Round 10 Supercoach Scouting Report

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VonCrow_smallHowdy folks and welcome to our Round 10 Supercoach Scouting Report.

Round 9 was a bit of an up and down affair with some killer scores from the likes of Ablett, Harvey, JPK and Dangerfield and also some stinkers from popular picks such as Stevie J and Zorko the less than Magnificent.

Round 10 is the final bye round (yay!) and probably the easiest one to navigate I think. Anyway, let’s get cracking and take a look at our Captain choices for Round 10!

Also, remember to look out for the red and green Supercoach scores, RED = bad, GREEN = good which may help you out when it comes to picking your captains for the week.


First up, our top 10 point scorers for Round 9
1. Gary Ablett – 184 Supercoach Points (10 points)
2. Brent Harvey – 179 Supercoach Points (9 points)
3. Patrick Dangerfield – 152 Supercoach Points (8 points)
4. Josh P. Kennedy – 151 Supercoach Points (7 points)
5. Sam Gibson – 149 Supercoach Points (6 points)
6. Joel Selwood / Nick Dal Santo – 140 Supercoach Points (5 points)
7. Jack Steven – 131 Supercoach Points (4 points)
8. Stephen Hill – 130 Supercoach Points (3 points)
9. Scott Pendlebury – 128 Supercoach Points (2 points)
10. Brendon Goddard / Jack Watts / Craig Bird – 127 Supercoach Points (1 point)

And the Overall Top 10 for the year

1. Gary Ablett – 51 points (7 appearances)
2. Joel Selwood – 22 points (4 appearances)
3. Tom Liberatore / Leigh Montagna – 21 points (3 appearances)
4. Steve Johnson (4 appearances) / Travis Boak (2 appearances) – 19 points
5. Adam Treloar / Brent Harvey / Patrick Dangerfield – 18 points (2 appearances)
6. Jobe Watson (2 appearances) / Josh P. Kennedy (3 appearances) – 17 points
7. Shane Mumford – 15 points (2 appearances)
8. Marc Murphy – 14 points (2 appearances)
9. Matthew Boyd – 13 points (2 appearances)
10. Scott Pendlebury / Steele Sidebottom – 12 points (2 appearances)

Gary Ablett shows no signs of showing down with a dominant display against St Kilda giving him the highest Supercoach score for Round 9 and overall he is now 29 points clear of the next best player, which is once again his former teamate Joel Selwood, who enjoys a welcome return to our top 10 scorer list for Round 9. Also moving on up in the world is Patrick Dangerfield rising to 5th, JPK moving into the Top 10 for the first time this year, his 4th place in Round 9 moves him up to 6th and finally, Scott Pendlebury enjoyed his 2nd appearance in the top 10 list, which brings him equal 10th with his Collingwood teamate Steele Sidebottom.


Geelong VS Nth Melbourne

Friday, May 23, 7:50pm @ Simmonds Stadium

Geelong Betting Odds: Win @ $1.45
North Melbourne Betting Odds: Win @ $2.80

Last time they met: Round 19, 2013 – Geelong LOST TO North Melbourne 86-96
Key scores: Brent Harvey 130, Scott D. Thompson 121, Daniel Wells 116, Leigh Adams 110

Key players:

Joel Selwood

Price – $549,500 – Avg 119.88 – BE 92
Last 3 VS North Melbourne: Round 19, 2013: 103, Rd 2, 2013: 140, Rd 3, 2012: 140
Total VS North Melbourne Averages: 8 games, 112.0 Supercoach Points
@ Simmonds Stadium Averages: 116.68 Supercoach Points, High Score of 175

Jimmy Bartel

Price – $519,800 – Avg 101.75 – BE 100
Last 3 VS North Melbourne: Round 19, 2013: 94 Rd 2, 2013: 157, Rd 3, 2012: 102
Total VS North Melbourne Averages: 10 games, 120.30 Supercoach Points
@ Simmonds Stadium Averages: 112.40 Supercoach Points, High Score of 184

Corey Enright

Price – $425,100 – Avg 82.71 – BE 71
Last 3 VS North Melbourne: Round 19, 2013: 92, Rd 2, 2013: 87, Rd 3, 2012: 75
Total VS North Melbourne Averages: 10 games, 82.70 Supercoach Points
@ Simmonds Stadium Averages: 93.45 Supercoach Points, High Score of 159

Brent Harvey

Price – $517,300 – Avg 107.13 – BE 58
Last 3 VS Geelong: Round 19, 2013: 130, Rd3, 2012: 106, Rd 7, 2011: 100
Total VS Geelong Averages: 8 games, 99.38 Supercoach Points
@ Simmonds Stadium Averages: 86.75 Supercoach Points, High Score of 104

Nick Dal Santo

Price – $577,200 – Avg 116.63 – BE 96
Last 3 VS Geelong: Round 18, 2013: 98, Rd 21, 2012: 75, Rd 1, 2011: 113
Total VS Geelong Averages: 9 games, 105.56 Supercoach Points
@ Simmonds Stadium Averages: 98.0 Supercoach Points, High Score of 98

Todd Goldstein

Price – $470,500 – Avg 89.38 – BE 77
Last 3 VS Geelong: Round 19, 2013: 82, Rd 2, 2013: 105, Rd 3, 2012: 69
Total VS Geelong Averages: 6 games, 78.0 Supercoach Points
@ Simmonds Stadium Averages: 70.67 Supercoach Points, High Score of 87

Captain Pick(s):

After 3 disappointing rounds in a row, Joel Selwood has finally returned to form, impressively against Fremantle too, a side he has struggled to score big against in the past. Against North at Simmonds Stadium, I wouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger on him as my VC here. NDS hasn’t been great against Geelong in the past (and has only played 1 game at Simmonds), but that was with St Kilda and he’s been scoring much better as a Roo, so i’d still consider him an option here too.


