The weekend chinwag – how are you travelling?

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Jock Reynolds - The Father of Fantasy

How majestic was Dane Swan on Anzac Day?

Those of you who have snagged him this week regardless of his round 8 bye would be absolutely tickled pink.

Fasolo holders however are reeling with his toe injury – will be a 2 or 3 weeker – and the turd he’s deposited in the forward line of their teams.

I can tell you one thing – Higgo is strutting around like a ROOSTER at the moment – he’s picked Swan for the Anzac and nailed the exact margin on the Collingwood win in this week’s MACHINE. Click here to feast off his genius some more.

How is your team goin folks? What will par be this week? Do you have any trade decisions left to make for the rest of the round?

Let’s wag chins

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515/5 Gaz my decision not to bring in fasolo last week looking very nice. Cutler 46 from one q was promising will be trading Ellis to griffen today


I decided to hang on to Xavier Ellis for possible loophole problems and to overcome Round 8 bye issues given his injury isn't too bad afaik and hopefully he'll be up-and-about before too long.

Just happened to have James Aish as my mid-field emergency, who was a whisker away from being culled a couple of days ago.

On the other hand, would like to see Luke Dunstan fire up again, as I'm persisting with him over other culls.

(Just wanted to add that community members can still donate to maintaining this site. The team haven't mentioned it for a while, but I think they do a great job and I'm pleased to have supported them).


I guess that I'm as guilty as the next man, Jock.

I remember as a seven year old that at 6.00pm on Sunday nights, with two fingers on the Rec-Play buttons on my cassette recorder in front of CountDown, I'd be patiently waiting for that Supernought classic; "I like it both ways", or maybe I'd get lucky and Molly would play Hush's "Bony Maronie" … but I'd be vexed by the moral ambiguity, or maybe just straight out confusion as to what "mak'n, mak'n, mak'n, mak'n love" was really all about. It sounded good, but.

Anyway, now I can pay my own way and don't need to take all that's free for granted, and again like to thank you and the superb team with another slab of Coopers is coming over the border. Cheers!


Good call. Just put my money in the basket.


Good on you BBF, well done … wishing you much good karma.


where to donate?


I am doing all right. I am 597/7 with a few rookies being played Robertson/Dunstan/Mcdonald. I annoyingly had Aish on my bench.


thanks mate


Had tom bloody Langdon and aish on the bench with no way of getting their score!!

Other problems include hanley fasolo no Mumford McDonald dunstan

Not to good so far


Least you had them Jono traded them both out this week.


Yeah probably exaggerated a bit sorry guys!


well i had some nice luck….. put JKH onto my bench
captained Ben Brown to take the VC loophole
C = Ben Brown
VC = Dayne Beams

so im gonna get 136 x 2 for VC Beams and JKH emergency score as well if he plays


What has happened to Hanley is he injured? He scored 76 for the first game back not to bad…

To nachos

James aish- love him. Had Langdon, Watson and merrett who were good. I’ve been bleeding points every week with Todd Goldstein. For someone who had an average of 113 last year, 85 is a shocking result. Saying that there doesn’t seem to be many ruck men jumping at me except Jacobs. Thoughts?


830/8 Jumped on Swanny this week at the expense of Tyson. Next week I’ll ditch Ellis and look to bring in either a forward or backline premium.


Got some good advice from the community. I was going to go aish to Robertson and Langdon to cutler but people said I should do paint the fence. I ended up going Matt Thomas to Robertson. I then started aish in field and I traded Georgiou to Jaensch and had Langdon on field due to sdt suspension.


had swan as VC, do I make him captain over gazza?


Yes from me. Money in the bank.


Take the points


Yes anything around 150 you have to take. If garza beats him then bad luck but it will only be by 40 points or so. Take the 300



Can't say.

I've stuck with GAJ because I saw first hand what Patrick Dangerfield did to Stephen Coniglio's "tag" (lol) last week, so if there's more of the same it'll be a massacre.

You're unlikely to go too wrong with either decision. Best of luck!


601/7 includes fas. Langdon on bench! Looking at trading vince to Jones today? Can anyone give me there thoughts on that trade? Thanks in advance


Nice POD


Looped Langdon so that was tasty. Dunstan & McD showed their tank is riding the E. 12 played/1061. Not bad considering taking an 0 for Mumknee.


