The weekend chin wag

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Jock Reynolds - The Father of Fantasy

Let’s get stuck into the issues of the weekend.

What are your pain points? What are you happy with? What’s driving you to drink and what’s your final team looking like?

I’ll start off my saying that – after it was all said and done – my team ended up close enough to a GUNS AND ROOKIES outfit.

Remember if you have some questions or observations about the weekend – hit the red bar over there and leave us a voice message for the podcast on Sunday night.

Let’s get stuck in – what’s on your mind community?



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  1. cam says:

    1900 with 5 left jock!

    • neil the nail says:


      • SC Legend. says:

        Not necessarily, been some solid scores on the weekend with Pendlebury, Bartel, Ablett, Swallow, Sandi, Fyfe, Danger, Wingard, all popular picks and scoring well. Even rookies, Laidler, Langdon and Polec have performed.

        Well done Cam, unless proven otherwise, 1900 for 17 is very solid round one performance.

        • cam says:

          Thanks sc legend I have Mitchell suckling McDonald ellis and Dunstan left.

    • max von muffman says:

      1238 with 9 left… el capitan yet to play

      • SamuelScoach says:

        Impossible, 1238/9 is 136.5 and only seven or so players have gotten above 136

        • max von muffman says:

          You probably got the maths wrong SamuelScoach…. 1238 / 13 is the actual math… thus… 95.23 is my average.

          9 yet to play means that 13 have played. (Excluding emergencies of course)

        • rob says:

          Im rolling on 1778 with 8 left lowest scores are 81 82 with caddy n mcveigh. Happy with that score lads.. big thanks to chappy. Ryder n swallow with some real nice value scores.

          • rob says:

            My mistake 1747. Mainly rookies left tho. Got the hawks boys mitchell suckling langdon n jkh michie ellis webster + my man priddis. Mr reliable. Jobe went beserk. 3 bombers in chappy. Ryder. Jobe. Hope im pushing 2400 2450. Best score ive gotten if so. Pot luck. But im chuffed!! Come on lads finish it strong! !!

    • jockreynolds says:

      fantastic cam!

    • Super_Freak says:

      Well done Cam!

    • SCdonkey says:

      I'm sitting on 1900 (if I decide to take Beams score) at the moments with 5 yet to play 2 Premos, 2 Mid pricer and 1 Rookie. But if I don't take Beams score then I am sitting on 1764 Cap still to play.

    • Chris says:

      2231 with scott selwood to go.

  2. Matt says:

    Tossing up between Merrett, Kennedy-Harris and L. Taylor for my F-6 spot and also tossing up between Currie and Thurlow for my R-4 spot. Your thoughts Father of Fantasy??

    • Super_Freak says:

      I have 2 of the 3 named as my FWD bench. All good choices. None of the rookie rucks are playing. Currie is probably a R3, and someone like King for R4 as a loophole.

  3. Chenzo_89_ says:

    Lewis Taylor or Zac Merret up forward?

  4. GarglesnarfFC says:

    JKH has better JS than the other two. Same can be said of Currie over Thurlow, however Thurlow makes a good floating donut option for the Captains loophole.

  5. boneman says:

    Aish, Mitchie, Dunstan. I have them all, I need to start one of them.

    Also, Langford or Georgiou for the E in my defence?

  6. Luxy says:

    If you were to be a serious contender for the SC prize, what would be the ideal 1st Rd score in order for you to be competitive?

    • SC Legend. says:

      I'd say atleast 2,300 – 2,400 with high individual scores being polled this week.

      At the moment I'm on 1,413 for 12. I'm hoping for 2,300 I reckon! Still got some solid players to come.

  7. GarglesnarfFC says:

    1439 from 12. Miss of the week is Langdon.

  8. Cheese says:

    Higgins or L Taylor for F6???

    • SC Legend. says:

      Higgins for me.
      Taylor for you? Personal preference, either one probably takes big kahunas. Taylor is cheaper though!

    • SCdonkey says:

      Higgins would best if you want higher score. Taylor if you cash generation. You choose what is your goal?

  9. SC Legend. says:

    1512 for 12 at the moment, looking solid.

    – Having Buddy instead of Mitchell/Parker/Wingard. REGRETS.
    – Not having Bartel, Selwood, Pendlebury or Swallow.
    – Not having Langdon at all,.. last minute trade out.

    – Everyone in mid scoring over 100 and team structure still looking solid.

    No trades are being taken in the first couple of rounds for my team, sticking to the structure this year.
    Corrective trades are tempting, one may be necessary end of round two before prices change, but all the trades will be needed for a solid premium team by end of season.

    • SC Legend. says:

      *1,413 for 12.

      • Dools says:

        Hi SC 1610 from 12 ATM but still deciding on Nicky Del or Watson Esp after Wife of James has re-opened old wounds 24h B4 the bounce…Hmmmmm

        • Super_Freak says:

          That's a descent score from 12 Dools. Have a lot of your premiums played?

  10. JP says:

    I’ve got 2 genuine dilemma’s community and need some help…

    1. I’ve got Nic-Nat as R1 with no named emergencies – as he’s on the extended bench do I switch him for a Leuey or hold firm, any insight into whether he’ll play?

    2. Langford looks a ripe rookie prospect, named in the mids – any Hawks fans know what his JS is like? Shall I switch out suckling and make some dollar bills?


    • SC Legend. says:

      You would have big kahunas looking in Nic Nat JP. However, great POD if it pays off! I'm sticking tight with Leuy, he will be top 2 ruck by end of the year. Mark my words.

      Langford, in my opinion, good job security as he is taking over Shiels role as a tagger. However, how do taggers normally go in the Supercoach scoring department? Hmmm,. better options for my team.

      Suckling is made of dollar bills.

      • Super_Freak says:

        Have to agree SCL. I'm hoping Langford will continue his tagging role, as I have Shiels in the guts, not usually good for SC scores though.

        Can't go wrong with Leuey, he's a consistent performer. NN is still a concern and a bit pricey for mine. I went with big Sauce and couldn't be happier after last night.

      • JP says:

        Thanks guys just made the switch – even though NN is now green lit on the interchange bet his injury concerns are just too risky

        • Big Janks says:

          I made the switch to Cox. His early season schedule (and the eagles easing in NN) made the decision for me over Leuy who has a really tough first 8 games for the Lions and Big Ben as I'm just not sure if they will vest him similar to Bailey last year (I know they were keeping him fresh given his inj history- but the Hawks love to bring on run in the 4th quarter of games).

          Cox obviously costs more and is 32 years old. But I think that outweighs the points made above. Tough call but it looks like NN will be cheap as chips come Rd 4/5.

  11. Jimmy says:

    Tyson,Michie,Ellis,Dunstan which 2 onfield. Langford,McDonald,Webster which 2 onfield

    • Josh says:

      Tyson and Dunstan
      Webster and I'd go Langford

    • Darcy says:

      Dunstan and ellis for mine, ellia will be another polec so long as his bodys right.

      Would be going Mcdonald and Webster on field, no point having spare $$ on the bench.

  12. Josh says:

    Michie, Ellis or McDonald

  13. tony says:

    be watching Langford as he is supposed to be starting in thick of it…see if his nuggety frame has any skills and racks up good poss and extract to support…

  14. Captain joc says:

    That’s how mine is starting to look like today to jock
    One last question Langford,suckling or McDonald I’ve got 2 spots left

    • THE SALTSHAKER says:

      get rid of suckling unless you think will avg 90+ for year better off making cash of rookie who avg 60-70 could be save $200 make $200 by the bye rnds = $400k

  15. THE SALTSHAKER says:

    Have decided to hold off mcdonald gives me options to trade clurey or georgiou to him or KK if JS becomes an issue or daisy down to him opening up DPP. No use having him sit on my bench at that price

  16. THE SALTSHAKER says:

    If KK plays next week teams with mcdonald and laidler will have issues $$ wise, mckenna wants him to play early with their easy draw

    • Dools says:

      No issue for me mate KK s price changes R4 whilst the other two are generating cash, so I have till R6 to make up my mind on KK

  17. beamsmeupscotty says:

    1924 with Mitchell, Webster, McDonald, Michie, Hickey and Higgins to come.
    Only real disappointment so far has been McVeigh not having a blinder against GWS. Started 6 midfield premos, going to pay dividends until the byes

  18. ollie says:

    1232 from 10 so far, captain played. I am reasonable happy with that.

    A little unsure of my m10, Taylor or go for a possible P.O.D with Shred. He is named but thinking he might be subbed, the kid can definitely play though.

  19. Dogs says:

    With rookies being named my team has ended up looking a lot closer to guns and rookies also, except for the forward line with titch, wright, caddy. This has also allowed me to free up some cash , enough so to upgrade Thomas to a premium if need be or whatever issues may arise before R2.

    So far 1627 from 15 played, C on gazz. 3 players so far to not beat their break even, in danger, Thomas and mcveigh. Danger and mcveigh I have no issue with, I'm kicking myself for putting Thomas back in the team , he just looked like white crusty dog poo . May wait and see how people perform R2 , if treloar can back it up I will trade him in for Thomas , unless I get impulsive and do it earlier,lol

  20. Alex says:

    I'm 1505 with 13 played happy with that

  21. Dave2008 says:

    Gday community ,

    B: McVeigh Mitchell Handley D Swallow Clurey ( Langdon Georgio)
    C Ablett J Kennedy Beams Murphy Thomas X Ellis Polec L Taylor Dunstan McDonald
    R Jacobs Sandilands (Thurlow Currie)
    F Martin Dangerfield Buddy Caddy Higgins Rohan (Impey Kennedy –Harris)

    Questions are Suckling is he a lock or is it better to get Georgio for cash generation? L Taylor from Brisbane worth his spot with dpp? Or better to get Aish or MIchie or Tyson in ? LEaves with me with 343 k in the bank. Too much so where to spend it and how much to keep?

    Thanks for any comments.

  22. Autofelatio says:

    G'day there fellas, been struggling to find a suitable replacement for Matt Crouch at m10. For some reason I am completely stumped as to what to do and I must turn to the community for help. I've essentially used up my entire salary cap so have been looking at Lewis Taylor and any other possible player at that price. However, would it be a better idea to say turn Rockliff into Priddis, pocket the extra 50K and take someone like Xavier Ellis. Thoughts?, any other ideas are more than welcome.

