Flesh for Fantasy – Round 1, Part 1

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flesh-for-fantasy-150x150G’day community,

Well, here we are. It’s back. The 2014 premiership season is upon us and I couldn’t be more excited. While it was an enjoyable summer watching Australia give the English a bath in the cricket, it is time to really switch on and enter footy mode.




Months of hard work and dedication, watching all those NAB Challenge games (which sometimes got the better of ol’ Crim here) will come to the fore when Collingwood and Fremantle kick off the 2014 AFL fantasy season.

The return edition of “Flesh for Fantasy” will be split over two weeks. This week we’ll be looking at the players worth getting and worth ignoring in the first group of games. Next week, the same again before returning to its original format for round 2.

This edition will also be different in that because we’re all well aware of the players we must have, I’ve given a couple of PODs worth considering. If you want to jump ahead of the pack early on, you side must be different to everyone elses, ie Mick the Mad Irishman’s SuperCoach team.

Alrighty, let’s get back into it.


Aaron Sandilands (FRE) RUCK– $310,700 SC

  • Next 5 games: COLL (A), GWS (H), HAW (A), ESS (H), SYD (A)
  • 2013 Average: 64

99.9% of sides will already have him, which in that case, ignore what I’m about to say. But if you don’t, I’m here to tell you to snap out of it and get him in. The big fella looks back and his pre-season has been phenomenal, scoring 92 and 156. If you read more into his pre-season, he has not been eased into the season like some have expected. He wasn’t rested at any point, which is a surprise because many, including myself, thought Ross the Boss was going to take a September approach with Sandi – do whatever was necessary to get him to September, even if it included rests. He also was given a contract extension until the end of 2015, and if showed signs of his body ready to cave in, they would’ve held off and assessed at the end of the year.

Looking ahead to his next run of games, he is likely to come up against Grundy or Hudson round 1, Mumford and GWS round 2, McEvoy who isn’t the best tap ruck going around in round 3, Patty Ryder and a rookie in Fraser Thurlow round 4, and MykePyke round 5. They are certainly not your Goldsteins, NicNats or Minsons of the world. He is a serious chance to go BIG early and really get that value up. If you’re not convinced now, you’ll never be.

Jarryd McVeigh (SYD) DEF/MID– $572,500 SC

  • Next 5 games: GWS (A), COLL (H), ADEL (A), NM (H), FRE (A)
  • 2013 Average: 106

The position of D1, for mine anyway, has come down to a battle of 2. Jimmy Bartel would’ve started in a lot of teams early on, but after a majority of time in Geelong’s forward half of the ground, he has dropped out of calculation. This has left us with Mitchell and McVeigh. I’m going with McVeigh here for a number of reasons. Last season, he absolutely smashed his opponents off halfback, with Champion Data ranking him as having the 4th biggest disposal differential in the league. He also won 29% of his disposals in the defensive 50, which means he still got plenty of it in the midfield.

I believe McVeigh also has greater scope to shake the tag. If the opposition coaches decide to shut him out of the game, John Longmire has the luxury of sending him into the midfield, where he’ll be complimenting the likes of Kennedy, Hannebery, O’Keefe, Jack, Parker and Mitchell. Where do you start if you’re a tagger? Against his first 5 opponents last season, he scored 143 v GWS, 150 v Collingwood, 105 v Adelaide, 123 v North and 105 v Fremantle. If form against opposition is anything to go by, he’ll start this season with a bang. Must have.

Jamie Elliot (COLL) FWD– $390,600 SC

  • Next 5 games: FRE (H), SYD (A), GEE (H), RICH (A), NM (H)
  • 2013 Average: 72.2

Before you smash me into tomorrow about Jamie Elliot, just hear me out. If you’re looking for a POD option up forward (and you’ve got plums the size of basketballs), Jamie Elliot could be a worthwhile punt. So far this pre-season he has scored 90 (62% TOG) and 87 (87% TOG). Against Geelong he gathered 17 touches and 9 tackles and 6 I50s, and against Richmond collected 18 touches, 7 marks and 3 I50s. His pre-season form has been exception and having just come out of the “second year blues”, he puts his hand up to be a “breakout” contender.

Elliot was ranked 2nd at the club for marks and when he was involved in the play, Collingwood scored 47% of the time, 2nd to any teammate behind Cloke (stats via Champion Data). Like I said before, you’ll need to a gutsy individual to consider Elliot, but high risk, high reward. He is a breakout candidate and the ultimate POD.

Adam Treloar (GWS) MID – $469,500 SC

  • Next 5 games: SYD (H), STK (A), MELB (H), WBD (H), ADEL (A)
  • 2013 Average: 87

Another potential POD worth looking at is Adam Treloar. One that slips under the radar when GWS kids are discussed, he is one of many ready to go the next level. In a year where many of their kids were feeling the impact of AFL footy, Treloar took his game to another level – averaging 24 touches a game. This pre-season he has shown signs of stepping it up AGAIN, collecting 23 touches and 6 tackles against Sydney (89 SC points in 72% TOG), and then 32 touches, 9 marks, 6 tackles and 4 I50s against St Kilda (113 SC points in 78% TOG).

This year his game will be complimented even more by having Shane Mumford in the ruck to help him and the GWS midfield get first hands on the footy. The first 5 games for GWS are of help, with games against St Kilda, Melbourne and Western Bulldogs. While he is awkward that that price, Treloar is definitely one to consider if you’re looking to go outside the box – which will you need to do to separate yourself from the pack early on.


Matthew Pavlich (FRE) FWD – $437,500 SC

  • Next 5 games: COLL (A), GWS (H), HAW (A), ESS (H), SYD (A)
  • 2013 Average: 81

Unlike the Sandiman, Matthew Pavlich has had a different pre-season. He certainly hasn’t started the pre-season with a bang and could be feeling the effects of a delayed start. He has only managed to score 52 and 75 from just an average of 59% TOG. He is definitely someone Ross will manage through the early stages of the year.

However, don’t rule him out just yet. Come the end of the bye rounds, with significant footy under his belt and discounted value, I believe Pav could be a goer. Fremantle will also ramp it up a gear in the latter stages of the year and Pav could benefit. Definitely worth keeping on the radar, but avoid for now.

Rhyce Shaw (SYD) DEF – $299,400 SC

  • Next 5 games: COLL (A), GWS (H), HAW (A), ESS (H), SYD (A)
  • 2013 Average: 61

I’ve seen many sides entertain the idea of selecting Rhyce Shaw this season given his discount value, but I’m here to tell you no. Please do not touch him. You’re going to do yourself no favours and will backfire. Here’s why.

The last 3 seasons (MINUS 2013) he has averaged 72, 76 and 70. His best season average was 95 back in 2009. 5 years go. Now, factor in that he is coming off a knee reco and is 32. While his pre-season form has been solid, you could get players like Webster (for less) or Suckling (for slightly more) who will do just as good job and has greater upside. I personally wouldn’t entertain idea of Rhyce Shaw. If he does well, good on him, but if he continues to show his pre-ACL injury form, good luck.

Brodie Grundy (COLL) RUCK – $363,C00 SC

  • Next 5 games: FRE (H), SYD (A), GEE (H), RICH (A), NM (H)
  • 2013 Average: 75

The buzz R2 in the early stages of pre-season, many have jumped off the Grundy train and have started chasing after the Sandilands express…and for good reason. I think it is safe to assume Brodie has not had the best of pre-seasons to date. He was ok against Geelong (12 touches, 23 HOs, 83% TOG, 71 SC), but was left frustrated against Richmond and showed signs of pressure being Pies new number 1 (5 touches, 17 HOs, 55% TOG, 16 SC).

