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PODCAST: Time to make some CASH

Published by Jock on

Supercoach 2014 preseason podcast

Tom Langdon. Xavier Ellis. James Aish. Dom Tyson.

They’ve served us well enough these lads – but for many of us this will be a week where we consider taking a few of these plump boys out the back paddock for some good old fashioned fantasy footy rookie cash grab slaughter.

But as the round 8 bye looms upon us like a gathering storm – we must trade with caution community. Which ones need to go now? Which ones should we wait on a bit? Who should we trade them for?

There is a hell of a lot to get through this week community – this could be where your season is won and lost.

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Hell yeah.. get em jock!!


825 n trigger happy atm. Hope I can settle n stay with the pack!


Is suckling gonna be a keeper or is he gonna be a player we trade when he reaches max price


Probably a stepping stone to a premium but would be keeping him for quite a while yet.


XEllis needs to go – down to Robertson to add to warchest


thats sounds good michael


is ellis gona play next week?


ellis need to go


I’m not so sure he needs to go. If he is named this week, he is gone for mine, but if he is not named, I would have thought Tyson more of a priority to go. Tyson has a BE of 98 – if he scores 80 he will still drop around $7-10k, so unless he starts pulling out some more hundreds, looks like he may have reached his ceiling.

Given that it is likely that Tyson will drop in value this week, I’ll be looking to cull him and then cut Ellis the following week (assuming Ellis not named this week).

Could also get rid of both of them and use a FWD or DEF swing option to bring in Lloyd or Cutler.


whats ellis' break even?




Last I heard, they found out his calf wasnt as bad as expected and he may play this week. Personally, due to his injury history (being a Hawks fan I'm all too familiar with the Ellis injury rollercoaster) I'd jump off. Could be the start of his same ole soft tissue after soft tissue injury again.


I'm in a deep dark hole Jock. I need help. Who to trade out first out of Langdon aish Taylor jkh and Ellis.


Langdon and Ellis are the priorities out of that bunch for mine.

In fact they are precisely the same lads I will be trading out myself for Cutler and Griffen unless Thursday night throws up some nasty curve balls.


Thursday night always seems to do that… Gary, I'd look at which of those 5 are on the field and hurting your score. If all 5 are, then I agree with SCaddict that langdon and ellis should be culled first


Cheers guys. Really appreciate the help.


Hi Jock, I need help, pls tell me should I trade Rohan for Rough, and with my recently freed up cash can I trade a Suck for a Swallow?
Many thanks


You can trade whatever you like but you will have to cop it on the chin.


I would keep Suckers for now as he's been performing pretty well and has a fairly gettable BE of 61. Just had a quiet game as did many of his Hawk buddies.

I've been wanting to get Swallow in myself but not sure Suckers would be the right tool for the job right now. Perhaps consider the move when Suckers has his Rd9 bye fi no better options present by then.

Rohan absolutely needs to go though not sure Roughie would be my own target this week. Had two sub 50 games already this season and has a massive BE this weekend so should be a fair bit cheaper in a few more weeks yet.


Gday Community,

Some thoughts about downgrades this week:

In my mid I want to get rid of one of either Tyson, Aish or Dunstan (i'm thinking Tyson at this this stage)
What's everyone's opinions on who to get rid of?

Also who is the best rookie downgrade option available? (Unfortunately missed out on the Crouch boat)

Any advice appreciated 🙂


I'd go aish or tyson. You can still get crouch on supercoach though, 188k


Robertson from the Lions is on the bubble. Was named on the ball against the tigers. Jock had a massive man crush on the lad during pre season


Who to get in out of Dane Swan & Ryan Griffen?

Griffen has B/E of 100 while Swan has B/E of 80, so i'm leaning towards:

Ellis >> Swan, Langdon >> Cutler,
then Tyson >> Griffen, Rookie >> downgrade next week.

Only problem is that would leave me with Swan, Pendles AND Beams in the midfield.

Thoughts community?


Depends on what other round 8 bye players you have
I'm personally waiting to get Swan after the round 8 byes so i'm not left with any (or many) donut's come round 8 whereas with Griffen I will have many more players available in his bye round so I can afford getting him earlier and have him sit on the bench for 1 week


I think both griffin and swan are too risky. I would be happy to wait a few more weeks before getting them in.

Buying premiums is a lot like getting married, you are going to have live with them for a long time and if you get it wrong and have to get rid of them, it’s going to cost you.

It’s not like buying a rookie who you can play around with for a few weeks and them dump, serious thought must be given to premiums, and just because they are cheap should not be the reason.