  23. Beard says:

    1830 with Sam Mitchell, Pearce Hanley, Matt Suckling, , Will Langford, Tom Liberatore, Luke Dunstan to come.

    My only real question is now with Langford and Langdon starting is McDonald overuse for a bench player at 180k+

    Is there another rookie to look at in defenders so I can pump another 80k into upgrading Rohan…

  24. Jack says:

    Which ONE of these rookie ruckmen has the best JOB SECURITY for the WHOLE SEASON?

    – Daniel Currie (NTH)
    – Fraser Thurlow (ESS)
    – Max King (MEL)
    – Toby Nankervis (SYD)

    Your thoughts would greatly appreciated.

    • Zach says:

      None….. but in order probably Nankervis (2nd to Pyke), Thurlow (until Bellchambers gets back), Currie then King.

    • Danno says:

      Currie. Thurlow missed the boat when they elevated Ambrose and showed there hand.

  25. Joel says:

    Sheed or Dunstan
    Luey or cox?

    • Autofelatio says:

      Dunstan and Leuy, although cox will still perform you will save 50k on Leuy and he'll average just as much if not more i reckon

  26. Super_Freak says:

    Pretty Happy Jock. Went with a strong Midprice team this season for a change, and so far it'g going OK. 1398 from 12. Captain Played.

    Wright gets plenty of it, just needs to improve his DE. Caddy will improve every week. If he didn't gift that goal to Bartel or Selwood (cant remember who it was) in the final term, he probably would have cracked the ton.

    I'm gambling on Shiels breaking out this season. Have him in the guts, and if Langdon takes Tagging duties, I reckon he'll be a real POD.

    Pittard had an average round, gonna give him one more week. Have Sauce in R1, smashed it last night, reckon he's in for a good one.

    My only regret was downgrading Titch to Caddy and upgrading Swallow to McVeigh. Reckon McVeigh will come good, just should have trusted my gut with Swallow. If Pittard puts up another stinker next week I'll be doing my best to turn him into Swallow before his price skyrockets!

    • Jye says:

      Great call on Shiels, I'm thinking the same.
      If Daisy has another stinky week I'll most likely trade him to either Shiels or Macrae.

    • Jai says:

      I reckon the Caddy/McVeigh combo was the right one still mate.

      I think theyll score more than T Mitchell and Swallow combined. You watch – Swallow will back up the next couple of weeks with a 60 and a 70

  27. Cheese says:

    Lamgford or mcdonald????

  28. Jack says:

    Who to pick out of Thurlow, Currie or King in terms the entire season (not just round 1)?

    Your thoughts please?

    • Autofelatio says:

      Currie imo, North are looking for a third tall I read somewhere (don't quote me though), he's also a gun just cant break into the side atm but is high on the list for the North rookies.

    • max von muffman says:

      I agree with Currie… Goldie will need some resting and Currie is the best option to help out apparently… as well as doing some forward work.

      So I've heard.

  29. Ben says:

    Jamie Bennel for something different?

    • Michael says:

      are you high? definitely someone different

      • Jordan says:

        not a fan of "players of difference" – just choose good quality players … THAT'S IT.

        supercoach/fantasy/dreamteam isn't about who has the most unique team – its about scoring as many points as you can .. SIMPLE.

    • Ocker says:

      Can I please have some of what you are smoking?.

  30. Cheese says:

    Langford or webster?????

    • Michael says:

      CHOOSING BETWEEN Langford OR Webster = CHOOSING BETWEEN Potentially big scores OR near certain job security.

      for me, I would choose Langford because I think although his job security isn't going to be certain; he will earn you cash FAST.

  31. Jazza says:

    1870/ 6 left capt played…what are best forward and ruck rookies to go in with

  32. @jstorm311 says:

    1570 with 7 left to play. Bloody Langdon on bench & Clurey on field doesn't help, but looking at a half decent score to start with.

  33. Hazey says:

    1455/12 here with a headache about who to bring in for Crouch.

    For some reason my brain stopped working last week and I traded out JKH from Melbourne for Impey. Thinking that L.Taylor's DP could be beneficial next week if I need to dump a fwd rookie.

    Taking a punt on Nic-Nat, Ziebell and A.Black this year and hoping they turn out well!

    • Autofelatio says:

      I'm in the exact same predicament Hazey, Taylor looks like the guy to go as Brisbane wouldn't have named him without confidence in his ability seeing as he didn't play any preseason games I don't think. But, still a decent sized conundrum that I can't work out for the life of me. (considering putting in Priddis for Rocky as I can then bring in Ellis but that move doesn't feel right…)

  34. Liam says:

    Templeton, Honeychurch, Lewis Taylor or Wanganeen for M8???

  35. Lee Underwood says:

    1666 with 7 to play. S Mitchell. P Hanley. M Suckling. J Webster. D tyson. X Ellis. B McEvoy. Hope they all score well to get me over 2200.

  36. Danno says:

    I've got Suckling and Langford in starting team and having second thoughts. With extra $45K I'd have around $358K if I drop Suckiling but who would be a good mid pricer in his place (I already have Langdon, McDonald and Georgiou.

    • Autofelatio says:

      Personally I'd keep Suckling, however Jimmy Webster seems like a nice pick at 240k if you really want to get rid of him. Would leave you with a fair bit left to use elsewhere (around 110k) but atm I can't see anyone around that 350k mark in the defence that's worth it, apart from Suckling Pig anyway.

  37. Tim Darbyshire says:

    1700 with 9 players left!! The Dashers looking solid so far!!

  38. rhino says:

    Hey guys, is Lewis Taylor a big chance to start as sub

    • Autofelatio says:

      Don't think so but if he does it doesn't matter as it should only be for this week so he can be eased into senior footy. He's a gun and will definitely make you some nice cash and post some nice scores if you need him

  39. Dools says:

    Any love for Stanton out there?????

    • throttlefinger says:

      Yeah, it's catty-corner to my bungy hole. Burned me too much last year. Toenails falls off when tagged. Strong when left alone.

  40. Tim Darbyshire says:

    Def: Mcveigh, Mitchell, Enright, suckling, McDonald,geogeiou

    Mids: GAJ,pendles, cotch,murphy,beams,Polec, Ellis, dunstan

    Ruck: goldy, sandi

    Forwards: danger, dusty, wingaurd, t.mitchell, Rohan, Impey

    Emerancey not look like being used!

  41. Wattsieesq says:

    Merrett with the vest. Sign of season to come? Change to Honeychurch or is he in the same position?

  42. Wattsieesq says:

    Just checked. Honeychurch is an emergency. I'll have to stick with zach

  43. throttlefinger says:

    Ryder or Cox? Having trouble deciding.

    Ryder strong when solo ruck and price is nice. Cox is a SC behemoth yet NicNat in will play more ruck and less forward?


    • Shinboner says:

      Probably a bit late, but at the time, I probably would have said Cox. Ryder not looking too bad though. Will play against a Goldstein hampered by a sore wrist.

    • Big Janks says:

      I made the switch to Cox. His early season schedule (and the eagles easing in NN) made the decision for me over Leuy who has a really tough first 8 games for the Lions and Big Ben as I'm just not sure if they will vest him similar to Bailey last year (I know they were keeping him fresh given his inj history- but the Hawks love to bring on run in the 4th quarter of games).

      • throttlefinger says:

        Ended up switching to Ryder, Biggie J. Allowed me to get Jobe and Tyson. Thought Paddy did a little better than score indicated but will take it.

  44. Chris Hamilton says:

    What sort of cash should we be looking to retain in the bank? $900 with Tyson as M10 or $45,100 with michie??

    • Tim Darbyshire says:

      Chris I have $43,000 in the bank. Weather or no I am right only time will tell?

    • Super_Freak says:

      Wouldn't worry about the cash. If you can afford Tyson, I would pick him!

  45. Brad says:

    NEED HELP! not sure if I should go with Langford or suckling. could make a lot more money of Langford thinking that they will both average around 60-70??
    Also dahlhaus and zorko? will they average 95-100 this year??

    • Dale says:

      I am taking a punt on Dahlhouse, fingers crossed as downgraded Watson to get him and caddy in.

  46. Marcus J says:

    1629 with 8 left to play and had the captain on ablett (after a last minute switch, originally had him vc and selwood C.. Burning!!!)


  47. Gold Rush says:

    1647 with 7 to go, 3 Prems, 2 Rook, 1 Wook & 1 Mid pricer Hickey, Dumbest move was to select Jamie Elliot, Not impressed with Thomas & Clurey and I reckon Hickey is going to knock Elliot from the dumbest move perch. Got the bucks too do some correction trades and will be doing so in the first 2 rounds.

  48. Shinboner says:

    Ripping start by Cunnington and Chapman. Hell knows I need the boost after Pittard's woeful performance.

    • Super_Freak says:

      Yeah Pittard fair stunk it up, had high hopes. Only had McD and Merret last night. McD a bit disappointing too!

  49. sckingg says:

    need two to start on the field out of aish, michie, dunstan, or ellis? thoughts would be very appreciated

  50. crabb says:

    Glad I stuck with Jobe all preseason.

  51. David says:

    McDonald not finding much pill.

    5 disposals for 16 SC points half time

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      None of the Kangas finding the pill as the Bombers won't share it! Only 5 Kangas in top 20 possession winners and none in top 10. Bombers are looking VERY SC relevant!

  52. cyril is the man says:

    If the bombers play this boring hands off chip the ball 20 metres all the time, i'll be bringing in heppell I reckon.

  53. Marcus J says:

    North just got killed all over the park. i wouldn't be worrying too much if you have a north player in your squad.

  54. canman1306 says:

    1395 Mitchell Hanley Suckling Mcdonald Langford Watson Aish Ellis Ryder Higgins cores to add on Hoping for 2300

  55. Westy says:

    1608 from 15. Go the Son of Tim!

