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PODCAST: Round 7 Community Night podcast

Published by Jock on

Supercoach 2014 preseason podcast

Plenty of outs community!

And plenty of issues to pick through as a community as we plow head first into a big arse weekend of the game that we love.

Buddy, Fasolo, Hanley, Robbie Gray, Will Langford and Lukey Dunstan head the lists of outs – as some of us look to insert some premium silk into our midfields.

Lets rips right into it folks and lets rip the pre round issues apart like wild pigs in the comments.

Barron Von Crow pays a visit this week – click here to have a gander at the planner he mentions in this week’s show.

* Note – I say in the show that Robbie Gray is OUT. He isn’t – its Sam Gray. My apologies. I might have Alzheimers disease but at least I don’t have Alzheimers disease


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Can't wait to listen to this thanks Jock!


the carnage has already begun


Jock what are your thoughts on hallahan and bringing in some of the one week old price rise rookies such as cutler or Robertson, is there still enough value


Hi Jock I think you will find it is Sam Gray out, not Robbie. Cheers Ol' Mate


You are only as old as the woman you feel Jock.



So Keen for the podcast Jock!!!
I Love the work keep up the good stuff
Nothing makes me happier then tuning in each week,
Highlight of my week!


Alright, Great Podcast Jock and community. I'm using two trades this week which consist of Dunstan – Hallahan or O'Rourke and then Langford for Premium Backman. I can easily afford anyone in the backline so everyone's an option. The problem is, I don't know who. I'm thinking Mcveigh, Bartel, Hibberd or Simpson. Who am I going with lads?


McVeigh or Hibberd for mine


This year is has been a tough one but nothing better than Jock's wisdom to guide us back on track.


Hey jock got fasolo in my forward line thinking putting him on the bench and getting Kennedy Harris on the ground or I have 240 k upgrade fasolo to Parker or pavlich or I can upgrade Dunstan to someone like Watson or downgrade Dunstan to halyhan and get even more case


Hey community, who is the best forward premium to bring in for buddy this week and also should I get Priddis or Watson in my team




Has this started yet or has my computer died?_


G'day fellas, back with my midfield edition of TATh. None of them will be your top tier of players, but should push the elite bracket. Wanted to include ward but Crimmo already covered him.

Brad Ebert: $549,600, Avg. 111.3, BE 105, HS 129 LS 87 Bye rd 9
Accumulates disposals, kicks goals, is a tackling machine, comes 3rd man in for hitouts and plays for a team in Adelaide. Sound like someone most of us have? Brad Ebert has started the year in fine form, averaging 24.8 disposals, just under a goal a game, 3.5 clearances, 6.5 tackles, 5.1 I50's and just under 2 hitouts. He is never likely to attract a tag due to Hartlett, Boak and Wines also tearing it up in the Port Adelaide midfield and likes to kick rather than handball. Another major attribute for Ebert is his durability. 2010 22 games 2011 21 games 2012 22 games 2013 22 games. Since his move to Port Ebert has flourished and looms as a brilliant POD for your team (owned by 1,622 teams).

Predicted average: Late 100's

Luke Shuey: $523,400, Avg. 105.8, BE 108, HS 137 LS 75 (subbed off) Bye rd 9
Not gonna hide it, I'm a massive fan of Shuey. He's quick, wins a lot of contested ball, good at tackles and clearances and kicks goals. Take out his sub affected game he's averaging 114 sc points. With it he's averaging 24 disposals, 3.2 tackles, 6 clearances and 4.8 I50's per game. Normally when teams play the Eagles, the tag goes to Gaff, so that shouldn't be too much of a problem. Has Cox, Natanui and Priddis feeding him and has got 28 disposals in his past two games. The only knock I have on Shuey is that he's had an easy draw, so the onus is on him to keep it up.