It looks like both have turned the corner but caution is never a bad thing so won't hurt to wait another week just to be sure the worm has turned.

However I liked what Griffen has shown me over the past fortnight so there's a strong chance I'll bring him in this weekend.


That's probably the best analogy ever haha. That needs to be the mantra of every pre season!

I'd personally go with griff over swan. He is clearly the top dog (pun intended) in that midfield. He had zero preseason


risky?? they are proven scoring guns top 6 mid. both didnt have much of a pre season perfect time to get them while they hit form and cheap


I would jump on Swan first. His SC price has just bottomed out at $521,000 ($112,000 cheaper than start of season and his projected cash cow says he go up $12,000 and continue to rise. Griffen at the moment $525,000 ($102,000 cheaper) and his cash cow say that over the next 3 rounds his price will drop by a further $64,000


robertson or gray from prot adelaide?.

burnman higgins out for lloyd


Robertson looks to have better JS – Gray a risk of being dropped when monfries returns


I'd pick Robbo as I see his JS as stronger in a injury ravaged Lions outfit.

Not thrilled on the idea of trading out a Rd9 player in Higgo for a Rd8 player in Lloyd although I appreciate the finanacial motivation.

Would think bringing in a bye friendly Cutler to your defence is a higher priority for most coaches.


Will i be able to have ellis on my bench or is he gona play next week


Hi community thoughts on cale hooker from the bombers 4 tons in 5 games. 2 of those tons against real quality in hawthorn and freo.

Kenny Powers

I brought him in last week (albeit by "accident" after falling for the Wayno Experimental Trade trap .. glad to hear I wasn't the only one with failing concentration over the extended weekend!!) and was rewarded with a ton. Essendon have been a high scoring Supercoach points team which helps, he is clean user of the pill and he's been getting it plenty. Essendon have plenty of players in front of him when it comes to a tagger so hoping he can keep his scores above 80 from here on. If he does start to stain the underpant, he has the R10 bye so can be traded out or upgraded for a R8-9 premo.


So many options to consider this week.

Ellis to:


Cutler (Langdon DPP)

Lloyd (Taylor DPP)

Tyson to:




Marc Murphy for sure. He is cheaper than griffin im pretty sure and will be getting fairly high scores


I’m down grading X.Ellis to S. Gray who will sit on the bench, and then upgrading Dale Thomas to a premium.

That will give me $650,000. Which midfielder do I get.?

I already have Gaz, Pendels, Cotchin, Murphy, Polec, Thomas who will be traded, Tyson, Dunstan, and Gray, and Crouch on the bench, who do I get for Dale Thomas, with $650,000 in the bank.?

Cheers for the help guys


Jobe Watson


Josh Kennedy. Swans have a nice run of games.


Yeah I went JPK, looking to get Jobe in next week with that somewhat high Break even

Bob McBob

How many trades does everyone have right now?





Kenny Powers

Been getting a solid boot to the plums every bloody week!! After 2 trades this week I'll be down to 20 with Cameron and Mummy still occupying bench spots .. been absolutely smashed by injury and suspensions this season. But as Jock and the team keep spruiking to the community .. keep your chin up and battle through the adversity. Following this advice I (The Longdrop Boggers) managed to knock off last season's league champion over the weekend!!


Do you think its worth holding on hanley


reported may play this week


Absolutely. Hold Hold Hold.

neil the nail

in a bit of a pickle fellas, not sure who to trade for fuller, either langdon or gregoriou


Langdon only because round 8 bye.


Trade Ellis or Aish? Or both?


I agree with Higg that keeping around Rd10 bye players is a pretty sound idea and plan to keep Dunstan along for the ride til then, even though he is unlikely to make much more cash. So I'd probably hang on to Aish and cash out some of those Rd8 rookies like Langdon instead.

However that pitiful 2 in Xman's pricing will be there for his next couple of games so he needs to go sooner rather than later.

Langdon and Ellis are the two fattened lambs I plan to send to the whooshka block this week.


Langdon probably has another price rise to go – has a BE of 44 this week which is very achievable. Aish also has a BE of 39, so will make more cash as well. Is there anyone you have with a higher BE, like Ellis or Tyson?


I have Tyson, Ellis, Kelly, Impey, Kennedy-Harris, Georgiou, McDonald, Webster


Still think the amount of additional cash to be made from Langdon is pretty marginal at best and he's an ideal candidate to trade in the Rd10 Cutler for, especially if we intend on keeping the likes of Kolo and McD around for a few more weeks yet.