  56. SCdonkey says:

    Friday Night Footy
    My mighty Roos was not so mighty, were up against the high flying Boomers who was untouchables. Jobe Watson played like he was possessed racking up 25 Touches by half time. Goldstein was down at the first quarter with compliments from Ryder's knee. The Boomers controlled the game lead at every quarter, 10 players above 20 Possessions Watson 38 Touches and Heppell 37 Touches were the leaders, as to Roos only had 4 lousy players with over 20 possessions J Mcmillan 23 Touches.
    J Watson was running free collecting 38 Touches, 9 Marks, 8 Clearances, 6 inside 50s and 2 Goals. D Heppell 37 Touches, and 16 Marks, C Hooker 26 Touches and 16 Marks, B Goddard was brilliant had 26 Touches, 5 Clearances, 6 Tackles, 7 inside 50s and booted 3 Goals. P Chapman was excellent until he came off the last quarter with ankle injury, had plenty of the pill 21 Touches, 8 inside 50s and 4 Goals. P Ryder went up against Goldstein and had the better of him collecting 11 Touches, 34 Hit-outs and a Goal.

    I was disgusted and filthy how my Mighty Roos performed at every aspect of the game, flat and bloody disappointing. Can not even be bothered to write up any stats from this game. J Macmillan, A Mullet, N Dal Santo, L Thomas and L Adams who came in as a Sub collect 17 Touches, 10'Marks and 3 Rebounds were the only positives.
    Very Disappointing

    Must watch list
    The Boomers
    B Goddard
    D Heppell
    P Ryder
    J Daniher
    C Hooker
    B Howlett

    The Roos at your peril
    L Thomas
    J Macmillan
    N Dal Santo
    A Mullet

    • Shinboner says:

      I'd throw Cunnington into the positives too. Concussion, but finished the game solidly.

      • Wattsieesq says:

        I tipped the bombers, so happy they won. They have been fast starters over the past few seasons. Let's see if it can be sustained this year. BTW not a bombers fan at all.

        • SCdonkey says:

          I think i was that upset, couldn't even get the Bombers word right lol. But it was a great on game on their behalf. Now can't sleep, thinking about what Scott is gonna do next week up against The Dogs.

          • Wattsieesq says:

            lol. The roos were competitive in patches. They just fell away before half time and then in the last. The last quarter fades have been par for the course as far as the roos are concerned.

            • Wattsieesq says:

              From a SC perspective, having Goldie injured is a blow. I know he played the game out but his ruckwork and score says he may have a spell. I have currie at R3, so hopefully he'll get some time. From his pre season form it looks like he'll need it. He's sure to be a slow moving cash cow. All roos mids were woeful as you said. Ziebell in particular. 47 smh

              • SCdonkey says:

                You're not wrong there Wattsie. Good thing I didn't start with Goldie was gonna wait for his price to go down and I think its going to, if he plays next week carrying an injury and going up against Minson most likely he'll get managed and Currie should be called in as an R2 if Goldie is not 100% fit. For Supercoach and Roos supporters sake Scott better pick Currie over Majak.

                • Jim from Gippsland says:

                  if currie comes in next week there's my first trade in the rucks….thurlow to currie….

                  thinking I will make 5 for the year….#earlyprediction

      • SCdonkey says:

        Right, right shinboner Cunnington did ok. But expected more from him, Ziebell, Pietre, Goldy should've dominated Ryder, Harvey did some silly decisions, Bastinac, Atley and Thompson these guys did not perform as they should have. And why was Jobe free to run around like he did. What was Scott looking at? I'm sure Jobe wasn't invisble.

    • jockreynolds says:

      It was insipis by North last night Donk. Insipid mate. I refused the believe the thing was over at three quarter time because they hadnt given a yelp yet, Never kicked into gear. Wayno's call on Goddard could be very very revalent

      • SCdonkey says:

        Ah Relevant Jock, Yes Jock! Wayno was right on the money about Goddard if only he still had DPP, I bet he would have been a popular pick. I'll be looking at getting him in my team before the byes Jock. As for my mighty Roos, ASHAMED Jock, I was utterly disgusted. I thought after kicking the last 3 Goals at quarter time to stay in touch, they would've kicked a gear in the 2nd quarter. But stalled and never got going. Pathetic performance all over the ground.

  57. SCdonkey says:

    sitting on 1900 with S Mitchell, Libba, Macrae, Ellis and Higgins to play. I'd be lucky to get 2300 Points.

  58. NutSack says:

    so far the number ranked person in afl fantasy DT is on 2490

    not bad round 1!!

    • medadsson says:

      DT is for movie goers. Supercoach is for those who read books (or at least know how to)!

  59. shane says:

    1197, captain used (sandy)

    12 left to play including seven premiums. Didnt start with ablett or pendles, went Watson instead.

    So far 4 points up on Ablett, LOL. Gaj 140 x 2 = 280 + Sandy 127 = 407
    Sandy 127 x 2 = 254 + Watson 157 = 411

    • shane says:

      correct, thats 1178 unless I later have to prove myself, lol.

      No standouts so far barring watson, beams and sandilands, but steady scores from guys like polec, K. simspon, danger and martin have all helped, along with leaving mcdonald as emergency.

      • NutSack says:

        yeah seems about right. 2500-2600sc will be scored my many people.

        im on 1850 with 5 to play so hoping to scrape home with 2250-2350

  60. jockreynolds says:

    Lame duck performance by the Roos last night. Never gave a yelp – never kicked into gear. Aside from McDonalds early cough up he was okkk…. seemed a bit too keen to just bomb the think out of defence without too much thought. My feeling at this stage is he's still a good thing – just needs to settle

    • Super_Freak says:

      Do you reckon his numbers will improve Jock? He's the only Roo I have, but he was on the park, had Langdon on pine like many others. Probably swap them next week, just not real comfy having that many dollars sitting on the bench this early on.

      • SCdonkey says:

        I'd stick with him freak, McD showed a glimpse of brilliance last night. Like what Jock said, and I think McD was just a bit of an eager beaver at the start.

      • jockreynolds says:

        Yes definitely mate he's quality

        • Super_Freak says:

          Ta Jock, might stick him on the pine this week and see how Langdon goes. He seems to be a fair ball magnet!

    • Jim from Gippsland says:

      took a while to adjust to the extra pace and intensity of the game vs the bubble gum NAB cup stuff.

      now he knows what is required he will be better for it. should get his average up around 75 to 80 for year I am thinking

  61. john says:

    1916 with 5 left. Shame I had to leave Langdon on the bench as an emergency

  62. Shannan says:

    1489 with 7 to play, including captain Roughy! Traded out Watson yesterday morning, massive screw up!

  63. DOM says:

    1902 with four to play….. suckling, Michie, Dunstan & Hanley.

    • Dale says:

      That’s the problem with this stupid year long split round…. Too much time to second guess yourself!!!

  64. @klavo25 says:

    Kept McDonald on the bench last night 🙂


    Mitchell Hodge/Hanley Langford
    Libba Tyson Michie/Dunstan

    Willing to cop a 70 from Hickey knowing Currie will be playing next week.

    2400-2500 a possibility this week!

  65. nechke33 says:

    1651 with 8 to come.
    Mitchell, McEvoy, Roughnuts, Liberatore.
    Michie, Ellis and Dunstan

  66. Sarah says:

    1808 with 7 still to play.

    Still to come are Mitchell, Hanley, Langford, Michie, Ellis, Dunstan and Higgins.

  67. Daz says:

    need to of michie, aish and ellis on the field. I tink dunstan should be locked but I am not sure about the other two. Help!

    • Sarah says:

      Personally, I’d leave Aish off the field. He has the harder game against the hawks.

  68. Boydo says:

    Missed out on Laidler. Defence structure has that I play two rookie on field. I have McDonald Langdon Langford and Georgous. Do I need to get Laidler in as a priority for round two or leave it for another week?

  69. Presty says:

    1400 with 8 left plus

    I started Kieran jack not knowing he wasn't named (was on a plane when that news came out 🙁 )

    have james aish and Xavier ellis wondering who to put the emergency button on?

  70. Swans2012 says:

    1683 with 8 to come,pretty happy although seems like the upper end of par in a high scoring first round!

  71. Pieman1978 says:

    1748 with 7 to go. Brought Waston in yesterday for Libba. Wrapt

  72. Emma says:

    1738 with 7 to go
    Mitchell, suckling, webster, michie, ellis, dahlhaus and higgins

  73. Donavan says:

    1469 with 9 on ground players to come (including Mitchell, Hanley, Webster, Tyson, McEvoy, Roughead).

    Hoping to score around 2200+ particularly if the Hawks dominate the Lions.

  74. choppy says:

    1674 after 16 played, got done by dixon getting concussed and made the gut wrenching decision of trading watson to jpk at the last minute. Question is, will jpk stop this garbage of scoring like a champion for 1 half, then going to sleep fot the rest of the game??……took the punt on him getting back to that 120+ form

  75. Jye says:

    Hey lads, who should I put on the park out of Dunstan and Ellis?

  76. Jim from Gippsland says:

    1853 with 5 to play.

    Mitchell, suckling, shiels, Xman and Higgins.

    If things go OK might just breach 2200. No major corrective trades identified as yet but I will be looking at Daisy's next game. First order of business will be getting Watson into the mid by the looks of last nights game.

    Thinking of downgrading Shiels to Tyson and pocketing $130k just to get the 'Get Jobe Watson' fund going.

    And if the great Shaun Higgins experiment fails, he will turn into say Lewis Taylor and bingo, one new Jobe Watson.

    Theories are wonderful aren't they. Pity they never find their way to execution.

    • WombatsFC says:

      Hi Jim, I deduce from your lust for Jobe that Joel and Nathan are already in your squad.

      • Emma says:

        North put zero pressure on Dons, Dons have Hawks, Blues and Freo I can't see Watson being allowed to run around on his own for the next 3 matches

        • Jim from Gippsland says:

          good point emma.

          He will certainly need to back up again next week. Question is – Will Watson be in the top 10 mids for the year…..thinking yes. so maybe get him in ASAP. Depends if Daisy and Shiels look like making cash or just sit there. If they are marching upwards then they need to be moved on and a new strategy used. Ideally Watson and Matt Crouch debuting in round 3 as the plan B.

      • Jim from Gippsland says:

        hey wombat.

        if joel is joel sellwood then no, I don't have him but I can't get him till after the bye due to round 8 bye issues.

