Round 7 Supercoach Scouting Report

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VonCrow_smallHowdy folks, Barron Von Crow here and welcome to our Round 7 Supercoach Scouting Report!

Round 6 was a fantastic round of football, with the brilliant ANZAC games on Friday night highlighted by a terrific win by Collingwood and Brisbane netting their first win of the season.

Now that we’re moving towards the bye rounds there will be a few people holding off on the trades, but plenty of potential premiums with some high BE’s looking to drop in price and beginning to look ripe for the picking. But we’re here to talk about Captains, so lets go and look at what our Round 7 options are looking like.

Also, remember to look out for the red and green Supercoach scores, RED = bad, GREEN = good which may help you out when it comes to picking your captains for the week


First up, our Top 10 Scorers for Round 6

1. Leigh Montagna: 174 Supercoach Points (10 points)
2. Travis Boak: 156 Supercoach Points (9 points)
3. Cyril Rioli: 154 Supercoach Points (8 points)
4. Marc Murphy: 148 Supercoach Point (7 points)
5. Gary Ablett: 145 Supercoach Points (6 points)
6. James Aish: 144 Supercoach Points (5 points)
7. Dane Swan / Matthew Boyd: 143 Supercoach Points (4 points)
8. Daniel Hannebery / Steele Sidebottom: 138 Supercoach Points (3 points)
9. Ben McEvoy / Nick Dal Santo: 135 Supercoach Points (2 points)
10. Nathan Fyfe / Heath Shaw: 134 Supercoach Points (1 point)

And our Top 10 rankings now look like

1. Gary Ablett – 34 points (5 appearances)
2. Travis Boak – 19 points (2 appearances)
3. Adam Treloar – 18 points (2 appearances)
4. Joel Selwood – 17 points (3 appearances)
5. Steve Johnson – 16 points (3 appearances)
6. Shane Mumford – 15 points (2 appearances)
7. Marc Murphy – 14 points (2 appearances)
8. Matthew Boyd – 13 points (2 appearances)
9. Steele Sidebottom (3 appearances) / Leigh Montagna (2 appearances) – 12 points
10. Jobe Watson / Patrick Dangerfield / Scott Pendlebury – 10 points

We’ve started to see some clearing of the list now, with 10 points being the lowest score to qualify. Gary Ablett has continued to surge ahead of the pack, with his 5 appearances in the top 10 rankings and is a clear 15 points ahead of the next best effort, which is now occupied by the Port Adelaide Captain Travis Boak, who has scored his 2nd massive score of the year against Geelong and has made 2 appearances in the list now. Both Leigh Montagna and Marc Murphy have started to hit some nice form, with both backing up their Round 5 scores with another week in the top 10 rankings in Round 6 as well, along with Steele Sidebottom making his 3rd appearance in the top 10 list as he continues to be a slightly underrated option in a terrific Collingwood midfield.

Carlton VS Collingwood

Friday, May 2, 7:50pm @ MCG

Carlton Betting Odds: Win @ $3.75
Collingwood Betting Odds: Win @ $1.27

Last time they met: Round 15, 2013 – Carlton LOST TO Collingwood 77-118
Key scores: Scott Pendlebury 154, Dane Swan 148, Matthew Kruezer 136, Heath Shaw / Travis Cloke 115

Key players:

Marc Murphy

Price – $529,300 – Avg 116 – BE 18
Last 3 VS Collingwood: Rd 15, 2013: 54, Rd 2, 2013: 92, Rd 3, 2012: 130
Total VS Collingwood Averages: 12 games, 93.67 Supercoach Points
@ MCG Averages: 105.96 Supercoach Points, High Score of 187

Bryce Gibbs

Price – $509,700 – Avg 99 – BE 73
Last 3 VS Collingwood: Rd 15, 2013: 59, Rd 2, 2013: 86, Rd 15, 2012: 103
Total VS Collingwood Averages: 12 games, 90.17 Supercoach Points
@ MCG Averages: 93.61 Supercoach Points, High Score of 150

Andrew Walker

Price – $484,500 – Avg 84.40 – BE 97
Last 3 VS Collingwood: Rd 15, 2013: 108, Rd 2, 2013: 70, Rd 15, 2012: 81
Total VS Collingwood Averages: 9 games, 68.89 Supercoach Points
@ MCG Averages: 80.38 Supercoach Points, High Score of 141

Scott Pendlebury

Price – $662,400 – Avg 134.17 – BE 147
Last 3 VS Carlton: Rd 15, 2013: 154, Rd 2, 2013: 121, Rd 3, 2012: 62
Total VS Carlton Averages: 10 games, 124.20 Supercoach Points
@ MCG Averages: 110.67 Supercoach Points, High Score of 170

Dane Swan

Price – $550,600 – Avg 100.83 – BE 67
Last 3 VS Carlton: Rd 15, 2013: 148, Rd 2, 2013: 103, Rd 15, 2012: 112
Total VS Carlton Averages: 14 games, 117.64 Supercoach Points
@ MCG Averages: 116.83 Supercoach Points, High Score of 190

Steele Sidebottom

Price – $587,200 – Avg 112.33 – BE 61
Last 3 VS Carlton: Rd 15, 2013: 99, Rd 2, 2013: 131, Rd 15, 2012: 93
Total VS Carlton Averages: 10 games, 89.90 Supercoach Points
@ MCG Averages: 95.37 Supercoach Points, High Score of 156

Captain Pick(s):

This may be the toughest game to pick from this week, with Pendles, Beams, Sidebottom and Swan from the Maggies and Marc Murphy from the Blues all making the top 10 rankings in recent weeks. I’d be a bit afraid of the Macaffer tag going to Murphy here, so I’d go with whichever of Pendles, Swan or Beams you have as your early VC pick here.


Hawthorn VS St Kilda

Saturday, May 3, 1:45pm @ MCG

Hawthorn Betting Odds: Win @ $1.07
St Kilda Betting Odds: Win @ $8.50

Last time they met: Round 20, 2013 – Hawthorn BEAT St Kilda 102-56
Key scores: Leigh Montagna 129, Sam Mitchell 115, Jarryd Roughead 113, Nick Riewoldt 112

Key players:

Sam Mitchell

Price – $536,600 – Avg 105.80 – BE 158
Last 3 VS St Kilda: Rd 20, 2013: 115, Rd 6, 2012: 117, Rd 8, 2011: 85
Total VS St Kilda Averages: 8 games, 98.63 Supercoach Points
@ MCG Averages: 108.34 Supercoach Points, High Score of 155

Jarryd Roughead

Price – $442,000 – Avg 82 – BE 155
Last 3 VS St Kilda: Rd 20, 2013: 113, Rd 6, 2012: 120, Rd 8, 2011: 126
Total VS St Kilda Averages: 8 games, 98.13 Supercoach Points
@ MCG Averages: 86.25 Supercoach Points, High Score of 146

Cyril Rioli

Price – $476,200 – Avg 104 – BE 59
Last 3 VS St Kilda: Rd 20, 2013: 57, Rd 6, 2012: 139, Rd 17, 2010: 80
Total VS St Kilda Averages: 4 games, 86.50 Supercoach Points
@ MCG Averages: 93.57 Supercoach Points, High Score of 175

Leigh Montagna

Price – $588,900 – Avg 119.20 – BE 41
Last 3 VS Hawthorn: Rd 20, 2013: 129, Rd 6, 2012: 78, Rd 17, 2010: 49
Total VS Hawthorn Averages: 6 games, 92.33 Supercoach Points
@ MCG Averages: 99.83 Supercoach Points, High Score of 165

Nick Riewoldt

Price – $547,800 – Avg 110.67 – BE 156
Last 3 VS Hawthorn: Rd 20, 2013: 112, Rd 6, 2012: 108, Rd 8, 2011: 88
Total VS Hawthorn Averages: 7 games, 113.29 Supercoach Points
@ MCG Averages: 94.86 Supercoach Points, High Score of 203

Jack Steven

Price – $549,400 – Avg 86 – BE 153
Last 3 VS Hawthorn: Rd 20, 2013: 100, Rd 6, 2012: 88, Rd 8, 2011: 49
Total VS Hawthorn Averages: 5 games, 68.60 Supercoach Points
@ MCG Averages: 86.08 Supercoach Points, High Score of 111

Captain Pick(s):

Leigh Montagna has been in some terrific form these past few weeks and I don’t think you can overlook him for a VC pick here along with Nick Riewoldt as well. Cyril posted a magnificent score last week, but it might be asking a bit much from him to back that up two weeks in a row. Mitchell has been down on form the past fortnight with two sub 100 scores, but he’s a chance to bounce back up here, but he usually doesn’t have enough oompf in his output for me to really dig him as a VC pick.


