PODCAST: Analysis of Round 1, Weekend 1

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Supercoach 2014 preseason podcastCan you smell that community?

Its the smell of bloody war. We are well and truly over that trench now and we’ve already been hit with some casualties.

What a HUGE weekend of Supercoach and Dreamteam relevance we’ve had. There is an absolute bucket load of significance to work through this week and as is so often the case – COOL HEADS NEED TO PREVAIL THIS WEEK.

Enjoy the show, hope you’ve had a top week 1 and look forward to getting into some comments below

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  1. Billy says:

    will kennedy-harris get a game for melbourne this week??

  2. throttlefinger says:

    Yaaaaaay! Downloading and listening while making the pancakes.

  3. Daniel says:

    Tyson (MELB), Dunstan (STK) or Ellis (WCE) on-field?

    • taylorwoof says:


    • Shinboner says:

      Tyson for mine. Melbourne's midfield is *gulp* superior to their St. Kilda counterparts, thus, more recycling of the ball through the guts for Melbourne.

    • Pauly says:

      I have both Dunstan & Ellis starting , Dunstan will get heaps of gametime with no vest concerns, Ellis is a health risk, but im willing to gamble. Both should earn an extra 200k

    • tezza says:

      dunstan would be my pick. Stkilda mid field decimated

    • throttlefinger says:

      Tyson. Against Saints. In the guts. Should translate to a 90+ score.

    • lostlarrikin says:

      Tyson 4 mine 2

  4. Derek says:

    The worse thing about changing my team so many times before round 1 is all the players who have had a good score ive had in my team a some stage over the last month.

    • shane says:

      Too right mate, I know I put the "unlimited trades" to the test. Looked at that many different structures trying to fit as many of the 25 premiums I liked into my team. Some structures 11, 12, 13 even 14 keepers if I left out one of GAJ or Pendles. Guys like Swallow, Langford, Shaw have all been in my backline many times but didnt make the cut. Im lookin forward to a month from now when ill probably be out of contention for the 50k and can just have fun with my side. Tough caper.

  5. Grufflez says:

    Polec & K.Simpson came through for me tonight both tonned up, also had Sandilands.T.Mitchell,C on Gazz,Cotchin,Beams..Langdon was E on bench..looking like a good bloody start and have this websites fantastic Info to thank for it!

    • shane says:

      Have Simpson myself, astute pick I feel. Built my backline around him as the "22 games 95+ avg"
      Last time he missed a game was in the under 12's. See him come off ginger tonight? Gotta love Round 1.

  6. Shinboner says:

    Downloading the podcast right now! Will be listening to it as I go to bed. Great to have something to look forward to on Sunday nights.

  7. jason says:

    Great job boy’s great podcast once again

  8. tezza says:

    adam treloar you beauty !!! One week ago i suggested that people consider Treloar and Harley Bennell. No one was interested. Harley Bennell will play in round 2. GET ON NOW !!!!!

  9. Pauly says:

    What's everyones thoughts on Zorko this year ? Will he get enough time in the guts to generate a score ?

    • throttlefinger says:

      Not sure. Saw him spend time up front a little too much for liking in NAB. Yet, Jock thinks from Leppa's talks that he'll be in the guts more this season.

      First game vs Hawks so we'll find out very quickly where the Magnificent One will be playing.

    • Marcus says:

      ooohh pauly he sure will but my team will always be better than yours man

  10. throttlefinger says:

    The pancakes were killer (vinegar in the milk is key) but the podcast was breathtaking. Mostly for me, as I tend to be quick to make change rather than stick to my plan. Thank you.

    And big thanks goes out to the community. Especially Jimbo, Dools, Twoof, Saltshaker, JimfromGipps and SCdonkey. Head was in a bad place yesterday. Head needed a bashing to wake up. Thanks for the thrashing. Woke me up.

    Now onward to Rd1 Part II (makes me arsehole weep reading that crap)

    • taylorwoof says:

      Anytime Throttle!

      Love bouncing advice, thoughts, scenarios the whole box and dice backwards and forwards.

      • throttlefinger says:

        Likewise, my friend.

        Polec gave a little scare. Then showed what he was made of in the 4th. Really like his game.

        • taylorwoof says:

          Wasn't he super when Port Adelaide put the foot down and sealed the game. A lot more confidence in starting him now after that effort.

          Enjoyed Murphy's game as well. Happy i ended up sticking with him.

          • throttlefinger says:

            Yeah, he did well considering. Blues 2nd half form is concerning. Judd coming back will take some of the load off.

            Went Lids instead of saving the loot on Smurph. Paid off this round. Let's see if it works out in long run. Like what I saw.

          • shane says:

            He played well didnt he… wasnt sure on starting him over ellis at home vs dogs. Have crouch M8 and polec emergency, should be sweet.

    • THE SALTSHAKER says:

      Cheers throtts, dont worry youre not the only one. My structures been all over the place, midpricers/value vs gnr and both have had a battle in my head. Should i keep cash over? How much will i need? Or do i just sacrifice a trade later and see how much i can push my luck hahaha it feels right and wrong depending upon some new whim. Had Simpson and Murph from day one then somewhere along the line they were both out for a premo ruck, premo mid and 3 on field rookies in my defence. If mcdonald and langdon named ill get away with it, but as is i ran clurey today for a stinkn 31sc so was hard seeing those two bluebaggers spread it around whilst i only kept daisy.

      • throttlefinger says:

        Yeah, I was contemplating Clurey but went Langdon, Cameron and Georgiou. Cameron didn't do bad but my not as well as Laidler. Don't have the cash to do that. Have McDonough on forward bench and he didn't deliver. So downgrade him for Impey.

        Or stick it out and hope McDonough turns it around and Cameron sticks in the 22 for the first 8 rounds.

        No need to decide now, Saltshaker. Will let it rest until end of round one. Then fret away.

        • THE SALTSHAKER says:

          Well if you look at it from value per $100k spent not a lot of difference.

          1. Langdon $117300, 113sc = value 94.6pts per $100k spent
          2. Polec $172600, 107sc = 62.0
          3. Laidler $161800, 95sc = 58.7

          to be continued…

          • THE SALTSHAKER says:

            4. Ellard $220000 120sc = 54.5
            5. Cunningham $123900, 66sc = 53.5
            6. M.Thomas $250000, 121sc = 48.3
            7. Impey $117300, 56sc = 47.7

            By comparison everyone stoked by Sandi $310700, 127sc = 40.9
            yet Cameron $123900, 50 = 40.4

            McDonough was 21st with value of 29.0

            The real bones is when your premiums under deliver for top dollar. With at least 6-8 rookie spots each week to be played the difference will come from those who field higher valued rookies as they are getting more points and generating more cash. Youve got to back your prems in for the season not the week, if you can get get on to a couple of breakout pods youre a good chance to get ahead

          • throttlefinger says:

            Yeah, that just makes me want to downgrade McDonough to trade Cameron to get Laidler. Cameron got a 50 (on the bench). Not sure it's that big of a difference for a bench player. Whadda think, Salty?

            • THE SALTSHAKER says:

              Dunno about Laidler, was 13sc at 1/2 time and a real concern for me. I think if Langford gets named he could be the best bet. McDonald and KK might be better options around that price. Am hoping KK doesnt arrive too soon though as wouldnt mind some cash from Clurey first.

