the same boat, and am gambling by going one each way. As the rookie stocks dry up, I think it's better to hold on to the productive ones longer (unless their ongoing BE stops you upgrading later)… there will be fallen premiums to come, but the rookie ranks are much thinner.

      For example, Thumper is about to crack the $400K mark and should be sitting around $450K by the time Sam Mitchell comes back and suffers through a couple of price falls. You wouldn't need to make a downgrade elsewhere to facilitate that trade, and may even be able to make a profit from it.

    • julz says:

      I have been pondering the same thing and thinking whether it could be the week for a double downgrade. HOWEVER, there is still a long way in the season to go and surely there will be more rookies coming through the ranks at some stage.
      I have 4 spots currently needing upgrading with 14 trades left. However have Roo and Zorko spudding it in forward line so want to get an extra forward to loophole down the track as don't trust these two's scoring output.
      You already have sh*tloads of cash, I don't think in your case a double downgrade is necessary. If you have to get Shenton as he has that dual eligibility that could come in handy if you trade him into midfield. Bews could be good as not many defender rookies on horizon but his JS is questionable. Depends if you are willing to take that punt.
      Good luck 🙂

    • SC Lover says:

      Thanks for the input guys, much appreciated, here's the scenario,

      if I was to do a double downgrade that would leave me with 948k in the war chest, this should be enough for me to complete my team (5 upgrades) if the following holds up.

      Current B/E & Price (Rounded off figures)// Upgradable Rookies:

      Webster B/E 59 – $300K
      Taylor,L B/E 3 – $300K (by next week)
      Lloyd,J B/E 37 – $240K (by next week)
      Lloyd,S B/E -13 – $250K (by next week)
      Ambrose B/E 20 – $200K (by next week)

      = approx. 2.23 million to spend on 5 players

      of course some players will fluctuate but I have allowed for that, my only worry is injuries later on in the season with only minimal trades would be left.

      good theory or bad?

    • Derek says:

      I pencilled my dreamteam at the start of the year and worked out I needed $13mil to get them all (at starting prices). This hasn't changed much over the first 10 weeks. However my team value is only $12,175k. I still need at least $800k. Will only get this from rookies.

      there are a few that must play soon. Fuller, Honeychurch, Morobito, Broomhead, Ellis-yolman.

      Plus rookies that have already had a few games and should be back: Rohan, Sam Gray, Clurey, O'Rourke, Michie.

      • Captain joc says:

        I would do the double downgrade mate yes you already have cash or you could wait till Thursday and see if anyone new is named and just look at any rookies on the bubble or have played 1 or debuting this week that way you can plan for the next 2-3 weeks

    • Kris says:

      Careful not burning through trades at this stage just to complete your team. A lot of rounds left till finals and you could be left in an awkward spot

  60. blake says:

    Def: Simpson, Swallow, Burgoyne, McVeigh, Hibberd and Langdon

    Want to upgrade Langdon but cant afford Bartel, who is the next best defender to get?

  61. Scano says:

    Thoughts on Mackie?

    • David says:

      Darn kid stuffed me up this year went from Hodge to Mackie after Hodge got that subbed out game then got Mackie only for him to disapear for a month so now got Enright lol

      Not to mention i started the year with Hurn :/

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      In for langdon this week

  62. Tom says:

    should i get rid of polec for kennedy or is polec still going to make some cash

    • Mozz says:

      get rid of him. I don't trust Kennedy though, He burnt me bad last year

      • SCaddict says:

        Sauce and Smurph also burnt plenty of coaches last year but quality players can turn it around.

        JPK was carrying bit of a groin last season but by all reports he's over that now.

        Swans also have a good fantasy finals draw with Port, Saints, Dogs and Tiges.

        Still you are paying a pretty penny for him right now so wouldn't blame those for slotting in the slightly cheaper Dependlebury instead.

  63. Scano says:

    How much money do you think Shenton will make? Will he stay in the side?

    • Mozz says:

      Saints suck this year, so they'll play as many kids as they can. His JS is the best out of him, Cameron and Lennon. I think he could get around 300k

    • SCaddict says:

      Yeah his DPP status increases his appeal even further allowing you set up handy swing sets.

      I plan to bring him in this week and perhaps keep him through the SC finals period as back up for both mid and forward lines, unless an even better prospect arises in the back half of the season.

    • Derek says:

      I see him doing similar to what Taylor did. Rise about $150k, maybe a bit more. he is already $155k

  64. David says:

    Geeze gotta say this! I'm worried about this moment in right now for downgrade options. Think there is a lot of potential dead ends to these rookies on the bubble e.g might only play 1-2 more games for the year.

    There's only one everyone should bring in and thats Shenton, save the 2nd trade this week if your teams holding up.

  65. James says:

    Hi Community,

    What should I do with Luke Sheuy? Is he a keeper of do I upgrade?


    • MightyDonsFC says:

      I have him too and am looking to go to Kane Mitchell or Liam shiels. Shuey still has a lot of hard games ahead of him, injury prone and can't hold off a tag. I thought it was the year for him to establish himself as an elite midfielder but it looks like another 90avg year for him.

  66. Elton D. says:

    hey all, great podcast Jock and crew !!!
    Would love some help with my side as i have a few trades in mind but dont know which trades to pull!

    B: Hibberd, Mcveigh, Birchall, Suckling, Langdon, Langford (Tippet, Georgiou)
    M: Gaz, Dal santo, Beams, Cotchin, Selwood, Goddard, Smurph, Polec, (Llyod, Hartung)
    R: Sandi, Goldy (Dericks, King)
    F: Danger, Dusty, Dahlhaus, Wingard, L.Parker, L. Taylor (Lloyd, Ambrose)

    i have 199.800k in the war chest !

    the following trades i was thinking are:
    1. Polec > Pendles
    2. Langdon > K. Simpson
    3. Langdon > Bartel

    I have heard that fasolo is affecting langdon's score so that is the only reason of his name going on the chopping block.
    Any trades you guys think i should make please let me know.
    Cheers all

    • Captain joc says:

      J.lloyd to shenton
      Langdon to bartel

    • Matt says:

      gday mate, i reckon your backline needs real strengthening so i would look for bartel or simpson.
      A smokey could be andrew mackie who looks nice for 447k

      • Elton D. says:

        cheers matt, whoever i get in now i want to hold for the whole year so i dont know whether i want mackie or wait and look for someone else!
        I will hold suckling, langdon and langford for another week and then 2 of them will probably go next week

  67. Jpants says:

    Hey guys would love some feedback and what trades i sohuld make leading into finals….

    DEF: Mcveigh, Bartel, Swallow, Enright, Hanley, Suckling (Gardiner, Tippet)
    MID: Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Watson, Steve Johnson, Selwood, Murphy, Tyson (Hartung, Acres)
    RUC: Sandilands, Jacobs (dud, dud 🙂
    FWD: Parker, Martin, Gray, Dangerfeild, Shenton, Lloyd

    Please chuck as your thoughts guys! would love the feedback!

    • Beady Eye says:

      Looks pretty solid. Just try and get Shenton into your midfield at some point to open up the swing set.

    • Wes says:

      Believe Tippett has long term injury, so lose him.
      Yr team is ok mate!
      Perhaps pick up rocky or jpk for a murphy upgrade
      Def is hard one… Too many fluctuations there to make solid call

  68. SCaddict says:

    I would like to bring in Shenton this week with his very useful DPP status and seemingly decent JS. Who does the Community think is better to bring him in for between the iffy JS of Hartung or the long term injured Acres(6wks?)?

    Been tossing and turning over the respective pros and cons of each option.

    • Scano says:

      Hartung has money to make and is playing at the moment so might as well go Acres to Shenton

    • Beady Eye says:

      If you have enough trades in the bank, you could always trade Acres out now and get him back in with a low BE later in the season.

      • SCaddict says:

        Thanks guys. I've been trading my @rse off so this will be a one time deal. There will will be no bringing back Acres for me if I ditch him now.

        Will defer my decision as late as possible but yes Acres is looking the likely expendable candidate right now.

    • Derek says:

      sounds like a sideways trade to me.

    • Kris says:

      If you really want shenton – I would only want to trade out Acres. No point trading hartung who is playing and making money and keep acres who has a question mark over his head for awhile.

    • throttlefinger says:

      Acres out. Time to make money is now and Hartung will help that cause.

      • SCaddict says:

        Sounds like I was fussing over nothing. It seems like Acres –> Shenton is the consensus play.

        Do you have any trades in the works this week yourself TF?

        • throttlefinger says:

          I'm doing Crouch -> Shenton. Now have def and fwd swings in mid. Hallelujah!

          Thinking up cashing in on Langdon for Miracle Beard Simpson. Just playing strong footy and his price is about to spike.

          Any other trades for ya this round?

          • SCaddict says:

            Geez Buddy is being a real pick tease right now and not sure I have the strength to resist even though he burnt me early in the season.

            That's the only other trade I would consider doing this week via offloading Langdon through DPP hocus pocus.

            Other than that will just twiddle my thumbs waiting for Stevie J and Sammy Mitchell to plummet in price over the coming months or any other bargain buys that may present.

            • throttlefinger says:

              Yep, I'm hoping Stevie J dips so I can swing him in as well. Best buys from here on out as well.

              Want to see Buddy another week with the Tippett and Goodes front line. See if it paves an SC road of gold for him.

            • throttlefinger says:

              OK SCaddict, let me pick your brain about 2nd trade:

              Option 1: Langdon to Simpson (red hot. get before he goes up another $34K)
              Option 2: Swing Langdon to Mid (using Bartel who I have in my mids) for either Libba, Fyfe or KJack.
              Option 3: Save trade.

              Thanks buddy.

              • SCaddict says:

                My own strategy from here on is only to pick up super value buys now, given that the trade situation is really beginning to pinch. So I'm fairly resigned to going Pendlesless this season unless he has a form/injury hiccup in the back half of the season – unlikely I know.

                I see Buddy as a bargain right now, although many would disagree, which is fine as I would be picking him for my team and not theirs.

                Indeed no argument that Simpson, Libba, Jack and Teen Wolf are all in white hot form but you are either paying fair price or perhaps even a premium for these guys right now.

                All these fellas would be fine additions to anyone's team but could one perhaps extract more value out there given how cash strapped most of us are.

                Langdon has probably plataeued in price but will probably still average a solid 75-80 and hold his value more or less so there is probably no hurry to move him on.

                So maybe keep Langdon around for maybe a Stevie J who could dip to the low $500Ks soon if he is fairly well held by my Swans this Thursday.

                Or perhaps pursue another fallen elite that has had a bad game or two. Are you tempted to get Gaz back in at some point perhaps after that 75 ha ha?

                I suppose after that monologue I would pick option 3 though none of those choices sound all that bad to me really.

                • throttlefinger says:

                  HAHAHA. Yeah, I'm hoping I can get Gaz at some point. Or may do like you have and go with a super elite for the year. But plan is to wait until he dips under $700 or back to original price.

                  Think you're right. Only person I should be in a rush to off load is Crouch and bring in is Shenton. The rest is pretty much fair market value or swollen prem. Wait until Stevie J and the like hit the bargain bin.

                  Brilliant and logical as always. Thanks SCaddict!

                  • GarglesnarfFC says:

                    Hey Throttle! There are some prime bargains over the next three weeks. SJ should hit low to mid $500's after rnd 12, HShaw will be $400-410k in the same week which is an insane price, as will be Zorko at $390k. Selwood is still a bargain at $560k, Sidebottom should be about 530k next week and Malceski around $490.

                    No panic to get a premium in this week if you can build the warchest over the the next two weeks. I'm hoping that Tyson to SJ might cost me less than 50k 🙂

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      Yo Gargle, how you be?!?! Think you're right. No other move other than ditching Crouch feels like a wise or strong move. Only 11 left so should be using on great steals (like SJ in a round or two) or necessities.

                      If you can get keep Stevie J for only 50K, you should be awarded 100 extra SC points. Just for holding onto Tyson. Had him and Polec from the jump and dumped them too quickly. Trading gets to be like an addiction…

                    • WombatsFC says:

                      Hey Throttle how you doin.
                      I've got polec and Langdon heating the pine and I hate having 80+ ave on the bench but I hate the prospect of a donut or emergency trade due to injury. Hartung has short term JS as the real players come back he'll be dropped I certainly wouldn't be bringing him now he's a bit exy for a bench warmer.
                      Have you still got Mummy? He was beaten by a 2nd choice Ruck who had hardly slept for 10-days due to a new baby so I reckon it might be time giveup on him before he's cheaper than HayMac. Ned Kelly Simpson is a solid choice but expensive what would be your points gain?

