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Supercoach 2014 preseason podcast

Teams are out and it’s time to address our pre 4 selection issues

Last week’s first edition of the Thursday night Community Podcast went great guns and we are tickled pink to add this weekly podcast to the lineup on the site.

It hasn’t been such a bad week at the selection table with the bigger outs being Wingard, Dahlhaus and some of the eagles lads.

Again the community has stepped up to the plate tonight in the community podcast – let’s get stuck straight in

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  1. jim says:

    hey there jock, i just wanted to get your thoughts on the trades im thinking about doing.
    McVeigh to Ablett
    Enright to Jaensch
    Ps love your work mate! keep it going

    • Kev says:

      Enright is back in this week. For mine he is better long term than Jaensch will be. Ablett is a must have.

    • Zac says:

      Hey mate, probably not a great time to trade. Ablett just cracked 700k and that 182 will tick along his price for the next few weeks and to go with that he's averaged 169 in his last 3 against the Hawks, his price will max out at around round 6 then come back down to Earth in time for an upgrade after the bye rounds, so you should consider him as an upgrade target at that time.
      As for Enright, I have him too, he is back this week after that rolled ankle and he's the type of bloke to give you 90-110 week in week out. Jaensch I feel may not keep up his output for the rest of the season; perhaps a flash in the pan. I know that it is fairly common for people to say "hold on to your premiums" and I don't think this scenario is an exception. Round 4-8 is a time for little to no trading according to your teams injuries/ suspensions. The teams released also show McVeigh playing as the rover (this is sometimes reflected in the game) and against a depleted North Melbourne you would expect significant output.

    • WombatsFC says:

      I'd definitely go McV to Gaz but noway would I go Enright to Jeansch. Surley you have a nonperforming or low performing defensive rookie like Langford or Georgiou or even LMcD that you can upgrade to Jeansch?

      • throttlefinger says:

        Agree with Wombats. Gaz is a game changer and essentially a "perma-captain".

        If you can get him in without upsetting your structure, do it.

  2. Jai says:

    I have feelings for you Jock. Significant effort mate and much appreciate once again.

  3. TheDarwinDucks says:

    love refreshing the page and seeing the new podcast come up!!
    looking forward to listening

  4. JOE says:

    Jock love ya work buddy, keep it up, you crouching and higgo know whats up

  5. Swans2014 says:

    Top notch fellas

  6. canman1306 says:

    With all these Rookies coming in this week I am holding this week.
    Who else is taking this path?

    • JJFYZZ says:

      Not me canman.

      2 trades for me.

      I've had enough of Rohan doing nothing and Daisy whilst he'll get better I think I can generate more from JKelly and Dusty.

      So Daisy down to JKelly
      Rohan up to Dusty it is for me!

      • SCaddict says:

        I'm with you JJFYZZ and will be ditching Daisy for Kelly too. Perhaps not the greatest round to get rid of Daisy up against the Deeplorables but Kelly is on the bubble now and probably won't be worth a trade in price wise the following week.

        If you factor in the likely once off Round 2 green vesting and just 31% game time Kelly is actually batting at closer to a 110 average which is too good to pass up for a $200K player even if this output subdues a little in the coming rounds.

        I also the need the cash savings from this to upgrade Langford to KK this week, which is a secondary motivation behind the trade as well as the fact that my existing midfield bench are outscoring Daisy week in week out so his services and dodgy ankle are no longer required!

    • The Ranger says:

      Yep me too canman.
      Lot's to look at this week.
      Best to sit tight methinks.

    • throttlefinger says:

      Great comedy the last two podcasts, Canman. High hilarity.

      If I didn't have Lids out for a 2nd week and it wasn't an Achilles injury, I would be holding. Probably only doing 1 trade.

    • canman1306 says:

      IMO I would Wait on Thomas he is Playing the Dees where he could get 130 and I see more upside in a downgrade to Matty Crouch next week
      Unless Kelly Comes out Like Dom Tyson there isn't as much money to be made

      • Morse says:

        If anyone can the canman can….

        Love your thinking and I am of the exact same opinion Canman,
        Daisy probably won't get you 120+, just doesn't have the fitness to do it as he rarely goes in and under to win the hard ball (not too many outside players hit 120+ very often) but he will quite likely give us a 100-110 this week against Melb.
        $200K+ to spend on a cash cow when he has really only given us 1 example of his output potential is a little premature for me.
        I might bemissing out on a huge cash drive opportunity with Kelly but think Daisy in this week and then trade for crouch is a better trade as I think Crocuh will appreciate quicker and make us $200K faster than Kelly will.
        I think holding Daisy will give us a POD as almost 4000 people have traded Daisy and over 8000 have brought in kelly, fingers crossed daisy pumps out 110 and kelly only has a mid 60's-70's game.

  7. Lachlan says:

    hey there jock, i just wanted to get your thoughts on the trades .also how many trades do think we should have now

    OUT Rohan ($176,000)INTaylor ($137,100)
    OUT Powell ($102,400)INBuckley ($133,800)

  8. SamuelScoach says:

    If Lewis Taylor isnt the sub I think rohan > Taylor would be a fine trade, I will be doing if so,

    Extra cash geno and better scores, a respectable 64 from taylor against geelong and a lower 45 due to a beating is still better than 20s and 30s from rohan. I can expect an avg of 55-65 from taylor so I can offload him round 10 at about 350k, much better than rohans 200kish price or so,

  9. Swans2014 says:

    What do people see Rioli's output? Thinking of bringing him in

    • Kev says:

      Too much of an injury risk for me. Rather breust

      • Marc.is.my.spy.name says:

        Couldn't agree more Kev. Rioli is going to throw up some big numbers from time to time but Breust is getting more of a run in the middle and less of an injury risk. I just went up to him from Caddy. Don't usually like to make a change like that so early on but Caddy wasn't meeting expectations and i see Breust being in my final team so best to jump on him before that price jumps any higher.

  10. Ocker says:

    Another great podcast Jock.
    Thank you Jock and Ladies and Gentlemen of the community,
    I am here like many other people trying to help you improve your SuperCoach scoring or ranking. Whether
    it be for League or Overall win.

    Remember: The glass is never half empty but it is never half full either, It is always full.
    The bloody glass is just too big.

    Let's see more positivity in the community and less knocking other peoples choices.
    I prefer to call them Options and Opinions. It is up to each and every individual to form there own opinion from the communities opinions and options.
    If you ask the question in the right way, You may get the right answer.
    You are given an opinion and please respect the fact that people in this community are trying to help so
    appreciate that by giving a thumbs up.
    I do not reply to some questions because I don't need too. I just give a thumbs up to a good question and answer to say I agree with it. That is how I see the thumbs up sign as I don't care how many I get.
    I am not here for that. I like many others are just trying to help. The thumbs up sign should be looked at as (Yes a lot of people agree with that answer it is up to you whether you accept that opinion)
    Good to see the thumbs down sign gone Jock.

    But come on Community let's keep our comments and criticism constructive.
    If you don't agree with something give a solution to the problem. (Don't just knock it)

    Thank you to the lad that thanked me for the advice last week, But it was an opinion of mine that happened to pay off. You made the decision yourself.

