The weekend chin wag

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Jock Reynolds - The Father of Fantasy

Back to reality.

Last week most of us charged over the trench and were bolting like footloose and fancy free gazelles towards Johnny Turk amidst a shower of Supercoach and AFL Fantasy points.

This week so far: Mitchell OUT. Rockliff OUT. Ryder injured. Hodge injured. Roughead rubbish. Shiels. Langford. The list goes on.

Some of us have received our first early flesh wounds. We’ve hit the ground. Bullets fizz overhead.

Let’s start the discussion – how are you getting on this week?



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  1. Ben says:

    Do I take a zero or trade webster to swallow this week? Any opinions apprecited.

  2. Michael C. says:

    Wonder if I should take Smurf's 121 or just stick the C on Gary. I think Alert will probably have another average plus day with the dockers, so he will end up with it.

    • jockreynolds says:

      Great question mate. I tend to be conversative – I'd take the 121

      • Shinboner says:

        I love ya Jock, but I wouldn't steer from Gary this week! Hasn't dropped under 135 points against Freo since 2009.

        • Wattsieesq says:

          I go by the 130 cap loop hole. I wouldn't accept 120 if you have GAJ or Pendles

  3. Michael C. says:

    When I was Mitchell out, pulled the trigger on Clurey to Langdon. I was going to wait for sub's, but with Webster as well,who I'll give another week to, thought I'd just do it. Now unsure whether to go JJK to Lee Crass straight away or wait until next week. Don't want to get caught out having Impey, Webster, JKH of none of them are playing.
    Down a bit this week with Simpson, Shiels, Langford.

    • sputnik says:

      why trade clurey after 1 game? Langdon got 100 first round and probably wont ton up again. dont waste trades.

  4. JJM says:

    Now! What do we do with Mitchell. Would a sideway trade be an option this week or wait for the rookies prices to go up next week.

    • jockreynolds says:

      Gday there JJM – if you've still got him down back first thing is to wait on the full injury assessment. But if its a strain as has been mentioned around the traps I think the wise thing is to move him on. Depends a bit on your structure – but chances are if you had Mitchell you will need to replace him with a stallion worthy of premium output. Swallow. Hanley. Bartel. Otherwise if you've seen enough of The Suckling Pig to suggest he will go on with the job you could pull a downwards to Suckling – then upgrade elsewhere.

      • Fourbells says:

        Based on this weekend scores to date, there are no stallions running loose to replace Mitchell

      • JJM says:

        Thanks for the word of advice Jock really appreciate it.

        I'll have to suss out how Hanley annd McV plays this weekend. I have Swallow and Bartel in my side already and not keen on Suckling at this early stage.

  5. JJM says:

    Pretty rapt at the moment played 3 Watson, Murphy and Martin all scoring tons and 19 players to go.

  6. canman1306 says:

    377 Of 5
    Watson Martin 100s
    a 70 out of Suckling
    And Ryder and Langford 🙁

    Thoughts on Trades next week
    Ryder -> Mumford
    Kennedy- Harris/Taylor -> Ambrose

  7. Mick says:

    Jock – tell us about Webster he's your man . Trade next week – Trade this week – keep – ???

  8. Sam says:

    Hey jock I have got Mitchell and sulking what do I do

    • The Canaries says:

      I’d give Mitch the boot
      Didn’t perform well round one, and Clarko has said he’s under a cloud for round 3 as well

      • Shinboner says:

        21 disposals is a decent return in my books. Injury is my only concern.

    • The Canaries says:

      Should have also added that Hawks have Freo… One word for you; Crowley

  9. Tom McVilly says:

    G’day community thoughts on getting rid of Gary Rohan for someone like lachie hunter from the bulldogs or do I use the money in my bank to get chapman?

    • The Canaries says:

      I’d personally go to Chapman… He’s looking like a solid premo choice at this stage

  10. Cheeseman says:

    I'm glad I made the corrective trade last week, as it's already looking like I'll need to trade out Mitchell next round, which puts a dampener on my plans . At least McDonough is the only rookie not playing in my squad

    • throttlefinger says:

      I was rash this week in moving McDonough out. Should've listened to gut and got rid of Ryder. Oh well. Better learning these things in the early rounds.

  11. The Canaries says:

    Woefull weekend so far Jock 🙁

    As soon as I heard rumors of Mitchel’s calf I couldn’t hit the trade quick enough so I have made a rather necessary sideways trade pre game so I’ll still get an equivrlant premo score this week…phew, one plus.

    I’ve had Shiels, Langford, Roughy, Cotchin …who were all rubbish.

    Cotchin isn’t doing it for me. I’ve got Jobe in as well, who’s similar price and obviously has dominated the last two weeks on field and on SC as a comparison. So I’m eyeing off a possible downgrade this week before price changes from Cotch to someone the likes of Quadzilla (wines) or Treloar who possibly present more value for money and can put on a massive score. This will leave me plenty of cash to possibly upgrade a rookie elsewhere to at the very worst a fallen premo or I can sit tight with the cash as my rookies and structure elsewhere r pretty solid..


