PODCAST: The prices they are a changin

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Supercoach 2014 preseason podcast

It’s price change time community

As just like the player price changes that begin this week – we too must undergo a very important change in trading mindset.

With any luck you have corrected  some of your team selection problems, not created any other additional problems, and this is probably the last week where you might be able to grab some value before your trade in targets get to pricey.

Join us as we unpack the fantasy footy issues of the week and tear them to shreds.

This week the wheat gets sorted from the chaff.


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  1. Tom says:

    First Comment!

    Accidentally forget to put the E on sandi during cap loophole still got 2232.

  2. EvilUmpire says:

    Love the Podcast look forward to it each and every week. Also excited about the Thursday Podcasts. Thinking about getting rid of Zorko or do I hold?

    • Hold. I think that will be the worst of Zorko. He went at 40% and kicked two behinds which you wouldn't think would happen to often…

    • dean says:

      Not sure, I ended up getting Thomas and Tyson over Zorko leaving me $450k in the bank, assuming zorko was a sure fire thing to get this week, now i guess i have options.

      • pfft says:

        The fact is Zorko got his head knocked of by S. May early in the game. He was bleeding from the nose and clearly concussed, this is the reason why his score was poor.

    • wes says:

      are there better options instead of zorko? who else can we get for the price?

      • Super_Freak says:

        He'll bounce back. As pfft said above, Zorko got poleaxed by May late in the first quarter. At that stage he had about 40-45 SC points up and was on track for another big one.

  3. What to do with bloody ambrose???

  4. Kev says:

    You're considering a trade after scores of 121 and 161 in the first 3 weeks? Madness

  5. Shinboner says:

    Great podcast, boys! This round has been a lesson in sticking to your guns – many traded out Buddy, Cotchin, Mitchell, Libba and the likes.

    Managed to avoid the carnage this week, scoring 2445 without Enright (Georgiou grr…). Cunnington and Duncan have been pleasant surprises.

    • Michael says:

      Great score Shinboner that should be right up there this week.

      • Shinboner says:

        Cheers, Michael. Here's hoping! Especially after a disastrous second round.

  6. WombatsFC says:


    • throttlefinger says:

      And so KK has been anointed. Welcome to SC relevancy THUMPER!

      Langford to Thumper…that sounds kinda nice.

  7. Sam says:

    Guys trade Rohan to fasolo in a week

  8. Harry says:

    Happy with 2439, particularly as zorko trade in didn't work this week. I still believe long term it will be sound, particularly with Rich going down.

    My weakness is the fwd line with Caddy F4, Higgins F5, and Taylor F6. But may have to bide my time to accumulate cash- don't want to sell good scoring rookies too early.

    Who are people's end game fwds? I have Zorko, Danger and Martin and would like to add Parker, Wingard and Rioli ultimately. Who else are people banking on?

    • Shinboner says:

      I think I've already got four sealed: Danger, Chappy, Titchell and Roughead. Might finish it off with a Dusty or Westhoff. Perhaps Boomer.

    • throttlefinger says:

      Have Danger, Dusty, Roughy, Zorko (tentatively). Will get Wingard, he will pick up.

      From there it will be wait and see. Then again, you could say that about all of the future picks.

    • WombatsFC says:

      I've got Boomer,Dusty,Zorko,Titch. I'll probably turn Titch into Danger after next week think I need roughead as well but dunno for F6

    • Wino says:

      Have Danger, Martin, Parker, Breust, Zorko (Higgins currently F6).

      Toss-up for the last possie – Pav, Rioli, Boomer. As per Shinboner and TF I like Westoff/Wingard too.

      Lack of quality forward rookies makes the early upgrading of the forward line a bit of a priority this season. Too many dud scores from the F6 position.

    • BeagzBoyz says:

      I've got Reiwoldt, Roughy, The Hoff, Parker and danger. Will look to upgrade Impey to dusty before the bye

    • Cam says:

      I’ve got 5 of my fwds locked in (or as good as) already; Danger, Dusty, Zorko, Mitchell and Dahlhouse. Caddy is riding at F6 for the time being but at the moment I have my eye on Breust as his replacement when the time comes.

      Was feeling pretty good about them all a week ago and then they all go and pull sub-par performances…

      • Sarah says:

        It's funny how they all do it at the same time!!

        • Dale says:

          I have the same Fwds except I have Roughead instead if Zorko. Do you think Mitchell and Dahlhouse will come good through the year? They are expensive 80s at present.

    • taylorwoof says:

      G'day Harry!

      I upgraded Caddy to Zorko last week.

      Currently have: Dangerfield, Martin, Zorko, Buddy, Higgins, Taylor/Impey

      Like yourself, i'm eagerly wanting to upgrade F6…..though biding time may be the best option.

      Alex Fasolo scored 70 odd on the weekend, get another look at him in Round 4…..could bring him into the team if he can produce another 70+. Much more reliable scorer than your Taylors & Impeys etc at F6.

      I have a 3 man weave ruck (Hmac, Sandi, Hickey) i can go Hickey>Currie and Higgins>Cyril. But beginning to second guess that, as Higgins plays against GWS this weekend.

      • Harry says:

        Yeah patience is the key I think. I've loaded up in midfield and it's a winner at this stage but at the expense of a mediocre forward line. I too have my eye on Fasolo but will wait another week and see if he's worth it. Gut feel is he'll be a better option than Taylor/Rohan as my F6.

        I have little confidence in Caddy but think I just need to stick with him until the byes and hope he can average 80 (although I may be delusional!!!)

        Wingard going down may be a blessing as hopefully he's eased back and can pick him up post byes.

        Thanks for thoughts

  9. Roger says:

    Terrible round community.
    1: Traded Mitchell out for Swallow instead of Enright,
    2: Fyfe and Deledio both out for me, had to put Matt Crouch on.
    3: Hampson out, had to use a trade to get a EMG in Currie who burned big time.
    4: Rohan the sub, terrible score.
    5: Was leading on the ladder averaging 2296, got 2086 which was not bad considering how many i had out yet the guy who beat me was averaging 2001, scores a 2294. But like Jock said, You pick yourself up from these tough times and you get stronger but just some advice would be nice guys.
    Def: Swallow, Hanley, Enright, Terlich, Langdon, Mcdonald (Gergiou, Tippet)
    Mid: Ablett, Selwood, Rockliff, Deledio, Fyfe, Beams, Polec, Dunstan (Ellis, M. Croch)
    Rk : Sandilands, Hampson ( Currie, King)
    Fwd : Martin, Zorko, Mitchell, Caddy, Higgins, Rohan (Impey, Kennedy Harris)
    Got 136k in the bank. Any advice would be wonderful.

