POLL: What’s your captain loophole threshold?

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Jock Reynolds - The Father of Fantasy

 Split rounds and rolling lockouts have made the Captain Loophole an important part of the caper.

Take last Friday night for instance. I had Sandilands as the Vice Captain. He scores 127. I know if I whack the C on a non playing rookie next week I can take the double points on my Vice Captains score.

I took the score. I know Gary Ablett went on to outscore the huge bugger but I’m happy I made the percentage play in taking the 127.

Begs the question – in this same scenario – what score would you be happy to take the loophole on?

I’d take anything North of 115.

Look forward the debate below,



What is your captain loophole threshold?

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Depends on the match-ups, it really is a case by case proposition. If Ablett had of played a team I respected, I may have taken Sandilands score. In this case, Ablett played the Tigers so i saw good odds he would equal or better Sandiballs!


130 generally speaking, but as you’ve said, it’s situational


Yeah, 130 is when I start considering the loophole.


Couldn't be more spot on.

I would normally have taken Sandyballs' score, but knowing Daniel Jackson was missing when Gary Ablett faced Richmond, and had basically a rookie in Thomas assigned to him instead, Sandi could have scored 140 – 145 and I probably still would have left the C on Ablett.

It is absolutely situational, but at the end of the day, remember two things: firstly, go with your gut instict, you may never forgive yourself if you don't, and secondly, hindsight is a bitch. In saying that though, your decision is your decision, and you made it based on some feeling or source of information and you used your best judgement. How were you to know it wasn't going to pull off?


125 for me. I bank on 120 from Gaz so if it's 120 or less, I back the champ in to match or top it. I also took Sani's score this week and we only missed out on 13 points. Would rather miss out on 13 points than cop a sub 100 captain score.


you missed out on 26 points and there is no way Gaz was going to get a sub 100 in an opening round.


If you have Ablett youd just take his score every week, and might miss a couple of points every now and then if someone scores more,,, but normally pretty safe.


Truer words have never been spoken in this forum. Unless Gaz is in a Coma you can always safely put the C on him.

Seaford Scouse

According to John Bruyn, last year’s winner, one of the key POD that separated him from the pack was putting the C on someone other than GAJ which is a fair strategy if you’re going for the overall prize, high risk but high reward. For most though the set and forget C on GAJ is probably the best option. Having said that there’s a few more options starting to appear on the radar which brings the loophole into new levels of focus this year, Ziebell, Libba, Cotchin, Treloar(?)…


130 for me, its worked a treat for me more than its backfired. eg this week when i had it on pendles for a 127 and thought, gaz will beat that. bang! and i always try run the loop on the friday night game, more chance having more elites avail for skipper when it backfires


Another question that's been dancing around in my head: say a person doesn't have Gaz but does have Pendles. What is the point difference between scores that you decide to roll the dice on another cap?

I've set it at 15 before R1, so I'll be taking Pendles score. Just curious what other's think. Or if this is just a ridiculously stupid notion altogether.


Anything below the VC average ie Pendles avg 126 and he scores say 118 ill look elsewhere and decide generally by who they are playing, history and how other teams are scoring against them

Sandi vs almost anyone. Anyone vs Melbourne, and this year anyone vs Saints.

If a team has ruck issues, midfield issues ill take them over a key position forward. Last year WBD both Minson and Libba had their biggest games


Yeah, that definitely is a more informed way of approaching it, SS.

Speaking of WBD, was considering chancing putting the C on Cox. Playing against Doggies at Paterson. Has done well. While my gut is shouting "hey tenderfoot, it's only round 1, why not go for it!" But my better senses says take the strong score and move on.


Hi Throttle.

I had the VC on Sandi and was tempted to take the 127. I didn't as still had GAJ to play and it worked out.

That said, I wouldn't roll the dice on a 127 unless I had one of either GAJ or Pendles still to play.
My threshold is 130 but as others have alluded to, it really depends on the circumstances and players to come.


Right, Rocksta. Best to keep the 127.

Gambling nature coming out a bit. Usually hit Vegas once a year…and it's been 2 years.

Biggest issue now is if Georgiou, Matty C and Max King make the 22. May need to throw a 0 rook in there just to get Pendles score. But maybe THAT circumstance warrants a roll of the dice on Coxie. Not sure.


TF im actually going for broke I have VC on Beams 136 I could've kept the C the Magician, but gut has been telling me put C on Mitchell, my mind is saying Mitchell is gonna rip the the Lions again and again every time they play. My heart saying "You really are a DONKEY, if you go through with it, You will be an ASS"

The Ranger

Blimey! Ballsy move Mr.Donkey.
I had the VC on Beams and threw it over to GAJ.
Only just got away with it.


