PODCAST: Calm heads must prevail

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Supercoach 2014 preseason podcast

Some of us have produced magnificent first round scores!

But as always we have more than a few worries after round 1. We have questions about your Dale Thomases, your Lance Franklins, your Luke Shueys and stacks more.

This week is one where COOL HEADS MUST PREVAIL. The last thing you want to do is trade from a problem into another problem after only seeing your selections for one round.

Enjoy the show community – there is a hell of a lot to get through so let’s get stuck right in.


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  1. Sulzeer says:

    Cheers fellas, in desperate need of this!

  2. Josh says:

    youre my hero JOCK

  3. Kurt says:

    Someone who watched the game- Why did Minson go so rubbish?

    • crabb says:

      West Coast played 3 ruckmen. And two of them are not half bad it seems…

    • HoganKill says:

      Got out jumped in nearly every contest mate. He wont be against Cox and Nic Nat every week so don't panic

    • Matt says:

      Was playing as the sole ruck against 3 rotating ruckman in NicNat, Cox and Sinclair. Not exactly a recipe for success.

    • The Drama Llama says:

      Was blowing pretty hard in Q1, didn't look as fit as I've seen him previously and he had to ruck against 3 very good rotating rucks.

    • Ash says:

      Played his way into the game, only RD1 he'll come good. I've got him too, and was expecting more but no cause for panic.

  4. Brick savvy says:

    Regret not punting on hunter. 91 good return.

    • theazzyg says:

      I ended up going with him over higgins, and am impressed with that decision at this current moment.

  5. Leon says:

    community. I need a mid or defensive rookie. Have Langdon, Georgiou. x ellis, dunstan, polec and McDonald in already. Willing to spend up to 200k.

    • throttlefinger says:

      Too bad you can't find $17K more to get Tyson.

      Would say if KK gets in GCS 22 this week, add him in.

    • Matt says:


    • Slug says:

      James Aish in the middle looked composed and hardened scoring 61 but it was against the hawks
      dom tyson if you can afford him at 220k got the ton and looked a absolute lock

    • WombatsFC says:

      Laidler aint too shabby at 160k and a 95 in first game

    • Daniel says:

      Tyson if u can spare the little extra, or Langford.

  6. David says:

    Finished with 2321 not bad?

    Liberatore poor Disposal efficiency but good signs of keeping on. He needs Griff back to ease the pressure.
    I nearly went from Lib down to Dal Santo, then even thought of Redden. We'll all 3 not a good start in round 1

    • Sixxdawg says:

      That's a pretty good effort.
      Agreed, Libba's efficiency was pretty bad at only 59.3% and 79 points and with his price at 576,200, that's not good enough but it is early days.
      Personally, I'd go for Boyd over Liberatore. Why? 1: Boyd is more consistent then Liberatore. 2: is 16,200 grand cheaper and 3: Liberatore is in 39,309 thousand supercoach teams where as Boyd is only in 1,753 thousand teams. Boyd is a player that hardly anyone has and picking him who normally averages 25+ touches will benefit you more then picking Liberatore who is in a lot of teams and for that price, he should be scoring at least 100 a game. I mean, i think his more then Fyfe and Fyfe got over 100 points in 3 quarters. But i should expect dislikes. People don't like the reality that Tom is overrated.

      • theazzyg says:

        You make a good point. But to be fair to tom West Coast looked hungrier and put pressure on for the whole 4 quarters pretty much and fyfe only played collingwood who don't exactly have many defensive minded midfielders, like west coast. Tom will improve.

        • Sixxdawg says:

          You still got to get the points, and no disrespect to Tom but he had a whole more quarter then Fyfe. People give Higgins a hard time and the guy had 23 touches and 2 goals. only 10 points less then Tom and his about 300 thousand more then Higgins, no?
          I'm just saying, given how Tom's price is almost 600k, he should be scoring at least high 90's.

        • Dools says:

          Hi Lads Boyds ability in the contest is un doubted Unfortunatley its his eff% that kills his score I'm thinking aound te 65%mark, maybe I'm wrong …
          Priddis don't doubt the work ethic but the ratio Kick to handball nearly double in faour of handball. Kills his score and output. Pressure acts is where he is superb.
          Neither a prolific Goal Kicker or Goal Assists So Be Warey! Thats just my take on Boyd I just wanted to compare the two as 1 was a winner and the other a losser. Team wise I mean. Priddis 105 SC and Boyd 110 points. Thats a lot of coin IMO for ceiling scores.

  7. Tom says:

    Loved the daisy song Higgo!

  8. Liam says:

    Whats happening with Jimmy Webster? Trade out and down to the likes of laidler or hold?

  9. Josh says:

    I want to get in Dom Tyson Jock, but I'm not sure how to squeeze him in. I've got 5 premiums with macrae, polec and dunstan who all scored very well. I could upgrade ellis off the bench but I would have to downgrade somewhere else to get the cash. Is Tyson really worth two trades when I've already got 100+ scoring rookies on field anyway?

