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flesh-for-fantasy-150x150G’day community,

Well, here they are. The three weeks we’ve been dreading have finally arrived. The bye rounds. We lose 6 teams every week for the next 3 weeks and this will result in carnage. That said, only 18 player’s scores will be counted so hopefully that provides some comfort.

This week is arguably the worst of the lot. The optimist amongst us SuperCoach folk will say, “Well, better to get it out of the way so we don’t have to stress about it”. Others, including myself, will say, “I’m stuffed. No Gaz. No Beams. No Danger. I’m done. I give up.”

Whether you’re a glass half full man or half empty, step back. Don’t panic. Always think there is someone worse off than you out there in the SuperCoach work. I’m here to help guide you through this stressful period.

Let’s begin.


Whoever is on your bench

Important. Before you blaze away with the trade button, cover your zeros with whom you’ve already got. This is important because if you trade out a 0 for someone playing this week, you’ll only cop their 0 later in the bye rounds.

The bye rounds are more to do with covering your donuts than it is trying to score big. There are only 18 scoring players counted so in my view you’re better waiting ‘till after their bye to trade in some of the big premiums.

You could, however, strategically trade in. If there is a premium tickling your fancy and you’re going plenty of quality to cover 0s that round, it may be worth trading him in and stomaching the 0 that week. Better to cop the 0 one week if you’re going to get 2 weeks of great scores when no one else is playing. If you get what I’m saying…

There are also significant injuries and outs this week, so people will need to trade either way. Like all weeks, there is no set way to approach your SuperCoach side. The game is circumstantial and different people will be forced to do different things.

Shaun Burgoyne (HAW) MID – $490,800 SC

  • Next 5 Games: SYD (A), BYE, PORT (A), GWS (H), WCE (H)
  • Recent Scores: 130, 96, 109, 72, 101, 128
  • Breakeven: 70

Mr Consistency, a big time player, Shaun Burgoyne is almost defines that “fine wine gets better with age” cliché. He’s had a sensational couple of weeks, and season really. He has dropped under 100 only twice and under 96 once. He is almost bankable points and owned by 7% of coaches, which ALMOST classifies him as a POD.

Last week against St Kilda he was magnificent, collecting 33 touches and 2 goals, while against Richmond he amassed 24 touches and kicked a goal. Shaun’s finding plenty of the pill and kicking goals. He shares a bye with Carlton, GWS, Port, WCE and the WBD so there would be limited damage if you decide to bring him in. At his value, getting someone who will score guaranteed 100+ is a bargain. Consider.

Nick Malceski (SYD) DEF – $508,100 SC

  • Next 5 Games: HAW (H), ESS (A), BYE, GEE (H), GCS (A)
  • Recent Scores: 98, 111, 102, 104, 112
  • Breakeven: 63

What a 5 weeks Malceski has had. Flown under the radar somewhat with all the trouble Budwa is creating. His rise in form comes at an ideal time, given the long-term injury to Sam Mitchell. Nick has mastered the role of a rebounding defender, racking up plenty of I50s to go with getting a bit of the footy. Despite suffering a corky against the Brisbane Lions, he battled on to score a nice 112.

Nick has the round 10, which suits beautifully to what I was talking about above…there aren’t many fantasy relevant sides who have the round 10 bye, so you can afford to bring him in this week, and have enough players in round 10 to cover his 0. Food for thought.

Robbie Gray (PORT) FWD – $528,600 SC

  • Next 5 Games: FRE (H), BYE, HAW (H), MELB (A), STK (H)
  • Recent Scores: 79, 111, 139, 101, 121
  • Breakeven: 19

Robbie is another one who’s in good form. His last 4 weeks have been outstanding, kicks goals and getting plenty of the footy – seems to be a common theme this week. He has worked his way into this Port Adelaide side beautifully and with all the attention on other midfielders; Robbie has been able to slip under radar and pump out good scores.

Will set you back a bit, but given form and a favourable run coming up post bye, it is definitely work considering getting Gray in now. You should have enough cover in your forward line to take the hit – Port share bye with Carl, GWS, Haw, WCE and the Dogs.


Sam Mitchell (HAW) DEF – $500,400 SC

  • Next 5 Games: On sidelines
  • Recent Scores: Irrelevant
  •  Breakeven: His hamstring

Out for two months. Don’t hold. Dump.

Who could you consider? Jarryd McVeigh is an option, almost like a straight swap. Same with Nick Malceski. Be careful you who trade in, MUST check to see if they are actually playing this week.

