POLL: Will you make a corrective trade this week?

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Jock Reynolds - The Father of FantasyIt’s always interesting to see how different coaches react to round 1 hardship. If you’re like most of us you have a few selection niggles and players who haven’t performed how you would have liked.

As we discussed in this weeks podcast there is always the danger of trading from a problem into another problem this week.

Will you make a corrective trade this week?

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What’s your call on corrective trading this week? If you’ll be pulling the trigger on a player or two this week let us know why and which ones.



This week’s podcast is here now! Click here to listen in now



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  1. Aaron says:

    Should I give Webster one more week?

    • Kev says:

      56 in 3QT is not too bad. Full game would have seen him score about 70-75 and honestly that was about as much as I expected out of him. I'm giving him one more week and if he cops the vest again I'l think about jumping off

      • Roy says:

        Strained his groin in the 3rd. Probably would of stayed on otherwise. I'm giving him a couple more weeks. As a Saints fan I'm sure he'll get plenty of game time at the back considering we're pretty short of real options there.

    • Aaron says:

      Thanks guys

    • WombatsFC says:

      No Way!
      He strained a groin and it's only round 1.
      Do you seriously think that the saints will risk that strain getting worse at the start of the season?
      Even if he's named and warms up on field pre-game he wont play.

  2. David says:

    May entertain a trade of (OUT: Clurey, IN: Laidler) if Laidler is named again and Clurey is not, as I expect. If both hold their place, I may wait another week on this one, however.

    • Fabian says:

      In the exact same boat. If Clurey isn't named the he will be traded out, otherwise I will hold for another week.

    • Chuck says:

      If clurey isn't named, could be a handy 0 to use with your other DEF rookies

    • WombatsFC says:

      Laidler is a solid lock for Swans Backline since Alex Johnson did his knee again but, don't expect 90's from him every week he's more likely to ave around 75-82

  3. Sarah says:

    Lewis Taylor for Laidler (Move McD to midfield bench.

    • Dale says:

      Same for me Sarah except trading down from Thonas.

    • WombatsFC says:

      I do not believe that you had Taylor. All your other posts demonstrate an advanced understanding of the game and great knowledge of rookies; how do you justify having Taylor?

      I ask you because I have been asking myself the same question and can't come up with a logical answer.

  4. Kev says:

    Mark Robinson reporting that Rocky may be in trouble for hitting Smitchell in the guts. Typical Robbo overreaction or was there something in it?

    • Marcus J says:

      ralphy reckons might be a 2 weeker with a plea of 1

    • Gold Rush says:

      Robbo is the ultimate shit stirrer – I refuse to read any of his articles as I do not want to give the bloke oxygen.

    • K'noath says:

      Rocky done for 1 week

      • GarglesnarfFC says:

        Captions loophole option, or an excuse to bring in Wines til the bye?

        • Jurn says:

          It would be a poor excuse if that were the case. Buying wines won’t give you his round 1 score.

          • GarglesnarfFC says:

            No it wont. But my options are either stick Ellis on the field to cover Rockliffe and drop 20+ points, or bring in Wines (and bank $200k) who I would expect to avg 100-110 (from rnd2 on) before his round 9 bye. I will then bring Pendles/Selwood/Cotchin after their round 8 bye.

            Yes it burns 1 corrective trade, but I put $2ook in the bank and am building the war chest for the bye rounds.

            Alternatively I could trade down to Zorko, which adds a fwd/mid swingman but I am less confident of him maintaining a 100+ avg. I could also snaffle Saunders and bank $400k but I am even less confident of him maintaining a 100+ avg.

    • Jamie says:

      Got a week, but Gibson gets off for his high hit?? go figure

  5. Jim from Gippsland says:

    for possibly the first year ever, I may not have to make a corrective trade week 1.

    although the big T under Daisy's name is very tempting……especially for Dom Tyson……

    stick with the plan Jim. Got both Daisy and Liam Shiels, plan is the worst performing midprice would downgrade to the best rookie after round 2…..the other I would carry as a cow……..stick to the plan.

  6. Danno says:

    I can't see any need to pull the trigger after 1 round… Unless you've had a ball-tearing mistake I'm inclined to think you should hold on for at least 2 rounds (subject to injuries/R2 team selections) and see how they pull up.

    • Pieman1978 says:

      Agreed Danno. Must wait until team selections. Don't make a trade on a player based on 1 game IMO, unless injured or long term suspension ie: 3 weeks plus. If you trade your not backing yourself & your research. And how often do we get to the end of the season & say "why did I do that in the early rounds". 95% of the reason to trade is make money or score better. They can only be in your calculations in round 1. It has to be a glaring error. Think about the end, not the beginning".

  7. David says:

    My philosophy is trade ass off in round 1 & 2. These two weeks no prices change after that – everything gets harder.

    No real harm can be done by making a few trades in these early weeks. We get lots of trades this year and you’ll just need to make up for it down the season by going a few weeks without trading.

    I will definitely be making most of this

    • Jamie says:


    • Matt says:

      Round 2, yeah maybe. But Round 1…

      You've been looking at your current 30 players for 1-2 months and finally locked them in last week. Why would you change it all after one bad performance? That's like saying Sydney aren't going to make finals because they lost to GWS this week.

      DONT look too far into Round 1 performances.

      And the harm that can be done is if you trade out, for example, Dale Thomas and then he goes on to average 110 for the rest of the year.

      • Cash Cow says:

        Dale Thomas has never averaged 110 over a season so what makes you think he will this year. He is go ski for mine

  8. The Ranger says:

    I traded after both R1 and R2 last year and it backfired on me but that was mainly because I had zero's from a few players.
    2229 first up and all 29 players that I wanted to play did so I'm holdin' firm this time around!

  9. Jon says:

    I'm considering trading Dale Thomas for Josh Caddy, then switching Caddy forward for Lewis Taylor.

    This allows me to field all the gun rookies in the midfield (Tyson, Polec, Dunstan) then up forward Higgins becomes my F6 and Rohan goes to the bench.

    Maybe a week early, but I feel Caddy will be more value to the forwardline than Daisy is to the mids. Plus I want 2 fresh trades after round 2 to switch out premiums if need be (Buddy in particular)

    • brent says:

      that's why im trading daisy also
      might need two trades the week after

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      I think you’d be better served trading Thomas down to one of the high scoring rookies to make cash for use elsewhere, or upgrade him to Wines if you have a spare $58k.

    • Jamie says:

      Caddy is on fire, points might not reflect it, but he is killing it

    • Azza says:

      I like your thinking there Jon, I might toy with that idea a bit..There is always the reverse trade button..

