Howdy folks, we’re in week 2 of AFL football, but still in Round 1 of the home and away season. 

We’ll be taking a look at the rest of the round this week, although some of you may have already locked your Captains in from last week. If you did, I hope whoever you picked put up a ripper of a score for you. If you’ve only played your VC, or are looking to play both this week, then keep on reading and we’ll see if we can’t help out with your selections.

Remember to look out for the red and green Supercoach scores, RED = bad, GREEN = good which may help you out when it comes to picking your captains for the week.



Adelaide VS Geelong

Thursday, March 20, 7:10 PM @ Simmonds Stadium

Adelaide Betting Odds: Win @ $3.30
Geelong Betting Odds: Win @ $1.33

Last time they met: Round 17, 2013 – Adelaide BEAT Geelong 94-92
Notable scores: Ricky Henderson 160, Dawson Simpson 148, Joel Selwood 137, Richard Douglas 128

Key players:

Patrick Dangerfield

Price – $609,000 – Avg 112.9 – BE 113
Last 3 VS Geelong: Rd 18, 2012: 133, Rd 7, 2012: 98, Rd 14, 2011: 50
Total VS Geelong Averages: 7 games, 72.43 Supercoach Points
@ Simmonds Stadium Averages: 77.67 Supercoach Points, High Score of 133

Sam Jacobs

Price – $460,200 – Avg 85.32 – BE 85
Last 3 VS Geelong: Rd 17, 2013: 86, Rd 7, 2012: 97, Rd 14, 2011: 110
Total VS Geelong Averages: 5 games, 83.20 Supercoach Points
@ Simmonds Stadium Averages: 110 Supercoach Points, High score of 110

Rory Sloane

Price – $577,100 – Avg 107 – BE 107
Last 3 VS Geelong: Rd 17, 2013: 97, Rd 18, 2012: 100, Rd 7, 2012: 110
Total VS Geelong Averages: 6 games, 102.17 Supercoach Points
@ Simmonds Stadium Averages: 82.50 Supercoach Points, High score of 100

Joel Selwood

Price – $638,700 – Avg 118.41 – BE 118
Last 3 VS Adelaide: Rd 17, 2013: 137, Rd 18, 2012: 126, Rd 7, 2012: 114
Total VS Adelaide Averages: 8 games, 123.25 Supercoach Points
@ Simmonds Stadium Averages: 115.41 Supercoach Points, High Score of 175

Corey Enright

Price – $506,800 – Avg 93.95 – BE 94
Last 3 VS Adelaide: Rd 17, 2013: 115, Rd 18, 2012: 103, Rd 7, 2012: 71
Total VS Adelaide Averages: 11 games, 98.18 Supercoach Points
@ Simmonds Stadium Averages: 93.49 Supercoach Points, High Score of 159

Tom Hawkins

Price – $359,500 – Avg 66.65 – BE 67
Last 3 VS Adelaide: Rd 17, 2013: 59, Rd 18, 2012: 135, Rd 7, 2012: 46
Total VS Adelaide Averages: 6 games, 68.83 Supercoach Points
@ Simmonds Stadium Averages: 78.79 Supercoach Points, High Score of 135

Captain Pick(s):

Dangerfield scored well last time he played Geelong in 2012, which was also at Simmonds Stadium. Ignore the 55 he scored in 2011, he only averaged 80 for that year. Joel Selwood has a very good average against the Crows; both recently and over his entire career, however his injury status leading up to Round 1 may make people reconsider naming his as a Captain for this game. If it was a regular round I’d try out the VC loophole on him, but the split round makes that difficult here.


Nth Melbourne VS Essendon

Friday, March 21, 7:50PM @ Etihad Stadium

North Melbourne Betting Odds: Win @ $1.75
Essendon Betting Odds: Win @ 2.08

Last time they met: Rd 21, 2013 – North Melbourne BEAT Essendon 115-70
Notable scores: Drew Petrie 162, Todd Goldstein 124, Jake Melksham/Levi Greenwood 120, Jobe Watson 116

Key players:

Nick Dal Santo (Note: all were as a Saints player)

Price – $525,700 – Avg 97.45 – BE 97
Last 3 VS Essendon: Rd 4, 2013: 70, Rd 15, 2012: 115, Rd 3, 2011: 113
Total VS Essendon Averages: 9 games, 102.44 Supercoach Points
@ Etihad Stadium Averages: 111.81 Supercoach Points, High Score of 178

Todd Goldstein

Price – $612,400 – Avg 113.55 – BE 114
Last 3 VS Essendon: Rd 21, 2013: 124, Rd 20, 2012: 80, Rd 1, 2012: 74
Total VS Essendon Averages: 5 games, 85.0 Supercoach Points
@ Etihad Stadium Averages: 93.48 Supercoach Points, High Score of 163

Jack Ziebell

Price – $513,600 – Avg 95.22 – BE 95
Last 3 VS Essendon: Rd 13, 2011: 65, Rd 4, 2009: 94
Total VS Essendon Averages: 2 games, 79.50 Supercoach Points
@ Etihad Stadium Averages: 80.04 Supercoach Points, High Score of 151

Jobe Watson

Price – $601,300 – Avg 111.47 – BE 111
Last 3 VS North Melbourne: Rd 21, 2013: 116, Rd 20, 2012: 154, Rd 1, 2012: 107
Total VS North Melbourne Averages: 8 games, 113.13 Supercoach Points
@ Etihad Stadium Averages: 106.69 Supercoach Points, High Score of 196

Brendon Goddard (Note: 2011 and 2012 were as a Saints player)