    Thanks guys

    • Emma says:

      I would not trade Cotch he got 118 in first round and tigers had their normal choke against blues.

    • tye says:

      Even though cotchin didn’t score great he was still 2nd overall for possies.more often then not I reckon he will cover 100

  12. Jimmy says:

    Emg on JKH or Rohan?

  13. WombatsFC says:


    I got held up by a short tight skirt and a cheeky smile and whilst I was doing the Wombat mating dance I got 'Hawked'.
    Turn on the telly a bit after half time and Mitchell aint playin, Hodge is subbed out, and Langford decides not to score.
    I'm thinking that Rachael was a plant by that 'not so secret' C.I.A agent Throttlefinger.
    I had Cotchin as well.
    I may as well count this round as a bye and head back to the future Mrs Wombats house.

    • throttlefinger says:

      All I have to say is Roughy, Ryder and Langford, Wombats. I was struck hard as well.

      If it makes you feel better I had been using Webster to loop Langford with McDonald and inexplicably decided against and just put Webster on the bench and Langford in the game. Idiot!

      • WombatsFC says:

        Good to know that you are sharing my pain. Sadly the Mitchell/Hodge problem is at least a 2-week problem and poses a significant structural problem. Quadzilla better tear the crows a new one.

    • coxy says:

      How'd you go wombat? And I'm not talking SC scores…

      • WombatsFC says:

        Hi Coxy,
        Apparently having a face covered in fur is a massive turn-on for some women; particular for those who have erased their map of Tazzy.

        • medadsson says:

          Mind on the job please Wombats, it's footy season now! The short skirt and long jacket can wait. By the way has she traded her MG for a white Chrysler La Baron?

          • WombatsFC says:

            Keep your mind on your job medadsson, not on mine.

            • Dools says:

              Ah the refuge of sex for the Wombat and a Map of Tassie mentioned too…Give it up for the 'Batman. Taking it for the team or the lack of effort from a team Cheers mate thanks

        • Bundybear says:


    • Pieman1978 says:

      If it’s a nice warm & cozy burrow get back in there Wombat!

  14. Nick says:

    i traded out mitchell for hodge!!!!!!!!!!! and copping a doughnut for webster with clurey and laidler out…….AND ITS ONLY ROUND 2 AARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  15. Simon says:

    O'Keefe v Treloar??

  16. jstocker59 says:

    What do people think about Jackson Merrett at 266K – 102 and 77 thus far and a forward? Mitchell to Swallow, McDonough to Merrett? Bloody minded sideways trade thinking or worth doing?

    • Shinboner says:

      Bomber Thompson would not stop talking about this guy in the off-season. Had him in my team all preseason until the final couple of days when I decided to go with Caddy instead. Miffed that I didn't end up going with him, but there ya go! Merrett will be solid this season.

  17. jstocker59 says:

    Treloar Simon definitely

  18. Danners16 says:

    Matt Thomas! Had a great game, thinking of bringing him into my midfield for V.Michie or X.Ellis depending on how they play. Thoughts?

    • Coxy says:

      Get him in your side. He looks to be a consistent performer in that midfield and should get some pretty consistent scores all year. Great recruiting from Richmond

      • jstocker59 says:

        With no heart Cotchin and go missing Deledio around, Richmond needed someone with a spine and some guts.

    • WombatsFC says:

      Thomas is averaging 119.5 at only 250k. If you have a midfielder priced over 350k averaging less than 120 you'd be mad not to downtrade. I definitely wouldn't trade another rookie for him though

      • The Canaries says:

        “If you have a midfielder priced over 350k averaging less than 120 you’d be mad not to downtrade” this is exactly my thinking coming into round 3 with soft-under-pressure-Cotchin

      • WWW says:

        120's a bit much Wombats. Thomas has started on fire but he's not going to keep up this output. His price rise will be huge however so if you can, try and get him in

  19. Captain joc says:

    Do I take a donut or trade clurey to geogiou? Or I could swing McDonald to the Mids and trade aish to enright? What are your thoughts

    • WombatsFC says:

      You need to ask if you should trade a rookie who might not play again this year for another (cheaper) rookie who will probably play every game when doing it will prevent a Donut.

      Go to the corner and put on the big cone shaped hat.

      • Captain joc says:

        Just wanted other peoples thoughts wombat
        I’ve got 317k sitting in the bank so I wanna upgrade McDonald for another premium output
        I wanted enright but wouldn’t have enough my backs are Mitchell,Hanley, swallow, Langdon,Langford, McDonald (clurey, laidler)
        Mids are Ablett,pendles, libba, beams, Tyson, Dunstan, aish, polec(Ellis, Michie)

      • HoganKill says:

        You think Geogiou might play every game do you Wombats? What happens when Garland comes back in the next week or 2?
        Oh yeh, Have you still got Naismith ahead of Derickx? hahaha

        • WombatsFC says:

          Who is Garland? Yet another of the Melbourne 'Stars' who can't get on the field or when they do 'it just isn't their day'.
          Must feel good to be the only person in the SC universe who's first draft squad was their starting squad, well done BoganKill.