              Id suggest wait n see if Landford named this week, then see if KK named rnd 2

              • THE SALTSHAKER says:

                McDonough attacked the ball hard was a bit stiff SC wise going in at 1/2 time with only 17sc from all accounts. Both him and Impeys JS is a concern for mine. Youd think they get another week, Hardwick may drop for small fwd. He did belt Conca though in press conference, and Astbury was the sub wasnt he? I reckon he could pick up better pts more possies this week as he had 2 good nabcup games showing he can find more pill than he did on weekend

              • throttlefinger says:

                Heard KK killed it at NEAFL. 30 disposals or something like that. May ride Cameron out until KK takes over or Cameron doesn't make side, which was always a possibility.

                Love Langford but job security is an issue. Don't know if worth bringing him unless he goes 90+.

                • THE SALTSHAKER says:

                  45 disposals is what was tweeted. I think Needsma or whatever his name is might be first go, before Cameron. Hard to say, Rory Thompson might be back this week.

                  • throttlefinger says:

                    Hahaha. You're thinking of Bootsma of the Blues. My buddies and I are always railing against him and how he even gets on the field. We believe that he has blackmailed Malthouse some how.

                    Will see about Cameron. Don't think I'm going to do anything now. Just relax. Only thing I really need to worry about R1 is if I don't have a loop to get Pendles 127.

                • THE SALTSHAKER says:

                  Hawks missing a few still, might get tagging role. Mitchell, Burgoyne, Hodge to have less rotation in mid this year spending more time down back. Cyril hbf to break the lines. There might be some opportunity for the kids to support Lewis Puopolo Sheils in guts. Langford seems the Tom Mitchell type to me. Been in system for 3yrs and being groomed as mid, more than likely defensive to free up Shiels… but am only speculating

                  • THE SALTSHAKER says:

                    Last year was easier, port rookies, terlich, goodes, lock, no headaches

    • Dools says:

      Hey mate, nothing you would not have done for me brother..Downloading the PODcast now so hopefuly will have a good laugh and enjoy ST Pats mate and remember kids every one is Irish to-day …Now off to the fridge ….Talk later got a good thirst up

    • SCdonkey says:

      That is why we are here TF to help each other out, sharing our thoughts, advice and opinions. We all know you do the same thing, to help out a fellow community.

    • GeneralSoreness says:

      How much vinegar – milk ratio?

      • throttlefinger says:

        2 tablespoons to one cup of milk. Let sit for 5 minutes or so.

        • GeneralSoreness says:

          Thanks throttle will be trying it this weekend!

          • throttlefinger says:

            Holler if you want the whole recipe. Pretty damn good & always a crowd fav.

            • GeneralSoreness says:

              Would love the whole recipe thank you email best or you gonna post here ?

              • throttlefinger says:

                Here ya go. Let me know how it turns out, Gen Sore.

                Sometimes I substitute 2 bananas for sugar. Or add sour cream instead of vinegar. Soon to be expired yogurt is also good. Add more milk if you like thinner pancakes.

  11. shane says:

    JOCK. Not sure im cut out for this caper old boy. Spent months coming up with different strategies to counter the expensive rookies. Have been doing extensive research on the 400-500k players. Came up with a peach of a team, NO GAJ, NO PENDLES. Everyone who has played has scored well for me, the team looks good, its healthy, but im not… I had to watch Pendles tear it up for 3 quarters against Crowley in an ominous display of things to come. Then had to watch GAJ just be GAJ. (so much for the calf… ####) Not sure 50k is gunna be worth the stress mate. I must hold my ground, no reflex trades, left langdon out, ok, not good, but left daisy out too. Faith in the plan, all these guys bragging about 5 players tonning up for them, all the same players Jock, COOKIE CUTTERS, surely they made mistakes somewhere…… right?

    • throttlefinger says:

      Deep breaths, Shane. Deep breaths. Had the EXACT same anxiety attack yesterday.

      If you've spent as much time with me with your team selection, you have good reasons, nay, STRONG reasons why it may work. Which is why it probably stings the ego a bit when Gaz goes 140. But the word I used for your reasons is "may". Because fantasy footy predicting is not an exact science. You don't figure Dixon getting a concussion. Or KJack being omitted. And it's only Round 1.

      Have Pendles but didn't have Gaz. JPK didn't deliver in the 2nd half. McV was well below form. Was thinking making drastic trades, the likes of which would've undermined my whole plan.

      In other words, you have to give your lineup a chance.

      It's like going out on a date with a beautiful woman with a great personality. But she thinks footy is boring. Do you give her the heave ho? Noooooo. You take her to a game. Buy her a jumper (couple sizes small, natch). Hell, let her listen to Jock's podcast. You give her a chance. Give her a chance to deliver on her possibilities.

      Also Shane, keep in mind this is only Round 1. Ablett plays Crowley next week and the Freo defense juggernaut. And who knows how the Pies are going to respond next week.

      But to answer your question, Cookie Cutter teams are short term plays. Only for leagues. And a dynamic, well-planned team such as yours will bear fruit, and it may be some of the most delicious nectar you've ever tasted.

      So again, take a deep breath. Believe me, I've taken MANY the last day. And let this be your mantra the next two weeks: round 2 corrective rook trades only…round 2 corrective rook trades only.

      • taylorwoof says:

        Well said Throttle!

        Look at the positives Shane….i'm sure you had players that scored well.

        Heck, i had Gaz and Pendles who both scored superbly….but at the other end of the scale i also started Rohan and Buddy. Plus started Clurey over Langdon on the ground.

        We're never going to get it 100% perfect from the get go….it's near impossible.

        Only 4 games into the season bud, plenty of water to go under the bridge….keep calm bud, keep calm.

        • shane says:

          Hehe thanks for the reassurance guys, just listened to the podcast as well, very reassuring. Sound advise on all fronts. I was hoping to avoid corrective trades early but did allow for 3-4 on rookies.

          Have looked at the relevence for months and always felt I'd go better on the opposite end of the scale. I've avoided certain hype midpricers like daisy and webster, bought rookies so thats correctives allowed for (langdon/laidler). The money saved from that has allowed me 13 keepers with minimal risk ( eg minson instead of lobbe or mcevoy) No skimping on my premiums. Where it gets risky is if players like Swallow or Titch/Parker become keepers in the top 6-8 for thier positions. All things being equal, after the byes if I keep bringing in these A-grade premiums, I should end up with a better side….. SHOULD. By leaving out GAJ, PENDLES, COTCH, I have left room to bring in a fallen round 8 like selwood or better before the bye, whereas other will not have that luxury and may miss the boat.

          • shane says:

            Good luck to all anyways and thanks for the comic relief. Only started getting involved in the chat recently but sort of worked out a few personalities over a couple of years. Love the site and the community, will be donating in a few days as I feel the quality of the articles is sound and in abundance, a lot of work goes into this. Keep up the good work fellas.

            • THE SALTSHAKER says:

              Yeah ive gone Minson, but i dont really have a strat for next wave of expensive rookies other than back a midpricer in each line and use as trade bait if a must have pops along. As a result ive justified Daisy over Tyson and tried to offset with cheap def rookies. Ive even backed Suckling in for the D3 spot. So ive gone from a 3-1-4 def to a 2-1-5 def axeing Simpson, and played clurie today.on the bird in hand basis. If McDonald and Langford named i should have some depth into those DEF spots.