        Have to admit, you have me on Nathan……Nathan who? I think I might have missed the joke?

        • Super_Freak says:

          I'm tipping Wombat is talking about Nat Fyfe. Gun also. I'n not gonna get too excited over Jobe just yet. His past history is littered with massive scores like last night as well as a lot of average ones too. As Emma said, he won't get it as easy most weeks as he did last night.

          • Dools says:

            Hi Lads and Lassie's ..On Jobe I wish I had him (For the Score) but he has proven himself yet again so well done to those of you who picked him. To the rest of us who don't . It is only round 1
            I went with Nicky Dal scored 98 in an insipid preformance by North so he is LOCKED Imagine the output if North actually show up!!!!

            • Super_Freak says:

              Such a surprising effort by the Roos, or lack off. I tipped them to win and they just didn't get out of second gear.

  77. Jockloveshafting says:

    Why lead every spud on mate that your picking all these wookies and smokey picks than LAST MINUTE change your team to GUNS out fit with rookies and talk crap on podcast and show dummy teams etc NOT COOLLLLLLL

    • choppy says:

      Jock just offers guidance mate, cant rely on him to pick your whole team for you.

    • Super_Freak says:

      Ease up!

      Plenty of us enjoy the comedy of the Podcasts and the general banter about teams on this site. You don't have to listen to the podcasts or contribute to the community if you don't like what you see or hear.

    • WombatsFC says:


    • Neil says:

      Mate, Simple solution pick your own team like everyone else in the community did. We are super fortunate to have Jock and the crew giving us so much guidance.

    • Eagle says:

      You are obviously a moron with not SC experience.
      Team lists determine who we choose in our sides.
      Rolling lockout meant we were changing our sides all week
      THe majority now will have Langdon and Laidler as they were named on the field first up.
      When Polec and Swallow scored well and then Langford was named on the field options changed and dictated new possibilities. I dropped Suckling ,Hodge and Webster and freed up 200k for upgrading Daisy to Jobe.
      Jock does a fantastic job but like all super coaches we pick our final teams on the run as they are named and depending on early scores and gambles.
      Sounds like you don't have a clue fool.

  78. Josh says:

    1770 from 15 with 7 still to play, I am happy so far as I got a chance to crack the 2400. Which two should I start on the field out of Michie, Ellis, Dunstan? Thanks

    • Sarah says:

      Haha, your guess is as good as mine there!!

    • WombatsFC says:

      Hahaha I suppose the rest of your team was picked by the community for you as well?

      • Josh says:

        Not really what makes you think that? I am just a bit nervous as this will be my first crack at getting 2400+ and I don't want to stuff it up. I am leaning towards Ellis and Michie but I just wanted some confirmation. My team wasn't picked by the community as I spent a lot of time researching and I stayed away from players that had a lot of hype from the community like D.Thomas which so far has proven to be a success. I also chose some players that most of the people on hear wouldn't choose like Higgins and Watson. I am not trying to start an argument but I just wanted to prove my point as I spent a lot of time into making my team. Josh

        • WombatsFC says:

          Josh if I was heading towards 2400 in round 1 I wouldn't be asking anybody anything! Your choices to this point must have been outstanding and I wouldn't be stuffing it up by asking for outside input.
          Which 7 are still to play?

      • Jimmy says:

        Shoosh Wombat everyone else is asking very similar questions…

      • Dools says:

        Hey Wombats, How is your team working out????

        • WombatsFC says:

          It depends on when I look at it Dools. Like you I am a fan of life enhancing substances and sometimes my perspective can be somewhat obtuse.
          However, despite making stupid decisions like McVeigh & Boomer it's looking ok 1699 with Mitchell, Hodge, Webster, Langford Tyson, XEllis,and Higgins yet to play. Should finish in 2100-2200 ballpark

          • Josh says:

            I still have Mitchel, liberatore, Webster, higgins, Ellis, Kennedy-Harris (who might get changed) and Michie to play. If Mitchell and liberatore go big and the others get around the 80 mark I am a chance to get to 2400 but realistically I will probably get around 2300.

          • Dools says:

            OMFG you went Higgins, Nice output buddy I wont tell Wayno you have the H in your team too LOL. Just so you know I'm watching Tyson like a …opps I nearly said Hawk but I 'm watching him

  79. Jack says:

    Tossing up between Leuenberger and McEvoy as my R1 who should i pick? Thoughts would be appreciated

    • choppy says:

      Im going with berger personally, reckon hes got plenty of improvement in him

    • Ocker says:

      Leuenhamandeggenberger for mine.


    • Shinboner says:

      Leuey for mine, but only just. McEvoy is one of the better ruckmen around the ground, but isn't exactly the greatest tap ruckman in the league. When your ruckman has an off day in terms of disposals, you'd like to see him boost his score with hitouts – this is where his game lacks I reckon.

  80. Michael says:

    need 2 out of tyson, taylor and aish for mids.

    Any thoughts?

    • Super_Freak says:

      Tyson & Aish if you have the cash.

    • WombatsFC says:

      Depends on if you want onfield points, quick cash, or interchangeability between the lines.

      • michael says:

        was thinking tyson on the ground and aish or taylor on the bench. aish seems expensive for a bench player, but think has better JS and point scoring ability than taylor

    • LA5 says:

      Tyson and Taylor

  81. Big Janks says:

    I’m second guessing myself…any input would be greatly appreciated.

    Have NN and am going to trade him. Should I bring in Luey, Big Ben or Cox?

    Leaning towards cox based on schedule, historic value and the eagles easing in NN. But is 32 too old for a ruck? Thoughts?

    • WombatsFC says:


    • Super_Freak says:

      NN could go off, but I'm just to worried about injuries. I figured he is too pricey to risk, so I went Sauce.

      As a lions man I have selected Leuy for the last couple of seasons, and I reckon he will still continue to pump out good scores. Even with T. West playing he should still score well as he tends to go up forward and kick a couple.

      They are all sound choices, just up to you if you want to gamble on his previous injuries.

  82. Presty says:

    ive got Langford on the bench in def and suckling on field im itching towards subbing (scratch scratch)

    any thoughts

  83. Mebois says:

    1704/16 with captain

    studs: pendles, swallow, sandi, beams, cotchin, polec, danger, caddy, titchell, enright, jacobs. langdon

    duds: franklin, lmac

    Tweeners: B. Smith, mcdonough.

    so far i am satisfied with my team so far, hoping i can get 2200+.i have mitchell, rockliff, libba, gunston, dunstan, tyson left to play.

    i will see how buddy goes for one more week and if he does crap again ii will be looking at pav or chappy (if he has no more hammys).

    • Shinboner says:

      Try not to sideways trade. You did the preseason research for a reason. Stick to your guns and don't butcher your team structure over one game.

      • Mebois says:

        i know but we picked some players with risk and with risk comes dangerous possibilities, so i am just preparing for the worst.

  84. Lord Relton Roberts says:

    Picked Ziebell to break out this year… safe to say im a little scared community 🙁 haha

    • Super_Freak says:

      Early days yet, but I'd be a little concerned too. Not convinced he'll ever take that step to elite level everyone is hoping for!

    • Shinboner says:

      See the statistics mate! Scott said it himself, we just weren't getting our hands on the pill. Contested footy, usually our strong suit, was down and we gave guys like Goddard, Heppell and Jobe a free run at the footy. It was no-touch footy and that should be rectified very soon. And when it does, Dal Santo, Cunnington, Swallow and Ziebell will experience increased SC productivity across the board. Still confident he'll rise, stick to your guns.

      • Dools says:

        Agreeded Shinboner Del Santos is LOCKED, has it all and Left foot kicking from the Arc for a team lifting goal Beautiful, So glad I stuck with him and as stupid as it sounds he was replacement for Jobe (as posted above) It would be nice to have Jobes score but Nicky Dal scoring 98 in losing side Awesome prospect. By the time Zieball was put onto Watson he had 20 touch's Way to late . Coach will never miss that again Roo's to win the next 6 he is filhty and he should be.

        • Shinboner says:

          I've got Cunnington myself, and I'm stoked he managed to score 92 despite coming off concussed for almost a quarter.

  85. bbb says:

    Honeychurch out who's next best option Taylor from brisbane

    • Shinboner says:

      Take a look at Wanganeen. Has been decent in preseason and with Whitecross out for an extended period of time, he might rack up enough games to give him a decent boost in value. *EDIT* Ignore that, he's copped the vest.

    • Maenads says:

      I have Taylor M10. Best option? I hope so.

      • Ocker says:

        I put Taylor in the mids even though he got vest. (Good Player and will get games) If you want a forward look at O'brien Hawks.


  86. skindog says:

    1402 with 10 to play, not goin well damn it, Mitchell Hanley Sukling Webster Langford Dunstan Ellis McEvoy Higgins and JK Harris to come!!!

  87. zimmerbd says:

    Taylor starts as sub for Lions, Wanganeen for Hawks.

  88. Maenads says:

    2 spots left, who to put on the turf Suckling, Webster or Langford.?

  89. LA5 says:

    Who should I have in the team this is a urgent decision.

    M.Suckling or J.Webster

    L.Taylor or X.Ellis

    I'd really appreciate the advice.

  90. David says:

    1438 / 12 played captain score from Sandilands and 2 sub 100's from T.Mitch 93 and L.McDonald 48

    Have Hodge,Mitchell and Roughead coming up hope these 3 avg 95+ between them this game.

  91. zimmerbd says:

    Is Michie too much cash to have sitting on the bench?

    I've got Polec, Ellis, Dunstan, Michie M9 at the moment. Thinking of downgrading one and trying to upgrade a JKH on the forward line. Any advice?

    • Rat says:

      Don't think it will mean too much as michie will hopefully be one of the best rookies this season.
      Personally my Mid bench rookies are Ellis and Michie and I would much rather spend the extra money for an 75+ averaging rookie rather than a 50 averaging rookie.

    • LA5 says:

      I reckon you still got to have Michie in the team because he'll make money and he has pretty good job security in the long run.