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Macrae is filling M6 (Tysons role) in your squad, and I wouldn't move him out for Tyson at this stage.

    • Avzmo says:

      If you have a complete midfield at the moment, then why blow a trade to put a good scorer on the bench. If Macrae, Polec and Dunstan are your 6-8, then your looking fantastic in midfield. I would spending your money and using your trades elsewhere.

    • Big mick says:

      You can't have everyone Josh. If you have a full midfield leave it be. Remember at tysons price he has to score much higher than other bench rookies. If he was on field for you different story caus then points matter.

  10. throttlefinger says:

    Excellent podcast, boys.

    Concerns now are Webster and Ryder. To Crouching's point, Ryder played against a one arm man, got a goal and still only 96. Should I hold or go forth to Sauce and save some cash. He looked strong in solo ruck.

    • WombatsFC says:

      Hi Throttle I hope your mob did a lot worse than mine. Actually I'm sure they did so I offer a bit of common sense advice.
      Stop wasting cash on rucks; the $ p/point ratio aint worth it.
      Jump on HayMac/Grundy/Sinclair for a solid 80 and spend 460k up front or in the middle on LeCras, Chapman, Wines or Swallow.
      I blame you for me having that webster rabbit.

      • throttlefinger says:

        Hey Womby! That is strong advice about rucks. Will consider it for sure.

        Webster wasn’t performance based low score. Unlike Ellis. Got hurt and subbed. Was doing good up to that point. Hang tight another round. Strong player.

        But not as strong as my score. 2328. Think that bests yours by a pretty good margin. Don’t despair. Plenty of footy to play Wombats. Chin up.

        • WombatsFC says:

          Nah not a fair margin, you beat me by 1 rookie on bench who should've played

          • throttlefinger says:

            If and buts were candy and nuts every day would be Xmas, Wombats.

            Just hope you enjoyed those brief moments where you were "sure" you had the better score.

          • throttlefinger says:

            By the way Wombats, Throttledome did well over all. We're 84th in all the leagues.

            • mightymicks says:

              That's a good effort, lets go for first in the leagues

              • throttlefinger says:

                Only place I'm interested in, MM.

                Great job first round leading the troops, my man. Making any trades or hold tight until 3rd?

          • mightymicks says:

            Thanks TF, you didn’t go to bad yourself, I did have some luck, last minute decision to put priddas instead of Libba, put Watson in last minute for rockcliff, I think I’m trading this week, as crouching says trade ass off.

            • throttlefinger says:

              Nice! I did Watson last minute for Libba and threw the C on him. So lucky as well.

    • General McArthur says:

      My thoughts also on Ryder. Webster got deadlegged so hopefully back next week. Saints need him big time. When Goldy went off early the SC in me thought you beauty Ryder here we go……his scores just dribbled along so I specifically watched him when in shot n not the play and he walked mostly, the odd jog (I think it was more a trip) and directed others to mark up. With no Bellchambers I thought he'd step up in coin and happy days trade when Belly returned especially as they upgrade/didn't pick Thurlow. I so hate masting trades on ruck but it happens every year….what to do? what to do? Hmac/Grundy/Sinclair were all tasty in the offseason. Originally had 'big boy' before the dreaded late prematch switch darn it.

      • throttlefinger says:

        Not sure, General. Part of me wants to give Paddy another week, another wants me to trade for Sauce for the big game. Or Hickey.

        Will research a bit but leaning toward seeing how 2nd round plays out.

        • mightymicks says:

          Agree, I have hickey, did well, although I think mummy could be pick of the year, I know it was 1 round, but he had that look in his eye._

          • mightymicks says:

            By the way TF, had a quick glance at your side love the Houli pick, he got close for me, but Higgins? Really Higgins?

            • throttlefinger says:

              I know the slams on Higgins but the kid can bang goals. Needs to be more active in the field. Way I look at it, as an F6 I can easily go down to a good performing rook if need be (was there one?). Gonna give him another week. All the Doggies looked bad so another week with (hopefully) Griff coming back will give a different result.

              Right now R1 is the concern. Leaning toward Mummy for the reason you mentioned.

          • mightymicks says:

            Fair enough, I just couldn’t pick him, although he did better then my round 1 spuds, walters 65 Kennedy 54, I will hold onto though.

            • throttlefinger says:

              Was going to go JJK then decided to swing to Roughy. Think that will pan out given Buddy and his drama are gone. Walters should do better.

              Biggest spuds were Houli (although should do better) and Ellis. McV had a bad 2nd half but looked good 1st round.

              Paddy should've had a field day against Goldie. Looked good but just didn't rack up points. Cox had three other rucks and still got 110+. So Paddy just may not be worth the coin. Mummy and Sauce might.