              Up fwd i rushed out and bought Rohan, as word was McDonough and Impey would get vests. Kind of gutted but if they have JS ill cop that for a bit.

              My big concern now is seeing M.Thomas and Swallow going 120+ again.

              I took Swanny over Pendles and i feel naked, ive had them both every year with GAJ – sure enough first game theres a 40pt difference. If Tyson cuts 100 or Michie and 80 not sure where to get $$ for other than to cull a prem mid i prized myself getting, but if i follow those thoughts too far it leads to madness – gotta stick with my plan haha i dont remember feeling this uncertain in 2013

              • throttlefinger says:

                Think its the change this season in prices that is making all this feel more foreign. Even more of a reason to make the trades when its purely corrective. Let the first 3-4 rounds just play themselves out. Trade where you can get a rook on the way up instead of down.

                Easy, sound fixes that don't disrupt your structure and plan. That's what I keep telling myself. That and "BELIEVE THROTTLE, BELIEVE!"

              • shane says:

                interesting, went through many of the same thoughts myself, Daisy at m5 really played on my mind. It was betwenn Daisy and follow the pack 2) upgrade daisy to bernie vince, 80k for a much better mid pricer and use vince to bring in GAJ, he could ave 120 over first month. or 3) dom tyson M5 saiving 130k on daisy and maybe 10 points, but bolstering my backline a bit and hopefully gain when you guys get poor rookie scores. Langdon on the field will hurt me, as my structure only allowed for mcdonald at m6. Have gone 4-1-3 in the backline. Mcveigh Mitchell Simpson Hanley

                • shane says:

                  Considered Swan big time, he was in my team as last player picked a few times as his price suited and i was struggling to find the extra cash for pendles. In the end went Watson, If i was going to pay 600k or over for a round 8 it has to be gaj or pendles. lol

                • SCdonkey says:

                  Your backline looks pretty solid Shane, more solid than mine. If you really wanna know what my backline is. Mitchell Thompson Swallow Pittard Bugg McD Langdon sitting pretty with 111 poking his tongue at me saying "nanah, na nah" and Georgiou. As you can see Pittard only scored 52 and Bugg 61. But I have plan for this two and will stick to it.

                  Now my M5…, ready for it.
                  J Macrae all I need from him is 5 solid games before the bye Rounds and he will turn into a Premo.

                  My forwards I have Caddy at F5 and Higgins at F6. If Higgins fails then he'll become a playing rookie and upgrade Caddy to Premo. But if both fails then I'm all done for. These are risks I was willing to take.

                  So far the backline has backfired a bit, but not to an extent that it can't be rectified.
                  I'm hoping Macrae delivers in the first 5 Rounds as he's the key to my team.

                  • GeneralSoreness says:

                    Exactly the same F5 F6 strategy as me on the basis that the upside of the risk was too big that the potential downside was able to be ignored.

                  • shane says:

                    i struggled a bit with macrae as well. Im a dogs man so very hard. I seen him as a good POD to daisy but at that price it leaves you with the same structure and similar risk. Having watched Daisy he looks really unfit, I think you will win out there, but I couldnt take that risk. I also have higgins for the same reason, nearly went same as you, caddy f5, but it would have forced me to take a cheaper premium at F4, wanted to avoid the sydney players as i cant see any of them playing 20+ games at 95. Starting with Danger, Martin, Roughhead and Kennedy, he is my cheapest premium in the team and my biggest risk. He ave 90 last year (100 first 18 games), easy draw and the W/C mids are back on the park. He will end up my F6 with 2 of Harvey/ Wingard and Petrie to come in. Harvey and Petrie likely. Both round 8 and expensive to start, petrie ave 105 after round 8 last year i believe… easy finish.

                    • THE SALTSHAKER says:

                      Yeah you may be onto something there with Kennedy, WCE have easy run WBD, MELB, STK in their first 3 games. I went with Parker and Mitchell based on mid rotation roles, thats if JPK lets them near it, was everywhere early but yeah quietly happy as they seem primed for big year

                      Daisy will take a few games, last year was vest managed early with 59, 24, 58 before going bang with 105, 150. Scores like that are great in your rolling 3game avg for cash generation. He comes off back off 94.2, 109.6, 96.4 with 27 games from 38 games over 90, 22 over 100. At his best he has massive work ethic to chase and tackle defensively as well as on the spread. 159, 134, 134, 125, 126, 133, 146, 146, 128, 151, 157, 127, 137, 150 are some examples of his scoring potential

                    • THE SALTSHAKER says:

                      * 38 games (2011 – 2012)

                    • shane says:

                      Pretty good argument for Daisy there.. and yet you took macrae, brave man SS.

                      I'd say your probly right with him, I left him out to be different, but couldnt replace him with similar due to the risk of daisy out performing whoever i pick.

                      Timing is everything though, and athough its early and macrae hasnt played yet, I think you might be able to upgrade him before daisy. I dont believe all that crap about how bad his ankle is, he is a star, but watching him in th second half, most of his kicks were lucky to make the distance, tired legs, unfit atm not so much the ankle, just plain not fit enough. He looks like having a pretty sluggish start and those who have him will probly have to wait a while to see any value.

                    • THE SALTSHAKER says:

                      Nah i got daisy, not mcrae

                      Way i see it is i get a look at some rookie mids before possibly using daisy as corrective trade if it comes to that as i clearly have too many mid prems.

                      If crouch gets named ill be happier to sit on him. Dunno? Not a fan of investing large down back

                      Nor do i wanna jump ship on thomas as its surely a case of match fitness, might hurt me before it pays off but when it does i wanna be there rather than not.

                      I really think i gotta drop rocky or libba for premo in defence before they play to save trade i just cant bring myself to do it, as they offer some protection if daisy pulls up short

                      If suckling can get 80-90 id be much happier with my 2-1-5 def, dont see laidler, langdon scoring like they did

                      Having battle with head and heart

  12. lostlarrikin says:

    Quality podcast boys!
    Great to hear the voices of reason, effectively quell those voices gnawing away in the recesses if my mind.

    Suspect that many will require less subtle reminders as they hover over the Big Red T in another 7 days.

    Can I suggest another button to sit along side the esteemed "Donate" button?

    "Activate virtual Slipper to maim itchy trade finger"

    As Higgo has proclaimed many a time…..HOLD!

  13. David says:


    Burn men

    • K'noath says:

      Add to that Dixon and its rounds out the players achieving burnman status that I stayed well clear of.

      • PJ8 says:

        Also A. Walker burnt me at $572k – 62 points and likely 2 weeks on the sidelines.

        • K'noath says:

          True. He gave away about 5 free kicks which hurt his score. Trade to Micthell

          • PJ8 says:

            Got Mitchell and McVeigh already

            • K'noath says:

              Jeeperes that's an expensive backline. Downgrade to Swallow then. If you have him to downgrade to laidler or anyone cheap to balance your team a bit would be my advice.

            • David says:

              ouch mate

              my back line is: 2-2-2 Structure and have faith in Hurn and Swallow to be potential keepers. At least until i may need to upgrade 1 of them for a 95+ scoring defender after bye rounds as my D5 and leave 1 of the 2 as my D6. That's my plan anyway for down back.

