Tight Arse Tuesday, Round 9

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Mick the Mad is BACK

Hello again community! ITS BACK. It gives me great pleasure to present you with this Tight Arse Tuesday for round 9.

Now before we get into it, I just want to address some of the wild rumours that have spread around the inter-web about my where about over the last two weeks.

I have heard that the Mad Irishman got so frustrated with Lance Franklin’s Supercoach output that he tracked him down in Sydney, and when Lance spotted him, he took off at high speed, losing control of his car and crashing into four others. Since then the Irishman has gone into hiding until this whole thing blows over.

Another rumour going around is that after losing a crucial game against a long term rival by just 1point, in the same round that Mitchel scored 9 and his opponent didn’t have him, the Mad Irishman drank himself into a whiskey induced coma. Although this is far more plausible than the first rumour I’m afraid neither is true.

The simple and boring truth is that I died.

Yep, I died for the many sins committed, trading out Dangerfield, trading out Liberatore, starting with Watts and Franklin. I died only to rise again to lead my people from darkness into the light. Oh no wait, now that I think about it, I think that was some other fellow……… Maybe I was in a whiskey induced coma!

Now I know this will be obvious to the most of you but we should really only be trading in players that have already had their bye. There is no point in trading in a player this week that is going to miss next.

For that reason I will only be looking at players who just came off their bye over the next few weeks, starting today with the round 8 bye players.

Corey Enright

Average to date 83.3
Breakeven 112
Current Price $438,100
Priced to Average 85

Those who know me well know that I hate paying over the odds for defenders. After this season I might just add forwards into this mix as well.

Defenders are notorious for losing value, and while this year you have some more Midfield options down back, with Bartel, McVeigh, Simpson, Mitchel etc, the rest have really been super inconsistent and all the top end guys have lost bucket loads of value. Even Bartel, McVeigh, Simpson and Mitchel have all lost value from the start of the year. Granted you do probably need at least one or two of McVeigh, Bartel and Simpson, all three would be a bonus but the rest of your back line should be filled with smart choices at good value, to allow you to fill out your Midfield with the guys that really bring in the big scores.

Now I normally like to feature guys in this segment with low breakevens but as it is the bye rounds that’s a little harder to do, and thus we are probably looking at Corey a week too soon. However don’t be put off by his relatively high breakeven, he is only likely to drop 5-10k after this week so you won’t be saving all that much by holding and if you really need a defender this week, paying an extra premium of 10k isn’t all that much of a trade-off.

I consider anything under $450,000 a value pick down back and Corey finds himself meeting this criteria with 12k to spare. He has dropped $68,700 so far this year to find himself at his current price. For those of you unfamiliar with Enright, he has been one of the most consistent back men in the comp and in the days of 7 defenders on field, he was once a must have player in most Supercoach teams.

You have to travel all the way back to 2005 for a season when Corey averaged less than 90pts. In that time frame his lowest average was 92 and his highest was 101. It is little wonder why he is know as Corey Stanard Deviation Enright. He is also quite durable, playing more than 20 games a year over the last 8 years.

So why is he so cheap now?

He suffered a twisted angle in round 2 and was subbed off in the third quarter on a score of 67. He only missed one round but once he had this reasonably low score out of his rolling average he had a stinker against Port Adelaide scoring just 49. This score is still in his rolling average and hence why he has a high breakeven of 112 going into this round. He did back this score up with a solid 102 in his next hit out against the Tigers.
I know what you’re thinking though. If he scored so low before, what’s to say it won’t happen again? If your thinking this might be a sign of a decline in the aging Enright, well then these signs have been here before. Like all defenders, he too is prone to a couple of snickers a year. In 2012 for example he had scores of 47 and 49 and he still managed to average 94 for the year. Bad scores happen but it’s the average that really tells the story.