Predicted average: Low 100's

Jaeger O'Meara: $501,500, Avg. 104.7, BE 99, HS 129 LS 75 Bye rd 9
Touted by many as the next big thing, Jaegar has started the season in fine fantasy form. Has established himself in the midfield with Gaz and Prestia and should keep improving throughout the year. So far has averaged 21.1 disposals, half a goal, 7 tackles, 4.3 clearances, 5.2 I50's. Taggers won't go near him because of Gaz, Prestia and Swallow. Jaegar will only increase his average as the year goes on. Another one of those beauties that kick instead of handball, played 2 hard games 1medium and 3 easy ones to kick off 2014. Hasn't succumbed to 2nd year blues, actually he's done quite the opposite, should be a nice POD coming out of the byes and I'll be having a good look at him.

Predicted average: Mid 100's

I'll try to get the forwards edition up a couple hours before the Carlton Collingwood game.


Good work mate. Much appreciated. Tell u wat though jaegar maybe had the better of wines last year, but wineys got him covered so far in 2014.


Really nice MD. You're killing it today, my man!

Just a couple niggling points: Jaegar is a R8 bye. And "late 100s" I assume you mean "low". Would be awesome if Ebert's points showed up tardy after the round to push my score higher!


Thanks TF. Just saw now that I listed jaegar as rd 9, my bad. When I say late 100's I mean 107-109 and mid 100's 104-106.


I figured that, my man. Was just twisting your tit.

Again, magnificent job. Your reports have been rocking like Manowar.


i reckon you mightydons should ask jock for a job


Great stuff indeed. What about Robbie Gray? He is in career-best form and a mid-fwd swinger. Another one to consider.


Simpson or Hibberd
Simpson supports my byes


Support your byes. Make the future canman happy.

Got to do the same myself. Can't bring in Hibberd now so Simpson will be next round.


Majestic as usual jock great podcast


Is Matty Wright someone to keep or upgrade?




Upgrade. Matty Wright, I think has peaked SuperCoach-wise. Maybe upgrade to either Riewoldt or a premium midfielder (bye in rd 10), depending on your structure.


Wheres TAT Lately?


Defenders: Swallow, Mitchell, Suckling, Langdon
McDonald, Enright, (Webster, Georgiou)
Midfielders: Ablett, Pendlebury, D.Beams, Dangerfield, Polec,
Tyson, M.Thomas, J.Kelly, (Dunstan, Robertson)
Rucks: Sandilands, Mumford
(Currie, Thurlow)
Forwards: Zorko, Parker, Pavlich, Martin
Higgins, JKH, (Fasolo, Lloyd)

I've got $351,500 in the war chest. I'm happy to cop a donut in the rucks. I'm thinking of downgrading Suckling to Cutler.

Any suggestions would be appreciated


Your mids are looking very light on, Gary. I'd consider upgrading one of Thomas or Tyson. Or you could upgrade Higgins, swing Danger forward and grab a mid. A lot of cheap mid options e.g. Watson, Cotchin, Shuey etc


Defenders and Midfielders are quite weak. Please consider trading Langdon and M. Thomas. Bring in two premium defenders and swing Mitchell into your midfield.


How long is Fasolo out for?


this week plus his bye next round


YEAYYY cant wait to listen to podcast. Get a chance in the next hour.

Holy molee … the outs have got me a spot of bother. A definite spanner in the works for my bye round trade plans.

Desperate for some help here.non playing players below.

def: hanley, grifith and langford

mids: ellis

ruck: mummy, hickey currie

forwards: mitchell and ambrose bith emmergencies.

Dont know where to start now. Def and ruck might be the go. Hanleys missed too many weeks already. Not keen on keeping him. We all know how carry mummy for a week or two went.

my bye outs are rd 10 heavy at the moment. Jock/community please help.


Thoughts on these trades
Def A.Georgiou to T.Cutler and J.Impey to J.Billings?

Any other suggestions??


Waste of Trades Michael IMO.

Trading from Rookie to Rookie should only be done for significant cash generation.

For Example, if you traded Dunstan down to a Hallahan or O’Rourke, you would generate almost $200k to use for upgrades in other areas.


Hi Micheal A . Georgiou is a bench cover player keep. Good JS and is improving not score wise but is a fixture down back KEEP


Agree with the esteemed Dools.

Similar if you have JKH in your forward line. Let him earn on the pine. He's cover. When he gets nice and plump downgrade for some moola and another bench cover.


I tend to agree with everyone else on this, dont blow trades on this type of sideways stuff. If Cutler was about to go up $60k then maybe.

