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Supercoach 2014 preseason podcast

Trade time folks

The round is already underway but there is more than a bit of water to slip under the bridge.

Plenty of though this week from the community about how to proceed and how to upgrade from some of the rookies on the scene up to some solid premiums.. let’s get stuck right in.

(PS – Charlie Cameron has emerged for Adelaide tonight and we need to come up with a nickname. Smack me up on the Twitter if you can think of one)

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  1. Tom says:

    Fantastic stuff Jock! Look forward to another night of wisdoms! thanks mate

  2. Jonts says:

    Who should be a priority to trade out this week? Higgins or suckling

    • skindog says:

      I got rid of both dude

    • taylorwoof says:

      If you HAD to trade one out this weekend i'd select Suckling.

      Main reason, better premium upgrade options that have had their byes down back than fwd.

  3. Fabian says:

    Locked and loaded to listen to on the way to work tomorrow.
    Really hoping Cotch puts in a massive effort V the dess for Tommy Haffey. Changed the V from danger to cotch and it's looking like a regrettable decision.

  4. skindog says:

    funny Jock ! you said Polec was a keeper a couple of weeks ago, wtf

  5. Michael says:

    The big question this weekend is – keep Pendles score as VC or go GAJ as C to get 128+? No offence Jock but he is playing the Sainters and I have a feeling GAJ may play forward a bit more.

    • dognino says:

      I finally have the same problem after bringing pendles in this week. I'm going to stick with GAJ as C , I probly won't take any VC scores that are under gazzas average

    • 130 rule with the loophole – unless you don't have Gaz, then its the 120 rule

    • taylorwoof says:

      I don't take less than 140 as VC.

      Gold Coast playing Sunday means you can see how the next four games unfold before you have to make that decision. Just sit on it until Sunday. Presuming League is the main focus. If for overall ranking, i'd go with Ablett.

  6. throttlefinger says:

    Always a pleasing way to start my Thursday, Jock. Great nuggets from all.

    Took a page out of Wombat's book and slotted in a 1st game rookie. Cameron did me right.

    • Ocker says:

      Good onya Throttle I took the gamble too and it paid off in spades. Gives me cash to trade in Pendles and J Selwood next week I am rapt I took the risk and had the patience.
      Just going to listen to the podcast, But have already used my 3 trades very wisely this week (In my opinion)
      Did not know Wombat was even talking about Cameron but I put him in as a risk and waiting for him to get a game, Paid off hey.


      • throttlefinger says:

        Good on you as well, Big O! Hope it's enough to get me some decent points (to offset Crouch…ugh, he and Robbo may have to go next round)

        Yeah, I did a bit of research on Cameron and he was ruling the SANFL roost with his goal kicking. Always a risk putting a rook in but felt he could have a decent go at it. Looped him with Lloyd so going with his score.

        Wombat went in with Lloyd on his first game. Got that big 135 score. That's where I drew a bit of inspiration.

        Here's hoping the rest of the round smiles as kindly on our teams, Ocker.

        • Ocker says:

          Have been watching Cameron for a while because a mate in Adelaide said if he plays, Put him in he must surely get more games and not cop the vest. He is a gun. Lloyd yes I am a Richmond supporter but didn't want to take the risk on a first gamer but now we are in serious mode and traded Crouch being the sub. Got rid of Robertson (Flipper) who Jock never had in his team(After all the wraps on him). Robertson is now Acres who Jock put in last week at only his second game? St Kilda die hard and must know something we don't.


        • Ocker says:

          Going Bartel is a good move over Sloane I hope that is what you did.
          I was not impressed with Sloane tonight he seemed to panic on occasions, Not a good sign from a supposed gun he is not for me.


          • throttlefinger says:

            Yep. I did exactly that. Bartel for Dunstan. Kid Cameron for Higgins. And Thompson (roos) for Webster. Was considering Swallow but think I miss out on his best efforts. Especially with Bennell back.

            Agree with Sloane. Lot of activity yet decent score. As much as he touches the ball, should've had 130+.

            • Ocker says:

              I am always trying to help mate you can contact me at "[email protected]" and I will send you an update on scores of every player in excel format every week just for you.
              Trying to answer other questions at the minute but look forward to you email.

              Cheers Buddy.

              • throttlefinger says:

                Thanks Ocker! Will do.

                • Ocker says:

                  Have sent after working out how to attach files, Enjoy buddy.
                  Just change team from drop down list and bank balance from SC and the calculator makes life easy.

                  Cheers mate.

  7. taylorwoof says:

    Interesting podcast Jock!

    Good to get some insight on a few peoples trades. Had been wondering where some were sitting in regards to 'Trades Left'.

    Enjoy the weekend everyone, and all the best with your teams!

  8. taylorwoof says:

    Any idea how severe Thumper's knee injury is community?

    • throttlefinger says:

      That came out of nowhere, right?