              • mightymicks says:

                Yeah I want Mummy, but don't think I can, hickey and SANDI in ruck, don't think I can find 160.000

                • throttlefinger says:

                  Worry about Hickey is that against Dees and one-off performance. Can he do that against WCE? Or even GWS? Rucks are tough. Almost seems better to go light until it's clear who is having a banner year or not. May wait until then. Don't think it will be Ryder but may wait a week to see.

                  • mightymicks says:

                    That's exactly my worry, Hickey only came in when heard longer went down, buy I will take a 70 from him at this stage.

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      Worth another round. Never know.

                      Did you have Ellis? He's a concern. May not trade out but swing him into the bench for Dunstan, who looked very strong.

          • mightymicks says:

            I don’t have Ellis, only four midfield rookies, poles and Dunstan on field, crouch and Cunningham from swans on bench.

  11. Jai says:

    Gday community. Was looking like posting a decent(ish) score before the last game but Libba, Shuey and Higgins… wahh.

    Anyone have any idea what time Supercoach normally re-opens on Sunday nights?

  12. 2257, 54 from J.J.Kennedy killed me, i'm staying on him till round 2. His 6 tackles is what keeps me keen.
    Great podcast as always (y)

    • The Drama Llama says:

      He wasn't serviced very well by his midfield and his frustration was showing. That combined with dropping a few easy marks and looking a touch underdone I think he's worth holding for another week or two.

  13. rhino says:

    Great podcast, just wondering what a decent score would be Rd 1?

    • Jai says:

      i would be satisfied with 2350

      • theazzyg says:

        Yeah around the 2300 mark, I only got 2187 but that was mainly down to leaving better performing rookies on the bench, I missed oout on over 100 points because of it, but who is to know round 1.

    • Avzmo says:

      I think 2300 is a very solid round 1 score. I got 2244, but if I had the higher scoring rookies on the field and not on the bench I would have scored around 2330.

  14. frustrated says:

    Did anyone see the Brisbane game… wtf is going on with Rockliff? He was playing on the ball in the 1st Q and smashed out 12 disposals, but finished with only 19 for the game. Yes this included kicking 3 goals, but did Brisbane sit him in the forward line again or what?

  15. NutSack says:

    i dont want to give away any tips to all you my fellow competitors but heres one.

    DONT trade out any prems- only sideways trade mids and rookies- and even then trading out daisy for tyson could be a wasted trade.

    FFS!!! Ive got will minson- and he mustve spent more time practising the skin flute or the meat harmonica in the off season but im gonna stand firm. Yes he may have been smokin the flesh pipe in the off season but he did play against 3 ruckman so I give him the benefit of the doubt that he was training for hit outs during the season rather than focusing on tube steak.

    Plus all the others like sitchell and mcveigh will come good and swallow and shiels, macrae, tyson WONT score 100 every week.

    Prems are the gold of your team and you chose them for a reason but sideways trades should be considered for rookies.

    • Harrison says:

      I'm trading minson to mummy then rookie to tyson? Good corrective trades?

      • Big mick says:

        No. Minson won't play the eagles every week. Cox, Naitanui, and even Sinclair went up against him.

    • Avzmo says:

      I rate this comment highly purely for the many different instruments that Will Minson has been playing.

    • Randy Watson says:

      Quality work NutSack. Very humerous.

  16. wayno1313 says:

    Thoughts on trading Thomas to Tyson? Thomas didn't look great and Tyson is $125,000 cheaper.Also not sure what to do with JKH. Worth trading JKH to someone else?

    • WombatsFC says:

      Dump Thomas & JKH and get on Tyson & Patton

      • Avzmo says:

        I can't agree with you on this one Wombat. I know Patton is a beast but I can't see him doing that as a key position forward with GWS all season, I don't think he will be that fantasy relevant. Everyone knows there is a distinct lack of forward rookies this year, and it may just mean you have to make your money elsewhere.

        Unless your going to trade in a forward who will make you some decent cash and points, I wouldn't waste the trade. Why trade very average for mediocre.

        For me the trade here should be Daisy to Macrae. 1 trade and leave you forward rookies scoring at a so-so pace.

        There really isnt a better option unless you want to trade down Daisy for a rookie and move JKH upto someone like a Caddy or Wright if you have the money.

        • WombatsFC says:

          The only forward below 250k who is likely to increase by 60K before bye rounds is Patton, if you're going to have somebody sitting on your bench you should be making money from them; no freeloaders in the wombat burrow.
          Daisy to Macrae is a waste of a trade, sideways trading is for fools. Tyson sores just as much as macrae and is 120k cheaper. Neither Tyson or Macrae are keepers beyond the bye rounds so trade in the one who will make you the most $

          • Avzmo says:

            I see Macrae averaging close to 100 if not 100 this year, it will not surprise me to see him at 500k at year end, not a keeper for your side but will make you good cash and a lot of points. Tyson may end up achieving that and no doubting he is a gun, but I see his average being around the 80-85 mark, lets not forget he was against a severely depleted St.Kilda midfield, who many were tipping as wooden spoon side this year. He might as well have been playing against a VFL midfield. Unlike Macrae who played against one of the most stacked midfields in the competition in West Coast.

