Flesh for Fantasy – Round 10, Bye 3

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flesh-for-fantasy-150x150G’day community,

It’s almost over. There is light at the end of the tunnel. We are into the final week of these horrid byes and our sides should start taking shape. Only a handful of SuperCoach relevant players have the week off, so this week creates another opportunity to upgrade those players and move them on to a player who has already had their bye.

Who should you look for? Let’s take a look.


Sam Gibson (NM) MID – $527,500 SC

  • Next 5 Games: GEE (A), WCE (A), RICH (H), ADEL (A), MELB (H)
  • Recent Scores: 123, 103, 85, 122, 102, 149
  • Breakeven: 61

Once flying under the radar, Sam Gibson is starting to get some recognition for his stellar form to date. A mature age recruit, his recent scores speak for itself – dropping under 100 just once in his past 6 games. His outside run and ability to get the footy has been superb. 35 touches and 10 marks against the Lions to back up his 30 touches and 9 marks against Gold Coast shows just prolific he can be.

While his run coming up is awkward, a mixture of tough and easy games, there is no reason to suggest Gibson’s run of form won’t continue, especially if guys like Nicky Dal and Boomer continue to take attention away from him. A good shout.

Todd Goldstein (NM) RUCK – $445,000 SC

  • Next 5 Games: GEE (A), WCE (A), RICH (H), ADEL (A), MELB (H)
  • Recent Scores: 98, 93, 89, 69, 101, 101
  • Breakeven: 77

Todd’s form his season has been scratchy at best, producing good games, but not the great games we expect from him. Whether that shoulder injury he suffered early in the season was still hampering him only Todd will know. However, he has hit triple figures in his last two and is starting to show a bit. 15 touches and 43 HOs against Gold Coast, along with 10 touches and 33 HOs against the Lions signals a player coming into form.

If his breakeven was any higher I’d probably sit on him for one more week, but given those 2 100s will be staying in his rolling lockout and the 69 will be dropping out, I’m expecting Todd to start appreciating in value. If you need a new ruckman, Todd is definitely worth considering.

Tom Libertore (WBD) MID – $563,900 SC

  • Next 5 Games: GCS (A), FRE (H), BRIS (H), COLL (A), PORT (A)
  • Recent Scores: 82, 76, 96, 139, 171
  • Breakeven: 24

Hard to deny his form of late, and if you’re unsure about Sam Gibson, an alternative is Tommy Libba. His performance v Melbourne was outrageous, collecting 27 touches, laying 14 tackles and kicking 2 goals. Against Essendon he had 25 touches, 8 tackles and kicked a goal. He is back to his inside best.

He will cost a bit more than Gibson, and of course, you could at getting Joel Selwood in at that price, but given his last two scores and his breakeven, it is great time to get Libba in.


Luke Dunstan (STK) MID – $326,000 SC

  • Next 5 Games: BYE, COLL (H), PORT (A), GEE (A), WCE (H)
  • Recent Scores: 55, 52, 66, 78, 67
  • Breakeven: 48

Another opportunity presents itself to get rid of Luke Dunstan. He has been poor SuperCoach wise for a little while now and with a bye this week, it is time to dump. His breakeven is still achievable, but I expect him to remain in that $320k-$330k bracket. Best to bank the cash and continue the upgrade.

Pearce Hanley (BRIS) DEF – $420,800 SC

  • Next 5 Games: BYE, CARL (H), WB (A), GWS (H), FRE (A)
  • Recent Scores: 35, 66, 90, 72
  • Breakeven: 87

Pearce has been a shadow of his former self this season, simply unable to get a solid run at it. Battling an injured hamstring, Pearce has struggled to get his season going since. Hanley’s numbers aren’t bad – 17 touches and 7 tackles against North Melbourne, along with 27 touches against Essendon, but he’s just not accumulating the scores. A bye this week may be what he needs to regenerate for the run home, but for those who own him, it’s probably for the best you move him on for a consistent scoring defender. Who knows, given him price and breakeven, if he strings a couple of solid performances together he may be a decent option. But for now, it’s time to say goodbye. To be sure….