Matthew Jaensch (ADEL) DEF – $422,800 SC

  • Next 5 Games: Out for 3 weeks
  • Recent Scores: Irrelevant
  • Breakeven: His ribs

Another player injured for a couple of weeks. Add the bye this weekend and you gotta move on Matty Jaen, which is a real pain because he was playing so well and many had traded him in only a couple of weeks ago…


Here the key break-even scores to keep in mind heading into round 4:


  • Marc Murphy (CARL) 52 BE
  • Dale Thomas (CARL) 52 BE
  • Tom Langdon (COLL) -28 BE
  • Dayne Beams (COLL) 77 BE
  • JarrydRoughead (HAW) 68 BE
  • Luke Breust (HAW) 37 BE
  • Matt Suckling (HAW) 55 BE
  • Leigh Montagna (STK) 44 BE
  • Callan Ward (WBD) 33 BE
  • Jared Polec (PORT) -36 BE
  • Patrick Dangerfield (ADEL) 13 BE
  • Matt Crouch (ADEL) -42 BE
  • Jay Kennedy-Harris (MELB) -69 BE
  • Dom Tyson (MELB) 17 BE
  • Tom Liberatore (WBD) 76 BE
  • Shaun Higgins (WBD) 24 BE
  • Nick Robertson (BRIS) -66 BE
  • Tom Rockliff (BRIS) 81 BE
  • Jarryd McVeigh (SYD) 46 BE
  • Luke Parker (SYD) 79 BE
  • Steve Johnson (GEE) 73 BE
  • Jimmy Bartel (GEE) 70 BE
  • Corey Enright (GEE) 49 BE
  • Trent Cotchin (RICH) 60 BE
  • Aaron Sandilands (FRE) 22 BE


  • Scott Pendlebury (COLL) 139 BE
  • Sam Mitchell (HAW) 219 BE
  • Nick Riewoldt (STK) 158 BE
  • Travis Boak (PORT) 159 BE
  • Brendon Goddard (ESS) 154 BE
  • Jobe Watson (ESS) 142 BE
  • Nick Dal Santo (NM) 132 BE
  • Joel Selwood (GEE) 157 BE
  • Michael Barlow (FRE) 126 BE


Thank you for your questions this week. Remember, you can tweet in to @Mr_Crimmins and your question could feature in Flesh for Fantasy. Here are the burning questions of the round.

 Image 1

ANSWER: Lets break this up. 1) I reckon Hibberd…just, would be your best bet for Mitchell, but both players really well and pumping out similar scores. 2) Not a fan of either of their JS to be honest, but with Sam Mitchell now out for a bit, Hartung has opportunity to string a couple together. Hartung won’t play St Kilda every week so be mindful of that.

Image 2

ANSWER: I don’t think so given the scores he is pumping out. Don’t think its worth going all the way down to someone like Nick Robertson. Your best bet is to send maybe one of your rookie mids to Billy Hartung? or someone on the bubble and then use the $$$ to send Mitchell to ultimate premo

Good luck this weekend community

Mr Crimmins.


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  1. Jack says:

    Dale Thomas, yes i still have him, do i off load next week? or this week?
    The same with young Mcdonald?

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Next week. He will gain you some points and go up in value this week. Then use him to trade up to a Swan or JSelwood next week.

    • Giri says:

      Get rid of Lukey Mac this week and get rid of Daisy next week. You'll need him this round though so no point trading.

    • Azmataz says:

      HOLD Daisy this week. Carlton have the Bye next week so you can chop him for any premium you want from the Pies, GC, Tiges, Crows, Cats or North.

      Cull McDonald this week to Big Bob Murphy!

  2. Dean says:

    Was going to hold mitchell for next week and swap him to mid and get a mid premium in, But i think ill swap him for malcheski this week, and then will utilize all three trades next week swapping out thomas and tyson for pendles and stevieJ but would need to make 80k somewhere else to do that..

  3. liam says:

    My “get him in” is paddy Ryder (actually got him in last week). Has tonned up 3 times in a row and if you take out his 38 where he went off injured then he has averaged 107, great value if you don’t have round 10 bye issues!

  4. Jontyone says:

    Great write up as always!
    Should I be looking at going Sam Mitchell to a premium midfielder and like McDonald to a ‘bob Murphy sort of player or Mitchell to hibberd and McDonald to a wingard or Goddard price bracket. Cheers

  5. Jarrod05 says:

    Mitchell for Johnson, walker or hibberd? Thoughts?

