Tight Arse Tuesday, Round 6

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mick-the-madI think it fair to assume we all had better weekends in round 5 than we did the week before. I personally wasn’t all that great but I didn’t have to raid the liquor cabinet in pure disgust over the weekend… just for my own pleasure.

There were a few under performing premiums out there and no doubt they will feature in this column a few weeks down the line. I’m looking at you Mr. Roughead, 41 for f##k sake! Joel Selwood will be primed for a round 9 or 10 trade with his low score of 83 running through his average over the next 2 weeks. Jobe Waston is another, he scored 75. Hope we all have our trading plans made because we are about to come into the “Trade Frenzy” season. Even this week many are ready to go bang.

Let’s get into our Round 6 TAT.. ahem, TAW (Tight Arse Wednesday).. sorry community, bloody Easter has me one day out of whack!

Luke Hodge

Average to date 78.25

Breakeven 92

Current Price $449,600

Priced to Average 86

I consider anything under $450,000 a value pick down back and Luke Hodge finds himself sneaking into that range this week. He has dropped $72,000 so far this year to find himself at his current price. For those of you unfamiliar with Hodge, he was once a must have backman in this game before losing his defender status 3 years back. This year he regains his defender status with a duel edibility link to the midfield, which for mine makes him relevant once again this year.

Image 1

Taking a look back through the years it may appear that Hodge has dropped off a little over the last couple, but the 85.9 in 2012 was injury effected as he suffered a calf injury early that year. He bounced back in 2013 with a very respectable average of 96.7 which had he been a defender last year would have put him easily inside the top 10 defenders in the competition.

So why is he so cheap now?

He suffered a minor groin strain against Essendon in round 2, where he got subbed out after scoring just 34. He missed the following week and has now played two more games with this score running through his average. This week he is very much back in the range where he can match his breakeven.

If we take a quick look at his stats from this year, less his sub effected game, compared with his previous season where he averaged 96 supercoach points a game you can see not much has changed.

Image 2

The biggest difference is in his uncontested numbers, with a large increase of 6.1 more uncontested possessions this year. His role hasn’t changed from last year so I don’t think we can read too much into this, as the sample size of 3 games is small and will most likely even out over the season.

Although he hasn’t exactly set the world on fire so far this year with scores of 98, 96 and 85 in his three full games, he has been very consistent and I’d expect a very similar average of around 96 from here on out. That probably puts him in the top 10 averaging defenders for the year again.

However there is a major but with his selection. He has already missed a game and a half this year, and he has failed to play a full season since 2007. Two byes help the situation but you would be a brave man to bet on him playing every game from here on out. My bet is he plays 20 for the year so he is likely to miss two more. The Hawks will want him ready for finals and with a tough run home for the Hawks he might get a rest when they play Melbourne in round 19 and if the Collingwood game in round 23 won’t affect ladder position he could miss there too.

The Mad Irishman’s Verdict

2014 Predicted Status: Strong Midpricer

Predicted Average from here on out: 95-99pts

Final Word:
He won’t be first choice at many supercoach selection tables this week so if you do pick him you are getting yourself a very handy D5 or D6 POD. I strongly believe he is a top 10 defender who is at a bargain price that should have many more interested than are currently doing so. With two byes this year he could very well play out the year but that is where the risk lies with this trade. I’m giving him some serious thought to come into the Mayhem, if not this week then maybe next.

Dane Swan

Average 92.4

Breakeven 78

Current Price $521,000

Priced to Average 100.1

Bye Round 8 (F##k)

Community, just like how he fits in his jumper, Dane has managed to squeeze into this week’s tight arse segment. I’m pretty sure I used that gag last year too. I’m sorry Swany, I do really like you, despite the fact you’re a Magpie. Even though he is still an expensive prospect for some I would like to put it in prospective that he is now $111,600 cheaper than he was at the start of the year and may very well be as cheap as you are going to get him for the rest of the year. Again before we jump in let me remind you what Dane has produced in SC over the last few years. His worst average in the last five years coming last season at 117.3

Image 3

These are some serious numbers and he has some serious stats to back them up. Since 2009 Swan has averaged over 30 disposals a game coming in with a career high of 34.5 in 2012. Just remarkable numbers. His efficiency was never all that flash but when you are getting that much of the ball it doesn’t seem to matter. What is also a miss conception with Swan is that he is solely an outside player that sheep dogs at the back of the packs. While this does account for a lot of his possessions he also knows how to find his own ball and actually averaged 11.5 contested possessions a game last year. That’s 35% of all his possessions being contested. Not bad for a sheep dog!