Here the key break-even scores to keep in mind heading into round 10:


  • Joel Selwood (GEE) 92 BE
  • Corey Enright (GEE) 71 BE
  • Brent Harvey (NM) 58 BE
  • Dustin Martin (RICH) 55 BE
  • Chad Wingard (PORT) 72 BE
  • Matt Priddis (WCE) 96 BE
  • Tom Liberatore (WBD) 24 BE


  • Brett Deledio (RICH) 145 BE
  • Scott Pendlebury (COLL) 145 BE
  • Dayne Beans (COLL) 157 BE
  • Marc Murphy (CARL) 130 BE
  • Rory Sloane (ADEL) 124


Here are this week’s burning questions.

Image 1

ANSWER: Interesting question Wayno, but I just think given his form there really is no real need to dump Sandi. He is still pumping out 120+ scores and we don’t know how Mummy is going to go coming off an extended layoff. Also, given Freo’s form right now, I reckon they’d be silly to tempt fate and rest Sandi. He’ll play the year out. Hold.

Image 2

ANSWER: Yeah definitely worth dumping Acres. Extended break, plus St Kilda will probably run him through Sandy to get form back, he did have a very late start to the season. So best to cash in whatever you can of Acres and keep an eye on any rookie mids you can downgrade to.
Good luck this weekend community

Mr Crimmins.


Kick Back, Relax And Take In Supercoach Heaven:

PODCAST: One Bye To Go, Ripper!

Tight Arse Tuesday – Round 10

Round 10 Supercoach Scouting Report


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Great article as always crimmo! now im in a delamar at the moment i have 12 trades left after this week and i have 1 rookie left on each position but none of my rookies are making any cash. I feel that I will run out of trades come round 16. Any advice. Cheers!


Who's your rookies?
If they're new, then just hold the trades and wait for them to peak at their price. If you've got a team that good, you don't need to keep trading.


Thanks mate. Probably half the rookies are new like acres and hartung but then im stuck with the duds like impey and georgio which probably end up on my bench. Great advice. The annoying thing is though im ranked 50,000. Cheers


That's harsh mate. Hartung seems like the one who will make you money quick, but the problem with him is that he was vested last game.
I think with Acres and Gergiou, you'll just to wait for another mid/def rookie to come up.
Thought about trading Impey to Cameron from the crows? You'd only make 27k but Cameron looks a better option then Impey.


yeah i was thinking that but i still have kennedy harris and taylor as my other foward rookies and i can then go one to cameron and the other to wingard. Just my thoughts but i will probably take on your advice so i have warm bodies on my bench.


What should we do with Matt Wright?


I am swinging him into my midfield this week and then next week I am going to trade him for Pendles.


Great write up Crimmo. Hadn't considered Gibson in the slightest.

I continue to have the Dangerfield dilemma: is he worth paying 600'000k for, or will I get the same output cheaper from Selwood, hence saving myself the money now and getting Dangerfield later?


Selwood is 80k cheaper and expect greater output from him for the rest of the year.


first lick my rim


Seeing how Lloyd is out for Richmond (dropped). Is trading him out for Taylor Walker a good idea?


Id probably hold another week to see how walker goes and see if any other options pop up like cameron and lennon.


hey guys need a sh*tload of help please, my side looks like this:
B: Mcveigh, Hibberd, Birchall, Langdon, Langford, Suckling (Tippet, Georgiou)
M: Gaz, Cotch, Dal Santo, Murphy, Beams, Goddard, Polec, Dunstan (Crouch, Lloyd)
R: Sandi, Goldy (Dericks, King)
F: Parker, Danger, Dusty, Dalhaus, S.Llyod, JKH (Ambrose, L. Taylor)

Any and all advice would be greatly welcomed and appreciated!!!
Cheers guys


I would do JKH to Cameron and then Lloyd to Gray and then Dunstan if you have the cash or Polec to Selwood.


cheers BC, i can just afford to do that with 22k left in the bank.
Was hoping to upgrade polec > pendles next week but i think my backline needs fixing up!!