Hmm id take the 127 throtts. And ditto Donk with the 136 most took Ablett, better to stay close than lose out. Their avgs of Cox 107 and Mitchell 105 dont give me the same confidence of Ablett, Pendles who had multiple scores above those VC scores by comparison.


I agree. Take the 127 and 136 respectively. As I said before, would only roll the dice on such scores with GAJ or Pendles ( Maybe Jelwood when fully fit……………..not this week)


Mitchell vs the Lions
2011 Round 16 Brisbane 34 Touches 129 SC points
2012 Round 12 Brisbane 25 Touches 125 SC point
2013 Round 14 Brisbane 26 Touches 118 SC points
2014 NAB 1 Brisbane 33 Touches 118 SC points
That's an average of 122 SC points against Brisbane.
Thats pretty good stat his last 4 games against them.


yes mate, but no 136


Yeah 136 is solid, an inspired choice to VC beams – dont fake the funk


Don't do it Donk! Take the W with the 136.


You are beating yourself up mate Again, Okay you don't have GAJ so now you are crucnhing the possibilities, How long is a Peice of string??? This is the ramification of NOT PIcking GAJ dude. Anywho it being ST. Patrick's and all put the C on Mitchell, has preformed thru out NAB I really don't see a change from his out put but when he scores 116 pts Do not be upset 116 is a good score from any player in backline do not confuse Captains output with Individual score….Ya this is I told ya so but when children learn the most is when they burn themselves Well we wont let you do that mate well maybe not Naw I can't back that up Next G and Keyboard got all upset to think that TF was on fire…Fridge stop…..Oh Guinness hello, Right mate who is the 2 ruc you are sacrificing to put King in? If you have picked Sauce mate All of us will be upset at this end of the NET …Keyboard say me " C is for Coxs" Wooh Big balls to go with Big C on Big Coxs but keyboard say justified risk v reward it work you KING it fail you King with no clothes on, but who is goin' to remember round 1 mate in 3 rounds time??? okay I will but not you right? I'll remind you…….


Hahaha. Well said, Dools (with an assist to Keyboard).

Rucks are Cox/Sandi with Thurlow and King on the B. So Keyboard says go for it while Dools the Beer Whisperer says keep the Pendles booty? Am I reading that right? Or do I need to add a swing of Baileys to my java to decode?


Got me at a weak moment mate, but Risk V Reward buddy. You gambled on GAJ …lost you put VC on Sandilands Win now you are gambling to make up differance on GAJ to just break even with those of us who do but remeber you have different team to the main stream (dare I say cookie cutters) …Why did you pick what you picked??? What was your Captancy plan for all those rounds without Garry???? Now you is the KING but do you have clothes on…Put the C on Cox mate If I'm wrong you loose but in your own head you have lost methinks so Decsion Requied from your GUT mate take the 127 or go for it…Sorry for the rambling reply but it's so hard to see the keyborad …Did you know that Guinness is not Dark apparently I'm drinking Guinness Light and it's blacker then 10 black things on an even darker backround Good news is I can't tell you about the smell( Thicker then a London Pea souper) uggg sometimes me and gut can't share the same room LOL


Excellent points, my friend. And the reason I got Cox is WCE plays a lot of later than Sat games so he would be the backup if Pendles falters. You and Lord Vaderbats have pushed me to go R'n'R.

Dude, why are you drinking Guinness out of a can? Needs a properly managed draft system to enjoy properly. Drinking can, go Bud or Yuengling. Or in your world, Coopers. Don't try to fool your taste buds with Lights and Darks. If it's in aluminum, don't get too choosy. Even bottle. Just make sure it's cold and there's plenty of them.


I 'm not a freaking barbarian mate , I pour it into a Pint glass (Thats how I figured out the color combo jeez) Anywho back on track….Agreed it need a a draught system but that little Nitrogen bomb to mix it well what an invention haven't tasted a real one in 12 years but this my friend comes damn close except for the Light part apperntly Guinness a not playing with low carb stuff but Dark Matter "In a Can" Heady stuff I know but these are the conversations Irish people have in the "Pub" dailey… just read Vombats post sorry Wombats post…Wide open spaces of Patersons Stadium Put C on Cox my Leige …Can play, super draw its a Nike mate "Just do It!"


Bow to you, kind sir.

Nothing better than a draft from a properly managed drafter. Boddington's can only truly be enjoyed that way. Although will take the can over someone who lets their bar go to shitte.

