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flesh-for-fantasy-150x150G’day community,

We’re a week out from the dreaded bye rounds and this week is arguably the most awkward of the year. There are some players who we just need to dump badly, but if we do, we run risk of adding a nice, fat donut to the collection.

That is why this week I’m all for a “no trade policy”. Unless you really have to, hold your trades for next week and then strategically trade, eliminating as many zeros as possible. But I also understand many do need to trade and I wouldn’t be serving my community if I didn’t throw up some options this week.

So, let’s begin.


Callan Ward (GWS) MID – $484,000 SC

  • Next 5 Games: PORT (H), WCE (A), BYE, RICH (H), HAW (A)
  • Recent Scores: 115, 129, 48, 92, 108
  • Breakeven: 92

Second time this season Callan gets a run in Flesh, but with good reason. While his value and output has dropped slightly, coming into the bye rounds its perfect time to consider getting him in. The 48 scored against the Western Bulldogs stayed in his rolling lockout and as a result, is now juicy value.

Ward managed a solid 92 despite being knocked into tomorrow in 2nd quarter against Adelaide and backed that up with 31 touches, 5 tackles and 108 points against the Gold Coast. He is in good form and definitely worth considering if you’re desperate to trade in a midfielder.

Luke Dahlhaus (WBD) FWD – $460,800 SC

  • Next 5 Games: ESS (A), MELB (A), BYE, GCS (A), FRE (H)
  • Recent Scores: 93, 104, 54, 126, 128
  • Breakeven: 24

Another one in ripping touch of late, Dahl has returned to the side in great knick. He tore Kane Lucas to shreds, kicking 2 goals and amassing 28 touches for 126 touches a couple of weeks ago. Last week, he backed it up with 2 goals from 22 touches for 128 points. He’s getting plenty of the footy, but also kicking goals – which will satisfy the lads at Champion Data.

His breakeven, while also avoiding the round 8 bye, makes him a good upgrade option for those still with ol’ mate Budwa Franklin. As mentioned above, trading shouldn’t be high on your priority list this week, but if you really need to, consider Luke Dahlhaus as an upgrade option – in good touch with Melbourne in the first week of the bye rounds.

Michael Johnson (FRE) DEF – $477,100 SC

  • Next 5 Games: WCE (A), PORT (A), GEE (H), BYE, WBD (A)
  • Recent Scores: 92, 76, 109, 91, 113
  • Breakeven: 83

Early days yet, but numbers-wise, Michael Johnson is in career-best form. Averaging 97.5 for the season, his last 3 weeks in particular have been spectacular. He is getting plenty of the footy playing off his man, while also clunking marks. Against North Melbourne, he had 27 touches, 11 marks for 113 points. Against Essendon, he had 27 touches, 9 marks for 109 points.

Johnson’s ability to play off his opponent and get midfield numbers as a defender makes him bloody appeal if you’re in need of a defender. Difficult run coming up, but Fremantle’s draw post-bye really opens up. Worth a thought.


Luke Dunstan (STF) MID – $311,400 SC

  • Next 5 Games: HAW (A), CARL (H), GCS (H), BYE, COLL (H)
  • Recent Scores: 64, 143, 55, 52, 66
  • Breakeven: 70

Personally, I would hold onto Luke for two more weeks given your midfield would be decimated by the horrid round 8 bye. That said, his last 3 weeks have been ordinary. Dunstan is still getting 18-20 touches per game, but if you watch St Kilda games closely, he’s just not having the same impact he was earlier on in the season.

He looks burnt out and his breakeven his hitting dangerously high levels, with those low scores to remain in his rolling average for next couple of weeks. Whether you dump now or wait ‘till round 8 guys are done with byes is up to you, but I almost reckon it’s time to say thanks and good luck to Luke.

Matthew Sucking (HAW) DEF – $404,900 SC

  • Next 5 Games: STK (H), SYD (A), BYE, PORT (A), GWS (H)
  • Recent Scores: 74, 102, 122, 63, 58
  • Breakeven: 123

Like Luke, Suckling is starting to hit that 20 touch game that doesn’t impact the SuperCoach scoreboard. 19 touches against Geelong and 22 against Richmond after 2 great weeks have put owners of Suckers in an awkward position. Breakeven of 123 this week, but playing St Kilda. Reckon it might be time to say goodbye to Suckers, dump while he is $400k+.

