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flesh-for-fantasy-150x150G’day community,

For me, this is where it all begins. We’ve been given two weeks to get a look at these players without the influence of price changes. However, as of this week, the value of our players will be fluctuating and nailing our trades will become even more important.

This week’s Flesh focuses on the value players worth looking at before their prices spike nicely, the most important break evens for the week and your questions.

So, without further adieu, let’s begin!


Matthew Jaensch (RICH) DEF/MID – $298,100SC

  • Next 5 Games: SYD (H), STK (A), GWS (H), WBD (A), MELB (H)
  • Recent Scores: 107, 112
  • Breakeven: -52

If Jimmy Webster fails to get up this week, Matthew Jaensch should come into consideration for those who don’t have him. His performance on the weekend, despite Adelaide only playing a quarter of football, was pleasing. He played as the loose man in defence, accumulating 27 disposals and 14 MARKS if you don’t mind umpire. Even in round 1 against Geelong, he had 25 disposals and kicked a goal on Lincoln McCarthy. He is not playing a lockdown defensive role as such, so he is able to work both ways.

His next run of games should be taken into consideration. After Sydney at home, they play the bottom 4 sides from last season, although GWS is an entirely different prospect from 2013. My only worry is that sides may play a defensive forward on him to limit Jaensch’s influence. But given his low BE and upcoming games, Matthew Jaensch should be strongly considered as a stepping-stone to a defensive premium.

Callan Ward (SYD) MID – $525,000 SC

  • Next 5 Games: MELB (H), WBD (H), ADEL (A), GC (A), PORT (H)
  • Recent Scores: 131, 115
  • Breakeven: 46

A player who’s had an underrated start to the year is Callan Ward. The midfield leader at 23, Callan has been amongst the bests in both games for GWS to date. He beat Josh Kennedy in round 1 with 31 touches, 5 tackles and a goal, and despite being tagged by Geary, had 28 touches and 6 tackles. Owned by just 0.67% of SuperCoach players, he announces himself as potential POD candidate.

Given the troubles of both Melbourne and GWS, and the fact both games are played in Western Sydney, both he and the Giants will use the next two games as statement games. GWS will want to build on win vs Sydney and remove themselves from the bottom tier of clubs fighting to avoid the wooden spoon. I feel now is the perfect opportunity to get Callan in while he is still a POD and before his price hits ultra-premium.

Steven May (GCS) MID/DEF – $315,700 SC

  • Next 5 Games: BRIS (H), HAW (H), MELB (A), GWS (H), NM (A)
  • Recent Scores: 98, 122
  • Breakeven: -44

Steven May has started the year with a bang and his performances have caught the eye of many SuperCoach players out there. He is the 5th highest traded-in player of the week and after his start to the season, must be strongly considered. His stats aren’t as glamour as other high scorers and this reflects in his AFL Fantasy scores, which relies purely on their statistics. SuperCoach however, which rewards players on their influence in games. In round 1 he beat Ty Vickery and in round 2 did the job on Matthew Pavlich.

However, I believe Steven May needs to be treated with caution. The fact he isn’t a big accumulator the ball and plays as a key defender means he will have fluctuating scores. So while he may score big one week, the next he could be disappointing. High risk, high reward and someone who will rise in value. Consider and think hard.

Dayne Zorko (SYD) RUCK – $447,200 SC

  • Next 5 Games: GC (A), PORT (A), RICH (H), STK (A), SYD (H)
  • Recent Scores: 121, 161
  • Breakeven: -33

Is he back? Dayne Zorko will scare many off after he was diagnosed with the second year blues throughout 2013. However, even the biggest anti-Zorko campaigners out there can’t help but be drawn in by his early season early. He was become a midfield workhorse, collecting 28 touches and laying 4 tackles (121 SC) against Hawthorn, and against Geelong amassed 30 touches and laid 8 tackles (161 SC).

The Zorko that floated in and out of games last season is no longer and his value is nicely priced to trade him in for the $10 million man. His next run of games is irrelevant because he has done it so far against the best sides in the league. If you’re not willing to wait and hope Buddy hits form, Zorko will be points and cash in the bank. Get him in if you can, he is back!