I would be worried if I saw a role change for Corey but all is the same down at Geelong, and Corey continues to play off the half back in a very successful team. The Cats will win most weeks and when they do, Corey will excel with cheap possessions as Geelong chip it around when they have the game wrapped up. They have been doing it for years and it’s a formula that doesn’t seem to change. I don’t see it as a coincidence that the one game Geelong lost this year was the game Corey had a snicker. I however would back the Cats to go at least 12 and 4 for the rest of the year, and against some of the weakers sides I’d expect a few more tonnes from Mr Enright.

The Mad Irishman’s Verdict

2014 Predicted Status: Strong Midpricer

Predicted Average from here on out: 92-96pts

Final Word:

Enright will never be in that top bracket of defenders but you couldn’t ask for a better D5 or D6 selection. Just take a look at defenders this year and only 7 are averaging over 100. I’d expect a few of those to drop down too, with the likes of Hocker unlikely to stay at such heights. After that the averages drop away quite shapely so it really makes no sense to spend top dollar on you D5 and D6 positions. Good safe bets at value prices are the way to go and there are few better than Enright at this current stage of the season.

Joel Selwood

Average 117
Breakeven 159
Current Price $555,700
Priced to Average 107

Now as I said above I normally like to feature guys in this segment with low breakevens but just like Corey above, Joel too has a very high breakeven. A little more worrying he also has a tricky opponent coming up this week, but I’ll get to that a little later. However if you are desperate for a midfielder this week and you are in the business of looking at the bigger picture, then I could argue you will be definitely picking yourself a top 5 player, if you go with Selwood this week.

I consider anything around the $550,000 a value pick for a high end Midfielder and Joel finds himself just above this price this week. He has dropped $83,000 so far this year to find himself at his current price. Before I go any further I just want to remind you what Joel Selwood has produced in SC since his debut season in 2007. He showed great improvement in his first two years and elevated to an Elite Premium in 2009 where he has been ever since.


So why is he so cheap now?

Joel started the year in fine form, averaging 140 over the first 4 games. However since then he has failed to crack the supercoach tonne, with scores of 83, 82 and 93 in his last three rounds. Has this surprised me? Well actually, no it hasn’t. What did surprise me is the fact that he had such a great start to the year.

What we must remember is that Joel has had a very limited preseason, and he was in a moon boot only a week out from the start of the season. I suspect that his limited preseason may have caught up with him over the last few weeks and hence his drop off in output.
So the question now is can we trust he can get back to that early season form?

This is why I love drawing on stats from yesteryear because more often than not the answer can be found within the numbers.

I don’t know if any of you remember last year but something very similar happened with Joel. He started the year really well but was carrying a knock right up to his bye in round 12 of last year and dropped right down with his supercoach output.

After a simple weeks rest, it was a completely different Selwood that finished out the year, pushing very close to a first Brownlow medal and most importantly for us Supercoaches averaging a whopping 129.6 for the rest of the year, and this even included a 54 against an old foe.

I’m excited community, I really am.

I can see something very similar happening again this season. I fully believe that Joel was a little underdone coming into the season and that the bye will have come at a perfect time for him. The fact that there are two byes this year makes me even more excited, as it will give him another chance to recuperate and rejuvenate later in the year.

However there is one ugly “BUT” coming your way. With such a high breakeven and the fact that he is playing Fremantle and Ryan Crowley this week, it might be best to let him go for just one more week if you can. That 54 I spoke about above was against Fremantle last year in round 14, where Crowley wore him like a glove. He has never really done all the well against Crowley and he is definitely a bogy player for Selwood. In the 7 games he has played against Fremantle he has only averaged 79 Supercoach points. Easily the lowest of any team he has played, with only the Saints, where he averages 99 the only other team he doesn’t average over a 100 points against. Now there is a good chance that in the current form that Steve Johnson finds himself in, that Crowley will go to him and not Selwood but too be honest is that a risk you will be willing to take?

The Mad Irishman’s Verdict

2014 Predicted Status: Super Elite
Predicted Average from here on out: 121-125pts

Final Word:

Will bounce back from a poor run of late, as I suspect he was a little under done and the bye will do him the world of good. Expect to see the output we have come to expect from him return and I am banking on him joining the Super Elites for the first time this year. Might be a better option after he plays Fremantle this week but I wouldn’t be afraid to go now if you really need a midfielder this week. I’m not one to throw out ridiculously high predictions, like some other pundits so take note community. What you do with those notes is up to you, but Selwood is coming into the Mayhem .. cough .. next week!

