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Mad Mick’s Mayhem (emphasis on the “Mad”)

Hello Community!!

I fully expect what I am about to show you will be criticized by many and titled as ridiculous by many fantasy expects. Some days I look at this team and I hate it and other days I look at this team, and think “what a stroke of genies”. My problem is that every time I clear my team to start rebuilding, I keep coming back to the same players and more importantly the same strategy. Earlier this preseason I wrote an article titled “The death of Guns & Rookies” and I really believe that this strategy is not relevant, for this season at least. I trust very few rookies to score well, especially in the defense and forward lines. I did consider a loaded back and forward line with a rookie midfield but this would mean that I would be losing out on the abundance of value premiums in the midfield line, and more importantly I do not trust the vast amount of premiums in the back and forward line to score consistently.


It was for those reasons I have adopted a very heavy Midprice team. So much so I could almost rename my team to “Mad Mick’s Midprice Mayhem”

So without further delay behold the “Mayhem”

MMI Image 1

MMI Image 2

1. Bye Breakdown

I have thought very carefully about the byes and have a very good spread across the different bye weeks. However, despite putting a high premium on being bye ready from the get go, it actually wasn’t the main reason for some big name absentees that some of you are looking at in my side. I’ll explain those reasons later. Rookies weren’t solely picked on their bye round, however it is a bonus that 7 of my rookies have a round 10 bye. This will help during those byes to maximize those trades. I do have a trading plan outlined and if I get no injuries I believe I can be full premium at the other end of the byes in round 11. If this works out it will be three rounds earlier than last season and should give me a fair chance at claiming the rankings in the second half of the year.

2. The Defense

I have spent the least amount of coin per player in the defensive line. This is a lesson learned from last season when in hindsight I went in with one too many top end players. This year I might have over corrected but only time will tell.

Player by player

  • Mitchell – easy choice – I believe he will be the top scoring defender by the end of the year and I think he and Hawthorn will get off to a fast start.
  • Swallow – ended last year very well averaging 105 in the last 7 games playing through the midfield. Will play in the guts this year and I would expect he will average 90+ for the year. Expect him to be my D6 by seasons end.
  • Pittard – I’m sure a few eyebrows raised at this one! I’ve liked his preseason and at 21 I believe is ready to make a big jump in 2014 playing as a damaging rebounding defender. BIG RISK – BIG REWARD
  • Bugg – Similar to Pittard in many ways. Some don’t even have Bugg in GWS’s best 22 but he has had a great preseason. Has a great running capacity and seems to get to a lot of contests. Has played on the wing with rotations in the middle all preseason and I thinks he’s nailed his role on the wing. GWS will be no easy beats in 2014 (will win 6 games minimum) and there is some real value in this squad. BIG RISK – BIG REWARD
  • Webster – Has come to the piece very late but with the saints missing a few for round one and beyond he could prove to be a value pick up early. Would look to move him on very early in my trading strategy, hopefully after a few big scores run through his rolling average.
  • Georgiou – Is the sole rookie on the field in the backline – still needs to be elevated but hopefully that will happen later this week. Suspect he will outscore McDonald and hence why he gets the nod.
  • McDonald – safe rookie lock
  • Clurey – Not much else in the way of rookie defenders – it is what it is

I do suspect that I might have to use a corrective trade early on this line. I know most teams are running with Suckling but I’ve think there are more upside in the players I’ve selected. If it blows up in my face I have options to change it. Obviously I’d prefer if I didn’t have too.

3. The Midfield

Let’s just address it straight up shall we! No Ablett and no Pendlebury. Am I crazy? Probably.
This wasn’t how I planned to build my team. I always had Ablett until last week when a question mark was raised over his calf. I know he will play round one but if he’s not at 100% I don’t trust his worth at 695k. He also dropped off over the last third of last season (only averaging 116) as some of the young stars like Prestia and Bennel started to dominate games on their own. I also know he was carrying a knock over that period too. I don’t think Ablett will average less than 120 but I do suspect if he is carrying an injury his output will suffer and I’m willing to roll the dice and go in without him. I’m sure I’ll get him for less than his starting price through the byes, and the plan will be to snag him round 9.
As for the Captain issue, I’m confident I will get it right over the first 8 rounds before I bring him in. THIS COULD BE MY BIGGEST RISK.

Player by player:

  • Rockliff – averaged 129 after Vossy was pushed out last year. No more wasting time playing forward – is one of the best centre bounce players in the game – contested possession, clearance and tackle machine= supercoach gold.
  • Liberatore – averaged 119 over the last 7 rounds last year. Like Rockliff is a centre bounce specialist – expect him to add more consistency to his game in 2014 and a healthy increase in his average.
  • Cotchin – was lcoked away in November and nothing has changed. Played injured last year and has 10+ point increase on his current price – bargain
  • Murphy – another who was carrying an injury last year. Has had a solid preseason and has something to prove to the doubters. I am slightly scared going in with Murphy but at this price I am certain he won’t go backwards – might need an upgrade towards the end.
  • Beams – locked since November – this was one of the easiest selections I have ever made.
  • Thomas – just too cheap not to pick despite his injury concerns– confident he will average 90+ and will be turned into Ablett in round 9 (if he stays fit)
  • Michie, Polec, Eliis and Dunstan I feel are the best value safe rookies. Output should be high and job security looks good for all. Including avoiding the red vests which is very important. We all remember Mitchell (Port) from last year.