Price – $572,200 – Avg 106.09 – BE 106
Last 3 VS North Melbourne: Rd 21, 2013: 110, Rd 14, 2012: 81, Rd 15, 2011: 161
Total VS North Melbourne Averages: 9 games, 119.78 Supercoach Points
@ Etihad Stadium Averages: 117.25 Supercoach Points, High Score of 188

Patrick Ryder

Price – $486,400 – Avg 90.18 – BE 90
Last 3 VS North Melbourne: Rd 1, 2012: 165, Rd 13, 2011: 85, Rd 17, 2010: 90
Total VS North Melbourne Averages: 5 games, 103.0 Supercoach Points
@ Etihad Stadium Averages: 87.06 Supercoach Points, High Score of 165

Captain Pick(s):

Todd Goldstein doesn’t have a good career average against the Bombers, but scored well the last time they played. Ziebell has a very short history VS Essendon and NDS has never feasted against the Bombers while as a Sainter, but we’ll have to wait and see if that changes as a Roo. Watson a solid pick, Ryder scored very well against North last time they played; which was also his highest score ever at Etihad, but that wouldn’t be enough for me to risk a C on him this week.


Hawthorn VS Brisbane

Saturday, March 22, 4:40PM @ Aurora Stadium

Hawthorn Betting Odds: Win @ $1.08
Brisbane Betting Odds: Win @ $7.50

Last time they met: Rd 14, 2013 – Hawthorn BEAT Brisbane 143-85
Notable Scores: Sam Mitchell 118, Brad Sewell 117, Matthew Leuenberger/Jarryd Roughead 112, Luke Bruest 111

Key players:

Sam Mitchell

Price – $562,000 – Avg 104.19 – BE 104
Last 3 VS Brisbane: Rd 14, 2013: 118, Rd 12, 2012: 124 Rd 16, 2011: 129
Total VS Brisbane Averages: 9 games, 117.78 Supercoach Points
@ Aurora Stadium Averages: 109.79 Supercoach Points, High Score of 147

Jarryd Roughead

Price – $531,300 – Avg 98.5 – BE 99
Last 3 VS Brisbane: Rd 14, 2013: 112, Rd 12, 2012: 129 Rd 16, 2011: 91
Total VS Brisbane Averages: 8 games, 81.0 Supercoach Points
@ Aurora Stadium Averages: 72.17 Supercoach Points, High Score of 130

Ben McEvoy (Note: All were as a Saints player)

Price – $503,300 – Avg 93.32 – BE 93
Last 3 VS Brisbane: Rd 19, 2013: 94, Rd 16, 2012: 145, Rd 5, 2011: 85
Total VS Brisbane Averages: 4 games, 102.75 Supercoach Points
@ Aurora Stadium Averages: 63.0 Supercoach Points, High Score of 63

Tom Rockliff

Price – $591,500 – Avg 109.67 – BE 110
Last 3 VS Hawthorn: Rd 14, 2013: 57, Rd 12, 2012: 100 Rd 16, 2011: 108
Total VS Hawthorn Averages: 4 games, 88.75 Supercoach Points
@ Aurora Stadium Averages: 85.0 Supercoach Points, High Score of 108

Matthew Leuenberger

Price – $523,500 – Avg 97.05 – BE 97
Last 3 VS Hawthorn: Rd 14, 2013: 115, Rd 16, 2011: 108, Rd 16, 2010: 80
Total VS Hawthorn Averages: 4 games, 75.75 Supercoach Points
@ Aurora Stadium Averages: 101.0 Supercoach Points, High Score of 115

Jack Redden

Price – $528,400 – Avg 97.95 – BE 95
Last 3 VS Hawthorn: Rd 14, 2013: 72, Rd 12, 2012: 102, Rd 16, 2011: 127
Total VS Hawthorn Averages: 4 games, 91.75 Supercoach Points
@ Aurora Stadium Averages: 88.33 Supercoach Points, High Score of 127

Captain Pick(s):

Wasn’t a lot of high scores last time these teams met. Mitchell usually does well against the Lions, but people may be looking for a little more “oompf” from their Captain pick than a potential score in the 120’s. Rockliff doesn’t have a great track record against Hawthorn or at Aurora Stadium and I would be avoiding him as a C/VC choice pick this week.


St Kilda VS Melbourne

Saturday, March 22, 7:40PM @ Etihad Stadium

St Kilda Betting Odds: Win @ $2.45
Melbourne Betting Odds: Win @ $1.55

Last time they met: Rd 13, 2013 – St Kilda BEAT Melbourne 104-69
Notable Scores: Farren Ray 152, Colin Garland 144, Leigh Montagna 143, Nathan Jones 118

Key players:

Shane Savage

Price – $341,600 – Avg 63.33 – BE 63
Last 3 VS Melbourne: Rd 7, 2012: 92, Rd 18, 2011: 21, Rd 2, 2011: 71
Total VS Melbourne Averages: 3 games, 61.33 Supercoach Points
@ Etihad Stadium Averages: 67.33 Supercoach Points, High Score of 104

David Armitage

Price – $498,500 – Avg 92.43 – BE 92
Last 3 VS Melbourne: Rd 13, 2013: 98, Rd 20, 2012: 79, Rd 5, 2012: 115
Total VS Melbourne Averages: 4 games, 92.50 Supercoach Points
@ Etihad Stadium Averages: 79.18 Supercoach Points, High Score of 131