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      First game back after an injury would see pretty hasty to ditch. Especially since his value hasn't dipped. No one from GWS played well so it was a group dump. See how he does this game. Simpson is a dragon's fart. Formidable in sound and scent.

                      Got Hartung couple rounds ago. Sure with Hawks injuries he'll make a decent buck before being offloaded. More concerned about Buckley. Was doing well until getting subbed with injury.

    • Bruce says:

      Hold Acres and use for Emergency loophole. He will play when fit.

  69. Danners16 says:

    Hey guys, there will be a question time in 35min time, but I need help with selecting a player. I'm going S.Lloyd to C.Cameron for a bit of cash. J.Polec has a breakeven of 125 or somewhere near it so I'm dumping him but I'm not sure who to. Thoughts would be great thanks

    • Captain joc says:

      How much cash you got?

      • Danners16 says:

        Sorry I forgot to a that I need a premium and I can afford anyone

        • Derek says:

          I have one place to fill and was going to get Pendles, has Saints, Dogs & melbourne in next three weeks.

          If you already have him, Barlow or Fyfe. Freo's next 8 games are against teams outside top 8.

        • Captain joc says:

          One of jpk/pendles

    • The Mullet says:

      I think Goddard is good value at the moment. Only 1 sub 100 score. Projected to go up 20k this week.

    • dognino says:

      I'm in the same position, have polec as M8 and can afford to upgrade him to anyone, current mids are ablett, pendles, selwood, rockliff,beams, treloar, griffin and polec .

      I'm deciding between Watson, stevie j and JPK

      Thinking JPK is probly over priced right now and won't keep up the same output and a lot of competition from his team mates. Steve j will drop in price a fair bit, so worth holding for a couple more weeks on him . Watson I think is right price now and ready to start putting out some good numbers .

      • Kris says:

        do you have any other pressing issues in fwd ruc def? Polec still scores well enough to play on the field. Still avgs 95

      • Kris says:

        But outve the three your looking at – Id wait for steve Johnson

    • Kris says:

      I dont like Camerons spot in the team. He could be on the block this week.
      Polec will still make money – he gets a lot of the pill. rd 10 he had a huge 7 clangers which stopped him breaking the ton. I wouldnt expect that to continue. You might take a 5-15k hit this week. But at least you can play him on the ground with confidence. Dont need to rush with trades quickly disappearing

  70. The Regular says:

    Rookie ruck most likely?

    • SCaddict says:

      Probably still Dan the Man Currie for players sub $200K. With Daw's possie looking a little iffy he perhaps has the best chance although admittedly even that is a fairly remote possibility right now.

      Other than that it's a real rookie ruck wasteland out there unless you jumped on Derickx early.

      • The Regular says:

        Need bottom dollar, even if he is only “some chance” to play.

        • SCaddict says:

          No names really stand out but Nankervis, King and Thurlow would be who I would choose between. Thurlow does at least have DPP status which may or may not be useful down the road.

          But frankly any all these fellas have bugger all chance of playing so it's unlikely to matter who you pick out of the bargain basement rucks really, so you may as well go the cheapest with King.

        • Derek says:

          there is no-one! Go with Max King he is only $102k

  71. dave2008 says:

    Please help Jock and all the experts here in the community

    I have about 390k. Im 7-1 in my league and have only 15 trades left and still 5 upgrades away from a full set of premos. If I can get the win this week I have another 3 games that are virtually byes and will have enough of a gap to 5th that I can sit back and hold most of my trades make top 4 and have a crack at glory for the first time.

    Option 1: Polec to Pendlebury and HIggins (via ZOrko) to any mid I want. Question is. Are mids like Fyfe Rockcliff Delsanto worth the extra coin say over Griffen/Goddard?

    Option 2 Polec to Pendlebury and Langdon to any defender I want.
    So strategy now is to keep around 100k in the bank for further upgrades so maybe option 1?

    Or comment for Landgon downgraded to Bews and Polec to Pendles with Laidler to a gun Def and Higgins to a gun Mid next weeK?

    • Captain joc says:

      Post your team lines mate

      • dave2008 says:

        B McVeigh Bartel Swallow Enright Suckling Langdon (Laidler Clurey)
        M Ablett Kennedy Selwood Beams Murphy Polec Zorko Taylor (Acres Hartung)
        R Sandilands Jacobs (Currie Thurlow)
        F Dangerfield Martin Roughead Dalihaus Gray HIggins (Ambrose Shenton)


        • Captain joc says:

          Polec to pendlebury I then reckon Langdon to a defender as you can he Higgins there for a week then next week Higgins to a mid via zorko and then downgrade suckling?

          • dave2008 says:

            Yep good call I think as HIggins should outscore Langdon or Laidler even with Clurey loopholing me the highest score? Suckling downgrade would be next but hopefully there is a good candidate.Otherwise if I think I can get my league game Langdon down to Bews. Prob still go with your advice

          • Captain joc says:

            You could downgrade Higgins to Cameron/ Lennon this along with Langdon to defender then next week polec to pendlebury suckling upgrade

  72. Stumped says:

    dahlhaus has has me smiling.

  73. Scano says:

    Shenton or Kane Mitchell

    • Kris says:

      Shenton – easier cash generation.
      Mitchell – if you need to play him on the field

  74. Danners16 says:

    Alright fellas fire away with your questions! I will be available for the next 30min or till 5:30pm CST depending on how many questions I get. It can be anything supercoach

    • The Mullet says:

      Higgins to Buddy and Polec to Bartel. What do you think?

      • Danners16 says:

        Personally, I never go key forwards because they are too inconsistent, Polec to Bartel is good, I would go C.Wingard instead Buddy

        • Captain joc says:

          But aren’t you concerned that with wingard if he dosn’t kick goals he won’t score highly

          • Danners16 says:

            More consistent than Franklin, and should bounce back now

          • Captain joc says:

            Yeah but buddy has a higher cieling and now that Tippett n co are back and that swans are playing better he seems to be better

            • SCaddict says:

              I agree Captain. Buddy looks an entirely different player now that Tippo is the focal point in the goal square.

              Buddy is also pulling out contested grabs which has never really been his go. My only concern is that sore knee looks to be a niggle that may come and go all season.

              But the fact that Wingard is starring but can barely tonne up is a turn off for me. Gray seems to be pinching too many points off him this season.

    • Scano says:

      Shenton or Kane Mitchell?

      • Danners16 says:

        Tough one, K.Mitchell probably would be sitting on your bench though and you aren't going to trade him out again so C.Shenton

        • Scano says:

          why wouldn't i be trading mitchell out again? He will be making cash fast and should be a quick and good upgrade

          • Scano says:

            As a M8

            • Danners16 says:

              If he is going to be your M8 for the rest of the season bring him, but if he is going to be sitting on the bench since you already have a full premo team, you can get a bit more cash out of Shenton. K.Mitchell job security isn't the best either

    • Brandon2416 says:

      Hi Danners,
      My team is :
      Defender: Swallow, Simpson, Burgoyne, Bartel, Mcveigh, Enright( Langdon, Gardiner)
      Midfield: Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Selwood, Dal Santo, Murphy, Watson, Taylor(Hartung, Robertson)
      Ruck: Jacobs, Sandi (Derickx, Currie)
      Forward: Dangerfield, Martin, Dalhaus, Higgins, Zorko,Shenton (Llyod, Ambrose)
      160k in the kitty and 14 trades.
      Just wondering what trades you would suggest?
      Thinking of going Higgins to parker and Langdon to Bews this week. And then next week upgrading robertson to a premo(most likely sloane) with the money made from the langdon downgrade

    • Tom says:

      I want to get rid of Crouch. I was going to go to Kane Mitchell. Then I was planning on upgrading Polec to Kennedy but I was having second thoughts and wondering if Kennedy will get tagged against Geelong so I was going to go Sam lloyd to shenton.

      Thoughts Community?

      • Danners16 says:

        He probably would get tagged against Geelong but Guthrie isn't a Crowley so I don't think it will have a big effect on his scoring output. You could make 2 trades S.Lloyd to Shenton then Polec to JPK

    • Derek says:

      Freo players, because they such a good run of games. Barlow or Fyfe? Ballantyne or Mayne? Duffield or Johnson

      Freo players in general

      • Danners16 says:

        N.Fyfe has had a really good season to date, no scores under 100, probably Mayne I know he is a key forward but he can score good enough, and Johnson since he is consistent.

    • Danners16 says:

      Ok guys that is all the time I have, next one probably will be about 5:30pm EST Wednesday. Good Luck!

  75. BCHawks says:

    Hey Peter you said that you traded out Sandilands for Nic Nat but I checked your team Mathematic FC and you still have Sandilands in your team?

  76. Tom says:

    I want to get rid of Crouch. I was going to go to Kane Mitchell. Then I was planning on upgrading Polec to Kennedy but I was having second thoughts and wondering if Kennedy will get tagged against Geelong so I was going to go Sam lloyd to shenton.

    Thoughts Community?

    • Beady Eye says:

      JPK's last three scores against Geelong have been 89, 80 and 94.

      I'm holding off in the hope the trend continues and his price remains stable. He's got some high BE's coming up.

      • SCaddict says:

        JPK also had a poor record at Docklands(sub 90) but blew those concerns away against the Bombers.

        A BE of 78 so should only be more expensive next week.

        • Beady Eye says:

          Agreed, but I have to live in hope!

          Geelong’s midfield is also a bit a step up from the Doggies’ (yes, I’m grasping).

    • Kris says:

      I like Kane (wouldve liked him a lot last season too if he couldve shook off the vest). But perhaps too pricey at this stage?
      Kennedy is overpriced for my liking. Especially when there are a lot of gems in the 5-600k range.

      Lloyd plays well and has a negative BE, Just needs to get a game which he prob wont get this week after richmonds result vs gws

  77. joshpapworth says:

    best forward under 510,000 k ???

    • Scano says:

      Elliot is probably the best option

    • Derek says:

      can't go past Martin for $486k. However Ballanyne for $371 and PAV for $434k with freo's next 8 games looks very tempting

    • shallots says:

      Im getting buddy at 410K

    • Shinboner says:

      If you've got DPP cover (I have Dangerfield in midfield), take a look at Chappy. Still an excellent SC scorer, and I feel the week off is what he needed to get back to the >100 scoring range.

    • Kris says:

      Zorko? Nroo (398k) for a cheap high risk/reward gamble. I also like LeCras for 420k

      • GarglesnarfFC says:

        Zorko in 2 weeks for $390k bargain basement price for a 95+ player.

  78. Brandon2416 says:

    Hi community,
    My team is :
    Defender: Swallow, Simpson, Burgoyne, Bartel, Mcveigh, Enright( Langdon, Gardiner)
    Midfield: Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Selwood, Dal Santo, Murphy, Watson, Taylor(Hartung, Robertson)
    Ruck: Jacobs, Sandi (Derickx, Currie)
    Forward: Dangerfield, Martin, Dalhaus, Higgins, Zorko,Shenton (Llyod, Ambrose)
    160k in the kitty and 14 trades.
    Just wondering what trades you would suggest?
    Thinking of going Higgins to parker and Langdon to Bews this week. And then next week upgrading robertson to a premo(most likely sloane) with the money made from the langdon downgrade

    • Kris says:

      I dont think your going to be making enough money from Bews to ever trade him out. Why not just pick up a 102k player and give up on the D8 spot?

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Great team! How about Brodie Martin for $192? Better JS than Bews and his 7 drops out this week meaning you still make cash now and get some earning potential over the next 6 weeks. Bews unlikely to be picked, or will get the vest, and then Smedts is back and his spot is gone.

      • Gold Coast Blues says:

        Enright and Lonergan both out – Bews will be around for at least a few more weeks I'd say.

        • GarglesnarfFC says:

          For your sake mate I hope so, but Lonergan is a KPP, Enright is a playmaker and Bews is a small defender. He competes with Smedts, who BTW looks likely for the vest tomorrow, but I can't help but feel he's gone next next week or I would trade him in for Tippett who is gone for the season.

  79. Jake says:


    • scano says:

      hanley hasn't shown any form yet so you should probably hold off on him
      Mackie and hurn are good options for un 450 k

    • MightyDonsFC says:


    • Shinboner says:

      Contrary to popular opinion, I think that is an excellent trade. I traded Hanley in the week before his bye, myself. He's producing pretty impressive numbers. More efficient use of the pill and he's scoring over 100 a week. Will only cost you about 9k too!

