PODCAST: Round 8 Community Night podcast

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Supercoach 2014 preseason podcast

It’s bye time community!

Not a time to mope around like a bad smell.

A time to RISE up the rankings.

A time to STICK IT to the competition in your league.

A time to eat adversity and crap thunder.

Let’s rip straight into another Thursday night community podcast!

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  1. Brad says:

    Where's Mick gone Jock? 🙁 :'(

    • jockreynolds says:

      gday Brad – he's had a tough run with work the poor bugger – he'll be back in the trenches next week

      • CashCows says:

        sounds like pi$$ poor excuse, bloke needs to quit and get back in the game…..priorities jock priorities..

  2. Stevo says:

    g'day jock looking forward to another brilliant thursday night podcast, love your work mate! Quick question, what are you thoughts on going j.merrett > ambrose seeing as there are scarce quality forward and mid rookies? Being an Essendon supporter am a bit iffy about his JS but would love your thoughts! Thanks mate

  3. BCHawks says:

    Great Stuff Jock!

  4. throttlefinger says:

    Made a rainy Brooklyn morning sunny. Gonna sip in the wisdom on the way to the grind.

  5. Faz says:

    worth trading impey to ambrose? my fwd line is Danger, Gray, Parker, Riewoltd, zorko, higgins (lloyd, impey)

    • Gold Rush says:

      You can't be any worse off that's for sure and you get to pick up some trash cash.

    • Flacid Jaff says:

      Great trade! Impey losing money and Ambrose set to make heaps! even if he only plays a few more games!

  6. josh says:

    pyke to derrick (he will take number 1 role at swans)

    • gab says:

      gives you cash, and anyway derricx looks alot better than pyke

      • Matt says:

        im doing the same thing, love having some cash to go for pendles

        • matt says:

          yeah im getting money to go bang and polec out for pendles

          • dognino says:

            Is there no one else you could trade for pendles? I'm holding polec and he will be the very last rookie traded out, if at all, could be handy bench cover in the final weeks if you lose a mid and lack trades

    • Steve says:

      Would it be crazy to dump sandi, raise cash and put Derrick in

  7. James says:

    Hi Community,

    Should I downgrade Lewis Taylor to Patrick Ambrose this week? I have 4 lions players and Taylor isn't making that much money. In total I have 15 players that are expected to be out in the round 10 bye if Taylor stays.

    For my second trade should I either upgrade Sam Mitchell or downgrade one of Luke McDonald or Luke Dunstan?

    Help is much appreciated

    • James says:

      How does Luke McDonald to Darcy Gardiner and Lewis Taylor to Patrick Ambrose sound?

      Trade Mitchell next week.

      • SCaddict says:

        I'm pretty meh about both those trades but if you have to generate cash right now you have to do what you have to do.

        There just aren't many decent downgrade options out there this round.

    • gab says:


    • Azmataz says:

      Get rid of Mitchell mate, hold Taylor this week

  8. Anthony says:

    You’re a legend jock. Cheers for all your great work.

  9. shallots says:

    hi i just wanna give some shouts out to players in my team- first of all to georgiou- hey alexis- i kept you in my team and all you had to do is cover the byes and you couldnt even do that you dirtyl lil maggot. therefore you have been useless as a SC player and wont even earnme 1 measly point when i need you. so you can go and get flowered you weak plow!!!!!!!!! And ashby- all you had to do was play over the byes and you couldnt even do that!!!

    did i mention georgiou? you weak flower- you can power off you shower cow!!!! you are flowerin useless and make me most annoyed. in fact im probably the stupid shower for having you in my team. so georgiou this is the last time i mention your name- flower off flowerwit- you are fired you demon maggot!!

  10. gab says:

    sam mitchell first

  11. The Ranger says:

    Going Mitchell to McVeigh and Impey to Ambrose after which I'll have 222K in the kitty.
    Do I trade Luke McD out this week or not?
    Could go to Acres for more cash generation.
    Could go up to a Simpson or Walker but that would leave me no spare cash for next week.
    Could even go to Schoenmakers and still have 247K for next week.
    Tempted by this last one even tho its a sideways move. I reckon he'll earn me a bit of cash as I think Cheney will slip into the Lake sized hole and he'll continue to be used as the swingman.
    Got 22 trades left.
    Thoughts community?

    • Flacid Jaff says:

      Those trades look fantastic!
      Shoey is best 22 nd cheap! Might not want him come finals but he should score well and could make as much cash as a hartung or acres!

  12. tyzsb says:

    Have only got 18 trades left if I use 3 this round I will only have 15…. (I am on RDT)


    • Matt says:

      Yeah you could be in plenty of trouble if you don't slow down on the trades son.
      Hard to understand how you have used so many trades

      • Azmataz says:

        You'll be alright mate,I've got 18 left after this round..no need to worry..just no sideways trading unless injury! Welcome

  13. Gary says:

    hooker and burgoyne? or hibberd and birchall?

    • Bob McBob says:

      Hard choice. Burgoyne and Hibberd will be consistent in scoring this year, however Hooker and Birchall's scoring may fluctuate a lot through out the year

    • Luke says:

      I'm thinking H. Shaw and Bob Murphy. Not hearing much about these boys who have prove themselves over and over (maybe because they're in crap teams but this should suit the defenders)

      • Mungos Men says:

        had my eye on both since round 1, will bounce on heater in coming weeks! looking red hot despite poor score on the weekend! proven SC premo…

  14. Joni says:

    G'day all, what do people think about trading Dunstan for Ward? Ideally I would like to do the swap before round 10 but I'm worried that if Dunstan doesn't get a big score in the next two rounds then the trade could cost an extra $250k compared to $200k if swapped now. Of course, by trading now I won't have Ward for round 9. Thanks guys!