The Herald Sun today are claiming that Ben Hudson is a chance to be elevated and given first crack at Sandilands. This is probably in the best interests of Collingwood because I fear Grundy will be decimated by Sandilands. I don’t think he is ready to take the reigns as Collingwood’s number 1, but will probably be forced to shouldered most of their ruckload this year. Don’t ,make him shoulder your SuperCoach ruck load.


Usually I give the SuperCoach punters the key breakeven scores for the round so coaches can see if their players of potential players are going up in value or going down. Because I’ve got no scores to work with, I’m going to give you the top 10 SuperCoach averages for the NAB Challenge from those who feature in this round’s group of games.

  • Gary Ablett (GCS) 158
  • Brett Deledio (RICH) 123
  • Aaron Sandilands (FRE) 116
  • Scott Pendlebury (COLL) 115
  • Tom Mitchell (SYD) 114
  • Nat Fyfe (FRE) 113
  • Nick Malceski (SYD) 106
  • Jared Polec (PORT) 104
  • Jarryd McVeigh (SYD)/Dayne Beams (COLL) 103
  • Brad Ebert (PORT)/Michael Barlow (FRE) 102


Next week I’ll be kicking off this season’s edition of Pub Talk, where the best SuperCoach questions for the week will be posted and answered in Flesh For Fantasy. So make sure you tweet them in at @Mr_Crimmins and it could feature in the article.

Good luck this week community. Hope all the hard work you guys have put in for the season will see big scores and plenty of success. Make sure you tweet me at @Mr_Crimmins or comment below any last minute questions you may have.

Mr Crimmins.

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  1. Luke says:

    Your timing is impeccable mr crimmins. I am just looking for a pod midfielder with $500k to spend.
    Treloar fits the bill. He will now be my m6. Nothing to lose. Thankyou

  2. SamuelScoach says:

    Don't rule out Pav,

    As John Bruyn says Pav will be this years Riewoldt

    • @Mr_Crimmins says:

      I reckon Pav will be a serious trade in option down the track. Keeping watch on his price, but his early form has scared me off

  3. Callum says:

    Great article mate, quick question, I have 625k to spend on M2 and I am very unsure as who to pick. A round 10 bye suits best and I probably couldn't afford to have another round 8 bye player in there, tossing up between: Cotchin, Libba, Watson, Fyfe, Rockliff, Kennedy and possibly but extremely unlikely Keiran Jack. Which one of those do you think is going to score best, forget about price rise and price drops, this person needs to stay in my team all season, so it's just about their scores. BTW my M1 is Gazza.


    • The_Darwin_Ducks says:

      Libba or Cotchin for mine

    • Matt says:

      Purely based on scoring potential, as you said, I'd go Jobe Watson. Might be down to my little man crush on him, but he's just an absolute machine.

      After him, I'd probably say Liberatore.

    • Logic says:

      Should have lilbba and Watson sets up for the byes and keepers all year!

    • Bailey says:

      I’d go Rockliff (and am) because after Vossy got sacked he averaged 129 for the rest of the year.

    • @Mr_Crimmins says:

      Watson is the safe bet, but at value I really like Cotchin. If his calf is nothing major, could explode this year

  4. Matt says:

    Renouf's elevation to senior list has got me a tad worried about having the Lobbe & Sandi ruck combo.

    Thoughts? Is Lobbe still a valid pick?

    • Callum says:

      If he is named round 1, then don't pick lobbe, change him to a jacobs or a ryder or a mcevoy

      • K'noath says:

        Renouf isn't named in round 1 and won't be named unless lobbe goes down. Renouf just security with Redden going down on long term injury list. Lobbe will solo-ruck 90% of the time. If you liked Lobbe before this news then stick with it

  5. Zach says:

    Whats POD? -.-

  6. Shaneoo88 says:

    What do you think is a good amount of left over cash to have starting this season?

    • The_Darwin_Ducks says:

      50,000 ish

      • Logic says:

        Exactly the amount you don't win if you don't spend ya cash.

        • LukTon says:

          I reckon there is no 'good amount' of cash to end up with once you lock in your team. I would say instead, do you expect that you will need to do some corrective trades in the first 2 rounds?

          I am going in with $50,000 left in the kitty, not by design, but I am happy to let it sit there rather than spending it for the sake of it. My reasoning – I am unsure of a couple of spots (eg. rookies that play next week & Tom Derickx, a couple of midpricers that could go either way, sticking with Brodie Grundy *sigh*). I feel it is advantageous to have this $50,000 sit so that when I do my corrective trades, I have a little more freedom to choose the best suited players if they are a little more expensive.

          I would say, if you are unsure of your team, don't be afraid to go in with a bit of money in the bank – your investment may pay off if your initial stock turns sour!

          • K'noath says:

            I agree. For me its just the split round 1 firstly. I have 100k in kitty leading into second week. Leading into week two I'd imagine it would be less than 30k

            • K'noath says:

              Just to clarify. 100k left in kitty for second week of round 1. Less than 30k (could be zero) before round 2

    • Matt says:


  7. The_Darwin_Ducks says:

    Great article Crimmo!!
    I'm looking to get jared mcveigh in now over mitchell

    my team stands now as



    Derrickx/nankervis (depending on whos named)


    Thoughts appreciated and sorry if this is the wrong article to post but any help will be much loved

    • @Mr_Crimmins says:

      I like this side, but be careful with your forward line. Going in with both Rohan and JKH is risky. Might be better to send one of your premiums to Murphy/Thomas and using $$$ to send Rohan to a premium/Higgins

  8. The_Darwin_Ducks says:


  9. Matt says:

    OK, Lobbe's getting the boot after Renouf's elevation and selection. Who would you guys take instead of him? Cant afford the really expensive guys.

    Leuenberger, Kreuzer, NicNat, McEvoy, Pyke, Mumford?

    Advice would be appreciated 🙂

    • Callum says:

      Pyke looks tempting now without a second ruck for him to share it with, could be avery good pick

      • Dools says:

        McEvoy Matt, if i thought for 1 moment Dog dog was good I would pick Nic Nat too

        • Matt says:

          hmmmmmmm had Pyke in there due to him being the sole ruckman, but now you've got me thinking about McEvoy. At this stage i might go McEvoy…

    • Dolner says:

      Renouf is a scalloped dutch cream and will be out of the side as soon a you can say…something

    • @Mr_Crimmins says:

      I'm going Nic Nat for long term, but McEvoy is a safe bet

    • SCdonkey says:

      I'm still not convinced with McEvoy as being solely no.1 ruck for the Hawks, In NAB challenge Hale has took a chunk of Hitouts in NAB1 and in NAB2 he took a bit of it too. What's to say Roughy might also get a bit of hitouts up forward.

    • K'noath says:

      don't panick on renouf. He's purely insurance should Lobbe go down as well. Stick with him if you liked him before this announcment

  10. Shaneoo88 says:

    I feel my team is settled.

    Mitchell, Hibberd, Swallow, McDonald, Clurey, Lagdon, Langford, Cutler
    Ablett, Pendlebury, Watson, Beams, Thomas, Aish, Polec, Dunstan, Ellie, Crouch
    Mindson, Ryder, Sandiman, King
    Dangerman, Martin, Roughy, Caddy, Rohan, Billings, Impey, JK-Harris

    • THE SALTSHAKER says:

      You must have some cash left over

      • zimmerbd says:

        Most of the left over cash gone on the rucks. Much too much to be spending on that line, especially with Sandi on the bench. Put Sandi on the ground (if you want him) and get rid of Ryder or Minson, and spend the extra cash upgrading rookies in fwd and backline. Otherwise, get rid of Sandi.
        I get the thought behind it, (I think), covering your bases, but no point having three potentially premium rucks, or that much money on the bench on any line.