This week is about either generating cash prior to round 9 or upgrading to a fallen premium with cash already generated.


did you mean sam grey? i thought ports only change was sam grey out for monfries? and if robbie grey IS out, that throws yet another spanner in the works of my team… need more then bog to cover these holes!


i need to learn to read the fine print. at least thats one less problem to worry about.


Mate your good Sam is out not Robbie


Just traded fas for Petrie
And Tyson for murphy

Is this a mistake or am I heading in the right direction I'm planning to trade out some rookies later to up grade my back line
Def: bartel janesch mcveigh Mitchell suckling klod
Mid: ablett pendels cotchin dangerfield polec aish robertson
Ruck: sandy Jacobs
Fwd: roughy zorko Parker Martin Petrie taylor

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated….


Same trade ins.. as me leys hope petrie n murphy are good picks.. I think there is great value in both.. I went dunstan-murph a lil reluctantly as im not a huge Murphy fan. N impey to dunstan. Happy I didnt jump on fasolo even tho he was looking good. Gomna be an interesting weekend.


Anyone heard the word (other than the bird….) on Hickey? I see a tweet from Fantasy Footy saying he's out for 6-8 weeks but the Saints website says he'll be tested next week. I can't find anything to corroborate 6-8 weeks online….. unless anyone knows anything?


someone said earlier that on the Saints web site he was listed as 6-8 weeks but that was removed and the test next week put up instead

Captain joc

So my planned trades were

Dunstan to Watson

McDonald to ebert via langdons dpp

But Mitchell not being named( I’m happy to loophole Taylor and JKH) Langford being out and Matt Thomas back

But If I do the above trades I would be stuck with cutler( chance of being sub) or georgiou score( not scoring well)

Comments appreciated

I have 516k in the bank

I could trade out Langford and Thomas for Watson and ebert or maybe just a backman?


Hi Captain,

I am in the same boat mate…..Do we hold on to trades or do just one trade and bring in either premo DEF or MID not sure…….Premo Def i am thinking of is Hibberd and Premo MID I am thinking of is Watson…by trading out L Dunston…..and definitely 1 trade i am thinking of…..and hoping Langford will be back next week…..if not then there will be some issues of getting 18 on field players……Just not sure what to do…..

And yes I am ranked well enough and I am keeping my hopes of going for the overall glory alive at the moment…..but one bad trade will stuff it up…..lack of experience in SC is killing me…..there are so many things in my mind right now especially regarding bringing in the Essendon players (ASADA report, infraction notice to players etc etc…..)

I have got $557k in the bank and have got 22 trades left……not so sure what do I do…..need some strong advice from the community in regards to going forward in this competition……


The Ranger

I'm in only my third year of playing this game mate but what little experience I have tells me that if you're not sure about trading…don't. However, if you're in a good pos overall you've got to concentrate on getting 18 players on the park thru the byes. And yep, I'm feeling the same way about the Essendon players. Bit wary of them at the moment….
Good luck fella!


Hi Raj.

I've only made 1 trade this week……….Dunstan to Watson. Still leaves me with around $65K in the bank.

I know what you are saying about Essendon players but I don't think anybody can afford to worry about that.

Trade to complement your structures, and around the byes. That's all any of us can really control.

Captain joc

Hey raj I don’t think they would sanction any ease don players till after the season
Yeah I’m in the top 1,000 so I wanna keep up my ranking I was thinking 2 upgrades so that I can gain ground on people higher than me
I’m gonna trade Langford as I will need him to play next week and I was thinking of trading Matt Thomas just to get the money to bring in ebert n Watson


Heading into round 7 with a team that's starting to get close to the full premium i'm aiming for. I've just gone Luke i'm all Dunstan —> Mitch "hold my hand" Hallahan Fassolo —>; Doll house And the team's looking like this with 21 trades remaining: Hibberd, Bartel, McVeigh, Mitchell, Laidler, Suckling (Maccas, Clurey) Ablett, Beams, JPK, Fyfe, Aish, Langdon, Bennel (hallahan, Robertson) Sandi, Mummy (currie, smith) Danger, Parker, Westhoff, Roughead, Kennedy, Dahlhaus (Impey, ambrose) Thoughts? I may have shot myself in the foot by not trading out mumford but I couldn't justify trading him out when I know we'll all be panicking to get him back in once he starts pumping out the 120's in a couple of weeks.


