PODCAST: The byes are upon us

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Supercoach 2014 preseason podcast

We all geared up for bye time community?

As is often the case we’ve been hit with injuries to key players on the eve of bye time which adds a layer of crap to factor in for most.

Should we go BANG BANG BANG and use all three trades? Should we hold back on trading? How well prepared are you for round 8 and what have you learnt to take into next season?

It’s a long one tonight folks – we’ve got a hell of a lot to cover.



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  1. themightyroos says:

    can't wait for this, the byes are here, I'm ranked 55th overall and I need some guidance for these make or break rounds.

  2. MightyDonsFC says:

    Using 2 trades this round

  3. dean says:

    Cant wait to listen, hope there is some insightful information about the byes.
    Thanks Jock!

  4. Kenna says:

    Jock Reynolds
    Thank you so much for ur wisdom, going for league wins and listening to ur podcast every week makes me get the edge over others

  5. Tom says:

    Trade mitchell?

    • Kev says:

      With only the top 18 counting towards your score during the byes, you could definitely look at keeping him.

    • SCaddict says:

      With the news today that he could be out for a couple of months the decision has been made for us really.

    • Liam says:

      Mitchell out Burgoyne in!

  6. Michael says:

    Trade idea this week –
    Sam Mitchell to Schoenmakers to free up some cash to punt Pyke for Big Boy – sound trade?
    Only had $3K in the bank as I did double upgrade last week!
    No other def rookies worth looking at that will help me with the bye this week.
    Schooey should be a nice little cash cow anyway, could even be a D5 or D6 keeper the way things are going!
    Also considering offloading McDonald for Sutcliffe to give me 18 players on field this week – love to hear thoughts on whether this is a good idea, thanks again community!!

    • Kev says:

      Any other way to generate cash? Don't get sucked in by shoemaker's big score. Average fantasy player at best when he does make it onto the park – which hasn't been often.

      McD to Sutcliffe is pretty sideways. They have a similar average so far this season. Look at downgrading McD to a rookie for cash. That sub score will be in his rolling average now and make it hard for him to generate much more.

      • Michael says:

        My problem is there are no genuine rookie options in def right now, unless I’ve missed someone?

      • roger says:

        I would get him after the bye, i don't think he'll make many points as he will be backline this round for sure. After the bye, would pick him up as a pure cash cow. Of course, all depends on the number of trades you have…

    • Maenads says:

      I like, am in the same position. If sowenhakers nac od retteb……….than 60-70 a week minimum worth it.

  7. themightyroos says:

    Trade Ablett? might just be crazy enough to work.

    • Neilsy says:


    • Neilsy says:

      Ablett should be first player picked in all teams.lock him then throw the bloody key off the niagra falls.We are witnessing the greatest player of All Time!All Time.

    • Kev says:

      If you've got enough trades in the bank… Outline your plans, themightyroos.

    • wes says:

      Who would you bring in to replace him? interested to know your thoughts

    • roger says:

      I thought the same thing the other day, but considering Abblett scores the weight of three people by himself (with the C on him), think he is worth holding onto. Even if you went with pendlebury, it's just not as good…Maybe when mummy comes back in and is posting 160+ again, you can put the C on him and trade ablett?

      • Dean says:

        MUMMY is by no means a player that is consistent enough too risk playing him week in and week out as a Captain, that is just absurd.

        I understand Higgo's logic behind his madness, but sorry Higgo my plums are not made out of titanium, there is no way I could do it.

        • roger says:

          3 scores at 130+ so far for mummy, might be absurd, but I'm lookin at it. He would at least be vice captain if he pulls out the same scores after his back from surgery.

          • Dean says:

            I understand Mumford has scored extremely well in the first 3 rounds prior to injury, however post operative players are allot more risky. Also keep in mind these three factors.

            1. Firstly the only people who would consider such a drastic move would be those who still have a genuine chance to win outright, as it could seriously have a huge positive impact on there overall ranking position, on the flip-side it could also not work out.

            2. A person who would consider this would be someone who has a enormous amount of cash in there War chest.

            3. Lastly who ever does this would have trades to burn, they would have at least 23+ trades. They would only keep Ablett out for the BYE round and bring him back in round 9, lets be serious here.
            If you didn't have Ablett from the start then you would be struggling as Ablett is equivalent to having 3 premium players as Captain.

            It just seems pointless to trade someone like Ablett out when he consistently scores 130+ scores week in, week out. When he is captain you never stress, plus u have the versatility to still use the loophole every week just in case your Vice scores a massive score.

            Good luck with your decision mate but I would think hard before pulling the trigger.

  8. The Ranger says:

    Things have not gone so well over the last two weeks and a couple of sub 2200 scores have meant I've slipped outside the top 10,000…seriously considering sucking up one bad score in R8 in order to score more over the rest of the byes. Is that dumb? Is anyone else considering this option? I've not heard /read it discussed as an option.

    • Steve says:

      Yes Great thinking, did it last year and worked well, and will do again this year, it saved me a couple of trades and a considerable amount of frustration all for the price of one loss, this year I am playing the second last team and I might not even lose that game. Mind you I'm only playing for a league win.

    • The canries says:

      I too in desperation am considering tanking in R8….

    • shallots says:

      No way on Earth that will help you!!!!!!!!!!!!! In leagues yes but overall rankings it will not help you at all. Last year I planned for byes and averaged 2000 a round and went flying up the overall rankings. Didnt bother this year but you can bet your aggits others have. Plus alot of those who did plan have got 80% of their players in round 9 and 10. Then round 9 Jelwood in cheap, Cotchin in cheap and heaps of others n cheap. My mate started with 2 round 8 prems on all lines and has been rolling through rookies since. Now he has 15 prems and just under a million in the bank with 22 trades left. Round 9 and 10 he's using his 6 trades all for upgrades. Heres a tip- if you think you wanna have a crack at the overall prize ever you must use SC gold- you can use other sites but SC gold has everything you need and more. And you must know a whole lot about the players in the AFL. There is skill involved. Those top teams who have averaged 2300 and have teams worth 12-12.5 million dollars have a street map they're following.

      • dognino says:

        Damn, I have 15 'premiums' but only $85k in the bank, lost a few trades to injuries, and low scores from holding onto Mitchell and enright when they miss games from being old

      • The Ranger says:

        Thanks for the reply small onions. I know its a leftfield idea but I guess I'm looking around for something radical to keep me in the hunt.
        Might have to accept I'm out of the frame and just go for league wins now I think.

        • Dean says:

          lol @ Onions rather then Shallots, very smart…lol Mate if your ranked in the top 5000 or even 2000 I think your chances to win overall are ZERO to SFA….

          Although I could be wrong and stand to be corrected. I would like to know IF anyone who was ranked around the 10,000 mark overall at the end of round 7, has anyone come back to have a crack overall after being so far back?

      • Dean says:

        I have SC Gold not to mention I also pay $16 per month for the live SC scores. Mind you im only ranked in at 15,200 odd but I always get SC Gold. $20 is very little to pay if your serious about this.

        It also shows you who is in and out each week because it shows a little Green icon if the players are playing and a Yellow icon if the players are listed on a extended bench and a Red icon for players who are out.

        That's just the tip of the iceberg, it also shows ALL break even's and so forth, although you can get your BE info on FanFooty.

        My Goal the past 2 years has been to score the highest in a round and win $1000 and also win my league, for the past 5 years I don't have much problem winning my league but scoring the highest score for the week has been a goal that has been extremely tough. However I wont be throwing in the towel any time soon, I know I still have a mammoth amount to learn.


      • Tiger says:

        Hi community – can anyone provide some advice on how close you need to be to be a genuine chance at the top prize at year end. Currently placed about 1800th overall but not sure if I should focus on league win or keep trading to keep average score at the level required to stay in touch. Where do you need to be placed after the bye rounds to seriously have a crack at winning this thing – am I kidding myself and should I refocus on league wins? Worried that I am doing the wrong thing to stay in touch to the overall leaders. Should I reset my expectations?

  9. Kenny Powers says:

    Anyone know the story of J Lloyd (Syd) and his JS? Worth looking at a downgrade from Dunstan?

    • SCaddict says:

      Reckon his JS is fairly questionable unfortunately. Swans have Tippett and Buddy to come in this week although they may lose Pyke.

      Also Rohan, O'Keefe, Mitchell and LRT all on the periphery trying to force their way back into the team.

    • Kenny Powers says:

      Thanks fellas

  10. dognino says:

    1 trade planned, cash in McDonald for a new cow

    Had planned to upgrade Cunningham to Watson but Cunningham still has more cash to make and SC hates me , may need to trade out pyke, Mitchell will be benched j, j.merret Has reached his limit, might be time to upgrade to bruest, I was almost entertaining roughie but I already have a KPP in reiwoldt and that's doing my head in .

    The rest of my rookies have picked up lately and all have more cash to make, so I'm holding. May end up going for the triple trade
    Out McDonald, pyke, merret
    In 'new cow' , big boy mcevoy, bruest
    Or just the 1cow replacement, who knows.

    Only have 7 R 9 byes at the moment, so the influx of hawkes is no concern, and they're all scoring

  11. mightymicks says:

    just wondering, who the community will b chooseing as captain this week?

  12. Kane says:

    What to do with mcdonald? cant really upgrade only have 55k in war chest from double upgrade last week need a downgrade.

    Thinking i might just hold him this week, as i only have 4 players out anyway that arent covered, and will only need to make one trade next week gor the same tho i will probably do upgrades next week anyway.

    • Dean says:

      Kane I have him also and have been thinking what is the best option. There are 2 options im considering at this point. These are the options im thinking about mate.

      Option 1: If you have McDonald in Defense do a straight swap with SCHOENMAKERS who scored 104 in his first game last week. Now that Sam Mitchell is out for 8 weeks his job security is very solid. Also by doing this you will pocket a extra $25,300

      Option 2: If your team is anything like mine where I have McDonald on the bench in the Midfield and have Sam Mitchell in defense. Click the Substitute button on McDonald, providing you have SAM MITCHELL which over 50% of us do. Move MITCHELL to your midfield and if you want trade MITCHELL out then you can get JOBE WATSON which will still leave you with $67,000 in your war chest. Or if you have WATSON you can get any other player you like and can afford.

      Hope that helped a little mate and Good luck with you final decision.

  13. Azmataz says:

    Thanks for the podcast guys. Interesting idea to trade Ablett – I personally am not going to do it as I have been trading ass off so that is not in the plan. I am thinking the following this week:

    Out: Crouch and Fasolo
    In: Hartung and Watson

    I will get two weeks out of Jobe until my guns get back, and it leaves me $42k in the bank.Hartung could get a fair few games given the injuries at Hawthorn, and apparently is Dane Swan-like…Speaking of Swan, I won't be jumping on as already have Pendles and Beams in the Mids, so can't have all 3.

    Then hopefully the other calves fatten a bit more to go bang bang, bang bang over rounds 9 and 10 and I aim to get in Selwood and Reiwoldt in that time, and hopefully get some decent downgrade options.

    I want my mids to be: Abs, Pendles, Beams, Murph, Libba, Jobe, Selwood. and one other, depending how Polec carries on. Probably another fallen premium like Griffen which could be a straight swap from Polec)..

  14. Caz says:

    Thoughts on montagna community.

    • Kev says:

      Last 3 weeks 140, 174, 144. What more can be said? At this point you will be paying peak price for him, might be worth waiting for his price to dip below 600k?