GWS Giants VS Pt Adelaide

Saturday, May 3, 2:10pm @ StarTrack Oval

GWS Betting Odds: Win @ $8.00
Port Adelaide Betting Odds: Win @ $1.08

Last time they met: Rd 12, 2013 – GWS LOST TO Port Adelaide 50-125
Key scores: Travis Boak 134, Cameron O’Shea 129, Kane Cornes 125, Angus Monfries 112

Key players:

Adam Treloar

Price – $537,800 – Avg 116.17 – BE 136
Last 3 VS Port Adelaide: Rd 12, 2013: 87, Rd 2, 2013: 71, Rd 19, 2012: 129
Total VS Port Adelaide Averages: 3 games, 95.67 Supercoach Points
@ StarTrack Oval Averages: 79.33 Supercoach Points, High Score of 105

Heath Shaw (Note: all were as a Collingwood player)

Price – $505,400 – Avg 98 – BE 60
Last 3 VS Port Adelaide: Rd 14, 2013: 70, Rd 1, 2011: 101, Rd 15, 2010: 86
Total VS Port Adelaide Averages: 7 games, 96.71 Supercoach Points
@ StarTrack Oval Averages: 110.0 Supercoach Points, High Score of 110

Callan Ward

Price – $484,000 – Avg 103.83 – BE 92
Last 3 VS Port Adelaide: Rd 12, 2013: 87, Rd 2, 2013: 91, Rd 19, 2012: 142
Total VS Port Adelaide Averages: 6 games, 108.33 Supercoach Points
@ StarTrack Oval Averages: 91.88 Supercoach Points, High Score of 118

Travis Boak

Price – $576,700 – Avg 106.50 – BE 94
Last 3 VS GWS: Rd 12, 2013: 134, Rd 2, 2013: 123, Rd 19, 2012: 57
Total VS GWS Averages: 3 games, 104.67 Supercoach Points
@ StarTrack Oval Averages: N/A

Robbie Gray

Price – $500,000 – Avg 102.83 – BE 61
Last 3 VS GWS: Rd 12, 2013: 13
Total VS GWS Averages: 1 game, 13.0 Supercoach Points
@ StarTrack Oval Averages: N/A

Matthew Lobbe

Price – $417,200 – Avg 83.83 – BE 65
Last 3 VS GWS: Rd 12, 2013: 83, Rd 2, 2013: 64, Rd 19, 2012: 61
Total VS GWS Averages: 3 games, 69.33 Supercoach Points
@ StarTrack Oval Averages: N/A

Captain Pick(s):

Boak has been on fire lately, with 2 big scores in his past 3 games and is shaping up as a solid VC pick this week. Don’t be scared off by Robbie Gray’s average, he was made the starting sub in his one and only game against GWS, so don’t read too much into that score of 13. Matthew Lobbe hit some form against that Cats last week and will be going up against a Mumford less Giants this week, so he has potential for another big score here.


Adelaide VS Melbourne

Saturday, May 3, 4:10pm @ Adelaide Oval

Adelaide Betting Odds: Win @ $1.10
Melbourne Betting Odds: Win @ $6.80

Last time they met: Round 22, 2013 – Adelaide BEAT Melbourne 120-52
Key scores: Scott Thompson 176, Lynden Dunn 129, Sam Jacobs 117, Rory Sloane 116

Key players:

Patrick Dangerfield

Price – $582,700 – Avg 111.83 – BE 46
Last 3 VS Melbourne: Rd 22, 2013: 115, Rd 22, 2012: 106, Rd 7, 2011: 52
Total VS Melbourne Averages: 6 games, 69.83 Supercoach Points
@ Adelaide Oval Averages: 121.33 Supercoach Points, High Score of 192

Rory Sloane

Price – $579,500 – Avg 113.67 – BE 121
Last 3 VS Melbourne: Rd 22, 2013: 116, Rd 7, 2011: 91, Rd 13, 2010: 112
Total VS Melbourne Averages: 3 games, 106.33 Supercoach Points
@ Adelaide Oval Averages: 109.67 Supercoach Points, High Score of 122

Sam Jacobs

Price – $501,800 – Avg 100 – BE 114
Last 3 VS Melbourne: Rd 22, 2013: 117, Rd 22, 2012: 102, Rd 7, 2011: 87
Total VS Melbourne Averages: 4 games, 96.75 Supercoach Points
@ Adelaide Oval Averages: 97.67 Supercoach Points, High Score of 112

Nathan Jones

Price – $542,400 – Avg 115.17 – BE 65
Last 3 VS Adelaide: Rd 22, 2013: 80, Rd 22, 2012: 89, Rd 7, 2011: 91
Total VS Adelaide Averages: 8 games, 78.13 Supercoach Points
@ Adelaide Oval Averages: 72.0 Supercoach Points, High Score of 72

Lynden Dunn

Price – $433,700 – Avg 92.50 – BE 46
Last 3 VS Adelaide: Rd 22, 2013: 129, Rd 22, 2012: 89, Rd 7, 2011: 87
Total VS Adelaide Averages: 6 games, 88.83 Supercoach Points
@ Adelaide Oval Averages: N/A

Jack Grimes

Price – $425,800 – Avg 86.67 – BE 99
Last 3 VS Adelaide: Rd 22, 2013: 87, Rd 22, 2012: 103, Rd 7, 2011: 14
Total VS Adelaide Averages: 5 games, 81.0 Supercoach Points
@ Adelaide Oval Averages: N/A

Captain Pick(s):

Could be a big game here, with Bernie Vince perhaps looking to show up his former side, as well as the potential return of Tex Walker on the cards. In fact, if I had Vince, I’d probably be willing to take a punt on him as VC here. Spite can be a powerful motivator. Nathan Jones has been in terrific form, but Sam Kerridge could potentially add him (or Vince) to list of names he’s done a decent shutdown job on this year (Ryan Griffen only managed 77 last week). Dangerfield has a putrid average over his 6 games against Melbourne, but he’s still more than capable of knocking up a big score here, so he could be a VC pick also.