        • Shaneoo88 says:

          Taken your advice. Ditched Minson, will keep Ryder unless Nic Nat is named.

    • GeneralSoreness says:

      No Murphy? Use some of the $$ overspent in your rucks to get Murphy.

    • Jimmy says:

      Put Sandi in your starting team and trade out Ryder or MInson for Derickx or Currie
      Trade Billings for Higgins
      Get in another back premium like Hodge,Enright or Hanley

  11. Kenny Powers says:

    I guess Richie Douglas (Crows) has Jamie Elliot in his side .. his plums are bigger than basketballs at the moment .. poor bugger!!

  12. Clutters says:

    Harry Cunningham (MID $123,900) named on field for Swans. Any punters?

  13. Brooke says:

    So it looks like pike has got the job for Sydney but who has the job for Geelong?

  14. I Like Pie says:

    Who do I not pick out of Aish, Polec, Michie, ellis, Dunstan and Crouch. Only have room for 5 of these

  15. Wattsieesq says:

    Bennell not named. More mid time for GAJ and Swallow?

    • throttlefinger says:

      Hey Wattsie! Think that will be the case. So if one was leaning towards either Pendles or Gaz…

      • Wattsieesq says:

        You'd say Pendles because Swallow is taking GAJ mid time lol.

        I'm considering bringing Swallow in, but I have enough mid pricers as it is. If he goes ok, I may bring him in post bye. Good luck for the season ahead.

        • throttlefinger says:

          Haha. Leaning that way with Pendles.

          Best of luck to you, my man. Good to see you back in the mix.

    • @Mr_Crimmins says:

      Yup, and give GCS start the year, I'd go with Gaz over Pendles

  16. Pacca says:

    New sc league 369573 if you want to join

  17. Spizz says:

    I have 4 more spots left in my league if you can average 2200+ feel free join 316410

  18. Logic says:

    So clurey and Langdon named! Do we leave put the gun Langford??? Thoughts?

  19. Jack says:

    Do i pick Webster and Gunston with 3k left or a rookie defender and roughead with 40 k left thoughts would be appreciated

    • Leon says:

      would love to hear this answer, in same boat

    • I Like Pie says:

      id go roughie and rookie, clurey and Langdon both named this week and are cheap, roughie is a gun

    • Dools says:

      Hi Jack the 40K is a tempting mistress…Thats 40K to help correct errors and we will all have them so I thinking keep the coin mate. Never mind whom you have left out. with the money and they preform result is the same pre Rnd 3 so save the coin.

    • Avzmo says:

      I feel like both are up for good years (Gunston & Roughie), I feel like Gunston may average 10-15 points lower which is definetely reflected in his score, and there are plenty of good cheap defensive rookies out there that may be worth grabbing.

      Out of these two, Roughie & Clurey/Langdon for me

    • @Mr_Crimmins says:

      Roughy and rookie defender for mine, Gunston will get greater attention this year which may impact scoring

    • K'noath says:

      Webster/Gunston. More $$$ making here with higher combined output

  20. Ryan says:

    Watson, Fyfe, Mundy or Jack?

  21. Leon says:

    cotchin or lids? I worry about the calf for cotch. Or do I go with libba (not sure with macrea also on field). Help!! So pick one; cotch, lids or libba

    • THE SALTSHAKER says:

      depends on your bye structure

      • Dools says:

        Disagree SALT, pick whom you like 8 rounds of AFL is a LONG long time but thats just my take mate. I would be picking a team member that can score in advesrity so all picks from Leon are valid It come down to personal choice…Me I would go Libba but he is not in my team

        • throttlefinger says:

          What an awesome swarm of info, Dools! Thought you'd be taking one off given the whiskycognacfest.

          I like Lids. Silent killer. Sharp in NAB and always a beast out of the box. Very highly considering him. Like Libba because the things he does well, earns big SC points. Goals are only cherries on top…doesn't need them to go 110+.

    • Jesse says:

      probably get in libba, with cotchins calf and lids head, i wouldnt be going for him

    • Avzmo says:

      I like Cotchin, I've been let down too many times in the past by Deledio who is susceptible to the tag, more often then not Cotchin just plays through it and still posts a healthy score. I remember last year depending on Lids for good scores and he would post 60s and even a score in the 30s if I'm not mistaken. From a premo midfielder, you want a little more consistency then that.

    • Azza says:


  22. Jimmy says:

    Dom Tyson or a rookie like Ellis, Aish or someone else.
    Also Is Dunstan a first teamer for St Kilda

  23. JB says:

    Thoughts on Lemmens?

    • Logic says:

      Plenty of cheepies ahead of him

    • Doggiesfan says:

      He is a mid in SC better options e.g ellis polec michie, Dunstan

    • throttlefinger says:

      Definite POD in the rook area. Not sure if he's going to bear as much fruit as the others. Chances slim, JB.

  24. Jesse says:

    1. Bartel, J
    2. Mitchell, S
    3. Swallow, D
    4. Webster, J
    5. McDonald, L
    6. Laidler, J
    23. Cutler, T
    24. Georgiou, A

    7. Ablett, G
    8. Rockliff, T
    9. Liberatore, T
    10. Murphy, M
    11. Beams, D
    12. Thomas, D
    13. Polec, J
    14. Ellis, X
    25. Aish, J
    26. Dunstan, L

    15. McEvoy, B
    16. Sandilands, A
    27. Derickx, T
    28. Thurlow, F

    17. Dangerfield, P
    18. Roughead, J
    19. Franklin, L
    20. Caddy, J
    21. Rohan, G
    22. Kennedy-Harris, J
    29. Higgins, S
    30. Taylor, L

    Any thoughts on my team from the community? any changes or anything? would love some help.

    • Paul says:

      give the poor kid a hand

    • Avzmo says:

      My personal thoughts are this:

      Backline and midfield are decent.

      Thurlow has not yet been elevated ,perhaps at looking at geting in Max King for the captain loophole?

      I am waiting till the bye round to think about Lance Franklin, hes sown nothing in the pre-season besides by causing doubt, there are so many good options between 420k and 470k that I would pick ahead of Franklin (Eg: Zorko, Grey, Mitchell, Dahlhaus, Gunston, Parker) and then if Franklin is in fine form come the bye rounds, I'll look to bring him in then.

  25. james says:

    My team is set,

    Expect for, Cotchin or rockcliff..?!

    PLEASE give me your opinions guys

  26. Bailey says:

    Where do I go to see all the elevated rookies?

    • Avzmo says:

      I have also been looking for a list, the best you can do if you are curious is check the team lists on each teams websites. They will have senior and rookie lists so you can see if your rookie has been elevated or not.

  27. Mitch says:

    Hi everyone

    Is mitch duncan a good selection as a POD or is bernie vince a better option help pleasee ?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Avzmo says:

      I think you would struggle to find Mitch Duncan in 1 team in 200, Vince will be slightly more prevalent. I feel Vince is more of a sure thing, but if you are a gambler, you could go with Duncan if you really want the POD.

      For me though Vince is more of a certainty and I would pick him over Duncan 9 times out of 10.

    • @Mr_Crimmins says:

      I like Duncan A LOT, but Vince is the safer bet

  28. Bmac says:

    Thoughts on Tom Nicholls, a bit of a POD? currently got sauce jacobs but looking for a POD

    • Avzmo says:

      I originally thought that he may be a good POD as well, but over the pre-season he struggled immensely. I'm not sure if he may have a little of the second year blues…

      We know he is getting surrounded by increasingly better midfielders but I'm not sure hes necessarily SC relevant yet. If you are looking around that price range, Mumford has looked good for GWS and Ryder may also be an option?