      • Captain joc says:

        Hasn’t scored 100 since rd 3?
        He has a breakeven of 88 so you could hold a week and see how he goes as the week off could of helped him

        • Shinboner says:

          The numbers I am referring to aren't his SC scores. Immediately after that 119 he scored the injury affected 30-odd points. Then in his first game back from an exnteded injury lay-off he racked 20 disposals and 5 marks. Then 27 disposals and 3 tackles. Then 17 disposals and an immense 7 tackles in a demolition derby. He's getting his hands on the ball, and those are very good signs.

    • Kris says:

      I like hanley especially at his price. Another I like is Jaensch. To fill the D5/6 spot

  80. Tom says:

    Out of any midfielder who should I get?
    My midfield currently
    Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Watson, Rockliff, Selwood, Kane Mitchell, (Hartung and Acres)
    Im looking to trade out Polec but I dont know who for.


  81. John says:

    Best midfielder to get under 560k?
    Already have Ablett, Selwood, Watson, Libba, Beams, Dal Santo, Martin

    • Shinboner says:

      Callan Ward is right about 560k. Also take a look at Sloane (has only scored sub-100 once), Steven, Boak, Griffen and Jones.

    • Kris says:

      floggard, ward, treloar, STEVE JOHNSON in a couple games to name a few

  82. Ryan says:

    Hey community, two quick questions
    1: with there being a few bubble boys this week, do we go double downgrade or one up one down?
    2: who is the better pick, Michael Johnson, malceski or mackie, already have enright and bartel in defence it that makes a difference?
    Cheers guys

  83. Nathan says:

    Ryan Griffen or Jobe Watson to bring in for last premium spot ??

    • Ryan says:

      Watson IMO but im a bomber fan so may be biased haha, but Griffen has been a bit out of sorts so far this season, and Watson has starting to score well.

    • Kris says:

      better options at 550k

  84. Fitzy says:

    Thinking of going Acres-Shenton and Mumford to Jacobs this week, do these sound like solid trades or should I have higher priorities? Any help would be appreciated, thinking of holding Tyson polec, KK and Langdon for a few more weeks as they are scoring well and shouldn't lose too much money. This will leave me with 215k and 12 trades left. Any feedback/comments would be greatly appreciated.

    • Ryan says:

      Not to sure about Mumford, had a shocker yes, however he was rushed back in and I think he'll get better due to game time, but I can see a valid reason in trading him out. If you have no other problems that need fixing then get rid of him

      • Kris says:

        I Disagree with Ryan on Mumford – If your expecting tons each week based on what we saw start of the season your kidding yourself. Played 3 games. His best ruck oppnt was Pyke which he played in the WET. He also played Melbourne's Spencer in the WET and any number 1 ruck should be expected to win that battle easily. And then had a game vs Hickey whose also hardly a great ruck atm too. He then has had 6 weeks out from the game due to knee surgery and complications.

        Take the money and run. UNLESS trades are dwindling for you

    • Nathan says:

      I think it's time to get rid of Polec and maybe even Langdon. Langdon scores low when fasolo is in the side so now could be the time to upgrade him while his price is over 400k.

  85. Tom says:

    Will Fyfe get rested when ross lyon decides to rest players

    • Beady Eye says:

      If Ross Lyon decides to rest players he will probably rest the best players and Fyfe is one of the best players so Ross Lyon will probably rest him

    • Michael says:

      The big question is – can Rossy afford to rest players this year? He could last year as they were top two for most of the season, they're coming from a bit further back this year and they need a home final to have any chance of winning the comp. I've got Fyfe, Pav & Sandy, they may rest the big boys but I don't think they will with Fyfe. Don't forget he's also had 3 rounds off (rounds 3 & 4 + bye round) as well already.

    • Kris says:

      Too early to know. Freo would only do it once they have secured a top 4 spot and right now thats up in the air

      • Captain joc says:

        With how many good sides there are I think the top 7 all have pretty decent claims on top 4 spot fremantles easy run helps them but personally I don’t think he will rest unless he has some idea of who he would be playing and if they could get home advantage or not

  86. Michael says:

    Hi everyone.

    hope everyone had a good bye round, I need some advice on my team. IF YOU GIVE ME ADVICE ILL GIVE YOU ADVICE ASWELL. What trades should I do?

    DEF : Simpson, McVeigh, Burgoyne, Swallow, Hibberd, Kolodjashnij!!! (Langford, Bews)

    MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Selwood, Beams, Liberatore, Mundy, Cotchin, Polec!!!! (Hartung, Acres)

    RUCK: Sandi, Mcevoy!!!!! (Derickx, Currie)

    FOR: Dangerfield, Gray, Harvey, Bruest, Martin, L.Taylor!!!! (Impey, Cameron)

    *those with question marks are who I’m happy to trade, and anyone on the bench.

    Give me advice and I’ll help you.

    • Captain joc says:

      Hold Taylor
      I’d kolo has a high B/E then get rid of him
      And get rid of polec depending on how long/if mcevoy is out?

    • BCHawks says:

      I know Lewis Taylor has a low break even but you could trade him out for Shenton and then go Polec to JPK.
      Another option you could entertain is trading out Polec and swinging in Taylor into your midifeld and then getting shenton in your forward line and then hold of until next week and go bang bang and trade out both lewis taylor and KK for 2 premiums.

      • Michael says:

        i really like those options. the only problem is at this stage of the year I want to finalize my team, so downgrading an onfield rookie to another just means I have to upgrade again. I’d definitely do that of it was earlier on in the year! thank you

    • Kris says:

      Comes down to how many trades you have left. Because you can hold with the team for a few weeks. Taylor is the only issue on the ground

  87. Billy says:

    hey community. current team is:
    Def: D swallow, Bartel, Mcveigh, Hibberd, langdon, Cutler
    Mid: Ablett, pendles, beams, murphy, libba, selwood, goddard, ward
    Ruck: Sandi, Mummy
    Fwd: Danger, Pav, Zoro, martin, higgins, fasolo

    current trade thoughts was fasolo up to parker or bruest. and then possible langdon down to bews to make 300k for next week. currently have $206k

    any help appreciated

  88. scano says:

    Shenton or Mitchell? Looking to upgrade one of them later on in the season

  89. Hazey says:

    Anyone know what happened to Kelly from GWS at the wknd? Was he subbed or didn’t play or what?

    • SCaddict says:

      Green vested mate. I reckon it's time to say bye bye to Kelly who I upgraded to Jelwood last round.

      So if I was you I would consider upgrading him to a premo too or cash him out for either Kanye or Shenton.

    • Kris says:

      heard a RUMOR that he got a jab to the eye not to long after he got subbed on. Then spent rest of the game on the bench giving him the doughnut

  90. Brandon2416 says:

    Hi community,
    My team is :
    Defender: Swallow, Simpson, Burgoyne, Bartel, Mcveigh, Enright( Langdon, Gardiner)
    Midfield: Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Selwood, Dal Santo, Murphy, Watson, Taylor(Hartung, Robertson)
    Ruck: Jacobs, Sandi (Derickx, Currie)
    Forward: Dangerfield, Martin, Dalhaus, Higgins, Zorko,Shenton (Llyod, Ambrose)
    160k in the kitty and 14 trades.
    Just wondering what trades you would suggest?

  91. Tom says:

    Hi community,
    My team is:
    Defenders: Swallow, Burgoyne, Bartel, Hurn, Langdon, Hanley (Gerogio, Cutler).
    Midfield: Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Selwood, Watson, Rockliff, Polec, Crouch (Acres, Hartung)
    Rucks: Sandi, Mumford (Derickx, Thurlow)
    Forwards: Dangerfield, Martin, Zorko, Parker, Fasolo, taylor (Cameron, Llyod).

    Was trying to get rid of crouch and lloyd or maybe polec.
    I have 200k in the bank and 13 trades left.
    Was looking at shenton or mitchell for crouch and can't decide on a premium midfielder.


  92. Adam says:

    Don't normally post my team but I feel this round is crucial

    DEF : Swallow, Bartel, Jaench, Birchall, Langdon, McDonald (Georgiou, Cameron)
    MID : Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Dal Santo, Fyfe, Goddard, Selwood, Hartung (Crouch, Acres)
    RUC : Sandi, Lobbe (Currie, Nankervis)
    FOR : Danger, Martin, Zorko, Pavlich, Taylor, Fasolo (Ambrose, Lloyd)
    14 trades
    88k in the kitty

    I'm thinking Lloyd to Cameron and Crouch to Shenton.

    This will allow me to go one up one down for the rest of the season hopefully

  93. Jottie says:

    I would be. Cautious of trading in jpk at the moment . The guy is a gun but plays a role within a very strong midfield and can't see him being uber consistent . Every mid you trade in is permanent (barring injury) and needs to ave 110+ to be viable IMHO . Beware the flavour of the month!

    • Tom says:


      • Jottie says:

        Fyfe more consistent and I would like him in my team but Ross Lyon does not play favourites and is a strong chance to get rested

    • SCaddict says:

      It's true we are probably paying overs for JPK right now but the guy averaged over 120 for the entire 2012 season so it's nothing we haven't seen from JPK before.

      Pies also have a very strong midfield yet Pendles and Beams can still get their points each week so not sure your argument holds up.

      Think we just have to face the facts that JPK is a Supercoach stud whether we can afford him or not! 🙂

      • Michael says:

        has a BE of only 78 so you won't get him any cheaper…have had him from the start @ $568K and now reaping the rewards!

        • Mike says:

          Can anyone believe I traded him out after two weeks? He killed me the year before and preseason rumour was he was set to go off. When he didn’t go 140s as I expected I rage traded him out when he lost the coin toss with Cotchin. Doh!

      • Jottie says:

        Kennedy is not a 640 k player I would advise caution that is all have heard a lot of hype about him lately . There is a deep midfield pool atm plenty too chose from . But I may be jealous as my game strategy is now too hold for as long as I can and my beloved swans are starting too click and kick into gear and not a one of them is in my team : ( decided to get danger field not Parker cus of the bye and will probably rue it for a while : )

        • SCaddict says:

          Yeah a Swannies supporter too and already have Macca, JPK and Parker. Seriously tempted to bring back Buddy but can I swallow my pride after dumping him earlier in the season?

          Swans have a fairly favourable Supercoach finals draw so that's adding to the temptation as I finalise my squad. Can't afford many effups now.

          • Jottie says:

            Mate wish I picked Parker instead of Mitchell at the start of the season had him picked in November but didn't go with my gut . Love Mitchell as a player he's got heart that kid so far this hasn't been his year… Do you think bird took his spot? Could be a pod is playing well atm and cheap I think. Seriously thinking about doing a unthinkable trading murphy for Parker via danger dpp . But I'm just being stupid 😛

            • Jottie says:

              If I'm going too sideways trade am prob better off waiting for stevie j in a couple of weeks but will stick to the plan and HOLD hope for a strong run to the finals

    • Kris says:

      I can see Kennedy averaging that 110 mark. But be prepared to take a few hits here and there. Over 600k is too much for him though, especially when you have people like rockliff, jelwood, steve J, ward, NDS Beams Jobe etc all under that 600k mark

  94. Big Unit says:

    Got 130k in the bank, only problem left is in my forward line… Lewis Taylor, Sam Lloyd and Tom Mitchell… Should I be holding on all of these boys seeing as Taylor has BE of 3, Sammy still has money to make and Tom Mitchell surely will come good?
    Cheers everyone

    • Captain joc says:

      Get rid of tom Mitchell if not named this week use the cash to go upto Dahlhaus, Parker, gray or do a straight swap for buddy, chappy, Nroo pavlich

      • Big Unit says:

        cheers mate just didnt know if that was burning a trade or not

      • Kris says:

        Agree – Personally I like Nroo (big CHEAP gamble though – but potential for big reward).
        And lewis taylor is still getting games and still has money to make. Lloyd has negative BE but just needs to get a game – I dont see richmond making many changes after smashing GWS though. So maybe give him till rd 12 to be named?

  95. Forbesy says:

    Community, heres my team
    Def: Swallow, bartel, burgoyne, suckling, langdon, McDonald (georgiou, Bews)
    Mid: GAJ, pendels, beams, selwood, sloane, Fyfe, D Jackson, Crouch (Hallahan, acres)
    Ruck: Sandi, jacobs (derickx, max king)
    Fwd: Danger, Parker, martin, dahlhaus, zorko, JKH (lloyd, ambrose)

    12 Trades left with $134,000 in the bank

    Possible trades
    Crouch > Goddard or Boak
    JKH > Shenton


    • Gab says:

      yer gday forbesy
      great looking team with a strong midfield, although Dan Jackson with his injury!
      Like both those trades, i'd go boak as port have a very handsome run !!
      just my 2 cents mate, catch ya brother

    • Benno says:

      I like the Boak option, strong player in a strong team, beats tags, kicks the ball and scores well! If i hadn't thrown Ebert in 3 weeks ago i'd be jumping on him!