Stay tuned ….

Mick the Mad Irishman

This Week Is Overflowing With Fantasy Footy News:

PODCAST – Time to Trade Like Mad Bastards


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Superb Stuff Mick! Keep it up mate


Awesome write up mate! Already have Enright but no Selwood. In the hunt for a RD8er. Upgrading Polec. Already have Ablett, Pendles, Beams, other option I'm looking at is Cotchin.. Can either go:
Suckling to Bartel & Polec to Cotchin
Suckling to Swallow & Polec to Selwood


go Suckling to Bartel and Polec to Cotchin

Wanted to do a write up on Cotchin this week but time didn't allow. He will feature next week for sure but don't be afraid to lock him in this week


I like your second option there Linca.

What would have been perfect of course would have been Bartel and Selwood, but of course with Supercoach have this pesky 'money' feature I'm guessing that's what is holding you back.

I have a feeling that Swallow may actually be the goods this year, of course I still expect Bartel to outscore him. I could not agree more with this article's opinion of Joel Selwood.

My only issue here it Cotchin the Trent. I am a massive Tigers supporter, and I go to the footy just to watch the bloke. I guess we all have that feeling that Deledio back in the side will give Trent more freedom and less opposition attention…but it is a feeling at that.

Is there no possibility of waiting a week? Bartel's BE is 112, as well as Selwood's expected price drop, it will probably make up the $10k difference and you would be able to afford BOTH Bartel and Selwood!! But if it's rank you're after, I understand. Option 2 mate!


hey mick! thoughts on dane swan or NDS? cheers


Love both and think both will average in the 112-115 range for the year. Depends on who else you have got in your mids but if they are to fill spots from M4 down to M8 then jump all over them

Dave Ruddick

A great read as always Mick. Welcome back to the land of the living. I too am looking forward to welcoming Joel to my team in round 10. I had crossed Enright off my list but your article has me pondering again. Incidentally, I was glad to read the use of the Irish term "whiskey" rather than the most often inferior "whisky" produced by your neighbors across the Irish sea. Do tell, what was your preference of poison during the period of self medication Mick? Cheers and many thanks.


Quite partial to the Jamesons myself, but im by no means a selective connoisseur.

Maybe pour youself a whiskey on the rocks and ponder some more on Mr Enright


Can’t believe hurn wasn’t in the write up for players under the odds.Bargain


Totally agree ….. take out his injury affected score and he is averaging 99 and costs $412,300 . Will definately be getting him next week after the bye .

Seeing as the write up is about players who have come off the bye , maybe Hurn will appear next week .


Great article Mick. What’s everyone’s thoughts on the amount of trades to have left? I’ve got 21 atm and just wondering where is everyone else sitting

Dave Ruddick

It all depends on your team and injuries etc. 21 is a good solid and safe number. Most players I know have between 18-22 going into round 9. Of the 9 available during the 3 BYE rounds I would think you would want to use no more than 6 for the entire BYE period. Last year in 2 of my Leagues I finished on top of the ladder but had run out of trades and BANG, BANG, out in straight sets. This year I am prepared to lose a game during the BYE rounds if I have to and make sure I have trades up my sleeve later. This probably won't be the strategy if you are after the $50,000 though.


I've been trading my ass off to get out of early trouble. I'm 4 off full premo after round 9 and will have 16 trades left.

I would have felt much more comfortable with 2 more trades coming in to this round, so I'd say roughly 18 – 20 AFTER round 9. Hope my two cents is worth more than that!


Wise words Mr Ruddick. I certainly benefited last year for having 6 trades left going into Finals, paving the way for a good run in. I'll certainly miss Chappers and Stokes due to suspension this week, but feel happier to hold onto Enright after Mad Micks prophecy.