Another option if you are that keen on keeping Landon around is to swing him into your midfield bench to replace Ellis instead.

Will depend on the individual team structure and preferences of each coach as to what we perceive as the best options for our respective sides are.

Ty S

Have traded out McDonald for Tom Cutler and put Hanley on field in midfield and upgraded Dom Tyson to Joel Selwood…. left Dunstan for this round going to cull the next round…


Captain joc

Is wait for selwood his break even is 180 so almost set to drop in price by abit

Ty S

Who to get for 580k


JPK Hes a POD and looking amazing GET HIM IN


Hooker or Hibberd? Which to go to??

Both rack up the marks and touches. Leaning towards Hooker cos i save 50k


Bob McBob

Hibberd will most certainly be the most consistent scorer. Hooker will take the contest mark and mostly contested possessions and possibily the movement into the forward line while Goddard is out of the team.

However, both Hibberd and Hooker begin Essendons movement into attack, so it is pretty much just your gut feeling.

(I'd pick Hibberd though)


Hibberd definitely. He is the go to runner from defence for the dons; Hooker only ever does when Hibb is stuck upfield after a counter.


What do I do with ambrose?


Depends a little on this week's injury update but if he's only a few more weeks away I reckon we have to keep him.

However if you have no other trade priorities you could consider switching him for Lloyd. Could mount an argument either way but I plan to keep Ambrose this week, unless the return date blows out to another month or such.


I already have Lloyd. So what if it does blow to a month?


Not really sold on the JS of other forward rookies right now so unless a Zach Merrett is named this week I think we just have to sit tight with Ambrose until a promising forward rookie is on the bubble.

Llyod is the only decent alternative right now and you already have him. Not worth upgrading him to a midpricer or premium unless you are forced to field Ambrose. I have him on my bench along with JKH.

But's let see what the update on Ambrose is this week before jumping too far ahead.


Keep. He is on bubble, should play round 7


Not sure about these BEs , some of jock and Higgos quotes were different to what my SC says, and I know mine changed right before the 1st game last week also. Will be keeping an eye on it anyways.

I think if Ellis misses a week I'll leave him on my bench and trade out Tyson and dunstan this week as their BEs are looking pretty high at 87 and 98 , then trade out Langdon and Ellis the round after. Lookin to bring in griffin and Watson over the next 2 rounds , which has just made me realise my biggest concern as I'm planning on getting selwood and pendles after the bye , leaving me with 8 premium mids, but no DPP in the middle.

What's the thoughts on just having 1fwd and 1 back DPP player on the mid bench? Is that enough cover? I have 4 back line and 3 fwd swing players at the moment but just not in the mids



My own view is that the bye benefits of having plenty of swingers is a tad overstated so wouldn't be bending over backwards to make it happen. If it does through natural trading then all well and good. No denying swingers do increase your flexibility from a future trading perspective.

But just make the best trades for your team, that's the most important consideration, and only work the swingers angle if it's convenient and truly benefits your structure.

I've had a good look at it for my own team and the benefits are fairly negligible under the recently introduced "any 18 players" bye rule and I only would end up making certain swinger trades that don't necessarily bring in the best bangs for the buck.

But perhaps others love the swingers lifestyle at all costs. 🙂


I noticed several of my players BEs increased just before their games started too. How bizarre!

The Filth

Use for breakevens. It includes a salary calculator.
It is a free site but if you can donate a few shekels as the guys provide a great service to fantasy football coaches.


What does everyone think about Jack Redden. Just took a look at his stats and apart from his first round he averages about 7 tackles per game and has scored a ton each time plus over 120 twice despite both times only getting 25 disposals. Good POD or not?


Definitely a POD but not sure it's a recommended one. At this stage we should only be bringing in premo midfielders that have a decent shot at making the top 12 by the end of season e.g. Swan, Griffen, Watson, Pendles, Jelwood, Stevie J, JPK etc.

Think it would be a very long bow to stretch that Redden will finish with a top 12 average.

Lions also have a tough draw and are wracked with injuries so it will be tough for many of their players to go huge on a consistent basis. Rocky and Hanley are probably their only fantasy relevant premos right now.


What to do with tom mitchell Danny


trade out – now!!!
for who? – depends on your fwds…
go a cash cow and get in Sam Lloyd perhaps.

