How’s your team going?

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Jock Reynolds - The Father of FantasyHow good is this!

Season 2014 has officially kicked into gear and we are now in the cut and thrust of things.

We’re already being presented with some mid round questions and situations. Should I take that vice captain loophole score? How can I get Tommy Langdon in?

Let’s kick off the round 1 discussion below – gaggin for the podcast Sunday night!


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  1. Jake says:

    Looks like i've missed the boat with Langdon, sitting on my bench without being emergency…

  2. Jake says:

    Who will score higher for the season, Suckling or Webster Jock?

  3. SamuelScoach says:

    Wondering weather to take beams' 136 over ablett and also if i should drop tyson to crouch to take a donut an take langdons 111 as m10

  4. Considering taking Sandi's 127 as VC, but Ablett's LOWEST score v Rich is 120, and his avg v RIC is 135… too good to refuse?
    I was lucky to have Langdon as my D6, and we all have Beams.

    My big questin for today is McDonough or Rohan… Rohan has the JS, but his scores will prob peak at 50-60… McDonough, providing he gets games has a higher ceiling IMO…

    How is his JS?

    • Sniper says:

      If he scores 135, it’s only worth an extra 16 points to you…. That’s a big risk for very little reward people

    • Jake says:

      It's a good question, Rohan looks to have a better job security at the moment, my worry about McDonough is that King will probably push him out when he returns.

  5. Tim says:

    Had Langdon d6 sandi vc and beams m 4 very happy

  6. Gozer says:

    Sandi and Beams gets me off to a good start. Left Langdon on the bench. 🙁

  7. Dave says:

    Defence: Mitchell, Hodge, Hanley, Swallow, Webster, McDonald (Langdon, Georgiou)

    Midfield: Ablett, Liberatore, Cotchin, Beams, Shuey, Tyson, Polec, Ellis (Dunstan, M.Crouch)

    Rucks: Simpson, Sandilands (Derickx, King)

    Forwards: Dangerfield, Martin, Mitchell, Caddy, Higgins, Rohan (Kennedy-Harris, Impey)

    $119,100 left in the bank. Thoughts/Suggestions? Cheers guys!

    • jeremy_menz says:

      Personally, I would recommend dropping Shuey to Daisy Thomas or a rookie like Michie, and then upgrading Rohan or Webster. Or both.

      I would recommend upgrading Rohan, as having Caddy, Higgins AND Rohan makes your FWD line a little weak

    • Danners16 says:

      Can't have two Hawthorn defenders, but looks like an alright team though

  8. Dools says:

    Hi Community, Why have the scores not come up on the players who competed last night? EG Pendles and sandy and beams???they are locked out but from the 3 I have scored 0 points

  9. matteus says:

    do we bring clurey in over Georgiou for ports game just in case he isn't elevated? could have Langford to swap out in case he is brought up to the senior list. I'd just rather not have a rookie-listed player n the pine not generating any $$$

    also for the final team, daisy and suckling or Enright and michie?

    • Cash Cow says:

      A bird in the hand.

    • WombatsFC says:

      "….for the final team, daisy and suckling or Enright and michie? "

      What a horrible position to be in. It depends on the rest of your team structure but Enright is the only player you mentioned who played regularly over past 2 1/2 years.

  10. kingkermit says:

    good start with langdon as emergency but who should i bring in for the donut? fuller?

    how do you think impey will go? 50-60? cheap but undecided

    • jeremy_menz says:

      DO NOT deliberately select someone who is not playing for a one-off score. Could destroy your season in one reckless move that will earn you maybe 40-50 extra points. Can't afford to have someone sitting on your bench not making cash. Also increases your susceptibility to copping donuts once injuries hit.

      • kingkermit says:

        cheers mate!

      • TOP GUN says:

        bring in some1 not playing take the 111, players prices don't go up till rd 3. Then u can c who u might want to bring in. Every1 burns trades early on & gets rookies or chepies like Laidler wen there price goes up.

  11. @klavo25 says:

    With langdon tonning up, thinking of making a pod move early by trading out t.Mitchell for Cyril.. Put Cyril on the bench and put Gary Rohan on the field. Then whack Eioli on the field in Round 2? ..something different

    • jeremy_menz says:

      Interesting thought. But personally I reckon it will be a POD for the worse. Mitchell will average more than Cyril

    • Mike says:

      Junior's too much like Buddy: either a famine or a feast. As a Hawks supporter I love the guy, but I can't stomach the SC rollercoaster he (and they both) bring.

  12. lloydy says:

    I have been doing very well jock! was fortunate to have langdon on the field and had beams, sandi and the teen wolf, how have you been going?

    And how can you not chuck the big C on abblet, 127 pfft, he can get that in 3 quarters!

  13. Mike says:

    Got Derickx @ R3 (and King @ R4), but he's only EMG in round 1. What chance he doesn't get any closer to the ground in the coming rounds? Thinking of dropping him for Thurlow, although admittedly he's no guarantee of getting a game. The upside is that Thurlow would give me a swing option as I have Dixon up forward.

    • Jim from Gippsland says:

      unfortunately it is an absolute toss up between Derickx, Currie and Thurlow on who might be the best R3. The sad truth will be that they all will probably only play 2 or 3 games each in the first half of the year and they will be vest affected.

      For the record, I'm going Thurlow only because he is DPP.

  14. Dean says:

    I had Sandilands as VC, and Langdon as Emergency in DEF. Thinking about getting a player who wont play all season for both loophole & to take Langdon's points in defence. Good or bad idea people? I'll need a non player for loophole throughout the season anyway so that's why I'm thinking this.

    • Mike says:

      Non-players in our teams will present themselves organically throughout the season. No need to go adding them intentionally.

    • jeremy_menz says:

      Bad idea. Need to maximise cash-generation. An extra 40-50 initial points could cost you hundreds upon hundreds over the course of the season

    • Jim from Gippsland says:

      its good to have a non playing player for the loophole but as a general rule it is better to do that on the ruck line as you are only covering 2 players rather than 6.

      With Langdon what I am thinking is maybe picking kade kolodjashnij as he 'might' be in the side in 2 or 3 weeks. You can then emergency loophole him by selecting KK on the ground. Very high risk move though…

      • Tylo says:

        how far away is Docherty for blues? could be an option? I was looking at Alex Johnson but he's gone down again today.

  15. Max says:

    636/4 😀

    • WombatsFC says:

      Hi Max well done you're obviously including a captains doubled score.
      I'm 501/4 have Langdon/Beams /Pendle/Sandi if I take captains double with Sandi I'm 628/4 but I might leave it on GAZ

      Which 4 played in your team? The top 4 scores from last night Beams/Barlow/Pendle/Sandi only add to 512

  16. Cam says:

    Had Langdon on the bench without the emergency which is a little frustrating but Beams, Sandi, Fyfe and Dependlebury is nothing to complain about. Teen Wolf’s 122 from 3/4 is nothing to sneeze at I’m feeling alright about a set-and-forget captain of SP if he can still put together 127 in a team that got ravaged, not to mention the whole Crowley thing. Didn’t miss a H&A game last year, scored a higher total of points than gaz and his lowest score was 90… Doesn’t have the ceiling of little master but the safest player for putting the c next to.
    Interested to see the damage McVeigh, T.Mitchell and Rohan can do against GWS this arvo, not to mention Swallow, McDonough and old neck tats Martin a little later tonight.

  17. Jim from Gippsland says:

    Hey fellas.

    Great to be into it finally. The Thunder Buddies (previously trading as Jimbotraralgon) are off to a good start with ticks against pendles, beams, sandi and you little beauty Langdon. The only iffy result is Pav but he hit around his average so no complaints.

    Like everyone I am now thinking if I can emergency loophole Langdon to get his score….will be analysing that one all week.

    Had Pendles as the VC so I think I will bank that 127 points in the captains loophole. Gaz should go good but I would hate for Blewy to 'do a Fyfe!'…..bloody Ross Lyon……he did it again.

    Doing my head in on what to do with McDonough at F7. Should he be in my side and if so, should he get the big E or give it to JKH next week. I just bloody know that McDonough will get the vest but what options are there?

    Bloody nice to be thinking about something else beside who should sit at F4 etc…Now the games are on, I think that's it for stuffing with the team except for injury and rookies.

    God I love footy and god bless supercoach.

    • Dools says:

      Hey Jimbo great to be in the middle of it again eh? Missed you pre season but great pick up on Langdon mate well done I finally went Clurey and he has been named in the 22 for Pt Adl so fingers crossed LOL Just heard that Buddy may not play…So quick change for me Again….

      • Jim from Gippsland says:

        dools my good friend, how are you?

        Hope you got off the buddy train in the end. Langdon in on the bench as the emergency but I have taken a big punt and selected KK on the ground at D6 and pick up the loophole. Hopefully KK will only miss a couple of weeks and I will save a trade down the track.

        Think I got McDonough wrong though.

        What's your side looking like fella?