Buzz I'd start trading your Arse off mate. The Mayhem has 16 left and doesn't feel stressed about burning that many at this stage.

I'm looking to be full premo by round 12


What do you mean that Selwood has 2 byes this year?


I'm thinking the same thing (ಠ.ಠ)


Hi mate, round 18 is a split round, no need to stress!


Everybody has two byes this year Derek. Which should help all those who were a little under cooked coming in and any player carrying any knocks during the year.


Will the SC week include both parts of the split round or only half the games?

Garglesnarf FC

SC treats it one round, just like round 1 this year.


Welcome back Mick, good to see you! Hope all is well


Thanks Dylan, apart from that whole dying think, all is well Dylan. thanks for your support mate


Maybe we should call you Charlie the Mad Irishman?


Thoughts on Zeibel, his cheap, his had the bye, and had a great game prior to the bye?


NIIIIICE! Work has been rubbing the brown on my day but the return of TAT has wiped that all away!

Wish I would've held out for Selwood. Jostled a bit to get him before his slide. Agree he'll hit the home stretch like a rapid Tasmanian Devil.

Now if I can figure out what to do about Webster.


Wait a week, make him shannon hurn


Nah, MD, He's BE is 87 and will drop $15K+. Best to offload him now. Can't see him having a career day vs. the Suns.

Leaning towards going sideways with KK. Fresh legs and just giving his groove on. Other option is Docherty. Have enough playing this round to cover.


Webster has reached his expiry date for me so I'm upgrading him to Swallow this week. Still waiting for Enright to bottom out and Hanley to have his bye before completing my defence.

I see you had a much better week in fantasy Throttle. That combined with Johnny Footyball heading to the Dawg Pound must have given you a spring in your step on the weekend. 🙂


Haha. Well until Gordon flunked his drug test. That sorta was the buzz kill. But they did very well in the draft. Their current QB Hoyer I think should start but media/fan pressure may be too much and Johnny $$fingers may get the nod.

May do Webster to Swallow. Or go a bit sideways for Thumper. Fresh legs and seems to be gaining confidence. Could do another $100K. If not those two, may do Docherty. Off this round but have enough to cover this round.

Yeah got lucky and won all my league games. Hope I can repeat. Make the byes ThrottleTime.(me=dork!)


Yes Thumper has certainly delivered though it may be a bit late in the day to be jumping on now. I plan to cash him out soon for a Hanley or Enright depending on how everyone goes this weekend.

So I'd upgrade Webster straight to a premo. Bartel, Enright and Swallow are perhaps the best options this week having had their bye.


Yeah, think you're right. Swallow may be the best bet. Thanks SCaddict. And good luck this round.


Cheers Mick! Great read mate. I am looking to get in Selwood next week and have opted for the following this week:

Georgiou – Bartel (although I do have Langdon (BE -31) and Langford (BE 2) who would make me more money)
Jamie Bennel – Acres.

Only have £8k left though so am going to have to paint the fence to get in Selwood next week then Jobe the week after.


thoughts guy.
polec – acres (can do a dunstan or aish but more $$ with polec)
suckling via ddp into middle – selwood
sam mitchell – bartell
leaves me with 19 trades left and 330k in the bank

Flacid Jaff

Keep Polec mate.
Apart from aish's 144 a couple of weeks ago he's been consistently around the 65 mark which means over the next month when the 144 is out of his rolling average he is set to lose big $$$! Dunstan looks like he can last a bit longer, Polec should be kept the longest of all the rookies!
With you're cash you can afford to do this and it will save you $100,000 in the long run


bad move, keep Polec, move on Aish!


Thoughts supercoach world!

Trade out polec (BE 67ish)
Trade in Dom Tyson (BE -7)
Make 50 grand from trade, Tyson will rise at least another 50 grand after this week of footy
Then trade Tyson for a premo the week after.