  10. Billy says:

    if michie not named, josh kelly looks good, or wait a week for crouch?? ambrose out for a couple of weeks hurts but luckily started with him and didn't trade him in

  11. Darcy says:

    Wright. I got stuck with him and he tonned up on the weekend. Is he worth keeping now with thompsons injury?

  12. Wino says:

    My team "The Filth" – R3 score of 2495 – second highest score in the community for the round and 34th in the community in overall points.
    Ranked 1273 in the comp.
    If only May hadn't clobbered Zorko….

  13. Bob McBob says:

    Thoughts on Jackson Merrett, or just a one off score?

    • Shinboner says:

      Spewing that I didn't have the guts to keep him in my side. His slow pre-season put me off holding him into the season. Joined the Caddy bandwagon instead. He'll keep a nice 85+ average up this season, methinks.

      • Bob McBob says:

        Considering trading Rohan to him him, good move? Or prioritise to remove pittard?

        • Shinboner says:

          Removing Pittard should be at the top of your wishlist bar none. I managed to offload him last week for Swallow after panic-trading him in pre-Round 1 when Broadbent was named as the sub.

  14. Steve says:

    Hey community, is being around 900 points off the sc leader (ranked number 1 overall) too far to bridge, even after round 3?

    • Kev says:

      I wouldn't think so, Steve. Long way to go yet, you could easily make that up. Leaders won't emerge until after the inevitable bye round carnage

  15. Fraser says:

    Pleasure for my question to be heard on the podcast! Cheers guys.

  16. Donut King says:

    Hey there community!
    Still have the 30 trades left and after a score of 2342 and moving into the top 2% things are looking good.
    Just wondering if I could get some community input on my side?
    Defence: Mitchell, McVeigh, Swallow, Suckling, Webster, McDonald, Langdon and Georgiou
    Midfield: Ablett, Pendlebury, Liberatore, Beams ,Dunstan, Polec, Aish, Ellis, M Crouch and L Taylor
    Rucks: Sandilands, Lobbe, Currie and Derrickx
    Forwards: Dangerfield, Martin, Franklin, Mitchell, Wright, Caddy, Rohan and Kennedy-Harris
    Would love some opinions from the community on trading and all the rest of it.

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Great effort! To be honest you don't need to do much. Maybe Rohan down to Ambrose if named, and Caddy should be watched with a view to trading up as soon as possible.

    • Gobbledocs Pride says:

      Super side mate, not much wrong there!! maybe only Webster and Rohan your early mistakes but that team you have is one very very good start you should be right up there for the time being I reckon! Good luck mate doing a lot better then me I'm avg 2167 per week but made massive mistake this last round and traded Franklin out for Zorko and moved Dunstan to my bench probably cost me around 150-200pts less this round. Cheers Gobbledocs Pride

  17. William says:

    I can go from Caddy to Parker. Leaves nothing in the bank and I still reckon Caddy could make a bit. Would love some help.

  18. Adam says:

    away from home community so I'll need some help on my team
    Anyone here injured?should I trade?is a full squad playing?
    Albert,Pendleton,beams,dal santo,Goddard,Tyson,polecat,dunstan(fife,Taylor)

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Rohan and Kennedy Harris are priorities to move out as they both went DOWN! Quite a feat for rookies.

      • Shinboner says:

        Hmm, I'm going to have to say keep JKH. The current Melbourne game plan obviously is not working and it's only a matter of time before they take the vest off JKH and stick it on a Blease-type. Or they could drop him altogether, making our decisions much easier.

      • Michael says:

        Here's the thing – I have JKH but only $50K in warchest.
        Should I hold or trade to Impey? Already have Taylor & Ambrose.

    • Derek says:

      I was looking through your team with envy, until I got to the forwards. Serious work needed in FWD. How much cash do you have?

  19. canman1306 says:

    May be a sideways but thoughts on trading Josh Caddy For Jackson Merrett Look like he can Average 85+ till the byes
    He will probably Get up to around 450K if he is Lucky and he can be a great stepping stone to a premo Foward

    • Kev says:

      I'm thinking of this move as well, canman. Looking at Caddy's DE% and it's shocking. This week caddy's break-even is more than his average (71 be, ave 66) whereas Merrett's be is -9.

      I think as long as you haven't gone through many trades at this point, a sideways move is a safe bet

  20. Callum says:

    Great podcast boys! Thinking of going JKH to Fasolo, that’s the only problem I have in my team at the moment and maybe dale Thomas and michie are also problems but I think I will get Matt crouch for michie next round and then dale Thomas, probably an upgrade to a cheap premo or should I move him on this round? If I was to, who would I get?

    • Derek says:

      Carlton play MELB. Keep Daisy.

    • sputnik says:

      Keep daisy for sure. carlron have played all their games with 10-11 days inbetween with no regular routine, and they have played non-football night of only sunday nights and thursday night. their body clocks are out of whack so should start to improve. plus daisy missed 3 easy goals game 1 (30 pts) got 92 game 2 and got 82 last night in a team that was totally destroyed, He will get his averages up to 100 in the next few and can still smash out 120's+ once he gets the feel going again.

  21. OzSonic says:

    Got 2424. Stuck with Libba and Franklin and that paid off, brought in Wines and Jaensch for Dixon and Webster which also paid off in points and $$$.

    Gotta decision to make on NicNat, I chose Wines/Jaensch over Mumford who I've missed the boat on. Although wasn't comfortable with Sandi/Mumford starting ruck combination. Injury free so I'll ride my cows until they're ready to send to market.