I like this line and don’t expect to have any surprises that I will need a correction over the first few weeks.

4. Rucks

This line hasn’t got much thought all preseason. The two I have selected were locked very early in the piece. It has only been the last two weeks that I have started to doubt my R1. If fit I know Naitanui would be the top scoring player in the competition, no exaggeration. The fact is I don’t know if he is fit or not.

Player by player:

  • Naitanui – rolling the dice (again) and backing that even if he is only 90% he is still value at his current price
  • Sandilands – You burnt me so bad last season but I forgive you. The funny thing is I hear many people worried about Sandilands getting through the first game. He has had a great preseason. Has played both NAB games and their practice match and has just dominated. They byes are perfect this year. They split the season in three for everybody and I suspect this will benefit the likes of Sandilands. I am confident he will be the top scoring Ruck come the first set of byes and he’ll play every game. Also think he is a sneaky VC on the opening weekend. He will be up against the very inexperienced Grundy who isn’t ready to be a sole AFL ruckman.
  •  Currie – suspect North might play two rucks this year, if not I’ll look else where
  • King – Captain Loop Hole player. Melbourne play a lot of games on Sunday and this gives me the best chance to make the most of the loop hole.

5. Forwards

I have hated this line all preseason. I don’t trust any of the premiums to maintain any consistent scoring. But there are just no rookies on this line either. I have ended up spending a lot of money on F2 and F3 that I didn’t really want to, but those top three players should end up in the top 10 forwards with ease come the end of the year.

Player by player:

  • Dangerfield – shouldn’t play favorites in this game, but when your favorite player is Dangerfield it makes it a hell of a lot easier to pick them. LOCKED
  • Martin – suspect he will be inconsistent again this year but I’m banking on fast start while opposition teams work out how to limit his influence across half back. (a la, Walker (Carlton) last season)
  • Roughead–Not locked in just yet. Never pick a key position player. Still working out if Roughie is a KPP or not. Suspect hawks will get off to a flyer as they don’t want a repeat of their 2009 premiership hangover, and Roughead is likely to be key part of it. Back to back Colman medals? If Rohan scores well on Saturday as my emergency I may select Rioli as F3 instead. Watch the space.
  • Wright – only got locked over the weekend on the back of Douglas been out for 6 weeks. Had an amazing NAB cup and I’m backing he gets the opportunity to take that into the season proper. BIG RISK – BIG REWARD
  • Caddy – good value at this price and lots of midfield opportunities at Geelong
  • Higgins – sorry Jock but has been in my team since November and have seen nothing that has changed my mind. Hey at least I don’t have Watts, right?
  • Rohan – wasn’t happy spending so much on a bench rookie but who else is there?
  • Kennedy-Harris – best forward rookie available. Could get moved to onfield if Wright doesn’t perform round 1.

Final Word: So there you go community, an insight into my thoughts pre-round 1 lockout. I know there is a great amount of risk in this team but I can assure you don’t come close to winning the 50k by taking the safe options because there are 200,000 other players doing the same thing. This team could very well back fire on me but I always say go with your gut and this is where my gut feelings have taken me. Live by the sword, die by the sword.
Wishing all the community all the best in 2014 and I’ll see you in the trenches come round one.

It’s Footy Time!! Woop Woop

Stay tuned ….

Mick the Mad Irishman

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Are you mad!!! Good luck, I'm sure your madness will still outscore my conformity by year's end.


thanks deadly – I am mad you know


Maybe this is his fake team to show us so know one copies him haha


I can assure you PJ this is the real deal. Might get a little tweak but not a major overhaul


you are brave man Mr Mick… well done


thanks todd – brave or stupid? a good few of the community are going with stupid so!!


good luck Mick… You'll need it!


LOL – thanks TG – hope I get that luck

neil the nail

sorry mick, but this makes my stomach churn


no need to apologize – I love how this game can divide – sure if we all thought the same way, it would be a pretty boring competition

Garglesnarf FC

Higgins, 8 seasons of unequalled SC mediocrity. You ARE mad!!!!

Love the Backline though


Higgins really has divided the community – if he was 400k then I would go near him but hes too cheap to ignore. Will average 90+ over the first 4-5 rounds, mark my words

Garglesnarf FC

He has, here’s why;

i.e He’s not very good


Yeah even if he averages just 80 he will still make you an easy $150K or more so he's locked away in my team too.

Should be able to sideways trade him at his Rd9 bye for a fallen premium forward such as a Cloke, Petrie or Dixon (all Rd8 byes) or whoever else is cheap at the time with virtually no cash outlay at all. You may even make a small profit ha ha.

Hopefully he can stay out on the park for the first 7 or 8 games though.