Nick Riewoldt

Price – $567,100 – Avg 105.14 – BE 105
Last 3 VS Melbourne: Rd 13, 2013: 99, Rd 20, 2012: 40, Rd 5, 2012: 87
Total VS Melbourne Averages: 7 games, 103.57 Supercoach Points
@ Etihad Stadium Averages: 113.42 Supercoach Points, High Score of 171

Nathan Jones

Price – $485,700 – Avg 90.05 – BE 90
Last 3 VS St. Kilda: Rd 13, 2013: 118, Rd 20, 2012: 83, Rd 5, 2012: 118
Total VS St. Kilda Averages: 8 games, 78.75 Supercoach Points
@ Etihad Stadium Averages: 87.63 Supercoach Points, High Score of 156

Bernie Vince (Note: All were as a Adelaide player)

Price – $424,300 – Avg 78.67 – BE 79
Last 3 VS St. Kilda: Rd 8, 2013: 72, Rd 18, 2011: 25, Rd 2, 2009: 77
Total VS St. Kilda Averages: 5 games, 78.20 Supercoach Points
@ Etihad Stadium Averages: 77.13, High Score of 145

Jack Watts

Price – $411,100 – Avg 76.22 – BE 76
Last 3 VS St. Kilda: Rd 13, 2013: 85, Rd 5, 2012: 52, Rd 9, 2011: 83
Total VS St. Kilda Averages: 4 games, 77.50 Supercoach Points
@ Etihad Stadium Averages: 76.50, High Score of 105

Captain Pick(s):

Not a lot on offer, but the Dees racked up some huge scores during their pre-seasons games. With the Saints missing Hayes and Montagna through suspension and Steven and Gilbert with injuries, there’s a chance that Melbourne may be posting some big scores in the middle. Only for those who want to potentially boom or bust with a Bernie Vince or Nathan Jones pick I think.


West Coast VS Western Bulldogs

Sunday, March 23, 4:40pm @ Patersons Stadium

West Coast Betting Odds: Win @ $1.30
Western Bulldogs Betting Odds: Win @ $3.50

Last time they met: Rd 18, 2013 – West Coast LOST TO Western Bulldogs 111-89
Notable Scores: Luke Dahlhaus 150, Robert Murphy 147, Tom Liberatore/Will Minson 118, Adam Cooney 105

Key players:

Dean Cox

Price – $ 578,900 – Avg 107.32 – BE 107
Last 3 VS Western Bulldogs: Rd 18, 2013: 90, Rd 6, 2013: 126, Rd 1, 2012: 110
Total VS Western Bulldogs Averages: 10 games, 109.0 Supercoach Points
@ Patersons Stadium Averages: 106.12 Supercoach Points, High Score 190

Luke Shuey

Last 3 VS Western Bulldogs: Rd 6, 2013: 139, Rd 1, 2012: 94, Rd 9, 2011: 154
Total VS Western Bulldogs Averages: 4 games, 114.25 Supercoach Points
@ Patersons Stadium Averages: 97.45 Supercoach Points, High Score of 154

Nic Naitanui

Last 3 VS Western Bulldogs: Rd 6, 2013: 40, Rd 1, 2012: 105, Rd 9, 2011: 105
Total VS Western Bulldogs Averages: 5 games, 69.80 Supercoach Points
@ Patersons Stadium Averages: 92.11 Supercoach Points, High Score of 185

Ryan Griffen

Price – $627,600 – Avg 116.35 – BE 116
Last 3 VS West Coast: Rd 18 2013: 102, Rd 19, 2011: 59, Rd 9 2011: 107
Total VS West Coast Averages: 8 games, 88.25 Supercoach Points
@ Patersons Stadium Averages: 91.13 Supercoach Points, High Score of 127

Tom Liberatore

Price – $576,200 – Avg 106.82 – BE 107
Last 3 VS West Coast: Rd 18, 2013: 118, Rd 6, 2013: 78, Rd 1, 2012: 111
Total VS West Coast Averages: 5 games, 88.40 Supercoach Points
@ Patersons Stadium Averages: 79.0 Supercoach Points, High Score of 84

Will Minson

Price – $616,600 – Avg 114.32 – BE 114
Last 3 VS West Coast: Rd 18, 2013: 118, Rd 6, 2013: 106, Rd 1, 2012: 84
Total VS West Coast Averages: 8 games, 74.50 Supercoach Points
@ Patersons Stadium Averages: 67.0 Supercoach Points, High Score of 117

Captain Pick(s):

Not a lot to look at here. The Bulldogs and the Eagles haven’t scored very well against each other in their recent games, and I certainly wouldn’t be banking on Dahlhaus repeating his last effort. Shuey has the best recent form when these two teams play, but it’s the final game of the round, so it’s hard to risk it and pick him here.

And that’ll wrap us up for this 2nd half of Round 1. Hope you guys have a good round and put up a ton of points! Any questions or comments? Let ‘em rip in the comments section below or hit me up on the Twitters @BarronVonCrow



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James · 19/03/2014 at 14:16

Hey guys 2 questions
1. Sauce Jacobs or Big Ben McEvoy?
2. Libba or Rockliff?

Thanks guys cant decide

    spider · 19/03/2014 at 14:19

    Struggling with Libba/Rockliff call as well

    Mebois · 19/03/2014 at 14:24

    i think mcevoy willl score more but have Jacobs because he is very cheap and should rise in price and might go 90-95+. i have both libba and rocky but i think rockliff is the better option because no more voss means more mid time.

    Sarah · 19/03/2014 at 14:44

    Can't decide on two of Selwood, Watson, Rockliff or Libba as well. Or do I want to throw in the reliable Priddis for a POD?!
    I think in the end we'll just have to go with our gut!!!