      • Captain joc says:

        I think they are just trying to manage him through his first season

        • throttlefinger says:

          Very unorthodox method, Cap. Going from the field to the vest to out seems a bit harsh.

          • taylorwoof says:

            A little bit…..I do recall him having a little bit of knee soreness during his Round 7 match…but seemed to play the match out fine.

            Thought the week off would do him good, and would be back for Round 9.

            Oh well….i'll sit on him for the week, and hope he returns next round.

          • SCaddict says:

            Are you talking about Thumper or Flipper or both ha ha??

            Regardless both guys have caused me some grief the past fortnight along with Crouch, right at the most vulnerable time during the byes.

            Think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel though it's been a bumpy ride lately.

            • taylorwoof says:


              Would love to find out how severe his knee injury is.

              Keep heading towards the light, the byes will soon be over. Cannot wait to get back to normality in Round 11.

          • Tom says:

            boys my mate saw him at a basketball game in a moon boot!

    • JX20 says:

      Copped a knock on it during 2nd quarter against Nth. Stayed out on the ground during half time with physio testing it. Structurally fine and played out the game. McKenna said last week he’ll nurse thumper through the season and he’ll be back next game.

  9. Captain joc says:

    Looking at Jacobs score tonight hurts a little bit as I was gonna trade him in but decided on goldy haven’t made any trades yes but what I’m thinking is
    Pyke to Goldstein
    Rioli to bartel via Taylor
    And considering flipper is omitted
    Flipper Robertson down to acres to find polec to selwood next week

  10. Ocker says:

    Depending on J Selwood's score this week I have the same opinion. I have put in Goddard this week at his price it is just too tempting at $465.600 with a BE of 41 even though he has the bye next week it still suites my structure.
    Bartel very solid choice.
    Pyke to Goldstein I will take a look at stats and get back to you


  11. Ocker says:

    Just a quick look at stats Jamar is good but injury risk like any ruckman and a break even of 32 and average of 112 at $457.300 sounds like good value, But has bye next week, It depends on team structure and whether you are league or overall. Robertson to Acres yes go for it.


    • Captain joc says:

      Yes trying to get my highest overall ever as last season I wasn’t even in the top 30k but have been in the top 1k apart from the first week
      I had Jamar at the start of last year and was good in the first 3 or 4 but then dropped off so I think he will do that again + he dosn’t fit the bye structure as I have only 14 playing next week as injuries have stuffed my bye structure up although I’m glad I held onto jaensch
      I’ve only got 16 trades left so I don’t know how I’m gonna go only 13 if I do 3 this round :/ have been hit hard by injuries / have traded my arse off

      I’ve got 221k in the back and will only lose 5k if I do these 3 trades

      • Ocker says:

        If I was stuck for a ruck which luckily I am not at the moment Goldstein is not a bad choice nor is Minson but he unfortunately has the bye this week, I am lucky so far with Sandi Jacobs Derickx and Currie so have cover. Is it worth looking somewhere else on the field to give you more players?
        Rioli > Bartel, Robertson > Acres are very solid moves.
        What about Polec > Goddard at his price and BE this week.


        • Captain joc says:

          Nah trading in Goddard cannot happen as I have too many R10 anyway / pyke is injured sitting on bench doing nothing has bye next week

          • Ocker says:

            Little bit hard without knowing your team Captain, Not much in sensible choices this week if you know what I mean.
            2 Good trades but if you have to make 3 I need to see team to asses options.


          • Captain joc says:

            Well my side is
            Backs: Swallow, mcveigh, jaensch, cutler, georgiou( walker, Langford)
            Mids: Ablett, pendlebury, D.Beams, fyfe, Watson, Robertson, crouch, Taylor (polec, liberatore)
            Rucks: Sandilands, pyke ( currie, king)
            Fwds:dangerfield, Parker, zorko, Martin, JKH, Ambrose (rioli, Higgins)
            That’s this week as bye players are on bench
            Georgiou is a emergency
            Robertson not playing
            Pyke injured
            Rioli injured

          • Captain joc says:

            Got 221k in cash and 16 trades left
            And that is my side with no trades done

            • Ocker says:

              Without getting the calculator out, And considering Crouch has already played I would just make the 2 good trades this week and next week you should have enough bank to get J Selwood and another gun. Players that you should consider parting with are.
              Higgins, Polec, Crouch, Georgiou. As priorities.

              Look at the Throttlefinger comments above. You are welcome.

          • Captain joc says:

            Yeah but I need most of them to play next week
            So you reckon I should wait in the rucks trade?
            I’ll probably hold Higgins and polec until r11 and cull em then
            Very eager to see how buddy goes tomorrow!!

            • Ocker says:

              Fair comment Captain yes go with Goldy I think he can only get better than what he has so far produced and is the best player that has had his bye for sure at this stage of the round.

              Cheers and good luck,

            • Ocker says:

              Please don't think of putting Buddy in your team, I am feeling sick now I might go to bed.