  96. Kris says:

    Planning on getting floggard this week. Searching for cash though.
    Have 44k. On the block:
    M Crouch (useless if not playing games) — Langdon (hit around his price peak) — Josh Kelly (doughnut) — Polec (high BE BUT gets heaps of the ball and still scores well) — Laidler (price peak?)

    Community what are your thoughts?

    • SCaddict says:

      Kelly is probably your biggest priority right now as he is leaking cash in the short term with a mega BE so would downgrade him to either Shenton or Kanye.

      You could then use your second trade to either do likewise with Crouch and downgrade him too or to either upgrade Polec to BJ Floggard as you were hoping.

      Langdon and Laidler are likely lesser priorities for you right now.

      • Kris says:

        Just shy 13k? to use crouch as 2nd trade to get BJ.
        Toss up between langdon or Polec to grab him. For now I've gone Langdon just to have Polecs score output and not have to worry about Langdon scoring now that Fasolo is back

        Thats my thinking anyways. 12 trades left after

  97. Hazey says:

    Hmmm I just can’t go past Kelly n Polec out, Langdon to the mids n finishing off the back line with Burgatron!?!??

    I think he presents good value as I wait for a final mid or two to present over the next couple of weeks.

    • Kris says:

      Make sure you still have trades to use later in the season. Polec still has money to make. His score rd 10 prob shouldve broken the ton. But CD listed him as having a huge 7 clangers. + Polec more reliable than Langdon too.

  98. john snow says:

    Is it time for Big Boy Mcevoy to move on?

    • Kris says:


    • SCaddict says:

      Depends on the prognosis. Heard it was just a quad corky so may not be too bad.

      Anything more than a couple of weeks out and yes he needs to go especially if you don't have bench cover like most of us.

      Wouldn't trade him if he is expected to play this week or next though,

      • john snow says:

        good news. I thought he had twinged a hammy. corky's can come good quickly especially with all the treatment these guys get…

        • SCaddict says:

          No doubt we will get an update on him during the week so you can make a more informed decision then.

  99. Kris says:

    K Aylett or Bews?

  100. chandanrajdb says:

    Hello Community,

    I am ranked 118….struggling big time to which way to go in terms of trading this week….

    At the moment I am thinking of,

    OUT: Polec & Dunstan
    IN: JPK & Shenton….leaves me with $16k in the warchest…..is it overs we are paying for JPK….???

    My team below….after the above 2 trades….

    J MaCveigh, J Bartel, A Walker, D Swallow, M Hibberd, T Langdon, (W Langford, T Cutler)

    G Ablett, S Pendlebury, D Beams, D Swan, J Watson, JPK, T Libba, J Selwood (C Shenton, B Acres)

    A Sandilands, S Jacobs (D Currie, M King)

    P Dangerfield, D Martin, J Roughead, L Dahlahaus, S Higgins, S Lloyd (P Ambrose, C Cameron)

    10 trades left…..need to upgrade Langdon in the DEF….and S Lloyd in the FWD….would keep Higgins as F6 for a short period time….thinking of doing a sideways trade of him to any fallen premium as soon as they pick up the form……

    For the above to happen I need to use at least 4 trades for the full premium team and will be left with 6 trade for the run home…..hopefully will be enough with no injuries to bite at the end of H & A season…..

    I am not sure if there is chance of going for the overall….points difference between #1 and my team is around 500pts…..not sure whether I have any chance…..but giving it a try….and this is my best ever position in terms of overall ranking….only in my 3rd in supecoach….

    Other options I am considering are below….

    OPT-1 – Double Downgrade…
    OUT; Polec and Langdon
    IN: Shenton & Bews (highly concerned about his JS though…)
    Will be left with $620k in the warchest and do double upgrade next week…

    OPT-2: double downgrade
    OUT: Polec & S Lloyd (If he doesn’t get named)
    IN: Shenton & Lennon
    Will be left with $392,500 in the warchest…

    OPT-3: One Up and One Down
    OUT: Polec & Dunstan
    IN: B Goddard & Shenton
    Will be left with $153,800 in the warchest….this option and the above option with JPK will complete my MID….

    OPT-4: One Up and One Down
    OUT: Polec & Dunstan
    IN: Shenton & K Simpson, by swinging T Langdon into MID…
    Will be left with $91,800 in the warchest….

    I know my post is very long….but this is what I am dealing with regarding the trades for this week….

    Any advice / comment / thoughts really appreciated……


    • Jottie says:

      Mate no one can tell you what to do at that rank . Congratulations you have made it this far ! Take a deep breath. If it was me I would hold for a week and wait for better options ….. But it ain't me so good luck .!

      • chandanrajdb says:

        Thanks Jottie for your comment above…..

        It doesn't matter how well you are ranked currently mate…..I am just struggling to a make correct decision and that's why I am seeking communities help to help me make a right decision….

        And regarding holding off for a week I will be missing on a rookie who will be on the bubble….and yes I am takling about Shenton and I will be bringing in him this week…by trading out who? not sure yet…..and may be you are right just do 1 trade and hold for a week and see what pans out…


        • Billy says:

          id go your first option
          JPK may be pricey but he is proving his value pumping out 120+ and this will help boost you ranking further.
          Shenton looks the good plus JS looks nice

          but in the end rank 118 is awesome so you make the decision

        • Jottie says:

          I think that is what I will end up doing shenton looks too good too mis with his dpp. I would upgrade polec mate to a premo . I think the very first option is the best mate IMO very good . That's my 2 cents I am In your league btw team name proven performers 😀

        • Fabian says:

          I'd say option 3. You will have a Premo midfield and will have cash to upgrade your F6 the week after.

    • thhhh says:

      Mate, you are in my league, so whatever choice you may, I hope it's the bad one 😛
      You beat me by just under 100, so at least I wont be seeing you again until finals!

      Maybe go with someone injury prone, hanley for bartel to generate some cash and tex walker for martin.

      • Derek says:

        Way out in front in my league (I don't face you until round 16), you are who we are looking up to and admiring. Difficult to give advice to someone doing so well.

        For what it is worth, and seeing you are going for Ranking, I would look at some of the freo players. Have a look at their next 8 games (they don't play anyone in top 8). Fyfe and barlow could come in instead of JPK.

        Ballantyne in the fwd at around $374k is an option. he plays well against weak teams and that is all he has in next 8 games. Johnson in Defence is a good upgrade for Langdon as well.

        • chandanrajdb says:

          What is your team name Derek and what is the league name you are talking about…..

          Thanks for your comment above mate, much appreciated…..I haven't made up my mind as off now with what traded I will be doing…..got couple of days to think about before pulling the trigger….at the moment one trade looks a locked which is bringing in Shenton……unless if he misses out on the team sheet to play this week…..


          • Derek says:

            Team Name is the Bundeena Bunnies. (JR Community FL). currently sitting 5th. Have been strong and held back on doing to many trades. Have a number of cash Cows that i'm waiting to fatten up (KK, Suckling, Langdon, Langford, Webster, Thomas) before upgrading to premiums. Might take a few more weeks , but should be at full strength bye round 16 😉

      • chandanrajdb says:

        League name mate?? and what is your team name…???

        And yes, thanks for your advice…..good luck….


    • Blueprime says:


    • WombatsFC says:

      Well done on not having Gaz as captain on weekend.

    • WombatsFC says:

      Hi Raj,
      I need some advice mate.
      I have Danger,Gray,Dahlhouse, Zorko L.Taylor. S.Lloyd Ambrose and Cameron fwd line.
      I have Polec on the bench in the mid. My current M8 is wines. I obviously need to repair my fwd line what do you suggest?

      • chandanrajdb says:

        Hi Wombats,

        Polec to C Shenton and either L Taylor or Lloyd (if he doesn't get named this week) to Dusty if you can afford…Dusty has got a low BE and last couple of weeks he was really good and IMO he is a top 10 FWD…..and also I am not sure what is the BE of L Taylor if he has low BE then definitely HOLD him…..

        Good Luck….


        • WombatsFC says:

          I was actually leaning towards Parker for his reliability and hoping to pull a weekly high score as the big $ is a forgotten dream. Do you prefer Dusty over Parker? Why? I had Dusty but retired him before the bye I have him in the 'Highly Frustrating' classification along with Boombust Harvey

          • chandanrajdb says:

            I am not telling that Parker is a bad pick…..but we should be considering there price as well…..point is picking up the fallen premo at the right time..and IMO Dusty is a great value at his current price…..and has low BE this week……strongly consider Dusty since he has dropped nearly 100K in price and looks like he is in a good form with couple of good games……

            I am thinking of bringing Parker as my last FWD upgrade….when and who to I am not sure yet….

            Hope this helps…


            • WombatsFC says:

              Thanks mate I value your opinion but I cant get over the fact that his only tons were against the Suns, Blues, Melbourne and GWS for the other 5 games Bris,Gee,Col,WBD,HAW he only averaged 82.
              I appreciate that he is about to go up in value but I'd rather pay an extra 40k 2 weeks later and be convinced that he isn't just a flat track bully.

    • Garglesnarf FC says:

      Great effort Raj!

      Without doubt this a terrific but tough decision to make, but I think one up, and one down is the way to go. I would go with your initial plan. Furthermore I offer my comments below for your consideration.

      JPK is currently the second most expensive mid at 643 but only the 3rd highest ave at 123. Fyfe is priced 6th @601 but has the 4th best average at 120 (equal with Beams). I would respectfully argue that the 42k saving is well worth it, as I believe Freos run home* is so soft that he will score higher than JPK, but to be honest both are great picks.

      *Freo do not play a top 8 side until round 20, and they play Brisbane twice.

      • chandanrajdb says:

        Hi GFC,

        Thanks for your wisdom above mate….much appreciated….

        At the moment I am thinking of holding onto Polec, since Port has got 2 easy games in a row MEL & Saints….I am thinking he might score a ton in atleast one of those games and will produce solid output for the next 2 rounds…..and in the mean time Steve J will be ripe for picking….will upgrade Polec to Steve J after 2 rounds…..anyways that is plan at the moment….might change before the 1st bounce this week….

        Instead of upgrading in the Midfield i am considering to upgrade in my DEF and thinking of bringing in K Simpson….should have bought him last week….Roughy stuffed my plans and Lloyd was also omitted…..was hard to field 18 last week and changed my decision to do different trades…..

        OUT: Dunstan & Langdon
        IN: Shenton & K Simpson……left with around $45k in the bank……these are my current trades at the moment…..which will actually completes my DEF for the season with Langford and Cutler on the Bench…..Langford will be traded out to some new ROOKIE for cash generation, who? I really do not know….whoever pops up…..


      • WombatsFC says:

        Think I might have to get the teen-no-morewolf

    • The Filth says:


      Our teams and circumstances are very similar – my team "The Filth" is currently ranked 85th.
      Interestingly my decision this week is the same – do I bring in JPK this week?
      I feel that JPK is mandatory to win.

      My forward line is finished my midfield has Robbie Gray and I am looking to swap into my forwards and use Higgins for my final midfield upgrade (JPK). I currently have one less premo in defense than you – I have Langdon and Langford as D5 and D6. Same rucks – slight difference in bench players.
      Don't know if I should upgrade Langford to Bartel this week.
      Problem for me may be cash generation, I may not have another chance to get JPK in my team.

      I will be putting a similar "very long" post to the community this week, outlining my thoughts and seeking opinions and guidance from others.

      I think doing a double downgrade at this stage would require you to have in Jock's vernacular "big hairy ones" as you may sacrifice some vital points. Hard to tell. JPK or Simpson option would be my thoughts – with no Machiavelian intent on my behalf. (JPK or Bartel for me this week I think?!)

      Good luck with the rest of your season. I must admit it is a buzz being near the top.
      I hope you will respond to my post later this week!

      "The Filth"

      • chandanrajdb says:

        Hi Wayne,

        Thanks for your comment mate….

        I don't think doing a double downgrade when there are some opportunities available in all parts of the ground is a risk in any means (DEF – Bews (if named this week), MID – Shenton (If named this week), FWD – Lennon (if named this week))….I am actually considering this option very very strongly…..reasons below…

        1. I am thinking of S Lloyd if doesn't get named to Shenton and then in MID Polec out swing Langdon into the MID and go for Bews…..Generates heaps of cash at the same time it will cost you some points, but need to consider long term and make sure you can upgrade to full premo as quickly as possible. next week I am thinking of Out Dunstan / Langdon by swing Shenton to MID and upgrade to a Premium FWD and keep Higgins as F6 for time being and do a straight swap to some fallen premium when the opportunity pops up….I can't play P Ambrose or C Cameron on ground very risky options……where as in MID and DEF I have a decent rookies who have cored well before and can bank on them for 1 week…..