  6. Frank says:

    I'm going Mitchell to Burgoyne, who seems to get a lot more points than normal when Mitchell isn't playing. Apart from that I'm sitting tight since I am projected to win my league games by a good margin. Then next week BANG BANG! Selwood and Swan.

    • liam says:

      Be better off picking up selwood round 10 onwards, will have the Crowley tag next week along with a mssive BE, has a massive price drop next week. If scores 80-90 against freo he might be around the 510k mark -bargain.

      • Azmataz says:

        Agreed. Selwood after Round 10. I would go BANG….wait for it….BANG

  7. Andrew says:

    Burgoyne or Malceski?

  8. Hawks says:

    Great write up Mr Crimmins!

    Mitchell to Ward or Simpson or Burgoyne?

    Would love some feedback community.

  9. Azmataz says:

    I have currently gone S Mitchell to Bob Murphy and have $100k remaining in the bank for some mid upgrades in the coming weeks (fallens such as Jobe and Selwood). BUT, I haven't got any of the above, no Malceski or Burgoyne.. Not sure whether to fork out extra for them or if Bob can do the job and it being better to spend cash elsewhere..

    Also, what to do with Fasolo? Will he be back after the bye? He is still a good scorer so I don't want to pull the trigger too quickly..

    • Wes says:

      My thoughts are to go for some cashing up this round. If you got holes mainly covered, as I do, and you can bear it I would suggest different. Go mcveigh. Low break even, playing pretty well too. So score potential is ok, and he will go up this week.
      For just points, I would Burgoyne of the two.
      Not sure on fasolo

      • Azmataz says:

        McVeigh is so expensive though..is it really worth it for a Defender?

        • wes says:

          I reckon, for a good pts scorer, anywhere on the field is good.
          I know with my team, I got a pretty darn good MID and RUC section. I struggle (always) with DEF, and get away with FWD barely. So to fill those spots, who can one get? Best DPP is goneski (S Mitchell).
          Is your MID filled with DPPs? Mine has 1 or two… but I usually have those sitting in either FWD or DEF, not the MID. So why do we push like heck to get DPPs for those sections? I find that if a supremo MID falls injured, a replacement is solely a MID only anyways… so I am not swapping out a DPP into MID at all for them.
          IF DPP is a goer, Burgoyne is a good choice of the two you had.

          • Azmataz says:

            Mate, I took your advice and forked out the extra cash to get in McVeigh…even put the VC on him…winning!

            • Wes says:

              He scored really well for us! Good stuff… Here is hoping everyone else goes ok too

  10. matt says:

    who would you trade first, impey(knowing hes gonna drop 10-15k) or templeton to ambrose or hurting?
    i have 19 players playing and think impey wont make a difference as he may be sub and wont score over 20?

  11. piewood1 says:

    So how many is everybody got on the field this week? since Sydney still not playin titch I have 17, with two trades up my sleeve…still might hold off as round 10 is where I will cop some carage with 14 outs at this stage.

  12. Ethan says:

    Hey guys,
    Currently have 21 trades left and $458k in bank and side looks like this pre-trade

    McVeigh, Mitchell, Langford, Suckling, Cutler (Langdon, KK, Swallow)
    L.Taylor, Robertson, Rockliff, Polec, Dunstan (Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Cotchin, Crouch)
    Sandilands, Pyke (Currie, King)
    Dahlhaus, Zorko, Higgins, Ambrose (Danger, Lloyd, Fasolo, Martin)

    Was thinking

    Mitchell > Burgoyne
    Pyke > Jamar

    plus maybe going either Dunstan > C.Ward or Fasolo > R.Gray… Both leave me with about $200k, or should I hold on the upgrades until later after byes?

    Help much appreciated.

    • Bellybuttonfluff says:

      Mitchell and pyke injured. trade Mitchell to Simpson and pyke to hmmm… Would say Ryder but maybe look for someone with round nine bye. Must trade out those two as they are donuts for more than one occasion.

    • Benno_S says:

      I'm in a very similar position to you. I'm going hickey to jamer. He's looked good in his 1st couple of games back. Quality ruck man. Can take a mark and kick a goal.

      I'm thinking I might trade Mitchell down to hartung to give me a bit more war chest then trade up over the next two weeks.

    • Azmataz says:

      Sounds like good trades to me! Out of the second two I would go Fasolo to Gray, mainly because Dunstan is playing and has a gettable BE of 70 odd.