    • Bob mcobo says:

      Nothing wrong in trading in Ward now.

      • Joni says:

        Yeah it’s probably best to trade him this week as I’ve got Webster, Aish and Flipper I’m looking at trading for round 10. Thanks mate

    • Matt says:

      Ward is bound to get tagged this week without Treloar playing

  15. Bray says:

    Mitchell > Birchall

    Luke McDonald> Hallahan

    Impey> Ambrose


    Cheers community

    • Gary says:

      I like birchall, feel like he could benefit with Mitchell being out, although his form this year has been fairly average he's a proven scorer in the past so could be a good move and POD. Other trades (on top of Mitchell > Birchall) would give you plenty of cash for upgrades so seems like a fairly good idea, unless you're already low on trades that is.

      • Derek says:

        Birchell is an excellent choice. He is under performing and therefore you know he will eventually come good. Mind you his below average is still ok. Unlike bergone who you know is over achieving and will come back. I put swallow in the over achieving category as well.

        Murphy to expensive for what you get

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Why hot Hartung instead of Hallahan? The Hawks are raving about how good Hartung is and you haven't missed a week of price rise like you have with Hallahan.

      • Bray says:

        Because I’m not quite sure on Hartungs Job Security, where as I feel Hallahan will play more games then him.

  16. Nick says:

    G'day community
    If I was going to upgrade daisy thomos next week who would you say are good premium options blokes around the 500k -550k

    • Bob mcobo says:

      Def: Bob Murphy, Hanley (bottoms out in 2ish weeks), Hurn (bottoms out next week)
      Mid: Selwood, Watson, Goddard (bottoms out next week), Griffen
      Fwd: Roughead, Wingard

    • Branks says:

      Watson or Selwood.

      • Bowski says:

        Tough to split them. Watson seems under valued. Both uber premiums, who I think will be in the top 10 miss.

    • ben says:

      watson selwood liba griffen save money

  17. Bowski says:

    Acres or Hartung? Keen to hear people thoughts.

    • Markb says:

      I have the same issue mate. I would think Hartung for higher scores but surely Acres has better Job Security.

  18. Captain joc says:

    Only got 14 playing with no trades done so far georgiou out and tom Mitchell not playing hurts

    I’m thinking

    Thomas to Ambrose via Taylor

    S.mitchell to walker

    Jaensch to birchall

    Other players I could trade out are georgiou, pyke or tom Mitchell only got 19 trades left and in top 900

    Any thoughts?

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      That sounds solid CJ

      • Captain joc says:

        I’m leaning towards doing t Mitchell to Breust/roughead instead of the jaensch trade

        • chandanrajdb says:

          S Mitchell to A Walker Lock it in….no second thoughts on that…..I am doing that exact trade myself this week…….which I am happy with and hope pays off…..

          when you say Thomas….is it M Thomas (Richmond)?…..if yes he has to go…..i got rid of him last week for Jobe Watson……in your case M thomas to P Ambrose looks solid….I am bringing him into my team by trading out Georgiou……which will generate some sort of cash….

          The third one is bit a tricky one…..I have got Roughead in my team and he is bit too inconsistent with his scoring…..but in saying that he has dropped off in price by a huge margin….I will give him a go….Bruest not too much of a proven premium and IMO I wouldn't be bringing him into my team at all this year…..

          Have a look at L Dahlahaus, R Gray, C Wingard (Its a bit brave choice here, may be a good F7??), L Parker…..

          Jaensch to G Birchall or Bob Murphy not a bad selection either….If you can hold off him this round and go for Bartel next round….

          My 2 Cents….


  19. taylorwoof says:

    Wonderful Podcast Jock, Crouching and Community.

    So much fat to chew on…….

    All the best to everyone this weekend with your teams!

  20. Dom says:

    What do I do with Clurey?

    • Elias says:

      If you have a mid/def player in your mids, you could swing that player back and trade Clurey out for one of the few rookies playing (hartung, acres)
      Upgrade him to a premium defender if you have the cash, or possibily a mid-pricer.

      Otherwise hold him and use him to make use of the loophole.

  21. Captain joc says:

    I’m doing 2 trades so far which gives me 16 playing
    S.Mitchell to Walker
    M.Thomas to Ambrose via Taylor
    Now for the 3rd trade and to get me 17 playing I have 3 options
    Option 1. Jaensch to Murphy/Birchall/Hooker
    Option 2. Pyke to mcevoy(although I could wait till next week and get Jacobs instead) so which one out of them 2?
    Option 3. T.Mitchell to roughead/Breust
    Please comment which you think is the best option

  22. Rosco says:

    Can I still use the emergency loophole? I have Sandi, Trent West, Derickx & Max King. At the moment R1 is Sandi & R2 is West, Derickx emergency. Say Derickx tons up tonight, can I still bring King on for West meaning I get Derickx's score? Or do they all have to be "on the field"? Does anyone know?