I think you backline needs some straightening up, i would look at Hanley next week for suckling and poled to pendles if you have the money


Sorry i forgot, 388K and 16 trades !!

Jimbo Jones

Great write up! Any advice on a Boomer vs Dahl trade-in this week?


Dahl. Boomer has the higher ceiling, but has thrown up some inconsistent scores this year


Goldstein is a little more than you have got written here Mr Crimmo, he's at 470.5K and not 445K, but still worth it I think.


I got Goldy in last week as I still had Hickey, and your writeup has given me a boost in confidence from confirming my judgement, thanks Crimmo.


Oh and, I have acres and Dunstan, given acres injury, would it be reasonable to trade him out this week instead, ad give luke one more week to appreciate?


IMO, and I am not crimmo, I like your idea on keeping dunstan 1 more week.
he should hit target BE, and with it so low, risk of him falling under and dropping$$ is low also.
depends on whether you want points now or not. he has the bye….


Dunstan's form isn't fantastic, but he hasn't scored under his BE. in saying that, he will probably only go up by about 10k, while at least Acres isn't going to lose anything. If dunstan's BE was higher I'd say axe him, but it really depends on your priorities. I'm going to axe dunstan next week, I'll sit on acres for a bit i think.

john snow

who is getting rid of these troubling rookies?
– Lloyd
– Acres
– Robertson
– Clurey

All in my team and I have one trade left for the week. Are there any decent upgrades. Cameron looks good but not on the bubble and Lloyd still has money to make with a low BE.

Maybe Acres for Hartung? Or possible shenton next week who is on the bubble after the bye


Hi John, I have Acres Lloyd and Robertson. At this stage want to move Robertson but unsure who too ( see below). Not sure Hartung is the answer I think he will be green vest material which will obviously limit his scoring ability. Maybe Lloyd to Shenton next week if Lloyd not named. I am going to take the punt on Cameron this week as i am heavy on rd 10 byes. Hopefully Morabito pops up soon. Good luck!


Robertson's BE is over 100, it's time to go! Lloyd still has cash to make, hopefully he can get back in to the tigers squad. Acrres at least isn't going to lose any money, same for clurey who appears to be unable to get a gig.

Hartung will make you some money, even if he wears the kermit vest


Great write up Crimmo, although I had been patting myself on my back for picking up Gibsons form (sigh) I guess I should have known better than to think I could outsmart the Supercoach community. What are people’s thoughts on Ryan Griffen? Have to consider at his price but not sure that he has shown me enough to suggest that he could avg 110 for the rest of the year.


Is it worth holding onto Polec for one more week?


He still has a makable break even and if you don't have pendles yet trading Polec next week for him would be a good option.


Depends what your willing to risk. Polec could get 60 or get 120. Do you want dollars or points?

john snow

He should make his BE and increase in value. I am holding for now.


Trade Pearce Hanley out?

I’m goi g to trade him in next weeks after his bye


Brought him in last week. With the numbers he's pulling up, he's bound to go massive any day now.


Great. Sam LLoyd is out. And another thing- Cripps will never play another game for Carlton while Malthouse is around!!!


I have both Sam Lloyd and Jay Kennedy Harris in my forward line, which one of the two should i get rid of for Charlie Cameron and is it a risky trade because Cameron isnt on the bubble yet?

john snow

it is a risk if he doesn't get a game or breaks down we don't make any coin on him. I think I'll wait.


Neither Lloyd or JKH playing this week so hold them. They wont lose any money and just see how Cameron goes and get him next week on the bubble.


