PODCAST: The Silence of the Lambs

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Supercoach 2014 preseason podcast

Another weekend of drama.

Mumford, Dahlhaus, Wingard, Hanley, Goddard, Leuenberger, Caddy, Rohan, Webster, our forward rookies and other spuds made round 4 one to forget for many.

And we look towards Round 5 with one eye on these issues – but another one on the fattening spring lambs that we will begin to harvest for their cash within the next few weeks.

Enjoy the show community – would love to see what your trade plans are for the next few weeks in the comments below.


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  1. dean says:

    First 🙂

    • WombatsFC says:

      Your mum must be proud.

    • Jarrad says:

      Pretty sure Noah is in first, just saying. Probably want to work on that.

      • WombatsFC says:

        Crikey Jarrad I haven't even read a bible or been to church but I'm pretty sure the Christians don't think Noah came first; unless Noah was a kiwi and a sheep was the virgin mother.

        • Jarrad says:

          Its not my fault the bloke in 1st place is Noah, lets face it, hes had time to perfect his art….on the ark.

  2. amos says:

    Amos here

  3. Michael says:

    4th comment yesssss

  4. Billy says:

    trading out Thomas for Crouch.

    • rob says:

      Thank god. . Never been big on daisy

    • WombatsFC says:

      Great idea get another onfield midfield rookie who'll deliver rollercoaster scores. Replace him with something better eg Wines Macrae

      • Shinboner says:

        I think Macrae will begin the plateau at 500k, so at this point, might be a little late to jump on cash generation wise.

        • WombatsFC says:

          Hi Shinboner, I agree that he might plateau (geez this place is articulate) around 500k but I think the almost guaranteed 100+pts each week is more valuable than 50k and 'a possible ton'.

          • Shinboner says:

            Valid argument, mate. I've definitely enjoyed having him on my team this season – one less thing to worry about. Great player, he is. The Bulldogs really struck gold with the 2012 draft! Macrae, Stringer, Hunter and Hrovat.

  5. Emma says:

    I love you guys, always a great pick me up Sunday after a shocking round

    I will be going Webster to Crouch via mid swing non player I was using
    Second trade will be Impey to Fasolo

  6. Vasu says:

    I am thinking of trading Tom Mitchell and Berne Vince this week or impey. Should I and if I do who would be good trade in options?

  7. Mitch says:

    What a terrible week! Got burnt by nearly my whole team!

    • Dion says:

      Feeling those burn marks…. Ironic that the ultimate burn man Higgins was a saviour in the ultimate burn round.

  8. KadeK is a jet says:

    Great Podcast once again! These are the ng trades I am going for at the moment.

    Trade 1: J. Caddy (Geelong) out Sam Lloyd (Richmond) in
    X. Ellis (West Coast) out Sam Gray (Port Adelaide

    Trade 2: J. Caddy (Geelong) out Sam Loyd (Richmond) in
    Out any Rookies for example Langdon and bring in premiums..

    Trade 3: J. Caddy (Geelong) out Parker or Rioli or another Forward premium in.
    X.Ellis (west Coast) out Sam Gray in.

    It is simple do I build up my cash or use trades to bring in premiums. Thanks to all that help.

    Thanks for the help Community any advice accepted! Keep up the Good work Jock & Co. Loving it!!!!!

    • Jake says:

      Mate Xavier Ellis still has some cash to make and gray has played just 1 game, maybe hold untill next week

      • Kev says:

        Gray’s JS probably isn’t the best either. Wingard to come back in.

        With the way forward rookies have been this year I’m giving Lloyd another week to see that he’s not a flash in the pan. 3 goals and 22 posses is bloody promising though!

    • WombatsFC says:

      Hi THUMPER fan
      Trade 1 is a week too early. You trade arse off make money this week.
      Trade 2 makes $ and sense but I wouldn't expect more than 70 from Lloydy; I had him at F6 this week and was amazed that they left him alone for so long. But hey 70 is better than Caddy or Titchell.
      Trade 3 why not just beef up your mids with a Wines or Matt thomas these guys will give 100 every week and an extra 100 over the next 5

    • may says:

      wait a week on lloyd,

    • KadeK is a jet says:

      Thanks for the help. Will definitely trade out Caddy! But will wait till the end of the week to decide that. Don't think I'll make a second trade as my team is looking stronger than ever (or everyone else's is looking weaker due to mummy and co.) Just want to know what is going on with Nic Nat, will he play, why did he get subbed?????

  9. Tom says:

    how many trades have people used already?

  10. medadsson says:

    How ironic that Sandilands may well be the last ruckman standing!

    • Mick says:

      hahaha i hear ya..i also have the "too risky" Hmac who is slowly building in value…ohhh i just remembered that sandi could be up for a striking charge for a high hit on travis colyer…fingers crossed..mind you i have hale in fwd line

    • WombatsFC says:

      Mate that the second relevant and in context use of the word ironic in 10-minutes any yanks on here(throttle) will be having conniptions.

    • Birdman says:

      Who would have thought Sandi and Sauce Jacobs would have been the most reliable tucks YTD??? 

      • Sleepy says:

        I had Sandi as Captain this week thinking he would absolutely smash em, with the logic of no recognised Essendon rucks, home ground and Freo would bounce back big time after their debarcle last week. I was right on 2 counts but not the one the that actually mattered the most. Oh well it keeps it all interesting.

  11. Big Dogs says:

    Hanley to Swallow and Rohan to Lloyd. What you all think? Pretty standard trades but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Any other option n opinions appreciated

    • may says:

      hanley to jaensh majke more money,

    • Mick says:

      Hanley tweeted he is hoping to get up for next weekend

    • WombatsFC says:

      Swallow yes Lloyd no despite what the drunken Jock says Fasolo is the must trade in forward this week. If he was a first year mid rookie at that price and with that ave after 2-games we'd all be falling over ourselves to trade him in. But he's not, he's a mature aged proven high scorer. Hello Captain obvious.

    • Cozza says:

      Like the Hanley to Swallow trade – Swallow is top defender atm, but still fairly risky as he has not proven himself over a season yet. Hibberd and Simpson are safer trades, but I'd probably go Swallow if you don't have him already.

      Hold a week on Lloyd – see what he does next week before settling on him.

  12. canman1306 says:

    If I keep hanley and Mumford for the Next few weeks I will cop a Donut is it Worth doing that?
    I reckon this wees trades are locked in unless something out of the ordinary.
    Aish-> Crouch JKH->Fasolo

    • throttlefinger says:

      Think so. I'm going to suffer through Mummy being out with the hopes Currie will get at least ONE FRACKIN game.

      • canman1306 says:

        Haven't even got Currie Stuck with Bloody Fraser THurlow

        • WombatsFC says:

          HayMac had his worst ever but he was against the forest that westcoast field each week so you expect a low one. Make some money get some points, conceding a donut for one week to wait for an injured player is ok 2-weeks or more is crazy.
          A donut is really a minus and if you get a donut in a position that you could have a 100pts player it takes 10-weeks of 110 scores to make up for it.

        • throttlefinger says:

          Reconsidered after listening to podcast, Canman. I've known very few players to come back from knee surgery that quickly, especially carrying the load Mummy is. 3 weeks out for sure.

          This will be my 3rd ruck trade. All injury motivated. So it be…so I do.

    • Mick says:

      Depends what your going for…league or the whole thing…….i think curry got dumped cause of the crap weather

      • Birdman says:

        I agree Nth seem to be happy with the two ruck combo
        ATM but the weather in Sydney was not suited to too many talls.Currie back next week.

    • WombatsFC says:

      C'mon Canman you that its suicide to hold onto them. You trade arse off win game.

    • Cozza says:

      I'm going Aish > Crouch as well this week, but with Mummy out a couple of weeks at least, I would suggest getting another ruck in to cover his donut. You are missing 80-100 by not getting someone like Sauce in. I would hold on the JKH atm – he has a BE of 7 this week so may make a tiny bit of money next week, and can then bring Lloyd in for him if he proves himself again next week.

  13. mick says:

    hanley to hibberd or jeasnsch and 100k?

  14. Geoff says:

    Leuy -> ????

    Caddy -> fasolo


    • matt says:

      leuy to jacobs

      • Geoff says:

        Jacobs. I’ll do the math. Bloody hope I can afford him!!

        Is fasolo a viable trade? Or mid price trap?

    • Sleepy says:

      Here is one to throw in. Luey to West as West is now solo ruckman at Brisbane and has average in the 80's while sharing the load with Luey. Around the same price too.

  15. Fabian says:

    Can't wait to listen to this on the drive to work tomorrow. I've had my lowest score in about 3 years scoring below 2000. I've scored higher in DT then SC 🙁 and I've dropped over 10'00 places in rankings. Forced to trade caddy to Rioli after seein caddy as sub (was either him, parker or merret, happy with choice). Ultimate carnage with Luey and Hanley injured, Cotch/Buddy/Tmitchell 65 and under, on field rookies below 60! Arghh 🙁 Thought I was on track this year community, now I want to walk back to the trench and cry.

    At least Fyfe returns for me this week and the risky mid price picks in Higgins/Wright/Suckling are paying off.

  16. Jarrad says:

    So happy i didnt jump off Goldstein after he had that iffy shoulder injury, would have went straight to Mummy otherwise which would have caused even more headaches.

  17. William says:

    Who to bring to forward line? I'm bloody sick of Franklin and Rohan, already brought in Fasolo and who else? I've got $432,600

    • matt says:

      jackson merret looks good to make quickish money, and have saints next week

      • WombatsFC says:

        Hi Matt, IMO he wont ave much more than 70 for rest of year; do you really want to pay 360k+ for 70 points?

        • Shinboner says:

          I'm going to have to disagree, mate. Merrett's second half fadeaway shouldn't dictate expectations of him. He was as strong as ever in the first! Bomber loves the bloke – he wouldn't stop jabbering on about him in the preseason. At that price, you're probably not going to get a better option. Having said that, I wouldn't recommend a midpricer for William. Go straight down to Sam Lloyd and use the funds elsewhere.

    • Simon says:

      rohan to lloyd will be a popular trade

    • Mick says:

      Its starting to be hard to resist Nick Riewoldt

      • Shinboner says:

        My thoughts exactly.

      • WombatsFC says:

        Yeah Boomer is getting the arse real soon for Nikkers. Just after I get rid of Titchell

        • Shinboner says:

          Boomer has always been pretty average against Sydney. Wouldn't read too much into it.

          • WombatsFC says:

            I can't handle the roller coaster last week would've been a stinker also if not for his last qrtr I reckon I should take the cash and get someone who's reliable week in week out

      • Azmataz says:

        Yeah I'm bringing Reiwoldt in this week. Its just gotta be done

    • WombatsFC says:


    • Bellybuttonfluff says:

      Hearin ya… Franklin giving me the sloppy runs too. But think maybe best to hold him. Will have to come good. No one kicked straight to him all game and was wet. Send Rohan rowing up shyt creek.

  18. Danners16 says:

    Hey guys, had a terrible week like many after a good start
    Def-S.Mitchell, P.Hanley, D.Swallow, M.Jaensch, T.Langdon, L.McDonald (J.Laidler, A.Georgiou)
    Mid-G.Ablett, D.Beams, L.Shuey, M.Murphy, D.Tyson, L.Dunstan, J.Polec, X.Ellis (J.Kelly, H.Cunningham)
    Ruck-S.Jacobs, A.Sandilands (T.Derickx, F.Thurlow)
    Fwd-P.Dangerfield, N.Riewoldt, D.Martin, L.Parker, D.Zorko, J.Caddy (L.Taylor, J.Impey)
    $140,500 in the bank
    What do I do?
    Thoughts would be great thanks

    • Kev says:

      Injury concern with Hanley. Wait until later in the week to see how many he'll miss.

      For mine, caddy has to go. That 20-odd with be in his system now for a few weeks and he was already struggling with a b.e/ave. I like your forward set up, you could go down to someone like fasolo or grab another 450kish player to round out your forward line, Your call

    • matt, says:

      hanley to okeefe/hibberd/simpson

      maybe get swan in your team in the next few weeks for dunstan/ellis

    • yesIdohavebacon says:

      caddy > lloyd

      langdon or georgiou > guthrie
      or murphy > jelwood/pendles for vc/c loop

  19. Tom says:


  20. pfft says:

    What's the bloody story with reverse trades this season? I grabbed Currie for some Mummy cover, he was named on the ground all week, then half an hour before the game I see he's a late out. "No worries" I think, simply hit "reverse" and swap him back for Holmes (Stk rookie who wasn't going to play) as I'm well up and will cop the donut. But no, the reverse trade option is not available… so wtf is going on? The bloody reverse trade was introduced last season for this very situation (last minute outs), absolute joke SC.

    • Bellybuttonfluff says:

      Reverse don't work after 1st game. Found that out myself after trade in laidler then not play.

    • sputnik says:

      you can only reverse trade up until the first bounce of the round- not each game. after that there is no reverse trade. once the round has officially started there is no reversing fullstop.

      • pfft says:

        well that is utter bs, last season we were able to reverse up until the start of any game.

    • David says:

      I did the same hickey to mummy then found out couldn't reverse even thou St Kilda haven't played….think that's so wrong!!!!!

    • Jason says:

      I did the same thing …. i traded out McEvoy to Mumford before the Carlton v Melbourne game and an hour later find out that Mumford was out …..knew i couldnt reverse trade but i think it should be allowed especially if the player you bring in is a late withdrawal compared to not being picked at all ……

  21. WombatsFC says:

    Well done gentlemen that was definitely worth the wait.
    The Hansel and Gretel analogy should be saved for future generations as an example of how reading a seemingly non-football story can transform your team into supercoach champions.

  22. Josh says:

    thoughts on having lewis taylor as an F6? don't see any good forward options for caddy so im thinking of swapping caddy to mid with lewis taylor and caddy down to matt crouch?

  23. Tracy says:

    Thinking of trading out Hanley and Daisy to get Ablett and then Laidler.. thoughts?

  24. pfft says:

    What's this podcast talk on bringing in Crouch when Sam Gray just had a 104 in his first game?