So why is he so cheap now?

Dane had surgery on his wrist in the off season and although he hasn’t put his form slump down to this in particular, it might on some level have affected him over the first few rounds. In March he was quoted as saying

“The wrist is going all right, not 100 per cent yet but it’s certainly good enough to play footy. I’ll certainly never get full range again, but I’m pretty much doing full weights now.The last month it’s come on really well, so hopefully in two or there weeks it’ll be 100 per cent again.”

The wrist might be 100% but maybe his confidence in it wasn’t. He came out over the first 3 rounds with scores of 89, 65 and 70, averaging just 22 disposals in those games. He has worked his way back into a little form since then scoring 116 in round 4 and 122 in round 5, averaging 31 disposals over those two rounds. More like the stats we expect from Swan.

There are other theories now that with Beam fully fit and back in the side, Swan is suffering as a result. However I don’t buy this as they have all scored well in the past and nothing has changed to the contrary. In 2012, Pendlebury averaged 124.7, Beams averaged 122.9 and Swan managed the most with 126.2. Yes Beams and Pendles are younger and are more likely to outscore Swan this year but we’re not talking by 20 points or anything. More likely 5 to 10.

So should we be all jumping on Swany this week? Well that really depends. Unfortunately his bye falls in round 8 alongside the vast majority of the top echelonmidfielders, so if you are a rank player it makes it hard to bring him in. If however you don’t give a stuff about round 8 and are all about winning that league of yours, then Swan at this price becomes an absolute steal.

The Mad Irishman’s Verdict

2014 Predicted Status: Elite

Predicted Average from here on out: 114-118pts

Final Word:

It pains me to have to let Swany go through to the keeper at his current price but unfortunately for me he has come too early and I have more pressing matters elsewhere in my team. However if you can get him in this week he certainly won’t let you down and I’d be very surprised if he didn’t find a way back into the top 15 averaging midfielders by the end of the year.

Ryan Griffen

Average 82.75

Breakeven 100

Current Price $525,500

Priced to Average 101

Bye Round 9

For all those of you worried about the round 8 bye with Swan then you don’t have far to go for a solution. Ryan is now $102,100 cheaper than he was at the start of the year and may very well be as cheap as you are going to get him for the rest of the year too. Again before we jump in let me remind you what Ryan has produced in SC over the last few years. His worst average in the last four years coming in 2012, at 106 points a game. Last season he had career best figures and finished well up the rankings averaging 116.4 points a game.

Image 4
Ryan isn’t quite the 30disposal player that Swan is but he’s not too far behind him. He has averaged 29 disposals in 2013 and 27 in 2012. He’s both an inside and outside player with a 13.1 to 15.6 contested possessions to uncontested possession ratio in 2013. That equates to 45% of his possessions being contested. He likes a tackle too, averaging 4.9 in 2012 and 4.3 in 2012. Add this to his clearance numbers of 6 a game in 2013 and 5 a game in 2012 and it we can all see that Ryan has established himself as an elite player in this competition.

Image 5

So why is he so cheap now?

Ryan missed round one as he failed to overcome a back complaint suffered in the preseason. Ryan was quoted as saying in March,
“It’s more a niggle than an injury at the moment. I’m just taking a cautious approach to it. I still have three weeks until round one so I am very confident I will be fully fit”

He wasn’t, and didn’t come back in until round 2 where he looked a little under done scoring only 63 points. Round 3 wasn’t much better against Richmond where he only scores 49 points. This score has now come out of his rolling average and over the last couple of weeks he has slowly been building back into some form, with scores of 102 and 117. In his last outing against Carlton he broke the 30 disposal mark for the first time this year.

So should we be all jumping on Ryan this week? We shouldn’t worry about the bye round all that much as it falls in round 9 and not the dreaded round 8. Like Swan I have confidence that Ryan will work his way back into the top 15 midfielders before the end of the year and like Swan is an absolute steal at his current price.