And just quickly, for the love of all things SuperCoach….HOLD PATRICK BLOODY DANGERFIELD!!


While I do think we’re 1 more week away from judging players on form, there are still some players we may need to move on. Like…

Patrick Ryder (SYD) RUCK – $496,000 SC

  • Next 5 Games: STK (A), MELB (H), WBD (H), ADEL (A), GC (H)
  • Round 1 score: 110
  • Breakeven:

I’ve led you down a bad path. Suggested pre-round 1 to get Ryder in. Pumped out 96 against North, but its been all uphill since. Subbed off with injury against Hawthorn, he only managed 38. A massive BE and out of clash v Carlton, it is time to say goodbye to Patrick Ryder and hello to Shane Mumford. I’m sorry.

Lance Franklin (SYD) RUCK – $496,000 SC

  • Next 5 Games: STK (A), MELB (H), WBD (H), ADEL (A), GC (H)
  • Round 1 score: 110
  • Breakeven:

What to do, what to do…While he hasn’t been pumping out the big scores early on, I was pleased with what I saw against Collingwood. It is going to take time with Buddy, and for those gunning for the overall win, just how much time do you have?

Personally, I think Buddy will hit his straps at some point this season, but right now, I reckon it’s worth jumping off. He has a breakeven of 183 and will have the 79 in his rolling average for a couple more weeks, meaning he will continue to leak money. It is also value points you are missing out on. There is no point chinning his 60s-70s weekly in wait for when he does go BANG! and pump out 150. Better off banking the $50k, getting in Dayne Zorko and getting Buddy back in at a much cheaper price if he does begin to pump out big scores. I’m willing to be patient with Daisy, his low BE buys him time – but for Bud, it’s goodbye for now.

Shannon Hurn (SYD) RUCK – $496,000 SC

  • Next 5 Games: STK (A), MELB (H), WBD (H), ADEL (A), GC (H)
  • Round 1 score: 110
  • Breakeven:

Out for lengthy period of time with knee, not worth holding onto him. That 7 will be in his rolling average for 3 weeks and his price will devalue quickly.


Back in its full capacity for season 2014, here the key break-even scores to keep in mind heading into round 3:


  • Matt Thomas (RICH) -100 BE
  • Marc Murphy (CARL) 34 BE
  • Dale Thomas (CARL) 36 BE
  • Jobe Watson (ESS) 64 BE
  • Patrick Ambrose (ESS) -69 BE
  • Zac Merrett (ESS) 3 BE
  • Matt Suckling (HAW) 28 BE
  • Nick Riewoldt (STK) 30 BE
  • Tom Hickey (STK) -51 BE
  • Luke Dunstan (STK) -90 BE
  • Shane Mumford (GWS) -14 BE
  • Jared Polec (PORT) -110
  • Matthew Jaensch (ADEL) -54 BE
  • David Swallow (GCS) -23 BE
  • Aaron Sandilands (FRE) -106
  • Gary Rohan (SYD) 14 BE
  • Scott Pendlebury (COLL) 71 BE
  • Tom Landgon (COLL) -102 BE
  • Dayne Zorko (BRIS) -33 BE
  • Dom Tyson (MELB) -95 BE
  • Luke Shuey (WCE) 60 BE
  • Xavier Ellis (WCE) 76 BE
  • Jackson Macrae (WBD) -15 BE
  • Luke McDonald (NM) -43 BE


  • Patrick Ryder (ESS) 137 BE
  • Jarryd Roughead (HAW) 130 BE
  • Heath Shaw (GWS) 144 BE
  • Travis Boak (PORT) 179 BE
  • Patrick Dangerfield (ADEL) 159 BE
  • Charlie Dixon (GCS) 181 BE
  • Jarryd McVeigh (SYD) 139 BE
  • Ryan O’Keefe (SYD) 244 BE
  • Dane Swan (COLL) 198 BE
  • Steele Sidebottom (COLL) 168 BE
  • Nic Naitanui (WCE) 132 BE
  • Dean Cox (WCE) 144 BE
  • Will Minson (WBD) 161 BE
  • Tom Liberatore (WBD) 130 BE
  • Jack Ziebell (NM) 167 BE


Thank you for your questions this week. Remember, you can tweet in to @Mr_Crimmins and your question could feature in Flesh for Fantasy. Here are the burning questions of the round.