Appreciate the push, Dools. Give a nice spray and shine to Keyboard for me.


Done my Irish Kinsman…Next G is a glow with kind thoughts from yourself
Nike moments mate Nike!


I might have to go down to Cox myself, expensive rookies on the way needed badly in backline


Whats wrong with Sauce?

My ratings are

1. Minson – will stay same might loses 5ppg over season
2. Goldy – ditto
3. Cox – should factor early will lose pts 74sc in less than 1/2 nabcup
4. Leuy – should avg 100ppg for year
5. Simpson – if fit great value, monster waiting to happen
6. Sauce – avg at 85 1st & 3rd most hit outs, worked hard on tank pre season will gain 10-15ppg


I Like Ketchup mate, Sauce is some crazy french thing that I would call Gravy or to be Australian… Gravox ????
Sauce burnt me BAD last year BAD. He is my equivelent to "Greg Bloody Broughton" to quote Jock…Naw mate Never Again…Well maybe ….



Roll the dice mate it's only round 1 put it on Cox or Rocky even better whack it on Danger


Nicely put as always, Womby. Love the light touch.

My choices for C are Cox, Danger, Libba and Roughy. Leaning towards Cox. At Paterson and is in great shape (lost a good chunk of weight). Think he may come out like a mad bull.


Personally I'd go with Libba. West Coast couldn't tag a glacier so I reckon the young fella will come close to 200 on the wide open spaces of Paterson.


That is true but he has a so-so ave vs. the Eagles (88). And at Paterson (79ave). Still consider for the points you mention. Thanks Wombats


Selwood and Hutchings will try shutting Libba down with no Griff

Cox is a pro, eagles not tanking this year. Question is if you were to choose between Cox vs Minson or Sandi vs Grundy who would you choose for captain?

Liddle Jnr

I don’t think anyone in the comp itches as much to get out there in round one and play footy as much as the little champ so sandi had to put in a 150 plus to keep him. Otherwise ablett round 1 every time!


For me anything above Abletts avg is a safe bet. Last year in rnd 1 I took Gibbs 150 in VC loop and was rubbing hands together thinking shrewd, calculated choice Salty, only to have Ablett go nuts


….with a 178!!!!






Hi Wombats, I want this posted again at round 4 mate LOL Love ya mate


I took Sandi even though I have GAJ. 125+ is good for me unless GAJ or Pendles are playing a Saints/GWS/Dees


I use the potential captains average, if theVC beats it, I take it.


Had VC on Sandi (127)..figured Gaz would get 120 at least ended up with (140)
Generally speaking 130 is the pass mark,most people seem to agree.


Has alex gorgeous been upgraded yet because I’m getting worried that he won’t get a game? does anybody know?


No news yet mate… Still waiting.


This was todays interview

Roos said mature-aged recruit Alex Georgiou was a strong possibility to be elevated from the rookie list, with the decision to be made in the next 24 hours.

Exciting forward Jay Kennedy-Harris is in contention to make his debut in round one but Roos was non-committal about whether or not he would play.


Thanks dee and scdonkey are you both banking on him getting elevated?


I think its highly likely he will be upgraded.


Upgraded according to afl.com

Jordan Galilee

WHen GAJ scores 141 in supercoach, im happy with that and wouldn't use the loophole for sure!

KadeK is a jet

Has anyone gone with someone else as captain? I was very keen on Tom Rockliff, but ended up sticking with Gary Ablett, I thought he would always be the safest option!


I have Mitchell as my captain at the moment, VC on Beams. Still don't know what to do whether I'll stay with Beams on take a Punt on Mitchell.

KadeK is a jet

I would take beams score, too risky with mitchell, he could pull out 100 which wouldn't be the best! Hope all goes well!


Sorry Jock but cant vote to any of the above for Round 1 Captain Loophole I wanted 150+ then 130+ from there on. So taken this bloody Donkey to war and might become a Stallion after the battle or becomes a total Jackass.


i am having trouble understanding the loophole. if i put my V on Sandilands and want to take his score i have to put my C on a non scoring player. is the non scoring C on my bench or in my top 18?


Non scoring player with C must be on field (there are 22 on field, not 18). Just make sure that you have a scoring player on bench in the same line (defender, midfield etc) as your non scoring captain marked as Emergency. Beware your non scoring player does not get a call up or else you may end up with very low captains score.


Non playing player must be on the field with a C on him covered by an emergency on the bench


Putting the C on any player other than Gaz will always get you great odds at any of the of gambling sites; reason = it is very unlikely that someone else will outscore him.


All due respect…"duh".


