Flesh for Fantasy – Round 4

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flesh-for-fantasy-150x150G’day community,

The prices have gone up and the SuperCoach landscape, to some extent, has changed. No longer are the rookies really cheap and are guys like Sandilands and Swallow low priced.

We also, for now, have a new king of the jungle. Shane Mumford is the form man of SuperCoach, with scores of 132, 158 and 164 to start the year and looking bloody good.

This week is all about settling down into a rhythm. The prices have changed and we’ve made our corrective trades. Now its time to simply back the players we’ve got and only trade for necessity. It is important, however, to keep an eye on the market and always continue to look for value.

Let’s look for this week’s value


Joel Selwood (GEE) MID – $662,000 SC

  •  Next 5 Games: WCE (H), HAW (H), PORT (A), RICH (H), FRE (A)
  • Recent Scores: 157, 140, 138
  • Breakeven: 90

Joel Selwood gets a run in this week’s Flesh for Fantasy purely on form. Look at the man’s scores: 157, 140 and 138 if you don’t mind!! He is in such good form right now. If he’s not tackling, he is kicking goals. If he is not kicking goals, he is getting 30+ possessions. A tough run coming up, but really, that’s irrelevant.

With a BE of 90 and his current form, he won’t be dropping in price anytime soon. However, mentioning Selwood in this week’s Flesh will hopefully ensure you keep an eye on his scores over the coming weeks. If he has a below par game, it could see his price decrease and affordable. He is a must have come finals time and the sooner you can get him in, the better.

Luke Bruest (HAW) FWD – $480,800 SC

  • Next 5 Games: GCS (A), GEE (A), RICH (A), STK (H), SYD (A)
  • Recent Scores: 140, 87 121
  • Breakeven: 59

A surprise packet to some extent, Luke Breust is having a sensational season to date. He is finding plenty of the footy (22 touches v Bris, 14 touches v Ess and 24 touches v Fre), while also impacting the scoreboard (10 goals from 3 games). These type of stats will have Champion Data froffing at the mouth and as we’ve seen, it has translated into serious SuperCoach points.

While the next run of games is not entirely easy, the games to start the season haven’t been either. His added run in the midfield this season has translated to great scores and given players like him are difficult to tag; there is every chance the form can continue. If you’ve got a failing forward premium or have Chad Wingard, it may be worth taking the punt and going to Luke Breust.

Cale Hooker (ESS) DEF – $445,000 SC

  • Next 5 Games: FRE (A), STK (H), COLL (A), WBD (H), BRIS (A)
  • Recent Scores: 121, 111, 80
  • Breakeven: 57

You could make a case for Cale Hooker as the All Australian this season given his form down back. So good has his form been that it warrants fantasy consideration. While he was a bit down against Carlton, his first two games have been sensational. Against NM he was magnificent, collecting 26 touches to go with 16 marks. While against Hawthorn, he amassed 27 disposals and 10 marks. He has been a central figure in defence and definitely worth looking at.

When considering Hooker as a potential trade in option, you must consider two things. One, he is a key back. He won’t be scoring 100+ every week and they will read much like a roller-coaster. That said, Hooker’s stat line is much more impressive than a player like Steven May’s. He is getting a lot more of the footy and involved in a lot more of the play. The return of Hurley down back has freed up Hooker and made life a lot easier for him. Second, his price. It is awkward and unless you trade up/down, it will be difficult to get him in so early on in the season. That said, if you are in need of a POD key back, Hooker could be your man. Keep an eye on him.


Gary Rohan (SYD) FWD – $176,000 SC

  • Next 5 Games: NM (H), FRE (H), MELB (A), BRIS (A), HAW (H)
  • Recent Scores: 47, 37, 21
  • Breakeven: 40

This bloke is SuperCoach frustration. He either starts as sub or just doesn’t get anywhere near it. The fact he lost money after the first week of price changes suggests it is time to cut you losses and get rid of him.

Who to? At this stage Lewis Taylor looks only real suitable option. You could go up to Alex Fasolo, or get Ambrose in and wait ‘till he returns. Whichever way you go, you must consider getting rid of Gary Rohan.

Rhys Shaw (SYD) DEF – $295,800 SC

  • Next 5 Games: NM (H), FRE (H), MELB (A), BRIS (A), HAW (H)
  • Recent Scores: 91, 18, 62
  • Breakeven: 85

Disappointment, and a case of I told you so. After 91 against GWS, it has been tough going for Rhys. 18…yes, 18, against Collingwood despite having 14 touches and a 62 against Adelaide in a big win is a major concern. His pre-season form is yet to come to the party and with a high BE it is time to dump before you lose money. Those low scores will remain in his rolling lockout for a couple of weeks. The boat may have been missed in way of Matthew Jaensch, but it is not too late to jump on Jimmy Webster – who has solid job security and a low BE. You could also look to really build the kitty up and get KadeKolodjashni in. Either way, Shaw must go. Btw, I told you so.

Brett Deledio (ESS) MID – $558,800 SC

  • Next 5 Games: COLL (H), BRIS (A), HAW (H), GEE (A), MELB (H)
  • Recent Scores: 136, 98
  • Breakeven: 83

Frustrating for coaches who own Brett Deledio. After a great start to the year, he has now missed two games with that Achilles. Richmond has said he has had the issue for a number of years and is managed through it. That being said, trading Deledio really depends on your situation. If you’re going for league win and have cover on bench, I would hold Deledio has he is likely to return next week. If you were going for the overall, I’d maybe hold for one more week unless you absolutely have to get rid of him. If he doesn’t play against Brisbane, then I’d look to move him on. Watch closely, because if this is a lingering injury, it could end up being a pain in the, well, Achilles.


Here the key break-even scores to keep in mind heading into round 4:


  • Luke Dunstan (STK) -78 BE
  • Xavier Ellis (WCE) -63 BE
  • Luke McDonald (NM) -46 BE
  • Jared Polec (PORT) -31 BE
  • Shane Mumford (GWS) -8 BE
  • Shaun Higgins (WBD) 13 BE
  • Dale Thomas (CARL) 24 BE
  • Aaron Sandilands (FRE) -36 BE
  • Jimmy Webster (STK) 7 BE
  • Matt Suckling (HAW) 13 BE
  • David Swallow (GCS) 36 BE
  • Dayne Zorko (BRIS) 57 BE
  • Gary Ablett (GCS) 90 BE
  • Scott Pendlebury (COLL) 87 BE


  • Ryan Griffin (WBD) 237 BE
  • Dane Swan (COLL) 179 BE
  • Patrick Dangerfield (ADEL) 146 BE
  • Leigh Montagna (STK) 142 BE
  • Todd Goldstein (NM) 142 BE
  • Jimmy Bartel (GEE) 128 BE
  • Heath Shaw (GWS) 113 BE
  • Jobe Watson (ESS) 123 BE


Unfortunately, I’ve had to close the Pub for this week. However, tweet me at @Mr_Crimmins and not only will I answer the questions already asked, but I extend opening hours and take questions from everyone.

Good luck this weekend community

Mr Crimmins.


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  1. Swans2014 says:

    Great article. Thinking of getting Bruest in for Walters . Thoughts?

  2. Simon says:

    Hey Jock

    Great article. Have issues with the FWD Line – Ambrose (inj), Rohan and McDonough. Who do I get rid of and bring in. Already have L Taylor and don't have enough cash to upgrade to a premium. Also, should I hold onto Enright or Deledio. Have enough cash to bring in Swallow for Enright or J Selwood for Deledio but don't want to pull the trigger too early. Scored 2078 last week but appears to be 150 points short of what is required to win a match in two of the leagues I am in. Any advice from you or other supercoaches much appreciated.

    • Kev says:

      Tricky one, Simon. Sounds as if you're in a world of pain mate as Taylor would be your F5. I'd perhaps look at trading deledio right down to a macrae or kelly, then using the cash to upgrade rohan or mcdonut.