      James · 19/03/2014 at 14:48

      You make a good point there Sarah because Priddis is only in 1.39% of teams so many options

        Sarah · 19/03/2014 at 14:51

        Too many options!!!

          theazzyg · 19/03/2014 at 15:04

          I'm going libba from that group. Mainly cos selwood has injury concerns, watson drug concerns, rocky first round hawthorn concerns and libba will take all the ball away from priddis 😛

            Sarah · 19/03/2014 at 15:10

            Hahaha, good point!!!

            Thinking about Selwood though. His game is Thursday night. Cat's wont pick him unless he's fit and if he's a late withdrawal all the other options are still yet to play. Hmmm

              theazzyg · 19/03/2014 at 20:43

              Haha but if he's a late withdrawal and you miss it your stuck with his zero and can't trade him out. You'd wanna be ready just in case. I reckon Jelwood will be another good trade down option mid year just like last year. Heres hoping.

    Derek · 19/03/2014 at 15:49

    not much between Jacobs and mcEvoy. I'm going Jacob because he is cheaper and he owes me from last year.

    jock reynolds · 19/03/2014 at 16:48

    stear clear of libba fellas still young could be a first trade in maybe or maybe near his buy get him in to much risk at that price if you think he is going to get more then 110 your silly wait for him to prove his worth go with the proven scorers

      Cam · 19/03/2014 at 16:24

      Jock, you’re the first I’ve heard (or read) to say anything bad about the kid. Contested ball specialist, always has good tackle stats, killed it in the preseason and his scores progressively improved last year. His early mid and late averages were 95, 109 and 119 respectively with a 59% ton achievement which would be mainly due to his first 3rd of the season. Personally, I like him, but then again I’m not quite ready to splash on NDS until he proves himself so maybe we operate a little differently between the ears. Who do you see as an alternative?

      Dean · 19/03/2014 at 18:40

      Why do you have Jocks name?

        @daveywarhol · 19/03/2014 at 20:17

        And grammar is not optional!

          Jai · 20/03/2014 at 22:45

          "jock reynolds", mind if I screenshot your statement above and put it up here with Liberatore's score late Sunday night mate?

    Super_Freak · 19/03/2014 at 17:47

    Jacobs & Rocky for me, but I'm a biased Lions man. Reckon Sauce will redeem himself this season, and Rocky, well he's just a gun. Libba's no slouch though!

Pieman1978 · 19/03/2014 at 15:03

Quality as always BVC. Danger might be a good captains choice

benisbill · 19/03/2014 at 15:08

So the general consensus is that this is the shizen half of Round 1 and you'd be best served to have had your captain already play?

Alrighty then!

    K'noath · 20/03/2014 at 15:13

    That's correct. Ablett has already played 😉

Derek · 19/03/2014 at 15:50

I assume StevieJ is playing?? I have him as my Captain.

Billy · 19/03/2014 at 16:38

Really can't decide between Jacobs or McEvoy

    Harrison · 19/03/2014 at 17:09

    neither can I but I have the cash to afford the likes of Minson and Goldstein thoughts on who I should get as R1 Minson/Goldy/McEvoy/Jacobs please help!

      James · 19/03/2014 at 17:12

      Same don't know tossing up between big boy and Jacobs

      Billy · 19/03/2014 at 17:14

      if you have the cast go Goldy.

        Billy · 19/03/2014 at 17:14


Liddle Jnr · 19/03/2014 at 17:25

Natanui or Jacobs?

    Billy · 19/03/2014 at 17:27

    Natanui I am starting to doubt Jacobs and have switched him out for McEvoy

    K'noath · 20/03/2014 at 15:15

    Jacobs I'm yet to be convinced on. Coach said if Nicnat plays he'll probably be subbed out for first few games. You'd want to be sure he can get his 100+ score in 3 qrts.

Billy · 19/03/2014 at 17:37

Just wondering what people think is the better option?
Watson and Hurn or Enright and Libba?
Thanks in advance!

    SC Lover · 19/03/2014 at 17:45

    can you do Watson & Enright?

      Billy · 19/03/2014 at 18:06

      nah a few grand to short

        Dean · 19/03/2014 at 18:39

        Ive taken Libba in my team, I would go with Enright and Libba personally. although i went swallow over enright.

    K'noath · 20/03/2014 at 15:15

    Enright Libba easily

SC Lover · 19/03/2014 at 17:44

ok peeps, quick question:

Luey or Jacobs? who do you think will be more consistent and would the point difference be worth spending the extra 60k on luey??


    Fred · 19/03/2014 at 19:59

    Leuy easy ultra consistent can only get better coming off a limited pre season last year, only worry might be Trent west.

    K'noath · 20/03/2014 at 15:16

    extra 60k worth it yes. I don't think he'll rise but keeper all year. Safe bet

Greg · 19/03/2014 at 18:15

How do you enter the jock reynolds group comp in super coach?

Jerry · 19/03/2014 at 18:27

Jacobs or Ryder?

    K'noath · 20/03/2014 at 15:17

    Ryder. But trade at byes when belly comes back

Duncan · 19/03/2014 at 18:47

Hamish Macintosh Named very Surprising

    Clutters · 19/03/2014 at 21:11

    Heater is tempting at his price.

lostlarrikin · 19/03/2014 at 19:13

no M Crouch.
Do we still pick him or find another cow that is playing?