Image 1

ANSWER: You said it yourself – it’s a risk. Has thrived so far as St Kilda’s number 1 ruck and plays a lot similar to Ben McEvoy, except has ability kick goals. Has shown he doesn’t need to dominate HOs to score well – Mumford killed him in the ruck, but he got his points around the ground. The bank you’d be banking will be critical for you upgrades. However, it is a risk because he doesn’t have any prior form to show. If you’ve got the plums, go down to Hickey. If you need a safe option, Mumford is your man.

Image 2

ANSWER: Burning question of the week, Wayno – what to do with Teen Wolf? Out for 2 weeks with suspension, but scoring well enough that it’s not an incentive to trade. A lot depends on your bench. If you’ve got scoring options on your bench, you could cover the loss ‘til he gets back. If you don’t and going for league win, I would hold anyway and get a Jamie Bennell-type player in. But if you’re going for overall win, you may need to trade him out because his point loss could set you back in rankings if you don’t cover. Tough decision, Wayno.

Image 3

ANSWER: Yes and No, Jye. Yes, I believe Goldy’s output will improve. Currently playing with a dodgy wing, his output will improve as his shoulder repairs itself. Playing injured though is a concern. No he won’t need to adapt to Currie in the rucks because I believe Brad Scott is playing Currie as cover for Goldy’s injured shoulder. When it is back to full strength, I expect Goldy to return as number 1 ruck. Might be worth trading him out for now and then getting back in once both his shoulder is fine and Currie is no longer sharing ruckload.

Image 4

ANSWER: Interesting, because he was knocked out round 1 and played in rain round 2. So he really hasn’t had opportunity to go at it. However, that said, I would still get rid of him. We can’t be relying on perfect conditions week in/week out so he can perform. I would dump him for Zorko if you can.

Image 5

ANSWER: Depends on how you are looking trade wise. If you don’t need to make 2 trades this week, it may be worth sending one of your mid rookies to Jamie Bennell. I don’t think his output is worth a on-field mid spot. But if you’ve got Matt Crouch (and he isn’t selected) or someone who is yet to play and got trades available, I would make this trade. Important to have a player generating cash on the bench.

Good luck this weekend community. Send any last minute questions you may have to @Mr_Crimmins .

Mr Crimmins.


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Hey Mr C, thanks again for your weekly insight.
Just wondering about Libba, I know it's only 2 games but not happy with his output, gonna go down in price, figure I could make some money by downgrading to a Dom Tyson type and then get Libba back at some stage if he lifts his game.
FWIW, I have only 4 rookies in the midfield total (polec, dunstan, ellis, McDonald as a swing man), thinking I have loaded up there too much and suffering on other lines so could use the cash to get a Zorko type in my forward line for that spud Rohan for example.


Hold libba for now, he hasn't been that bad. Tough first week without griff in the team and he still managed 111 last week despite going nothing for most of the first quarter.

I loaded up my mids as well because of the lack of premos down back. Stick fat with it for a few weeks as the rookies start to rise in price


I also thought the same thing, just wondering if the cash generation is worth the trade? I know that a down grade is a no-no but what if its a $200k turn around? Plus it gives us more time to watch Libba.Would it be worth it?
Like you said the upgrade of Rohan to Zorko with the extra cash is also very tempting.


No need to apologies for Ryder, he got hurt. Tough to predict injuries.


G’day crimmo Ive traded enright to swallow and selwood to barlow. Does this sound like good trades? I still have 120k in the kitty cheers!


You mean Barlow to Selwood?
I hope so haha


G’day crimmo Ive traded enright to swallow and selwood to barlow. Does this sound like good trades? I still have 120k in the kitty cheers!!