The Mad Irishman’s Verdict

2014 Predicted Status: Elite

Predicted Average from here on out: 109-113pts

Final Word:

If you’re a rank player that is in the need of a midfielder this week, then look to further than Ryan Griffen. Go on, jump on.

Travis Cloke – (Pick of the Week)

LOL – I’m just messing with you now.The real “Pick of the Week” selection is between Swan and Griffen, depending on what type of player you are. If you are all about leagues then go Swan and if you are all about rank, then go Griffen.

While I did bring up Cloke, he is probably worth a brief mention. For those of you who know my coaching style, you’ll know I really dislike the Key Position Forwards. They drive me insane. Sure Cloke has proven that he is a 90 average player but it’s how he scores those points. He will give you weeks of subpar scores and then go bang in one game scoring 150+. This might help you in 1 out of 4 games but he is most likely going to cost you the other 3. If you are a pure rank player and don’t care about league wins he still isn’t all that relevant as I don’t see him finishing in the top 10 scoring forwards in 2014.

Clokes Past 4 years.

Image 6

The Mad Irishman’s Verdict

2014 Predicted Status: Midpricer

Predicted Average from here on out: 91-95pts

Final Word:

When we have our forward lines full he is the perfect player to loophole from your bench. We’ll go through that process another day, but until that happens I wouldn’t touch Cloke even at his current$348,630 price tag and a breakeven of 68. Drew Petrie is in a similar position and although he has shown more signs of consistency in the past I’d draw the same conclusion as with Cloke and look elsewhere.

Stay tuned ….

Mick the Mad Irishman


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Should I Hold on T. Mitchell or trade. If I am to hold should I then downgrade caddy to lloyd and upgrade tyson to Griffen? But if i am to trade who for?



*But if i am to trade Mitchell who for?


I would hold on to Titch if he plays this round and make those other trades you mention.

However I would seriously consider moving him on if he doesn't play either this week or next, as he could struggle to get back into the team with Goodesy, Tippo and Reidy all on the near horizon to return.

I moved him on for Pav last week and after Pav's 119 feel pretty good about the switch obviously.

Zorko is one to look at who has returned to his initial pricing after the initial 2 week explosion. He was a must have on Mick's TAT a few weeks back. Roughie will also be darn cheap in a couple of weeks with that 41 lingering in his score for a while yet, if you can hold out that long.


Unfortunately I already have Roughie, but I do however have Zorko. I'm Probably next week just going to trade him out and see how he goes this week. Thanks for the advice.

Tony from Perth

Thanks Mick plenty of food for thought. Would a good strategy be to bring in Robertson and Cutler this week and then target Swan and/or Griffen next week? Or will they rise in price significantly? ie if they both scored 130 this week how much would they go up? I'm going for the league win and want to have some reasonable rookies going forward (not sure of the job security for these two?) but don't want to miss the boat on bargain basement price premiums either…


Swanny's BE is just 78 so this is the week to get on if you want him in your team.

Griffen's BE is a more moderate 100 so you could certainly wait another week on him and perhaps pay an extra $10K if you have bigger fish to fry right now. SC Gold is actually projecting a $10K price drop for him after this weekend but think their formula is a little out of whack in this particular case.

Jobe could also be a tantalising prospect next week at still a hefty BE of 158 this round.


Swan will go up around 30K with a 130 score this week, Griffen will go up around 20k with a 130.

So by all means you can probably wait a week to get both your downgrades this week instead.

Tony from Perth

Thanks Mick. Think I'll risk the 50k and stick with the downgrades this week. Worked a treat last week with Fasolo and Crouch. Will give me almost 800k in the war chest approaching the byes.


Yes it's hard to be too enthusiastic about Hodgey even at his current price.

His body has really let him down in recent years and it could get kind of old having to bench him because he misses a week here or there with a niggle so a definite pass for me.

Swanny and Griff are both very enticing prospects right now and so will Hanley and Jobe be in another week or two.


May as well go Jaensch for the same price.