GWS Giants VS Richmond

Saturday, May 24, 1:40pm @ Spotless Stadium

GWS Betting Odds: Win @ $3.65
Richmond Betting Odds: Win @ $1.28

Last time they met: Round 22, 2013 – GWS LOST TO Richmond 42-163
Key scores: Aaron Edwards 153, Dustin Martin 137, Ivan Maric 134, Reece Conca 133

Key players:

Shane Mumford

Price – $565,400 – Avg 151.33 – BE 13
Last 3 VS Richmond: Rd 18, 2013: 123, Rd 21, 2011: 123, Rd 3, 2010: 83
Total VS Richmond Averages: 4 games, 111.50 Supercoach Points
@ Spotless Stadium Averages: 148.0 Supercoach Points, High Score of 164

Callan Ward

Price – $540,400 – Avg 111.38 – BE 52
Last 3 VS Richmond: Rd 22, 2013: 88, Rd 12, 2012: 89, Rd 8, 2011: 115
Total VS Richmond Averages: 5 games, 76.60 Supercoach Points
@ Spotless Stadium Averages: 108.0 Supercoach Points, High Score of 158

Adam Treloar

Price – $519,400 – Avg 112.29 – BE 112
Last 3 VS Richmond: Rd 22, 2013: 77, Rd 12, 2012: 7
Total VS Richmond Averages: 2 games, 42.0 Supercoach Points
@ Spotless Stadium Averages: 95.93 Supercoach Points, High Score of 176

Trent Cotchin

Price – $513,100 – Avg 102.13 – BE 97
Last 3 VS GWS: Rd 22, 2013: 65, Rd 12, 2012: 99
Total VS GWS Averages: 2 games, 82.0 Supercoach Points
@ Spotless Stadium Averages: 82.0 Supercoach Points, High Score of 99

Dustin Martin

Price – $452,200 – Avg 92.75 – BE 55
Last 3 VS GWS: Rd 22, 2013: 137, Rd 12, 2012: 99
Total VS GWS Averages: 2 games, 118.0 Supercoach Points
@ Spotless Stadium Averages: 118.0 Supercoach Points, High Score of 137

Brett Deledio

Price – $513,900 – Avg 96.75 – BE 145
Last 3 VS GWS: Rd 22, 2013: 73, Rd 12, 2012: 132
Total VS GWS Averages: 2 games, 102.50 Supercoach Points
@ Spotless Stadium Averages: 102.50 Supercoach Points, High Score of 132

Captain Pick(s):

You’d think, much like Adelaide last week, that Richmond would want to come out and have a big game after losing to Melbourne. Cotchin and Deledio haven’t been great for big scores this year, and while Martin is capable, he’s unpredictable as to when he’ll score well and when he’ll have a stinker. Mumford is a confirmed starter, and while his previous form against Richmond has been solid, I’d probably avoid giving him VC/C duties on his first game back from injury.


Collingwood VS West Coast

Saturday, May 24, 4:40pm @ MCG

Collingwood Betting Odds: Win @ $1.29
West Coast Betting Odds: Win @ $3.60

Last time they met: Round 22, 2013 – Collingwood BEAT West Coast 101-39
Key scores: Matthew Rosa 133, Josh Thomas 129, Paul Seedsman 126, Heath Shaw 122

Key players:

Scott Pendlebury

Price – $632,800 – Avg 129.38 – BE 145
Last 3 VS West Coast: Round 22, 2013: 114, Rd 22, 2012: 155, Rd 10, 2011: 138
Total VS West Coast Averages: 7 games, 109.57 Supercoach Points
@ MCG Averages: 110.57 Supercoach Points, High Score of 170

Dane Swan

Price – $556,000 – Avg 97.13 – BE 157
Last 3 VS West Coast: Round 22, 2013: 95, Rd 22, 2012: 118, Rd 13, 2012: 117
Total VS West Coast Averages: 9 games, 114.22 Supercoach Points
@ MCG Averages: 116.59 Supercoach Points, High Score of 190

Steele Sidebottom

Price – $577,500 – Avg 104.50 – BE 180
Last 3 VS West Coast: Round 22, 2013: 115, Rd 22, 2012: 90, Rd 13, 2012: 99
Total VS West Coast Averages: 5 games, 91.80 Supercoach Points
@ MCG Averages: 95.29 Supercoach Points, High Score of 156

Matthew Priddis

Price – $510,600 – Avg 100.88 – BE 96
Last 3 VS Collingwood: Round 22, 2013: 120, Rd 22, 2012: 134, Rd 13, 2012: 83
Total VS Collingwood Averages: 7 games, 103.86 Supercoach Points
@ MCG Averages: 107.30 Supercoach Points, High Score of 160