Jim, Barlow is out for 4-6 weeks with a knee.


Just a small mistake Mr. C: Jaensch is from Adelaide, no? You've got him from the Tiges.


and half the other players mentioned for Syd dont play for Syd!! eg Hurn, Ryder, Zorko


hurn downgrade to Jaensch with a upgrade down the track? Or burn a forward trade to turn him into hanley. Tough decision.


Hey Mr Crimmins,

I’ve tossing up two trade options for this week, which do you think is better in the long run?

Option 1 – Wright to Ambrose and Michie to Tyson leaving me with about 300k which I can use to get Zorko for Higgins next week if Higgins doesn’t perform this week.

Option 2 – Higgins to Ambrose and Wright to Zorko leaving me with 90k and thus missing out on Tyson

Would love to hear your thoughts!


I think option 1, Zorko won’t score that high to often, especially with Rockliff back and I think Tyson is a must….so should go with option 1 and get Tyson in


easy choice. Option 2


agree. Tyson is a must have, and michie is a non starter


Lots of Rucks and players in general from Sydney!! Surely you’ve got them breaching the salary cap Crimmo?!? 🙂

But on a serious note….Good to see Matt Thomas not being mentioned in your post…almost every trade I’ve been hearing this week involves Thomas. Yes, he will go up in value this week and coming weeks, but I doubt he will score similar points with Daniel Jackson back this week. I just feel we’d chasing last week’s points bringing him into the side? Thoughts on Thomas?


My thoughts exactly, Jay. You'd be better off going with Tyson as his role is assured


there will be another "Thomas" later in the year


G. Rohan to Abrose or T. Clurey to Jaensch??


Hopefully Jock you can touch on sneaky late outs like SMitch, Enright and whether they will play or not.

Massive outs also. Deledio, Hampson, Ryder, Dixon, Hurn, Michie, Barlow, Fyfe, Hodge


Yes please! This is one of the big gaps in the information flow. The green light stays on and it gets me every time!!!


Ryder to Hickey AND Rohan to Zorko (leaves me 36k)
Ryder to Mumford AND Buddy to Zorko (leaves me 164k)

What do u rekcon community ??


I reckon option 2 looks better because the two players you're aiming to get will go up in price this week.


this article says zorko plays for ruck??
is this a typo or a legit position change??


cut'n'paste typo mate


Nah he's position has changed to ruck. And he has moved to Sydney


dear community, i have two queries
1. who do i trade out for swallow enright or simpson
2. who do i trade out for zorko caddy or higgins


Enright is playing! Keep him


If you had to choose between Ward and M. Thomas, who would you pick and why?


Wait one more more week I'd say!
I'm holding off on m Thomas and if he scores well again ill downgrade from d Thomas to m Thomas!
Overall your decision mate!
Although ward has really good run for possible high scores


Zorko or Ambrose?


Mumford for Ryder is done
Trade 2 is a ?
Enright -> Swallow (Think his injury could Linger)
Rohan(F6) -> Ambrose

KadeK is a jet

Should I trade:
1. Gary Rohan – Patrick ambrose
Suckling – David Swallow

2. Suckling – David Swallow
Lance Franklin – Zorko

Would love some feedback! Thanks everyone.
PS – I really want David Swallow!


2nd option


If you really want Swallow then 1 however 2 will generate some big cash in the coming weeks


no. Rohan has been named to play. Unless Rohan is your F7

keep suckling, i don't think swallow will out score him

Buddy is a gun, keep


Suckling won't out score swallow! Swallow will average 95+


Have you seen suckling kick a football, pure class. Swallow will be taged now.


Will they tag Swallow when he is named on the bench again? Doubtful. More thought might go into him but definitely not a tag


With Buddy it’s either a famine or a feast. Far too inconsistent for mine. Get him out!


Jack merret? Or lachie hunt?


I'm going to trade Sammy Mitchell I'm thinking that Ryan Crowley will tag him and will score low. It is risky but I'm going to trading him to Swallow to allow me to upgrade Rohan to Zorko, even though he is named I would rather have Caddy as my F7 and then get Mitchell back after the bye round when his over his injury


Don't do it mate, Mitchell will average in top 5 defenders; it would be silly to trade him out and in again.