Lance Franklin (SYD) FWD – $401,800 SC

  • Next 5 Games: BRIS (A), HAW (A), ESS (H), BYE, GEE (H)
  • Recent Scores: 79, 130, 29, 104, 31
  • Breakeven: 83

Oh Buddy, Buddy, Buddy. What are we going to do with you old mate? 100+ one week, 30 the next. You are what makes this game both beautiful and frustrating. Every time we say it’s the week to dump, you come out with a big score. We keep faith, and you burn us. I’m not having a bar of it this time though Budwa. You’re smashing cars and breaking SuperCoach hearts. While we can still send him to someone in the $400k (Dahlhaus) he has to go. We can’t go on waiting for him to string 2 together, not with a dodgy knee.


Here the key break-even scores to keep in mind heading into round 4:


  • Dane Swan (COLL) 67 BE
  • Tom Langdon (COLL) 22 BE
  • Jimmy Webster (STK) 0 BE
  • James Aish (BRIS) -9 BE
  • Aaron Sandilands (FRE) 66 BE
  • Marc Murphy (CARL) 18 BE
  • Dale Thomas (CARL) 57 BE
  • Nic Naitanui (WCE) 56 BE
  • Daniel Hannebery (SYD) 37 BE
  • Patrick Dangerfield (ADEL) 46 BE


  • Scott Pendlebury (COLL) 147 BE
  • Dyson Heppell (ESS) 129 BE
  • Jobe Watson (ESS) 131 BE
  • Jack Steven (STK) 153 BE
  • Tom Rockliff (BRIS) 149 BE
  • Nick Riewoldt (STK) 156 BE
  • Todd Goldstein (NM) 136 BE
  • Adam Treloar (GWS) 136 BE
  • Tom Liberatore (WBD) 143 BE
  • Dustin Martin (RICH) 140 BE
  • Matt Suckling (HAW) 123 BE
  • Joel Selwood (GEE) 196 BE


It’s back. Thank you for your questions this week. Remember, you can tweet in to @Mr_Crimmins and your question could feature in Flesh for Fantasy. Here are the burning questions of the round.

Image 1

ANSWER: Good question. Don’t think Hickey is a keeper personally. There has been simply too big a gap between his best and worst. St Kilda also has a tough run coming up, so there’s always the chance that could impact his scores. The two poor scores were due to him carrying an injury. Ignore those and he’s been really solid. A low breakeven means you can keep him for a little while and see if guys like Lobbe and even Goldstein come good. Monitor Hickey, keep for now, but think about the future. I wouldn’t head into the business end with him

Image 2

ANSWER: How many trades you have left really depends on the situation. The general consensus with trades seems to be 23-24 heading into the bye rounds. Anything less than 20+ may leave you light on towards the end of the season. If you use 2-3 trades a week during the bye rounds, you should be left with 16-18 trades with 12 weeks to play. With your team almost set, you should then aim for 4-6 for the finals. But really, how long is a piece of string? It depends on circumstance; some people have been forced to trade more than others. There’s no definitive answer, but track for 6 come finals.

Image 3

ANSWER:I agree, reckon Robbie Grey is probably the best option there. He is in sensational form, a real POD with a low ownership %. All 3 options are around the same price, so it’s just a matter of picking on form. Grey is the man, but seriously consider Pav. He is also looking good and no chance of being rested – Freo need wins now.

Image 4

ANSWER: Understand your frustration, getting big at the waist waiting for Mummy to return myself. As I mentioned before, Hickey is a viable option given he’s been in good touch this season, but at same time, use Hickey as a stepping-stone. When Hickey maxes out, dump for a better ruck. While he has a low BE and scoring well (looks over his injury), I would consider getting him in. Lobbe and McEvoy need to show us more before we can consider.

Image 5

ANSWER: Not so much trading for players going through a tough spell, it’s more going for guys coming out of a tough spell. Callan Ward (mentioned above) is one guy worth looking at. Others to keep an eye on include Hamish Hartlett and David Mundy. But personally, given those guys have achievable break-even, I would hold onto them until their byes, you’ll be scratching for every point you can get come next week. Assess their situation once you arrive at their respective byes.

Good luck this weekend community. Send any last minute questions you may have to @Mr_Crimmins.

Mr Crimmins.

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With hickey out, who should I get in for mumford now?






West now there no Luenberger

Joey Joe Joe

Longer now there no Hickey?

Joey Joe Joe

Anyone keen on Cox? Not the best option vs Sandi this week, but with Nic Nat out of form, the big fella has to lift soon?