      FWIW – The rohan to fasolo trade I think will be a popular one next week. So if you want to hold off on rohan for now, his price won't take a massive hit.

      Good luck this week

      • Simon says:

        Thanks for some very sound advice Kev. Good luck this week also. Just need to decide about Deledio and McDonut today as the tigers play tonight. It would give me the opportunity to upgrade McDonough to Jackson Merrett or a premium forward. My only other worry is whether Enright plays or starts as the sub and want to be able to make the trade to Swallow (GC) or Jeanch (Adel) if that happens.

    • Rescued Pieman says:

      Have to agree with Kev about downgrading Deledio. Maybe Kelly, but look at other options as well. You could then turn Rohan or McDonut into a Premium Forward, depnding who you dont have right now. I'd worry about getting Selwood another time as you have gigger issues to deal with. Taylor at F5 wont win you many league games.

      • Simon says:

        Thanks Rescued Pieman. Good luck this week also. Just need to decide about Deledio and McDonut today as the tigers play tonight. It would give me the opportunity to upgrade McDonough to Jackson Merrett or a premium forward. My only other worry is whether Enright plays or starts as the sub and want to be able to make the trade to Swallow (GC) or Jeanch (Adel) if that happens.

    • WombatsFC says:

      Hi Simon, end the pain mate! Keep Enright (at least he's fit) turn lids into Joel Selwood & Rohan/McDonut into Lloyd. Lloyd tore it up in NAB and I reckon he should be good 70 minimum at F6.

  3. Ryan says:

    Is it worth trading Ben Mcevoy for Mumford this week?
    My only cover is Dan Currie, or should I just wait out his injury?

    • Rescued Pieman says:

      Sounds like a good option. But dont expect the 160's. He might have a worthy opponent soon. Jacobs is another option to consider.

    • George says:

      WAIT IT OUT! Mummy's run won't continue and Big Ben will give a 100+ average when he comes back!

    • SCaddict says:

      I'd be tempted to pull the trigger. One week has now already turned into two and who knows if it will turn into 3 or 4. Currie certainly hasn't being lighting it up either and Kangas have a tough one in Sydney this weekend.

      If you can afford Mummy then go for it or you could save some cash and go a Sauce Jacobs as the Crows have a good draw coming up now.

      Many who jumped off Ryder last week have reaped the benefits of a Mummy or Jacobs already. Think it's a reasonable use of one of your 30 trades for a player who has already missed two weeks with no decent cover.

    • WombatsFC says:

      Curried donuts sound disgusting.
      Maybe upgrade Currie to an underpriced ruck that will increase by 30k-50k this week and after this week re-assess whether you need big-boy

      • sputnik says:

        no. dont waste any trades in the ruck. get your 2 keepers and leave it at that. unless injuries of course

  4. josh says:

    Not sure whether to downgrade deledio for j.Kelly or sideways to treloar? Thoughts?

    • Rescued Pieman says:

      Look what happened to people who went Buddy to Zorko last week. Hope that answers the question. Stockpile cash & keep an eye on Griffen & Swan. Rockbottom soon.

    • SCaddict says:

      Reckon the sideways trade is justifiable in an injury situation myself though would probably recommend that more so if you are in the top 10,000 and going for the best ranking you can.

      Otherwise as Pieman advises it's an opportune time to cash up by downgrading to a cash cow so that you can pick off some of the fallen premos in the next month.

      • josh says:

        Since I’ve got a higher chance of getting Jennifer hawkins between the sheets than winning the comp I think I might downgrade deledio to Kelly then use some of the cash to upgrade jkh to j.merret as my fwd line is weak.

    • WombatsFC says:

      Hi Josh, I know it hurts mate but sometimes you just have to follow your head and not your heart.
      Keeping delidio will do one thing for your team this week, Cost you 100+pts.

      He's done an Achilles and wont return to his best until next year don't downtrade or sideways trade, replace him with a premium now and stop the bleeding. Maybe selwood, rocky, Gaz or Pendle if you dont already have them

    • sputnik says:

      get him out. achilles injury? goodbye. he's as risky now as having rioli, pav, chappy etc in your team who have historys. have them if you wish but dont be disappointed when rioli and chappy DO do their hamstrings. Same risk as having higgins. higgins will go down at some stage. ever heard of lecras? no surprise he's out!

    • adam says:

      get in treloar, he'll score 220 this week.

  5. Rob lewis says:

    Thoughts on gary rohan to luke parker? I got plenty of cash!! What do you think jock mate?

  6. Sully321 says:

    Hey community as I've got mcevoy I need to get him out for Mumford and need $20,000 extra so I also have chad wingard and a very weak fwd bench so I have a few options (they all include mcevoy to Mumford)
    1: wingard to Parker
    2: wingard to breast
    3:Rohan to Taylor
    4: dale Thomas to Tyson
    5: dale Thomas to josh Kelly
    Trading out Thomas is an outside isn't my most preferred trade due to my weak fwd line. I'm leaning towards options 1 & 2 because Long term IMO they are the best bets.
    Your thoughts would be appreciated

    • Kev says:

      I agree and I'd probably go with breust

      • Sully321 says:

        I'm was leaning towards to bruest but is he gonna be as consistent as Parker?

    • Rescued Pieman says:

      McEvoy to Jacobs is another option. I'd personally hold Wingard, as you may seriously regret that later.

    • WombatsFC says:

      A lot of options there Sully but none of them includes Jocks redhot tip from Thursday night Podcast; Chris Dawes.

      I'd consider Tyson over Kelly for daisy.
      I think your best option if you are only interested in enough cash to get Mumford is to trade Rohan for Lloyd. Lloys a mature aged player and he tore it up in NAB and only 117k

    • canman1306 says:

      keep Wingard

  7. oliverfisher says:

    Major headaches this week,
    I have Hurn, Shuey, Fyfe, Dahlaus injured or suspended
    I also have Caddy, Rohan and JKH all under performing in my forward line,

    Which 2 should i get rid of and for who, i was thinking Caddy and Rohan but not sure for who, 119k in the bank.
    Then i can dump Hurn next week

    • Rescued Pieman says:

      Holy crap. For mine Hurn to KK (Thumper). And upgrade Rohan to a premo. Park Shuey & Fyfe on the bench.

      • Beady Eye says:

        Second the Thumper call.

        Plenty of potentially underpriced or breakout premium forwards in the <$500K bracket for a Rohan upgrade… take your pick from Rioli, Breust, Zorko, Parker, Titchell, even Buddy if you want to go down that path.

    • WombatsFC says:

      Hurn for Jeansch. Thumper will not play every game from here on and he will not score enough to be considered a genuine replacement for Hurn. Jaensch is at the point that Andy Walker was at when he exploded from 80's to 100+ and he will only get more midfield time with the crows injury list. Then jkh to Taylor for 15k this week or Lloyd/Fasolo for 50k next week.

    • sputnik says:

      hurn to swallow so thats an extra keeper. and caddy to merret so thats 2 extra keepers in your team.

  8. wolfey says:

    just wondering "supercoachers" would it be worth trading "Daisy" out and bring in D.Tyson??? If i complete this trade 1.it can possibly boost my score minimal but it still would
    2. give me more money

    Thanks community!
    Any feedback is welcome!

    • Crowmagnon says:

      I wouldn't mate. Only 60k between them. Daisy plays dees with a be of 24, so he should go up another 20-30k this week. Hold and watch m crouch, if he goes alright trade daisy to him. 250k minimum into the kitty. Just my 2 cents but that is what I plan to do. No trades this week, except injuries.

    • Derek says:

      No, you need to upgrade Daisy to a premium. Wait until you have the cash to do that, otherwise you are wasting trades. In a few weeks there will be some cheap pemiums available.