  23. ben says:

    what about flibber to gray swop wingard

  24. ben says:

    what happned to tight arse tuesday

  25. chandanrajdb says:

    Hello Community,

    I am really struggling with the 3rd trade…..the other 2 trades are locked and i am happy with those trades…..but this last one is doing my head in…..need communities help in regards to this……

    Trades I am looking to do this week….

    OUT: S MItchell, A Fasolo & A Georgiou

    IN: A Walker, L Dahlahus & P Ambrose…..

    The third trade which I am struggling with…..do I just do 2 trades and downgrade Langford next week to B Acres or Hartung…..

    What I am not sure of is P Ambrose's JS…..by doing this trade I will loose my swing of MID to DEF but I will have the swing of MID-FWD…..Next week I dont think i can do Langford to B Acres….which means that I will have to do a downgrade of one of the MID rookies (between L Dunstan and J AIsh…..Aish I dont want get rid off him next round but definitely before his RD 10 BYE he will be gone…..)

    By doing Georgiou to Ambrose will generate nearly $80k in the warchest is this enough to burn my 1 trade??….and My trade plans for next week is that I get rid of Suckling, Langford and (one of the MId rookies) to do couple of downgrades (1 is for sure which will be B Acres, and the 2nd rookie to downgrade I am not sure at the moment……) and bring in J Bartel and after RD 9, bring in J Selwood and another Premo and B Hartung (only if he is named to play his 3rd game in RD10) into my team who had their BYE in RD8 & RD9…….


    Shall I just downgrade Georgiou to K Aylett…playing his 1st game….JS is big ??? to just keep that DEF – MID swing alive…..

    Thoughts would be appreciated community…..I am ranked well enough and would like to maintain that…….

    Very hard decision and struggling to make the firm decision…….


  26. toonking says:

    Do you think trading Fasolo down to Ambrose is a good option?

    • toonking says:

      Make some cash off Ambrose as Fasolo comeback date is doubtful.

      Then use money to upgrade Lloyd to a premium in a couple of weeks??

      • Flacid Jaff says:

        They say the Faz is 50-50 for rd 9! But he will definately play out the season after that, scoring well and making cash! I guess it depends then on how you are looking for rd 9?

        Ambrose though, even if he only plays a few more games, will make you heaps too, and going down to him at 102 grand will add to you're warchest imediately. Look to get him in for someone else if possible.

        • toonking says:

          Have only got Kennedy Harris and Lloyd with more cash to expend from them….particularly with K-H's 112 against Adelaide

  27. Flacid Jaff says:

    What to do with Impey?

    Like alot of sides I imagine, my rd 9 & 10 byes looks a breeze but I'm struggling to get 18 on the park this week. Thus I'm going C.Young to Watson and McDonald to Wingard. This gives me 17. I'm also very keen on Roughead this week, but who for? I have Lloyd, Fasolo and Impey, I'd love to keep Lloyd & Fasolo, they're looking up at me with those big, wide, trembling eyes, just desperate to make me lots more cash in the coming weeks! and Impey is set to drop 15-20 grand when he is changed from starting pocket to starting sub like he has for weeks. If I trade Faz or Lloyd I'd be effectively spending the 50-100 grand they stand to make in the next month PLUS the 15-20 grand Impey will drop! All for whatever points Impey can get me this week! Then again, any week they don't let Gary Ablett play is a week I need to win! I'm siting at 1-4 and need to make my move.

    Any advice is welcome community. I don't know how much cash a league win is worth.


  28. GeneralSoreness says:

    This week is the De-Mitchell-fying week, Tommy can't crack a run and Smitch is old and busted.

    Thinking Tmitch to Cyril and Smitch to Walker.

    Thoughts? Viable alternatives? Trades and $$ are not an issue.

  29. Pete says:

    Thank god for your podcast, the other guys cant even get theirs to down load to iPhone!

    well played Jock

  30. Andrew says:

    Jaencsh to Birchall, Burgoyne, Hodge, Gibson or Simpson?

  31. nishy says:

    Gday Boys how ya gern,
    What are your thoughts On bloody Kieran Jack as VC loophole then Sandi As C if he fails?
    Cheers boyz

  32. Elias says:

    Cheers for the Podcast!.

    Community I'm in a pickle as to what trades to make.
    I have 320k in the bank and am looking to trade out MCDONALD and Tommy MITCHELL. Both are in my mids and can be swung back or Forward respectively. The options I'm considering are.

    Ward (prem mid at that price) + Hartung/Acres (rookie Mid)

    Ward + Ambrose

    Rob Murphy (or keeper defender) + Rookie Mid

    Murphy + Ambrose

    Rookie Mid + Wingard.

    I need 350k for my round ten trades of Cutler and Aish to Hurn and Selwood. In round 9 I will look to trade Janesch to another Prem defender and possibly downgrade Langford or one of the Brisbane rookies to another rookie to generate cash (if applicable).

    will be able to have 19 on the park each week of the bye rounds providing I trade no more than 1 round 10 player into my side this week.

    Love to hear your thoughts community.

    • Captain joc says:

      I would bring in Ambrose as there dosn’t seem to be many fwd rookies so I’d jump all over him then being in ward in Mids

    • chandanrajdb says:

      Option 2 all the way mate….looks really good IMO….