    (Ocker's Options and Opinions)

    • throttlefinger says:

      Another solid gold post, Ocker.

      Feeling good going into Round 4, my man?

      • Ocker says:

        Cheers throttle,
        Always confident mate, Feeling my guns will start playing like they should this week and lift my ranking.
        Lucky to have missed the carnage of this week. (Hoping there are no late withdrawals)
        1 trade this week. Rohan to Joshua Kelly. Taylor forward from mid to forward for Rohan.
        I have been waiting for this lad to appear and have kept a spot for him. I am satisfied with what he has done so far. He has very silky skills and plays with a lot of poise and maturity above his years. Trading him as a possible permanent bench keeper for the year but he could be an on field keeper too. Okay it was only against Melbourne but weather conditions were bad his skills still stood out.
        Thumpa Just does not fit in my team structure with the round 8 bye and I will not change my structure.

        Just my opinion mate.


        • throttlefinger says:

          I love Kelly. Li'l Pendles. Just handles the pill like it's been in his hands since birth. He will be someone I will slot in my 2015 team for sure.

          Yeah, both on my def bench are playing and don't know if I'd bring Thumper in otherwise. Not worth burning a trade for the bench.

          Would love your thoughts on something, Ocker. I have to trade out Lids. 2nd week and Achilles. That will linger. After a full day of research and thought I could swap Lids for Prestia. Strong scorer and POD. Or go Lids for Jelwood…but I'd need to trade Dusty for Pav or someone else 440K or under. Think Pav could be my Cloke, get him nice and cheap then reap rewards. Can't see Dusty doing too much better. But honestly Ocker, very excited about possibility of bring in Selwood. Don't have Gaz and it would help my side.

          Give it to me straight, my friend…

          • Ocker says:

            My first thought. DO NOT trade Dusty
            He falls into the same category as Dangerfieldmouse.
            Last years scores in first twelve rounds.
            8592150 801151251321187967bye126
            Finished the year with an average of 101 and that is with a score of 25 in round 21 (not sure why)

            Richmond and Collingwood play this week and the loser is going to be struggling to make the 8 this year. So my Tigers had better pull their fingers out this week. Must win game for both teams.

            I would love to have jelwood myself but too many in round 8 bye would destroy my structure.
            440k or under is a very tough price bracket for a midfielder.]
            I will look into it and see what I can come up with I will get back to you.

            • throttlefinger says:

              Dusty would be replaced in the forward line. Should've stated that.

              Like those numbers but my Tigers are all over the place. And his game has been good but not great. Think Pav is a great pick to replace. De Boer is another. Gunston, meh. But I like the possibilities of Pav and at that price is pure gold.

              And getting Jelwood with Pendles would help calm my nerves a bit. Especially with CPT picks.

              Yeah, I barrack for the Tigers as well. Need some serious lift.

          • Ocker says:

            Dusty's scores didn't come up right.
            85, 92, 150, 80, 115, 125, 132, 118, 79, 67, bye 126.

            • throttlefinger says:

              Ah. Thanks Ocker. Really appreciate it.

            • throttlefinger says:

              25 was against Carlton. You remember those last two games. My eyes are still scarred from watching that, Ocker.

              • Ocker says:

                I look at your problem as if it were my own.
                Forget about J Selwood that gives you 3 guns out in the midfield for round 8 bye.
                I like Prestia but that gives you the same problem.
                Another option is Callan Ward another good POD at same price and you only have 2 guns out round 8.

                Callan Ward: 131,115,129, average of 125 and BE of 87. (has round 9 bye) I have always liked this kid and I seriously considered him for my starting team.

                I have always had Pavlich in my team but not this year because I worry about his fitness holding up after only playing 9 games last year through injury and only topping the 100 on 2 occasions with 106 and 114. Apart from that he is a key position player this year where he has previously been a DP player. Will not make my team until I see more from him but don't think he will make my top 6. (Sometimes if it looks too good to be true it is)

                Don't think De Boer has any chance of being a top ten forward (not for mine)
                Gunston key position player who will have some good games but not consistent enough for mine, Hawks have too many goal kicking options.

                In the 440k price range I would consider Jack Darling he is also key position but meets the breakout criteria this year with his new role of getting some midfield time as well. Some people will say he will burn you and was inconsistent the last 2 years. With a ceiling of 141 and a low of 23 last year. Topped the ton on 5 occasions last year but I feel he is maturing as a player in this his 4th season and WCE are going well this year.
                2011 20 games with 70 ave.
                2012 22 games with 76 ave.
                2013 21 games with 77 ave.
                Showing some form of consistency this year with his new role.
                106, 82, 110. average 99.3 BE 69 $435,600
                There are other options but I don't want to write a book.

                I think you should travel along okay with Pendles and Jobe as your Captain options. I would seriously in your position just trade Lids for Prestia or Ward, My preference goes to Ward as main midfielder in GWS that has proven he can handle a tag. He will also solve round 8 issues.

                Hope this helps you make up your mind mate.
                Trades are gold hang on to Dusty he will come good.

                • throttlefinger says:

                  This is frackin' FANTASTIC, Big O! This is so helpful. I've a big fan of GWS but am cautious about Ward as I had him last year (my first year watching footy full time was when GWS came in…so my buddies said that should be the team I barrack for. Been a member for the last two years. Tigers don't offer a decent international package. I digress).

                  So as you can tell Ocker, I'm trying to work the angles. Prestia is where I'm leaning. Just would like another elite. So dealing Dusty is a no go. OK.

                  Here's another angle: One of the hassles each week has been deciding out of Polec, Dunstan and Ellis should be in the game. Frustrating. So a new though is to downgrade one of them to a rook so I can have the $ to get Selwood in. Bit premature yet would make it easier to decide who to put in the game. One less headache.

                  How does that sound?

                  • Ocker says:

                    Shame it can't wait another week,
                    Word of warning Selwood home game but rain predicted this week, Should favor Cats but will be a tough game.
                    AND: Joel's first 5 games last year 126, 140, 74, 163, 87
                    Expect a disappointing score or two at some stage soon and price might come back down he had 2 bad home games last year against Carlton and GCS.
                    He and Pendles in my team after R8 bye.

                    I have the same problem with who to put on the ground in the mids, Out of those 3
                    I would definitely part with Polec before the other 2 even though Ellis has had a lot of injury problems in the past he is playing well and seems to be over it.
                    If you feel it is worth that extra trade that is what I would do.
                    Your decision Don't blame me. Ha Ha.

                    Cheers Mate

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      Hahaha. I wouldn't dare, Ocker. I'm the man with his finger on the trade button.

                      Think Joel has risen to Pendles level of scores. Doubt we'll see anything below 90. That's just my guess watching him play. He's looking more rabid than last year.

                      But excellent points. Much to consider as I head to bed. Thanks Ocker.

          • canman1306 says:

            Have a Look at Macrae Throttle Still very Cheap.

            • throttlefinger says:

              I know, I know. Looking for a big lift. Not sure Lids for Macrae would be the kinda consistency that I was hoping Lids would provide.