      • Crowmagnon says:

        G'day Derek. I can se what you're saying but that cash you are waiting for its only going to come by trading. I don't think daisy is going to rise by more than about another 50k. If I can get 270k in the bank by trading to crouch next week, I can then use that money to upgrade one of my rookies when they start to plateau in a few weeks.

    • WombatsFC says:

      On behalf of Jock I say, you've gotta get Dawes.

  9. Mikey says:

    THE PUB CLOSED?!?!?!?! sad days. good article though thanks!

    • Rescued Pieman says:


    • WombatsFC says:

      Yeah Jock drank all the grog; and subsequently advised that Chris Dawes is the must have forward of the season.

      • Rescued Pieman says:

        Few you’d need a lot if cans to think about Dawes. He’s as SC relevant as my Nanna

        • WombatsFC says:

          That's a bit harsh on your Nanna Pieman, apparently Mick Malthouse has her on the radar for next year.

  10. Mikey says:

    An actual question though please, is it worth getting Mumford in this week? He is set to rise again with a low BE, he'll be at the $600k mark next week assuming. I am looking to offload Leuey who hasn't performed the way I'd hoped, and also a downgrade of Tom Mitchell to the inform and popular Jackson Merrett. Can you please provide your thoughts on these trades? The other idea I had was to upgrade just Titch to Luke Parker. Cheers 🙂

    • julz says:

      I have Titch and won’t b trading him, only 1 crappish game could still b a top 10 fwd, as the forward lines a lottery at the moment. Any other way to raise the cash for Mummy?

      • Mikey says:

        Well I can trade someone else but nobody else is really underperforming, and Leuey is only going down in value it seems.

    • SCaddict says:

      That's panic trading on Titch after one ordinary game for mine. Would give him at least a few more weeks to make amends before considering punting him perhaps for a rookie like Llyod if he can keep his spot in the Tiges.

      If we got rid of every player who had a bad round or hasn't gone gangbusters we would fly through our 30 trades fairly quickly and probably walk into just as many problems as we leave behind. I'm holding on to Titch myself.

      I also wouldn't be bending over backwards to bring in Mummy unless you have an injured McEvoy or Ryder. Sideways trading often has an uncanny knack of ending in tears when the primary motivation is chasing last week's points.

      • Mikey says:

        good call but I wasn't panic trading Titch, as much as wanting to get Mumford in before his price goes up, and wanting to get Merrett in at the same time. it's also the frustration after 3 rounds that Leuey is not producing the numbers I expect of him I guess. but yeh think I will hold off on trades this week.

        • SCaddict says:

          Agree with you that Leuey's output is a worry. How about a Leuey to Sauce trade then? Sauce has had one quiet game but two very productive ones and the Crows draw gets a whole lot easier now whilst the Lions draw is still a nightmare til the bye.

          Mummy's numbers have been nothing short of sensational but some sort of drop off will come. That level of output is unsustainable from a ruckman and Mummy has never played more than 19 games in a season in his AFL life. Jacobs has played 45 of the past 46 Crows games.

    • GeneralSoreness says:

      Hold Titch, dont rush to get Mummy in, whilst your cows fatten you get to review Luey v Mummy and Titch. Merrett unlikely to skyrocket this week with his big round 1 score coming off his average whilst the 70 against hawthorn is in play.

    • sputnik says:

      dont chase mummy. wait for minson in 2 weeks and watch goldy also. mummy will NOT average 150 anymore. im waiting for minson. seems he's playing the skin flute or meat harmonica too much so hopefully he'll focus on footy now.

  11. julz says:

    Does anyone know what’s actually wrong with mcevoy and when he will return?! Im facing a potential donut already this week if dericx doesnt get named. Not sure if i want 2 sideways trade to Jacobs, got no cash so to get any other ruck would cost 2 trades!
    Would love peoples thoughts on what to do here re: bloody mcevoy!

    • SCaddict says:

      With no decent cover a trade to Sauce looks reasonable especially given the Crows immediate draw over the next month. You could wait it out but I'd be seriously ticked off if Big Boy misses next week as well.

      Then you will have to trade and have already missed out on two weeks of premium ruck points. Sauce only has a BE of 80 so will likely be more expensive next week too.

    • WombatsFC says:

      I think he has menopause.

  12. Danny says:

    Hey guys,
    Any word on D.Beams and Danger. I heard rumours they may not play this round.
    I'm thinking of VC Beams and Gaz C, but another option is VC Gaz and C Sandi.
    Thoughts on these issues please

    • Crowmagnon says:

      Sandi plays bombers (do they even have a ruck?) I don't have gaz so I'm going pendles into sandi.

    • Derek says:

      at this stage, both are playing.

      I'm worried about Chappy, not sure he will make the trip.

    • Mikey says:

      both are listed as playing so far but anything can happen pre-game (keep an eye on the final teams). I don't have Ablett (yes okay laugh) so I am putting VC on Pendles for tonight, if he doesn't produce I am leaning towards C on either Sandi or Mumford.

  13. Blaze says:

    Does anyone think it's a good idea to downgrade Josh P Kennedy to Josh Kelly and use the extra cash to upgrade Rohan as my F6 to Parker? Is it worth two trades?

    • Beady Eye says:

      Reckon you might onto something there. While you want to avoid sideways trading (ie. JPK to Parker) it is allowing for a massive upgrade in rookies in this case. I'd do it.

    • Crowmagnon says:

      If you don't have the cash already, the only way to turn Rohan into a SuperCoach player is with 2 trades.

    • Derek says:

      I guess if you don't want a locked in 100SC points every week you can get rid of Kennedy. I wouldn't

    • SCaddict says:

      JPK hasn't been terrible averaging 103 so not sure I would discard a premo like that.

      I do like the Kelly kid though and am ditching a midpricer in Daisy for him myself this week so it's not entirely the worst trade proposal I've ever heard. But I will be keeping JPK all season myself.

  14. Sully321 says:

    Parker or bruest?

  15. Daniel says:

    What are your thoughts on Viv Michie, Tom Clurey OUT Dylan Buckley, Jeremy Laidler IN

  16. big brown snickers says:

    have 80k in the kitty 28 trades left.
    mcevoy will be a donut this week if i dont trade what should i do?

  17. Cam says:

    Was set on turning Enright to Thumper and Daisy to Gaz but I think I've been talked out of it so reversed that trade. Gonna hold another week, probably flip daisy for crouch next week and go from there. Keen to get Fyfe on board next week as well as Gaz as soon as possible. oh the mental struggle of being patient…

    • Rescued Pieman says:

      Keep patient. Enright should play. You need GAJ. Maybe sacrifice a cow early for say a Crouch

  18. George says:

    Which option would be better for a Caddy trade:
    1) Sideways to J Merrett w/ 165k in the bank
    2) Up to Breust w/ 17k in the bank

  19. Jimmy says:

    Was going Michie to Crouch and JKH to J Merret. FWD line would be Danger Dusty Titchell Parker Merret Zorko Higgins Taylor.

  20. Buffman says:

    Should I trade Rosa out of my team and bring in J.Selwood?

    It was my original plan, but I'm a bit worried that with Shuey out, Rosa is going to get a lot of the ball this weekend and score big.


    • Beady Eye says:

      You shouldn't even need to ask that question mate. Joelwood is in a completely different league to Rosa.

    • sputnik says:

      no i wouldnt. yeh selwoods in a way better league but he's 660K. too much for now. wait till after byes. wouldve been good to start with though. im waiting for that game where he gets knocked out or cops a hard hit and drops. not hoping for it but it will most likely happen

      • Shinboner says:

        As a general rule of thumb, trade from the bottom up. Rosa is still travelling okay. If you can't get Jelwood in through rookie cash generation or an injured premo, then I suggest you just hold off on him until you start culling the rooks. Jobe could fall under 600k in a week or two – interesting premo upgrade. I'll definitely be jumping on, even with the risk of ASADA.