  33. Tom.H says:

    Do the players with the byes immediately get locked out as soon as the round starts? Or can we trade them throughout the week

    • themightyroos says:

      You are able to trade them out until final lockout(last game or round)

  34. Holsh says:

    This is one from left field but how does everyone see Sam Docherty as possible option as a DEF? Played reasonably well against an on fire Pies, seems to have secured a midfield role and should be better for the run. Only around $285K. Thoughts?

  35. tension head says:

    hey guys. I, like most ppl here am pretty keen on brining in Ambrose this week. but who should I sacrifice? j merrett or fasolo? an leaning towards merrett as fas looks better long term

    • Tom.H says:

      Merrett. Fasolo will continue to make you cash, whereas Merrett will not. Dump merrett!

  36. Sully321 says:

    Hi community,
    I've got two options to do with Sam Mitchell
    1) swap Mitchell with Langdon into the middle and trade in Libba, jpk, Jobe, Murphy etc. leaving me with a very strong midfield and a weak back line
    2) trade Mitchell for mcveigh, Johnson, hibberd, hooker etc.
    Your thoughts would be appreciated. And which player to go with I've got 564,000 to play with

    • Tom.H says:

      I woudl trade into the MID and have a strong midfield. You've got to think about the future too. If you can get your midfield set now, you won't have to worry about it for the rest of the season!
      I'm trading Mitchell with Langdon into the middle and then trading in Jobe

  37. Jontyone says:

    Thoughts on Heath shaw community?

    • Tom.H says:

      Nope, not going to risk it with him. Get a better DEF like Hibberd, McVeigh, Simpson etc.

    • tension head says:

      there is a reason he is on most ppls never again list. way too inconsistent. u just cant rely on him when the whips are cracking

  38. Tom.H says:

    Watson or Ward?

  39. Bob McBob says:

    Who are the 3 best Fwd options under $450k? I'm stuck in choosing either Wingard or Roughead and not sure on what to do

    • Big Unit says:

      Roughead has at least shown glimpses of form, Wingard has been generally down. Roughead is in my team already and so for my sake I'd hope he comes good as well. That said I am looking at getting in Wingard after his bye though.

  40. Aidan says:

    Thoughts on bringing Ambrose in this week?

  41. Sean says:

    G'day community, wouldn't mind a bit of help on who to pick out of Burgoyne, Malceski, Simpson and Hooker in SC. Leaning on Burgoyne because of recent form.

    • Tom.H says:

      Burgoyne is playing above himself, and you really don't know how he will go for the rest of the season. Go with someone who has proven premium output and who you know will continue to produce premium output for the rest of the year. Go with Simpson

    • Andrew says:

      I'm I a similar position and will be going with Simpson! Consistent and POD.

    • chandanrajdb says:

      Simpson….Would be my choice….


  42. Boydo says:

    Can you trade out a round 8 bye player during the weekend to another player who hasn’t played yet or do you have to do that before tonight’s lockout. Eg Mcdonald to Aylett if he isn’t named sub.

  43. Boydo says:

    Yes after tonight’s lockout I take it.

  44. Rescued Pieman says:

    Anyone ballsy enough to go with Higgos trade Abblett plan?

  45. Tom.H says:

    Who is the best MID around 500k to bring in this week, that will have 110+ avg for the rest of the season?

    • Swans2014 says:


    • chandanrajdb says:

      Ward……I would have thought based on his recent scores……wouldn't be this cheap any time soon…..get on the ride this week if u can…..


  46. Sully321 says:

    Watson or Libba?
    And a defender downgrade option for McDonald

  47. Danners16 says:

    Hey guys, in 10min I will be online to answer your questions for 30min depending on how many questions I get

  48. MightyDonsFC says:

    G'day fellas, since last weeks articles went pretty well I've decided to have another crack at reviewing some players for the round, hope you enjoy.

    Defenders: Andrew Walker: $491,900 Avg. 88.5 BE 90 HS 109 LS 64 Bye rd
    Since his switch to defence, Walker has been a revelation for supercoach. He got off to a slow start this year, with a 64 89 and 74 next to his name from his first three rounds. However, his last three rounds have produced an average of 101.3. So far this season Walker has averaged 24.2 disposals, 2.6 tackles, 2 I50's and 6.7 R50's per game. Carlton aren't exactly the best team in the competition right now, so there will be no shortage of ball supplied to Walker. He hasn't gone below 21 disposals this year and is Carlton's #1 rebounding defender. Walker averaged 106 last year, was one of the best rebounding defenders in the AFL last year and is definitely one to look out for to put in your team.

    Predicted average: 102-104

    Watch out for: Hurn and Hanley.

    Midfielders: Callan Ward $509,700 Avg. 109.7 BE 50 HS 145 LS 48 (sub affected) Bye rd
    I left him out last week, but feel he must be mentioned this week. Keeping in mind his concussion affected games, Ward has averaged 26.4 disposals, .3 goals, 7.3 clearances, 5.6 tackles and 3.3 I50's per game. Ward has stepped his game up this year and is firming as one of the elite midfielders in the competition. He's developed his outside game a lot more this year and his disposal count is looking the better for it. He's also getting a lot more help from the other GWS midfielders, especially Treloar and Coniglio. If you ever had a rule against getting GWS players, abolish it for this bloke!

    Predicted Average: 109-111

    Watch out for: Goddard, Selwood, Acres and Hartung.