          • HoganKill says:

            You were giving poor advice to the community about Naismith and now looks like your doing it again! Who's Garland you say! Came 2nd in the b&f at the dees last year and will come straight in next week or week after. Doubt very much they'll play 7 defenders. Now tell me again….is Georgiou likely to play most games? Your an absolute spud! Stop commenting on every 2nd post with mediocre advice!

          • Logic says:


            • HoganKill says:

              Which part don't you agree on 'Logic'? Support your opinions with facts and let me know!

    • Shinboner says:

      Never take a donut if possible.

      • HoganKill says:

        Very true. But I'd take a few other players in front of Geogiou!

        • Captain joc says:

          Like who hogankill?

          • HoganKill says:

            McDonald, Langford & Langdon (which you have). Kolodashnij, C.Cameron (which you don't have, which provide better job security imo). Don't forget, Geogiou is a rookie. If Mitch Clark comes back when his spot on the LTI list expires. Guess what…….Geogiou is going back to the rookie list in 7 weeks time unless they get another long term injury. If Geogiou plays while Garland is back in next week or week after, I'd be staggered!

        • WombatsFC says:

          Georgiou is not the only rookie defender cheaper than Clurey

  20. Aaron says:

    Is anyone sure that Mitchell will miss next round also?

    • WombatsFC says:

      No Aaron it hasn't been confirmed but calf issues haven't historically been rectified by a single weeks rest. When players do come back too soon it ALWAYS turns into another 4 weeks or more.
      I doubt very much that he will play next week and he might even miss the week after as well.

      I'm keeping him for the moment but if he isn't named for round 4 he'll be traded.

      • Cheeseman says:

        Same here, all my back line rookies are playing so I will hold Mitchell for 1 more week . His price isn't going to drop , so I would rather use my trades to finalise my rookies over the ground before price increases

      • Aaron says:

        Might do the same thing myself, turning out to be a weekend of carnage. Thanks Wombats

  21. Grod says:

    have daisy as emergency loophole. Do i take his 92 or risk dunstan on the field?!

    • WombatsFC says:

      Hi Grod,
      92 in the bank is better than a rookie yet to play.

    • Shinboner says:

      A bird in the hand.

    • JJM says:

      I tend to agree with Wombat, but considering The Saints are up against GWS. Dunstan might repeat his score from last week. Worth taking a punt IMO he should score around 60-70.

  22. Wattsieesq says:

    Add the report hanging over Dusty and it's been a brutal weekend and it's only just started.

    • WombatsFC says:

      Faaarrrrrkkkk! I forgot about that. Next I might struggle for 1900

      • Wattsieesq says:

        Don't go doing anything rash just yet Wombat like down grading Dusty to burnman Higgins just because it's popular.

        I agree JJM, he should get off but you never know.

    • JJM says:

      I think he'll get off. The video is not clear wether he made contact or not. But MRP are bunch of morons so you never know.

  23. derek says:

    DEF: Mitchell, Hodge, Suckling, Mcdonald, Laidiler, Webster, Georgi, Langford.

    I guess it could be worse, i could have had LRT.

    • JJM says:

      Sorry Derek. Couldn't stop laughing at your defense. At least you found the funny side of it, of not having LRT it's what me laugh hard. I feel what you're feeling mate, I'd hate to in that situation.

      • derek says:

        what is really funny, i traded out Guthrie to Hodge this week. You know Guthrie will score 100+ now

    • Pieman1978 says:

      Geez sorry Derek the SC gods bent you over this week! No lube either

    • vinnymac says:

      I have Mitchell, Hodge, Hanley, McDonald, Langdon, Webster, Georgiou and Langford.
      I probably will go Hodge to Swallow this week, then Webster to a rookie.

  24. Ethan says:

    What to do with Shane Savage? He's sub. Trade right now or hold until next week

    • Shinboner says:

      Who are your subs? If you've got a Polec, Dunstan or Aish sitting on your pine, hold Savage on the bench and trade him next week for Matt Thomas.

    • derek says:

      savage with a poor score last week and a certain poor score this week will take a massive price hit the following week.

      You could get lucky and Saints have to make an early SUB

  25. zimmerbd says:

    Supercoach carnage!!

  26. Jordan says:

    Who should i bring on for rockliff?

    T/U Eli tempelton (might get the vest)
    T/U Jarman Impey (might be sub)
    Comment: JHK (might be sub)

  27. B-T says:

    Leuenberger ankle roll?

    • mightymicks says:

      Yeah I think so, but just wait until teams tomorrow, I have heard that also but it could just by an untrue rumour just floating around.

      • B-T says:

        Just put Jacobs in for Leuey see how the setup looks without him… The game's not for another 45 mins but the bloody reverse trades isn't working!!

        • Super_Freak says:

          Cant reverse trades one the round has started. Only prior to the first game.

  28. tomc000 says:

    Set Mumford as captain looking good at half time. 89 points

  29. Jordan says:

    should i take dunstans 65 or punt it with james aish

  30. Vasco says:

    I've got a dilemma. I've got Mumford as VC and I want to use the captain loophole on him. The problem is all my bench players are playing except for Currie and as Currie is emergency for the western bulldogs and kanga's game. Is it worth a risk going for captain loophole? What are the chances of Currie being an inclusion for the game?