Brisbane VS Sydney

Saturday, May 3, 7:40pm @ The Gabba

Brisbane Betting Odds: Win @ $5.00
Sydney Betting Odds: Win @ $1.17

Last time they met: Round 6, 2013 – Brisbane LOST TO Sydney 55-115
Key scores: Daniel Hannebery 131, Ryan Lester 130, Kieran Jack 126, Lewis Jetta 124

Key players:

Tom Rockliff

Price – $588,800 – Avg 114.60 – BE 149
Last 3 VS Sydney: Rd 6, 2013: 93, Rd 15, 2012: 69, Rd 24, 2011: 108
Total VS Sydney Averages: 4 games, 87.75 Supercoach Points
@ The Gabba Averages: 106.69 Supercoach Points, High Score of 179

Jack Redden

Price – $544,100 – Avg 108.83 – BE 88
Last 3 VS Sydney: Rd 6, 2013: 94, Rd 15, 2012: 54, Rd 24, 2011: 86
Total VS Sydney Averages: 7 games, 78.71 Supercoach Points
@ The Gabba Averages: 91.49 Supercoach Points, High Score of 149

Pearce Hanley

Price – $475,200 – Avg 86 – BE 185
Last 3 VS Sydney: Rd 6, 2013: 93, Rd 15, 2012: 119, Rd 24, 2011: 100
Total VS Sydney Averages: 5 games, 91.80 Supercoach Points
@ The Gabba Averages: 87.08 Supercoach Points, High Score of 160

Kieren Jack

Price – $543,200 – Avg 99.80 – BE 106
Last 3 VS Brisbane: Rd 6, 2013: 126, Rd 15, 2012: 102, Rd 24, 2011: 63
Total VS Brisbane Averages: 7 games, 103.0 Supercoach Points
@ The Gabba Averages: 104.0 Supercoach Points, High Score of 148

Adam Goodes

Price – $454,400 – Avg 21 – BE 232
Last 3 VS Brisbane: Rd 6, 2013: 84, Rd 15, 2012: 148, Rd 24, 2011: 172
Total VS Brisbane Averages: 12 games, 124.25 Supercoach Points
@ The Gabba Averages: 123.60 Supercoach Points, High Score of 161

Josh P. Kennedy

Price – $583,900 – Avg 113.17 – BE 103
Last 3 VS Brisbane: Rd 6, 2013: 102, Rd 15, 2012: 97, Rd 24, 2011: 129
Total VS Brisbane Averages: 6 games, 115.83 Supercoach Points
@ The Gabba Averages: 130.0 Supercoach Points, High Score of 132

Captain Pick(s):

Adam Goodes has certainly destroyed Brisbane in the past, but it might be asking a bit much from the 2013 Australian of the Year version to post that sort of score this week. Jack and Kennedy are certainly capable of putting up a score on their day, as is Tom Rockliff, but I’d likely be shying away from this game with my selections.


Essendon VS Western Bulldogs

Saturday, May 3, 7:40pm @ Etihad Stadium

Essendon Betting Odds: Win @ $1.33
Western Bulldogs Betting Odds: Win @ $3.35

Last time they met: Round 16, 2013 – Essendon BEAT Western Bulldogs 121-90
Key scores: Jason Winderlich 138, Tom Liberatore 125, Will Minson 118, Tom Bellchambers 114

Key players:

Jobe Watson

Price – $533,600 – Avg 110.50 – BE 131
Last 3 VS Western Bulldogs: Rd 16, 2012: 145, Rd 21, 2011: 103, Rd 1, 2011: 142
Total VS Western Bulldogs Averages: 8 games, 103.75 Supercoach Points
@ Etihad Stadium Averages: 107.08 Supercoach Points, High Score of 196

Dyson Heppell

Price – $508,200 – Avg 102.50 – BE 129
Last 3 VS Western Bulldogs: Rd 16, 2013: 107, Rd 14, 2012: 70, Rd 21, 2011: 75
Total VS Western Bulldogs Averages: 4 games, 85.50 Supercoach Points
@ Etihad Stadium Averages: 82.90 Supercoach Points, High Score of 114

Patrick Ryder

Price – $454,300 – Avg 90.25 – BE 47
Last 3 VS Western Bulldogs: Rd 16, 2013: 102, Rd 14, 2012: 109, Rd 21, 2011: 130
Total VS Western Bulldogs Averages: 9 games, 100.0 Supercoach Points
@ Etihad Stadium Averages: 86.57 Supercoach Points, High Score of 165

Matthew Boyd

Price – $618,600 – Avg 122.0 – BE 105
Last 3 VS Essendon: Rd 16, 2013: 133, Rd 21, 2011: 105, Rd 1, 2011: 74
Total VS Essendon Averages: 9 games, 88.78 Supercoach Points
@ Etihad Stadium Averages: 104.95 Supercoach Points, High Score of 164

Will Minson

Price – $510,400 – Avg 92 – BE 127
Last 3 VS Essendon: Rd 16, 2013: 118, Rd 14, 2012: 80, Rd 10, 2010: 62
Total VS Essendon Averages: 6 games, 72.83 Supercoach Points
@ Etihad Stadium Averages: 84.14 Supercoach Points, High Score of 143

Ryan Griffen

Price – $516,500 – Avg 81.60 – BE 117
Last 3 VS Essendon: Rd 16, 2013: 76, Rd 14, 2012: 60, Rd 21, 2011: 94
Total VS Essendon Averages: 9 games, 77.78 Supercoach Points
@ Etihad Stadium Averages: 94.58 Supercoach Points, High Score of 171

Captain Pick(s):

Matthew Boyd has been on fire lately and would make a very good VC pick this week. Griffen hasn’t scored very well against the Bombers in recent times and could be one to skip again this week. Watson has had some killer games VS the Bullies, so I’d also look at him this week too.


Nth Melbourne VS GC Suns

Sunday, May 4, 1:10pm @ Etihad Stadium

North Melbourne Betting Odds: Win @ $1.23
Gold Coast Betting Odds: Win @ $4.20

Last time they met: Rd 11, 2013 – North Melbourne LOST TO Gold Coast 51-66
Key scores: Gary Ablett 153, Tom Nicolls 139, Todd Goldstein 117, Jarrod Harbrow / Trent McKenzie 114

Key players:

Nick Dal Santo (Note: all were as a St Kilda player)

Price – $561,100 – Avg 114.50 – BE 128
Last 3 VS Gold Coast: Rd 22, 2013: 119, Rd 1, 2013: 84, Rd 11, 2012: 112
Total VS Gold Coast Averages: 5 games, 123.20 Supercoach Points
@ Etihad Stadium Averages: 111.90 Supercoach Points, High Score of 178

Brent Harvey

Price – $500,200 – Avg 101.50 – BE 106
Last 3 VS Gold Coast: Rd 11, 2013: 74, Rd 12, 2012: 138, Rd 5, 2012: 85
Total VS Gold Coast Averages: 4 games, 113.0 Supercoach Points
@ Etihad Stadium Averages: 101.40 Supercoach Points, High Score of 176

Todd Goldstein

Price – $488,600 – Avg 85.50 – BE 136
Last 3 VS Gold Coast: Rd 11, 2013: 117, Rd 12, 2012: 100, Rd 12, 2011: 107
Total VS Gold Coast Averages: 3 games, 108.0 Supercoach Points
@ Etihad Stadium Averages: 93.18 Supercoach Points, High Score of 163

Gary Ablett

Price – $735,800 – Avg 147.83 – BE 137
Last 3 VS North Melbourne: Rd 11, 2013: 153, Rd 2012: 188, Rd 12, 2011: 139
Total VS North Melbourne Averages: 8 games, 117.75 Supercoach Points
@ Etihad Stadium Averages: 119.12 Supercoach Points, High Score of 170

David Swallow

Price – $510,400 – Avg 114 – BE 94
Last 3 VS North Melbourne: Rd 11, 2013: 64, Rd 5, 2012: 126, Rd 12, 2011: 55
Total VS North Melbourne Averages: 3 games, 81.67 Supercoach Points
@ Etihad Stadium Averages: 92.80 Supercoach Points, High Score of 126

Dion Prestia

Price – $499,200 – Avg 106.17 – BE 107
Last 3 VS North Melbourne: Rd 11, 2013: 113, Rd 5, 2012: 59, Rd 12, 2011: 72
Total VS North Melbourne Averages: 3 games, 81.33 Supercoach Points
@ Etihad Stadium Averages: 72.50 Supercoach Points, High Score of 100

Captain Pick(s):

Gary Ablett is and always will be the man when he’s playing, so look no further here.