Mate you just predicted the future Cloke, Petrie, Dixon all saving shockers.


need some advice
McVeigh, J, Mitchell, S, Hibberd, M, Hanley, P, McDonald, L, Langford, (cutler, georgiou)

Ablett, G, Watson, J, Cotchin, T, Beams, D, Shuey, L, Thomas, D, Ellis, X, Dunstan, L (Crouch, M, Robertson, N)

luenberger, sandi (thurlow, currie)

Dangerfield, P, Martin, D, Parker, L, Higgins, S, Rohan, G, Taylor, L( Kennedy-Harris, J Honeychurch)

Garglesnarf FC

With what? Seems a safe solid team.


Soild looking team John – good work
Not sure if Taylor will get a game in your forward line – Impey from Port is looking like he will – direct swap there.

Good luck for the season mate


Literally jumped out my seat and cringed seeing no Ablett or Pendles and that many midprices


Its a big risk I know – at least no one will accuse me of playing it safe anyway.


Do you have 300k left over?


nothing close to that – nearly a full spend


Hey Mick I think this is a terrific and gutsy team and just the sort of thing one needs to differentiate oneself from the peloton of clone teams out there. In fact your side is probably the closest to mine in terms of overall structure out of all the teams from the JR boys thus far. We have identical midfield rookies btw. 🙂

We also have a very similar backline set-up with a thin spend there and a stack of midpricers. Pittard will be a huge POD for you though believe there may be a bit more value in Suckling, R.Shaw or maybe even Yeo. I got stuck with Pittard all last season and he went missing in far too many games. I realise he is young and improving but too risky for mine.

NicNat is pretty hard to resist especially with Eagles looking to get off to a flyer this season but I'll be taking a more cautious wait and see approach there and going in with a probably undervalued Sauce Jacobs instead.

Had huge headaches with the forward line like yourself and I'm sure many other coaches in fantasy land. Not having a single Swans premium forward is a fairly significant call there. Can't fault the allure of your F4-F6 and consider all these guys worthy rolls of the dice.


Thanks SCaddict,

Great feedback as always – i'm actually playing the wait and see card on Franklin, Mitchell and Parker. The way I see it is that all of those along with McVeigh, Kennedy, Jack and Hannebery can't be scoring 100+ points every week. I really can't pick who will be consistant from that bunch so I didn't go in with any.


Rot!!! Absolute Rot!!!
Will be languishing around the same place as the St Kilda football club by the
end i the year.


The same was said about my team for last season and it finished in the top 100 overall. Would be very surprised if I don't finish top 5000 this year.

Always the aim to finish top 5000 – need a fair bit of luck from there to kick on and push for the top prize


i understand now why you're called mad, i didn't think it was possible to have that many round 9 byes,


Corrective trades will be needed. You are going in the opposite direction to what I am doing with my team


Mick I respect your supercoach wisdom, but this year, perhaps a bit to far dont you think! You'll find yourself correcting lots of picks early on and burning trades, why not go just a bit safer. Better safer than sorry!


I do love how everyone is an expert. I absolutely love your team Mick! Not withstanding the fact that I haven't gone that route, your squad is build on PODs purely due to a fundamentally different selection strategy. As a result, you are positioned to fly higher or sink lower than the 95% of clone teams being floated. Barring a couple of players (Pittard, NicNat) your team stands to strongly most weeks until the byes. Looking forward to see it!


Well said Ripper. Most teams being posted up are near identical clones of each other. This strategy does have the ability to fail, but also to be a terrific success.

There are so many good midpricers this season with breakout potential, and so few good Rookie options at either end of the ground. With higher rookie prices this season, I think a good mix of Premiums, mids and rookies is required to succeed this season.


Surely this is a joke team? This team will be lucky to finish in the top 20,000.

Way too many midpricers. Way too many obvious players missed. You say you have thought "long and hard" but i doubt that very much.

This team reflects poorly on the value of this website.


And what is your team exactly Minesweeper or did you just copy all the cookie cutter clones out there?


Nice SCaddict. Mad Mick almost took it out last year Minesweeper, he has a fair idea of what he is doing.

Also, who are the obvious players that are missing. Sure, Ablett, Pendlebury, Cotchin, Watson, etc. The list of possible inclusions is endless, but you can only have so many Premiums before you have to include rookies who may not score well.

Being bold and including extra midpricers with breakout potential might just be what wins it this year, not a typical GnR clone team.


He's certainly been a heck of a lot closer to the $50K than I ever have, so would never ridicule the team from such a great fantasy footy mind. I may not agree with a few of his picks but definitely respect what he is trying to achieve.

As Mad Mick, Jay Clark and others have said we are confronted with quite a different beast this season so the traditional GnR strategy that has served us well in the past probably needs to be modified somewhat. As a result we are likely forced to take a few more midprice risks than we ordinarily would feel comfortable in doing.

Think some may be in for a few rookie omission shocks over the coming fortnight and those rookies that do play may not generate us quite as much cash as we've become accustomed to.