        • sputnik says:

          haahahahaha ASADA doesnt exist anymore. more than half of them who know anything about the case resigned….. mmmmmmmm I wonder why? maybe coz they dont wanna look like fools when nothing happens

  21. mrfosak says:

    T.Mitchell to Breust or just a pointless sideways trade?

  22. Fitzy says:

    should I trade Clay Cameron to Thumper? May also go Rohan to a Zorko or Parker. THoughts?

    • Jimmy says:

      Pull the trigger,Cameron won’t make much money or score many points. Toss a coin between Zorko and Parker I think Parker might be a bit more consistent, personally I have both and would find it hard to split them.

  23. josh says:

    Not sure who to have as my m8 Kelly or polec?

    • Ando says:

      Polec, port should win and win well so we can expect 90+, Kelly scored well last week because GWS won which is no guarantee this week

    • Shinboner says:

      Port will make an absolute mess of the Lions in Adelaide. Will be the biggest margin of defeat this week, and Polec will have his share of footy.

  24. BundyBear says:

    Dumb question but I need to ask. Who is Thumper ?

  25. skindog says:

    does anyone have any news on Enright?? a late out again or definitely playing?? cheers peeps

    • sputnik says:

      heard balmy on SEN 1116 being sly about that question. That injury is a concern and i reckon keeping him is akin to trading in chappy, rioli, deledio etc. there will be tears

    • Shinboner says:

      Holding him until the last minute. If he's a late withdrawal, it's a straight swap to Hibberd who plays the next day.

  26. Ando says:

    What should i do with M. Lobbe he's my weakest link right now and i have $55k to spare do i trade up down or hold? Anyone?

  27. Wattsieesq says:

    I'm going to bring in either Fasolo or J Merrett. Out of the two, who will score more in the short term to turn into a keeper around the byes. I'm leaning towards Merrett because of his favourable bye.

  28. Brett says:

    Have to trade out Lecras but not sure to if I should go to Meritt or head towards Breust or Parker. My FWD line is
    Dangerfield, Martin, roughead, Zorko, Higgins with Rohan and Frost on my bench.

    • Beady Eye says:

      Doubt Merrett will be in top forwards at season's end, whereas Parker and to a lesser extent Breust should be.

      I'd probably lean towards Breust, just because he's in a better, high-scoring team.

    • sputnik says:

      merret playing in the midfield. looking good and named on the ball this week. something to consider

      • Brett says:

        Hey thanks guys only my second year in this caper but loving it. So much to consider early to set up the team for later in the year. Appreciate the advice.

        • sputnik says:

          heres the first year rules. dont sideways trades- only for injuries. and KEEP 4 trades at least for the last four rounds when theres always carnage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          goodluck and enjoy the many hundred thousands hours of stress and fun for the rest of your life.

  29. Danners16 says:

    Hey guys, wondering which 2 players I should trade out of
    1) N.Malceski (to M.Jaensch)
    2) V.Michie
    3) L.Shuey
    4) J.Caddy

    • Tani says:

      Michie and Malceski for me.

    • Shinboner says:

      Only Michie. Shuey is yet to have a bad game, and you picked Malceski based on your own research, it's now time to back him in. Caddy will come good.

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      Shuey would've got 90+ maybe even the ton if he wasn't subbed off in the last, caddy still has a low BE but not getting much midfield time, michie injured and malceski under par. I'd trade out michie and malceski

  30. Alex says:

    What do people think of Sam Lloyd new comer for Richmond?

    • The Ranger says:

      He's gotta be on the watchlist with so few decent rookies up forward

    • sputnik says:

      he will be in everyones team in 2 weeks. had him in my starting team and was shocked he didnt play round 1. him and m crouch will be the most traded in in the next 2 i reckon.

  31. Tani says:

    G'day all

    Cant decide between KK or Lmac. Who will be worth more by rd 8 bye? Any advice with reasons will be greatly appreciated.


    • Beady Eye says:

      LMac started at a lower price and is a week ahead of Thumper in the price rises, but if you're getting him in now the amount you profit will probably be less.

      If you're simply looking at who will have the highest value (rather than make you the most profit) then LMac is the one.

  32. Brendan says:

    Gday community,
    Im justing looking for advice on Ben McEvoy, i have held him for a week already and was forced to take derickx 51. I'm not sure if i should take another hit by taking derickx score again or trade out to someone like sam jacobs. Does any one know how long McEvoy is out for?

    • skindog says:

      clarko said he'll be right next week, so im gonna hold and take a currie hit again and then see next week

  33. Kochi says:

    Hey community,
    With one trade left this week thinking to get rid of daisy. Macrae or X. Ellis to get in? With Ellis it means playing 4 rookies on the field, but with dunstan, tyson, ellis, and polec all scoring pretty well doesn't seem that bad. Also, with Carlton playing melbourne this week might hold and hope for 100+ at least. Any thoughts appreciated. By the way, great job Crimmo, love your work mate. It's a great read every week.

    • sputnik says:

      no to ellis and no to trading daisy. daisy will go up 25K this week and then if you still arent happy with his improving form you can bring in m crouch next week

  34. Tim says:

    Thoughts please.
    Michie to L.Taylor (move Taylor to F6 for Caddy)
    Caddy to Jaensch (via Caddy from F6 to M9 and L. Mcdonald from B6 to MID)
    Two trades will leave me with 26

  35. Christoph says:

    G'day community,
    I'm getting rid of Rohan, and have plenty of coin in the bank. I need some firepower up front, who's the best option?
    Buddy, Boomer, Bruest…?


    • Beady Eye says:

      Boomer has a rubbish history against Sydney at the SCG (as listed in Barron's Scouting Report), so this is probably not the week to get him in.

  36. Osh says:

    Is time o get rid of Caddy. if so who for rest of forward line is- Danger, Zorko, Martin, Tom Mitchell, Rohan and Impey and JKH on the bench
    Got 200k in the bank

  37. BCHawks says:

    caddy to parker or save a trade?

    • Pat says:

      im in the exact same boat, i traded up rohan to suckling, moved taylor forward then langdon to midfield, caddy's breakeven is 78 i dont know if he is gonna score that this week, NEED HELP COMMUNITY!!

      • Rescued Pieman says:

        Think you need to give him a good run of games. If he’s no good come bye time then get him out

    • Shinboner says:

      Save a trade. Caddy will come good, methinks. Worst case scenario, we make a marginal cash gain from him.

    • sputnik says:

      i traded him for merret this week. hes had 3 games and looks no good in a solid team. you can wait for his occasional hundreds but with merret in the guts this week he has a bigger influence in his team than caddy does. and thats what counts in SC

  38. THE SALTSHAKER says:

    Am leaving kelly waiting for crouchs bubble next week too pricey, no trades this week for me

  39. pat says:

    do i keep caddy or trade him up too parker?

  40. MajorMash says:

    What do you reckon about what I am proposing for my trades this week?
    I have 28 trades left at the moment.

    My rookies in def are:
    Clurey -> Griffiths or KK

    And in forward line:
    Honeychurch -> Taylor

    • Rescued Pieman says:

      Honeychurch is knocking on the door. I’d hold him & go Rohan to Toylor

  41. That Legend says:

    Whats up with big boy McEvoy? trade or hold?

  42. James says:

    Hi Mr Crimmins,

    Any point upgrading Max King to Daniel Currie? It just means it will generate cash so I can downgrade him later in the season.

    Love your thoughts

  43. sputnik says:

    how many trades have people used? especially those going for overall? anyone used more than 4 yet? thanks

    • sputnik says:

      im waiting til round 7 to trade bar injuries leaving me almost 2 trades a week for the rest of the year. only averaging 2200 atm but am going for league wins and watching swan, danger, minson all drop nicely aswwell has mcveigh and bartel.