Geelong VS Richmond

Sunday, May 4, 3:20pm @ MCG

Geelong Betting Odds: Win @ $1.19
Richmond Betting Odds: Win @ $4.75

Last time they met: Round 6, 2013 – Geelong BEAT Richmond 131-87
Key scores: Allen Christensen 177, Jimmy Bartel 131, Dustin Martin 125, Steve Johnson 121

Key players:

Joel Selwood

Price – $598,500 – Avg 121 – BE 196
Last 3 VS Richmond: Rd 6, 2013: 105, Rd 4, 2012: 144, Rd 18, 2011: 126
Total VS Richmond Averages: 7 games, 106.43 Supercoach Points
@ MCG Averages: 110.21 Supercoach Points, High Score of 185

Steve Johnson

Price – $626,600 – Avg 123.50 – BE 126
Last 3 VS Richmond: Rd 6, 2013: 121, Rd 4, 2012: 69, Rd 18, 2011: 148
Total VS Richmond Averages: 7 games, 105.57 Supercoach Points
@ MCG Averages: 87.88 Supercoach Points, High Score of 148

Corey Enright

Price – $445,100 – Avg 79.60 – BE 122
Last 3 VS Richmond: Rd 6, 2013: 113, Rd 4, 2012: 120, Rd 18, 2011: 80
Total VS Richmond Averages: 7 games, 97.43 Supercoach Points
@ MCG Averages: 93.65 Supercoach Points, High Score of 131

Trent Cotchin

Price – $518,300 – Avg 101.67 – BE 94
Last 3 VS Geelong: Rd 6, 2013: 76, Rd 4, 2012: 103, Rd 18, 2011: 127
Total VS Geelong Averages: 3 games, 102.0 Supercoach Points
@ MCG Averages: 100.15 Supercoach Points, High Score of 175

Dustin Martin

Price – $466,400 – Avg 88.17 – BE 140
Last 3 VS Geelong: Rd 6, 2013: 125, Rd 4, 2012: 79, Rd 18, 2011: 75
Total VS Geelong Averages: 3 games, 93.0 Supercoach Points
@ MCG Averages: 86.13 Supercoach Points, High Score of 137

Daniel Jackson

Price – $515,200 – Avg 108 – BE 110
Last 3 VS Geelong: Rd 6, 2013: 71, Rd 4, 2012: 59, Rd 18, 2011: 58
Total VS Geelong Averages: 6 games, 56.67 Supercoach Points
@ MCG Averages: 80.88 Supercoach Points, High Score of 153

Captain Pick(s):

Joel Selwood has had a couple of quiet games in a row, so I’d be looking for him to have a big one this week, along with Steve Johnson as well. Both worthy VC/C selections this week. Cotchin has struggled in the past against Geelong, but if his yo-yoing form continues he’ll back up last weeks 84 with a 130+ score this week, so look out for him here as well.


West Coast VS Fremantle

Sunday, May 4, 2:40pm @ Patersons Stadium

West Coast Betting Odds: Win @ $2.25
Fremantle Betting Odds: Win @ $1.52

Last time they met: Round 16, 2013 – West Coast LOST TO Fremantle 93-121
Key scores: Chris Mayne 137, David Mundy 119, Chris Masten 116, Michael Barlow / Garrick Ibbotson 113

Key players:

Matthew Priddis

Price – $496,900 – Avg 100.17 – BE 84
Last 3 VS Fremantle: Rd 16, 2013: 86, Rd 1, 2013: 86, Rd 19, 2012: 107
Total VS Fremantle Averages: 12 games, 104.75 Supercoach Points
@ Patersons Stadium Averages: 104.66 Supercoach Points, High Score of 188

Luke Shuey

Price – $523,400 – Avg 106.60 – BE 107
Last 3 VS Fremantle: Rd 1, 2013: 56, Rd 19, 2012: 40, Rd 9, 2012: 138
Total VS Fremantle Averages: 5 games, 84.20 Supercoach Points
@ Patersons Stadium Averages: 97.14 Supercoach Points, High Score of 154

Dean Cox

Price – $486,000 – Avg 93.67 – BE 108
Last 3 VS Fremantle: Rd 16, 2013: 70, Rd 1, 2013: 96, Rd 19, 2012: 76
Total VS Fremantle Averages: 13 games, 86.31 Supercoach Points
@ Patersons Stadium Averages: 105.99 Supercoach Points, High Score of 190

David Mundy

Price – $491,600 – Avg 99.67 – BE 52
Last 3 VS West Coast: Rd 16, 2013: 119, Rd 1, 2013: 126, Rd 19, 2012: 128
Total VS West Coast Averages: 13 games, 101.15 Supercoach Points
@ Patersons Stadium Averages: 90.92 Supercoach Points, High Score of 154

Aaron Sandilands

Price – $469,100 – Avg 114 – BE 66
Last 3 VS West Coast: Rd 16, 2013: 74, Rd 9, 2012: 71, Rd 8, 2011: 110
Total VS West Coast Averages: 10 games, 82.10 Supercoach Points
@ Patersons Stadium Averages: 95.44 Supercoach Points, High Score of 163

Matthew Pavlich

Price – $496,300 – Avg 96.33 – BE 84
Last 3 VS West Coast: Rd 16, 2013: 78, Rd 1, 2013: 60, Rd 19, 2012: 179
Total VS West Coast Averages: 14 games, 94.71 Supercoach Points
@ Patersons Stadium Averages: 108.33 Supercoach Points, High Score of 179

Captain Pick(s):

It seems the Cox VS Sandilands battle often goes to a stalemate with neither having a history of posting a great score on one another, so that’d make them skip candidates this week. Mundy has started to get some good scores the past fortnight and his previously history against WC suggests he’d be a good pick if you’ve reached this far and still haven’t used your Captain yet.

Barron Von Crow’s Round 6 Captain Selection:

Ablett having a Sunday game is a bit of a bonus as it gives up a fair few games to pick our VC selection from. I’ll be repeating last weeks selections, with Swan as my VC, along with Ablett as the set and forget C pick. I’d say if you have any player in the overall Top 10 list, that may be someone you seriously consider for your VC/C selections this week.

That’ll be it for this week, and we’ll see you next week in the bye rounds!

Barron Von Crow



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Nice work Crow, insightful as usual


VC Swan C Ablett. No brainer.


Great stuff Baz, I'm going to do L.Dunstan to N.Jones, but should I downgrade A.Georgiou to T.Cutler or D.Gardiner? It may not be too much money I get out of it but in the future it would be. Thoughts?



Big M

I'm stuck on the same decision, expected change overall will earn about the same $ in the long run


Priddis vs mundy
Long term


Priddis for mine, number 1 midfielder at WCE whereas mundy has to compete with the likes of barlow and fyfe.


Thanx gab like ur thinking



Scatterly Cow

Soooo are you saying that you would go for Nat Jones over Pendels?

Nat Jones is number 1 midfielder at Dees whereas Pendels has to compete with the likes of swan and beams?


yeah gab i agree, super consistant


which premium defender should i try to bring in?
I feel suckling has peaked. Price is no object
I already have S.Mitchell, J.McVeigh, P.Hanley & D.Swallow


Also i can use my dp players to buy an fwd or mid if that seems like the smarter option.
Can't afford Pendlebury though


I like simpson and hibberd ando.
Imo Id go kade, cheaper but also proven with a bigger roof




Put Bartel in, come the end of the year you will be happy. Top 3 defender easy


Dont' forget Hibberd from the Bombers.


Is it the right week to bring in Parker and mcvrigh as upgrades


McVeigh is showing as injured on SC site. Anybody out there know what the word is?