Garglesnarf FC

I suspect your comment reflects rather more poorly on you than this website.


This team has Georgiou on the ground over McDonald. Should i really bother looking closer than that?

Last years winner had a clone team SCaddict. And so has nearly every winning team over the last few years. There is gambling on PODs and then there is going way too far. A midpricer backline without Suckling?

Dont pretend that I am the only one ridiculing this team. Just read the comments above. "Will require many corrective trades" – yep, that sounds about right.


Mate, everyone last year said the exact same thing about his team and he finished top 30 overall. So don't judge.


G'day Minesweeper, I will be blunt but not rude. Mick has out pointed the entire community last year. He drove me nuts by publishing his thought (which were my plans coincidentley 70% of the time and so I changed plans instead of sticking with the gut) However to discount his team as Rubbish is equally rude from you He finished in the top 20 last year following his own path no one else's. Mick's ability to not get sucked in by other peoples opinions is what seperarates this TOP DOG from the rest of us mortals.
Mick explained his reasons that is all I need and most of the community here would never doubt as he said himself "High Risk, High Reward" So where are your PLUMS mate….Play safe Be nice and above all RESPECT.
Mick – Sometimes I worry about you but not this year. Awe inspiring mate


Well put Dools


Well said, Dools. Glad you didn't let Keyboard answer.


Hi TF and fav, to-day is me birthday so Keyboard and Next G on best behaviour but I about to sink in to a Malt Whisky from the Isles so my team and spheech may become impared…However tomorrow is practice week for ST. Patricks day .So this will become bigger then Ben Friking Hur. Practice makes perfect….Now off to the fridge for some ice……


Happy bday! No ice. Just straight barrel aged goodness, my man. Well, do want you somewhat coolherant. Maybe a splash.


Too Late TF I'm on me 3rd 12oz no mixer, Kids are a bed , missus is pottering in kitchen So I'm up to me neck practising….Still looking at Mick team..It makes sence but my agats are not that big ….No wait they are holy s1ht Taliskar Malt plays tricks LOL that was me just looking thru the bottom of the glass LOL…Okay I'm goin'a pick on one thing "Higgins" now that every one has listened to everyone else except Mick …what have we (the Community missed that he see's) besides my agats are massive from the bottom of a 12 oz glass filled with pure Gaelic Nectar…Ohhh hello just found a VSOP Hennessey Brandy Yep training is hard!!


Mmmmm, Taliskar. 6am and I'm pining for a sip of that goodness. VSOP…get yourself some pep schnapps and make yourself a righteous Stinger. My grandpa use to keep a big ol bottle of that mixed. Take 3 fingers of it every night after work. Ahhh, maybe I need to start carrying on the tradition.

Lot of fine-tuning going on. Mick's bit making me push myself a little more. Not Higgins but maybe Hunter. The other white Doggie. Don't know. Maybe slip Gaz out. May not. Crunch considering time, my friend. But tackling it all with a big grin.

Have a rawkin' rest of your evening, my friend. Treat yourself extra well.


Okay settle thee down Trottle settle Mick has been planning this sence Nov 13 we have our own plans decided over the last 40 days (Sounds Biblical) Do not try to reach into the mind of Genius, Play your game your way and learn! I will not because I can not get sucked in to double taking meself This is GUT over Brains and Heart for me Sticking with what I got . DO NOT GET RID OF GAZ!
MIck has a Plan what's yours without him??? Damn keyboard won't keep up with the speed typing….Oh sorry Keyboard Yes it's time to raise a glass to the Team…To The Team! and thanks for Peppermint tip I'm thinking sweet but nice and re fruking freashing Zing!!!! LOL By the way Pav made it at the expence of Parker what do you Reckon?


Hahaha. OK bday boy, point taken. Mick is certainly in another class. But I've already done a couple teams without Gaz. Not Pendles. And the plan would be fairly straightforward and similar one to Mick. Bring him in R9. It's a risk but he does have more mid soldiers around him so he won't need to do as much. Not in the shallow end but not too deep either.

Hmmmmm. Pav seems a slow starter but that price is tasty. Gut tells me T-Mitch is going to be a SC BEAST this season. So he's worth the coin. Kid just seems to have a way to rack 'em up. Love Parker. And considered him very seriously for F4. Mitchellson for president!

To the Team indeed!


Okay Glad your not headed down the no Gaz or Pendles track Now to Me …Gulp Gulp Gulp AAAHHHH! I have saved someone to-day LOL . Now do you remeber that post I put up regarding Libba? well looks like I'm not the only one Eh? No Damn I 'm being sucked in to the gravity fiekld that only Mick creates NO NO NO okay maybe ?????


Release and submit yourself to its power, young Doolswalker.

Have done plans without Gaz. Still considering going Pendles led mids. Or plums make pull the emergency shrivel cord and go back to Gaz-Pendles as M1/2. Not sure. The Gaz-less team is certainly more of a challenge, which does get the heart beating a bit more than my other team.

As Asia once sang, "Only Time Will Tell."