Shannon Hurn

Price – $412,300 – Avg 76 – BE 46
Last 3 VS Collingwood: Round 22, 2013: 113, Rd 22, 2012: 95, Rd 10, 2011: 97
Total VS Collingwood Averages: 6 games, 70.0 Supercoach Points
@ MCG Averages: 83.33 Supercoach Points, High Score of 119

Luke Shuey

Price – $503,300 – Avg 100.57 – BE 127
Last 3 VS Collingwood: Round 22, 2012: 121, Rd 13, 2012: 155, Rd 10, 2011: 74
Total VS Collingwood Averages: 3 games, 90.0 Supercoach Points
@ MCG Averages: 91.40 Supercoach Points, High Score of 137

Captain Pick(s):

It’s been hard to pick West Coast player as your Captain’s this year, so I’d stick with the tried and true Collingwood backup trick. If you own a Pendles/Swan/Sidebum/Beams then I’d be picking them this week, especially since they’ll want to bounce back from last weeks performance.


Pt Adelaide VS Hawthorn

Saturday, May 24, 7:10pm @ Adelaide Oval

Port Adelaide Betting Odds: Win @ $1.42
Hawthorn Betting Odds: Win @ $2.90

Last time they met: Round 16, 2013 – Port Adelaide LOST TO Hawthorn 79-124
Key scores: Travis Boak 138, Issac Smith 137, Jarryd Roughead 130, Luke Hodge 119

Key players:

Travis Boak

Price – $556,300 – Avg 100.13 – BE 168
Last 3 VS Hawthorn: Round 16, 2013: 138, Rd 20, 2012: 128, Rd 7, 2011: 86
Total VS Hawthorn Averages: 9 games, 104.11 Supercoach Points
@ Adelaide Oval Averages: 118.40 Supercoach Points, High Score of 157

Brad Ebert

Price – $521,900 – Avg 104.63 – BE 140
Last 3 VS Hawthorn: Rd 16, 2013: 90, Rd 20, 2012: 107, Rd 11, 2012: 108
Total VS Hawthorn Averages: 6 games, 84.0 Supercoach Points
@ Adelaide Oval Averages: 115.50 Supercoach Points, High Score of 129

Chad Wingard

Price – $424,600 – Avg 84.14 – BE 72
Last 3 VS Hawthorn: Rd 16, 2013: 77, Rd 11, 2012: 56
Total VS Hawthorn Averages: 2 games, 66.50 Supercoach Points
@ Adelaide Oval Averages: 95.0 Supercoach Points, High Score of 104

Luke Hodge

Price – $482,200 – Avg 91.67 – BE 50
Last 3 VS Port Adelaide: Rd 16, 2013: 119, Rd 20, 2012: 84, Rd 11, 2012: 91
Total VS Port Adelaide Averages: 11 games, 94.27 Supercoach Points
@ Adelaide Oval Averages: N/A

Jack Gunston

Price – $468,200 – Avg 89.38 – BE 137
Last 3 VS Port Adelaide: Rd 16, 2013: 110, Rd 20, 2012: 79, Rd 11, 2012: 65
Total VS Port Adelaide Averages: 4 games, 84.50 Supercoach Points
@ Adelaide Oval Averages: N/A

Shaun Burgoyne

Price – $502,600 – Avg 104 – BE 77
Last 3 VS Port Adelaide: Rd 16, 2013: 90, Rd 20, 2012: 72, Rd 11, 2012: 87
Total VS Port Adelaide Averages: 7 games, 74.43 Supercoach Points
@ Adelaide Oval Averages: N/A

Captain Pick(s):

Hawthorn have been struggling with injuries and will also be without Jarryd Roughead due to suspension, so it may be tough for their players to post a really big score. Boak has had some nice form against the Hawks in the past and certainly does seem to enjoy playing at the new Adelaide Oval, so I wouldn’t be totally against picking him here.


GC Suns VS Western Bulldogs

Sunday, May 25, 3:20pm @ Metricon Stadium

Gold Coast Betting Odds: Win @ $1.23
Western Bulldogs Betting Odds: Win @ $4.20

Last time they met: Round 8, 2013 – Gold Coast BEAT Western Bulldogs 93-61
Key scores: Will Minson 127, Gary Ablett 112, Jaeger O’Meara 109, Adam Cooney 107

Key players:

Gary Ablett

Price – $754,400 – Avg 99.71 – BE 99
Last 3 VS Western Bulldogs: Round 8, 2013: 112, Round 8, 2012: 150, Rd 14, 2011: 121
Total VS Western Bulldogs Averages: 11 games, 124.82 Supercoach Points
@ Metricon Stadium Averages: 133.24 Supercoach Points, High Score of 188

David Swallow

Price – $508,900 – Avg 110 – BE 105
Last 3 VS Western Bulldogs: Rd 8, 2013: 65, Rd 14, 2011: 89, Rd 3, 2011: 72
Total VS Western Bulldogs Averages: 3 games, 75.33 Supercoach Points
@ Metricon Stadium Averages: 80.35 Supercoach Points, High Score of 135

Jaeger O’Meara

Price – $523,700 – Avg 105.63 – BE 93
Last 3 VS Western Bulldogs: Rd 8, 2013: 109
Total VS Western Bulldogs Averages: 1 game, 109.0 Supercoach Points
@ Metricon Stadium Averages: 99.60 Supercoach Points, High Score of 129