  22. Danners16 says:

    Hey guys nice week for me 2353 just need some thoughts on my team
    Def-S.Mitchell, P.Hanley, D.Swallow, N.Malceski, L.McDonald, T.Langdon (J.Laidler, A.Georigou)
    Mid-G.Ablett, D.Beams, L.Shuey, M.Murphy, D.Tyson, L.Dunstan, J.Polec, X.Ellis (V.Michie, H.Cunningham)
    Ruck-S.Jacobs, A.Sandilands (T.Derickx, F.Thurlow)
    For-P.Dangerfield, D.Martin, N.Riewoldt, D.Zorko, L.Parker, J.Caddy (J.Impey, L.Taylor)
    $67500 in the bank
    Was thinking Malceski to Jaensch, and Caddy to a premium forward to get Jaenchs price rise and he looks like a premium with his scoring output.

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Gut says Malceski to Jaensch is a wasted trade, swapping like for like, so no to that one. Caddy up to Harvey if you can afford him, or maybe Bruest if not, sounds like a plan.

      • Kev says:

        I agree, I'd more comfortable relying on 'Eski at this point. Jaensch has never been a premium fantasy scorer

    • Derek says:

      I cant see to much that you need to do. Fatten up your cash cows for a few more weeks, hope that Murphy can get a few premium scores.

      you have missed Jaensch, forget about him. You might look at Thumper as another Cash Cow. Otherwise HOLD

      • GarglesnarfFC says:

        Dont know about that Derek, his breakeven (-7) is still better than most (KK is -3 for example)and given the Crows are yet to appear on the winning side of the Supercoach points ledger, he has still has potential for upside and I can’t see him losing his role in the squad anytime soon.

        Hanely is the safer option as a premium defender, but at nearly $200k more it’s hard not to think of Jaensch as a pretty solid pick, even with that round 8 bye.

  23. Gazza says:

    Traded in Ambrose last week and it looks as though he'll be out for a bit according to Bombers PC. Need to get rid of McDonough and seriously considering a side trade of Tommy Mitchell > Breust. Then there is Clurey wasting space on my backline bench.
    Community do I stick fat with Mitchell and do the simple Clurey > Laidler and McDonough > Taylor trades then rid it all the way to the bye rounds?
    Full team
    Def – Mitchell, Hibberd, Simpson, Mcdonald, Langdon, Georgiou, Langford, Clurey
    Mids – Pendles, Watson, Libba, Beams, Shiels, Polec, Dunstan, Ellis, Cunningham, Fyfe
    Rucks – Sandi, McIntosh, Currie, King
    Fwds – Martin, Rough, Danger, Mitchell, Wright, Ambrose, JKH, Mcdonough

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Yes, do those two corrective trades. Do not swap Breust for Mitchell, Swans are coming good and his scores will go up from here.

  24. GarglesnarfFC says:

    Hurn and Michie are my two on the chopping block this week., although Hurn is the only really pressing trade, as I cant have 470k sitting on the pine.

    1. Hurn to Hanley and hold Michie (can pick up Crouch next week)

    2. Hurn to Jaensch and Michie to Kelly

    3. Hurn to Thumper and Caddy to Harvey

    Despite a huge desire to get Kelly, I am leaning towards option 1 as it keeps my structure intact, while option 2 still leaves me with a nagging doubt about Jaenschs ability to maintain his form.

  25. Plum says:

    Tom Mitchell.. Should i hold community?

    And is it time to get the little master Gaj in? For toby greene ?

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Yes & Yes, if you have the cash to convert Greene to Gaz DO IT!!!

  26. sputnik says:

    Hey Carlton will lift their game soon I hope.

    The AFl has given them a ridiculous roster that is equivalent to working night shift or rotating rosters and any one who works rotating rosters knows how much it screws with your whole life pattern- unless you choose to do it and have done it for yours.


    11 days later ROUND 2 THURSDAY NIGHT

    10 days later ROUND 3 SUNDAY NIGHT

    No other team has played these "non football" nights twice, let alone 3 weeks in a row for Carlton. You cant train in the usual 6-7 day pattern because you have an extra 3 days off, and you have to break sleeping patterns to play NIGHT games on days when NIGHT games arent supposed to be played. And alot of these "strange day night games' have nothing to do with Football skills but sleeping patterns and alot of them will be uninteresting and ones sided.

    Plus I fell asleep at half time last night anyway like most I would suspect. Pity footbal is now dragging on til 11pm Sunday night.

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Fair point Sputnik, they have had a very weird draw, not friendly to players or fans.

    • cyril says:

      Excuses, excuses. They are rubbish no matter when they play

    • WombatsFC says:

      Spot on Sputnik the AFL seems to choose Carlton as their crash test dummy ever since Ian Collins joined the AFL after he signed away Carltons home ground to support the AFL's failing Telstra dome; why they let him back into the club I'll never know.

      However I don't think that the game roster is Carltons problem. They were looking very dangerous and moving forward until they got 'yesterdays one-trick-pony' to coach them. Since then they have started to slide and will probably get even worse until they find a coach who's plan for attack doesn't involve moving the ball back to full back unless your within the fwd 50.

  27. JackoFC says:

    Jock, i've still got bloody luenburger in my side mate! I thought he would come good but he still hasn't cracked 85!!! Now with West holding a spot, I want him out – options are:

    1. slight upgrade to big boy mcevoy
    2. go all out for the likes of mummy, goldy or minson (reckon i've missed mummy)
    3. nic nat, sauce jacobs, hickey etc.
    + anyone else!!

    p.s obviously i have sandi as 2nd ruck

    cheers for the help community!

    • Derek says:

      as Higgo said, hold for now, wait for NicNat to fall in value and trade

  28. Beady Eye says:

    Held off on ditching Caddy at the last minute and was rewarded with a 53. Out you go. In comes Hanley now that he's survived Brisbane's horrible fixtures while maintaining a healthy average.

    The other trade I'm tossing around is Landford to Kelly, swinging Swallow from mids to defence. Like what I've seen of the Kelly kid, especially the fact he's scored at a very healthy rate despite not yet cracking 20 touches. You would think that as he gets more of it, the scores should rise.

    Any thoughts/suggestions from the community?

    • JX20 says:

      I've had Jack Martin rusting on the bench waiting for Josh Kelly to get on the bubble. The kid is silk.

  29. Jscoach says:

    Hey community love the page,
    I scored well this week but have a few problems with some of my premiums. I'm looking to offload Michael Walters who seems to be injured. He is priced at 436k. I can trade under priced premiums in Petrie or Cloke or some cheap options such as Merrett and May.
    Any advice would be much appreciated

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Cloke and Petrie are circling the SC drain this week, and will continue to drop. I do not consider either to be a valid target for this week, and possibly not until the byes.