Kenny Powers

Depends on your current cash supply and how many keepers you have .. does your structure require a premo replacement for Mitchell or does the treasure chest need to be topped up by downgrading to rookie like Lloyd? Some fallen premos like Pav still available for under 500g's and some solid scoring mid-pricers like R Gray could be good pick-ups. Or you could use a DPP and trade in a mid?







Who do you consider the best two rookies to bring in this week between Robertson, Lloyd and Cutler? Can fit any two of them into my team via DPP swings. Looking at the double downgrade this week to give me $500k in bank for big upgrades soon 🙂


Purely needs based. Cozza. Cutler is good for Langdon downgrade, Robertson for Ellis/Tyson. Lloyd for Rohan


Daulhaus or Gray? Looking to upgrade from Caddy. Want to get Pav but Langdon to Cutler won't give me the loot. Could go Ellis to Flipper Robertson, but feel Langdon is the more urgent slaughter.

Thoughts community?


I don't see Langdon as the most urgent yet, still has an achievable BE of 40 odd, for mine Ellis, Tyson, dunstan are first to cull, in that order. Unless Ellis misses a game , then he can sit on the pine until next week and cut Tyson, dunstan before they go backwards


Agree if Ellis plays this week he's the first to cull. Dunstan can wait another week. Even if he doesn't hit BE 87 his depreciation will be relatively minor.


Another option is to trade Ellis for Cutler via swinging Langdon into your midfield.

This should give you the necessary funds for that Pav upgrade.

I'll probably do the direct Langdon for Cutler move but may consider the other option if it looks like Ambrose with be sidelined for a month or longer in which case I'll probably swap him for Lloyd.

Captain joc

I don’t see Ambrose getting back in the side mate bell chambers is getting close to playing afl could play against the pies on Friday


That's certainly a serious consideration for us Ambrose holders too Captain.

May push me towards swapping him out for Llyod but will see how the week pans out first. Would really like to bring in Griffen this week but perhaps will have to put those plans on the back burner for another week.


Yes! Forgot about swinging that, SCaddict.

Have Lloyd in forward line. Not interested in Ambrose as I have Impey & JKH on bench. Need to get a prem in forward line so going back and forth between Pav (hot streak and playing at Paterson a lot coming up yet key position forward) vs. Robbie Gray (playing strong and DPP but not the most reliable).

Thanks SCaddict. Passing along gold as always!


Yes Ambrose isn't relevant to your situation and you already have Lloyd anyway.

Just mentioning my own plans as there are a few of us out there who are stuck with Ambrose unfortunately.


I've stuck fat with Mummy, so I know the feeling. Jim from Gipps and I have been doing Mummy counseling services for the last week. All mentioned may get changed if Mummy is out longer and Currie isn't named.

Barely hit 2000 this week. Uggggh. Rough year so far, SCaddict. Really rough.


Yes I've now zoomed past you after punching out a top 1000 ranking this past round.

Ambrose is a relatively minor issue as a bench irritation compared to your R1 ruck catastrophes this season.

You may just have to cut those losses soon and come over to the seeming durability and consistency of a Sauce Jacobs. Though hope I haven't put the mozz on him ha ha.


Doubt I'll go Sauce. R8 and all. Now it's almost a point of stubbornness. Not going to get the $50K so may just hold out for Mummy to return for the POD benefits it will have.


Hey TF. I feel your pain (sort of) as I've decided to keep titch for now. It was good seeing your team on the weekend. Some real POD defenders. Burnman and Jelwood let you down while Libba screwed me. X screwed everyone lol. Just managed to scrape 2200, hopefully will go better next week if titch comes back and shows a bit of form with Dunstan and perhaps Crouch going big.


Hey buddy. Yeah you gave me a good thumping. Apologies for not giving a better game.

Looking at dealing Mummy. With Daw in 22, Currie will likely be out so no cover. Could suck it up with a donut then get POD keeping Mummy. Does that sound insane?

Want to upgrade Caddy to Pav or Robbie G. Leaning toward Pav. Form looks strong. Could've went for more last week. Any thoughts on the two?

Think Dunstan has one more solid 90+ game in him. Hope so. And hope Ellis is a out so I can loop him.


No need to apologies mate, its just a game and a bit of fun. Instead of throwing in the towel, people need to just step back and think about that.

Keeping Mummy doesn't sound like a bad idea. He should be back in a week or so and may take a week to get back to the form he was in before. If you have held him this long, you might as well hold a bit longer. In say that, there are some fallen premiums in the ruck that may be good pick ups post the bye, which is not too far away.