Matthew Boyd

Price – $611,900 – Avg 117.25 – BE 156
Last 3 VS Gold Coast: Round 8, 2013: 73, Round 8, 2012: 137, Rd 14, 2011: 106
Total VS Gold Coast Averages: 4 games, 111.75 Supercoach Points
@ Metricon Stadium Averages: 89.50 Supercoach Points, High Score of 106

Ryan Griffen

Price – $498,800 – Avg 87.71 – BE 89
Last 3 VS Gold Coast: Round 8, 2013: 101, Round 8, 2012: 124, Rd 14, 2011: 145
Total VS Gold Coast Averages: 4 games, 122.0 Supercoach Points
@ Metricon Stadium Averages: 123.0 Supercoach Points, High Score of 145

Tom Liberatore

Price – $563,900 – Avg 113.50 – BE 24
Last 3 VS Gold Coast: Round 8, 2013: 86, Round 8, 2012: 112, Rd 3, 2011: 71
Total VS Gold Coast Averages: 3 games, 89.67 Supercoach Points
@ Metricon Stadium Averages: 86.0 Supercoach Points, High Score of 86

Captain Pick(s):

Like most weeks, you just have to take Gary Ablett as your Captain. No ifs or buts or maybes about it. Liberatore and Boyd usually make good VC options, Libba especially, but since they’re playing in the same game as Ablett, you’d be better off taking a player from an early game.


Carlton VS Adelaide

Sunday, May 25, 4:40pm @ MCG

Carlton Betting Odds: Win @ $2.25
Adelaide Betting Odds: Win @ $1.65

Last time they met: Round 5, 2013 – Carlton BEAT Adelaide 115-83
Key scores: Brock McLean 126, Andrew Walker 124, Andrew Carrazzo 106, Chris Judd / Richard Douglas 105

Key players:

Marc Murphy

Price – $571,000 – Avg 113 – BE 130
Last 3 VS Adelaide: Round 5, 2013: 99, Rd 8, 2012: 38, Rd 5, 2011: 137
Total VS Adelaide Averages: 8 games, 91.50 Supercoach Points
@ MCG Averages: 105.67 Supercoach Points, High Score of 187

Bryce Gibbs

Price – $532,000 – Avg 104.24 – BE 75
Last 3 VS Adelaide: Round 5, 2013: 65, Rd 8, 2012: 59, Rd 5, 2011: 87
Total VS Adelaide Averages: 7 games, 81.86 Supercoach Points
@ MCG Averages: 93.48 Supercoach Points, High Score of 150

Kade Simpson

Price – $531,200 – Avg 104.50 – BE 61
Last 3 VS Adelaide: Round 5, 2013: 102, Rd 8, 2012: 82, Rd 5, 2011: 113
Total VS Adelaide Averages: 8 games, 91.13 Supercoach Points
@ MCG Averages: 97.71 Supercoach Points, High Score of 156

Patrick Dangerfield

Price – $626,300 – Avg 117.88 – BE 99
Last 3 VS Carlton: Round 5, 2013: 89, Rd 8, 2012: 174, Rd 5, 2011: 104
Total VS Carlton Averages: 6 games, 90.83 Supercoach Points
@ MCG Averages: 74.91 Supercoach Points, High Score of 150

Sam Jacobs

Price – $525,000 – Avg 107.13 – BE 54
Last 3 VS Carlton: Round 5, 2013: 66, Rd 8, 2012: 104, Rd 5, 2011: 34
Total VS Carlton Averages: 3 games, 68.0 Supercoach Points
@ MCG Averages: 76.90 Supercoach Points, High Score of 104

Richard Douglas

Price – $491,300 – Avg 97.40 – BE 88
Last 3 VS Carlton: Round 5, 2013: 105, Rd 5, 2011: 77, Rd 4, 2010: 75
Total VS Carlton Averages: 4 games, 93.75 Supercoach Points
@ MCG Averages: 72.92 Supercoach Points, High Score of 106

Captain Pick(s):

Dangerfield has been on-fire since his normal slow first month and has shown he can score big against Carlton. Ignore the 38 Murphy scored in 2012 against the Crows, he missed half the game with a hurt shoulder after a collision with Dangerfield. He’s still got plenty of potential for this game.


Brisbane Essendon Fremantle Melbourne St Kilda Sydney


Just looking at the games themselves a Dangerfield/Ablett C/VC combo screams out to me, but due to the Adelaide and Gold Coast games overlapping that will not be possible this week. Unfortunately I find not picking Ablett to be too risky, so it breaks my heart to say Danger will be going on the scrap heap for my Captain choice this week. I will be bringing in Joel Selwood this week, so I’ll be slapping the VC on him, along with the Captain on Ablett.

So, who are you guys looking at for your VC / C choices this week? Let us know in the comment section below, or hit us up on the Twitter @BarronVonCrow.



Kick Back, Relax And Take In Supercoach Heaven:

PODCAST: One Bye To Go, Ripper!

Tight Arse Tuesday – Round 10


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Matt NIsh

Ripper article barron, you and jock and the boys should be commended on your fantastic contributions to the game of supercoach

Garglesnarf FC

Agree Baron. Same for me.

Beady Eye

As a non-Gaz owner, Joelwood into Danger for me.


How's it going being a non-Gaz owner? What are you ranked?

Beady Eye

Haha something horrible, but I'm in it for league wins rather than rank.