    • Swans2014 says:

      Nothing adds up why to pick him.
      1. Smith will be back
      2. 2nd year blues (possibly)
      3. Not a full preseason

    • @Mr_Crimmins says:

      Not a fan at price, Zac Smith return might impact scoring

  29. james says:

    My team is set,

    Caddy or Elliot

    • Mitch says:


    • Bombers says:


    • SCBEAST says:

      eliot he will avg 95

    • Dools says:

      Hi James …Your team is not set…You asked a question Caddy or Elliot so you have locked 29 What happens if the community tells you nothing…Who would you pick a DPP or Elliot????? Over to you mate…

    • Avzmo says:

      Are you comparing apples with oranges? Your talking about 60k+ in price differential, thats like saying Cotchin or Dal Santo?

      I feel like Caddy is well worth the money, I feel like he'll have a massive price rise this year and will average 85+.

      Elliot may well average a few points more, but he does cost 60k+ more. You may also want to consider that the probability is that neither of these players will be in your team at year end. If thats the case, would you want to sacrifice 5-10 points a round average to get maybe 50k more in price rises?

      Food for thought….

  30. Hawks2014 says:

    Hey community, just want to know what your strategy is going into the round with the split round

  31. Liam says:

    Hello community,
    Was hoping to get some opinions on the following;

    Which two of these three defenders would you choose?
    Hanley, Enright and Hiberrd

    Who is your preffered M3?
    J.Watson, Barlow, K.Jack, JPK, Libba or Cotchin

    Best R1 option?
    McEvoy, Jacobs, Pyke or Lobbe

    Who is your F3?

    Just thought id ask for the communities thoughts, any feedback greatly appreciated.

    • Josh says:

      Enright & Hanley, Libba, McEvoy, mine is Parker atm

    • Wattsieesq says:

      Hi Liam,

      I'd have Enright and Hibberd, but Hibberd is injured, so I'd be careful to pick him.

      My M3 is Barlow at the moment.

      Neither of those is my R1 but given the choice I'd say big boy

      Titch is my F3.

      Good luck for the season


    • Logic says:

      Enright, lilbba because Watson at m2, Jacobs for value think he will equal mcevoy still got doubts about lobbe even though he is a tackle machine, wingard

  32. Samuel says:

    Hey community, was hoping to get some opinions on the following:
    I have pav F4 and luenberger ruck. No pendles but I have rockliff. I am a massive sweat dog btw

    • Wattsieesq says:

      Are you looking for validation from these selections? If you are you shouldn't. Go with your gut. If you've been doing the research then trust your judgement.

      Goodluck for the season.


    • @Mr_Crimmins says:

      Balls on the line stuff. Pav I reckon will start slow but work into it. Leuey is due to dominate comp, and Rocky is a chance to score BIG this year

  33. Sully321 says:

    Hi community,
    Here is my team I have $38,100 in the bank

    Def: 1. Mitchell 2. Hanley 3. Enright 4. Swallow 5. McDonald 6. Laidler
    7. Langford 8. Gergiou

    Mid: 1. Abblet 2. Pendles 3. Fyfe 4. Beams 5. Thomas 6. Aish 7. Polec 8. Dunstan
    9. Crouch 10. Langdon

    Ruck: 1. McEvoy 2. Sandilands
    3. Derickx 4. Thurlow

    Fwd: 1. Danger 2. Martin 3. Wingard 4. Zorko 5. Higgins 6. Rohan
    7. JKH 8. Impey

    Your thoughts would be appreciated

  34. Swans2014 says:

    G'day there community, thoughts on Jackson Macrae. Got him in there atm but having second thoughts. Any thoghts

    • Ocker says:

      Very seriously considered him and was in my team for a long time but I changed my mind and have stuck with Lachie Whitfield. Last years No1 draft pick 100% fit and firing, Had great preseason and they need him and he will provide. Don't think second year blues will bother this bloke he is a gun.
      Make your own decision on that one it is tough.

      Cheers and good luck.

    • Avzmo says:

      I have him in my side, and he is in there ahead of Dale Thomas, he is a gun and I think a great POD. I'd put $100 on him outscoring D Thomas this year, unless an injury or something hampers Macrae's efforts

      • Ocker says:

        Well said Avzmo, I don't like Thomas this year until he has played at least 2 full games. The only worry I have is what players were missing when Macrae scored well. eg, Griffen and more.

  35. Jye says:

    Hey there Gents, got a league that needs filling: 965674
    Would love it if any of you guys joined, cheers

    • throttlefinger says:

      Right on, Jye.

      • Jye says:

        Thanks for joining mate! Should be a great year. Unfortunately just missed out on joining the league code you posted on Crouching's team reveal.

        • throttlefinger says:

          I missed out on SCaddict's league too the same way. Hard part about living in NYC. Always a step behind the footy action.

          • Jye says:

            Yeah that must be bloody hard. Do you still manage to watch the games though?

            • throttlefinger says:

              Friday's and last games on Sat and Sun are easiest. Wake up at 4:30am (which I do already) and watch. Other games I usually watch on replay. If it's a good game I'll sleep for 3 hours then watch. Occasionally I'll have some fellow footy buddies over to watch a game if it's at 11pm game. Or watch a reply game at normal evening time.

              Rolling lockouts are the hardest. Have to set 2 different alarms. Missed one of Gazza's scores because I forgot to move my loop. Lost 50 points. Lesson learned, Jye.

              • Jye says:

                I love the dedication, throttle. Great to see that the footy culture is over there in NYC.

                That's super rough, mate. Haha that's it, lesson learned and all the stronger for it this year. All the best, hope it's a good one

    • Duncan says:

      I am in Jye Grabbed the Last spot!

  36. Mebois says:

    Hi guys, it has been a frustrating pre-season and i have changed my team countless times but here it is,

    Team Name: Mebois

    Salary: $85,800

    DEF: Mitchell, Enright, Swallow, B. Smith, Mcdonald, Langford (K. Kolod…, Langdon)
    MID: Selwood, Rockliff, Libba, Cotchin, Beams, Tyson, Polec, Ellis (Cunningham, Crouch)
    RUC: Jacobs, Sandilands (Derickx, King)
    FWD: Danger, Franklin, Titchell, Gunston, Caddy, Mcdonough (JKH, Thurlow)

    break down of selections.

    DEF: mitchell and enright.no brainer. swallow is POD and last 7 games last year averaged 108 playing trough mid so could break out. brodie smith could breakout aswell and will probably replace ricky henderson. mcddonald landford and langdon are only good rookies. i have chosen kolo because he fits my structure and i think alot of people will trade down to him so i can play langford for 1 game.

    MID: selwood will be top 5, rockliff libba and cotchin could go top 10, beams is a bargain, tyson, polec, ellis have great js and can score well, cunningham and crouch are cheapish and can score well.

    Ruc: i think jacobs will not return to 2012 form but he wont be as bad as 2013, i think he will be close to 2012, sandi is no brainer, derickx is only decent rookie ruck pretty much and king is for loophole.

    FWD: danger is no brainer, franklin is too cheap, mitchell was a mature aged rookie and i think he wont cop a tag with the team sydney has and has js, gunston will be a bigger part of the hawthorn fwd line with no franlin, caddy will brakeout hopefully, mcdonough jkh and thurlow are best rookie fwds.

    thank you

  37. Cooper says:

    Join my league of 137958

  38. Liam says:

    Just wondering if A.Georgiou is still on the rookie list like he is now can he play senior footy?

    • zimmerbd says:

      No, he can't play senior footy if he remains on the rookie list. However, I believe they can upgrade him to the main list any time before team submission next Thursday. Just a waiting game.

      Anyone else, correct me if I'm wrong.