            I agree with you that Patton is probably the only <250k player who will rise by that price. The rookie stocks up forward this year is pretty dreadful. But a Key Position forward at a bottom dwelling side, with two other key position forwards at the same team, I can't see Patton repeating his performance of round one any time soon.

            The options Wayno had were Thomas & JKH, who let say average 80 and 40, might make 100-120k between then by the bye rounds.

            Use one trade to move Thomas to Macrae and push that average upto 100 and 40 and make 120-150k by the bye rounds.

            I see, and obviously only my opinion as with all of this for all of us, but yours; Tyson maybe 85 average and Patton maybe an average of 60-65, blows two trades and probably just under the 150k price rise for two trades.

            Seems as if your getting a fairly similar result for an extra trade, but am definitely open to debate about it.

            • Dools says:

              Hey Wombats, I think the gut calls me I watched the game yesterday Macrae looks the business buddy but only time can tell, I'm sweating on Webster also looked comfortable back there but will he make next week Hmmmmm…Time to trade my ass off methinks LOL

    • Sellid Fingers says:

      Id wait on both of em. JKH played wel on the weekend. I think he put his hand up again. Surely they cant keep him out and if hes named in the vest again this week then get rid of him. Best scenario for daisy would have been to not pick him from the start and just save the cash on tyson but thats gone now. If you break down daisies game he had a bit of the ball and had 3 kicks at goal in his first game back. Had he kicked those goals then his score looks more like 80-85 and would be a lot more acceptable. I think hold off on him too cos its not worth downgrading to tyson and wasting a trade based off a single round. Wait till the price change and if you are going to lose out on daisy then flick him

  17. ben says:

    What time does supercoach open?????????

  18. taylorwoof says:

    Brilliant as always lads!

    Looking forward to the week ahead and Round 2.

  19. cyril is the man says:

    I don't like using trades up early. do I need to get Langdon I this week or just wait and see how he goes this week. then if he scores well get him in the following week.

    all my other rookies scored well apart from Clurey

    • wayno1313 says:

      The risk with waiting is if you end up with an injury in round 2 then you will only have one trade and you may want to do two trades. I'd trade Clurey to Langdon now.

    • Ocker says:

      I had Clurey on ground but at same time I had Langdon on bench. Depends on your team structure and who else you have in defense. Do you need to make any other corrective trades? If not wait another week.

  20. Shinboner says:

    Great podcast, and good to see Wayno's risks paying dividends. Not sure what to do with Pittard. He was a last-minute downgrade when Broadbent was named the sub. Surely they won't play games like that again… he whipped up over 40 points in only one quarter. Swallow also another valid option, but I'd prefer to watch for another week.

    • Ocker says:

      I have Pittard too, Was disappointed but might hang on one more week because I don't have enough cash to turn him into Swallow. Means I have to do 2 trades to get swallow but have Franklin as well. What to do?

  21. NutSack says:

    depends on rest of your team.

    if you wait til next week it means you only get 2 trades before price rises.

    if you truly believe you have some failures in your team- even after only round 1 then you have to trade this week and next to get 4 trades in before the price rises.

    and its only worth doing that for rookies. who cares if swan drops 100k this year? once you have him you have him so it doesnt matter what his price is.

    just focus i rookies and you will do ok come round 7 when you need to start trading fat cows out 🙂

  22. Ocker says:

    Great podcast blokes, I will be on the speak-pipe when I get a microphone thing. This old bloke appreciates your opinions, But we should all use our own common sense. And trade arse off. Thank you lads for another great podcast. I will make at least one trade this week due to brain fart at last minute.


  23. legend says:

    when does this f****ing lockout end??? #sickofwaiting #hurryup #whatareyoudoing #thisisajoke

  24. Dustbin Feltchers says:

    2193 with langdon 111 and dunstans 100 on bench…happy with mcrae but let down my masten…what happened?? killed preseason! will give him another go before trading to a murphy or swallow…

    • theazzyg says:

      I was in the same boat, had langdon and dunstan on the bench and a poor score from libba made my score much worse then it could have been. It's alright at least they will appreciate handsomely.

  25. Ocker says:

    Jock, Not sure why you would think about trading X Ellis to D Tyson. Sideways trade please explain.


  26. Michael says:

    when does the lockout end

  27. WombatsFC says:

    LOL. Crouchin don't know the difference between Tom Curran (123K) and Tom Curren (360k)
    The 123k Tom didn't play but crouching stereotype suggests trading him in 'cos he scored 75!