  92. SCdonkey says:

    Here's the final line-up

    B Matthew Suckling, Josh Gibson, Shaun Burgoyne
    HB Jonathan Simpkin, Kyle Cheney, Grant Birchall
    C Liam Shiels, Sam Mitchell, Isaac Smith
    HF Luke Breust, Jarryd Roughead, Paul Puopolo
    F Jack Gunston, David Hale, Tim O'Brien
    FOL Ben McEvoy, Luke Hodge, Jordan Lewis
    I/C Taylor Duryea, Bradley Hill, Will Langford
    SUB Derick Wanganeen
    No Change
    Tim O'Brien, Ben McEvoy, Derick Wanganeen

    B Justin Clarke, Daniel Merrett, Jed Adcock
    HB Pearce Hanley, Joel Patfull, Mitch Golby
    C Tom Rockliff, Daniel Rich, James Aish
    HF Josh Green, Michael Close, Dayne Zorko
    F Sam Mayes, Jonathan Brown, Marco Paparone
    FOL Matthew Leuenberger, Jack Redden, Brent Moloney
    I/C Ryan Harwood, Trent West, Ryan Lester
    SUB Lewis Taylor
    No Change
    James Aish, Michael Close, Trent West, Lewis Taylor

    • Rat says:

      stick with taylor or take a punt on JKH will be the decision a lot of coaches will be deliberating

    • Super_Freak says:

      Thanks SCD. Hoping my Lions don't get touched up too badly this arvo. Just about to settle in, and watch the game!

      • SCdonkey says:

        Your Welcome Freak. I have taken a Punt on Mitchell as my Captain opted not to take Beams score. High risk, High reward! Hope I made the right decision.

        • Big Janks says:

          Hopefully he picks up in the 2nd half! I would like Gunston to pull his head out…

        • WombatsFC says:


          • SCdonkey says:

            Big OUCH! If only I knew he was going to be the tagger on Rockliff.

            • Super_Freak says:

              Yeah I have both of them, didn't have the C on either though. Langford didn't seem to be tagging, and played pretty well. Bit concerning if Mitchell is going to play that role each week.

              Glad I backed in Shiels, reckon he's in for a good year!

    • jordan says:

      anyone know anything about obrien or close???

      • SCdonkey says:

        Close and O'brien both played in NAB1. Close had 6 Touches, 5 Tackles and 4 inside 50s played 77%. O'Brien 5 Touches, 2 Contested Marks and 2 inside 50s played 67%

    • Dools says:

      Ta SCdonkey, Loved the take on the games keep it going, Looked at this post 2 minutes too late LOL but love the work ethic thanks mate I went L. Taylor ..Lets see Off to the fridge……

  93. rhino says:

    Hey guys, have a problem

    Hickey and priddes or

    Vince and hale.

  94. jords says:

    anyone know anything about obrien or close??

  95. medadsson says:

    1549 (taking Sandi's VC score into account) – Mitchell, Hurn, Langford, Liba, Priddis, Michie, Dunstan and Higgins OR some advice, should I take the 127 from Sandi as VC or move my C from non player to Liba (don't think Griffith playing so Liba may cop tag)???

  96. Chris Hamilton says:

    is Tyson worth the extra coin over michie if they're going to be on my bench?

  97. Shinboner says:

    Key Position Forwards definitely do your head in. On the plus side, it only takes a couple of snags to turn their SC day right around. C'mon Roughie! Left Aish on the bench for Dunstan – decision doesn't look too bad so far.

    • Wattsieesq says:

      Roughie did well for you in the end. Breust was red hot, consistency has been his problem in the past. As a Hawks man I hope he keeps it up.

      • Super_Freak says:

        Yeah wasn't looking too good there for a while. Picked up a few in junk time at the end. Shiels looks good too!

    • throttlefinger says:

      Brilliant move, Shinboner.

      Had Dunstan on bench. X left. Hope he complete the ton trio with Polec and Tyson.

  98. SCdonkey says:


    1 Tom Hickey
    20 David Armitage
    5 Shane Savage

    FB 24 Sean Dempster 21 Luke Delaney 33 James Gwilt
    HB 34 Nathan Wright 17 Dylan Roberton 29 Jimmy Webster
    C 19 Sam Gilbert 14 Jarryn Geary 22 Farren Ray
    HF 4 Clinton Jones 12 Nick Riewoldt 35 Josh Saunders
    FF 26 Tom Curren 37 Beau Maister 43 Eli Templeton

    16 Jack Newnes
    28 Rhys Stanley
    36 Luke Dunstan
    15 Jack Billings

    42 Jake Spencer
    2 Nathan Jones
    9 Jack Trengove

    FF 41 Alex Georgiou 21 Cameron Pedersen 38 Jeremy Howe
    HF 44 Rohan Bail 48 Jack Fitzpatrick 18 Daniel Cross
    C 5 Jimmy Toumpas 4 Jack Watts 12 Dom Tyson
    HB 14 Lynden Dunn 25 Tom McDonald 23 Bernie Vince
    FB 46 Dean Terlich 8 James Frawley 31 Jack Grimes

    45 Matt Jones
    22 Viv Michie
    10 Shannon Byrnes
    24 Jay Kennedy-Harris

  99. WombatsFC says:

    5 defenders have played and the best is 111 from my cheapest rookie.

    At least I didn't put the C on Mitchell and refuse D.Beams' score like the aptly named SCDonkey

    • SCdonkey says:

      I was going purely on my gut instinct and stats I have been researching. And took that gamble, and a gamble I will surely pay and learn from here on end.
      Took a big chunk of 54 points off my score.

      • Gold Rush says:

        What's worse if one had Rockliff, they played on each other and pretty well nullified each other!

      • Dools says:

        SCdonkey, I applaud your style, it did not come off (unfortunatley) but as you point out it cost you 50 No biggy mate and a gamble i would gladly embrace if I where in the same place…Chin up next game beckons buddy. PS I like the Gut call mate

        • SCdonkey says:

          Thanks for the support Dools, didn't do too bad at the end still managed to score 2082 and still have 2 to play.

    • WombatsFC says:

      Webster was the sixth

      • WombatsFC says:

        2124 Xellis, and Higgo's bastard son yet to play

        • Dools says:

          Hahahahah Webster was always 1st choice for me too mate, played well but ceiling has been reached 56 maybe I should have got Yeo after all LOL .
          2104 ATM with 1 to go, so you win mate. Settle down this is an endurance race not a sprint Hahahah
          Unless you what me to laugh more. Game

          • throttlefinger says:

            See how Yeo does. Backline has not been performing all that well. Ugh.

            2193 with same as my man Womby to play. Higgs go from Burnman to BOOYAman (me hopes)

      • throttlefinger says:

        Yeah. That's didn't feel good. Langdon only one that hit ton.

        Hope Webster can make it for next week. Not sure who worthy of switching out for if not. Maybe KK if he makes the 22.

    • Super_Freak says:

      I hear ya. My only defender that cracked 85 was Langdon and he's on the pine. Very concerning!

  100. Gary Ablett 3 Votes says:

    Tyson or Michie on field

  101. Pieman1978 says:

    Mitchell & Hanley! You spuds

    • Ocker says:

      Totally agree Pieman. But I can add McVeigh to that only 100 pointer on the bench. (Langdon) At least Langford did okay.


    • Shinboner says:

      Hanley disappeared as the Hawks created a nice lead for themselves. Was his usual productive self before that. I guess Sammy just wasn't very effective. He certainly had enough disposals to crack the ton.

      • Grufflez says:

        Expect more of the same i reckon…New Coach + Tough draw makes for a lot of uncertainty at the Lions, I'll be hoping this continues so i can pick Rocky up later on,Playing Rocky as run-with/tagging Mitchell i view as the Lions trying to reduce damage from the get-go rather than really believing they could win!

    • skindog says:

      yep same problems PIEMAN, they will be ok, keep the faith!!

  102. skindog says:

    1906 with 2 in play and 2 to play tomoz, lookin a little better!!!!

  103. Billy says:

    Wish I put Dunstan on field instead of Aish!!! Oh well I am reasonably happy with today. Roughead, Shiels and Langford did well for me whilst Mitchell and Hanley could of done better. Sitting on 2088 with Hurn and Liberatone to play tomorrow so I can't really complain.

  104. G Ablett 3 Votes says:

    Should i trade out webster and d.thomas for w.langford and d.tyson? Or should i wait until the end of rd 2 to trade?

  105. Marcus j says:

    Aish let me down alittle. Had dunstan on the bench so may look at putting him on the field next week

    Defence was horrible. 1 player over a ton and it was Langdon. My 3 premos and mid pricer all got between 70-90 which could be worse but not output I was hoping for.

    Dunno why I was worried about roughie. He is a beast

  106. 2137 with 2 left Jock.
    Long time listener and i absolutely love the work you and the gents have done to better prepare seasoned Fantasy coaches and/or newcomers. Thanks for this fantasy community I have come to be a part of!
    Work has been tops, keep up the good work.

  107. Dools says:

    Dunstan – You little ripper 100 Sc unconfirmed but YA!!!! Over to you X. man bring Daddy the Bacon!!!!!

  108. LA5 says:

    Got 4 spots left in this league for anyone that wants to enter.

    Code: 552559

  109. The Benchmark says:

    Jock after last year I’ve just only managed now to pull myself out of the slumps. Good start with 2345 but I am a hard man to please and there is room for improvement. KISS – keep it simple stupid and don’t over think

  110. David says:

    1972 with 4 to go:


    Should get 2300 at least.

  111. Boydo says:

    2158 with Shuey and Burnman (Higgins) to go? Pretty stoked! Which I put Langdon on the field instead of McDonald

  112. SCdonkey says:

    The Lions went to Tassie to battle the reigning champions Hawks.
    The Lions were ferocious early clawing their claws at the Hawks goal and drew first blood, but the Hawks clawed back and had lead at the 1st change by 5. At the 2nd quarter the Hawks spread their wings and took the battle by air dominating The Lions from above and the lead extended to 22 by Half Time.
    3rd quarter the Lions leaped high and clawed the Hawks' wings to bring the battle at the ground level, but the champions were just too strong, swooping and clawing the Lions on the ground. The Hawks were leading the battle by 25 before the final fight. At the final quarter the Lions did the best they could drawing the first blood once more, the Hawks had another ideas by picking the Lions one by one and dropping them flat on the ground, by half way of the last quarter, it was all over the Hawks soared high in the sky winning the battle by 48 points. While the Lions were left wounded and bruised on the ground.