              FIELD: Mitchell, Hodge, Hurn, Swallow, McDonald, Langford
              BENCH: (Langdon EMG, Gorgiou)

  14. Ethan says:

    Dom Tyson or Viv Michie. Can't decide

  15. Donavan says:

    Happy with my teams first half round.

    Two concerns Buddy and Rohan. Going to give Buddy another week, based on the fact that the day was not suitable for big forwards, it may take a while to settle in, and it wasn't Sydneys day.

    I am a little more concerned about Gary Rohan. The conditions should have favored the speedy small forward. I will wait to after the entire first round, but Rohan worries me already.

    What are others with the same dilemma doing?

    • I have him, just for coverage as I had little scoring faith with the others, but I think thats what you should expect of him this year haha

      • Mike says:

        He did what he does. Got a goal, ran around a lot. At least he will play most weeks. Score could range from 40-90. Keep him.
        Franklin, burn man.

    • taylorwoof says:

      G'day Donavan!

      I started both of them as well. Most of the preseason i had Rohan sitting on the bench. I was afraid he would throw up too many scores around that 50 mark, rather than that 65+ range we'd take from a rook. But in the end, starting him as F6 allowed me to spend a little more down back (team balance).

      I'm giving he and Franklin another week. Unfortunately there aren't too many rookie options down back to replace Rohan with. I currently have Impey and JKH on the forward bench. Impey (56) was solid for an F8 player, but hoping JKH can hit 65+ in these early games vs lowly ranked opponents. I'm thinking it's going to be a bit of a 3-Man Weave for my M6 spot over the first few weeks.

      For Buddy, giving him another chance for the reasons you mentioned. I don't like to be rash trading out premiums this early, but if Buddy throws up sub 80 in Round 2….then i well definitely consider trading him out. I'll feel dirty trading out a premium this early, as i've rarely done that…..but Buddy may been an exception to the rule, hence going to a new side etc…..if he doesn't "gel" and scores poorly he could quickly drop to sub 400K and be awfully hard to get out of your side (happened to me with T.Cloke in 2012). I do feel wrong in saying this, as round 1 hasn't concluded and it's buddy….i'm a hawks fan…..but i believe we have to be realistic and do what's best for our teams.

  16. Dustbin Feltchers says:

    had to laugh today..listening to the bristle BT on the wireless before the port/calton game. When describing Shaun Hampsons ruck work, one of the commentators said " He's getting plenty of hand on it, but he's not putting in down anyones throat!" I chuckled to myself and thought of the lovely Megan…If Richmond never win another game ( and lets face it, this could happen, sorry crouching), big Shaun is a major winner in my book community! i remember that glorious day as a teenager when Miss Gale blew into my letterbox on the cover of that Inside Sport…ahh the mammories..err..memories…hope they named the kid Jock…welcome

  17. taylorwoof says:

    Superb Podcast again lads! Quiet enjoyed the intro, brilliant!

    Good discussion re some wanting to obtain Langdon's score via EM Loophole. Personally i'd suggest if you're solely playing for only league wins, then i'd pass on taking a 0 and look at having that extra 'playing' defender for cash generation purposes.

  18. David says:

    Have I made a mistake by swapping K.Simpson for L.Hodge before tonight's game? Have been torn between these two all preseason.
    Was worried about his averages against Port Adelaide and Essendon in his first 3 rounds.
    But man he looked good tonight in fact probably the best perform earring player in tonight's game for the blues.

    Now I'm worried that L.Hodge will be getting the vest from time to time or is that just nonsense?

    • shane says:

      Dave, to be honest mate, and I think this is pretty good advise….

      When you select a "premium" like Hodge or Simpson for your team, (if going for 50k) you should pick them based on what you think his TOTAL output will be for the year. (including rookies for missed games)

      Simpson Vs Hodge is debatable, my point of view will be different to the next bloke, (simpson is in my team) but your reasoning for making the trade is unsound….

      Whoever you decide on should be in your team all year… and play as many games as possible, if not 22! So what if simpson scores 40 over the next 3 weeks, if he plays 22 games and averages more over the journey… maybe you win 50k. In other words, I dont care if you score 10 points this week, but you better score 190 next week to make up for it. All about the averages my friend.

      • shane says:

        E.G Sandilands plays 5 games in a row, scoring 600 points. Has a week off, even if you take a donut your R2 is still averaging 100 points over 6 rounds, and sandy is still going up in value at an 120 ave when he comes back. how many rounds will hickey need to score 600 points? 7 – 8 maybe…. maybe more. Anyone who didnt pick sandilands out of fear of a donut is a fool…. Hodge might do the same for you in defense. (plays 20 games plus 2 rookie scores might be more than simpson over 22)

        • David says:

          Thank you Shane I understand what your saying it's just that while the rest of my team is locked and and will not change at all it was my D2 position that I was un sure about and was looking for a POD there.
          I'm sticking with Hodge now and taking your advise to stick with my guts.
          Either way I believe K.Simpson and L.Hodge will be around the same mark of 92+ avg and see the up side in both players.

          • shane says:

            Good move to follow your gut mate. Best strategy there is. Nothing worse than when that "gut" player you left out tears it up.

            In my experience looking for POD"s in your side… the best way to have a POD is one of the following….

            1) STRUCTURE. not POD players, POD structure… no risks on the premiums you pick, but maybe one extra backmen, or one less midfielder. etc. That way you give yourself the best chance of avoiding "sideways" trades…. the scourge of supercoach.

            2) POD players. It is NOT the players that you DO pick for a POD, its the ones that you DONT. for eg,.. I have decided to leave the following players out…. FRANKLIN DAISY PARKER/TITCH many players have all four of those, if 2 fail, i win. (thank you daisy and franklin)

  19. nocahoots says:

    Jock. Higgo. Crouching. These podcasts don't go for long enough! I couldn't listen to you fellas for hours! Keep up the great stuff!

  20. Pieman1978 says:

    Good start for me. Sandilands VC. Taking that. GAJ, Cotchin, Murph, Beams, Polec. I have Langdon in E. So what to do about that will be at the forefront of my mind this week.

  21. Fourbells says:

    Solid start, but now thinking about dowgrading Hanly to Suckling (saving 200K) as I hav Langon as emerengy in my Mids, and still have McDonald and Georgiou on he bench. Looing for some feedback here.

    • Kev says:

      Really think that will pay off in the long run, mate? Langdon ain't gonna bust out 100+ each week!

  22. Danners16 says:

    Hey fellas had nice start, don't whether I loophole Laidler's 92 in for either Webster or McDonald if Georgiou doesn't get onto the senior list. Thoughts?

    • theazzyg says:

      I have similar conundrum with langdon as my emergency, but what's worth more? having a non scoring player for a week and using a trade next week for potentially 1 good score, or sticking to your guns and have all scoring players and saving the trade. I don't think it's worth changing your plan for unless you put in a rookie that doesn't play round 1 but plays round 2, which is hard to predict.

      • benisbill says:

        KK could be the man… was apparently in the running for a debut on the weekend, but ended up playing (and well) for the Suns reserves on the weekend.