Jelwood also facing a price drop after his 80-odd last week


Hibberd or Jaensch? Worried Jaensch will come crashing back to earth the moment I pick him! Or is there a better Defensive Premo around the same price (already have Mitchell, Swallow, Enright & Suckling)

Bob McBob

Hibberd is a safer pick than Jaesnch for me

Ango Mango



You cant really go wrong either way here, it all depends on your cash reserves and your bye structure (if you care about bye structures!). Jaensch I can see being consistent given the role he is playing at the crows with henderson out.

your welcome

cale hooker could be a nice POD


Would like to know your thoughts community here I go

Do not want to trade down McDonald because there are no rookie defence cash cows. People are getting Tom Cutler in but you have to look at his Job Security with Hanley and Merret coming in I doubt he will get a game…… So I have already got Matt Crouch,Nick Robertson and Sam Llyod so I think I am pretty secure on how many cash cows I have….. Am considering Higgins to Alex Fasalo even though in round 2 I traded Faslao out for Higgins who has made 100k am I crazy getting him back in or is there a method behind the madness…. Can then upgrade Tyson to Nathan Jones, David Mundy or Ryan Griffin or should I double downgrade Tyson to Sam Gray or Pat Cripps then upgrade Merret coming into the round 8 bye to Nick R and then upgrade to anyone in mid…..

Cheers Ty P.S Sorry for raving and would love to know your thoughts!!!!


Im not a fan of Cutler purley because of merret hanley and the potential for harwood to slot into the slide. Meaning the cutler and gardiner could be on the block.

The fasolo ship has sailed. Either downgrade higgins to a honeychurch in a few weeks or someone like that or upgrade him to a premo like a riewoldt or take a punt of pav etc


If Fasolo keeps racking up the ball off collingwood a half back line, he should average around the 90 mark meaning there's still 200k to be made and is a possible keeper at f6


On the potential Higgins to Fasalo trade, you seem to be evaluatng this in the light of already having previously traded the other direction.

Not meaning to be rude, but this hints at a case of denial. If your prior trade as a mistake, then not wanting to recognise this by going back the other direction will not make it any less so.

You should accept wherever your team is at, however it got there and ask if it is the right move looking forwards, without worrying about the past.

Good Luck


what to do with tommy mitchell? hes the 2014 zorko and hes doing my head in. i have 443k, should i downgrade or go for another similar priced player and if so who?


Give him another week, if he doesn't get around 90 then up him to gray or pav, or downgrade to honeychurch (should debut this round)


give him another week – everyone playing for swans has stunk it up in the first few but are now starting to turn it around.


Was playing injured anyway, so I don't think he's your biggest worry right now


Need some help
These are my problems
Mumford – i have derricks on my bench and I'm willing to go a couple more rounds until mumford is in as long as derricks is playing.
Hanley – I have Kolodjasnij to cover and he might be back anyway.
Tom Mitchell – I think i wanna get him out, i have Fasolo already and also have BURNMAN Higgins I could downgrade him to sam lloyd or Jack Billings but i am unsure. Otherwise is there any other options for Tom Mitchell???

I then have Ellis and could downgrade him to someone like robertson from Brisbane.

Any thoughts??
Love the article!!


Tom Williams price will rise, but I'd take Lloyd over him. I like the ellis>Robertson trade.


Is anyone considering Nic Nat?


Yeah! Next week he comes in for leuenberger for me

Tony from Perth

Yeah. Might be Nic Nat or Goldy next week for Leuenberger for me too. Leaning towards Goldy though.


Apparently Nic should be over his ankle niggles by this week, and no Lycett or Sinclair to steal his hitouts


Surely Nic Nat cant score any less – and he has a huge ceiling for a ruck. If your willing to take the risk


Would like to see a solid form line before I commit.


Thoughts of David Mundy as a POD?


I like him, also look at Goddard next week. If you want some this week I'd choose griffen over mundy


Mundy will be more of a POD then Griffen after the next two rounds.


If by some tragic twist of fate your without GAJ, when will be best to bring him in? Not looking like dropping in price anytime soon!


move heaven and earth to get him in round 9


Get him in now at any cost, you’re leaking points!