  44. Jake says:

    What to do with Rohan? Only 14500 in bank

  45. Bill says:

    Who should I downgrade R.Shaw to??? And is Lewis Taylor worth it?? Thanks!

    • Im helpfull says:

      laidler, jaensch is a small upgrade if you have the cash

      • Bill says:

        Do you believe Laidler has good JS?

        • MightyDonsFC says:

          I believe Sydney's BP and HB order goes like this

          1. Malceski
          2. Smith
          3. Shaw
          4. Rampe
          5. Laidler

          Although laidler is 5th, he should rotate through and play every 3 games for everyone he misses

          • Shaun says:

            Thanks mate!! Do you believe C.Birds eventual return will affect his JS??

  46. Help me? says:

    My problems: Webster, Thomas, McEvoy, Caddy, Rohan, Kennedy-Harris
    Possible solutions: Jaensch, kelly, mummy, merret, taylor,
    WHAT TO DO….? hahaha

  47. Sean says:

    Leuenberger to Mumford or Jacobs?

  48. Michael says:

    I'm gonna try something different with the C this week.
    Will put VC on GAJ, C on Danger – playing Saints so will hopefully go berserk!
    Loophole C with Ambrose
    If GAJ scores 120+ then I'll put C on Ambrose, if under 120 I'll take the risk that Danger can go big!

  49. El Diablo Rojo says:

    Is suckling pig to Jaensch a worthwhile trade? I would have to trade down daisy to a rookie as I’m a couple of grand short? Any suggestions would be much appreciated

    • sputnik says:

      no that is insane

    • here to help says:

      kelly!! or if you must go bargain basement then crouch 🙂

      • sputnik says:

        daisy will ton up this week. suckling is better than jaensch. and no dont bring kelly into your team- 212K way too expensive. wait for crouch next week at 117K. that way daisy goes up 25K and you save trades this week also. ohhh and crouch will outscore kelly easily, will increase much higher in value and will also cement his spot in the crows this week- perfect!

        • SCaddict says:

          Can remember plenty of folk, including some of the inner sanctum boys, claiming Tyson was too expensive and that we shouldn't touch him either, leading up to Round 1.

          Now every bugger has him ha ha!

          So will be interesting to see if people's views change next week IF he registers triple digits against the Doggies this weekend. Perhaps too late to jump on then though.

          If there was ever a week for Daisy to ton up it would be this one so I'll grant you that. If he can't then surely everyone will be offloading him next week maybe even for Kelly albeit say $80K more expensive!

  50. sputnik says:

    squads have been finalised and rohan and l mac are in the teams

  51. El Diablo Rojo says:

    Just realised I can go daisy to Jaensch by putting McDonald into the middle. Sorted

  52. Benno_S says:

    Just noticed hickey is out. Already used 4 trades so not keen but I've got money in the bank and yet to crack 2200. Thoughts community, hold or bring in a big gun? I'm leaning towards letting currie carry me through this week and hope to see hickey back on the park but I'd love you imput

  53. Raj says:

    enright to jaensch thoughts?

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      Enright named to play, don't do it

    • SCaddict says:

      No way!

      Unless he is a late withdrawl tomorrow but wouldn't scrap a SC paragon of consistency over a fairly minor injury and just one game out of action.

      Could go huge at the Cattery against a depleted Eagles outfit.

      I kept Sammy Mitchell and reaped the rewards with a 114 after he returned from a week off and also conserved a trade.

      • Raj says:

        thanks lads, i think the lack of money on my part is making rash decision but yes should always stay with the rule of sticking with ya premo's jaensch's scores do look very appealing though playing a distinct role in a struggling side

      • Raj says:

        last Q thoughts on aish to kelly?

        • SCaddict says:

          I like Kelly a lot but don't think you get that much value bringing him in for Aish.

          Aish is going along well enough for a cash cow and already earned you $38K so would just let him continue to fatten. You can always cash him out for Crouch next week if it looks like Aish's growth rate is declining and make a good solid $150K if you need some coin then.

          There will be plenty of opportunities to make good use of your trades in the coming weeks so may as well hold a week if these are the only moves you're contemplating.

  54. sputnik says:

    yeh great- curries done a calf. trade or keep? thats not a one weeker.

  55. Todd says:

    Should I trade daisy for Kelly

    • sputnik says:

      no- wait a week and trade daisy for m crouch if you wanna get rid of him. but daisy will ton up this week and go up 25K. nice

      • Michael says:

        not so sure this will happen, in fact I've tipped the Demons to open their account this weekend. The Blues are soft as butter left in the sun and Daisy will struggle to reach even close to his heights at the Maggies. I've dumped him for Kelly who weekly will go up more than Daisy imo – absolute gun!

  56. Bob says:

    Need to trade either Buckley or Kelly in. Which one

  57. John says:

    Tom Hickey late out, Have Currie and hickeys BE is 24 still, hold or trade and who to? thanks

    • Rescued Pieman says:

      Calf injuries are notorious for lengthy periods on the side lines. What are your options trade wise?

      • beau says:

        I have 300k in bank, Not sold on mummy and missed the boat, Jacobs killed me last year so don't know how to go about this one?

        • MightyDonsFC says:

          Minson? Jacobs burnt me to last year but I'll be looking to trade him in for leuenberger next week

  58. Tom.H says:

    Langdon or McDonald as the D6

  59. blake says:

    lewis taylor vs josh Kelly? Taylor giving dpp plus 40k or Kelly with much better scoring potential no dpp and will cost 40k to upgrade

    • Rescued Pieman says:

      The target figure is 200K from cash cows which means Kelly needs to get to 420K ish. You might find in weeks to come there are better options. If you need a FWD rookie LT is about as good as good as there is at the moment

  60. Todd says:

    Should I make Cotchin or Mumford my vc

  61. brandon2416 says:

    thoughts on dangerfield for breust

  62. Todd says:

    Danger field will most likely be the number 1 forward by the end of the year

  63. Bray says:

    I have used 25 trades, with hickey being the late out and no ruck replacement….

    Do I use a trade to get Currie or cop the zero.?

  64. brandon2416 says:

    vice c on pendels or dayne beams

  65. Jordan101 says:

    Mumford or Jacobs in for McEvoy ???

  66. cyril says:

    I'm going to hold and hope Derrickx gets a game….

  67. Shinboner says:

    Every man and his dog will be trading Lloyd in now!

    • cyril says:

      played very well. good goal sense

    • Dogs says:

      I had a gut feel of trading JHK out for Lloyd right before the game and playing him as my F6 ………didn't follow through because of all the no trades talk here 🙁

      • Shinboner says:

        Yeah, was definitely considering it, but feared for another MM scenario. Better to wait until he's on the bubble. I probably will hold off this week unless JKH gets a massive breakeven.

        • Dogs says:

          Yep, still best to wait, just frustrating having had Rohan at F6 first 3 rounds , finally got him on the pine and wingard goes down , so I'm stuck with Rohan or JKH at F6 again .

      • WombatsFC says:

        I did. not the jkh move I dropped Caddy

    • WombatsFC says:

      Not me I already had him at F6 I will be trading in Fasolo for jkh though

    • sputnik says:

      yeh no sh!t shinboner. read my post thursday night when he was selected. i said then he would be the most traded in player in 2 weeks. and that was a day before he played. now after playing he will most def be in EVERY team next week.

      • Shinboner says:

        We're not exactly spoiled for choice re: forward rookies. My stance wouldn't have changed if he had scored 60.

  68. Give It A Go says:

    Beams got SC145 points run as captain or wait it out for Mr GA

    • Dogs says:

      I'm in the same position, and so is my league opponent. Might wait and see what he does and copy it, as I just have him on projection, so it might be best to run with the same captain as him to avoid any risks

    • Shinboner says:

      145 is generally a loophole lock, but Gazza against Hawthorn… his scores against them since 2009 (as a Cat): 162, 139, 128, 79, 144, 170, 189, 149. I'm going to remain ambiguous here, ultimately it is your choice, but I know for sure who I'm sticking the big C on!