Corked calf but is still expected to play this weekend according to the Swans injury report video.


Thanks SCaddict.


Is it time to get rid of Dunstan now? Or will he pump out a score like Aish did last week which will increase his price pretty significantly in the next couple of weeks…


It's impossible to predict with any certainty but on balance of probabilities he is unlikely to increase significantly in value. Plus he plays the Hawks this week so it's hard to see him get plenty of the pill.

In fact he actually lost a little bit of cash last week so he's pretty plump for the slaughtering right now. But if you have other trade priorities there's not much harm in keeping him around another week or two with a modest BE of 70.

For me Jobe looks too irresistible to pass up so I'll be using Dunstan to make that happen this week.


To think I started the Season with Hanley and Enright

Rescued Pieman

Agreed Scaddict. He's handy for byes but tempting to slaughter. If I didnt have Jobe already I think that would be a great trade. Jobe has had some off weeks but hes capable of very big scores. And there are plenty left. My priority of trading Buddy. I'm sick of his best then worst output. At the moment he looks out of place.


Yes Buddy is gone for me too this week and in comes the consistency of Parker. If he was under performing that would be one thing but combined with the sore knee I'm not sure we really have much of a choice in the matter.

If he has another poor game or the knee flares up again and he's subbed out he could easily drop another $50K or more so we may as well move him on whilst his price is still north of $400K.

Rescued Pieman

Yeah we just have to cut our losses unfortunately. Dont have Wingard, Zorko or Parker. Robbie Gray has a bad injury history so Ive ruled him out. Like Wingard but didnt see him through the midfield much on Sunday. He had a good game 3 goals, 16 touches, 7 marks, 83 points. HMMM 0 tackles. Players that tackle score well it seems.


Wingard is very much on my radar too Pieman. There's a chance he could dip to around $400K in another week or two which is when I'll pounce via the Higgins stepping stone post bye.

Rescued Pieman

Great thought. Wingards BE is 120 odd & scored 145 on GWS last year. My only reservation. Higgins to Wingard though for 30-50K is an outrageous prospect. Every season you get a few. Nice, could be gold.


He could go ton again. Can't see him doing Aish numbers. Think he'll make up the lost loot this round. Hawks will be a bit more focused on Stevens and Montagna so he could get a nice bit of the pill.

But if you have no other more pressing concerns, he's pretty ripe for the pickings.


Which defender should I bring into my team, I am looking for value for money but will pay $$$ for a good consistent defender. I already have Mitchell, Swallow and Hibberd.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.


McVeigh looks value for money at $530K and a very gettable BE of 92 this weekend against the Lions.

Alternatively if you wait a week Hanley is very likely to be sub $450K which is whom I'm zeroing in on myself as I already have Macca.

Pieman's Misses

Agreed again SCaddict. Hanley will be cheap. only 60 odd last week on the back of that 35. Basement price next week. Another potential option is Walker 484K, & the blues are improving. He's dropped nearly 100k & capable of big scores. Has he lost his MID elegability?. I coudn't find him in mids.


Ok thanks Scaddit I will probably get Mcveigh this week and later get Hanley. And Piemans Misses yes Walker has lost his Mid elegability.

Joey Joe Joe

No TAT? Second week in row? Up for another job Baron given Mick seems MIA???


Yep. I am missing it!


Supercoach gold have Jackson Merrett listed as having a shoulder injury. Looked good on Anzac day and received a late knock to his shoulder in the dying minutes. Is it worth getting rid of him now or should I be looking to offload a Dunstan or Mcdonald or Higgins.


Wait for teams

Kenny Powers

Heard a rumour Mick was seen with Charlie Dixon over the weekend …………

Kenny Powers

Any news on Mummy, definite out?


Consider Fyfe as an option if Gaz doesnt show up (highly unlikely i know)


Hi Community
Hard one for me. Who would put put in your starting midfield team (1 only) of m Hallahan,T Langdon, or d Tyson?
Thanks all!

Rescued Pieman

Tyson for sure. Get the feeling Hallahan & Langdon could be out of there teams soon. But both good kids.


Hey fellas love the page,
Just wondering who should be traded out

A) Dunstan or Mcdonald to Culter
B) Higgins, Merrett or Franklin to premium from the cash of Mcdonald/Dunstan


A) Dunstan
B) Could have your answer if Buddy isn't playing this week. Personally I'm not a fan of the bloke, so I'd ditch him anyway. No denying he does have a high ceiling though.


Tops report as always, Barron.

Think I'm going to roll the dice this week and put the VC on Jobe and C on the perms-cap. Pendles is my usual VC but think a motivated Blues keeps him 115-120.


Sounds like a good plan to me TF. At least Currie is still good for something he he.

Have you had your fill of Mummy's donuts yet or in for a penny in for a pound?


Ha. Currie AND King. Thought the former would play more and the latter would be my loop king (pun intended).

Yes. Pants popped a button from all the Mummy holes. Reading between the lines on the injury report he's not coming back until after the bye. That officially erases "minor" from the word "injury."

Either going McE who I think is getting comfy at his role at Hawks or embrace Hickey and his low $ so I can upgrade other areas. If he goes 85+ for the rest of the year and allows me to make my forward/back lines more robust, it's worth it. This year is the year of the no-premium ruck.


G'Day Throttle.
Blues don't have anyone to put on Pendles as Carrazzo is still trying to get up to full fitness, and Curnow is out.
In addition, Pendles has been slightly sub par in comparison to his Lofty levels.
VC Pendles my friend. Lock it in


Hey Rocksta!

Very good point. Yet, I feel if anyone is going to go big versus the Blues it's either Swanny or Beams. Call it an inkling. And with Jobe as with other elites, they seem to go big when their BE is ridiculously high. So going with the gut and VC-ing Son o' Tim.

But like all things, changes may be applied closer to game time.

How you sorting all out for this round, my man?


Mate, I've gone with the one trade…………Dunstan to Watson.
I agree that Watto will go large this week, but feel that Pendles is due for a Big one.
I'm going the usual…….VC Pendles, C Son of God.
Incidentally, have planned to bring Hanley in for McD next week, but will need to paint the fence for that to happen.
Rd 9 trade is also a no brainier……….Hello Jelwood……… Hopefully, no fence painting required.


Nice! Have both but you are getting them at a VERY tasty price.

I'm hoping to go Rd10 Dunstan to Sloane. (or go round 8 for Rockliff).

Yeah, like Hanley and Hibberd but am uber r10 heavy right now. So not sure if bring in now or later for McD or Langdon (maybe do Hibberd before and Hanley after).

VC will have to be a game time call. May have to see if Pendles trimmed his goatee or let it go rough and rugged.


Good Luck mate?

If your Rd 10 Heavy, perhaps bring in the add 8 bye Guns such as Sloane from Rd 9.
I prefer Hibberd over Hanley, but as of next week we are probably looking at an $85k turnaround.
I need that extra cash for Jelwood and others from Rd 9 as I am also Rd 10 heavy


Yep. That's the plan with Sloane. May decide to roll with Caddy as loop guy to bring in Hibberd for McD this week. Not sure.

Best of luck to you, my man.

Litt up

Whose the best forward option? Gray, Rioli, Dalhaus or Pav


Id go gray ATM, although with monfries coming back he will kick most of gray's goals


In the first three rounds, when monfries was playing, Gray kicked 6.3

Flacid Jaff

I'm facing the same conundrum!
I think grays form will drop when wingard and monfries start firing together.
I'm terrified of both the ross lyon and tall forward traps.
So I'm down to Rioli and Dahlhaus myself, can't help you any further unfortunately!


Lads, do we wait a week on Jobe or do we get him in now ????