    Forwards: Luke Breust $468,300 Avg 103:9 BE 74 HS 140 LS 66 Bye rd 9
    Luke Breust is taking his game from good forward pocket to elite forward pocket who has a run in the midfield. Breust has only gone under 80 once, and so far this season he's averaged 19.3 disposals, 3 goals, 2.7 tackles and 3 I50's per game. Already one to consider before Mitchell's injury, we saw Breust push into the midfield in the win against St.Kilda. This especially exciting for us coaches because it means midfield scores for a forward. I'm a massive fan of Breust in real life and in supercoach, and has got to come into consideration for your forward line.

    Predicted average: 103-105

    Watch out for: Wingard, Ambrose and Honeychurch

    • lostlarrikin says:

      Great stuff mdfc
      Good to see u stepping up again to fill the void

  49. Danners16 says:

    Alright guys fire away with your questions about supercoach! 30min depending on how many comments there are.

    • BCHawks says:

      Who are you trading Mitchell to if you have him and why? And also what to do with L Mcdonald? I have very little cash in the bank? Thanks.

      • Danners16 says:

        I was going S.Mitchell to S.Burgoyne since he has done pretty well recently and should do better with Mitchell not there, L.McDonald to J.Tippett so it doesn't ruin my bye structure, but I would downgrade him since you don't have much cash so you can upgrade a cow into a premo next week

        • BCHawks says:

          Thanks I am going to wait till next week to see if J. Tippett is named and then I will trade McDonald for him.

    • Jontyone says:

      Thoughts on Heath Shaw

    • Forbesy says:

      Hey Danners
      Thinking about getting out X Ellis, L McDonald and S Mitchell
      Who are the best three options for these positions
      Cash is a bit tight
      Do i trade mitchell into my midfield and trade ellis down
      What are your thoughts?

      • Danners16 says:

        Tough one, I would probably go X.Ellis to B.Acres/B.Hartung depending on your bye structure, L.McDonald to J.Tippett/D.Gardiner (same as before), and S.Mitchell to S.Burgoyne/C.Hooker

    • Danners16 says:

      That's all I have guys, I'm not sure whether there will be one next week as I'm going to a place I'm not sure it has internet. Thanks

    • Jack says:

      Who's the best defender under $467,000?

    • tyzsb says:

      How are the priority trades out of Sam Mitchell,Matthew Jaensch,McDonald and Jackson Merret…..

      Have 18 trades left have not done this rounds trades… yes I know I traded like a madman but I could not resist…

      Was thinking about doing 3 trades this week and then only doing 1 trade in the next coming byes

      Sam Mitchell to Michael Hibberd

      Matthew Jaensch to Kade Simpson

      Jackson Merret to Patrick Ambrose

      Thoughts Cheers Ty P.S Sorry I'm a bit late….

      • tyzsb says:

        Then using only one more trade with the cash left I can upgrade Matthew Crouch to Stevie J

  50. MightyDonsFC says:

    Hey Danners, opinion on getting on possibly a 400k Hurn?

    • Danners16 says:

      Sounds pretty good if you have your bye structure worked out and you don't have too many missing the Round 9 bye

      • Bill says:

        Are players that have the lockout like Fasolo locked after after tonight?? Or can I trade them tomorrow??

        • Danners16 says:

          This is from a page I like on Facebook "Players with the bye this round do not lock out until the last game of the round. This means they are able to be used as a captain's loophole, and can be traded or substituted (to a player that hasn't played in the round so far) until full lockout (after the Monday night game commences)"

    • chandanrajdb says:

      Would be a good D7 and use him in the E loophole if he goes big….I would be trying to slot him in as soon as he bottoms out…..his only concern is INJURY problem…..


  51. Jontyone says:

    Best two premium defenders to bring in this week (have Mcveigh)

  52. Brandon2416 says:

    hey danners, Who should I bring in for Mitchell $$$ doesn't matter

    • Danners16 says:

      S.Burgoyne looks good and should do better since S.Mitchell isn't there, C.Hooker has a solid season to date, but if you don't care about money J.McVeigh

    • Brandon2416 says:

      Im saying that I have already got j mcveigh

    • chandanrajdb says:

      Simpson or Walker Consider…

      Good luck with anyone u go with….

  53. Hello says:

    Thoughts on Sam Mitchell to Jed Adcock?

  54. Jack says:

    I have 15 playing this week and i want to trade out Luke McDonald however i can only afford a $467,000 defender. Who should i trade in i was thinking Birchall but not too sure.

    Thoughts would be appreciated.

  55. Sully321 says:

    Hey danners Watson or Libba for Mitchell?

    • Danners16 says:


    • chandanrajdb says:

      Watson can wait one more week his BE is still high….I would be considering Libba or Ward….both with low BE…..


  56. Brandon2416 says:

    thoughts on hibberd

  57. Brandon2416 says:

    aleady got McVeigh

  58. The new big dog says:

    Who do you think is the best get for Mitchell out of swallow bartel Simpson and Johnson ?

    • chandanrajdb says:

      BARTEL……Simpson, Swallow, and not sure about Johnson….in that order….


  59. Matt says:

    who should I trade in for mitchell, jaensch and mcdonald? i also have an extra 150k

    • Jontyone says:

      some bloody problem.
      I'm going Jaensch >Murphy
      Mcdonald > Wingard (via langdon dpp)

    • chandanrajdb says:

      Mitchell to Simpson or Walker or Hibberd….or if you can wait J Bartel…

      Jaensch to Murphy or Birchall or Hanley or any one of the above…..