    Rockliff was brilliant at the first quarter collecting 12 Touches, 4 Clearance and a Goal. Comes 2nd quarter and guess what ("WTF!!" to my surprise) Sammy bloody Mitchell was doing the tagging on Rocky. At this point I yelled at the top of my lungs NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! As I had Sammy bloody Mitchell as my Supercoach Captain and Rocky in my mids, double whammy or what. Hell no this can't be happening. Unfortunately it was, so the next 3 quarters I was in living in hell, thinking what just happened. Anyway enough blabbing.

    Hawks Mighty warriors
    G Brichall was good collecting (118 SC poiints) 31 Touches, 8 Marks and 5 Rebounds, J Roughead had a slow start, was good after half time with (115 SC points) 19 Touches, 5 Marks and 5 Goals to his name. L Bruesssst also booted 5 Goals, 6 Marks and 22 Touches (141 SC points). Ben McEvoy looks to be at home with the Hawks had (108 SC points) 13 Touches (11 Contested), 22 Hit-outs, 6 Marks (5 Contested) and a Goal. L Shiels (107 SC points) 21 Touches, 4 Cleanrances, 8 Tackles, 4 inside 50s, and a Goal.

    Brisbanes Bravest
    D Zorrrko was busy and had plenty of the ball (121 SC points) 28 Touches, 5 Clearances, 4 inside 50s and 4 tackles. T West (100 SC points) 12 Touches, 15 Hit-outs and 3 Goals, S Mayes (99 SC points) 19 Touches, 5 inside 50s and 2 Goals.

    My story of the night.
    Sammy Bloody Mitchell (84 SC points) 21 Touches and a Goal
    Tom Rockliff (95 SC points) 19 Touches, 5 Tackles and 3 Goals

    Though I took a gamble on S Mitchell as my Captain did not expect for these two to be locking hands and dance together. My Supercoach score still stands at 2082 and still have 2 to play tomorrow, this was a gamble that was I willing to take under the influence of my gut instinct and research I've been doing.

    • Super_Freak says:

      Nice writ up SCD. Was a little disappointed we let Hawthorn pile on the goals in Junk time. Really disappointed that Mitchell tagged Rocky. Put a massive dent in my anticipated scores.

      • SCdonkey says:

        Thanks Freak. I must say Sammy bloody Mitchell did a good job on Rocky. Rocky was very dangerous if he was let loose. Personally I think the game was won or lost if these two weren't at each other. And for those people who think Mitchell and Rocky were a spud just because they didn't score a TON!! think again, cause these two are an elite players. Take them off your team if you must but end of season you'll be the spud.

        • Super_Freak says:

          I have no intention of trading them. Still think Rocky will be Top 5 midfielder this season. He won't have the likes of Mitchell tagging him every week. Just a little concerned if Mitchell is going to tag every week, feel it may impact his scores a little.

        • Dools says:

          Agree SCdonkey, I'm more worried for McDoonald Thigh and Webter Groin but thats next week

          Love the write up mate very nice still I happy with 2104 with one to go

      • SCdonkey says:

        I do however have a concern on Sammy Bloody Mitchell, since he did a really good job on Rockliff. Ristricting Rocky to only 1 Touch on the ball all through 2nd quarter and 2 touches in the 3rd. Will this be Mitchells permanent role for the season?!?

        What are your thoughts Jock and fellas, if you boys are reading this.

  113. Rick says:

    2374 with Higgins to go.

  114. Pieman1978 says:

    2100 with Darlhaus, Higgins & Ellis to come. Flipped a coin on Dunstan or Ellis on field. Might regret that. Defence you suck. My onfield rookies averaged 79 & premos 80. Ahhhhhh

    • jockreynolds says:

      Ripoing score Pieman

      • SCdonkey says:

        I have a concern Jock
        Sammy Mitchell, since he did a really good job on Rockliff. Ristricting Rocky to only 1 Touch on the ball all through 2nd quarter and 2 touches in the 3rd. Will this be Mitchells permanent role for the season?!?

        What are your thoughts Jock?

      • Pieman1978 says:

        Owe it all to the wisdom this community brings to us. Many other great scores for the same reason. Keep up the great work lads.

    • Super_Freak says:

      Nice work Pieman. Only on 2072 with Higgins and Dahlhaus to play. Hoping Dahlhaus has a big one!

  115. Emma says:

    2011 with Higgins, Ellis and Dalhaus to come, hoping to get to 2250. Webster injury sucked as he was looking pretty good and dunstan on bench and Michie on field did no help.

    What do people think par will be?

  116. SCdonkey says:

    The Headless Dees were up against the underman Saints last night.
    It was scrappy, but interesting game to watch of who was gonna be the victor. The Dees had a flying start kicking the first two goals and lead by 5 points at the end of 1st quarter. Second quarter started to show, that the Dees were missing tall timbers at forward line only managed 10 minor scores for the quarter. The Saints booted 2 goals for the term and took the lead by 7 points. 3rd term was the highlights for the night, the Dees played with their hearts and passions making the Saints work hard all over the ground. The Saints booted 4 goals for the quarter and the Dees trying to stay in touch kicking 2 goals and gave themselves some hope for the final quarter Saints lead by 19. Final quarter the Dees kicked one early, and another in the 8 minute mark, but was not enough as Saints also kicked two at the final quarter and won the match by 17 points.

    Must have in your watch list.
    C Jones 39 Touches, 5 Clearances, 5 inside 50s and 3 Goal Assists
    L Dunstan 21 Touches, 5 Clearances and 7 Tackles
    T Hickey 14 Touches, 24 Hit-outs and 4 Clearanes
    N Reiwoldt 23 Touches, 12 Marks and 3 Goals

    N Jones 38 Touches, 9 Clearances, 7 Stoppages, 7 Tackles and 5 inside 50s
    B Vince 28 Touches, 5 Clearances, 7 inside 50s and a Goal
    T Dyson 32 Touches, 9 Marks, 5 Clearances and 5 inside 50s
    V Michie 17 Touches, 2 Clearances, and 3 inside 50s

    • zimmerbd says:

      Was so close to having N Jones in my team. Just didn't have the guts.

      • Shinboner says:

        With me, it was more along the lines of not being able to fit him into my structure. He will be immense – he's always had the talent, but has been held back by a weak team. Roos will definitely look to make him their star player.

    • lovers gonna h8 says:

      scd – your write ups are so bloody long and annoying…embarassing really. also judging by your grammar you're not native english – indian or chinese maybe? either way, please stfu

      • Super_Freak says:

        I don't get comments like yours. If you don't like the write ups, THEN DON'T READ THEM, and as for the attempted racial insult, grow up!

        SCD obviously loves his SC and footy in general as it seems he has time to watch every game, as I don't. He takes time out to post up final teams with who is vested, which is convenient for other members on the site. As I don't get time to watch every game, his summary is insightful and helpful.

        In summary, keep your immature opinions to yourself!

        • Mebois says:

          your right there superfreak,

          while scd does his research and we thank him and read his posts, we will gladly be int the top 3k,
          while you will barely mange 50k.

          thanks scd.

          • lovers gonna h8 says:

            mebois – glad you will be in top 3k by reading someone else's research….sucks that i will barely mamage 50k now though, i may as well give up (even though i am currently on 2300 with libba and higgins to play…)

            super freak – trust me, if time travel was possible i would go back and not read SCDs write up….unfortunately i will never have those precious minutes again though.

            sorry you dont like my opinion…but that does not make my opinion wrong or stop me from being able to express it.

            in summary, shove a fat one up your weenus 🙂

            p.s. im hotter than you

            pps…. poo poo


            ppps thought id extend this post seeing as you lads seem to love overly long and useless posts (reckon this will get a few likes now :))



            • BiG MaC says:

              Actually gotta agree wid this guy – some people think that the whole community wants to read 5 pages of massive long write-ups, not really what this forum is for..

              bit rude but think he got his point across.

              peace out

            • Super_Freak says:

              It's not that I don't like your opinion, everyone has one, I take offence to it being racist and immature.

              Just like you H8, SCD, myself and everyone else on this forum have the right to post their opinions and thoughts, without petty discrimination!

              I'm surprised such a self professed SC legend like yourself has time to grace these forums!

            • Blueprime says:

              I disagree with your opinion and the manner in which you express your opinion.

      • Shinboner says:

        The irony.

      • SCdonkey says:

        Sorry you feel that way H8. As for the racial comment its nothing new. It's just sad in a civilised world we live in, it stilll exists with minority such as yourself. It's a pity for a person who seems to be well educated, and judges a person by their nationality or race.

        But anyway…
        This community is not about Nationality or Race.
        Lets just leave it as that. Done and dusted, all is forgotten.

        It's all about Supercoach and Footy
        My grammar and long annoying write ups.
        If it makes everyone happy for me to just post supercoach scores and final teams or nothing at all.
        Feel free to comment.

        • Shinboner says:

          Hear, hear!

        • Dogs says:

          Keep doin what you do SCD

        • Steve says:

          I certainly appreciate your contributions Donk. No payTV for me so a small contextual game summary and list of look-for players suits & helps me so keep it up I say. Thanks.

          • Dools says:

            What the F just happened, You are aplogising to this F 'tard because you have an opinion and a keyboard.
            I like the preview and review from SCdonkey I also like the informal chat forum …What I do not appriciate is Racism…And Bigotory, I 'm not English I'm an Austrailian, Mick the Mad is a Celt not an Anglo Saxon Jock hails from Frankston…(Is that part of Austrailia) LOL or are you going to convince me he is Engerish too , What about Crouching? Mayanmar (Is that a real word ) and Higgo would you drink Charrdonnay with him at least he fits the profile for you..Mate if you is such a guru why is he here…Unfortunatly opinions are like arseholes…evryones got one

        • lovers gonna h8 says:

          Ah scd my donkey friend, don't listen to anything I wrote….you are a champ and I love your attitude.

          Keep that chin up as well as your write ups mate.