          • Captain joc says:

            Haha sorry lol
            Do you think Jacobs will slow down at all?

            • Ocker says:

              In my team from start of year and I hope not. My rucks have held up well this year which is unusual for me. Copped injuries everywhere else. Jacobs will not let the team down this year, That is coming from a Richmond Man.


  12. Antonio says:

    How long is Kolodjashnij out for?

    • SCaddict says:

      Shouldn't be anything too serious from what I've heard but we'll probably have to wait until next week for a status update there.

      I certainly need him on deck for next week so got my fingers crossed he only misses the one.

  13. Antonio says:

    So last week I seeked some help from this fantastic community. My situation was sitting in 14th spot with only one league win, and needing to get my team kick-started on a run of some sort! Well thanks to this community I won my second match! Woo hoo, now we move onto this weekend, and once again I need your help! Here’s my team:

    Def: Swallow, Langdon, Kolodjashniz, McDonald, Webster, Birchall (Cutler, Georgiou)

    Mid: Ablett, Watson, Beams, Cotchin, Murphy, D. Thomas, Polec, Griffen, (Kelly, Acres)

    Ruck: Cox, Nic Nat (Currie, King)

    Forward: Dangerfield, Zorko, Martin, Roughead, Fasolo, Higgins (JKH, Ambrose)

    Okay, so what trades should I do now ! Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks heaps guys!

    $299,400 in war chest

  14. KRUZEY says:

    Jock, KRUZEY here, as a fellow man from your neck of the woods in leafy langwarrin, i feel we could turn community night into community day, throw a few snags on the old BBQ's down at ballam park for a focus group.. unite the community as one.. If they ever tell our story, let them say… We walked with giants. Men rise and fall like the winter wheat… but these names will never die. Let them say we lived in the time of Higgo, tamer of fantasy footy. Let them say… we lived in the time of Jock Reynolds.

  15. wes says:

    Hi Community
    Getting in early for next week – Dunstan out, Kane Mitchell in
    My first is how the heck am I still carrying dunstan…. so I'd already covered that one and other thoughts appreciated…

    Also, this rd I traded up from Lachie Hunter to Jamie Elliott for last night's game – Elliot was real quiet. Thoughts on keeping him? He had reasonable form leading into this game last night.

    • Garglesnarf FC says:

      I can see the temptation in Kanye. IF he keeps scoring at 100+ then he is going up $120k in rounds 11 & 12. Which is why you look at him for another week and consider trading him in round 11, not this week.

      Dont panic, Elliot is also a keeper. The Pies had a shocking second half and barely scored. He will improve.

  16. Gilly says:

    I am looking at bringing in David Swallow this week. Just wonder if its just a coincidence that he has lowest score the first week that Bennel plays. A sign of things to come?

    • dognino says:

      He might score the same or better as there will 3 players in GAJ, prestia, Bennel who will be more likely to get tagged or a defensive roll on them. Not many teams can afford to try an shut down 4 players

  17. canman1306 says:

    This week I am going
    Merrett -> Boomer
    Polec -> Acres
    Higgins -> Bartel DPP
    Next week trade Sucklin/L-Mac Sub Bartel Back get in Jelwood and Trade Dunstan -> Hartung

  18. Smokey says:

    Nick Riewoldt – should be be traded???

    • Tom says:

      I'd hold

    • dognino says:

      I have to hold, and hope he comes good πŸ™

    • Garglesnarf FC says:

      As everyone else says, you keep him.

      Too late to get off him now, once a players price has dropped so much that people are starting to trade him in, then there is no point trading him out as he clearly represents value at that price.

      Or look at it this way, trade out someone who is going to lose you money not someone who has already done it.

      • Smokey says:

        With a breakeven of 158 he is going to lose more mon

        • Garglesnarf FC says:

          Only about another 15-20k. Not worth burning a trade on that, if it was going to be 100k over 4 weeks then OK.

          If you traded out every bloke who went down 20k in a week you would be out of trades before the byes!

  19. Tom says:

    How many trades have people used?

    • Dylan says:

      I still have 20, after trading in Swan last night (should have waited! I thought he would make his BE) and Acres for Aish today. Going to wait a week and swap Mitchell and one of Laidler/McDonald/Georgiou for Bartel and Schoenmakers

    • SCaddict says:

      I'll be down to 13 after this weekend but my side will be very well advanced towards full premium and sitting pretty in most of my leagues.

      In my mind it's not so much how many you have left that's the most important thing but how you've used them.

    • Derek says:

      Call me old fashion. Still have 22. I just remember previous years when I start running out of trades just before finals.

  20. Tom says:

    What do we do with Matty Wright?

  21. rex says:

    Buddy or Martin – who would you go for?

  22. rex says:

    Lance Franklin or Dustin Martin? Buddy destroys Bombers.

  23. piewood1 says:

    G'day community, this week I downgraded S.Mitchel for J.Tippet & Webster for Docherty and even though I maybe a player short on field next round, I couldn't resist upgrading flipper Robertson to Goddard, which still leaves me 398K to go bang bang next week.