      However, I would hold fire on Fasolo as he has a chance of being a proven scorer so see if he's back next week first. I would trade Crouch instead and swing Danger or someone into the mids to bring in Gray. Then you can swing Danger back IF you trade out Higgins for his bye..and get a fallen premium like Selwood.

    • Ethan Solly says:

      Sup solly you silly sausage xxx

  13. James says:

    Hi Mr Crimmins,

    Should I downgrade Lewis Taylor to Patrick Ambrose this week? I have 4 lions players and Taylor isn't making that much money. In total I have 15 players that are expected to be out in the round 10 bye if Taylor stays.

    For my second trade should I either upgrade Sam Mitchell or downgrade one of Luke McDonald or Luke Dunstan?

    Help is much appreciated

    • James says:

      How does Luke McDonald to Darcy Gardiner and Lewis Taylor to Patrick Ambrose sound?

      Trade Mitchell next week.

  14. No idea says:

    Walker or Malceski?

    • matt says:

      id go walker, was equal best defender last year and can see him finishing top 8 defenders

  15. Danners16 says:

    Hey fellas, since the teams are coming out tonight, I will do another question time or you ask me your questions in 20mins instead of Friday for 3omin depending on how many questions I get. Thanks

  16. Josh says:

    anyone considering hodge for their backline?

    • Kev says:

      fan of hodgey, just think he'll be managed more than the other options being discussed

  17. A saint in Geelong says:

    open letter to impey. Can you shoot out a 50, yes just a 50. Have a chat to your other mates at the club cause they can do that in a half. I believe in ya boy!!

    • Jarman Impey says:

      Ok saint i will try, i am playing Freo this week who are pretty good but i will lift my game !!!

  18. Danners16 says:

    Hey guys, I am open for questions now! I will be online for the next 30min depending on how many questions I get. Fire away anything supercoach

    • Tom.H says:

      How many trades will you be doing this weekend?

    • Tom.H says:

      Also, do you have Mitchell? And if so, what are you doing with him?

      • Danners16 says:

        I will use 3 trades to downgrade J.Impey, L.McDonald to P.Ambrose and I'm not sure whether D.Gardiner or J.Tippett, probably J.Tippett so it doesn't ruin my bye structure. I do have S.Mitchell and I'm getting in S.Burgoyne

        • Benny says:

          Considering your trades this weekend, what is your plan for the following two weeks?

          • Danners16 says:

            I have planned to have a full premium team (I classify J.Polec as a premium for the time being) and it should be full premium before the start of Round 10. My trades are J.Kelly and J.Laidler to premiums, and H.Cunningham to a rookie next week and the week after T.Langdon to a premium and maybe T.Cutler/S.Lloyd to a rookie.

        • Tom.H says:

          What's so good about Burgoyne!? I just don't see it

          • dognino says:

            Under $500, averaging 105, def/mid swing. Hits all 3

            • Danners16 says:

              Exactly dognino, I was going L.Hodge but he is a bit injury prone

              • dognino says:

                I would be going Burgoyne myself, but I'm holding Mitchell to turn him into pendles next week

            • Remy says:

              If anyone could be DPPP player… Burgoyne could be. Goes in-and-under, pops up and kicks one or two goals, heads back to plug the hole. The ultimate utility.

    • dognino says:

      Hey danners, what are your thoughts on pyke? I think I'm going to hold as he's only a 1 week injury, and then see how he operates next week as the swans have a full fwd line

      • Danners16 says:

        I haven't seen too much on his injury, and if it is only 1 week I would hold onto him, if it is longer, trade him out

    • Harry says:

      Would you downgrade LMAC, or hold as there are no good def rooks (19 playing this week but hoping to build up some bank)

      • Danners16 says:

        I am, to J.Tippett, I also have T.Cutler who should be playing for the rest of the season as backup

    • Danners16 says:

      That's all guys, I might think about doing it tomorrow night still at the same time since some people wouldn't have known that I have done it now, I will see what happens, but if not, I not sure if this will happen again next week, but if it does, I will let you all know beforehand. Thanks

    • cudz says:

      Hold fassolo or is ambrose worth jumping on b4 price rise?
      Whats more likley fasolo getting to $500k or Ambrose getting to $300k
      Will fasolo be as good after foot and will ambrose get a game on the reg….

  19. Graham says:

    Is it worth a Jackson Merrett to Ambrose downgrade to bank some cash?