  10. @Mr_Footy says:

    It will depend a little on how Charlie Dixon comes us. I like him as a multi-pos switch, but only got 22 before his concussion. Big price drop in the offing if he doesn't come up for a while.

  11. cam says:

    Out clurey and in langdon and maybe Thomas out for tyeson but I might wait till next week to do that trade.what does everyone think?

    • Jamie says:

      Use the early rounds to get the Cash cows that are going to play into your side. No point in waiting for next week as that reduces the amount of trades you can make before the price increase after round 3

  12. GarglesnarfFC says:

    My philosophy on trading in week 2 and 3 is that you fix what NEEDS fixing. In other words if your players are injured like Martin, or your on a solid poo stinker like Clurey when theres a bloke like Langdon around who could go up $200 by rnd 5 or 6. In other words, you correct long term gaps in terms of injuries or cash.

    Given there is no standout rookie fwd at this stage, then there is no point worrying about guys like Rohan, as there isn’t any decent alternative. Ditto rucks.

    Defence must haves are Langdon, & Laidler with Langford a very solid pick but not a must have, YET.

    Mids, if you dont have at least 3 of Dunstan, Polec, Tyson, Ellard, & Saunders AND you have a sub 40 rookie/mid pricer, then you might be considering using a trade this week.

  13. NutSack says:

    wouldnt say laidler is a must have. yeh he scored 95SC but only 55 DT. His good SC score was more due to the ground being flooded than his skill and scoring potential in dry weather. Laidler aint the best fantasy footballer.

    So strange people saying must haves must haves… tyson likely to score 60 this week and daisy 100. And ellard is a hack. The point is dont go chasing last weeks numbers.

    If you think Dunstan, Tyson, Polec, Langford and Laidler are going to score you 90-100 every week then that is just pretty foolish. Its round one. Relax. and only trade on injuries.

    • Jamie says:

      Laidlers no lock that's for sure, but he will increase in value and you'll be able to trade him out later for considerably more than what you paid for

    • Eagle says:

      Gee if you only trade on injuries you will have no hope of winning.
      One has to trade on who will increase the most in value and play every week.
      If trading this week enables you to have 4 players that rise the most in value in week 3
      then you are well on your way and can sit and watch as others realise too late they have missed the cheap guns!

      • rob says:

        Spot on. If u need a few corrections to get the better rookies in for cash n points. Why wait a few weeks to delay more or les the same trade. Yes its one week. But the initial price change is make or break. Get the cash from right rookies. Im trading webster out n taylor. If taylir is a gun in rd 5-6 id trade him back in. Just be smart with ur trades. Last year I tradd danger out then back in. Made like 150k n got betyer scores from wingard n jjk. Trading this week 1 trade can be necessary as u may need 2 next week. If webster gets 90 this week im still making money off georgio or laidler. Taylor may go for a higgins as he will still make cash n olay. Not huge sub risk.

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      All fair points Nutsack, but the rookie gene pool this year is miniscule. There are seriously few to pick from (in fact none in the ruck and almost none in the fwds) hence my call on Laidler, who at least now has good job security after Johnson went down in the NEAFL.

      This is a year for considering things you haven’t in the past as thre are so few options.

    • Max says:

      Ultimately, Tyson will make more cash than daisy and daisy play forward this week which is a sign of things to come in next few rounds. Mick is working him back after been in for a long stint of time. I disagree with the comment about Tyson he seems to be in the upper tier of midfielders at the dees and if you look how much melbourne get the ball (350+ disposals a match) shoe in to get 20+ touches a match. Especially with the easy early run dees have.

      Laidler will again make you a heap of cash and he scored 87 in nab cup so this one is no fluke.

      Rookies ofcourse won't score that every week but you want the ones that are capable so when they do… You have that score pocketed.

    • Dean says:

      Absolute joke, those of you who are serious about trading out players after the 1st round is beyond STUPID.
      This is my 6th year playing SC so I have learnt the hard way.

      I have made this mistake far to many times, wait until round 2 before trading unless you have players injured then its a different story believe me.
      For example I have WEBSTER as my D5 and CLURLY as my D8 right, im sure many others have these players also.
      IF I was silly enough I could trade out WEBSTER and bring in LAIDLER and trade out CLURLY for LANGDON. Then in round 2 WEBSTER may score 90+ & LAIDLER may score you around 40 and the same applies Re: CLURLY for LANGDON not to mention if you bring in players after round 1 there is a chance they get injured in round 2 and this happens every year. This has happened to me ALL the bloody time.

      If your players are not injured then stick with what you have then do your TWO corrective trades after round 2 in completed.

      • PJ8 says:

        Agree. Most of these rookies have had one game of AFL footy. They may of fluked a 90+ score and not get near it again and others may of just had an off debut game and come out better Rd 2.

        No need to rush after 1 game. We will have a better understanding on these rookies form 2 games.

      • GarglesnarfFC says:

        Last years winner traded after round 1, and brought in Kennedy and Kommer. It's not whether to trade it's who you trade and why. To dismiss trading altogether is misguided.

        • K'noath says:

          Yes he did and it might work but this year the rookie pool is much more shallow.

        • Super_Freak says:

          Agree Gargle. Trading week 1 is justified especially if you need to make more than two corrective trades. There is no point waiting until week two, as you will have to pay more when you want to trade in week 3.

          I'm not saying everyone should trade this week, but there are definately good reasons to do so if it is required to fix your team structure.

          • NutSack says:

            Yeh but there is only one overall winner in SC- and 10'000's league up for grabs.

            If you think you are the one to win 50K then start trading round 1 and make sure you do so with all the byes in mind. If youre the general player who wants to win leagues then that is ridiculous to trade after round 1 if you have no injuries.

      • Dale says:

        I don’t know Dean, last year I managed to correct a heap of rookie issues after r1&2. I got in Wines and Terlich from memory and hot out some flash in the pans. I think i like Laidler as a cash cow and if Thomas starts trending towards 90+ I can use my Laidler cash to get him back in. More likely I will use the cash to upgrade to Watson or Selwood if they drop in price. Next week will be eyes on opportunity. Goldstein to Mumford perhaps.

      • rob says:

        Do u realise that many past winners used corrective rookie trades early. They won the 50k n its clearly “stupid” maybe just maybe its a proven strategy to get the best rookies in ur team that will play n will make more money. Many based on good early scores. Clurey may get 90 this week. But u stick with clurey if u think thats best. I agree another week may be best. But im happy to pull the trigger n take the cash with georgio or laidler who have a much higher chance of making money. Its a stock market mate. Not a wait n see lets sit on the fence game. Back ur instincts if needed pull the trigger. Good luck with webster n clurey n their cash increases mate. Ull be 9000 ranks behind by round 4. With no cash to move

  14. Marcus J says:

    I didn't get a chance to watch the lions game so can anyone tell me how aish did?

    i'm all for giving rookies 2 weeks to prove themselves but its likely ill need to make atleast 1 trade in fwd and def next week so if he needs to go i gotta do it this week

    • Ando says:

      He looked comfortable playing, he might not have scored too well but he looks right at home in the midfield. Don't worry his scores will lift soon, they did get flogged after all

    • Super_Freak says:

      He looks at home, and he'll play every week. Confident his scores will improve.