Well the Supercoach Gods have thrown another challenge at me this week with Hanley and Fasolo both OUT.

I have 600,000 in the cap to spend and can do 1 of 2 things.

1/ Improve my forward line to bring in Cyril for Rohan and Trade Dunstan out for Mcveigh allowing Mid/Def swing set.

2/ Hope I can hold off until the byes and then bring in premo's such as Pendles Watson then for cashcows/mid pricers.

things to consider:

I sit between 9-12 on my Ladders

My forward line is weak with JKH at F4 Impey at F5 and Lloyd at F6 however Dangerfield Martin and Parker are in their as well

-Cyril would boost my forward line no doubt but will he have more of an effect than what Pendleburry will have in a couple of rounds??? The joy of supercoach! hahahah.

Thank you to anyone who gives me some feedback

Captain joc

Mate you gotta look at the points difference between who you have on field and who your thinking of bringing in if def do a trade in the fwd line and I like the mcveigh trade swing Hanley into Mids then?


So do you think I hold on for the byes? or grab McVeigh and leave Cyril????

Captain joc

Well I’d grab a fwd for sure mcveigh is a good player so do both trades


ohh welll- goodbye to SC for me for this year. My mate was saying it is all about luck and skill and at first didnt believe him but now i DO… it is all luck.

From playing last week with a full team to this week with 30% of my team dropped. And that comes down to bad luck- not bad skill. But anyway I know heaps have dropped off fantasy games this year and I am now done too. Seeya later all.

PS My team this week- OUT – Fasolo, Langford, Hickey, Dunstan, Hanley, Gray, Franklin, Gleeson, Griffiths, Titch, Mummy, Boyd and with big chance of LMac, JKH, Taylor, Crouch and Suckling being vested I CANNER BEEF HOOKED ANYMORE> goodluck all


Does your mate think that Poker is luck as well?

SC has elements of luck but at the end of the day its has more to do with pre season research and what you do with the cards your dealt during the season that makes the difference.

For a game that is as you say "just luck" there must be some really "lucky" people out there as they keep finishing at or near the top!

Whilst I can see that you are taking a massive hit this week, next week might deal you a different hand! Keep your hand in the game and Ante up!

I can see from your outs list that you will have at least 2 donuts, make 2 trades then you have a full team, might not be the premo team but is a team nonetheless.


Hi everyone, I'd love some help with these trade options:
Buddy~Wingard/Dahlhaus/Goodes (who's already lost 40k)
And Yarran~???
Can afford anyone <330k
Also, out of Wingard, Dahl and Goodes who do you think is the best AFL Fantasy scorer?
Thanks for the advice in advance.


dahl is scoring best atm. goods will keep going down one would think after being the sub first game, bit id watch for a couple weeks first. wingard also gone down a fair bit, im thinking of bringing him in after the byes, if he finds form.


Ruck problems this week amongst others. Hickey to who community?

Dog dog looks appealing at his price but injury has crippled him.

Goldstein also low but round 8 bye and has not looked that good this year possibly carrying an injury me thinks.

Sauce or minson leave me with not much cash for next weeks round 8 bye trading frenzy.

I really need a keeper in the ruck so any thoughts would be appreciated.



lobbe is cheap and fit and number 1 ruck, could be a good gamble.


Nice podcast Jock & community! I really enjoy the Thursday wisdoms, however I found the idea of doing nothing on the forward line intriguing.

My FWD line is a real Dogs breakfast with outs everywhere;

Danger NReiwoldt Pav Buddy Fasolo JKH Bench Lloyd & GfR and $258,800 in bank, with 21 trades left.

My options are to do nothing, double up, or 1up 1down.


1 – Sit tight cop donut trade down Dunstan instead to build warchest by $200k

2 – Trade Buddy>Wingard and Fas to Parker (or Jobe via a swingman) leaving $40k ($5k) in bank

3 – Buddy>Wingard, and Fas>Hallahan (Taylor as swing) $438 in bank

4 – Buddy>Wingard, Dunstan >Hallahan and stick Fas and GfR on the pine. $428 in bank


Which of the 4 sounds best to you guys??