Sully321 · 19/03/2014 at 19:14

Matt crouch named as an emergency will that change anyone's mind and take him out?

    throttlefinger · 19/03/2014 at 23:15

    Naw. The kid is a bonafide ball magnet. Will be like his brotha. Once in, he'll rack up the points. Don't see anyone at his price (or below $180K for that matter) that has shown in NAB capable of doing the same.

    I'm keeping him in there, Sully.

      Rocksta · 19/03/2014 at 23:56


      GarglesnarfFC · 20/03/2014 at 06:38

      Keeping him on the field, to take Polecs score. If he isn't named by week 3, I will consider trading him out for another cow.

        throttlefinger · 20/03/2014 at 07:03

        Likewise. Two rounds to get in there, Matty.

        If I were to guess, he's going to get the vest. If it's 2nd half and Crows need a spark, he's coming in.

        SCdonkey · 20/03/2014 at 15:21

        Basically same scenario with Langdon. Why would you keep a non player on the bench, then trade him out later! Just wasting your trade and possible cash cow, you'll need your Trades during bye rounds and towards the end of the season. Let say Tyson, ellis, dunstan, michie and so on gets 80 points you're only losing 27points oppose to Polecs 107. If M Crouch gets called in R5-R7 then downgrade one of the Cash cows to Crouch and upgrade one of your Cash cow to a premo. The rule is do not trade sideways.
        Or you can just hold on to Crouch and hope he gets called to play, I'm pretty sure he'll get games later on.

    SCdonkey · 20/03/2014 at 12:56

    M Crouch an excellent downgrade option hoping he doens't get games early. While cashing in on Polec, Michie, Ellis, Dunstan etc.

Billy · 19/03/2014 at 19:16

Seeing as Matt Crouch probably won't be lining up I had to switch McDonald into my midfield as D10 as I couldn't afford Ellis/Aish and already had Dunstan so then I put Georgiou as my D6. Hope it all pans out right.

    Billy · 19/03/2014 at 19:18

    I am now also tempted to switch out McDonald for Aish. Wise move? And also if I was to have McDonald in defence who would be a good midfield option below 130K?
    Thanks in advance

      theazzyg · 20/03/2014 at 13:17

      Eli Templeton is around the 130k mark he should play at least one game depending on performances. Got promoted from the rookie list the other day. Didn't to terribly in the NAB for a rookie with only 54% gametime. Not to many others on the cheaper end.

Swans2014 · 19/03/2014 at 19:35

Just a quick question who do you think I should get out of Watson or Selwood. Selwood plays well against Adelaide but not sure if he is 100%fit.

    Duncan · 19/03/2014 at 20:21

    This is my Opinion
    Personally Honest although I Don't have him Liber is the best Bet Even if he has a down day he can still Grab 100 with Tackles and Con. Possesions.

    I think Selwood will do a bit the Same as last Season and Watson ay get A bit Caught up with ASADA.

    I Would love Liber in my side as M3 But I have Had Watson since Day 1 and I think If I Trade him out now He will make me look like a fool and average 120

    Swans2014 · 19/03/2014 at 20:39

    I have already got libba… good pick. Probably go with Watson

      canman1306 · 19/03/2014 at 21:08

      Had JPK Instead of Libba Ruing it

    Sarah · 20/03/2014 at 10:52

    I'm facing the exact same decision. Leaning towards Selwood.

Grufflez · 19/03/2014 at 19:36

Should i be concerned that Matthew Wright has been named at Half-Foward…with all the adelaide injuries + his awesome preseason surely he would start in the middle? brodie smith named centre? thoughts please people

    K'noath · 20/03/2014 at 15:19

    Lachie Neale (freo) was named on the ball. He ended up sub. I wouldn't read into it. Even if he starts there he'll get into the guts pretty quick.

EvilUmpire · 19/03/2014 at 19:52

Should I be concerned that Dangerfield has been listed as a forward and not in the midfield? just wondering if it will affect his score and , if so, whether Harvey from the Roos might be a better option?

    canman1306 · 19/03/2014 at 20:27

    Lock Danger in It will come Back to bite you if you Don't
    Danger Kicked 31 Goals Last year and With the New Interchange cap Rule he May Rest Forward More and Kick 2 Goals a week Along with his 25+ Disposals per week

Clutters · 19/03/2014 at 20:14

Question: anyone have a link to the Match Reports on the heraldsun website? You click on the matches played in the header bar and a bunch of bar bones stuff only appears, no actual stats. I want to see all the scores from the weekend. Cheers

Clutters · 19/03/2014 at 20:22

Goldstein R1 and Lewis Taylor F6
Sauce Jacobs R1 and Josh Caddy F6

    canman1306 · 19/03/2014 at 20:51

    I believe Option 2 will Be the Best Option
    But hey at the end of the day It is up to you!

choppers · 19/03/2014 at 20:30

Hey Clutters, I assume you have a team in Supercoach, and you're after individual's stats etc. Log in to your team, go to Match Centre then click on All Players Stats and scroll down to the match you want to see and all scores/stats from the completed games are there for you. It won't show you team stats etc.

    Clutters · 19/03/2014 at 20:45

    awesome – there it is, thanks!

JB · 19/03/2014 at 20:36

I have a dilemma, Ablett as VC and Langdon as Emergency, should I downgrade say Viv Michie/Tyson to M Crouch so I can use the Captain/Emergency loop hole, my other option is D Currie but he may debut on Friday thoughts …

    choppers · 19/03/2014 at 20:55

    Depends on who your Capt will be if Gaz stays VC. Someone like Dangerfield as Capt. may score you 120, which means you'll only be about 50 points better off by bringing Crouch in to your team for Michie/Tyson, if they score say 80. And you now have Crouch in your team in place of one of them, and theres also a cash surplus there as well, which may help you decide.