        • theazzyg says:

          Only problem is you can't trade to KK now, he will already be locked so that won't work 🙁

          • taylorwoof says:

            I think it solely depends on your Defense structure. Unfortunately i'm not in this predicament, as i started Laidler but kept Langdon on the bench with no EM…..i got 1/2 right hahahaha…..

            But for this instance, say yes i did have the EM on Langdon….what would i do?

            I rolled the dice and went with a 3-0-6 structure down back. Therefore i believe trading in a non playing rookie just to get Langdon score would hinder my structure. Rolling the dice by playing 3 on field rookies is risky. But i was hoping i could have 3 on field and 2 on the bench that can all score over the early rounds, therefore allowing me to rotate the 3 potentially best scorers to start on field each week. Trading one of these out to just get the EM score, would be ludicrous for my structure. It would then reduce my potential playing rookies from 5 to 4, and make this structure borderline too risky.
            Right now Langdon job security should be good for the early weeks, and the unfortunate news of Alex Johnson's injury has ensured Laidler to play early games. So D4 and D5 seems solid. But D6 is up in the air, requiring me to have as many D6 options open as possible.

            Therefore i would pass on trading in a non-playing rookie (hope that all made sense).

            But say if you have a 4-0-2 or 3-1-2 starting structure, then perhaps you may want to sneak that Langdon score in.

            Only having the two on field rookie spots to occupy, then you could say Langdon at D5 and Laidler at D6 look solid right now. Therefore having a non playing rookie at D8 and Luke Mc or LangFORD at D7 isn't too risky of an option.

            Guess it also boils down to what you value most, the extra 40-50 points that Langdon may score than Luke Mc or LangFORD (if they get games)…..or an extra trade up your sleeve and the cash that the playing rookie will generate….My gut goes with the latter in all scenarios.

  23. Garglesnarf FC says:

    Solid start for The Snarfs, team avg 104. Will have to trade Langdon in, the question is for whom? But that is a decision for next week.

    My most pressing issue is that I have Polec currently as emergency, with Matt Crouch on the ground. If Crouch is named then I have a big headache on Thursday night.

    Anyone else with this problem?

    • Kenny Powers says:

      don't have that problem Snarf but word on Adelaide radio has been that Crouch is a strong chance for selection this week due to all the injuries the Crows sustained in their final practice match. And like most Crows players .. apparently Sando luvs him!!!

      • Garglesnarf FC says:

        Thanks Kenny, ah well. Hopefully he tons up then!

        • THE SALTSHAKER says:

          Scored 94 in nabcup, avg 37 possies i think TAC last year will be a sensation

  24. Jay says:

    Its only half a round into the season and already feels like i've been doing this for 6 months!!! Already weekend full of late night dreams and trading options!!!

    So far the conundrums I've faced:
    a) Had VC on Sandi, Friday night – got 127 – thought about Fri night, Sat morning, afternoon – till about 7.30 and ended up leaving the C on GAJ!!!
    b) Tommy Langdon on my bench with E on it – now have to wait till next week and hope Gerogio isn't named. so can swap him on to the starting lineup for McDonald!!
    c) Had K. Jack in the team, was only able to check after the first bounce that he wasnt in the side!!! The main PoD player I had gone with in the MID out!!! Absolutely Spewing!!
    d) Lobbe "only" gets 76!!

    Had hell of a weekend, but waiting for more!!! Surely the AFL had more brains than have a split Round 1!!!

    AAAAHHHHHH, have to wait out another week for some rage trading, quick reverse trades, more rage trading, reverse trading – then settle down Thu evening, have a couple of cold ones, relax and make the sensible trades for the trades!!

  25. Jimmy says:

    Every man and his dog has Dale Thomas. im thinking about next week trading him to Matt Thomas as a point of difference, as well as freeing up 91k.
    Another concern in my team is that i have both Suckling And Everitt, with my freed up cash, should i upgrade everitt to Hanley or wait for him to appreciate in value?

    • GeneralSoreness says:

      Whatever you decide make sure your reactions are positive and not kneejerk. Also be wary that some people will be going league wins, others overall win which makes a difference as to how you trade and react in many instances. You obviously spent time pondering the same move preseason, consider backing your judgement at least for one more week.

      • Garglesnarf FC says:

        Agreed. My dud is Franklin, and he will get at least 1 more week before even considering a trade.

        My priority for the first 3 weeks is maximising my cash generation through high scoring rookies, so I will only trade out a dud like Buddywood as part of a corrective downgrade to a high scoring rookie, and there arent many in the forward line so far!

  26. David says:

    Will anyone be brave enough to bring in Franklin as F5 or F6 position after Sydney's bye round?
    ATM can't see him averaging more then 85 points till the Sydney bye.
    That will put his price down 420k at least. I reckon he will improve at that point in the season

    What are your thoughts?
    What's an acceptable average for a F6 position player?

    • shane says:

      For F6 i'd accept 95, only 6 spots, last year Roughhead and Westhoff took F7 and F8 with 98 ave.

      90 or less would be unnacceptable in my final side, so have left out franklin, parker and titch.

    • Garglesnarf FC says:

      Now? or at season end? To be honest it depends on structures. If you are running stacked forward line (pre bye) of say 5-1-2 or 4-2-2 then you want 80+ if you are running 4-1-3 or 5-0-3 and therefore a starting rookie then 60ish probably ok, though not ideal.

      Obviously by season end then you would be aiming for 100+ from an F6.

      • shane says:

        as i said "in my final side" 🙂

        • shane says:

          starting side i would not knowingly accept that from a premium anyway, leads to sideways trades later on. I have gone 4-1-3 in the forward line to start. 4 premiums to ave 100, a mid pricer to ave 80, and rohan.

  27. GeneralSoreness says:

    Great Podcast, thanks again guys for your fantastic work, keep playing the Devils Avocado its working 🙂

  28. Wattsieesq says:

    Great podcast guys. While the first weekend has started off ok it's a great reminder that you don't want to mess with your premiums this early in the season. Now is the time for rookie adjustments and belief in your plan.

  29. Sleepy says:

    Can someone explain the significance of picking someone at M1 instead of M8. If the player is on the ground he is going to get the same points whether he M1, M8 or anywhere in between as I understand it.

    • GeneralSoreness says:

      Supercoach orders your players based on average so your M1 is your best mid, m8 is your worst you cannot have your best at M8, there is no other significance.

    • Garglesnarf FC says:

      M1 is your highest priced midfielder, while M8 is your cheapest starting mid, that is all.

      The discussion on each position all realtes to team structures, ie are you running with 4 premiums, 2 mid pricers 4 rookies, meaning that positions M7 & M8 in this team would be filled by rookies. Alternatively you could run 5 premiums and 5 rookies, Meaning that M6,7,8 are all rookies. This is why there are so many discussions around ‘who to run at M5 or M8 etc, as people try to determine what strategy to use.

  30. James says:

    Thoughts on Luke darhlhaus

    • shane says:

      (Dogs man) He's ready to step up and play more midfield, but I doubt he will get enough to ave 95+

      We are an emerging midfield POWERHOUSE, so lots of competition, kids like macrae are the future so time will be invested in them. The HAUS is also a goalsneak and the forward line will likely struggle for a couple of years yet (sound familar dogs fans?) we probly need him there a bit this year to help make us competitive on the scoreboard.

