Flesh for Fantasy – Round 1, Part 2

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flesh-for-fantasy-150x150G’day community,

Hope you all faired well in the first week of this ridiculous split round rubbish. We all watched as Sandilands backed up his NAB Challenge form with a handy 127, while mediocre efforts from Dale Thomas and Lance Franklin has caused many headaches amongst the community.

With the rest of round 1 to be completed this weekend, many sides are already locked in. However, there are still some positions up for grabs and this week’s Flesh for Fantasy is here to help you cement those last couple of spots.

So lets begin.


Jack Redden (BRIS) MID – $528,400 SC

  • Next 5 games: HAW (A), GEE (H), GCS (A), PORT (A), RICH (H)
  • 2013 Average: 97

On the back of a solid pre-season, Jack Redden brings himself into contention as a potential M3/M4 option. Many will have their midfields locked away, considering Murphy, Beams, Thomas have already played. However, if you’re looking for a midfield option with a difference, Jack Redden could be the man.

In his 2 games this pre-season, Jack has scored 140 (26 touches, 10 tackles, 2 goals v GCS) and 104. Prior to 2013, he managed 2 consecutive seasons of 100+ average. He is a tackling machine, averaging nearly 7 a game. Not only that, he is rated by Champion Data as an “above average” for kicking efficiency and tend to score goals when he kicks the ball inside 50 more times than not. A POD selection, he is due for a breakout year and is the type of player whose numbers satisfy those at Champion Data. Definitely one to consider if you’re tossing up that M3/M4 spot.

Jackson Macrae (WBD) MID – $331,100 SC

  • Next 5 games: WCE (A), NM (H), RICH (H), GWS (A), CARL (H)
  • 2013 Average: 61

With all the talk RE Libba’s form this pre-season, there is one player that has gone under the radar, but has been just as damaging. Jackson Macrae is showing no signs of second year blues and is looking bloody good. While he did struggle at times last year, once he found his feet, he started to turn out results – collecting 20+ touches in 7 of 8 matches between rounds 8-17 (via Champion Data). He has been eating and lifting himself silly and is now built to have an impact at AFL level.

His pre-season, as mentioned, has been sensational. Scores of 106 (27 touches v St Kilda), 123 (30 touches, 10 marks v Fremantle) and 128 v Carlton has many around the kennel bullish about his prospects. Macrae will be well down the tagging pecking order, with Griffin and Libba ahead of him. This could see him off the leash as an outside mid. Many will be stuck with Daisy, and if Macrae shows serious form in early rounds, I will be contemplating going Daisy to Macrae before price changes.

Paddy Ryder (ESS) RUCK – $486,400 SC

  • Next 5 games: NM (A), HAW (H), CARL (H), FRE (A), STK (H)
  • 2013 Average: 90

Circumstances surrounding Essendon’s ruck situation has brought Patty Ryder into contention for that R1 spot. Before you gun me down about Paddy, hear me out. His pre-season has been very good, scoring 139 (12 touches, 32 HOs 1 goal v GCS), 75 (10 touches, 14 HOs and 4 tackles v Port) and 112 v Richmond. He has basically gone at this pre-season alone, with Fraser Thurlow providing a chop out as the 2nd ruck. Bomber Thompson has said Joe Daniher will be spending a bit of time in the ruck, so expecting much the same against North Melbourne.

A bit cheaper than most rucks, Ryder is definitely one to consider going on his pre-season form. He has shown in past years the capability to score points, averaging 100+ in 2012. It is a ballsy selection, but with Bellchambers still a little while away, Ryder could very well blossom as the main ruck and having Daniher chipping in with the odd shift.

Jimmy Webster (STK) DEF – $240,800 SC

  • Next 5 games: MELB (H), GWS (H), WCE (A), ADEL (H), ESS (A)
  • 2013 Average: 45

A beautiful kick and one to set up the play from HB, Webster showed bits and pieces last season – particularly an ability to score from points from fewer touches. This pre-season he has started to show a bit more, scoring 93 against the Western Bulldogs in the wet with just 11 touches and 90 against GWS with 21 touches. Webster doesn’t need a lot of the ball to score.

We’re fortunate that Suckling is yet to play because we are now afforded time to decide between Suckling and Webster. Suckling has the runs on the board, but Webster is not coming off a knee. I can see Webster making $150k while scoring well on a consistent basis. Webster + $70k over Suckling for mine.


Nic Naitanui (WCE) RUCK – $518,800 SC

  • Next 5 games: WBD (H), MELB (A), STK (H), GEE (A), PORT (H)
  • 2013 Average: 96

YET. Nic Nat is one of the undisputed heavyweights of SuperCoach. Many don’t score like Nic Nat. He has the ability to score 100s with little impact on the stat sheet. However, he is coming from a long way back and when the letters OP is lingering around, it can be dangerous territory. He was originally a lock in my SC side, but now I’m having second thoughts.

Nic has had 2 games this pre-season and looks set to play round 1. Personally, I would hold off and wait for Nic Nat to work his way into the season. By the time he hits his straps and begins pumping out 100+ scores, Nic could be at a nice discounted price. But for now, while there is some uncertainty, I would strongly consider other options. You could also take the 70-80 scores now from your R1, especially with Sandi pumping out 100+ scores and save the trade. Up to you, but if you’re going from overall win, I don’t think you can start with Nic Nat.