Joey Joe Joe

Hickey was noted to be out for 6-8 weeks on Saints website when sides were released – the story was however quickly ammended, with injury assessment to take place next week. Error or accidental slip of extent of Hickey's problem???


Throttle a rethink is urgently required buddy Hickey is Gonnnneeeeeeeeee…..Hmmm McEvoy, Sauce or Doughnut in the underdaks again????


McE. Not completely happy with it as I was leaning towards the Hick. But he does look more comfortable the last couple games.

Mummy I'm almost positive they are going to rest until after the byes. So that knee problem wasn't so minor after all.

And bringing in Rioli for Caddy. Know he has an injury history but that man is an SC dynamo.

What's on your and Keyboard's menu this week, Dools?


Hey TF, Keyboard and Next G device wanted Petrie (North Melb KPF) I would have jumped on but the Byes are killing me as I had 13 as of end round 6 So I went kade Simpson (Carlton ) If you recall very early in the year I said I could build a decent Def around him? Well Money where my mouth was LOL He is in and now also is Hanneberry Low B/E 30 odd if he pulls off another 100 he will be a huge chance to achive his B/E the week after and then it's on to a rather CHEAP Jelwood.
As no bargins and solid scorers are in the forwards s I fixed the backline and the mids and dabbled in the ruc dept so by R12 some one will have shown up and BANG I swoop adding more SC chaff to me veggie patch out by the shed….That's right Dusty you got my little chat to-day so next time you visit well it's a one way trip for one of us!


Haha. Yeah, I had that talk with Dusty and Roughy a couple weeks ago. Not easy talking to prems that way but we have high standards on the good ship throttle.

Thinking of bringing in ol' Kade myself next round for Mickie Ds (what us Yanks call McDonalds). Wanted Hibberd but am afflicted with way too many R10ers. Hickey would've added to the problem so wasn't the worst thing he was out.

Dunstan being out saved him a round or two. Hope to trade him for good ol' Sloane. Or may downgrade and fix up my back line. My lord it's a mess. Although if Roos keeps Dunn in the back, I'll be whistling ol' Grand Funk Railroad tunes to the top of the league board.


Bye Bye Buddy and welcome Chad Wingard


Me too!


Nice pick up Emma and Gargle.


Could certainly do worse! Nice!


Well done, Mr. C. All this Hickey talk went straight to his foot!

But in a couple weeks NicNat should be cheap enough that can swap for Currie. Least have ONE reliable backup ruck!


Ya he will be cheap like my prom date, Hey we had a good time !!! but it didn't last sigh………


Just not good having a date but no car to drive anywhere. Why can't I have one backup ruck? Is that asking for 2nd base action before 9pm?


Flowers and Chocolate's buddy – There is an English candy ; mint wafers called : "After Eights" There is nothing they can't do!!!!v


(writing down as I put floral print V neck and pleated cargo shorts in washer)


Mate the candy is not for you. You have to give it to the wife mate and she will put the cargo pants and floral V neck in the wash for you after the deed .


I can't have any candy? Hmmm. That may be a deal breaker.


Agreed mate it could be but then you help yourself to the chocolate "So you wont Carb up baby!" Say that with your baby blues all teary ….They love that
Or if your smart buy her a smaller candy (which she will share ) and buy a bigger candy for yourself but don't tell her (Win Win Buddy)


That's what I usually do. One for the lady and one for the stroll home. Brilliant Dools. Sweet nothing for all!


Ahhh A man modeled on meself…. Okay enough talk on ploys and scams to hit 3rd or 4th base after 8 … You went McEvoy didn't you?


Yep. Going McE. Like his form. Gaining confidence in the Hawks juggernaut. And not relying on HOs for a good score. Not any premium scoring rucks (well, mummy) so like his form on a strong team. Considered Lobbe but just don't think he's going to hold 90+ steady enough.


Agreed Good trade. Still got ZCox in there too?


Nope. Made a last minute change pre-R1 to Ryder. Thus started the ruck injury free fall. You still Sauce and Sandi?


Ah that was 2013 for me . Yep Sauce and Sandi for now but I think it is almost time for the big fella (Sandi)?


If there were better performing rucks, I'd say yes. Yet no '13 Goldie or Big Willie Boom scorers.

Gonna ride Sandi for a couple more. May swing him out R10 for Minson, who should be about the same price abouts that time. Avoid the Lyons conservation plan.