      • Mungos Men says:

        grabbed him after, 140 happy with output hawks let him run by himself will get more attention in coming weeks, price will drop however is the pick at st Kilda…

    • Azmataz says:

      Expensive but is right up there with Pendles and Selwood. Great POD

  15. Captain joc says:

    I am bloody stuffed this week got 11 out with the bye then a rookie ruck men not playing

    Injuries to jaensch( has the bye ) s Mitchell t Mitchell pyke Langford

    Need to downgrade m Thomas as I need some money to trade pyke n jaensch

    • wes says:

      has been rough – S Mitchell out helped me because I was forced to not pick up last week by other outs. But from what I;ve seen it stuffed many people up. Consider yourself unlucky there.
      Good luck with it – if you got ideas you want a second thought on, shoot through a reply

    • dognino says:

      I only have 9 R8 bye players, but then also have king as non playing loop, Rohan and currie dropped , Mitchell , Langford , pyke injured , so now down to 15 only scoring players. That's if georgiou gets back up this week too, so maybe down to 14 , unless I trade a&[email protected] off

    • Ethan Solly says:

      Solly lollllll

      • Captain joc says:

        I’ve only got 13
        11 out for the bye
        Pyke t Mitchell smitchell Langford injured
        King out
        Thoughts on bob Murphy anyone at 449k and averaging 91 I think only priced to average 89
        I’ve never had him in my side before

        • Azmataz says:

          Murphy is a bargain at the moment. I am going to bring him in. Was top 10 last year

  16. Adam says:

    I'm considering not trading this week, is Lmac injured (I'm not going for overall so my team has a bye this week)

    DEF: Birchall, Laidler, Georgio (Cameron, Swallow, Bartel, Lmac, Langdon)
    MID: Goddard,Fyfe,Polec,Robertson,Taylor(Beams, Ablett, Crouch, Pendles, Dal Santo)
    RUC: Sandi,Lobbe (Currie,Nankervis)
    FOR: Zorko, Pav, Merrett, Ambrose(Danger, Martin, Lloyd, Fasolo)

    Thoughts on Lmac to Orourke?

  17. Tom.H says:

    Jobe Watson or Callan Ward……?

  18. Tom says:

    Thoughts on Hartung?

    • matt says:

      JS is looking more and more likely, mitchell out, swell a few weeks away, and shiels looks a few more weeks away

    • Cozza says:

      I'll be waiting another week until he is on the bubble. Hawks have their bye in round 9, so you will have a couple of weeks to bring him in if he goes alright this week

  19. Sarah says:

    Hi guys,
    I thought I'd share my thoughts with you all and plans for my team over the buys.
    Mitchell going down again put a bit of a dint in the ole plan but I've re-jigged it a little to cover.
    Was headed for a great score last weekend until Mitchell, Jaensch and McDonald had their scoring issues.
    Despite this I'm going to stay strong and stick with the plan of focusing on my midfield first. The $50k is looking like it's gone for the year with my overall ranking sliding to the mid 8000's over the last three weeks, but I've still got a money league to win which has become the priority. With my current team it looks like I'll likely get a win this week without trading so I'll stick with the plan to bring in Pendlebury after his bye and build my midfield to full premium status first without worrying about covering too many round 8 bye players. As the podcast highlighted, if you trade this week you're locking in a future donut.
    So last week I brought in Ward for Dunstan… very happy with that move as he went on to score 145!!
    Now planning on only doing 1 trade this week… Mitchell to Hibberd. I'll bring Mitchell back in after he's played 1 or 2 return games and bottomed out in price.
    Will also wait to see how bad Jaensch's injury is but would prefer to hold him for now.
    Following the round 8 bye I'll bring in another 2 premium midfielders (Pendlebury and 1 other) in the following two weeks, giving me 7 premo's in the midfield plus Crouch leading into the round 10 bye.

    That's the plan anyway!! Fingers crossed for no more injuries!!!

    • Mike says:

      By Design but mostly luck I’m looking at zero donuts over the byes (injuries/resting permitting)
      Backs: McVeigh, Swallow, Bartell, Jaensh, Suckling, Laidler, Gergiou, Cutler
      Mids: Ablett, Beams, Libba, Murphy, Warson, Polec, D.Thomas, Tyson, Flipper, Hartung
      Rucks: Sandi, Hmac, Currie, Thurlow
      Forwards: Danger, Zorko, Pav, Martin, Higgo, JKH, Fasolo, Lloyd.

      Holding on Jaensh and Fasolo at this stage. Next week Daisy for Cotchin. Final bye round Laidler for someone. Looking to get Dixon into forward like in 2 weeks. If required will look at the boy O’rouke next week.

      20 trades, 356k chest, .: 6k ranking #happy

    • john says:

      sorry to say sarah but hawthorn have confirmed mitchell will be out for 2 months with his hammy. stuffs my plan up.

      • Azmataz says:

        Mitchell to Bob Murphy for me. Great call getting Ward in. I have nearly got a full premo midfield now and he might just make the cut

  20. Gab says:

    hey guys, what are our thoughts on Mike Pyke, he is absolutely killing me and my bench ruckmen derricks is doing better then him, he is bleeding cash, or do i bite the bullet this week, keep him for this week then trade him out next week during the swans bye??
    Also what are we doing with Sam mitchell? trade him out and get him at a much cheaper price or is this a waste of a trade?
    Cheers Lads

    • Sarah says:

      Depends how long Mitchell is out for. If it's 2-4 weeks I reckon trade him and then get him back in when he's cheap and back in form. Can't afford to carry injured players through the bye weeks in my opinion.

    • Brad says:

      I say keep him, during the bye rounds it's only your best 18 players. Plus he played at his best in the game on the weekend scoring 60 in a half

    • wes says:

      My opinion is no trade to gains you more points and makes you cash is a bad trade.
      Having the cash at the end of the rounds gives you options – even if that cash is sitting on a player rather than in the bank.
      Downgrading Pyke to Derrickx makes you $$…

    • matt says:

      if youve got myke your, youve already had a bad time, remember when i had him, those were the SHIT f*********cken days,
      feel for for ya skippa

    • matt says:


  21. Daniel S says:

    hey guys.

    thoughts on anyone to downgrade for McDonald?

    • SCaddict says:

      The cupboard is pretty damn bare mate. The only hope is that some fresh faces get named this week but even then you'd be taking a punt they will keep their spot in the team.

      • Dean says:

        Considering there is very little options in defense and to hope and wait that a rookie gets picked this week is far to risky.
        Here is my thoughts on this and obviously providing Ryan Schoenmakers is listed to play in round 8 and im sure he will be. Don't you think trading McDonald to Ryan Schoenmakers is extremely valid.
        He scored 104 in his first game last week and looked great. You will also gain $25,300

        What do you think?

  22. Roadkill Warrior says:

    Given Mumford is out for at least another fortnight, I am thinking seriously about downgrading him to Jamar @ $420k. Jamars BE is 24 with an AVE 114 and about $80k of price over the next two weeks alone, on top of the $160k saving by trading down.

    Given this will allow me to trade Tyson up to Pendles next week, I am super keen on this trade. What are peoples thoughts?

    • Sarah says:

      I like it. Mumford is just wasting away on your bench so put that money to good use, make it earn more points and help you get Pendles.

    • Pau says:

      I thought Mummy was back this week ! Has he had another setback ?

      • Roadkill Warrior says:

        Current word is that he will miss this week plus the bye in round 9. Jamar plays both weeks and earns me a bundle of cash.

        • GarglesnarfFC says:

          My only concern is that you are going from one injury prone ruck to another. If you have cover, which I presume you must if you still have him, then hold him.

  23. matt says:

    who to trade first Jaensch or mitchel?

    • Gold Coast Blues says:

      wait and see how long Mitchell is out for. He is going to start going down by a lot due to that 9 score so might be worth getting rid of to bring back in after the byes, but you can't bank on everything else going right and having the ability to do that.

      Jaensch looks shot to me. I'd bring in someone like Johnson who has been very consistent and is only ~480k odd at the moment!

    • Brad says:

      Jaensch has bye this week, has almost 2 weeks to get over it!

    • Kenny Powers says:

      reports this morning are a few broken ribs for Jaensch .. might be more than 2 weeks

  24. Billy says:

    anyone know how much longer big mummy will be out for??

  25. Gold Coast Blues says:

    Had a beauty this week with a score of 2455 and Mitchell only scoring 9. HATING that the byes are here to stuff with my momentum… Not planning on any trades through the byes and just going to cop it on the chin, but might swap Mitchell out for Johnson if he isn't named to play this week. I had a brain fade last week and brought Swallow in – should have waited until after the bye round, but it saved me from the McDonald sub situation.

    Really want to get rid of Georgiou but there's just no rookie defenders to downgrade to. How long until we see Matt Fuller get a game for the dogs?

  26. Brad says:

    Thoughts on these trades,

    S Mitchell – bougyone
    T Mitchell – hartung ( if named)
    Merret – R gray

    • Roadkill Warrior says:

      Would prefer Hibberd or McV over Burgoyne. Dont mind the others at all.

      • Brad says:

        I was thinking if mitchell was out for extended Time it would mean bougyone to get more points not to mention him averaging 105 already. Already have mcveigh swallow and jaensch

  27. mightymicks says:

    thoughts on who the best fwd option is, maybe Gray or Parker

    • SCaddict says:

      Both are excellent picks so would lean the way of which suits you best from a bye perspective.

  28. Gary rohan the spud says:

    whats everyones thoughts on tom lynch from the gold coast. no one thinks of him he is only 370k a great POD and with forwards scarce he could be the one. I mean he grabs heaps of marks and looks the goods.

  29. BeagzBoyz says:

    Hey community,

    What sort of score are people expecting to get round 8? I've got a predicted 1900 before I've made trades. Just wondering where that stands or if I should go BANG BANG and get it up another hundred or two

    • Gab says:

      i reckon 1900 is your par score, thats about 100 to every player in your best 18 including double score from your captain, but with the elite midfielders out this week, might bring that score down a touch!!

      • matt says:

        thanks gab, really appreciated your input here,

        • Captain joc says:

          I think 1900 is excellent for rd8 bye
          I reckon par could be 16-1750

          • Dean says:

            You obviously have some decent players that are playing to have a prediction of 1900 for this round. Think about this hard, the bye rounds are the always the easiest rounds to win the weekly $1,000 cash for the player who scores the highest points of the round.

            My prediction is a crappy 1100, If my prediction was anywhere near 1900 I would be making the 3 trades and hoping to win the $1,000 cash.

  30. Mick says:

    I need some advice please! Was planning to upgrade McDonald and Dunstan to Fyfe and O'Rourke this round. Also trade Mitchell as he's injured and may not be back til after Round 10. Was planning NOT to trade AT ALL Round 9, and 2 trades Round 10 to get Selwood in. Have 18 trades left start of Round 8 before trades. Bringing Fyfe and O'Rourke in means two players not affected by Round 8 bye (trading McDonald and Dunstan is one Round 8 bye player, one injured player who's peaked) but understandably Fyfe will be out Round 10.

    Thoughts? Advice?

    • Azmataz says:

      Why O'Rourke? I would go Mitchell to Murphy at bargain price and will bank you $50k in the process. Have you got Jobe?

      • Mikey says:

        I was getting in O'Rourke as a downgrade to make cash to use to get Fyfe? I had Murphy til a few weeks ago, traded him based on his poor scores then he goes bezerk with 140+ scores, feel a bit sheepish bringing him back in. So you reckon Murphy over Fyfe? Wouldn't I be better off trading Mitchell for another good defender?