Much like last week, here are the best averages from the rest of the NAB Challenge:

  • Jack Redden (BRIS) 123
  • Luke Dahlhaus (WBD) 121
  • Tom Liberatore (WBD) 119
  • Jackson Macrae (WBD) 119
  • Koby Stevens (WBD)/Scott Thompson (ADEL) 118
  • Tom Rockliff (BRIS) 116
  • Liam Shiels (HAW) 115
  • JarrydRoughead (HAW) 114
  • Sam Mitchell (HAW) 113
  • Bernie Vince (MELB)/Matthew Wright (ADEL) 111


It’s back. Thank you for your questions this week. Remember, you can tweet in to @Mr_Crimmins and your question could feature in Flesh for Fantasy. Here are the burning questions of the round.


Question 1

ANSWER: Great question. There is world floating around that North are seriously considering bringing in Dan Currie to play as R2. We’ve seen with McIntosh/Goldy that Goldstein doesn’t like playing with another ruck – he needs to ruck alone. I think early on sides won’t go with 2 rucks, but as they figure out their gameplan around the interchange caps, I suspect teams will bring in an R2 and then sub them out late in game for a runner. I think it could have an impact on Goldy, but for Minson, I don’t think the Dogs will play an R2.

 Question 2

ANSWER: Not yet for mine. He played in NAB Challenge 2, but struggled through 30 minutes. Reckon it’ll take time for McIntosh to build his match fitness and will probably be sub candidate in the early rounds, allowing Blicavs to ruck. However, down the track if he starts showing a bit he could be worth looking at. But for now, I’d avoid.

Question 3

ANSWER: There’s a few options worth looking at. Will depend on who is selected, of course. Eli Templeton is one to consider, but has low security – worried he’ll be prime sub-candidate. Mitch Honeychurch has big wraps, but not sure if he’ll be selected. Lewis Taylor from Brisbane also worth considering. But again, all depends on who is selected. Otherwise if you’re M9 played, might be worth keeping him.

Question 4

ANSWER: The relationship will depend on Nic Nat. Early on (going on NAB Challenge) I suspect Cox will do a bulk of the ruck work and Nic Nat play as a rover. But as Nic Nat gains match fitness, Cox will move to forward line and pinch-hit, while Nic Nat will take a bulk of the ruck. This is why I believe it may be worth waiting to get Nic Nat in. Could decrease in value and be ready for big scores at a discount price.

Question 5

ANSWER: I think both are still relevant. If Mick stops trying to Kreuzer into a pinch-hitting forward and allows him to roam around the ground as a ruck, I reckon he could be a handy SuperCoach option. Franklin I’m willing to give him a bit of time because his good is so good, but his form on the weekend was a concern. Give both time, but if they keep this up, will become irrelevant quickly.

Good luck this weekend community. Send any last minute questions you may have to @Mr_Crimmins.

Mr Crimmins.


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  1. Nathan says:

    Thoughts on Joel Selwood this week? I know all the concerns about not having much game time in the pre season. Is it worth taking the risk? Knowing how good Selwood is?

  2. Jono says:

    B. Martin & Vince OR Georgiou & Shuey

    Considering Martin over Georgiou due to his higher job security and also thinking vince could average well in early rounds. Thoughts from the community would be much appreciated!

    • Morse says:

      Jono, if you can stretch another $60K go Priddis instead of Shuey.
      Shuey has plenty of potential and could be a great scorer but Priddiis simply does not have a bad game. Great user of the ball and almost never goes under 90 points.
      Take out the 5 points in round 5 last season due to injury in the first 5 minutes, Priddis averaged 106 and this will grow again this year. He scores 100+ 70% of the time and 90+ more than 80% of the time so he is a lock in my team.
      He doesn't get the 130 and 140+ scores the likes of Pendles and GAZ do but he is ever reliable and won't let you down.

      • Jono says:

        Thanks mate, you've made it pretty convincing. I'll strongly consider. What are your thoughts on B. Martin over Georgiou?

  3. mike says:

    Matty Crouch as third emergency for Adelaide
    … keep him on bench or trade for another rookie?

  4. Billy says:

    Hey guys Watson or Libba?

  5. SCdonkey says:

    Suprisingly Mr Crimmins none of you boys ever mentioned J Macrae during NAB Challenge, L Hunter too is worth considering, I'm no Dogs fan but those boys has been impressive. Specially J Macrae Libba like hard at the ball and has BULK up during the off season.

    • Super_Freak says:

      Yeah, tossing up between him and Shiels. It's a tough one. Not sure if Liels will tag or get let off the leash.

      • GeneralSoreness says:

        Langford named as rover, appears he may have Shiels job.

        • Super_Freak says:

          Thanks GS, that's what I wanted to hear. Reckon they will both have good seasons.

          • GeneralSoreness says:

            Shiels could have massive breakout year, still dont have the plums to pick him though, but definitely on my radar.

  6. Wattsieesq says:

    I saw on Fox Footy that Will Langford was named on a wing. I can't see it announced on the AFL website nor on the hawks website but if he is in, I've got him locked.

  7. Wattsieesq says:

    Wanganeen was upgraded from the rookie list for Brendon Whitecross. Fox Footy named him on a long Hawks bench but I suspect he'll go the way of Matt Crouch.

  8. The Captain says:

    Terrific piece Mr Crimmo, and timely for my conundrum at hand. I've got $580k in the bank and need to finalise my last position – R1. I currently have Sandy as my R2 and with 580 clams can afford the following:

    Coxy, Luey, NicNat, Jacobs or Big Boy – and now even Patty Ryder.