Rescued Pieman

You guys need a wifeswap lol that would rock


No mate it would be just the same but I live in " the Lucky Country"


Neither Dools and I have the frequent flyer miles to make this possible.




Hanley what to do?


Hold. Too late to waste a trade on a premium who is only out for a week.


It's definitely getting old with Hanley MIA again. Anyone know how long he is expected out for? If it's just a week or two you probably should hold if you have cover.

Was targeting him for a trade in next week after he dropped more cash but those plans are out the window now.


Likewise SC.
He has a high BE and as such would have to wait at least 1 more week after next week before trading in.
Given he has a bye in RD 10 there really isn't any point now at looking to bring him in until RD 11.
May be a blessing in disguise as this will most probably be when he bottoms out in price.


I'm tempted to pull the trigger on Hanley this week because his price is sure to keep dropping when he returns (whenever that is) and I can't keep riding the rollercoaster. Of course, Hanley is not my biggest issue so I'm thinking of upgrading Dunstan to somebody like McVeigh and putting Hanley on the midfield pine. I'll probably have to back Hanley in to come good down the track.


Thanks Mr C. I put Johnson and Ward in yesterday for McDonald and Dunstan.


Hey community, with frankline, and Tom Mitchell not playing I'm going to get a zero in my forward line if I don't fix the problem. Thinking of getting rid of franklins but not sure who to get. $ isn't a problem


As I'm led to believe the majority of us have r8 bye problems, I won't include any in my TATh. All the players included could be considered as your D4/5/6, hope you enjoy!


Lynden Dunn: $433,700, Avg. 92.5, BE 47, HS 133 LS 68 Bye rd 10
At first glance, Dunn doesn't look like a top 15 defender. However, if Roos allows him to settle into a half back role he could quite easily average 95+! In the last four weeks of 2013 he scored 87 119 129 86 against Gold Coast, Fremantle, Adelaide and Western Bulldogs respectively. What makes this even more interesting is that he was playing off a half back flank. When he has scored 92 104 133 he's been occupying that same role. The former #15 pick is approaching his prime at 27 and looks to be hitting some form of late. Playing in the Melbourne back line you'd expect the ball to be coming in a lot, so Dunn will get around 20 disposals a match. Another major pro about Dunn is that he likes to kick it instead of handball, which is very handy Sc wise. The only downside I see for picking Dunn is if Roos decides he is needed forward because he has averaged only 72 this season when put there.

Predicted forward line average: Mid 70's
Predicted back line average: Mid 90's

Grant Birchall: $451k, Avg. 88.3, BE 108, HS 120 LS 56 Bye rd 9
We all know Grant Birchall. The tall, rebounding defender that accumulates a lot of the footy and has the ability to kick a goal. However, this year I feel he is going unnoticed because the likes of Burgoyne, Suckling and Hodge are overshadowing him. Apart from his game against Essendon, he hasn't gone below 26 disposals! He's been a consistent low 90's performer for the past 4 years and I think he can go beyond that this year. Why? Because the dreaded T(ag) word never happens to him anymore. Hawthorn have a star-studded team and Birchall isn't, arguably, the #1 man to go to. He's produced stinkers in the past because of tags, but I think those days are beyond him.

Predicted average: Late 90's

Matthew Broadbent: $467,700, Avg 87, BE 92, HS 111 LS 45 (Was sub) Bye rd 9
Alongside Dunn, not a defender you would've picked to be top 15 by the end of the year. Without the sub game, Matt averages 95.4. I believe one of the major reasons for this change is Hamish Harletts move to the midfield. This means that Broadbent is the #1 rebounding defender for arguably the #1 team in the comp at the moment. He shares another similarity with Dunn, being that they both like to kick more than handball. When Broadbent hit the ton he was operating at an average of 84.6% DE which is elite. He also averaged 24.3 disposals, 2.6 I50's and 6 R50's per game! Broadbent will never be tagged and looks like a very solid defensive selection.

Predicted average: Mid 90's

Hope you all liked my take on a TATh, I'll try to get a midfield edition up later tonight and a forward edition for tomorrow. I have 2 mids and 2 forwards in mind but need 1 more of each so suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Simply awesome. Thanks MD!


Great article! Would love to see more!

Rescued Pieman

Bailing up your english teacher to give you an A+


I'd like to add to the point regarding Dunn: I've had him all year, and often when in defence he'll play on the resting rucks, and those such as Pyke last week can't lumber after him, and I gleefully saw him rack up a beautiful 133 points.