              • General McArthur says:

                Macrae is a gem. Read about him last year, has grown a size larger and heavier in the off season and reads the play brilliantly, always at the play. Lit up in NAB and has not dissapopinted my POD decision. Could be a keeper. Will no doubt have dips but you are comparing apples and oranges when dealing lids and sub 400-500k players. Just my thoughts. I also went with Shiels for same early form but am facing parting ways with this POD for Kelly as his $$ will rise sharply I believe. Still didn't want to part with Shiels just yet but rest of my Mids scoring or rising in coin slightly better.

          • Captain joc says:

            What about libbatore if you don’t already have him

            • throttlefinger says:

              Can't afford him straight up, Capt J. Yeah, he'd be nice, too.

    • GeneralSoreness says:

      Nice post Ocker, Thumbs up from me!

      I agree the glass is always full……….half liquid, half gas!

      • Ocker says:

        Cheers bloke,
        Saw your post in the wines section but if I drink wine I wake up with general soreness so I stick to my stubbies.

  11. James says:

    Clurey for thumpa??

    • Pat says:

      Definitely an option, considering that clurey is not earning money whilst kk’s price will rise after this week

  12. tigga says:

    Hey Jock got 2 important questions for you mate!!
    1. Due to the lack of any half decent fwd rookies this year I started the season with a fwd line structure of 4 premiums + 1 mid pricer + 3 rookies. My current rookies are jkh, impey and zach merret who with the slight exception of impey are offering me little to nothing in terms of cash value or points. So my question is this do i look to bring in jackson merret in place of his brother or my other alternative is swinging lewis taylor to the fwd line and bringing in josh kelly to replace zach merret and fasolo to replace jkh.
    2. Do you think it is worth bringing in dan currie in place of max king this week. on the one hand i will be making money with currie but i would lose my loophole player.
    Cheers for the help!

    • Bruce says:

      Stick with King all year! not enough trades to keep chasing rookies in every position.

    • canman1306 says:

      2nd option is a wasted Trade

      • tigga says:

        even though im potentially missing out on maybe 250k just so i can have the option to use a loophole which lets face it we hardly ever use due to gaj epic scores.

        • sputnik says:

          why trade king? thats a waste of three trades- 1 trade to bring him in. 2 trades because you are bringing him in to sell him later. and 3 trades because unless you have the 2 top rucks to begin with you are going to want to upgrade one of your starters rucks later.

          rucks are a waste with no swingman anymore so dont stress.

  13. Danny says:

    Hey community
    Looking for an experts answer.
    What happens if 2 mids are my emergencies?
    For instance if I don’t have a ruck bench playing so I use the E’s on my mids. How is it decided which one, if only one is needed to cover a zero

    • canman1306 says:

      Lowest Score of the 2 Mids will count.
      If 1 doesn't play you will get the playing score

    • Kev says:

      From the FAQ section –
      "Where there are 2 emergencies are selected in one position and only one of these is required, the lowest scoring emergency will be used."

    • Danny says:

      Thanks Guys

      • Dale says:

        However, when Mumford went down, I almost had two Es in ruck, Currie and Derricx. I picked only curry but got burned as he didn’t play either. The moral is, sometimes the double Es can be worth it and your gut feeling there may mean something is in the air!

  14. canman1306 says:

    Hmmm Few main Problems for me
    DEF: Enright Inured could hang around. No Kolodjashni
    Mids: Everyone going well Just if Kennedy lifts his average a touch more.
    Ruc: Mumford and Sandi can't complain.
    FWD: My real Problems Light Forward line going in with 3 Premos, Caddy, Higgins and Rohan (Went for Ambrose last week) JKH And Tayloron the bench.
    Thoughts on Holidng my trades and Going Aish-> Crouch and Upgrading a rookie FWD

    • Kev says:

      You look fine to me, canman. Enright back in this week, stick by him. Crouch isn't on the bubble this week so hold off and let Aish rise a bit more

      • canman1306 says:

        Just Hoping I have a good forward option to trade up to next week or the week after?

    • throttlefinger says:

      Looking good, Canman. All these considered. Hold. No reason. Can do Crouch for Aish next week.

      DEF: Enright is older so they probably kept him out another week to be sure. Taking the long view…marathon not sprint. So you should hold.

      FWD: have Caddy and Higgins. Not doing as we expected, ton-less BUT earning money. Hope that both does 85+ this week. Daulhaus out may give Higgins a lift.

      • GarglesnarfFC says:

        Of all the non premium forwards spoken about pre season, Higgins has been the most successful IMO. Wish I had picked him instead of Rohan! Caddy has disappointed but I'm hoping he will avg 80-90 from here and make some cash before the bye. No reason to change that plan yet, if a decent fwd rookie on the bubble averaging 80 ish turned up though…….

        • throttlefinger says:

          Here here, Gargles. Honestly, those who have Higgins as their F6 can't really bitch. Boy has been earning. And like you mentioned, what is the stronger option? I made a mistake not getting Hunter instead but I was being cheap.

          Caddy suffers from the same fate yet the heat of expectation is higher. But like you mentioned, his value is moving forward. Could go 90+ this week and all will be forgotten.

  15. Zac says:

    Elite player, seems to be getting more of a run through the guts this season, looked great against Freo. Also a bit of a P.O.D at the moment, seriously consider.

  16. Pat says:

    Who should I trade for swanny community?

    • canman1306 says:

      If you are set on getting rid of Swanny Have a look at Jackson Macrae.
      Is Averaging 106 at the Moment and for 370K u can't go wrong
      IMO it is a great trade because you bank 200k for the Trade and you get Premium output for alot less cash

    • SCaddict says:

      Fortunately Swanny is still worth something Pat so there are a number of decent alternatives at your disposal. A couple of young guns in Treloar or Prestia could be considered. Or you could go for slightly more proven players in Cotch, Ward or Libba for about the same cash as Swanny.

      Or you could trade right down to a Kelly or M.Crouch and build up those cash coffers ahead of the first wave of rookie upgrades in about 2-3 weeks time. Reckon all these are good options and there are plenty of others too so just pick the one you feel most comfortable with.

      • Pat says:

        Thanks mate! Would it be too risky going for a rookie? and with the young guns, which one is the best pick?

        • SCaddict says:

          Think both those rookies are relatively safe bets but yes with all unproven players, as rookies by there very nature are, have more risk attached than a proven star like a Cotch but that's why they are $400K cheaper.

          Think both Prestia and Treloar will be regarded as superstars of the competition in a few years from now. Both have got off to a flyer and will be huge PODs. Perhaps Prestia will prove to be the more consistent player but that is only a gut feeling that could be wrong.

          My own personal pick would be Libba, if you don't already have him, who I own myself but he will cost you an extra $11K.

  17. TheDees says:

    Hey Jock. Not sure if I should trade Webster for laider/Kolodjashnij or hold onto Webster. Also wondering if I should get rid of daisy for Kelly or crouch

    • Harry says:

      Reckon you're crazy to get rid of Webster. He's a favourite of Richo and reckon he can get up to 400k with his disposal efficiency. Has good JS too.

      Laidler will be in and out of the team

    • Fromberger says:

      Wondering the same thing? JKelly's price should rise faster than Daisy, just wish we had an extra week to decide with Daisy playing Dees? JKelly looks very impressive. I'm also then looking to trade Roan > Fasolo? Thoughts community?