      McDonald if you can use the DPP trade down to Ambrose….


      • Matt says:

        Thanks I traded Mitchell for Simpson and Jaensch for Birchall but dont have any dpp's in mid so dont know what to do. Still have 110k left over though

  60. Dom says:

    Quick Hartung or Acres???

  61. Brandon2416 says:

    is McDonald to tippet a good trade

  62. jack says:

    who is the best option for premium down back, already got mcveigh, swallow

    • chandanrajdb says:

      Hibberd, Walker, Simpson or if you can wait J Bartel…..


  63. Danzo says:

    Need to upgrade Luke McDonald…have 290K in bank!! URGENT URGENT URGENT!!!

    Already have McVeigh and Burgoyne!!!! Please help!!!

    • SCaddict says:

      Depends on your overall bye structure but would put up the following options:

      Rd8 Swallow or Bartel (though wait a week before pulling the trigger on these guys)
      Rd9 Walker, Simpson or Murphy
      Rd10 Hibberd or Malceski

    • Dom says:


  64. MightyDonsFC says:

    Luke Hodge late out

  65. Lloyd says:

    Community should I trade or hold hodge, I'll be down to 17 players this week worried it will be the sort of injury that hangs around

  66. Evan says:

    currie to derickx? pure stupidity? Stil have Mummy warming the pine!

  67. Jontyone says:

    Ah fellas need your help quick!

    Option 1: (Mitchell > Michael Johson) (Jaensch> Murphy), (Mcdonald > Wingard) (via dpp)
    Option 2:(Mitchell > Shaw/Malceski), (Jaensch > Hibberd), (Mcdonald > Any player in any position under 300k)
    Option 3: (Mitchell > Shaw/Malceski), (Jaensch > Murphy) (Merrett> Wingard/Roughead/Westhoff)


  68. Kingmen says:

    hi guys,

    looking to trade out jaensch for a premo defender.. money not an issue.

    just want to know everyones thoughts on who to get cant decide need to be swayed!?


    • Rosco says:

      Mate, I reckon Kade Simpson. I'm looking long term and i like Burgoyne but I just don't see him in my team when the real stuff starts (finals). Simpson however is a proven scorer and should be consistent.

      • Kingmen says:

        gday mate,

        should have mentioned my backline as it stands..

        bartel, swallow, simpson, hooker, Langdon, Langford, laidler and jaensch

        will be getting rid of Langford and laidler in the coming weeks…

        was thinking along the lines of Burgoyne, malceski, walker, birchall…??? cant decide who best for long term output..


  69. Dom says:

    2 and Ambrose for third trade

  70. Mitch says:

    Community, need your wisdom….only 14 playing and already 2 trades in (Rohan to Ambrose and McDonald to J. Watson)…Should I consider the dreaded 3rd trade in S.Mitchell to a Simpson/Burgoyne/Murphy/Birchall??? or HOLD!

  71. Jim says:

    Who should I trade luke mcdonald for i have $110,000 left.

  72. Jack says:

    Ward or Rockliff or Watson?

  73. Peter says:

    Thoughts on Ambrose JS?

    • Hello says:

      At the moment it is great with Bellchambers and Hardingham out of the team and Carlisle out of form.

  74. dognino says:

    Hannebry, the poor super coaches JPK ? Although he will be in for a decent rise this week, $518k and low BE

  75. Cam says:

    So lads and lasses, I’ve currently got McVeigh as VC with a healthy 131… Should I hold that or risk the very possible demolition of Melbourne at the hands of Liberatore? Libba’s average against Melbourne is 161 but that 131 is looking reasonably nice. Not to mention my league opponent has McVeigh as his captain….

    • Captain joc says:

      Keep mcveigh a score

    • SCaddict says:

      I'd bank the 131, which is still a fairly respectable captain's score especially without the Gaz money back guarantee this round.

      I have Libba too but he's been too up and down this season to take the punt. If he gets another 80 again or perish the thought gets subbed you'll be double kicking yourself.

    • PJay says:

      I've got the VC on McVeigh too. I'm going to take his 131.

    • Azmataz says:

      Yeah mate I have the same option. I reckon its a no brainer…take McVeigh's 131

    • yes I do hav bacon says:

      131 is good, 171 is outstanding. Got to go with your gut and research in this crazy caper.

  76. Azmataz says:

    Cheers for the podcast mate. I ended up trading Mitchell to McVeigh and Crouch to Ambrose via Taylor swing. Chucked the VC on McVeigh and he got me 262! You beauty! Glad I spent an extra 90k rather than getting B Murphy..cheers Wes again..

    Looking to get in either Selwood or Stevie J next week. I usually end up getting in Stevie J each season and he ends up getting bloody suspended. What do you reckon community? The Wood or the J? Wood cheaper but J higher ceiling but eeeexxxxpppeeennnsssiiivvveee

    • Graham says:

      Jelwood still has another price drop in his BE I my opinion, I'm thinking I'll wait 'til Rd 10 to grab him

    • MangroveJack says:

      Will Selwood cop a tag from Crowley?

      • favalinko says:

        Big possibility. Will be bringing in Selwood post round 9 should be cheaper

  77. Donavan says:

    Given the Hawks key play makers could be out for a while. Mitchell another 7 weeks, Cyril – 4-6?, Roughead -1-2?, Hodge – 1-2? Who will become the hawks main ball getters.