Trading out a premium because he might get tagged one week? Mistake I say.


Pretty happy with my team so far but wondering is it worth:
1.Trading Macrae to Tyson even though Macrae is averaging 100 and pocketting the 115K and/or
2. Trading Lobbe to Mumford.

Really unsure on 1 and probably leaning against 2.

Feedback appreciated


2 easy but if you can get Tyson in another way as we'll, DO IT! 🙂


Sorry my message should have been clearer, I don't have enough cash to go straight from Lobbe to Mumford


What is everyone’s thoughts on Josh Kelly? I’m either trading in Kelly for a M8 spot, or Cunningham for a midfield bench spot then I’ll put either Dunstan or Ellis on. With the remaining money I’ll make a Whitfield To Selwood trade, getting Kelly will leave me 2 000 and Cunnigham 91 000. Thanks


Just remember that josh Kelly's price won't change until round 4 seen as he didnt play round 1!
I would wait another week and see how he goes in a full game.
But that's my opinion and he would be a good option to bring in against Melbourne this week
Up to you Michael


Thanks mate. Not to sure I’ll make up my mind!


Leave it one more week I think, he's a lot of money to take a risk on when he hasn't played a full game


Wait another week, another option could be Dylan Buckley $133,800 he got 86 in his first game against Richmond and his price wont change until round 4


Keep Webster or trade to Jaensch? Keep Aish or trade to Dom Tyson?


Trade to Jaensch – gets more of the ball than Jimmy. Keep Aish


Trade in Tyson


Do both trades if you can


Thanks guys


Should I trade Leuenberger? I'm worried about him sharing the ruckload with Trent West. Thoughts would be appreciated.


Maybe down grade a mid to Tyson then lobbe to Mumford


But if M. Thomas scores anything like his average, he'll go up 90k or so and be the same price as daisy…


As a keeper – Ward. If you are downgrading for cash purposes thomas or better yet, tyson. Role is more assured at the demons than thomas' is a Richmond that hasn't had Jackson in the team


Who to trade in: Matt Thomas or Dom Tyson?




Would like to hear thoughts people. I am trading Hurn and I've narrowed it down to two selections:

Hanley: Obviously coming off a big week last round and looks set to go up a bit. I'm not convinced though. Last season, he was up and down providing a few 40s. Teams could start to tag him. Plus, Brisbane have the hardest draw in the entire comp. I feel he could get his 130+ but get less than 50 a couple of times. Fair few teams have him too.

Simpson: Has a high BE and will probably go down, but it's not a huge issue when I need to trade Hurn this week. Carlton have a pretty solid draw coming up and Simpson is more consistent than Hanley. Sure, he got 61 last week, but that's as low as he'll go and more than likely won't go below a 70 again this season. It's knowing he'll get 90-110 in 17 rounds for the season rather than Hanley getting 100+, say, 9 times and less than 70, 5 times.

Unsure. Would love to hear thoughts.

Multiple scoregams

Who not to play out of: Webster, Georgio, Langdon and Langford?






I have extact same players and dilemma. At the moment I'm playing Webster/ Georgiou and have Langdon (E). Tough call though.


Jamie Elliot out – Zorko in
Dale thomas out- matt thomas in??



Hi Community.

I am pondering three options this week and would appreciate some guidance from those in the know.

1. Ryder to Hickey & Caddy to Zorko (fwd line) – 131k left over
2. Ryder to Hickey & Michie to Tyson – 209k left over
3. Hold Ryder using Currie as back up. Then Trade Franklin to Zorko and Michie to tyson leaving 76k cash.

I would love your thoughts on these options.




Ryder has to go mate and Michie to Tyson. this puts 200K in the skyrocket for next week and a season defining trade good luck John


Thanks Dools. I am leaning that way or to Mummy and Tyson now. Leaves way less in the bank but hopefully get a keeper in the ruck.