    I recently read your analysis on McEvoy – do you still feel the same way after his NAB cup and is he worthy?

    I'm torn like a cooked chook and can't decide on who to bring in as R1.

    Would really appreciate your sound advice?

  9. David says:

    My SC season is over!
    Can't get into my profile at all from my desktop or I-pad.
    SC site keep looping and not actually loading the page of my team.
    So it know I'm registered and logged in but will not let me play anymore f**king had enough of this BS this year.
    Good luck to everyone else hope you do well.

    • SCdonkey says:

      Had the same problem last week, 4 hours later everything was fine again.

      • NutSack says:

        yeh its more fcked than a broken c0ckshaft.

        When it happens to me after I have logged in and it goes to autoloop i just type super in the address bar and then select supercoach.com.au from the drop down and it goes straight to my page already logged in.

        sick of these fu3king pages trying to redirect- it is so common now and all about phishing for some extra advertising and NOT about providing a service. for godssake SC- lift your game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

        • Dustbin Feltchers says:

          try google chrome buddy…when internet explorer shits itself i try google chrome or mozilla…

    • Daniel says:

      try logging in using the little login icon in the top left of the main supercoach screen, don't use the big LOGIN, REGISTER icons.

  10. SCdonkey says:

    Thursday, March 20

    Geelong v Adelaide at Simonds Stadium, 7.10pm

    Geelong: George Horlin-Smith replaced in selected side by Dawson Simpson
    Adelaide: Nil

    Geelong: Hamish McIntosh, Josh Caddy, Mathew Stokes
    Substitute: Mark Blicavs
    Adelaide: Lewis Johnston, David Mackay, Mitch Grigg
    Substitute: Jarryd Lyons

    M Crouch not playing.

  11. GeneralSoreness says:

    Merrett, Ambrose and Gleeson all named for Essendon.

  12. GeneralSoreness says:

    Aish, Close and Taylor all named for Lions, Robertson Emg.

  13. Morse says:

    Boys, anyone considering Matt wright for Adelaide?
    He's $384K and Brenton Sanderson confirms he will play midfield more this season, no need for him up forward with Betts and Pods there.
    I can see him averaging 100+ easily but he is priced to average 69.
    Anyone else got the balls to run with him?

  14. dannyyboyy says:

    caddy or wright. had wright for a while but i see the importance of caddy for the cats this year. tough. and gettin close to crunch time. thinkin about a last minute switcheroo

  15. Matt says:

    Thursday night = stress night yet again.

    With Langford being named on the ball, im considering downgrading Hodge to him and then upgrading Matt Crouch to a premium like Luke Shuey, or even Jackson McRae or Bernie Vince.

    Otherwise I could just trade Crouch for Lewis Taylor.

    Would love some peoples' thoughts!

    • GeneralSoreness says:

      lots of mid rookies as downgrade targets, cant say the same in Def, so for me that means keep strong defence and sideways Crouch to Taylor.

    • dannyyboyy says:

      i think that like last year there is a lot of money to be made in the mids. im running with 5 premos and 5 rookies if u count dom tyson. i think that is the right mix to get good cash generation for the year. make sure u dont go to weak in your back line (or forward line) is my advice

  16. Swans2014 says:

    Matt Wright or Josh Caddy!!!!!!!!!! Need some help

    • dannyyboyy says:

      mate im the bloddy same i just swapped caddy in after having wright in for weeks now. dunno if its the right call tho. im stumped.

    • GeneralSoreness says:

      Both good selections, go with your instincts / research.

  17. Leon says:

    rucks, I have my R4 as non playing max king which was great until all the teams have refused to name the bloody cheap ruckman. Who should I pick in the under 150k for R3. Currie, who seems to never get a go or the forgotten thurlow? Or go cheap and deal with the rucks down the track?

    • GeneralSoreness says:

      Thurlow still on the rookie list and Ambrose upgraded today pretty much closes that door unless there is another LT injury. Currie named emergency again but more chance given he is acutally on the list.

      • Leon says:

        anyone else I can stick in there so I don't need to do a fix up trade later on? Thanks on the thurlow

        • GeneralSoreness says:

          Really just a choice between Currie and Ceglar (dearer option) both named emergencies, no other options without downgrading a premo to Hickey and upgrading a Currie to H Mac, but they come with just as much risk as having two bench donuts.

      • Lach says:

        So if thurlow is still on the rookie list, should I trade in king as I already have curry? Thanks 4 u thoughts

  18. Billy says:

    So there hasn't been 1 rookie ruck this round wow.

  19. Billy says:

    Wow Lewis Taylor names. Should we consider him?

  20. G Ablett 3 Votes says:

    Should i trade out either L. Dunstan, X. Ellis and/or S. Higgins to get L. Taylor and/or M. Honeychurch in or stick with the first 3 options?

  21. Wattsieesq says:

    Blicavs with the vest. Ouch

  22. Pete says:

    Hi Community – Viv Michie or Xavier Ellis? Don't have room for both… appreciate your thoughts

    • Pete says:

      …Viv named on the bench, Ellis on the field, but I'm more interested in who has better JS and will generate more cash

      • Daniel says:

        don't reckon viv will get vest, jkh or georgiou will. So I'd go Viv, Ellis an inj risk, altho I have both.

