Higgo’s Supercoach Line Betting Machine – Round 6

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higgoThe Machine closes in to less than a point!

Round 5 saw The Machine beat the overall Sportsbet line predictions and move to just 0.81 points behind in the game line predictions thus far. While the $1.92 line payout has The Machine $0.20 down, the win-loss ration is now 13-12.


Round 5 output statistics;

Round 5   Winner   Margin Machine     Error Sportsbet   Error
Bris V Tigers Tigers 43 4 16.5
Coll. V North Coll. 35 53 33.5
Syd. V Freo Syd. 17 41 23.5
WCE V Port Port 14 0 14.5
Ess V St.Kilda St. Kilda 16 53 61.5
Crows V GWS Crows 65 3 30.5
Dees V GCS GCS 8 38 13.5
Dogs V Carlton Carlton 28 36 39.5
Cats V Hawks Cats 23 31 34.5
Average   Game Error 28.78 29.72

Round 5 Summary Table;

The Machine GAME ERORR Sporstbet GAME ERROR No. Bets Wins Profit/Loss Bank (Starting with $100)
Rd.1 40.95 38.55 5 3 $3.80 $103.80
Rd.2 31.4 24.1 6 2 -$10.80 $93.00
Rd.3 31.78 34.83 3 2 $4.20 $97.20
Rd.4 52.44 55.83 5 3 $3.80 $101.00
Rd.5 28.78 29.72 6 3 -$1.20 $99.80
39.14 38.33 25 13

This week’s ROUND 6 Bets;

Round 6 Formulated Winner Formulated Margin Sportsbet  Line Diff.  BET
1 Coll. V Ess. Collingwood 23 9.5 13.5 $5 PIES at line
2 Saints V BRL Saints 18 15.5 2.5 No bet
3 Freo V NMFC Freo. 18 23.5 5.5 No bet
4 GCFC V GWS GCFC 48 30.5 17.5 $5 GCFC at line
5 Carl V WCE Carlton 12 -3.5 (WCE fav.) 15.5 $5 BLUES at line
6 Melb V Sydney Sydney 56 42.5 13.5 $5 SYDNEY at line
7 Dogs V Crows Crows 21 7.5 13.5 $5 CROWS at line
8 Rich. V Hawks Hawks 26 32.5 6.5 No bet
9 Port V Cats Port 13 -4.5 ( Cats fav.) 17.5 $5 PORT at line

So The Machine is making me punt on another 6 of the 9 games this weekend.

Mother and I are really looking forward to today’s triple-header and have a sneaky side bet on Dane Swan for the ANZAC Day medal.

Enjoy this weekend of football.


Peter Higginbotham


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Betting Carlton to beat West Coast seems a bit risky to me!


You are so dumb hhahaha


Nice bet on port higgo! I can see them winning by 5 in an upset


Great tip on Swan Higgo, doubled with the exact margin on Collingwodd


Onya Higgo with Swanny. Weagles just lost to a strong port side and didn't show up (with a few key injuries) at the cattery. Expecting them to bounce back and belt carlton.


Wow … a big weekend for The Machine. Wonder what that would have paid as a multibet!!! The line usually pays about $1.92 so I am guessing a single $5 x about $50 ??? Hope Higgo landed the big one 🙂

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