      • Mikey says:

        oh Rob Murphy?? .. thought you meant Marc sorry

        • Azmataz says:

          Yeah I mean Bob Murphy. He is a proven premum and should be in Top 10 defenders by year end. Gutted about trading out Mark Murphy! I've have Libba and was slightly considering trading him after a few bad scores but glad I didn't.

          I think Bob is as good an option as any (bar maybe McVeigh) and is cheap.

  31. KALE says:

    anyone thought of harry taylor for next week. 388k with by this week. price going DOWN

  32. Jay says:

    Andrew Walker or Kade Simpson?

  33. chandanrajdb says:

    Hello Community,

    I am now ranked 145 overall…..which is the best ever ranking achieved in my short Supercoach experience….I am very very happy with this and would like to thank the whole Jock Reynolds community for the help and advise provided….I know it is too early in the season and anything can happen!!…..

    My score on the weekend was my second highest SC score I have ever scored….which was 2507 and yes with S Mitchell on ground with his score of 9 points….my highest ever score is 2521 which my team scored in the Grand final last season……

    Now I am in need of community's thoughts / advise on my trade plans this week…..i wouldn't have done any trades this week if S Mitchell was OK to play…which now means i will have only have 17 players available for RD 8 round, considering Langford and Dunstan will be named this week…..if not I know I am stuffed……

    My Team Currently, Team name "TITANS"

    S Mitchell, D Swallow, J MaCveigh, M Hibberd, M Suckling, W Langford, T Cutler, A Georgiou

    G Ablett, S Pendlebury, D Beams, T Libba, J Watson, J Polec, L Dunston, N Robertson, J Aish, T Langdon

    A Sandilands, S Jacobs, D Currie, M King

    P Dangerfield, D Martin, J Roughead, C Rioli, S Higging, JKH, A Fasolo, S Lloyd

    I have $186,400 in the warchest…

    My current BYE Structure is, Players Out

    Round 8 – total of 11 (12 players – M King Will not be playing anyways) – 1 Def, 4 MID, 3 Ruck, 4 FWD

    Round 9 – total of 8 (9 players – M King Will not be playing anyways) – 3 Def, 2 MID, 1 Ruck, 3 FWD

    Round 10 – total of 11 – 4 Def, 4 MID, 2 Ruck, 1 FWD

    My Trades Options I am considering this week are….

    OUT: S Mitchell
    IN: A Walker

    Will be left with $194,900….

    I know this is a sideways trade, but I am happy with this one since Mitchell is injured and he might be out for 4 weeks at least (Hawks are saying it is 2-3 weeks, but if you look at the Hawks draw they will be playing GWS in RD11, I am very very doubtful that they will bring in S Mitchell against GWS)….I will be bringing him into my team once he comes back and bottoms out (upgrade him for a rookie)…..Thoughts would be appreciated on this comment here….

    Option – 2:

    OUT: S Mitchell
    IN: K Simpson

    Will be left with $175,100 in the warchest….

    My thoughts is same as above with regards to A Walker…..

    Option – 3:
    OUT: S Mitchell
    IN: L Dahlahus (by swaping Mitchell and Langdon and then trading out Mitchell, swap Dusty or Danger to MID and bring in L Dahlahus)

    Will be left with $179,600 in the warchest…..

    Option – 4:
    OUT: S Mitchell
    IN: L Parker
    Will be left with $177,900 in the warchest…..

    Option – 5:
    Out S Mitchell
    IN: R Shaw
    Will be left with $282,800 in the warchest….
    This Option I am not really sure, will R Shaw hold his value if he does then it will just be a swap for S Mitchell once he bottoms out or will he be a keeper come season end….

    Need to make my every trade I make Count…..Have got only 20 trades left……

    I know my comment is very very long….I had to explain what I am thinking by sharing my thoughts as well…

    Any comments / thoughts / advice would be much appreciated…..

    Cheers Community,

    • matt says:

      option 1 or 2

      • chandanrajdb says:

        Thanks mate for your reply above….

        Much appreciated….


    • The Ranger says:

      Top work Raj!! It doesn't sound like you need much advice but here goes….
      Parker would be my choice.
      Not convinced Shaw will keep up the good scores and he has a bad history of injuries.
      I like Dalhaus but he's gonna give you the odd crappy score.
      Simpson and Walker are good but both are playing for a pretty ordinary side.
      Thats my five cents worth.
      Best of luck!

    • MightyDonsFC says:


    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Brilliant planning! I like option 2 or 3

    • Danners16 says:

      I like option 3 as Dahlhaus has turned it on recently, but I do like the look of R.Shaw as well, 3 100's in a row.

    • Kris says:

      You should be giving most of us advice.

      Anyways I Don't like Shaw.
      Id prefer Simpson over Walker. Walker has a lot of brain fades and can go missing.
      And I like Dahlhaus over Parker.

      And by the looks of it getting a defender would be better.

      Wouldnt be interested in Johnson [Freo] whilst hes still under 500k?

    • Tommykwr says:

      Definitely not option 5
      Probably 5 is the best option

    • chandanrajdb says:

      I think I will be going with Option – 3…..


    • Dean says:

      Firstly well done that's awesome. Have you also considered trading out MITCHELL for JOSH P KENNEDY, If you done this it would leave you with $102,900 in your warchest.

      I just think JPK is allot more reliable then Parker or Dahlhaus for that matter.

      Below shows there Average, Price and there scores this year.
      PARKER $501,500 Avg/102 Scores: 95-87-131-91-98-114
      DAHLHAUS $460,800 Avg/105 Scores: 93-104-59-126-128
      KENNEDY $583,900 Avg/115 Scores: 91-109-110-120-144-105

      As you can see KENNEDY has a much higher average and above all, he is allot more consistent.

      Good luck regardless of who you chose mate, your doing blood awesome. Keep it up.

    • Dean says:

      I also forgot to mention FYFE

      $585,700 FYFE Avg/119 Scores: 122-118-109-134-112

      • chandanrajdb says:

        Hi Dean,

        Thanks for your comment above mate….much appreciated…..

        My trades this week as it stands is….

        OUT: S Mitchell & A Fasolo….

        IN: A Walker & L Dalahaus….
        $20k remaining in the warchest….


  34. Simon T says:

    Hi everyone

    Would like some advice regarding bye strategy. Sitting at 2-3 in leagues only one game outside the eight. Have lost the last two and injuries have meant that I will only have 14 players available. At this stage will be OK for R9 but will have only 17 available for RD10. Do I cope another heavy defeat this week and save the trades for next week or do I make a couple of trades in the hope of scraping over the line and keeping up with the top 8.

    • Derek says:

      Must focus on having the best team by around week 16. No point in making top 8 if you don’t have good team

  35. Bray says:

    Thoughts in Jono O’Rouke.?

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      Played alright first game, shocking 2nd. GWS have some players to fit back in so he needs to play a good game this week to keep his spot

      • Bray says:

        Billy Hartung?

        • MightyDonsFC says:

          Will get a few weeks, then probably dropped to VFL as hawks get some midfielders back

        • Danners16 says:

          I like B.Hartung a lot, but if S.Mitchell is out of while, his 26 disposal performance might mean he will be in there for a while. Another one would be B.Acres, he would have very good job security since he is at St.Kilda.

          • MightyDonsFC says:

            Agreed, hartung and acres pick of the rookie mids atm. Smokey ben newton

  36. Bray says:

    Just read that Sam Mitchell is out for 8 weeks

      • Bray says:

        That’s going to hurt, what do you reccomemd.?

        • MightyDonsFC says:

          I don't have him, but I feel for all those who do because there are no rookies to downgrade to so you will have to sideways.

      • Kris says:

        dang! really didnt want to get rid of mitchell. I thought McDonald was my biggest problem. Maybe I shouldve held onto Suckling last week,..

        Any Suggestion on any decent moves?

        Def – Mitchell, McDonald, McVeigh, Simpson, Swallow, Laidler, Webster, Langdon

        • MightyDonsFC says:

          How much cash do you have?

          • Kris says:


            • MightyDonsFC says:

              How's your teams bye situation looking?

              • Kris says:

                def – swallow McV mitchell simpson langdon mcdonald webster laidler
                mid – Ablett, pendle, macrae, libba, polec, dunstan, kelly, taylor, crouch, beams
                ruck – Sandi West Currie Thurlow
                fwd – Danger, Zorko, Dahl, Martin, JKH, Gimpey, Lloyd, Fasolo

                so outs are —> rd 8 – 12, rd 9 – 8, rd 10 – 10

                Im thinking of holding Gimpey take the cash hit whilst I wait for Riewoldts price to plummet again (has a BE of 200 odd). And the gimp should also be playing this week.

                And remove Mitchell and maybe McDonald. And bring in someone like Walker maybe just to balance byes a little more. I do also like Johnson. If only bartel didnt have a rd 8 bye. Also have Hanley on my radar down the track.

        • Captain joc says:

          Bob Murphy anyone?

          • SCaddict says:

            Yes I'm exploring that option myself as an upgrade for LMac. Weighing him up against 1AW who costs another $30K more.

            • Kris says:

              I think I'd fork the extra out for Walker. Both will have ups and downs. But I think Walker has more of a chance to hit some huge scores – which if your in a tight good league, that could be the difference between a win and a loss.

          • Captain joc says:

            Yeah I think he is a lock for smitch – bob Murphy

          • Captain joc says:

            Yes that could be true but Murphy looks consistent but walker will be very inconsistent

          • Pompous Git says:

            Scores of – 118, 110, 89, 90, 64, 92, 84 AVG 91 3rnd Avg 80.

            He just doesn’t seem like a top 10 defender to me, I suppose he could make a solid D6, but if you stretch a few more $$$ there are better point per $$$ options like Hurn/Simpson/Birchall for not much more.

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Well that sux, gone for 8 and $60k with him. I need to trade down for cash next week, Schoenmakers at $260k is a stop gap option. Gives me $240k plus he should go up $100k or so over the next 4-6 games, otherwise I go Hibberd and burn $25k means I can't get both Pendles and Selwood next week. Is there a good option in between these two? Cutler?

    • Kris says:

      Any one like the shoemaker? as a short term investment to replace Mitchell? Him and Birchall should get more of the ball with Lake and Mitchell out for a while

      • Michael says:

        I do short term but got shot down as him being too inconsistent. Personally I think he’ll make enough $$$ to be a worthwhile option.

      • Luke says:

        I wouldnt burn a trade to bring him in just yet. Wait to see how he plays this week, especially since his role may change again with no lake and SMitchell

  37. Ben says:

    Need to cash in macdonald, any ideas for who I should trade in, needs to be a defender because I don't a dp in my midfield. Thanks guys.

    • Azmataz says:

      Murphy is a proven consistent premium worth considering

      • LukTon says:

        I think he means to generate cash

        Sorry mate, but unfortunately there's not a whole lot on offer. I'm in the same boat, and I've decided to trade in Joel Tippett, although I don't like his job security. He will net you around $170k, but just don't expect him to play much more footy.

        Even if you can't swing anyone from the midfield into your defense, I feel it's still a valid trade for this reason – there are a lot of dipping premiums that are ripe for the plucking, and if your strategy is to take one of these guys, I think that takes priority over the right rookie to downgrade to.

        Hope this helps buddy, good luck!