        • Dools says:

          Hi Jimbo, I have McDonagh I liked what I saw and his price to point ratio is very tasty, but a few more games in him will see his confidence and SC scores bounce higher then most so Keeper buddy at this stage .
          KK is a Punt big plums mate after 8 played I scored 1041 so solid start for me not impressed with the fade out of McVeigh so trade is highly likey but I have 198K in the vault so multiple trades are going to happen.
          I liked quite a few of the GWS and the game of Delids. Mummy was very good as was Adams but a win inflates a score but I'm wathcing ..The old RADAR was going Ping Ping Ping on quite a few from yesterdays game. Good , tough footy LOVED IT

    • Jye says:

      Who're you using as your non scoring player for the loophole champ? Max king is my option but I'm worried he might play next week?? Thoughts?

      • throttlefinger says:

        Hope I get to use Georgiou as my loop player…and for the Langdon booty!

      • Jim from Gippsland says:

        archie smith from Brisbane. Patrick Mitchell is a very good pick as well as there is 4 rucks ahead of him (pyke, Derick, nankervis and Naismith)

  18. BeaglieBoy says:

    Had Pendles VC Beams Sandi and Langdon d6……pinch me I'm must be dreaming….lol

    • Bicks says:

      Pendles VC, Beams, Sandi, Fyfe, Pav (got his projected, straight kicking would have helped), Langdon as emergency waiting on word with Georgiou, might throw him on the field instead of Clurey for the 0 to get Langs points. Sitting sweet with the Little Master to go with the big C.


      Team: Evil Monkeys

  19. jstocker59 says:

    I'm unconcerned about missing out on Langdon's score by having him on the bench. I would imagine that most people that have him would be in the same boat. In the scheme of things over a long season it's unimportant. If you have him, be happy with the cash you will make. I'm reading handwringing from people who had him with Pendlebury, Beams, Sandilands. That's my situation and I am more than happy with it.

  20. Cozza says:

    Anyone know what Langton’s job security will be like when Reid and white are back?

    • Cozza says:


      • Branks says:

        Langdon has very good job security because he plays a sweeper role across halfback, which is something that Collingwood needs. Reid and White returning will not really effect this as they are key position players who do not play his role. With Shaw leaving for GWS, and Broomehead injured, this 'sweeping' spot in Collingwood's backline will be open for the foreseeable future.

  21. Dools says:

    Very Happy Camper ATM 390 from 3…Now Do I take SandYs 127 as V or pin a minor Scorer as C… Next G and Keyboard are going nuts for Gary as C, I on the other hand would not sneeze at 254 from Turf Toe…..Hmmm what to do ….Going to the fridge…..Let me know your thoughts Cheers

    • throttlefinger says:

      Take the 127 I'd usually say. But it's R1 so why not roll the dice a bit, Dools. Gaz doesn't kill against the Tiges but he tends to start strong. Why not? Can't let Keyboard have all the fun, right?

      • Dools says:

        Are you setting me up mate??LOL I run the rock show they (Keyboard and next G ) advise which is handy when I cock up I can blame the advisors Hahahhahahaa Naw I am sticking with Gary as C . Next G and Keyboard are giving me the silent treatment so off to the fridge to figure out how to get them back on side….

        • throttlefinger says:

          Let them touch the wheel, but don't let them drive. Well done, Dools. You've earned your Carlton D. Let Next G and Keyboard stew while you sip. They'll be back in line before qtr 3.

          • Dools says:

            Yip mate, Unfortunatley they is the Drivers (back Seat) but there is nothing more annoying the a ZFriking BSD…So you end up listining to the BSD just to avoid the harrassmmmmment. I could end up as an Oscar (Sth African) and feel all good about Murder…..Anywho to the fridge ….Loving the challange from GWS a team, that most have written off

  22. Emily says:

    I have sandilands as one of my two ruck options, who should my other one be! I am thinking McEvoy as I am worried Goldstein and Minson won’t do as well as last year! Any other ideas?

  23. Phil says:

    With Langdon as Emergency and Sandi as VC I'm considering putting Montagna in my team and making him Captain this week as he is only suspened for one week. That way I still get Langdons and Sandi's score, and still have a top ranked player for round two.

    • Branks says:

      Hey Phil,

      Unless your sold on Montagna being a keeper by season's end and maintaining his hefty average from last year (i'm not), don't sacrifice a potential trade down the line (you could get a better player instead of Montagna for less money, i.e rockcliff, libba, cotchin or JPK) in order to get an extra 50-60 points with langdon's score. In regards to the vice captain loophole, I'd just stick the 'C' on Gaz and watch him go gangbusters later tonight.

      • Phil says:

        Thanks mate, not having C on Gazza is a risk, although 254 in bank for Sandi is handy. If I went with Montagna I'd have to swap Griffen for him, your thoughts?

        • matthew says:

          bad idea chasing scrores is stupid, and montagna will have a bad year in a losing team with him getting the tag every week.

  24. Jye says:

    Going to loophole Sandi to get him double points. My only option to be the non scoring player is Max King I reckon. What're everyone's thoughts on him playing/not playing next week?

    • SCdonkey says:

      Your guess is as good as mine. We'll just have to wait til next week.

    • WombatsFC says:

      Hi Jye, I reckon Kingy might play there are a lot of injured talls at Melb.

      • Dools says:

        Hey wombats ,Stop with the game play LOL Max King plays well then Hmmmm Love ya mate but I think he has 2 hopes …Bob Hope and No Hope

    • throttlefinger says:

      50/50. Didn't play a lot during NAB so he may or may not. Depends how many biggies are out.

  25. tamed wolf says:

    sc league join – 518910

  26. Boydo says:

    Who’s better Laidler like to get dropped in a week or two when Johnson returns or McDonough from Tigers big chance he gets vest this weekend ?

  27. Birdman says:

    With Langdon my emergency on the bench I am now thinking of slotting Hibberd into my backline. Left him out due to injury but only one week out could turn out to be a win?? Thoughts?

  28. Roo Boys says:

    Very considerate of you to ask ole Jock!

    Roo Boys had Pendles, Beams and Sandi firing like 90% of SC coaches. 390 from 3 is a good start in my book. VC on Sandi so toying with the idea of playing the loophole but don't want to damage my overall structure. Happy to roll the dice with GAJ for now. Looong season ahead!

    Switched Langdon in at the last minute, albeit on the bench and forgot to select emergencies in all the excitement. He is locked though, so will benefit from the cash injection post round 3.

    Possible last minute shuffle with Buddy and Mitchell. Patience is being tested!

  29. Boydo says:

    Laidler / Impey or Merret
    Cameron or Gorgeous / McDonough ?

  30. The Mullet says:

    Any thoughts on job security for Clurey?

    • Shinboner says:

      Worried he'll be the first one out the door when Carlisle returns, but I didn't want to gamble on the potential elevation of Georgiou.

      • THE SALTSHAKER says:

        had good nab cup should be good if he performs, langdon was 1 bad game away from being out

  31. Lachie Abbott says:

    could l sub on alexis geogroiu who wont play to get langdon who is my emergency into my starting lineup??????

  32. Dools says:

    Ya you can but if Georgeous George is named you get his score Lachie

    • matthew says:

      plus if georgeous doesn't p lay then he is unlikely to as garland will be back soon and georgeous will need to be playing in the side round 1 to be any chance of holding a spot in the side.

  33. chandanrajdb says:

    Ok Community,

    I am in trouble in deciding who to go for D3/4…..Have got 450,000 to spend…..whod do you guys recommend….struggling to decide between the below…..

    My current DEF is….

    S Mitchell, D Swallow, XXXXX, M Suckling, J Webster, L McDonald, T Langdon, A Georgiou….

    1. Jack Grimes
    2. L Dunn
    3. J Pittard
    4. R Shaw

    Need your thoughts…..Please……


    • Dools says:

      mate for peace of mind none of the above. Pittard I have toyed with but if Mick wants to persue it he is welcome to it, However for me its a pick between … oho I can still trade Sydney or GWS player WTF???

    • Shinboner says:

      Might want to consider Matty Broadbent.

    • throttlefinger says:

      I have Dunn. Risky yes. But showed great form in NAB and Roos system makes him a disposals demon. (see what I did there?).

    • Tylo says:

      considering Grimes

  34. Tracy says:

    Last year the supercoach points used to update after each game but that hasn't happened with my collingwood and Freo players from last night. Hoping it doesn't mean something is broken (have a private league but less than 18 players). Sorry for the generic question but anyone else having this issue?

    Wishing I had put Langdon on the ground, he is Emergency on the bench!


    • Dools says:

      Ya Tracey went thru the same drama …Go to match centre your team / Players scores are there (Drop down box on your team icon) good luck

  35. WombatsFC says:

    LRT is Sydneys second ruck so I deliver a polite raspberry to all who ridiculed me for saying Derickx wasn't gunna be.
    First quarter SC scores Giants Swans
    Jonathon Patton37
    Lachie Whitfield29
    Adam Treloar26
    Josh Hunt26
    Toby Greene26
    Callan Ward24
    Heath Shaw24
    Nick Haynes21
    Jeremy Cameron20
    Jonathan Giles19
    Sam Frost19
    Shane Mumford17
    Adam Kennedy16
    Devon Smith14
    Curtly Hampton12
    Tom Scully12
    Rhys Palmer11
    Stephen Coniglio11
    Tomas Bugg11
    Phil Davis8
    Dylan Addison3
    Dylan Shiel0

    Josh Kennedy42
    Luke Parker38
    Ben McGlynn30
    Craig Bird30
    Mike Pyke30
    Harry Cunningham27
    Lance Franklin25
    Rhyce Shaw23
    Nick Smith19
    Sam Reid18
    Tom Mitchell18
    Jarrad McVeigh17
    Heath Grundy16
    Lewis Jetta16
    Nick Malceski16
    Dan Hannebery15
    Gary Rohan15
    Ted Richards15
    Dane Rampe7
    Lewis Roberts-Thomson7
    Jeremy Laidler6
    Ryan O'Keefe0

    • throttlefinger says:

      Ha. Well done, Womby! Thanks for posting the SC scores.