    • Maenads says:

      All these people sprouting Jocks world view of trading(hold trades,,,, wake up this is a competition), are being guided. Guided by the great leader who changed his wookies to rookies at the last minute. Love you Jock & team but you would agree with my competitive sentiment. Higgo said "all men who think alike do not think much at all". Food for thought. Myself I will trade. Why ?. You only have 4 chances B4 prices increase/ decrease. 30/30 =1 26/30 =0.8667.

  15. Dogs says:

    I’ll be making corrective trades due to the stupid split round . Had a few mid pricers in the team as week 1 it didn’t look like a lot of rookies would get named. Picked up a few good rookies week 2 but some of my mid pricers had already played . So now I have some cash to upgrade people like suckling and Thomas

  16. taylorwoof says:

    No corrective trades this week.

    I did retain 100K of my starting bank to go Laidler to Webster if Laidler failed. But after the outcomes of Round 1, i will leave that be for another week.

    No reason to pull the trigger this early. Sticking fat with my premium defenders – McVeigh, Mitchell and Hanley.

    Another look at Buddy this week. If he pulls out another sub standard score, then i will look at trading options.

    I hope everyone in the community was happy with their scores. Remember it is only one round….plenty of water to go under the bridge!

    Enjoy the week!

  17. @klavo25 says:

    The only cow I missed is Laidler, now with the AJ injury his Job security is a lot more secure.
    Unfortunatley i cant do a one for one swap from Clurey, So i'm gonna bite the bullet and get:

    In: Taylor Out: Rohan
    In: Laidler Out: Clurey

    That will pretty much do me, i think.

    If McVeigh or Libba spud it up again i'll downgrade to a Swallow/Mcrae and use the extra cash to upgrade Hickey to Mummy.

    2278 total

    • taylorwoof says:

      Depending on who you have in your DEF and FWD line…..that could be a waste of 2 trades….

      Round 1 scores could quite easily flip in Round 2 – Rohan hit 80-90, Laidler 40-50 ….Clurey and Taylor look like Cornetto/Drumsticks at the moment.

      Personally i'd sit on it for another week. See what scores each of them throw up for Round 2.

    • JJM says:

      Another goose with good score of 2278 and wants to trade now. Don't waste your trade, wait after Round 2 see who performs.

      • rob says:

        Ur a goose correcting ur trades early is important. Unless ur going for league win. If its ranking. The mist important are those before the orice change u donkey. But it alk does depwnd on the outlook of ur current team amd what corrections are justified. For instance I started without mcdonald rohan aish n some expensive rookies until thwy show a few good scores n cash from price rise is guaranteed. If u have dud like martin or maybe clurey why woyld u not trade them. Especially if ur in need of the rifht cows like laidler langdon etc

  18. GarglesnarfFC says:

    Just for interests sake the top 5 rookies under $200k after rnd 1 2013 were;


    Wines – 125

    Viney – 117

    Goodes – 113

    Pittard – 95

    Jack Frost/O’Meara – 72

    Compared to;


    Langdon – 111

    Polec – 107

    Dunstan – 100

    Langford – 77

    Sam Frost – 70

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Sorry, left out Laidlers 95 in 4th spot. Almost identical from year to year.

    • JBomb says:

      50/50 on Langdon & Langford holding their spots after R3 with a stream of senior players coming back from Collingwood & Hawthorn. Would assume they both hold spots for now in R2 if they both go 100+ might keep some blokes out and be better for us! 😀

      Dunstan should keep his spot even with Hayes & co. returning.
      Polec is glued to my team. Didn't know about Frost. Must look into!

  19. Sarah says:

    Was toying with the idea of doing no trades but then thought why wait. Was incredibly un-impressed with Hanleys game on Saturday. Just seemed to not be getting in the game at all. Too defensive to be spending $516k on a player scoring 70's. So I've traded Hanley for Laidler and Taylor for Ward. I know it's cost me 2 trades but I'd much rather go into round 2 with Ward and Laidler than Hanley and Taylor.

    • Pieman1978 says:

      Hanley was playing Hawthorn Sarah. Give him another week or 2, dont trade premiums early, it bites you in the arse. I have him & im not judging by 1 week against the champs on there home deck. Not sold on Ward, he'd have to be a season keeper, & he isn't. Hold off for another week at least.

      • Super_Freak says:

        Sound advice Pieman. Although I wan't overly impressed with Hanley either, he'a premium and too good a player to trade after one average performance against the reigning premiers.

        Backline is a worry though. Hopefully McVeigh and Mitchell get their groove back. Still kicking myself for swapping out Swallow. He is my main trade in target before round three. Will assess Pittard and Webster next week, and if they don't improve, one will be traded down and another traded up to swallow.

      • rob says:

        Exactly! Proven premiums especially those that fluctuate like Hanley. Buddy even petrie u must not judge by one game. Rookies however is a stock market n is purely a maths based system for me. Game time vs price/points= best cash generation! !

    • NutSack says:

      Thats a joke right? trade hanley? so would you recommend trading out danger too?

      hanley is a good player and it seems some need to listen to the podcasts or read the forums. dont trade out premiums ever unless they get injured.

      heres a question to ask yourself that will help to clarify- Why did you choose Hanley to be in your starting team? when you answer that then you will realise why trading him out- especially round 1 is nonsensical.

      • Sarah says:

        I've calmed down now. Not happy getting a 72 from a premium. He's back in. But he better perform this week. Was a bit iffy on picking Brisbane premiums anyway, should've listened to my gut more cos I'm not comfortable with that selection as it is.

        If he gets another 70 or below score, he's out for a premium mid.

        • JJM says:

          I can see him scoring around 60-80 and price dropping dramatically this week against Geelong and next week GCS. After round 3 you will be forced to stick with him and hoping he'll bounce back.

          • Chris says:

            Hayley's a gun Sarah…even if he has an average week next week which I don't think he will, there will be more important trades to attend too. With Hanley it's only a matter of time before he's scoring 100's again.

  20. Max says:

    Going to flick Thomas to Tyson… Make cash for almost similar scores.
    May also look to get rid of Rockliff. Was going to give him 1 more week to see if he tags again but if he's suspended then I'll have to spend 50-60k to go to Watson instead of 10k this week.