  38. Danners16 says:

    Hey guys, not a good week for me, the Relton Roberts curse has effected me 2 weeks in a row now. I was ranked in the top 1000 but now I'm back about 4500.
    Def-S.Mitchell, D.Swallow, M.Jaensch, C.Hampton, T.Langdon, L.McDonald (J.Laidler, T.Cutler)
    Mid-G.Ablett, D.Beams, M.Murphy, N.Jones, L.Shuey, R.Griffen, J.Polec, J.Kelly (H.Cunningham, L.Taylor)
    Ruck-A.Sandilands, S.Jacobs (F.Thurlow, T.Derickx)
    Fwd-P.Dangerfield, L.Parker, N.Riewoldt, D.Zorko, D.Martin, S.Lloyd (A.Fasolo, J.Impey)
    $99,500 in the bank
    I have a few trades on my mind but I want to see what you guys think.
    S.Mitchell is a definite out since he is out for 8 weeks

    • Kris says:

      I like the look of your team – got some unique picks.

      Any more word on jaensch's injury? Suspected broken ribs last I heard.
      McVeigh would prob be my first choice for mitchell. and his DPP is a bonus. He should be a keeper all season.
      Though If you'd prefer a cheaper option, Johnson (480k) has been one I've been keen on lately (don't know how a return of ibbottson would effect his output though). Or Birchall (450k) should get some more of the ball with Mitchell out.

  39. wes says:

    Hi Community!!!!
    Hope you all are well!

    After your thoughts on the best cash cows around, who don't have a rd 8 bye.
    Considering my strategy was a 'stuff the bye', type, I am stuffed this week and want to take advantage by building up some cash.
    I rekcon first comment could be, don't trade if you don't have to… after thoughts.
    Who is going to make the most $$ from rd 8 or rd 8 + 9 preferably


  40. Luke says:

    Is Jackson Merret injured

  41. Kris says:

    Impey has a BE of 77 and keeps getting the vest. BUT he is playing this week.
    Trade or hold? (for league win)

    Also have issues with Mitchell and McDonald

  42. Brandon2416 says:

    need a premo defender for mitchell $$ doesnt matter at all.
    Who is the best premo already got mcveigh,swallow,enright

    • MightyDonsFC says:


    • Brandon2416 says:

      what about hibberd

      • Kris says:

        Love Bartel – would switch out for mitchell if he didnt have a bye this rd.
        Hibberd has had a good year and has a SC friendly game. Though Im being cautious about essendon players for the next 4 weeks just because the asada farce SHOULD be either ending or issuing infraction notices.

  43. Dom says:

    Trade Wright?

  44. Billy says:

    If Mumford isnt named this week would it be smart to trade down to Jamar(rnd 10 bye) and pocket the 140k?

    can jamar keep pumping out 90+??

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      I'd go for a safer option in lobbe, last time Jamar completed a full season was 2010 and he averaged 82.3

    • Liam says:

      Bugger Lobbe, go Patty Ryder, tonned up 3 times in a row. Lobbe has tonned up what…twice all year??! He is very overated.

  45. Lachie says:

    Who should i trade for mitchell? Can't afford guys like hibberd or mcveigh. Is malceski a relevant option or should i wait till i downgrade next round as i am in a pretty weak league and that extra score may not be needed. Thoughts?

    • Billy says:

      walker/simpson good aswell. will score 100+ as currently a lot of ball is in blues back 50 and those 2 are usually the ones rebounding out.

    • Danners16 says:

      L.Hodge, S.Burgoyne are good options

    • Kenny Powers says:

      Had Malcescki from the start and he has been very solid despite Sydney's up and down form. Easily in the top 12 defenders at the end of the season for mine.

    • Azmataz says:

      Murphy is underpriced and should be top10 defenders at year end

  46. Pat says:

    gday all, will be trading out mike pyke this week, but who for, would love some input on who we reckon is the perfect swap for pike!!
    Also i have 125k in the warchest !!!

    • Billy says:

      goldstein had dropped fown to 475k. good pickup.
      or mark jamar 420k and a good POD. but care cos he is injury prone
      or lobbe 430k also a good pick

    • Kris says:

      Could look at a Derickx or Longer so your not outve pocket. Since Pyke and Hickey are injured. Help you earn some money until some ruck options start to show some good consistency.

    • Tommykwr says:

      If Natanui can score well he is cheap

    • Emma says:

      I have the same issue will be trading him for Derick to make quick cash then upgrade Derick to Goldy round 10

  47. Billy says:

    goldstein had dropped fown to 475k. good pickup.
    or mark jamar 420k and a good POD. but care cos he is injury prone

    • Billy says:

      or lobbe 430k also a good pick

    • Tommykwr says:

      Patty Ryder is another if he stays fit

      • Derek says:

        Zac smith is available to play round 9. Because he was on long term injury list, must wait until after round 8. Suns have bye this week. Injury to Nicole will see smith straight into side

  48. Danners16 says:

    Hi guys again, I don't know about it but I was thinking that I could answer your questions for about 30min each night. Give a like if it is a good idea. It could start tonight

    • Gab says:

      yer mate that sounds great, would love your input for my team, and im sure the community would oblige!!

  49. Nic says:

    Hey everyone,
    Just wondering who you would reccomend to downgrade for L.Mac. Preferably a round 9 bye player in either the midfield or defence.

    Thinking Acres, Hartung or Newton. Cant find anyone in defence

    Thanks in advance

  50. MightyDonsFC says:

    Hey community, I think we can agree that there's no good defensive rookies left. Because of this should we focus our attention on building our premium defence before bringing in our discounted selwoods, goddards, griffins etc?

    • Derek says:

      There are no defence Rookies. Closest i can see is Shoenmaker.

      The other option is Fuller who is bound to get game time later in year, surely….

      • Danners16 says:

        So you are saying that Joel Tippett is not a good defensive rookie?

        • Kris says:

          Tippet is on the bubble. BUT he doesnt have much JS. Might not even get named for his next game.
          Not to mention his SC output is not turning heads. SC Gold predicts if he gets another 40 he only goes up 20k.
          Waste of a trade imo.

          If your after cash youll have better results waiting for ambrose or honeychurch bock etc

        • MightyDonsFC says:

          Yes, falls in the gardiner boat

      • OzSonic says:

        Doggies fan here and I doubt we'll see Fuller much at, if at all. Been very disappointing in the VFL so far.

    • Kris says:

      unfortunately I agree. For now anyways. Thats why McDonald getting the vest and mitchell injured has hurt soo many teams.

    • Beady Eye says:

      Even that is hard this week – not a whole lot of premium defenders to get in besides Simpson, maybe Hanley (but his price is about to crash).

  51. Dools says:

    Need Computer Help community, Somehow I-Tunes has disappeared and now I'm unable to upload the free one so I have missed the JR Podcast …..Help_much appreciated if any people can help..

    • BCHawks says:

      Can't you just listen to it on this up the top? Anyway try this link http://www.apple.com/au/itunes/download/

      • Dools says:

        Hi mate thanks for the reply I can get to the page you posted but that's it. I click on download and The little computer has a think for a few seconds and then I'm back on the download page. No movement download wise.
        I'm using Windows 7 No Joy

        • lostlarrikin says:

          I usually try all three options Dools:
          Play in main window; Play in new window and Download
          One of these seems to always work.
          Never done it thro itunes.

          • Dools says:

            Thanks Lost Mate I'm Jock – less so far Hahahaha but I will figure this beast out. Computer is angry I did not pick Invisable one – A wee bit of Carlton draught on the Keyboard wll make it all better as it can't get any bloody worse No Jock No Live

            • Wattsieesq says:

              Do you have an iphone? I play the podcast through the podcast app.

  52. Kris says:

    Any one like the shoemaker? as a short term investment. I know his score was a bit inflated last game since 11ish players broke the ton for the hawks in the thrashing they handed out. But no Mitchell and Lake could see him get more of the pill

  53. Kenny Powers says:

    Reading between the lines from a Power assistant coach's interview, it sounded like it might have been a one off game for now for Newton. Have to wait for selection night but with Freo this week, I'll reckon he'll be back in the SANFL. The Mitchell injury maybe gives Hartung a few more games than he may have otherwise got. I was going to do the trade but neither player's price changes this week so migh just watch for one more match. Got nothing on Acres .. except for my cows!!!

  54. The Mullet says:

    Replacement for Mitchell………no disruption to my trading schedule for the byes…… Simpson or Hodge?

  55. Kev says:

    Thoughts on a (nearly) bottomed out Chad Wingard, community? Haven't seen a lot of Port this year so I'm unsure of his role, is he just out of form?

    • Bob McBob says:

      I think he is just a little bit hampered by his ankle injury

    • Beady Eye says:

      Was playing Monfries role as a small forward while he was injured.

      Not sure this will change now Monfries is back… Port are playing out of their mind and WIngard's kicking plenty of goals up forward, Hinkley may not want to mess with a winning formula.

  56. ben says:

    libatore or griffen

  57. Leon says:

    Injuries to Langford and ellis doing my head in…. any news???_

  58. Brandon2416 says:

    is johnson a keeper till the end of the season??

    • iquintenR says:

      As in Michael Johnson I’d say yes he’s in good form and I see him just getting better and better. I got him in for Hanley few weeks ago and can’t say I’m disappointed

  59. Antonio says:

    Guys, Community… Be prepared for your greatest challenge yet. This is my first year doing Supercoach, and for a bloke who wants to win a cash league. I'm struggling, and I need help BADLY!! If anyone can get me back on track it's this Community so please please help and give me some advice. Okay here goes nothing, here's my team! (By the way I've only won 1 round, and need to start a streak!!)

    Defence: Swallow, Langdon, Mitchell, Webster, Georgiou, Cutler (Kolodjashnij, McDonald)

    Midfield: Murphy, Watson, Polec, Cotchin, Thomas, Griffen, Ablett, Beams (Kelly, Robertson)

    Rucks: Cox, Nic Nat (Currie, King)

    Forwards: Dangerfield, Zorko, Roughead, Martin, Higgins, JKH (Fasolo, Ambrose)

    I have 18 trades left and $131,100 in the war-chest! Please help guys and thanks heaps!

    • Billy says:

      main problem is your backline. mitchell is out for 8 weeks so trade him out for mcveigh or hibberd. then if possible upgrade webster/mcdonald to another high output defender like a walker. your mid is strong, upgrade thomas to an premium in the coming weeks (pendles/selwood/rockcliff/JPk).

      if higgins gets to the 400kish then swap him from a premium (breust/rough/parker/dahlaus)

      • Azmataz says:

        Mitchell for Hibberd and Fasolo for Robbie Gray if possible. Maybe drop Thomas for a fallen premo

        • Cam_H says:

          In addition to Billy's and Azmataz's comments …

          Maybe Thomas + Mitchell + Cash for Hodge + Burgoyne, opening Def-Mid swing options should you need it.

          Rucks a worry … could consider Mitchell + King for pick-your-defender+ Derickx even tough most of his upgrade value's gone in past weeks, but still a possibility back-up-ruck during bye (?).

          Best of luck with whatever you choose!

  60. Billy says:

    main problem is your backline. mitchell is out for 8 weeks so trade him out for mcveigh or hibberd. then if possible upgrade webster/mcdonald to another high output defender like a walker. your mid is strong, upgrade thomas to an premium in the coming weeks (pendles/selwood/rockcliff/JPk).

    if higgins gets to the 400kish then swap him from a premium (breust/rough/parker/dahlaus)

  61. Bicks says:

    An issue close to my heart. What to do about Selwood? Big cats fan and he is a legend already. Many talk about bringing him after the bye but I have had him from the start and he seems to be getting heavily tagged. With the bye then facing the SC pain in the arse Crowley in Rd 9 should I stick with the champion?

    • Michael says:

      Absolutely, don’t worry about Crowley factor as he’s down on form atm.