I'm reluctant with Pav. He was great in 2012, but burned me in the first 3 rounds last year before going down for 12 weeks. Pav started off this year slow but he is looking good now. Let's hope he stays injury free.

Robbie was sensational in parts last year but also went missing in games. I think he has a bigger ceiling than Pav but a bigger propensity to stink it up. As much as I prefer mids over KPP, I think Pav shades it.

I agree with Dunstan, he'll stay with me a week more. Ellis has been touted to play this weekend. With a BE of 101, regardless if he plays or not, I'm going to get rid of him.


Yep, Ellis is pretty much culled. Even if he plays, that ankle is not going to get him to 101 points. Dunstan worth a keep as they play the Lions. Sure he'll do well.

Thinking swapping Ellis for Billings. Bout the right time to add some DPPs to the midfield. Not a lot coming…other than Honeycutt. Hope is because Hanley is returning Cutler is out. Regardless, may slot him in next week for Langdon.

Freo has a lot of games in Perth coming up. The ol' man does way there. Forwards haven't been very reliable and figure he'll do as well as any. And low risk at that price.

Pretty dead set on eating a donut for Mummy. One more week and will be a nice POD. No other rucks are making my mouth water. Plus can bank some cash…which I'm sure will come in handy.

Agree with your take on the game, Wattsie. A fun yet wildly unpredictable game. More you dust yourself off and jump back in, the more to savor from the experience.


Dunstan has pulled out a big score every second week so hopefully this will be his week to ton up.

I'm not sure about Billings. He looked very good, but you can make as much money from Lloyd or Robertson. DPPs are good but remember that trading should be the right player at the right time for the right price. If he fits those three criteria, bring him in.

I think it is a roll of the dice with forwards this year. I'm just glad Danger came good last week.

Rucks haven't been great this year, with injury and form, only Sandi and Sauce have done well. I haven't got Sauce as I went with Cox, better for my structure. Unless you have the two, which majority of SC don't, then everyone is hurting in the ruck.

My SC team isn't great. There was a lot of stinkers in my team but I look at Danger going 192 and marvel. I look at GAJ, Pendles, Sandi, Polec, Dunstan, Fasolo, Libba, Suckling, Langdon and Beams and am so happy that they have done well for me at different times of the season. I might have to start a positive SC post at the end of each week to remind me to be grateful after a poor weekend haha.


Definitely nailed it there. Tend to focus on the failures than the successes. Ellis' 2 instead of Webster's 92. Need to remind myself that no round will be without its stinkers.

Billings went century in his second AFL game. That's not an easy feat. For that and the DPP makes him more valuable than Robertson, who I probably will strongly consider.

Had Cox until the last minute than switch to Ryder so I could get Jobe. Not great move but far from worst one. Oh well. Let's see what next round brings.


Hi guys what do I do with Libba? Trade or hold


Hold. Had a stumble. Will bounce back strong. As Jock said, he's worth sticking fat with.



If Libba is still struggling to get things together by his Rd9 bye then yes we'll be forced to consider shipping him off for say a Pendles or Jelwood.

But reckon he's earned a bit more time as last season's clearance king and a young and improving player.

Dean Billman

Is it too late to bring in Fasolo? Upgraded Daisy to Jobe Watson last week so couldn't afford him on the bubble…

He is looking like one of the better forward options atm.


whilst not ideal seeing as you missed the initial price rise, it would still be a good idea to bring him in. Put it this way, his price is around 290k, and if you saw a player at 290k that was averaging those scores then everyone would jump right on him, so he's still very relevant and a steal even at that price.


I disagree. It's about making cash at the moment, if you missed Fasalo then bad luck, who knew he would pump out a 130+. He could easily start to get a bit more attention due to his effectiveness in his new role.

Bob McBob

But with Essendon coming up, who is going to put a forward tag on him?


Maybe one of those nuggety types like merrett, I don't know Ess well enough. Could also be more of a team defensive effort rather than a one on one tag, either way his form won't go unnoticed. Anyway just my thoughts/mad justifications for not getting him in!

Bob McBob

Jetta is the only person I can think about that could play the defense forward role. But Licka will return this week and take his role back. With Kommer injured, their will probably be no tagging in the Ess forward line. (I am an Ess supporter)


I want to get a premium Forward, but without the Zorko/Harvey/Martin inconsistencies.
I'm looking towards Riewoldt and Pavlich, but strongly fear they are due for some low scores



Not sure they really exist. I expect Pav and NRoo to regularly produce tons from here on out but even they could have off weeks or shudder the thought get rested giving their advancing age.