    • Max says:

      Forgot to add I will have enough cash to get Rohan to a premium under 489k

    • JBomb says:

      No Rockliff this week – suspended

    • Kurt says:

      Thomas will easily score more than Tyson, consistently.

    • JJM says:

      Comes a time where you'll be trying to get them back. Daisy will managed at same time his price will slightly increase. Rockliff! Going by last week, all you need from him is to play two quarters and he's done his job scoring a ton.

  21. Cyril is the man says:

    Only one will be out clurey, in langdon

    I’ll hold on to savage after he scored 32 for another week…..

  22. Captain joc says:

    No coz then your chasing last weeks points

  23. Kelloggs says:

    thinking of ditching Jack Martin for Lachie Whitfield? what are your thoughts?

    • JBomb says:

      Def. ditch that weight. Whitfield or Wines (if you don't already have him) both great value

    • Rick (shinboners) says:

      I like LW this year, he looks like he'll pump out some reasonable scores

    • JJM says:

      No don't!! Keep J Martin he's a gun, he'll come back break bones.

  24. Gold Rush says:

    You can bet your sweet arse I will be making corrective trades, I'm in it to win the 50K – FULL STOP!!!!! FFS.

  25. Josh says:

    Bought in Langdon and with tge extra money – should i upgrade Savage to watson ???

    Surley savage has to go ?

    • Sarah says:

      I would in a heartbeat!!! I have Watson and it was great watching him rack up the points on Friday night!!!

    • Anthony says:

      If you can trade him to someone like Jobe Watson, do it, don't even think twice, but I can't, so I'll give him 1 more chance to prove himself, another sub 50 score and he becomes Dom Tyson.

    • JJM says:

      Savage to Watson? That's a no brainer. Ohhhh wait!!! Are you asking Savage to M Watson?

  26. Jimmy says:

    Trading Webster to Laidler cause of injury & trading Ben Kennedy to Lachie Hunter who scored 91 when they got smashed over there.. thoughts????

  27. Rick (Shinboners) says:

    Ranked 16th overall: Im dropping McDonald, bought in Dunstan. Having a DDP rookie was good until Friday night. Im a bit concerned about his value so im jumping off!
    Thanks for all the valuable info guys, i knocked out 2443 this week! very happy

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Not sure on that one Rick, 50/50 on which of those two score better this week.

    • GeneralSoreness says:

      Massive congrats 16th overall well done!

    • Pieman1978 says:

      Awesome effort mate. 16th overall is a place id love to be. Given where you are, do you need to trade? Those behind you, maybe. In your position id wait & say I picked a ripping team & keep the trades. Wait another week. Clearly you dont have many team issues. Just my opinion but good luck.

      • NutSack says:

        round 1 scores are usually based on luck and i would take more out of round 2, 3 and 4 scores to see if youve got a genuinely good team. i read some article where those who start in top 100 round rarely finish in the top 200.

        teams that usually do good round 1 have heaps of midpricers like macrae, shiels, vince, mwright, daisy, caddy, higgins and suckling etc and whilst that is good in round 1 these players WILL NOT continue to score this high after round 3 or 4, they WILL NOT go up enough in price to make a good team for upgrading later and are teams that inevitably slowly, surely and steadily drop down through the ranking over the course of the year.

        Why- because out of those mid pricers mentioned only 2 0r 3 would MAYBE be keepers meaning you have to upgrade all the other midpricers and all the rookies. Thats just too many upgrades too make so I assume that you havent started with 14 genuine keepers.

        So really a good early startegy but not a long term one.

    • JJM says:

      Ranked 16th overall and wants to trade? Are you freaking serious? Just effing wait after Round two you goose.

      • GeneralSoreness says:

        Im sensing a trend here with your posts JJM, that your not really in favour of round 1 trades. "I know – Call me Psychic!"

        • JJM says:

          If you're scoring well like this guy here, why trade now? Why not wait until the next round? Specially his trading a playing rookie for another rookie will probably just sit in the bench, completely wasting a trade now if does. You should only trade if you have an injured player. Should not sideway trade unless you have too.

  28. Cyril is the man says:

    Yep I thought savage might b a good mid pricer but scoring in the 30s wtf

  29. nocahoots says:

    I wont make a corrective trade until the end of Round 2 UNLESS Jim Webster is not named in the St.Kilda squad due to a quad injury. Welcome.

  30. Billy says:

    I am going to give Dale Thomas another week and if he doesn't perform I will trade him out for either Macrae or Tyson.

    • NutSack says:

      yeh go tyson if you reckon he will avge 80's and macrae if you reckon he'll avge 110's. thats what im thinking. most likely tyson.

  31. Matteus says:

    i took a risk and went with nic nat… safe to say it didn't pay off 🙁 a bit edgy on his form, so would a corrective trade to mumford or sauce be acceptable? or save the trade and wait 2-3 rounds for him to come good and settle? rockliff's suspension is pretty inconvenient too, because I was waiting a week to see if he tagged again, and if so, was going to fyfe… I guess if he cracked like that, leppitsch would know he isn't the most mentally stable guy to run as a tagger? oh well, not a great start to the season…

    • NutSack says:

      i chose daisy and he was a fingers crossed prospect just like nicnat but both are great players. and rocky has 1 week off so keep him. its prob only a possible loss of 40 points with a rookie covering and league games havent started yet.

    • Clive Waterhouse says:

      ^ took the same risk, mate

      New coach + WCE lining up with 3 rucks + rested due to Sinclair/Lycett depth + vested when the heat goes out of the game + underdone + only so many points to go around = NicNat out. But one day this man will be SC gold. Had him for most of 2012 and he was fantastic. So damaging. Contested marks, goals, clearances, you name it! Gave him one shot to prove me wrong this week, could've brought in Berger/McEvoy et al but said NO!

      Think the logical options are Mumford and Jacobs. I've gone with Mummy at this stage but that will change come 5 minutes before lockout!!!!! #triggerhappy

      • Matteus says:

        true that… but if I trade now and he goes into beast mode around round 5 then I would've wasted 2 trades getting him back in. Will undoubtedly be a supercoach god if he can get his body right :

    • JJM says:

      You picked Nicnat,, now you must suffer and deal with it.

  32. Jeff says:

    For Fantasy (trades galore) anyone considering LeCras. Got a good draw for next few weeks, potential money maker?

  33. Jeff says:

    Matty Wright had a great preseason and very solid round 1 performance in a losing side playing away against the Cats, burnman or potential breakout player?