I like trading buddy out so option 1 is out. I'd go option 4 and set your self up for brining in R8 premos in R9

Roadkill Warrior

Option 5 – Buddy>Wingard and nothing else. You still have a kitty of $200k and can trade down/up next week when Jobe is even cheaper.


My rucks are Sandi, Mumford, Hicky and curry. ive had hicky since the start and he has gone up 63k so far. im a bit stuffed this week because mumford, hicky and currie are out. is there a cheap ruckman that i should trade in for hicky to avoid the doughnut or should i just deal with it and trade hicky out later when he has gone up more in price and there is a cheap ruckman on the cards.
Thanks from Jimmys Juggernauts


What cash do you have in the kitty and how many trades left?

Derickx is the only cheapie I can think of at $186k, he might fit the bill for Hickey. Puts about 50-70 pts on the tanle and $180k in your kick.


171k in the kitty with 21 trades left


Trading out Dunstan this wk to either Watson or Griffin. Sunday nights podcast was all about getting on Griffin and Thursdays is all about Watson.
Who should I get?


Watson I'd go

Beady Eye

Depends on whether you think Griffen is coming into top form and can beat up on the weak opposition in the next few weeks. He'll need to be to hit his BE's: 117, 153, 129, 100 over the next month.

I'm looking to Jobe first myself, will then reassess Griff after his bye.


I'm looking at Dunstan to Ward this week. Tasty price



Thinking about him as well Spud, at the moment preferring Jobe but Callan would give me someone to cheer for at tomorrows game 🙂


Thoughts on bringing in Dahl / Zorko for Impey / Higgins to strengthen my weak forward line


Enright to Hibberd? Looks to push me to 18 playing for Rd8 and get's rid of the big stain in my backline that's hemorrhaging cash. Still have 24 trades and about $700k in the warchest so pretty comfortable with the trade from that side of things.

Beady Eye

Made the same trade myself. Consistency's not there for Mr Standard Deviation this year.

billy jones

i am looking to bring in jobe watson this week for dunstan i have 150k in the bank and i am getting rid of xavier ellis on the bench for someone so i can afford watson BUT who do i get on the midfield bench? hallahan will most likely be sub either him or hartung and with hartungs great endurance and speed i doubt it will be him and o'rouke will be pushed out so who is there and why? help is needed here guys thanks 🙂


if its someone who is just gonna sit on the bench, look for moribito, i know he has done his knee 3 times, but he will be in the freo team in the next coming weeks


History suggests that the new player will wear the green vest (Hartung). So if you are looking to trade I think Hallahan is safe for this week. Not sure on his long term js though


I was looking at moving on Suckling with his high BE, so now considering Hanley which would activate Langdon as emergency. Anyone know if Hanley is just a one weeker or something longer? All I can find is ‘back’. It’s a bit risky I think


Apologies replied to wrong post. Stupid iPhone…


What about Salem from melb. Looked good even though was the sub. Reckon the spot is his to lose.


cristian salem guys thoughts on his job security and scoring output jump on or not?

Beady Eye

Give him another week and see if he can shake the vest.

High scoring potential given what he showed in limited time last week; just need to see if he'll get the opportunity to do more.


thoughts on petrie for mitchel thinking unique and surely pertrie cant get much worse


Petrie after bye is what i'm thinking.


yeah im a big fan of that, trade up impey and maybe taylor to him


yeah, i'm waiting until after Bye


Hey all. What would you do in my position? Currently sitting 188 overall. This is my make or break decision. I am thinking of keeping buddy while everyone is dumping. But trading faz> rioli . This is my forward line.
Danger, wright, Dustin, zorko, buddy, faz , jkh, ambrose.
Would keep faz but have bye worries. No swingers from mids either. Do I dump buddy also and get wingard. Have just enough to do both faz and bud to rioli and wing, but would prefer to do only one trade this week. See what's going on need week. Gotta funny feeling there will be some shocks next week.


maybe get a more consistant daulhaus or robbie gray? instead of rioli,
keep faz get rid of buddy,


Would love to keep faz but if one has to go in forward because of round 8 byes it looks like it will have to be him. Unless ambrose is still a donut next week. Yeah will keep faz till next week then can trade ambrose for a player if he still donuts. So I guess your right buddy has to go.
What a bugger he has been to me. Wonder how he'll go against hawks.


i'm holding onto Buddy. I think this week off is good for him, Carry a niggle since round 3 has effected his scores. This will get him right for some big scores against the strong clubs. Also need him for round 8 & 9 bye weeks.