        2. I can also then upgrade my midfield by trading out langford or Langdon next week to a Premium MID or DEF which ever I want to…

        The point is you need some rookie player who is actually playing as a bench cover and also for cash generation……it is not always bringing in Premium players, you need to plan and make sure if you do one up and one down this week what are your options for next week….In my team if I do 1 up and 1 down this week by bringing in a Premium DEF or a MID will complete that line particular line with full Premium, but my weakest line is FWD and how do i fix it? that is the issue i am facing….

        And also I will be having a close look this week on C Beams, who will be on bubble next week and score decent 60 in his 1st game back and wasn't get subbed out of the game, played the whole game…yes he is bit expensive but you need someone who JS is good and you can bank on him when one of MID premo misses for a week or 2…..

        Hopefully above makes sense…..


  101. Donavan says:

    I thank the community, but in particular the advise from Garglesnarf FC, if only I had followed your first suggesion of bringing in Kade Simpson.

    I thank you because I am at work right know, and the guy 2 offices up the hall-way hasnt spoken to me yet, because I kicked his a$$, for the first time in 3 seasons. .

    My team is-

    DEF – D.Swallow, Bartel, Enright, Kolojashnij, Firrito, Schoenmakers, Langford, Tippet

    MID – Ablett, Pendlebury, Beams, Cotchin, Priddis, Goddard, Langdon, Polec, Hartung, Acres

    RUCK – Mumford, Sandilands, Derickx, Lobb

    FWD – Dangerfield, Roughead, Martin, Franklin, Dahlhaus, Ambrose, Taylor, S.Lloyd

    I have $28.9k in the bank, and 15 trades remaining.

    My thoughts are-
    This week (Rd 11)
    Mumford to Naitanui
    Polec to Shenton
    Would leave $539k

    Rd 12
    Langdon to M.Johnson (via Swallow or Bartel)
    Langford to Hibberd
    Would leave around $240K

    Taylor to Zorko
    Kolojashnij to Premo Defence

    Please let me know if you think I am on the right track.

    • Captain joc says:

      Why not hold onto mummy? Mummy to nicnat just seems too sideways and I know you make cash out of it but I would look at trading out firrito or shoemakers down to bews?

      Great work on kicking that guys ass!!!

      • Donavan says:

        I know the Mummy to Nicnat is a risk, but I'm not convinced that Mummy will regain his early season form, and I think Nicnat will improve (couldn't be much worse).

        I don't like Bew's job security, Firrito and Shoenmakers are just holding their positions, both NM & Hawks have a good run of opponents, and Shoey in particular has job security until Gibson & Lake come back.

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Pleasure Donovan happy to help!

      That looks like an OK plan.

      Mummy to NicNat is bold and could bite you, but your using the cash well. Malceski is cheap at 490 next week, but Johnson and Hibberd will be cheap as well. Zorko is the rnd 13 bargain of the week, well spotted. Heath Shaw will also be a round 13 bargain at around 410k, and could still allow you to get Simpson in rnd 12.

      • Donavan says:

        Thanks Garglesnarf,

        I will keep an eye out for Malceski and Shaw.

        The Mummy to Nicnat move, I think it needs to be done, unless you have better options. Mummy's price will start to fall rapidly this week, and next.

        Polec to Shenton is a cash grab, but also don't mind Shentons job security.

        Thanks for your feedback, and ideas.

  102. tom says:

    Community what do we think of EDDIE BETTS fits the bill of stepping stone like Travis cloke break even of 6 going up in price could offload him after hes breakeven is too high.

  103. Adam says:

    Is Griffin, Libba and Dahlhaus too many dogs as they are an average side?

    • SCaddict says:

      Now the byes are done with the number of players from such or such team is even less of a concern.

      Doggies have a good draw in the Supercoach finals and all those you listed are guns so wouldn't hesitate having all those guys in my team though I've made different choices instead.

    • wes says:

      My concern with the dogs, and this is short term thinking, is they have freo, pies, port in 3 of the next four weeks. Lions are the only easy game there.
      Frawley and Macaffer tags coming, plus a rampant port as well. Tags only get 1 player, but which – libba or griffin likely…
      I weened out my dogs players for this reason and brought in kangas Gibson and Harvey because at least over the next 5 rounds, they don't have these suffocating teams.
      I just see shortened avgs, and lower $$ for dogs players…

  104. Wattsieesq says:

    Hey community. Thank god the byes are over. I got 2,050 which put me in the top 200 for the round but I'm shot with my overall ranking. I think a double downgrade this week as I need to build the war chest. I still have 15 trades and need 5 more for a full premium team.

  105. Fabian says:

    Another quality podcast gentlemen.

    What are the community's thoughts on "must have" premo mids.
    My mids are currently:
    Ablett, Fyfe, Watson, Beams, Selwood, Ward, Cotchin and Polec.

    I will trade Polec out for my final Premo mid this week but unsure who to.
    Pendles, Stevie J and JPK look like the 3 players that are most likely to finish top 8 mids that aren't already in my team.

    However, tempted by blokes like Floggard and Barlow, who are a decent chunk cheaper and could potentially match the former 3 for output, from here on in.

    If I go Polec to barlow or Floggard this week, i could go langdon to Hibberd AND Higgins to Parker next week.

    If I go Polec to the likes of pendles or JPK, I can only do one upgrade next week, meaning an extra week to getting full premo.

    Thoughts on which way I should go with this one community?

    • Mozz says:

      I'm in the same boat as you. I don't know whether to upgrade to Pendles and downgrade JKH to Shenton or a cheaper MID and then upgrade JKH to a FWD premo.

    • BeagzBoyz says:

      Get JPK in immediately at all costs.

    • Derek says:

      I am in same boat. plan all along was to get Pendles, but looking at freo's games over next 8 weeks, im also looking at Fyfe and Barlow.

      Pies next few games are good as well, so will prob go with my initial plan. I actually though pendles would be a bit cheaper by now.

      • Mozz says:

        I will be going to Pendles. I already have a few POD's in my MID (Rockliff & N.Jones) so i think i just need to go with everyone else and get Pendles. When he bangs out a 150, you don't want to miss out on it because then you'll be behind the rest of the competition.

    • WombatsFC says:

      Based on form so far this season I wont be surprised if Polec outscores Marshmallow Cotchin for the rest of the season maybe you should offload that Dag on the arse of your midfield before Polec.

    • SCaddict says:

      You could consider holding Polec a few weeks until Stevie J has bottomed out. Might be able to snap him up for the low $500Ks soon if he is contained by the Swans this weekend. That's my plan anyway.

      • The Garbo says:

        Is there really a rush to move on polec? His output is still good enough to have in the mids avg just shy of a ton. So unless your one of the few still going for the cash holding a trade for a few weeks could be the safer option to help your finals run if your confident you'll get there.

  106. Jottie says:

    Second thoughts I'm holding my trades or I will die trying!

  107. Avzmo says:

    Hey guys, running into some conundrums on who to trade in the upcoming weeks.

    Current team is as follows:

    DEF: McVeigh, Swallow, Dunn, Jaensch, Suckling, Langdon, (Kolodjasnij, Clurey)

    MID: Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Selwood, Harvey, Cotchin, Polec, Crouch (Robertson, Acres)

    RUC: Cox, Sandi (Derickx, King)

    FWD: Danger, Dahlhaus, Wingard, Higgins, Fasolo, Lloyd (Impey, Cameron)

    I’ve got 12 trades and want to burn a few, the following bis a list of my players on the chopping block:

    Dunn, Jaensch, Langdon, Polec, Crouch, Robertson, Fasolo, Lloyd

    On my radar is:

    DEF: Hanley

    MID: Barlow, Watson, Steven

    FWD: Franklin

    I’ve currently got 158k in the bank and was hoping to get as many of these guys into my team for guys on the chopping block and in the right order so that I can afford as many as possible.

    Can people make suggestions as per trades to make this week and possible trades for next week. Also if there is someone I should consider that I haven’t above please let me know.

    Would be much appreciated!!

    • Jottie says:

      Think you have too hold Dunn and jaensch although everyone is upgrading polec atm I think he will still average 90 odd so will give you points and won't drop too much in value ( same vein as Dunn and jaensch) think you should downgrade Langdon crouch or fasolo gut call as to which ones . Possible rookies too downgrade too are Charlie Cameron , shenton and Lennon . I suggest double downgrade this week double upgrade next week maybe upgrade thumper too barrel or Simpson and Lloyd/ impey too Parker or Gray . Then with leftover cash look at upgrading polec . Too tired to check prices but that is what I would look at doing . Cheers

  108. thhhh says:

    What do people think the best forward for <480k will be this week?

    • SCaddict says:


      Sure there's risk there but so is there with Chappy, Wingard, Roughie, Lynch, Breust and Dixon and this will probably the cheapest Buddy will be for the rest of the season.

      If you leave it another week he could be $40K more.

      • Garglesnarf FC says:

        Buddy has burnt me so many times that he is on my NEVER AGAIN list. So is Higgins however and didn’t that work out well this year!

    • Kris says:

      Why not look at one Mark LeCras. Spends more time in the mid, so not relying on the more elusive stats such as goals and contested marks.

  109. Captain joc says:

    Kane Mitchell Vs. Cameron shenton

    Let me start off with some stats

    K.Mitchell 240k 100.5 avg B/E -58

    C.Shenton 155k 73 avg B/E -55

    Pros Vs. Cons what’s everyone think?

    • wes says:

      Kane Mitchell has good experience at AFL level.
      Rookies tend to have erratic scores (though admittedly so does Stevie J depending on the tag)
      He should score higher on avg, so the investment of the extra 100k should pay off reasonably well
      Kane is less likely to get benched later on
      Mitchell is my P8 – so I am biased a little.

      • WombatsFC says:

        You would only be bringing in Mitchell for bench cover and profit potential. Shenton can also cover your fwd bench and he will make about $30k more than Mitchell over the next 4 rounds.
        Sure Mitchell might ave 20pts more than Shenton over that period but bench players don't score unless you have an injury.

    • Garglesnarf FC says:

      Kmitch Negatives
      For whatever reason KMitch seems to end up wearing a vest, he does everything possible to be in the Powers best 22 but always seems to hover in the group just outside regular selection so his JS sux. His price at $240 is awkwardly high.

      Often plays high scoring games and playing in the top team. Doesn’t have to be there for long to make you money, and Ports run for the next 4-5 weeks features Melbourne StKilda Swans Bulldogs Crows. Assuming he plays in 3 of those he should make you at least $100k and possibly as high as $150k. When he plays is a possible M8 option.

      Shenton Negatives
      Relatively high priced rookie at 155k. Playing in a crap team. Whilst JS is ok for a while may come under pressure when Acres is back. Not likely to score better than 65avg, so best used on the bench.

      I think that Shenton has slightly better JS than Kmitch. Has DPP and can sit on the bench in either FWD or Mid in case for emergency purposes. Cheaper price than KMitch means that there is $85 to use somewhere else, whilst he generates simlar cash to Kmitch.

      Bottom line
      If you need a player to cover M8 for a while and have 14+ trades, I would go KMitch. Otherwise Shenton should get more games which means he should get a chance to make you closer to $200k. He covers nicely as an M9 and with the DPP enables you to swing him fwd if required.

      From my memory of your team, you don’t need an M8 – Shenton

      • wes says:

        love the comments Prof Garglesnarf FC!!! as always really
        You actually just confirmed my change of mind.
        I don't really need an M8 or P8 as I called it. after an opinon on that.
        I have could have either Kane or Dom Tyson as my P8
        if it is Kane, I end up chosing between he and Dom for M8
        If I put Tyson in as M8, I actually go the Shenton route instead of KMitch and sit him on my pine.

        Upside to Tyson playing vs Kane?
        I get to keep extra 150k in my pocket for next week. and as you note, probably make same amount of $$ with Shenton on bench.
        But will Tyson remain a reasonable scorer for this round? that is my question… Kane seems good for 90 odd…

        Plans for next week would be trade out Polec or Tyson for JPK or Rocky and make my M7 Dane Swan of all people…

        • Captain joc says:

          Well my side is
          Def: bartel, Simpson, jaensch, walker, mcveigh, Langford (cutler, georgiou)
          Mids:Ablett, pendlebury, Watson, fyfe, liberatore, selwood, beams, D.Swallow(who I wanna move to the back line) bench: Langdon, acres
          Ruck: sandi, goldy ( currie, king)
          Fwds: danger, Parker, Martin, buddy, zorko, Taylor, (Ambrose, Cameron)

          Great write up GFC!!!!
          I’m so torn between them

          • Garglesnarf FC says:

            Nice side CJ,

            Were you thinking of Langdon or Langford (swing Swallow back) for Shenton?