    • Cozza says:

      S Gray is not on the bubble yet – still has a week to go for his price rise. If he performs well, can bring Gray in next week. Crouch is on the bubble, so will never get him this cheap again.

    • Michael says:

      Wait another game for Gray as he won’t go up in price until he’s played 3 games. Also you get another game to see if he’s the real deal. He may have a stinker and not get picked again afterwards, thereby wasting a trade. Also what happens if he’s injured 2nd game? Again a wasted trade. Should always wait until after 2nd game for rookies – golden rule.

      • Mick says:

        I agree…it will be either lloyd or gray next week…apparently lloyd racked up 30 for port magpies last weekend so does have potential

    • WombatsFC says:

      Fair question pfft, Crouch aint gonna bring much more than 70pts to the table so he's bench material at best and then you have to hope you don't need him.
      The only Crows we should be lookin at this week are Sauce and Jeansch

  25. Thomas says:

    Daisy –> Crouch
    Impey –> Hoff / Rough / Breust ?????????????????????????????????????
    who would average more from here on out? thinking breust, want your opinions in this matter, fwd: danger, dust, parker, cyril, higgins, taylor, impey, ambrose

  26. JB says:

    Hanley to who?

    S Mitchell, Hodge, K Simpson thoughts …

  27. nick says:

    Hey Jock
    On my question i asked in the podcast.
    What if i could trade JKH to Crouch?

  28. throttlefinger says:

    Solid as always gents. Wish Jock was in a better state, but I had a tough weekend as well so understand.

    Mummy will be gone more than 2 weeks. Knee surgery recovery for giants (pun intended) take a little longer. Don't recoup as fast, especially on load bearing parts.

    Between Caddy and Webster as 2nd out. Strong lean towards Caddy as he will continue to bleed money. Going to spend savings and go up instead of down. Either Parker, Westoff or Wingard. Thoughts?

    • WombatsFC says:

      Hi Throttle, I feel for ya mate you copped a caning from that slut lady luck. Dump Caddy should be philosophy followed by all who have him.
      As far as luck is concerned sometimes you have to say "c'mon bitch give it your best shot" and then pull something from behind the sofa. Perhaps it will be your preseason research with big asterisk's next to a bloke who hasn't been mentioned since the round 1 teams were announced and who poses a significant risk, but hey Boomer, Titchell and Caddy have all stunk it up at least twice already this season so this forgotten name on the crumpled paper can't do any worse. Ladyluck will see your actions and say "Hmm.. you man you have balls" and she'll smile at you and show a little more thigh.

      • throttlefinger says:

        Yeah, I'll need to see a lot of flank, my good friend. Thanks for the words. Lethal in their wisdom as always.

        You know, there's a tendency in this caper to focus on the stains than the successes. Sure Webster was horrible and Caddy disappointed again. But Houli stepped up big and Higgins went ton. So some risks paid off some did not. And injuries, well, those are just part of the game and you have to live with it.

        Sometimes you have to take a step back and look at the whole picture to really gain true perspective. And you have given me that, my man. Thanks.

        So goodbye Caddy and Mummy. And hello Round 5. Beware because you have a freight train that has no intention of slowing down coming your way.

        • WombatsFC says:

          Great philosophy throttle, everyone suffered so lets stop feeling sorry for ourselves. Our prospective cash cows may have droppped a 'steamin james hird' on our fwd line but there is a flower growing through it.

          • throttlefinger says:

            Thanks buddy. Hate having to drop a third ruck but injuries are killing me. Should've stuck fat with Wright instead of Caddy. Live and learn.

            • WombatsFC says:

              Yeah I went Wright for Zorko 2 weeks ago when I really wanted to go Caddy for Zorko but I was sucked in by Jock and the 'general consensus'.

              I'm seriously thinking about accepting fault and turning Titch back into wright because as you know I TRADED CADDY FOR LLOYD, (and advised all on this forum that they do the same) BEFORE the first bounce so, I don't need to trade him in.

              • throttlefinger says:

                We should've went against the grain, Womby. Threw on some Powerage, cranked Riff Raff and smiled awhiled to next round.

                In fact, next time in a rut, I suggest we both have Bon and the boys on when we talk trades.

                • WombatsFC says:

                  Powerage is my favourite album. Up to my neck was my final pre-game song for more than 10-years ("up to my neck in wishing that this dick wasn't mine" is effing brilliant) and Downpayment Blues is Bon at his poetic best "..feelin' like a papercup floating down a storm drain" is a great analagy for how most coaches feel after this weekend.

                  • throttlefinger says:

                    Bon is by far my favorite lead singer and probably one of my favorite songwriters. Oozes rock top to bottom.

                    • WombatsFC says:

                      IMO the greatest rock singer/songwriter of all time, and I proudly wear the scars of defending that opinion through the late 80's and early 90's; along with the scars I earned when AC/DC fans trashed Eaglehawk Town Hall in the late 70's after they'd had RocknRoll banned from the Bendigo Town Hall on their previous tour. They were also kicked out of Mildura and 'banned from the city limits' on the tour that included the Eaglehawk concert.
                      I copped another scar at the first concert in Melbourne after Bon died; the last concert with Bon at Melbourne Myer Music had rock music banned from the venue and the Back in Black tour was the first time it was allowed back, big issue with fans breaking down fences to get in rolling brawls etc rock banned from venue again. LOL.

                    • WombatsFC says:

                      I reckon that AC/DC also introduced what is now known as Punk Rock with Powerage tracks 'Kicked in the teeth' and 'Up to My Neck'
                      AND the very first Rapp song was not written by Bob Dylan it was penned years earlier by Bon Scott 'R.I.P' off Dirty Deeds

                • WombatsFC says:

                  The 'If You Want Blood' version of Riff Raff is my preferred version but I'm a sucker for the youngs goin nuts.

                  • Dave2008 says:

                    Have to agree that early ACDC was classic rock Bullet to Bite On, Gone Shootin etc cant get enough of those kind of tracks. There was no one like Bon and there never will be. Didnt have the trappings of fame and just a legend. I mean walking to the gig through the crowd wearing just a pair of jeans and then to be photographed doing so. The VH1 Behind the Music special is essential viewing. Totally distracted me from my trade thoughts but great work!

        • WombatsFC says:

          I know your mob love the Cryptic crosswords so, When the first young brother and a mate decided to have a second crack they called themselves after this Essendon forward.

          • throttlefinger says:

            Having an "Ambrose"?

            • WombatsFC says:

              Harry Vanda George Young 'Flash in the Pan' late 70's. I reckon Merret is a

              • WombatsFC says:

                A 'Flash in the Pan' is a gold rush term referring to the dashed high hopes gold-panners had when they saw a flash in the pan, only to later learn it was the sun reflecting off quartz crystal or iron pyrites

              • throttlefinger says:

                Power producers, ha! Love the AC/DC ref.

            • WombatsFC says:

              Try another.
              The new name for the Carlton Football Club is shared by the oldest young brothers first band.

              • throttlefinger says:


                Don't think I've heard any of their stuff. Any good? Or just interesting to hear what point A sounded like?

                Kind of like Billy Joel's metal band Attila before he struck out solo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7s8PHnCTGI

                • WombatsFC says:

                  I might have history wrong but I meant george young and harry vanda's 'The Easybeats' 1960's Friday on my mind.

                  • throttlefinger says:

                    Have to hunt that out. Love obscure 60s/70s rock. Use to do a radio show that was mostly that type of music.

                    • WombatsFC says:

                      Friday on my mind was released in the late 1960's during Beatlemania and the legend is that Paul McCartney heard the track on the radio whilst in a limousine on the way home from Heathrow airport. Apparently he told the driver to find a telephone box he then called the radio station and demanded that they play the track again immediately or risk never playing a Beatles song again.

                    • WombatsFC says:

                      Easy to see hear 'young type' riff. The singer Stevie Wright OD'd a few years back but had a massive 1970's hit with "Evie parts 1,2,3" George and Harry were instrumental in that also.

                    • throttlefinger says:


                      Wow. Will have to seek out.

    • sputnik says:

      i heard it wasnt surgery as such. more just an open and drain. i dont think it was like anything was damaged or repaired. just a little bit of exploratory surgey maybe.

      • throttlefinger says:

        Yeah, it seems light yet 3 weeks total to recoup and his shoulder has been nagging him. Might just be best to cut bait, Sputnik. I'd rather deal with now then have a donut for 3 weeks.

        • SCaddict says:

          Yeah has to go for mine unless he makes a miracle recovery this week. Sort of thing that can go from 1-2 to 2-3 to 3-4 weeks before you know it.

          Geez mate not having a great run with Ryder, Lids and now Mummy. Of course Currie had to be a late out to top things off for you.

          Please don't trade in Sauce Jacobs, who I have, or he may be next!

          I'm still battling away 35,000 odd but I'm 2-0 in the prestigious Throttledome woohoo! 🙂

          • throttlefinger says:

            Yeah, you and Wombats are slaying in the Tdome. 15th in my own league?!?! Yes, this won't stand. Predict the house I will win this week!

            Settle your nerves, SCaddict, I'm not going to trade in Sauce. Going another way so I can upgrade Caddy. Most likely to Pav. Next 3 of 5 games in Perth.

            Currie was the final pop in the plums for sure. Frustrating last couple rounds but mostly things not in my control. Can't get too wracked. Only in-season blemish is trading out Wright instead of Caddy. Went against gut. Lesson learned. Soldier on.

            • chandanrajdb says:


              Just a thought….is anyone giving any thought on ROUND 8 BYES…….the players we are looking to bring in (M Crouch, A Fasolo, S Lloyd) all have ROUND 8 BYES……Not sure whether we do consider this or not……thoughts community…..

              TF….I am in your league as well mate…..Team name "TITANS"…sitting on top of the league ladder………going pretty well at the moment…..scored 2257 and pushed the overall rank to 538…..woo hoo…..still a long way to go though……

              Didn't do any trades last week as well…….going all right at the moment…..26 trades left….not sure on the bringing in RD8 bye players though…….which will have a significant impact with respect to overall rankings…..

              My thoughts on that is….i will only be trading out J Caddy to A Fasolo (both have RD 8 bye) wouldn't change in terms no. of players out during RD 8 bye with this trade…..this is the one trade which is absolutely confirmed this week…..enough of CADDY….lesson learnt is NEVER PICK the fringe players from CATS team…..ONLY PICK THE GUNS of the cats team like J Selwwod, Stevie J, Enright, Mackie etc……they have got too much of depth….you cant predict what they do week in week out…..every week it will be bit different with the team structure…..based on so many reason…….AND YES I AM A CATS FAN…..

              And regarding bringing in M Crouch…..seriously….the questions raises regarding the RD 8 bye….what do we do…..and yes next week to bring in S Lloys (RD 8 Bye player as well)…..

              IMO…..some has to raise this issue…..or is it an issue?…..

              COMMUNITY……need all the opinions / comments / thoughts……


              • Josh says:

                Structure will be key for your side as you are so highly ranked. Don't bring in round 8 bye rookies. Go with your gut.

              • throttlefinger says:

                If you're going for the 50K, which you are Raj, then Rd 8 byes should be a top of mind now. I am not. Ranked 17K. Going for league wins. So not as big of concern. OK with going in a little in R8. Hoping other competitors that week do as well.

                Caddy. Ugh. Made a bad decision keeping him in instead of Wright. Needs to go this week. Either going up or down. Really depends if I'm going to stick with Mummy or not. 50/50 on that at this point.

                Raj, you're kicking ass in leagues and rank. Keep rawkin it, my man!

                • chandanrajdb says:

                  Hey TF,

                  Thanks for your comments mate…..I don't think that you are out of the race mate….not yet IMO…..still lot of time left in this season……


                  • throttlefinger says:

                    Appreciate the supportive words but don't think there's ever been anyone who was ranked 17,000 who rallied to win SC. Have not given up on putting the best team out there but safe to say mathematically out of contention.

                    Is Caddy your only concern? If so, kudos to you, sir.

                    • chandanrajdb says:

                      Have you seen my team???

                      You can see it…Team Name TITANS….and I am in your league "Throttledome"

                      My problem at the moment is Caddy and couple of FWD rookies. I am not too worried with the rookies (Impey & JKH) because there is still time to bring in Lloyd next week to one of those rookies.

                      DEF is bit week but will wait till my rookies fatten up instead of just trading for the sake of it….no point in doing the trades when the bye rounds are just around the corner unless you got some serious injury issues in your team….my approach is simple…..set a value to every trade you make…..just don't make the trade to chase the points….one down and one up….seems to work everytime….2nd year (proper) in supercoach and learnt a lot last year mate…..had no trades after RD 19 last year…but still finished within top 600 overall last year….all credit goes to JR community…..great community….


                    • throttlefinger says:

                      Yeah, I think you're being a bit hard on your team. It is pretty damn strong, esp the backline. Mine is deteriorating, due to miscall on Webster and Roos switching Dunn to forward line (did well first two round in back).

                      And your forward line is the same. Trouble areas are mostly your benches, which in reality is not that significant of a problem.

                      But appreciate the encouraging words. And agree would not be doing good at all if not for the community. Hands down best fantasy footy site out there.

  29. Michael says:

    Downgrading Murph to Crouch – thoughts?

    • throttlefinger says:

      I'd wait. Especially since Judd is coming back. Too good of a player. If not better 90+ in next two against WCE and Dogs, might unload…because will get the human glove when they play Pies after.

    • Autofelatio says:

      Don't move Murphy to Crouch, surely there are some better candidates in your. The Smurph has only had a bad 2 weeks I believe but is proven and will strike back. Keep the faith you picked him for a reason!

      • WombatsFC says:

        This mans name might suggest that he never spends anytime watching footy but his words are genuine wisdom.

    • WombatsFC says:

      My true thoughts shouldn't be published so, no.

    • Mick says:

      never trade a prem unless its a LTI

    • SCaddict says:

      Reckon you have to hold on to Murphmellow. You have to take the bad with the good. Think people expected too much from him.

      He's no longer an elite scorer in my view, with Juddy no longer the kingpin to take opposition attention away from him, but should still get you an average around 95 which aint dreadful for $500K.