      • @Mr_Crimmins says:

        Nah you're spot on Zimmer. Aiden Reilly will go to LTI for Georgiou I assume

        • K'noath says:

          Either King (ruck) or Georgio will get upgraded at some point (hopefully before r1 w2. If you have both then the other will be good Capt loophole

  39. Dogs says:

    So what are people's thoughts on locking in bench rookies?

    For the defence Clurey and Langdon named on field , is it worth locking both in now in case there are no others next week, or just 1 and hope georgiou or Langford get a gig.

    Midfield, I'm set, pretty sure all my rookies will get a game

    Rucks- no rookies named so no options than to wait and hope thurlow gets a run.

    Forwards , no else but McDonough named, although he's on the bench and will probably get the vest, guess I will lock him in though as there will not be much on off next week either?.

    Thoughts, what are your plans ?

  40. fourbells says:

    The database is currently down for maintenance. Please try again shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience.
    Gonna see a lot of problems this year

    • Ocker says:

      Which database are you talking about? mine works fine. But agree there will be problems this year.

  41. Avzmo says:

    So with the lockout fast approaching, does anyone have a run down of what rookies might be selected in the second week?

    I currently have the folllowing rookies in my side, all of which I am confident will be playing in round 1, and hopefully for a while after that.

    DEF: McDonald, Clirey, Langdon
    MID: Michie, Polec, Ellis, Dunstan
    RUC: Derickx (King – but he is my loophole, so bankng on him not getting a game)
    FWD: Rohan, Kennedy-Harris, Impey

    I have got a few rookies from the first four games just so that I have the assurance that they will play.

    In defence I'm unsure to whether Georgiou will be elevated, and Langford may be named but can't be sure. I know Clurey will probably play until at least when Carlisle comes back so I'm happy with that, and also it appears that Langdon has cemented a spot in the side.

    All four of my midfield rookies are guns in the making and will play round 1, barring any strange circumstances. And there are definetely plenty of midfield rookies who will get plenty of playing time this year, if only some had FWD status as well.

    Derickx I thin has it over Nankervis and Naismith at this stage, also Thurlow hasn't been elevated, and not sure what Curries job security is like with Majak hanging around. Not aware of any other great up and coming rookies at RUCK who will be getting a few games early in the season.

    In the forward line there is a problem just because of the lack of forward rookies this year. Jarman Impey has been playing solid and is playing round 1, while Rohan isn't really a rookie but is rookie priced, and I'm confident he will avoid the vest at Sydney. Kennedy-Harris was the best of a bad bunc of forward rookies, and I'm hopeful he will get a game early on, Jock seems to like this kid and I can understand why, but I never know what kind of transitional rules Roosy will bring in at Melbourne and play some rookies, and may want more to come up through the VFL.

    If anyone has any further information on rookies please post below, but otherwise, hope I may have helped some people with their rookie selections.

    • Dogs says:

      Same questions I have. I think derickx has been named as emergency, so there are no rookie rucks named this week , makes me happy in my choice of Pylke as R1 tho.

      I think I'm going to lock in 1of either clurey or Langdon in defence, and McDonough in forwards, leaving a space in each hoping georgiou /Langford def and JKH forward to fill the other 2 spots

  42. Ocker says:

    Nick Maxwell predicted Jamie Elliot to be a star early After a great preseason and I tend to agree with him. Has been in my team from the start as a POD so you can all jump on now or wait 2 weeks and waste a trade. By the way I am a Richmond man but really like this kid. I just wish he would get rid of the orange show off boots.

  43. Billy says:

    What are peoples thoughts on Clinton Young? Good POD and cheep. Will play most games if he stays fit and doesn't injure himself.

  44. oliverfisher says:

    Vince and Fasalo


    M. Wright and Tyson, then upgrade georgiou to Laidler

    Do people think Laidler will keep his spot this year?

    • Avzmo says:

      Playing round 1 is definetely a good start for him, i didn't know if he would be top 22 material, if he can play well he will stay in, its on his shoulders now.

    • SCaddict says:

      I think it's his spot to lose. Horse really seems to rate him and has been impressed by his preseason so he should get a decent run in the early part of the season.

      However if he has a couple of ineffective games or his opponents get off the leash then the Swans do have alternative avenues. Alex Johnson is waiting in the wings and will play reserve footy this weekend.

      Reid and LRT can also play in defence if Laidler can't hold his own. Tippett and Goodes will have to be squeezed back in to the side at some point soon too. And not sure what is going on with ROK either so he may win his spot back as well.

      So overall would say Laidler's JS is reasonable but far from assured.

    • @Mr_Crimmins says:

      Wright and Tyson now Fas isn't in side

  45. JB says:

    Thoughts on M Crouch will he get game early?

    • Ocker says:

      Sanderson said before NAB Challenge that he would not play the Couch brothers together. We can only hope that he has changed his mind. Brad did not start last year until round 2 played till round 4 and then didn't play again until round 11.
      I believe he is sure to get plenty of games and they have a lot of injuries as well. He is locked in my team whether he plays round 1 or not.


  46. Oliver Queen says:

    Thoughts on coniglio?
    Had 48% game time with an average of 67 with scores of 89 and 91. Does start seasons well

  47. Shard says:

    Is it too risky to have both Caddy AND Elliot in the forwardline?

    • hmmmmm says:


    • Ocker says:

      Depends on your structure and available funds. But I would certainly consider both, Rookies could be hard to find. Structure of team and forward planning are the keys this year depending on whether you want to win league or the money.

  48. Frank says:

    Rockliff or Cotchin?

    • zimmerbd says:

      1.What's your bye structure like? Rockliff 10, Cotchin 8.

      2. I'm a bit worried about Cotchin's calf too. It's a niggly injury. Having said that, watching him in the first half against Essendon, he looked primed. It's a tricky one.

      Take those two elements into consideration, and see what you come up with.

      (Edit: just noticed there's a discussion above re. these two players. More opinions there.)

    • Ocker says:

      Cotchin only for the fact that he is under price. Rockliff may not get the midfield time everybody expects and is too pricey in my opinion.


  49. Tom says:

    I’ve had Ben Cunnington in my team since last year, is this a bad decision. My miss are:

    Ablett, Libba, Rockliff, Cunnington, Beams, Michie, Polec, Ellis (Dunstan, Langdon)

    If cunnington is a bad decision, who is a better option for the M4 position around the same price? (500k)

    • @Mr_Crimmins says:

      I don't think Cunningtom is a bad call. Ultimate POD, down pecking order at North, clearance king, may get a run in next week's Flesh

  50. Michael says:

    Here's my latest version, keen on everyone's thoughts:

    DEF: McVeigh (MID), SMitchell (MID), Enright, Suckling, McDonald, Cameron (Clurey (E), Langdon (MID))
    MID: GAJ, Fyfe, JJK, Murph, Beams, Daisy, Polec, XEllis (Dunstan (E), Cunningham)
    RUC: Pyke, King (C) (Sandy (E), Derickx)
    FWD: Danger (MID), Martin (MID), Titch (MID), Caddy (MID), Higgins, Rohan (McDonough, Kennedy-Harris (E))

    Decided I couldn't do without Danger so made room for him, got rid of Dixon & Turlow as have decided that Sandy doesn't need back up, put in Titch and Derickx in their places. Hoping Cunningham can be the Titch of 2014 for the Swans! Cameron from GC named in line up so taking a punt on him, don't know a lot about him though. This team will pretty much be locked in for me I think. Other rookies will def get game time.

    • Michael says:

      By the way, using King as C loophole with VC on Beams as POD – if Beams scores 130+ will keep as is, if less than 130 will put C on GAJ.