      Prefer Merrett to May, but Harvey is the premium fwd ATM. Non KPP and roaming all over the forward half racking up possies, kicking goals and winning games.

      If you want a premo fwd, he’s it (just ignore the walking frame)

  30. Bray says:

    Hey guys just wanting your thoughts on a a trade option. My foward line has, Zorko, Danger, Dusty, Wright, Caddy, JKH, Impey, and Taylor. I was thinking of trading caddy up to Luke Parker, thoughts.?
    Thanks for the help in advance.

  31. Josh says:

    Who is the best Premium forward?

    • Jscoach says:

      Nick Riedwoldt

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Harvey, non KPP and still winning games off his boot whilst racking up plenty of effective possessions. Gun.

      • WombatsFC says:

        Yep Boomers 56 point final quarter got me over the line in my league after the Burn Twins (Titchell & Caddy) set fire to my hopes of a decent score

    • canman1306 says:

      Dangerfield Will be the best premium forward this season

  32. David says:

    I brought in Mackie and Birchall this week. Fingers crossed they can both hold a 90+ avg this year.

    I replaced Hodge and Hurn for these 2.

    Was skeptical of Hodge this year but still thought he would be a 100+ defender alas he proved me right in the fact that he is too unreliable now days (injury/niggles) hold him back from his true potential.
    Hurn i hate you! how and why do you do this every year! never again.

  33. Jonty says:

    Is it too risky to have both selwood and Stevie J in the midfield, or would it be more wise to bring in pendles or jobe over selwood. I can’t beleive I traded out Joel just before round 1

    • Jscoach says:

      Selwood over Johnson every day of the week.

      • Derek says:

        I had Joel or StevieJ in my round 1 team depending on what day of the week it was. Went with steviej because of talk that Joel was carrying an injury. prob regret it now, but still happy with StevieJ and won't be changing. Will eventually have both in my team after the bye rounds.

  34. lukescoach says:

    I have been patient with Goldstein to date but is it time to pull the plug and get Mumford in?

    • Josh says:

      Nah I don't reckon. What's the point of burning a trade for a guy that will probably average the same as Goldstein for the rest of the year. Even if he is slightly injured, he will ruck in front of currie.

  35. Marcus J says:

    Got some solid advice off here last week about holding onto roughie and whoever that was

    Those people that have daisy are you holding or folding?

  36. Derek says:

    What Falling Premiums do people have on their Watchlist?

    Griffin projected to fall $110k in next 2 weeks.
    Goldy already dropped $46 and projected another $24k this week
    Swan dropped $68 and projected another $50k in two weeks (could be as low as $510k)
    NicNat dropped $40k and projected another $25k in 2 weeks (could be around $455k)
    Petrie fell $98k and projected another $93k in 2 weeks (could be around $360k)
    Mayne fallen $60k and projected another $52k (could be $388k)
    Cloke dropped $78k and projected another $52k (could be $383k)
    Adams dropped $50k and projected another $55k (could be $305k)

    • Kristofor says:

      That Mayne has been horrible!!

    • lukescoach says:

      I reckon Goldy won't drop that much more. He has had a tough draw so far and has a slight niggle. Seemed to come into his own against Port. I have got Walters atm and are looking to get Cloke and Petrie in but they are extremely inconsistent

    • Sarah says:

      I've got my eye on Griffin.

    • sputnik says:

      price fall projections are based on current everages so you would suspect that griffen, goldy, nic nat and adams wont drop anywhere near as much as mentioned. Goldy has a BE of 163 and forecasted to drop only 50K in the next 2 but he could easily smash out 130 this week and only drop 10K. swan is done i reckon and no longer fantasy relevant. buck's is just a striaght flog and almost trying to intentionally annoy swan by playing him up front. Danger could drop to 510K in 3 weeks but once again only based on current avge of 93 which he could easily smash. if griff keeps up his avge of 56 he will drop 210K in the next 3 and be 410K

      • Derek says:

        i was taking the numbers from SC Gold. the values are based on their projections (consideration given to opponent, ground etc) not just their current average.

    • OzSonic says:

      I wouldn't touch Griff. He's playing injured, clearly, barely had a pre-season on top of that. Mid way point is when he'll peak IMO.

    • WombatsFC says:

      I reckon that NicNat is the only one from the list of has-beens you presented although Griff could come up.

    • THE SALTSHAKER says:

      Swans injured you can tell, way he is carrying himself, not bending for the footy and looks disinterested

  37. Dion says:

    Great Podcast !
    Any news on why T Mitchell was subbed out?
    Also, any danger of stopping all the drug references crouching? Not funny and brings the quality of the podcast down.

    • lukescoach says:

      Just think he was subbed as he had a bad day and they wanted to bring some run into the game

    • Dale says:

      Disagree, crouching one is one of the truly great Aussie comedians. You can’t cage the tiger.

  38. Sarah says:

    Ok, I want to hold this week. Scored 2319. But I've had enough of Caddy.
    So what I'm thinking is:

    Caddy to Bruest
    Michie to Kelly.


    • Josh says:

      Keep Caddy as he is still only cheap and will have good games in the near future…Michie to Kelly sounds good though!

      • Cozza says:

        Caddy to Breust is not a bad option, although I would think it unlikely Breust will get to premo status despite his scores to date. I expect you will probably be wanting to upgrade Bruest in the future, so you are potentially burning a trade here by using him as a stepping stone. Both Caddy and Bruest have a BE of 59 this week, but Caddy looks to be close to his ceiling unless his scoring improves. Bruest has potential to generate you more cash to get that final premo upgrade and will likely score better than Caddy in the meantime.

        Guess it depends on whether you want to burn a trade on a minor upgrade.

        • Cozza says:

          That said, if he keeps going with his current scoring he will be a definite keeper! The forward premos have been difficult to nail down this year, so he keeps this up he will be in everyones teams soon. I'm just not sure he will/can keep it up, particularly with the full Hawks squad playing.

          I guess time will tell!