      • WombatsFC says:

        No worries throttle but as per my comment to Dools when I cross the white line I can get nasty

    • Dools says:

      Most excellent work mate and thanks for thinking about the rest of us matey Cheers

      • WombatsFC says:

        Yeah well don't too used to it, if by some freak of nature your team gets within cooee of the rampaging Wombats it will stop 🙂

        • Dools says:

          Sad now I have to go to bed understanding that most of the Community have Err'd big time …No GAJ or Pendles …Hmm I will I sleep to-night…Like a Draugfht horse in the middle of a field of barley…Content lol

    • WombatsFC says:

      Half Time
      Callan Ward58
      Josh Hunt56
      Adam Treloar50
      Jonathon Patton49
      Tomas Bugg49
      Heath Shaw46
      Shane Mumford46
      Stephen Coniglio46
      Jeremy Cameron43
      Nick Haynes43
      Toby Greene42
      Lachie Whitfield41
      Sam Frost38
      Tom Scully36
      Adam Kennedy28
      Curtly Hampton24
      Devon Smith20
      Jonathan Giles20
      Dylan Addison15
      Phil Davis15
      Rhys Palmer11
      Dylan Shiel6

      Ben McGlynn64
      Luke Parker64
      Josh Kennedy62
      Tom Mitchell54
      Harry Cunningham53
      Craig Bird50
      Nick Malceski47
      Lance Franklin46
      Mike Pyke44
      Rhyce Shaw44
      Heath Grundy41
      Jarrad McVeigh37
      Nick Smith37
      Lewis Jetta33
      Dan Hannebery31
      Sam Reid29
      Ted Richards27
      Dane Rampe25
      Gary Rohan19
      Jeremy Laidler13
      Lewis Roberts-Thomson12
      Ryan O'Keefe0

      • Shinboner says:

        Great job Wombats, keep it up!

      • throttlefinger says:

        Now can you get the video to work on my Herald page? Guess us Yanks don't get the privilege of watching Clarko spots anymore. Could last season…for free. Paying for diggy and can't watch videos. Crappyass!

        • WombatsFC says:

          That sucks. Did you that you can get Aussie Foxtel online including Foxfooty?

      • WombatsFC says:

        Patton is now firmly on my radar for inclusion before round 3. A big fella playing like a midsized fwd

        • WombatsFC says:

          3 qrtr time
          Callan Ward115
          Shane Mumford96
          Adam Treloar87
          Nick Haynes76
          Josh Hunt74
          Tom Scully69
          Stephen Coniglio67
          Jeremy Cameron58
          Toby Greene57
          Jonathon Patton56
          Tomas Bugg55
          Lachie Whitfield53
          Heath Shaw49
          Sam Frost46
          Adam Kennedy43
          Devon Smith38
          Dylan Addison37
          Phil Davis34
          Curtly Hampton33
          Dylan Shiel29
          Jonathan Giles23
          Rhys Palmer10

          Ben McGlynn85
          Tom Mitchell84
          Josh Kennedy83
          Luke Parker77
          Nick Malceski71
          Jarrad McVeigh68
          Mike Pyke67
          Harry Cunningham65
          Heath Grundy65
          Rhyce Shaw63
          Dane Rampe61
          Jeremy Laidler55
          Lance Franklin52
          Lewis Jetta52
          Craig Bird50
          Nick Smith46
          Ted Richards46
          Dan Hannebery42
          Gary Rohan35
          Sam Reid27
          Lewis Roberts-Thomson16
          Ryan O'Keefe0

    • matthew says:

      how are you getting all of the scroes iv tried for hours

    • WombatsFC says:

      Adam Treloar144
      Callan Ward126
      Shane Mumford126
      Stephen Coniglio104
      Tom Scully101
      Jonathon Patton100
      Josh Hunt99
      Toby Greene93
      Adam Kennedy88
      Nick Haynes86
      Lachie Whitfield85
      Heath Shaw80
      Curtly Hampton75
      Jeremy Cameron74
      Sam Frost67
      Tomas Bugg63
      Devon Smith48
      Jonathan Giles47
      Dylan Addison46
      Dylan Shiel40
      Phil Davis39
      Rhys Palmer10

      Luke Parker92
      Mike Pyke92
      Rhyce Shaw91
      Tom Mitchell90
      Jeremy Laidler87
      Josh Kennedy87
      Ben McGlynn86
      Heath Grundy84
      Nick Malceski83
      Jarrad McVeigh79
      Ted Richards75
      Craig Bird69
      Nick Smith69
      Harry Cunningham64
      Dane Rampe63
      Lance Franklin62
      Lewis Jetta59
      Dan Hannebery55
      Gary Rohan48
      Sam Reid33
      Lewis Roberts-Thomson15
      Ryan O'Keefe15

      • WombatsFC says:

        Laidler is looking good to. I might trade Suckling for him if LMcD scores well.

  36. Jamie says:

    My team didn't appear to save when I traded out T. Mitchell for L. Parker. Kind of annoyed…

    • Shinboner says:

      Not too much of a difference between the two at the moment in terms of scoring, so all's not lost.

    • throttlefinger says:

      Both are in fine form. 64 SC pts at half for LP. 54 for Titch. Sit back and relax, Jamie. All will be well.

      • Dools says:

        This game is Awesome mate . Sydney have it GWS have it I wish I could be there esp for Natures Light and Sound show B4 Q time!

        • throttlefinger says:

          Soooooo good. Should be sleeping watching on replay. But battles don't make for the best sleeping aids. Good to see GWS not backing down. Loving it!!!

        • throttlefinger says:

          As you boys say, what a cracker of a game!

          GWS won't make the finals (obviously). But they could play a spoiler to a lot of team's final dreams.

          Sleep or coffee & Tiges-Suns? Not you, Dools. Ask Keyboard.

  37. Sully321 says:

    I need 3 of these 4 on the field: polec, aish, dunstan and crouch

  38. Shinboner says:

    Titch is working himself into the game. Nice 10 minute turnaround by him!

    • throttlefinger says:

      Noticed that as well, Shinboner. Parker doing well, too. Close game means the intensity will be picking up = strong SC scores.

  39. Dools says:

    Oh My! I have just been hit with a Kipper to the face,,,,Well done GWS …Thats how you play the game Loved it

  40. Sully321 says:

    Martin subbed off glad I don't have him anyone have him?

    • Cash Cow says:

      I agonised for weeks over him. Put him in on Wednesday night. Tossed and turned all night over it. Took him out Thursday morning. There is a god

  41. Duncan says:

    Traded out Mumford For Ryder And Cotchin for Kennedy FMSC

  42. WombatsFC says:

    Half time in suns game
    Gary Ablett70
    Dion Prestia69
    Danny Stanley60
    Brandon Matera58
    Greg Broughton54
    Steven May54
    Jarrod Harbrow45
    Michael Rischitelli42
    David Swallow35
    Jaeger O'Meara35
    Trent McKenzie34
    Timmy Sumner27
    Matt Shaw25
    Tom Nicholls25
    Charlie Dixon24
    Clay Cameron23
    Matthew Warnock19
    Aaron Hall18
    Sam Day18
    Tom Lynch18
    Sean Lemmens17
    Jack Martin9

    Brett Deledio56
    Matt Thomas53
    Trent Cotchin50
    Alex Rance48
    Nick Vlastuin47
    Ben Griffiths46
    Shaun Grigg44
    Ricky Petterd43
    Shaun Hampson43
    Bachar Houli41
    Reece Conca41
    Dustin Martin36
    Jack Riewoldt36
    Chris Newman33
    Brandon Ellis30
    Shane Edwards30
    Ty Vickery29
    Troy Chaplin28
    Steven Morris23
    Matt McDonough19
    David Astbury18
    Nathan Foley0

  43. Dools says:

    Delids, awesome facial hair, Looks real badass but backing it up with actions …Tigers by a lazy 25 at this point in time
    GoGaz I always loved you!!!!

    • throttlefinger says:

      Well done, Dools! Lids can keep the facial cheese if it allows him to bang out scores like that

  44. Dools says:

    Damn , Sorry Wombats , Thanks for the Scores you little ripper

  45. Billy says:

    Matt McDonough has been pretty disappointing I might have to trade him out for round 2

    • Dogs says:

      He's a bench rookie for mine, as long as he's playing and scoring more than his BE I'll keep him as there's not much else at the moment

      • THE SALTSHAKER says:

        83% efficiency, played better than scores suggest will find more footy, not subvest either so hardwick musta been happy with his game. Keep him till downgrade target presents itself, might get 20possies next week

  46. jon gavin says:

    who to get for charlie, any suggestions community?

  47. rhino says:

    How many people got burnt by Dixon.