  23. Mebois says:

    hi guys, cant really decide:

    OPTION 1: M4: Redden/Dal Santo, F4: Dalhaus, D5: Webster

    OPTION 2: M3: Libba, F4: Gunston, D7: Langford

    • Wattsieesq says:

      Option 2 for me

      • Mebois says:

        i thought i was the safer option myself, thanks.

        • Wattsieesq says:

          1 would have more risk for me. I think Libba is a gun, Gunston is in the same boat as Dalhaus and Langford is a cheaper rookie option who will make money quicker than Webster. That's my logic for the suggestion.

  24. Mebois says:

    this has created a problem for me:

    libba or priddis

  25. canman1306 says:

    Hey I can't Decide on This!

    Option 1: D4: Suckling D5: Webster D6: McDonald Cash:14K

    Option 2: D4 Webster D5 Mcdonald D6: Langford Cash: 202K

    Option 3: D4 Suckling D5 Mcdonald D6: Langford Cash:131K

    • Tom says:

      Same predicament!!! Liking option 2 or 3 and the saving of cash for nice upgrade

      • canman1306 says:

        It is very hard to Decide out of Webster 70K and Suckling for D4 I think if it was for D5 It would Be Webster everyday of the Week but as D4 I don't Know if we should be doing that.
        But the Thing I like about Webster was what Crimmo Said he doesn't need many Disposals to Score Big

        • Daniel says:

          Option 1 – I've gone both webslinger D5 and Suckers D4 coz want to upgrade both to fallen prems like mcveigh and hopefully bartel (not as soon as I'd like after tonight tho!) Also got Langers D6 and Old Mac on the bench.

          • canman1306 says:

            Thinking I will go Option 3 and Use the Spare Cash for Corrective Trades
            Langford will easily Gain A lot of Money and looks to have good JS If he Averages say 70 he can hopefully get up near the 300K mark before the byes.
            Also I will Upgrade Geogiou to KK When KK is on the Bubble

  26. Morse says:

    All my research this year pointed to wright as a pod and a potential to ave 100+ but I just couldn't fit him in and he had had 71 at 3/4 time.
    Will have to bring him in round 3

    • rhino says:

      Not sure on him, had 31 touches for 87 points, doesn't use the ball well.

      • Shinboner says:

        Fair point. It's not everyday you get your hands on the pill 31 times.

      • throttlefinger says:

        No one used the ball well for the Crows. Liked his effort and I can see him breaking ton with relative ease against a less formidable opponent.

        • Super_Freak says:

          Agree TF. Reckon Wright is a good pick. Have him and Caddy, reckon they'll both keep improving.

          • throttlefinger says:

            Me too. Wasn't disappointed. Do hope that is the bar.

            If both Wright and Caddy can make that the baseline and hit ton at least 2x before round 8, I will deem the experiment a success.

            • crowls says:

              Throttle you and me both mate. also good potential for one of them to go on a run. doesnt help with teammate kicks you in the head though.

              • throttlefinger says:

                Hahaha. A flying leg sweep too, Crowls. Thought he bounced back nicely. Didn't let it rattle him. Agree both have the potential for a run. And with either team, they'll never be tagged. Fingers crossed.

                • Super_Freak says:

                  Caddy gifted at least one goal to a team mate which would have bumped his score up if he slotted it himself. Wright is a ball magnet, and if he can get his DE up a bit his scores will go through the roof.

                  My Midprice gamble is paying off so far with the exception of Pittard, willing to wait him out at least another week though.

                  Swallow was my biggest regret, downgraded Titch to upgrade him to McVeigh. I'm sure McVeigh will bounce back, but I might have to find a way to get swallow in for Pittard, if their current form continues next week.

      • GeneralSoreness says:

        He had 6 clangers in his 31 touches, still pumped out 84 which is above his price point, wasnt getting much protection or help from those around him. Note Scott Thompson and Nat Fyfe have been top 3 last two years for clangers per game.

        I would consider this close to a base score and expect him to go 100+ alot. His ability to get the pill and lay lots of tackles will ensure he shouldnt go too low in any one week. In any event his price will go up and if he doesnt earn his spot as a keeper ill trade him.

    • THE SALTSHAKER says:

      Yeah he was a bit stiff had good numbers and fought all night

    • Mick says:

      Tagging role is still a concern…he was tagging bartel first 1/4 but then went free

  27. Matt says:

    Should I downgrade riewoldt to roughead and upgradee hanley to mitchell keeping in mind I already have McVeigh and Bartel in defence and Dangerfield and Martin in the forwawrd line

  28. Daniel says:

    Anyone know the word on Shiels' role in the side this year? Macrae floated way under my radar this preseason, but now I've heard about him, considering potentially swapping for Shuey or Shiels. Opinions?

    • Super_Freak says:

      Langford is named, and the rumours I've heard is he is likely to relieve Shiels of his tagging duties. But we won't know for sure until he plays.

      • Derek says:

        That is the type of thinking that would make JOCK proud, probably a little tear to his eye.

      • GeneralSoreness says:

        Spot on SF, Langford assigned tagging role, Shiels to run wing rotating through the mid, Apparently! NAB and praccy matches support this but that is all. Im sure though when the sh1t hits the fan Shiels will go to shutdown role.

  29. Clutters says:

    SAM JACOBS R1 113!!!1 Everyone can eat $hit, a big bag of $hit! WHOATY! I'm the greatest man. In teh world whoa!