My mate and I made a deal after our first year playing SC that going forward, I couldn't pick Gaz and he couldn't pick Pendles and another player of my choice… makes it a bit more interesting.


as long as you have him in your team before the finals (and you make the finals) you will be ok.

Beady Eye

Currently sitting 2nd and plan on sticking to our agreed rules of engagement.


I like that deal a lot – I might propose to my league next season a ban on one or two players. Would make The captains pick a BIG difference. Instead of most of the league using perma-captain ablett


Who was the" player of your choice" Beady Eye?


easy done…


Ablett. My captain every round gone and (barring injury) every round to come.


What are people's thoughts on M.Wright. Will he be a keeper or should I swing him into my midfield and trade him for a premium?


I upgraded him this week!
He's losing cash so I got rid of him but he could be a keeper. Up to you!


Scoring has been pretty good to date. The 2 below 50 hurt but other than that he has been good. With a lack of forwards it might be worth having him f6


Cheers for the write up mate! I have also brought in Selwood this week and he has got the VC also! If he outscores Gazzas average then I will keep it.


Nic Nat into Ablett.

Will have to take something special to have any VC score NOT make me leave the C on Ablett. Might as well have a crack on a POD VC.


that is an interesting one… apart from it being a certain POD VC choice, why Nic and not say sam Gibson or boomer- they'd be POD VCs too and generally score higher than NicNat
props for trying something different!!!


I have a simple saying “never doubt Gaz”. Even in the age of the loophole, it’s madness to question the master


I did last week and paid the price. Kept 153 score of JPK. Got beat in two of my leagues by less than 25pts. why is he so good?


Give you a tick there Jeremy.


Looks like Acres will be out for a possible 6 weeks


Hey guys
It seems I need a bit of help with my team now, I haven't had a good score in a long time and keep going back in my overall ranking.
My team at the moment looks like this
Def-D.Swallow, S.Burgoyne, L.Hodge, M.Jaensch, C.Hampton, T.Langdon (T.Cutler, D.Gardiner)
Mid-G.Ablett, D.Beams, M.Murphy, N.Jones, R.Griffen, L.Shuey, J.Polec, J.Kelly (B.Acres, L.Taylor)
Ruck-A.Sandilands, S.Jacobs (T.Derickx, F.Thurlow)
Fwd-P.Dangerfield, J.Elliot, L.Parker, D.Martin, D.Zorko, A.Fasolo (P.Ambrose, S.Lloyd)
$200,700 in the bank
I planning on getting J.Selwood in but I can afford to get him in for J.Kelly, I'm about $20,000.
Thoughts I on what I can do would be greatly appreciated.


How many trades left?
You could downgrade Ambrose for the extra cash or you could upgrade polec instead?


Think about this:

1. L. Taylor -> Hartung — nets $153,100 (total cash =$353,800)
2. J. Kelly -> Selwood — leaves $138,300
3. J Polec -> PICK ONE OF Watson, Swan, Goddard, Sloane, Dal Santo, Beams (ANYONE UNDER $585,000)

Note – Trade three can be held off for a week depending on whether the player you decide on has their bye this week or not.

Let me know what you think mate! If anyone else has alternative suggestions would also love to see them!

Captain joc

First question do you see Jamie Elliott in your final side?
If you don’t
Option A: Elliott to gray/dahlhaus will cost you between -15-40k
Fasolo to Cameron/Lennon/shenton will net you +180k
Kelly to selwood -200k
Minimum 160k left
Option B: polec to shenton/hartung(will net you at least 300k) or K.Mitchell (if you like a risk)
Kelly to selwood -200k
Fasolo to gray/Dahlhaus cost you between -185-210k

Option C: fasolo to Cameron 208k
Kelly to selwood -200k
Polec to pendlebury -186k

Captain joc

Kane Mitchell is 240k


Thanks everyone!


Thanks mate, I was thinking of L.Taylor to C.Shenton so I still can swap to the forward line


M. Suckling to j. Bews


L. Dunstan to Hartung


option 2 for mine Jay, hartung on the bubble, see if bews can score again!


I believe Suckling still has a relatively low b/e…. So i'd keep him for at least one more week.
Dunstan to Hartung has to be the better option there Jay.
Keep in mind Bews j/s too… In my opinion Hartung's is better because of all the Hawks injuries… but we'll have to wait and see!

Captain joc

Can you trade out suckling and move any of your Mids to defence and bring in hartung


G'day Jock!
I'm going Crouch to Selwood this week, and to generate the cash I'm taking a risk and trading Hanley to Bews, the other trade options being Polec (who I'm planning to keep as my m8) or too soon to cash in rookies.
When McVeigh returns after the bye, Lanford and one of either Hanley, Langdon or Suckling will have to be benched as I have strong def.
Hanley avg 84 and 420k
Suckling avg 82 and 390k
Langdon avg 85 and 380k
Therefore Hanley gone and in comes Bews plus a little extra cash in bank and a points gain of crouch to Selwood.
Hanley no longer in top 6 def for me and playing in a weak team.


Take out the injury affected score and he's averaging 93, in a poor side. He's a keeper, plus Bews JS is practically nil. If you had to trade out, Langdon is a better bet if Fasolo gets named tomorrow as Langdons 3 worst have come in Fasolos only 3 games, but frankly unless you are happy with donut at D8 I'm not sure I'd bother.