    • mightymicks says:

      Currie is a good chance to play, with Goldstein not being at 100%, its your choice but I wouldn’t risk it.

      • mightymicks says:

        I know mummy score is good, but Currie is very likely to play so put it on someone else, don’t risk it.

        • benny says:

          Have to agree with mightymicks, I’m in the same position as you, I’m putting the captain on beams.

  31. sammyd says:

    join my league 987297

  32. Billy says:

    So happy that KK isn't the sub tonight! Hope he can score 80+

  33. Jimmy says:

    Thank you everyone who laughed and scorned at me wanting to put N.Roo in my side. He’s too old, too expensive, Danger will better they said, silly me listened and went with Danger. Wish I had backbone sometimes.

  34. Cyril says:

    Who ended up going with M.wright?

    Burn man is back

    • Shinboner says:

      Stuck to Pittard like glue. Forward tag for much of the game.

    • Rocksta says:

      Cyril, he's not back!

      Douglas is back, which means his SC friendly role is over!

      If you have him……….. ' Get him out'!!!

  35. Shinboner says:

    We just might see Sandi break the league record for hitouts tonight!

  36. Mebois says:

    thinking of trading danger to may? it would give me cash and may looks really good plus danger will fall in price.


    • Emma says:

      don't do it, I did that last year and danger went on to average 120

      • Mebois says:

        i might trade franklin, i just dont like inconsistency, but i will might trade danger to n roo.

        • Shinboner says:

          Try not to sideways trade, especially regarding someone of Danger's calibre.

    • Rocksta says:

      I just got a call from Crouching's Slipper.

      It is trying to find out where you live

  37. Callum says:

    Considering I had roughie and Ryde Mitchell and dangerfield, it’s not too bad. Had I had the c on pendles , I would be on close to 1900 with 4 left, but I had it on gaz not really thinking about the Crowley tag as he has scored 150+ a few times against dockers, so I only have 1720 points. Caddy, Hanley, Higgins and Tyson left to play for me

    • sputnik says:

      mate if you had the C on pendles you would have scored an extra 61 pts.

      • Rhubarb_Ronin says:

        Difference between C on Pendles and Ablett is 122 – basically an extra premium player!

        • Undies says:

          The difference is only 61,still find it hilarious people all work out captain differences how you have….

          • Rocksta says:

            Difference is 122!

            If you have GAJ as Captain and Pendles as well, you get 242 + 182 = 424

            If you have Pendles as Captain, and also have GAJ, you get 364 + 182 = 546.

            Difference…….. 122.

            Am I missing something?

            • Do you even math says:

              Yes you are… have used pendles score 3x to get 546….

              If you still cant figure it out then theres really no hope for you

            • Wow says:

              You added Pendles captain score with another Pendles score

    • Rhubarb_Ronin says:

      Swapped the C onto Pendles 2 minutes before the bounce. At the end of the first quarter I was kicking myself but boy what a superstar! 1534 with 9 to play – Langford, Dunstan and Danger my only disappointments so far. Mitchell on the bench as well. Usually my last minute changes backfire big time. Feeling like all that stands between me and 2300+ is Libba delivering and making the right choice between Kenedy-Harris and Lewis Taylor as F6. Will likely pick the first I know isn’t the sub!

      • sputnik says:

        Is this your first year playing?

        Pendles scored 61 more than GAJ so the difference is 61. Where did you come up with 122?? The difference isnt doubled- just in case you didnt know. The difference is 61 points.

        GAJ as C 242 + Pendles 182 = 424

        Pendles as C 364 + GAJ 121 = 485

        So the difference is only 61 pts.

        • Undies says:

          Isn’t it funny the amount of people who get this wrong

        • Rhubarb_Ronin says:

          Second year playing, just first time being part of the community but thanks for explaining the sums.

          Once it’s laid out it’s easy to see how straight forward it is and I feel a bit dopey for not seeing it and realising that it’s not a zero based calculation unless the premise was instead that a team had only one of the two players instead of both.. Still pretty glad I went with Pendles over Abblett.

          • sputnik says:

            Either way it doesnt matter whether you had both in your team or not. Say you had the C on murphy and he scored 121, the difference would still be 61 because evryone still has a C whether it was GAJ or not. the main point is C difference isnt doubled.

            That said, awesome C choice of Pendles!

          • rob says:

            The c difference is still double. 182-121 =61 x 2 =122. If u have them both then rhe overall diference is still 61. As u get the pendles diference of his individual score which is 182. So 122 is the difference in score between your captains score! If u have pendles as non captain his 182 is counted once so u only missed the extra 61 points once not twice. As u have him once.. getting the 61 point difference back “once” not twice as he wasnt captain. Simplified.. if u have both its 61 diference. As u get pendles extra 61 once as nomal player once not twice. But the difference in their original score as captain is 122.

          • Deeman says:

            Ablett scores 100
            Pendles scores 200
            difference is 100.
            You get 300 if you name neither of them captain
            400 if Ablett is captain (+100)
            500 if pendles is captain (+200)
            difference is 100 which is the difference between the 2 original scores.
            Not double the difference.