Breust and Parker have also been fairly consistent players this season with not a single score below 80 which is pretty good for a forward.


Agree on Bruest. I went Caddy to Bruest last week instead of to Fasalo, saving a trade in the process of getting to a premo keeper, which I think Bruest is whereas Fasalo just another Caddy type stepping stone to a premo.


what about Dangerfield?
and maybe even boomer?
My thought on the above two is Reiwoldt over Pav… Nick can keep scoring above the 100 mark… not sure about Pav though…
SCAddict has some good ideas too
Myglynn maybe as a roughy – but I'd take boomer over him.


Yes, I too plan on bringing in a fwd premium this week. Looking to cull Ellis, and swing Taylor on to the bench in the mids. Tossing up between NReiwoldt and Zorko the magnificent.

Both dump their worst score off their average this week, and so have a BE of 107 & 88 respectively. I like both, Nroo’s run to the bye seems a little better but Zorko offers the promise of more upside.

Comes down to wether I want to pay the extra $122k for 20pts of average?


Remember it is a points game after all. That extra 20 per week may be worth it as over the course of the year it may be an extra 200-250 points.


Langdon to cutler
Tyson to Robertson

Some serious cash generated and a possible double premo upgrade next round


Think both are topped out… being a Lions supporter, and following them pretty well, I reckon Robertson is a reasonable bet for more games and some mooing on the cow front for you.
go for it I say.


Remember as well that Merrett comes back this week – will be interesting to see who will go out for him, but Cutler is potentially someone to come out for him. At least the Lions play on Friday, so you will know Thursday night whether he is definitely in or not.


what to do with shiels?
140,000 k in the bank
downgrade or upgrade and to who


Lads, need some advice.

Got 200k in the bank and I’m going to make two trades this week.

Do I downgrade impey to Lloyd and Ellis to Robertson and have myself 420k in the bank so next week I can go bang bang to big upgrades? Mcaffer will tag Watson this week so he may go down in price again so can get him and another premium next week?

Or do I downgrade impey to Lloyd and then upgrade Ellis to a callan ward or a ryan Griffen this week and only leave myself 30k in the bank?

Cheers boys

Gold Rush

I've gone the Rookie to Rookie Cash Model, to get at least 5 guns in before r10.


i was thinking downgrading ellis to that robertson
and then langdon to a premium


already have cutler in


Hi Josh. Don't know your structure or needs but that sounds like a very sound move. What prem are you thinking about?


McVeigh looks good. Syd play dees too.


with cash in the bank. what would be the best option.



Hicky-A Grade Ruckman



Riewoldt is simply ridiculously solid at the moment. Overpriced???
But of the above, reckon that is a good move.
Next best is getting in swallow
Hickey to Jacobs would be the go – surely you have sandipants already and mummy is out. so not him.
personally I am carrying as a starter with mummy on my bench. then when mummy is right again, I can rid myself of that annoying teenage lip-mark

Marcus J

What are peoples current team value? im at 11.4 mil which i think is pretty decent?


The leader overall is at 11.75m, reckon that you're right up there


11.2 Mil…..but about to downgrade to maxed out cows
Dunstan and Dom out….but doing my head in as to who to get in
Love to go premo and rookie but I know I need more cash.
Round 8 bye can get stuffed. If I loose it, stiff.


11.22mil + 56k in bank

Luke K

11.1 mil with $750k in bank

Hungry Hawk

I'm also at 11.4 mil and starting to sharpen the knives.




11.4 with 300k in bank


BIllings, anyone. Rohan turd solution?


Billings to expensive.


Don't panic on Rohan i reckon….. he might lose 10k next time he plays which is nothing in the scheme of things. Wait till there's another obvious rookie. The only one I see who will hopefully come through soon is Lennon for richmond


Hopefully someone will see this…
What do you think of the below at this point…
Cotchin out – Swan in
O Wines out – Dangerfield in
Realise I may have left Swan a week late (though I did ask about that last week and no one gave me any idea on what to do there). But Danger in this week seems like I may have got that pretty spot on…
Appreciate the thoughts community.