    • GeneralSoreness says:

      I will be holding Webster, interrupted start to the year I expect better output and price increase to follow.

  18. James says:

    big boy mceovy-

    hampson ,mumford, minson.. i know you said jacobs but after last year i dont know if i can pick him!

    ah i dont know what to do. or just hold and hope he comes back soon and recovers form!

    • cyril says:

      Im in the same position with Mcevoy. Only have Derrickx for cover who is named on an extended bench. I'm either going to go to Minson or leave it and hope he;s back next week

      • GarglesnarfFC says:

        Minson is a pretty solid option, has dropped $31k or so, and has a gettable BE of 121 v the Giants. Good trade I reckon.

  19. Kev says:

    Thoughts on a Dahl to Breust trade? Perhaps not a top 6 forward come end of the year, but top 10 isn't out of reach.

    • Matt says:

      im gonna keep Dahlhaus, should only be out for a round I believe, and he's shown a bit in his first three games.

  20. Todd says:

    Hello community.
    Who would be the better option between Kolodjashnij and laidler

    • Matt says:

      Kolodashnij for me

    • SCaddict says:

      Reckon KK's job security is reasonably assured in the short term. Laidler's JS has a few more question marks over it and he has already been dropped once this season with a number of Swans stars to return soon.

  21. Vasco says:

    Is it worth burning a trade from Rohan to L.Taylor? (Got Rohan as my F7) I'll have 26 trades left after making that.

    Also which of the three defenders should I field Webster, L.McDonald or Langdon

    • Leighroy says:

      Hi Vasco, I would leave rohan at the moment, his a prime downgrade for ambrose when he comes back. Rohan also has a low break even just hope he gets a game and avoids the vest this week. In relation to your defenders, I am playing all three after going in with a guns and rookie defensive structure. If I had to pick one I would select Webster. High disposal effincency and will be playing under the roof so no weather effect. Adelaide have also not been playing the best footy. Your choice and I hope you select the right option.

    • SCaddict says:

      I think it's a reasonable trade myself, though far from mandatory, especially if you could make good use elsewhere of the $40K in savings. Holding Rohan another week wouldn't be a horrendous decision either.

      Would field Webster out of those 3 but all of them are decent D6 options really.

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      No worth trading if he's on the pine. If he was on the field then by all means yes, but unless he is omitted from the extended bench tonight I would hold that trade.

    • GeneralSoreness says:

      I wouldn't do that trade Vasco. A few fwd rookies named this week could be on the bubble soon and I wouldn't burn a trade for the bench player. My 2c.

  22. Shaun says:

    Still torn guys!!! Laidler or KK??

    • Leighroy says:

      I would select kk. Better job security and has proven he can find the pill. I think Laidler is lucky to score what his been scoring. Seems to be saved by one good quarter each week.

  23. WombatsFC says:

    Hi Jock thanks for your insights mate.
    You've convinced me that I need Dawes this week.
    I'm thinking of dumping either Boomer, Dusty or Mitchell. I only got Zorko last week so I can't let him go straight away and I agree with you that Caddy is a keeper so I can't turn him into Dawes either. The only other option would be trading Higgins for Dawes but Shaun is a proven gun who'll never let me down; or maybe JKH I dont have enough cash.
    What a dilemma.
    How do I get this Dawes man that you speak so highly of into my team?
    Somebody suggested dousing myself in petrol because Chris has a natural affinity for highly combustible substances but, I reckon the best thing to do is to drop Pendle swing Langdon into the middle get broughton down back for a bit of security and consistency and then use the extra $ to turn JKH into Chris Dawes.
    Look out $50,000 here I come.

    • The Ranger says:

      Dawes is a must. You seem to have an excellent plan there Wombat.

    • throttlefinger says:

      Hey buddy. My suggestion is wait a week. Take the Dawes car for a drive. Kick the tires. Get a feel for how he's going to change the Dees offensive dynamic. In the meantime, Higgins' value will be going up.

      And after this round if you think Dawes is worth the sticker price and still not wanting to keep Higgins, make the swap. Don't think it's worth getting rid of a premium. But if you were, Mitchell might be having a case of the 2nd year blues. Ditch him of the bunch if you have to.

      And will you do all this let me know…so I can start making the confetti for the $50K winner parade I'll be throwing you.

      • Wattsieesq says:

        Wombat, don't wait on Dawes. He'll be pumping out 150+ on a regular basis. Jump on now, you don't want to miss those points. I'd say trade Boomer out and then use that cash on Broughton.

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Post of the week 🙂

      • WombatsFC says:

        Glad it made you smile Gargs.

        I love it when Jock and the boys throw out landmines to catch those forum trawlers who don't even watch the footy.

    • Ocker says:

      I am in shock that Jock would dare put Dawes in the same sentence as Garry Ablett Snr.
      Good Luck with your trading Wombat sounds good to me


  24. Matt says:

    HAHAHAHA the end

  25. Branks says:

    I am in dire trouble community. I have a massive dilemma in my forward line this week, as I have to expose 3 rookie forwards (taylor, Impey and JKH) with Wingard going down. I don't have enough cash to do much of an upgrade, only 68,000, so I would obviously have to downgrade someone. I could downgrade either Enright or Swan. My question is, is it worth making trades this week to save having to play these forward rookies who have a combined average of (Gulp), 105?

    • Branks says:

      Any advice is GREATLY appreciated.

      • sputnik says:

        you and me both and another 50,000 teams will have 3 rookies on the field in the fwds. its all about luck mate. people who had fyfe out last week luckily got dunstan 143. if youre going for overall then consider trading but if its just league wins then hold off.

    • Cozza says:

      Who are your other options for downgrades? I've been thinking Thomas > Kelly/Buckley and JKH/Taylor > Merrett for my team, but think Jock's podcast has just talked me out of any trades this week. My forward are a little different through cause my worst 3 on field are Caddy, Higgins and Taylor, with Ambrose and JKH on bench. You have a lot more exposure if you are fielding these 3, so I would look at something like the above trade if I was you. I would suggest holding Enright and Swan though – both should be keepers.

      • Cozza says:

        It would be JKH I would probably trade out of these 3 – Taylor has BE of -33 and Impey of -5, so both increasing in value this week. No such guarantees for JKH

    • SCaddict says:

      If you are ranked in the top 1000 I would trade out Wingard. But if not I would not make any moves in your forward line and play your rookie forwards for this round and take stock of the situation next week.

      However I would boot out Swanny this week as he is not instilling anyone with much confidence that he can quickly turn his form around and could quite possibly be carrying some kind of niggle that neither he nor his coach want to publicly admit to at the present time.

      Whether its off field dramas, injury problems, match fitness issues, being played out of position, falling out with Bucks…who the heck knows with Swanny. But something definitely doesn't look right there and he seems destined to leak a whole lot more cash. Could very likely be sub $500k in a couple of weeks which will drastically limit your options if you decide to give him the ole whooshka at that point.

    • Jimihk says:

      Is it possible to trade one out and pull in a player from another line? Say your mids, then pick up a M Crouch for your trouble?

      Don't feel too bad, most people are getting reamed with F6 F7 F8 this year.