    I'm thinking Dunstan to Jelwood or Watson, Langford to Hurn or Bartel & Tmitch down to Charlie who looked the goods last night. If all goes to plan it will then leave me with 15 trades & to pick up my final 7 premos.

    • dognino says:

      Can you hold onto Langford for another week? He's still got cash to make and you've already held him through his bye. I had the same thoughts on bringing in burn , but I'll be moving on a mid rookie and swinging Langdon to midfield so that I can get the most cash from Langford

      • piewood1 says:

        Thanks for your input there dognino, I do have Georgiou as a second option, maybe he is not going to make me anymore cash…..but Langford has a little bit to go you reckon?

        The problem I have is I don't have any swing players, since I moved Taylor forward from the mid-field earlier in the season.

        • dognino says:

          Yeah, he has a BE of 2 , and his last 2 games have been his highest scores for the season. His form has put a dampener on my plans, as I had him planned to go , but I think he probly has 2 more games in him and will be worth about $330k .

          I suppose if he is your only option at trading to Hurn , the price rises of both players will cancel each other out , so it shouldn't matter when you do it. Myself, I have Cunningham in the mids who I will possibly turn into Hurn by swinging Langdon if rom def into mid.

  24. Sarah says:

    Pretty happy with bringing in Pendles this week. Yes, his price will go down slightly, but I've locked in a 128 this week for the sake of maybe $15k that he might go down this week.
    Bringing him in the week they played the crows was tough for me though, but he scored 128 and the crows won!!! Win-win for me!! πŸ˜€

    • dognino says:

      I brought pendles in this week too πŸ™‚ decided to wait on jelwood for a week, and still deciding on who I want my M8 to be …..so many options

      • Sarah says:

        I want JPK and Fyfe, but not sure where I'm going to source that much cash from…

        • dognino says:

          Yeah, I've considered both of those guys, only way to afford it for me would be to bring in both Hurn and Hanley into my back line while they are cheap, when I had planned on bartel and Simpson . Already have swallow, mcveigh, hibberd, enright.

          • Sarah says:

            I also want Simpson, he will complete my defence. Have McVeigh, Swallow, Hibberd, Bartel and Jaensch.
            I think Simpson is a greater chance of having a poor game and hence his price dropping than either JPK or Fyfe. So I'll focus on the midfield and wait for Simpson. There's still plenty of time before the end of the season.

            • SCaddict says:

              That's a ripping back line you have constructed Sarah!

              Kade should be an excellent final piece there.

    • Liam says:

      I owe you (or more Mr Rory Sloane) one big fat apology sarah! I will put my hand up and say i AM/WAS wrong when i said he only goes well against the poor teams the other week! He is showing ultra consistency and now wishing he was in my side!!!

      • Sarah says:

        It's ok Liam, we all make mistakes!! Rory is a gun and one thing I love about him is if he's having a bad game he just tries harder. You never get to the end of a game thinking that Rory Sloane didn't give his all.

  25. Dom says:

    Trade or keep roughed?

  26. Kevin says:

    Thoughts on J.Tippet?

    • Garglesnarf FC says:

      I have taken him for Laidler. Not because I think I he’s good, but because I need to release cash and bring in 4 non round 10 bye players.

      He seems to be in for Grima, and I would suspect he may only get another 2 to 4 games for the year. I considered Bews but after some research he looks like a 3 week prospect until Christensen is back and then he’ll be gone.

  27. Elias says:

    Loved it Jock.
    Trades this week:
    OUT: Suckling, Robertson and Rioli
    IN: Bartel, Acres and Martin

    Worried about Acres because it will put me in strife for round 10 with only 19 players on filed (barring injury).

    Next week going:
    OUT: Aish, cutler and JKH
    IN: Selwood, Hurn and hartung (or other cheap rookie)>


    • yesIdohavebacon says:

      some great trades there Elias, hartung prob not a bad option with all of the hawks injuries, cameron is another rookie that looks the goods and looked great in nab.

  28. Sully321 says:

    Hooker or Johnson? And tippet or aylett?

    • taylorwoof says:

      Johnson. Surely Hooker can't keep this up all season.

      Don't like either of Tippett or Aylett.

      • Sully321 says:

        Is there any other defensive downgrade options? (Preferably under 130 k)

        • taylorwoof says:

          Jed Bews the only other – though we haven't had a look at him yet.

          Slim picking's down back. I'm trying to hold off downgrading down there.

        • SCaddict says:

          Unfortunately Tippett is the best on offer right now. Neither scoring potential nor JS are anything to write home about though.

          Bews would be too risky to get on before he's played a few games first. Aylett….meh!

          • taylorwoof says:

            Comes down to what your bench cover looks like.

            I've got Langford and Clurey on my bench. With Clurey being a spud, i can't afford to downgrade to a Tippett/Aylett type.