Okay you got Sandy I mean who doesn't. Mummy is not for the season so another trade looms for you however the cash is nice reward but this is the massive trade off money made on Mummy and Tyson will have to be traded back into the system in order for you to use the cash gained so here we are at rnd 3 and who knows whats happening???? Look into your gut and realise by round 16 you are out of trades or think long term put up with a loss here and there but sort your team out line by line every week
Sorry for the rant mate but in this caper just because everyone else is doing it dose not make it RIGHT!!!


thanks for the whack. I needed that. Going Hickey and Tyson. Like you said could be season defining and I have the cash in the bank to fix things if it goes pair shaped.


i think u should trade ryder to mummy, then michir to aish, polec, ellis, dunstan. and u should keep caddy, just because he gets 71 one week he is not going to do that the rest of the year.


Thanks Mebois – just tried the mummy trade on for size and I can still go michie to tyson. Only leaves me with 26k though so my feeling is to take a risk on Hickey and possibly be able to upgrade to two premiums the following week using the 200k in the bank. Going to sleep on it and decide in the morning.




Mcveigh to Bob Murphy annd Michie to Tyson and keeping fyfe or
Mcveigh to Bob Murphy and fyfe to Jobe Watson?


Which means I would be keeping Michie on my bench?


Love the McVeigh to Bob Murphy trade, hardly anyone has him so will be a valuable POD. As for your second trade, it’s a hard choice. If you’ve got a hard match up this week or are going for overall, I’d definitely recommended the Fyfe trade. But if you aren’t, I’d definitely go Tyson as he’s not a bad footballer. Maybe even Kelly as a POD.


Mitchie on bench won't change his price. If he not named next week you can still trade for best of Kelly/Crouch/Buckley next week seeings they didn't play r1 😉


Very good advice cheers


I wouldn't make the McVeigh to Murphy trade.
It's a sideways trade, and a waste of trade IMO.
McVeigh is a Premo and you need to back him in for the season ( Barring Injury).


You Listen to Rocksta, Corey that is a disaster !!!!!


Trading Barlow to Watson but unsure on who to trade buddy for?? Either Pendles / Selwood / Ward / Zorko, can swing lewis taylor in fwd to trade buddy for mid, one to trade him now and maybe look to pick him up post-bye once settled in to sydney rather than wait like mentioned in the article, Unsure about zorko and cash or an elite mid


I would try and get an forward rather than a midfielder as swinging Lewis Taylor to forward would mean that you would have to play him on field and you would be sacrificing some points. Zorko would be my pick because his price will rise a lot with a good score.


thoughts on trading franklin to may and mcdonough to hunter.

if i did that my forward line would be, dangerfield, t. mitchell, gunston, caddy, may, hunter (impey, jkh) and i would have 85 k left.


Great article Crimmo!!
just wondering
Suckling to Swallow or
Higgins/Caddy to Zorko?
I'm also getting rid of Goldstein to Mumford?


Love your work!
I think I must've pressed the reverse changes button about 50 odd times definitely seeking some advice!
What are your thoughts on Kade Simpson? Had a quiet round 2 – and zorko seems like a must get
Had the following:
1) Simpson to Zorko (Macdonald moved to the back) & Rohan to Tyson (round about 150k in the bank)
or originally had
2) Rohan to Ambrose/L.Taylor & Michie to Tyson (gives me 200k plus in the bank)

do i press the reverse changes for the 51st time?!


As I said yesterday Tezwanna. Hold HURN his price remains the same. This gives you the opportunity to look at the landscape for trades next week mate and the players you are considering will be cheaper


Hey everyone,

I'm trading Barlow out, should I trade him down to Dom Tyson and bank the cash for later, or trade him for someone around the same price range like Jobe Watson? Or to Zorko.. I'm in all sorts right now.


Hi Jim,
who are your other midfielders?


May be too late now, but I have Ablett, Pendelbury, Beams, Priddis, DThomas, XEllis, Polec, Dunstan, Michie.

I’ve decided to go to Zorko. Not completely sure about that decision though.


Trading out McDonough…but who to trade in?

Ambrose, impey, Taylor or Lincoln McCarthy?