    I have Langford who I now keep a bit longer, but who are the others that will stat-up as a result of the key outs?

    Thanks in advance community, just getting ready for round 10 in advance.

  78. Hussler says:

    What do you think is a par score to utilise the vc loop.??.Normally I roll with a minimum 140-145 when you have gazza as c. Thinking maybe the par should be a little lower when the gaz man is on holidays! Have got sandi into libba, with only a small window to make the call later today. What do you reckon?

    • Rocksta says:

      I reckon 130 is a pass mark for the loophole.
      I have JPK so am wrapped, but for those whom have McVeigh 131, I'd take that.

  79. Rocksta says:

    JPK You little Rippa.

    Best Captain's loophole of the season

    • favalinko says:

      Happiness is having the VC on JPK and the putting the big Con Ablett . )

  80. Michael says:

    Hi all, just a little concerned about the loophole.
    I have VC on JPK and want to have his score as C.
    Can I simply put the C on a player that's not playing this weekend, regardless of whether they have the bye or not?

    • David says:

      Not sure myself?

    • Julz says:

      I have been wondering this also

      This is what it says on the SC website re bye rounds: Set a Captain (and Vice Captain) as you normally would for double points. If your Captain's doubled score" is NOT in your Best 18 scores, then their points will not count – you simply get your Best 18 scores only. Similarly, if your Captain's doubled-score is NOT in your Best 18 scores, you do NOT automatically receive double points from your Vice Captain – your Vice Captain only receives double points as per any other round, if your Captain does not play for any reason. "

      So I assume you can stick the 'C' on a bye player and take the VC loophole but the SC website then goes onto say: "You'll not receive any points from players whose team/s have a bye, and don't play in any of the multi-bye rounds." So then this makes me nervous/unsure if the VC loophole will work on a bye player.

      I only have 18 players whose scores will count and no emergencies, if I take VC loophole without an emergency will this stuff things too?

      Does anyone know for sure!!?

    • Ocker says:

      You can put the captain on anyone that is not playing including bye players.


  81. Michael says:

    Lobbe late out today

  82. David says:

    Well it happening again poeple jump on these blokes all the time, the ones who are at there peak and then snap sub scores ans sores. Rioli will have hurt many who felt this was his year for supremacy but well it's Rioli injury is his middle name. Shoenmakers I think is a wasted trade in because he will only average 55-60 for the rest of the season not much cash there to generate for mine. To be honest Hawthorn this year are not SC relivant this year at all, all dropping like flys and most are up and down like a yo yo.

  83. gab says:

    who do i put VC on fyfe or sandi quicjk help !!!!

  84. Lloyd says:

    Flipper the sub oh that hurts. Get stuffed Darcy Gardiner u spud

  85. Bill says:

    guys should i trade flipper to acres knowing flipper is the sub???

  86. Branks says:

    Do I take Sandilands' 118, or do I put the 'C' on one of Griffin or Priddis?

  87. Kenny Powers says:

    J.Aish 3 1 2 1 33% 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 … Disposal Efficiency @ 33% but no clangers?????? As grey as the bump rule .. lol!!

  88. Ocker says:

    What is going on with these radio commentators, They recognize that there are 3 Merrett's playing but refuse to call their first names so you can try and understand who has possession of the ball. They get paid to do a job and I find this very disappointing. Is there anyone in the know to give them a good talking too? We can't all afford Foxtel or Austar.


  89. Gold Rush says:

    Will the Captains loop hole work if I put the 'C' a bye player?

  90. Phippsy says:

    Supercoach Fail #1 – Switching VC from Fyfe to Sandi
    Supercoach Fail #2 – Taking C from Watson to non-playing player
    Supercoach Fail #3 – Watson scoring 158
    Supercoach Win #1 – Putting C onto Liberatore!

    And I have knocked off our leagues undefeated top team in the process! BOOM

  91. gab says:

    i have josh kennedy vice captain, put c on fraser thurlow and somehow is not doubling kennedys 153……..not happy

    • SD6 says:

      VC scores don't show as double on the player in the match centre screen, however if you calculate your teams score you will find it has included the double score.

  92. Jai says:

    Whats a decent top 2% score looking like this week y'all?

  93. blake says:

    who else is lookig at an utter rubbish score this week. Was expecting to go bad but not this bad. I am gonna struggle to get 1600.

    • Gab says:

      im in the same boat blake, i have 17 playing and am looking at 1550 !!!!

      • Mebois says:

        i had 15 playing and will only get like 1300 and had pav polec gunston hunter jkh flipper cunningham so not that bad if you ask me considering all of the below 70 scores.

      • SCdonkey says:

        12/1220 Captain Watson and still have Walker, Murphy, Nicnat, Dunstan Buckley to play. I'd be happy to get 1600

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      With only 18 players and everyone relying on 6-7 rookies this week, anything over 1500 is looking pretty solid IMO. Next week 1900+ should be possible as teams will have more premos and less rookies on the field.

  94. Steve says:

    Hi guys , ranked 206th overall . Sitting on 1681 with dunstan to play , thinking of trading in montagna for Pendles tomorrow to try and hit 1850+. Thoughts ?

    • medadsson says:

      Depends on your trade situation … obviously you will need Pendles back again. Have you enough for a trade up to him and can you cover Montagna when he has his bye? Might be a little like robbing Peter to pay Paul. Trades are gold! Can understand chasing points at 206th (great effort). Me, I don't think I'd do it.