  28. Sixxdawg says:

    2251 all up.
    Not bad effort first up.
    Really happy that i chose to put Zorko in over Dangerfield. Like i said originally, i'll pick Danger up when his price dips and trust me folks, it WILL dip.
    Never got sucked in to Thomas or Suckling, thought people were fishing a bit, more so with Suckling. Don't know why people even thought about picking Suckling.
    I do agree with you Jock about holding our trades and having another round to look at certain players. I made the mistake last year of trading earlier and it cost me in the finals.
    Franklin is just a lagger who will burn all people who have him. Zorko is a better option.
    And i don't know why people hate on Higgins, yes he only got mid 60 score, but he had 23 touches and 2 goals. Pretty good effort.

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      You also forgot to mention his traditional role in the hands of the trainers. Seriously, I don't have him, but if you do he's a hold at this stage, as spots F5&6 are a bugger to fill until a decent rookie puts up his hand.

  29. rhino says:

    I think I’m drunk, it says my overall ranking is 132, I know its round 1 but didn’t elect that.

    • matt says:

      what was your score

    • Dools says:

      Awesome Rhino, Now repeat it next week mate Well done

    • mcalmanac says:

      Happened to me a couple of years ago. After Round 2 it said my ranking was 1 – and it was no mistake! Make sure you get a screen dump and keep up the good work.

  30. john says:

    Great effort mate

  31. sammyd says:

    hey guys does anyone have a league that is not yet full, i really need a league

  32. Bazza says:

    What to about walker any ideas

    • PJ8 says:

      I have him too. At this stage of the week my thinking is: Only missing one game. Save a trade and he will be back Rd 3 and we know he can rack up plenty of the ball across half back and score big.

  33. canman1306 says:

    Dom Tyson Looked Really Impressive and I want to get him in my Side Who should I drop for Him?

  34. Callum says:

    Mcdonald to langdon?

    • Callum says:

      I think I need to make at least 1 trade this round, players who are on the chopping block for me are: Mcdonald, Daisy and Rohan. Don't have langdon, shiels, laidler and macrae and I think those would be the ones I would trade in if I was to make a trade.

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      No. Nth were rubbish, and they will improve. McDonald was solid and will play plenty and earn you money. Rohan is still in the top 4 scoring rookies so he’s a keeper.

      Who are your D5,6,7,8 ?

  35. bazza says:

    @callum no not after 1


  36. bazza says:

    @sammy pretty sure there all full now

  37. Matt says:

    The Supercoach scoring system is nothing more than a subjective farce. I will qualify this statement by stating I am not a Higgins owner, whilst I do have Dangerfield.

    Dangerfield – 8K 13H 2Gls 1 Tackle at 52.4 Efficiency for 107 Supercoach Points
    Higgins – 13H 10K 2Gls 0 Tackles at 65.2 Efficiency for 69 Supercoach Points

    A difference of 38 points – wow.
    The Supercoach scoring system has absolutely no credibility and is clearly influenced by external factors such as surnames, perception and player reputation.
    If Gary Ablett was wearing 7 for the Dogs last night and had the same numbers as Higgins he would have sored 120pts.
    RealDT is without doubt the original and best form of fantasy football. Supercoach scoring system is about as reliable and consistent as the ICC DRS system.

    • Birch says:

      Mate if you look at dangers disposals closely you will see that Danger had most his disposals contested, hence the higher scoring.

    • Avzmo says:

      Supercoach isn't just scored on the numbers you have put down there, its on their ability to change the game. If you kick a goal after the siren to win the game in your RealDT you'd get a kick and a goal for low points. In SC that would score you massive points because you had an amazing impact on the game. Dangerfield kicked goals to put Adelaide in front and did the right things at the right times. Higgins may have had similar numbers but his stats didn't turn the game.

      Nothing to do with name and number as you have stated. Think you need to get a clue mate.

      • Matt says:

        Dangerfield stats certainly didn't turn the game – they lost by 6 goals….

        • NutSack says:

          So- whats your point?

          You trying to say Higgins is a better player than Dangerfield? Well youre way off there if thats what you're saying.

          Also, you trying to say that higgins was more influential on the weekend than Higgins was? Danger got slammed and roughed up after nearly every possession.

          Higgins is higgins- just show you that 23 touches dont mean sh!t where as 21 touches used the right way can make a way bigger influence on the game.

          That said- yes it is subjective and is about as reliable as voting in ice skating, diving, or any other sport where humans opinions hold sway. And yes there are many times where champion datas scores dont line up with Brownlow medal votes which would back your claim.

          The fact is NO ONE knows how the scoring is done so it is corruptable and all based on theory. DT is just based on pure numbers and science so theres no room for error in the scoring system.

        • Avzmo says:

          Yes but at the time of his goals they put Adelaide in front, so it gave him more points for his goal. Essentially means if at any stage of the game you turn the tide for your team you score more points.

          • Dools says:

            Talk about comparing Apples with any other living thing in the world .. DTeam stay dream team

    • Mick says:

      LOL, wrong meeting!!! #dttalk

    • crabb says:


    • Leon says:

      Two words…. contested ball. Anyone who follows the live scoring will see tat contested ball, first use etc. will score high. You almost need twice the ball as a outside player unless you have a high number of kick long/inside 50 etc.