Anybody looking at bringing in McVeigh soon dropped to around 520k with a breakeven close to 90


I had a little look at McVeigh, but id rather spend the money in the mid on players i know can bust out massive scores. If he had dropped in price another 20k id be more inclined on bringing him in now


Hey community would love your thoughts,

do I upgrade and down grade Ellis and Dale Thomas or

Ellis and Dom Tyson, or if Ellis plays Thomas and Tyson.

I initially had Thomas and Ellis out planning to get Tyson out the next week, and I’m pretty keen to get rid if Dale Thomas, but he has an achievable BE, where as I think Tyson is less of a chance to reach his.

Would love your thoughts community, thanks.


I think X Ellis will take a hit this week with his ~100BE but I also think there is more money to be made from him if your willing to persist.
Ive been persisting with Kennedy Harris so im going to cut X Ellis either way. Im happy with 120k profit


Hmmmmm do I jump on Dane Swan, leaving me with Pendles, Beams AND Swan in the mids (I'm not worried about Rd 8 byes, more so the unlikelihood of all three scoring well/playing in the midfield), or do the double downgrade leaving me with 600k in the bank to look at Jobe Watson and Joel Selwood in the coming weeks…?

Advice appreciated 🙂


max three players per team is my rule I try go by (not including rookies sitting on the pine for cash) – though Griffen being so cheap has got me second guessing it (I have libba dahlhaus and MaCrae).

And me personally I have gone the double downgrade FOR NOW. I can upgrade Tyson to Stevie J which is VERY tempting, but Im thinking the extra cash is better for the long run


In the same Pendles + beams boat. I'm saying no to swan at the moment purely because there are other options like mundy, Goddard, griffen etc.


When collingwood win, the top 3 scorers are usually pendles, swan and beams and their scores are big. If collingwood keep winning you will do very well


Is it ever alright to make one trade in a week, or is it always better to build the war chest or paint the fence?


Guys thoughts on Kane Corne's as a POD MID. Only 500k at the moment with pretty large BE. Thoughts.


he will be a unique POD but dont expect him putting up HUGE scores. Port is starting to look very deadly in the mid, so less opportunity for him to keep getting his hands on the ball especially when players like b crouch return from injury


How will B Crouch coming back affect Cornes? Has he gone to Port?


Lol crouch plays for the crows, not port. Anyway cornes is often deployed as a tagger, which is a no no for me.


i wouldn't, not with the current tagging role he's been playing. You'd be better off looking at Boak or Ebert for a POD


What are your thoughts on leigh montagna instead of Swan or griffin, he has the round 10 bye


He'd def be a POD – Griffen and swan will be picked up by a lot of teams in the next two weeks


I'm looking at Mundy, Goddard and Griffen atm. Joey looks to be back in form and offers a pod, so if you're gutsy enough pick him!


I'll be looking at goddard after next week (he has a huge BE this rd). Mundy will be another POD. Though im not sold – think I'd lean toward Marc Murphy instead – especially after the blues wbd game where the whole carlton midfield finally gave some support to him to break the tag to the point bulldogs subbed the tagger.

I would like Griffen in my team – but I already have Libba MaCrae and dalhaus. so 4 doggies could be pushing it unfortunately otherwise I wouldve pounced. And I am persisting with Libba who I think will be a lot better once Minson returns to form. Dont like trading premimums


Goddard will be underpriced by 100k or more in the next couple of weeks


thinking of trading out dale Thomas for Bradley hill or should I look for someone else thoughts?


Sideways trade – go for a rookie. Hill will be a gun but is unproven at this stage


I do like the look of hill – plays a lot like Cyril with his run. (prior to cyrils hammy last season). But yer only trade upwards to a keeper or downwards for some cash. And im not confident Hill will be one of the top mids for the season. Better options at that price


is it to late to get crouch? or better off getting a robertson or cutler? (based purely on cash potential)


Robertson and Crouch should make you basically the same amount of cash, cutler a bit less


I starting to think crouch, will gain similar e in value from here on, but will get a better score from Crouch


Cheers guys!
I've been leaning towards Crouch just because of the better scoring output which will help my rd 8 travesty that is sure to occur!


Crouch has round 8 bye.


Sorry my mistake – got the lions and crows jersey mixed up


I missed the boat on crouch last week, but I still don't think it's too late, when you consider the rookies we started with like polec, Ellis, McDonald, Tyson , who were all from $170-$215k and the scores crouch is producing , he could probly still make another $200k on top of his current price


What to do with D Currie with the return of Magic Door confirmed? Wasting a trade for 33k profit seems like a bit of a waste.