Thanks Big Fella,
Love our wee chats, As i said to Trottle mate Micks Team has scared the BeJeezus out of me he has gone so left field… he is playing in a different State/territory I feel he will make fools of us all but thats just the Whisky talkin' Right?


Trippy Birthday to you

In the words of Bon Scott (but attributed to Brian Johnson) Have a Drink on Me.


Darth Vombats Your Back…Who was that Masked man Kimu Sabi ?????


Hey throttle there is a very offensive team name in 'the dome' if you want to X them I have a mate who'd like to play


Hey buddy. Shitte, didn't see that. Do you know how to 86 people?


I usually use a redgum hockey stick (nulla-nulla) but I'm not so certain on how to do it in the modern world


Ugh. May have to make due with the league tough guy.


Yeah I think that the only way is for them to voluntarily withdraw unless you wanna get all Tony Abbott about it and contact the people who peddle this opium.

'Have a Drink on me' – ignoring songsheet credits Scott or Johnson?

"..something for the fighting Tequila & White Lightning, my glass is getting shorter on whiskey and some water…"


Well, Bon wrote many of the tunes on BIB. I have an mp3 somewhere of Bon singing Black in Black. Had he stuck around, he would've made a great album legendary.


Not sure you can in a public league. But if you find out how, let me know. And we'll get your buddy in.


Hear, Hear!


I like it Mick! I've been seriously considering Jasper Pittard too. Gods luck bud!


*good luck


Gods luck to you too 😀 I knew what it was meant to say

lets hope we got Pittard right


I think you'll be ok Mick. If it comes off, you will be fartin through silk, but if it doesn't I think there is enough quality in that team that you won't spectacularly fail. Good luck.


max von muffman

Bold… and I love it!

Wombats minus tracking

Interesting approach mad fella but I’m thinking a few of your selections were simply to provoke a response from the JR community.

Why have McDonald on the bench? If you think that (the yet to be upgraded) Georgiou will outscore McDonald having him on the bench is a waste of 65k; you should have Langdon or Langford instead as they’ll make more $ early.

Also curious as to which starting players you think will still be in your team at finals time; I can only see 7 or 8 which means at least 16 trades purely for team structure which wont leave enough for cash generation.

But hey Footy is a funny game and maybe Swallow, Pittard, Bugg and Murphy wont be stagnant or in reverse and maybe the selectors at Melbourne will decide to lock in a compensation pick early and play Michie instead of Tyson.


Mate most of what you say here is straight from my posts over the last 4 months. Change your name to Wombats summary.


McDonald is a safe bet and if he does score well I have the option to move him to the field – Its a close call between the two but just think people will underestimate Georgiou based on what they spent.

I also think I could have 11 keepers in that team and I am backing myself to trade well to get in another 11 top end premiums through the year

Here is a question for you and the community. Do you think we will get a whole host of valid trade down rookies through the year ? There very little in the preseson and I'm backing there might be less than the last few years during the year. Just a theory but again helps me justify my team selections a little more

But then again I could have egg all over my face after 3 rounds – thats just the beauty of this game

best of luck with your side


No Bombers players? You trying to tell us something Mad Mick?


Nothing at all – I like watson but don't see any value anywhere else is all


Hey Mick, nice work. You have reassured me that I am not insane, unless we both are.

After reading your Death of GnR article a while back it got me thinking about a midpricers strategy. I decided weeks ago to throw caution to the wind and go with it.

I reckon this year it is a really feasible option, with the lack of rookies at either end of the ground. Freaked me out a bit how similar our teams are, but I did include Ablett & Pendles. The cash for this probably came from using Jacobs as R1 and an extra midpricer in the fwd line.

Can't wait to see if we've struck SC Gold or SC Fools Gold!

Freak Out!


We might just be both insane.

Thanks for the kind words and best of luck to you too this season – lets hope we struck gold


What's your opinion on franklin pick him or do you have any other suggestions around the same price


I reckon Buddy is probably the toughest player to get a read on atm. Had a rough SC year last season, but was that due to his contract issues. Willa new club breath life back into his SC scores, or will playing a different role at a new club result in average scores. Personally, I am going to wait and see. If he smashes it, then you can always trade him in.

Unless you can afford a bit extra cash for someone like Dusty, you may be better off with a cheaper option like, Mitchell, Pavlich or Gunston. It's a tricky price bracket with plenty of breakout contenders around $400-450K.


Interesting side Mick, if it comes off you're a genius!
Would like to get your thoughts on Ryan Griffens back problems & how him not playing R1 or even carrying the issue into the season would affect Libba's scores.
Thanks and best of luck to everyone this season.


Yeah, it couls go either way. Griffen did take the tag last year which gave libba a little more freedom. Although I think libba isn't the type of player that can get tagged out as he doesn't get all to many cheap possies anyway.