        • Captain joc says:

          Well I was thinking
          This week
          Higgins to buddy
          Langdon to Mitchell/shenton

          Next week
          Langford to fwd premo ie.dahlhaus or a couple of other players
          Then a downgrade somewhere so I have enough cash to go upgrade shenton/Mitchell to JPK after a couple of weeks

          How much emphasis should we make about teams draws?

  110. Daryl Prasad says:

    you do not need to trade atm…the 2 trades are more valuable than any of the four options.

  111. Anthony says:

    Thoughts on Sam Docherty?

    • WombatsFC says:

      Good solid player with an exceptionally accurate long kick he's already locked into Blues best 22 for this year and will ave more than Langdon and possibly equal Jaensch for rest of year but, if you didn't get him before his price increase its probably too late.

    • The Mullet says:

      I got him in last week. I want him as my perma D7. His JS looks good and Mick has a made a couple of positive comments on his performance. More expensive than Bews, but a much safer choice IMO. I see him averaging 70-80 from here on so I think there is still a bit of growth left in his price. BUT. I intend to keep him. If you are looking to generate maximum cash for upgrades later, there might be better options as fresh rookies start to get rotated in by the rebuilding clubs.

  112. Garglesnarf FC says:

    From Bigfooty

    May 25, 2014 at 11:53 PM. RSS ….
    Rumour UNCONFIRMED – Danger out for season with fractured vertebrae.

    Great, please no…….

    • Gaz says:

      no surely not….

      • Derek says:

        I saw him get smashed on the weekend and thought that was going to be sore the next day! won't be surprised if true

    • WombatsFC says:

      From Adelaide FC website
      Scans have cleared acting co-captain Patrick Dangerfield of any structural damage to his back following a heavy collision against Carlton on Sunday. Dangerfield is expectec to play Gold Coast this weekend.

  113. Avzmo says:

    Hey guys, running into some conundrums on who to trade in the upcoming weeks.

    Current team is as follows:

    DEF: McVeigh, Swallow, Dunn, Jaensch, Suckling, Langdon, (Kolodjasnij, Clurey)
    MID: Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Selwood, Harvey, Cotchin, Polec, Crouch (Robertson, Acres)
    RUC: Cox, Sandi (Derickx, King)
    FWD: Danger, Dahlhaus, Wingard, Higgins, Fasolo, Lloyd (Impey, Cameron)

    I've got 14 trades and want to burn a few, the following is a list of my players on the chopping block:

    Dunn, Jaensch, Langdon, Polec, Crouch, Robertson, Fasolo, Lloyd

    On my radar is:

    DEF: Hanley
    MID: Barlow, Watson, Steven
    FWD: Franklin

    I've currently got 158k in the bank and was hoping to get as many of these guys into my team for guys on the chopping block and in the right order so that I can afford as many as possible.

    Can people make suggestions as per trades to make this week and possible trades for next week. Also if there is someone I should consider that I haven't above please let me know.

    Would be much appreciated!!

    • Avzmo says:

      I'm conscious of the fact that the players I want are on the cheaper end of things and their prices will rise in the next few weeks, so I want to get on them before this happens. I also don't really see the point of a double downgrade at this time of year as the rookies I bring in are only there to be emergencies and I won't be trading them out later on to make cash off them.

      I'd ideally like to give Fasolo and Lloyd another week to see if they can turn it around, and if not they can go. Jaensch is solid enough so I will probably hold onto him but the inconsistency of Dunn and Langdon is annoying wouldn't mind moving them on. Crouch and Robertson are useless at the moment and the only reason I want to get rid of Polec is because I know you can get cheap proven premo's for 50-100k more.

      Also wouldn't mind Swan or Griffin either, but looking for the best options out of all the MIDS I've named.

      I'm looking for strategies on how to possibly operate to get a combination of the players on my chopping block out and the players on my radar in, all while paying attention to breakevens to get the most bang for my buck.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated community!!

      • WombatsFC says:

        Scratch Hanley, he can't handle a 'run with' opponent, instead get a proven solid points scorer there are plenty but they are all over 500k you wont get a 100+pts defender for less than 500k at this time of year so downgrade langdon.
        I think you also need JPK and Parker or Robbie Gray before Franklin. a POD who only averages 100 is valueless if your opponent has a common player who aves 120

        • Avzmo says:

          Thanks for the input Wombat.

          So you reckon Trade down Langdon and not Dunn? I was thinking that Griffin was a good pick up this week with a low breakeven and starting to hit some form, we know what hes capable of.

          I know that JPK is hitting scores out of the park but If I put all my eggs in the JPK basket I won't have much cash for other upgrades. Id love to be able to afford JPK and Parker but not sure what strategy to employ and trades to make to get it there.

          If I trade down Langdon to a Bews or a Gardiner (if I want someone with a bit more security) I can afford the JPK pick straight away, but it makes other trade ups harder. I was laening more towards having mids around the 500-550k mark who can score 100-110 average rather then have a JPK who might average 120, and have to have a cash cow at M8.


      • Garglesnarf FC says:

        Hi Avzmo, sorry if this rambles as I have typed it with a one hour break in the middle!

        The only problem with your view on the double downgrade, is that (like me)you don’t have a big pile of cash to afford the luxury of buying in multiple premos. IMO you need to at least consider 2xDown in an effort to give the cash genaration to buy the cheap premos who are coming up over the next couple of weeks.

        Bear in mind that KMitch and Shenton should rise between 100-150k each over the next 3 weeks, and for players wanting quick cash these two are where its at. So at least consider it.

        Of the players you want in, IMO Barlow (or Fyfe) is the priority of the bunch as Freo dont play anyone inside the 8 until round 20 against Geelong. And they play Brisbane twice including the round 22 prelim final.

        So the obvious trade this week is Crouch > Barlow which requires $260k which means you might need to consider Fasolo to Shenton for cash generation. These two trades leave you with $86k in the bank which is probably not enough to do anything useful next week.

        Barlows price should be roughly 10k cheaper next week, so this trade could wait a week & Zorko will also be around $384k next week which is stupidly cheap for a player with 90-110 potential.

        So consider doing Dunn > Bews (+399600) and Fasolo > Shenton (+188000). This leaves you with a $745600 warchest next week and the ability to buy pretty much whomever you want.

        • Avzmo says:

          Thanks for the reply I'm thinking Dunn > Gardiner (50k more but better job security, I may change this back to Bews, but its more security if someone happens to miss a week) and Crouch > Griffin. This still leaves me with 155k and I can then upgrade Polec next week to one of many different midfielders, I was thinking Barlow as he is undervalued. I like the JPK pick as Wombat has said but am afraid I won't have enough for other upgrades. I might have to leave Harvey or any FWD/MID in the midfield as I made too many stupid trades early and have to pay for them now.

  114. bob says:

    Parker vs dalhuas or another premo forward. thoughts?
    I am leaning towards parker.

    • Mathew says:

      Parker Mid/Def Swing Very consistent only gone under 90 once with an 87 and most weeks scoring 100-110
      Think other then danger his close to the best forward to pick up

  115. Langy says:

    No ones talking about Priddis, maybe a little pricey at 531K but with a 105 average, has been very consistant of late and a BE of 52, Polec to Priddis upgrade for me.

    • Mozz says:

      no don't do that. You'll regret it later

    • Garglesnarf FC says:

      Langy I reckon if you are going to trade out Polec, it needs to be for someone really good, and in my opinion Polec > Priddis is almost a sideways trade.

      Fyfe/Pendles/Beams/Ablett/JPK/SJ are the top mids and you should be targeting one of them unless you already have them all, in which case Barlow would make a suitable cheap alternative.

      • Garglesnarf FC says:

        Forgot to put Libba in that list.

        • Langy says:

          have Beams, Ablett, Libba will look into Barlow, was thinking Priddis may be a good POD

          • Garglesnarf FC says:

            Not much good having a POD who scores 10-15pts less than the best midfielders. Get the best talent you can afford, let everyone else worry about PODs.

            Polecs opponents over the next 2 weeks are Melb and Stkilda, he could score north of 100 in both of those and increase to $500k+. Barlow is roughly 526k next week.

  116. Stumped says:

    Well. I've gone and stuffed my team I reckon… 11 trades left… and some corrections needed. You will see what I'm talking about!

    DEF: swallow, bartel, mcveigh, burgoyne, suckling, langdon, hanley, bews

    MID: rockliff, beams, jelwood, m murphy, cotchin, goddard, tyson, dunstan, hartung, acres

    RUC: sandi, PYKE, derickx, currie bloody currie

    FWD: danger, martin, dahlhaus, zorko, fasolo, lloyd, taylor, cameron

    I'm thinking… RUCK. FWD are the 2 lines that need immediate attention.

    What would you do in my clammy handed position? (I kind of feel like crawling into a ball and rocking myself to sleep in the corner).

    • Garglesnarf FC says:

      Nothing wrong with that team, that 1 ruckman cant fix. Would also be nice to have Langdon in the mids as M8.

      What cash do you have? I am going to assume not much.

      Dunstan down to Shenton, Pyke to NicNat.


      Simply hold Pyke, as Derickx is perfect cover, and just do Dunstan down to Shenton and wait for the forward rookies to mature, before upgrading.

      For this week swap Shenton into F6, and put Taylor on the mid bench and play Hartung in M8 as the Hawks have the hapless Giants this week.

      • Stumped says:

        Gargles – my sincere thanks. You are a community treasure.

        Was looking directly at the old Shenton Dunstan shuffle – 2 reasons – cash grab… and the DPP helps me swing about the place.

        I like the old NicNat paddy whack for Puke… and then next week…. bringing in a bit of G Ablett.

        • dognino says:

          I'm still holding pyke for another week, hoping he may pick up in form now the swans have Reid, tippet, buddy all playing together, so he shouldn't get shoved into the forward line like early on, it may even push derickx out of the team and pyke sole rucks(maybe I'm dreaming) . Just keep an eye on the selections before trading him out if you've already held him this long

          Forget everything I said, just read that pyke is still out with hamstring issues

  117. Chris says:

    Current Mids: Ablett Pendels JPK Beams Selwood LIbba M.Crouch and Hallahan

    $778,700 in the bank.

    Which to prems for final 2 spots.

    • Dinkum Davo says:

      Watsons and Griffen are cheap
      Fyfe is killing it but might get rested in supercoach finals

    • Mozz says:

      You'll need a POD. You have a very common midfield, so I would consider taking a risk and getting in a very different POD to set you aside from the rest of the competition. I suggest: C.Ward, N.Jones, Sloane, Rockliff, NDS, Steven, Griffin, Goddard.
      For your other spot, i would suggest Watson

    • SCaddict says:

      That's an imposing top 6 mids you already have. Griffen should be looked at along with Floggard. Excellent bang for the buck. Stevie J is another that could also be considered in a few weeks once his price hits rock bottom, who is my own final mid target.

      You can then save some of that precious cash to max out your other lines.

  118. The Mullet says:

    In reply to stumps above, but also anyone else without gaz, his 75 score was a gift from the supercoach gods which is not to be passed up in the next few weeks as it rolls through his average. Start looking NOW at your warchest. Also take a hard look at your premiums to see if one of them needs to make way for him. Im looking at you Cotchin.

    • Stumped says:

      I was thinking exactly that Mullet… exactly that.

      Went with the no Ablett or Pendles from the start… hoping to snare them after the byes… and lo and behold… it may be time.

  119. julz says:

    Just wondering some thoughts on my potential trade options this week.

    Option 1 – Have enough money to upgrade Langdon to Burgoyne in just one trade which would complete my defence with Langford as back-up and Georgio also rotting on the pine (other defs Simpson, Swallow, Bartel, Hibberd, McVeigh)

    Option 2 – Downgrade Langdon to Bews if named, gives me $400K to play with for upgrades to FWD line (ie Fasolo to Parker) and midfield in a few weeks time once Hallahan has fattened and Stevie J dropped in price. Only concern with this is Langford would be D6 and then I would have Bews and Georgio on the pine which is asking for trouble if I need a back up with Bews JS not the best.


    • julz says:

      BTW I have 14 trades left, $109K in kitty and team is as follow
      (Def) – Simpson, Swallow, Bartel, Hibberd, McVeigh, Langdon (Langford, Georgio)

      MID – Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Murphy, Libba, Selwood, Watson, Hallahan (Acres, Shenton)

      RUCK – Sandi, McEvoy (Dericx, spud)

      FWD – Danger, Martin, NRoo, Zorko, Fasolo, Higgins (Ambrose, C Cameron)

      Other ideas also appreciated

    • The Garbo says:

      I like simpson over burg, though Hanley's price cant be ignored imo

  120. Garglesnarf FC says:

    I can see why Bews is tempting but having two donuts on the bench is a worry, so I prefer option 1 as it improves your team by 20-40pts.