Waste indeed. Leave him


anyone like a cheap Mayne (109k cheaper avg mid 80s last season),
even a Trent West in the Ruck (since no looey) to save some cash since none of the rucks besides Sauce is firing and has good JS (yes, sandy is firing but everyone has him)


Don't like mayne or west, rather get a decent forward/mid and nic nat in the ruck


what about a mike Pyke?


Remember the idea of a POD is will the POD player outscore the more popular selection. Will West outscore Sandi? Not in a million years. Avoid

Mayne has been awful and has shown no indication that he is turning a corner in scoring. Keep an eye on him because he is important to freo when firing, but avoid for the moment.


Had maybe in my Supercoach Draft side. He's been a complete SPUD… Scoring 30's and 50's.
Wouldn't go near him.


Looking at my bye structure an working out I have a 9 6 15 Any thoughts on how I can make it work?


I wouldnt be doing anything to drastic to make the bye rounds favorable. Especially this close to rd 8. If going for league win maybe just concede one rd and strengthen the other two. But cant say to much without looking at your team

Captain joc

Your bye structure is fine mate just come round 10 trade your rd 10 rookies to players who have already played


I am thinking it could work well as most of my round 10 players are rookies and will be gone before round 9 and 10

Captain joc

Than that’s perfect mate


How cheap does scooter selwood have to be too truly consider and take the risk. He was one of the top mids last season.


Scooter is a terrific player but not sure he is SC relevant this season with Simmo giving him more of a defensive role. Barely averaging 90.

As we are beginning to whittle down our trades we should only be focused on bringing in elite like Pendles, Jelwoood, Jobe, JPK etc to our midfield now.


Finally, this week I'm cashing out on Tyson and Ellis and bringing in Lloyd and Crouch. Leaving 6-700k in bank. But also leaves jkh gimpey Taylor Dunstan webster Langdon and laidler in my team.

Thoughts? Good move? Or should I bring in Stevie J this week instead of crouch?


In another post in this thread you said "which will help my rd 8 travesty that is sure to occur!" … so trading in any of Matt Crouch, Sam Lloyd, or Steve Johnson won't help in that regard.

Matt Crouch and Steve Johnson each are enticing prospects for different reasons.

If you don't need the points for a league win, I'd lean to getting Matt Crouch and perhaps be looking to upgrade after the Round 8 Bye's done (although you might just want to hang onto him if he scores well). On the other hand, I'd be just a bit mindful of team selection for the Crows given the eligibility of Andy Otten, Ben Rutten, and Tom Lynch from getting a full run in the team this week, but I think Richard Douglas' suspension has added further weight to Matt Crouch's job security. I acknowledge that those three guys play a different role to Matt Crouch, but there's a chance that someone might have to make way. It's an improbability that Crouch will be axed or vested, but not an impossibility.


… although it'd be harsh to axe the Rising Star nominee. In hindsight I think he's pretty safe.


Yer sorry got the lions and crows jersey mixed up when looking at the fixture on supercoach – absolute rookie mistake.
And I think getting crouch now helps as rookies are starting to get slim especially ones that can score. All I can think of, off the top of my head is Bock, lennon and honeychurch perhaps. Whereas Cutler, robertson and the like I see them as short term.


Robertson or Cutler?

Thats my big question


Robertson for me. Better JS




I am torn between the double downgrade this week or the traditional one down one up. Help please!

B McVeigh Mitchell D Swallow Suckling Laidler McDonald ( Langdon Clurey)
C Ablett J Kennedy Beams Murphy Thomas X Ellis Polec Dunstan (Taylor Crouch)
R Jacobs Sandilands (Thurlow Currie)
F Martin Dangerfield Roughy Zorko Higgins Fasolo (Impey Kennedy –Harris)

Option 1 Ellis and Dunstan out for Robertson (Via Langdon) Cutler and have 730 k in the bank
Option 2 Ellis and Dunstan out for Robertson and Griffen and 320 k in the bank.
After league and 3 – 0 start and well placed for byes but dont want anymore rd 8 bye players.


