Higgo’s Supercoach Line Betting Machine – Week 7

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higgoThe Machine turns $30 into $57.60

Round 6 was a fascinating fight. While the Sportsbet lines just beat The Machine by 0.61 per game line, The Machine won five of its six bets this week. Our starting $100 bank has now grown to $127.40 ….. an impressive 6 week investment return.


Round 6 output statistics;

Round 6   Winner   Margin Machine     Error Sportsbet   Error
Coll. V Ess. Coll. 23 0 9.5
Saints V BRL Bris. 3 21 5.5
Freo V NMFC NMFC 13 31 29.5
GCFC V GWS GCFC 40 8 25.5
Carl V WCE Carlton 3 9 6.5
Melb V Sydney Syd 31 25 11.5
Dogs V Crows Crows 9 12 1.5
Rich. V Hawks Hawks 66 40 33.5
Port V Cats Port 40 27 44.5
Average   Game Error 19.22 18.61

Round 6 Summary Table;

  The Machine GAME ERORR Sporstbet GAME ERROR No. Bets Wins Profit/Loss Bank (Starting with $100)
Rd.1 40.95 38.55 5 3 $3.80 $103.80
Rd.2 31.4 24.1 6 2 -$10.80 $93.00
Rd.3 31.78 34.83 3 2 $4.20 $97.20
Rd.4 52.44 55.83 5 3 $3.80 $101.00
Rd.5 28.78 29.72 6 3 -$1.20 $99.80
Rd.6 19.22 18.61 6 5 $27.60 $127.40
39.14 38.33 31 18  

This week’s ROUND 7 Bets;

Round 7 Formulated Winner Formulated Margin Sportsbet  Line Diff.  BET
1 Carl. V Coll. Coll. 25 24.5 0.5 No bet
2 Hawks V Saints Hawks 23 53.5 30.5 $5 SAINTS at line
3 GWS V Port Port 64 47.5 16.5 $5 PORT at line
4 Crows V Dees Crows 68 45.5 22.5 $5 CROWS at line
5 Bris. V Sydney Sydney 24 28.5 4.5 No bet
6 Ess. V Dogs Essendon 12 22.5 10.5 No bet
7 NMFC V GCFC NMFC 8 26.5 18.5 $5 GCFC at line
8 Cats V Tigers Cats 19 29.5 10.5 No bet
9 WCE V Freo. WCE 4 -12.5(Freo. Fav) 16.5 $5 WCE at line

WCE to beat FREO?

I do worry about this result and also disappointed that there is no line bet for this evening’s game. However, I must follow the system as mapped out at the beginning of this challenge (click here to see betting rules).

Mother and I have discussed the void left by a no Friday night wager and have decided to take Sportsbet’s $1.88 on the total game points being OVER 165.5. We are forecasting a shootout and expect even Travis to propel a few parabolic arcs through the 7 yards (6.4m) that separates the two goal posts.

Enjoy this weekend of football.


Peter Higginbotham


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Hey Higgo, I suppose you don't take weather into account for these line determinations. Got any idea of how much an impact of a rainy day would have on bringing the line closer. I'm thinking that if it pours in Canberra GWS will be likely to be much closer.


its going to rain Higgo tonight so I'd be careful about taking $1.88….that goes for mother too


Thanks Higgo – This was perfect timing. Got a free $20 bet for tipping exact winning margin of last Friday nights game and whacked the first 4 of your 5 on with that so no risk.


I've been having some luck betting on the qtr time lines, especially if they're under 6 point spreads


I reckon St. Kilda +56.5 is a sure thing today on TAB…. It's raining, mite even be an upset on the cards. Go Saints!


No such thing as a 'sure thing', just ask Brendan Sanderson 🙂

Dustbin Feltchers

ah the ups and downs of supercoach….on fire after coll car match…pendles beams langdon murph…then its hits….mitchell hamstring, impey sub, wingard (in for fasolo, thanks higgo!) done nothing….just need matt crouch to be sub to top it off!!

skate or die

oh no Higgo.. system down major tom.


So I put $10 on each game, on the 1st qtr line for each of the favourite teams. I missed the Gold Coast game cos I just plain forgot , but ended up getting 6/8 . Not a bad little experiment, I'm sure it won't pay off every week tho