    • zimmerbd says:

      Settle down Jock.

    • Derek says:

      I had Jacobs until 7.06pm last night and traded him out for HMac.

      At half time I was kicking myself, but right now i'm pretty happy with myself. HMac look fit and good!

    • GeneralSoreness says:

      1 selection doesnt make a team, how is the rest of your mob faring?

  30. Osh says:

    Who's a better pick wanganeen or Lewis Taylor

  31. throttlefinger says:

    Thanks for answering my question, Mr. C. Still keeping Cox as my R1. Think NicNat will take some time to rev the engine. Hope it's about the time Sandi's value peaks and his toes start to ache so Ross gives him some rest.

    • THE SALTSHAKER says:

      yeah cox in my team too

      • throttlefinger says:

        Felt wobbly at first because of the price, but the man just finds a way to deliver.

        And the hope is that he continues to do so. Especially at that price.

  32. Jai says:

    Gday beloved community, which of these combinations would you prefer for your team:

    S Mitchell, P Ryder and X Ellis at M9

    M Hibberd, T Goldstein and a sub $123K rookie (Honeychurch, Wanganeen etc) at M9

    My final conundrum…

    • THE SALTSHAKER says:


    • crowls says:

      Option 1. ryder has proven can generate points as single ruck. good chance to avg 100 and save cash.
      toss up Mitchell/Hibberd and Ellis will get points and game time that wanganeen and Honey wont

    • Derek says:

      option 1

  33. Dustbin Feltchers says:

    whats the news with fuller? i am still contemplating a non playing back to get langdons emergency 111…..would only do it if the non player has a chance to play next week…great call with Jacobs jock…i had him in the side till last night DOH! will go with hickey or ryder now

    • Ocker says:

      Dustbin, are you trying to win the big one? Listen to the latest podcast and take note. Make sure you have Langford in your back-line. Listen to the podcast again unless you can afford a suspended player forget Langdon's score and make some money or burn trades. I do have Langdon on my bench and will forget he played this week because I have Langford and McDonald to play. Langford on ground at the moment.


    • Ocker says:

      As far as rucks go Ryder has always promised but never really delivered and nearly put him in the bracket of burn man but could be okay until Bellchambers is back. Hickey out of the two would be my choice. But in saying that I have Sandi and Sauce.


      • Dustbin Feltchers says:

        cheers ocker…yeah i have langford and mcdonald on field..should just be happy with langdons effort..he will appreciate in value….i have sandi…..paddy had a bad year and still averaged 90….might give him a go again…can trade him after a few rounds..will see how jacobs and leuy and hickey go..only real disappointment so far is rohan and cameron, but cant expect too much from them….bloody split rounds!!…and well done to Dustin Fletcher…debuted with Jock when Jesus played full back for Jerusalem…

        • Ocker says:

          Dustin debuted when I did and that was BC. Rohan I have but RS weather conditions so will keep on bench and Dustin is a fair dinkum champion but unfortunately not SC revalant I truly admire the man as anyone in their right mind should. Congratulations in order this week, Good luck the young lad.

          Made your decision stick by it:

          Split round is BS for fantasy and could define the winner before we finish round 1. BUT, pod is how you use your trades as well. Good luck in how you do that Dustbin,

  34. JB says:

    Who's a safer Captain Currie or Thurlow? Thoughts …

  35. Sarah says:

    Oh yeah, bringing Selwood at the last minute yesterday was a VERY good move!!! 157, thank you very much!!! 😀

    • rhino says:

      Great move, do you have peddles or gaze as well.

      • Sarah says:

        Got Gaz but no Pendles. Happy with that move as Selwood scored 30 more points than Pendles and is ~$50k cheaper!!
        Will get Pendles after the round 8 bye.

        • enter the void says:

          only a clown would have picked Selwood given his injury cloud.

          • Sarah says:

            You're just wishing you did the same. I'll be laughing at you when he backs it up each week.
            My team is sitting on a score of 1618 with 9 players still to play… what's your teams score hey?

          • enter the void says:

            Sarah eveyone would have grabbed Selwood if not for his ddodgy hammy. My statement was 100% correct and at a guess I’ve have finished higher than you every year (not finished out of the top 5,000 in years).

            • Sarah says:

              'at a guess'??? You have no idea.

              • etv says:

                Actually I do have a fair idea, statistically it is highly unlikely you've ever finished above me. As for "I'll be laughing when he backs it up each week." Is Selwood scoring well meant to surprise anyone? Once again, there's a reason why not many will have Ducky and that's b/c he was under a massive injury cloud. Just incredibly lucky he didn't get subbed and/or was match fit.

    • GeneralSoreness says:

      Big Risk Big Reward, nice move.

      • Sarah says:

        Thanks General Soreness!! I was watching closely to make sure he wasn't a late withdrawal and figured the cats wouldn't risk him unless they were confident he was fit.
        Reckon he'll be a good POD til round 8 at least cos not many people would've had him. Especially given the round 8 bye on top of the fitness concerns.

        • Dools says:

          A very shrewd move Sarah . and excellent call on Pendles I to made last minute change and swaped out Hanley (I love that Guy) for J. Bartel so also a very happy camper. As for Selwood I think he is a must now for any team. Once again well done and great gut call

      • Derek says:

        the risk was too big. I think you got lucky and might not be as lucky next time. I wanted Selwood but went StevieJ instead

        • Sarah says:

          That's why it's called 'high risk, high reward'. And lets face it… everytime the players go out to play, we get lucky if they score big.