Option 2 is far more attractive, Dave. Cutler's job security isn't as strong as Robertson.

More important, Griffen is a beast ready to unleash his full powers. Also Crouch as a M8 should serve you well.


thinking of trading out dale Thomas should I trade in dane swan or ryan griffen? thoughts

Rescued Pieman

Can’t go wrong with either. Griffen probably better for byes


Also we've seen what happens to Swan's scoring when he goes forward. It's unlikely to happen now that he's fit, but for piece of mind go Griff


Would I be better getting rid of:
a) Tyson and Dunstan/Aish for Robertson and Griffen
b) Tyson and Langdon for Robertson and Swallow/Bartel/Simpson
c) Tyson and Higgins/Impey for Robertson and Pav

Any help would be appreciated guys 🙂



All look compelling to me. Given the options, my slight leaning;

If you don't have Round 8 Bye problems, then I'd probably choose Aish to Griffen, as Aish looks to me most like he has plateaued while Griffen looks particularly under-priced.

If you have Round 8 Bye problems, then Langdon to a premium non-Round 8 Bye player … you've suggested Kade Simpson.

Best of luck!


Thanks Cam!


Hey community, not 100% sure on who to trade in this week! Three options:
1- Tyson & Ellis —> Robertson & Mundy (182k in the bank)
2- Tyson & Ellis —> Robertson & Cutler (559k in the bank)
3- Tyson & Ellis —> Robertson & Hibberd (166k in the bank)
I currently have McDonald, Langdon and thumper on the field in my defence.
Any help is appreciated 🙂


With Mcdonald, Langdon and Thumper all playing i'd be looking to get Hibberd in and moving Langdon to the bench…


Cheers JP


Great advice from the community on Titch! I will be holding on for another week.

Deciding between a double downgrade or one-up/one-down. Key point of conflict is Josh J Kennedy. In removing the stutter from his goal-kicking approach, his SC scores have dulled.

What should I do with JJK? Leave him, downgrade to a Fasolo-type or upgrade to NRoo?

Cheers all!


I think it all depends on how you think Fasolo will perform this season. As a cash generation downgrade he is too expensive now. However if he keeps his scoring up he is pretty much a lock in the forward line. However reiwoldt looks unstoppable.


Thanks Ryan!


Jinx haha


Will there be more rookies coming through the backline or midfield? In other words cutler or Robertson????? Help community


It's a long season Charlie, of course there will be players coming through. Injuries, suspensions, drop in form etc. if you don't like what you see with the rookies on the bubble this round, just wait it out


That is a fair point Kev, but if you had to choose between the two who would you choose? Cutler looked at home second half of the Richmond game, but how is his job security with Hanley coming back in? I’m looking to get rid of who ever I choose just before the round 10 bye.. So I guess, which one will generate the most money from now to round 10?


I'd choose Robertson, more fantasy friendly role (he was named on the ball last week). Cutler is more key position. You mentioned Hanley coming back, Merrett also returning from suspension this week. Wouldn't be surprised if he got squeezed out this week imo


o'rouke from gws


For those trading in Lloyd this week, "He (Hardwick) said Jake King would be rested for a month in a bid to overcome a toe injury…". That gives Lloyd JS for at least 4 weeks. Jump on!


Who should I get for Garry Rohan? hH must go whether he plays or doesnt. I have 280k in the bank. I already have higgins, impey, lloyd and taylor.


Is that 280k plus what Rohan is worth? If that is the case Fasolo is around 300k and playing well in a new role across half back


That's 280k plus rohan's 160k


Then bring in Fasolo for sure


Guys I’m stuck thinking of
1) Langdon to mcveigh?
2) Ellis to Robertson (locked in)
3) t Mitchell to ?? Fasalo TU or TD westhoff?
Any other suggestions welcome


People are insane to keep tmitch. He is done for the year. Cant see him coming back anytime soon as his first games were pretty woeful. And whilst were at it Tyson has to go this week also


what are peoples opinions on

Tyson > Robertson
D.Thomas > Swan

Leaves me with $77,000


Also worth noting I will struggle alot in the round 8 bye, should i just cop a poor score that round and take swanny or go for another option such as a giriffen?

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