Bad move or is there a light at the end of my crazy tunnel




I agree tyzsb crazy, but it good to see you are thinking Trent. If it cash generation you are after and intend making a crazy trade then I would offload Polec to Langdon DPP as well. You would pocked 135 grand instead of the 50 grand by going to Tyson. Only averages 13 less than Tyson plus available next week. Tyson set to rise $42,000 this week, Langdon $48,000. That move in total would give you $90,000 more profit


Cheers guys. Quite helpful

Garglesnarf FC

You can do it just to see if it works BUT, burning a trade for $50k and one week of points is insanity IMO. Tyson could just as easily do a sammy M and fall over with a 9, and suddenly you have just kissed $50k goodbye. Acres would be a better option for the money and gives you a likely 80-100k over the next 4 weeks including his bye.

The only light in this tunnel is a big mother freakin TRAIN!


If it' money that you are chasing why not just go down to Acres?


Hey Mick!
Great article but you need a good talking to from Jock. You never trade out a premium unless they're injured and set to miss games. Trading out Danger?? Had you had too much of your beloved Irish Whiskey when you pulled the trigger??!!! That sure would've hurt seeing him bounce back and now be more expensive than at the start of the season!! There's a good lesson there for all of us: when it comes to trading out premiums DON'T DO IT. It'll come back to bite you!!!


Do I trade or keep Matt Wright, Be 122

Garglesnarf FC



Stevie j or joel selwood
Who will average more for the reminder of the season?


both should average 120+ remainder of the season, save money with jelwood, however maybe wait a little for price to drop even further!


Thoughts on ASwallows impact on NDS scores please?


To be honest, i believe Spitters style of play suits a player like NDS. Swallow gets clearances and is a tackling machine, he also loves a handball. If my beautiful Roos finally get him back, he will consistently post 25+ possies. With his consistent ball winning, NDS should be free'd to run the outside, collect the handball and lay the leather on someones breast. NDS plays his best footy on the outside.
I believe NDS might score more with Spitter back in the squad.


Great to see you back in action Mick. Even the most brilliant fantasy minds can be befallen by misfortune and temptation.

Both Std.Dev and Jelwood are on my upgrade menu over the next fortnight. Have some higher priority trades this week though such as bringing in bubble boy Acres and offloading Webster for Swallow.


Standard Steviation? New nickname?


Great article Mick!! Great to have you back!
Mate, what are your thoughts on Dusty Martin! 448k, averaging 89 – with Melbourne, GWS, Essendon and Nth Melb as his next 4 could be just about ready to pump out some big scores??

I'm thinking this week:
Mitchell – Bartel
X. Ellis – D. Martin
McDonald – Acres



i m hanging on to martin for now he has 4 chances i guess then may have to cull. maybe for parker


Thinking of bringing those same 3 players in, but for Rioli, Aish and Cutler.

Dusty tho. Is he top 6 Fwd? He has had an average start to the year. I'm backing him to average 95-100 from here on in. Do others see the same output? Or is he not worth it?

My pre season plan was to trade him in after his bye, so thinking I should just stick with that plan, but im having doubts!

Make It Rain

Hey Mick,

Just wanted to get your thoughts on this 2 options I am pondering for this week:

Polec PTA -> Cotchin Rich
X.Ellis WCE -> Acres STK
Yeo WCE -> Swallow GC


X.Ellis WCE -> Acres STK
Yeo WCE -> Swallow GC
Fasolo Coll -> Martin Rich


Mickey what are your thoughts on bringing Goldy in this week? Surely he is due to recapture his 2013 form.
I've pulled the trigger myself, but i'm not sure if it's the right move, i don't want my bias love for the Roos to get in the way of better judgement.



I don't think we've seen enough yet to get too excited about him this season. As you know he's only tonned up once and that was only barely.

May be worth rolling the dice on if you have a bunch of trades left in your hip pocket but many coaches have been trading their ass off too much already to take a speculative punt on Goldy now, unless perhaps Sandi suffers another LTI.


hey guy's / Mick – so far going ok, about 6000. big dilemma this round is cunningham and gunstan (or sukling) for either SJ or Parker. the freo / crowley tag puts me off SJ ( and i have jelwood, beams, abblet, watson, poloec, wines) etc….but if i go parker only 1 round until bye…..and finally which rook is best to pick up as i heave to upgrade / downgrade, thanks guys appreciated, Steve


Hey Steve, B. Acres looks the goods for a midfield downgrade, except that he has his bye next week. Mind you, after this week there are two thirds of the league who have had their bye, so plenty of premiums to trade in!