    • chandanrajdb says:

      You answered your question mate…..when everyone's thinking of bringing him in why would you want to get rid of him…..absolutely HOLD mate…..he is a Gun…


    • Derek says:

      I put StevieJ in my team round 1 only because there was an injury worry over Selwood. Round 9 he is in my team, locked for rest of the year.

  62. Nick says:

    Thoughts on hartung, scored 70 from 3 quarters.
    Advice much appreciated!

    • Kev says:

      Looks the goods. Really not worth jumping on him this week from a SC point of view. Won't be on the bubble until round 10 and who knows if he will still be in the team by then.

      From a cash point of view however, just ahead of o'rourke for mine

    • Derek says:

      If I had to choose between hallohan and hartung, I’d go hallohan. They can both play, I just think hallohan has much better job security, especially Mitchell out,

  63. Lloyd says:

    What do people think of Bob Murphy? I can't afford any of the more expensive defenders, can anyone see any value in him he has been a proven premo for the last 3 or so years. He has only had 1 game below 84 points in which he was extremely dirty on himself the week after. Help me please community, is this man still supercoach relevant?

    • Billy says:

      id say yes. he rebounds the ball from defensive 50 and being in a bulldog team the ball spends a lot of time in their defensive 50. id say he can average 95+ this year ez

    • matt says:

      id say yes, been looking at him as a D6 and with an average of 90-95 i see him getting is great value, and probably has bottomed out in price

    • Derek says:

      No. Not a premium. Getting old, in a poor team. Better options at better prices

    • Azmataz says:

      Yes. I am getting on. Bargain price

  64. matt says:

    i was looking at the run of Fremantle they play 5 out of the top 8 sides from now on till the end of the year and think he could come to be top 5 defender by years end, i reckon i shopuld save 70k getting him instead of mcveigh what are the communities thoughts on this ?

  65. Antonio says:

    Guys, Community… Be prepared for your greatest challenge yet. This is my first year doing Supercoach, and for a bloke who wants to win a cash league. I’m struggling, and I need help BADLY!! If anyone can get me back on track it’s this Community so please please help and give me some advice. Okay here goes nothing, here’s my team! (By the way I’ve only won 1 round, and need to start a streak!!)

    Defence: Swallow, Langdon, Mitchell, Webster, Georgiou, Cutler (Kolodjashnij, McDonald)

    Midfield: Murphy, Watson, Polec, Cotchin, Thomas, Griffen, Ablett, Beams (Kelly, Robertson)

    Rucks: Cox, Nic Nat (Currie, King)

    Forwards: Dangerfield, Zorko, Roughead, Martin, Higgins, JKH (Fasolo, Ambrose)

    I have 18 trades left and $131,100 in the war-chest! Please help guys and thanks heaps!

    • Pompous Git says:

      I say Old Bean, you are in a spot of bother! Only 18 trades and not much in piggy bank. Your team however is fairly solid IMO.

      You have 16 players on the park for round 8 and decent C & VC options in Murphy, Cox, Watson and even Polec if you have the plums for it.

      Mitchell is your only must trade, and with your bye structure I would pick up Hooker or Hibberd or McVeigh as they are all round 10 bye players.

      If your Thomas is of the Tiger variety, then I would trade him down to O’Rourke or Hartung to build up war chest and give you 18 players for round 8. Otherwise hold and just cop the one donut this week, as there is still cash in all your rookies.

      Goodluck old Boy!

      • Antonio says:

        Thanks heaps for your advice. I did the Mitchell to McVeigh trade and my Thomas is Daisy. Should I do anything else?

        • Pompous Git says:

          Not really old boy. Make sure you have all your round 8 players on the field as emergencies won't count and that's it. Next week You could trade Daisy down to a rookie to free up cash to do an upgrade elsewhere, maybe Higgins or McDonald.

  66. Steve says:

    Prow you all boys 'Rocksta , Drools? Thinking wright out for Dahl, leaving $30 plus trading our Langford donut for a cheap playing rookie , but bloody hell who? Tricky as but that would give me 18 on ground. What do you think?

  67. Themightyroos says:

    Jed Adcock anyone?

  68. Steve says:

    Is it really worth. Brining In Two rookies to avoid the donuts…..I've got 17 on field, that's enough….? They are not even guaranteed to pick up any points?

    • SCaddict says:

      There doesn't appear to be any rookie must haves that are on the bubble this week so wouldn't force the issue and burn trades just to get an extra rookie with dodgy JS on the park this round.

      Perhaps Jono O'Rourke is worth looking at if he gets named this weekend but not too much else. So 17 should be ok to field this week in my opinion.

  69. Neilsy says:

    S.burgoyne thoughts?last 3 years been very consistent.How will his role change now that Mitchell is gone?thoughts community.

    • Azmataz says:

      Pass. He will be stuck down back with Lake out and will only net 50-60 points

      • Beady Eye says:

        Might also attract Mitchell's tagger, given how damaging he's been this year.

  70. Nick says:

    This may seem like a stupid idea but if i did trade gaz and selwood who would you guys recommend ?

    I see that this May be a stupid idea but think about this get 500k from downgrading gaz already have 160 k in the bank. Thats 660 k plus downgrading selwood thats like 350k so I have 1 million to go bang bang bang bang bang bang. Kennedy Harris out Tyson out daisy out McDonald out Webster out all to spring lambs plump as ever Kennedy Harris to pavilch will have all premium forward line Tyson out Watson in daisy out griffin in all premium midfield except for one flippa Robertson Webster out to Simpson McDonald out bartel all premium back line yes It is a big risk but I can see it benifiting my team so much and I will get gaz when he goes back down in price.

    Any ideas for rookies to swap with them

    • SCaddict says:

      I know Higgo raised it for discussion in the podcast but that's too much chasing your own tail and burning a bunch of trades in the process for my liking. Could quickly find yourself in an even bigger hole.

      When your opponents are pumping out 300 pts plus most weeks with Gaz as their captain I think it will get pretty old pretty quickly and you will end up having to disrupt your whole team to stump up the clams to get him back in.

      Think you would be better off patiently upgrading as normal but perhaps pick up a few POD premos along the way if you need to make up ground and hope they come off.

    • yesIdohavebacon says:

      Trade "may seem like" down to "is"

      this saves you 9 letters with which you can easily afford your answer – DONT

    • Roadkill Warrior says:

      No. Go ask Crouching for a fly kick

    • medadsson says:

      It has been a long run with Kennedy-Harris but why suffer through all that pain and trade him out when he has just played the best game of his short career. He has impressive attributes. Two more games can't hurt and you may find he has significantly increased in value as the 112 he scored will continue to roll into his value over the next two weeks. His breakeven is -20 so you just can't lose by keeping him a little longer!!!

    • Kris says:

      I'd avoid, if you were looking to save money to use in other areas you shouldnt have picked up Ablett and selwood in the first place.

  71. Jimmy says:

    Thoughts on LMac to Schoenmakers?
    and Mitchell to Hibberd?

    • Derek says:

      I would keep LMac before getting Shoenmaker in, sure he will give you a bit of cash, but seriously….. Look elsewhere. Especially with Lake out, he will play key defender

  72. Derek says:

    Have a look who the Hawks play in last 3 rounds, supercoach Finals. Fremantle (away), Geelong and collingwood. Time to rethink having to many hawks in team. Have Mitchell, Birchell, suckling, Langford, roughie and rioli.

    • Beady Eye says:

      Might be a case of selectively removing them week by week, depending on how they historically score against those teams.

      Rioli does well against the Pies and Freo.
      Roughie generally does well against Freo.
      Mitchell does well against all three.
      Birchall is hit and miss against all of them (like he is with every opponent).
      And Langford should be long gone by that point of the season anyway!

  73. Captain joc says:

    Captain joc team

    Back: smitchell, mcveigh, jaensch, swallow, Langford, Langdon (georgiou, cutler)

    Mids: Ablett, pendlebury, beams, liberatore, Watson, fyfe, polec, crouch ( Robertson, m Thomas)

    Ruck: Sandilands , pyke(currie, king)

    Fwds: rioli, dangerfield, Martin, zorko, t Mitchell, Higgins (JKH, Taylor)

    I’ve got 19 trades left and 30k in the bank

    I’ve got potentially 5 injuries (only 1 has a bye this week)

    Any opinions? I’m in dire straights at the moment

    • Captain joc says:

      Going for overall as I’m in the top 900

    • Roadkill Warrior says:

      Well CJ, you could be lucky and Langford and Tmitchell get named on thursday, that would give you 16 players I think. A little short term pain this week followed by a bounce back next week is in order.

      The most obvious injury affected player to trade out is SMitch given he is gone for 8 weeks, followed by Jaensch then Pyke. I would trade to SMitch to Burgoyne or KSimpson would do (I would personally go Hibberd but I think you are 1k short.

      You are also short someone to generate cash, perhaps its time to cash in MThomas for a cow, either O’Rourke or Hartung.

      That will give you 16-18 players depending on selections plus a decent kitty for next week when Swan, Selwood & Bartel should be on your shopping list.

      • Captain joc says:

        Well I was considering the following trades
        Smitch to bob Murphy
        M Thomas to hartung
        Pyke to big boy mcevoy

        • Pompous Git says:

          I say old boy, Bob Murphy is a rather left field pick. What is your reasoning for bringing him in? His best two scores have been 188 & 110 in rounds 1 & 2, and I cant see him averaging more than 85 from here on.

          Respectfully suggest that Hurn/Hibberd/Simpson/Burgoyne represent more likely top 8 defenders from here.

          • Captain joc says:

            Well his only 450k I see him averaging 90-95 I think if I go with the big spend it could hurt me in the long run
            Yes he is old but I still see him as a good player

          • Pompous Git says:

            118 & 110, my apologies

  74. scooter says:

    S Mitchell to burgyone
    Pyke depending on extent of injury to derickxx
    Jaesnch to h Shaw

  75. Marcus J says:

    tom mitchel and pearce hanley.

    anyone still got these players and what are you doing with them ?

    • Pompous Git says:

      Hallo Marcus! Pompous Git here old boy!

      I am holding Hanley in the hope he comes back in this week. I only have 19 trades left so burning a premium is not really an option. Unless his names Sam Mitchell, in which case the buggers out and Simpson is in immediately!

      As for Tommy, I traded him out weeks ago, but he was named as an emergency last week, so there’s some chance he could get get the nod this week. If not, trade away old bean!

    • Kris says:

      As per afl website – hanley is set to play. If you've held him this long whats a little longer. Especially in a struggling lions side – so he should get plenty of the ball

  76. Jack says:

    Thoughts Community

    Dale Thomas Out, To Llolyd or Hartung, or Morabito

    Then Mcdonald Upgrade, to Hibbard, Bartel Etc.

    Then Trading Mitchell to a cheap rookie to generate cash then next week you go Bang Bang!!

    • yes I do hav bacon says:

      Sounds good, like Thomas to hartung lmac to hibbrd option. Jimmy has the bye so no point trading him in this week.

  77. Mudiemoose says:

    Hey guys my first year playing sc and found the insights of the Community amazing!

    I read on the afl traders that two rookies worth considering were Jake Lloyd or Billy Hartung what do you guys think of these guys just for some points in the byes as well as making some extra cash

    As a downgrade for McDonald and Hold Mitchell until next week as he won’t be going down in $

    • Beady Eye says:

      You can be forgiven for not knowing better than to read the rubbish the AFL Traders pump out. Rookie mistake that 🙂

      Coming into the draft, Hartung's strengths were highlighted as: ball magnet, precise long kicking and super-uber-elite endurance runner. Sounds like a Hawthorn sort to me… that, combined with the fact he's played both on-ball and at half back (ie. Mitchell's role) means I reckon he might have a spot in the team for a little while yet.