      • sputnik says:

        yeh, murphy aint that soft. him and cotchin got mugged by a marshmellow last night but they walked away from it, a little battered and bruised, but they survived.

  30. Autofelatio says:

    Hmm i must say I haven't been too annoyed by JKH, he's only had one full AFL game apart from the one NAB challenge game. The more full games he gets the better he should score, and I feel he'll eventually provide you with not a lot but an ok amount of cash. Loved that analogy with Hansel Jock you beautiful beast of a man.

  31. Jack says:

    Hey community,
    It's been great to be apart of this place but I just can't deal with it anymore. After 10 scores below 60, scoring my lowest score for 4 seasons of 1860 I have decided to hang up my boots for now and wait until next year if I have recovered in time. I have had enough seeing other teams pulling scores out of nowhere amd finally buddy can get f*****.

    • Mick says:

      haahahaha thats the attitude!

    • WombatsFC says:

      See ya Jack, don't let the door hit your arse on the way out.

    • SCaddict says:

      C'mon mate Higgo got 1872 and is not packing in the towel just yet. There's a long way to go and still league glory at stake. It was the round from hell for most of us.

      It's how we deal with adversity that defines us.

    • sputnik says:

      the question is- how many sideways trades have you done? how close to your original team is your team at the moment? most people feel that way coz they keep chasing last weeks score but never can. maybe instead of giving up just dont trade for a few weeks then come back. maybe just focus on bringing in crouch and fasaol this week, lloyd and gray next week and before you know it you have 500K to play with.

      Also heres one MAJOR tip!!! Dont compare yourself to the top 1000 teams. Many of them overtrade early and end up plummeting down the ranks later on after wasteful trades, and alot lose their finals aswell. And plus the reality is only one person can win it- and thats all based on luck of your starting team.

      People who started with all of wright, jaensch, merret, macrae, higgins in their team were pretty lucky coz none are that great- just have potential. And we all have a couple of them- but some seem to have started with most of them. I guess a little skill involved but more luck coz NAB means nothing usually.

      Plus all the risky players you dont really want in your team. Mummy, Hodge, Franklin, Chappy, Rioli, Lecras, Higgins, Sandi, SJ- theyre all gonna miss weeks. Just luck so far that Sandi hasnt gone down and higgins either. And rioli. His hammy will pop, Franklin will get suspended and so will SJ, hodge always misses weeks and so does mummy.

      The supercoach devil is reigning this week but dont let him get you down!!!

    • Azmataz says:

      Take a teaspoon of cement and harden up Jack. It can only get better mate! Chin up

  32. Matt says:

    Would love to get in Sam Lloyd, Sam Gray, Matt Crouch, Fasolo & maybe Pat Cripps in the coming weeks.

    So im thinking this week go Daisy Thomas >> Crouch & JKH/Impey (depending on breakevens) >> Fasolo,
    then next week take my pick of two out of Gray, Lloyd & Cripps after seeing them for another week.

    Thoughts community?

  33. MightyDonsFC says:

    Patrick Cripps JS? Thinking of bringing him in for michie

  34. Phil says:

    bruest roughed or westhoff?

  35. Scythe says:

    Dale "I play like a daisy" Thomas
    Josh "Let me carry your bag sir, as I am good for nothing else" Caddy
    Tom "I should have picked Luke Parker" Mitchell

    Who are the two biggest priorities to give the flick? One will become Crouch, one will become a premium. Have Lewis Taylor in the mids, so he can be swung forward.

    • SCaddict says:

      I'd say Caddy first and then Daisy right behind him. Relieved I've already dumped both myself and Round 4 certainly didn't throw up anything to make me regret it. 100% pure burn men through and through. Perfect trade bait for Crouch and Fasolo/LLoyd.

      Would give Titch at least one more week to turn things around.

      • sputnik says:

        Id keep Daisy coz he looks the goods. Caddy was sub today and will be lucky to get 3 tons out of him, and Titchell was subbed out last week, played pretty average all year and wouldnt be surprised if he was rested or vested next week.

    • Josh says:

      Hahaha the Tom Mitchell one is the best!

  36. Adam says:

    Goddard, dunstan, Kelly, dunstan or polec to give the flick to crouch

    So I can afford carthy to fa solo?

    • SCaddict says:

      May as well be BJ with the busted adductors. If he plays next week (which looks iffy) he will likely be restricted to some degree and his output probably curtailed, plus you'll be running the risk of him being subbed again and losing a bundle more cash.

      Those rookies will continue to appreciate so I'd cull the lame bull rather than the fattening calves unless the medical reports say he's absolutely 100% recovered and fully trains during the week, and only then might I think about keeping him. Groins are tricky injuries.

    • Azmataz says:

      Goddard. Hes gone for ages

  37. Dogs says:

    Wish I had 5 trades this week, I'd reset my whole forward line and get rid of Rohan, caddy, titch, danger, JKH.

    Got rid wright 2 weeks ago and kicking myself it should have been caddy, and my coin toss at the start of the season of titch over Parker FMSC

    • Azmataz says:

      Yeah Im getting rid of Titch this week. Upgrading to Nick Reiwoldt. Sick of sub 100 scores.

  38. Sulzeer says:

    Big Drew Petrie. signs of life in the big fella this week, breakeven of 129 this week, not saying he will get there but could go bloody close, having a bit of spare coin around, is it too early to go caddy to Big Drew or should I wait a week? 414k is super cheap, would be upgrading to a premium at a midpricer price…

  39. dunny says:


  40. Bray says:

    Do I trade Hanely to Jaensch.? Or should i hold on Hanely and play Langdon on the Ground.?

    • WombatsFC says:

      I think it depends on what you do with the $ you make from the Hanley to Jeansch deal. IMO Jaensch is the equivalent to Walker when he finally found a high possession role; everybody doubted that it would continue as he pumped out ton after ton so, I reckon pts for pts it's a good trade. But unless you use the extra $ to cover a hole elsewhere it's not a good trade and you should get suckling instead.

  41. Will Eefting says:

    Im a bit worried community, going from Mumford to big sauce Jacobs could be just jumping from problem to problem. Lets remember Jacobs started well last year with three 100's in the first four matches – and went on to average a dismal 85 for the whole year. Also, Minson and Goldstein have flown under the radar this year. They were the two best ruckman last year average approximately 113.5 points and it would be a easy swap to either of them.

    Mumford undertook a minor (very minor) surgery at approximately 4:57pm on Saturday afternoon. Leon Cameron, coach of Greater Western Sydney, clearly stated that he will miss maybe one or two weeks. NOT FOUR. I implore to the community to hold Mumford if you have Currie, Derickx or Nakervis (Who I suspect will get a game this weekend due to Derickx shittiness).

    But, what on earth are we to do with Jimmy Webster?

  42. SCaddict says:

    As a Swans supporter I'm not entirely surprised by Mummy going down again. Has never played more than 19 games in a season.

    But was strange to hear in the press conference immediately after Rd 3, where he dominated, say that he was feeling healthy and his knees had never felt better. Then just 7 days later his knees have blown up and having minor surgery.

    • Rocksta says:

      Hey SC, what are your thoughts on Titch down to Fas?
      Titch is not a premium so I figure I may as well take the $230K on offer.


      • SCaddict says:

        Well I'm keeping the faith for now Rocksta. Partly because I have other fish to fry, namely upgrading Webster to someone who actually knows how to find the footy….like lets see….Swallow! as well as getting young Crouchy into my side.

        Don't blame those who punt him though. Has had a pretty disappointing couple of weeks and Fasolo's BE does beckon. If you don't have other trade priorities then it has to be looked at. Certainly if he gets dropped or starts inheriting the green vest then it will be a tough ask to carry him.

    • throttlefinger says:

      I remember the press bit as well. And the game he just played before that he was playing like a man possessed.

      While I know the surgery is minor, being out 3 weeks total with a R3 who is not getting any PT is not good. Can't do 3 rounds of donuts.

  43. Scott says:

    I wouldn’t be too hasty on Merrett for what is one bad half, out of 8 halves he’s played this year.
    Essendon were well beaten mid/fwd, for first time this season.

    My money is on this to be the exception rather than the rule.
    There’s a lot of heat rising atm, best not to be making rage trades/decisions on players on a Sunday night.

  44. The Ranger says:

    Well that was an arse of a week…
    All was ticking along nicely but this week I'm gonna have to trade to stay in the game.
    Whats the thoughts on HMac? Will he last?
    And I know Llyod looked ok but how's his job security?
    This week could be crucial to a lot of peoples seasons methinks.

  45. Rocksta says:

    What to do with Nic Nat?
    He simply cannot be fit with these sorts of scores.
    He's bleeding money profusely and will soon reach the point of no return, if he hasn't already.

    • SCaddict says:

      Not a great spot to be with NicNat that's for sure. As painful as it will be think you have to cut your losses there and make a move now whilst you still can.

      Sauce looks the best alternative right now if you can extend yourself maybe through that Titch trade you are considering or perhaps by bringing in Crouch if you don't already have him.

    • Azmataz says:

      Get rid of him. Trade to Sauce, which is what I did instead of jumping on the Mummy train…who has missed a game already. He gets solid 110s each week and is more consistent that NicNat. Too much competition in the WC ruck division now.

  46. Kane says:

    Im going daisy to matt Thomas this week. I don’t care that he has made most of his cash he scores 100 every week i was going to do it when matt was on the bubble every one is like stick with daisy… no its time to get off. At a 6k difference matt Thomas is the superior Thomas and will still make more cash and net you more points.

    I lucked out last week with longer getting a game when mumford withdrew last minute so hopefully he will play till the big man is back.

    • SCaddict says:

      Yes good riddance to Daisy. No where close to producing anything even semi respectable against the worst team over the past decade.

      Eventually he will "get there" assuming the body holds together but is a Supercoach pariah as far as our interests go.

      I was making the case here to get rid of him of last week but many folk were still clinging to the hope of a Daisy tonne against the Dees, well what excuses are we left with now hey! I brought in Kelly last week who made $50K (and likely $50K again this week according to the projection) and outscored Daisy whilst he did it.

      I'd personally downgrade him to Crouch if you don't have him already but if you truly believe the other Thomas will maintain a tonne average then go with it, for whatever it takes to leave Daisy in your dust I say!

  47. Jarrad says:

    Will most likely go Tyson>Crouch this week. BE of 38 and a reduced output over the last couple of weeks has me worried.

    Most likely Rohan>Lloyd next week(yes i have Rohan, yes i know im a muppet). Heres hoping Rohan can make his BE of 54 thi…..HAHAHAHAHAHAH i couldnt even finish that sentence, hes not getting anywhere near 54.

    Already jumped on the Fasolo train last week, was no option with all the fwd rooks very shaky.

  48. Dogs says:

    Jock must have had way too many beers, recommending to trade out polec, who for mine is averaging more than any of my other rookies and still has a negative BE, but sit on JKH and not corrective trade him out for someone who can make money

    • SCaddict says:

      I agree with Jock that Crouch should be the priority trade in target this week. Daisy would be the perfect candidate for the job but if you don't have him or for some god forsaken reason want to hang on to him the vexing question then becomes which or your prized rookie cash cows make way for young Matty.

      I'll probably be offloading Ellis myself as don't think he has quite the tonne up capacities of Tyson, Dunstan and Polec but it's a tricky one and there's a decent chance you'll get it wrong in hindsight.

      • Dogs says:

        I have to get rid of caddy and Rohan, they are going backwards and losing money when 1 was supposed to be a quick upgrade option and the other a money generating rookie. I don't have any swing men in the mids to move forward so I'm going to have to miss out on crouch, if I didn't have such a poor performing fwd line I would have traded out Tyson for crouch, as tysons BE is up to nearly 40 now and his scores are dropping every week

    • WombatsFC says:

      Yeah Jock was Smashed and obviously not coping with low rank of his team; maybe he's trying to get others to pull the ludicrous trade of a Polec, Tyson etc to Crouch.
      Crouch = M10 scoring 70's
      Fasolo = F6 scoring 80-100

      In a season where forwards have been harder to find than an honest politician Fasolo is the obvious choice.

  49. Azmataz says:

    I am thinking of sorting my forwards out this week. Sick of getting the rubbish score of either JKH, Impey or Taylor. However, i am still going to wait until they make a bit more cash.
    Daisy hasn't broke 100 in his first 4 games, and neither has T Mitchell, so am going to swing Taylor to the mid bench and bring in Fasolo and Nick Reiwoldt.
    Any thoughts? I am pretty happy with an extra rookie being on the park in the mids, and think that the fwds have to be sorted first.

  50. Adam says:

    I've made 2 trades every week so far dammit FMSC

    My original team was so bad…..

  51. JB says:

    Jaensch, Macrae, J Merrett, M Thomas, D Swallow are the Brendon Ellis of 2014 so far, thoughts on the next crop to look out for …

  52. Callum says:

    G’day guys. I’ve got 595k if I trade daisy out of my team. I am already definitely going caddy to Fasolo so I’m wondering whether to get Matt crouch for daisy or a non round 8 bye premo(e.g Watson, treloar, macrae, fyfe, wines and a few others in that sort of region, need some thoughts on who to get as a premo) So should I get crouch or premo? I’m leaning towards crouch

    • Cam_H says:

      I've done the same trade and in almost exactly 'the same boat' as your situation Callum.

      I'm tearing through trades faster than I want, so I'm probably going to hang on to Dale Thomas and see what happens with the rookies (specifically, Port's Sam Gray) next week. Thomas isn't (yet) bleeding cash and (arguably) has the potential to score better than he's done so far, but with that said, I can't see +$60,000 happening too quickly through his efforts as you can with a host of other players.

      Anyway – interested to hear of the community's thought's on Callum's question. :O)

      • Wattsieesq says:

        The key to SC is to get to a full complement of premiums as soon as possible. Will trading down to crouch and then to a premium get you there quicker than trading straight to a premium?

    • chandanrajdb says:

      OUT: Caddy & Daisy

      IN: Fasolo & Watson / Fyfe / Rockliff – make a call b/w these guys……go for the proven premium in your mid…..instead of going to likes of Macrae / Treloar etc….and again use one more trade to get a premium….

      Just my thoughts…..