  34. Cyril is the man says:

    Burn man

  35. Emma says:

    I agree hold fire unless LTR or you have really stuffed up a rookie in mid or back. Also there maybe rookies appearing round 2 that did not play round 1 (Crouch, KK) so saving trades for round 2 and onwards is critical.

  36. Would hate to make a premium trade early, even any player round 1.

    I'd only trade if it was for suspension or injury, give them at least 2 weeks, although if there is some rookie such as Laidler this who you don't have…you'd have to consider before you miss the boat.

  37. Jesse says:

    Fellas, what to do with chrissie masten? thinking about giving him one more week and if he fails bring in priddis?

  38. jstocker59 says:

    Looking for some advice guys. I had Travis Boak all year last year and he rewarded me with a 106 average. I was a little hesitant to grab him at 575k this year but did and he scored a heavily tagged 58. I also have Dale Thomas – I'm loathe to trade this week though.

    Two quality players though and sideways trades I've learnt the hard way are never good. But Boak for Watson and Thomas for Tyson/Polec is bloody tempting. Sounds a no brainer but…

    • taylorwoof says:

      I think we all need to stick fat with our premiums for another week. Re-assess post Round 2.

    • JJM says:

      I wouldn't even think about it twice. Take Watson and kick Daisy's but off

  39. Suns Man says:

    Fellas, what to do with chrissie masten? thinking about giving him one more week and if he fails bring in priddis?

    • JJM says:

      Plays against Melbourne this week then Saints next week, but Round 4 eagles vs cats.

  40. Birdman says:

    With some cash in the bank and thinking of upgrading my least appealing prem mid after rd 1/2 looks like Rockliff could become GAZ very soon!!! Thoughts

    • NutSack says:

      naah! you chose rocky for a reason. i reckon a trade is worth 150K in cash or an avge of 30+ points a week. so i would say no.

  41. Daniel says:

    Thoughts on McDonald? Technically a sideways trade, but so tempted to bring in Langdon and make an extra $100K plus likely more money after round 3 (considering Langdon is cheaper and has so far out-performed McDonald). Also have Georgiou and Langford on the pine.
    [AFL Fantasy]

    • JJM says:

      Go for it. Go with your gut and don't listen to what everyone tells ya. Cause you picked a spud who scored 48 on his first game, you must get rid of him, trading his ass off after round one is an excellent idea. 😀

      • rob says:

        JJM u just tild someone else to trade daisy after round 1. But have been rantong about not trading on here at round 1. Hypocrisy at its finest!!

    • Avzmo says:

      I have no doubt that Langdon will score well, but I definitely think that McDonald will pick up. He's a proven performer at VFL level and NM picked him for more then good looks with the 1st round pick. I think he had a bit of n off game on the weekend but then again 90% of NM players didn't live upto expectation. I'd wait until NM play the Bullies to get a good read on this one.

    • RUSSTYB says:

      I agree with Avzmo, that was such a horrible performance from North, they all must've been disgusted with themselves..hard to judge Mcdonald on that one game.
      It'll be clearer to you after next round when you have Langdon and Mcdonald's scores in.

  42. throttlefinger says:

    Only trading is if long-term injuries or starter doesn't make 22, which I don't think either will happen.

    Want to give the team one more week to show it's stuff. A couple concerns but need to go with original gut call on players.

    • Wattsieesq says:

      Pretty sensible plan TF. How did you go in R1?

      • throttlefinger says:

        Did pretty good. 2328. How about you, Wattsie?

        • Wattsieesq says:

          Wow, great score TF. Me, I didn't do to well. 2,136. I'm not too worried. A few on my prems let me down but I'm sure they'll bounce back and give me their starting avg over the year.

  43. Kenny Powers says:

    If you are chasing the big 50G's and not just a league win, do you need to trade Walker this week out given his suspension (thinking Simpson, Hurn or Swallow) or keep him and risk a poor score by playing an extra rookie on field?

  44. NutSack says:

    teams that commonly do good round 1 have heaps of midpricers like macrae, shiels, vince, mwright, daisy, caddy, higgins and suckling etc and whilst that is good in round 1 these players WILL NOT continue to score this high after round 3 or 4, they WILL NOT go up enough in price to make a good team for upgrading later and are teams that inevitably slowly, surely and steadily drop down through the ranking over the course of the year.

    Why- because out of those mid pricers mentioned only 2 0r 3 would MAYBE be keepers meaning you have to upgrade all the other midpricers and all the rookies. Thats just too many upgrades too make so I assume that you havent started with 14 genuine keepers.

    So really a good early startegy but not a long term one.

  45. cyril is the man says:

    how many do you have nutsack,

    ive got suckling, caddy, Tyson and savage…. not sure how I ended up picking savage….

    • NutSack says:

      hey CITM, i took 1 on each line with 3 proven performers and 1 hopeful.

      suckling, daisy and sandi as the ones that are proven players and the hopeful was caddy.

      but i think if you take extras or multiples on each line- say an extra macrae, wright, shiels and higgins then I think you are losing cash genearation on a rookie and will also need to upgrade a couple of extra mid pricers who may or may not become keepers, even if you do get a few extra points early.

      • NutSack says:

        i reckon Jock and the boys have covered it well with their studies of past winners. Start with 14-15 keepers, dont sideways trade and you only need to make 21 trades to have a full prem team.

        I think it would be sheer luck if macrae, shiels, vince, wright, daisy, higgins were in your team and became top 10 in their position. so two less mid pricers and one extra keeper costs the same in cash but saves trades and allows better cash genearation and prob equal points.

        • JJM says:

          14-15 Keepers. How does that work this season. We have been lacking of rookies in each position except in the guts. The most I could get as keepers is 8 Keepers, 3 Possibles and 2 Maybes.

          • canman1306 says:

            Are you trading Savage -> Macrae/Shiels

          • sputnik says:

            Ive got my keepers below though things can change. And its 15

            I ve got SMitchell, Enright, Swallow, Mc Veigh, Watson, Ablett, Beams, Murphy, Cotchin, Sandi, Mumford, danger, Wingard, Dusty, TMitchell

  46. NutSack says:

    I was wondering are most people here playing to win their leagues or are they going for overall?

    it will help decipher all the advice out there coz as much as I would like "fish boat with pinky snapper" burning trades for overall just to lose my leagues isnt something im after.

    would be good to know if people are going for 50K or league glory.


    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      50k, but that said if you want to win it you have to score 2400-2600 every week. That will win most games in your league.

    • mightymicks says:

      I am going for the 50,000 mate.

    • RUSSTYB says:

      Just going for league wins myself, I don't have the talent or dedication to pursue the ultimate prize so I'm hoping to make the top 4 of my 5 leagues, am leading 3 of 5 with 2255 so not a terrible start 🙂

  47. Drafting Dave says:

    I was wondering how those who participate in live drafts manage their draft lists.