  38. Ben says:


    Keep the faith, remember the time honoured advice of uncle jock, this game is a marathon not a sprint.

    So what if cotchin flunked, wright had a shocker, danger has a slow start. These guys will produce and ripen like a tasty peach on the tree of goodness.

    All this hard work in research during the pre season will pay off, don't throw it away due to a Sunday night knee jerk reaction. Nothing worse than watching a dropped player rip it the following week.

    All is good in the game, it's just trying to separate the wheat from the chaff, hold your line, save your trades and start feasting on the tasty scores to come in the following weeks, then when all others are scrambling for trades, leave them in your wake and shoot up,the leaderboard to victory.

    • Rocksta says:


      IMO……………. fair call on Cotch and Danger……. They are keepers.

      Wright is not, and with Douglas back, you may as well get rid of him.

      Remember, Keepers are Keepers, and as such should not be traded unless they are clealy injured or carrying an injury.

      Every other player is fair game

  39. Rocksta says:

    How many people In the Community did I tell to leave Pendles out of their starting line up at their own Perril?

    He is the super Elite…….. 33 possies for 182 SC points with only 1 goal.

    Is that even possible!!!!!!!!

    Go Pies

    • Undies says:

      10 tackles 16 contested possessions is how you do it. The man is a freak Backs against the wall what a win by the pies, 2 weeks is a long time in football

  40. Cyril says:

    Glad I opted for him as captain over Gary

  41. Cheeseman says:

    If supercoach was golf, my golf clubs would be for sale on gumtree right now! This is a shit game,lol

  42. throttlefinger says:

    1721 with 6 left. Naming this "The Pathetic Round."

    Saving grace is that I put the C on Pendles. He's not stop looking BEASTLY.

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Nice work Throttle!

      1460 with 7 left. Missing Mitchell and Rockliffe hurts, fwd line is looking sick with Danger, Franklin & Rohan stinking it up. Ambrose to come in for McDonough, gives me enough to turn Mitchie into MThomas. At least, that's the plan now 🙂

      • throttlefinger says:

        I traded out McD this week for Impey. Should've went with gut and dropped Ryder for Mummy. Lesson learned. Next week will be dealing out Paddy and probably dealing Webster for Swallow.

    • JJM says:

      Nice one TF
      I might have to trade S Mitchell for Dependlebury and worry about Round 8 when it comes. I'm missing out on 100+ every week.

  43. Big Janks says:

    Two slow starts to the year in a row for danger. Note to self for 2015

    • throttlefinger says:

      Funny thing is Big Janks I had him out until the final minute. Threw him in. Data and schedule said to do otherwise. Big lesson there. He'll come around and reward us later.

  44. Tom says:


    Hi community,

    What are you thoughts on trading libba and cotch up to Selwood and Pendles if I have the cash.

    The prospect of riding the season with the three big guns (i have Gaz) is very exciting after these recent scores.

    • Emma says:

      I would not trade coach, maybe libba to Pendles would be a go if you have the cash. You can always look at brining in Selwood post bye

      • GarglesnarfFC says:

        It's true you would have three big guns, but ALL with a round 8 bye, as is cotchin. I would be looking to bring these guys in in round 9, plus sideways are dangerous. Back your premiums to come good.

    • Shinboner says:

      I definitely would not do that. Try not to chase scores. Libba and Cotchin will prove their worth this year.

  45. Emma says:

    1754/16 Gazza, should of checked the weather before going with Gazza, at least I have pendles so not all bad. Hoping for 2200 with 6 to come. I also wanted to bring in Mummy but Pyke with 110 is not to bad. If Michie is sub I might have to trade him to Tyson.

    • Tom says:

      Definetly trade michie to tyson

      • Captain joc says:

        Don’t trade just for trades sake if his named sub then do it but pretty sure he won’t be coz his a deep part of there midfield you picked that player for a reason so stick to your guns not like he was bad last week anyway

  46. Pieman1978 says:

    After a 2320 start last week I’ll struggle for 2100 this week. SC gods I’m shaking my fists at you bastards! Someone please pass me some tissues

  47. Jerry says:

    I have a couple of changes to make. I also have Mitch, Ryder and Webster. I also have 151k in the bank.

    Plan A
    Ryder to hickey
    Webster to enright

    Plan B
    Ryder to hickey
    G Rohan to zorko.

    Plan A begin to fix my defense, but defenders score pretty rubbish.plan B gives me a locked forward line with danger, dusty, roughie, Mitchell, Caddy and Zorko. Plan b allows me to generate cash, but leaves my defense exposed. If smitchell is only 1 week plan b works, but otherwise maybe have to go plan.

    Community what are your thoughts?..

    • Mebois says:

      try and get jaensch, he has got the ton 2 weeks now and has a very good role, it would also give you cash and you could try to get mummy.