  39. vinnymac says:

    In FWD I have Danger, Dustin Martin, Pav, Zorko and Rohan on field, Kennedy Harris and McDonough as emg.
    In DEF I have Mitchell, Hanley, Swallow, McDonald, Langdon, Webster, Georgiou, Langford.
    Should I:
    1) Trade Rohan OUT Chapman/Riolo IN…..McDonough OUT, L.Taylor IN
    2) Leave the FWD line and upgrade one of Webster, Gerogiou, Langford

    $307,400 in the kitty

    • Sarah says:

      Leave defence alone. Go for option 1. You could also look at Breust instead of Chappy or Rioli, but that really just comes down to a personal preference as they're all playing really well.

      • GarglesnarfFC says:

        Actually there might be a problem in defence. None of Webster, Langford or Georgiou are guaranteed starts next week, and same with JKH, Rohan and McDonough.

        Perhaps Rohan/McDonough to J Merrett which gets a rookie off the park,and/or Webster to KK (not sold on KK yet, but cant see an alternative)

  40. Josh says:

    Jason Winderlich could be a very interesting POD…Gonna hold matthew wright this week as he still has a gettable BE especially against the saints. If Winderlich has another solid game and his body holds up then I think I may make a straight swap as they will be virtually the same price. I know that Higgo wouldn't like this but I believe in an Essendon side that is firing that Winderlich could end up being a premo lock if his body is up to it.

  41. Rescued Pieman says:

    A special thanks to Crouching & Jock for the heroic rescue last night. And Higgo in the getaway car. Ken Bruce was doing my head in. Shopping for a new TV today.

  42. zimmerbd says:

    "I've got a sword, I'll bring the sword around if you want".

    Classic Wayno.

  43. sputnik says:

    seems heaps of people are going to sideways trade against the cardinal rule. the way I see it there is 20 trades for $ and 10 trades for upgrades. only sideways for injuries

  44. max von muffman says:

    Thoughts? I'm thinking to downgrade McVeigh for Laidler and then Caddy up to Ablett….

    Hanley, Mc Veigh, Mitchell, Suckling, Langdon, McDonald, Webster, Georgiou
    Rockliff, Cotchin, Beams, Dunstan, Shiels, D Thomas, Polec, Ellis, Caddy
    Sandi, Pyke, Currie, Derrickx
    Dangerfield, Zorko, Martin, Roughead, Mitchell, Rohan, Ambrose, McCarthy

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      What was your plan to get Ablett in? Stick with it, as he only four more games before the round 8 bye.

      IMO, you need a decent midfield cow, how about Rohan out, Caddy forward and Kelly in? Fwd rookies are awful this year, and Kelly looks the goods to make you between $150-$200k over the next few weeks, allowing you to bring in Ablett after his bye.

  45. Beard says:

    Hey lads,

    Thanks for the help in the early stages.

    My line up just scored 2,510 finished 37th in the rank and am currently 27t overall.

    I'm fairly happy with everything but Forwards.

    I am not touching Dusty, Danger. Mitchell can have another crack before he becomes a concern especially if he was subbed off.

    M Wright stepped up this week and he was as good as gone, Hunter has served his purpose and might be time to go. Caddy is someone I think may go this week. I have 101k in the bank so might just make a upgrade of Caddy or Hunter.

    I'm leaning towards Caddy, do you guys think Parker, Rioli or Zorko?


    • Sarah says:

      I like Breust too but out of those three I'd probably be leaning towards Zorko. He got hit hard last week, possibly effected his scoring for the remainder of the game. But his early season form is still outstanding.
      Good luck.

    • Beard says:

      Actually can afford Bruest or Chapman too.

      So can I just get a few opinions here boys, Bruest, Chapman, Rioli, Zorko or Parker.

      I think I'd go Zorko if he didn't get 46 but that's a big concern for me even if hurt, cause last year he burnt me.

      Bruest and Chapman have been killing it though both can't keeping 3-4 goals a game I'd imagine.

      Rioli is yet to explode and has still got 100 odd a game…

      Parker is the least of my interests though he's worth a mention.

      Thoughts guys?

    • GeneralSoreness says:

      I would go Zorko out of those options.

      Although perhaps a good week to sit tight. Caddy not going down or up much, Zorko has BE of 77. It wouldnt cost very much to see how Zorko goes this week.

    • WombatsFC says:

      Worried about Zorko, he takes his first decent hit and packs up shop for the day and hides. Way too soft for a premium keeper.
      ALL the other clubs will have noticed that he makes Smurph look like Ironman and they'll crunch the little marshmallow at every opportunity, like they do on Smurph.
      Zorks is done and dusted as far as SC relevancy is concerned

  46. Bob McBob says:

    Any good trade options for jasper pittard? Only got the 29k in the bank

  47. Matt says:

    Team was just about destroyed this week with the late outs McEvoy, Enright & Ambrose, while I still held Hodge on my bench. Combine that with some shocking scores from rookies, but i still managed to squeeze out 2160 (shout out to captain GAJ) and a league win.

    Considering just the one trade this week: Daisy Thomas >> Jackson Macrae.
    Daisy isn't going too badly, but not too well either, and I genuinely believe that Macrae can average 100+ after seeing some of his performances.

    What are the community's thoughts?

    • Bob McBob says:

      Macrae is a good choice. He also has a BE of 9 with a projected price rise of 35k

      • Derek says:

        Daisey playing MELB

        • dean says:

          Dont fall into the trap of sideways trades, Macrae Looking good, but what happens when he scores sub 80 for a few weeks in a row, you will have to trade him out anyway, costing two trades for that one position, Thomas not looking that bad, he will have games where he gets a ton every now and then.

    • Michael says:

      Daisy's a lock for the season unless injury strikes.

    • THE SALTSHAKER says:

      If you didnt get him from start you should let him go now, gotta get right rookies and use trades on them. I looked at same trade. Depends how many trades youve used, if 1 or less you could do it, also last week save you 20k now costs you 30k for not much pts each week but if you happy with rookies then why not?

    • Dale says:

      Do you think Enright will play? Do we need to trade him?

      • Matt says:

        Yeah, reckon he should play this week. They were saying he was on track to play last week to, so the late exclusion must have been just precautionary. I'm keeping him.