      • WombatsFC says:

        Yep your asking for a smack in the points if you doubt Gaz to top score.

        • sputnik says:

          yeh convince everyone to go Gazza. He might crack 160 and you get an extra 15 points. Only a fool would risk 145. if youve got pendles 129 id risk it- but 145??? good luck. GAJ wont break 130 tonight. Prstia will outscore lil Gman tonight

          • WombatsFC says:

            Risk minimisation never leads to greatness.

          • Shinboner says:

            "I'm going to remain ambiguous here." Simply figured it would be useful to for GIAG to keep Gazza's form against the Hawks in his calculations.

  69. canman1306 says:

    Everyone will be trading Lloyd in this week.
    But I am Holding off till he is on the bubble
    Next weeks trades will more than likely be
    Aish-> Crouch JKH-> Fasolo.

    Gee Fasolo is looking good off a HB Flank

    • WombatsFC says:

      Agree canman I reckon Fasolo might be the #1 most owned player at the start of round 5

  70. WombatsFC says:

    After Lloyd's and Fasolo's performance tonight I reckon Ambrose's 'trade outs' will surpass his record 'trade ins' this week. Baaaaa

    • canman1306 says:

      I think I have to Keep Ambrose as I traded him in for Rohan and it will be a waste of 2 Trades if I don't get a price rise from Ambrose

      • WombatsFC says:

        Relton Roberts.

        • Dee says:

          glad I brought him in tonight for Rohan…. 131, I'm guessing every one will be on board next week. Specially with all the dramas in the forward line.

        • Cyril says:

          Wombats I played on relton this footy season…. What a waste of talent that bloke is….. Fat as mud now too lol

          • Rescued Pieman says:

            Gee Cyril or Relton Roberts doesn’t sound like a fair match up

          • WombatsFC says:

            Hi Cyril, calling him a waste of talent might be a bit harsh and nothing wrong with stacking on the kilo's when you leave the big league look at Fev he must be close to 500kg.

            So whereabouts did you play on him Cyril? I'm sure he was a good bloke about it and let you get a kick.

  71. James says:

    thumpa or laidler ?

  72. sputnik says:

    I had sam lloyd in my starting team so very surprised he took 4 weeks to play. and even with a good score last night im not bringing him in til after he's played 2 so impey gets another week to fatten up and make another 20K

    • WombatsFC says:

      Hey satellite if he was in your starting team how can you be contemplating bringing him in? He's not twins.

  73. bbb says:

    Hey what to do with jimmy webster
    trading down to laidler im thinking but do i have any other options

    • Dee says:

      Hold Webster I reckon, he's gonna go up this week… Plus he's playing on the ball, fingers crossed he gets at least 90. Anything below that then I would consider trading him next week….. My opinion.

  74. Cyril says:

    Yeh wombats, up in darwin mate

  75. sputnik says:

    those few who traded cotchin out for thomas will be happy. cotchin was as pathetic as his haircut. 2 weeks ago no tackles- great capatains effort. last night 1 inside 50- a great captains effort. and i thought gibbs had no heart. maccaffer destroyed cotchins mind and motivation last night. ouch- cotchin has been found out. go visit the wizard for aheart and some courage cotch

  76. Silly billy says:

    Who to make d6? Georgiou/McDonald/laidler would normally choose macca but has been named last on interchange, so may be the sub.

    • Shinboner says:

      I'd keep L-Mac on, mate. The order of the interchange is never an indication of the sub. Sometimes a player initially named on the field is selected to wear the vest.

  77. sputnik says:

    just heard there is a good chance chapman will fly to freo. seems he and fletcher trained ok today after the 2 had a private indoor training session. so a good chance chappy will play. not guarenteed though

  78. Cyril says:

    Glad I don’t have cotchin. He’s going to have it hard from now after showing what happens under a hard tag. Especially with deledio out and Martin spending time in other positions

  79. Cyril says:

    JHK finally playing without the vest

  80. Aaron says:

    JKH not sub should I play him or L. Taylor?

    • Shinboner says:

      Tough question – we haven't seen JKH play without the vest since preseason (he was great). On that premise alone, I'd lean towards Taylor.

  81. Ando says:

    who do I start Xav Ellis or Josh Kelly?

  82. Bill says:

    Should I start JKH or Impey??

  83. WombatsFC says:

    Carazzo is playin on Tyson I'm lookin at my first single digit midfielder score for the year

    • Shinboner says:

      It was only a matter of time before they locked down on him. He's much too good to be left alone.

      • WombatsFC says:

        True the lad knows how to play. Only 27 at half time but I wouldn't put it past Mick Madhouse to change the only matchup that he's winning.
        Mate he's always claiming "I don't have the cattle" but if he'd play them in the right positions he'd find he's got a whole herd of premium cattle.

  84. WombatsFC says:

    It didn't take the opposition long to work out that Zorko makes a lot less contests if he's crunched early; bugga

  85. sputnik says:

    hahahaha carlton….. hahahahahaha… scotland…..lucas… rowe……everitt……casboult……warnock….ellard….. such a great team!!!!!!! murphy the weakest, most quiet, timid like a kitten captain in the league!!!! and what does murphy do after the siren????? pulls all the boys together for a talk. A BIT F#$KEN late capatin murphy dont ya think? hahahahaha carlton- who are you going to beat this year. Naaaahhh a serious question- who are you going to beat this year???? Carltons prob for the last 15 years has benn Kernahan and the boys club off the ground. Seeya carlton- dont know where you think youre gonna be at in 10 years

  86. WombatsFC says:

    So glad I wasn't part of the flock that had Mummy. Baaaaa Baa

    • Shinboner says:

      In all fairness to those who jumped on, he was looking like a pretty good proposition at that price. Regardless, Leuenberger is going to score exactly the same.

  87. Cyril says:

    Glad I decided to hold Mcvoy

  88. Shinboner says:

    Joke of a week. Hanley's injury, Impey's pathetic performance, and Libba isn't exactly setting the world on fire. Hopefully Macrae can right some wrongs. Class act. Positives? No Mummy, Daisy, Smurph or Tyson.

    • Wattsieesq says:

      Add Sam Mitchell to the positives. And JKH avoiding the vest. Dees get the win. Good omen for him.

      • Shinboner says:

        And Mitch Duncan and Enright's late revival (looked on course for a sub-50 for a while). 2250 is still distinctly achievable on my part. How are you going?

        • Wattsieesq says:

          I'm in the same boat as most. I'm up to 1,600 with 7 to play. Cox and Libba have done me in. I've had to play JKH and Impey because of Luke Dal being injured. I'm just happy that Suckling tonned up and Polec got near on a ton. 2300 is achievable but I'll need Danger and McVeigh to get out of their funks.

  89. Rescued Pieman says:

    Marc Murphy you have a date with the trade button! Rubbish! Hanley 34 your kidding me. Thought my round of golf stunk today. Seems turds are everywhere! Tyson 50…. At least Carlton lost to Melbourne bahahahaha

  90. sputnik says:

    about to listen to malthouse conference

  91. piewood says:

    So far having a disastrous day10/771 – Luckly I traded out Hickey for Hmac instead of Mummy otherwise could be even worse LOL

  92. canman1306 says:

    Mummy and Hanley both in my team
    Any idea on how long Hanley is out for?

    • sputnik says:

      a mate said mummy 4-6 weeks but he could have been stirring.

      caddy should be gone this week. unless youre happy with 2 or 3 tons for the year. he just aint SC relevant in a team full of guns

      • The Filth says:

        Do you still have Daisy Sputnik?

        • sputnik says:

          yeh daisy had 37 had qtr time and looked good then did his shoulder today and was off for a quarter and a half so he got 60 for half a game (much better than tysons whole game) then mummy got left out. i had cotchin. only good thing this week is beams Captain score of 290.