  53. Sarah says:

    OMG, what a week!!! Managed to catch the Mumford out in time and traded him for Jacobs. Thank god I did because my only real backup was Currie and then he was pulled out pre-game as well.

    This week's trades are locked in:
    Michie to Crouch
    Caddy to Riewoldt!!!

  54. Luke says:

    Who is the 2 most important to trade out
    I have Rohan (on the bench), Mumford, Hanley and Michie

    • Kev says:

      Hanley – injury report pending
      Michie – plenty on mid rookies playing and making cash – crouch is an option. Michie wasn't all that great anyway

    • Beady Eye says:

      I'd say Mummy as it's unlikely you have a backup ruck.

      So long as you're not missing out on a cash cow about to rise, you should be able to stash any of the other three on the bench without too much damage.

      But Rohan should probably be the next priority, as no one wants a burning red turd in their jocks.

  55. JX20 says:

    1. Caddy is nothing more than a tease. 4th season should be your break-out year, not a sub!! He teases when he comes on as sub and gets 9 possessions in 30 mins etc. Starts games and turns everything over. Can't win.
    2. Every time I start Dunstan he fails, every time he's on my bench he stars. Can't win.
    3. The only week my opposition has had Buddy was when he got his 130. Can't win.
    4. I needed Currie, Buddy, Rohan and Dunstan to get me 105 (combined) to win my comp. Didn't win….

    • KadeK is a jet says:

      unlucky! always next week though! I am sick of Caddy too!

    • Beady Eye says:

      So what are you doing with Dunstan this week? Give the rest of us a heads up 😉

  56. BC says:

    Rohan his boat up the shyt creek, and caddy sHACK must be gone this week. Can’t take anymore burns! Are fasolo man, and Ambrose good trade downs?

  57. Branks says:

    Is the Suckling Pig a keeper?

  58. Kev says:

    lachie hunter has done his job for me (raised 40k) and has a 63 b.e this week. Worth jumping on wright? Adelaide next 3 GWS, WB, dees

  59. Tom says:

    Thoughts on Mumford to Goldstein/Minson


  60. Bluey says:

    No market for my forward line lambs – Caddy, JKH, Impey, McDonut, Rohan etc… The vet is on his way over with his shotty to put them (and me) out of our misery. I'll blame El Nino again rather than my notoriously poor SC track record for their ribs showing.

  61. mrfosak says:

    Ellis or Aish to Crouch or too early?

    • Kev says:

      Bit early. Ellis has a b.e of 10 this week

    • tysb says:

      Im going Tyson to Crouch who was on my bench got Sam Grey on bench saving him for next week!!

      Would you mind leaving some feedback on my previous comments

      Cheers Ty

  62. Shaun says:

    What to do with Lobbe? Trade to Jacobs or hold and hope for a form improvement?

  63. tysb says:

    Got Tyson,Polec and Dunstan on field

    and Crouch on the bench what should I do?

    Will Crouch still make cash?

    Traded Hanley out for Swallow

    Traded Rohan out for Sam Llyod

    What should I do? thoughts appreciated

    Thanks Ty

  64. tysb says:

    Just came up with this idea….

    Trade Dom Tyson out for Sam Gray put him on the bench for next week

    Swap Crouch in for Tyson

    Trade Hanley out for Swallow

    Then next week trade Rohan out for Sam Llyod

    Got 300k still left and can upgrade anyone!!!

    Thoughts would be appreciated Cheers Ty

    • BlakeyP says:

      Hey Mate

      S Gray JS is questionable at best maybe Cripps for Carlton is a better option. But wait till next week cause Tyson will go up when both Gray and Cripps price will not change.

      I dont know what you time lay out for Byes is like but your second two trades will be trading in two round 8 players and you already have Crouch by the looks of it. Like the Llyod trade will be doin something similar myself if he plays well this week. But with the Hanley trade maybe pick up someone like Simpson or Hibberd who dont have the round out bye and then pick up Swallow after his Bye.

      Just my 2 cents

      • BlakeyP says:

        *Team (not time)
        *8 (not out)

        sorry bout the typing

        • tysb says:

          Or should I get suckling for hanley then start upgrading to premiums when byes start

          • BlakeyP says:

            Suckling is a good price so if you need the money he would be ok but I think he may only av 80-90 for rest of the year and my not be a keeper. Hibberd is a proven prem and a keeper bar injury.

            So if ya need the extra $ yes but if ya want security I would go hibberd.

      • tysb says:

        Thanks very appreciated just got Hibberd into my team now I do not think swallow can put up the consistency that Hibberd maintains

        Thanks Ty

  65. Hazmatt says:

    Woeful round of 1819 after being in top 1000 overall after RD 2.

    Traded in Mummy and copped the donut with no bench cover.

    Also had Hanley, Titchell, Tyson, Dunstan, Caddy, Murphy, Daisy, Langdon stink it up.

    Don't really want to trade out Mummy straight away, depends on time out.

    Will probably do the common trades of Caddy -> Fasolo, Daisy -> Crouch. Need to generate the cash that I wasted on Mummy.

  66. Fitzy says:

    who should I trade out for Fasolo? ive got Danger, zorko, titch, Wingard, Dusty, Caddy, JKH, taylor.
    Probably gonna go with Caddy as hes spudding it up and it will gain me about 100k

  67. Spiro says:

    thinking of going caddy to fasolo and webster to laidler thoughts?

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      Don't do webster to laidler

    • Rescued Pieman says:

      Double Sideways. Not keen on either to be honest. I'd have anotherlook at Lloyd maybe him for Caddy next week.

  68. MightyDonsFC says:

    Bring in Hampton, suckling, adcock or any other defender 440k<

  69. Damo says:

    Matty Wright or Mackay?

    • tysb says:

      Wright because of there easy run

      Would you mind leaving some feedback on my previous comments

      Cheers Ty

      • Cam_H says:

        Wright by a whisker. Wright has dual position eligibility, and for what it's worth Wright's average over the last four years is about 10 points higher than Mackay's.

  70. KadeK is a jet says:

    What is the best trades everyone has made so far. Mine would have to be Daisy too Macrae last week!!!!

  71. Haze says:

    Can i get some advice with which trades to make! Cheers

    DEF: Swallow, Mitchell, Mcveigh, Suckling, Mcdonald, Webster ( Langdon, Gergiou)

    MID: Ablett, Beams, Libba, Dal Santo, Daisy, Tyson, Polec, Dunstan ( Aish, Crouch)

    RUCK: Mumford, Sandilands ( Derickx, Currie)

    FWD: Dangerfield, Parker, Zorko, Buddy, Caddy, Kennedy-Harris ( Impey, McDonough)

    I feel like my biggest problems are in the forward, as in Caddy as priority and then the rookies and Buddy. also not going well with daisy and webster… possibly caddy to fassolo and then Daisy to macrae?

    • Rescued Pieman says:

      I think you need to cull Mumford. Could be out for a while. JKH on the ground is a problem. Maybe McDonough who isnt playing into a Fasolo or Lloyd

  72. Bread n Butter says:

    Hi fellas – appreciate your thoughts on this trade:
    OUT Daisy, IN m crouch
    OUT caddy, IN N Riewoldt

    And would still have around $300k in the warchest.


    • Philthy says:

      Makes Money, Makes Points, Makes Sense

    • wes says:

      Agreed – if you can do those trades and still have spare $$, then no brainer. Only possible consideration is that Saints have Essendon, Lions, Hawks and Carlton in next 4 weeks. 2 of 4 are difficult games, and Nick could get hamstrung on them. His 1 poor score this year was against a top team (under 100), so get him by all means, but keep reality in mind when he plays bombers and hawks and don't react too much to those scores… hang onto him for Lions and Carlton games.

  73. Ripper_Roo says:

    Hey Community,
    Fantastic work on the podcast again, troops!

    Have a dilemma in choosing which trades make sense. These are my painpoints:
    – D. Thomas
    – S. Mumford
    – Josh J Kennedy
    – T. Mitchell
    – J. Caddy

    I have 150k in the bank (value lost by danger, martin and mcveigh have reduced my cash cow rewards :S )

    Assuming Mummy is a 2+ weeks out, I'm looking at Sauce or HMac.

    Which other trade should I make? I'm leaking value across my forward line (except for Higgins!).

    Would love the community's help with which trade should I make.

    T1: Thomas to Mccrae
    T2: Thomas to Kelly
    T3: JJK to Fasolo
    T4: JJK to Petrie
    T5: Caddy to Fasolo
    T6: Mitchell to Fasolo
    T7: Mitchell to Parker
    T8: Other suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Ripper_Roo says:

      Small edition –

      If Mumford is out for only 2 weeks, which second trade would you all recommend. Thanks.

    • Ripper_Roo says:

      Sorry again! Worth adding that I already have M. Crouch in my squad.

    • wes says:

      I'd ditch Tom Mitchell. is losing $$ each week with a different role.
      And I wouldn't go for a swans player as a swap just yet… swans got freo next week, and I don't expect any swans player to score well this round.
      Maybe make some cash and do a Mitchell to sam Lloyd swap this week??

  74. Sam says:

    what to do with webster have 20k in the bank and 29 trades?

    • Flacid Jaff says:

      Rule 1: Don't trade a player whose average is greater than his break-even!
      He WILL score 40s and he WILL score 80s. Wait till he strings together a couple of 70-80s then trade him out at his peak!

  75. Tom says:

    Daisy –> Bartel
    Langdon –> Crouch

  76. Jimmy says:

    Why is Webster so shit.

  77. chandanrajdb says:


    Just a thought….is anyone giving any thought on ROUND 8 BYES…….the players we are looking to bring in (M Crouch, A Fasolo, S Lloyd) all have ROUND 8 BYES……Not sure whether we do consider this or not……thoughts community…..

    26 trades left….not sure on the bringing in RD8 bye players though…….which will have a significant impact with respect to overall rankings…..

    My thoughts….I may only be trading out J Caddy to A Fasolo (both have RD 8 bye) wouldn't change in terms of no. of players out during RD 8 bye with this trade…..this is the one trade which is absolutely confirmed this week…..enough of CADDY….lesson learnt is NEVER PICK the fringe / potential breakout / 2nd or 3rd year players from CATS team…..ONLY PICK THE GUNS of the cats team like J Selwwod, Stevie J, Enright, Mackie etc……they have got too much of depth….you cant predict what they do week in week out…..every week it will be bit different with the team structure based on so many reason…….AND YES I AM A CATS FAN…..

    And regarding bringing in M Crouch…..seriously….the questions raises regarding the RD 8 bye….what do we do…..and yes next week to bring in S Lloyd (RD 8 Bye player as well)…..

    May be S Gray to consider when he is bubble….only if I think his JS is good by considering Wingard and Monfries will come into Port Adelaide team……

    IMO…..some has to raise this issue…..or is it an issue?…..

    COMMUNITY……need all the opinions / comments / thoughts……


    • MightyDonsFC says:

      All good ideas…..agree with most of them…….but why all the ellipses?

      • chandanrajdb says:

        Thanks for your comment above mate…..what do you mean by ellipses????


        • MightyDonsFC says:

          The dots between your words

          • Dools says:

            I think….It's for us (The community to take the hint) and fill in the……unfinished……thoughts???Maybe LOL Nice rank….. Raj…..

          • chandanrajdb says:

            Mate I am used to that when I am commenting or posting a question…..just like i did here…..

            I will try to minimize it in my future comments….


            • Rocksta says:


              do whateva you like with your comments mate.

              after all, they are your comments……..!

  78. Josh says:

    cloke is going to end up cheaper than a packet of arnotts biscuits!

  79. Ben says:

    Two questions here
    1) does anyone know how long Hanley is out for?

    2) who should I trade tom Mitchell for?, have danger, zorko, dusty, fasolo and taylor already.

    • Bray says:

      I think Luke Parker would be a good swap for Mitchell, or maybe Breust or maybe Gunston, or possibly matty wright, I would go Parker tho.

      • Ben says:

        Thanks mate I've gone for breust, still may swap for Parker but breust little bit cheaper and higher average

    • wes says:

      why not swap Mitchell for Higgins or merrett?
      reckon danger is going to come good next couple of rounds… just warming up now

  80. Bob McBob says:

    What is everyone's thoughts on Josh Jenkins?

  81. Buffman says:


    I have Caddy and T.Mitchell poisoning my FWD line (Rohan and JK in subs) at the moment but I also have B.Vince in the MID with a BE of around 100 this week.

    Right now my priority is fixing the FWD line so I plan to downgrade Caddy to Fasolo.

    My question is: Should I fix my FWD rookies (Rohan and JKH) or capitalise on Jobe Watsons price drop and upgrade B.Vince to him (leaving me pretty much $0 in the warchest)?

    Be patient with B.Vince while my midfield is performing well?
    Renovate the FWDs where I'm leaking points and cash.,,?

    • Wattsieesq says:

      Hey Buffman,

      Jobe has a BE of 148 this week so is likely to drop further. Something to consider.


  82. Beady Eye says:

    Curious about the community's thoughts on Matty Jaensch.

    If this just a flash in the pan to start the season, or is his current production (or close to) sustainable?

    • Buffman says:

      I actually think he will drop off eventually. But then again he is proving to be a defender that can find space and the ball. Crows won by 90+ points which suggests the ball was in their forward half a lot of the time and Jaensch still managed to get 100+

    • Derek says:

      it doesn't matter, we have missed him, he too expensive now. look elsewhere, there will be others

      • Beady Eye says:

        Well it does matter, because if he's stepped up to legit premium/keeper status then he's still great value at $414K and a solid $80-100K cheaper than most other top defenders.

        Entirely different question to whether or not he's still a cash cow (in which case I'd agree with you that his time has passed).

  83. Jimmy says:

    My FWD line Danger Dusty Parker Titchell Merret Zorko (Higgins Taylor). Thinking of ditching Titchell don’t know what’s wrong with him that game at the weekend should have been right up his street, and bringing in Fas or Lloyd and using the cash to upgrade Webster to Mitchell or Tyson to Rockliffe

  84. The Filth says:


    Who to bring in for Hanley?

    Current backline: Mitchell, Swallow, McVeigh, (Hanley), McDonald, Langford, Langdon, Georgio.