  48. Gary rohan the spud says:

    So community i have 308k in the bank and my def and mid are fine so im thinking of offloading gary rohan and josh caddy for buddy and jackson merrett thoughts?
    Def: Hanley, S Mitchell, Swallow, Enright, McVeigh, Langdon, (Lanford, Georgiu)
    Mid: Ablett, Beams, Murphy, JPK , Tyson, Polec, Ellis, Dunstan, (Michie, L McDonald)
    Ruck: Mcintosh and Sandi ( Currie, King)
    Fwd: Martin, Danger, Zorko, caddy, higgins, impey (rohan, JKH)

    So if i bring in franklin and merrett my worst on field fwd would be higgins.

    However another option is gary rohan and alexis georgiu out for merrett and a 300-400k defender thoughts?

  49. Dogs says:

    Hi community, would love any thoughts / critisicm on my team

    Mcveigh, enright, swallow, suckling, Langdon ,McDonald, georgiou, Langford
    Ablett,rockliff, s,Mitchell, beams, treloar,polec,Tyson,dunstan,Ellis, Cunningham
    Sandi, pyke, currie, king
    Danger, wingard,t.mitchell,zorko, caddy, Rohan, mcdonut, JKH

    I think my main concern has to be getting Rohan off the ground, got 200k at the moment so my current thoughts are to trade mcdonut to merret( I had my eye on him before this weekends score) , and put Rohan on the bench. Thoughts on merret?

    I want to try and stick to the 1 trade this week as I jumped on the zorko wagon last week (hangs head) and had to move out Barlow for injury, so trying to save some trades for the bye rounds

    Cheers guys …….an girls

  50. blake says:

    hey jock and all the boys as well as the everyone in this great community.
    I would like to thank everyone for all the help and wisdom I have received as I am now in the top 1000 for the first time ever with a position of 294. I am keen on Jacko Merret from the bombers. What is the communities thoughts on him? I was thinking of trading him in for JKH. Thoughts?

    Thanks everyone

  51. Tommykwr says:

    Had a pretty good week scoring 2488 with Rohan only scoring 21 and caddy 53
    Had Dunstan on the bench
    Thoughts on trading Cotchin for treloar in the midfield
    And Rohan for merrett in the forward line
    Also anyone to replace caddy
    $174,900 in the bank
    Thoughts anyone?

    • Autofelatio says:

      wow that's a great score!, don't touch Cotchin its definitely not worth trading him. If you don't have Lewis Taylor then I'd say go Rohan to him, he should only get better the longer he plays and is probably one of the top 2 fwd rookies. Leave Caddy for now to assess the situation as his price will still rise after round 4, and he may also be able to lift his game and earn some serious cash.

      • Tommykwr says:

        Thanks mate have Taylor on the bench. Might put him on the ground instead of Rohan

    • Super_Freak says:

      Don't think you really need advice from us if you can score 2488 with rohan, caddy onfield and Dunstan on the bench! That being said, I wouldn't trade Cotchin, he's a proven premium.

  52. Kristofor says:

    Lobbe for Mumford..? Can just afford it.. Tempted. Worthwhile trade?
    I have Danniher as F6.. and Taylor and Kennedy Harris on the bench… Needs work here too, but maybe I'll hold for now?

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      Hold lobbe, upgrade your forward line instead

      • Rescued Pieman says:

        Agreed. Fix foward line.Wave Mummy goodye, see how he goes against good teams. If he keeps going well consider aroun the Bye rounds

  53. The Garbo says:

    What are peoples thoughts on Josh Kelly? Can you see him as a top scoring rookie, at least till the second half of the season? I need another cheap high scoring mid that I can play on the field.

  54. The Garbo says:

    Have big issues with my forward rookies (like a lot of people), have kennedy-harris and Rohan and 100k in bank.

    Thoughts, as options are very slim?

    Im happy for my premiums losing some value (as I wont trade most likely), I can even Tolerate my mid pricer's value drop a little….. BUT when my rookies lose value I lose my cool – especially at 117k (JKH).

  55. brooke says:

    What should I do with D Thomas and Bernie Vince? Thinking of S Mitchell and Tyson? Thoughts????

    • The Garbo says:

      Daisy has shown he can score big – Last two weeks his third and fourth qtrs is when he scored majority of his points. Round 2 he got a doughnut in the first qtr and still grabbed 90 odd points. round 3 again very slow start and then third and fourth he decided to start playing. So there is still hope with him that he'll average +95 for the season if he can learn to play the full four qtrs

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Hold both.

      Vince has only had one average score (i have him) and they play the second worst side in the comp next week. I’m expecting 110+ from him.

      I plan to upgrade him in round 9 or 10 to Pendles or Jobe, after the rookies make me some cash. If you have no other pressing issues, AND can affrd to turn him into solid gold premium then by all means trade him. Otherwise HOLD.

  56. Supercoach says:

    Hey community love the page,
    Keep or get rid of Walters
    Keep or get rid of Scott D Thompson

    • GeneralSoreness says:

      Without knowing anything else about your team, i wouldn't keep either of them.

  57. cyril says:

    I would be getting rid of walters

  58. Mebois says:

    average week. 2243, i had caddy, titch, and kolo.

    DEF: swallow, bartel, b. smith, langdon, mcdonald, enright (langford, kolo)
    MID: pendeles, libba, cotchin, rockliff, beams, tyson, polec, dunstan (crouch, cunningham)
    RUC: sandi, sauce (currie, thurlow)
    FWD: Danger, TItch, gunston, caddy, may, hunter (jkh, impey)

    i think i dont need to make any trades but if enright is out for more than 2 he is gone, and i might trade jkh to ambrose, thoughts. i have 85k and 26 trades.

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Nice team!

      Ambrose out for two more probably, so JKH>Taylor is probably an OK trade. Beams may have done his quad again (according to rumours he is having scans done today), so like me, you might want a contingency plan in place IF true.

    • WombatsFC says:

      Lookin good and scoring well considering caddy, mitchell, enright.
      There's a bloke at GCS that knocks out a high score on a fairly regular basis maybe have a look at him.

  59. JJM says:

    I think it's time to let go of Caddy this week. He's played 3 games though he averaged 17 position but has a DE of roughly 60%. Not a go to man in the Cats 22, not a ball magnet and averages 4 clangers a game. I really don't see his price rising or him scoring a ton at all. On top of that, the next four games the cats has a tough draw before the Bye, which you'll be looking at trading him off before then.