          Hope all is good with you man, you're just as aussie as anyone could be with that attitude, absolutely live it.

          Trollers gotta troll but you blew me away brother.

          • lovers gonna h8 says:

            Ps man just letting you know, I have a large group of non – white friends and its quite common for us to use race as friendly humour…that seeped onto here so hope it didnt offend. X

      • Pieman1978 says:

        H8 you have some emotional issues. This is a community forum. If you don’t want to read peoples opinions then don’t. Put your axe away & celebrate your great scoring round. Peace people

  117. Ryan says:

    1900 with Cox,Ellis and Higgins to come, Dunstan on pine…

  118. Jimmy says:

    2117 with one to play

    – clurey and mcdonold on field with langon on the bench 🙁
    – Dunsten on the bench 🙁 but every mid expect for dale thomas scored more than him. should i get him on the ground for xavier ellis? or just cop xaviers score and dont worry about dunstens 100 this week?

    overall pretty happy but i need to do a few changes i think ..


  119. Dale says:

    Mid price strategy anyone??? Midfield guns average: ~130, rookies= 109, mid= 70. It’s guns n rookies guys, although the team posts almost fooled us all!!!

    • Dale says:

      It’s more realistic to say that the rookies range is simply 250 k and below so less guns and more rookies required.

    • Super_Freak says:

      Not too sure about your figures Dale. My main Midfield midpricer has gone pretty well, Shiels 108. MacCrae & Dahlhaus still to play, even though I dont have MacCrae, both look promising. Wright and Caddy up forward scored in the 80's and look to keep improving.

      Also, Tyson 111, Beams 136, although Beams is almost premium price and Tyson almost Rookie price.

      Swallow smashed it in defence, and I am kicking myself for trading him out. Webster and Pittard have dissapointed though.

      • Shinboner says:

        Pittard was a panic trade for me when Broadbent was named the sub. The latter almost eclipsed Pittard's score in just one quarter.

        • Super_Freak says:

          At this stage my only real corrective trade will be getting Swallow in to the backine before R3. If he goes off again next week, his price will go up and make it more difficult. May have to downtrade webster and uptrade Pittard. Langford looked pretty good, and if Langdon goes well next week I'd be happy to have him on the field.

          • Shinboner says:

            The last-ditch downgrade to Pittard leaves me with enough cash to go straight to Swallow in one trade. I still believe Broadbent can average more across the season, but him being a vest risk was a variable I hadn't even considered until now.

      • Dale says:

        Yes I am considering beams as primo and Tyson as a rookie, but my hopes are on Dahlhouse after ordinary scores from savage, thomas, Caddy and Webster, still only week one though.

        • Super_Freak says:

          I have Webster & Caddy. Watched his game and reckon he will improve. Went hard all night, got booted in the head for his trouble. Gifted a goal to a team mate in the last which probably would have got him close to the ton. Not sure on Webster though, his injury may make my decision to upgrade him to Swallow much easier.

          • Dale says:

            Swallow-exactly what I was thinking, or Laidler if the cash is needed to put out any other fires.

  120. @klavo25 says:

    2130 with Libba & Higgins to go

    Hoping for libba to get around 120 & Higgins 100 to kick me up to the 2350 mark which sounds average for this round.

    Had Watto in my team all year but swapped him for libba friday arvo so i could get currie so that hurt.

    Made the mistake of having a few frothies before the Dees game and taking Dunstan off the ground for Michie..

    And only have 1 player in my defence to crack the ton which was Langdon who was sitting on the pine.

    Room for improvement!

  121. Shinboner says:

    2033 with Libba and Macrae to go. The defence absolutely butchered my score, with only Langford and Enright posting satisfactory scores. Definitely a round to forget.

    • Super_Freak says:

      Sounds like me Shinboner. 2072 with Dahlhaus and Higgins still to play. Defence smacked me around too!

      • Mebois says:

        i have 2149 with libba to play, hoping i can get 2300 but doubt it.

        my defence wasn't to bad, mitchell 84, enright 97, swallow 135, b. smith 78, lmac 48, langdon 111.

        the weak links was my fwds: danger 107, franklin 53, titchell 93, gunston 89, caddy 81, mcdonough 45.

        • Shinboner says:

          It was a tale of two sides for me. The research I did helped me steer well clear of Buddy, under the premise he wouldn't fire on all cylinders and that there was better value to be found – in this case, Chappy. Unfortunately I missed out on Swallow, thinking he'd be fools gold this year.

  122. skindog says:

    2062 with Ellis and Higgins to come, a little average, think there might be some corrective trades coming this week!!!

  123. Jimmy says:

    What happened to the hard tackling,highly efficient Redden, put him in over Shuey probs made an error there

    • Jimmy says:

      2002 with Ellis,McCrae and Higgins to play, not very happy, defenders were a massive let down.

    • Dave says:

      I had him too mate and watched him closely.
      His tackling was great but Leppa played him forward a fair bit.
      I’m gonna trade him out as I can’t see him averaging 100+ if he
      Plays forward

      • Jimmy says:

        Don’t really see any sense in Leppa’s positioning. Using his best player as a tagger just seems idiotic. I’ve got $200k in the bank and an early corrective trade is no biggy.

    • Super_Freak says:

      Redden is a great player, but will never be SC gold. He will churn out consistent 80-110 scores, a bit like Enright, but he doesn't really play the role to be a great SC scorer.

  124. Danners16 says:

    Hey fellas, I was on track for a big score (about 2400 maybe) then some players have let me down to be at 1949 off 19 Capt played. Thinking of trading V.Michie for D.Tyson and L.Franklin to a premium that is cheaper. Thoughts?

    • Shinboner says:

      Back yourself in. You made the decision to bring Buddy in on the back of your own research – try not to let one game change that. Michie will come good, do you think there's another way of bringing Tyson into your side?

      • Rocksta says:

        Shinboner, I hope you're right about Michie but quite frankly, I can't see it.
        It's not that he had a bad game, it's the nature of his play ……… Soft.
        Tyson looked a much better player than Michie ( even if he is slow). Quite frankly, I don't understand why everybody has high expectations on Michie. He played one solitary afl game before last night.
        Not having a go, but I don't think he is going to be much.

        • Shinboner says:

          Yeah I get where you're coming from, Rocksta. Never had Michie in my team personally – was never convinced by him.

    • Rocksta says:

      I'd stick with Buddy but from what I saw last night, Tyson is a much better player than Michie.
      Michie is soft and doesn't like the hardball. Quite frankly, if he keeps that up I can see him being dropped in a few weeks.

      • Danners16 says:

        Yeah I think that Tyson has had more AFL experience than Michie so that is why I'm trading him

  125. Captain joc says:


    Got Higgins and libba left hoping for libba to ton up n Higgins to get about 70 odd

    • Grufflez says:

      Reckon Higgins could go more if he doesn't get vested and plays the whole game

      I'm looking for a 85-90 from him tbh

  126. Eagle says:

    1884 with Shuey Cox Ellis and Higgins to play with 203 k for upgrades (Daisy to Jobe? depending)
    Have Laidler 95, Langdon 111, Dunstan100 Hickey 98 on the Bench :o(
    Cant be unhappy with this 2014 initial team.
    Best last minute moves were Suckling, Webster Out and Shiels IN
    Need Mcveigh and Mitchell to bounce back!!!!!!
    Best of Luck for the year SC's

    • Pieman1978 says:

      Good last minute moves eagle. If your not sure on someone give them another week. Trades are gold. No price changes for a few weeks so analyse.

  127. Dogs says:

    With last minute trading of rookies after team announcements and last minute decision to go Langford instead of Webster I'm left with $270k after my round 1 team has played. Enough cash to leave me with 2 options.
    1 trade out Thomas and bring in a Watson or other premium , or
    2 upgrade suckling to swallow, as well as upgrade Thomas to treloar

    What are people's thoughts , I'm very tempted by option 2 , but can treloar back up his round 1 efforts

    • Jerry says:

      I think second option based on week 1 form. Swallow and Trelor look set for big years, and will earn you team cash. Watson is awesome, for me it would be between him and Selwood for my first mid field upgrade in the bye rounds.

    • medadsson says:

      Option 2

    • Dogs says:

      Option 3 ….or too much thinking
      Suckling to swallow, Thomas to Tyson , leaving me the spare cash to have a look at some good forwards and before R3 trade Rohan up to a forward up to the value of $450k . Unless I'm hit by injury in between .

      Split round R1 sucks balls, all the players I'm tlooking to get back in with corrective trades were in my squad at one time or another , but moved out with so much talk of unavailble cheap rookies, then all the rookies are suddenly named and my planning goes out the window

  128. Jerry says:

    What is the go with Webster? I can't find any info on his injury. Anyone know?

  129. Matt says:

    1921 with Liberatore, Dahlhaus and Higgins left to play. A bit disappointed in a few players, but altogether not too bad.

  130. Give It A Go says:

    2256 Final Score, there where some big scores this week, does anyone know what happened to Webster?

    Looking to trade Thomas, could down grade to Tyson (save cash) or up grade to Trelor, what s your thoughts?

    Community, who do you think played the best defender this round?

    Point's of view.


    • rhino says:

      Webster got subbed out at three quarter time with a groin injury, mate.

  131. jayjtee says:

    1979 with Libba, Ellis & burnman Higgins to go

  132. Brad says:

    1973 with dahlaus and Ellis to play. Not happy with midfield bunch, only 3 over 100 with j.p Kennedy under performing and had dunstan on the bench and Michie on :/
    Really happy with forwards :). Danger wingard Mitchell zorko caddy with Dahlaus to play
    Rucks good with Pyle and sandi but no rookies played 🙁 anyone know if their is a chance for a rookie ruck to play early on.
    Had mcveigh and Mitchell in the back line who I was disappointed with, but I believe they will definitely get better.

    Also traded suckling out last minute for Langford which was a good move to set up next week with $200000 so I can possibly trade out dan cross and dale Thomas for treloar and either Matt Thomas or Dom Tyson then next week trade out a rookie in the back line and get David swallow (if he has another good one) and look to get Langdon in for clurey!