Traded out Aish and Langdon-> Cutler and Lloyd Tyson and Dunstan gone next week


Ouch. Well, hope that hasn't driven you to another visit to the rubber room, Canman.

Do you have Smurph? Think I'm going to jump on. Blues' change to upbeat game suits him very nicely. Dunstan to Smurph?


Murphy would be an excellent pick. Even at 500k+ he is a bargain upgrade option from Dunstan, Ellis or Tyson especially as a POD for those who went in with Swan, Griffen and McVeigh this week. With that being said however, you may want to focus on slowly culling the R8 cash cows from your team before touching guys like the three rookies I mentioned before. Of course that depends on your team structure and if you have already started to release them.


Agree, Giri. Need to get rid of Dunstan next round. To Murph would be the best yet still need to get rid of Caddy. May hang on to Langdon another week. Not sure. But need to cull a couple rd8-ers. Before too late!


I meant 40 points at the very most


I'm on 815/8 with the option to take Fyfe's score as captain and probably will (will make me 949/8+C).

Par's going to be your average 2200-2300 with some good scores but some average ones too


Charlie Dixon has been my only injury up until this round which has been a great run. Traded Ellis for Robertson (happy) but now am stuck with Matty Thomas and Fasolo. Thinking holding on Solo and going bang on Thomas for Jobe (providing he’s got two cheekbones in tact). Like the round 10 bye and the fact essendon are borderline top 8 and won’t be renting the elite as Risco might.


What are everyone's thoughts on Ben cunnington. I am looking closely at him and he has got 100 nearly every week and is around 520,000. He looks a star and north Melbourne's run becomes considerably easier after the bye rounds. I am going to get griffen in as well but I don't like swan, I think he showed in a couple of quarters that he could be very inconsistent. Would love the communities thoughts on cunnington.


Cunnington is a gun heaps of contested ball and heaps of tackles. Great pod.


Entered round 1 with Cunnington, he is my bet to win the North B&F. Seems to have taken his game to the next level, and the tag will always go to Dal Santo or Harvey. Great at doing the dirty work in the middle, laying on the tackles and winning the contested footy. Solid pick.


Love Cunnington. Between him and Sloane to bring in R9.


Swan inconsistent? lol you got rocks in your head man, he is a poster boy for consistency look at his last 6 years


Nice POD, but will he be in the top 10 midfielders come years end? Probably not. Also Swallow set to return shortly. I'll watch him this year and if he can put together a solid season he will come into consideration for breakout season in 2015


Great choice mate. I tossed up between him and Ziebell at the start of the year and picked JZ unfortunately. Still thinking about getting Cunnington in now. Kid is a bull.


I've had him since round 1 and have had no regrets. No-one else has him, so he'll be a good M7-8 by year's end if he can get to a 105-110 average, which he should find once Goldmember finds some form.


Will t. Mitchell be back soon holding him on bench and thinking of holding fas?

Ty - Brissy

Hey Jock, love your work!
Going well so far 534/4 but pulling my hair out oover using Swan for loophole or leaving my trust in GAJ (btw GAJ autocorrects to GOD – coincidence…)
Projected is 417 for both with GAJ as C, which means GAJ needs to get at least 131 for this to be viable.


I need help. I had VC on Swan so I want to move Max King on as captain. I have Nic Nat as emergency to cover, but I already had the emergency on Currie (didn’t play). Do I get the lower score of 0 or since he didn’t play do I get Nic Nat?


Take the E of a player who hasn't played yet then select nic nat as 2nd emergency ruck you will get the higher points of the two ..

BlueBalls FC

no, if you have 2 players in the same position with the E you will get the lower score of the 2

BlueBalls FC

Here are the supercoach rules on "EMERGENCY PLAYER SCORING"

Selected emergencies will replace any non-starting player in matching positions only.
Where there's more than one emergency available in a certain position and only one is required, the lowest scoring emergency will be used.
If you have a 0 scoring player in a certain position and don't have an emergency selected in that position, you'll not score any points for that player..
Players who are actually named and in the starting 22 for any match AND score a 0 for any reason, will NOT be replaced by an emergency. Their 0 score will also have an effect on their value, being recorded as having played a game.