Esteemed JR crew. Can you solve my little problem

B: Smitch, Hanley, Simpson (all keepers), langdon, langford, georgiou, (clurey Cameron)
M: GAJ, Libba, Cotchin, Beams, Caddy, Tyson, Polec, X Ellis,(Dunstan (Mcdonald)
R: Ryder, Sandi, (thurlow, King)
F: Danger, roughie, Dixon, TMitch, MWright, Higgins, (Rohan, Close)

Dixon – inj adducter ( was willing to wait now I cant)
Ryder – inj not playing this week.

1. dixon to Zorko or D Martin
2. Ryder to NicNat (keeper with risk) or Hickey for cash
3. Wright to Zorko or D Martin play Rohan sit Dixon for two weeks.

Dixon – Zorko Ryder NicNat +251k in Bank
Dixon > Zorko, Ryder Hickey +451K in Bank


decided D Martin not going to change much in cash and may go down and get him later. If Zorko becomes keeper costs me 100+150K to wait for later.


disagree with you partially, Crabb. Agree with Gustavo. Mitchell for Swallow if you don't already have him in. Mitchell will rise, but has had a slow start and his price likely to drop. So wait to get Mitchell into your team I reckon.


Can someone explain exactly how BE works. I get the bit about a player has scored above avg for a couple games and therefore should cost more, but how does it calculate? Why, for example, did Dom Tyson only go up the amount he went up and not more?
E.g. – I am on afl fantasy. He started at 218K. They seem to be running at a rate of $5420 per point avg for most players (unless they were under-priced to start with). Therefore at a cost of 218K, if he scored more than 40.3 pts, his price would go up. Over the last two weeks, on that format, he scored 116 + 111 for an avg of 113.5. Using the 5420 rule, his price should be around 113.5 x 5420 = $615K. He jumped up from 218K to 301.6K. Big increase, but no where near what his price would be if that was his starting average from 2013.
So why does it only go up as much as it did and not more or less?


afl fantasy?? You're on the wrong tram mate. This is supercoach.


You're playing AFL Fantasy mate, there's your problem.


Hey guys, struggling between a couple of options:

Higgins/Rohan > M.Thomas/Ambrose (But leaves me with Dunstan & Ellis on bench & Ambrose & L.Taylor on ground) – Feel like nets more money but weakens balance.


Caddy/Rohan > Ambrose/Zorko (Better balance, but miss out on M.Thomas & cash)

Any thoughts much appreciated.


Option 2. Miss Thomas.


I'm thinking of Caddy to Tyson (via swinging L Taylor into the fwd line). What do you think? It gives me a solid cashcow in Tyson making 100 avg, $108,000 and I don't see Caddy now in the top 10 fwds come round 23.


What are peoples thoughts on trading Hurn to Jaensch and then upgrading Higgins to Zorko ?


I think that actually is a very good move because Zorko's being going well and Jaensch could make potentially a fair bit of money.


This week for me was going to be a Rohan downtrade to make bankcash and a Tyson upgrade to make points (and season cash). Then Ryder went down and I'm not keen to hold him as I feel his injury could niggle for a while yet and he was put in my side to upgrade at the byes anyway on a projected price rise.

I was tempted on Ryder > Hickey to make a war chest but I beleive StkThunder might be right on the injury cloud and Hickey would still potentially need another upgrade come byes. So I've decided on my other option which was to add a few $$ for Mumford to sit alongside Sandi.

My delemma now is my original plan had two parts. Tyson is desirable yes, but I'd have to trade him in for either Ellis, Aish or Cunningham. Ellis I'm pretty happy with and has best JS, Aish won't rise like Tyson will but will do OK, and Cunningham has been showing great signs and to date I'm glad I picked him but he's the kind of player that may lose his spot if he has just one bad week, and hence probably worst JS. Tyson will highly likely make more cash than all of them and I preferably need them all from here on in to make it to the byes. (by the way Polec and Dunstan are my other rookies that are def staying put).