I think libba has great upside and expect some monster scores during the year

Hope you have a great year too


Pittard a great POD in backline but am very skeptical towards bugg when you have suckling around the same price. Never the less, I am sure your intellect will once again prove everyone wrong Mick


Beware the red vest with Suckling – i have a sneaky feeling he gets subbed out of a few early games as they ease him back in and require a little more run in the last quarter. If he does get a few red vests, how good of a downgrade will he be for Bugg or Pittard after 5 or 6 rounds ??

just a theory of coarse!! If i'm wrong then I have the option to trade him in for one of those two if the shit hits the fan


Hi Jordon, Bugg is a player mate and in the perfect zone for SC scores but unlike Mick my plan was to get him post round 4 but I may have miss judged as Mick has him in now but I will stick with what my team is now as the gut is happy with what is reflected on the screen.
Suckling pig is also safe I think but Mick has gone for fast bucks to upgrade but I think Bugg is a post bye round trade if it comes off where I feel the rest of the community want Suckling to be a keeper who is cheap


Mick, I've been waiting for your team since the very first team reveal was made, and you did not disappoint. Reckon this is the best team to be revealed on the site so far, even if it's a little unconventional. I'm glad to that you had a similar mindset as me going into the season. I had a very similar structure, with an almost identical forward line and midfield.

My balls aren't as big though, I couldn't leave out Gaz and only have the heart to go 2 midpricers in the backline.


Thanks for the kind words BillyBob and glad you liked the team reveal.

Hope all goes well for you too this year

enter the void

I'm a little worried about Rockliff and spending time in the forward line again after reading this on the AFL site –

"Tom Rockliff [MID, $558,800]: After scoring an impressive 130 points in his first NAB Challenge outing playing in the midfield, Rockliff spent a lot of time forward this week for a score of 70 against the Swans."

Seriously why on earth would you waste him like this? Also a further article on God Jnr suggest whilst he may be slightly underdone, but he seems pretty confident –


I wouldn't read to much into that. They were probably just rotating other blokes through the midfield to see how they go. Rocky will play in the guts, he's a machine!


Yeah I'd I think its more likely it was more of Brisbane having a look at other players in the midfield than using rockliff as a forward – he is just too important to Brisbane to waste him in a forward pocket


In a word, breathtaking. Just in sure balls and (possible) brilliance. Mick, I applaud you taking the path less traveled with this team.

Believe your biggest struggle, which you mentioned, will be the captaincy. Every week that will present extra research and probably extra luck to prevent not leaving a big chunk of points on the table.

You gave your reasons for not selecting Gaz. Why not Pendles?

Best of luck to you, Mick. With this team, I'm sure at the very least you're in for a wild ride.


I’m interested in why he didn’t go Pendles as well. Only because I have him instead of Cotchin.
Apart from that my MID is identical…
So much for having a unique MID. Haha especially after posting it for all to see!

Good luck Mick!


Thanks for the positive words throttlefinger

Yeah Pendles is an interesting one! I guess the reason I didn't pick him is that I see no upside in him and suspect he might drop slighty in season average. Will still be in the top 3 but just want to see how he goes playing with all of Swan and Beams in the same side – it hasn't happened in a long time. I will get him in over the byes too

It is super risky but could if it goes my way there won't be too many others in the same boat.

Best of luck with your team this season and see you in the trenches


Appreciate it, Mad One.

Yep. That makes sense. Looked like Pendles worked well with them yet it was for a limited time. Still racked up an average 115 on 3 NAB games. We'll see.

Again, thanks for the share of your team and logic behind its selection. Definitely inspiring. And helped me revisit and make those little tweaks that make me even more excited for the season to start.


Any true fantasy player must realise the amount of effort and size of Mick's plums to go with this unique team.
I applaud the thinking for this team and even if i doesn't work, at least it is having a crack.

Too many people have criticised the great man for this team. Mick has probably finished higher than nearly everyone on this page so some people need to learn some respect. Some of the picks are worrying but reasoning has been provided for why they are in this team.

On i lighter note, i am having extreme difficulty deciding between Dom Tyson and Viv Michie, anyone have clear reasoning to pick one over the other?


Cheers for the support Jock!!


Hahahaha What a way to say something But not tell anyone Brilliant
Expeiance over Rookie …Play it that way Bruds


Well said Bruds this is all about Australian Footy and the good old Aussie tradition of having a go.
I pick my team based on what I value on the field and how that translates to SC points and Mick probably does exactly the same thing along with all of the other top 10,000 SC players.

The game includes 30 trades and you can probably win by starting with only 5 of the top 100 players.


Agree totally Wombats & Bruds. You can research all you want in this great game, but in the end the most important thing is what your gut tells you. SC is a different beast this season, and taking a seemingly unusual risk may be what separates you from the pack.


Exactly. Do your research, trust your gut and take chances. Makes the game more exciting. And infinitely more fun to play.


Tyson because he's a better footballer.


Hmmmm is that really you ? or you Grey Nemesis


You there Wombats?


Love it Fuunnnnyyy But I.m Drunk whats your excuse???


I’m sick of people trying to copy me and others.