      • Branks says:

        Thanks for the advice community. Now I will either keep my rookies on the field or trade swan for a premium forward, by moving Taylor into the midfield.

        • Ocker says:

          If you are going to trade Swan I would move Wingard to Midfield bench which gives you the loophole for best scoring mid rookie.
          Put in gun forward in the forward line and when wingard comes back you can put him back in the forward line with the Taylor swing.

          Just an Option

  26. Bobby says:

    hello, quick question

    was hoping that michie would come back in the team after getting dropped last week but since getting injured and out for up to 4 weeks need to dump him.

    Tossing up between kelly and buckley, feel kelly will be more consistent and a better scorer however buckley is alot cheaper. As both would be on the bench, is it worth the extra money for kelly, thinking that way for any potentially inure, would feel much more comfortable starting kelly over buckley. Even considering starting kelly over polec if i trade him in, having dunstan and kelly on the field and poled and lemmons on the bench. Also don't want to wait the week for crouch, due to less cash made due to an extra week and the earlier bye.

    thoughts would be great.

    Also is it worth keeping or holding deledio?
    is he only out for one more week or more likely a month? getting mixed messages

    thinking a trade prestia as a pod, think he'll maintain his average for the year with their emerging midfield

    • Patch says:

      If he'd be on the bench, I would pick crouch as the better option as you save close to 100k which you can use elsewhere. But if you think Kelly will appreciate more than Crouch before he needs trading out, that's your call.

  27. throttlefinger says:

    What a phenomenal podcast! Listened to it on the way to work and just hitting the rewind almost every minute. Such great insights.

    Barron's "93" story hit home with me. Especially after I've been flirting with the notion of trading him off. Not anymore. Brilliant.

    Still not sure what to do with Lids. Either going Prestia for 1 trade. Or get Jelwood in but feeding Dusty to the dogs. SC prudence says do the former.

    But sometimes I like to ride without a helmet, feel the wind in my hair. And to be clear, metaphorically, 120+ points would be the wind and hair would be rank. Helmet is just a helmet.

    Back to earth…Prestia it is.

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Kelly or Buckley is my 'Dilemma of the week'. I don't need another great mid rookie which means saving cash on Buckley isn't a bad idea & he plays Melbourne. On the other hand Kelly is shaping to have a Tyson like average, and who doesn't love a rookie with a premium output?

      It might come down to JS, Kelly will get rested periodically by the Giants as they play some of their other top 10 draft picks who can't currently get a game. Whereas I see Buckley at Carlton getting some serious game time as they rebuild, Cripps may be a similar option in another two weeks as I think he too will get an extended run in the mids.

      • throttlefinger says:

        I like Buckley. Think he'll pick up as Blues start doing better. And they will. Think Kelly will do well but don't know if he's worth sitting on your bench at that price. Buckley could help give you same earning value PLUS moola for trade flexibility later.

        What do you think about my Lids to Prestia or Lids to Jelwood and Dusty to Pav. Sideways as hell, I know. But will soldier my side who only has Pendles no Gaz. Plus I wouldn't have to trade for 2 rounds. Thoughts o' mighty GargleOne.

        • GarglesnarfFC says:

          Turn it up! Mighty? I don't think so, but thanks for the rap.

          Regarding Lids, Well they are all round 8 bye so no plus or minus there, my head says go with the proven premium, Joel.

          Dusty to Pav has me scratching my head, what are you hoping to achieve by doing it? I would say no to that one.

          • throttlefinger says:

            In order to do Lids to Joel I need to do Dusty to a 440K and under player. Pav or Gunston are the best candidates in the price range. Would also trim down my R8 byes.

            But yeah, Dusty to Pav might be too risky. Thinking is get one on his way down and the other on their way up. At least that's the thinking. Want to make a bold move so I can make one in the ranks.

            • Sarah says:

              Don't trade Dusty throttle. Go the single trade option across to Prestia or Ward who've both been scoring very very well. The boats gone for the moment on Joel. He's not worth trading out both Deledio and Dusty for himself and a sub $440k player that may need to be traded again in the future. Look for Selwood after the bye and the cash cows are ready for harvest!!

              • Ocker says:

                Goodaye Sarah,
                Just interested to know what you decided to do with Wingard?
                I don't have him myself but given your ranking I am just curious. It would be great if someone from this site won it especially a Lady.

                I do know that he is a very important cog in their wheel and they won't play anyone that is not 110% fit. I fell for the one week thing last year and it ends up being 2 or 3
                Unfortunately won't know what Jock does until next week.


                • Sarah says:

                  Hey Ocker!!
                  Great to hear from you. I love reading all your comments and thanks for the support!
                  I've decided to keep him for this week and put Taylor on the field (as he's been named on the field which hopefully means he won't be the sub). Wingard did play out the remainder of the Roos match so it should hopefully only be a one-weeker!
                  Given I'm keeping him, I'm leaning towards the following trades and I'd love your thoughts:

                  Caddy to Breust (so sick of Caddy. Next year I won't be picking ANY mid-pricers… should've learny my lesson after Varcoe and Karnesis last year!)

                  A. Kennedy (GWS defence) to Jaensch (I know it's sideways but I feel Jaensch has finally cemented his spot in the crows line up. And with Henderson and VB out for most/all of the year he'll have that loose halfback role to himself. He also has such great disposal efficiency, the crows love getting it into his hands).

                  • Ocker says:

                    Interesting to note that Jaensch has been named on the HF, with other defenders returning this week that worries me, I think I missed the boat on him. Crows not winning games field changes?
                    Breust is a tough one I am not a fan but he is playing very well at the moment.

                    Coach loves Taylor he will keep improving has a lot of skill, He was only sub 1st round to give him a taste of AFL. In my side permanently as a swing on the bench.
                    I was a Fitzroy supporter for 50 years

                    Guns and Rookies anytime! Unfortunately with the split round one it makes it very difficult especially with so much doubt about the amount of rookies playing.
                    I think John Bruyn was right only 2 mid-price in team if any. If only we could turn back time eh.

                    Thinking 1 trade this week, Rohan to J Kelly using the swing of Taylor to On field F6

                    • Sarah says:

                      Hmmm, didn't realise he'd been named on the half forward line… May have to have a re-think about that one.

                      I am a fan of Breust and feel he's a much better prospect than Caddy. Other option would be Zorko but I'd much rather not follow the pack on that one… need a few POD's you know!

                      I'll give it some more thought over the weekend, but one thing is for sure, Wingard is staying!!

                      Good luck this weekend!

                    • Ocker says:

                      Keep an eye on the twitter feed someone has mentioned Jaensch on there interesting to see if the Barron has anything to say about it.
                      Totally understand what you are doing I would hang on to Wingard too.
                      Sometimes you just have to go with your gut feeling I truly hope it works for you.

                      Glad you like my post but you inspired me to do that. This community should live in harmony and some people like to be keyboard warriors without reading the question properly.

                      May the Supercoach Gods shine brightly on you this weekend.

                    • Sarah says:

                      Thanks Ocker! 🙂

              • throttlefinger says:

                HI Sarah! Yeah, not going to trade Dusty. Concerned a bit about Prestia so am trying to work on an option c to bring in Selwood. If I do, gonna freeze trading for 2 rounds. Team should be fairly tight and ready for pre-bye trading (goodbye mr. caddy).