            If your bench was say Langford and Georgiou, then the latter down to Tippett/Aylett may be ok.

  29. Ethan says:

    Hey guys looking for some trade advice – looking to upgrade Polec to one midfielder premium, by not sure who. Want Stevie J, Selwood, Fyfe or Libba. Side is below & have $522k in bank. Only 1 trade left for the week & looking to go Dunstan > Libba & Higgins > Gray next week… Am I better off getting Jelwood anyway this week? Or maybe going Stevie as everyone will jump on Jelwood? Or do you think both can fit in my side & forget either Fyfe/Libba..

    McVeigh, Burgoyne, Swallow, KK, Bartel, Langdon (Cutler, Langford)
    Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Cotchin, Rockliff, Polec, Dunstan, Crouch (L.Taylor, Acres)
    Sandilands, Longer (Currie, King)
    Danger, Zorko, Martin, Higgins, Lloyd, Dahlhaus (Fasolo, Ambrose)

    Any help much appreciated!

  30. Aaron says:

    Is cutler to bews a good trade this week? If I do the trade then I will have enough to bring both pendles and Selwood next week, but if I wait another week on that trade then I will have to get Selwood the following week.

  31. Sully321 says:

    Thoughts on bews?

  32. Russell says:

    Chances of Bews named sub this week?

  33. Josh says:

    What are the chances if Acres being sub this week? If he is, would it still be worth bringing him in for nick Robertson?

    • Rescued Pieman says:

      Yeah I think so. He will still make money & wont be sub every week

  34. Derek says:

    Going franklin as VC tonight.

  35. Captain joc says:

    Thinking of skipping acres as I have to many r10 bye players as it considering trading Robertson to Lennon or a different rookie

  36. CashCows says:

    I went daisy to swan
    and thinking
    Chapman (suspended this week, bye next) to dusty?
    Robertson to acres?

    53k in the kitty

    or polec to goddard(but think this one will leave me exposed next week, plus i might leave polec for my M8

    I have pav, danger,zorko, chappy, higgins, lloyd, fasolo, jkh?
    I have GAJ, Pendles,JPK,Swan,beams,jobe, polec, cunningham(syd), hallahan, robertson

    backline needs some work but hanly and/or hurn next week, currently mcv,hodge,jaensch,Johnson,frawley, langdon, langford, georgio

    Any thoughts

    • CashCows says:

      Too late missed the chappy cut off…..fkkkkkkkk it

      So robertson to acres

      could do higgins to dusty…

    • CashCows says:

      I ended up going roberston- acres, polec – bartel.

  37. Dom says:

    Who would you trade out first, Flipper or Georgiou?

  38. Ocker says:



    Set a Captain (and Vice Captain) as you normally would for double points. If your Captain's doubled score is NOT in your best 18 scores, then their scores will not count – you simply get your best 18 scores only. Similarly, if your Captain's doubled score is NOT in your Best 18 scores, you do NOT automatically receive double points from your Vice Captain.

    I don't have a microphone thing but it would be nice to have an opinion from Jock and the boys.
    I am pretty sure that you could not use the Captain loophole last year during the byes.


    • dognino says:

      If you want the VC score just put the C on a bye player. You don't get the points until the very last game tho. Worked for last week with mcveigh and kept the C on ablett

    • taylorwoof says:

      Used the captain loophole last week, and it worked fine.

      It'd be pretty rare that your Captain's score would be outside your best 18. Your team would have to be flying for that to happen, or captain gets subbed out with an injury.

      I think you're stressing over nothing Ocker.

      • Ocker says:

        Not stressing at all, Just thought the community should be aware.
        My opposition had Abeltt Captain last week because they had not done their team from the week before and never got VC double points.
        I checked and double checked their score and it was not added in.
        I have Abett permanent Captain.

      • shallots says:

        unless you had SJ as your captain. He played like a busted pickle!!!!!!!!

  39. Cam_H says:

    What to do when one of your mid-price cash cow buy-ins goes very wrong?

    Jackson Merrett … poor SuperCoach history (averaged 49 last year), but in the first three weeks of this season he looked like a new man under the 2014 Bombers Coach.

    Sub-vest affected by a mild corkie two weeks ago, I stuck with him, but he hasn't exceeded 80 points for six games in a row now.

    Is he capable of 80+ scores to correct his price and therefore worth hanging tight with him for a later season trade-up, or is it time to cull in light of bye? (I haven't got concerning Round 10 bye issues). Appreciate thoughts. Thanks.

    • BundyBear says:

      Dont waste your time with him. Glad I got rid of him a few weeks ago

    • dognino says:

      I down traded him to ambrose as soon as ambrose was put back in the team.

    • Cam_H says:

      Thanks for the feedback … most of my lines are fine, but my forwards are disastrous! The only premium that's firing is Dangerfield, and my rookies either are barely scoring or getting the starting vest this week. Thanks again for your replies … I guess Merrett's in likelihood going to be culled before his bye.