Marcus J

cotchin to swan no. no point in making a sideways trade at round 6 and im hesitant on swans form still

if you dont have patty then do what you can to get him in now. would assume he isnt gonna be below his current price again.


thanks for the reply, Marcus.
Thought on Swan for Cotchin is that Rich play both hawks and geelong before bye. So he will not score well next two weeks. PLUS… if anyone gets a tag at pies, it won't be swan… it will be Pendles…
Understand it is likely a sideways type move, but I see some benefit at least in short term… and Swan will increase in price still a little. Cotchin didn't have that drop like Swan did.
am I still thinking wrongly? Happy to have people say I am wrong… but pls give reasons too

Beady Eye

I'd consider Cotchin (don't consider him a true premium myself, too easily tagged out of it) to Danger with the intention of swinging him into your forwards, either now or later. But otherwise I'd hold off and look at other upgrades – with these you may just be creating more headaches for yourself down the track.


Hi beady Eye
that is a good idea…
on my stock, I can do that. Means I would keep Wines. Is he worth keeping?
Kinda agree on Cotchin not being a full on prem… as yeah, tagged to easily. Not as consistent +105 mark as Swan should be (for instance).

Beady Eye

I'd stick with Wines until he gives you a reason to trade him. One score below 96 so far from a guy that was under $400K to start with… you'd take that.

Reassess at the byes and see how he's scoring then.


Cotchin always plays well against the Hawks. Best on ground every time! (I'm a Hawks fan)


swan to cotchin is NO. total waste of a trade.




Just made a couple of changes
cutler is in for langdon
robertson is in for ellis

Next week what to do… dyson/duntsan for… i have 300k in the bank ready to pounce suggestions??


i'm thinking the same way, although I do like the opportunity of using Dunstan to get Cutler in by using Langdon as the swing trade. It gives me a DDP swing set into the mids then. Thoughts?


Trade Caddy to Fasolo, Hold on T.Mitchell and then upgrade Thomas to Griffen.


Beady Eye

Reckon you've missed the boat on Fasolo – swapping him in for Caddy will barely raise you $30K.

Go for a fresh cash cow instead.


Fasolo will go up to about 400k within a month, so could almost swap him for wingard very soon


What do i do. I have Clurey in the defence who has played 1 game. Do i trade him out or go for some cash?
Any thoughts?


Tough one, Ben. I have Clurey also. We are in the prime of culling our cash cows at the moment so as long as he not hurting your team I'd leave him until after the byes


Thanks mate, that's what I've been leaning towards, good to hear someone else who agrees.


Buying premiums is a lot like getting married, you are going to have live with them for a long time and if you get it wrong and have to get rid of them, it's going to cost you.

It's not like buying a rookie who you can play around with for a few weeks and them dump, serious thought must be given to premiums, and just because they are cheap should not be the reason.

I'm talking about Swan, Petrie, Griffen etc, just because they are cheap, doesn't mean you should get them in, especially when there are the likes of Selwood, StevieJ, pendlebury, Watson still available.


Swanny is a rolled gold certified premium. Any bloke at 520k that has averaged 120+ for the past 5 seasons needs to be looked at.

Tight ass Tuesday nomination?


Hey fellas, I have been convinced to downgrade X.Ellis to a rookie and I will get S.Lloyd by swapping L.Taylor to the midfield. I will probably also get rid of D.Tyson but who do I bring in for him, I have $820,400 in the bank.


not sure I'd want that much in the coffers…
some prems are a reasonable price at the moment, and having so much cash in the bank could be wasting opportunity
just a thought.
who are you saving for?
changes above are logical to me…


nothing wrong with cash in the bank if your team is performing i have 780k and i am ranked 9000 overall


I'm ranked 862 though and plan to go for the $50,000 since I'm that high up so I need to get a premium team as quick as I can


Take your pick, Danners. If you don't have any one of Ablett/Pendles/Selwood, I'd start with them


I was thinking of good POD in Rory Sloane, hasn't scored under 100 yet, and won't get tagged since Dangerfield is there. I thinking of saving a bit of money so I can upgrade Langdon next week.


Griffen or McVeigh


McVeigh lower BE I think and Syd playing Dees.


Probably bring him into my defence next week maybe

Ty S

Do I trade McDonald this week????


Nah.. keep him for a bit longer, his output isn't too bad – i'd be more inclined to chop Langdon


very low break-even, keep him until his bye which is round 8 i think


Hi all, I need some of the communities sage-like advice…

I'll be trading X.Ellis down to Robertson this week, which frees me up about $180k total.

I was then thinking of trading Caddy down to Lloyd for even more cash in the bank.. OR up to Pavlich (so similar).. thoughts?



Beady Eye

Agreed, get some Pavlova in your life.

Jim from Gippsland

Hi guys.

Once Ellis went down, I thought I had my two trades already pre-determined. I was always thinking the 'paint the fence' one down – one up' double trade.