      • Jerry says:

        I have been looking at Jaensch since pre season. He had a solid preseason and continues to back it up. Should have gone him over Webster. Good provocation

    • JJM says:

      Well you can forget about Enright

  48. Captain joc says:

    I don’t know why everyone is disappointed in the likes of Langford,Langdon, Dunstan and co. You gotta remember that they are ROOKIES and that there gonna be up n down every week just coz they had good first rounds doesn’t mean they are gonna score like that all season

    • Jerry says:

      Agree, the rookies role is to generate cash. They are not keepers. You take the good with the bad, but all going well they will earn you a 200k plus and you upgrade to premiums. Also mid pricers and premos spud it up. Eg Rhyce Shaw. 100 rd 1 18 rd 2. Roughie, 118rd 1 49 rd 2. The rookies are doing ok!

  49. Kate says:

    I'm trading hodges best options I need suggestions

  50. Shinboner says:

    And to think, some were considering trading Hanley out! Glad I have Aish on the pitch over Dunstan this week. I've been pretty lucky this year regarding rookie selections. The same cannot be said for my mid-price choices, which have been dreadful. Mitch Duncan, I'm looking at you.

  51. The Mullet says:

    With Ryder going down….as if Essendon needed that….I'm thinking job security for their big younger guys just got a little bit bit stronger. Thoughts on trading out Rohan or JKH to bring in Ambrose before Rd 3? Comments welcome.

  52. cyril says:

    Maybe JKH, I'd still give Rohan the benefit of the doubt. I've got Ambrose, he's a good player in the making.

  53. cyril says:

    Enright subbed out due to leg injury, my backline is decimated…

    • Ally says:

      Now hurn subbed ! Backline stuffed lots of under performers and injury clouds for other players !!im in trouble

  54. Big Janks says:

    Thanks for the Cox tip throttle!

    SMH. Lesson learned- take the points!

    • throttlefinger says:

      Should've taken my own advice, Big J. Went for Ryder at the last minute. Uggggggh.

  55. Shinboner says:

    All those with Hurn, I'm terribly sorry.

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      What happened to him?

      I will add him to Mitchell and Enright as my three injured back line premos plus Laidler. I have more donuts on offer than our local Krispy Kreme!

      • Shinboner says:

        Bad landing, injured his knee. Attempted to return to field but was subbed off immediately afterwards. No point aggravating the injury against Melbourne!

  56. JOE RICHARDS says:


    • Shinboner says:

      Yeah, this round has caught a lot of us unawares. I will struggle to reach 2000 this week. Need Libba, Macrae and Cunnington to blow the roof off the joint. *EDIT* Hanley's 138 changes everything.

      • tom says:

        I thought i had been unlucky this round Joe Richards but you have put everything in perspective for everyone, My advice to you is look at the positives curie just kicked his first AFL goal.

  57. JOE RICHARDS says:

    Boys im killing it,
    It all started on Thursday Night, when I had Jarrod Waite and he killed it, I had to cop a donut with Josh Bootsma not play (Clearing carlton don't know what there doing because he is the best in the league) then on friday night I had Luke Hodge who dominated, and I had old mate Ryder who had a hurt ankle but still went well. Then come saturday arfo i wasn't quite sure who I should put the loophole on but I decided Nick Maxwell was a good option in his 200th game, clearly he delivered with a par 70 score but that wasn't enough so I decided to put the captain on Zac Dawson who I thought was going to have a midfield role and go big maybe 170+ but he didn't which was really disappointing, but im expecting him to respond next week, champions always regroup. I also had Ryan Crowley he is a jet. Then Sunday arfo rolled around and I had Shannon Hurn who delivered under pressure and produced the solid 5 a good score. But all hope was lost when Chris Masten disappointed me again.
    all in all a ripper weekend

  58. Dan says:

    Hahahaha Nathan Jones has a tramp stamp

  59. GarglesnarfFC says:

    Thank god I made one trade this week, and saved a donut in defence. My back line is Mitchell, Enright, Hurn, swallow, Langford & Langdon, mcDonald and Laidler. Between 2 & 5 won't play next week, so that's my tilt at $50k done.

    Time to just focus on league wins, and cash generation and cop a defence donut or two in the process of getting the right rookies in.

    • Pieman1978 says:

      Don’t give up hope Gargle. Everyone has copped carnage this week. Grab KK this week, gun. And maybe hurn or enright to Bartel or Hanley

    • throttlefinger says:

      Deep breath, my friend. Doubt very few did well this week.

  60. Michael says:

    1946 with Higgins & McDonald to come.
    No guarantee of making 2000+ lol.
    DEF: 338/5 – Major issues with SMitch & Enright injured – will wait on injury update b4 trading. No score over 100 & only 1 100+ score here in 2 rounds – and a rookie at that (Langdon)!
    MIDS: 837/8 (+121 for C) – Can't complain, only Dunstan failed to fire, next lowest was Daisy. Had the C on Murph.
    RUC: 262/2 – Fantastic, Sandy & Pyke doing the job!
    FWD: 386/5 – Similiar to DEF, but with no injury concerns. Danger failed, Caddy not firing as I'd like, but will stick with both. Def need to remove Rohan though.

    Trades: will depend on how SMitch & Enright pull up (any updates?) but need to get rid of either Rohan or McDonough for prob. Ambrose as 1 trade.