  40. The Regular says:

    If anyone’s really bored, advice on my team going fwd would be welcomed. (via link)

    • BCHawks says:

      I like your team a lot. You have a very strong midfield however I am not sure if Wines and Shuey are really keepers. I would look to move them on for 2 Elite Premium midfielders like JPK/Fyfe/Selwood/SJ etc. Also I would look to downgrade Polec to a playing rookie so that you can free up some cash to help strengthen your backline and forward. Other than that your team is really strong and you still have a good shot at the 50k.

      • The Regular says:

        Cheers BC,

        Thank for the advice.

        I went; Robertson to Acres, Polec to Selwood and Mitchell to Bartel.

        Next week I am planning; Jkh to Hartung via dpp, Georgiou to Jaensch, Cutler to Hurn.

        That will leave me 11 trades. In round 12 Looking to get franklin in to complete team.

        Should have 9 trades for LTI’s for the run home

        Will probably hold wines and shuey at my and m7 and m8 although I do agree with you they aren’t elite, hopefully solid enough.

        Worried about Shuey as the West Coast have a tough run coming.

        • billy says:

          Hey The Regular, not sure if Jaensch will provide this sort of output all year.Still worried about Wines and Shuey but they way PA are going Wines should adverage 105-110 so I would probably trade Shuey. Frankin is a KPP so won't give you 100+ every week so keep that in mind when trading him in and also what are you planning to do with Rioli are you going to hold on him or trade him?

        • BCHawks says:

          Sorry forgot to log in.
          Hey The Regular, not sure if Jaensch will provide this sort of output all year.Still worried about Wines and Shuey but they way PA are going Wines should adverage 105-110 so I would probably trade Shuey. Frankin is a KPP so won't give you 100+ every week so keep that in mind when trading him in and also what are you planning to do with Rioli are you going to hold on him or trade him?

  41. GarglesnarfFC says:

    Where is Higgos Punt Machine Jock?

  42. Shaun says:

    Community your thoughts on:
    Flipper- Selwood and Polec- Cotchin or either combination! Thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

    • BCHawks says:

      looks good should expect close to 300 from both of them this week.

      • Shaun says:

        Or do you think Flipper to Cotchin would be the best option and wait for the Selwood price drop??

        • BCHawks says:

          na I would do it now. He won't go down in price much and if you don't you are loosing a solid 120 points.

          • Shaun says:

            Ok thanks!!!! Do you think Polec will increase that much in price anyway?? And is Cotchin still an elite scoring mid option?? Thinking deledio being out made it tough for him!

            • Andrew says:

              Polec will max out at about 490k if he breaks even for the next 2 games

  43. Andrew says:

    Looking for midfielder around 500k, Duncan or Cunnington? Help please!

    • CashCows says:

      Dan Jackson ticking along very nicely..only owned by 0.5%…nice little POD, have been keeping tabs on him, was going to go this week, but,,,,,,

  44. JX20 says:

    Big watch on Melbourne’s final team. If Salem isn’t sub then BANG. Has played 3 quarters and scored 98 whilst sub. Looks at home whereas thought Acres panicked at times despite his score. Another 45 grand but worth it. I see him as a 400K SC stock!

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Couldn't agree more JX, reckon tomorrow could see the Headline 'Tigers in Salems Lot after shock loss to Melbourne'. Salem to tear em a new one.

      • JX20 says:

        Great headlines GFC – love it. However any loss by Richmond shouldn't shock anyone!

    • CashCows says:

      Could acres be sub this week? tough call as acres be is -73, and salem is 50k more with be of 33?

  45. Bray says:

    Should I take JPK’s score or back Gary in.?

  46. Andrew says:

    Is anyone upgrading Polec ??

    • Dom says:


    • SCaddict says:

      Yeah moved him on for Bartel this week.

      • billy says:

        haha same here I am V you this week SCaddict my team name is WildHawks. Good luck but I think that you will beat me.

        • SCaddict says:

          Yeah you got me on my strong bye round. Even all the rookie shenanigans this round hasn't hurt me that badly although has cost me some cash for upgrading in the coming weeks which blows.

  47. The new n says:

    Salem or acres?

  48. Jake says:

    How many weeks did roughy get?

  49. Brad says:

    I made my trades this week but now Salem isn't sub I want him instead of acres! Is there a way to reverse the trade I made with acres!
    Note, I traded Goddard in at the same time, does that affect the reversing of the acres trade?

    • Micky says:

      Sorry if you make your trade after the first game there is no reversing

  50. The Mullet says:

    Buddy looks to be climbing out of his form slump (unlike Cloke and Petrie). Is he worth a punt at his current price even though he is a KPP?

    • SCaddict says:

      At around $410K after last night he could be the most traded in player after he's had his Rd10 bye.

      Tippo is finally on the park and playing the sacrificial lamb in the goal square role so Buddy is now freed up to run around and rack up the touches and potshots at goal.