                Thanks for your words. Helped me do something rather ridiculous

                • Ocker says:

                  You still have time to come up with option D.

                • Sarah says:

                  OMG, what ridiculous thing did you do throttle?!!

                  • throttlefinger says:

                    Let's just say a calf has met an early demise.

                    • Ocker says:

                      Hope you are happy with the result mate.
                      I was going to get Sarah to help me gang up on ya.
                      Cracking a Stubbie to watch the game mate catch you later.
                      GO TIGERS!!!!

                      Hope the Supercoach Gods shine brightly on you this weekend.

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      HAHAHA. Well you did a great job convincing to not drop Dusty. Still got Selwood. Gen Soreness planted a seed and went with it.

                      Tipped Pies but think our Tiges could make it happen. Forward line needs to play HUGE.

                      Go Tigers!!!!!

                      And may the SC Gold deliver you a bounty of points, my friend.

                    • Ocker says:

                      That sounds a bit like you got rid of Caddy instead of a yearling.
                      Really hope that whatever you did works for you mate.
                      Common sense is something you cannot teach but I know you posses it mate from the discussions we have had.

                      Cheers enjoy the game.

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      Buckley for Polec. Selwood for Lids.

                      Bit of a headache each week deciding between Polec, Ellis and Dunstan to sit on bench. Cashed in early but I think the price was worth it.

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      LIkewise, Ocker.

                    • Sarah says:

                      I'm going a bottle of red!! Still no trades. Rule number 1, no trades when under the influence!!

                    • Ocker says:

                      I don't mind a bottle of red but I wake up with general soreness which could be a problem I don't need.
                      I will trade tomorrow.

                • WombatsFC says:

                  Get on Lloydy mate. Dump rohan/caddy or similar then maybe turn lids into Gaz. We were both raving about Lloydy during NAB so you know he has what it takes.

                  Risk minimisation negates outstanding achievement

                  • throttlefinger says:

                    HAHAHA. Want to see the boy first mix it up. But yes, all eyes on him.

                  • throttlefinger says:


                    • WombatsFC says:

                      Ya missed the boat for points this week man. Lloydy 29 in 1st qrtr and looked awestruck for the first 15 minutes. lets see what he does q2, he better continue coz got him over ironbars boy despite him being on the bubble.
                      I should've let ya know that he's an inlander mate and he's kicked 100 goals at senior level. That means that he's tough and obviously knows where the goals are. Sorry my bad:)

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      Naw. Used my trades to bring Jelwood in. Get Lloyd next week for JKH or Impey. Higgins my F6. Be surprised if kid hits 80…although hope he does. Go Tiges!

                    • throttlefinger says:


                      What a shot!

                    • WombatsFC says:

                      Yeah hes the top scoring tiger up to half time only needs another 20 or so to reach your predicted 80:)

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      Not a good sign for Tigers if he's the leading scorer. Sure it will be a tale of two halves.

                      So you slotted him as your F6?

                    • WombatsFC says:

                      The bloke comes from a very special place on earth,Mutthi Mutthi country just up the road from his home town is the site of the oldest known ceremonial human burial, the oldest human remains reported in Australia and the oldest fossilised human footprints on earth.
                      Amazingly some boffin has worked out that the people who made those footprints were running as fast Usain Bolt! http://blog.everythingdinosaur.co.uk/blog/_archiv

                    • WombatsFC says:

                      By the way his current points are 63 (I budgeted 72) Pendle is top scoring Pie with 73.
                      This ios from a permanent small forward!

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      Wow. He's at 93. Amazing.

                      May bring him in next week for JKH. Or Higgins for that matter!

                      Great call on him, wise one.

                      Slotted Iron's boy as my M10. Should pay a nice dividend on the bench.

                    • WombatsFC says:

                      Yeah I would have liked to get Dylan for my permanent M10 before he goe's 170k+ but I couldn't miss the opportunity to turn Clurey into Jeansch.
                      If I trade next week and go Higgins or taylor to Fasolo I can still turn JKH into iron bars boy and keep a healthy bank balance

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      Think we both need to get JKH. Empty calorie. Needs to go big this round or get out.

                      Pretty happy I got Iron Bar's boy in there. Think he'll do much better than people expect.

                    • throttlefinger says:


                      Happy for ya, my friend!

                    • WombatsFC says:

                      Yep he's my F6 and, at 3 qrtr time he's second top scorer with 102. behind beams with 103. I dropped caddy for him so that I could turn clurey into Jeansch and put langford on the bench.
                      I reckon a few coaches who were planning on dropping Caddy for Fasolo (85 at 3 qrtr time) next week will be reconsidering. Personally I'll probably turn Higgins into Fasolo unless Shaun does something mercurial

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      Higgins goes 80+ I'll keep him another week. Then bring in Lloyd. If Caddy sucks ass again, then drop him.

                      Rather bring in Lloyd for JKH. He's not doing dick.

                    • WombatsFC says:

                      Looks like Higgins for Fasolo and Cotchin for Selwood for me next week.

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      Fasolo is definitely making me a believer. May do the same.

    • GeneralSoreness says:

      Hold onto Dusty imho Throttle.

      Prestia is another Round 8 bye.

      You could go Lids straight into Treloar – Round 9 Bye. Or Rockliff Round 10.

      I would aim for Jelwood post bye as he is another Round 8.

      • throttlefinger says:

        Thanks GenSore. Lids is a Rd8, so I'm not too concerned about that. Have a trade plan in place to cover that when it arrives.

        Wasn't going to trade but want to turn lemons into 20-year scotch.

      • GarglesnarfFC says:

        Good point, I like the Rockliffe option.

        • throttlefinger says:

          Can't do straight Lids to Rocky…which I'd do in a heartbeat. Prestia, Smurph and Mitchell are front runners. But again, keep staring at Selwood, even at expense of trade.

          • GeneralSoreness says:

            Is there a rookie you can downgrade to like an Aish to Crouch so Lids to Jelwood is possible. Imho this would be better than downgrading Dusty to Pav.

            • throttlefinger says:

              Hmmm. Interesting. I might be able to. Although my mid rooks are not fully cooked: Tyson, Ellis, Polec, Dunstan and Couch. Interesting notion though…will explore.

              • GeneralSoreness says:

                What about fwd rooks? Few picked this week, i.e. Lloyd, would be a gamble that may pay off either way may allow the Jelwood trade.

                • throttlefinger says:

                  Naw. Not big enough earners. Impey and JHK. Higgins would be one…but he's about to go up as well. Urgh. Working hard for just one guy..

                  • GeneralSoreness says:

                    "…working hard for just one guy…" An in that I reckon you have answered your own question. Get Jelwood later.

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      Probably right. I'm trying to exhaust this reasoning so the itch to get him in because not worth scratching. Still itchy.

                      Feel free to drop off. Obviously I can be exhausting in my probing for a reason. Given your suggestion, I could trade Polec. It's been a hassle deciding between him, Dunstan and Ellis who to start. Taking him to slaughter, even early, would provide one less headache.