  36. Donavan says:

    What is the communities thoughts on Jack Gunston? Can he score regularly around 100 points? Or do the Hawks have too many options, Roughy, Hale, Rioli, etc, etc

    Balance of forward-line looks like-
    Dangerfield, Franklin, Cameron, Caddy, Rohan, Kennedy-Harris (E), Taylor (bench)

    Other options I like for Gunston are Kennedy (WCE), or do I go another midfield forward option?

    Thanks in advance

    • Derek says:

      i'm really really tempted to go with Chapman. I know he won't play all the games, but I see him as a cheap way to pendlebury or Selwood if he can have some good scores early.

      • medadsson says:

        Agreed but only expected to play 16 games or so I read? Still if you have good bench cover then worth it as he is also dual position. I have him in … out … in ,,,?

  37. Sarah says:

    I'm very impressed with Dangerfield's efforts last night. Had Guthrie hanging off him all night and still scored 107 points!!

    • theazzyg says:

      Was guthrie used as a tagger? If so uh oh

      • Marcus J says:

        yeah Guthrie was on patty like a bear to honey and did a cracking job at it as well

        • theazzyg says:

          I was impressed with guthries score considering he was on 14 at HT. I was panicking a bit

          • Sarah says:

            I'm impressed with Danger's score. Guthrie couldn't have been tighter on him and he gets 107! Imagine when he's not tagged so tightly… he'll dominate!!

            • theazzyg says:

              I reckon, he should be let off the chain against no tagger/bad taggers.

              • Derek says:

                I had Guthrie and was very happy with his SC score. I'll be nervous keeping him, is he likely to tag every week?

                • theazzyg says:

                  I'm not to sure, the cats did say he'd be pushing into the mid field, but this isn't what I envisioned. BUt considering he did well on danger last night maybe that will be his new role. I'll monitor his output in the next few weeks.

    • GeneralSoreness says:

      107 points at 53% DE is not bad at all!

    • Super_Freak says:

      The bloke is a gun. He was wearing Guthrie like a backpack, getting attention from other blokes as well and he still finds a way to make an impact. There won't be too may games where he gets tagged that hard, and then he will go off.

      The other thing that impresses me heaps with Danger is his overhead marking. He also runs back with the flight of the ball with no regrard for his personal safety, a bit like Jonathon Brown in his hay day. Respect!

  38. A-Legend says:

    Taylor or JKH??

  39. Marcus J says:

    I was slightly worried about selwood after the amount of game time he had in pre season but he is just a machine

    I know a lot of people had caddy (I didn't) what people think about his out put from the night ?

    • Fourbells says:

      Compared to Buddy, had a ripper of a game.

    • GeneralSoreness says:

      I was happy with the return. Caddy will only improve imo. Got plenty of it including a kick to the head, poor disposal at 55% DE, so I would consider the score a base score. He is also a regular tackler which should ensure that he doesnt really bottom out even if he isnt getting the pill. Overall his return was above his priced average meaning he will increase in value, if he doesnt get to a keeper F6 average he will be upgraded.

      • benisbill says:

        I'm giving him another week to see if the preseason form translates (and if his score improves minus the boot to the scone).

        If not, he's switching to the mids and becoming Joelwood.

    • Derek says:

      I had caddy and was happy with the way he played. I thought he might have got closer to 100SC but I think he is in my team for a while.

      I also had StevieJ and at 3/4 time I was laughing. He had a quiet last quarter but still managed a lazy 115.

      Guthrie…….i'm not sure why I had him in defence. He scored 80SC but i'm nervous keeping him.

  40. Osh says:

    Who should I put on the field as my m8 Ellis or Dunstan

  41. Cyril is the man says:

    Is honey church playing? If not who is a good replacement

    Also have f thurlow as r4. Should I leave him as I can’t see any replacements for him

    • PJ8 says:

      Honeychurch is named in the squad on the extended bench. They will drop 3 players from that tonight. I don't like his chances though with Dahlhaus, Wallis, Dickson and Cordy also on the extended bench.

      Those first 3 will defiantly play so hopefully they decide to go with no back up for Minson and Honeychurch may play. But against Cox and NicNat surely they will play Cordy.

  42. MarcuJ says:

    Georgieu or Langford for D bench spot?

    langford is named as an on baller so im assuming he will score higher BUT im worried he will loose his spot to the likes of sewell once fit?

    anyone else worried about JKH starting with the vest?

    • Sarah says:

      Worried about JKH and Taylor starting with the vest. All are bench players for me but I'd still rather they were able to score well for cash generation purposes.

    • SCdonkey says:

      Personally I don't think JHK wont be vested, as the Dees are lacking of Forwards with Clark being out possibly the whole season, Hogan and Dawes injured. JHK will slot in the forward line nicely for the Dees.

      • MarcuJ says:

        after deliberation i have now given that forward spot to z.merritt but im still unsure

        these 2 last positions are simply doing my head in.

        • zimmerbd says:

          Yep, in same boat. Merrett is a good size, tackles well, good skills. Don't think he'll get the vest either.

    • Super_Freak says:

      Langford may relieve Shiels of his tagging duties, which could impact his scoring potential.

  43. at your peril says:

    Disagree on the NicNat call… Selwood under a much bigger cloud (no-one should have picked him) and look what he did. Longmire came out and stated NicNat was right to play and is back to jumping over buildings again. NicNat played almost a half in their last NAB Cup game then 3 and half Qs in the WC intra club practice match.