    • WombatsFC says:

      Good call JJM so far he's only burned our fingers but for each week you keep him the burns will increase

  60. Cezz says:

    Caddy haters please stop, we see what he can do NAB cup with some high accumulations. Cads looked great first round then Selwood got the boots to his head, Cads will comeback, not a keeper but i reckon he'll crack the 450k before you cash in.

    • Shameless says:

      First rule of Super Coach.. Leave your supporter scarf at the door. If you picked him because you're a Geelong supporter and you like hw he plays, you've already failed.

    • THE SALTSHAKER says:

      I hate him because he is geelong, wouldnt know about his SC other than he hasnt shown much in the past. You wouldnt downgrade him as there are no targets worthwhile so wait to upgrade when best option presents itself

    • JX20 says:

      Twice Caddy came under pressure and wildly handballed back over his head resulting in clangers/scores to C'Wood. His DE from all games is worrying despite coming up against very poor Bris & Adel teams and a struggling C'Wood. Wouldn't surprise me if he gets dropped or the vest soon.

  61. canman1306 says:

    Will Langford -> Kolodjashnij (I can Spell because I am from his hometown)
    Caddy -> Merrett
    Leaves me with 25 Trades and 60K in the Bank account?
    Then I think I will hold and wait for cash cows to fatten or Injurys

    • WombatsFC says:

      Hi canman,
      Caddy for Merrett is exactly what I'm doing this week. I'm losing the 2014 Burnman before he turns my season to ashes.
      Don't know about Thumper though, it'll actually cost you money to trade langford for him this week. IMO neither are onfield players so I wouldn't be wasting a trade.
      Langford should go up by another 20k this week with a score of 40+ Thumper about 32k if he stays on average. Come finals time most would gladly part with 50k for 1-more trade and by not trading in Thumper to sit on your bench you can theoretically manufacture that extra trade for free.

      • canman1306 says:

        Hmm Yeah I agree a Trade is worth more to Supercoach than 50K.
        It is only gonna take 1 good score this weekend of say 70 and his breakeven is in the minuses again.
        But Caddy to Merrett is looking very tasty as Caddy doesn't have the scoring potential we though he would and with the Likes of Stokes and Motlop still out of the side his Midfield time is gonna drop Majorly.

    • dean says:

      I dont know about the Langford trade, He honestly does not look bad to me when watching him play, Just doesnt get enough of it at the moment, I would hold on that trade, But I myself am interested in Merrett but possibly for Rohan, I know Caddy has been lackluster so far, but feel like he will have big weeks every now and then, and do enough

  62. Adam says:

    Due to comments last time, any advice on how to fix my fwd line?

    Zorko, Danger, Martin, Impey, Rohan, Jkharris(Ambrose,Mcarthy)

    Got 281k in the bank
    Any feedback will be greatly appreciated! 🙂

    • WombatsFC says:

      Maybe have a look at Jackson Merrett for Rohan

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      Take a look at robbie gray for Rohan. Will receive a lot more midfield time throughout the year and should average around the 85-90 mark

    • THE SALTSHAKER says:

      Rohan to Zorko a possibility? or are you short? (like zorko)

  63. cyril says:

    I'm going to be patient with caddy I think. But then again I have some injury concerns.

    Does anyone know how long Mcevoy and Enright will be out for?

  64. Pete says:

    What to do with Swan? Thinking of trading him out for Treloar? Or should I just wait him out?

    • WombatsFC says:

      Hi Pete, big dilemma with Swanny but I reckon you have to move him on before he undoes all the cash generation of your rookies. I doubt that he will return to his best this year, he was unable to do any work that required the use of his arms for the whole preseason = no strength work at all. Consequently he is not the Swan that used to dominate I wouldn't be suprised to see him bottom out at around 350k

      • Super_Freak says:

        Have to agree Wombats, I just don't think he'll bounce back from his slump

    • THE SALTSHAKER says:

      I had to trade him last week, glad i did he is injured/carry niggle, out of sorts, and spending 40% fwd – if he turns corner you will know about it and trade him back in after byes. Showed glimpses 1st qtr last week but then spent most of his time up fwd. Against sydney he looked to have shoulder probs judging way he carried his arm

      There might even be bad blood with bucks over his mates gettn chop, Bucks doesnt consider him as an in form mid. I think this has to do with his attitude to training, being that bucks loves those who train prepare like he did, and the msg it sends to rest of group if he rewards swan. Also Swans response to way Pendles answered joke on footy show he had a new tatt wasnt the warmest from either end. Have seen Pendles ignore him as option a few times – it might not be much in it or culmination of all that has resulted in loss of effort desire

    • Mebois says:

      i think you should trade him, you payed 630k for a premo, so he will fall in price and imo a definite trade

    • vinnymac says:

      I think Swanny will come out good, although I'm hoping he can ton up from here on out. With Pendles getting the no.1 tag, Beams perhaps injured and Ball still finding his feet, I'm leaning towards holding Swan.

      I could trade Swan out and bring in Pendles, but that would leave me with a few dud rookies starting…

  65. Jordan says:

    Any news on ambrose? Am thinking on ambrose to rohan trade.

  66. Adam says:

    Jackson Merritt or May?

  67. Alex says:

    Got a good score this week of 2464! Glad I got Mumford before he went up!

    Thinking of trading Daisy Thomas for David Swallow, just a bit short of money, so I need a cheap forward who is going to score. I'll trade the player with Jarman Impey. Already have Zach Merret and JKH. Anyone cheapies ranging about 100k to 120k?

  68. sputnik says:

    Is anyone taking into account byes when they are talking about all these trade ideas?

    By the way Caddy is gone. I dont care about his occasional 100 score I may miss.

    Caddy – Merret like everyone else

  69. Leon says:

    big rumours coming out that beams might have a quad injury again.

    • sputnik says:

      where did you hear that? you cant just say it?

      I reckon there'll be 300,000+ trades if that is the case.

    • Dogs says:

      Heraldsun online says it's an ankle, not a confirmed out yet

      • Derek says:

        Just said that Maxwell and Beams will be ok for this week. Dwyer will likely be out

  70. Daniel says:

    Need some help up front, got Rohan, McDonough and Kennedy-Harris, right now just need to offload one, I don't mind too much if the others present doughnuts or low scores on the bench, just need someone a little better on field. Got $143K in the bank. Was considering Ambrose this week, but obviously can't any more. Anyone know any other good options up front? Happy to upgrade to a midpricer or downgrade (sideways) to another rookie.