Hey guys sorry I didn't let you know earlier, but you can fire away with your supercoach questions now! I will be online for about 30min depending on how many questions I get. So fire away with your supercoach questions!


The above question…


Not a risk, he seems an alright player. Sam Lloyd should be priority since he got dropped so trade him to Cameron, I will being doing that trade, JKH has the bye so you could trade him to C.Shenton next week.


Hi Danners,
My team is :
Defender: Swallow, Simpson, Burgoyne, Bartel, Langdon, Enright(Geourgio, Gardiner.
Midfield: Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Selwood, Mcveigh, Dal Santo, Murphy, Watson (Hartung, Robertson)
Ruck: Jacobs, Sandi (Derickx, Currie)
Forward: Dangerfield, Martin, Dalhaus, Wingard, Zorko, Taylor (Llyod, Ambrose)
91k in the kitty and 14 trades after the 3 trades i did this week which were Higgins to Wingard, JKH to selwood(via taylor DPP) and crouch to hurtung.
Just wondering if you had any advice about my team or the trades i made


All good trades C.Wingard is a bit of risk but it can definitely pay off, other 2 trades are good. Your team looks really good, I like how you have J.McVeigh in the midfield for rotating into the back line.


what trades do u suggest for next week??


Good question, probably upgrade L.Taylor by downgrading either N.Robertson or S.Lloyd probably Lloyd to Cameron for cash then upgrade L.Taylor if you can


Hey Danners, I'm stuck with the wrong Cameron (GCS) atm, was supposed to be right for this week but still saying injured. Thanks to Lloyd being out I now only have 15 confirmed starters this round with D Swallow also not in final 22 for the moment. Should I get rid of him even though only made about $50K? Bews really the only option to trade in, leaves me with about $50K in the bank.


Don't get worried about D.Swallow, he has been in great form, the teams will change before the game with positions. J.Bews has kept his spot so Clay Cameron to Bews sounds good


Alright guys that's all the time I have, I will probably be online again on Monday sometime, I will let you know when. Thanks


My current FWD line is:

Danger, Parker, Zorko, Martin, JKH, Lloyd (Ambrose and Taylor)
Who should I upgrade to? I have $130k to deal with. Want a keeper for the rest of the season


Wingard is cheap and reliable, i think he could start to put up some big scores in the near future
If you can afford it then Gray is absolutely destroying it and very consistent
otherwise the likes of Dalhaus is a very good option


Any trade ins for currie and lloyd? Need the extra numbers this week i have 60k left in the bank.


I also need to move on Harry Cunningham to get 18 on the park this week. Any suggestions?


Cunningham out Hartung in – leaves you with $225K in bank.
Then Lloyd out Cameron in – leaves you with $324K in bank
Then Currie out leaves you with $482K to spend on a host of good ruckmen:
– Cox ($479K)
– Goldy ($471K)
– Warnock ($463K)
– Lobbe ($430K)
– Hampson ($404K)
– HMac ($389K)
who all average over 80.
Depends who you want to risk and how much $$$ you want to save, rucks have been pretty average apart from Sandy & Sauce this year. You could even risk NicNat at $376K!

Good luck!


Thanks. Only concern is already have cox and sandilands r1 and r2 and only really needed to sideways trade currie as he hasnt played for a few weeks.


Should've mentioned that, I assumed you wanted a premo ruck. No rookie ruck options that I know of, better off keeping Currie.


Thanks I'll build the war chest this week and trade two of polec dunstan and tyson up next week.


Polec & Tyson will still make money for you, be careful you don't milk them too early.


Sorry forgot to mention Daisy and the Suckling Pig


And not sure if worth having 3 premo ruckman


Too much deadwood in the team.

Who should I be looking to move on as a priority give that I can only make three trades.