    • Bob mcobo says:

      I would definitely do that trade. Merrett may be falling in price further while Ambrose will start to rise

      • dognino says:

        I've just done that, let's me straight swap Cunningham into selwood next week

  20. Big Unit says:

    With all these fallen premiums ready to come into our sides over the next few weeks, who are the best rookies to target? Should I get rid of Dunstan/McDonald, or wait a bit longer and make the extra trades next week?


    • Gab says:

      i would get rid of luke mac this week for sure, is bleeding money, i would hold dunstan until his round 10 bye then trade him to a very cheap jobs/jelwood/griffen/swan/mundy anyone you want really

  21. Gab says:

    hello all, pyke is out, could be a blessing in disguise, thinking mcevoy in for him, thoughts??

  22. Remy says:

    Hi guys. I'd love some help with my trades this week 🙂
    I'm thinking about doing two defensive trades….
    Sam Mitchell and Luke McDonald. I was thinking Mcdonald to Tom Cutler, but I have no idea who to trade in for Mitchell.
    My defense is: McVeigh, Mitchell, Grimes, Suckling, Kolodjashnij, McDonald (Langford, Fuller)
    Are there any other cheapies you rate out there higher than Cutler?
    Thanks for the help in advance.

    • dognino says:

      I'd go a premium like Swallow, bartel, hibberd in for Mitchell, if byes aren't a problem . Rookie option for lmac could be j. Tippett , also kangas player so has the bye this week too

    • Big Unit says:

      If you wanted to make a bit of extra cash you could go to Gardiner from brisbane, not as strong a player for mine but slightly cheaper

      • Remy says:

        I can chop and change my D6 between Langford and Cutler/Gardiner/Tippett but Ideally I would like a cash cow and at the moment I think Cutler is the best option in terms of upside.

        I'd love to trade in Jimmy this week but he's got his bye… In saying that Hibberd looks like a great option.

  23. Pat says:

    if i have derricks as my emergency because i have sandi and mcevoy on the field, do i still get derricks points?

  24. Remy says:

    No Pat, only if one of Sandi or Big Boy doesn't play.

  25. Daz says:

    hey community, a quick question. If I want to use the captain loophole this week, are players with the bye immediately locked out, meaning you will have to use someone who is not playing but without a bye as a loophole guinea pig, or are bye players unlocked all round. Thanks

    • Remy says:

      What a good question. I honestly have no clue.
      But if you have a non-playing bench player just put the E on him and use him to be safe:)

      • Jai says:

        I came here to find out the same thing… if anyone knows, be great if they could tell us whether players with the bye are immediately locked out?

        • Gilly says:

          Players with the bye are locked out at the commencement of the last game of the weekend.

        • Kris says:

          From the SC website ——–> "To allow for maximum squad management flexibility during the rolling lockout, you'll be able to substitute and trade players who have a bye right through the round – up until the start of the last match (when SuperCoach goes into full lockout). "

    • Crowmagnon says:

      Players with the bye can be traded or subbed up until the start of the last game of the round. Just remember any trades you do after the first rolling lockout can't be reversed.

  26. Michael says:

    Trade options for this week:

    1.Sam Mitchell out, Grant Birchall in
    Luke McDonald out, Ryan Schoenmakers in
    Mike Pyke out, Mark Jamar in
    $8,300 left in chest

    2. Sam Mitchell out, Ryan Schoenmakers in
    Luke McDonald out, Cameron Sutcliffe in
    Mike Pyke out, Ben McEvoy in
    $94,100 left in chest

    3. Sam Mitchell out, Josh Gibson in
    Luke McDonald out, Grant Birchall in
    Matt Crouch out, Jake Lloyd in
    $94,100 left in chest

    4. Sam Mitchell out, Michael Hibberd in
    Luke McDonald out, Ryan Shoenmakers in
    Matt Crouch out, Mitch Hallahan in
    $127,700 left in chest

    Which is the better option? Going for $50K not league. Will have 16 trades left. Current team:

    DEF: Swallow, McVeigh, Suckling, SMitch, Enright, Cameron, Langdon, McDonald
    MID: GAJ, Pendles, Beams, JPK, Murph, Polec, Fyfe, Crouch, Taylor, Robertson
    RUC: Sandy, Pyke, Derickx, King
    FWD: Danger, Zorko, Pav, Dusty, Higgins, Lloyd, JKH, Ambrose

  27. Daz says:

    sam docherty js guys?

  28. Brad says:

    How much will Ambrose rise this week?

  29. The Mullet says:

    Georgiou got subbed off last week after the Lynch/Viney hit. Although he wasn't mentioned anywhere in the injury lists………..what are the chances he is just getting a week off for concussion……….. or is he due for a spell?…… any thoughts?