      I do find it annoying that once the game is iced the points disappear. Had a caddy moment where he took a contested mark, set up selwood in the goal square. Normally he would get 1-4 points for goal assist but nothing. Selwood got 5 for walking into a open goal. But those are small problems

  38. Autofelatio says:

    Would I be right in saying that one corrective trade that should be considered/taken would be Clurey to Langford in the defence? Or would it be better to sit tight and see the scores next week and take action (if needed) when they are on the bubble?

    • PJ8 says:

      Based on Rd 1 that would be an ideal corrective trade. But I would wait and see after this weekend. Give rookies 2 games then make corrective trades before they go up/down in price.

      • Autofelatio says:

        Cheers PJ8, Yeah I'm leaning towards that, I will probably hold at this stage (unless he is omitted, made the sub etc) as you can never really expect someone to perform immediately in their first proper AFL game. And who's to say that their scores will be reversed next week either (although unlikely).

        • GarglesnarfFC says:

          I am in the exact same position AF. I will wait and see what happens at the selection table. If Clurey is out, then he gets traded for Langdon. He must also be a prime vest candidate which also makes him questionable.

    • Daniel says:

      Altho a below comment got Langford and Langdon mixed up. I'd go Clurey to either of the Langs, but after round 2

    • Avzmo says:

      1 problem with Langford is that there are alot of defensive tools to come back into the picture for Hawthorn and Langford, although he performed well, may be one to make way for the players coming back in. I would go for a safer option with better job security.

  39. supercoach kid says:

    Im in a situation and need some help, i scored 2301 but

    Ive got Aish, Polec and Dunstan as my 3 rookie mids with Thomas, Beams, Murphy, Ablett, Pendlebury
    I wanna trade out Thomas and get Tyson, but leaves me with 4 rookies, 2 mid price and 2 premiums
    with the extra cash ill trade out Franklin and get Saint Nick

    But then i think my fwd line is to top heavy, which will be
    Reiwoldt, Martin, Roughead, Danger, Wingard and a rookie

    Help appreciated

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      That actually sounds like a good move. You need the rookie mids to earn cash, and running a top heavy fwd line seems like a very solid plan as there are no decent rookie forwards at this stage, apart from the very expensive Sam Frost (70pts).

      I like it if you are going down the ‘Trade your arse off!’ route.

    • Daniel says:

      Sounds good. I went with 6 rooks in mids. Also the 2 mid pricers you refer to (Beams and Murphy)…they are fallen premos not mid pricers. They are keepers. I'd pull the trigger on that trade after round 2.

    • supercoach kid says:

      the unpredictability of rookies is my only concern, how long will Polec/Dunstan/Tyson, push out good scores?

      • Sarah says:

        You get them for the cash generation. If they pop out a good score then that is a bonus.

  40. SCKook says:

    Jock and Co,

    No mention of Luke Breust's game on the weekend when Zorko's name came up? 22 possessions (9 contested), 5 goals, 4 goal assists – maybe the biggest beneficiary of Franklin's departure, when most were looking to Gunston to take up the slack… thoughts?

  41. Aaron says:

    I've got Webster, Michie and Thomas who I want to get rid of. McDonald not too flash in my team either, but I don't want to judge after only 1 round so I was thinking going Webster to Georgiou and putting langdon on my field, and that way I will have enough cash to upgrade/sideways trade the rest if they go rubbish again round 2. Any thoughts?

  42. jacob says:

    Can someone clear up when prices start change. I thought i heard at the conclusion of rd 3.

  43. Daniel says:

    Unfortunately the game wasn’t televised in Adelaide. I finished up on 2356 SC and 2230 Fantasy, just wondering if anyone can enlighten me as to why Shuey was subbed off, is there an injury concern or was he just tired? Is he at risk of being the sub in future games, namely the next two for WCE? Thanks community!

    • Bazza says:

      Just precautionary mate

    • GoldCoast Blues says:

      Looks like they were just being cautious with Shuey. They iced up his hammies, but it seemed precautionary due to his previous issues. He looked quite happy to come off and didn't seem to be in any trouble.

      Kicked a ripper goal as well. Definitely HOLD. If Ellis puts in more performances like that he is likely to get the red vest first.

  44. Fabian says:

    Tyson scored well V a low team in the saints. Can you really expect him to punch out those scores each week? Can't see the rational in trading him in for other rookies such as Aish, Ellis and the other names that have been thrown about. Don't let 1 game fool you.

    • Daniel says:

      He had 31 touches, they play a high possession game, look at after round 2.

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Terlich and Viney did last year, and Magner the year before. Remember he's a 3rd year player with multiple pre-seasons and in Melbs best 22. Will be consistent all year.

  45. Derek says:

    this game is Hard. I thought I could have done a lot better than 2164.

    You would think after all the thought that I had put into my team over the last 3 months I would have come up with a better defender at D2 than Guthrie!!