Yeah happy with a zero. When you balance the risk and avg points diff btw say langdon and hanley is 8 points (taking inj affected game into account) vs the points gain of selwood from crouch its 30-50 points better off. Then in a couple of weeks plan on getting Kade simpson in for langdon/suckling with the cash generated trading hanley.


In the long run, quality will come through.

Hanley is quality and will out score Polec for rest of year. Polec can’t continue to play as well has he has started the year. You will be sorry you kept him as M8. I did that with JOmera last year, cost me league wins at the end.

Hanley has DPP, perfect to have as a swing man if you need cover back or mid.

Captain joc

Why don’t you trade out suckling instead of Hanley


Jack Gunston as a possible Captain's choice????

Of all people Barron von Crow … surely you have to acknowledge that he's the second biggest tur____ (turncoat) on the planet after Kurt Tippett?


To put C on Gunston would be silly, Cam.
If you're really willing to push your luck, put the VC on him as genius plays on Sunday.


Remy – thanks for your reply.

"Really willing to push your luck" is exactly it … he's currently 12th amongst all Hawthorn players in terms of average points per game. Why even consider him for VC? I can't wait for Round 17!


Haha, okay:P


Wait, i'm still a little confused with your answer.
Are you a Crows fan?


The Barron is just giving you choices. He never suggested you make Gunston Captain in his summary.
Actually it could be a an option depending on who is in your team.
Don't knock it, Barron does a good job and it is viable if you have the balls to make him VC without Roughy this week.
We talk SC Community on this site not who you barrack for.
Read again Captain choice is Selwood VC and Ablett C
Turncoats are a thing of the past with free agency. Get used to it.


How would Hawthorn fans like it if they had a gun forward that they had great faith in only to wake up one day and find that they'd voluntarily left for another club? … Hang on a sec …Let's re-think that one …!


Lukey Breust or Roughead after his suspension?


If you need to fill a hole straight away why not trade in a Boomer Harvey, Gray or Dahlhaus for that bit extra…

Take note that Bruest finds the ball a fair bit for a s/f so he is usually a consistent performer. On top of that, if he kicks a few goals he can chime in a big score.
If you can't afford any of those 500k+ mentioned above I'd say Bruest would be a fine pick.
Just be careful though… Bruest isn't a week-in-week-out 100+ player


To be fair it's tough to find a week-to-week 100+ forward for under 500k!


Haha, I probably could get on harvey or someone over 500k but i'm being quite the scab

Captain joc

For good reason tho Harvey isn’t worth the price tag
I’d go equal first gray and Parker and 3rd option could be Dahlhaus but for good reason your being a scab there ain’t much on in the forward line this year I’m bringing in wingard at 424k


Who should be a priority to trade out of Robertson and Acres. Cash not an issue


Acres is gone for 6 according to the barometer on superfooty, not entirely sure what the situation is with flipper.

Flipper has a sizeable b.e (116) so if he is named I'd look at cashing in. Acres to Hartung would net you 'only' 45k. You can never have enough cash for ungrades imo, I'd trade robertson

Captain joc

Robbo this week give acres his bye to learn a little bit more about his injury as injuries this year have been inconsistent to what the clubs say couple of examples
Hanley hamstring ment to be out for 4 weeks spend 1 week out
Mumford knee/shoulder ment to be 1-2 weeks it has been 5-6
Jaensch ribs ment to be 4 only missed 1


and the one Jaensch missed was the bye!
I'm still cranky over that. noway would I have traded him out if I'd known he'd only be out for the bye. and he came back with a 99 only his 3rd score under 100. bugga I wasted another trade

Captain joc

Yeah It was kind of a blessing in disguise that week as I had injuries to s.mitchell, jaensch, pyke and I had t Mitchell and m Thomas not playing I traded out the Mitchell’s and Thomas for Ambrose, walker and Parker and then bang a week later jaensch is rumoured to be playing


Robertson is the obvious one to trade at the moment as both have the bye this week if you have to trade either. Both have the bye so worry about it next week unless price affects your trading. What do you have in mind?
Flip a coin or tell us what you are thinking, Put up team. Cash not an issue? You must be looking at a league win!!! We are always trying to help Jimmy.



Acres injured so not goin to change price. If Robertsons BE big then consider trading him first if you have cover for Acres.


Worth trading in S.Hurn?


Depends on who you already have but not for mine. Too injury prone. Very risky.


If going for league win or the cash I still would not do it. There are much better options out there in my opinion. He has a low break even but that is all he will do for you.



Nah mate

Captain joc

Soooo a bit off-topic but….. midway through the season we all know who should win the brown low but who does everyone reckon will win the premiers

Who has been the biggest positive surprise

Who has been the biggest letdown ?

Who’s gonna take the Coleman?

Which 2 teams will make it too the grand final?


Get a hold of yourself son, Ablett has brownlow wrapped up barring injury. Suns not a surprise for me so neither are Melbourne with Paul coaching, I would say Richmond so disappointing.
Coleman wide open at this time of year.
Sydney and Hawthorn.
If you are looking to have a bet (Save your money pal)


Captain joc

What do you mean “get a hold of yourself son”

I said we all know who should win the brown low… I was referring to Ablett?