    I was involved in a live draft tonight but found it very hard to track which players had already been selected. Thought they would be automatically removed from your pre-draft list as the draft progressed but that's not the case.

    Trying to scour through the draft activity log and remember who's been selected and who hasn't by time you've gone through a dozen rounds can be tricky stuff.

    Any draft veterans out there have a suggestion? I have another draft later in the week.

    Many thanks


  48. rolling thunder says:




    chech here to add your completes to their useless and most hopeless response team https://twitter.com/fanhubafl

    • Rob says:

      They were always having unlimited trades between round 1 and 2.

      • RUSSTYB says:

        Yeh I heard that too, does seem strange though lol, I went in and made a few changes,,think I have a much better team now for no cost haha, feels like cheating but it's not apparently.

  49. Rocksta says:

    Last years winner made corrective trades in weeks 2,3 and 4:
    No point in sticking with your selected Rookies if its obvious from Rd 1 that you have gone in with the wrong ones.

    For what it's worth, I will only be making 2 corrective Rookie trades, and will wait on Daisy and Webster for next week to see how they go.

  50. Cyril is the man says:

    I’m only interested in winning my leagues I’m in

  51. Billy says:

    At first I wasn't going to make a corrective trade but now I am tempted to. I need some opinions on the trade that I am planning on doing. I am thinking of trading out Dale Thomas for Dom Tyson and freeing up some cash. Then next week I will trade out Hanley for Suckling to free up more cash then I will trade out my worst performing forward rookie to Zorko or another high priced premium forward. Thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated.

    • Marcus J says:

      im holding on thomas, yes 62 ain't a great score but its his first game in a long time and carlton got smashed.

      as for hanley im unsure.. i have him in my squad but not rushing him to trade him just yet either.

      as jock said calm head must prevail.

  52. Marcus J says:

    Need some thoughts on JPK

    i bought him in last minute when jack was a late out (was on the beers all arvo and didn't have much time to think about it) i have regretted the decision ever since cause frankly i don't rate him.

    i have been thinking about downgrading him to wines and using the spare cash to upgrade one of my forward rookies who all didn't really perform.

    can anyone give me a good reason to hold on JPK? should i sideways trade to a premo mid who will perform? or is wines a good idea?
    i watched him play against Carlton and he is big and strong and doesn't look like slowing down.

    • Kurt says:

      Wines isn't a good idea.

      • Marcus J says:


        • TG_Footy_Tragic says:

          I agree with Kurt, Wines isn't a good idea – he is in his second year.
          While he will be an out and out gun, he hasn't yet proven himself as a consistent performer.
          You're better off keeping JPK – as our beloved father says – our premos we start with should stay unless LTI strikes.

          • JJM says:

            Chris Judd was good in his first year and he backed it up the following year. Wines and O'meara has been performing well and has shown no signs of second year blues so far. I think one of these too will do well, unlike Libba showed a bit second year blues on the weekend.

          • Avzmo says:

            Some players suffer second year blues and some don't.

            I don't think any particular decision should be based on the fact that they are a second year player. If you are making the argument that he is inconsistent then that is a valid argument.

            Being a 2nd year player is no different to liking one colour more then any other. In other words it means nothing.

      • JJM says:

        And why is Wines is not good idea?

        • TG_Footy_Tragic says:

          "he hasn't yet proven himself as a consistent performer."

          in the end, you are your own coach… you make the changes you wish.
          Wines may average 110 for the year… but….
          In MY opinion, he hasn't yet proven he can consistently punch out good scores; therefore he isn't a good idea.

          • medadsson says:

            Fyfe averaged 72.5 in his first year and 108 in his second. Don't agree with your logic but respect your opinion.

    • Marcus J says:

      Cheers for the input guys

  53. Michael says:

    Breust or Lecrae???

  54. Shannan says:

    Thoughts on Trelor ?

    • PJ8 says:

      GUN! Not sure he will be consistent at this stage of his career, but when he is he will go close to a brownlow.

      • crabb says:

        He's standard deviation for the past two seasons is marvellous at under 20, both at an improving average of 83 and 87. Could be a breakout year for him.

  55. Shannan says:

    Thanks! GWS have a good 3 weeks coming up so I'll put him in my side for then! 🙂

  56. Jarrod05 says:

    Who should I trade Martin for? Dunstan or Tyson?

  57. medadsson says:

    Can't get too hyped up over Dunstan or Tyson. With all due respect, they were after all playing in likely the two bottom sides who happened to be playing against each other. May be proven wrong but waiting for either to show their worth against mid range and quality sides.

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Both sides have a soft draw and both are likely to earn you $200-$300k by the time the bye arrive.

      As an example, the three blokes who scored 100+ in round one last year were Wines, Goodes and Viney. Wines and and Goodes had exceeded the $200 mark by round 8. Viney took longer due to injury.

      Dunstan is cheaper and doesn't need to score as high to make you cash.

      • Super_Freak says:

        Agree Gargle. Both have good job security and look ready to go They'll be the closest to O'Meara and Wines that we'll see this season!

      • Avzmo says:

        Double agree, its not like we are expecting them to be in your side at year end, they are there to score reasonably and make you plenty of cash and they will do this for sure. I see their averages being 70-80 which is fantastic for a cash cow.

        • rolling thunder says:

          Double agree? double disagree on this one

          I think you guys are way off in your calculations.

          Dom tysom is double the price that omeara was and would have to avge close to double what he did in the first 6 rounds to go up in value- not gonna happen. Tyson coz twice as much to begin with and wont average what omear did so you think you are gonna get twice the value out of him that you actually will. Tyson is over $200k and there is NO WAY he will go up in value at the rate you think. In fact 1 round of 60 points will wipe out any major gains for the next 4 rounds.

          Dont confuse tysons 100 score against the worst team in the league as how good his year will be.

          • mightymicks says:

            Pricing doesn't work like that mate, it makes no difference if a guy is 100,000 more expensive, esp if he has played AFL before, his BE at the start of the season is determined by an average over past season, therefore a guy priced more could go up more money if he scores same score as cheaper guy, it says it on supercoach website, but you need SC gold to access.

          • Avzmo says:

            I've seen that most of your comments on this site are filled with nonsense and looks like you really have no clue what you are talking about.

            I'm sure everyone likes to give everyone a chance to share their opinion on this site and we love sharing in the community but you seem like you got a case of sour grapes buddy.