Now the other part is Rohan. I took him for his JS to go alongside Impey in Round1 as all of JKH, Lewis, McCarthy, Ambrose, etc were all playing week 2 and were yet to be named. I think all four of the players I've named will have similar output or higher to Rohan and I can make cash on the trade as well. Ambrose will make the most downgrade cash and is scoring highest, but him included are all a high chance of green or red vest time.

What to do???

TU: Bring in Tyson for Aish/Cunningham/Ellis
TD: Trade Rohan for Ambrose (or JKH/Lewis/McCarthy)

Feel free to reply with reasoning too. Cheers 😉


I'm inclined towards Aish being the one to go. Roughly a $30K difference in price to start with, but Tyson's high scores are going to blow that gap wider pretty quick. The other two are cheaper to start with so will still rise in price quicker and with lower scores.

Think it of swapping one JS-locked rook for another with higher scores. There's a slightly higher price to pay, but it should also produce greater rewards.

Last I heard, Rohan is carrying a shoulder injury but even with that should be able to crack his BE (14) and rise slightly. I like Taylor the most out of the rookie forwards, and he'll likely be similarly prices to Rohan come next round, so you can always make that swap later, just with less profit.


Thanks. I tend to agree. I obviously don't need to do either trades as a matter of urgency or neccessity but if I wanted to go ahead with both then the Tyson trade is the harder of the two to do next week for sure.

My other option is downgrading Macrae to Tyson making cash in the process. But I like Macrae and his likely output and improvment and would prefer both he and Tyson to be in the squad to the byes.


man know exactly what your going through.
re rookies, ambrose is not a holder. bomber was about to vest him when ryder went down. I think is js is not that great. See how he goes this week.. long term I think taylor is pick of fwd rookies. rohan needs to go just a slow burn.


Taylor looks set for the vest again though is my only concern with him. If he only plays a qtr each week he won't rise much. Preseason hype was certainly on this guy though I agree.

As for Ambrose I don't see any other talls coming into the Bombers lineup anytime soon, so think he could hang around for quite a bit.

McCarthy named on field again too. Might hold his spot til the byes too. Tough decision.


Fyfe- Marc Murphy or Cal ward ? What does the community reckon?

Beady Eye

Murphy if you're after a cash grab, otherwise hold (provided you have bench cover).


Thanks mate, yeah i'm thinking murphy too.. I'm not really keen on holding him atm as i'm going for overrall rank


Ideally I would like to do 3 trades however that is not possible so give us your thoughts on which 2 trades to make this week.

Option 1- Michie to Matt Thomas

Option 2- Goldstein to mummy

Option 3- Rohan/JKH to Ambrose



IMO trade 1 and 2 look the best

Gold Coast Blues

I've had some shocking scores these past two weeks, so have gone to some DRASTIC measures with trades this week. Have I taken it too far? HELP!

IN: Tyson, OUT: Cotchin
IN Zorko, OUT: Rohan

Mid is now looking premo SCARCE with:
Pendles, Ablett, Beams, Daisy, Polec, Tyson, Dunstan and Aish (Langdon and Crouch on bench).

Is this a major risk?

I stuffed my forward rookies from day one so Zorko was a must. I now have:
Danger, Zorko, Roughy, Dusty, Higgins and L Taylor (muppets Merrett and JKH on bench).


Hey community,
Don't really need to make a trade this week except I'm worried that Rohan won't even beat his break even of 14 this week so I'm thinking him down to Ambrose to give me some extra cash


NO bad trade no security for Ambrose


elliot for thomas and mcdonnough for ambrose?? thoughts

and who should be beach: dale thomas, matt thomas or ellis?

and who should be beach : rohan, taylor, ambrose orJKH?

please give thoughts! 🙂


Sydneys ruck stocks are looking strong


I have Ryder and Hurn injured. Fyfe is suspended and Wright is under performing. Should i trade Hurn to Grimes and Ryder to Mumford or Ryder to Hickey and Wright to Zorko leaving me with 120 k spare.


Which option looks better

Hurn to Jaensch and McEvoy to Mumford
Hurn to Langford and Michie to M.Murphy

The advice would be appreciated.