  51. Kerrigan says:

    Risky back line Mick but otherwise pretty good. Any opinions/criticises of my team will be greatly appreciated.
    Backs: Mitchell, Hanley, Simpson, hurn, Webster, McDonald, Langford & clurey
    Mids: rockliff, liberatore, cotchin, murphy, beams, Ellis, polec, dunstan, michie & Langdon
    Rucks: Ryder, sandi, derickx & thurlow
    Fwds: danger, Martin, gunston, dalhaus, Higgins, rohan, impey & ken Harris

    Risky no ablett or pendles but both will face Crowley straight up and I just can’t justify nearly $700k on 1 player. I have doubts on murphy whether he can handle the tag. Ryder will be shipped off as soon as I build a bank. Gunston and dalhaus are risky but risk = reward. These 2 both have big massive ceilings.

    • Michael says:

      like Simpson & Hurn in DEF, nice POD there. Going in without either GAJ or Pendles a bit risky as you said, how do you plan on bringing them in? Are you going for league or $50K? I'm going the latter so needed to have one of them straight away or risk needing to come from too far back.

  52. Wattsieesq says:

    Inside the final 24 hours before lockout and I'm becoming delusional. Considering burnman Higgins. Please fly kick me Crouching One.


  53. Ocker says:

    Sure Jock will sing along too.

  54. Henster says:

    is there any reason why no one appears to have Nick Reiwoldt in their side given the easy draw that the saints have early

    • Ocker says:

      The only reason I can think of is lack of delivery, but he will be all over the ground and saints are favorites for the wooden spoon. Have given plenty of thought but I will wait at least 2 games and make a corrective trade if I am wrong. Too pricey. Looking at season long term.


    • @Mr_Crimmins says:

      Proven player I know, but he's a key forward in his 30s. He said himself that he'll be managed through the year and with finals no chance for the Saints, he may not play 22 games

  55. Dale says:

    I know there’s a glut there but I’m struggling to pick between T Mitchell, Dahlhouse and Zorko… Which one?? Any one better at the price?

    • Ocker says:

      Out of the three I would go with Mitchell, But in saying that I have neither. Caddy, Elliot. Depends on who you already have in your forward line and whether you are going for league win or the money

    • @Mr_Crimmins says:

      Tom Mitchell for mine, going on pre-season form the kid doesn't know what 2nd year blues look like. Zorko worries me

  56. Osh says:

    Should I go for Kade Simpson or Corey Enright

  57. Roo Boys says:

    Big day ahead! Home work done, team settled, ready for the rolling lock out! Pendles, Beams and Sandi up tomorrow night for the opener. Thorw the C on Sandi tomorrow for a wager Few other boys to watch closely over the first half of the first round, hand ready at the trade button for the next few weeks ahead!

    Thanks to Jock and the Boys, worth your weight in gold fellas. Love the team reveals, mixed bag this year but thats what makes this competition so great!

    All the best lads, hope you have a top season!

    • @Mr_Crimmins says:

      Good luck Roo Boys, can't wait for tonight. Sandilands to go ape s**t on Grundy, the poor kid is in a world of trouble. A lot putting the VC on Sandy, but given form the C is more than justified.

      • SCdonkey says:

        Q Lynch named as Emergency, what are the chances the Pies will put him in to go up against Sandi to ease a bit of pressure off Grundy. How will Sandi score affect it, if this happens. I'm worried if it affects him a lot as I was thinking of using him for that VC Loophole via King.

        • Roo Boys says:

          VC will be a smarter choice, and play the loop hole if he has a big night. I think the pre-season excitement got the better of me wanting to put the C on him straight up!

  58. The Mullet says:

    arghhhhhhhhhhhhh…..19hrs to first lockout…………………………………arghhhhhhhhhhhhh……running around in circles………………rethinking my whole team………………… arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… sorry……….going for a cold shower………and a cheech & chong size….arghhhhhhhhhhhh…….18hrs 55min to lockout………..

    • Ocker says:

      Settle down Mullet, Have a hair cut and put it downstairs. Do not panic everyone is here to help. We are still trying to talk Higginbothom out of taking Higgins. And you think you have a problem. Ha Ha. Let's sing a song and go for a walk and talk.

  59. Cozza says:

    Any thought on Martin over Franklin?

    I have $180k left in kitty and forwards are Dangerfield, Franklin, Parker, Caddy, Higgins and Rohan (int Taylor & Kennedy-Harris). This is my weakest line – happy with the rest of my team, but also fairly confident with Caddy and Higgins scoring well and generating some good cash.

    Best to spend the extra $60k to upgrade Franklin?

    • @Mr_Crimmins says:

      I do. Franklin is a key forward and I worry that he'll pump out 150 one week, then 80 the next. Martin, despite me not being his biggest fan, will be more consistent now Dimma will be playing off HB more often. Can also kick goals too.

  60. Big G says:

    Looking to fill 7 spots – 365912

    All the best for the season!

  61. scooter says:

    If georgiou does get upgraded for Riley being put on th lti do you think he will increase in price enough before Riley gets back

  62. Bundybear says:

    6 spots still available in the league. Feel free to join. Join code 923402. Thankyou

  63. throttlefinger says:

    Top notch lead-off F4F, Mr. C!

    McV insights are sure to shake Mitchell from some D1 spots. (and yes, I may be applying the 3rd person).

    Treloar has been tempting but think he's a year away from being a staple of every SC line. This year the ride won't be as bumpy, but will be bumpy. See how he's holding up post R10.

    Look forward to the pub talk coming back! And good luck with your team.

    • @Mr_Crimmins says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Throttle. Agree RE Treloar, he'll average 90+ this year. Reckon if you're going in with Vince, might be worth considering Treloar instead.

      Cannot wait for Pub Talk too, reckon it'll be bigger than last year

  64. DJ1985 says:

    Caddy or Pavlich

    And thoughts on B.Griffiths as D5

    • Garglesnarf FC says:

      That is one heck of price difference to do a comparison! Here’s my take, If its for D3/4, then Pav as he will likely score higher. If its for D5 then Caddy as its cash generation.

      I have both Pav at D4, Caddy at D5 but I am iffy on Caddy and may downgrade him to a rookie if a tasty one pops up next week.

      • Garglesnarf FC says:

        of course I meant F4 and F5, too much time staring at screens.. too tired… need more coffee…..

        • DJ1985 says:



          It is for F5

          Will leave me with Danger/Martin/Roughy/Mitchell/(Pav or Caddy)/Rohan (Kennedy Harris/Some other rookie)

    • @Mr_Crimmins says:

      Caddy and no on Griffins

  65. Garglesnarf FC says:

    Is Clay worth considering as D8 instead of the yet to be upgraded Georgiou? Will he continue to get game time or is he a major vest candidate?

    • PJ8 says:

      It's a hard one…

      Pick a rookie just cause they are named this week, or take a risk and go for a player who you hope to play next week.

      I don't know a lot about Clay Cameron but by the looks he is named at CHB and key position backs don't normally score well. But he will make you money and a score of 50 is better than a 0 if Georgiou dosen't play.

  66. Osh says:

    Is Hibberd still injured?

  67. se4no says:

    Haven't seen one bit of talk about Texas…

    Texas Walker $299,500 !! Bargain!! THOUGHTS??

  68. PJ8 says:

    Which one to play on the ground?

    Langdon or Clurey?

    • jimbotraralgon says:

      for what it is worth, I have decided on Langdon.

      for some reason I think he has more job security although I can't base this on any hard facts

    • Derek says:

      Langdon. DPP.

    • Sarah says:

      I'm steering clear of Clurey. Looks like he's cover for Carlisle.

  69. Yoshi says:

    If I’m looking to cash in on my rookies later on to make a bit of cash, is 7 starting rookies to many?? Thoughts would be appreciated

    • Derek says:

      last year I had a mad amount of rookies. By the end of the season my team value was massive and I did very well in the leagues, BUT my overall rank was poor. Too many rookies wont give you good score, but will give you cash. what do you want?