    • Sarah says:

      I picked Selwood and got 157 points for my trouble. He was selected to play, wasn't a late withdrawal and is a gun… that was good enough for me.

      • at your peril says:

        By all accounts it was "touch and go" for Selwood to play. Good luck too you, but it was a bad pick as he was highly likely to be underdone/subbed and experience a big price drop.

        • Sarah says:

          It wasn't a 'bad' pick, it was a calculated risk pick!!

          • Dools says:

            Mate That was a brilliant move Well done to you 157 Nice . He wasn't your Captain was he?

            • Sarah says:

              Thanks Dools! Nah he wasn't my captain… had Ablett. I'm so happy with the 157!!

    • zimmerbd says:

      You wouldn't think they'd risk him if he wasn't 100%.

    • zimmerbd says:

      You wouldn't think they'd play him if he wasn't 100%.

  44. Michael says:

    Suckling & Lewis Taylor


    Webster & Tyson

  45. IWil says:

    That Redden talk sounds interesting, would you save the 70k and go Redden over Rockliff?

    Interesting call, as a lions supporter I want one of them in my squad. Thoughts?

    • zimmerbd says:

      I'd be concerned about Redden's consistency. He can belt out huge scores, but he'll go missing as well. Rockliff looks like he's stepped up again this year. But, you'd know them better than I do.

  46. SCdonkey says:

    2nd Half of Round 1 kicked off last night with The Cats and The Crows at each others throats for three quarters until the The Cats sharpened their claws and shredded The Crows' wings in the last quarter. J Selwood how many SC coaches wanted him on their team, but doubted him, cause of his hamstring issue. Last night he showed no signs of the injury, simply best on ground for The Cats collecting (157 SC points) 34 Touches, 2 Goals and 6 Tackles, J Bartel many stayed away of picking him cause of his new role with (115 SC points) 21 Touches and 4 Goals what ways to celebrates his 250. The Cats brought in 3 Giants Hmac, Simpson and Blicavs (Sub). Hmac who have not played a game since 2012, looked good and fit (80 SC points)12 Touches, 19 Hit-outs and a Goal to his first game back. Had my eyes on J Caddy all night, After a friendly fire from J Selwood boots, and my heart went "Oh, F***"! Get up. Caddy managed to rack up (81 SC points) 20 Touches, 4 Tackles and a Goal for the night.

    The Crows were toe-to-toe with The Cats for three quarters, they took the lead kicking the first goal at the final quarter by 1 point. The lead didn't lasted, as The Cats booting 6 Goals to win the game. Dangerfield had a Cats (Guthrie) clawed on his tail all night, and still managed to get (107 SC points) 21 Touches and 2 Goals with 17 Contested Position and 4 Clearances. Pods with 11 Touches, 3 Tackles and could only manage to kick a behind against his old side. Betts 16 Touches, and 2 Goals, M Wright continued his NAB form into the season opener (84 SC points) 31 Touches, 5 Tackles, while M Jaensch priced $298K was also good at Half back (107 SC points) 25 Touches, 5 Rebounds, 4 inside 50 and 1 Goal. R Sloane had (103 SC Point) 20 Touches, 7 inside 50 and 12 Tackles. The big man Sauce was terrific going against 3 big men, with (113 SC points) 19 Touches, 26 Hit-outs and 1 Goal

    Must have in your watch list if you don't have these blokes
    J Selwood
    S Johnson
    J Bartel
    J Caddy
    C Enright
    H McIntosh
    D Simpson

    M Wright
    M Jaensch
    S Jacobs
    M Grigg

    • Wattsieesq says:

      Great write up SCD. Cheers

      • SCdonkey says:

        Thanks wattsie, banging my head last night seeing Jaensch ripping it up at backline. As I had him all preseason and decided to to go with Pittard on last minute.

    • Mick says:

      Was very happy with M Jaensch's score…he flew under everyone's radar despite his great nab form : )

    • Dale says:

      Is 80 from Caddy good enough? Is it mid-price fizzle like Thomas? Will Savage be a better mid price boomer?

      • Cam says:

        Caddy looked better on the field then his score suggested. Keep in mind the kid copped a fair beating during the game; the boot to the head being the main one but I also saw him get crunched by big men hitting the pack a few times. If he can sit on 80-90 he'll do enough to jump up 130-150k while still giving you respectable scores. If he keeps producing the same results I think I'll aim for him to be my last upgrade trade (in the grand scheme of 22 premiums) but if he lifts up to around 100 then he can stay.
        I also have Daisy (and I'm unfortunately a Carlton supporter…) and to my eyes Caddy seems better value.

        • SCdonkey says:

          Well said Cam, Caddy is a possible keeper. As for Daisy that ankle of his is a big concern, watching him play last week he looked awkward at kicking the ball. Not the Daisy as we have known, big question is! How long will that ankle of his will hold?

          • Cam says:

            It worries me too, SCD. I'm Hoping (for the sake of my SC team and Carlton) that the injury is history and surely he'll be better as his fitness improves over the course of the season. That being said, I am toying with the idea of a downgrade to Matt Thomas or a straight swap to Macrae. Other options in that same price bracket have a lot of question marks. How will Savage go in the carcass of a club that used to be St Kilda? Will Shiels play free all season or is the Langford tagging role just temporary? I guess now we play the waiting game…

            • Wattsieesq says:

              No worries SCD. Jaensch didn't pop up on my radar as I have Suckling and he's the exception to my guns and rookies strategy. I did consider Pittard instead of Suckling but went with Suckling. I still think Pittard will have a pretty good year.