    K Simpson – consistent – handy for the round 8 bye
    Jaensch – scoring well but will it continue? – True premo? – will get 100k cash in the deal though
    Hooker – been consistent but key position player.
    Frawley / Mackie?
    Suckling – is he a premo? Too many Hawks? Again will get cash in hand.
    Dont have any spare cash to consider Bartel.
    Rookie – eg KK – probably not at this stage – should be getting premos in.

    Currently ranked 1233 – don't want to stuff up. Still have 27 trades.
    Probably tossing up between Jaensch and Simpson..


    • Jimmy says:

      Jaensch has had a role change so could sustain these scores. Simpson would be who I would choose though think he will be more consistent and average higher by the end of the year.

  85. Neilsy says:

    Got sucked into Webster like siposs last year from stkilda supporters on this site.Never again,Webster has to go down as the worst selection of the year.Spud

    • Jimmy says:


    • WombatsFC says:

      Yep Higgins presented the BurnMan Vest to him last week.

    • Flacid Jaff says:

      I'm holding!
      Last week was a shocker for him, yes, but he should ralley and it looks like the ball will be in the StKilda back half a lot this season.
      I trade wih a rule of never flicking off a player whose average is greater than his break-even!

      [barring a month+ long injury or trading for form rookies on the bubble]

  86. Danny says:

    Hey Guys
    Is Caddy to Higgins sideways or up grade.
    Higgins has a BE of 2, and I think he will hold a mid 80 ave. We all know what Caddy is doing.

    • matthewjsampson says:

      You're going to need to trade Higgins out again anyway though. A waste of a trade for mine. There is better cash generation options down the line to solve the Caddy problem

    • mick says:

      its a bit sideways but iam thinking the same trade

    • Jimmy says:

      Higgins looks the goods but Fasolo will probs make more money quickly. I had Higgins at F7 and now ditched Titchell and put him at F6. Depends if you are looking for cash or a keeper. At this point I can see Higgins occupying F6 all year.

    • Azza says:

      Sideways! Go down to Fasolo instead

  87. Philthy says:

    Hi Community,

    Hanley swing to MID leaves me playing Suckling, Mitchell, Enright, Langdon, McDonald and Laidler on field

    Looking at:

    Hanley to Crouch for Cash Gen and upgrade Daisy to JSelwood which banks me 100k

    OR set my FWD line

    Hanley to Crouch, JKH to Zorko which banks me 75k

    Does anyone see Zorko benefitting more from the BRIS injuries? If i trade him in he becomes F6

  88. Caz says:

    Hi guys I need some help. Last week I traded out leunberger for mumford, and now mumford looks like he will miss a couple of weeks. I also have Hanley who is injured and dale thomas in the midfield. Any thoughts on what trades I should do this week. Was thinking mumford to Jacobs and Hanley to jaench but both are round 8 bye players. Please help

    • Jimmy says:

      Have you got S.Mitchell he is cheapish ATM with BE of 52. Had Jacobs since R1 and he’s looked far better than last year so far, I think he still offers value.

      • Caz says:

        Already got Mitchell may just have to get Jacobs and jaench. Not much choice really.

    • chandanrajdb says:

      I would hold on to Mummy and cop a donut for a week mate..if he is not named in the team next week then yes i will be thinking of offloading him to Jacobs….if you are only concerned with the league win….if not yup i will pull the pin on him to Jacobs…..

      Hanley has to go….this is easy, but make sure you go for a proven premo from him….do not get sucked in by another midpricer…yes Jaensch is in good form, but how long do you think the opposition teams will let hime run free….if he keeps up his work like the way he is currently, surely at some point there will be a FWD tagger on to him and who knows what happens then?…..

      Just my thoughts,


    • Derek says:

      I feel your pain.

      Last week I traded Guthrie to Hanley

      I just have enough cash to go to McVeigh this week.

    • wes says:

      if you are just going to change back to mummy afterwards, and you can bare it, keep him.

  89. matthewjsampson says:

    Gday community. My burns are sore and my faith is low. Underperformers across the board and I can feel my patience draining by the second. Would love some input from the community as to where you think I should head with my basket case of a team.

    Here’s the stains in my underwear below:

    Defenders: McVeigh, Suckling, Mitchell, Langdon, Enright, Georgiou, Webster
    Midfielders: Ablett, Beams, Liberatore, Murphy, Cotchin, Dunstan, Tyson, Ellis, Polec, Crouch
    Rucks: Sandilands, Jacobs, Derrickx Thurlow
    Forwards: Zorko, Martin, Dangerfield, Mitchell, Caddy, Taylor, Impey, Kennedy-Harris

    My first thoughts are to rage trade Caddy out to Fasolo, but I’m not sure. Should we wait and bring in Gray or Lloyd? Fasolo would only be a step ladder, so it could be a waste of a trade and there is probably more cash to be made from a rookie.

    Im not sure what to do with the likes of Zorko, Mitchell, Libba Murphy or Cotchin. Im not sure these burns will ever heal.

    And what do we do with ol’ Jim Webster?

    • Neilsy says:

      Ask jock what to do with Webster

    • Derek says:

      your team isn't that bad! let the cash cows fatten and use the Bye weeks to trade them into fallen premiums. I don't think you need to trade at all this week.

      Webster is cheap, but doing his job. Still will make you some cash. Saints have a round 10 bye so you might have to wait until round 9 to cull.

      • Neilsy says:

        Webster is definately not doing his job.Even if I had all my players injured he is getting traded this week

  90. oliverfisher says:

    I've had the season from hell so far,
    Ryder, Hickey, Hurn, Dahlaus,Currie, S Mitchell and Hanley being injured or late outs.
    Shuey and Fyfe suspended and maybe Sandi this week
    Plus spuds like Caddy, Rohan, Sheed, JKH, Cotchin,T Mitchell and Webster.
    Despite this i should have a few back this week and it can hopefully only get better from here, now is when you need to dig deep and back your team to bounce back.

  91. mick says:

    hi all supercoach addicts backs mcveigh simpson janesch suckling langdon langford georgio clurey mids abblett sellwood watson beams libba polec dunstun ellis couch cunningham rucks sandi jacobs currie king fwds danger zorko martin buddy mitchell caddy impey jkharris what to do any advice please only 24 trades left currently in 2700 possy

    • Cam_H says:


      Nice team. Just planting a seed for consideration;

      Josh Caddy (Gee) + Tom Mitchell (Syd) out
      Luke Breust (Haw) and Tom Williams (WBD) in + $56,000

      Breust 'could' end up in your final forward line, and Williams is on the bubble and has a break-even of -41.

    • Jimmy says:

      Personally I think you need to ship out Caddy to Fasolo or Lloyd and then upgrade buddy to NRoo. Your FwD line is a bit of a concern in a money making sense, unfortunately the rookies you picked aren’t performing at this stage. And I’m not sure if Cunningham Georgiou and Clurey have much more to give either.

      • Cam_H says:

        Yes – Fasolo would work really well, and not much more expensive than Williams.

        • Cam_H says:

          (Apologies for replying to myself … where's the 'edit' button on this forum???)

          Bear in mind that Fasolo has the Round 8 bye.

  92. Tommykwr says:

    Had a shocker week this week. Many injuries
    Thoughts on trades this week, thinking
    : Hanley for jaensch and
    Caddy for breust/riewoldt/ forward premium
    Also not sure what to do with Cotchin and libba
    Thoughts anyone?

    • dean says:

      I did Caddy to Reiwoldt as soon as i heard caddy was out, paid off for me so far, Id hold on cotch and libba.

      • JX20 says:

        Libba is boom (150) or bust around 80ish. Have to take the good with the bad with him.
        Cotch should get 5 frees this week.
        Hold on both.

  93. Jimmy says:

    N.Roo lock and leave. Don’t know about Libba as I’ve never paid much attention to him. Wouldn’t think Cotchin would get assaulted every week and I’m keeping until his bye.

  94. Luke says:

    Anyone heard anything about Ambrose? Don’t want to burn a trade to get him out if he will be getting game time soon

    • joshpapworth says:

      i think he will be back this week or next

      i would trade maybe for lloyd

    • Cameron says:

      Hopefully he'll be back this week, then you can go BANG BANG trade to Lloyd when he hits the bubble and Ambrose rises

  95. Dean says:

    G'day community. I'm in a bit of a delemor as to who I trade out, to bring in CROUCH.
    I have these players who have a Break Even of: AISH +14, McDONALD -1, POLEC -1, ELLIS -2 and DUNSTAN -38 So out of these cash cows I would automatically chose AISH as he has a positive Break Even.

    However im actually thinking of trading out COTCHIN who is bleeding cash and more importantly he seems to be carrying some kind of injury and then bringing in CROUCH for COTCHIN.
    If I do this it will give me $403,000 in the bank after I also trade out HANLEY for BARTEL.

    Jock or the community your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

    • Jimmy says:

      Keep Cotchin.

    • chandanrajdb says:

      NEVER trade a premium player from your team…..will be a waste of trade IMO…….

      Its not like you have to get Crouch……if you wait for one more week and look how P Cripps from Carlton scores in his 2nd match this week and you can go for AISH to Cripps…..this means you can make some more money from Aish and also bringing a Non round 8 bye player……this is what I am thinking of doing next week…..instead of jumping on Crouch without giving any thoughts to Round 8 Bye……this is only required if you are going for Overall ranks……if not then get on the Crouch train….by trading out Aish…..

      Just my thoughts….


      • Dean says:

        Thanks Raj. I wish I had a chance at overall but unfortunately there is no chance for me to go Overall as im ranked 38,000 odd. I'll look to trade out AISH at this point.

        I totally understand trading out a Premium is a waist of trade if its a sideways trade. My concern is Cotchin doesn't look right at all, I wouldn't consider it a waist of a trade when downgrading a premium to a rookie. Although he has a break even of 108 so I guess he is worth keeping for at least another week.

        Thanks again mate

        • chandanrajdb says:


          Cotchin will come good this week….he was tagged hardly and ruthlessly by the Macaffer…. think we need to start considering any star in our supercoach team when playing against Collingwood from now….reason the "THE MACCA FACTOR" has risen to level on par with "CROWLEY" factor….

          Cotchin IMO is not injured…it was "MACCA FACTOR" on the weekend…….

          as you have said above wait for a week…he will be good this week against Lions…..


        • WombatsFC says:

          Hi Dean
          I totally agree with Raj, Cotchin will post 125+ this week and, he's not injured it was the disgustingly ugly tactics of Macaffer. Macaffer isn't a Crowley, Macs tagging is based on the theory that umps miss most holding and smothering a player OFF the ball. I also don't think many other teams will Mac get away with all of his off the ball cheating and the umps are now very aware that the quiet and polite Macaffer is actually the football equivalent of a Houso in a dark alley with an iron bar.
          Raj is top of the table in the Throttledome so I'd take notice of what he says.

    • Derek says:

      keep premiums.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Dean,
      I was thinking of doing the exact same thing. It will leave me with $450k in the bank. Next week I will trade impey to Lloyd, which will net me another $55,300 and leave me with $505k to upgrade with. It means I will have to have 4 of either polec, dunstan, x ellis, tyson, aish or crouch on the ground, but only for one week. Then i read everyone's comments, so I too guess i better hold cotch.

      • Dean says:

        Lisa considering Cotchin Break Even is only 108 and there playing Brisbane next week it makes sense keeping him for at least 1 more week, if he does nothing in round 5 then he has to go because he isn't right, I personally think it's a groin issue.

        If your going to bring in CROUCH then trade out AISH as he will generate you less cash, although in saying that, if your season is anything like mine then AISH will probably score 100 plus. lol

    • lostlarrikin says:

      SC Gold BEs are a bit off.
      Actual – Aish +24, McD +11, Polec +11, Ellis +10, Dunstan -25

      Agree that not a given that Crouch is needed, that said, Aish may not make too much more with a 24 BE

  96. canman1306 says:

    Giants reporting Mummy to miss 1 week is it worth keeping hi and copping a donut for just 1 week?
    Aish -> Crouch is locked in for me
    Don't know whether to Trade Mummy or Hanley with the other trade

    • Bob McBob says:

      Technically, it will still be 2 weeks of donuts due to the bye

    • chandanrajdb says:

      I would HOLD on to MUMMY mate…..just got to ride with it…..if he is not named in the team next week, I will then be thinking of pull the pin on him……

      Hanley is certain that he will miss min 3 weeks and max of 6 weeks……he has to go…..IMO…


    • canman1306 says:

      I reckon my NO. Priority is trading Aish/Ellis -> Crouch
      But whether I trade Hanley or Mummy as my other Trade will be a hard Choice

  97. Jag says:

    Heard Hanley might be missing a longer period of time, was thinking a Hanley to jaensch trade, would anyone advise? and cotchin, he’s killing me, should I hold on this or trade?

    • canman1306 says:

      Keep your Premos they will pull through

    • chandanrajdb says:

      Hanley to a proven premo, like S Mitchell, J Bartel, J Macveigh, K Simpson etc…..

      HOLD COTCHIN…..will be a waste of trade IMO….he will come good for sure….he is a GUN……

      Just my Thoughts…..


    • Derek says:

      Hanley to McVeigh, Mitchell or Bartel. You shouldn't need to much cash for any of them. jaensch too expensive now.

      Keep Cotchin, he is a gun. Got a very heavy tag last game (was disgusting what Caffa was allowed to do) he will pay you back if you keep him

    • joshpapworth says:

      hold cotchin

  98. tysb says:

    Have got Dunstan,Polec and Tyson who should I put on bench for crouch or should I just leave it

    • Bray says:

      Leave it mate

    • joshpapworth says:

      yeah i would leave it

      tyson should get close to 100
      dunstan should definatley get more than 55
      polec is averaging around 95
      and you dont know that crouch will continue getting 80's and above

  99. Bray says:

    Hoping that Hanley will only be out for a week or two, so I was thinking holding him and moving him to the bench for Langdon, so I can get rid of Dale Thomas, I’m thinking trading Polec down to gray, move him to the bench for crouch,and using the extra 268 in the bank to upgrade Dale Thomas, what do you guys think.? and who should I get in for Thomas.?