He will also score hundreds of as few as 18 disposals with his disposal efficiency, somehow managing to score a 76 off just 9 disposals.

Brilliant write-up, MD. I've been looking at Broadbent but just can't find the room already having Dunn locked into F6 by season's end.


DEF: D. Swallow, J. Mcveigh, S. Mitchell, M. Suckling, T. Langdon, L. Mcdonald (W. Langford, A. Georgiou)
MID: G. Ablett, D. Beams, T. Liberatore, J. Polec, L. Dunstan, D. Thomas, R. Griffen, M. Crouch (D. Tyson, N. Robertson)
FWD: P. Dangerfield, N. Riewoldt, L. Parker, D. Martin, J. Roughead, A. Fasolo (L. Taylor, JKH)

23 trades left with $300k in the bank, going for league win

This is the first week i am not sure what to do, so many trade options. Any input appreciated!


DEF: D Swallow, C Enright, S Mitchell, P Hanley, L Mcdonald, T Langdon, (A Geogiu, T Clurey)
MID: G Ablett, K Jack, D Beams, T Cotchin, R Griffen, D Thomas, L Dunstan, J Polec (X Ellis, L Taylor)
RUCK: S Jacobs, A Sandilands (Dericxx, M KIng)
FWD: Dusty, Pav, Zorko, Danger, Impey, Llyod, (Z Merret, JKH)
23 Trades 102k
Also hanley
Im under the pump community would love some help
thankyou so much


Gotta get Dunstan out, downgrade to someone like Hallahan (Hawks) which will free up 200+k

Trade out Impey and then you'd have about $480 to get another decent FWD in… few options there (mentioned in the above posts) Dahlhaus?


Buddy to Parker and Dunstan to Jobe are my trade priorities this week.

Will have to pass another week on Cutler but so be it.


Can you go to Jobe next week since Dunstan's value isn't going to move and Jobe's will most likely be heading down? Get Cutler in before his numbers jump.


It's a consideration TF but If Jobe goes off and Cutler has a quiet night against the Swans I'll kick myself.

Clay Cameron who I would swap out for Cutler is due back Rd 9 too and it would be another trade burnt to get Cutler in so pros and cons everywhere.

May just wear the $40K or so waiting fee on Cutler and reassess my options next week.


Have CCameron as well. I may hold on and cull some others who are a bit more ripe. Wait for CC to hit +$100K then shove off.

Yeah, I hear ya about missed opportunities. That Cutler will go sub 70 is more likely than Jobe going sub 110.


Kolo, Webster and Langdon have further to appreciate. Georgiou has a handy Rd 10 bye and even McD's BE is fairly gettable.

But will keep an eye out for Sunday's teams and if McD gets dropped then might consider swapping him for Cutler.

Could go to all this trouble to bring Cutler in and he gets dropped next week as Leppa continues to experiment. Anyway I will ponder it further ha ha.


Haha. Yeah, Hanley in and out doesn't make me confident to bring in Cutler either. Would say if Cutler doesn't have a strong game, he's probably out when Hanley comes in. Or vest.

Agree about McD. Could play and go strong and earn himself another $5-$10K. Be shocked if he's not named. But Scott could rest him with Scotty DT coming back. Never know each coach's approach to nurturing rooks.

Not touching Webster and Langdon. Actually did a list of all the "tradeable" players and Webby and Langdon are 5-6 on the list. Dunstan, Higgins, McD and Langford being slightly higher.


So what i'm taking from this article is that I shouldn't trade out Dunstan and Tyson. I was thinking of doing a double upgrade to Watson and N.Jones but now I don't know!

Should I upgrade Enright/Sucking –> Hibberd and then Fasolo –> Gray


Think it's fine Tom. You are only replacing Rd10 rookies with Rd10 premos that you want so there is little point in waiting as you are only costing yourself points.


A couple of quick questions for the community…

The first comes up a fair bit but i'm looking for a definitive answer…

1) Fasolo is OUT so – Dahl or Robbie Gray? (or someone else?)
2) Which 2 on field out of – Hallahan, Flipper Robertson, Kelly (GWS), Matt Crouch?

Thanks guys!


Fasolo will only be out one round, JP. So hold if you can. If not, would lean Dahl as Gray's score may dip with Monfries back.

Flipper and Crouch. Believe coach's for both sides have lots of confidence in both.