    • canman1306 says:

      Don't Know Why you Picked Dan Cross in the first Place but I would Trade him and Thomas and Grab Ablett/Pendles and Tyson in

      • Brad says:

        Have got ablett, cross was a shaky move! I kinda went off his nab cup form which was pretty good but now I look at it their were much better options such as treloar! That I actually did have a really good look at, next week I'll be contesting for around 2250 if my premos perform and make changes to cross and dale Thomas!

  133. Eagle says:

    When Laidler and Langdon were named on the field they had to be selected!

  134. Worth trading out Hanley for Swallow and upgrading Dal Santo as an corrective trade or just leave the lines alone?

    • Shinboner says:

      Hanley will be a top six averaging defender this season. Can you try and fit Swallow into your side elsewhere? North will rebound and the performances of our entire midfield will improve across the board. Keep both.

  135. dawgy says:

    libba or priddis ???

    • Shinboner says:

      Libba. Tackling and contested footy machine. Could crack 110 with 20 disposals, with the number of tackles he lays on his opponents. Priddis is consistent but very handball happy.

  136. Darby says:

    1865 with 6 left to play, Selwood as captain..

  137. Darby says:

    Make that 2304 with Ellis left to play…

    Team as named
    DEF: L.Hodge D.Swallow R.Shaw L.McDonald J.Laidler W.Langford

    MID: Ablett J.Selwood swanny cotchin Murphy beams polec Ellis

    Rucks:B.Grundy Sandilands

    FWDS: Danger Roughead Zorko Caddy Daniher J K-H

  138. Darby says:

    And also should I upgrade Daniher to Chappy?? And maybe J K-H for Patton?? Any thoughts

    • Pieman1978 says:

      Chappy will be managed through the season. The aim is 16 games for him. It’s been well documented. If you have quality cover then maybe. But not for me, dodgy hammys. He’s a finals player when SC has finished.

  139. taylorwoof says:

    I'm bloody bored out of my brain waiting for this ridiculously scheduled 7.40PM game, so thought i'd add my current position here.

    Sitting on 2079 with X.Ellis and Higgins to play. If i can hit 2200 i'll be happy.

    My final side is:

    DEF: McVeigh, Mitchell, Hanley, Laidler, Langford, Clurey – Langdon, McDonald

    MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Watson, D.Beams, M.Murphy, Tyson, Polec, Ellis – Dunston, Aish

    RUCK: Sandilands, McIntosh – Hickey, M.King

    FWD: Dangerfield, D.Martin, Franklin, Caddy, Higgins, Rohan – JHK, Impey

    * Happy that i've nailed most of the rookies (i believe), yet played a few of the wrong ones…but will adjust that in Rnd 2.
    * Over the moon with Rnd 1 scores for all my mids
    * Decided to go with the 3-man weave in the rucking department. It was a late decision once there were no Currie/Thurlow named Round 1. My thinking, Sandi in soooo many sides…if he goes down then i'm in the sh!tter. So far, so good….all scored 80+. …..but plenty of water to go under the bridge.

    Regrets from Round 1????

    I've decided to have no regrets. I initially had Griffen in my midfield most of the pre season, then once he missed the early NAB's i decided to swap him for Barlow. Barlow dominated against Collingwood….but what did i decide to do? I slotted Griffen back in once i heard some talk he may get up….I was spewing….it frustrated me for days….(especially with the bloody split round!!!) …then come the second half of the Round…Griffen doesn't get selected…and i wanted a Bye wk 2 or 3 mid fielder… main choices were Jobe or Rocky….i went with Jobe and the rest is history. So i've found….don't get upset with your decisions….as it's funny how things can change within the space of one week. Best of luck to everyone for this WCE v Dogs game!!! ….finally 7pm…for some pre game coverage.

  140. SCdonkey says:

    Final Team
    B Jamie Bennell, Darren Glass, Mitchell Brown
    HB Shannon Hurn, Eric Mackenzie, Elliot Yeo
    C Matt Rosa, Matt Priddis, Andrew Gaff
    HF Sharrod Wellingham, Josh Kennedy, Chris Masten
    F Mark LeCras, Jack Darling, Nic Naitanui
    FOL Dean Cox, Scott Selwood, Luke Shuey
    I/C Jamie Cripps, Xavier Ellis, Callum Sinclair
    SUB Dom Sheed

    MILESTONES: Eric Mackenzie – Playing 100th game

    B Liam Picken, Jordan Roughead, Easton Wood
    HB Jason Johannisen, Dale Morris, Robert Murphy
    C Mitch Wallis, Adam Cooney, Koby Stevens
    HF Luke Dahlhaus, Stewart Crameri, Tory Dickson
    F Lachie Hunter, Jake Stringer, Tom Campbell
    FOL Will Minson, Matthew Boyd, Tom Liberatore
    I/C Shaun Higgins, Jack Macrae, Brett Goodes
    SUB Daniel Giansiracusa

    MILESTONES: Robert Murphy – Playing 250th game

    • lovers gonna h8 says:

      thanks scd – you got any blokes playing this match?

      i have higgins and libba, higgins going well so far !

      fingers crossed he keeps it up

  141. Cam says:

    Is it just me or did it only take one half of football for Higgins to get injured again?
    Now what was it that Jock said about Higgins?…

  142. SCdonkey says:

    Shaun Higgins coming off groggy just minutes before half time.
    Copped a knee on the head from Nicnat at a mark contest.

    West Coast
    24 Matt Rosa 74
    10 Scott Selwood 70
    2 Mark LeCras 67
    20 Dean Cox 60
    11 Matt Priddis 59
    3 Andrew Gaff 48
    16 Eric Mackenzie 47
    27 Jack Darling 47
    25 Shannon Hurn 44
    15 Jamie Cripps 43
    13 Luke Shuey 39
    12 Sharrod Wellingham 39
    18 Xavier Ellis 38
    9 Nic Naitanui 32
    23 Darren Glass 31
    44 Jamie Bennell 29
    6 Elliot Yeo 28
    22 Callum Sinclair 27
    7 Chris Masten 25
    17 Josh Kennedy 23
    1 Mitchell Brown 20
    4 Dom Sheed 0 (SUB)

    Western Bulldogs
    42 Liam Picken 52
    5 Matthew Boyd 51
    11 Jack Macrae 49
    2 Robert Murphy 47
    26 Lachie Hunter 45
    23 Jordan Roughead 43
    8 Stewart Crameri 39
    6 Luke Dahlhaus 36
    21 Tom Liberatore 36
    29 Tory Dickson 36
    17 Adam Cooney 33
    7 Shaun Higgins 33
    25 Koby Stevens 30
    9 Jake Stringer 28
    10 Easton Wood 26
    27 Will Minson 26
    3 Mitch Wallis 23
    44 Brett Goodes 19
    39 Jason Johannisen 18
    45 Tom Campbell 17
    38 Dale Morris 15
    13 Daniel Giansiracusa 0 (SUB)

  143. SCdonkey says:

    He was in the hands of the trainers, he copped a knee on the back of his head. No words yet on how serious it is.

  144. SCdonkey says:

    Giansiracusa is on field for Higgins. While Higgins having a concussion test done.

    Higgins is back on.

  145. Maenads says:

    He burn man

  146. cyril is the man says:

    do something Libba and Ellis……

  147. lostlarrikin says:

    Cmon Libba! Lift!!!

    West Coast

    2 Mark LeCras 104
    24 Matt Rosa 96
    20 Dean Cox 89
    10 Scott Selwood 84
    25 Shannon Hurn 83
    3 Andrew Gaff 78
    11 Matt Priddis 78
    16 Eric Mackenzie 74
    27 Jack Darling 68
    13 Luke Shuey 66
    23 Darren Glass 62
    12 Sharrod Wellingham 58
    6 Elliot Yeo 57
    15 Jamie Cripps 53
    18 Xavier Ellis 52
    44 Jamie Bennell 47
    9 Nic Naitanui 44
    22 Callum Sinclair 40
    17 Josh Kennedy 40
    7 Chris Masten 31
    1 Mitchell Brown 31
    4 Dom Sheed 0 (SUB)

    Western Bulldogs

    5 Matthew Boyd 79
    2 Robert Murphy 74
    11 Jack Macrae 73
    42 Liam Picken 72
    26 Lachie Hunter 68
    6 Luke Dahlhaus 64
    23 Jordan Roughead 59
    8 Stewart Crameri 58
    21 Tom Liberatore 56
    17 Adam Cooney 55
    25 Koby Stevens 50
    7 Shaun Higgins 49
    27 Will Minson 44
    3 Mitch Wallis 43
    29 Tory Dickson 43 (SUBBED OFF)
    9 Jake Stringer 41
    10 Easton Wood 32
    39 Jason Johannisen 28
    44 Brett Goodes 27
    45 Tom Campbell 26
    38 Dale Morris 20
    13 Daniel Giansiracusa 9

  148. Shinboner says:

    Libba not where I'd like him to be, but Macrae is more than making up for the deficit!

  149. Jai says:

    Jock mate I cant handle this. What time is the podcast going up tonight?

  150. Maenads says:

    Dont rush the show , studious of flapping tarp. we need a steadier team. a warm nice quiche for my footy buds.

  151. Avzmo says:

    I had talked up Macrae in previous threads and told everyone who was playing Daisy that Macrae would destroy him, I assume most people had Daisy over Macrae and they suffered for it.

    Finished on 2238 which is average, hoped for a bit more.

  152. @klavo25 says:

    2279 not happy with it.. The wkend started off so well

  153. Michael says:

    Finished with 2133, probably about 150 under par.

    Decisions that were key:
    Played Cameron instead of Langdon – loss of 61 points
    Played Thomas instead of Dunstan – loss of 38 points
    Had Beams as captain instead of GAJ – loss of 8 points

    So potential score with best 22 was 2240, just under par.

    Can't complain too much, it's only R1 so just warming up. Key thing is to not panic! Trust your setup, hold trades until R2 finishes and then only corrective trade rookies. Remember, it's a long season & while your premos may not fire right now, there's a reason you picked 'em! I panicked last year and ran out of trades with 4 rounds to go – went from around 250th to just under the 1000!

    • Dogs says:

      I had 2163, only 68 points lost to bench players if I had of swapped Langdon on for McDonald , and Ellis over michie.

  154. sammyd says:

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