    I PANICKED!!!!

    My 11 year old son's team scored better than mine and he had Monfries as his captain!

    This is when I need the strength of this community and Jock to set me straight. I can fight back….

    • Derek says:

      Can anyone have a look at my team and suggest what I can do with my Defence.

      DEF: Mitchell, Guthrie, Suckling, Webster, Mcdonald, Langdon, Clurey, Georgiou.
      MID: Ablett, Watson, Beams, Cotchin, Kennedy, StevieJ, Thomas, Ellis, Dunstan, Cunningham
      RUCK: Sandi, HMac (King, Thurlow)
      FWD: Dangerfield, Chapman, Pav, Franklin, Caddy, Rohan, KHJ and Impey.

      I have $170k in bank.

      • Sarah says:

        To be fair most defenders didn't shine but Guthrie at D2… wow!!

        Maybe Guthrie to Swallow?
        If Webster isn't in next week then also look at swapping him for Laidler or Langford and use the cash for an upgrade next week?

      • Fabian says:

        Another option could be to downgrade Thomas to a rookie mid like polec, and use the cash to upgrade a guthrie or webster to Swallow/Grimes or another Premo Defender. Would leave you with 2 prem, 2 or 1 mid prices and 2 or 3 rookies on field.

        Cost 2 trades but it will at least give you another Lock in Defence and the chance to get more money from a cash cow in the mids.

      • Sarah says:

        I'd actually go with Fabian's advice. Didn't see that you didn't have Polec.

      • taylorwoof says:

        Firstly wait until teams and updated injury list is released.

        1. Webster isn't named
        2. Langford is named
        3. And you're still unhappy with Guthrie at D2

        Then i would propose:

        Trading out both Webster and Guthrie

        Trading in Langford and you'll have enough remaining (from the trades and your 170K bank) to bring in any premium defender.

        As Higgo said in last night's podcast, if making early trade/s this round, it must be to bring another premium into your side.

      • Avzmo says:

        Well your midfield is stacked, you can really forget about touching it for a while, except maybe to get rid of Daisy at some stage because hes over rated 😀

        I think you have to deal with the most pressing issues first, which looking at your side the things that stand out the most are your lack of depth in defence and Franklin up forward.

        I don't normally suggest trading sideways unless you absolutely need too, but I would trade Franklin sideways for a good $420k-$470k forward of which there are like 10 good ones (Zorko, Gray, T Mitchell, Dahlhaus, Bruest, Parker just to name a few)

        I'd then look for your weakest links in defense. Suckling is so so for me but for the moment hes probably going to be okay and not worth blowing a trade on now. It may be worth trading out Guthrie to someone like a Swallow as Sarah suggested. Your defense still won't score like an elite teams defense but you will score quite well and generate a lot of cash with the rookies you have there.

        A lot of people are suggesting to trade out Webster but if he is going to be injured for less then a few weeks I would suggest to keep him on your bench as you have lots of scoring options sitting there. Its not worth blowing a trade for someone who's only on the sidelines for a short amount of time.

        You don't want to spend 10 trades fixing up your team, you want to stick with the same nucleus and just trim the hedge, not re-plant a whole new one. Make minor changes and then see how your team performs.

        • Derek says:

          Thanks Avzmo, I have bigger problems than Franklin. Need to sort out defence. Will look at getting another BiG lock defender in.

      • Sean says:

        I'd downgrade a mid (Stevie J or Thomas depending on how much cash you want for future trades) to Polec, then upgrade Guthrie/Webster/Clurey to a premium defender (McVeigh/Hibberd/Hanley/Simpson/Swallow).

  46. Fabian says:

    Another option could be to downgrade Thomas to a rookie mid like polec, and use the cash to upgrade a guthrie or webster to Swallow/Grimes or another Premo Defender. Would leave you with 2 prem, 2 or 1 mid prices and 2 or 3 rookies on field.

    Cost 2 trades but it will at least give you another Lock in Defence and the chance to get more money from a cash cow in the mids.

    • Fabian says:

      Was meant to be in reply to Derek's comment

      • Derek says:

        Thanks fabian, It was such good advice it needed to be written twice.

        I can't belive that I over did my Mid field so much and left defence so weak. Most of the pre-season I had bartel, Mitchell and Hanley as locks in defence.

        I'll pull it together…!

        • Derek says:

          I have as plan A, Sell Thomas and Webster and get in Polac and Bartel.

          • Leon says:

            be careful of bartels score. Could be fools gold as he will play forward and thus might not get the stats to back up his price. A breakout swallow could prove a better winner for you

  47. Wattsieesq says:

    Sweet podcast guys. Cheers

    My score was below average (2150 ish) but I had Langdon and Langford on the bench. If I am going to trade, I'll be a fwd rook. I was let down my McVeigh, Mitchell and Libba but I'm sure they'll all bounce back. If that happens, I'm confident of averaging the 2,300 that is needed to be in the top half.

    It's a marathon, not a sprint.