Mate.. I said have 'A' drink; as in singular and I didn't mean a single bottle of Vodka


Is that you or your 86 followers


Trust your eyes Dools even through the drunken haze you should be able to make out the golden glow of the famous WombatsFC jumper and that it is me; about to grab your esky and bolt.
If someone copies the jumper I'd be encouraged to unsheath the redgum hockey stick and I'm sure that amongst the noble JR community are those that can find them in an instant.


Hi Vombats, that was not me but you bring up an intreasting thought Identity theft Hmmm I will look into this tommorow at the ..work given that I work for the Government I'm sure I can set some agency on to this …. but even then it's nice to see that he/she can do this on this sacred site…How many friends have become unfriendly for this????
As for Drunk Not now just P1ssed off my only release has been stolen


Yeah Tyson has the gig at the moment. I totally agree, fantasy coaches that copy other peoples teams may start off ok but when it counts later on in the season they will have not traded properly and then players like you and Mick will roar past them.


Bruds thanks very much for the kind words – very nicely put

Hope you have a great season


I like both but if you have the extra coin i'd probably go Tyson. I didn't due to the money and I do think Michie will play and score well – Tyson could be a 85pt player and Michie an 80pt player – If you plan to trade them out round 9 then your only looking at a 45pt difference so not all to much if you can use the extra cash else where to get more than 5pts per round

hope that helps


Currently have Mayne in the forward line, with 60k in the bank. What are everyone's thoughts on upgrading him to Martin? Have tried to avoid Martin until now due to his floggish nature and not wanting to have to barrack for him on game day.

Other options are Roughead, or just to keep Mayne.



I'd have to say that mayne isn't a player i'd be confident enough in to be in my team.
I have Martin in my team but Roughy is a solid choice. Perhaps the sweeping half back role could make Martin more consistent this year which is what i'm betting on.


I reckon Martin will relish running of half back this season. He's locked in my FWD line.


DEF: Mitchell, Simpson, ?, ?, Webster, McDonald.
MID: Ablett, Priddis, ?, D.Beams, Murphy, Aish, Polec, X.Ellis.

Option 1 JPK, Hodge, Swallow
Option 2 Redden, Enright, Hurn

This is tough!


That's a tough one. Not sure if JPK will get back to his former best, only time will tell. Redden is a super player, but not as good a SC option as some others in same price bracket. Maybe DalSanto or even Prestia, who I reckon's in for a big year.


Probably option 1, though I think it would be better to upgrade Redden to one of the boys from North Melbourne, i.e Nic Dal Santo or Jack Zieball.


Mick you bloody mad arsed Irish bastard, this could go freakin pear shaped, i'm seeing a lot of trades there!
Certainly some food for thought, not the path i will take but i reckon you more likely be the one smiling a big Guiness grin on monday as we stare deeply into our awfully dyed green shamrocks, all the best to you and the rest of the community!!


could be drinking the pear cider alright Philthy – but sure i'll have a creak anyway

Best of luck with your team as well and we'll see you in the trenches

David Dee

your mad but, you may have swayed me from taking ablett. Pittard will be a winner – i watched his preseason, he will be a gun.


Mad as a cut sneak some have said – hope that Ablett call works out for us both

best of luck for the season David


Love Rockcliff as a pick Mick. Had my eye on him since I picked him up last year just before his swing into the mid. Gun!!
Weighing up between Rockcliff/Higgins vs Daisy/Mitchell T.

Either way I'll be replacing a POD with another POD assuming T Mitch is a POD. Thoughts


Rockliff/Higgins for sure if I had to pick, but you should really try to get daisy into your sideas well, he's a bargain.

Regarding Higgins, i know Jock doesn't like him, but at his price if he collapses in a heap the only burn will be a trade. He's super cheap, and on current form he could make a fair bit of coin.


Yeah I am leaning to that, but each time I do,I want to downgrade him to Rohan.
Rohan averaging 65 will make just as much cash as Higgins at 80.
Am concerned about the possibility of a soft tag on Higgins off that role and his poor disposal efficiency.
Also concerned that Mitchell may crash and burn like last year but also think he could absolutely destroy it this year.
My issue with Thomas is the tag, and the lack of preseason which may limit his ceiling which is what really punches his average up.


Yeah I hear ya. I've considered swapping Daisy to Macrae for the same reasons, but he's just so cheap. Gonna be a line ball call.

Not sure if Higgins will get a tag, plenty of other options to tag before him I would have thought. If he plays like he has he's got the potential for better than 80 average, but I dont see much better than 65 from Rohan. guess only time will tell. Just hoping I don't have to trade him out like Watts last year.


I'd go Rockliff/Higgins

best of luck with your team McClunge

I luv Supercoach

Anyone going with Swan, Selwood or Jobe Watson. Seems to be Ablett, Pendles and Danger the only ones selected over 600K


Not personally, but they are all super players. People not selecting them may have something to do with the round 8 bye. All 6 except Watson have the round 8 bye, and Essendon have the whole peptide issue hanging over their heads.

Danger is an exception, as he is most peoples clear F1 choice. Gary is Gary, and most people would have him first choice in the guts, even with his price tag.The next choice is probably personal preference. I just love the way Pendles goes about his footy!