  71. taylorwoof says:

    A ripping podcast lads!

    One of my favourites so far this season. You were all superb!

    Looking forward to Thursday night Round 4 teams and the Community Podcast.

    Have a great week all, until then!

    • Dools says:

      T'wolf your back mate have you heard anything at all from SConkey???

      • taylorwoof says:

        Hahahaha! How are you Dools? Hope your team has been flying mate!


  72. Dogs says:

    No charges against mcveigh by the MRP, he gets another week to let us down, lol

    • Dools says:

      Damn he was a trade Now I have to Keep him….Next plan

      • THE SALTSHAKER says:

        Keep mcveigh will finish top 6 defenders

        • Cameron says:

          Hopefully when the Sydney mids start to fire, McVeigh will lift. If Shaw gets dropped too, McVeigh should spend more time off half back, where he destroys.

  73. MR CHAN says:

    im changing daisy thomas to josh kelly, what do you guys think?
    yes his price is expensive at 212k, but looks the goods!

    ill make 140k and i think output will be similar

  74. Ramsta says:

    Guys need to get of Rohan and JKH in fwd line and have $375k in bank any recommendations?

    • Autofelatio says:

      I think JKH will come good, he just hasn't been given much game time due to being the sub. With Rohan and 375 in the bank I'd say you could move him to any fwd you would like. So I would probably suggest guys like Luke Parker, Dusty Martin, Roughead or even a Lance Franklin if you want to take the punt and see if he will continue those scores. However I really do like the look of Parker and Roughy and feel that they will both have a very competitive year.

      • Ramsta says:

        Thanks mate I was thinking JKH to ambrose if he plays and Rohan to maybe bruest/wines?

        • Autofelatio says:

          That seems like a good plan, I haven't looked too much into both Bruest and Wines but from what I've heard and seen on the face of it Wines seems to be the go to man and is a bit cheaper aswell. But just a quick glance at both their forms suggest you couldn't really go wrong with either if they can keep up this output. Just be sure to not try and chase points. Just check if JKH will be the sub tho as it may be worth holding onto him, if not then going to Ambrose seems like a decent plan! Good luck!

  75. JX20 says:

    2 trades – 4 options.

    a. Kelly in for Jack Martin
    b. Thumper in for Brodie Martin
    c. Trade out Walters for Cyril/Breust/Merrett etc before his price keeps dropping
    d. Caddy to anyone
    I value the thoughts of the community – which 2?

  76. GarglesnarfFC says:

    A & B

  77. Daniel says:

    Got sucked in by Thomas, was chasing money, not points, but was hoping for an output probably a bit higher than what he got. Considering sitting on him a while longer, but Ollie Wines is also looking damn tempting and is a player I can see in my final team. Anyone know what the relative break evens are approximately for the two players?

    • Daniel says:

      Also thinking of maybe giving Caddy the boot for the likes of Chappy, again unsure of BEs and whether or not to sit on em. (I can only afford one of two options).

      • Dools says:

        Hi Daniel,
        Chappy's B/ is 72 but will he go to Freo this W/end ??? I think he will mate
        Oliver Wines B/E s 64 and 50K odd cheaper then Chappy with no rest management issues! He has to be the pick of the 2 players mate both AVG around 116 mark
        Good luck mate

      • THE SALTSHAKER says:

        chappy rested ankle this week was on news, he may get up, dons wont risk if 50/50

    • THE SALTSHAKER says:

      Wines wont finish top 10 mids has never happened before (2nd year player) you dont want to spend another trade on same position so stick with thomas as not much difference between them tbh

  78. Reecescoach says:

    Hey Jock and community,
    Wondering what do to do with SDT?
    Looking to bring in Hanley or Bartel. Any thoughts

  79. Captain joc says:

    Hey community need some help I want to get rid of caddy can’t stand him in my supercoach team looking to upgrade as there are no rookie forwards

    Was thinking either rioli chappy bruest darling or pav. Chappy rioli and bruest would all require 2 trades and the other 2 would only require 1

    My team is:

    Def:Hanley, Mitchell, swallow, jaensch, McDonald, Langdon (georgioi, langford)

    Mid: Ablett, pendlebury, beams, libba, Tyson, m.thomas, polec, Dunstan (Ellis, aish)

    Ruck: pyke, sandi( currie, king)

    Fwd: dangerfield, Martin, wingard, Mitchell, caddy, Higgins (Taylor, JKH)

    • THE SALTSHAKER says:

      Wait until you can afford 1 trade (as in youve cashed a ripe cow ) then upgrade. Higgins could still get inj as could sandi. Your team looks good Caddy can make you more coin and capable of 80-100 some weeks, just roll with him till rnd 8 bye then offload. You will have 8 keepers 2 rookies out rnd 8 so Harvey from Nth might be good rnd 9 target

  80. Mebois says:

    hey guys, not sure if i should trade caddy but if i do i only have 415k.

    the players i am looking at are mcglynn and merret.

    i have watched Sydney games and mcglynn is everywhere. he gets the ball, tackles, scores and wont get tagged because of jack and kennedy and has scored 85, 99, 96 so he looks really consistent.

    merret looks like he can give a good output and be a cashcow, but i think he is too risky, i have heard really good thinks from bomber thompson and with scores of 100, 77, 130 he could go to 400k in 1 or 2 rounds. also i would be able to keep cash.


    • vinnymac says:

      mcglynn is a strong mid-pricer at best from looking at previous years' scores. i would rather parker or titchell.

  81. ray hill says:

    Trade dale thomas or keep

  82. JOE RICHARDS says:

    Gday Boys got some serious problems, terrible start made so many errors with risky picks and now sit about 70,000 in the rankings,
    Ive gone too light in my fwds I have rohan as F4, who is an option to bring in for him? I want someone who I can set and forget and who will be consistent as buggery money no issue already have Zorko, T Mitchell, Danger,
    Also what to do with Matty Leunberger? really disappointing me but I don't want to sideways trade
    thanks guy

  83. Chumpy says:

    What are peoples thoughts on Higgins to Merret? Don't have the cash to take Rohan there but wanting to get on board. Also, Wingard back next week?

  84. That Legend says:

    i have wingard… what to do??

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