    • THE SALTSHAKER says:

      Nah would rather trade if sandi gets rest, who knows, maye cameron wood or rookie named that week

      Better than spending $487k on shit scores just for insurance

    • WombatsFC says:

      Everybody that was unlucky enough to have him.

  48. WombatsFC says:

    9 including Captain = 1176

    • throttlefinger says:

      Glad I didn't pick him. But I did get McV. Doubts that you expressed seemed to happen. Not sure if worth corrective or waiting out. Good enough player.

      Wait and see how the rest of the round shakes out.

      One thing is for sure, Ablett is surrounded by a monster midfield. That IS the first corrective trade I probably will make. Know you're playing the Purple Machine next week but don't think they can stop him. Sorry for doubting you, Gaz.

  49. @klavo25 says:

    9/1153 captain played…. Missed the boat on swallows, thinking of downgrading mcveigh to swallow after today’s events.. Mid table for me r1

    • @klavo25 says:

      Which will give me 140k in the bank for a rainy day ;)… Wow mcveigh was expensive! Woops

      • Dogs says:

        It's 1 game played in swamp like conditions, I'm gonna give him another chance, would be nice to have swallow too tho, there were a lot of suns that looked good . A lot of gws kids looked good too, don't have any in my team tho

        • @klavo25 says:

          Just had a look at the fixture… Suns play freo swans play pies lol I think I might stick with mcveigh

      • THE SALTSHAKER says:

        Nah keep him, unless has shocker, his first 7disp tonight at 43% yet he finished 5th in 2013 total effective disposals. His first game last year was 89sc went on to have great year, with 18 games over 90, with 12 over 100

        Last 2yrs (not many defenders with 2 years in the 600+ disposals)

        2012 – 616disp @ 24.7 avg, 108marks, 80 tackles for 98sc avg

        2013 – 688disp, 108 marks, 88 tackles for 106sc avg
        – ranked 2nd total disp, 3rd total kicks, 4th uncontested possessions, 5th effective disp, 5th total sc pts, 8th clearances

    • Cash Cow says:

      Don't trade a premium after 1bad game. There is a reason they are premiums.

    • WombatsFC says:

      Do it Klavo, McViegh is a poisoned bait and heaps of aspiring SuperCoaches ate the bait despite obvious fact that l/y was a flash in the pan.
      Downgrade him to Swallow or Laidler or even Hodgey asap and then laugh at the fools who say "he's a premium for a reason" as they keep him for 8 weeks of sub-90 scores.
      He will drop by at least $50k after round 3 and others will increase by more than that (even if they only ave 40 over next 2) so dumping him now will make you a minimum $100k and allow you to turn a midpriced into an actual premium.

  50. Donavan says:

    7/1057 captain played

  51. Josh says:

    7 including captain for 993, pretty happy with all my players! Swallow, Beams, Ablet, Sandilands, Parker, Cotchin, D Martin

    Is Langdon worth trading in next round or was that a one off score?

    • THE SALTSHAKER says:

      worth it yes as will have 113 in his 3 game avg, so has to generate cash, doubt will crack 100 again but now has great JS, did some great stuff down back

    • derek says:

      depends who you trade out?

  52. Canaries says:

    1212 with 10 played and capt.
    Going reasonably thus far
    Wins; Swallow, trusting Gaz with the C, & welcome back Sandiballs! Mike Pike did OK as my PoD ruck in the swamp match too…
    Failures; Rohan and McVeigh waterlogged …& having Langdon wasting away on my bench without the E 🙁

    • THE SALTSHAKER says:

      Anyone out thats set to return rnd 2 or 3? Birchall might not be ready/named round 1 but back for round 2

      Check out the obmissions and suspensions next week to find candidate

    • WombatsFC says:

      Swamp Match?
      The ground wasn't any wetter than Skilled stadium on a damp Saturday. Yes it belted down for a while but there more running bounces in this game than the other two combined.

  53. THE SALTSHAKER says:

    Went with a 2-1-5 structure as backline appears to have cheaper rookies. Has worked so far with 2 cheap defenders earning themself some JS. Not sure about every week however but for cash generation and strong lines elsewhere looking good so far.

    DEF: McVeigh (82) Mitchell, Suckling, Laidler (95), Langdon (113) Clurey — Lanford, Georgiou
    MID: Ablett (c 240), Swan (89), Watson, Libba, Beams (137), Daisy, Polec, Dunstan — Ellis, Crouch
    RUCK: Cox, Sandi (vc 127) — Derrickx, Thurlow
    FWD: Danger, Martin (99), Parker (95), Mitchell (92), Higgins, Rohan (48) — McDonough (45), Impey

    11 for 1267

    • SCdonkey says:

      Looking good Salt, as you still have Mitchell, Watson, Libba, Cox and Danger that should score well. Daisy should also score well in the 90s.

      • THE SALTSHAKER says:

        Yeah cheers, its not the normal structure, i do feel vulnerable and i think i will on a weekly basis. I dont think those DEF rookies will score so high every week and hate rowan on ground. I see them as cheaper cows than the mids, on a pts per dollar value, Camerons 50 sc was better than fyfes 122. McDonough was ranked 18th and rowan 26th higher than delidio. My two worst performers were swan and mcveigh. Still, they were a far cry from those poor sods who invested in ROK, dixon, martin or cloke.

        Im not sure who to take out of libba, watson, or rockliff, am leaning towards rock and watson. Will libba improve on 2013? Im not sure he will early, regardless of NAB form. If you take out his two big games against Melb his avg drops a bit. Where as rockliffs numbers when in centre/mid are massive, Watson had broken collarbone last year and got shockers against easy beats. He didnt play Hawks or freo either, and not convinced bombers are going into this year settled???

        Doing my head in :p

  54. Wattsieesq says:

    9 down for 986 without captain. I have the c loophole on sandi so 1113 for me. Wasted Langdon on the bench with no e but other then that going ok.

  55. Grufflez says:

    Had VC on Sandilands but i backed in Gaz 140 SC….never doubt the SON OF GOD!
    Bloody Rohan..went him over Mcdonough at last minute actually glad as his JS is much better imo but the kid is not an SC scorer!

  56. Grufflez says:

    Had VC on Sandilands but i backed in Gaz 140 SC….never doubt the SON OF GOD!

  57. NutSack says:

    8/1036 with C played. damn you mc veigh and what was with titch getting only 9 pts in last qtr?

  58. scooter says:

    8 for 1068 including Sandi s 127 as vc lowest scorer so far Sutcliffe at 92 hoping my pod wines won’t make me look foolish for trading him in for daisy

  59. Cash Cow says:

    Hope Georgiou isn't elevated., got Langdon at emergency and want to swap him In

    • matthew says:

      but if he isn't elevated you will have a dead rookie spot asyou are chasing a score.

      • Cash Cow says:

        I know. It's a bugger. Still I could trade Georgiou out next round. It's one trade burned but at least it won't have cost me anything.

        • Sarah says:

          I'm thinking of doing that as I want to bring in Laidler next week anyway.

          • TOP GUN says:

            right move..thats wat im doin. now Johnson out for the season better job security for Laidler.

    • GeneralSoreness says:

      I'm hoping he is elevated would prefer the $$.

  60. Sully321 says:

    9 played captain used 1171

  61. SCdonkey says:

    GWS vs Sydney
    Lightning, Thunder and pouring Rain. GWS delivered their own in the last 10 minutes of the game. GWS displayed their own lightning speed, thunder tackling and rain of goals.
    A Treloar 34 touches, C Ward 31 touches and S Coniglio the tackling Machine of 11 with 27 touches were the orchestrator of the avalanche that buried the Swans, while Mummy 45 Hitouts with 13 Touches, the former Swans were the Giant of them all showed his authority in the Ruck. Young giant J Cameron had 9 Touches and a bag 4 goals including the sealer in last 4-5 minutes left on game to make it beyond reach for the Swans. The new recruits former Cats J Hunt 18 Touches and former Magpies H Shaw 20 Touches were the biggest contributor in the defense.

    While Sydney ducking for cover, L Franklin could only managed 7 Touches and 1 goals. L Parker 23 Touches, R Shaw 22 Touches and T Mitchell 21 Touches, were the warriors who stood up to challenge the Giants. M Pyke 10 Touches and 34 Hitouts tried to stand toe-to-toe with his former team mate Mummy. JPK 22 Touches and McVeigh 20 Touches were good early, but had no impact later in the game.

    My SC Verdict
    After seeing Coniglio and Treloar play yesterday, they are high in my Watch List including Mummy and Pyke. The siblings Shaw were also good must have in watch list. While Buddy is BIG no for me this season, I think he's gonna struggle. Parker and Tich were acceptable and delivered they are a keeper, as for JPK he will also struggle, with so many talents in the Mids he'd be lucky to get over 30 Touches this season.

    • derek says:

      keep talking Swans down, i want people to dump Franklin, Buddy & Rohan etc, they will bounce back big time.

      • SCdonkey says:

        I'm getting a sense you're a Swans fan. Obviously you didn't read my insight of the game. Was not taking on any side but what I saw from the game between the two sides. But if you feel that way, then I apologise if I hit your soft spot.