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Using two trades to snag an extra 120 points (Pendles out and in again) doesn't seem like a great idea. Focus on your trade up/down strategy to secure the precious few cows coming up like Acres and Hartung and jump on fallen premos like Selwood, Hurn, swan etc. get these right and points you earn for the rest of season will greatly exceed 120 points.

  95. medadsson says:

    Hi, got Ward, Murphy, Priddis and Simpson to come. Currently have C on Ward but worried about Selwood tag. Had VC on Sandilands. Any thoughts, leaning towards Ward. Ouch just saw Ward score against WCE last year when tagged by Selwood … 79. Maybe I just stick with Sandi given Murphy's up and down year??? Double ouch, just seen Murphys last four scores against St Kilda, A high of 78 and ave about 70!!!

    • shallots says:

      stick with sandi. if ward gets 140 its only an extra 20 odd total. hardly worth the risk if ward may get 80

  96. RooBoy says:

    Hi Community,
    I have a bit of a dud FWD line of Zorko, Danger, Higgins, Billngs, Fasolo, JKH (Lloyd, Ambrose) which I'm looking at improving over the byes.
    I'm thinking trade JKH before his bye in Rd10 to either of R Gray (consistent points wise, but dearer) or Wingard (cheap as chips, but if he 'only' gets 98 with 5 goals what's gonna happen when he doesn't kick goals?)
    Ranked in the 5000's so I think the league win is the priority from here; have $600K in the bank but $350K of that earmarked for some premo MID upgrades over next 2 weeks.
    Thoughts on these 2 or other possibilities please?

    • Jai says:

      I had the same thought about Wingard… arguably BOG… 5 goals… 17 possessions… clutch moments… = 98 points…? He had a pretty large impact on the game and 98 points is a pretty low return which is worrying.

      Be interesting to see how much more cash can be squeezed out of JKH. If it doesnt look like a hell of a lot more, and theres a fallen premo you can trade up to soon then i would do it sooner rather than later

      • Rescued Pieman says:

        Hi Jai. Brought Wingard in. Watched the game. Couldn’t believe he only got 98. He was the match winner. And he won’t kick 5 every week. Very little mid time. It’s a worry

      • RooBoy says:

        Thanks for your thoughts Jai,
        I think JKH could be good for about $280 to $300K…..be interesting to see what he does in Rd9.

        I'm looking for a Rd8, Rd9 bye premo and there's not too many around……Dahlhaus? Breust? Parker? Buddy??

    • shallots says:

      yeah avoid wingard.he is happy to get 3 goals as opposed to 25+ possessions nowadays. So he can kick 3 goals in in the first half and go missing the rest of the game and still be happy with himself. NOT a SC freindly attitude

  97. SCdonkey says:

    Hi community, I know im thinking ahead round 8 has not finished.
    but id like your thoughts of who should I pick this week. I need two out of Stevie J, Pendlebury and Swan.
    I have $380K in the kitty looking to off load Macrae and Higgins this week.

    thanks in advance.

  98. Jai says:

    Pendles (must have) and Stevie J mate

    • shallots says:

      pendles a must have if you want teams like everyone else. try montagna

  99. Barry says:

    Hi community, Xavier Ellis is my 18th player this week and he's been named the sub. Should i offload him now and if so, who would be a good player to get in that hasn't already played?

    • RooBoy says:

      If you're willing to take a chance….. down to B Acres from Saints?
      I was going to have a look at him this week with a view to grabbing him on the bubble next week

  100. GarglesnarfFC says:

    Gotta love this game, stunk it up with 1940 last week, and am sitting on 1410 with 5 left to play. After my horror injury run the stars have finally aligned.

    Polec looking ripe to upgrade this week, should go up another 14-15k and ready to go straight to Pendles for under 200k. Whilst Tyson will go up another 50k after this weeks 136 and should should crack the 200k price rise after next weeks game, just in time for the round 10 bye and upgrade/downgrade time, perhaps to Hartung. Hopefully Dunstan and Kelly can rack up a few points earn us some more $$$.

    • Rescued Pieman says:

      Great scoring mate. You’ll be right up there this week. I’m on 1660 with Muphy & Walker to come

  101. The Mullet says:

    Can't believe I'm saying this…………………….is it time to bring in Cloke or Buddy?

  102. Fitzy says:

    Anyone in the community got better than 2012?
    My son has got this with everitt and billings to come

    • David says:

      On 1893 with Murphy, Buckly and Websster to come.

    • Rescued Pieman says:

      That’s an insane score. Is that from 16 players?

      • Fitzy says:

        No its from 18. Had Libba (C) and JJ Kennedy, Priddis and Cox – he is going for a round win so had a full 22 this week

        • Brad says:

          Bye rounds are scored with only your best 18 scorers, it doesn't matter if you've got 22 playing on field! It's still 18

    • Hannah says:

      See below comment think I will get 2160

  103. Mitch says:

    Just wondering what everyont thinks the highest score for the round might be?

  104. Hannah says:

    Currently 2049 points with 2 players to come. Lowest two scores at the moment are 31 and 81 so anything above these from Simpson and murphy will increase my score. Hoping for another 110 points for 2160. Huge chance of a win. I had Kennedy captain, Watson, Libba, mcveigh