Acres – keep, hasn't made enough money yet.
Dunstan – trade, has already reached ceiling
Robertson – see Dunstan
Zorko – forgive last start, dribbly arse, keeper
Rioli – if you really need starting players then trade, but he's a premo so try & hold if you can.


Thanks for that. Thinking was definitely Dunstan and Roberston. Wasn’t sure about Rioli. If he’s back soon I would keep but don’t want that much cash on the bench with players like Gray and Boomer performing well


Rioli + $10K = Boomer fyi…


I heard Acres will be out for a while. Still keep?


I've got a large number of cows to offload and too many choices:
My questions are:
I've been sitting on Pyke for a while in the Ruck (looking for league wins and too many other things to do). Should I upgrade to Mumford or is he too risky?
Alternative could be to get Jelwood in but probably can't do both.
Team is:
B: McVeigh Johnson Swallow Burgoyne Langdon Langford Georgiou Cutler
M Ablett Pendlebury Beams Rockliff Liberatore Cotchin Polec Dunstan Roberston Acres
R Sandilands Pyke Currie Thurlow
F Dangerfield Martin Dahlhaus Higgins Wright JKH Lloyd Ambrose
Thanks for any advice – particularly on whether to take Mummy.


275K in the bank and 16 trades


You've kept Pyke this long, may as well hold as he'll be back next week.
Give Dunstan the flick straight to Jelwood, get rid of Robertson to Hartung.
Then Georgiou to Bews.
Will leave you with about $227K in the bank.


Thanks. bews is an option I hadn't spotted.


not on the bubble yet so slight risk, but is named this weekend so hopefully will have another good game and keep his spot for the bubble round and more.



Should I get rid of Polec or Ellis for J Selwood
Next Three Weeks:

Port: Hawks, Melb, STK


def Ellis, Polec still has some money to make.

john snow



thanks for the tips guys
I think ellis is out


You've kept Pyke this long, may as well hold as he'll be back next week.
Give Dunstan the flick straight to Jelwood, get rid of Robertson to Hartung.
Then Georgiou to Bews.
Will leave you with about $227K in the bank.


Do people think that Pendles will reach his breakeven? (145)


It's possible but not probable.

He's averaged 110 against West Coast, and the last time he played West Coast on the MCG he got 111. He averages 111 on the MCG. He's exceeded 130 points only once this year.

With that said, it's possible.


Yep, or very close to it. If u want to trade Pendles in u will just have to accept paying out big coin – I would not be banking on any major price drops. There are plenty of other cheaper options around at the moment though!


aish to slone ranger.
JKH to shenton.
cutler to hurn.
leaves me with 16 trades left 100k in the bank
only have dunstan,higgins,lloyd to upgrade
thoughts on keeping fasolo, langdon and tyson for the season?


Aish to Sloane seems very good.

JKH to Shenton won't get you far this week … maybe see what Charlie Cameron, Ben Lennon, or Tex Walker get up to. If you need to get rid of JHK this week because we're all heading back to two-trades-per-week territory and you've got a one-up one-down in mind, then 'yes' … seems like a safe move.

Tom Cutler can still earn you $60,000 … and Hurn is risky. Your call on that one.

Best of luck! :O)


thanks cam! just worrie because cutler is my d6 but i can wait a weeks i guess. As for the JHK next week i plan to downgrade sammy lloyd if not named for cameron and upgrading dunstan to any mid i like the fancy off seeing as i will have more then enough $$

thanks again cam


Believe me, I'm no expert like others here … just happy to offer my two cents and maybe it's of use, maybe not.

If you're desperate to unload Cutler because of bye issues, Sam Docherty might be worth a thought.

Your plan seems sound. I'm a bit worried that Charlie Cameron's a flash-in-the-pan … we'll see on Sunday.

Again, best of luck with whatever trades you go with!