  62. Cash Cow says:

    Am I the only one that doesn't follow theCaptain Loophole process. Don't see the point carrying a duck egg. If you don't have a player in your team that you can be confident will get a captain worthy score 99% of the time the the loophole ain't gonna help ya.

  63. Carey says:

    Bloody fantastic, Jock…sitting on 820 from 6 (Captain Ablett played). Happier than a pig in mud.

  64. Super_Freak says:

    Pretty happy. Have Langdon as emergency in Defence. Left C on Ablett. Have Sandi, Pendles, Beams, Dusty. Only dissapointment was downgrading Titch to upgrade Swallow to McVeigh. Should have stuck with my gut!

    • SCdonkey says:

      It's those decisions we make and our gut feeling is telling us otherwise, makes us pull our hair. I had R Shaw in the back and decided to go with my gut for T Bugg, but I ain't complaining. Though it would've been nice to get R Shaws 95 points, but I was always happy for T Bugg to score 60-70points and he did.

    • Jim from Gippsland says:

      I was going to make that exact change myself but didn't only because I couldn't find the right downgrade target up forward. Lucky for me.

      Interested in who you downgraded to, they may play well enough to still make it a worthy decision.

  65. SCdonkey says:

    GC vs Richmond
    Unfortunately I didn't get to see the game, i was off my face by 8pm and crashed by 10pm and a thumping head by morning. But I heard young skinny J Martin done his boney shoulder, I feel for those who backed this fragile player in their team. It was bound to happen, the kid needs to bulk up to be in AFL level. Dixon was another one who went down with concussion, lucky for me I dropped him off my side at half-time while watching GWS vs Sydney. The Magician (Ablett) had 41 Touches and booted 2 goals confirmed my decision over Pendlebury was a good choice, in saying that, Pendle will be in my team after the bye rounds.
    Swallow another a good pick for me since early January, this kid is ready to breakout with 27 Touches but poor kicking in front of goals only booted 1 out of 5 shots. He will get better through the season if he plays the role as did last night.

    Cotchin 38 Touches and booted 1 goal is back to his 2012 form, shame I picked Rockliff over him the Round 8 bye was my factor of picking him in my side. Deledio 33 Touches and 1 goal still has the goods will be considered after the bye rounds. D Martin no doubt a keeper and will be one of the Top 10 Forward by end of year.

    • Dools says:

      Hi SCdonkey, I too was pretty smashed by the end of the Richmond Gold Coast game. GAJ was my C for the round but I am so dissapointed for a few Richmond players who tried so hard. Delids was terrific in all parts of the ground (1 more game like that in 2 weeks time he will be in the KrakenKats Team) Cotchin played well but I think onley played 80% of game but he was good. Young McDonagh was not to bad, Looks like a solid man and Tackling machine to boot a few more games if he gets the oppertunity (I think he will) will see him blosom with confidence so RADAR is set on him.
      Prestia GCS was involved in everything and as stated above GAJ was in Defence , Midfield and Forwards often at the same time ..How is this possible??? He was the heart and soul of thae team that day
      Some other notable News was Dixon left B4 half time and did not get back (Concussion) scored 22 points Glad I skipped him also 3 – 6 week injury to Martin ; Shoulder Joint 1 st Quater so GWS with 2 men down should have been over run by the Tigers but it went the other way Great Game of Footy glad I watched it. You missed a ery good game with skills from both teams on display and Contested nothing was not fought for

      • Jim from Gippsland says:

        I too was a little under the influence last night.

        Dixon and Martin were both in my side at various stages during the last 2 weeks. Dixon was going to be my ruck insurance but I decided to take the punt instead…thank god.

      • SCdonkey says:

        Thanks Dools
        Sounds like a game that keeps you on your feet, will watch the replay this week and see who performed and underperformed on both team. I'd be interested to watch McDonough's game wether he did enough to cement himself as Tigers best 22 or did enough to get games even of if King comes back. As for The Magician (Ablett) you could never know where he is, one minute he's here, the next he's somewhere else. If you were appointed the tagger for Ablett how do you keep up, when he keeps disappearing like that. Swallow is another one for the Suns, there have been so much talk about this kid former no 1 draft pick has been plague with injuries, hope he stays fit all season, he has so much potential and talents to show.

        Deledio had a great preseason leading to H&A season should highly consider slotting him after bye rounds or if have a spot for him before the byes. But must not forget Cotchin from what I've seen in the preseason the guy is in very good form, a brownlow form like he was in 2012.But I will need to see the replay.

    • Jim from Gippsland says:

      good write up donkey.

      you going to maintain this high standard all year?

      Look forward to it if you do

      • SCdonkey says:

        Thanks Jimbo
        I will do my best mate, to cover each game every week. 🙂 and limit my glasses of Johnny to two, well maybe three, unless I start to lose count.

  66. ilikepie says:

    hey guys, i cant decide between roughie and wingard at f3. who is the better pick?
    also, what do you think about the job security of young J.Impey

    • SCdonkey says:

      With Buddy the spud is out of the picture, Roughie will be the main target up forward.
      Wingard should do well this season, question is will he back up his 2013 season.
      But I would pick Wingard for his DPP.
      Impey likely to wear the vest most of the year, good for bench not onfiled.

    • derek says:

      impey is just a cash cow. keep him until a decent price rise and off to the knackery

  67. Jason says:

    Quite happy Jock, 1194 / 9. Gaz as Skip & took Lids over Cotch based on DE and a good POD

  68. Ben says:

    983/ 7 ablett captain only lance has got under 100 however had langdon on bench without emergency my third year of supercoach how am i going

    • zimmerbd says:

      So far so good.

    • SCdonkey says:

      That's a pretty good start Ben.

    • Jim from Gippsland says:

      Anything over 100 per person is excellent, particularly round 1.

      Good work. Enjoy the rollercoaster.

      • Give It A Go says:

        1038/ 8, GA as captain, the little master did v-well last night, 2nd season for me, thanks to JR and community for there feed back on the players, would off had more, if I went for that gut felling, swapped out Treloar and put in JPK, also changed swallow for Hodge, hope he does better.

        Cheers community

    • BEN says:

      yeah now 1283 after 10

  69. derek says:

    GWS has set the cat among the pigeons. Don't be fooled into picking GWS players. They got Swans on an off day. don't be fooled.

  70. Jordan says:

    hey guys i need three of these guys on the field.
    Aish, Polec, Dunstan, X.Ellis.
    Help appreciated

  71. Jim from Gippsland says:

    1307 off 11 with captain played.

    I think the weekly winner might need to crack 2500 straight up!

  72. throttlefinger says:

    869/8 (excluding Langdon on bench with E and cap score…had VC on Pendles). Not bad. Expected more from McV and JPK. See how they do next round. Thrilled with Lids.

    • THE SALTSHAKER says:

      both looked good early, especially jpk, was everywhere first half

      • throttlefinger says:

        Both looked very strong. Just didn't keep pace. Sure they will adjust, Salty.

    • SCdonkey says:

      Just a bad day at the office mate, don't worry Horse will fix it next round don't lose hope on your Premos. You picked them for good reasons. 869 with 8 players is pretty good, considering you haven't used your Captain plus that 111 sitting in bench.

      • throttlefinger says:

        It will happen right, SCdonkey? Not too worried. Mostly doubt for not going Gaz. But need to stick to plan. Just need Libba to light it up next week.

        These split rounds…for the birds, SCD. For the birds!

    • Jim from Gippsland says:

      Remember to try and avoid sideways trading whenever possible.

      • throttlefinger says:

        Yep. Yep. Impatient person so this will be challenging. Plus Yank in me…I want results NOW! Deep breath…stick to plan!

        Thanks for the reminder, JfG!

        • Dools says:

          Hey Tf, have a beer man you picked them let them become…..On that note I'm laughing I got players on the bench accummulating ie Impey and clury playing their 1 st game eva doin' alright but making coin LOL making coin that what this SC is all about mate not makin' 2500 a round!
          Jeez you would be outa trades by R 9 following that policey… Not chasing scores ids the way to go, but ya gotta believe that the structures you built over the last 4 months will bear fruit..Hold fast mate hold fast.

          • throttlefinger says:

            Very much appreciate that, Dools. Need the slaps to the head. 2nd year playing SC and patience and faith in my selection was my biggest downfall last season. Actually gonna option C & P the above and make this into my computer's wallpaper to remind me during trades. Wisdom. Uncut.

            To your point, have McDonough and Cameron on my benches and both did pretty well. Hope I can go R2 without making any trades. Then make a clear eyed decision…unlike the hysteria from yesterday.

            Split rounds, Dools. Steamy pile of squirrel shitte sitting in clown alley. Deep breaths. Time to make pancakes for the fan. Too early for beer. But screwdriver may not be a bad idea.