      JB · 19/03/2014 at 22:10

      thnx Choppers, I also have Watson as C option so therefore no trades but would like to lock in Ablett's score I thought Currie won't play so was trying to loophole C

BundyBear · 19/03/2014 at 20:38

Gunston or Hale.

throttlefinger · 19/03/2014 at 20:51

Well done, Barron.

But all due respect there be captain gold in dem WC-Doggie hills. Cox's stats reveal a very tasty 140 score on the horizon. NicNat will be the distraction as Cox goes wild in the forward line. Might as well call him the Big Chef because against the Doggies he will be serving up a double order of sausage rolls (did the Yank get too cute with that phrase?).

Don't worries Wombats and Dools, trusting the gut and going forth as planned.

Rocksta · 19/03/2014 at 20:55

Anyone entertaining HMac as R2. Note, that will mean my R1 is Sandi.
Risk + Risk

    Clutters · 19/03/2014 at 21:26

    Yes – I am. Gets me Caddy in the fwd line too. Any thoughts or insight on HMac over the preseason?!

      Rocksta · 19/03/2014 at 21:39

      They have eased him in but he has played most of Nab 2 and Nab 3.
      He must be up and about given they have picked him ahead of Dawson Simpson.
      I think i'll pass for now but if people are entertaining he or Hickey, I'd go Hmac personally.

canman1306 · 19/03/2014 at 20:56

I reckon Cox has a couple of good Years left in him. He looked good in the NAB Cup
Do you Think NicNat will get up for round 1?

    throttlefinger · 19/03/2014 at 21:09

    Looks pretty likely given this article on AFL.com.au: http://www.afl.com.au/news/2014-03-18/nic-nat-to-

    Interesting bit: if things are going well, NicNat will probably be subbed off. So beware.

    This is another reason why I'm going Coxie as my R1. If age starts playing a role, I'll swing to NicNat before he goes skyward.

      Rocksta · 19/03/2014 at 21:16

      That is a real dilemma for me TF as I consider Nic Nat a keeper at R1, whilst don't feel the same way about McEvoy or Jacobs.
      Don't really want to burn a trade turning either of the latter players into Nic Nat after 3 Rounds and thus may just roll the dice on him and hope he plays the whole Game.


        throttlefinger · 19/03/2014 at 21:25

        Go with your gut on this one, Rocksta. Same one that told you about McE and Jacobs. Because I had both as well.

        Think it really comes down to you comfort level in 2 areas: that NicNat is fully recovered and that his first 3 round scores might not be at "NicNat-level" (i.e. sub 100).

        Hope that helps.

          Rocksta · 19/03/2014 at 21:34

          As long as he scores around 90 in R1, I'm comfortable with that.
          I'm going Dog Dog

            canman1306 · 20/03/2014 at 08:26

            I Have gone Ryder R1 he Always Dominates Rucking Solo and he Should be doing that for the first 8 Rounds

        crowls · 21/03/2014 at 09:37

        Rocksta same dilemma as had nicnat until about 10mins ago. But starting on bench and likely sub off later is too riskly. Went Ryder as sole ruck will get 90+ with potential upside trade to NicNat later after he plays a bit and coach gives him more time. also he is likely to go down and not cost me money to trade.

Billy · 19/03/2014 at 21:00

Seeing as Matt Crouch probably won't be lining up I had to switch McDonald into my midfield as D10 as I couldn't afford Ellis/Aish and already had Dunstan so then I put Georgiou as my D6. Hope it all pans out right.

I am now also tempted to switch out McDonald for Aish. Wise move? And also if I was to have McDonald in defence who would be a good midfield option below 130K?
Thanks in advance

Rob · 19/03/2014 at 21:03


Taking into account all of job security, cash generation and scoring output, what is the communities opinions on this:

Georgiou & Shuey


B. Martin & Vince

Cheers guys!

dean · 19/03/2014 at 21:21

When do teams get announced??

    Wattsieesq · 19/03/2014 at 21:54

    Cats and Crows today, all the rest tomorrow.

Pauly · 19/03/2014 at 21:30

Whats everyones thoughts , I have Zorko at F3,thinking of swapping to Caddy now that he is named in the centre, can save cash & with the Cats injury list he should get some serious game time ????

    Rocksta · 19/03/2014 at 21:42

    Personally, I don't think you can lose on Caddy.
    That said, F3 is a bit high in the order for him. I have him at F5.
    Given this, it may be better to have that 3rd potential Premo at F3 and keep Zorko.
    Really depends on the rest of your structure IMO

      Pauly · 19/03/2014 at 21:49

      Thnx, i will have M.Wright at F3, Caddy F4, Rohan F5 & McCarthy F6

    K'noath · 20/03/2014 at 15:24

    Both are worth it. I have zorko at f5 and caddy at f6. I think Caddy at f3 means you're forward line is very very thin. Where are the points coming from?

Nick · 19/03/2014 at 21:41

What do you think about L. McCarthy for Geelong. Good bench option?

JB · 19/03/2014 at 22:11

Thoughts on J Webster, now there are cheaper rookies is it best to downgrade to rookies and which ones that are yet to play …

    Rocksta · 19/03/2014 at 22:22

    I'd keep him and if he doesn't perform to expectation, downgrade him to KK.
    Timing will depend on whether or not Webster is going to increase in value going into R3, and when KK is on the bubble ( and playing obviously).
    Given his form in NEAFL ( some 40+ possies in first game), I wouldn't have thought it would be long before he gets a senior birth ( Probably Round 2).