                    • GeneralSoreness says:

                      Ellis, Dunstan, Polec all have plenty of fattening to do.

                      Jelwood not going to change in price that much so by trading Polec you will be missing out on $$ increase but would get a increase in points and you have traded a premium for a premium. Overall not much gain. With the strength of the mid rookies you have I would hold Lids, loophole your emergency in Mids.

                      If you hold off then you can trade out Polec and upgrade Ellis or Dunstan into Jelwood thus gaining a premo whilst keeping Lids.

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      Can't use Lids as loop. Tiges play first game. To be honest, that still wouldn't be enough to keep him. Achilles injuries are lingering. Managing doesn't sound like part of the recipe for big scores.

                      You've made some excellent points. Much to consider. Gonna hit the hay and sleep on in. Thankful a later starting Friday game than usual.

                      Appreciate all your insights, General. Beyond helpful, my man.

                    • GeneralSoreness says:

                      Damn forgot Tigers are first cabs of the rank. Sleep well Throttle hopefully you will have a SC Epiphany whilst dreaming.

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      Alarms always set, my man. Thanks again for your help with this.

    • canman1306 says:

      Take the Punt on Macrae Throttle

      • throttlefinger says:

        Love the hard sell, C-man. But going to get Jelwood, come hell or high water.

        • Sarah says:

          I've had him from the start!! 😀
          Don't have Pendles though

        • canman1306 says:

          Yeah great Pick wish I had him in my team. But my 3 Uber Premos Of Gaz Pendles and Watson are on fire.
          Hard now whether I want Selwood To score good or bad.
          Bad so I can grab him a cheap.
          Good so you can make the trade worth wile

          • throttlefinger says:

            Won't feel bad if you root against him. I have Pendles and Watson. Needed that other piece in lieu of no Gaz.

            Good luck my man. Hope you tear some shit up this round.

  28. Luke Kilner says:

    S. Mitchell, D.Swallow, P.Hanley, M. Suckling, T. Langdon, L. McDonald, (A. Georgiou, W. Langford)
    D. Beams, T. Rockliff, J. Macrae, D. Tyson, L. Dunstan, J. Polec, D. Thomas, X. Ellis (M. Thomas, J. Aish) – Also not sure who to bench (last week I missed out on Dunstans 143)
    A. Sandilands, D. Cox (D. Currie, M. King)
    L. Parker, T. Mitchell, P. Dangerfield, M. Wright, S. Higgins, J. Caddy (JKH, Z. Merret – got the wrong brother)
    I have 28 trades, and $916,400 in the bank (is this too much money in the bank? – Still managed 2226 last week . I want to bring in GAZ but all my Midfielders are earning me cash so can’t bring myself to part with any of them. I want to bring in Jackson Merret for possibly Caddy, and have flirted with trading Daisy out for Josh Kelly. Any advice community??

    • Cozza says:

      With that much cash, I would definitely bring two premos in. Daisy to Ablett would be the most obvious for mine

    • Dogs says:

      I think merret for caddy would be a wasted trade, with so much bank you could turn any 2 of macrae,Thomas,caddy,Higgins into just about any premo , based on oerformance I would say bye to Higgins and caddy for 2 keepers

    • Derek says:

      all your next trades must be to premium players. you can't afford not to in order to get a full premo squad.

  29. Dogs says:

    For what it's worth, some overheard conversation from the power trainer camp.

    Monfries probly 4 weeks, expected back to full training in 2
    Wingard, most likely a 2 week injury
    S.gray to be sub
    Impey to play as small forward in Monfries/ wingards absence

  30. Nathan says:

    Thoughts on trading Michie to J.Kelly or wait another week for Crouch

    • SCaddict says:

      I like either option. I plan to bring in Kelly this week and possibly Crouch next week but it all depends on your own team structures and trading preferences.

      Not completely sold just yet on Matty Crouch's JS in the short term and do worry what will happen if the Crows drop another game or two handily and Sando starts ringing the changes. He's darn cheap though and has huge cash cow potential so like everything there are pros and cons.

      As Melbourne plays second up this round you probably won't be able to exploit emergency loophole opportunities so Michie will just be useless jetsam if you choose to keep him this week which is a pity.

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Buckley is a better option than Crouch IMO.

    • GeneralSoreness says:

      Michie to Crouch is a better trade imho. Although if you want to gamble, Nick Robertson from BL one to watch.

  31. Jimihk says:

    Does anyone thing a downgrading D Thomas to say, J Kelly is a reasonable trade this week? It then gives me cash to upgrade Rohan to J Merrett. However, if I hold off 1 week I could instead go D Thomas to M Crouch and Rohan to Fasolo.

    I've got no injury concerns on any line so I could save 2 trades this week, however, given Crouch of Fasolo are both on 1 game, there's no guarantee that will back up this week and develop into good options.

    Should I pull the trigger or hold tight?

    • Jimihk says:

      Sorry for the typos.

    • Kev says:

      Hold tight, Jim. Kelly will be a fantastic player but the trade feels very sideways to me. As discussed above there is a high possibility of GWS resting him and all their draftees throughout the year.

    • GeneralSoreness says:

      I think it is best to hold your trades this week Jim as imho the Crouch trade next week would possibly be a better trade. It also gets you another week to look at Daisy if he pumps out a monster you may be able to ride a price rise and gain $$. Given the number of FWD rookies included this week I also think its best to hold Rohan until you get a look these kids.

    • Derek says:

      Kelly to expensive. wait for flipper

    • Jimihk says:

      Cheers gents.

  32. GarglesnarfFC says:

    Give Daisy 1 more week as plays the worst AFL team since Fitzroy this week. Then do the Crouch trade of required next week. If you are desperate to trade this week, then Daisy down to Buckley is one to consider.

    I was going Michie > Kelly, but I am leaning towards Buckley instead at the moment as he is cheaper, lays the Demons and has slightly better JS than Kelly.

    • Beady Eye says:

      How are you coming to the conclusion about their respective JS… I would have thought GWS would have more incentive to force feed games into their kids?

      • GarglesnarfFC says:

        Kelly is just another bloody gun at GWS & they can afford to be safe with him. Just like Whitfield last year, he will get rested, maybe as early as next week.

        Carlton have been horrible, it's time to rebuild, time to blood the kids and see what they can do. Buckleys job on Goddard was about the ONLY plus Calrton had on Sunday night so I can see him playing for next three to six weeks.

        They may not end up being any different in games played by round 10-12, but the $80k price difference sees Buckley slightly ahead for mine, as he should earn $200k faster, despite the fact that Kelly may average 15pts a week more.

        • Beady Eye says:

          Fair call, always interested to hear a different perspective. And I 100% agree on Carlton. They are going nowhere with the group they currently have, better to bottom out and start again. Which would only be a bonus for kids like Buckley looking for gametime. The only obstacle for that plan though, is that while he spouts his usual vitriol and throws his players under the bus, I'm pretty sure Mick is still deluding himself into thinking they're a finals team, despite all evidence to the contrary. Never underestimate the impact of a coach living in his own reality… both in real and SC terms.

          • GarglesnarfFC says:

            All true Beady, hopefully Mick lets him off the leash, but I fear he may get the run with job on Jones.

            As I said, it's my dilemma of the week.