    • Mozz says:

      Don't get Gray yet, he's only had one game and his job security isn't the best. Polec still has a negative break even so his price will still go up. My thoughts are to leave Polec for another 1-2 weeks, that way you'll probably trade him out at about 350-70k instead of 300k. Also Gray might end up being a dud, don't run after last weeks scores.
      Leave Thomas for another week
      Leave Polec
      Don't get Gray just yet

    • Tommykwr says:

      Agree with Mozz on holding polec. Should have good job security and earn more cash

    • Dean says:

      Agree with Mozz Regarding DO NOT TRADE out POLEC that it just crazy as his Break Even is -1 so he projected to go up $37,000 after round 5 and by round 8 he is projected to be worth $400,000 so that's when you should be looking to trade out POLEC especially this year as there are not many cash cows.
      Also worth noting out of most of the cash cows we do have in the midfield such as POLEC, ELLIS, DUNSTAN, LANGDON, AISH McDONALD I would say that out of ALL those players I just mentioned POLEC is the only player in that bunch that could end up being a potential keeper, who may make it to PREMIUM status.
      Unless you are fortunate enough and one of the selected few who paid up big to have a player like MACRAE in your side who is looking like a GUN and a definite premium at the moment.

      However I can totally understand trading out Daisy Thomas who has a average of 74 and a Break Even of +61 to bring in someone like CROUCH and generate $247,000 cash by doing so, not to mention the money CROUCH will generate in 4 to 6 weeks by doing this trade. To be honest I will be advising a good friend of mine to be making this trade.

      Good Luck with your decision mate.

  100. tysb says:

    I traded hanley out for the pig suckling instead of swallow because he should make me some cash

    What is your thoughts community!?

    • Mozz says:

      That's a great idea. Suckling should produce some good solid scores and still at a really cheap price. GET SUCKLING

    • KadeK is a jet says:

      Yeah but Swallow should stay their the whole year. whereas suckling will probably go soon! Tough call.

    • Josh says:

      I'm trading Hanley out for Swallow: it's an injury trade – keeper for a keeper.

    • Rescued Pieman says:

      Gday tysb. Hanley is only out for 2. Grade 1 hammy, good news, bench for mine.

  101. Cal says:

    should I hold or trade daisy….with judd coming back in the carlton boys may lift

    • Tomawhawk says:

      I reckon get rid of the bloke. He's been given enough time to prove otherwise.

  102. spadgewang says:

    Hey there community, a bit relieved to see quite a few fellow coach's getting burned with injuries, late changes and worst of all non reverse trades for injured( and named ) late withdrawals. So what do i do now, do have some cash thinking daisy for J Selwood and have honeychurch to trade for either Lloyd, gray or take big rooy and bring in crouch or even Bartell. Thoiughts ???

  103. Cyril says:

    Is it too early to get getting rid of guys like dunstan, polec, aish, ellis, tyson to make coin on your crouch? These guys still have cash generating.

    • Derek says:

      let them fatten some more. the round 8 byes are not far away

    • Beady Eye says:

      Tyson is the only one I'd possibly look at… BE of 38 this week and 62 the week after, which (unless he starts smashing out tons again) is starting to get close to cull numbers.

    • pat says:

      mate let them make all your $$$ then trade them to cheap premiums, Griffen, Swan ext..

  104. @Armige says:

    Hanley down to Suckling, putting Langdon into the defence and trading out Georgiou for Crouch.

  105. tysb says:

    Is it too late to get on board with macrae?!

    Thinking of getting him next week!

    • medadsson says:

      The only reason you would pick him up now is that you believe him to be a keeper (too late for making money and if you had him would you sell him off, no way I suspect). With that in mind he offers exceptional value for money and has not looked like skipping a beat all year including a very strong pre season. May attract more attention but I believe opposition teams would more likely target Griffiths, Liberatore and perhaps Boyd before hard tagging Macrae. If you have the cash why not upgrade I say. I am!!! Can't believe I teetered on him or Daisy at seasons start, Grrrrgh.

  106. matty d says:

    is it time to get rid of mitchel?

    • josh says:

      yes, possibly to danger if you dont have him already or go to sam lloyd and pocket some cash $$

    • WombatsFC says:

      Definitely take him out the back and give him a lead earplug.

  107. WombatsFC says:

    Hi Community,
    I'm dumping Tom Mitchell this week and I would appreciate your opinions on the following options
    a). Macrae and put either Polec, Tyson or Dunstan on bench
    b). Suckling and put Langdon on midfield bench
    c). Hooker and put Langdon on midfield bench
    d). Merrett and put either Higgins, Fasolo or Sam Lloyd on the bench
    e). MCrouch and leave all of Polec, Tyson and Dunstan on field

    • throttlefinger says:

      E and B are the most attractive of that bunch. If forced to pick one, E.

      • WombatsFC says:

        Thanks Throttle. The Great Pretender (Mad Mick) reckons he's gunna giive up on his 10-years old single game plan and allow the players to "Just play footy". Against the Doggies. This means he wont run three taggers through the middle and could also mean that Boyd, Griff and Macrae all go 150+ this weekend.
        I suppose I'll have to wait until 10 minutes before Thursday bounce and then go on instinct.
        In a much more important story either Angus or Malcom is very sick and the 40th Anniversary Tour may not go ahead, in fact he's so ill that they may never record again.

        • throttlefinger says:

          Whaaaa?!?!? No way. I'll have to spend my work day digging up info on that. Hope it's a minor set back. Given records and touring, hope he'll be able to the latter. Former has enough to keep me satiated until I'm swimming with the worms.

          Blues are a mess yet I think that's a good response by Mick. They need a big switch up, especially attitudinally. See what happens.

        • throttlefinger says:

          To the great man on hopes of a speedy recover…some singled out brilliance.

    • Mick says:

      A or b…they both are looking like keepers

      • WombatsFC says:

        Thanks Mick. My main concern is having two 100pts players on the mid bench and then also having a 50-80pt player in fwd and backline; it seems like a waste.

    • lostlarrikin says:

      Actually looking at Hooker myself.
      A big beneficiary of the Dons possession game.

      • WombatsFC says:

        Thanks lost one. I also like the look of him too but he will reduce my bank to about $900.00 whereas Suckling will leave me with 79k and Merret would leave me 93K.
        I've gone Impey to Fasolo this week already and, I'm planning to get Sam Gray and/or Cripps next week and cash in another two maxed out rooks.
        I might go with Suckling because the downside (if he's injured early) isn't as bad as Hooker and hooker wont increase by much more than 10k if he tons up.

    • Dogs says:

      Wish I could drop titch this week, but caddy and Rohan are more urgent. I'm hoping that titches worst is now behind him and I can spend a couple weeks on rookies plumping up . In saying that I've just traded Lloyd in for Rohan and I'm contemplating starting Lloyd and putting titch on the pine .

      In your case tho I like the suckling option, he looks like he is really starting to get in the swing of things, and at this stage he is looking like becoming my end game F6 .

      • WombatsFC says:

        Thanks Dogs yeah Sucker could be a good F6 and that's my dilemma cos Hooker is also a good F6 and is a bit more consistent so far. The Suck has gone sub 80 twice (50% of games so far) and Langdon was matching him on ave until last weeks 122.

        • Wattsieesq says:

          As a Hawks supported and someone who has Suckiling, those 80 games were at the start of the year. He has improved game on game. I don't think he'll keep on pumping out tons weekly as his role will change with Lake and Stratton coming back but he's a keeper.

    • chandanrajdb says:

      Hi Wombats,

      Have you been considering Pavlich….seems like he is coming to form and is still cheap @439k (approx) if Tom Mitchell is in your FWD….i dont like any of the options above mate….TBH…reasons,

      I know Pavlich is a KPP but he is proven SC scorer…..and dont see any reasons y he wouldn't average 90-100 points this season……Freo good team and will win many matches another thing to consider in SC……

      IMO…Just go for a keeper who will be on Field till end of the season…..instead of downgrading to a rookie and then upgrading him to someone else or even going for a midpricer and then upgrading him if he drops off……

      Just my thoughts…..


      • WombatsFC says:

        Thanks Raj, I was looking at Pav but was hoping to get better value for money at this time of year I already made the ultimate Fwd trade mistake by going Wright to Zorko before the increase when I should have gone Titch or Caddy to Zork.
        I'm definitely dumping Titch this week swans will probably drop him anyway, but I'm still undecided on who to bring in for him.

    • WombatsFC says:

      I ended up gettin Rocky.

  108. Derek says:

    with Leuenberger going down, who else do Brisbane have in their rucking stocks? Will West be the #1 ruckman. is he an option to replace?

    • Ocker says:

      Archie Smith was a rare shining light for the Lions in the NEAFL on the weekend.
      May get a game depends on whether they need another ruck or just use West.

  109. Donut King says:

    Community I have figured out the answer to the Jimmy Webster problem.
    I will reveal this highly sought after piece of fantasy gold after someone replies.

    • Billy says:

      ok what is it?

    • Donut King says:

      Two Words
      Sam Docherty
      Priced at $286K it may not be a downgrade but with the limited options down back it is acceptable.
      Outstanding VFL form over the last to few weeks, will almost certainly be included in the squad to take on the Doggies this weekend. With Carlton's crap form and midfield ability he will get a lot of game time and will live up to the hype that was thrust upon him when he was drafted.
      Either hold Webster for this week and watch Docherty rake in the scores from now on.

      • Beady Eye says:

        Well there'll be plenty of ball in Carlton's backline, so good call DK.

        Any vest danger you reckon?

        • Donut King says:

          Don't think so BE, Mick seems to rather a midfielder to take the green vest. Tom bell, Nick Graham are both likely vests for this week. I guess we'll wait and see.

      • Jimmy says:

        Interesting. I had Docherty locked in all preseason, really like him as a player and should be a high scorer.

  110. Beady Eye says:

    Early days, but assuming they're all named, who gets to ride the midfield bench next to Lewie Taylor?

    Crouching Jnr

    Normally I'd say young Crouching, but the kid is ball magnet and plays a bunch of other kids from GWS this week.

  111. nathan says:

    my side
    def-mitchel-suckling -swallow-hanley-McDonald-Langdon-Georgiou-kolodjashnij
    mid- ablett-beams-libba-cotchin-polec-dunstan-d.thomas-tyson-elis-aish
    only 19k in the bank oe trade I must make is hanley -thinking Guthrie geelong ? to make some cash
    my two fwd bench are not playing at the min so second trade get falso in our wait to watch Lloyd from rich and anyone with houghts and tips would be very much appreciated

  112. Pat says:

    hey guys, great podcast once again jock !!!
    everyone is saying get matt crouch in and i will do but who for out of these blokes: Daisy, Tyson, Dunstan?? also have impey but he is doing nothing, who do i trade him to please??

  113. Tomscoach says:

    Thoughts of buddy 454k down to Fasolo 213k and then
    Aish 256k up to Oliver Wines 474k

    • @Armige says:

      As long as you think Wines will be a keeper until years end?
      Will he be in the top 10 Mids at years end, I don't think so.

      • Kevan says:

        I went Buddy to Fasolo and then Webster to Swallow. Happy with that one.

        • Hugh says:

          trading out buddy after he just scored 130, and in the wet when he was given none of the ball you are gonna trade out a premo? Dont know about that Kev

  114. Gab says:

    guys what are we doing with jimmy webster?? need help!!!

  115. Swans2012 says:

    Ranked 765, only used 2 trades do far. Have Hanley to deal with and I am ANTI trading out/sidewaysing premos, so presuming its a 1-2weeker I’m holding Hanley. Going to go down Tyson to crouch and up georgio to jaensch. Jaensch essentially covers Hanley and then when he’s back I’m only playing one rook down back. I know it’s a little early on Tyson but I’d rather do one up one down than one sideways. And jaensch has a dream run over the next three to prove himself a premo which I think he will. Not to mention there are no other defenders @ 400kish that even might be keepers IMO.

    • Swans2012 says:

      Meant to say appreciate everyone’s thoughts?!?

      • MightyDonsFC says:

        I'd look at Hampton, same story as jaensch with the position change

        • Swans2012 says:

          Interesting…. Thanks for the heads up, I just don’t trust GWS players yet though….

    • Cyril says:

      I’m thinking of Tyson to crouch as well. This will allow me to get rid of stinking caddy. Should I turn him into reiwoldt?

  116. Jag says:

    how long is hanley projected to be out for?

    • Rocksta says:

      I heard 2 weeks on AFL 360

      • Josh says:

        Brisbane today: "Pearce Hanley has a grade-one hamstring tear and will also be out of action for a fortnight."
        I think it's probably going to be more like 3 weeks. Sayonara Hanley.

  117. Gary says:

    Hi community,
    I will be trading out Hanley this week, should i also trade out Bernie Vince to a premo such as pendles or selwood/stevie j?

  118. Rocksta says:

    I have Nic Nat and Titch.

    Do they both get the boot this week?

    Don't like sideways trades so it will be Nic Nat to Hickey and Titch to Fas.


  119. Collingwood Fan says:

    Should I trade Gary Abblet or Swan

  120. Pete says:

    Balls of Steel worked

    Cotchin out for Matty Crouch

    Harvested Tyson and upgraded to Macrae, Mumford to Jacobs for a couple of weeks

    • wes says:

      Cotchin should have a field day against Lions though this week… thoughts?
      like the other trades though…

      • Pete says:

        Hey Wes,

        Cotchin may have a field day, but also has been flat and loves putting in 80 a week, the rookies do the same, so doing a rolling upgrade strategy.

        Play fantasy so trades are different, but cotchin to crouch worked and made money, first upgrade complete, next week will go rookie to Sam Mitchell to finish backline off.

        Although these bloody rucks are causing a massive headache.

        Did Sandy get weeks for his cheap high hit?

  121. MightyDonsFC says:

    Who's on your watchlist to bring in for your cash cows? Mine include


    • Swans2014 says:

      I like the Adcock thought. I have had him most years except for this year and always give you a solid 80 or 90. Terrible start to the year for him but seems to be finding some form now. Not for me at this stage yet as there are still your Jaensch Hampton types who are averaging much more than him. How are you planing to bring him in?