      • Mudiemoose says:

        Haha thanks Beady Eye
        I’ll make sure I’ll take those muppetts opinions with a grain a salt! Was looking at my team and I’m set up pretty well for round 8 may hold this week on Hartung and see if/how he plays this week and pick him up after the hawks bye in round 9 downgrading from
        McDonald (see how he plays round 9)
        L Taylor (round 10 bye) or
        Cutler (round 10 bye and swing a def mid into my backline

        • Beady Eye says:

          No worries mate – you've found the best SC community around, so you're all set now!

          I've got the same issue with McDonald and Taylor, but due to other issues in my team I'm having to make the Hartung decision this week. Simply no other downgrade options that appeal.

          Fingers crossed for both our sakes…

  78. Tman says:

    Gday community

    Anyone know how long Jensch is out for?

  79. medadsson says:

    It's BANG BANG BANG for me! And I aint talking about the Mrs 🙂

  80. Lauz says:

    Hey guys,
    in a bit of trouble here, main concerns are what to do with mitchell, jaensch, mcdonald, georgiou, impey. not sure what my moves should be the coming rounds, let me know your thoughts…
    19 trades, $190,300 in the bank
    D: Swallow, mcveigh, jaensch, s.mitchell, mcdonald, laidler, (webster, georgiou)
    M: Alblett, D.Beams, Dal Santo, ines, POlec, Vince, Aish, M.Crouch, (J.Kelly, Hallahan)
    R: Sandilands, Jacobs, (Derickx, Currie)
    F: Dangerfield, Breust, Zorko, Martin, JKH, Taylor, (Fasolo, Impey)


    • GAB says:

      i have all 5 of them too, and not sure what to do either,
      firstly if ambrose is named impey to ambrose,
      micthell to johnson/burgouyne/ hibberd
      georgiou keep as no defender rookies coming through,
      mcdonald i may keep think after his rest will come good hopefully a sideways trade to hanley

      • matt says:

        would be looking at getting some premium midfielders such as selwood/pendlebury/watson in the coming weeks

    • Pompous Git says:

      Mitchell to Simpson, Jaensch to Hurn?

  81. sharker4 says:

    I am looking at trading Hooker or Hibberd in for Mitchell, im liking Hooker for his price he is averaging the same as Hibberd and is 50k cheaper. Thoughts?

    • GAB says:

      think hooker may be a keep should end up in the top 10 defenders at years end so id go with whatever your gut is telling you

  82. adrian says:

    what are the chances of TAT tonight?
    Mighty Dons wouldn't mind another one of yours mate !!!

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      Late Wednesday or early Thursday. I'll be using a new format that includes premiums, rookies and a smokey

  83. Kris says:

    has anyone looked at Salem as a downgrade? Surely he wont get the vest a third week in a row.

    • Pompous Git says:

      Yes old boy, but he needs to score a 60 to avoid going down in price this week, while a 100 would see a $19k rise. So its unlikely he will go up more than a few pennies this week, meaning we can all afford to sit back and watch what happens at the Mighty Melbourne Football club this week!

  84. Luke says:

    Freo set to continue with Chris Mayne in the backline – which got him his first decent score of the year.
    Would it be a bit too optimistic to jump on him at 350k?

  85. matt says:

    thoughts on Michael Johnson anyone in this community, realy like him

    • Gab says:

      little bit of a POD but maybe wait till the bye till you get him in, also ross likes to rest plyers, we know that from last years mania !!!

      • matt says:

        wait till the bye, there bye is round 10, so would be 2 wasted weeks, well anyway should be top 5 defenders by years end so im gonna take the POD with him

    • Beady Eye says:

      Also wait and see if McPharlin and Dawson come up for this week's game. If either/both are out, Johnson will have to play more defensively to cover.

  86. akka says:

    HI Community,

    what do guys think about suckling?

    maybe a keeper till mitchel and lake returns?


  87. Derek says:

    if there are no downgrade options, I would be holding your trades. No point in getting someone who has poor JS or isn't likely to score well just because he was the best of a bad bunch.

  88. Matt says:

    Hi All, just wanted to get some feedback and advice on what to do this week with my team.
    DEF: Mitchell, Enright, Dunn, Suckling, McDonald, Langdon (Laidler, Georgiou)
    MID: Ablett, Beams, Fyfe, Rockliff, Murphy, Dal Santo, Polec, Aish (Dunstan, M.Crouch)
    RUCK: Sandilands, Lobbe (Currie, Nankervis)
    FWD: Dangerfield, Zorko, Martin, JKH, L.Taylor, S.Lloyd (Impey, Ambrose)
    22 Trades, $330,900 in bank.
    I know I need to trade out Mitchell but unsure who to. All comments, feedback and advice appreciated.

  89. dognino says:

    This round is definitely doing my head in, plagued by injury so far this season. I had planned on bringing in selwood and pendles R9 but I just can't see how without hurting my other lines and doing something stupid like downgrade smitch to a rookie.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated, here's my team
    Back: mcveigh,swallow, hibberd, s Mitchell, enright, Langdon ( Langford, georgiou)
    Mids: ablett, rockliff, griffin,beams,treloar, polec, Robertson,McDonald ( Cunningham, halahan )
    Ruck: sandi, pyke ( currie, king)
    Fwds: danger,reiwoldt,zorko,wingard, j.merret, JKH (Rohan, Lloyd)

    Down to 19 trades and only 83k in the bank
    Looking for league wins only, planned for byes, but so far extra outs this week are smitch, pyke, Langford, merret

    I'm open to bringing in rd 8 bye players if it will help my overall structure as my opponent this week only avg 1400 and is bottom of the ladder

    • Garglesnarf FC says:

      Dognino, you’re team is so similar to mine its scary. I also have only 19 trades but a slightly better 147k in the kick.

      My suggestions to consider are:

      Mitchell to Hurn would add $70k to your kitty and give you a player likely to average 95, or go spend 3k and go Simpson for the 100+ type player. I have gone Hurn.

      You also need to free up some cash, maybe McD to Orourke/Hartung/Salem/Lloyd, or even Gary f Rohan to Ambrose if he’s named (it cant be too much longer can it?) would add $50 plus a healthy price rise in Ambrose.


      • dognino says:

        Thanks gargles, Rohan has actually proved more usefull since he's been dropped as I loophole JKH and Lloyd ( might need to use it on reiwoldt) . If ambrose is named I think I'll go merret to ambrose, use some of that cash to go pyke to big boy mcevoy . And McDonald to hartung to raise cash

        Like I said, I'm only in it for league wins now and I should have an easy one , so thinking of holding smitch until next week and bring in bartel . See if there are any other cash grabs, and rd 10 bring in pendles and selwood, as they both still have BEs over 150 for R9 .

        Just read also that treloar might be out with an ankle this week too, yay

        • dognino says:

          So looked at my opponents team, he has only 11 on field players this round due to byes or injury, or just not playing. I have 15 , with neither of us making trades.

          Mapped out my plans for the players I want , and I think my only trade this week will be merret to, hopefully ambrose if named or to any fwd rookie selected under $170k.

          This gives me the cash I need to next week turn
          L,Mac into j.tippet
          S.mitchell into pendelbury
          Cunningham, into selwood.

          Pyke, and treloar are reported 1 week injuries, so holding for now, but R10 should see Robertson and JKH plump enough to turn Robertson into hartung, who will be on the bubble and JKH to a fwd up to $500k value or pyke into sauce . I'd really like pyke to start earning his money tho and save me a trade

  90. Corey.d says:

    McVeigh or Hibberd?

    • Matt says:

      Much proven performer

      • Gab says:

        couldnt go wrong with either, i would have hibberd just higher as swans have so much midfield depth they take points off each other

    • Bob McBob says:

      Hibberd will get you the consistent 95-110 points a week with low-to-no chance of being tagged
      McVeigh will get you 105+ a week with a slightly higher chance of being tagged than Hibberd.

      Basically go with your gut feeling

  91. Danners16 says:

    Hey guys, just letting you know that I'm open for questions in ten minutes for 30min maybe shorter depending on how many questions I get after it seemed a few people like the idea of me answering your questions

  92. Mebois says:

    i need langford and thurlow to play this week just to get 16 on the field, but im pretty sure i will get the league win this week so i think it could be a good think so that in rounds 9 and 10 i dont have as many players out and it will make for better scores.

  93. Danners16 says:

    Alright guys, fire away with your questions! I will be here for 30min depending on how many people have questions. Questions can be about anything Supercoach or a check up on your team

    • Jeff says:

      If Tom Mitchell not named this week I'll be looking to trade him – best to go to someone like Dahlhaus or to save some cash and try a Roughead or a Wingard?

      • Danners16 says:

        I wouldn't get J.Roughead since he is a key forward, I would probably go L.Dahlhaus over C.Wingard as Wingard seems to be out of touch a bit

    • Danners16 says:

      If I don't get any comments in the next 5 minutes, it will end

      • Mebois says:

        i need langford and thurlow to play this week just to get 16 on the field, but im pretty sure i will get the league win this week so i think it could be a good think so that in rounds 9 and 10 i dont have as many players out and it will make for better scores.

        • Mebois says:

          also who is the best rnd 8 fwd

          • Danners16 says:

            I think W.Langford should play since he is Hawthorns main tagger, Bellchambers looks like he could play this week so I don't like the chances of F.Thurlow of playing. There seems a lot of good forwards out there, M.Wright from the Crows has scored 100's the previous few weeks in a row, A.Fasolo I reckon will be the Heath Shaw of the previous years, if you feel punt worthy J.Elliot seems to be doing well, too pricey though for me same with Brent Harvey

    • Pompous Git says:

      Canners Old Boy! Nice spot!

      In your opinion, which is the best defender under $500k to trade in this week, and why?

      • Danners16 says:

        C.Hooker, only scored under 100 twice this season, Mark Thompson seems he has rejuvenated the team. Hooker is looking like a M.Johnson who would be another option, both very consistent. But for me C.Hooker, both are also good PODS.

    • dognino says:

      Thoughts on j. Merret to c. Dawes? I'd really like to upgrade to bruest but just don't have the cash

      • Danners16 says:

        I believe you commented when I posted so I will answer your question. I am not a fan of key forwards, they are very inconsistent, A.Fasolo is a good option if you haven't got him or Jarryd Blair is going well, 89 from last 3, or Lewis Jetta is around the same mark, but the best option might be just to downgrade to a rookie.

        • dognino says:

          Thanks mate' pity there are no downgrade options in the fwd line . If ambrose is named I think I'll go merret to ambrose

    • Danners16 says:

      Thanks guys that is all I have time for, I will probably do it again about 5:30pm EST Friday.

  94. Jesse says:

    Should i downgrade xavier ellis to billy hartung or ben newton from port? thoughts community

    • matt says:

      hatung would have better JS

      • Bray says:

        Acres job security?
        Not sure on Hartung as Sheils, Sewell, Langford, Stratton to all come back in to the side over the next month.?

  95. Gab says:

    chances of TAT???

  96. Tommykwr says:

    Hey community,
    Not sure whether to go Mitchell to birchall or Robert Murphy
    Ranked 4000 overall and want to maintain strong output
    Leaning towards birchall because he's in a better team.
    Thoughts appreciated

  97. Tom says:

    Should I trade Jackson Merrett, Tom Mitchell and Sam Mitchell?