      JB · 19/03/2014 at 22:37

      just considering given the unlimited trades before full lockout, the rookies are coming through left right and centre

        Rocksta · 19/03/2014 at 22:44

        Agreed JB, but Other than Georgiou and LMac, which other Rookie Defenders are yet to play?
        If you don't have either of the 2 mentioned, and Webster is thus your D6, then yes I'd definitely downgrade him

          JB · 19/03/2014 at 23:00

          I have Webster, Langford and McDonald at the moment Langdon is in midfield as Emergency vs Georgiou …

      choppers · 20/03/2014 at 01:40

      Rocksta, KK is a gun, no denying that BUT…..the defence did well against the Tigers, and there's Rory Thompson and Seb Tape also avail for Rd2. If Bluey decides to drop 1, then Rory comes in. If Bluey decides to drop 2, and who would he drop from a winning team, a team that also has to go to Paterson's for Rd2, then maybe KK will come in, but I believe Tape is ahead of him at the present. So who gets dropped to make way for KK. I believe an injury or 2 is required in the defence for KK to get a run, which will be great if it happens about Rd5-6 and I'll be the first one on him…just sayin'

        Rocksta · 20/03/2014 at 02:00

        Sorry Choppers, but I don't agree.
        KK was underdone being the only reason he didn't play in Round 1.
        With Martin injured, he is now the favourite for he NAB rising star. The kid is a gun.
        I predict he will play Rd 3 at the latest.

          choppers · 20/03/2014 at 02:08

          Mate, you don't have to agree, that's cool. That's what I like about this site, just us fans throwing our 2 bob's worth out there. KK was underdone, no doubt, but so was Rory and I'll tell ya now, Rory will come in before KK. Now whether that's on the long haul to WA or another week when they're back at Metricon, thats up to the match committee. But KK will have to wait. But as soon as he's named, then he's in my side.

            Rocksta · 20/03/2014 at 02:18

            Lets agree to disagree and good luck

Nuggety · 19/03/2014 at 22:12

Gday all, anyone have news on Georgiou? Thought I heard decision would be made whether or not to upgrade him in the next 24 hours yesterday? Weird how my biggest life issue atm hinges on a guy who hasn’t yet and might still never play an afl game…but hey…stakes seem high right? Fuller any chance? Cheers.

    Rocksta · 19/03/2014 at 22:17

    He was elevated off the Rookie list earlier today/yesterday, with Mitch Clark going on the LTI List

Josh · 19/03/2014 at 22:27

Which two should I chose keeping in mind that both I chose will be playing on field

Geogiou and Suckling


L.McDonald and Webster

    Rocksta · 19/03/2014 at 22:39

    That's a hard one Josh.
    I've got all 4 of those players.
    I'd go the proven player returning from Injury, and the cheap Rookie if I had to choose thus option 1.

    Dave · 20/03/2014 at 10:26

    You need to have all 4. All those guys are cash cows!

      Josh · 20/03/2014 at 16:03

      Yes it would be ideal to have all four but it doesn't fit my structure which I am very happy with, this is why I can only have two.

@TheNoLanguage · 19/03/2014 at 22:50

Anyone have any insight on Lewis Taylor from Brisbane? I'm tossing up between bringing in Zac Merrett if he gets named Friday night, only heard good things about him. Currently have JKH and Taylor if anyone has any other suggestions for a another FWD rookie I'm all ears!

    choppers · 20/03/2014 at 01:49

    You have Winderlich,Melksham and Kommer all due back in the next 2-3 weeks which may make Merrett's job security a little sus. I'd wait until at least Rd2 to see if Taylor gets a run before doing anything. Maybe McCarthy from Geelong is a consideration. He was named in the side tonight.

      Rocksta · 20/03/2014 at 02:16

      I agree with Choppers. Leave it and see what Happens Rd 2. Jock reckons Taylor is a gun so you would expect he'd get a Guernsey soon enough.
      WRT Merrett, I saw him in NAB 2 and I just don't think he's ready for Senior Footy. He may get a go early but yea JS doesn't look good with the 3 you mentioned to come back.
      I'd also wait and see how McCarthy goes as well if your F5 and F6 have good JS.

      GarglesnarfFC · 20/03/2014 at 13:48

      And the Bomber just upgraded Ambrose off the rookie list, which I can only imagine them doing if they were going to pick him round 1. That would make Merret a very unlikely starter.

    Blueprime · 20/03/2014 at 02:26

    McCarthy, Geelong.

      GarglesnarfFC · 20/03/2014 at 09:42

      Going to stick with JKH but if he is not named at 6:30pm, McCarthy is IN at F8

        Sarah · 20/03/2014 at 09:48


Daniel · 19/03/2014 at 23:06

Anyone considering Hutchings as a left field alternative to Shuey? Opinions?

    Mark · 20/03/2014 at 00:07

    Hutchings is out till about RD3 with a back injury

Fourbells · 20/03/2014 at 07:57

Thinking of swapping Webster out for Tippet if named. I have enough coverage in defence
Swapping Liberatore and Dunstan out for Vince and Shiels. Believe Vince and Shiels will outscore Libba and Dunstan this week.
What are the community thoughs on this move?

    Dave · 20/03/2014 at 10:23

    Vince and Shiels will outscore the other two guys every week!
    So thats a good move.

Fraser · 20/03/2014 at 08:17

Need your help urgently guys!
Mathew Wright or Jackson Macrae?
Really need your input community!

    PJ8 · 20/03/2014 at 09:55

    Tough one. I'd go Wright. More experienced.