            Yes Tyson is $100k more, and he make $100k less, but O'Meara made $380k last year. Even if Tyson isn't quite what O'Meara is he will make $150k-$250k and score you some decent points along the way. Its about weighing up how much cash a cow will generate and how many points he can give you at the same time. and Tyson (if you can squeeze him into your team) will do both.

  58. JJM says:

    I am gonna be on the floor Laughing my ass off at the end of Carlton and Richmond game on thursday night. Knowing how many people traded Daisy to Tyson. Daisy is gonna score 90+ against the troubled Tigers, while Tyson is gonna score 40-50 against the hard tackling and fast running team like the Eagles.

    • mightymicks says:

      I tend to agree, I believe daisy will outscore Tyson over the season, but that said I reckon it will take another couple of weeks for daisy to get back to his best.

      • Jase says:

        Does scoring over the whole season really matter? Both are cash cows and upgrade targets are they not? Just want to make some quick cash then trade up. Tyson doesn't need to score as well. Only reason for sticking with Daisy is if you think he'll be a keeper. Not sure that's the case.

        • JJM says:

          At the moment he's perfect for stepping stone to a premo, if he becomes fit and back to his Collingwood days form. Then he'll be a keeper.

          • Super_Freak says:

            Troubled tiges… Carlton didn't exactly set the world on fire last week.

            Regarding Tyson, I already have him, but I if I didn't I would be closely monitoring him next week and if he scores well, which i think he will, I would trade Daisy to get him in.

            If, and it's a big if, Daisy stays fit and possibly outscores Tyson over the season, you will almost certainly generate more cash from Tyson. Neither of these players should have been selected as a keeper, but as a stepping stone to a proven premium.

            • Avzmo says:

              One thing that I have noticed is that Carlton have won 11 of the last 12 against Richmond. Streaks are meant to be broken I know, but streaks like this and like Richmond performing well against the Hawks is because certain play styles work well for certain teams. I think Carlton are a real shot this weekend, they have most of the parts needed, quite similar to Richmond. But they seem to definitely have the historical edge.

              On the Daisy and Tyson thing, I agree with the fact that Tysons score wont be 110 every week, itn my opinion it will be closer to like 80 average through the season. However I don't feel as if Daisy will be much better, he may have odd games of 100-110 but I feel his average will sit around the 80-85 mark. His best is behind him.

  59. mase says:

    anyone who trades after round 1 is a supercoach spud

    • Avzmo says:

      Interesting because I'm fairly sure the guy who came first last year used 2 trades in each of the first two rounds

      • mightymicks says:

        In fact it was all two trades formfirst three rounds.

        • mightymicks says:

          *From first

          • rolling thunder says:

            yeah he came first overall and lost his grand final. so what are you lpaying for? 1 chance at 50K or the 10,000's chances at league wins.

            and you cant even decide until round two teams are released whether to trade yet.

            If you have a long term injury yes trade- but if you have already traded and havent even seen round 2 teams then yes you are most likely a SC spud!

            • Avzmo says:

              Um, you have seen that little trade reversal button right?

              Its this wonderful creation whereby you can make a trade, then BAM with one click the trade doesn't exist anymore!!! You should really try it!!!

              People on here are trying trades with their teams to see what their teams could look like if they made that trade. Its not like they are set in stone, I'm sure people are looking at various scenarios to what there team could look like. So they don't have to spend hours looking at a screen when teams are released.

              If i was in the top 100 with a chance to win $50,000 like that fine gentleman was, I could not care less about league wins (unless you had some cash on the side). I would be going all out for the $50k, and if you say your any different. Then you sir are the spud.

  60. RUSSTYB says:

    Anyone know if Josh Kelly will get a game anytime soon?
    Wondering whether i should trade him for Dunstan before his 100k price rise or wait till after next week?
    Was also thinking maybe Daisy but better to wait another week?

    • will says:

      wait another week brother for jk but you might need to look elsewhere to get dunstan in he's a lock for mind

      • RUSSTYB says:

        Cheers Will, I really want him in but I will wait another week to see if Kelly gets named and how Daisy scores..could also swap Langdon for Mcdonald and dump Mcdonald if he flops next week.

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      He's in!!

  61. Tim Darbyshire says:

    Any news on big gold member? Only really corrective trade I gotta make if his shoulder is stuffed

  62. 4456nivek says:

    'Roos expect him to get up

  63. Jarrod05 says:

    Thanks for your comments, I think Dunstan might be the go.

  64. JD01 says:

    Anyone know why shuey was subbed?

  65. rolling thunder says:

    seriously anyone who has already locked in trades before round 2 teams are released is a spud SC'er. unless you have injuries why would you do that?

    And people thinking of trading out suckling, daisy, rocky, mitcehll and mc veigh already are spuds.

    And people who will trade michie or daisy for tyson after one game are spuds.

    • mightymicks says:

      Mate, all of the past winners trade early, and you shouldn’t call the community spuds mate, no one has locked in trades, they are just planning and seeing if their are good trades to be made.

    • RUSSTYB says:

      This coming from a guy ranting like a maniac about the AFL Fantasy site being "corrupted" because trades are still unlimited after round 1 ?
      It clearly states that on the site mate, you're the one who sounds like a spud.
      Lay off the crack!

      • mightymicks says:

        Well said mate.

      • aussie matey says:

        where did they say anything about unlimited trades? reread the comment. he said people brought in players "after" games were completed. which fanatsy game can you bring in a player after a game has completed? usually they are locked out. I agree with him. A mates workmate brought in barlow coniglio cotchin deledio and wines at three quarter time in the carlton v port game. so maybe you should read that comment again before coming off like a flog. maybe read the forums on NRL fantasy where the same thing happened. they have had 15000 complaints about mid game trading where some can do it and others cant

        • RUSSTYB says:

          Funny how this momentous blunder hasn't made any news, anywhere.
          I didn't see any evidence of this occurring over the weekend, there isn't even a trade button to click on during the round on the players.
          I assumed he was talking about still having unlimited trades after round 1 completed because I haven't heard word one from any news source stating the Afl Fantasy site is corrupted.
          If I'm wrong, I apologise, otherwise, I'd like to see proof other than your mate's mate.

        • Super_Freak says:

          Does anyone know if this problem is being rectified, and if the people who abused the fault will be disqualified.

          If this really happened, it's pretty unfair to the rest of us!

    • RUSSTYB says:

      "chech here to add your completes to their useless and most hopeless response team"
      Maybe consider reading an English vocabulary book too 🙂

    • Avzmo says:

      I'm just copying this comment from above, because you have made a fool of yourself in various comments. So reposting it here:

      Um, you have seen that little trade reversal button right?

      Its this wonderful creation whereby you can make a trade, then BAM with one click the trade doesn't exist anymore!!! You should really try it!!!