    Ugly round….problem is my R1 wasn't great either!

  61. Osg says:

    Is it worth getting Zorko in for franklin. At the end of the round

    • Pieman1978 says:

      Thinking the same thing. Buddy just doesn’t look as dominant anymore. But it could backfire. Big decision for long term

    • Benno_S says:

      I'm thinking Zorko for just about anyone FW is a good idea.

  62. Bundybear says:

    Whats up with Dane Swan ? Thinking of moving him out. good call or bad call ?

    • Pieman1978 says:

      On current form absolutely. Doesn’t look fit. But you might regret it later. So I’d say hold. Could score 150 next week & you’ll feel violated

    • vinnymac says:

      I'm thinking of sideways trading to Pendles, not sure if Swan will go back to 110+ each week! But then again, I have other problems to fix – Mitchell, Hodge, Webster, Franklin and Pavlich.

  63. Fourbells says:

    2225 with Mitchell a donut, Shiels and Dangerfield failing, so happy with the carnage this weekend.

  64. Emma says:

    2300 Gazza, don't have mumford, zorko or Hanley so pretty happy with this score. Last minute trade of Michie to Tyson payed off 🙂

    • Aaron says:

      I made that exact trade just before the game. We sure dodged a bullet there.

  65. Tim Darbyshire says:

    2178 this week Goldstein rubbish again! Thoughts on trading

    Down to a Jacobs, Mumford and bring D.Shallow into defeance!

  66. @klavo25 says:


    Used my first trade switching Mitchell to Birchall, that was a great move 😛
    Had Libba captain due to no zeros in my 30, was unable to get Gaz’ score.
    Hodge was a flop along with the rest of my backline. Had Hickey but not sure how bad his injury is.
    Looking at swallow and zorko/dahlhouse for my 2 trades tomorrow

  67. Shinboner says:

    Definitely need to jump on Cunningham and Swallow tonight. Au revoir, Pittard! Can't say it was fun holding onto you.

  68. @Armige says:

    2206 last night never thought id even get to 2100 so happy with that

  69. Tom says:

    Looking to trade out matt wright, thoughts?

  70. Benno_S says:

    What to do about Charlie Dixon. Was my cover for Sandilands in the Forward line but now looking like a waste of space. What are your thoughts all. Keep or Trade?

    • Pieman1978 says:

      The post humous Charlie Dixon is clearly not the pre humous Dixon.

  71. Michael says:

    2110, better than I thought. Any news on Enright & SMitch injuries?

  72. jayjtee says:

    2324 Zorko & Handley killed it today! I went into the season with two mid priced rucks Hicky & Sandilands very happy with my score considering Danger stunk it up & Rockcliff & Mitchell were on the sidelines due to suspension & injury.

    10 tonnes & 5 90s

    • Pieman1978 says:

      Well done mate you smashed it! You must have a Great team. Well done

      • jayjtee says:

        Thanks Pieman & the Pies beating the Swans overall great weekend! I guess on paper most of us have good teams, it's just a matter of all firing over the course of a round & in the long term hopefully the season.

  73. ray hill says:

    Dane swan will be dirt cheap in 2-3 weeks

    • vinnymac says:

      The question though, is whether he will be scoring like he used to – was very wrong of me to think I could go Swan hoping to get 110+ each week, maybe I should trade to Pendlebury?

  74. Bucky says:

    Zorko the Magnificant is back! Jock, Higgo, Crouching & Wayno – should we be doing all we can to get him into our sides NOW?!

    With the communities advice I resisted all temptation to corrective trade this week and I'm pleased to have weathered the storm.. A round one 2302 and respectable follow up despite round two carnage, I'm hoping to be faring well.

    Thinking Rohan to Ambrose and M Crouch to Dom Tyson to tweak the side ahead of round 3 – thoughts community? Thanks!

    • Pieman1978 says:

      Forwards are rare this year. Don’t waste a trade on Rohan until he has a negative BE.

  75. LMD says:

    2345 thanks to pendles! Thought I did ok, but judging by the scores being posted, it seems I’ve done quite nicely.

  76. Ando says:

    Thinking of dropping M.Lobbe, not doing enough to justify his price, doesn't look like areal R1 option
    i could get in Hampson or Hickey and then trade them for Nic Nat/Goldy/Minnow before the bye
    Thoughts anyone??

    • JOE RICHARDS says:

      keep him hes a proven performer and will respond

    • Pete says:

      Ando dont even think about it. I have him also and he is a star. He will end up being the Gold of 2013. Lock and load him for the year unless he gets injured. save your trades for other issues, injuries and cash projection. There will come a round where your cheering against him cos you traded him out rather than cheering for your current players.

    • Avzmo says:

      His form will pick up. And I think you've answered yourself by saying to trade someone in now then trade them in at the bye rounds. The only time you would do that is for a rookie who is making quick cash. Not a #1 ruckman. I think you've gotta stick with him.

      Then again if the rest of your team is rock solid and performing well and Lobbe is your number 1 problem, and you don't need or want to make any other trades. Might be worth considering.