From the FAQ section on the supercoach website: "Where there are 2 emergencies are selected in one position and only one of these is required, the lowest scoring emergency will be used."

is there anyone else you can use for the loophole, Luke?


These are the supercoach rules
Select up to FOUR emergencies. Emergencies from your reserves list will replace up to four non-scoring players in your starting line-up in matching positions only.
Where there are 2 emergencies are selected in one position and only one of these is required, the lowest scoring emergency will be used.
If no emergency is available for a 0-scoring player in a certain position, you'll not receive any points from that player.
Emergencies scoring 0 will not be considered the 'lowest-scoring' and will not be used.


currie didnt play and didnt score so no you wont get his zero. So if you brought King on as emergency you would have got nicnats score. Currie counted as a DNP not a zero.


Hi jock,

Teams travelling all right tossing up whether I should take pendles 124 for captain because everyone is putting the big C on G abblett or to keep gazz as my captain, am also thinking I should have jumped on S Gray when I had the chance 😀 -76 breakeven !


Jock & Co,

I had Langdon as emergency and Brodie Martin my other benchman. Do I take langdons 90 and sub on Martin for grimes? What are the odds of grimes getting above 90?



If we knew those odds jack, supercoach would be very easy indeed! I'd be happy to take the 90, Grimes is averaging 85 with a highest score of 100. If he does top 90 you won't be missing much


Haha, you are very true. thanks mate.


589/6. Not taking Pendles 124, will chuck the C on the Chosen One. I hedged my bets and hoped Lachie Hunter would come back for the Dogs after they got touched up by Carlton last week, alas, I'll be getting Zac Merrett's 63.

Will look at moving him on next week if he doesn't get named again.


Love your work Jock & Co. 799/9 no captain yet.

I doubled up on Swan & Griffen this week. Axed Thomas & Tyson. Held off on trading out Ellis because he won't loose money this week and could be useful for loopholes. Billings & Cutler's 1st game were badly sub affected, so I took a punt that they won't rise much this week and i'll get them next week still cheap-ish. Working out good so far. In 2 weeks, i'll be bringing in Watson & another premo.


How long did Cutler play yesterday? He had a nice score considering he was sub?


46 points for 4 kicks and a few tackles is a bit generous I have to say!


How long was he on field for?


One quarter.


Any advice on what to do with the ruck. No mummy with Currie and King on bench. Do I trade mummy for Jacobs or King for Derrickx and lose some cash.


Go derricks now you've waited so long. I still wanna get mums soon.


Actually no go currie for derricks keep the king loophole thing for later on. I think anyway.


Hey guys should I loophole Kelly in getting me 74 from Robertson and put crouch on bench worried he'll be sub.


542 from 7 but Langdon was on the pine,,,,DOH,,

Beady Eye

Thumper smashing it against GC!

81 points at halftime. Making Crouching One proud.

Rescued Pieman

Thumper Love. Should be a 120 +. Absolutely wrapt I backed him despite the price tag!

Litt up

Tyson or crouch on the field ?

Rescued Pieman

Probably Crouch


11/1117 captain played.

Had a 0 with mummy hopefully can still get 2200+

is it true Fasolo will be out til after the bye with a toe injury?

Rescued Pieman

Reports are 2-3 weeks for Faz. Good score so far. If you have Fasolo I'd keep him if you can.


Can anybody tell me daisy Thomas's supercoach score to half time please?


Currently 60 at 3/4 time according to Footy Star


What a ripper of a game!!!!!!!


Crouch or Tyson on field?




Go Crouch mate. Anyone that can score over 100 in 3 quarters is someone special.


Have only got 20 Trades left in RDT what do I do???


Who do i trade out, tyson or bernie vince?


Hey guys, just wondering how many people like the red vest and who like things the way they use to be?


It’s a good thing for footy. If a team has an injury and hence a less rotation it really gives the other team a huge advantage. It’s just no good for Supercoach or fantasy footy


Currently 832/8, VC on GAJ which I'll take so that makes it 977/8 with C.
Had Dunstan on field instead of Robertson so have lost 8 points there.
Otherwise fairly happy although would've liked Langdon on field instead of the pine!
Projected score from here 2212.
What does everyone think par score will be this week?


Thank god I stuck with Murph!!


2275-2300 ?