  73. BeaglieBoy says:

    ok…lets end the comp right here….it can only go down hill from here….I have Sandi, Gaj capt, Langdon, Pendles, Martin D, Beams, Mitchell T…..sitting on 1325/11 captain played……So tell me again about the wisdom of having Dependlebury and Gaj in the same team….not going down anytime soon chaps….Gaj was going to loaf around up forward and let the young tyros go for it….Pendles was going to get Crowleyied….so with all this boasting I have definately jinxed my year now….what the hey, if ur going to go down , go down laughing…lol

  74. THE SALTSHAKER says:

    Can anyone give me the mail on a choice between Watson, rockliff and libba? shoulda i go with watson, as proven consistent scorer last 2yrs? is libba able to handle tag if griffens gone? will he have any luck over in west or will cox/nic nat work minson over and selwood tags the rising gun??

    thoughts welcome

    • BeaglieBoy says:

      when in doubt i go with the best performed and credentialed player in the best team…..that points to Watson…but….I'm not going near bombers players until the problems are sorted…either they will get hit with sanctions or it will drag on all season and play on their minds or both…so That means my next choice which is Rocky

    • SCdonkey says:

      Tough call Salt, Rockliff and Libba for me at this stage. I just don't know how much it affected Watson with the dramas he has gone through. Will be a good upgrade for me if he plays like he did last year or the year before, but will have to see a few games. Libba is a good question, from his preseason performance and last 8 games of last year he only drop under 100 points once scoring 96 points and with a high of 159 points. Minson should do well against Cox/Nic Nat don't worry so much about it now. It's Round 1 of H&A season plenty of time to correct your team, and suss out who performs and who doesn't.

      • THE SALTSHAKER says:

        Yeah why not take a punt on Libba? just think his avg is beefed up by 163 and 159 vs Melb. He plays WCE 118, NTH 61, RICH 42, 99, GWS 74, CARL 96, ADEL 134, 106, ESS 125, before he gets to Melb. I suppose theyre not bad teams to play. Other option is Priddis who is almost identical in stats, rankings, who got concussed last year in one game early, which affected his avg score. If take that out he avg 105-6, following 110 in 2012, 114 in 2011.In last 3 seasons Priddis has had 54 games over 90ppg, 11 over 80 and none under from 65 games, his consistency is amazing. His ceiling isnt very high though as handballs alot, his trend is going down, where as Libbas could be going up. I might take a punt

        • THE SALTSHAKER says:

          Libba Minson combo it is – what i like about Minson is he is probs the fittest ruck. Likes to work solo, and gradually builds pressure on opposition during a game. He attended 200 clearances during NAB cup i heard/read somewhere? more than any other ruck so he is setting himself nicely

  75. Shinboner says:

    Broadbent named as the sub, which means some last ditch team shuffling to do. *EDIT* Replacement Pittard has been woeful.

    • Bobby McBob says:

      Pittard probably plays his best when Broadbent frees him up in defence. Anyone else think that?

  76. BeaglieBoy says:

    It must be the first time ever that new clubs Gold Coast, GWS and Freo have all won in the same week….lets hope Port make it a Fourtrella

  77. Dean says:

    So far had Pendlebury, Beams, Sandilands, Franklin, Rohan, Ablett as captain, Swallow, Cotchin.
    I had Langdon as Emergency in my midfield.

    So I swapped C Wingard who was in my Midfield with L Taylor who was in my forward line. I thought L Taylor could miss round 1, so if that happens he will get Langdons score.

    This is my current side…





  78. WombatsFC says:

    st Qrtr Blues v Port
    David Ellard38
    Kade Simpson35
    Ed Curnow33
    Andrejs Everitt31
    Marc Murphy30
    Dale Thomas25
    Andrew Walker24
    Tom Bell23
    Bryce Gibbs22
    Jarrad Waite22
    Andrew McInnes21
    Brock McLean21
    Matthew Kreuzer18
    Michael Jamison17
    Robert Warnock17
    Matthew Watson16
    Lachie Henderson15
    Chris Yarran14
    Mitch Robinson13
    Zach Tuohy12
    Jeff Garlett6
    Troy Menzel0

    Ollie Wines37
    Hamish Hartlett27
    Kane Cornes26
    Chad Wingard25
    Matt White24
    Robbie Gray23
    Jay Schulz19
    Justin Westhoff19
    Brad Ebert17
    Jackson Trengove17
    Jared Polec17
    John Butcher16
    Jack Hombsch14
    Jarman Impey14
    Tom Clurey14
    Angus Monfries13
    Dom Cassisi12
    Travis Boak11
    Matthew Lobbe10
    Tom Jonas5
    Jasper Pittard0
    Matthew Broadbent0

    • WombatsFC says:

      half time Clurey and Polec aaarrrggghhhh!
      Ed Curnow83
      Bryce Gibbs73
      Marc Murphy62
      David Ellard60
      Kade Simpson58
      Dale Thomas43
      Michael Jamison42
      Tom Bell40
      Andrejs Everitt38
      Robert Warnock38
      Andrew Walker36
      Brock McLean35
      Mitch Robinson35
      Matthew Watson31
      Lachie Henderson27
      Jarrad Waite24
      Matthew Kreuzer24
      Zach Tuohy23
      Andrew McInnes21
      Jeff Garlett21
      Chris Yarran14
      Troy Menzel0

      Justin Westhoff95
      Ollie Wines69
      Jay Schulz51
      Kane Cornes46
      Chad Wingard43
      Matt White43
      Brad Ebert40
      Hamish Hartlett40
      Angus Monfries36
      Jackson Trengove36
      John Butcher35
      Robbie Gray34
      Jarman Impey31
      Travis Boak30
      Jared Polec28
      Jack Hombsch26
      Tom Clurey26
      Dom Cassisi24
      Tom Jonas20
      Jasper Pittard17
      Matthew Lobbe17
      Matthew Broadbent0

      • Billy says:

        Wow Westhoff is doing well. I am also happy with how both Murphy and Thomas are going. If Thomas can average 90 his price should go up a fair bit. I am disappointed with Polec. Hopefully he has a better second half.

      • throttlefinger says:

        Polec had a MONSTER 4th, Womby.

        Deep breaths. 102 total. That's niiiiiice!

        • WombatsFC says:

          Yeah from about 5 minutes into the third he woke up; before that I was looking at my 2nd sub 100 score on field. 10 played inc captain = 1278

      • WombatsFC says:

        WOW! What will Polec score if he turns up before the third quarter next week?
        IMO Smurph is definitely worth it and when when Judd and/or Carrazzo come back expect 120 ave; until then Ellard & Curnow will continue to cost the team (& smurph 20-30 SC points) with their lack of peripheral vision

  79. Billy says:

    How long to the pod-cast?

  80. scooter says:

    1320 from 10 captain played moved daisy to wines earlier today everything turning to gold so far I can smell 1 k

    • Dean says:

      What a move mate, good pick

    • Dean says:

      Well done mate your doing great.
      I'm on 1353 with 11 played & Ablett as my Captain.
      I Got S Mitchell, P Hanley, M Suckling, J Webster, L McDonald, J Aish, S Jacobs, P Dangerfield, J Kennedy, J Caddy. I also have Lewis Taylor but im hoping he doesn't play so I can get T LANGDON 111 score.

      Good luck mate

  81. BeagzBoyz says:

    Sitting on 1208/12 at the moment with sandi's captain score to be added. 5 prems, 2 mids and 3 rooks to play.

    Should have had clurey on bench and Mcdonald on field in retrospect

  82. Shinboner says:

    Walker is going to be nailed by the MRP for multiple counts.

    • throttlefinger says:

      For sure. Bonehead play. And he should know better. Tried to use those cat reflexes to correct it but nobody is that fast.

      Blues are a team that needs to fix their problems quick. Strong first half. Faded second half of 3rd and just outdone in the 4th. Had 3 on my team at one point but how the Crows took them to task in the 4th gave me pause.

      • WombatsFC says:

        Fortunately no Blues in my squad but I'm keeping an eye on smurph.
        Walker on Westhoff was nuthin walker on Monfries is 2 weeks

        • throttlefinger says:

          Agree. And I was talking more the latter. Sure the former won't help his case, though.

          That's a frustrated bunch, buddy. Glad I didn't get Daisy. His form should get better but they aren't looking good as a 4qtr team. Disjointed. Easily rattled a bit too.

          None on my batch too. Had Watson last week in a highly experimental squad. He did really well. But no confidence that any of them can play consistently well. Smurph being the exception. Maybe Judd coming back will steady the boat.

  83. Dean says:

    I managed to have langdon as d6 on accident with webster on bench, ill take that, just need to decide whether i play webster or mcdonald for next week, also took the risk on abblett as captain which paid off, going well so far.

    • Dean says:

      That's gold mate, great mistake. I had Langdon as Emergency in my midfield. So I swapped Chad Wingard from my midfield to my forward line and moved Lewis Taylor to my midfield because there is a slight chance he may miss round 1. These moves don't usually pay off but with Langdon's great 111 score its worth a try.

  84. THE SALTSHAKER says:

    Well that game took a bit of shine off

    Polec 107 (nice)
    Daisy 62 (disapointing, will get better each week)
    Clurey 31 (got outscored by broadbent sub, in less than a quarter, a whole game for 6disposal is miserable)


    Still got Mitchell, Cox, Rockliff, Watson, Danger, Suckling, Higgins, Dunstan 800pts would be nice from 8

  85. Jim from Gippsland says:

    so after week 1 I have 1598 off 14 with captain played.

    very glad that I have locked away gaz pendles and beams as my midfield pillars.

    very happy with Murphy and polec today, Langdon was a pleasant surprise and it was good that sandi didn't break in half.

    not too much to be upset about. daisy was disappointing today but should get better with more game time, McVeigh had an off day and looks like anything over 50 from Rohan and mcdonogh will be a bonus.

    very glad I didn't follow my own advise and passed on lobbe, he was very poor today.

    so far no shockers…..