  77. Jesse says:

    Gday guys, Out Masten in Tyson
    Out Rohan in Martin, which leaves 115k in the kitty

    • Avzmo says:

      Martin being Dusty? Any word on his reporting yet?

      I think you could that money into Zorko at the moment who is a jet. Save yourself even more money for a trade down the track.

  78. Billy says:

    My team did so poorly with only 8 players cracking the ton but I was still able to crack 2000!

  79. Caz says:

    2268 with 4 rookies in defence on the field, and rohan caddy in the forward line. Leunberger in the ruck disappointing. Thinking of going Berger to mumford and rohan to zorko this week or rohan to Ambrose and McDonough to zorko thoughts.

    • Avzmo says:

      Zorko is def a gun, been smashing it all pre-season and Jock is a big fan!!

      Pulling the pin on Leu could potentially waste a trade, we know hes a proven scorer, one or two bad rounds doesn't necessarily mean pull it already. Trades like that is what really hurts you at the back end of the season.

      If you can find room to put Zorko into your side at the expense of McDonough or Rohan then that would be a great move.

  80. Danners16 says:

    2296, Pleasing round, probably because I missed the bullet with Hawthorn and Essendon players. Also just wondering if a league called "inner sanctum" has anything to do with this website since it is coming 3rd out of all the leagues. Thanks

  81. cyril says:

    Well im going to have to use two trades this weekend.. Got Enright and Mitchell and not sure if they will be back.

    Also got Adcock (492K) averaging 54 so far and Savage…. (341K) and averaging 19

    I'm thinking I need to get in Langdon and Thomas to generate some cash. Savage definitely has to go, so i'll get Thomas for him. Thinking of dropping Adcock for Langdon and hoping for speedy recoverys from Enright and Mitchell. Any thoughts?

    • Avzmo says:

      I think Adcock will turn it around, he might need to stay in the side as it sounds like there are bigger fish to fry here.

      Savage definitely needs to go here and I think there are a lot better options then Daisy in the midfield. Dom Tyson has been destroying it for Melbourne, even when they got destroyed by West Coast, he still polled over 100. I don't see Thomas polling that well.

      Wait until teams or at least injury reports to see if Mitchell/Enright are okay, if they are playing then fantastic. No trades needed. Savage absolutely needs to go, and I think Tyson is probably #1 here.

      You could move Adcock for Swallow if the others pull up fine from their injuries.

  82. Liam says:

    Maybe a good downgrade option in the backline to consider is M.Jaensch with scores of 107 and 111. Could be worth looking into if the Enright injury is more serious than it seems at the moment.

  83. Donavan says:

    Back line delimma for next week. Mitchell, Enright and Webster all under an injury cloud. I will move either Enright or Websterone, unless at least one returns to play in round 3.

    If I move Enright it will be for Swallow, if I move Webster it will be for Griffiths.

    Which move does the community think is most worth doing, if I need to make a move.

    My back line looks like Mitchell, Enright, Hanley, Webster, Langdon, Langford, Georgio and McDonald.

    My other trade will be to get the best forward line rookie in, probably Ambrose in a sideways move.

  84. Gravel Rash says:

    Even though that wasn’t an optimum round I still came out with over 2200. Happy with that. Bumps me up to 1700 overall ranking

  85. Aaron says:

    Really hope Sam Mitchell is back next week or I am in big trouble.

  86. HELP says:

    I have Mitchell,Roughead and shiels what do I do!!!!

    • Avzmo says:

      Wait until teams are released before making a decision on Mitchell, he may yet play. With Roughie and Shiels, if you picked them at the start then so be it. Don't be too hasty on making a decision off the back of one bad score. Roughie will score 150's one round and 70's the next, its how key position players generally work. If this is the biggest issue your team has this week, you are doing quite well.

  87. Big Janks says:

    I’d love to be able to wake up on a Sunday morning (in the US) and still be able to see the Match Center. SC needs to FIO and keep that page live throughout the week so that if you miss checking day of- you can still go back and see the weekly breakdown compared to your opponent.

    Not taking Murphs 121 as my vc and rolling the dice on Cox as C absolutely fisted me this week

  88. Avzmo says:

    Only managed 2100, but had Mitchell, Enright, Cox, X Ellis on bench and Michie on field, and had Beams as captain.

    Captain choice and right subs would have lifted me to almost 2300. So can't complain when D1 is on bench and D2 gets injured half way through the game. And your R1 gets about half what hes capable of.

  89. Shamrock says:

    Thoughts on picking between: Dom Tyson (Melb) or Matt Thomas (Ric) ?

  90. Tim Darbyshire says:

    Tom Mitchell to zorko
    Goldstein to mummy

    Saving me cash thoughts community!

  91. Nuggety says:

    Geez Tim I wwouldn’t, Mitchell’s been pretty good and if you must get rid of Goldy surely you can do it some other way. Do you already have Hickey, surely there’s someone else you can upgrade? Or build the war chest?

  92. Michael says:

    I traded Corey Enright for swallow put mitchell on the bench ( think he will do better the enright overall) i traded out one of my bench players and brought in Jaensch, when mitchell comes back i can put one of my low scoring defenders/rookies on the bench

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