    • Mac says:

      Brought him in last year when showing form and it evaporated burning my team. This year he's started brilliantly. I've had him in but have felt anxious due to last year I think, so have swapped him with Roughy. Looks firmer on my laptop screen. Still have a few sleeps to renig on that and other thoughts up front ie no Higgins currently.

    • Emma says:

      I have him as F4 I think he can have a breakout year

    • judd0 says:

      He is one of my POD players this year. He come out earlier in the year in an interview saying he was disappointed with his year last season and was ready to step it up this year. That plus his great pre season performances and even his new reasonable haircut is why I have got him. "Big Risk, Big Reward" words from Hig

  31. G Ablett 3 Votes says:

    Who should i pick out of will langford and suckling. will both get roughly the same scores? Also, should i stick with Rohan as F6 or put him on the bench for the next few weeks?

    • shane says:

      Good questions, you would have to think suckling will score more and be a better pick. But he is 200k more so its a structure thing. Langford has vest queries and is a rookie after all.

      Rohan, im sure not what to do yet, I have him at F6 and will keep him unless a rookie like Langdon from pies steps up in the forward and says "trade me in you bunny"

      Should get a look at JKH next week, maybe he can start for a few rounds with rohan on the bench? Melbourne have a VERY soft draw the first month, will probly be top 4 (laugh now)
      If he can score 70+ it will do until I can upgrade.

  32. General says:

    Danger, Mitch, Roughy, Hale, Wright, Caddy with Rohan, McDonough benched.

    I've had Dahlhaus but changed to Roughead to ease my mind. I'm still concerned with Wright and Hale Dpp and POD. Might bring in Higgins, Dahlhaus back in or McKernan for Wright. Kneejerked JKH out for McDonough so will see how that plays out. Rohan is required elsewhere I think too.

    Would love some ideas..

    • shane says:

      If you like Dahlhaus, IMO he would take either Mitch, Hale, or Wright's spot.. (many riksin your forward line, I would reconsider this, even with dahlhaus)

      Alot of ppl are on the Mitch bandwagon, hard to argue with them, but my question to them would be this…

      Can he ave 95? If you believe so, how many games will he play? Contested ball freak only second year, will need rests and might get injured. Fine player, maybe a year too soon for mine.

      What will Hale do in your side once you upgrade Sandilands, If Hale is giving up 10 points a week than you could justify going a stronger premium and less cover for sandilands.

      Is Wright really worth it? 380k is neither here nor there as a cash cow, maybe he makes 100k and you sideways to a fallen premium…. might work. If wright doesnt break out, you will need to upgrade him, this is why many are going for Caddy and/or Higgins, more cash o upgrade your Hale types.

      • General says:

        Thanks Shane for your thoughts. I’m trying to be different to others in my league as it annoys me when our clashes only involve 12 differences but I’m Also mindful of not weakening my team to do so. HVe hickey on bench so prob don’t need Hale in forward. He’s gone ok in nab n is being used a bit more up forward so a pod. Might bring JKH in for Wright depends where he’s picked in team n then see another week of Higgins to bring in for Rohan if he goes well.

  33. David says:

    Why oh why can't I pick the rookies who score 90 or more
    Langdon and Polec I have on my bench as Emergancy's 🙁
    Reckon this puts me about 60 points behind already.

    On a brighter note I don't have Dixon, Franklin, JPK, McCrap, Lobbe, Daisy, To name a few 🙂

    • shane says:

      I'd say overall that makes you a big winner dave. The rookies on the best only cost points, most of those players you mention will likely cost trades.

  34. Josh says:

    HELP, who should I have on bench, Langford or Geogiou???
    How likely is M.Hibbard to play this round, the Essendon website says he is on track for this round, is this true???
    Thanks, Josh

  35. McClungeMagnet says:

    Firstly, you would have to be mad to try replace a playing rookie with a non playing one to get langdons score.
    Sacrificing, team structure, bench cover, and 1 trade (assuming you don't want a currie on your def bench all year.
    Higgo's suggestion for picking a player like Hibberd only should be taken if you were considering him. Also Kolidajsni who racked up 43 touches in the NEAFL should also be expecting a call up soon and could be considered.

    Secondly, a corrective trade to Laidler I think would be I beleive a waste of a trade at this point. If one of you rookies performed badley twice, and Laidler backs up his performance then I think it would be required but I beleive the likes of, McDonald, B Martin, Langford, georgiou even kolidasjni should be looked over at least twice before locking in that rookie pick, unless any of them are dropped or say if you had a player like clurey with poor JS and scoring potential.
    Laidler has only played 1 season over 4 games and averaged 71.

    • Pieman1978 says:

      Great wisdom McClunge. Hard to argue with anything you’ve said there! Flows Into the old
      Saying of don’t go chasing last weeks score. I really done think Laidler will score 95 each week. KK is a top 10 draft pick & a gun! For the sake of 20-30k & a trade, think twice.

      • THE SALTSHAKER says:

        Yeah i doubt Laidler will score more than 50 most weeks, was 13 at 1/2 time. Will be cash cow only. Clurey is the worry for me JS wise but is nice and cheap. If Langford gets on ball role ill be happy as Hawks missing some names. Need KK to sit out a couple more so get a price rise from Laidler

    • Rocksta says:

      I agree, but simply MUST trade Clurey out for Langdon next week.

      • Garglesnarf FC says:

        It’s only one week.

        These two could just as easily swap scores next week leaving everyone confused as to who is the better pick. Landgdon could get vested and score 20, so could Clurey. Too early to trade one out for the other.

        Langdons JS is also poor, when Reid and co come back he is no gaurantee to get picked in rnd 2 or 3 regardless of his scores.

    • throttlefinger says:

      Well done, McCM. Was considering but abandoned quickly after. Just need to make due if Georgiou makes 22. Suck it up.

      Great words about Laidler. Was going to trade McDonough for Impey so I could trade Cameron for Laidler. Felt hasty. And your note confirmed. Well done, my man.

      Only issue now is if Georgiou, Matty C and Max King make the 22. Need a loop to get Pendles score. But will cross that road if it happens. Split rounds…like sitting on a rusty nail after falling into a bucket of shitte.

  36. Dee says:

    What would you do if you have Pittard in your team? Keep or trade him? Thanks community….

    • Pieman1978 says:

      Don’t cull a player based on 1 week. If he’s going to hemorrhage cash then that’s a different story. If you have him in your team back him in for another week or 2. The only trades you should make after round 1 are rookie corrections. And even then you should give them a 2nd chance if they are named & not vested.

      • Rocksta says:

        I agree Pieman, but I simply will have to Trade Clurey for Langdon.
        Clurey played okay but seems to be a lock down defender, Thus, low SC scores, whilst Langdon is a running half back flanker with very good disposal.
        I barrack for the pies and as such am kicking myself for not backing him in

        • Pieman1978 says:

          Fair call Rocksta. He’s my E at the moment. I’ve got Clurrey as well. I’ll give him another week & decide what to do. But I think Langdon needs to be in. You need him. JS is very good after the stats he posted against Freo. Have a look at his stats compared to other pies debutants. Ridiculous. And don’t forget those guys are flag favorites. If he gets dropped there will be a riot. Buckley out before Langdon for mine!