    • The Filth says:

      Garland in – Georgiou out "omitted" in the teams announced tonight.
      Not listed as an emergency either

    • George says:

      A bit of both, don't reckon the ds will bring him back in unless an injury happens at this stage. Unless someone stinks it up in the seniors and/or he kills it in the VFL when he returns

  30. Brandon2416 says:

    who will make more money docherty or j tippet or cutler

  31. Matt says:

    Hi All, just wanted to get some feedback and advice on what to do this week with my team.
    DEF: Mitchell, Enright, Dunn, Suckling, McDonald, Langdon (Laidler, Georgiou)
    MID: Ablett, Beams, Fyfe, Rockliff, Murphy, Dal Santo, Polec, Aish (Dunstan, M.Crouch)
    RUCK: Sandilands, Lobbe (Currie, Nankervis)
    FWD: Dangerfield, Zorko, Martin, JKH, L.Taylor, S.Lloyd (Impey, Ambrose)

    22 Trades, $330,900 in bank.
    I was thinking Mitchell – K.Simpson
    All comments, feedback and advice appreciated.

    • Michael says:

      I would look at beefing up your fwds, need another premo in there at least.
      Get rid of Impey for maybe Wingard, you'll still have about $70K left afterwards.
      Really like your mids, only need Pendles in there and they're done for the year.
      Mitchell to Simpson is good, only costs you about $11K, leaving you with about $59K.
      I would then look at downgrading Dunstan (he'll leak cash this week as he's named) to Hallahan, gets you another $155K, leaving you with $214K in the bank.

      • Michael says:

        in this scenario you would be trading:

        – Injured Premo to Fit Premo
        – Tired rookie to rookie on the bubble
        – Average rookie to current B&F winner

        and all this will have cost you about $116K – not too shabby overall methinks.

    • Kev says:

      A lot of cash to be sitting on, Matt. Your fwds are the immediate concern, Taylor has probably just about reached his peak and I'd be looking at Dahl, Parker, Gray etc to get in after their byes

  32. Danzo says:

    Swallow, McVeigh, Langdon, Mitchell, Langfored, McDonald (Gardiner, Tippet)
    Ablett., Pendles, Beams, Murphy, Thomas, Selwood J, (Dunstan, Robertson)
    Sandy, Jacobs (Currie, Ceglar)
    Rioli, Roughead, Martin, Dangers, Higgins, Lloyd (Impey, McCarthy)

    $260k in bank with all trades.


    • gab says:

      get impey out, get in ambrose, or if you need players throighout yes get rid of mccarthy, or you can go Mcdonald up to a premium, even gergious to premium or rookie

    • Michael says:

      sorry – did you say you've used NO trades? Can't see how that's possible with your midfield the way it is??? I'm obviously misunderstanding your comment "$260k in bank with all trades"….

    • Wes says:

      Do as mr crimmins says… Move bench onto field first. Then see how many holes you have.
      The for some cash making… Use the low break evens listed to so swap some holes from this round that you can trade out for next round…. Like j sell wood out for callan ward in. He should score you reasonable points and make you cash. Try also Sam Lloyd out, and jay Kennedy Harris in. Another money maker there, and joy playing bulldogs so should score you pts

    • Kev says:

      I don't think you're team looks all that bad, danzo. Mitchell needs to go and with the coin in the bank I'd look at upgrading McD. Langford after hawks bye, then Langdon when he tops out

  33. Adam says:

    McVeigh or Malceski community ?

  34. gab says:

    i need to get pyke out, why do i have pyke, i dont know but he needs to who he has to go, and no i dont want my poor all slow rich man russle crow in my team, so im looking at a big old crow, who might be the go.

  35. Brandon2416 says:

    do we need to get rid of georgiuo or can he just sit on the bench

    • billy says:

      get him out if possible

    • Brandon2416 says:

      for a rookie or a premo
      hasn't made much money yet

    • The Mullet says:

      Its an interesting situation. He hasn't made enough $ to be much use for trading. I think its a question of how badly you need another player on the park for this week. I will be hanging onto him this week for 2 reasons. First, he copped a solid head knock last week and got subbed off. Its possible that he is only out for a short spell to clear his head. Or he might stay out. I'm prepared to wait and see because for me he is the perfect D10. Second, if I trade him out this week, I'll just be bringing in someone who will return me a donut in one of the following 2 weeks. One other point. Melb have a lot of sunday games. He is very useful for the emergency loophole.