              As for Caddy, he is priced at 60 so scoring 80s will get him up to around $420k which can then lead to an upgrade to a premium pretty easy. I didn't go with him, but he looked pretty good.

  47. Billy says:

    Hey guys if anyone wants to check a players round average or weekly score from last year you can use this website http://supercoach.ntnews.com.au/

  48. Josh says:

    Mr Crimmins, Thoughts on Jed Lamb mate? will he get a good shot at GWS?

  49. judd0 says:

    Which two to have on the field out of Aish, Dunstan and Michie.
    Aish playing against Hawthorn which raises concerns for me otherwise he would be on.
    Michie and Dunstan play each other, both weaker sides, does this mean they will clean up?

  50. Pete says:

    Who have people got for R3 and R4?

    • Jim from Gippsland says:

      does it really matter?

      None of them are playing!

      Thurlow purely for the link to the fwd line. And A Smith from Bris for the Captain loophole

    • Cam says:

      I don't think it matters… no one is playing any rookies this week!

      For what it's worth I went with Derickx and King.

    • Derek says:

      I have two guys who are $102k each. Don't even remember their names.

  51. Jim from Gippsland says:

    thoughts on dropping Ryder into the ruck instead of Nicnat?

    Seeing Sinclair named on the extended bench is giving me the heebee geebees. Afraid that Nicnat might not play or even worse will share the vest with Sinclair.

    or there is always a safe option with McEvoy I suppose.

    Advise please?

    • Dools says:

      Well Jim I'm still going with McEvoy I love his disposal effeciency and if he floats of half back his kick to handball ratio will sore. So play it safe mate

    • SCdonkey says:

      I was tempted to go with NicNat but decided to go safe with Sauce. NicNat can be damaging, but I wanted a player who can play all season and I am happy for Sauce to get around 80-90 at least I don't have to worry about him each week wether he'll be playing or not. IMO I'd look for someone who will be be there week in week out as your R1, I'm pretty sure you have Sandi as your R2 can't have 2 injury risk onfield specially we are lacking of Ruck rookies this year.

      • Jim from Gippsland says:

        I am feeling a little (non) buyers remorse for failing to get onto Jacobs last night. I was off and on all week.

        I agree with the double injury risk and also with yourself Dools.

        I'm going McEvoy.

        Thanks guys.

    • Cam says:

      I thought about both those options then slapped myself for being stoopid. Can't rely on either of them, at least not at this stage. Maybe after a couple of rounds you can reassess but right now the risk is too high in my books. I opted for Jacobs as a cheaper, more reliable alternative which seems to be a good pick (albeit only after one game)

  52. Tom says:

    I'm sticking fat with Nic Nert crimmo…I reckon even if he's coming off limited prep, his athletic ability and pure talent is enough to get him through and I reckon he'll build his base as the game continues. He's a guaranteed for at least an 80-90 I reckon and he has the potential to rack up a big score against anyone, anywhere. Not to mention I love watching him play…

  53. Derek says:

    I was thinking Langford's job security wasn't that good, but then I look at the hawks named team, and there are at least 3 other players named that are behind Langford. hawks do have a few to come back in though….any thoughts?

    • PJ8 says:

      Yeah I was tossing up with Langford and Georgiou and looked into it.

      Langford would be picked ahead of Wangeneen, O'Brien, Simpkin and possbily Duryea.

      But they have Lake, Rioli, Stratton, Shoenmakers and Sewell to come back over the next 2-3 weeks.

      It's a hard one… anyone with anything to help the decision woulld be great

      • MarcuJ says:

        Langford named as FOLL even tho in supercoach he is classed as a defender and to me thats sewell / rioli's spot

        duryea and cheney gotta come out for lake and shoenmakers (unless they push shoenmakers forward)

        atleast one of them would retain bench spot as well as I smith and one of sewell / rioli

        so that leaves 1 bench spot for J.Simpkin, D.Wanganeen, T.O’Brien, Langford

        Tough call

        • PJ8 says:

          Very tough. On the other hand Georgiou could play every week.

        • Derek says:

          there is Stratton to come back as well.

          i'm going to skip on Langford. I can see him getting to the bubble and not getting games to increase in value

  54. ray says:

    redden priddis rockliff or libba

  55. Captain joc says:

    Langford vs McDonald? Who wins

    • Marcus J says:

      mcdonald for me. greater job security

      • theazzyg says:

        I reckon he may be a sub candidate for tonight, as he was borderline in the team to begin with and all those half back flankers they have. Just watch for the team announcements to make sure. Will think about downgrading for another rookie if he gets the vest.

  56. spida says:

    Would love opinions … last 2 spots in mids – who to take out of …

    Z Merrett

    Thank you muchly

  57. JOSH says:

    I'm dithering now, currently I have Webster D5 and McDonald D6. Do I tinker and go McDonald D5 and Langford D6?????

  58. Jimmy says:

    Aish & R3= currie or;

    Tyson & R3= King

    ?? thoughts will be greatly appreciated

  59. canman1306 says:

    Who is a better Option for F8 Merret or Taylor
    Don't Care about this round just want the best pic for the season

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