Where are u ranked? Or is leagues your strategy? I personally feel Higgins has more to offer, but everyone else on here seems to wanna trade him out ASAP. I’m not sure about Hurn, but I love PODs. I don’t think Fasolo and Langdon will keep scoring 100+ for the season. But you have plenty of trades to swap for a keeper when these two start slowing down (scoring)


ill take anybody words of wisdom cam! thanks mate

nathan i am ranked 10,000 after a horrible start to the season only averaging low 2000's week 6 was the week for me scoring 2499 and being i think around the 200 in the world for the round and it has boosted my average and ranking up.
so i am going for the league win, am in throttledomes league which is the most challenging ranking in the top 100 for the league average.
will keep higgins and cutler for a few weeks to see how they go.
as a saints supporter i think shenton will be able to keep his spot and generate money
very unsure what to do with cutler as he is my d6 and i dont want to be keep getting 50 point scores!
as you said ive got a few more trades then what i expected to have. so im allgood on that front just need to get to full premo!


thinking of trading in D Martin for JKH this week only 452k.what are peoples thoughts?


yep good choice, won't be any cheaper this year.


meh. He is already in so many teams that I feel you gain nothing by trading him in now. I’d get more creative. But above all, go with you’re gut


'm going to struggle to field 18 players this week, Lloyd is out who I have and this week I planned on getting Selwood.
Also, my rucks have been Sandilands, Pyke, Derickx and King (been playing with Derickx the last few weeks).
Mid rookies are: Tyson, Polec, Acres and Roberton

I was thinking about getting rid of Pyke, but that would mean that the only way I can get Selwood is to trade Tyson for him. I would also have to take a punt and possibly get 2 rookies who have only played the 1 game (C.Cameron and Lennon).

Which option is best.

Option 1:
JKH to Cameron
Tyson to Selwood
Pyke to Jacobs/McIntosh/NicNat (Nic Nat is a big risk, but is cheap and could give me a lot of money for next round)

Option 2
JKH to C.Cameron
LLoyd to Lennon
Robertson to Selwood

Option 1 gives me Selwood and a good ruckman to replace Pyke, though may have to cash Tyson early and will be taking on 2 rookies with 1 game

Option 2 gives me Selwood, but will still be stuck with Pyke but I will still have Tyson to grow some cash.


What is your strategy? Overall or leagues? You need to have the end game in sight as you may be slaughtering lambs too early (while burning trades) in a feeble attempt to get Selwood this week. Having said this, Selwoods price is a juicy as ever! So nobody can blame you for being desperate to get him in. I’m just saying in the bigger picture, is it crucial to your overall strategy? Maybe there are other options? A working in Crouchings gym I find helps clear the mind and see things form a new perspective


I still have trades left and have to get a premium in this round. Leaning towards option 2, as I wanna keep Tyson.
It would just mean I take a big chance on taking Cameron and Lennon who are still 1 week early before being on the bubble.
The other option to get Selwood would be:
JKH to Cameron
Acres to Hartung
Robertson to Selwood

and could see if Lloyd can come back in next week. If not, trade Lloyd out next week and upgrade Higgins.


I like your thinking. Your last option is sound all things considered. Just be mindful that flipper Robinson could make you another $100+ over the next 3/4 weeks if not too sub affected. But with his bye and Selwoods juicy price it’s fair to have Robinsons head on the chopping block

Captain joc

How much cash do you have before any trades mate?




is Rioli worth keeping or should i trade?


Trade. He will just keep frustrating you.

Captain joc

If you’ve kept him this long and are not in it for the 50k then you might aswell keep him have a look at the hawks injury list and see how much longer they think he could be out for


Option 2, as per other post considering getting rid of Pyke, he'll play next week post bye so hold. You'll make another $50K+ out of Tyson, could even be a keeper at M8. Kicking myself I didn't jump on him, my one big mistake this year so far.


How is Tyson a keeper? Next week SJ will come in and i'll have 8 prem mids. I am wondering how anyone thinks Tyson is a keeper?