    Dave · 20/03/2014 at 10:22

    Put Wright in your Forward Line!

    K'noath · 20/03/2014 at 15:25

    I ahve both. They are both required for me. Different lines though

PJ8 · 20/03/2014 at 10:01

Goldstein and Libba


NicNat / McEvoy and Watson

If the second option which ruck?

    Dave · 20/03/2014 at 10:21

    Nic Nat and Watson Mate. Watson will average 110.

    Not convinced on McEvoy.

      PJ8 · 20/03/2014 at 10:23

      Thanks mate, that's the way I want to go. A little worried NicNat is under done though

        Derek · 20/03/2014 at 10:45

        when both Cox and Nic Nat play, neither score that well.

          Rocksta · 20/03/2014 at 10:49

          Cox is effected when they both play.
          Nic Nat hardly ever plays without Cox playing because Cox hardly ever gets injured.

          Dave · 20/03/2014 at 13:10

          When both play, I expect Cox to spend more time forward than Nic Nat.

          I wouldnt be choosing Dean Cox this season.

    LAZWAGON · 20/03/2014 at 15:13

    Leuenberger + Watson..

      canman1306 · 20/03/2014 at 15:30

      Leuy is a Great SC Pick And I think he could get to 105 This year Thoughts?

    canman1306 · 20/03/2014 at 15:28

    Id Say Option 2 and I Would Go NicNat our of those two

Wattsieesq · 20/03/2014 at 10:45

I'd go option 1.

Sarah · 20/03/2014 at 10:50

Last minute change… Leuenburger to Ryder. Thoughts community???

    PJ8 · 20/03/2014 at 10:58

    Hard one Sarah. Ryder is going to get 6-8 weeks with no Bellchambers so should score well. But has been known to be up and down.

    I'd go the consistent Berger.

      Sarah · 20/03/2014 at 11:28

      You're right. Thanks for the advice : )

Billy · 20/03/2014 at 11:36

Help Please!

Seeing as Matt Crouch probably won't be lining up I had to switch McDonald into my midfield as D10 as I couldn't afford Ellis/Aish and already had Dunstan so then I put Georgiou as my D6. Hope it all pans out right.

I am now also tempted to switch out McDonald for Aish. Wise move? And also if I was to have McDonald in defence who would be a good midfield option below 130K?
Thanks in advance

    PJ8 · 20/03/2014 at 11:43

    Hard to say which will be better out of Aish and McDonald. Both first year players, both top 10 picks. The only difference worth noting would be BL are re-building and will play youngsters all year, therefore Aish having better job security. In saying that McDonald has shown more in the pre-season games than Aish. You could seriously flip a coin.

    I would pick McDonald in DEF and get Ellis over Aish

    If you were looking at another cheap MID. Nick Robertson from BL is a good chance to play.

      Billy · 20/03/2014 at 11:57

      thanks, I ended up switching other players arounnd and ended up going with both Mcdonald and Aish. Mcdonald is in defense and Aish is my m8. I already had Cunningham play last week so I put Dunstan as M9. Thanks

    Derek · 20/03/2014 at 15:25

    I would try and find a place for McDonald in DEF. Good rookie defenders will be hard to find this year.

      Billy · 20/03/2014 at 16:10

      Thanks for the reply Derek, I was able to fit Mcdonald in DEF

WildHawks · 20/03/2014 at 14:40

Hey guys need your opinion, is 104,900 to much remaining cash to have?

    Dave · 20/03/2014 at 14:43

    Not really mate. Especially if you have an underperforming mid pricer.

    Sarah · 20/03/2014 at 14:44

    Not if you're happy with your team.

      WildHawks · 20/03/2014 at 14:48


    Derek · 20/03/2014 at 15:24

    you trade your ass off!

    K'noath · 20/03/2014 at 15:26

    With split round 1 I think no. By round 3 I'd have as close to zero as you can after corrective trades are done

    canman1306 · 20/03/2014 at 15:29

    Not at All.
    As long as you are Happy with your Team you could Have as Much or as little as you Like.

      theazzyg · 20/03/2014 at 15:32

      I ahve a good $150k left, if players are performing i'm ok with that. Just means theres more money to upgrade to premiums sooner if you can still knock out a good weekly score.

canman1306 · 20/03/2014 at 15:39

Enright / Geougou / 14K
Hurn / Langford / 27K


    canman1306 · 20/03/2014 at 15:45

    Also Just Quickly F8 Thoughts
    Zac Merret
    Lewis Taylor
    Lincoln Mccarthy
    Which will be the best option?

      Jai · 20/03/2014 at 22:50

      Hurn / Langford

      L Taylor for mine.

      Merret = vest
      McCarthy = SC spud

WildHawks · 20/03/2014 at 15:51

Just a quick question who is a better choice out of Watson or Liberatone? Thanks.

    Jai · 20/03/2014 at 22:49

    Libba for mine. Only just

Kenny Powers · 20/03/2014 at 17:09

Community – How strong is the job security of Lincoln McCarthy?

Jono · 20/03/2014 at 17:17

B. Martin & Vince OR Georgiou & Shuey? Thanks guys

    Billy · 20/03/2014 at 17:52

    Georgoiu and Shuey

    Jai · 20/03/2014 at 22:48

    Georgiou and Shuey every day of the week.

Jimmy · 20/03/2014 at 18:54

Thoughts please,Shiels and McCrae or Watson and Michie

    Jai · 20/03/2014 at 22:47

    Watson and Michie.

    But Libba/Rockliff & Michie instead of Jobe.

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