    That said, your team is so solid, you could actually do nothing but wait for your FWD/Mid rookies to mature and then upgrade. I will be interested to see what others say.

    • The Mullet says:

      That is a really good team with plenty of trades left. I tend to agree with Gargle that the best course of action is to do nothing for the time being. Langdon has probably topped out, but I don't see a pressing reason to get rid of him this week (BE 74).
      We are getting to the stage where some clubs will start to rotate a few tired rookies out for some fresh ones. Other options will pop up.
      As for Burgoyne…….my question is will he maintain this form?……He is @ 100 average this year, but the previous 3 years were 80-85. But he is a DPP and rarely turns in a shocker.

      • julz says:

        Thanks for responding people, yes my third option was to do nothing and wait and see what comes up in future once current rookies have fattened. Think u might’ve sold me on this good luck this week everyone!

  121. Zak says:

    Need some advice guys…

    Have Sam Lloyd and Lewis Taylor
    I was counting on Lloyd to go up in price this week, so I could swing Taylor into forward line to trade in Shenton for Lloyd. But because he didn't play now I'm not sure if I should hold Lloyd and trade out Taylor now for Shenton, even though Taylor will still go up in price.

    I was also toying up whether to bring in Franklin for Lloyd's price now before Franklin goes up.

    No idea. Richmond dropping Lloyd screwed me.

    • Hazey says:

      Yeah the Lloydster vanishing screwed me too….and I have held McDonut also from the Tiggies…but atleast he is playing.

      I am waiting on the teams but thinking Lloyd will be back in again sometime this year, there is a lot of the season left so will hold him whilst I still have other rookies to upgrade.

      • Zak says:

        Yeah I'm a bit stuck. I could trade in Pendles for polec this week if I trade out Taylor for shenton.
        I still need to updgrade to two premiums in my forward line though.

        Think franklin's gonna go good since goodes and tippet are back in.
        Funny enough I've still got Gary Rohan on my bench. I've had more pressing trades.

        I could go Polec to Shenton, then Rohan to Franklin and still a have 250k in the bank.
        And then I'd be leaving Taylor and Lloyd to make their last bit of cash, and getting rid of spud Rohan finally.

  122. Mathew says:

    Hi community, I'm just wondering who people think will be a better option for my midfield in two minds here
    In two weeks Sloane will be around $540K and Steve Johnson around $550K
    Both will be great pick ups but not to sure which way to go
    Current mid Ablett Pendles Beams DalSanto Jelwood Mcveigh Watson Taylor (Lloyd Acres)
    If people could give me advice even if its another player they think would be a better option would be appreciated.
    Good luck all

    • Tom says:

      I think Stevie J but conscious that he might come up against Crowley again for the first Supercoach final week. While Sloane benifits from the fact that the Crows have great finals fixtures.

      I'm looking at Liberatore or JPK depending on funds myself

  123. The Mullet says:

    OK….the dust has settled from the byes. Now I want to pull some weeds out of the garden. Many wont agree, but I need to tidy my benches a bit and make way for Shenton. Who is least likely to get a game from now on……Georgiou, Michie, Acres or Lloyd?

    • Stumped says:

      I think Acres is out for 8 weeks or something with an ankle…

    • Mathew says:

      Id say mitchie acres and lloyd will get a couple more games really not sure about georgiou think he will struggle

    • The Mullet says:

      Thanks for the replies. Agree that Georgiou may be the one. Team selections this week will be interesting.

  124. Kenny Powers says:

    This probably isn't the right forum for this comment however the "no case to answer" decision on GAJ is a joke. Why did Picken's head fly back at the same time God jnr CLEARLY smacked him in the face with his elbow? The MRP said it hit him in the sternum but later they stated there was inconclusive evidence to say what happened!! Whattha??? The AFL continues to disappoint … bye rounds, split rounds, and teams in non Aussie Rules territory

  125. roger says:

    Paid top price for montagna and now he has let me down, losing $37K. Community, you reckon montagna's scores will go up? Or should I trade for griffen?

    • dognino says:

      Fill your team with premiums first, then think about sideways trades if you have enough cash/trades left over

    • Garglesnarf FC says:

      Based on price per point Griffens 93 ave for $517k, gives him a price per point of $5,559.

      Barlows is $5,062 from an average of 106, for $537k. SO far this year Barlow is in front.

      Looking forward for the rest of the season, you have the hope that Griffen improves his output to 105+, which would make him a value pick. However withFreos powder puff draw I reckon Barlow could output a 115 ave for the rest of the year, making the extra $20k for Barlow a better spend.

    • wes says:

      I reckon Montagna is heading further downwards also, and understand why you've thought as you did.
      And my brother had the same notion – he went for Rocky as a straight swap.
      Sainters run over the next 3 is Collingwood, port Adelaide and then geelong.
      AFL Fantasy (which I play) is vastly different to SC re trading… but in my opinion I cannot see Montagna keeping his average. Not with those games.
      Your trade situation differs to mine (I get 2 a week, each week). If it were me in my game it is a no brainer to get him out, and bring in someone else. Montagna will lose $$ and cost you points also.
      North have an easier run for next 5 games than Saints… perhaps a POD in Gibson?
      Doggies run isn't so crash hot either… Griffen is picking up, sure, but can he keep it going?
      Agree with Garglesnarf about Barlow as an option.

  126. Tom says:

    Hey all.

    Can either finishing midfield now but being low on cash for DEF/FWD upgrades, or (trade in and) play Kane Mitchell on the ground for next few weeks during his good fixtures.

    What are your thoughts about his scoring with Melbourne, St. Kilda, Sydney and Bulldogs in next four?
    Worth the risk?

  127. WombatsFC says:

    Whats the community opinion on sacrificing a midfield bench position and a trade by trading Polec to J.Hunt to open up mid-def flexibility. All my mids are MID-only and 4 of my def are DEF-MID. I also have 4 MID-FWD but my forward bench is a bit too skinny to cover premos switched to the middle.

    Or perhaps I should just keep Polec as my midfield emergency and use Langdon to generate the cash that turns george into Bartell or Ned Kelly Simpson. Who should I downgrade langdon too? Docherty is be my D7

    • BCHawks says:

      Hey WombatsFC what is your team name so I can have a look at it and then give you an answer?
      Thanks, BCHawks

      • WombatsFC says:

        Teams called Wombats but so are a few others. Mine is ranked 2757.

        • BCHawks says:

          Thanks WombatsFC. If I was you I would be looking to fill your f5 and f6 positions. If I was you I would trade out polec for Shenton and then I would trade out Acres and swing Taylor into your Mids and get a premiums forward. Also I would be looking to trade of Wines and McIntosh as I don't think that will score that well for the remainder of the season. Also if you are low on trades you may won't to have Docherty as your d6 and Langford as your bench cover.

          • WombatsFC says:

            Thanks mate I agree that I need to fix my fwd line and I'm leaning towards Polec to Parker ambrose to Shenton but, I've still not recovered from early backline injuries and I could trade out langford +langdon and get Bartell or NedSimpson and jaensch at D6. Probably go the fwd route though.

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      It's a good idea in a few weeks Wombats, but maybe not until you've got everything else sorted.

  128. Danzo says:

    Hi all…i feel like im running myself into the ground here!!! I have my trades this week but only 47k in bank.

    Team is –

    B – Swallow, McVeigh, Burgoyne, Hooker, Langdon, Langford (Tippet, Gardiner)

    M – Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Selwood, Fyfe, Libber, Thomas, Polec (Hartung, Michie)

    R – Sandy, Jacobs (Currie, Ceglar)

    F – Danger, Parker, Martin, Higgins, Roughy, Ambrose (Impey, Cameron)


    • Mozz says:

      Is that Dale Thomas or Matt Thomas that you have there in your MIDS? I may have a solution for you

      • Danzo says:

        Heya Mozz,

        Its Daisy Thomas mate, he killed it last week but not sure he will keep it consistant…its my forward line and backline that i think are short but im open to suggestions!!!!

    • julz says:

      Hmmm bit of dead wood there could get rid of both michie and tippett but i realise not much cash to b generated there
      Personally i would downgrade daisy to shenton from SK to open up mid/fwd swing capability. Even though he finally tonned up daisy is not a keeper. Then use cash to either upgrade langdon or even polec both have high b/e

      • Mozz says:

        I have a few options for you mate:
        1: Downgrade Thomas to either Shenton or Kane Mitchell. Because it's your M8 spot, i'm more inclined to go with Kane Mitchell, so that you have someone on the field that is playing well. Downgrading to K.Mitchell will leave you with $137,200. This is just short of getting JPK, but you can still get some good premos ie. Stevie J, Rockliff, Griffin etc.

        2: downgrade thomas to Shenton, you will have heaps of cash to get in JPK from upgrading Polec. So you will have a more experienced midfield, but then an exposed M8 because you will have to field Shenton. BUT then you open up the FWD/MID swing so maybe swing in a FWD premo and then you have your mids set!

        3: downgrade polec to shenton, then upgrade Langford to Simpson

        Go with your gut, and good luck.

        • GarglesnarfFC says:

          Nice work Mozz! Fyfe over JPK (42k saving) might be a better option. Go and look at Freos draw, and you'll see why.

          • Mozz says:

            he already has Fyfe in his MIDS. Maybe also Nick Dal Santo with north's amazing run towards the end of the season

        • Danzo says:

          I know this sounds silly but how does all this fwd/mid swing thing work???

          Cheers Mozz

          • Mozz says:

            There are some players that you can put in two positions ie. Patrick Dangerfield can either be picked in the midfield or the forwardline.
            With the above scenario that I gave before, Shenton is a dual position player, so you can put him in either your forwardline or midfield. I suggested to trade him into your midfield.
            The 'fwd/mid swing' is when you change players between mids and fwds without trading anyone out. So what you could do with your team is press the S button on Shenton, and then swap him down into te forwardline with another FWD/MID player that you have (Danger, Parker, Martin).

            So instead of playing Shenton as your M8, swap him with Dangerfield. Then your mids would be
            Ablett, Pendles,JPK, Beams, Selwood, Fyfe, Libba, Dangerfield (That's an awesome midfeld!)

            Then your forwardline would be:
            Parker, Martin, Roughy, Higgins, Ambrose, Shenton (Impey, Cameron)

            Hope this helps

  129. Mozz says:

    Pendles or Steve J for my M2 spot?

  130. scano says:

    Shenton or Kane Mitchell? Who should make the most money and be a good upgrade?

    • Mozz says:

      Shenton IMO. Mitchell is already at the $250k mark so it'll be a lot harder for him to generate cash. Shenton will easily get you about 150k in the coming weeks

      • scano says:

        Mitchell does have a -50 breakeven and projected to go up 50k though?

        • Mozz says:

          What does your MIDS look like atm? Would mitchell/shenton be an M8 spot or are you going to sit them on the bench

          • scano says:

            My teams below
            I have to just keep them as an M8 for a while so whoever should make the most cash and get me some decent scores is what i'm looking for

  131. scano says:

    This is my team:

    Bartel McVeigh Johnson emg: c.cameron
    Walker Langdon Kolo bews

    gaz pendles beams jelwood watson emg: robertson acres
    murphy goddard k.Mitchell

    Mumford Sandi

    Danger Parker Martin Dahlhaus emg: ambrose cameron
    Wright Franklin

    I have 10 trades left already used 2 this week and $267,600 in the warchest
    I dowgraded kelly to Kane Sandover Mitchell but am thinking shenton?

  132. Kenny Powers says:

    MASSIVE NEWS: Rumour on Adelaide radio … Dangerfield out minimum 6 weeks with a cracked vertebrae!!

  133. dognino says:

    Thought I would post up my run of bad luck/ injuries so far tho season for everyone's amusement.
    Players I started with, Barlow ,Rohan,t,Mitchell , s. Mitchell , v.michie. Pyke. Caddy. All except pyke I have basically had to sideways trade
    Currently have tippet and acres on my back and mid bench. I picked currie instead of derricks at R3 at the beginning of the season .
    Sideways trades that have flopped, zorko and n.roo …..dropped 200k between them and averaging crapola.

    Here's my current team, sitting with only 11 trades left…..I can get to full premium with about 3 trades left for finals if I hold onto pyke.