The Ranger

Webster and Dunstan are getting the flick this week.
Pendles is coming in but what to do with the other spot?
At the moment I'm torn between swinging Bartel to DEF and bringing in Hartung or swinging L.Taylor to the MID and grabbing Cameron….thoughts community?


Get Hartung. Don’t take the risk on players before they are on the bubble, a week is a long time in footy as they say!

The Ranger

I hear what you're saying mate but at this stage of the game job security is a must for me and I'm thinking that Hartung won't be in the Hawks best 22 once they're all fit again whereas Cameron might just keep his place.


But remember what their primary role is, to make u quick coin so you can upgrade to a premo. With Hawks injuries Hartung found be around for a few more weeks yet. And I personally hate risking a trade on a player after one game. Injury, suspension and being dropped are all possibilities. So just know the risks and above all, go with your gut instincts

The Ranger

My gut is completely confused mate! Cameron is named this week.


Hi community,
My team is :
Defender: Swallow, Simpson, Burgoyne, Bartel, Langdon, Enright(Geourgio, Gardiner.
Midfield: Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Selwood, Mcveigh, Dal Santo, Murphy, Watson (Hartung, Robertson)
Ruck: Jacobs, Sandi (Derickx, Currie)
Forward: Dangerfield, Martin, Dalhaus, Wingard, Zorko, Taylor (Llyod, Ambrose)
91k in the kitty and 14 trades after the 3 trades i did this week which were Higgins to Wingard, JKH to selwood(via taylor DPP) and crouch to hurtung.
Just wondering if anyone had any advice about my team or the trades i made


Another one jumping off Higgins I see! I feel Higgins will avg 80+ over coming rounds and will make more $ yet. But I seem to be alone on this view around here. But Higgins to Wingard? Risky in my view. Could end up scoring the same. I’d like to see that if u are upgrading Higgins that it’s to a premo. Maybe u think Wingard will be this?? His change in role seems to be affecting his scoring. He is a jet, but Gray would be the one I’d be jumping on from Port as a forward premo lock


i only have 470k to spend which forward do u suggest


You have a solid looking team. So why accept spending 470k on a premo lock forward if their are none about for that coin? With 14 trades you are bound to come across another $50-$100k over the coming weeks to afford u a Gray/Parker type player.


+1 to this, so many people jumping on wingard. I've had him all season and wish I never picked him, he's dropped too much coin and doesn't really look like he will score any better in the second half of the year unless gray goes down with an injury . Hold Higgins until you get enough coin to go premium




How long is zorko out for?


Just this week 🙂


jpk or fyfe?


jpk. could average 125+ from now



Have 70k and all 3 trades this weekend.

B – Swallow, Hooker, Burgoyne, Langdon, Langford, Tippet (McVeigh, Gardiner)
M – Ablett, Beams, Pendles, Fyfe, Selwood, Polec, Dunstan, Thomas, (Robertson, Michie)
R – Jacobs, Sandy (Currie, Ceglar)
F – Danger, Parker, Martin, Roughy, Loyd, Ambrose, (Higgins, Impey)

Captain joc

Lloyd to Cameron/Lennon
Robertson to hartung/shenton
Dunstan to premo mid


Adelaides Cameron yeh?

Captain joc

Yeah man


hartung or hallahan?


Hartung is on the bubble this week and will make u more immediate $$




is currie to ceglar worth considering?


From a dud to a dud


fyfe, selwood and kennedy. Which two should I pick?


I'd prefer selwood, but kennedy sitting on a breakeven of 77 should be considered.


I assume money is no issue if u r looking at JPK? selwood is as cheap as he can get this week and will be heavily traded in to many teams. But if u have the $, JPK is gold !!!


And then Fyfe just slightly over selwood for mine. I have Selwood and JPK but would love to get Fyfe. I just can’t justify the $


Get all 3 if you can, I just got Selwood this week to complete the trifecta.