Ellis to Lloyd via Lewis Taylor to mid for the swing eligibility.
And Tyson to Griffen for the premo upgrade.

Seems the obvious move doesn't it?

Whilst the Ellis to Lloyd trade is locked away, I am reconsidering the second trade and maybe going a double downgrade instead. The target is Langdon to Cutler. While it doesn't seem like the best move point wise, it is about grabbing maybe the last reasonable cash cow in the defence line.

Looking at whats left after cutler, I just dont know who's left to grab. Is this enough reason to grab cutler now or should I grab the fallen premo when opportunity arises?


Cutler is a vest risk for mine, especially once Hanley gets himself back on the park (which could be this week) As pointed out Langdon has a reachable b.e this week so it's not essential that you chop him, and with his DDP status there will be other cows that come along

Beady Eye

Good point re: the lack of rookie defenders coming through. Not a lot of options on the horizon until Scharenberg returns for Collingwood sometime later in the season.

I've decided to hold off on Cutler and get another week's look at him – hopefully the 19 in his rolling average keeps his price from rising too sharply.


Hi Jim,

I am thinking in the similar lines……thinking of double downgrade this week….yeah I know it will impact the scoring but it will only be for one week and hopefully cover it up in the next week score with 2 premos coming into the team…..1st priority is to generate enough cash to have team full of premos by RD10….that's what I am aiming for….

And as you said above there are not many options to downgrade in DEF rookies if we miss the boat on Cutler….utleast now…..hopefully someone pops up before RD10 for downgrade options……..

My trades at the moment, subject to team announcements on Thursday night…..

OUT: Tyson & Ellis (if Ellis doesn't get named this week then i will probably hold on to him and look to trade Langdon)….

IN: N Robertson & T Cutler…..(via Langdon DPP)

Will be left with more than $550,000 in the warchest….

Then looking to bring in Griffen and Watson next week……

Thoughts Please….



I'm going the double downgrade option this week (Tyson and Ellis to Crouch and Robertson), then before the round 8 bye I'll do a double upgrade of McD and Langdon to Hibberd and Hanley (current front runners!).

This will ensure I have a full backline and full 18 players for the round 8 bye.
After round 8 it'll be hello to Pendlebury!!!


Trade Caddy to Lloyd, then get mitchell out for parker.
Planning for the long term as I am aiming to bring in a round 10 or 9 bye premium.


Marcus J

mitchell to parker is kind of sideways. does it need to be done ? will you hold parker all season?


Its not really a sideways trade, mitchel has been underperforming and looks like hes suffering from second year blues, also playing more forward line this year, reckon should just get rid of him well hes worth a bit of value


Forget all other questions. Simply as a cash cow, who are the best 2 to get out of
Lloyd, Cutler, S.Gray, or Robertson?

Beady Eye

Lloyd, purely because he has a mega-ton in his scores already. Raffle the rest.


my only concern with LLoyd is that his big score was his first week, so it will drop off the calculations next week so you will only get cash increase of his first score once.

Also, does he have time to fatten up properly before his round 8 bye? he has this week and next only.


Lloyd and S.Gray, have more experience than the others, S.Gray came runner up in the SANFL best and fairest for the league


Trade Caddy to Lloyd, then get mitchell out for parker.

Planning for the long term as I am aiming to bring in a round 10 or 9 bye premium.

Thoughts on whether this is a good trade or not and any ideas as to which premium I should bring in next round?


Superb discussion again lads – Jock, Higgo, Crouching One and Wayno.

So much fat to chew on over the week.

One interesting absentee from the podcast was young Jack Billings.

Would be interested on JR's thoughts of him. 207K DPP on the bubble.

Cheers lads, and enjoy the week ahead.


Rookie Downgrades boys?
I think Lloyd is a priority but Who is a better option out of Robertson and Cutler? Langdon and Tyson will go

Next week bring Griff and a forward Prem

Ty S

Traded Llyod in last week and had Robertson sitting on my bench all pre-season haha
Traded out Corey enright for Tom Cutler so that has allowed me to upgrade Dom Tyson to Steve J
Have got Dunstan and McDonald on mid bench going to upgrade Higgins next week to Nick Riewoldt by downgrading Dunstan


Ty S

I see Robertson because he has a better Job Security then Tom Cutler….. If you can get them both!!!!


Will depend on your team make up and your DPP's. Robertson probably better JS, but there will be other Midfield rooks come through, same cannot be said for Defensive rooks.