The round 8 bye is killing me a bit – so I thought now might be the time to chop Fasolo – otherwise i'd definitely hold onto him, will produce good output…

Reversing trades again – certainly got me thinking! thanks 🙂


While burning trades is never good, you do have 3 trades next round if you can unload McD or some other R8s that aren't doing you any good.

Tough call for sure.


who to trade, Suckling or Hanley?


Hanley has another one or two price dips on the horizon but if he comes good, you'll have a handy DDP on your hands. I would suggest holding for now and reassess.

Suckling is an interesting one, he is for the most part living up to expectation (he was never going to be a backline premo). Trading Suckling is a luxury trade in my opinion. If your only issues are Suckling and Hanley then your team can easily cope with making no trades this week.


Before this I had cemented my trades for the week. They were Higgins to Dahlhaus and Daisy to Jobe. I can't believe I didn't notice Suckling's BE though. He has to go and I'm thinking Michael Johnson and stay with the Higgins to Dahkhaus trade.

Leaves me $128,000 in the bank which unfortunately I'm a little shy of Daisy to Jobe next week and will have to use 2 more trades again. Am I making the right moves here?

I need some guidance community!

Please note: I'm chasing league wins and not overall and the byes aren't a concern. Everyone in my league takes no notice of them as we can't be bothered working around them.


Jobe has a high BE so may fall. Daisy's BE is gettable so he may go up in price to bridge the gap.


Would you trade Tyson or Dunstan this round?


dunstan, he isnt playing and is bleeding cash !!


Tyson for sure. Dunstan I'd hold off if you can. Value isn't going anywhere.


I can hold off but Dunstan hasn't been doing much last few weeks
What trades are you Looking at throttle


Well Canman, Mummy won the stare contest so I'm blinking and bringing McE in. Was going to do Hickey for the loot. Help upgrade my fwd/def lines.

And finally getting around to offloading Caddy. Late Cats games has allowed me to use for a loop between Impey and JKH. But shipping him off for Rioli. Injuries a concern but the man is just looking so damn spectacular. And throttles needs some SC love for eating Mummy donuts the last few weeks.

Hoping to offload Dunstan R9 for Sloane. Or downgrade to Hallihan then bump up McD to Kade the Bearded Wonder.


Yeah I Grabbed in Zorko and Hibberd for Langford and Tyson/Dunstan.
I have also been eating Mummy donuts so I figured 1 more week can't matter.
As I am Gabbing Zorko in the Mids When rd9 comes Higgins will go to Jelwood through Zork DPP


Problem with Mummy donuts is that reading between the lines on the injury report, I think GWS is going to rest him until after the byes. That's a lot of donuts. And that's also not a "minor" injury. I lost a couple games last week by less than 30 points. So I'm cutting bait, my friend. Hope you can hold out with little pain.

Like the trades, Canny. Higgins to Jelwood through Zorko is inspiring. Wanted to get Hibberd too. But am uber R10 heavy. So I'm going to upgrade McD or Langford for Kade if possible.


Yeah I am pretty heavy in RD 10 Might just have to bite the Bullet and go Simpson instead. Both Solid Options.




Saying Hello to Hibberd and Zorko this week.


Who are you saying goodbye to?


looking to upgrade higgins as i think hes pretty much hit his peak price. Who should i go for dalhaus, robbie gray or cyril or anyone else?


Trade enright? Or stick to guns and hope that he comes good


Hold, he'll come good.


Guys – H.E.L.P.
I had sandilands and hickey as my starting rucs… with mummy and derickz on the bench.
now hickey and mummy are out…
my original trades are in the bin with langford and dunstan both out. I'd got Hallahan and Sam Mitchell in for those two and that is screwed.
what the heck to do??? My DEF bench is non-existant really with outs… and rucs are goneski


Okay wes . Step 1 Calm the Fu&K down. Step 2 what moey and DPPs have you got. 3. where can you fix now for a long term gain? and who would you bring to the shed to slaughter remembering if they are not playing they retain their value so that is not a priority yet.