    • @Mr_Crimmins says:

      2-3 for mid, then maybe 1-2 for backline/forward. So maybe 5-6 probably ideal number.

  70. Osh says:

    Tom Mitchell or Dwayne Zorko

  71. Ryan says:

    Caddy or M. Wright?

  72. jimbotraralgon says:

    so can anyone help me with F7 and 8?

    I have McDonough and JKH and I think they are both big vest candidates.

    What are other people doing?

    • Donotello says:

      Some Options:
      Higgins, Rohan
      Caddy, Rohan
      Wright, Rohan

      If you got more cash:
      Caddy Higgins

      Accept you will need to trade higgins when he hurts himself, and just enjoy the points until he evetually does then trade ass off.

      • jimbotraralgon says:

        thanks mate,

        unfortunately, I dont have that much money to have wright and Rohan sitting on the bench.

        need F7 and F8 to total on more than about $280k.

        • chandanrajdb says:

          Have you got G Rohan…..Good JS and will increase in price slowly, since he is not a good SC scorer…..McDonough i am not sure on this guy, reason is he might be out of the team once Jake King comes back and also looks more likely a vest candidate……..IMO…..

          ATM i have got G Rohan and JKH on my bench……


    • Derek says:

      i'm going to stay with Taylor. I like that he has the DPP and he will get plenty of games. not convinced on the other contenders as long term players

      • jimbotraralgon says:

        cheers Derek.

        After talking to a mate at work and your great feedback, I think I might flip back to Lewis Taylor and wait out his injury.

        Actually thinking of doing the same with KK up back? try and save the trade that everyone will need to make to get him in once he starts playing. Hopefully I can get enough coverage out of Langdon up back and JKH up forward till KK and Taylor return from injury.

        is this folly?

    • Dogs says:

      I have McDonough and JKH for now, waiting to see who gets named next week

      Ruck rookies have me worried since I'm rolling with sandi R2 , hopefully someone gets a run next week , and 95% of the population will be in the same position anyway

  73. Donotello says:

    Who do you think will be the following players of 2014: My guesses below, feel free to join in!

    The Patrick Karnisis (dissapointment after strong NAB): Luke Webster

    The Jaguar Omeara (high scoring rookie): James Aish

    The Gary Ablett (Highest Scoring): if not Ablett again, Rockliffe.

    The Charlie Dixon (Always hurt, misses many games,dies): Higgins

    The Bret Goodes(Mature Age Recruit Gun): Jared Polec

    The Libba (midpricer turned premium): Jasper Pittard

    The Bryce Gibbs (Burnman): Marc Murphy

    The Dan Curry (Everyone has, never plays): Dan Curry again.

    • @Mr_Crimmins says:

      hahahah brilliant list, pretty much spot on. I'm gonna go Pendlebury for Gaz Award. Spot on about Webster though, I've got him but has a big Patty K feel about him

  74. Fourbells says:

    Wright, Caddy, Dalhaus. What are the best 2 with maximum scoring. Thoughts would be appreciated

  75. Derek says:

    I have decided to go for Quality, 24 carrot gold, not mess around.

    INS: Pendelbury, StevieJ, McVeigh, Jacobs, Franklin

    OUTS: Martin, Murphy, Enright, HMac, Kennedy

    • Garglesnarf FC says:

      Enright is THE most consistent backman over the past 5-6 years, and therefore the lowest risk. Ignore him at your peril.

      • Derek says:

        would you have Enright or McVeigh?

        • Garglesnarf FC says:

          Enright, proven track record over McVeighs one good season. Historically only Goddard and Enright have been able to rank in the top 10 defenders two seasons in a row.

    • Dogs says:

      Guts telling me franklin is gonna be a dud for at least the first half of the season, I hope my guts wrong as I'm a Sydney supporter

      • Derek says:

        I'm a hawk supporter and I suffered with him in my team for most of last year. I think the move to the swans will be the best thing for him.

      • Pauly says:

        Agreed Dogs woof woof

  76. Pauly xx says:

    Fellas how are we boys, thinking about old mate chrissie masten, cheers boys

  77. Derek says:

    StevieJ has 4.39% ownership. POD

  78. Nishy says:

    Gday Boys, having a rucks problem, who do I go as R1 big boy mcevoy, mumford, lobbe, pyke, ledenguber,?
    Cheers Boys love the podcast its bloody inspirational brings tears to my eyes watching you lads develop into grown men, ive been playing this game for 25 years and Iove it. Jock mate would love to have you and crouching over for dinner one time cheers guys love your work.

  79. Bellahawks says:

    Love the work, always insightful! 152471 if anyone still looking to join an additional league.

  80. 89k says:

    Ellis or Robertson boys? I was quite confident in Ellis but then this Robertson kid has popped up outta nowhere. What's the deal?


  81. Josh says:

    DEF: J.McVeigh, P.Hanley, D.Swallow, M.Suckling, J.Webster,L.McDonald, – T.Langdon, T.Clurrley
    MID: T.Rockliff, T.Libertore, T.Cotchin, M.Murphy, D.Beams, J.Aish, J.Polec L.Dunstan – M.Crouch, L.Taylor
    RUC: M.Lobbe, A.Sandilands – F.Thurlow, M.King
    FWD: P.Dangerfield, D.Martin, C.Dxon, T.Mitchell, J.Caddy, G.Rohan – J.Kennedy-Harris, J.Impey

    Looking to upgrade Murphy to GAJ after round 8, L.Taylor is on bench only because of FWbackup for SandiD/Mid so I can bring Caddy/Mitchell into Mid, Dixon is in FWD only as backup to Sandilands

    Thoughts would be great thanks…

  82. GeneralSoreness says:

    Clurey or Langdon – why?

    Thanks in advance.

    • PJ8 says:

      I can see Langdon being more of a running half backer so I'd go him. Clurey seems to be replacing the injured Carlisle which is more of a lock down role

  83. cuddlz88 says:

    Webster or laidler????

  84. PJ8 says:

    Libba or Cotchin?

    Don't care about byes, just want the best scoring one…

    • GeneralSoreness says:

      Very tough, both jets. Libba will stay mid whilst Cotch likely to rest forward with Dusty doing sweep half back role. Libba for me as a clearance and tacking machine wont have a bad score. Cotch may go large on some days but i expect Libba will have higher year end average.

    • @Mr_Crimmins says:

      Cotchin worries me with his calf, but I"d go him over Libba. Want one more season from Libba before he locks himself in my side for next 10 years

  85. PJ8 says:

    Also Wingard or Roughead

    • GeneralSoreness says:

      I would have to go wingard of the two, but thats only because I have a no Key Forward policy at seasons start. I dont have either in my team, both wait and see prospects imo.