        • dannyyboyy says:

          i have both clurey and langdon but will try to hold clurey until koloj is about to rise in value, will only be 1 or 2 weeks till he is in. unless of course there is another cash cow that i obviously need. at the moment i got clurey langdon mcdonald and langford as my def rookies

  37. Dools says:

    Ah Micks' choice, KEEP Dee , If you don't you will chase your tail all season…You picked him Have faith on a return also he really was not that busy which saw Langdons SC score soar and Pittards fall. Give him 1 more week then decide….Sorry he is not a corrective trade at this stage IMHO

  38. Tom says:

    Aish (bris), Michie (melb) or Ellis (wc) who to play on the field? Thoughts

    • Pieman1978 says:

      All have a case but you might need to give Nostradamus a call. Gut feel says Brissy play Hawks so rule Aish out this week. I’d go Michie as he’s playing St kill doff.

    • dannyyboyy says:

      i only have aish in my team and on the field but its only an opion. ellis should score well if he can play out a few matches without getting injured. no idea about michie play whoever plays first who isnt the sub maybe? i think everyone gets to jumpy(including myself) in the first round. i think its all about feeling the rookies out to see who is good and who deserves to get on the field in the coming weeks. if u miss a score dont stress.

    • judd0 says:

      I don't think Ellis will be a good scorer, I have him, I think he will play, and appreciate in price. I don't see him as a big scorer. I hope I'm wrong.

  39. Dools says:

    I'm trying to find out ATM how Sneed and X. Ellis went n a weekend scratch match…Word from the West 3 days ago that all Ellis need to do was trot out onto the park LOCK Sneed is an intresting one so I need to do some more thinging = Fridge time …All in the name of research !!!!
    Jeez the thngs I do or the Community….

    • Rocksta says:

      I heard today that Ellis is a cert, Sneed 90% and Dog Dog a cert

      • Dools says:

        G'day Rocksta, I will look that one up too but No from me not that he is not playing but I require assurance that he can play more game time and match's B4 I put money on Dog dog…I will stick with McEvoy for now

        • Rocksta says:

          Fair Point Dools.
          They'll probably play him more up forward for the first 2 weeks until he gets a bit of match fitness up.
          I have him in at the moment but am undecided and wouldn't even be considering him if he wasn't such a Gun

    • Dools says:

      Looks like Sneed is in too Community an expencive pick if yo have Aish so for me tis' either 1 or the other Aish for me better JSecurity but X.Ellis is definate starter barring pre game injury like tripping over on the run thru banner and decapitating he self

  40. michael says:

    whats a good total score for round 1? 2200+ ?

    • Pieman1978 says:

      Good score in any round Mick

      • shane says:

        I should look it up, but what did Dimmawits ave last year? I think the expensive rookies will lower team averages at the start this year. Any who keep up with last years winner before the byes should be in a good place.

      • dazed says:

        I think plenty of 2200+ this round.

        100+ scores from most premiums who've played
        GAJ, Pendles, Beames, Barlow, Sandilands, Mumford, Deledio, Cotchin, Martin, Murphy

        These guys are in a lot of teams. If Dangermouse, Hanley, Mitchell etc also fire then could be loking at some surprisingly big Rd 1 scores.

  41. Give It A Go says:

    Hi Community

    Have a dilemma, gut tells me to go Ryder, had both top NAB games, stats say he does well against Goldstein, but when Bellchambers comes back his SC output is surly going to drop.

    1) Put in Milson and forget about another trade

    2) Leave Ryder in, produces great SC points until Bellchambers is fit then trade.

    Ps does anyone know how Leuenberger is traveling

    Thanks everyone

    • Rocksta says:

      1 and 2 both good options IMO.
      2. will cost you a trade but the upside is that you will make some coin in the process.
      Luey is fine as far as I Know. Not a bad option as he consistently scores in the 90-105 range and at least you know what you will get week in and week out at a reasonable price.

      • Wattsieesq says:

        I've gone a set and forget plan, but either option is good.


  42. Dean says:

    Hmmm, not sure wether to keep aish or trade him for Mitchie..

    • Rocksta says:

      Aish for mine.
      Michie has played one solitary game of AFL Footy. Can't understand what all the fuss is about

      • Sarah says:

        I think the fuss is that he's had a couple of years in the system and is coming from a good club… Freo. Aish is playing for Brisbane who are going to struggle and have the Hawks first up.
        I've gone with Michie.

  43. Rocksta says:

    Going okay ( 1425 from 12-Captain has played) so am reluctant to tinker with my team.

    That said, couldn't decide on the following all the way up until seasons start:

    S Mitchell and Caddy or Hanley and Wright.


    • Dools says:

      Heyn mate play like every one else way to early to play POD one up manship 4 games gone in Round 1 lots more to go. Gut over heart and Head, Gut should always win Just ask Keyboard and Next G device They are lacking 2 of the 3 So I win…..Gut mate what does your gut tell ya? Mine is screaming Mitchell and Caddy with Hanley as my D3 (defence centers on him ATM) So after completion of Round 1 annalize and wait one more week then Action Jackson that other wise Hold fast mate

      • Rocksta says:

        Thanks Dools.
        In have it at Mitchell and Caddy at present and as such will probably hold Phat with that

  44. Carey says:

    Thanks Jock…great podcast! Currently on 1049 of 8, captain Ablett played. Average of 12something across players. 🙂

  45. Rocksta says:

    Hey all, I found the following in response to Michaels post above: http://www.supercoachscores.com/threads/868-Seaso

    Amazing how last years winner went from position 5200 odd after rd 2, to being in the top 30 after Rd 6 and inside the top 10 by Rd 9.
    Really puts the need for early corrective trades into perspective.

    • throttlefinger says:

      I would say he made the right corrective trades at the right time. Well, Dimma just made strong trades the whole season. But mostly he stuck with his plan.

      That article is a brilliant lesson about calculated risks vs. just plain risks.

      • Rocksta says:

        I hate this Friggin Split Round Throttle.
        Gives you too much time to think and stuff around with your team.
        I'm trying really hard to stick to the plan……………………………but its bloody hard

        • throttlefinger says:

          THE WORST, Rocksta.

          And while I wasn't birthed Down Under or grew up watching footy, it seems that not one game at MCG is sacrilegious. AFL must've gave the keys to the junior thinkers for Round 1 fixtures.

          Hold tight, my man. Maybe take tomorrow off from footy. Been an intense couple months. Games are thankfully coming back on Thurs so we'll get some selections on Weds. Take a little breather. May do the mind good (and let's see if I can follow my own advice…)

  46. minh says:

    great work on the podcast.

    all this talk on langford.. but if both r named should I choose langford or fuller (from dogs)? cheers

    • Rocksta says:

      Fuller……………………………………Better JS.

      That said, I'd be amazed if he gets named not having played NAB at all

    • THE SALTSHAKER says:

      Langford will have a role this year, plenty Hawks missing, might be tagger freeing up Shiels. 3yrs in system, working with mid group, great 4qtr efforts in NAB Cup, kicked 4 snaggers, older heads spending less time in guts, rioli off HBF all signs are good will feature early, given opportunity against brissy

  47. Kevan says:

    Have A.Walker as my defender POD. Will stick to my plan. Have C. Cameron on the bench. Will not trade Walker out, I will ride the one week suspension. However, I agree with Rocksta, Clurey has to go. Langdon is on my midfield bench. I have Rohan as F6, JKH and Impey on the bench, no trades here as yet, but F6 may not be for Rohan Rd2.
    Loved the podcast, keeps me focused and avoids the knee-jerk reactions. Hate the split round as well.