      People on here are trying trades with their teams to see what their teams could look like if they made that trade. Its not like they are set in stone, I'm sure people are looking at various scenarios to what there team could look like. So they don't have to spend hours looking at a screen when teams are released.

      If i was in the top 100 with a chance to win $50,000 like that fine gentleman was, I could not care less about league wins (unless you had some cash on the side). I would be going all out for the $50k, and if you say your any different. Then you sir are the spud.

    • sputnik says:

      What is with this site? Usually on BigFooty but this site seems like it has lots of negative heroes. Does anywhere here comment on the OP or just abuse people. Tis original post says if youve decided on trades by tuesday after 1 round youre a spud SCer*** have to agree with that. People who are thinking of trading "suckling, daisy, rocky, mitcehll and mc veigh already are spuds"*** have to agree with that. And the OP says "people who will trade michie or daisy for tyson after one game are spuds."*** well, have to agree with that too. And not one of the replies is relevant! is this a bullying site or something?? Maybe people should just reply to the OP.

  66. mightymicks says:

    Best two comments of the day:
    1. You shouldn't pick a 215,000 rookie who scored 111, you should pick up a cheaper one scoring 60-70
    2. If you trade Rd 1 you are a spud.
    Thanks rolling

  67. GarglesnarfFC says:

    In an effort to help calm down some of the panic on rookies, I did some research into how last years crop of rookies performed over the first 10 rounds, by which time you expect them to moo.

    In 2013 only 3 players scored 100 or more in round 1. Two (Goodes, Wines) went on to make well over $200k by round 8, whilst Viney took until much later due to injury. So if you dont have the three who scored 100+ get them in.

    The next interesting point, was that Dwyer who was no2 money earner by round 10, only scored 49 in round 1, whilst O’Meara (1) scored 72 and Matt Jones(6)65 in round 1 and 49 in round 2.

    Lastly, not player who scored under 40pts in round 1, went on to make $100k by round 10. Some, like Kane Mitchell did eventually make some coin but it was late in the season, and most of us would like our cash as early as possible.

    In other words,

    1. the players who score 100+ in round 1 are solid locks.
    2. players who score between 40-99 are all equally likely to make you over $200k, and sometimes more than the 100+ boys. So don’t be spooked if you’re on Rohan, McDonald, McDonough etc
    3. players who score under 40 pts in round one are duds, and should be traded. Sorry Clurey, Billings, JKH, etc your SC spuds.

  68. Quinn says:

    so I have Jack Martin…should I trade or hold. if I trade who should I get? I would have up to 400k, already have Dunstan.

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Yes, if own Martin you trade this week.

      Take whichever one one of Dunstan/Tyson/Polec/Langdon that you dont already own, if you want a cash cow. If you already own all of these guys then you could sit tight for another week and see who else emerges.

      Alternatively $400k buys you Wines who is looking like a very tasty breakout option to turn into your M7/8 post bye.

  69. jacko says:

    Ollie Wines or Lachie Whitfeild?

  70. Jesse Levesque says:

    Not sure if i should get in mark jamar this week for luke mcdonald, i might give it a week but really thinking about it.

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Jesse, FWIW they aren’t interchangeable as Jamar is a ruck, and McDonald a D/M swingman. Regardless I would bring in Jamar this week, or get rid of McDonald.

      Nth were poor last week but will improve and McDonald is likely to score well over the next few weeks, and increase his ave to 70+ which will make us plenty.

  71. Flacid Jaff says:

    Hello community!
    I'm looking for advice on Tom Curren (StK).
    I went with B. Kennedy, J. Billings & J. Kennedy-Harris up forward, all green vested. T. Curren had a run with roll, will be brought to the ball by oppositions best player, meaning disposals & tackles, not big points but handy. I like him because he is cheap ($123,000) and is fwd/def which could make my jack watts in defence very VERY handy down the track, even if he doesn't play. But am looking to make 2 trades next week if Swallow and Murphy tonne up again so would have to make the move on Curren this week.
    Should I make the move on Curren this week if he is named?
    Thanks community!

    • Flacid Jaff says:

      Sorry, was looking at the wrong Curren, got confused with the north one who is injured now.
      I'll probably go to P Ambrose instead

  72. Osh says:

    My midfield is Ablett Rockcliff, Fyfe, Beams, Thomas, Polec, Aish, Dunstan, Ellis and Lewis Taylor. Ive got 30k in the bank do I trade out Rockcliff and get Watson or keep tight with rocky

    • mightymicks says:

      I reckon stay with rocky, put Ellis on your field, as its just for one week, also yes Watson dominated last week, but roos just let him run free, hawks won’t do this, remember don’t chase last weeks points.

  73. Boydo says:

    I have both Shuey on the mids and McDonough as fwd8. Other fwd rookies are Rohan and Impey. Do I trade McDonough to another fwd rookie? And who? Do I upgrade Shuey to a Scott selwood or sideways to Murphy? My only other mid price mid is D Beams I have D Tyson, polec dunstan Michie and Ellis as rookies as mid rookies. I got 2353 points.

  74. GarglesnarfFC says:

    The way I see it, McDonough (or Rohan) etc have NO obvious replacement yet. Sit tight and wait to see what this week throws up. Impey looked good round 1 but JS is poor. Frost from GWS scored an encouraging 70 and looked good too, but he is very expensive & JS is OK without being great. In fact of the all fwd rookies, Rohan might be the only one who gets a game a every week!

    I have him too, and its a hold for me this week, as I dont see a viable alternative.

  75. Jason says:

    Im thinking of trading McKenzie to Swallow and Dale Thomas to Matthew Wright of Adelaide …..what are peoples thoughts ? Should i use 2 trades or hold off ?

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      No & No. Along Similar lines I went Swallow and Buddy, happy with one not so much the other. Buddy stays for at least one more week, and I recommend you do the same.

      Thomas, like Buddy will never be consistent, he could score 50 one week and 140 the next you selected him for a reason so ride the wave for another week as Nth were pretty ordinary last week and they face the Doggies this hungry for redemption.

      Wrights output was excellent but with Sloanes return his midfield time will reduce, and with it his scores, so again wait and see what the average is after week 2.

      Swallow plays Freo this week, and may struggle to match last weeks performance.

  76. Jason says:

    Thanks for replying ….im going to hold off ……just really upset i chose mckenzie over swallow …….

  77. Kris says:

    what should i do with luke shuey..i have $98200 in the bank…i dont like trading before round 3…and he might be injured

  78. Presty says:

    beloved community I need some advice.
    I have 3 rooks as subs in my FWD line and my FWD line is my weakest so a donut will not help.
    so who gets the boot?
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