13/1392 capt played with Tyson, burnman Higgins, Sam Mitch, Langford, Danger, Martin, HMc & Polec still to play
hopefully at least 3 or 4 will ton up amongst that lot.


Almost forgot Libba


1175 from 10 – C on GAJ. Projected score is 2334.

Brought in Cutler and Robertson for Clurey and Tyson in a Double Down, $536K in the kitty, and some serious decisions to make on bringing Premo's in maybe next week. 24 trades left.


Should I sub McCarthy (nonplayer) with impey or Lloyd so that I can get JKH score of 71?

Do you think jkh will outscore either impey or Lloyd and if so which one? Leaning towards taking impey off the field but would love your feedback!!


Rayza Ray

Lock in Lloyd.


Not great when my R3 is outscoring my R2, and they're on the same team as well! What to do with Pyke? Should I bite the bullet and upgrade to Jacobs, as much as I loath using trades on rucks? Or do I ride it out? Losing 50pts per round at the moment.


I will be trading Pyke to nit nat this week otherwise you will be stuck with pyke as he is leaking money


not confident that NicNat is the solution – the best performing rucks to date have been, in order, by total points scored are:
Mumford (only 3 games),
Hampson (only 4 games),
then finally Pyke.
then finally NicNat – ranked 15th best ruckman by points scored YTD.
He's played all 5 games too – Mumford & Hampson have scored more with less games.
Averaging 71 – not really suited to R2 right now IMHO.
I know NicNat has huge upside but I just don't think he's 100% at the moment.
Only scored 72 last night, didn't watch the game but WC smashed Carlton in hitouts, so sounds like the Freo problem of not going to advantage, which would affect SC scoring (although Cox did OK…).

The Mullet

There is risk because they are down on form…..but I'm starting to see some value in Minson and Goldy

Big Janks

Need to plug the C on one of the following:
A) Danger
B) Cotchin
C) Libba
D) Sammy Mitchell

Leaning towards Danger or Libba as those two have the greatest potential to sang a 150+ (but both could easily score in the 80s). I NEED a big score. Thoughts?


Won't matter. They'll all score under the ton this round..


Go Danger. Being a Dogs fan I can't see anyone good enough to go with him. Libba should have a good day as well but Danger is a safer bet.


Bring in Nroo who promptly spuds it up and I have Cutler, Fasolo and Buddy who all get vested. FML

Could still get 2100, so not a total train wreck

Rescued Pieman

Not a great round so far either. I thought Buddy vs Melb would be a 100+ score. It’s time to go Buddy. Last key forward I’ll ever pick! They are way too inconsistent.


Yeah thinking Buddy just had his last chance, rubbish this year so far. Do we continue to hold or is it time to cut the dead wood?

Rescued Pieman

LJB pending other disasters ill be trading him this week. I hope he's out anyway to make it even easier. I'm looking for a fallen premium like Wingard. Keep an eye on him today. BE of 166 & could be similar price to Buddy. I'd back Wingard in to outscore Buddy for the remainder of the year. I dont like sideways trades but enough is enough.


Think it's going to be a sideways trade for me as well. Looking at Pav but will wait and keep an ear out for this weeks podcast. Wingers is a good option will be keeping a close eye on him

The Mullet

The other thing with Buddy is Tippet is still to come back in…..I can't see how that makes Buddy get better scores


I have m thomas on the field (out) and dunston as emergency. Do i Keep Dunstons 66 or sub on m.crouch? Who will be adelaides vest today? Any thoughts?


if crouch is sub then keep dunstans score but if he isnt sub then definitely chuck crouch on the field


last week everyone thought that crouch would be sub but he wasnt and played very well so hopefully that will keep him away from the vest


Looks like Grigg the sub so crouch it is!

dustbin feltchers

yeah lets hope crouch isn't sub, doing okay 1618 with 9 to go…captain gaz carried the likes of fasolo in the true anzav spirit, glad i kept langdon and jkh……lesson learned this week community..