    Mcveigh , swallow , hibberd , enright , Langdon , schoenmakers , ( Langford , tippet)

    Ablett, pendles , selwood , beams , rockliff , treloar , griffin , polec (acres, halahan)

    Sandy , pyke (currie, king)

    Danger , Martin , wingard , n .roo , zorko , Lloyd ( ambrose, f.roberts)

    • Itchy Nuts Pieman says:

      How much cash you got?

      • dognino says:

        At the moment only 8k as I brought in pendles and selwood the last 2 weeks, I still have lots of 1uo 1down opportunities, but heavily relying on current rookies to increase some more to have a competitive team

        • dognino says:

          Just read that pyke is still not even a certainty for R12 so Unless currie is named on field this week and not on extended Sunday bench, I think I may roll the dice. Polec to shenton, pyke to dog dog. Leaves me 295k in the bank. I would sit on polec for another couple weeks, but I actually can't afford dog dog without it 🙁 and all my other rookies have more cash to make ….except for the injured ones .

  134. Tom says:

    Hi community, I'm tempted to put the C on Pendles this week, only because he is playing St Kilda. I know Gary will bounce back this week but I need to do something different to get a league win.


    • Pat says:

      why not loophole them both?
      the chance of ablett having 2 in a row below 100?? – At the start of the year we wouldve said impossible !!!

      • Mozz says:

        put the VC on Pendles and C on Gazza and see how he goes, then if he goes 140+ then loophole with a non-scoring player and put the C on them. If sub 140, keep C on gazza

  135. Will says:

    guys does anyone have solid info on the whole dangerfield dilemma??
    I really hope its just a rumour !!!

  136. Billy says:

    hey guys. which trade option is better??

    OPTION 1
    Fasolo OUT Parker IN
    Acres/Cutler OUT Bews/Shenton IN

    OPTION 2
    Fasolo OUT Breust IN
    Langdon OUT Hooker IN

    just not sure if the 50k extra for Parker is worth it?????


    • Tom says:

      I really like parker

    • Mozz says:

      Parker has not dissapointed all season, he may be an extra 50k but can you really trust bruest to give you 100+ scores week after week?

      Also if you take out Acres/Cutler and bring in Shenton (don't get bews), then Shenton would generate cash for you to get another premo in later in the season when you need it most.

      Go with your gut. Where will your cash generation come from if you bring in Bruest & Hooker?

  137. BCHawks says:

    Scans have cleared Patrick Dangerfield of structural damage to his back, but unfortunately a Crows forward is set for a longer stint on the sidelines than first thought after surgery. Read more http://bit.ly/1ij1Dzx
    Source AFC facebook page

  138. Itchy Nuts Pieman says:

    Anyone condidering Nic Nat?

    • MightyDonsFC says:


      • dognino says:

        Maybe for pyke , but I still need to do a cash generating trade to afford it, so I may as well get a skin flute or big cox instead

    • jockreynolds says:

      Mate he is nagging away at me… Sandi – Nic Nat. Huge aggots required but really could be a master stroke

    • Donavan says:

      Yes, Nicnat in this week for Mumford, big cash generation, and I hope Nicnat can hit form he has showed signs in the last 2 matches.

  139. Mozz says:

    I've tried helping as many people as I can on this forum for the past couple of hours, I would love it if someone could give me some advice on my own team. I have 14 trades left and $130,100 in the war chest.

    DEF: McVeigh, Swallow, Simpson, Bartel, Enright, Langdon (Gregoriou, Cutler)

    MID: Ablett, Beams, Selwood, Libba, Watson, Rockliff, N.Jones, Polec (Hallahan, Acres)

    RUC: Sandi, Jacobs (Thurlow, King)

    FWD: Danger, Parker, Martin, Zorko, JKH, Lloyd (Taylor, Ambrose)

    I've had in my plans from the start that this week should be the week to get pendles in. For this to work I was plannig to go JKH –> Shenton and then Polec –> Pendles. This would however mean I have to field Loyd (if he plays) and Taylor in the FWD. If Lloyd doesn't play, then i'm really exposed.

    Is there any other trade options that people have? Really want to finish my mids before any other line, but really don't want to expose my FWD as a consequence.

    Thanks community

    • Blueprime says:

      Acres for Shenton

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Hey Mozz, Polec is likely to score well over the next two weeks so IMO there is no rush to get Pendles in despite the fact that I like it as a trade. You still need two more Fwds, so I think that should be a priority over trading out Polec.

      JKH to Shenton is fine and you could then turn Lloyd into Breust or Wingard depending on how much cash you want to keep on hand for next week. Then you have Shenton at F6 with Polec at M8 and Langdon at D6, pretty solid while you wait for the rookies to fatten up ready for you final trades, Hallahan should be ripe in two weeks and maybe you could move on Pendles then.

    • Kris says:

      Your mids are already solid! Polec is averaging just shy of a ton and is still collecting a lot of the pill in a good side. Hold him as your M8, look to fix other areas and wait for pendles to have a dud game like gaj just did then make the move

  140. Dinkum Davo says:

    G’day jock and community

    Just wondering what our thoughts are on buddy

    Is he still gonna produce stains in the underpant with Tippett by his side?

  141. Danks very much says:

    @Mozz, Ambrose should get a game so you could play Taylor, Ambrose. Plus you are gaining pts by bringing in Pendles, so this balances things out. In the long run, you won’t regret getting in dependlebury. Unless you have a huge warchest, (I too don’t) we are all going to have rookies playing in D6, M8, F6 positions.

    My only other suggestion is trading out N.Jones for Shenton, it will provide more $$ but will mean you will have to play Hallahan as yr M8, however the warchest will be healthy & may mean you can do more upgrades quickly…

    • Danks very much says:

      Ignore my advice above, I misread your team as M.Jones…obviously N.Jones is a keeper @$520k

  142. Dutch Life says:

    Hey community would like your help on what to do with my team this week, thanks.
    DEF: Bartell, Simpson, Jaensh, Birchall, Swallow, Langdon. (Cutler, Geogriou)

    MIDS: Ablett, Pendlebury, JPK, Selwood, Watson, Murphy, S.Johnson, Cotchin (Hallahan, Acres)

    RUC: Sandilands, Goldstein ( Derickx, King)

    FWD: Danger, Martin, Parker, Zorko, JKH, Taylor ( Ambrose, C.Cameron)

    With 10 trades left, and $5,700 left in the warchest,
    I was thinking JKH>Shenton, but still am not sure, would love your help community,

    • Nuggety says:

      Tough one Dutch life. I would maybe go acres to shenton. No second trade. Then next week swing shenton into the fwds and trade out Taylor for a rook, honeychurch might play soon, then jkh for a decent fwd maybe a wingard type or similar. Nice mids mate and while Langdon is the obvious weakness down back I reckon he might be good for now. Did I hear pendles say he would be the next pies captain on the weekend? Given you don’t have a heap of trades I reckon hallahan will fatten up nicely helping you turn shenton into another premo fwd then you’re set to ride out the latter rounds. Good luck!

  143. John says:

    No Tight Arse Tuesday Jock???

  144. mid says:

    Who is the better forward option to get between wingard, chapman or breust?

    If I choose breust I might wait 1 more week to get him cheaper as his BE is 122, whereas the others will rise in price. I will trade out dixon for one of these I just dont think he is good enough moving foward he keeps losing price and I dont even care about his ruck cover ability anymore he wont ever crack a tonne without ruck time and he plays FF. Thx guys.

    • scano says:

      Wingard doesn't score great when he doesn't kick a bag and chapman will be rested

      Although Breust is inconsistent you should probably get him

      you should wait a week and see how wingard goes aswell as waiting for breusts score to drop

  145. scano says:

    Langford > bews
    Kelly > K. Mitchell


    Robertson to shenton
    Kelly to K mitchell

    • mid says:

      Bews might not keep his spot in the side but a good downgrade if u need the cash
      I wuld personally go kelly to shenton and open up the fwd/mid swing and grab the good cash grab

    • Donavan says:

      Don't like Bew's or K Mitchell.

      Robertson to Shenton works.

  146. yogo says:

    skin flute???

  147. chandanrajdb says:

    Hi Wayne,

    Thanks for your comment mate….

    I don't think doing a double downgrade when there are some opportunities available in all parts of the ground is a risk in any means (DEF – Bews (if named this week), MID – Shenton (If named this week), FWD – Lennon (if named this week))….I am actually considering this option very very strongly…..reasons below…

    1. I am thinking of S Lloyd if doesn't get named to Shenton and then in MID Polec out swing Langdon into the MID and go for Bews…..Generates heaps of cash at the same time it will cost you some points, but need to consider long term and make sure you can upgrade to full premo as quickly as possible. next week I am thinking of Out Dunstan / Langdon by swing Shenton to MID and upgrade to a Premium FWD and keep Higgins as F6 for time being and do a straight swap to some fallen premium when the opportunity pops up….I can't play P Ambrose or C Cameron on ground very risky options……where as in MID and DEF I have a decent rookies who have cored well before and can bank on them for 1 week…..

    2. I can also then upgrade my midfield by trading out langford or Langdon next week to a Premium MID or DEF which ever I want to…

    The point is you need some rookie player who is actually playing as a bench cover and also for cash generation……it is not always bringing in Premium players, you need to plan and make sure if you do one up and one down this week what are your options for next week….In my team if I do 1 up and 1 down this week by bringing in a Premium DEF or a MID will complete that line particular line with full Premium, but my weakest line is FWD and how do i fix it? that is the issue i am facing….

    And also I will be having a close look this week on C Beams, who will be on bubble next week and score decent 60 in his 1st game back and wasn't get subbed out of the game, played the whole game…yes he is bit expensive but you need someone who JS is good and you can bank on him when one of MID premo misses for a week or 2…..

    Hopefully above makes sense…..


  148. Nuggety says:

    Ok community loving the wisdom. Here’s my squad.

    D. Bartel, Simpson, swallow, McVeigh, Hanley, enright

    E. Langdon, georgiou

    M. Ablett, Pendlebury, beams, selwood, Watson, Tyson, Taylor, hallahan

    E. Hartung, acres

    F. Dangerfield, dalhaus, gunston, zorko, cloke, petrie

    E. Impey, Cameron

    14 trades left 172k in the warchest. Going for the league win.

    Planning this week to cull Langdon for bews and acres for someone under 612k in the mids leaving only 1 mid rookie and of course the 2 kp spuds up fwd…for now.

    Please help me out folks.

    Who is the best sub 612k mid option going around?


    • Gary rohan the spud says:

      Great POD is Goddard, only scored under 100 once which was when he got injured and scored an 11, other than that his scores are 100,102, 117,122,127 and 139. so if you take that 11 out he is averaging 117.8 and he is only in 4% of teams other than that i would say fyfe

      • Nuggety says:

        Thanks mate Goddard could be the go, just doesn’t feel right not picking him up as a defender. Hard to argue with the stats though…
        As for Fyfe, he’s burnt me too many times. Any love for Keiran Jack?

    • mid says:

      Ur back and mid looks decent just leave acres as a dead wood to do loopholes. It looks like you have bigger problems up fwd.. i wuld be upgrading cloke to a premo and downgrade petrie down to shenton

      • Nuggety says:

        Good call on the loophole. Took a huge risk with petrie and cloke round 8. A couple of wombat bites later I’m wondering if I was a bit too bold..
        But if either of them end up kicking 30 goals for the year price can only go up from here…
        Too stubborn?

    • taylorwoof says:

      G'day Nuggety!

      Trading out Langdon would leave your defense bench exposed, not confident Bews plays many games. In saying that you probably need to roll that risk to assist in upgrading other areas.

      I'm thinking for now, you just need to leave Cloke and Petrie there. You've rolled the dice in Round 8 to bring them in, so stick fat! Work on other areas, then get back to them.

      It's all about value trades now. As Gary Rohan The Spud mentioned below, Goddard is great value. I traded him in before his Round 9 match.

      I do think the likes of Ryan Griffen (517) and Michael Barlow (536) represent good value. The latter does have a Break Even of 125, so the following week could be the right timing to get him in.

  149. Gary rohan the spud says:

    langford to bews and hallahan (has a breakeven of negative 25 so dont want to get rid of) to goddard
    langford to bews and either fasolo or zorko to gray this week and the other to harvey next week

  150. Lloyd says:

    Ok does anyone know how many of the Jock Reynolds Qualifier League qualify for the 'Premier League' next year??

  151. Josh says:

    Craig Bird. Is moving into contention $420K .
    He is a defensive mid (SC = For/Mid), 25 yr old , 100 ave last 5 Rds.
    Looks to me he is benefiting from the new sydney structure.

  152. doddsy says:

    nick malceski vs. michael johnson

  153. Ben says:

    Kane Mitchell for polec or Goddard for polec or hold despite be of 124

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