  86. Cozza says:

    1336 with 11 played, including captain. Only disappointments have been Thomas and Rohan – although probably shouldn't expect much more from Rohan. Thomas was great until half time, then seemed to fade out along with the rest of the Blues.

  87. Vic City says:

    I had both Laidler and Langdon on my bench with Clurey playing. Also decided to do the loophole on Pendles instead of trusting gaz, oh well.

    Only really disappointments so far are Buddy and Thomas (and Clurey & Rohan but not as worried about them) but it seems my team is fairly solid and it is just my managing of it that is shit.

  88. Duncan says:

    1110 / 9 Captain Played
    Ablett Pendles Beams Sandi Martin and Polec all Tonned up for me Had a couple of 90's (Titch, JPK) And Poor score from Rohan of 47
    Have Mitchell Hanley Enright Suckling Webster Mcdonald Watson Aish Ellis Ryder Danger Caddy and Higgins to Play
    Hoping of a score of around 2300+

  89. Sarah says:

    Only McVeigh has scored below his projected score so far, with most players smashing through theirs!
    Big thank you to Polec and Langdon for showing the other rookies how it's done.
    Hope it continues in the second half of round one… Am absolutely hating this split round bs.

    PS. So happy with my call NOT to have Buddy!!

    • PJ8 says:

      Nice Sarah. looking set up for a nice Rd 1 score. Have to agree that the Split round is ridiculous

    • throttlefinger says:

      Remember we had some good talks about the pros and cons of Buddy. Think we both heeded our own advice, Sarah. (nice refreshing change of pace for me)

      • Sarah says:

        Haha, good work Throttle!! You gotta win some!
        I'm sure over the course of the year he'll be ok… but I'd much rather have all of Danger, Martin, Wingard, Mitchell and Caddy than Buddy.
        Just to avoid the stress and frustration is good enough for me!!!

        Good luck for the remainder of round 1 and the season beyond.

        • throttlefinger says:

          Same to you, Sarah! Sure

          The Swans boys let us down, huh? JPK and McV for me. Looked so strong the first half too.

          Think they'll find their form against the Pies.

          • Sarah says:

            They let me down big time! Not so much in my supercoach side (Mitchell scored above his predicted score, McV will be ok) but in my draft league side. Made the (seemed a great idea at the time) decision to put the big C on JPK… not impressed.

            • throttlefinger says:

              I don't have Gaz so I was considering putting the C on JPK. Had a monster first half. Thought he was going to go for 130+. Flat tire. He'll bounce back. Had him last year and he was 1 for 3 when I put him in the captain's chair.

              Lesson learned. But I think big games are ahead from him. Especially when KJack returns.

              • Sarah says:

                I thought he was in for a big one too… then he just disappeared!!!
                Had him all year last year too. Holding off for my supercoach team for more swans mids. Interesting article on today about the swans ruck issues. Pyke was beaten by Mumford and hence the swans lost the clearances. Could be a factor all year. Something to be aware of anyway. So I don't think I'll be adding another swan to McV and Mitchell any time soon.

                • throttlefinger says:

                  Yep. I'm keeping it to McV and JPK. At least for now.

                  I don't know how much to read into that game. Mummy was playing against old squad and GWS was more aggressive than the Swans in general. Don't think Pyke did poorly. Mummy just played like a mad man. Would be surprised if he gets 120+ 2 or more times.

  90. GeneralSoreness says:

    1229 / 9 – captain played. Pretty happy at the moment, only one corrective trade on the horizon to bring in Langdon providing team selection goes to plan and Georgiou is elevated.

    • PJ8 says:

      Unreal score from 9 players! 136.5 average per player!

    • Sarah says:

      Amazing score so far!!

      • scooter says:

        Who u got left to play general I have 1320 from 10 cap played

        • GeneralSoreness says:

          Nice score there scooter.

          Left to play I have

          Def – 2 x premos, 2 mid pricers, 1 rook
          Mids – 1 x premo, 2 rooks
          Ruck – 1 x premo
          Fwds – 1 x premo, 3 mid pricers

          • scooter says:

            Very nice general I have
            Def -3 premium 1 mid price 1 rook
            Mid -1 mid price 1 rook
            Ruck -1 premium
            Fwd 2 premium 1 mid 1 rook

            • GeneralSoreness says:

              Solid scooter look forward to hearing your end of round score. Best of luck with the rest of the round and the season.

  91. PJ8 says:

    1301 / 11

    Positives: Langdon & Polec on field. Prem's Pendles, Beams, Cotchin, Ablett (C), Sandi, Martin all tons.

    Negatives: McVeigh – expected more, Rohan – want him around 75 average, Walker – BURN. Last minute inclusion expecting him to rack up 30d across half back. Seething at my decision and will get suspended too. Fair to say I missed a few hours of sleep last night with that decision.

    • Sarah says:

      Yeah I'm disappointed with McVeigh's score too. Only one game, see how he responds in round 2.
      Excellent halfway score though!

    • GeneralSoreness says:

      Some of those last minute decisions can hurt, I remember trading in Shaw before the club imposed ban which resulted in the "Shaw Rule" in supercoach the following year. It was at that time I implemented the "no dickheads policy" for my supercoach team. At least having Langdon and Polec on the ground will alleviate some of the stresses.

  92. SCdonkey says:

    Carlton and Port Adelaide played the last game of 1st half of Round One yesterday. Many SC coaches (including myself) had their eyes on Smurfet and Daisy on this game. The Blues jumped off block early Daisy kicking the first and only goal for the match, though he had some chances to kick a few more but could only get a couple minor score. That ankle of his, still a concern for me, he looked awkward at kicking the footy. He managed to get 16 Touches at 50% DE and 2 Tackles for the game.
    Smurfet was pretty average racking 23 Touches 7 Kicks and 16 HANDBALLS and 6 Tackles at 78% DE. If only he kicked more than he handballs his SC points would have been higher, I still need to see him play more games for me to slot him in my team. Walker had plenty of touches 22 in fact, including Westhoff's head and Monfries' body against the fence. While Gibbs had 23 Touches and 2 goals and K Simpson 25 with 6 Clearances and Tom Bell had 15 and 5 tackles.

    Port came storming home in the final quarter steam rolling the Blues 6 unanswered goals just seemed like the Blues ran out gas while Port had an Energizer batteries just keeps going and going and going.
    Former Lions J Polec started the night slow but picked up in the 3rd quarter and came home strong he finished the night with 24 Touches, 6 inside 50s and a Goal at 75% DE. Ollie WINES led the way and showed no signs of 2nd year blues who was magnificent with 28 Touches, 11 Clearances, 6 Marks (2 Contested), 9 Tackles, 3 Inside 50s and 2 Goals, Westhoff was good early finished the night with 20 Touches, 8 Marks (4 Contested, 4 Marks inside 50) and booted 5 Goals while K Cornes had 30 Touches and 12 marks and Wingard who also started the night slow with 22 Touches and 7 Tackles.

    Keep a close eye on Wines and Polec these two young kids has talent and should be consider in your team. Daisy is a daisy I'm staying away from him for now, until I'm convince he's over his ankle. Wingard will bounce back from last year and will be in top 10 at forward position.

    Remember fellas have faith with your Premiums you selected, you picked them for a reason and stick with your game plan.

    • Sarah says:

      Excellent advice at the end there SC Donkey. You gotta remember you can't have them all!!!

      • SCdonkey says:

        Thanks Sarah. Sure can't have them all, then it won't be fun at all if 90% has an identical team.

    • Garglesnarf FC says:

      Wines looked an utter BEAST, I went with Vince as M5, so I will wait and see what happens, but he is looking like a potential upgrade/downgrade target if someone falls over injured.

  93. Dogs says:

    1258/11 including C on ablett .

    Pretty happy with this as it's the 1st time I'm putting a bit of effort in and researching,lol. My main goal is to have a team and bench of scoring players as I've always struggled with burning a lot of corrective trades early on.

    Mids that have played so far , ablett, Barlow, beams of to a great start……daisy in and out of my team all preseason , was out for the last week and then last minute decision to put him back in….errrgh , hope he improves.
    Not too Disappointed with my Sydney boys as it was so sloppy , mcveigh, pyke and titch will only get better, hoping Rohan picks it up a bit, only picked him with the lack of playing rookies up forward

    Rookies, Langdon on the bench, with the E vest on, I won't be trying to get his score tho. Polec on field, what a ripper , Cunningham and McDonough on the bench, soso, but at least they beat their BE's

  94. Emma Hoy says:

    1520/13 gazz
    Loving my mids gazza pendles Cochin beams and murphy
    Buddy crap and pyke 92 was not bad considering how poor the swans were
    I have Langdon as e on my bench

  95. Crowls says:

    def mitchell, hanley, K simpson, suckling, Mcdonald, Langdon, EM CLurey, Georgio
    MID, GAJ, Libba, Cotchin, beams, caddy, tyson, polec, Ellis X, EM Dunstan, Crouch
    RUCK NICNAT, Sandi, Thurlow, King
    FWD, Danger, Roughead, dixon, mitchell, wright, higgins, EM Rohan, JKH.