  36. Corey says:

    Midfield rookies under $200k that are promising and unlikely to get the vest?

  37. Tom.H says:

    Hi Community, would really like someone's opinion of what to do with my team, i have been trading and reverse trading all week! Really don't know what to do.

    DEF: Swallow, McVeigh, Mitchell, Enright, Suckling, McDonald (Gregoriou, Cutler)
    MID: Ablett, Beams, N.Jones, Liberatore, Rockliff, Polec, Crouch,Langdon (Taylor, Hallahan)
    RUC: Sandi, Jacobs (King, Thurlow)
    FWD: Danger, Martin, Zorko, Parker, Fasolo, JKH (Lloyd, Impey)
    $523,600 in the bank, 20 trades left

    I was thinking switching McDonald to the mid and upgrading to Watson/someone else
    Then Mitchell –> Burgoyne/Schoenmakers/Hibberd

    Thanks in advance to anyone who comments 🙂

    • jack says:

      100% upgrade Mcdonald to a premium midfielder at a cheap price

    • Michael says:

      if you've got cash to do both then BANG BANG! If not then I'd swap SMitch for Hibberd and downgrade LMac to Hallahan.

  38. Kris says:

    Hooker or Johnson as the replacement for Mitchell?

  39. sammy says:

    Which premium midfielder & backmen ?
    need 1 of each

  40. Azmataz says:

    Ambrose is named! Welcome to the team via Crouch!

  41. Bray says:

    Mitchell > Birchall

    Luke McDonald> Hallahan

    Impey> Ambrose


    Cheers community

  42. dylan says:

    J. Kennedy (syd) OR Rockliff ?!?

  43. JPM1992 says:

    Hi guys, I would just like to say these break evens are completely wrong
    Matt Crouch's break even for instance is 35 not 42. Robbie gray 92 not 19. Every break even is wrong here. Not sure what formula was used

    • The Mullet says:

      Same thing has happened before. The first line before the BE's is the giveaway. Note where it says "heading INTO ROUND 4"

  44. Pete says:

    I know there's already a heap of posts on who to trade in for Mitchell – I've narrowed it down to Hibberd, Burgoyne, Andrew Walker or Michael Johnson. Here's my thoughts:

    – Hibberd: PROS = consistent scorer, Round 10 Bye, good SC finals run; CONS = most expensive of the four (by ~$40K)
    – Burgoyne: PROS = second-highest average for all defenders, DPP, seems back to pre-2008 form, straight swap for Mitchell in terms of byes; CONS = will he be as consistent? I already have Suckling & Langford – not sure if it's a good idea to have 3 Hawks in DEF, tough SC finals run
    – Walker: PROS = fallen premium (dropped ~$90K), seems to be returning to form; CONS = not sure if he'll average higher than Hibberd or Burgoyne from this point onward
    – Johnson: PROS = decent form lately, Round 10 Bye; CONS = has never averaged >90 in his career, tough run home in SC finals, not sure what the hype is about him

    Leaning towards Hibberd at the moment, despite the cost – thoughts?

  45. Captain joc says:

    Only got 14 playing with no trades done so far georgiou out and tom Mitchell not playing hurts

    I’m thinking

    Thomas to Ambrose via Taylor

    S.mitchell to walker

    Jaensch to birchall

    Other players I could trade out are georgiou, pyke or tom Mitchell only got 19 trades left and in top 900

    • Lano says:

      i would move Tmitch before Jaensch.. I lost patience with him this week.. I reckon there's something else going on with him.. not even listed as an emergency but has shown form in reserves

      • Captain joc says:

        Yeah I seen that I’m leaning towards that option aswell I’m thinking Breust I’m considering potentially holding jaensch for a little bit

        • Lano says:

          at the moment I'm bringing in Dalhaus for tmitch but a bit uneasy about it.. Bruest would be my other choice

  46. Captain joc says:

    I’m doing 2 trades so far which gives me 16 playing
    S.Mitchell to Walker
    M.Thomas to Ambrose via Taylor
    Now for the 3rd trade and to get me 17 playing I have 3 options
    Option 1. Jaensch to Murphy/Birchall/Hooker
    Option 2. Pyke to mcevoy(although I could wait till next week and get Jacobs instead) so which one out of them 2?
    Option 3. T.Mitchell to roughead/Breust
    Please comment which you think is the best option

  47. Azmataz says:

    Out of those 3, I would go option 1 to Bob Murphy.