I know it's obvious but some people seem to think that you should have threshold score for your VC loop at which you dont put the C on Gaz.
The saltshaker has told us how stupid that theory is after he accepted a 150 VC score from Gibbs only to have Gaz pump out 178.
My pearl of wisdom was merely another example of why thresholds are irrelevant and, a 'snort of ridicule' to the joker that posed the question.


Just twistin' yer tit a bit, Wombats.

Point taken but not sure it's such a ridiculous notion. You're playing the odds across the game. Good to have a baseline of consideration in those matters.

Yes, it's all a gamble. So I agree, you roll with your gut and take the risk if you think the reward is within the realm of possibilities. And Ablett playing against most teams is worth the gamble. He makes getting 140+ easy.

I'm willing to put a C note on hard eight for the first round. Have plenty of chips left and the night is young.


LOL Wombats , 150 in the hand is better then TF's delima ATM "duh" LOL I love this site…Keep the good times rollin….Of to the fridge…..Research…Dark Matter and the disaperance of 777 Jet demand my attention!


Wait till Swan gets the motorboat happening


If you have GAJ and Pendles in you team from the start, or very close to the start, the Captain decision is made all that much easier. Pendles had Crowley as his shadow for the whole of the game and still scored 127.
He and Gaj are just simply a cut above everybody else.
This will sound biased from a Pieman, but Beamer will give you that third option for the loophole on many an occasion this year. He is an absolute Gun


No love for Swan?


Unfortunatly Rocksta, TF problem is He Does Not Have A Captain Score… so he is thinking of putting King in to cover Cox and take the 127 Sandy made as VC , Where Keyboard , Next G and Dark Matter think he would be better off puttin the C on Cox..Yes he does not have GAJ so help him out mate Beams is an excellent out but he has played for round 1 …. Are you with us in this or are you against C on Cox Just for this week (So the King has clothes on)


Hi Dools.
I can't see Cox getting 127+ Against Big Will. Also, he and Dog Dog will alternate a bit to give Dog Dog some time in the square and around the ground.
I'd put the C on King and take the 127, and if he plays, Roll the Dice on the Dangerman ( if he has him). For the Crows to get anywhere near the Cats at Simmonds, Danger will have to have a blinder. ( we all know he can pull out some ripper scores).


I'm not so sure Rocksta, home ground season opener at Perth ,,,, Hmmm
I like that idea mate I never asked TF if he had Danger but I think he does not as he was to excy.. Come to think of it I'm sure he dos'nt…Take the 127 TF and the King will not be embarressed!
TF are you there?
More people pester him…TF wake up LOL


TF, wake up.

Do you have Danger? If so, you'll have to be quick on that decision as Melb team will come out around 6:30, with the Cats/Adel Game starting at 7:10 that same Night.
Will put a bit of stress on the time zone management


Next G device and Keyboard thank you…I'm falling asleep see ya all on the morrow where it will be recognised as ST.PATs =1
Nike Moments TF NIKE


This week my Cap's choice is sponsored by the swoop.

Got it Dools. Enjoy your snoreful sleep.


Sorry gents. Had to take the subway to the job. Now that I'm on the clock, I can reply with a thoughtful and time-consuming response.

Going C on Cox. Many reasons. Here's a new one for ya: First letters match. C for Cap. C for Cox. C for Cashmoney. It's an equation that demands the Footy God's grant.


Enjoy your day.
My Private St. Pats Day drinking session must now come to an end as I also need to start thinking about work in around 6 hours.
Speak Tmmr/Today


With Gaz in the team, I threshold at 135. For me the joy of the loophole is the gamble, the little champ has such a capacity for huge scores its always worth it, he rarely goes below 110 so even if it fails the differential is hardly heartbreaking. I gambled on Pendles a few times last year over Gaz and on two of those occasions he was sub 120. That hurt.


Agree, SD. Maybe situationally you can secure the league win by taking the 127. That makes sense.

But it's Round 1. Time to give that team a nice test drive and throw the C on a legendary SC scoring ox.


Eats popcorn


Mine is 140. Used to be 130 but got burnt once.

Took Matt Priddis 131 2 years ago using the loophole in a split round and missed out on Ablett's 180. OUCH!


Just a quick question to the guys who have all the stats, what was Dimmas captain's average score for the year?

Seaford Scouse

Not sure Kevan but he has stared that he came out in top on weeks when he put the C on some on other than GAJ


I have Watson named as captain and Sandi as VC gonna hold on Watson. Reckon he'll pants the Roos


StevieJ is going to have a blinder tonight. Will make Sandi's score look tiny.