Selwood. I need to wait and see what a 10kg lighter swan who was unable to do any post&Pre season upperbody strength work is capable of and I don't believe that Jobe is the strongest man in the history of men and therefore able to withstand the enormous pressure outside the whiteline.

Hopefully all 3 will be in my team by round 11


That was a really good bud.


Watson is a good selection
Selwood has had a limited preseason and I expect he might get off to a slow start
Swan is the forgotten man – not because of his ability to score but because of the better value in the midfield line – could be a great POD


Everyone has Beams and probably pendles and ablett resulting in three round 8 byes already and two from Coll. Rules out swan and Selwood.


Hey jock when will crouching reveal his side


Looking forward to that one too!


Surely must be tomorrow some time. The suspense is killing me too.

Loved his team reveal video last season!


Again not me gents I would never ask Croching that Q when we the community Know it will be full of Tigs. Dools


Anyway thoughts on how many tigers he will have, keyboard is thinking 16


22 including bench


I have word it could be tomorrow (Thursday) alright men – will be a ripper


Looks like some one else has decided to speak for me so I'm out Site has been compromised Dools

I luv Supercoach

What are you talking about Dools


A Dools Doppleganger huh!

Ok I'll keep that in mind.


Maybe it's in honor of your birth, Dools. Maybe Keyboard's secret gift?


Nah it's his famous post-alcohol second personilty. Should actually be Drools


HAHAHAHA. Dools and Droooools.


Hi Mick,

Thanks for sharing your team. I noticed there is not one Essondon player in the line up. Is this deliberate because of possible ASADA outcomes or just chance and you did not see enough value in any of them?




Its fun to share,

No real reason for no Essondon players – Jobe Watson was very close but got pipped by all of Rockliff, Libba and Cotchin, and couldn't get him in with how I've structured my team after that. Heppel and Goddard are midfield only and don't offer much upside in comparison to what we've got in midfield value this year.

Best of luck for the season mate.


I will admit when i looked at your team Mick i thought Jock might give you the sack.

However, your reasonings behind each and every decision you have made show why you are one of the true greats of the community. You could slump to the bottom, but will not be surprised at all if you bring home the 50k this year mate, Good Luck!


Thanks Alex – it does look aweful in frist light, and as I've said somedays I look at it and hate it but I can't get away from it everytime I go to build a new team I end up in the same place. It might have a minor tweak over the next 10days but the structure is locked down.

Wish you all the best this season

Hugh G

Absolute method to your madness and its obvious with the breakdown in analysis, a lot of thought has gone into it. I suspect you will be quite high up the rankings.. Awesome bloody work.


Mick i rate your opinion, you gave me the nod on my team last year, can you go over my team please?

2-1-5 DEF: McVeigh, Mitchell, Suckling, McDonald, Langdon, Georgiou (Langford, Clurey)
5-1-4 MID: Ablett, Swan, Libba, Murphy, Beams, Daisy, Polec, Dunstan, (Ellis, Crouch)
1-1-2 RUCK: Minson, Sandi, (Derrickx, Thurlow)
4-2-2 FWD: Danger, Martin, Parker, Mitchell, Caddy, Higgins (Impey, JKH)

Can always trade Murphy down to rookie and a def rookie up if need be


Just when you think your side is settled, Mick makes you think about players that I have thought about and disgarded. Crap. Back to to the higganator

yes I do hav bacon

5 spots left


Sure is either a gutsy or mad team. Good to see someone thinking out of the box – in fact, I think the box is broken. So much risk, but then again, so much possible reward. Will watch your team with interest Mr Irishman.


If your not sure about Rohan, I think imply is a good chance of some fantasy points. Port have been impressed with him! 🙂


Very Bold and Very Good team. Pittard is an inspired choice.

Bugg is ballsiest move ive seen when the Pig is only a few K more with a bigger upside imo.

I toyed with the no pendles no ablett scenario and expect them to have a price drop early, however given they are Rnd 8 byes, therefore bring in Rnd 9, im not sure that there will be the price rises required to secure them both without some real sacrifice. So Ive decided to keep them both and then select some form players to trade in over the bye rounds rather than rolling the dice.

Really keen to see a review of the team and trades at seasons end.

Bring on Round 1 already!


Risky back line Mick but otherwise pretty good. Any opinions/criticises of my team will be greatly appreciated.
Backs: Mitchell, Hanley, Simpson, hurn, Webster, McDonald, Langford & georgiou
Mids: rockliff, liberatore, cotchin, murphy, beams, Kelly, polec, dunstan, michie & Langdon
Rucks: Ryder, sandi, derickx & thurlow
Fwds: danger, Martin, gunston, dalhaus, Higgins, rohan, impey & ken Harris

Risky no ablett or pendles but both will face Crowley straight up and I just can’t justify nearly $700k on 1 player. I have doubts on murphy whether he can handle the tag. Ryder will be shipped off as soon as I build a bank. Gunston and dalhaus are risky but risk = reward. These 2 both have big massive ceilings.