Sorry mate I did realize that Ablett was who you were talking about, But as you said a bit off topic. I am an old bloke and thought you were looking too far into the future or looking to have a bet. Too early to really predict anything.
Player wise. Shaun Higgins.
Letdown Zorko
Coleman ? Give me 2 weeks after bye.
Just an old bloke and the way he talks, Please never think I meant anything by it we are a community mate and I will never be anything different.
Sorry if you took offense by my comment it was never meant that way. Problem is with generations is that they change and I don't change with them.
I have appreciated all of your comments and thank you for the advice you have given me.


Captain joc

Nah man just a misunderstanding I wonder if Jock Reynolds regrets not picking Higgins now?????
Nah I haven’t bet in ages although a sneaky little bet on wingard to win Coleman could be possible but unlikely
What about with all these great rookies who wins the rising star ?


I did not have Higgins either but he was in my initial team if that make sense, I had him when he was a rookie, GEE Coleman is a raffle I think at the moment and Rising Star have not really looked at who is even in contention but will very soon after byes if I am not in running for the $ I will concentrate on the grand for highest score of the week and a league win.


Just means we are getting too far in front of ourselves in times when I was a kid.


Who has been the biggest positive surprise? LANGDON

Who has been the biggest letdown ? ALL KEY POSITION fwds

Who's gonna take the Coleman? BUDDY

Which 2 teams will make it too the grand final? SWANS V HAWKS


Any truth to the Cotchin rumours that he is out?? so many dilemmas this week with Acres out for 6 as well.


Yes John rumors on Cotchin are that he will not play this week, Copped a knock last week and should not have been on ground after 1/4 time. Richmond sources telling me he is very doubtful this week.
Maybe Crouching should be answering some questions on this one. (Although he did say on podcast get rid of him) Sometimes you have to read between the lines.



Thanks ocker. I was thinking pendles via polec this week bust am now considering him via cotchin.


he's playing


What would be the right play re:Cotchin if he's only out for one week (I want Selwood and now is the time)…

1: Hold Cotchin, take a zero (May or may not have cover depending on selection), use 2 trades to get Jelwood in.
2: Trade Cotchin for Jelwood (have the coin) and fix other parts of my team. Hope Cotch goes down a little so can trade up for Polec/Macrae in a few weeks if Tigers pick up.


My thinking is a supercoach sin – trade out a premo for good. I can’t see cotchin performing at premo level this year. He is providing output at the elite level but not the super elite level. Disposal efficiency his problem.


Last years winner of Supercoach, held Cotchin for the whole season (also held JPK as well). Cotchin & JPK didn't have great years in 2013, but did enough to help him win $50k.

I count Cotchin as a premium. HOLD


Webster isn't as good as I thought he might be. Has made some cash but not enough to trade him to a bartel or McVeigh type. Time for him to go.

Harry Taylor has dropped $140k this year. he has a BE of 67 so he has probably hit bottom.

Webster has to go this week (if I want to field 18), after i trade Selwood in I only have enough cash for Webster to Taylor. Should I do it or wait for extra cash and get McVeigh next week


wait for extra cash IMO


Get on Docherty IMO


Stilll have sam mitchell, what to do ?

Flacid Jaff

Everyone who doesn't have him WILL get him late, he always hits good form late in the season and is easily top 5 def. If you trade him out you WILL have to trade him back in when he returns! However, he will drop another $50k when his injury score rolls through. My advice is; If you have 15< trades left, trade mitchell to someone like Jaensch or Docherty who will score OK and go up $50k-$100k then trade back to Mitchell when he bottoms out. Spending 2 trades to gain $150k and keep a warm body in the meantime. But if you're short on trades, it could be worth holding. You don't want to be caught at the end of the season with rookies on field and no trades! What you SHOULDN'T do is sideways trade to keep points on the ground, spending trades but not generating cash, this isn't a good long term plan.


More for the league wins other than the $50k, which also would be nice… Dream on..

DEF: Hibberd, Swallow, Bartel, Langdon, Langford, Kolodjashnij, (McVeigh and Cutler)
MID: Ablett, Beams, Boyd, DalSanto, Murphy, Cotchin, Polec, Crouch, (Dunstan, Acres)
RCK: Sandi, Jacobs, (Derrickx, Thurlow)
FWD: Danger, Gray, Martin, S.Lloyd, Zorko, JKH, (Taylor, Ambrose)
$190K in kitty and projected score is 1981 and a league win with 16 on the Park. 18 Trades left

OUT: JKH, Dunstan
IN: Cameron, and one of J Selwood / Ward / Treloar / Boak / Libba / Gibson / Harvey / M.Thomas

All my Rookies are still priced to go up except JKH and Dunstan. Want to wait to see how these injuries work out before burning any more trades, and Zorko is on the knifes edge…..

Comments appreciated, cheers


I'd go Dunstan to Wingard to open up the switchability in the middle and then Ambrose to Cameron. Next week JKH to Parker and upgrade Langford to Jaensch.

Simon T

Hi Jock and SC community

My situation is this. 19 trades left and $126,800 in the bank. I have 15 players on the field while both my opponents have 17 (provided they do not make any trades). Thinking of the following:
1) Montagna (dropped nearly $100k and BE of 226!!! next round) for J Selwood or B Harvey/R Gray due to their DPP status.
2) T West to Jacobs/Mc Evoy/Goldy or Smith (GC)
3) Optional – Georgiou to Docherty or J Tippett.

Any thoughts/feedback/comments.