      • MightyDonsFC says:

        Got a bit of $ leftover, so probably a straight swap from Langdon to adcock given that Langdon gets up around 300k and adcock stays low 400k. Whoever has more form going into the byes out of swan and griffen will be put in my team. Petrie incredibly consistent average in past seasons, maybe looking at Fasolo out for him.

    • Dogs says:

      Selwood,watson, fyfe would finish off my mids, bartel, Hanley to cap off back line, N. Roo , and still up in the air over other forwards, maybe bruest if he keeps his form.

    • wes says:

      I got Macrae, Merrett, Brad Hill as all hig mid-pricers, but who are scoring well abv avg. these blokes are all scoring over 85 DT pts a game, and are stil underpriced in that forum for their output. Heck – Macrae is priced at around 87 pts / game, but has an avg of 117 after first 4… why the hell can I not fit him in my own team????
      Nahas will increase in value too.
      Isaac Smith has proved very consistent too… And Swan should come up in $$ too

    • Beady Eye says:

      Joelwood first and foremost, before his price cracks $700K.

      After that Griffen, Watson, Jack, Pavlich, Rioli, and Dog Dog.

    • Donut King says:

      Definitely cannot forget Gary Rohan and Jay Kennedy-Harris. Both proven premiums and have more scoring potential than Josh Bootsma and Levi Casboult combined.

  122. Jimmy says:

    Thoughts on Broadbent,if you take out his first game where he was sub he is avg 95

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      Like the look of him a lot, never likely to get a tag, will be between him and adcock for my d6

  123. gabb says:

    lads when is ambrose back please?

    • WombatsFC says:

      Doesn't really matter you're bleeding points by having him and if you don't have him he shouldn't be on your radar unless he's named on the field and you need a new F10. One good game against Carlton and 5-minutes of luck in his first game isn't enough to warrant an on field position in SC.

  124. Donavan says:

    Had a SC challenges present themselvesthis week, and I would appreciate some feedback fom the community.

    Going for league wins, and have tough opposition this week, currently sitting 1-1, after scoring 2385 & 1747 with the same line-up.

    Thinking of doing 2 trades in the forward-line
    Jeremy Cameron & Josh Caddy for Dustin Martin & Sam Lloyd

    Other forward line members include Dangerfield, Buddy, Roughead, Rohan, Taylor & Ambrose.

    I will sit Rohan on the bench with either Taylor or Ambrose.

    I also have Mumford and Hanley, but have some coverage (Derickx & Webster/Georgiou).

    Should I be trading Mumford or Hanley this week instead, or both, although they will not leak cash, but will leak points.

    • Derek says:

      Hanley has to go. The question is do you wait another week and get some of the premium defenders a bit cheaper.

      Birchell at $469k is cheap

  125. Lachie says:

    Tyson to crouch
    murphy to ablett

  126. DanJ says:

    So for those idiots (namely myself) who decided to ignore all advice and go without Ablett, when should we look to bring him in? I could trade out Hanley for a premo defender, and get the early cull on Matt Thomas or Dyson to bring in Gary (I kept 250K in the bank).

    My instincts are telling me to be a stubborn old bastard and hold. Fatten up these calves so I can drain as much cash as possible, as was my initial plan. Surely Gary has got to loose value soon…. right?

    • wes says:

      What are your other options besides GAJ? Stevie J – is he more expensive on SC format that DT?
      I got Ablett at the start, so hard to comment. Last week I took captaincy off GAJ and went for Cornes (cos he was up against Lions and GAJ was on hawks). I figured hawks would manage him, and I would lose out if I kept GAJ as captain… NUP… GAJ went on to score as he normally does.
      Cornes was a bit flukey on my part. But who else is there you can rely on that much?
      Pendles maybe?
      Cannot see GAJ losing too much value from here on – so are you saving $$ now and missing out on points?

    • Beady Eye says:

      I think the only safe way to go when you don't have Ablett is to load up on the other super-premiums (Pendles, Selwood, maybe Watson, maybe Riewoldt this year) to compensate and give yourself multiple reliable captaincy options.

      I'm in the safe boat as a non-Ablett owner, so I've got 3/4 of the above and am bringing the last one in next week.

    • Derek says:

      Ablett plays Melbourne and GWS next two weeks! get him in, he won't get any cheaper

    • DanJ says:

      Thanks for your input guys. I decided to upgrade Marc Murphy to Ablett, as you pointed out wes, What's the point in saving cash now and missing out on points!

  127. Adam says:

    I'm going Goddard down to crouch and carthy up to fasolo. Thoughts?

  128. vinnymac says:

    Hanley to Suckling, Thomas to Wines.
    I'm sticking with Webster and Dahlhaus for one more week.

  129. Brett says:

    Backs: Swallow, Simpson, McVeigh, Mitchell, McDonald, Langdon (Kolodjashnij, Langford)

    Mid: Ablett, Selwood , Beams, Liberatore, Cotchin, Tyson, Polec, Dunstan (Ellis, Crouch)

    Ruck: Sandi, Hickey (Derickx, Currie)

    Forward: Breust, Dangerfield, Martin, Mitchell, Higgins, L Taylor (Impey, JKH)

    Does anyone recommended an upgrade downgrade I could do? Was considering Tyson down to maybe a Cripps (not sure on JS), then using the 170,000 for upgrading someone? Or I could make Ellis – Cripps, but that ruins my money making ability, and then making Tyson a premium forward (Robbie Gray) by subbing Taylor in to the midfield? I feel that would finish off my forward line, cause I think Higgins might be a keeper. Also what about Tom Mitchell?

  130. MightyDonsFC says:

    Should I keep webster or laidler?

    • Brett says:

      Laidler, Webster is a spud and laidler making more money. But Webster probably has better Job Security

    • Derek says:

      Webster is in a bad team, but his job security is much better. i'd keep Webster

    • gary says:

      laidler will get dropped in a few weeks mark my words

      • MightyDonsFC says:

        Leaning towards keeping jimmy, but only because laidler will get dropped 🙁

  131. Pat says:

    do we need to get M. Crouch in really badly? is it worth trading crouch in for Polec, Port have wce and geelong to come – tough !!!
    also trade or hold hanley?

    • Fourbells says:

      Couch is our next money maker. Hold Polec and if you have Ellis or Tyson, trade them instead
      I am holding Hanley as he will be in my final six defenders and don't want to waste a trade later on

  132. Cyril says:

    I would be getting rid of Tyson before polec

  133. Antonio says:

    Ok community – I’m sold on my first trade

    Hanley –> Suckling

    Solves the problem and generates some good $$$

    Second trade is a real debate. Would like both Fasolo and Crouch in, but as always can only take one.

    Crouch would have to come in via a rookie as already booted Daisy a couple of weeks ago. Aish and Ellis my prime candidates. Have Dunstan, Polec and Tyson on field.

    Option 1: Aish/Ellis –> Crouch (miss Fasolo and pick up Lloyd next week for Caddy)
    Option 2: Caddy –> Fasolo (miss out on Crouch)

    Sitting on $423k after the Hanley –> Suckling pig trade, so will have plenty cash to throw around when it comes to upgrade time.


    • Michael says:

      Ellis has. a -2 breakeven, Tyson’s is 50. Keep that in mind.

    • Derek says:

      long term I would be looking at Birchell instead of Suckling. Birchell is only $469k in the cheap premium catergory. Suckling won't be a premium (this year) and you will probably be looking at using another trade later in year to upgrade him

  134. tysb says:

    Defence: Jaensch , Hibberd, McVeigh, Mitchell , McDonald , Enright, C – Bench Georgiou, A + Fuller, M

    Midfielders: Ablett , Pendlebury , Beams, D , Watson , Shiels , Tyson , Dunstan , Polec – Bench Crouch, M + Robertson, N

    Rucks: Sandilands , Jacobs – Bench Currie + Thurlow

    Forwards: Merret, Martin , Zorko , Higgins , Danger , Sam Llyod – Bench JHK + Honeychurch

    Trades I made this week:

    Hanley out for Hibberd

    Rohan out for Sam Llyod

    Whats your thoughts on my team community?

    Scored 2174 RDT in top 6% last week

    Cheers Ty

  135. JX20 says:

    Value the thoughts of this great community.

    Option 1. Caddy to Fasolo allows Bugg to Scott D Thompson
    Option 2. Caddy to Lloyd allows Webster to Scott D Thompson

    Remaining backs Swallow, Smitch, LMac, Thumper, Langdon, Mike Georgiou. I need some quality & worried about Enright being nursed along by the cats .

    • Spiro says:

      i like Caddy to Fasolo but i would go Webster or Bugg to Jaensch as he has a BE of 29 and has scored over 100 in all his games

  136. tysb says:

    Defence: Jaensch , Suckling , McVeigh, Mitchell , McDonald , Enright, C – Bench Georgiou, A + Fuller, M

    Midfielders: Ablett , Pendlebury , Beams, D , Watson , Shiels , Tyson , Dunstan , Polec – Bench Crouch, M + Robertson, N

    Rucks: Sandilands , Jacobs – Bench Currie + Thurlow

    Forwards: Merret, Martin , Zorko , Higgins , Danger , Sam Llyod – Bench JHK + Honeychurch

    Trades I made this week:

    Hanley out for Suckling

    Rohan out for Sam Llyod

    Whats your thoughts on my team community?

    Scored 2174 RDT in top 6% last week

    Cheers Ty

    • Derek says:

      I wouldn't go Suckling. he is not a premium and you will need to trade him out later in the year. Look at birchell for $469k, he is a proven premium.

      Hold Rohan and see if he is selected in team this week. I still think he can be a great cash cow if he avoids the vest.

    • sputnik says:

      suckling is a keepe

  137. Derek says:

    Stratton will be back for the Hawks this week and Lake the following week. This will change the defence of the hawks completely. I have noticed that birchell has been spending a lot more time deep in defence as a "tall" instead of his normal half-back running game. once Stratton and Lake is back, Birchell will go back to his running ways and rack up some big SC points.

    Birchell is $469k with a BE of 71. You won't get him any cheaper.

    Trade Hanley to Birchell and get $50k change.

  138. Michael says:

    Does Patrick Cripps have a good job security?

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      Wanted to know the same thing, worried about it because juddy is coming back this week

      • Beady Eye says:

        A loss this week and surely even Mick would have to realise they're not playing finals and it's time to play the kids.

        Cross your fingers for a Doggies win.

  139. Spiro says:

    thinking of going Jimmy webster to Matt Jaensch and Josh caddy to Alex fasolo and having 120k in the bank thoughts?

  140. tysb says:

    Llyod or Fasalo?!

    • chandanrajdb says:

      if you are looking bring in one of those this week, I'd definitely be going with Fasolo. If you can wait a week and see how Lloyd goes in his 2nd match and also he needs to be in the team to play his 3rd game to bring him in to the team…..Need to make sure he has got a decent job security……


      • tysb says:

        The think I am worrying about Sam Llyod is not having him this round and his price going up by 60-100k

  141. tysb says:

    Hanley out for who?!

    • Jordan says:

      suckling or swallow if your looking around same price.
      I think I will go to thumpa though as I have got both hanley, swallow and mitchell and there are no other premiums putting their hands up in the backline

    • Fourbells says:

      Do you need to trade Hanley out or do you have a Langford type sitting on the bench that you can use.
      He might be out for only 1-2 weeks

  142. Daz says:

    Will 3 hawks be one too many in the backline? Am entertaining the Ideo of Birchall in for hanley with suckling and mitchell already in my team. Thoughts?

    • Cyril says:

      I’ve currently got Mitchell, Suckling pig and Langford

    • Derek says:

      If you were to have a lot of players from the one team, it might as well be the Hawks 🙂

      They have a round 9 BYE.

      They will score more SC points than most other teams.

      Suckling is not a premium and at some point during the year you will have to trade him out. Birchell is a premium keeper and is only $469k. get him in

  143. Sana says:

    Can't see any discussion on Buddy? 130 followed by a 29. Would you keep him?

    • Derek says:

      if you watched the game on Sunday, you would understand why he only scored 29. his effort was very good, it was just that north Melb didn't allow the swans any clean ball to deliver to him. it was wet and slippery. if you have him, you keep him and don't worry about the price drop. if you don't have him, wait a couple of weeks and you will get him cheap.

  144. Michael says:

    Thoughts on Matt De Boer as a POD? Looking the goods so far and is averaging 9 tackles, so probably won’t get below 70.

    • Beady Eye says:

      He also gets the defensive forward role a lot, which keeps his scores down. Wouldn't touch in SC, these scores won't last.

  145. Guest says:

    Is it a good idea to trade Lloyd this week?

  146. tysb says:

    Sam Llyod or Alex Fasalo!?!

  147. joshpapworth says:

    ok so… here are my duds for this round

    t. mitchell

    i have 50 k in the bank and
    was thinking of bringing in jaensch for hanly and some how lloyd
    what are your thoughts

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      Lloyd isn't on the bubble until next week, so I'd wait and see how he does against the lions this Thursday

    • Derek says:

      Langford scored 70SC. wouldn't call that a dud.

  148. joshpapworth says:

    do i get rid of mitchell or franklin?

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      I'm led to believe that titch is playing a lot more down forward instead of in the guts, which is obviously having an impact on his sc scores. You chose buddy for a reason, gotta cop the 30/40 and then rejoice when he gets 130/140

  149. Jack says:

    I know everyone is getting in Matty Crouch for the likes of Tyson/Ellis/Aish…. But my gut is telling me to hold. I don't have Aish so all my Mid rooks still have Neg B/e's except Tyson. I reckon Tyson will continue punching out 90's so I'm just not sure if it's worth getting Matty Crouch in this week when these guys still have cash to make? There will be more Mid rookies on the horizon with the likes of Cripps/Gray so my gut is telling me to sit tight. Would love the communities thoughts.

    • Bellybuttonfluff says:

      I am thinking along the same lines. Waiting extra week see how gray goes also Tyson gets another good score ( possibly). Crouch has round 8 bye so may not fatten in time. Gray round 9 which is good if trading out Tyson in my case with more outs in round 8 and round 10 than in round 9.

    • AKKA says:


  150. Derek says:

    How far away is Bock? I hear he played a full game in the NEAL on Saturday.