    • Tommykwr says:

      Jackson merrett has gone cold. Mitchell's out for 8 weeks so probably trade

    • Pompous Git says:

      Indeed sir

    • matt says:

      get rid of all three stumps mate

    • wes says:

      Jackson Merrett has the Lions this week. Good time to regain form.
      Sam is a no brainer with length of time he is gone, and Tom isn't getting a run at all.
      I'd keep Jackson for this rd or maybe til after byes if you can wait

  98. Brandon2416 says:

    at the moment i only have 16 players without the rnd 8 bye. including s. mitchell and p ambrose(so really only 14)
    i have both s. mitchell and luke mcdonald should i trade them both this week.
    have $750k in the war chest

    • Rocksta says:

      Hi Brandon.
      I'm in a similar boat. Theoretically have 19 available but injuries bring that back to 17.
      Am tempted to go Smitch to Hibberd, but know that it would be better to wait until next week and turn him into Bartell ( as I have more players out in Rd 9 and 10).
      If I do anything, I may upgrade DMac, but would need to paint the fence for that to happen. This would also just make it worse for Rd 9 and 10 byes unless I trade very specifically.
      Will get serious about it Tmr. Could very likely hold on trading this week.

    • Brandon2416 says:

      what does paint the fence mean rocksta??

      • Rocksta says:

        1 upgrade from a Rookie to Premo, and one Downgrade ( cashing in a cash cow).
        I've decided on the one trade this week………………..Smitch to Hibberd.
        Ill turn DMac into Bartell next week by painting the fence.

  99. Jontyone says:

    wow what a week!
    Seemed to cop all of the injuries!
    From 1 being the first to be traded out to 5 being the last worry
    Sam Mitchell, Jackson Merrett, Matt Wright, Matt Jaensch, Luke Mcdonald.

  100. THE SALTSHAKERS says:

    Rnd 8 (19 playing)
    Mitchell > Burgoyne D2
    McDonald > Simpson D4

    Rnd 9 (21 or 22 playing)
    Laidler > Swallow D5

    Rnd 10 (20 or 21playing)
    Robertson > Hartung
    Crouch > Selwood
    Tyson > Swan

    = 20 keepers, 12 trades left for corrections, injuries

  101. Todd says:

    Guys looking for a round 9 bye premium to get into my team. Who should I get out of hodge, birchall, Simpson, walker, burgouyne, Heath shaw

  102. tyzsb says:

    Thoughts on trades this round?

    Jackson Merrett>Luke Breust
    Matthew Jaensch>Kade Simpson
    Sam Mitchell> Michael Johnson

  103. Bray says:

    Which Rookie has better Job Security, Billy Hartung, or Blake Acres? Cheers for the help community

    • Kev says:

      Acres you'd think, Saints playing the kids. Though after 26 touches in 3 arts, hartung might be the better player. Neither is on the bubble yet, so it's worth waiting if you don't need to trade for immediate cash

  104. themightyroos says:

    Hey Guys, anyone know if a player with a bye can be used as a loophole, do they get locked out at the start of the round, or not to the full lockout? Help much appreciated.

    • Bruce says:

      full lockout

      • themightyroos says:

        Cheers mate

      • Luke says:

        So will I be able to trade out a bye player towards the end of the round if I need?

        • Luke says:

          Just found my answer within SC website

          "To allow for maximum squad management flexibility during the rolling lockout, you'll be able to substitute and trade players who have a bye right through the round – up until the start of the last match (when SuperCoach goes into full lockout). "

  105. cudz says:

    Is cutler still worth getting?
    Will he make more money than gardiner/tippet?
    Whats JS like?

    • SCaddict says:

      Think his JS is ok but he's probably not worth bringing in now based on his current price and his fairly modest output.

  106. shallots says:

    I havent seen TAT on her since 1982. Its been a while now I almost forgotten what it is.

  107. Kris says:

    Hooker or Johnson? Or Both? (for Lmac and mitchell)
    – only two other defenders I'm looking at is Bartel and Walker.
    My outs during the byes as they stand are – 12 – 8 – 10

  108. Cozza says:

    Thinking Smitch>Ward and Lmac>Simpson this week. Even after bringing these 2 in, will still have 21 on field in Rd 9, so no trades next week unless there is someone on the bubble. Leaves me with 19 trades and $243k in the bank.

    Ward looks great value – only just over $500k and averaging 120 if you exclude the round he was concussed.

    Then thinking Selwood in following week and hopefully Hartung is on the bubble then

  109. tyzsb says:

    Thoughts on trades this round?

    Jackson Merrett>Luke Breust
    Matthew Jaensch>Kade Simpson
    Sam Mitchell> Michael Johnson

    • Flacid Jaff says:

      I'm not sold on Breust. His scores vary too much for mine and won't be able to keep his current form. Instead go for Roughead or Zorko, or if you have them already, Roo will be cheaper than breust is now after his bye. These players will be coming out of a form slump and you'll pick them up at their cheapest!
      Others look good!

  110. Michael says:

    In a world of hurt fellow Jock followers, 19 trades left, $3,600 in the bank, and the following team:

    DEF: Swallow (BYE) / McVeigh / Suckling / SMitch (INJ) / Enright (BYE) / Cameron (INJ) / Langdon (BYE) / McDonald (BYE)

    MID: GAJ (BYE) / Pendles (BYE) / Beams (BYE) / JPK / Murph / Polec / Fyfe / Crouch (BYE) / Taylor / Robertson

    RUC: Sandy / Pyke (INJ) / Derickx / King (NS – non starter)

    FWD: Danger (BYE) / Zorko / Pav / Dusty (BYE) / Higgins / Lloyd (BYE) / JKH / Ambrose (Prob NS)

    This will leave me with only 14 players for this week.

    Options are:

    1. Suck it up, no trades this week, pull trigger next week,
    2. Use 2 trades to trade out injured SMitch & Pyke to Schooey & McEvoy (leaves me with $103,100 in bank & 16 players for this week),
    3. Use all 3 trades to trade out SMitch, Pyke & McDonald to Schooey, McEvoy & Sutcliffe (leaves me with $94,100 in bank & 17 players for this week).

    Real struggle with the cupboard bare of good def rookies, hence Schooey & Sutcliffe options. As long as both keep playing they should make a little bit of cash which could potentially be the difference in getting a premo or not in the next couple of weeks. Trying to go for $50K, though am a long way off sitting around 12K mark.

    Love to hear your thoughts on my options guys, thanks again.

    • Kev says:

      Wow Michael, feel your pain mate. For this round you've just gotta suck it up a bit. I think it's worth trading smitch as he's out for a while, but as you're gonna get smashed by the SC gods this week anyway it may be worth holding off until next week and grab a round 8 player for him.

      Similar opinion with Pyke. Derickx will cover for him this round. As Pyke hasn't been in great form anyway, look at trading him next round.

      Shoemaker and Sutcliffe are to mid price for my taste. At this point in the game you trade up or trade down. Nothing in between. That's your call though, however you play the game

      • Captain joc says:

        Go to the pub and have a few drinks mate lol
        Maybe Mitchell to bob Murphy/Simpson/walker
        Them McDonald to Gardner ( not the best but you gotta generate cash somehow
        Pyke to Minson/mcevoy

      • Michael says:

        I'd love to trade down – there's just nothing there though! Trade up ain't an option due to no cash. Don't want to touch any of my other rookies yet, not ripe enough to pluck from the tree. Hmmm….I feel I have to chase points at this stage to stay in the hunt, am leaning towards all 3 trades and hope for a bit of luck! Imagine if it all works out!

  111. Marcus J says:

    whats people thoughts on mundy and dusty? very cheap?

    • Flacid Jaff says:

      Wait till rd 10 to bring in dusty. Richmond seem to have found their mojo again and if dusty tonnes up in rd 9, get him! he's a monster, DPP, will be running all over the ground, and will be at a delicious price!

      Be careful with mundy, he's a ball winner but will share points with fyfe and barlow all year and will potentially be dropped for the supercoach grand final!

  112. Kev says:

    Ward has a much higher ceiling

  113. Razzle says:

    Hey guys, only fielding 16 this week and have used one trade – mitchell out for walker. Ranked in the top 500, wondering if it is worth trading out a bench player that is unlikely to play over the next 2 or three rounds anyway in fasolo (still in doubt over next fortnight) and michie (held him for ages and is only listed as one week away now) to a robbie gray and hartung upgrade and downgrade combo so I have 18 playing and aren't losing too many points off the leaders.. What do you think, use up trades and field a full team or sit it out and wait for these guys to come back and make more money and just cop the donuts!??

    • Derek says:

      trade your ass off. Keep up your ranking. If you are wanting a high ranking you will regret not trading. welcome

    • shallots says:

      trade your ass off with your final team in mind. once you run out of trades you WILL cop an injury and drop through the rankings. my mate was 786 after 16 rounds and dropped to 20000+ in the 6 weeks following.

      best advice is to scan through the top 50 teams and take note of all the prems. then you HAVE to choose POD's to hopefully beat them. top teams are averaging 2300 and have 12.5 million value already. that means theyre scoring between 2200-2400 a week or 2100-2500 a week.

      the byes are where you can make up massive ranking points, and the byes with hasty or liquor induced trading can also destroy the rest of the year.

  114. Cozza says:

    Was looking closely at Watson, but his BE is still over the 100 so thinking if he increases in price this week, it will be minimal. Ward's BE is only 49 is likely to increase by much more. Can't see Ward getting any cheaper whereas Watson I think will hover around his price for a week or two.

    Selwood BE is 154 at the moment, and will probably get the Crowley tag in his next game (unless Johnson gets it), so he is unlikely to hit that BE. Don't think Selwood has bottomed out yet.

    We'll see how it pans out!

  115. The Ranger says:

    Hey Jock, any news on Mick?
    Is he ok? Some of us in the Community are worried mate.

  116. Nik says:

    What’s your opinion on hurn? Can he reach that premium status or should I look elsewhere for a jaensch trade

    • Bob McBob says:

      Wait for him to bottom out in price, then bring him in

    • Dools says:

      Hurn is a gun but he is not going to score 150 odd and will drop in price $30 odd K unless you intend to trade him in and set in place for the season, Do Not do IT

  117. Loides says:

    Hi, I've had Hickey on the bench with King all season and been loop-holing him with Sandi & Minson. This has worked well for me so far, but with Hickey now out 8-10 weeks will I be better off:

    1. Side-trading Hickey to NicNat and continue with the loop-holing, or
    2. Downgrading Hickey to Derricx and use the spare cash somewhere else?

  118. The Mullet says:

    I've got some thoughts/strategy for the bye round trading that I'd like to share. They only really apply to coaches like me who are going for league wins, but the big boys might find something useful in it too.

    If you can nail three league wins in the next three weeks you can really jump up your league ladder. I'm fully prepared to use 9 trades during the byes, in fact I've allowed for it by trying not to jump off temporarily injured players so far. Like most, I'm looking good for Rd 9, ok for rd 10, and iffy for Rd8.
    The key thought here is each week is a head-to-head match for a win. Points don't matter. You may need to make 3 trades this week for whatever reason, but imagine how you will feel if you have done that just to get a good rd8 score (potentially damaging you in other rounds), and then find that your opponent tanked rd8 (as many will).
    So…my approach. Last week during the round, I had the opportunity to look at progress scores for the match my opponent for THIS week was playing. From that, I've worked out that before trading this week, he has 13-14 starters depending on team selections Thursday night. I have 16-17. That knowledge is invaluable. So, what to do with it? Basically, be prepared to do some trading during the round to ensure the win, REMEMBERING that in-the-round trades can't be reversed. So I won't pull the trigger on all my trades before the round starts.