Hi Community – I'm thinking of trading out Daisy for Nick Roberston to build the war chest in readiness for the bye rounds. Is this sound? Daisy only seems to be pumping out 80-odd scores, and Flipper has the potential to average ~75 and fatten nicely. Thoughts?

Beady Eye

Can't see any reason why not. Ride the wave with Flipper!

Litt Up

Thoughts on my trades?
Dunstan > Flipper to bank some cash for the coming weeks
im not sure who to trade in for buddy, my gut is telling me either Gray or Dalhaus but I'm also looking at Rioli, Wingard & Pav

luke goldstien

gray for sure without a doubt super consistent port are coming along nicely which means he will be getting ball alot then more then a loosing team and hits the scoreboard for extra points lock him in mate


i have an issue here people, my defence is a complete crisis and it is effecting my whole team.

Swallow, bartel, smith, enroght, kolo, lmac.

i have 7 out of 8 players out in the rnd 8 bye,i may keep a few donuts during rnd 8 so that it wont annoy me during the other weeks. thoguh i want to get rid of some of the under perfomers like smith and enright, but i want to bring in jobe, i have 224k.

trade options are:

dunstan> hallahan
these two trades would leave me with 327k

but if i were to bring in jobe i would have to to this week i couldnt upgrade enright or smith, so should i just not get jobe.


enright would be the 1st priority to get out,
and maybe smith to a mcveigh


so should i do enright AND smith to hibberd and mcveigh


Bit of a complicated week of trades for me community.

Booted Suckling Pig for Watson via Langdon's DPP and went wooshka from Dunstan to Wingard through Zorko's DPP.

Mids are now 1 away from full premo, forwards 2 away and defence 3. Opened up some swing sets for the byes and hopefully I'll come reach round 11 at full premo!

Still have $197,200 in the war chest too after going double downs last week


you could wait a few weeks on wingard then swoop when hes around 380-400k


Griffen or Mundy?


id go mundy for consistancy, but griffen for a higher ceiling


thanks still unsure what to do.


Be aware that Ross Lyon likes to rest his players, so Griffen would be the better option


Yeah but Freo aren't in the position they were in last year… he may not have the luxury of resting stars.


gergiuo to cutler
or dunstan to cutler using DPP


dunstan to cutler if you have to mate


neither. I would hold onto your trade. can't see either adding anything to your team.


I need a big move this week and can’t decide between Watson, Murphy or Zorko for keepers. As many of you already have these guys, what does your experience suggest I should do? Is Zorkos DPP egelebility and price make him a better gain than Watson or Murph?


I already have Watson, but I'd be taking Zorko ahead of Murphy and will do exactly that when the time is right. There aren't many good forward, and he's a midfielder that you can put in the forward line… which for me makes him a better trade target than Murphy.


I had Watson from week 1. I think he will be in top 8 midfielders at the end of the year. I don't see either Zorko or Murphy being there. At the start of the year I may have been temped to go Zorko or Murphy because their price was significantly lower than Watson's, but now there isn't that reason. Watson!


Emergency loopholing Langdon/Georgiou with Langford so I'll keep him this week.
Emergency loopholing JKH/Lloyd with Rohan so I'll keep him as well (better be on the ball with that though)
Loopholing Beams tonight with Thurlow.

It's a loophole fest and I need to!

Looking at going like this.

Buddy > Zorko
Fasolo > Billings or just keep. Leaning towards Billings though. Thoughts?


The Zorko-Billings combo seems to work well for forward fixes and I have Swallow yo move back to fill a McDobald trade out too. Still not sure wether a Watson and rookie trade is better than Zorko- billings and wether nacD or Swallow is better to trade out.