Paint the fence!


Fellas is it better to go 2 mid pricers (Goddard and Harvey) or a premium and fallen premium (Swan and Petrie)

Krazee-Eyez Killah

Keen for some opinions. Taking the plunge and using 3 trades this week.

Polec to Ablett
McDonald to Acres
Ellis – J Tippett

will now have just over 300k in the bank, with 16 trades left. team will be as follows:

DEF: McVeigh, Bartel, Enright, Langdon, Laidler, Cutler, Langford, J Tippett
MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Beams, Watson, Fyfe, Swallow, Griffen, Tyson, J Lloyd, Acres
RUCK: Sandi, Lobbe, Thurlow, Nankervis
FWD: Dangerfield, Parker, Zorko, Wingard, Higgins, JKH, Ambrose, S Llloyd

next round, looking to put Swallow back in DEF, bring in J Selwood to the MID for Tyson and then maybe trading somebody like Laidler up to Burgoyne. Will need to see what happens with price changes though.

Need some work, but getting there, I hope….


Hey everyone, I would appreciate anyone's input into my trades for this week. I have 332k and I have 14 round 10 bye players so as tempting as Watson and Goddard are, I need to wait till after their bye to grab them or other rd 10 bye players.

I need to get rid of Webster as a priority the other players I am flexible on. My options (so far)

A.Trade Webster, McDonald and Polec to Swallow, Bartel and Acres leaves 214k
B. Trade Webster, McDonald and N.Robertson to Swallow, Bartel and Acres leaves 15k
C. Trade Webster, McDonald and Robertson to Swallow, Enright and Acres leaves 107k
D. Trade Webster, Polec and Robertson to Swallow, Acres and say Nick Dal Santo leaves 145K

I have been leaning towards A or B given the dpp status of Bartel and Swallow, but mids win you games so should I be putting more effort into upgrading my mids.

Current mids Ablett, Pendle, Beams, Libba, Dangerfield, Zorko, Polec, Tyson, Robertson and Michie

Thanks for any assistance


Yes I like options A and B too. If Flipper misses this week or gets the green vest again then I'll likely trade him for bubble boy Acres myself.

Fortunately the Lions play before the Saints this weekend so we can assess our best option there.


Thanks SCAddict, appreciate your input.


Polec to floggard
Daisy to acres
Lukey Mc to bartel

thoughts boys?
I know floggard has rd 10 bye but I have cover there for him and I see by bringing him in this week I will be getting an extra 100 pts and a 30k increase in price


Looks good to me Nishy. I was all set to bring in BJ myself this week but Monday's game changed my priorities so now I have to deal with Webster and bring in Acres instead.


Hey Fellas,

I've got 261k in the bank. I'm thinking of upgrading Georgiou (185k). With Garland back in the side I suspect this blokes job security has gone WOOSHKA!.

I'm thinking of getting Langdon in as his break-even is low and Bucks seems to rate him.

What are your thoughts? Any better alternative?

Cheers team.


Maybe Docherty? he has the bye but is a cheapie.

Otherwise Hurn (412k i think, but has bye) looks okay.

Captain joc

Georgiou could play this week as couple of dees players not looking like they could get up in time


Hey Mick,

Just wanted your thoughts. I can get in either Stevie J or Selwood this week. Only room for one of them in my midfield and they have to come in this week. Which one would you suggest? Im leaning towards Stevie J as the POD as im still in the running for the top overall


Nice work Mad Mick!

Couldn't argue with either of those two options. Looking at Joel next week, and already have Enright.

I took Enright prior to the match vs Richmond (102).