Either or. Last time he played the Doggies (back in 2012) he busted out a 145 but that's no guarantee of what's to come on the weekend.

It's convenient for me to get on him now but not too much harm in waiting another week if there are other trades you'd rather push through this week.


Id wait for as long as you like. I reckon Jobe has finally succumbed to the weight of the Club on him and he will not push out consistent scores.


DEF: D.Swallow, S.Mitchell, C.Enright, M.Suckling, L.McDonald, T.Langdon (W.Langford, A.Georgiou)

MID: G.Ablett, S.Pendlebury, J.Kennedy, D.Beams, J.Macrae, J.Polec, L.Dunstan, M.Crouch (L.Taylor, N.Robertson)

RUC: A.Sandilands, S.Jacobs (D.Currie, M.King)

FWD: P.Dangerfield, D.Martin, J.Roughead, C.Wingard, S.Higgins, S.Lloyd (J.Impey, P.Ambrose)

I have $522,000 in the bank and i'm not entirely sure what to do this round! I've thought about upgrading both McDonald and Dunstan leaving me with no spare cash or upgrading Higgins or Suckling to a premo leaving me with a bit of money coming into the byes.

Any thoughts or ideas will be appreciated.


I'd be pretty happy to sit tight this week with that team, Jack. Depends how itchy your trigger finger is.

Roughy/Wingard ain't doing much but you'd back them both to come good. Suckling is facing a price drop but I'm reluctant to let him go, accurate by foot and likes to get forward.

Dunstan could be the one to let go. Not much more cash to squeeze out of him so an upgrade to a fallen premium (Jobe, Swan, Griff) could be on the cards

Captain joc

I’d upgrade suckling and Dunstan
McDonald could easily make his breakeven of 63


FYI a quick look at and Dunstan should rise another 40k over the next two weeks with just an average score. McDonald only likely to rise around $5k.


So TAT became TAW, is it now TATH or just MIA?


U in the Army?


Jock, give Mick the Ass.

Simply Not good enough to go AWOL on the Community


Higgins, Cutler or Merret to go?


why would cutler go, has played 3 games lots of money to make, probably higgins for mine


Look out for Brad Ebert and Rory Sloane, will be 600+ by seasons end


G'day fellas, got bored in my English class so decided to do a bit of research on some mid season downgrades

Darcy Gardiner (Brisbane) 2 games, Avg 42. Won't score big because he is a key defender, I believe Leppa will pick him over Jordan Lisle (spud) and Matt Maguire. Priced at 117k and on the bubble this week, should score around the 40-50 mark.

Jonothan O'Rourke (GWS) 1 game, Avg 57. The former #2 draft pick was on fire for the Giants reserves and received his first senior call up of the year. Should see more game time and priced at 123k is one to keep an eye on. I think he will average 65-70.

Ben Newton (Port A.) 0 games, Avg 0. Surely after having a 33 possession, 14 clearance, 10 I50 and a couple of goals surely he should be considered for Aaron Young! JS a bit of a question, with Ports already stacked midfield. Monfries should come in for Gray this week so I'd see how Young plays against GWS before pulling the trigger on Newton. Priced at 123k.

Mitch Hallahan(Hawks) 2 games, Avg 40.5. Sub affected first game brought his average down, scored 62 in his second match. The million dollar question still remains, will he keep his place? I believe he will have another month of footy ahead of him, then maybe replaced by Shiels. With Simpkin in poor form and Sewell without a preseason, Hallahan has come into the Hawks lineup with an AFL ready body that can do a shift in the midfield and forward line. Been on Hawks list for three year, has a Liston trophy to his name, plays a nice contested brand and should be considered for your team. Priced at 123k and should average around 70

Mitch Honeychurch (WBD) 0 games, 0 Avg. Been on the Dogs emergency list 3 times, has 2 VFL MOTM awards, surely this is Mitch's week! Pint sized forward was the only player to average 20+ disposals and 2+ goals in the TAC cup. Only worry is he might be the sub. With that in mind he might only average around 50.

Christian Salem- Paul Roos looks like he wants to blood the youngsters asap, wait and see if Salem is sub again because if he is he price should drop and then would be the time to pick him up.

Patrick Ambrose- Already mentioned a lot, might get a game instead of the hopeless Jake Carlisle.

Marcus Bontempelli- Same story as Salem.

Tex Walker- Not exactly a rookie (300k), would advise you watch him for a couple of weeks before picking him up.

Anthony Morabito- Too injury prone

Matt Fuller- To be honest I don't know much about him, but a friend who follows the bulldogs says he's playing well in the VFL


You forgot to mention Bock.

It it very likely he will play this week. Looks a no brainer.


Well done, Might Don.

Beady Eye

Bravo MD, a mighty effort.

Newton's the one I've got my eye on, very keen to see how he goes if/when he gets a chance.


Add Ben Lennon to the list. Absolutely carving it up at VFL level and will likely debut this week.

Tigers have the round 8 bye so he won't be on the bubble until round 10 (if he plays round 7 and 9) That said, Tigers play Dees in what could be his second game. High picks at the tigers have tended to have decent JS in recent years (Ellis, Vlastuin).

Could be a nice downgrade option for those with Higgins or Merrett?


Outstanding contribution! Many thanks

Matt D.

Bloody awesome MD!!!! One of these per week and i could hopefully rely on you more then i can rely of mick with his TAT!!!!


Since this seemed to do pretty nicely in an hour and a bit I might try my hand at a TAT. Won't be nearly as good as Mick's, but I guess it's better than nothing


Well done Mighty, you are now a Super Sub ..Enjoyed the read.


what do you think about Bradley Hill, Ben Cunnington, or Josh Jenkins? are any of them worth picking up?


also what do you think about taylor walker?


Give Taylor walker a few weeks see how he goes

Bob McBob

Cunnington would be a good pick. I reckon that. Brad hill could be a good pick as, just expect fluctuating scores a lot. Josh Jenkins is a hit or miss player. Scores high one week, scores low the next.


If I had to choose, I would pick Cunningham, however with Swallow back this week, I would leave him alone

Captain joc

Steer clear of most of them


Jerka Jenkins has been playing very well, but still too inconsistent for my liking (although a lot of big forwards are). He's had his goal kicking boots on the past 3 weeks, but we'll also have weeks where he can't hit the bloody side of a barn door. He's definitely being helped out by the recruitment of Pods though, stops him being doubled as much and that'll continue once Tex comes back.


Murphy or Watson this week ?


I prefer Jobe for the long haul myself even though Smurph has been fantastic the past fortnight.

Smurph is also in store for the Caff Cuffs this week. Jobe has already dealt with the two best taggers in the comp so those scores are now behind him.


Completely agree. Watson should be back to doing 120+.

The Ranger

I'd like to get the community's thoughts on Petrie?
I normally try and avoid KPP's but he's only $379000 and surely won't spend the whole season stinking it up?


Very likely under priced but you have to ask yourself whether you think you can handle the odd 30 or 40 for every 120 or 130? I think he's a reasonable F6 upgrade option though.

I doubt he'll make my own team though. Prety much have Wingard pegged for that F6 spot in the next week or two after I've dealt with some more immediate trading priorities.

Captain joc

Scaddict I’d be careful with wingard as he isn’t playing as much midfield time with the inclusions of polec and white
I’d only have Petrie as an f7 and loophole him every week

Captain joc

Also with Petrie his not scoring as much this year as last year

Captain joc

Like goals wise I mean


G'Day Captain.
With respect to Wingard, I think he'll start getting rotated through the midfield again once Monfries is back in action.
It's funny, I have both he and Robbie Gray and I thought it would be Gray that would cover for Monfries in the Fwd line when He went down.
Port obviously rate Gray very highly.
In any event, Monfries will be back this week or next so we will soon find out.
Either way, I'm tipping Wingard carves it up this week against GWS.