Captain joc

In terms of scoring if put then as:
3.fyfe (although freo have a real easy next 6)
In terms of value


So anyone getting Mumford back in. Or should I go goldy. I know his cheaper but mummy can produce some great scores.


Im in the exact same boat. I need a ruck. But I do disagree with Crimms on Goldy. His last two games which he tonned it up in were against Gold Coast without Tom Nicholls and against a sick lions team going up against trent west. YET he only scored 101 on both. Bit underwhelming to say the least.
Jacobs looks to be the only other decent ruck option. He doesn't rake in the hit outs but he makes up for it in disposals.
Mumford, besides any lingering health issues that could affect his game, has only played vs Pyke (in the rain), Jake Spencer (in the rain) and Hickey. Caused Inflated scores? But his scores were that big its hard to ignore.

Captain joc

If your thinking about spending the money to get mummy why not look at Ryder at 550k as he should be on the park more


Jed Bews.
What do you guys think of his job security? Will he get 4-5 games in?
Considering these Trades this week.

Hanley – Bews
Robertson – Selwood
Kennedy Harris – Cameron

Leaves me $170k in the bank and 12 trades left.
Full midfield, suckling as a D6 and needing 2 upgrades in forward line.

I've had Hanley since the start.. hurts to have to let him go.. It's either him or Zorko… who has also been painful

Would appreciate your thoughts and perspective on this 🙂

Captain joc

No he won’t Geelong like to rotate their rookies through


Trades I'm considering:

ClCameron out, Bews in
JKH out, ChCameron in
Robertson out, Jelwood in

Leaves me with $14K in the bank and the following team for this week:

DEF: Swallow, Bartel, Langdon, Enright, Shoenmakers, Bews (McVeigh, Hibberd)
MID: GAJ, Pendles, Beams, Jelwood, Murph, Polec, Hallahan (Fyfe. JPK, Acres)
RUC: Jacobs (Sandy, Derickx, King)
FWD: Danger, Dusty, Cameron (Pav, Zorko, Lloyd, Taylor, Ambrose)

Gives me 17 on field unless fingers crossed Lloyd is brought in as emergency, in which case I'll have 18.
Bad news is I only have 10 trades left.

My other option was:

Robertson out, Hartung in
JKH out, Boomer in
Leaving 11 trades.


The Mullet

OK…I need a sanity check here….am I crazy or not? My rucks are Sandi, Minson (Currie, King). I'm seriously thinking about upgrading Currie (155k) to Rowe (281k, played all games except Rd1 and appears to have bottomed out with good JS) PURELY as cover for Minson/Sandi in the last half of the season.


Yes you're crazy, do not do this – waste of trade IMO. Get your Mids to full premo first, if R1 or 2 go down deal with it then, you'll have enough cash from them to pick the next best ruck in their place if it's season ending, or even cop the donut if it's only for a couple of weeks.


Rockliff or Fyfe? Thoughts why.. Thanks!

Captain joc

Both great players I’d lean towards fyfe as they will win more games and if you look at fyfe next 6 games is superb


Hi do u think I should do these trades
Jed lamb to Wingard
And jack billings to Sam Gibson I have 550k to get a mid


what to do? ruck needs attention and i'm thinking naitanui based on what i can afford…as pyke is shite.
Can't pass up the option of Jelwood this week either – maybe for dunstan.
this leaves me enough to snare live wire C Cameron…

I have $127k to play with pre trade. I have 14 trades left… 11 after this triple injection of supercoach bye pain.

def- mcveigh, swallow, langdon, hanley, burgoyne, suckling, georgiou, webster
mid- rockliff, beams, bartel,tyson, goddard, cotchin, m murphy, dunstan, hartung acres
ruc- sandi, derrickx, pyke,currie
fwd- danger, zorko,martin,dahlhaus,fasolo, lloyd, l taylor, ambrose

thoughts welcome.. nay… NEEDED!!!!

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