          • The Filth says:

            Cotchin and Tyson tagged, Hanley injured.
            Not a good week. Was tempted to play the loophole but just put Gaz as perma captain. Scored 2495 last week, will be lucky to make 2200 with the same team this week.
            As I said last week – easy to go from chocolates to boiled lollies.
            You had Mummy? Ouch!
            Hanley may have done his hammy – might need to trade depending on how bad it is.

    • WombatsFC says:

      I don't think Hanley was injured cos he was still scoring in the last qrtr. Maybe he was just shutdown again like he was a few times late last year and earlier this year

      • sputnik says:

        hanley went off mid way through second qtr and did not return to the field or score any more points. he was on 44 when he was injured.

        • Jezza70 says:

          afl.com has Hanley out 4 to 6 wks with hammy.
          Caddy out of my team next week and daisy too if he’s injured. Should get a premo and rookie in including a fwd/mid for balance.

        • WombatsFC says:

          Nah he was 28 at half time and finished on 35

          • BlakeyP says:

            I was watchin the game mate hanley did not come back on after half time

  93. canman1306 says:

    Caddy -> Merrett boys?
    Now Caddy is sub is it worth keeping him?

    • sputnik says:

      caddy should be gone this week. unless youre happy with 2 or 3 tons for the year. he just aint SC relevant in a team full of guns

    • Shinboner says:

      We're not left with much else in the way of choice. Now that Enright is definitely playing, I'm going to be flicking Caddy for Merrett.

    • Todd says:

      Gonna be trading Thomas down to crouch next week and caddy up to a premo

  94. BCHawks says:

    Caddy sub, out Caddy in Rioli.

    • Todd says:

      If u have Therlow in your ruck it might be worth getting hale to give u some back up if ur Backline needs it

  95. NEED YOUR HELP says:

    Hey community. Need your help ASP. Going to get a zero in my ruck.
    Should I trade :
    1) Webster to ashby, then trade caddy(starting as sub) to hale ( swap him to ruck with Therlow but then get Rohans score)
    2) Webster to kk, Therlow to derix

    • WombatsFC says:

      sounds like you're considering wasting 2 trades for the sake of 50-100 points my advice is dont do it.

  96. Rescued Pieman says:

    Higgins 100+ no way

    • piewood says:

      The burnman comes good…….lets hope so anyway, showing 112 at the moment on live HQ

  97. GarglesnarfFC says:

    Wow, Caddy as sub. Hanley in for Hurn, torn hammy. Mummy out, Derickx as cover. FML

  98. sputnik says:

    leppa said hanley 3-4 weeks. i heard mummy 4-6. then theres cotchins crappy year ahead. i''d traded caddy for merret coz of his midfield time. just need merrett to go down to complete the carnage oh yeah and daisy did his shoulder today so see how that goes.

  99. Brent says:

    Who wins?

    Him: Jacobs, Wright + 243
    Me: Danger, Watson, Merrett, McVeigh

  100. Bob McBob says:

    Mumford out for 2 :/

    What are the chances or Tom Mitchell and Jarrod McVeigh scoring 225 points?

  101. Gold Rush says:

    Be lucky to crack 2K this week, injuries, poor rookie performances, etc. The only shining light is that I got rid of Caddy otherwise I would be carrying on for the next week!!!!! That's life – March on….

    • resort says:

      Nasty week for some this week. Im going to have my same old boring 2200 again so havent improved and havent fallen- keep getting the same scores each week. But there are going to be some MASSIVE round scores by the end of tonight. One team I saw- C SJ, VC GAJ, Beams, Jelwood, Bartel, Mitchell, Suckling, Gunston Higgins. Thats about 1500 right there.

  102. tysb says:

    Hanley out for who let me know!!!!

    • Shinboner says:

      We'll have to wait for scans, but early signs suggest it could be 3-6 weeks. How does your defense look right now?

    • SCaddict says:

      Swallow would be the obvious answer if you don't have him already. Enright offers some value and can pick him up a bit cheaper than he started. Bartel has also found fantastic form but that will cost you. Ditto for Mitchell.

      Not sure it's worth downgrading to a rookie or midpricer at this particular point.

  103. MightyDonsFC says:


  104. Multiple scoregams says:

    Keep gaz score or take punt on sandi?

  105. piewood1 says:

    Reckon I will drop heavily this week as I am currently in the top 1%. I recovered slightly 16/1563 hopefully final six will see me over 2,000. I will take that as at 10/771 it was looking to be a struggle to get to 2,000.

    You gotta feel sorry for those who had Mummy & Berger…. dreaded double donut or two unexpected trades If you have no back up.

  106. Shooter says:

    Community need thoughts on keeping sandiballs as captain or banking gazzas 138. Feel sandi could monster the bombers but with only 1351 scored with 6 to play need all the points I can get! My heart says bank gazzas points but my mind says take a risk with sandi. Thoughts?

    • sputnik says:

      well GAZ got 138- if sandi as your C gets 160 you gain an extra 22 points. Hardly worth the risk. Go GAJ!!!

  107. resort says:

    The only shining light now is that nearly everyone has currie back-up and I have derricx. CURRIE OUT – NAHAS IN, ROHAN sub and B JACOBS sub

  108. sputnik says:

    anyone got rohan covering for Chappy?

    • Shinboner says:

      Is it confirmed that he's out?

      • sputnik says:

        rohan connelly said on SEN half an hour ago that chappy and fletcher didnt fly over. thats what i heard. Also read that mumford had knee surgery yesterday whilst the game was on so pretty annoyed they didnt tell us if they planned game day surgery. but he's out for 2

      • WombatsFC says:

        Yeah of course he's out, the fact that he wouldn't play was more obvious than the fact that that BOOMER only booms when nobody else in the team can.
        Mate I've had exceptional good fortune this round; apart from playing Titch, Cotch, Tyson and Langdon still looking good for 2350

  109. BundyBear says:

    1264 and 8 to play. Not looking good. Then again Im not very good at this game. maybe I should have gone 30 rookies. They are playing better then most premiums

  110. Donut King says:

    I want to know who has given you a dud score this week or in some cases who has handed you no score at all?
    Thanks community

    • WombatsFC says:

      Boomer,Titch,Tyson,Dunstan,Cotchin,HMac,Sandi,Langdon I will struggle to get 2200

    • lostlarrikin says:

      quicker to list the positives as there weren't many…

    • piewood1 says:

      anything under 70 I consider to be a dud score & there were plenty of those this week Langdon, D.Thomas, Dom Tyson, Hanley, L.Taylor, Dunstan, Tich, Webster & H.Mc

      Bye bye Daisy & Webster or JKH not decided between those two yet as I need a replacement while Hanley is on the bench for who knows how long. I'm banking on Sandy getting a 126+ or I will fail to crack 2000

      Damn he only got 80 odd.

  111. Rescued Pieman says:

    Disaster! Hanley, T Mitchell, Buddy, Langdon, Dunstan, Thumper, Murph, Tyson to name a few. Pieman could be going on a rampage! Luck is involved in this business. I must have smashed a mirror, walked under a ladder & run over a black cat. Oh the pain

  112. lostlarrikin says:

    Faaark! This feels like a bye round…
    Is it May already?

    well short of 2000

    if anyone needs me i'll be in this flagon

  113. Wattsieesq says:

    Where's the weekend chin wag?

  114. GarglesnarfFC says:

    The Supercoach gods have seen fit to bend me over the bonnet of the Holden this week. My team has more donuts than a Krispy Kreme, and premiums that score like Gary Rohan. Time to lick my wounds, and prepare to not trade until round 9.

  115. GarglesnarfFC says:

    Hey Jock! You OK mate? Has the flappin tarp come off the studio?

    Is Crouching off another weekend bender, after the Tigers were woeful?