  86. Lee Underwood says:

    Crouching one you look at my team and comment thnk you

    1. McVeigh, J
    $572,5000 MID SYD
    2. Mitchell, S
    $562,000 MID HAW
    3. Hanley, P
    $516,200 MID BRL
    4. Suckling, M
    $312,200 HAW
    5. Webster, J
    $240,800 STK
    6. McDonald, L
    $182,300 MID NTH
    23. Langdon, T
    $117,300 MID COL
    24. Georgiou, A
    $102,400 MEL

    7. Ablett, G
    $695,000 GCS
    8. Pendlebury, S
    $683,100 COL
    9. Cotchin, T
    $572,000 RIC
    10. Beams, D
    $497,200 COL
    11. Thomas, D
    $341,800 CAR
    12. Tyson, D
    $216,800 MEL
    13. Polec, J
    $172,600 PTA
    14. Ellis, X
    $159,100 WCE
    25. Dunstan, L
    $132,300 STK
    26. Crouch, M
    $117,300 ADE

    15. McEvoy, B
    $503,300 HAW
    16. Sandilands, A
    $310,700 FRE
    27. Currie, D
    $123,900 NTH
    28. King, M
    $102,400 MEL

    17. Dangerfield, P
    $609,000 MID ADE
    18. Martin, D
    $549,200 MID RIC
    19. Parker, L
    $468,800 MID SYD
    20. Wright, M
    $384,900 MID ADE
    21. Caddy, J
    $325,300 MID GEE
    22. Rohan, G
    $176,200 SYD
    29. Thurlow, F
    $118,400 RUC ESS
    30. Kennedy-Harris, J
    $117,300 MEL

    This leaves me with 17,700

  87. Nishy says:

    Gday Boys, having a rucks problem, who do I go as R1 big boy mcevoy, mumford, lobbe, pyke, ledenguber,?
    Cheers Boys love the podcast its bloody inspirational brings tears to my eyes watching you lads develop into grown men, ive been playing this game for 25 years and Iove it. Jock mate would love to have you and crouching over for dinner one time cheers guys love your work.

  88. cuddlz88 says:

    Webster or laidler????

  89. artful_dodger says:

    Any thoughts on my current team? Thanks in advance

    McVeigh, Mitchell, Hanley, Webster, McDonald, Georgiou (Clurey, Langdon)

    Ablett, Fyfe, Cotchin, Pestia, Beams, Tyson, Aish, Dunstan (Cunningham, Robertson)

    McEvoy, Sandilands (Thurlow, King)

    Dangerfield, Martin, Wingard, Parker, Caddy, Rohan (JKH, Impey)

  90. Daniel says:

    I was waiting for rookies to be named, now that they have, I have a grand total of $0.00 left to spend with all playing rookies. Is having 0$ to start the season stupid? or is having playing rookies a priority over the 20 odd thousand id save?

    goodluck for the season!

    • @Mr_Crimmins says:

      Having $0 is not stupid at all. Many will be in similar boat given the lack of mid/rookie priced player in def/fwd. Plenty of opportunities will present itself to make $$$ as the year goes on

    • SC Legend. says:

      Hahahah, that is funny man!
      I wouldn't be too fussed about it, although it is ideal to atleast have some money left.
      However, if all your rookies are playing you're going to have cash cows becoming nice and plump and ready for culling with the first lot of byes which you can easily make money back 🙂
      Good luck for the season man.

    • PJ8 says:

      The only reason you would want a little bit in the bank is for correction trades. If you think you will not need correction trades I wouldn't worry.

  91. DJ1985 says:

    Webster or B.Grifiiths?

  92. dannyyboyy says:

    im a bit nervous about picking fyfe. should i be? potential knee injury, he might get pulled out at the last minute knowing ross.also possible contract talks for the year after damo piped up about him on the footy show(remember hawthon has a lot of cash left for a gun inclusion during the next trade period). is barlow, watson or rocky a better option? ive had fyfe in for a while now but with the game approaching he is making me nervous. what to do, what to do…

    • judd0 says:

      He is a bloody jet Dannyboy. I think you might be over thinking it.
      I personally have had him in and out of my side all pre season.
      I've been wrong before but I think he is a great selection at a reasonable price.
      But go with your gut, if you cant sleep because he's in there. Get him out.

  93. LMD says:

    Few hours away now fellas! GIDDY UP!

    DEF: McVeigh, Hanley, Enright, Swallow, Webster, L.McDonald (Clurey, Georgiou)

    MID: GAJ, Pendles, Rockliff, Beams, Daisy, Aish, Polec, X.Ellis (Dunstan, M.Crouch)

    RUCK: Lobbe, Sandilands (Thurlow, King)

    FWD: Dangerfield, D.Martin, Wingard, T.Mitchell, Rohan, Mcdonough (Merrett, Kennedy-Harris)

    BANK: $31,700

    any other suggestions for a FWD rookie? would have 150k to spend instead of merrett..

    Good Luck all!

  94. Dogs says:

    Final shuffle, managed to get shuey in for Thomas which makes me a bit happier.

    Def- cookie cutter
    Mcveigh, Mitchell, enright, suckling, Webster, McDonald, ( Langdon, Langford)

    Ablett, Barlow , Libba, beams, shuey, polec, michie, dunstan, ( Ellis , Cunningham)

    Pylke , sandi ( thurlow , king)

    Danger, roughie , Mitchell, m. Wright, caddy, Rohan ( McDonough, JKH)

    I feel I have a couple of PODS in there who should score well

  95. Ken says:

    What's peoples thoughts on Chappi ? If a no go, what would be the next best pick for the money he is on ?

    • Derek says:

      he is in my team. he will score big points. however as soon as he looks like getting a rest, he is gone, hopefully he has put on $100k.

  96. matthew says:

    can you please give me advice on which combo to pick
    dangerfield/ t mitchel
    martin/ roughead

  97. Liam says:

    Bit of help here fellas
    T.Langdon or A.Georgiou?

  98. Josh says:

    Are you an office worker, not a sportsman? Are you a bit of a fantasy football flog? Then the Office Flogs league wants YOU: League code 903342

  99. Gary says:

    Thoughts on my team community?

    DEF: Mitchell, Swallow, Suckling, Bugg, McDonald (Langford, Georgiou)
    MID: Watson, Rockliff, Liberatore, Cotchin, Beams, Treloar, Michie, Polec (Dunstan, Crouch)
    RUCK: Goldstein, Sandilands (Derickx, Thurlow)
    FWD: Dangerfield, Martin, Dahlhaus, Caddy, Higgins, Rohan (JKH, Impey)

    Would love some feedback. Dahlhaus or Mitchell?

  100. Danners16 says:

    Hey fellas, need to pick 2 of these 3. Who do I pick? Luke Shuey or Marc Murphy or Dale Thomas?

    • SCdonkey says:

      If I had to pick out 2 of the 3 I'd choose Shuey and Smurfet not keen on starting with Daisy. Though none of them are in my team, just can't find a spot for any of them.

  101. LA5 says:

    Have 12 spots left in the league if anyone wants to join.

    league code 552559

  102. Billy says:

    Who would people choose Aish and Crouch or Ellis and Crouch. What about Cunningham will he wear the vest?

  103. Shard says:

    Thoughts on Daw? I’m thinking of putting him in as my F5 so that there’s a ruck/fwd swingif sandi messes up

    • throttlefinger says:

      Big risk. Coming back from knee injury. Definitely a test drive before buying.

  104. Ryan says:

    Dahlhaus, Mitchell or Gunston?

    • Super_Freak says:

      Reckon they are all gonna have stellar years. Can't go wrong with any of them!

  105. medadsson says:

    One last league … g'day community … one last league … may fill, may not … Last Minute League 671280. All Welcome

  106. matthew says:

    can you please give me advice on which combo to pick
    dangerfield/ t mitchel
    martin/ roughead

    • Super_Freak says:


    • throttlefinger says:

      Danger and Mitchell. More because Danger is the most SC formidable person in the fwd line this year. You can not NOT have him.

  107. Give It A Go says:

    Last league to fill, have 12 places left, feel free to join 766812

    Cheers community

  108. Billy says:

    does anybody know how to check other people's teams in match centre that are in your league?
    Thanks in andvance, Billy

  109. Lach says:

    So guys I have Langhorn on my bench, do u think I should swap him onto the field instead of Webster or McDonald after last nights performance?

  110. Lach says:

    Langdon I mean

  111. Ronny says:

    Zorko or M Wright? Got my head in a spin. Thanks boys

  112. Jottie says:

    Thoughts on jed Lamb guys? gave me a donut this week… is he going to play?

    • PJ8 says:

      Shouldn't of been picked in Supercoach teams. A lot of money spent to be not playing.