In 2013 his Round 1-6 Average was 83, Rounds 7> Averaged 97

2014 looking very similar (hoping too) , averaged 79 in Rounds 1-6, then kicked off Round 7 with a 102.


What about Salem? If he doesn't get the vest this week, surely he's better than Acres whose 91 looked very generous, acknowledging he's $50k more


selwood or pendles




thoughts please
out laidler in j tippet
out cunningham in sheringham
out polec in pendles or selwood thoughts

Captain joc

Why shearing ham gotta be better options


Anyone's thoughts on Harry Taylor as a D6? Has dropped to $388K and was thinking LMac to him for 95K outlay. Tonned up 10 times last year, but apart from last round he has struggled this year.


Hello Community,

I am thinking of below trades…..thoughts would be much appreciated…..

OUT: C Rioli, N Robertson, & J Aish

IN: D Swan, J Bartel, & B Acres….

Warchest: $9,700….

Next week I am thinking of Dunstan to Hartung / Hallahan and Suckling to J Selwood….or just do one trade of Dunstan to Hartung / Hallahan…..depends on Selwoods BE and Hartung's Vest / No vest situation…..or if Selwood's BE is High again I will go Suckling to K Simpson and bring in Selwood when he bottoms out…..obviously to go from suckling to K Simpson I have to 2 trades (1 up and 1 down)….

you've got to be patience IMO this season since the cash generation is so hard…..that's my plan…..



Hey Mick, great article
What are your thoughts on Shannon Hurn?
Every game he's played a full game he's scored over 90 and very low price
Going to bring him in next week after his bye, would love some thoughts on him.


I'm looking at bringing in Hurn over Enright this week for Higgins (yes I know about the byes(.


G'Day community,

I've got two trade scenarios in mind for this week:

A: Fasolo > Acres (via Zorko DDP), McDonald > Bartel & Webster > J. Tippett. Leaves me $356,600 for next week, but risks losing out on Fasolo's price jumping more.
B: Impey > Acres(via Zorko DDP), McDonald > Bartel & Webster > J. Tippett. Leaves me $173,100 for next week.

Bartel would bring me to 16 premos, with Langdon, Polec, Cutler, Flipper, JKH and Taylor to upgrade.



Impeys gotta go!


G’day community, upgrading polec to a premium under 600k. Was thinking cotchin or Watson. Maybe swan but I’ve already got beams and Pendles.

Who would you recommend

Thanks in advance


Hold him if you can!


Who would you get if you had to upgrade him


Suckling to Bartel and Polec to Watson?
should I trade Daisy for Acers as well?


I wouldn't get Watson as he has a round 10 buy I would look for some one that has already had their buy like Sloane, Swan, Cotchin etc. Daisy to Acres is a good trade it will pocket you some cash! The first trade is good as well.


G'Day Community, considering the following trades:

McDonald to Bartel
Aish to Acres ($$)

then i'm stuck, want to upgrade one of my midfielders but don't know which one or who to…

Mid before trades: Pendles, Beams, Rockliff, Libba, Wines, Macrae, Crouch, Polec (Roberston, Aish)


who woud be a better inclusion as a backliner, bartel or swallow? thats my only trade question going into this round. im guessing no one is talking about swallow because everyone already has him

OUT – aish mcdonald polec
IN – acres swallow/bartel selwood


I brought in both this week which doesn't help much I'm sure.

Maybe I would lean towards acquiring Swallow first as he could really unload against the Saints.

Jimmy does have to deal with Cats nemesis Dockers at Subi this week although admittedly he is a big game player. Think either would be an awesome trade in so don't sweat it too much either way and just go with the ole gut.

You could look at bringing in Bartel to your midfield instead and pick up Jelwood next round when he's likely dipped a bit more in price. That's my plan anyway and another option to perhaps consider.


Hi Community
Getting for next week – Dunstan out, Kane Mitchell in

My first is how the heck am I still carrying dunstan…. so I'd already covered that one…

Also, brought in traded up from Lachie Hunter to Jamie Elliott for last night's game – Elliot was real quiet. Thoughts on keeping him? He had reasonable form