    Speak to us, great man!

  116. sputnik says:

    Mumford getting surgery at the same time GWS are playing. That should be looked into by the AFL by having no intention of lpaying him but making him a late out. And moreso for f#cking my SC as I couldve brought in Jacobs before his price rise, avoided a donut and not have to worry about Mummy coz he's out for a minimum 2 weeks. Heres 2 fingers to you GWS staff you filthy flogs

    • BeagzBoyz says:

      he was a late withdrawl, once they decided not to play him he got very minor surgery straight away so to give him more recovery time. The GWS players and coaches didn't even know he had surgery until after the game. Nothing to look into. Just shitty luck, especially considering my backup for him was also a late withdrawl. Not happy.

  117. Michael says:

    Pretty happy with the round considering the carnage! Finished with 2156.

    Winners (against projected):
    Higgins (+49)
    Beams (+48)
    Smitch (+46)
    Suckling (+38)
    Polec (+30)
    LTaylor (+22)
    JPK (+20)
    Enright (+8)
    McVeigh (+7)
    XEllis (+6)
    McDonald (+6)
    Dusty (+1)

    Dunstan (-47)
    Murph (-41)
    Langdon (-25)
    Titch (-24)
    Pyke (-22)
    Sandy (-21)
    GAJ (-21)
    Zorko (-17)
    JKelly (-13)
    Danger (-9)

    Rookies will jump up & down, so not concerned by them as long as they continue to make money.
    Sandy was due for a relatively low score & GAJ's projected was massive so again not concerned by them.
    My concerns at the moment are Murph in particular, as well as Titch, Zorko & Danger.
    Should I bite the bullet with Murph and downgrade to Matt Crouch? Will hold on others for the moment.

    • WombatsFC says:

      Projected scores are like Politicians promises and house projected prices. it's how a player scores against his breakeven that matters

    • Michael says:

      I see what you mean Wombats, completely different!
      The positive is that 21 of my squad of 30 will go up in value this week.
      Out of the 9 that won't, Fyfe has a BE of 79 so will go up again from next week when he's back.
      Ambrose has – BE but unsure when he'll play next.
      King is my C loophole & probably won't play at all.
      Out of the other 6 that will drop in value, again most concern over Murph and prob Danger, although I still think Danger's a keeper despite his predominant forward role atm (and he may be carrying a niggle too?). Same goes with Titch too, think he might be playing injured, but he's still a keeper for me.
      Wombats, do you think Murph to Crouch is the go? I reckon this will be my last trade (hopefully) until the bye rounds as I've used 5 trades already.

      Winners (against BE):
      Dunstan (+133)
      XEllis (+129)
      Polec (+129)
      McDonald (+126)
      Sandy (+118)
      JKelly (+117)
      Suckling (+109)
      Higgins (+102)
      LTaylor (+93)
      Langdon (+80)
      Beams (+73)
      GAJ (+48)
      Smitch (+34)
      JPK (+30)
      Zorko (+25)
      Pyke (+4)

      Danger (-59)
      Titch (-39)
      Enright (-30)
      Dusty (-11)
      Murph (-10)
      McVeigh (-8)

      Langford (+71)
      Clay (+42)
      Cunningham (+76)
      Fyfe – suspended
      King – didn't play
      Derickx (+62)
      JKH (+24)
      Ambrose – didn't play

      • WombatsFC says:

        Hi Michael, I'm glad the real figures identified that you had a pretty good round. I don't have smurph but I do have Titch and I remember how long he was out for last time he was injured so, I'm turning him into Thomas from richmond. Thomas is hard and experienced and is a much safer onfield option than Tyson, Polec, Dunstan or Aish etc. The move MIGHT weaken my forward I'd have to play Taylor, Impey or JKH so I'll also trade in Fasolo. Most likely trade impey rather than JKH because I think JKH will go up by more than impey over the next 3.
        I was thinking of going Cotch to Fyffe and Impey to Fasolo but I reckon getting rid of Titch and strengthening my mid cheapies has priority over getting rid of Cotch and getting Fyffe.

  118. WombatsFC says:

    Tonites Podcast was a late withdrawal.

  119. Pained Pete says:

    A bloody tough week in the SC, Langdon (56), Murphy (72), Vince (55), Tyson (50), Impey (29), Caddy (24), Buddy (29), Titch (59), Daisy (60), Hanley (35), Dunstan (55) and two 0's in the ruck combining for a measly 1773 points.

    Time to start licking the wounds by listening to the inspiring words of the nearby podcast!

  120. WombatsFC says:

    WoW what a great round!
    More than a handful of sub 200k rookies absolutely blitzed it and presented as prime downgrade targets for the rookies running out of gas, a few midpricers proved that they are the real deal and the midprice pretenders were identified.
    Yes there were injuries, unexpected low scores and late withdrawals but they happen every week.
    I got canned in the first 2 rounds by injuries in defense and this week I got smacked for having titch, cotch and 3 rooks in the middle but I still managed 2264

  121. Derek says:

    Come on! I traded out Guthrie to Hanley last week.

  122. tysb says:

    Would like to know what the community thinks!?

    Hanley out for Swallow / Anyone else to get who is better?!

    Rohan or JKH out for Sam Lloyd / Anyone else to get who is better?!

    Not sure about this one / Zorko out for Luke Breust bit of a sideways trade but what are your thoughts? or still got 40k in bank should I upgrade to a premium and who.

    Cheers Ty

  123. tysb says:

    Defence: Jaensch , Suckling , McVeigh, Mitchell , McDonald , Enright, C – Bench Georgiou, A + Fuller, M

    Midfielders: Ablett , Pendlebury , Beams, D , Watson , Shiels , Tyson , Dunstan , Polec – Bench Crouch, M + Robertson, N

    Rucks: Sandilands , Jacobs – Bench Currie + Thurlow

    Forwards: Merret, Martin , Zorko , Higgins , Danger , Sam Llyod – Bench JHK + Honeychurch

    Trades I made this week:

    Hanley out for Suckling

    Rohan out for Sam Llyod

    Whats your thoughts on my team community?

    Scored 2174 RDT in top 6% last week

    Cheers Ty

  124. tysb says:

    Llyod or Fasalo?!

  125. tysb says:

    Hanley out for who?!

  126. tysb says:

    Sam Llyod or Alex Fasalo!?!

  127. tysb says:

    Defence: Jaensch , Swallow , McVeigh, Mitchell , McDonald , Enright, C – Bench Georgiou, A + Fuller, M

    Midfielders: Ablett , Pendlebury , Beams, D , Watson , Shiels , Tyson , Dunstan , Polec – Bench Crouch, M + Robertson, N

    Rucks: Sandilands , Jacobs – Bench Currie + Thurlow

    Forwards: Merret, Martin , Zorko , Higgins , Danger , Sam Llyod – Bench JHK + Honeychurch

    Hows my team looking Let me know

    Any positives or negitives

  128. tysb says:

    Need Help ASAP

    Hanley out for 2-3 Weeks

    Shiels out for 1 month

    I have got Rohan wanting to trade to Sam Llyod…. will Llyods price go up this week in RDT

    So please tell me the best two trades out of the ones I say or your opinions!?

    A. Hanley to David Swallow and Shiels to Macrae or Bradley Hill (Which one out of Macrae or Bradley Hill)

    B. Hanley to Suckling and Shiels to someone worth around 520k or Hanley to a rookie cash cow hows price will go up skyhigh so then I can afford someone like Joel Selwood or Tom Rockliff

    B. Rohan to Sam Llyod and Shiels to rookie cash cow whos price will go up this week have already got Dunstan,Crouch,Tyson,Polec anyone else!!!

    C. Rohan to Sam Llyod and then swap crouch on field for shiels and then get Swallow for Hanley

    Any other plans or ideas let me know!!!

    Cheers Ty

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