    Dixon down – probably going to miss this week. Should I trade him out. He was in as I figured he upside and would equal or better than Buddy and give me Ruck Coverage for Sandi.

    Not happy with clurey, need better long term rookie def.
    Do I go Dixon back to Pav or up to D Martin and drop simpson to Swallow. Which is closer to my original team layout.
    had him in until day prior to start of season. Had Mundy as ruck but figured NicNat would avg 95-105 for season which would be better than mundy.

  96. The Ranger says:

    With Langdon scoring so well I'm really tempted to jump off Webster and get in Georgiou which would suddenly give me $176K in the kitty to upgrade one of my midprice players (Caddy? Higgins?) thats yet to play.
    Also considering swapping F.Thurlow for L.McCarthy who looks like he'll get a run of games.

    Any thoughts?

    • James says:

      Tempted by the same thing.

      Think I'll back Webster in though. Job security means you can run with him most of the year.

      • Sarah says:

        I've already dumped Webster for Georgiou. Only wanted him for cash. Georgiou has potential to make more of it as his starting price is a lot cheaper. Langdon will then take the on field spot from next week.

        • The Ranger says:

          Yeah that's exactly my plan I think Sarah.
          Are you spending the cash or saving it up?
          My instinct was to spend it – no point having that kinda cash sitting in the bank! – but today I'm wondering if it might be a really handy buffer to have when I come to make my first trades as it will seriously increase the options open to me.

          • Sarah says:

            I've already spent some of it bringing in Wingard yesterday morning. Haven't got Laidler in my team, so will use some more of it doing that one trade next week. So all up it's helped me do a couple of changes already. At the end of the day I figured he'd only played 11 games so I may as well have a cheaper rookie with not much difference in experience. Those are just my thoughts. He may come out and smash it and I'll look silly which is always a risk!!

            • The Ranger says:

              I think I'm sold on the trade, just need to decide what to do with all that cash now!

              Thanks Sarah and good luck for the year ahead.

      • The Ranger says:

        I know what you mean James but $176K is a lot of money!

  97. MarcuJ says:

    1176 / 10 – Gazza Captain

    Brought in langdon into starting squad on friday morning and he didn't let me down. had jack pull out sat arvo and i replaced him with JPK.

    Really happy with polec, landon, teen wolf and sandi

    my 3 swans boys (titch, rohan, jpk) and daisey coulda done better but overall decent start to the round

  98. Matt says:

    Having a good round myself with all my players scoring above 95 except for Rohan which I'll probably keep as I reckon he'll come good, very happy with polec

  99. jayjtee says:

    Things are looking good for my team, 9 players used 7 tons and a 93…. so far only burnman Dale Thomas….. so glad I decided to go with Langdon on the field.

  100. Rocksta says:

    1425 with 12 played including Captain.
    I have 2 teams as in 2 comps – one is set up for League victory whilst the other is set up for overall ( as is in a Kids Comp ( 7-10 year olds) and the parents are only participating to make up the league numbers and help the Juniors along to enjoy SC)

    Teams not much different but I find myself compromised when it comes to trading/strategy etc by using the one team as they have different objectives.

    EG. For league win, need to be a little more conservative with your trades, and keep more money in the bank. Also, to use this weeks example, for Overall Score , need to try and get Langdon's and Polec's scores onto the field. For league win, doesn't matter a hoot.

    See what happens.

    Incidentally, how do I join Jock Reynolds Qualifier Group?

  101. Rocksta says:

    Incidentally, their is no winner in the Kids comp. It was set up for the kids to learn about Footy and SC. The parents are putting on a group function for all the Participating children at SC season's end, and every child is a winner.

  102. matthew says:

    can anyone top 1392 with 11 played and captain used.

  103. @ShayneCreek says:

    MY TEAM AS IT STANDS – Feedback Welcome


    Mitchell, Sam
    Thompson, Scott D.
    Hanley, Pearce
    Swallow, David
    Webster, Jimmy
    McDonald, Luke

    Langford, Will
    Georgiou, Alexis


    Fyfe, Nathan
    Dal Santo, Nick
    Murphy, Marc
    Beams, Dayne
    Vince, Bernie
    Aish, James
    Michie, Viv
    Polec, Jared

    Dunstan, Luke
    Crouch, Matt

    Dixon, Charlie
    Sandilands, Aaron

    Derickx, Tom
    Thurlow, Fraser


    Dangerfield, Patrick
    Wingard, Chad
    Parker, Luke
    Breust, Luke
    Dahlhaus, Luke
    Rohan, Gary

    Kennedy-Harris, Jay
    Impey, Jarman

  104. john says:

    1427 with ten to play and Langdon as Emergency. Do I go for broke and trade in a non playing body to take his score?

    • Rocksta says:

      If you have cover I'd trade in KK. I hear he tore it up in NEAFL on the weekend.
      At least that way it will be a win win

    • Rocksta says:

      Sorry John, just remembered that GC have already played thus not an option. Thought was good.

      In that case, you'd have to look at a Langford or Cutler, provided they don't play. I hear Cutler is close but probably won't play and as such he may be your best option

    • RUSSTYB says:

      I did with Josh kelly cause he's a gun and will play soon, you're on track for a big score, why not make it bigger?

  105. Clive Waterhouse says:

    9 | 1197; (C) played. Remaining:

    D: Mitchell, Hanley, Enright, McDonald
    M: Watson, Tyson, Aish, Michie
    R: Naitanui
    F: Dangerfield, Roughead, Caddy, Higgins

    Langford v Georgiou for D7?

    Georgiou's job security is a concern. Some may argue he is merely keeping Garland's seat warm. Furthermore, Melbourne's backline is quite solid (Garland, Terlich, Frawley, Dunn, Grimes, McDonald, Watts). He also averaged something like 13 touches in a strong Norwood outfit.

    Most teams name 11 or so blokes that can run through the guts. As Hawthorn's forward line is littered with non-midfielders (with Rioli the occasional exception), they name one or two fewer mids than their opponents. This places the squeeze on a guy like Langford because Hodge, Mitchell, Burgoyne, Lewis, Sewell, Smith, Shiels and Hill are all ahead of him. In any other side, I think Langford would have been a safe bet to be named on the interchange almost every week.

    Had Shaun Burgoyne retired like he said he would after 2013, we would have been able to lock away Langford in McDonald-esque fashion. His versatility is such that it is akin to having a defender with the skills of Suckling and the class of Mitchell (2 birds, 1 stone). Had he not played on, Clarko would have parked Suckling Pig on the HBF opposite Birchall every week, leaving a tasty midfield void for us fantasy footballers. Curse you, Shaun!!

    However, Hawthorn's lack of faith in Taylor Duryea and others to occupy the Brent Guerra void may offset the above argument. Here's hoping!!

    VERDICT: Langford

    1. Word out of Glenferrie is that he will be a tagger, thus releasing Shiels into the guts. So he's been given a role and he performed with aplomb during the NAB.
    2. Sewell is finished.
    3. Hawthorn have injuries and suspensions to contend with. I think this means he will get the first 3-4 games.
    4. Clarko keeping blokes like Suckling and Schoenmakers out of the side to avoid a hangover/maintain team balance against some opponents.
    5. Langford has a higher scoring potential than Georgiou. Top 4 side, will be following the opposition's best mid around all day. Hopefully he can get a few extra possies from doing that like the Magarey Medallist did on Saturday night!

    Good luck everybody! I wish you all the best of luck in Season 2014!!

  106. JBomb says:

    1158 / 11 + C

    What the hell to do with Walker? Georgiou needs to be elevated ASAP!

    • RUSSTYB says:

      Just leave him on the bench for a week mate, no point wasting a trade for a one week suspension especially if you're only going for league wins.

  107. Pockets says:

    1418, 11 played, Sandi captain.

  108. RUSSTYB says:

    1453 with 9 yet to play, Mitchell, Hanley, Mcdonald, Vince, Tyson, Mcevoy, Roughead, Caddy and Higgins to go.
    Traded out Ellis in the midfield for Josh kelly so i could get Langdon's score on the midfield bench.
    Fingers crossed for a decent score first round up 🙂

  109. geoff says:

    what are thes best options to bring in non scoring players if you have Langdon and Polec on the bench??
    want those extra points! cheers

  110. H BOMB says:

    From 9 played with captain i am 1216

    Left to play I have,
    Def: 2 prem 2 mid 1 rookie
    Mid: 1 prem 1 mid 2 rookie
    Ruck: 1 prem
    Fwd: 1 prem 2 med

  111. Sarah says:


  112. Billy says:

    Happy with my team so far. I am on 1598 with 8 left and my captain has played. I was pleased with Jacobs score last night but wished Wright hadn't given away so many free kicks or his score would of been 100+. Also Caddy's score was OK but I hope he and Wright get higher scores the next few weeks. Anyway I am going to stick with them for now.

    • Rhubarb_Ronin says:

      Caddy will definitely improve. His time off the ground for attention to his head cut (7+ stitches) could have been worth 2-4 touches. Looks like a real tough nut and another great addition to the Cats. Guthrie did a number on Dangerfield who still managed a ton – he will score very big this year and should go top 5 in the Brownlow for mine.

  113. Tim darbyshire says:

    2158 only Ellis to play