    • throttlefinger says:

      Well said, Wattise.

    • Autofelatio says:

      You are exactly right Wattsie, I think TheDimmaWits only scored 2090 odd in round 2 last year, so a less than ideal score is nothing to worry about. Especially if you come back with a vengeance in round 2!!

    • NutSack says:

      yeh- and mcveigh still scored 80+ in a game that was shocking.so did mithcell. hang on i say. i wouldnt trade them out for swallow thats for sure.

  48. Zach says:

    I've got Webster, McDonald, Clurey & Georgiou in my back…tempted to replace Clurey for either Langdon or Langford? what do you reckon? or if Webster is announced injured then trade to Langdon?
    And lastly, when do the prices start changing? after the end of round 2 or round 3??
    Cheers lads

    • Autofelatio says:

      I feel at the moment Webster to Langdon would be the trade if I'm right in hearing that Webster could be injured. If not, then Clurey to Langdon but I'd wait till teams are named because Clurey may be given another chance to prove himself and if he scores well if may have been a waste of a trade. But either way I do feel you need Landgon in your team, just depends on how you get him I guess.

  49. rob says:

    Can u still reverse trade this year?? Until lockout?

  50. mightymicks says:

    Great podcast, you boys help me so much, my inspiration, your the reason I had a great start to the season, with the cheatsheets, stats interfaces, scouting reports, the higginator and of course the podcasts, well done boys.

  51. skate or die says:

    punters, P chapman or T Mitchell? chapman, seems like more of a ball magnet then ever.

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Will Chapman play more than 15 games? He is not renowned for staying injury free so I would go TMitchell

      • Leon says:

        agreed, chappy is a hammy away from not playing for over a month. But well worth the risk if you have the balls.

  52. cyril is the man says:

    id go Mitchell, I reckon the old timer will get injured at some stage

  53. mightymicks says:

    I love it how SC Gold says hickey is only 99 percent of a chance to get -22

    • Leon says:

      my money is on the fact there are two games to play. Say he scores 15 then the breakeven would spiral up to perhaps +35 and thus there is a 1% chance of him not making this breakeven. Two weeks in and yes this would be stupid

  54. Gold Rush says:

    Rockcliff getting a week for giving Mitchell a bit too much love is a bummer!!!!!

  55. Scone's are yum says:

    Will the bearded one, Charlie Dixon play?

  56. Shannan says:

    Thoughts on Trelor or J Merrett?

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      Not sure about treloar, but Merrett should play a half forward/wing role that should see him average 75-80, also has good job security.

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Treloar, higher scoring potential as per Mad Micks article.

  57. max von muffman says:

    what do we think about Clurey?

  58. tye says:

    Need advice on trading Palmer, thinking t.Mitchell, lecras, parker or zorko but didn’t see any play?

  59. Pieman1978 says:

    zorko or mitchell

  60. ockernui says:

    hi guys thinking ryder for mummy, have hickey and sand already, or trade down for currie and keep change for later

    • RUSSTYB says:

      Maybe give Ryder and Hickey another week before you dump anyone, otherwise you might regret the trade later in the season, no price rises until after round 3.

    • Maenads says:

      Keep the change for any forward options next round.

  61. JonoL says:

    Hello hope you all had a good week of SC and your plans are in action… Anyone got any advice on what I should do with Goldstein did he get injured?

    • mightymicks says:

      He injured his shoulder but north have reported he will play on, there is a solid chance north may name curry, which could limit his scores, but I expect him to play.

  62. Coxy fc says:

    What would you guys do with jasper pittard? He was my weakest link this round. Should I trade for a rookie or wait another week? I already have McDonald Langford and Langdon

  63. Maenads says:

    My team not so bad. But never liked Daisy in my team but had him regardless. Daisy gone to never appear ever again. brought in Swallow for the season.

  64. Belly says:

    I’m in trouble here I hav Rohan he’s gonna kill me
    I can just see it solid round 1 score 2117 really need a decent option for f6
    Any thoughts 310k

  65. Belly says:

    I’m in trouble here I hav Rohan he’s gonna kill me
    I can just see it solid round 1 score 2117 really need a decent option for f6
    Any thoughts 310k

    • mightymicks says:

      Tough mate, not a lot of cheap fwd options this year, if you don’t have caddy maybe try get that extra 15k but if you so have caddy maybe give rohan one more week before dumping, if you want a risk Patton? Not for me but there is really not a lot in fwd line.

    • Ocker says:

      That is a difficult one Belly, I put lachlan Hunter in (Wbd) and am happy at moment but have rohan on bench.
      If you want a defender keep an eye on Cameron Sutcliffe (Freo)

  66. Belly says:

    Cheers mick yer already hav caddy cheers yer will give another week see how the rooks go

  67. Tom McVilly says:

    Gday Jock, Crouching and Higgo!
    Thoughts on getting rid of Gary rohan for Lachie hunter or luke dalhaus?

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