      • Azmataz says:

        Don't do it mate! He will give you more 50s than 100s no matter who else is playing. You can do better

  51. Raymond says:

    Who to trade out of Luke McDonald or Jimmy Webster for Bartel?

  52. dognino says:

    Can't believe I got suckered into zorko again , 2 years in a row . Plus reiwoldt and wingard in my forwards means my chances at league wins are probly over too. Not enough trades to upgrade rookies and replace under performing premiums when it's your full line failing….apart from danger

    • Rescued Pieman says:

      Traded Buddy to Zorko couple of weeks ago. Share your pain. This has to be the last time!

  53. Rescued Pieman says:

    Zorko 12! Gutless Rubbish

    • Lloyd says:

      Forgive him mate, he was playing while being pretty sick and around a team who didn't give a yelp. He'll have his bye and then be back to full magician output I'm definitely not trading him.

    • Skid says:

      Seriously what do you expect from a BUUUUUURRRRNMAN bwahahahahahaha!

    • Rocksta says:

      Zorks has effectively cost me the league win this week.
      A friend of mine whom follows the Lions said that Gastro has struck the club.
      That would explain his 3 possessions. Nobody could play that badly if they weren't sick, surely.

      • Azmataz says:

        Mate if you have more than 18 players on the field then it wont even count. I have 21 on field so it hasnt hurt me at all. 3 possessions?! Wtf was he doing all game?

    • shallots says:

      hahaha zorko sharted about 20 times throughout the game.

      and yes get rid of him. he will drop 100K in the next 3 games and is not really a good player. too slack too often.

      if you want a tip- swap him for buddy NOW. the swans are ready to rock n roll now!!!!!!

  54. Sully321 says:

    Do I go with aish's 64 or acres?

  55. piewood1 says:

    How are we all dong this week community? tonned up 7 times & a 98 from Pav,1305 with Swallow, Acres, Ablett (capt) Dunstan to play…..hoping for 1800 plus!

    • dognino says:

      Lookin at about 1730 with rockliff out and zorkos 12 bringing me down

      • piewood1 says:

        Yeah same here, but by trading in Goddard for Robertson I picked up an extra 115 points…so could have been worse.

    • CashCows says:

      1682 with Capt GAJ and acres to come hopefully crack 2k….

      • CashCows says:

        Well certianly glad i had acres would have only been 2034, not 2038…nice work Blake.

  56. Barry says:

    Hey everyone, all of me and my opponents "unique" players have played and with only the BEST 18 SELECTED I am going to lose by 18 points. Our only players left are Acres, Swallow and Ablett, who we both have as Captain. My vc scored around 120 points. Should i go with my vc's 120ish score or put the C on Swallow, or stick with Gaz and concede defeat this week? (I will win my other 3 league matches) Thanks

    • Rocksta says:

      If your only focus is league wins, then why not roll the dice and out the V on Swallow.

      If you are however placed well overall, then I'd concede defeat.
      Incidentally, I'm in a similar boat to you but as I'm in the top 300 overall, I'm keeping the C on ever reliable Ablett, and thus conceding the league loss.

      • Azmataz says:

        Never concede a loss! Go down fighting mate. Do whatever it takes. Maybe the safer gamble would be to take the VC score and hope Gaz doesn't break 100. Hey miracles happen!

    • shallots says:

      unfortunately you'll prob lose this week.

      you see, stkilda are like a frail little budgriegar egg- and GAJ is the concrete boulder that will smash them into pieces with no effort whatsoever. all you can hope for is GAJ to be a late withdrawal and your VC score is 19 higher than your oppps.

      But GAJ is gonna go super large this week and punch out a 171 πŸ™‚

  57. Cyril says:

    No one can tag him

  58. MightyDonsFC says:

    Acres sub, this is the weekend from hell

    • medadsson says:

      Poor bugger … could have been worse though, imagine if you'd had Dayne Burnman Zorko in your team! You didn't did you???

      • BCHawks says:

        He was very sick, that is why his score was so low. I really wouldn't go as far as calling him a burn man. He will most likely bounce back after his bye and get a huge score and he should average 100+ for the rest of the season.

      • MightyDonsFC says:

        Zorko and rockliff

  59. Derek says:

    Hoping Ablett stays under 150

  60. MightyDonsFC says:

    Acres, Zorko, rockliff and crouch go bang for a total of 26 points

    • Rocksta says:

      I have Zorko, Crouch, JKH and Acres ( whom I friggin wasted a trade on to get in when Robertson was named emergency on Thursday Night).
      Weekend from Hell.

  61. michael says:

    Got 2154 – what’s par for this week Community?

  62. dannyyboyy says:

    got 2214, thats gotta be up there

    • Rocksta says:

      Better than anyone in my league, and there are 3 people in the top 1000 in my league ( 2 of whom are in the top 500)

  63. Derek says:

    I bet against Gaz and lost.
    Kept C on kennedys score of 153 instead of Ablett.
    You guessed it, lost one match by 25 and one by 30.