Yeah, I like Wingard, Rocksta. Agree that Monfries will have him in the middle racking up bigger scores.

Hoping to bring him in for Higgins next round. Price should be nice 'n' tasty around then.

The Ranger

I'm looking to bring Wingard in for Higgins too but waiting for Monfies return to see how that pans out. Petrie would be a replacement for Fas who has to go before the R8 byes.


I think we are all on the same page boys. Let's see what happens with both Higgins and Wingard this weekend (and maybe next) and we can then make a more informed decision.

Wingard potentially around $400K is going to be very hard to resist though.

Captain joc

Hey man I had wingard but traded him when he got injured but ohwell
Yeah I like gray but can’t see him in my side coz I just expect him to get injured I’m looking at getting Parker as my F6 but hoping that titch gets named aswell


He and Cloke aren't in good form. Price plummet is no mystery to all who have seen both play multi games. There is a tendency to do "historical buys". Yet, both are KPPs and even if they do a couple tons, it's still a risk. Once playing crappy, it's revert to the sub 70 scores.

Unless you watch both this week and see a regain in form, I'd avoid. Go with someone less of a risk and knocking out a couple tons and 75+ scores with regularity.

stevie G

i disagree, petrie had a bad start. He thanked the coach for trusting him. There's a reason he was priced above 500k. Its now or never lads, get on!

Beady Eye

I disagree, he's still not playing well. I was at the Freo-Kangas match last week and he looked more interested in fighting McPharlin than getting involved in the game.

The fact he can't seem to get amongst the scores even when North are playing well is a warning sign for mine.

The Ranger

Well at least the range of responses explains why I'm umming and arring about him!
I saw the Freo game and thought he was looking a bit better than in previous games. He got 93pts I think without kicking a bag.
If I get him he would be my F6 for a while and even if he doesn't hit peak form its not sttretching the imagination to think he might go back up in value and hence make me some moola.
I can see both sides of the argument but something in my belly is telling me to jump on.
Or is that just wind….


Petrie is a pick for me to Ranger, unfortunately every player this year that I study has the bloody round 8 bye including your pick Drew!!! 379K is a value pick for the big man. I will get him post bye. I heard his coach speak highlyof his work rate and effort I think his luck will change and then BANG – Premier Forward at basement price (I would pick him up as I said) another to pick up real cheap and would be a POD is another Round 8 Bye player "The Invisible Cloke" – Watch this space….
I will apologise to the community if I'm wrong but Computer and Next G device wanted both this round But I did not want to be accussed of Tanking it would have brought me up to 15 Round 8 bye players. I hate double gussing Computer and Next G device , I invariably get it wrong but 15 in one round is rectal induced pineapple poisoning to me….

Captain joc

So happy that it is Thursday means a day off work for me we get to find out the teams and we’re only one day away from footy


What do you reckon fella's, would you be trading anyone from this line up this week? I have 122,000 in the kitty at the moment. Currently ranked in the 700's but really unsure what direction to go. Any advice welcomed.

DEF – Swallow, Mitchell, McVeigh, Suckling, McDonald, KK (Georgiou, Cutler)
MIDS – Ablett, Beams, Murphy, MaCrae, Cotchin, Libertore, Polec, Crouch (Dunstan, Tyson)
RUCK – Sandilands, Jacobs (Derickx, King (loop))
FWDS – Danger, Zorko, Wright, Martin, J Merrett, Fasolo (JKH, Lloyd)


You need to paint the fence this week.
The two trades i would do would be
Dunstan –> Hallahan. 300k sitting on the bench is wasted cash so you may as well cash in your lamb and gain an extra 200k.
THEN I would upgrade someone in the backline. Suckling or McDonald to someone like a Hibberd. Thinking about the byes, I would go McDonald


I'd be looking to bring in a non Round 8 player. By looking at your line up you have 13 player will be out in Round 8 plus King makes it 14 players out.


I agree SC, Fasolo is a prime target to go. Rnd8 bye, not playing till round 10 in all likelihood and you have made $130k off him already. I would suggest that if Ambrose is named tonight, a downgrade to him would add nicely to your kitty, allowing you trade out McDonald to Hibberd next week around the bye, and giving you 18 players on the park.


Here's my team with 22 Trades and $38K in the kitty.

Def: Swallow Hibberd Bartel Mitchell McDonald Langdon – Fuller Georgiou
Mids: Ablett Beams Murphy Watson Dangerfield Macrae Polec Dunstan – Buckley Wanganeen
Rucks: Sandilands Naitanui – Currie King
Fwds: Parker Pavlich Martin Wingard Higgins Caddy – JKH Impey

A – Caddy for Honeychurch for loop and swing Mid/Fwd and Dunstan for McVeigh Def/Mid swing.
B – Caddy for Zorko and Dunstan for Cutler moving McD to midfield.
C – Cash in Caddy for Ambrose and Dunstan for Cutler, then next week Polec for Hanley and Higgins for Zorko

Thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


I'd go B, SCdonkey. I think Polec can still make more money, has a low b.e this week (in the 30's). Dogs have a pretty full mids so I think honeychurch will play the small forward role. I'd wait until he is on the bubble before committing.


Thanks Kev, I was kinda leaning towards that way. But if Honeychurch gets named this week, I'll probably take option A


You need to get rid of Wanganeen, he won't play much this year.


I really do need to get rid of him. But Im stuck with him for now, I have missed all the boats that has passed by. The likes of Kelly KK Faz Lloyd Cutler Flipper Gray and Crouch, now I'm hoping for Morabito, O'Rourke Honeychurch Fuller Apeness and Thurlow gets a couple or a few runs in the park.


Hey there SCDonkey!!
What about an option D: Dunstan to Hallahan and Caddy to Zorko? Will leave you a little in the bank for more paint the fence trading next week.


Now this why I love this community, sometimes we over think ourselves and miss that tiniest thing that's right in front of us. I was talking about missing the boat and one was just gonna go by again. I could kiss you Sarah 🙂 thanks you're the best.


Haha, no worries!! Happy to help!


i'm a big Hawks fan, and really like the look of Hallahan. I know people are saying that when sewell & shiels are back he won't hold his place. there are a few others in the team that could be droped before hallahan, (ie Simpkin, Duryea & Langford).


Dunstan –> Griffin or Watson??

Need help on this season defining trade!


Tough call both has been under performing very cheap at the moment and up againts one another this week. But if I had to choose one, I would say Watson specially with Hocking coming back and you know who he will be tagging.


Griff rd 9 bye very handy though


If bye rounds aren't an issue I'd go Jobe as well. Averaging 110 so not exactly under performing. Has a high, but not unreachable, b.e of 130. If you want to wait he may drop another 5-10k


If Bock is named this week, ill go impey to bock


Bock has missed a bloody lot of footy, Derek. Pricy at 196k and could be a sub candidate. He's on my watchlist as a wait and see


Also has a Rd 8 bye looming so would recommend we hold our horses for at least a few weeks until Impey has his bye or preferably until Bock is on the bubble and we can assess his first few games.

If he can get his body right and quickly gain some match fitness he's going to be heck of a handy player for the Suns.


I wouldn't trade in any player for their first rd back… they seem to take a while to get used to afl pace… even if they play vfl or wafl… and definitely not if they play qafl
agree with the below – wait if you can – or be ok with and under-whelming score if it happens.


I was just keen to get rid of Impey after his 9pts last week. will watch


Why is there no talk of Dan Hannebery; $478,500. A 50/50 start to the season with 3 Tons and 3 average scores has seen him come down to an attractive price below $500K.

Was an absolute jet mid-late last year. Am I missing something? Is he carrying a niggle?