Captain joc

Shaun Burgoyne or Michael hibberd?
Shaun Burgoyne 101 avg 119 BE rd9 bye 130 high score 72 low score 484k
Michael hibberd 103 avg 80 BE rd10 bye 124 high score 84 low score 525k
Who wins?


Captain, I think if you have the coin go to Hibberd.

I am a Hawks fan but Burgoyne is not a consistent fantasy player, 2009-2013 he avg 81, 100, 80, 82, 85 he is a fantastic role player. Great for Supercoach when the Hawks need a spark and they put him in the guts but will often spend a game on the half back flank and score 70.

Hibberd looks to have taken that next step 2011-2013 avg'd 74, 74, 96. and a solid start to this year. I was going to start with him this year but the pre season hammy put me off. I would like to bring him in but not sure it is the right time for me to do it.

Good luck


I agree, also a hawks Fan. Hawks defence at the start of this year was a shadow of what it will be rest of year. We had cheny and Spangher back there holding the fort! Hodge did the tough work (I saw him marking HMac) and Burgoyne was used to clear the ball out of defence. With Stratton, lake and Shoey back, the whole backline will change.


Hibberd mate….i have to agree with Gilly here…..


Hey lads have a look at Kade Simpson. tell me what you reckon???


Round 9 Bye…I think i have too many DEF players in RD 9 bye not good….may be after his bye i will be bringing him myself…..That is the only reason I am not considering him bringing in to my team……

S Mitchell, W Langford, M Suckling……currently in my team…..obviously 2 off them will be gone after RD8……but do not want another Premo sitting on the bench during rd 9…..wait for one more week and bring him in….

IMO…..I will be happy with the following 6 Premo DEF'ers in my team….

S Mitchell, M Hibberd, K Simpson, S Swallow, J Bartel, J MaCveigh…..

In my current team I have got…..S Mitchell, D Swallow, J MaCveigh…..Thinking of bringing in M Hibberd this week and after rd 8 bye Bartel and after rd9 bye Simpson…..thats my plan hopefully works….which should complete my DEF with Premos……

Thoughts would be appreciated…….


Captain joc

If he drops abit in price he will be all over my radar next week dools as I personally don’t think hibberd is worth the price tag


Thoughts on the trades below mate….

OUT: M Thomas & L McDonald
IN: J Watson & M Hibberd
$186,000 left in the warchest


Captain joc

Solid improvement on your side with those trades


Are you doing any trades this week mate??

Captain joc

Yeah mate mine are more complicated tho I’ve got Langdon with the Emg tonight if he goes well ill trade out m.thomas and Dunstan, if not I’ll swing McDonald into the back line and trade out m.thomas and Langford for jobe Watson and I’m thinking of brad ebert but not 100% on who in the Mids
Looking to go BANG BANG!!


Hibberd through and through

Simon T


Need your thoughts on the following. Trying to fix up my defence and rucks and make the most amount of cash but finding the options available very limited.

1) Cameron (GC) to Cutler (Bris) leaves $141,500 in the bank
2) Mummy to West with the hope of getting Mummy back after Round 9 bye which leaves me more cash or Currie to Derrickx but leaves me with less – only $112,900.

Any thoughts/suggestions would be much appreciated.


Pavlich, Parker, or Dalhouse?

Litt up

Parker mate


Guys not sure what to do this week.
Should I;

1) get rid of buddy and dunstan for r gray and priddis. 100k left in war chest

2) get rid of buddy and dunstan for r gray and hallahan. 500k in war chest going into the byes.

If I go with option 2 I will be able to get pendles and selwood in after the round 8 bye but will suffer in these next two weeks.




I am going to hold off on both this week. I probably wouldn't have played Dunstan on ground anyway against the hawks, so not missing anything there, plus his price won't drop this week.

I have Buddy, I am actually glad they are resting him. He has been carrying a niggle in that knee for a couple of weeks, so I prefer he has a rest and gets it right so he can pump out some 100+ scores when fit. It would have been nice have him smash the Lions though. Swans have a round 10 Bye, will be important to have him for rounds 8 & 9.