    I've got a few trades planned, mostly as part of a wider strategy of stengthening my team across the byes like many others. One of these is to bring in Walker or Simpson, preferably after their Rd 9 bye. Carlton plays in the last match this week. I'll watch how I'm faring against my opponent, and if necessary, trade out a cow (on their bye) early to get Walker or Simpsons score and ensure the win. I'm well covered in Rd9, so no real harm done there. Similar for the next week, study my Rd 9 opponents team this week and analyse it, possibly holding back on 1 or 2 trades until the round has started so I can see projected scores before I make them. To quote Colin Hayes "The future belongs to those who plan for it".

    The downside is I potentially may not use all the trades I planned during the byes. It will disrupt my timing and hold my overall scores back. But I think its worth the risk. On the upside, if I haven't used all 9 trades during the byes, come Rd 11, I'll use them to pick up some Rd10 bye players using a few cows that have hopefully stayed fat.

    • Captain joc says:

      Great plan mate last year I didn’t have the strongest team but traded hard and got all 3 bye wins and boy does it shoot you up the ladder

    • Kris says:

      I'll be following a similar path to at least win two of the three byes. But my overall focus with my trades is to strengthen it for the long term, so I wont be trading in anyone that I'm not going to want in my team come finals

      So this week it looks like Mitchell will be my only trade at the start of the week since it's looking like I will have the player advantage. And if I get in to some trouble I will trade in someone like Johnson mid round to get me back on track.

    • shallots says:

      dont forget the song 2 out of 3 aint bad. its good advice.and make sure that the bye players arent locked out after the start of the first game. if so you'll find yourself in a karmichael hunt of a position.

      and it possibly helps if youre playing in only one league. im playing in 5 seperate leagues so i wont pick and choose which team i will try and beat. i will just go with what i need to do. in all reality all you have to do is build your final team as quick as you can.

      do you know how many teams go through the league unbeaten and lose in their grand final? heaps of teams.

  119. Benno says:

    Currently ranked 2000 odd. Call me crazy but i've decided to risk it all this week and make a huge push towards a thee digit ranking! Out go three round 8 bye players, in come three premo's!

    Out: S. Mitchell (8 week injury), Ablett (price has peaked), Mcdonald (high BE)

    In: Hodge, McVeigh, Libba

    Leaves me with 20 trades and $200k to bring Ablett back in after 1 sub 100 score! Thoughts community

    • Flacid Jaff says:

      Could work out. Though I've been waiting for Ablett to have just 1 sub 100 score sine rd 1 and I think I'll be waiting some time longer, he doesn't look like slowing down. There's more money to be made trading in & out hartung than trading out & in Ablett and you'll keep his points in the meantime. I do realise this will mean you won't have the immediate cash to get Hodge, McVeigh and Libba but you don't want to be like me, losing games and slipping in ranks cause I don't have captain Ablett!

    • Dools says:

      LOL, Do it and I will see you in the B grades next season – I get the reasoning but the flaw is getting GAJ back unless you intend to get him back in for round 09 You will be in the hurt locker mate!

  120. Captain joc says:

    Hooker or bob Murphy

    I want both

    • Benno says:

      I wouldn't be touching either. You've missed the boat on Hooker and Murph's form has been way down on what he showed late last season. Go for a proven premo like McVeigh or Hibberd, or taking into account Mitchell's injury, go for a Hodge or Burgoyne who will share the responsibility of his replacement!

    • Kris says:

      Prefer Murph – Unfortunately I cant jump on…. Have to many doggies already. So tossing up between hooker or Johnson now

      • Captain joc says:

        Missed the boat on hooker? I still see him scoring 100s so I don’t think it is missing the boat? I still think he can keep up his scores

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Hooker, Murph ain't going to be a top 10 defender come seasons end so I don't see any point in getting him. Value pick is Birchall, followed by Hurn who are both under priced vs their average, but Simpson and McVeigh are also solid options. Hibberd is probably over priced now.

      • Captain joc says:

        Well I’m waiting for Simpsons price to drop I’ve got mcveigh hibberd is over priced I’ve considered walker aswell why are they value picks? I believe that hooker will be top 10 at the end of the year but Murphy probably not

        • GarglesnarfFC says:

          Based on their past averages and recent form, they are cheap ATM. Hurns injury affected score drops out this week so his BE is about 20odd, Birchalls is 66 I think. Simpsons price is about right (BE. 90ish), unless he chucks in a sub 60, he won't drop much more than $5-6k over the next 3-4 rounds, and against the Saints injury hit lineup this week a 110+ is more likely IMO.

          Hanley is also cheap this week, and cheaper again next week as his BE is 184.

          • Captain joc says:

            Yeah I know about Hanley ok we’ll tell me your thoughts about Michael Johnson from freo instead of hooker?
            I don’t think I’ll pick hurn

            • GarglesnarfFC says:

              Johnson is a pretty safe pick, scores about 90 av per season, and is priced at 97 after tonning up 4 times this season. He drops a 91 this week so his price shouldn't change much, I don't mind him as a pick, not often you get safe and POD rolled into 1.

              Personally going Smitch to Hurn for the cash to use next week. After scores of 99,7, 97 he will be 15-20k cheaper next week so it's worth waiting to bring him in round 10 after the bye.

  121. Dos22 says:

    Hey all,

    What are your thoughts on
    S.Mitchell – Hibberd
    Fasolo – Parker
    Daisy – Hallahan/Acres/Hartung/O'Rourke

    Have 700k in the bank and keen to grab Pendles and Stevie J after their bye.


  122. Barry says:

    I traded out langdon when he was 242k. He is now 311k and likely to increase a lot more. Would it be a good idea to trade him back in after his bye? Also, how many trades should we have at the beginning of the byes?

  123. chandanrajdb says:

    Hello Community,

    I am thinking of following trades this week, thoughts would be much appreciated…..

    OUT: S Mitchell & A Fasolo

    IN: A Walker & L Dahlahus

    I am quite happy with these trades this week, but only thing I am worried is that I will loose almost all of my warchest…..it will drop from $187,000 to 20,000….

    Next week I am thinking of offloading Suckling and also thinking of offloading Langford to bring in a rookie and a RD 8 bye player…..at the moment it will be J Bartel into my def….and RD 10 will be offloading J Aish and L Dunstan to couple of Premo Mids….off course J Selwood will be my top priority and who is 2nd Premo depends on my available price…..

    After the completion of the BYE rounds I will be with 19 Premo players in my team and J Polec (M8), S Higgins (F6) & T Langdon (D6), will be left with 12 or 13 trades and need to get 3 more premiums into my team (1 in DEF, 1 in MID & 1 in FWD), this is my trading plan during the bye rounds, hopefully works…..

    Thoughts would be much appreciated…..

    Thank you…


    • Captain joc says:

      You only got the Mitchell injury raj?

      • chandanrajdb says:

        At the moment only Mitchell….since + mark on Dunstan and Langford has been taken off…and also Fasolo not sure about him and the reason for trading him out is he was traded in as a cash cow to generate some quick cash and he has made nearly $114k and time to trade him out….I wouldn't be considering him to be premium as well…..and I am not sure whether he will be back in RD9…..just taking a punt on him and upgrading him to a keeper…..hopefully this trade pays off long term and also will help my overall ranking……


        • Captain joc says:

          Lucky you massive score last week too mate
          I’ve got jaensch Mitchell pyke along with Langford and t Mitchell on the sidelines aswell hopefully will get a couple back

    • shallots says:

      so if this weeks trades leave you with 20K- how do you propose to upgrade to 3 premos the 2 weeks after?

      • chandanrajdb says:

        1 Downgrade and 1 upgrade and may be a double downgrade if needed and if there is any likely rookie on the rise after Round 8 in Round 9 trades…..

        And in Round 10 I am obviously off load couple fat cows / lambs (Aish and Dunstan both are RD10 bye rookies) and another rookie (who i am not sure yet…) for double upgrade and 1 downgrade…..

        Hopefully….above makes sense…..i have a spreadsheet and have worked out I can do as I have planned above….but which premium fits the bill will need to wait and see….


  124. Pat says:

    hey guys, a players price doesnt go down if they dont play does it? Im meaning mike pike, if he doesnt play this week im better off holding him one week and waiting for someone to fall or get him out this week ???

  125. Hotplates says:


    Mitchell > Burgoyne
    Pyke > Jamar

    Plus also thinking of Cotchin > Ward, haven’t enjoyed Cotchins getting tagged, plus ward makes me $10k plus what he makes money over coming weeks. Still have about $400k after this and ready to upgrade others post byes…


  126. Jay says:

    How Duffield looking lately?
    To inconsistent for a season keeper?

  127. NutSack says:

    EXTRA EXTRA Gyngell punched Packer in the gob and chipped a tooth… EXTRA EXTRA Get your super hot POD;s here—- SUPER HOT POD'S to smash through the barriers

    DEF – hibberd, hooker, malceski, MJonson, BSmith, Gibson
    MID – montagna, boyd, JPK, Treloar, Sloane, Sidey,
    RUC – goldey, skin flute
    FWD – dahlhaus, gray, elliot, harvey

    PS dangerous risky flogs can be considered- cloke, petrie but you will needs pills the size of oranges to reap the rewards.

  128. shallots says:

    Ohh yeah and NOT having GAJ is a dangerous POD- highly silly if the bald headed nugget isnt in your team.

  129. Captain joc says:

    Thoughts on Michael Johnson?

    • Freddy says:

      I have a good feeling and will be putting him in, but I don't watch many Freo games but I think that when they win he gets a fair few touches. Can any Freo experts/fans help us out?

  130. Freddy says:

    This may sound really stupid but is now the time to buy Buddy at 400k? Surely he will benefit from a FWD line including Tippett, Reid and Goodes + K.Jack playing FWD at the moment. How will the Hawks backline, let alone any other clubs backline cope? And also M. Johnson from FREO at 488K is a bargain, isn't it?

  131. Jeff says:

    Sam Mitchell to Michael Johnson or Kade Simpson?

    • Pat says:

      simpson for mine, with macpharlin and dawson injured, he wont be able to run all over the park

    • max says:

      that's a tough one… simpson BE 96, johnson BE72

      vs opponents coming up, simpson averages about 93 – johnson about 83

      price change wise, johnson looks to make you more money in the short term

  132. max says:

    what do you think community? i feel i'm a couple of trades off a solid team that i wont need to adjust too much until later…
    $52,600 in the kitty.

    def: swallow, mcveigh, hanley, mitchell, webster, suckling, mcdonald, georgiou

    mid: beams, rockliff, m murphy, cotchin, polec, tyson, langdon, robertson, dunstan, L taylor

    ruc: sandilands, pukePYKE, derrickx, currie

    fwd: dangermouse, zorko, roughie, martin, petrie, fasolo, Lloyd, ambrose

    ablett/pendles is on the horizon for me in 2 weeks. i have reservations about cotchin and d martin….
    i need to trade s mitchell and i fancy moving McDonald, Georgiou, Pyke and Currie on.

    Thinking of this:
    mitchell – burgoyne
    mcdonald – hartung to free up some cash for the coming rounds where I can add another prem MID and FWD… i haven't got a clue about ruck!

    any suggestions would be most welcome.

  133. steve says:

    what would you do with M Wright? needs flogging fine but for who. 17 on pitch if i move him out….$491k then in the kitty? was considering dahl / parker? anymore time on this i will go doolally! best downgrade or upgrade?help , steve

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