I managed, after a quick melt down when i saw the outs for the week, to switch a couple dpps around and fixed a little MID and FWD issues.
still left the DEF and RUC issues though, but team looked better for it.
The idea you had about the outs not losing money was a good and correct one.
Didn't have enough cash, considering leaving the outs for sale after this rd, to get Sam Mitchell back in… and I may kick myself for not doing that.
I brought in BIlly Longer for Hickey which gave me 200k in the bank. And I turned lose Langford to get in Baguley. Not enough $$ for hiberd or mitchell. not enough nutsack to get either Shaw brother – perhaps I should risk it though and keep 100k for next week. what you reckon?


heath shaw is a valid pick, I wanted him about 2 weeks ago but SC is SC I had other things to deal with. He has been great in a new team picked up the game plan and now is introducing Collingwood to the lads and his scores are reflecting that….Send rubbish down field and he will devour it and send it back with interest. Just a tad to exy $$ for me ATM but a very sound pick I think .
I do not see Longer as a good trade and I'm sure Deryickshas been named so you have cover Forget the Longer trade. have a look at the team again mate


PS Mitchell is a solid long term gain mate


Hi Wes.

Derickx is playing so you have cover for Hickey.
As such, you may as well address your defensive problems


Watson, Griffin or N.Jones?


Depending on your other players and how your looking for your bye but if that doesnt matter to much to you go watson


Hey guys,
I was going to bring in Ambrose as part of a paint the fence trade this week but see he's named as an emergency. Is it worth taking the risk? do you think he's going to get time on the park anytime soon?


Jock what do you think is the better trade?
option 1: Dunstan to Roberton and franklin to gray
option 2: dunstan to ward and franklin to gray


jock what do you think is a better option?
option 1: Dunstan to Roberton and franklin to gray
option 2: dunstan to ward and franklin to petrie


sorry jock for clogging up your feed but the one with fred as the name is actually my trades


can i still do trades on Saturday and Sunday if I dont do any before the game on Friday? wish I wasnt to scared to do the captains loophole . Scared if I do it wrong it will cost me.


If you do, yo can't reverse them after lockout




Jock what do you think is the better trade?


mcdonald or langdon on field??


Tough call Brandon, luckily for me this week I don't have to make that call, atm I have to have both on the ground.

Until last week I would have favoured McDonald but Langdon stood up in a high pressure game.

I think it is nearly a toss of the coin but on this weeks opponents maybe McDonald?


Hi Community,

23 trades left, 1 this round. What should I do?

Have Lance Franklin and looking for an upgrade. What are the best options?
Already have Parker, Dangerfield and Martin.

Could also downgrade to someone to make some cash?

Appreciate your thoughts


JKH or Sam Lloyd on field???


Is you're other bench forward playing this week?

If not, you can Emergency loophole JKH


Nah he won't be its Fasolo, how do I loophole JKH?


Hi Tom I am in the same boat.

Unfortunately with Fasolo playing first we cant use him to loophole JKH or Lloyd. Based on the last 2 weeks I am running with JKH on the field.


Yeah I'm thinking the same, so bloody hard to pick!!!!


Although Faz is out, because Collingwood is the first game of the Rd, you won’t be able to use the Emergency loophole.
I too have JKH and Lloyd, but my other bench Fwd is Ambrose.

As Essendon plays after Melbourne, I have Lloyd on the field with the E on JKH.

If JKH plays well, I will swap Ambose onto the field and Lloyd off it.
As Ambrose isn’t playing, it will default to JKH’s score after the Essendon Game.


Please note though Tom, in this example you would need to swap Ambrose and Lloyd before the start of the Essendon Game, which leaves only a small window.

Captain joc

My original planned trades were

McDonald to Watson via langdons dpp

Dunstan to ebert

But Mitchell not being named( I’m happy to loophole between Taylor and JKH) and Langford being out and Matt Thomas back in, but if I do the above trades I will be stuck with one of cutler(big chance of being sub) and georgiou score (not scoring well lately)

I have 516k in the bank and wanna double upgrade

Comments appreciated and open to any ideas


Cutler won't be sub, do the Dunstan>Ebert trade


It it worth getting Langford out for Tom cutler then Dunstan out for Brad Ebert


Or Robbie Gray


As with Xavier Ellis when he went down, Langford's price won't change, so you have the opportunity of leaving him on the pine and trading a rookie like Dunstan, Tyson, McDonald into Cutler. However, that said, I'm looking at cutler and seeing a few too many sub games from him rely on him raising in value consistently.

Although considering I don't know your exact situation, I can't say not to trade Langford.


I had originally planned to trade Dunstan and Tyson and bring in Zorko and Dunn. This will however know mean I have to take Georgiou's score as both Hanley and Langford are out.