    I would wait until next week to turn Pyke into Jacobs.

    • Captain joc says:

      So you don’t think getting rid of t Mitchell is more of a priority

      • Azmataz says:

        If you have held onto T Mitchell for this long, it is almost worth holding on to him, as he might explode when he comes back. I for one ditched him a few weeks back for R Gray and haven't looked back, but I did want to hold on to him, just lost patience….

  48. Dom says:

    Hodgey or Burgoyne?

  49. Matt says:

    Hartung or Hallahan?

    • Lano says:

      hallahan for mine.. he started with 2 vests but looks to have found a spot. hartung is a good chance for the vest tonight and has only played so best to hold if you can..

  50. Dos22 says:

    Breakevens are heading into round 4???

  51. Simon T says:

    Hi everyone

    Have 14 available this week and 23 trades left. Was thinking of making 2 trades and hope its enough to pinch a win. Which of these two sounds the best:
    1) Mitchell to Ward and McDonald to Burgoyne – leaves $100,000
    2) Mitchell to Ward and McDonald to Docherty – leaves $360,000
    3) Mitchell to R Gray (PA) and McDonald to Burgoyne/Docherty – $81,000/$287,000
    4) Mitchell to Murphy/Fyfe and McDonald to Docherty – leaves $230-250,000
    5) Mitchell to Montagna and McDonald to Docherty – leaves $178,000

    Any comments/advice greatly appreciated.

  52. dognino says:

    Current break evens in front of the name
    96 Marc Murphy (CARL) 52 BE
    78 Dale Thomas (CARL) 52 BE
    -33 Tom Langdon (COLL) -28 BE
    109 Dayne Beams (COLL) 77 BE
    51 JarrydRoughead (HAW) 68 BE
    73 Luke Breust (HAW) 37 BE
    71 Matt Suckling (HAW) 55 BE
    60 Leigh Montagna (STK) 44 BE
    49 Callan Ward (WBD) 33 BE
    25 Jared Polec (PORT) -36 BE
    133 Patrick Dangerfield (ADEL) 13 BE
    34 Matt Crouch (ADEL) -42 BE
    -39 Jay Kennedy-Harris (MELB) -69 BE
    8 Dom Tyson (MELB) 17 BE
    75 Tom Liberatore (WBD) 76 BE
    18 Shaun Higgins (WBD) 24 BE
    -26 Nick Robertson (BRIS) -66 BE
    123 Tom Rockliff (BRIS) 81 BE
    79 Jarryd McVeigh (SYD) 46 BE
    86 Luke Parker (SYD) 79 BE
    130 Steve Johnson (GEE) 73 BE
    108 Jimmy Bartel (GEE) 70 BE
    109 Corey Enright (GEE) 49 BE
    130 Trent Cotchin (RICH) 60 BE
    74 Aaron Sandilands (FRE) 22 BE

    156 Scott Pendlebury (COLL) 139 BE
    192 Sam Mitchell (HAW) 219 BE
    204 Nick Riewoldt (STK) 158 BE
    115 Travis Boak (PORT) 159 BE
    154 Brendon Goddard (ESS) 154 BE
    109 Jobe Watson (ESS) 142 BE
    87 Nick Dal Santo (NM) 132 BE
    154 Joel Selwood (GEE) 157 BE
    143 Michael Barlow (FRE) 126 BE

  53. Tom.H says:

    Watson or Ward?

  54. James says:

    Hi guys, just looking for any advice, comments or thought on my team. Not worried about bye rds just want team to be right for last part of season

    B: McVeigh, Mitchell, Enright, Langdon, McDonald, Langford (Georgiou, Cameron)
    M: Ablett, Beams, Fyfe, Rockliff, Dal Santo, Cotchin, Polec, Crouch (Dunstan, Robertson)
    R: McEvoy, Sandilands (Derickx, Currie)
    F: Dangerfield, Zorko, Wingard, Martin, JKH, Taylor (Lloyd, Ambrose)

    War Chest is a healthy 237,300
    Thinking Mitchell to Gardiner/Simpson the trade to Gardiner will leave me with 598k and the Simpson trade will cost me 11k
    Cheers guys

  55. Matt says:

    Who should I trade for Luke McDonald? I have 110k in the bank

  56. Simon says:

    McDonald to Duffield or Docherty. Need to make a quick decision. Only 20 mins to decide HELP!!!!!!!

  57. Mitch says:

    Just wondering what everyone thinks the highest score for the round might be?