    • Derek says:

      Zac Smith should return Round 9 for the Suns. Word is he could almost play now, but because he is on the long term injury list he can't play until round 9.

  151. Tomscoach says:

    Hey guys. Wondering what trades to do. I have 5k and 26 trades left. I scores 2289 so I am pretty happy with my team. I am thinking of going Aish to Fasolo via Taylor. Thoughts?

  152. Donut_King says:

    Hi community, this is the week where I make my first trades and I need your help.
    Here's my team:
    Defence: S Mitchell, J McVeigh, D Swallow, M Suckling, L McDonald, T Langdon, J Webster, A Georgiou
    Midfield: G Ablett, S Pendlebury, D Beams, T Liberatore, J Polec, L Dunstan, X Ellis, J Aish, M Crouch, L Taylor
    Rucks: A Sandilands, M Lobbe, D Currie, T Derickx
    Forward: P Dangerfield, D Martin, L Franklin, M Wright, T Mitchell, J Caddy, G Rohan, J Kennedy-Harris
    Almost definitely locked in the move from Caddy to Fasolo to generate some cash $. But what are the community's thoughts on the other improvements, downgrades etc. that need to be made.

    • Beady Eye says:

      At first glance it's your forward line that is letting you down – virtually every one of them is underperforming. This is where I'd focus your upgrades. Defence and mids look sorted, plenty of cows to cull… maybe overspent slightly on your bench rucks, given their JS is little better than bottom-priced options. Reckon it might be time to move on from Lobbe, monitor for any fallen premiums (Goldy, Dog Dog) as upgrade options. One option would be to make a call on one of your forwards and trade them for Lloyd, giving you enough to upgrade another midpricer to a Riewoldt type. Depends on how you feel about more of a Guns & Rookies look.

  153. Pat says:

    who would we rather keep, TYSON or DAISY?? one of them 2 is moving to matt crouch and i need your help to decide community!!!

    • Beady Eye says:

      Tyson's had 3 good scores to 1 bad.

      Daisy's had maybe 1 good (if you're generous) to 3 bad. And he costs more. And he plays for the worst team in the comp.

  154. tysb says:

    Defence: Jaensch , Swallow , McVeigh, Mitchell , McDonald , Enright, C – Bench Georgiou, A + Fuller, M

    Midfielders: Ablett , Pendlebury , Beams, D , Watson , Shiels , Tyson , Dunstan , Polec – Bench Crouch, M + Robertson, N

    Rucks: Sandilands , Jacobs – Bench Currie + Thurlow

    Forwards: Merret, Martin , Zorko , Higgins , Danger , Sam Llyod – Bench JHK + Honeychurch

    Hows my team looking Let me know

    Any positives or negitives

  155. Dave2008 says:

    Im thinking like a lot of others who have Hanley this week to trade and also get rid of Rohan. I have Clurey sitting on the bench but I can use himself Langdon and Laidler at this point so he isnt my biggest concern. Apart from the fact that he isnt generating cash.
    B: McVeigh Mitchell Handley D Swallow Suckling Laidler ( Langdon Clurey)
    C Ablett J Kennedy Beams Murphy Thomas X Ellis Polec Dunstan (Taylor McDonald)
    R Jacobs Sandilands (Thurlow Currie)
    F Martin Dangerfield Buddy Zorko Higgins Rohan (Impey Kennedy –Harris)

    Option A; Rohan and Hanley out for Fasolo switch McDonald to defense and bring in Crouch. 370 k for upgrades
    Option B: Rohan and Hanley for Fasolo and a defender 488 k or less but lose DPP mid/for which can help during byes.

  156. Jag says:

    want to go hanley to jaensch, too late for this?
    if so, due to hanley's injury, who should i bring in for him?
    already got the likes of swallow and suckling

    • Rescued Pieman says:

      Gday Jag, Hanley to only miss 2. Grade 1 Hammy, put him on the pine, youll want him back later. Unless you have 29-30 trades.

      • Beady Eye says:

        If you go with the official line then yes, only 2 weeks out. Could potentially return in the NEAFL to test out the hamstring though, given the Lions aren't going anywhere this year.

        • Derek says:

          Brisbane have a Round 10 BYE, so he would have been perfect to cover for the earlier BYE rounds. If he won't be playing Round 8, he needs to go.

          • The Filth says:

            Agreed Derek, I am bringing in K Simpson – premo for premo. Simpson playing R8 too. I'm happy to bring Hanley back in later. The low score in his last game will hopefully shave a few $$$ of his trade price.

            • Derek says:

              im thinking Birchell. Will save $50k from the trade as well, Hawks have a Round 9 BYE, won't get birch any cheaper than this. Lake and stratten will be back this week (or next) and this will free up Birchell to go running and collect lots of sweet SC points

              • Pat says:

                i love that idea derek, i have mitchell and suckling already, should i trade out hanley for birchall and have 3 hawks??

              • The Filth says:

                Do you think Suckling is taking points off Birchall?

          • Derek says:

            If anything, I think Hill has been taking points from Birchell. Birchell has been playing deep because of Stratten and Lake not playing. The hawks have had Cheny and sprangher as the talls, so Birchell has needed to go back and help. Hill has been running the ball out of defence, this will be bit bells job

          • Derek says:

            You can never have enough hawks:)

  157. Joel says:

    Im loving the fact people are trading out titch, hopefully he becomes a POD very soon

  158. Kristofor says:

    I'm going to suck it up and hold Hanley.
    He's been good the last few weeks and only out for a couple weeks…
    Should be good enough to make my final team.

    • Derek says:

      I'm as mean as a cut snake. I traded Hanley in last week and traded Guthrie out.

  159. Derek says:

    Let your cash cows fatten. Don't rush to get in Crouch or LLoyd or fasolo if you have to axe a cash cow that still has some cash to be made.

    There are always the next batch of rookies making their debute, so if you miss out there will be others.

    Word is that Moribito (FRE) is very close, Bock (SUNS) had a full game in the NEAL, Docherty (CARL) is very close, O'Rourke (GWS) has been one of the best for GWS seconds and must be very close, Harvey (PORT) has been playing well but might struggle to get a game, Cutler (BRIS) was the sub on the weekend, but may fill Hanley's role, Honeychurch (WB) has done everything asked and should be in line for selection this week.

  160. Danners16 says:

    Hey guys thoughts on Curtly Hampton as a replacement for Pearce Hanley, I'm sick of him getting injured all the time.

  161. Tom says:

    Fwd line issues!!! Any help to my weak fwd line would be appreciated
    Danger, Martin, Mitchell, Caddy, Higgins, Rohan, BENCH – Impey, JKH
    Thinking I will give Mitchell one more week, although he is frustrating the hell outta me. Wanting to get Rohan and Caddy out ASAP!!!
    Unsure who to go Fasolo or Lloyd for Rohan
    I have $135,000 in the bank, this effects my next trade
    What should I do?

  162. tysb says:

    Need Help ASAP

    Hanley out for 2-3 Weeks

    Shiels out for 1 month

    I have got Rohan wanting to trade to Sam Llyod…. will Llyods price go up this week in RDT

    So please tell me the best two trades out of the ones I say or your opinions!?

    A. Hanley to David Swallow and Shiels to Macrae or Bradley Hill (Which one out of Macrae or Bradley Hill)

    B. Hanley to Suckling and Shiels to someone worth around 520k or Hanley to a rookie cash cow hows price will go up skyhigh so then I can afford someone like Joel Selwood or Tom Rockliff

    B. Rohan to Sam Llyod and Shiels to rookie cash cow whos price will go up this week have already got Dunstan,Crouch,Tyson,Polec anyone else!!!

    C. Rohan to Sam Llyod and then swap crouch on field for shiels and then get Swallow for Hanley

    Any other plans or ideas let me know!!!

    Cheers Ty

  163. joshpapworth says:

    what do i do with sheils

  164. cyril says:

    Here's my side.

    Swallow, Suckling, Mitchell, Enright, McDonald, Langford (Georgio, Clurey

    Ablett, Pendles, Libba, Beams, M.Thomas, Tyson, Polec, Dunstan, (Ellis, Kelly)

    Sandi, Mcevoy (Derrickx, Thurlow)

    Danger, Martin, Mitchell, Franklin, Caddy, Rohan (Ambrose, JHK)

    My forward line is obviously in big trouble. I'm happy to give Mitchell and Buddy more time. Im banking on Mcevoy coming back in as predicted. I'm thinking of possibly getting in Crouch for Tyson which will make me enough to turn Caddy into Reiwoldt

    any suggestions?

    • Jimmy says:

      How much money have you got. Caddy to Fasolo probs. leave Tyson he’s still got some money to make bringing crouch in isn’t your priority.Maybe then upgrade franklin or Mitchell to N.Roo. Next week sort out the others in your FWDs

      • Cyril says:

        I’ve got 174k in the kitty

        • Jimmy says:

          I feel your pain, leading into the season that FWD line looked good for points and making money. At least Rohan and JKH are playing Ambrose on the other hand was 10 secs from being subbed off and IMO if fit won’t make the team most weeks. Caddy needs to go as that sub score will affect him now,Fasolo is on the bubble and is well liked by Buckly, bringing him in will give you someone who should score and give you about $120k. So now you have $290 – 300k And 2 underperforming players, your call I don’t want the blame if you cull the wrong one.

  165. Steve says:

    Hey community, keep up the great support to usall. Should I hold mummy guys.. Or trade for Jacobs.

    • Pat says:

      trade to sauce mate

    • WombatsFC says:

      Hi Steve,
      Check his injury history and make a decision based on the likely scenario.
      Fluid in a knee isn't a major issue in itself and it can be drained every second week if required but, it is often a cloaking symptom of a more serious condition. Mummy's knees carry a lot of weight and the way he was throwing himself around before he had the drain is probably why he needed it. I doubt that he'll be able to change his game style.
      Join the dots your answer is there.

      • Jimmy says:


      • Steve says:

        Thank you so much for the reply. Awesome thoughts. Wanted him as a keeper from the onset. May re think. Trade to Jacobs see how he goes and then consider upgrade in bye round if enough made

        • Jimmy says:

          mummy is showing 3-4 weeks on the GWS site now.

          • steve says:

            jimmy – yeh done deal see ya mummy (shame) thought he was excellent. have to delay major plans another week 🙁

  166. Pat says:

    guys, do we REALLY need to get matt crouch in, is it a necessity if we already have the likes of polec, dunstan, tyson and so on, do we need him or can we save a trade and not jump on him??

    • Jimmy says:

      Nope,plenty more will come along. If your rooks are making money leave them alone. I think Tyson will score better this week he got the carrot at the weekend and terrible weather the week before.

  167. WombatsFC says:

    With Wingard and Monfries to come back into the Port side over the next 2 weeks how safe is Sam Gray?

    Wingard will be back this week so either Gray or Young will be dropped and Monfries is due back the following week which means another player will have to be dropped.
    You'd expect Gray to make the cut this week but will he be the Sub? Likely.
    If Gray does play and isn't sub I think team balance would dictate that he be omitted to make way for Monfries the following week.
    All this means that you could end up holding on to him for a month (ala Patrick-Relton Roberts-Ambrose) if you bring him in this week.

    • Jimmy says:

      Wait on gray and Lloyd 1 week isn’t going to tell the whole story.

      • WombatsFC says:

        My point was that even if Gray knocks out another 80+ his position isn't assured.

        • Cyril says:


        • Jimmy says:

          Yeop agreed. I was trying to reaffirm to anyone reading that waiting on these two is advisable as both are not guaranteed to stay in their respective teams for very long.

  168. taylorwoof says:

    Wonderful podcast lads!

    Under the weather and still delivered for The Community, dedication Jock….I love it!!

    Enjoy the remainder of the week all!

  169. HiltonKid says:

    Best pick out of…..

    Swallow , Bartel or Hodge

  170. Jay says:

    Hey guys!
    Who do you prefer or any suggestions?.
    O.Wines or J.Macrae?

  171. Daniel says:

    Have Hanley, Mummy, Caddy, Webster, Rohan and Buddy. Which 2 get the chop this week?

    • Jimmy says:

      Don’t really know where to start with this one. Can you cover Hanley? If so I’d chop Caddy and Mummy. Webster will still make some money JS high. I’m actually upgrading him this week to cover Hanley. Rohan and Buddy will play and could get points. I’m over Caddy though and a could be sub again, last game on Monday would be annoying. Without seeing what other players or what rookies you’ve got to cover I’m just guessing.

  172. HiltonKid says:

    Have Got Hanley , Shiels and Rohan

    So what I have done is brang in David Swallow for Shiels in the midfield

    Then I swapped Swallow to Defense and Hanley to my Midfield bench

    I put Matt Crouch on field who was on my bench

    Then I can bring Hanley back when he has recovered from his injury


    Any other ideas let me know


    • Jimmy says:

      Sounds good, I’ve kept Hanley by taking Titchell down to Fasolo and Webster up to Broadbent. I was planning other trades but had to cover Hanley.

  173. Tomawhawk says:

    Hi guys,

    Call me crazy but should I hold onto Daisy? I figure with a BE of 60 which I think he can make that against the dogs. It just came through that Mummy could potentially be out for 3-4 weeks plus I have Caddy so I figure I have higher priorities. I already have Crouch as well.

    What are your thoughts team?


    • pat says:

      yer mate, hold onto daisy, he is versing the dogs so fingers crossed he hits his BE and then trade him to a fallen premium when the byes come round

  174. Roy Boy says:

    guys heres my side
    BACK: McVeigh, Suckling, mitchell, Hanley, mac and Webster (Georgio and Langford)
    RUCKS: Sandi, Pyke (Dericks, king)
    FORWARDS: dUSTY, DANGER, buddy, parker, taylor, JKH (Ambrose, Impey)

    Where to start, would adore some quality feedback from you all
    Cheers !!!!

  175. Flowzion says:

    traded Mummy for Jacobs and downgraded Daisy spudling Thomas to Sam Gray. Starting the trade machine up Early. Bringing in S.Mitchell and N.Riewoldt for one of my young backs and mid price fwds respectively. Bold move, or simply crazy?

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