  33. Rippsta says:

    Any thoughts on grundy? May swap Berger for him. Tough first 3!

    • Branks says:

      Don't go from problem to problem Rippsta. Berger has underwhelmed thus far. Instead, go from Grundy to Jacobs. Jacobs might be a keeper by season's end and he's cheaper than Berger.

  34. GeneralSoreness says:

    Great work again on the Podcast your commitment to the community and sage advice is amazing!

  35. Donut King says:

    Josh Caddy.
    What do I do community?
    Very little cash in the bank BTW.

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Hold him

      • GeneralSoreness says:

        Not the dreaded sideways to Merrett??

        Given Merrett is playing in the mids, Ess high possie game, likes to go by foot, and kicks into F50. I'm very torn, my finger is hovering over the trade button.

    • Derek says:

      hold him. an opportunity will present itself to us.

  36. Shaun says:

    Rohan to Fasolo or Lewis Taylor??

    • GeneralSoreness says:

      Neither Shaun. I would hold and look to Lloyd and co either next week or two weeks time. Although if you can go Rohan to Merrett that would be viable imho.

      • Shaun says:

        Thanks mate!! My current setup is Impey, Rohan and JKH at F6,7,8. Wasn’t sure what the best option was! Who do you think I should field or in that case trade??

  37. Jim from Gippsland says:

    Hey guys.

    A question for the mathematical superstars out there. Rohan is $176k this week and I have $22.2k in bank. Fasolo is $213.6k.

    What score would Rohan need to score this week to bridge that $15.4k difference and do it in one trade (BE is 40)?

    I never got my head around predicting price increases based on a given score 😉

    • GeneralSoreness says:

      Jim he would need to have a score of 55-60 if my maths is correct.

      • throttlefinger says:

        Versus Roos at SCG. Should be doable. Only things killing you right now – Swans play last and he may be a vest candidate.

      • Jim from Gippsland says:

        that seems a bit lower than I thought. Good news everyone!

        I would have thought 80 odd. 60 is very doable, the man has to have a good game sooner or later.

        • GeneralSoreness says:

          Sorry Jim, My bad, I had my scores upside down and used the round 1 (47) instead of the round 3 (21).

          Accordingly your correct he needs around the 80 mark, sorry for misleading.

    • sputnik says:

      he would need to score roughly 45 over his BE so about 85

  38. matthew says:

    hi community ive been tossing and turning over this trade all week,
    trading a super consistant premium priddis to mcrae, in the knowledge that in 5 weeks mcCrae will be 500k to trade to a premium,
    also i know that my rookie forwards (Rohan, JKH, Impey, taylor) arent gonna make enough money before the byes to trade to a premium so I'm trading rohan to merret to sideways trade to roughhead after the byes or atleast when i can.

    I know alot of people say dont trade premiums but for team balance and to get premiums in my forward line i think this is the best for my team,
    please tell me your thoughts

    • sputnik says:

      so you trade priddis for macrae- then upgrade macrae to a prem. so you use 2 trades for 1 spot??? ahhhh no that trade is useless

      • matthew says:

        i need to get my premiums up forward, and if dont do this ill have no money to trade up to premiums in my foward line, the trade is more about team balance in my forward line

    • Jai says:

      With a lack of fwd rookies this year I think the trade has great merit. I am also trying to set and forget my fwd line as early as possible this year.

      • matthew says:

        thanks jai, its so frustrating having to use 2 of rohan, taylor, jkh, and impey on the field

  39. General McArthur says:

    Jock or other community,
    I've struggled with 1 of my trades this week and would welcome some feedback to clarify my doubts.
    Mids are: Ablett, Beams, Rocky, Libba, Macrae, Shiels, Tyson, Polec, Ellis, Dunstan. All scored really well.
    For are: Danger, Mitchell, Roughy, Hale, Caddy, Taylor, Impey, Rohan
    Rohan is slow burn so must go.
    More than happy to trade Rohan to Merrett
    I feel Kelly is a must have ($$rise to 400k and scores 90-100) but unsure who to trade.
    T/U Shiels to Kelly
    T/D Save trade

    or comment who to trade…welcome any remarks thanks

  40. Jai says:

    no thumbs down on this community matey! So its gonna have to be thumbs up 🙂

  41. pat says:

    hey guys, i have caddy and 200k in the bank, do i upgrade caddy or look for someone else. cheers

    • Warren says:

      i have just upgraded Caddy to Rioli but was looking at Roughhead as well

  42. Sully321 says:

    Parker or bruest?

  43. Wye says:

    morning all, all you supercoachers out their i need some of your guidance. My mids are : Gaz, Beams, Dal, Cotch, smurph, tyson, dun stand and D. Thomas (Polec and Kelly) I just traded kelly in but is he too good of a trade to just sit on the bench? What to do, and tips would be great thanks guys!!!

    • Sully321 says:

      That is a really strong midfield, but I don't think Kelly is too good to be on the bench. I don't think you have much trouble there

  44. love jock says:

    jock you are literally my religion

  45. Jesse says:

    Gday fellas, Need a consistent premium forward who I can rely on each week for good scores, not someone like a dayne zorko who goes 161 then 60,
    I already have tom mitchell, paddy danger, and zorko,
    Thanks Boys

  46. Sam says:

    Gday Boys, I just had a look at supercoach paige and they have ablosute no idea!
    Jock your website is like Gary Ablett theres is like Zac Dawson
    There telling everyone to bloody sideways trade, what a bunch of idiots
    Jock keep up the good stuff,

  47. Sana says:

    Which 3 should I play on the field? Dunstan, Tyson, Polec, Daisy Thomas?

    • Jimihk says:

      My thinking is Polec (scores improving each week), D Thomas (if you're not trading him there's no oint having 350 odd k on the bench) and prob Tyson cause he's playing a weaker opponent. But IMO you could just flip a coin between the rookies.

      • Sana says:

        Thanks Jimi, Agree I should play Daisy against Melbourne. Can't bring myself to bench Dunstand after last week, so its probably between Polec and Tyson…

  48. Todd says:

    Hello community,
    My teams looking solid but need some cash to trade wanganeen to Matt couch next week or maybe Buckley this week. Should I trade Webster to kk, daisy to Kelly/ Buckley or should I wait to trade off rohan next week for the likes of a rookie such as Lloyd (see how he goes this week)

  49. Sam says:

    do i jump off wingard?

  50. Dean says:

    Mumford or Jacobs?

  51. Little billy says:

    Gunston or Merritt help me ASAP

  52. Tom.H says:

    Langdon or McDonald as the D6

  53. Brett says:

    McEvoy to mumford? thoughts

  54. Donut King says:

    Should I go Josh Caddy to Lachie Hunter or HOLD?

  55. Trento says:

    thomas to Mc Crae and McEvoy to mumford. good idea or bad? other options are rohan, wingard, caddy, webster

  56. Trento says:

    damn is McEvoy to mumford smart or dumb

  57. Chupacabra says:

    Got the VC on Beams witj 145. But still tempted to chuck the C on Gaz and watch him tear up MS on his way to 160. Crazy or not? Whats Jocks and the communities thoughts? Cheers guys – no better source for info than right here.

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