  64. blake says:

    jeez acres-4, zorko-12, Robertson-11, crouch-10 and rockliff late out. Had 21 on field and was expecting big before all these turd scores. Anyway have 20 playing next week and will have 2 more after trades making 22 on field.

  65. Rocksta says:

    Don't know about everyone else, but I reckon it's time for a mass Rookie Cull.
    Acres,Crouch, JKH , Robertson killed my score, not to mention Zorks.
    I was going to move Polec and Suckling on over the next 2 weeks but this week has made me realise that it's much better to have them as your D6, M8 respectively than any of this current crop of Young Rookies.
    JKH and Crouch, please follow me to the barn!

    • SCaddict says:

      Yeah I had all those vests too as well as a KK and Clay Cameron no show. Somehow still managed a semi respectable 2065 although all this sub nonsense has probably cost me in excess of $100K in lost profits.

      JKH, Crouch and Flipper all gone this week and in comes Jelwood TFFT! πŸ™‚

      • Rocksta says:

        I only got 1920 odd.
        JKH and Crouch are definitely goneski next week. I wasted my third trade this week ( which i wasn't planning on using) on bringing Acres in for Robertson when he was named emergency .
        Of all the carnage, that makes me the maddest as not only was Acres Sub, he got injured within 5 minutes of coming on.
        This Game loves playing with the plums

        • Michael says:

          Rocksta I thought that only saving grace was that every man and his dog would've jumped on Acres last week and this week only to look and see that only 2.64% of teams have him! Must be just the community that jumped on!

          • Michael says:

            BTW I'm one of the 2.64% along with you – any more info on injury i.e weeks? If long term may have to just keep on bench, not worth trading until he makes decent money!

          • Glorin says:

            Does that include the 49000 odd teams that brought him in this week? Thank god I was not one of them. Short sighted trade that hasn't paid off!

            • Rocksta says:

              I agree with you Glorin but the reason so many people brought him in was the fact that there aren't any viable mid Rookies on the Horizon apart from Morabito?
              Given his Injury history, you'd be mad to bring him in before he's on the bubble, thereby making it hard to find the money for upgrades in the next 2-3 weeks.
              I brought him in for Robertson, which at least added some $120K to the Coffers. As you know, Robertson owners will most likely have to bite the bullet on him next week anyway.
              That's why Polec is now in my team for the long haul ( cannot trust these friggin mid rookies anymore).

    • Josh says:

      Gotta be careful with Jock and his bias.

  66. RooBoy says:

    What time does the SC website update to Rd10 with he new BE's and do I have to log out and back in?
    Like others I'm keen to start culling and upgrading πŸ™‚

  67. Michael says:

    Had 21 on field – thank god I did as scores from Acres (4), Robertson (11) & Zorko (12) didn't count towards my score.
    Alas I still had JKH's 25 that counted, other than that my next lowest score was Enright's 79.
    Had Pendles as VC, decided to stick with GAJ for the C and didn't that pay dividends!
    Total score for round 2154, which for a normal round of 22 on field equates to about 2630 so pretty stoked.
    11 out of my 18 scored 100+, usually only get about 12 out of 22 on a normal week!
    Will be interesting to see where I sit – currently around 8,000th, I reckon I'll jump to around 3,500th or so.

    • The Filth says:

      I know the feeling Michael – scored 2148 and had to take JKH’s 25 points.
      Had Crouch 10, Zorko 12 and Acres 4.

      Moved up to 92nd overall and 6th in Jock Reynolds group.
      Best of luck next week!

  68. RooBoy says:

    There we go…….Spoke too soon!

  69. BCHawks says:

    I was just able to afford my trade options this week by a few $1000.

    Out Robertson in Hartung
    Out Rioli in Wingard
    Out Cunningham in Selwood

    I know Hartung will be sub most weeks but there isn't anything else out there that is at the same or cheeper. With these trade done it will leave me with 2 premiums to pick up.

  70. Michael says:

    This week's trade options:

    1. Robertson out, Hartung in
    JKH out, Harvey in.
    $7.4K left

    2. Robertson out, Hartung in
    JKH out, Wingard in.
    $100.1 K left

    1 or 2? Or others I haven't considered? Currently have $109.3K in the bank.

    Thanks for your input!

    • Michael says:

      or #3. Robertson out, Hartung in
      JKH out, Matera in.
      $121.5 K left

    • SCaddict says:

      If you don't already have Charlie Cameron you could also think about bringing him in for JKH and perhaps upgrading either your midfield or defence with a 3rd trade or just bank a huge wad of cash instead.

      Otherwise I like the Wingard option the best out of those 3.

  71. Brandon2416 says:

    who is priority to trade out crouch or flipper robertson??

  72. Nick says:

    Should I cull tom cutler has a BE of 15?