"know when teams are playing!" my example…before this weekend i had the bloody mummy dilemma…ruck was Mummy Sandy Currie (arrh) and Thurlow ( for loophole which i didnt need cos there is always another injured donut on another line)….i really wanted sam lloyd and maybe robertson, but i already have too many r8 byes, im 15000 and still gunning for an the $50k..i needed points and had $500 k on the bench…in hindsight i could have traded thurlow or currie to derrickx and he would have covered Mummys 0 for one more week.(note that i have already traded in Mummy for Paddy Ryder) . Because ess and north played early, numb nuts me couldnt trade out currie or thurlow. an option could have been to trade mummy for derrickx and pocket cash…

with 4 minutes to go before the gws game, i traded mummy to minson (who will decrease in value but is ok value for $534k) and x ellis to Josh P kennedy (BE 82). my downfall is i missed sam lloyd ( hopefully gets towelled up by hodge) and robertson ( might still get him) and ive lost mummy who was still making cash. Jacobs would have been the preferred trade ( great call Jock) but not round 8 friendly. Will Will do me proud? he has easy games in the bye rounds. i could have gone with Cox or Lobbe….time will tell…. mids are looking better with Gaz, Pendles, Beams, Murphy, JPK,McRae( had from start), Polec,Crouch, Dunstan, Kelly… happy sunday community…


I'm hoping Honeychurch will be named as a Sub, cause my opponent brought him in to get J Aish score.

Bob McBob

Turns out he didn't even play


1570 off 15 Capt played is much better than where I was at the start. One question do we cull Fasolo? I could probably bring him in later for Sam Lloyd. If I have to, I probably switch him to defence and trade him for a premium defender and give Langdon another chance. Thoughts?


Fasolo>Wingard for me


12 played /1381 inc capt(Fyfe) looking at close to 2400 if the rest get predicted scores. Traded out Dunstan and Ellis this week for Flipper and Lloyd have 700k in the warchest bring on the bye rounds


Tom Rockliff you are the biggest spud


Obviously didn't watch the game, Leppa keeps swapping him into the defence and sometimes up forward so it's Rocky's fault he doesn't score well.

Big Unit

Going alright, could be a close one in my league match though.. down by 13 with 4 unique players each to come.

I have Griffen, Roughead, Suckling, and Lloyd, whilst opponent has Higgins, J. Riewoldt, Sammy Mitchell, and Steven Morris. I think I might just get him (hopefully)!


yeah you should get up!

Womens Wit

U should be safe mate, big Roughie will put 10 past the tigers defence. Just hope Steven Morris plays or Kolodjashnij's score will come on for him 😉


Your opponent is already ahead of you BU. He's takem thumpa's score by slotting Morris in. Just hope iewoldt spuds it today. And Griffen doesn't get tag.


Oops my bad I was thinking of D Morris. Anyway just hope Riewoldt spuds it up today and hope Griffen doesn't get tag.

Big Unit

Update.. Went down by 100 points not a good round

Dustbin Feltchers

hunter and grigg sub


QT FS Relavant Scores:
Danger 41
Higgins 30
Boyd 29
Jacobs 27
Griffin 24
Libba 24
Macrae 24
Sloane 21
Crouch 18
Jaensch 15
Minson 14

john snow

Lloyd subbed after spudding it right up….

It's not going to get any easier for him with geelong I think next week…


Cant wait to rage trade Corey Enright!!!!


hold your premiums, it'll come back to bite you otherwise!


I'm heading to the desert tonight with a few of my team in the trunk. Don't care about premiums, sideways, downwards, whatever – they're goneski. They know who they are and it will feel good.


Is it time to trade Higgins out???


no – hold, not sure why you'd want to get rid of someone who scored 87 today and had a BE of 39???

Bob McBob

He is under an injury cloud. I'd suggest to wait to see if his groin complaint is serious enough to make him miss games.

Bob McBob

Was on track to a big score before Martin and llyod played. Then I found out Impey would be the sub….

Started the weekend well with my orginal projected score was 2300+ , with the 1 score below 95 by Saturday night. This score has become a massive struggle now. I have just creeped over the 2000 mark


Ditto…limped across the line to get 2021…worst score this year 🙁 Enright, Lloyd, Martin, Suckling, Hanley all disappointing, plus some of the rookies on field like Dunstan, Crouch, Tyson, McDonald….

The Ranger

Same here. Predicted 2300+ turned into my lowest score so far. First league loss too.
Damn you SC Gods!


Selwood is on my shopping list in two weeks time. What should his price be?