    • Rocksta says:

      Good to stick with Walker Kevan.He is a Keeper and a great player. Thus, it doesn't matter to you if his price drops.
      I think Cameron is a good bench player……………………..he got good wraps from the coach for his game at the weekend.
      Clurey seems to be a lockdown defender……………..didn't he do a lockdown on Reiwoldt in NAB? As such, I think a corrective trade from he to Langdon is in order…………..at least that's what I'm doing. In your case, just sub him into the Backline after the Clurey trade. There are heaps of Mid Rookies to choose from to replace him on the Mid bench.
      Rohan is definitely a problem at F6 and at his price range. You may have to wait on him to perhaps see how Taylor (BL) or Honeychurch perform and downgrade before you upgrade. Maybe also wait on Fasolo whom should play within the next 2 weeks.

      • Kevan says:

        Will trade Langdon into the defender spot for Clurey and see which rookie shines in ROOOOOUUUUND 1. As for Rohan, agree, will sit on him for another couple of weeks and then decide on an action plan.

  48. Lord Relton Roberts says:


    ^ Georgiou should make it now!!

    • theazzyg says:

      What do you think, Max King to get upgraded to? now that they have 2 spots available.

  49. Rocksta says:

    Another thing I noticed from Last years winners side TheDimmaWits is how overrated PO'D's are.
    His starting team I would imagine was very similar to the majority of teams…….I know it looked like mine and others I knew.
    Goes to show that its all in the trading, and the timing of the trades: http://www.supercoachscores.com/threads/868-Seaso

    • GeneralSoreness says:

      Spot on, but dont tell everyone that is busy putting POD's in their team for the sake of being different.

    • zimmerbd says:

      If you luck out and get a genuinely good POD, it can be an advantage. It's so difficult to pick them however, which means that the risk outweighs the reward. It's hard enough to pick the right players in general, let alone search for a POD for the sake of it.

  50. Coxstar says:

    Jock, tossing up whether to go with Aish or Dunstan for my last midfield spot. Please help!
    Great podcast once again!

  51. Smithy says:

    Would like some imput on a question please
    Higgins and macrae
    Dahlhaus and mitchie

  52. Garglesnarf FC says:

    Two, because a) they are more likely to stay fit and earn points/cash, and b) because anyone selecting Higgins is suffering from short term memory loss. 😛

  53. Sarah says:

    Ok guys, it's getting to crunch time… need to settle the midfield line up.

    Pick two of Stevie J, Watson, Rockliff and Libba.

  54. Lee Underwood says:

    1283 with 11 player left captain has been plated GAJ what a legend, big Sandies, Beams, both scoring well, will have to try and get Langdon on as i have him as E.
    Keep up the good work Higgo. Jock and Crouching one fly kicks all round

    • theazzyg says:

      Nice! I'm in a similar position. Sort of Hoping Luke Mcdonald misses round 1 and plays round 2. So I can keep him and get langdon's score. That would be the ideal situation.

  55. Garglesnarf FC says:

    Scott has just tweeted on likely inclusion of Currie, and the selection headache provided by McDonald, not sure if that means he’s in or out?

    • PJ8 says:

      Just read the article… I have Goldy in R1. If Currie is named he will surely take some ruck time off Goldy. I picked Goldy purely cause he would be the only ruckman, at $600k I don't want someone who will be getting rested reguarly. Might have to swap for Minson if Currie is named. Thoughts anyone?

  56. schawk says:

    attention jock plz comment or commuminty .
    dale thomas!!!
    i know its only one game but..
    1 i watched the game and he definatly cant kick the ball as far as he use to. had 5 shots on goal thou.
    2 he has lost a bit of speed
    they brought this up on talking footy both wayne carey n tim watson saying he doesent look fit.

    should i wait one more week or instantly put a rookie in (polec) ?
    i only went with 2 start rook midfields. aish n dunstan. bench ellis n tyson

    • PJ8 says:

      Keep him, he will still make money. That was his first game of the season coming off an injured year and also for a new club. He will only get better. Use him until his BE gets into the 90s and then trade him out

    • zimmerbd says:

      My decision to leave him out was backed up by a Carlton supporter who saw his pre-season game against the Dogs and said he didn't look fit. Having said that, avoid the knee jerk trades after one round. Agree with PJ8 – in part you picked him to make some money, and he'll be better for the run. Stick with him for now.

  57. schawk says:

    thanks pj8 that the plane.
    im bit worried he cant kick 50m see how rd 2 unfolds.
    polec may well be worth more money than him buy r6.

  58. schawk says:

    that true .
    not worth the 200k u make for the same output?

  59. shane says:

    community…. I need your help!

    I have langdon as a mid emerg. If I play a non playing def on the park, will he be taken as a defensive replacement as emergency?


  60. Matt says:

    Thinking with Laidler's Round 1 + Kade Koladashni's 45 touches + 150 SC score in the NEAFL, I might downgrade Hodge to someone a bit risky like Jack Grimes and then upgrade Dahlhaus to Roughead or someone in FWD line. This means that if my defensive risk flops I can trade him down to KK or Laidler easily.

    Thoughts? Would also love your thoughts on which DEF risk you'd suggest. Cheers.

  61. Donavan says:

    Need help, Matt Couch not selected.

    I don't want to turn the whole team upside down at this stage is there anyone else at this price (other than Taylor from Bris, whom I have on the forward line bench), that is worth trading into the midfield, or do I stick with the Crouching one?

  62. The Captain says:

    Need some community advice please…. I've got $580k in the bank and need to finalise my last position – R1. I currently have Sandyballs as my R2 and with 580 can afford the following:

    Old Coxy, Luey, NicNat, Sauce Jacobs or Big Ben.

    I'm leaning towards Big Ben, but read an article suggesting NicNat will play and though he hasn't had a full pre-season will come out firing.

    Thoughts and tips welcomed please?

    • Minh says:

      can u downgrade an expensive rookie this week and get 30K more to get gold or minson? if not luey sounds good

      • The Captain says:

        I'd have to make some other changes for that to happen so unlikely as rest of the team is a lock… I've already downgraded a mid price MID to a rookie MID to allow more cash for this R1 position…

        You think Luey ahead of Big Boy or NicNat?

        • Sarah says:

          I've gone Luey if it helps. He's modelled his game on Cox and is coming off an injury free pre-season.

        • Wattsieesq says:

          I've gone Cox. If I didn't have him, I'd slot in big boy.

  63. Jimmy says:

    Thoughts and What do we do with the likes of;

    Georgiou, Aish, Crouch and Thurlow


    • PJ8 says:

      Georgiou – Wait and see if named, he should be and if so lock him in D8 at that price.
      Aish – Even if he is named I'm not that interested, rather others at that price.
      Crouch – Not playing, trade out use him as a downgrade target after he plays 2 games
      Thurlow – Wait and see if named, if so lock him in on ruck bench if not named get someone else.

  64. A-Legend says:

    taylor of JKH??

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