I am still keen on the Dunstan to Zorko trade but not sure whether to sit on the other trade or turn Langford/Georgiou into Cutler.

I am leaning towards just the one trade as I have 14 round 10 bye players atm, bringing in Cutler might generate some cash but not convinced on his js, also it seems a bit like shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic.

I was thinking that since the AFL has a new CEO, perhaps Jock, Higgo, Crouching and Mick could lead a delegation and ask that in future if any AFL coach lies about the extent of a players injury they receive a public flogging and are then placed in a stock and have rotten fruit thrown at them with people that have that player in their Supercoach team at the front of the line. Yes Leon Cameron I am looking at you!!

Give It A Go

Is it worth bringing Nic Nat into the side and letting Mummy go???????


Letting Mummy go is good but not for Dog dog


I hadn't realised Watson was so cheap! Sheesh at 533 that's something. However, both bye structure and some strange ephemeral feeling in my gut is telling me to pick Smurphy this week over him.

Am I crazy? What are we expecting to get out of them for the rest of the year?


Nothing wrong with going to Smurf if it suits your bye structure better Patch.
The only issue is that Maccaffer will Tag Smurf this week and we all know that Smurf turns into Smurfett when he cops a heavy tag. Caff is the human glove.


That's a good point, and one that extremely relevant; an 80 would sit in his rolling average until after his bye, so I could hypothetically turn a r10 rookie into Murphy without much of a price difference, whereas Watson is likely to push up in price before his bye.

Although having said that, Murphy might smash a 130 and Watson get demolished by a Mitch Wallis tag as the Supercoach gods have their fun. Nonetheless I might play the numbers game and select Watson.


I went Dunstan to Watson this week Patch. I'd already made that trade prior to knowing Dunstan wasn't playing.
That said, I already have Smurf, but I must say I'm genuinely concerned about Caff shutting him right down tomorrow night.


Hi Jock and Super coaches.

Looking for some advice from the community. Would love to be upgrading players but have some holes in defence and the ruck that need to fixed. Have langford out with only Cameron and Clurey on the bench. Think my only option is either of these for Cutler and have no coverage. Same in the ruck. Have probably been too patient with Mummy and have only Currie or King on the bench. Only option apart from getting rid of mummy is to trade Currie and get Derricxk. Any thoughts/advice would be much appreciated.


def-swallow, mitchell, janesch, mcdonald,cutler, landon emg. hanely-georgiou
mids, ablett, watson, cotchin, beams, wines, dunstan, polec, tyson, emg n.robertson-m.crouch
forwards- danger,dusty,roughy,zorco,j.merret,kennedy harris, emg fasolo,g.rohan

upgrade for dunstan to premium, hannebry thinking he's ready to hit form (risk to become prem), and in before his rise,
swan before his rise but gives me mid issues for first bye round or fyfe…..
23 trades left
$350,000.00 to upgrade
any other ideas would be appreciated.

playing my best mate so a win is a must, think i have him covered but need to make bloody sure!
thanks all!


Guys who bring in Murphy or Mundy… who is the better long term option (therefore excluding the mcaffer tag tonight)


i have an issue here people, my defence is a complete crisis and it is effecting my whole team.

Swallow, bartel, smith, enroght, kolo, lmac. (langdon, langford)

i have 7 out of 8 players out in the rnd 8 bye,i may keep a few donuts during rnd 8 so that it wont annoy me during the other weeks. thoguh i want to get rid of some of the under perfomers like smith and enright, but i want to bring in jobe, i have 224k.

trade options are:

dunstan> hallahan
these two trades would leave me with 327k

but if i were to bring in jobe i would have to to this week i couldnt upgrade enright or smith, so should i just not get jobe.


also not sure if i should get hallahan or o'rouke

or get hibberd, birchall, mitchell, mcveigh, johnson etc.


Sorry the comment below us supposed to be in here.


Out of that lot I’d keep Swallow,Bartel,Kolo,Laangdon and Langford. Dunstan won’t lose money this week and if fit gives cover rounds 8 and 9. Watson can wait his BE is 131. I would bring in Johnson and Broadbent for Enright/smith and MacDonald them see how you are placed next week with your bye structure.


Hi community,
I need either a down grade option in my midfield for Dunstan or a downgrade option in the fwd line for martin


guys, whats the go with buddy? keep him and sit him on the bench this week or get rid of him? and if so, who for? i have $77, 500 in the bank.



Aish or crouch on the bench for Landon loophole