Probably high 500,000. After round 8 I plan on getting him and Pendlebury in my team.


2192 with a 0 from mumford.. predicting the overall rankings will have a different look to it this week with some of the better teams not performing to well..

What time are we expecting the podcast tonight guys? gagging for it!


The first time in two years -.- 1979


Lost the unloseable by 3 after copping Impey in the green vest. Subs are killing this game.
Lets have 24 scorers and count only the best 22 scores to counteract it. It has nothing to do with skill.
Yes I'm bitter and twisted. :p

john snow

What a round, scored 1945!!!!

Buddy 31
Enright 49
Lloyd 23
Fasolo 29
Martin 61

john snow

also had Reiwoldt……


Enright the biggest spud in the east rage traded him out the minute lockout was over!!!


can't wait for this next podcast! need some more wisdom!!! the best thing about going back to work on a monday, is knowing i can spend time mulling over trades 🙂


I am happy with my score of 2295 even with Aish on the bench.

Bob McBob

What are the chances of the final outcome of a supercoach match being a draw? Bloody Impey just cost me top spot in my league…


How the F%$& did i ever think Mike Pyke would score?!?!?!?!?! absolute SPUD, him and Libba are killing me…….. I hate this game


Corey Enright the biggest spud in the east will happily slaughter him!!!….. who are people trading out and in this week??


Yes so much for Mr Standard Deviation. Though plenty of Cats stars laid a putrid egg this week after receiving their first belting.

Hopefully just an anomaly and they take out their frustration on the Tiges next week.


Thought last weekend was high on carnage but it seem this week there were injuries, vests and burnmen at every turn.

Survived ok with 2154 which was just enough to secure 5/5 league wins.

Can see a lot of rage trades coming up for many coaches this week as well as plenty of bargains to be snaffled up with a number of stars having back to back poor scores such as Jelwood, Roughnuts and Hanley to name just a few.


Fasolo depending on what the story is with his injury. If not I’ll probably turn Tyson into jobe Watson and dunstan into another premium. Double downgrade last week and it showed I’m my score


I am very happy with my 2349. Hopefully will charge up the rankings.




Wingard or Zorko?

Bob McBob

On form you'd pick Zorko, but Wingard has Gold Coast this week (maybe a change in fortune?)


Wingard has GWS (even better) and will hopefully be over his ankle injury, zorko has some tough teams ahead of him (swans, bombers, roos) so at this stage I'm going for Wingard.

The Ranger

Had the same quandary last week and went Zorko just for the DPP.
Wingard is in asap tho.


Both have DPP 🙂

The Ranger

My bad! Shows how badly done my trades were….on a bloody iphone in the sticks with no bloody signal!
The sentiment is the same tho, get both of them!

Marcus J

turned dunstan into swanny and if titch aint back on the park this weekend might have to give him the flick
not sure for whom tho


jock, im sorry for bugging ya, but wheres the bloody podcast, im dying here !!!!!


Don't look like there are many good downgrade options this week, unless you want to go with someone who has already had a price rise such as Cutler/Billings/Robertson – the same guys we were talking about last week. Possibly Hallahan from Hawthorn, but not sure about his JS.

Any other good downgrade options this week, or is this a week to hold and wait for bye round upgrades?

The Ranger

Struggling to find a DEF downtrade……any thoughts community?
Wish bloody Fuller would hurry up and get a bloody game.


Who are the priority two trades out of

Enright , McDonald, Higgins and Jackson Merret

Any ideas who to trade in??

Cheers tyzsb


Should I hold or trade T. Mitchell this week? Thoughts please community….


As you still have him, I'd hold Dee.
I traded him out 2 weeks ago as I was already upset with him before the Injury.
But, if I still had him, I'd hold.
Apparently he was BOG in the reserves at the weekend


dunstan for what premium 630,000 in the bank


Hey community just wondering if it is a good idea to downgrade fasolo to ambrose, play jkh on the field, then upgrade dunstan to maybe ollie wines or someone?? Ideas please


Jock and community,
I'm having trouble with my rucks, i've got pyke and, who's average is 75, with thurlow and king on the bench, should i trade pyke or leave him?


got ful premo forward line and defence rucks gun midfield alright in ablet beams shuey cotchin murphy landon crouch flipper