I picked him up this week, not saying anything so I could have him as POD!


G'day Brad I picked him up this week – I think the Swans are back mate and although he is only slightly above last years AVG his B/E is hard to sneeze at for a possible pick up 25K Large added to this if he gets around the Tonne mark his B/E should still be achievable when he plays the hawks CaChinnnnggggg$$$$
Hello Mr Selwood!!!
I also note that a lot of people are Hibberd bound – excellent choice – But Computer and Next G device wanted Kade Simpson ever since I sprooked him up before the seaon so I had to commit to him. His B/E is 104 Yes he costs $507K but I think he is set for the year mate and excellent avg 97 for a defender whose team has been under the pump 4 and 2 . Yes I'm expecting to lose money over thenext few rounds but he is a season long prospect for me


I’ve been thinking about getting him as well. I’m just thinking that that if I get him I may need to upgrade him at the end of the year. I’m thinking I’m better off getting more cash and bring in blokes like Johnson, selector, montagna that will stay til the end


Seems to be flying well under the radar. Titch seems out of sorts though JPK is hitting form; on the whole the Swannies are playing average footy at the moment. You'd think if they were to step it up a notch Hanners would be 120 average…


Last season he flew out the blocks and was even talked about as a Brownlow fancy early. However he faded badly late in the season without a single tonne in his last 5 h&a games.

Perhaps this season will be the reverse and he will now fire after a pedestrian initial month.

Not sure he will finish a top 15 mid so probably not fantasy relevant for most coaches at this stage of the season when most of us are chasing the likes of Jelwood, JPK, Watson, Pendles, Stevie J, Griffen etc to fill those final few midfield spots.

But if he keeps having games like last weekend more and more will get on.


Thinking of going,
Fasolo and Dunstan out
Watson and Cutler in via swinging Dangerfield forward and Mcdonald in to the midfield.
Anyone have any ideas for some better options? Also have Tyson, Higgins to cull soon as well as D Martin and Hanley not going so well at the moment,


If Fas isn't named (providing you have cover), why not move on Tyson?
His value won't drop.


Best downgrade option: hallahan or morabito. This for mid10 so trade is for cash generating purposes only. Need 6-8 games from one of them. Welcome

Beady Eye

Don't think we can count on anything where Mora's concerned. Freo are playing it ultra, ultra cautious with him. Reckon they'll rest him at the slightest sign of any kind of niggle.


Agree with Beady, Morabito is a no. MAYBE when he's on the bubble he could be considered but that may take a while.


Time to cull Suckling, or wait until before his round 9 bye? Still have McDonald to upgrade before his round 8 bye


McD to Hanley next week


Suckling is almost cooked. With Lake and Stratton back in team, Hodge has been released (and birchell) to do a lot of the clearance work out of defence instead of Suckling. I would have liked to have got a bit more cash out of him, but I think he might have peaked in price.

I'll hold him until his bye because I have other issues to deal with

Matty d

Rocksta, wait a few more weeks, hanley will go down to around 390-400 soon, thrn get him


When is fasolo set to return? is he a must out this week?

Matty d

Back round 9, im keeping him, as i have issues elsewhere


just playing around with my team. If I had unlimited trades for this week and I wanted to have my "dreamteam" (my written down team I will have come round 16) I will need an additional $1,272,100.

does anyone remember what their team's value was at the end of last season, was it anywhere near $12.8mil?


Remember, prices fluctuate.
Ablett could get concussed 1st minute and be subbed on 0, and have a horrible few rounds recovering…

you just don't know.

as for team value, i remember being around that 12.5-13mil mark by the end of last year.


My team value kind stagnated around 12.4 – 12.5 mill mark last year. If my memory serves me right.


My team value was $12,869,500 and I had a pretty poor year. If you still remember your login details from last year you can still log in on this site


who to put on the bench? Tyson, Aish, Langdon or Mcdonald?



Injury prone Pete

Boys trades looking at this week McDonald – hodge
And m.pyke – mc evoy
Any one think they are too risky by means of missing games for rest of season ? Rucks doing my head in this year !
What does the community think…


Wow a lot of big outs this week. Hanly, Franklin, Langford, Hickey, Dunstan, Fasolo just to name the major SC affected ones. Does this affect anyone's teams seriously? I have Hanly, Dunstan and Langford but was going to trade him out this week for a premium. I was also thinking of downgrading McDonald to Cutler and seeing as he has been named on the ground I think I will. He still has a negative break even so there is still a lot of cash to be made.

Rescued Pieman

Good point BC. Thinking Langford to Cutler an option also,

Rescued Pieman

Carnage Hanley again, Buddy, Langford & Dunstan all out. Popular picks. Trade strategy needs a rethink. Dont like the possibility of Georgio on the ground!


Blood on the Sands of the Arena before the games begins!!!

Rescued Pieman

Got any of those boys Dools?


G'day Pieman ,Naw… Mate all traded in previous rounds and turned into SC gardening Blood and Bone and watch the Chilli's and Tomato's grow into Super Coach domination in the new veggie patch out by the shed. Soil is very rich with the chaff cut down already cut down 9 sacrifices to this point.

Rescued Pieman

Outstanding. Must have quite a warchest?

Rescued Pieman

Your warchest must rival Bill Gates & Carlos Slim combined! How much loot?


no not huge mate but a healthy 340K, So I 'm rich in coin but poor in trades mate but as Crouching said Trade your Ass Off BANG BANG

Rescued Pieman

Couple of premos from that no worries!


guys, i have 654,700k in the bank and need a midfielder, who do i get??????

Rescued Pieman

what are your options?


my midfield is: Gaz, Cotch, Dal, Smurph, Beams, Polec, Crouch, Dunstan (Who im getting rid of) and Taylor and langdon on bench.
I have stacks of players out for round 8 bye so i was thinking swan but also am seriously considering Mundy, Hannebery or the likes of the cheap premo's!!!
would love some input from everyone across the community and yourself rescued pieman !!!!

Rescued Pieman

I'd be going Griffen or Watson. Neither rnd 8 byes & rockbottom price. But Watson over Griffen. Like the langdon & taylor bench.


G'day Pat, Round 8 fat I see. Nicky Del Santo bring him out to the shed mate and get on Hanneberry now, not as a keeper but a stepping stone until round 12 …


yer sounds good rescued, might wait 1 more on watson with such a high BE, dools you mean jump of dal santo!!! why do you think that??
I am a swans supporter so i am liking hannebery, swans just have so much depth in the mid


No mate you got Dal ( Del Santo) trade him in for your Swan boy hanneberry

Rescued Pieman

Keep your eyes on J selwood as well. Massive BE & now under 600K. Ideal post bye


agreed Pieman he is the target for round 9 /10 for me and Jobe next week methinks


lloyd or JKH on field???

Rescued Pieman

JKH. Lloyd extended bench & rubbish over last 2. JKH big improver


JKH is just coming into great form might be able to produce the numbers but if you like lloyd chuck him on and JKH as your EMG that way if he plays will get his score if not JKH


also mcdonald or langdon down back on field??


okay so i have M Thomas. L Franklin and Hicky out this week. who should i sack, who should i stick it out with? im at a loss at what to do. oh. also have only 9.8k in the kitty. so trading a rookie will most likely be required.
im thinking of sticking with hicky, heard he was out on 360, dunno what for or how long. and trading out thomas for the likes of a brad ebert perhaps. decent average, bye and Pod.


Carnage this week. Langford is on my bench, and does anyone know how long he is out? If it’s an extended period who should I trade him down too? I need the cash to upgrade Hickey, seeing as he is out for 6-8. Also should I upgrade him too? leaning to mcevoy


hicky out 6-8? answers one of my earlier questions. albeit, not exactly how i would have liked.


McVeigh or Hibberd?