(Apols … see reply further down … d-oh!)

Captain joc

Post your full side mate and the community will help you out

Don’t trade montagna


Howdy punters

Thoughts on Richmond rookies Lennon and Miles? Given their season is dusted reckon Dimma will give both plenty of game time from here. Not much for them to compete with for JS either



Just my 'two cents' which you can take or leave as you see fit …

I'd not touch the Montagna suggestion. Although he had a stinker last week, he's a keeper in your team. Unless you think he's got serious injury, I'd hold regardless of price rises or falls.

Trent West to a premium ruck seems OK. I have Jacobs and he's been good. Todd Goldstein looks very much like a fallen premo' that might well pay off.

Georgiou to Docherty appears to be a good step-up trade and one that I'm considering myself.

Best of luck with whichever way you go!


I'm not a big fan of Fremantle (have PAV and Sandi), but has anyone had a look at there up coming games?

After their Bye, their next 8 games are (HOME in Caps): Dogs, CROWS, Tigers, LIONS, Melbourne, GWS, St Kilda, CARLTON.

These are teams that are currently coming, 18th, 17th, 16th, 15th, 14th, 13th, 12th, & 10th.



I was just joking….I mean Fyfe, Barlow, Johnson, Ballantyne or Mzungu??


I got bit by last year's 'resting' policy adopted by Fremantle and lost the Grand Final in my league.

Like yourself, I have Pav and Sandi, and given their ages, I'm a little concerned on them being rested, let alone adding more purple to my team.

Have been tempted by Michael Johnson earlier this year, but ended up with Kade Simpson instead.


Don't think they can afford to rest this year given they are coming from further back than where they were this time last year. Having said that they could easily win their next 8 and maybe then have the luxury of resting before finals. For me I've got Fyfe, Sandy & Pav – don't think they'll rest Fyfe but Sandy & Pav will I'll bet. I have back up for Sandy with Derickx and Pav prob one of my rookies will have to do. Won't be taking any more Freo players.


I am not really sure who to trade in this week, I have always thought that I should get selwood in so Billings comes out and I think Merret needed to go a long time ago but i didn't have the trades to get rid of him, I have been tossing up between forwards for a while and as I have limited trades left I have been looking at some cheaper options e.g Martin, Riewoldt. This is My Team any input would be great:

Backs: Swallow, Bartel, Jaensch, Enright, Langdon, Cutler (Aylett, Georgiou)
Mids: Ablett, Libba, Beams, Cotchin, Tyson, Kelly, Billings, Goddard (Acres, J.Lloyd)
Rucks: Mumford, Sandilands (Naitinui, Currie)
Forwards: Dangerfield, Zorko, Pavlich, Merret, Lloyd, Wingard (Impey, Ambrose)
621k in the bank, any thoughts would be great.

Captain joc

Billings to selwood -258k
Merrett to martin -170k
Kelly to Parker (Parker has a bye tho )
And then when Lloyd is fully matured money wise trade Lloyd out swing Parker forward


Sounds good thanks mate


Kelly >>> Selwood
Billings >>> Pendlebury

You might as well have the best!

Merret Has BE -10. Hold for now.

Captain joc

Wait which Merrett do you Jackson or Zachary if you’ve got Zachary I would


you don't care much for Hawks or Swans players !!


I had Mitchell and was looking to bring in hodge but he got injured and I went with another trade instead of hodge. I don't know why but missed the boat on JPK and mcveigh

Captain joc



Sam mitchell


Have made my trades I think
Kelly to Sam Gibson
Billings to Selwood
Merret to Cameron


How important is it to get Pendlebury in? My current team is:
DEF: McVeigh, Swallow, Simpson, Bartel, Enright, Langdon (Gregoriou, Cutler)
MID: Ablett, Beams, Watson, Libba, Rockliff, N.Jones, Polec, Crouch (Hallahan, Acres)
RUC: Sandi, Jacobs (Thurlow, King)
FWD: Danger, Parker, Martin, Zorko, JKH,Lloyd (Taylor, Ambrose)

I'm thinking my first two trades would be Crouch –> Selwood and then JKH –> Cameron. I'm a bit stumped for my third trade though. I have 403k without doing the first two trades, and 308k after doing those first two trades.
Is it better to go Polec —> Pendlebury or upgrade Taylor to a 500k+ FWD?
Thanks community


Pendlebury will be around for a couple of weeks at the same price maybe go Taylor to Wingard and leave some money to pursue pendles next week. He is a very handy player to have.

Captain joc

Taylor has a easy breakeven hold!!!
You could wait a week for polec to pendlebury and it shouldn’t hurt you too much


I'd be def getting Pendles in mate – #2 scorer, must fit him in somewhere.
Still to play Carlton (R15, av. 122.18 against them), Bombers (R17, av. 119.79), Port (R19, av. 119.00).
Next 2 games plays WC (last 3 against them 114, 155, 138), Saints (161, 126, 149).
Has scored 100's in every game so far this year too – very reliable.


Hey guys I'm not a big fan of sideways trades but thoughts on J Webster to S Docherty.
Just feel I'm not getting good value for money from Webster.
Other trades this wk are Shoey to Selwood
And Bartel in for Aish.

Captain joc

Yeah Webster ain’t doing too much if get rid of him


Definitely both worth considering. Give them one more week, if they impress could hold their spots as the season is dusted.

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