CrouchingOne Team Reveal

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Welcome My Team – CrouchingTiger FC

CrouchingOne not like type – I make video show team.





OK, you say me what you think in comment below.

You see all other JR Community Team Reveal here now please welcome.

ย Crouching One

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Closest to my team so far. Exactly my backline, and similar forward/mid strategy. Go big in the forward line. Good team, Crouching. Like it a lot. The boat looks very good too.


So close to mine too, the only sanity in the crew so far!


Loved it crouching


Sportsbets fantasy comp doesn’t have many entrants and with $50, 000 in prize money its worth putting a team in. Take a look here –


Nice Crouch


Crouching One: You say me this……McWho for Tigers in your F6? Not sure he'll play much at all myself.

Maybe you have inside word from your gym???


Its a Dojo!


apparently McDonough will play off halfback for the first few games?

Garglesnarf FC

Herald Sun reporting he’ll line up in rnd 1, and Sam Lloyd is another likely starter as a small forward.

Ben swan

McDonough will definitely play rd 1 but Lloyd won’t, too many other forwards ahead of him


I haven't followed either player closely but Sam Lloyd played both Nab games (49 & 78) averaging the same over the two games than McDonoughs 1 game (65). Seeings similar output and Lloyd playing more games makes me think he's the man the coach likes. He's also cheaper. Thoughts?


It could indicate that the coach has seen enough of McDonough to satisfy him and Lloyd hasnt. Hardwick might have been testing Lloyd to do a certain role in different games. Hard to know unless you are in the inner sanctum.


True. And I hadn't seen the third practice match scores in which McD done well again and Lloyd didn't play. Now that teams are out he looks like the Vest is all his though. Still not for me at that price. Like Cunningham (Syd) in the mids, he looks the goods too but also has vest written all over him. Our teams should be a vestless as possible. Mine will be anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰


i think you may have too many round 8


I think the round 8s are fine. You'll be trading out the likes of Langdon, Crouch, and both McD's by then.



he trade his asssss off.


Very impressive Mr Tiger, Sir. Loving the Tom Mitchell, McDonough, Impey fwd line. Also 4 rookies in the back line to make room for premium midfielders. Not quite sure on Jnr Crouch in mid bench. No chance for Polec to get a look in??

Also choosing the 'set and forget' Goldy ruck option. Took big tiger balls to do that against the tide of public opinion. Very good sir, very good.


2 super premiums in gaz and pendles is risky. If wait until they drop in price to swoop them both up..


That is the first time I have heard that going with GAJ and Pendles is risky. Those two are worth every cent in SC terms.


How can going with the 2 best premiums in sc be risky?


Nice team resembles mine somewhat on a strategy level, with a few different players thrown in especially since I have made a "now key forwards" policy to go with my "no dickheads" policy.


definitely adhering to the no key fwds policy too. Only exception would be possibly upgrading to Roughead is he appears consistent.


Agree entirely, Roughy a wait and see prospect.


lol we all love the lady snappers! welcome.


Crouching, this team resembles mine the most. Love it. Welcome.



Nice team Crouching One! Im hesitant about Murphy at M3 mate. Can he/will he shake the tag this year to average over 100??

Im tossing up Murphy at M3 and OR going with one of Liberatore or Fyfe at M3.

What are the community's thoughts on the above 3 players??

Will Liberatore be able to handle the tag i suspect will go to him most games? And will Fyfe be able to improve his disposal efficiency and warrant picking him?

Atm i would say im leaning towards Liberatore based on the assumption that he will be in the top 8 midfielders come seasons end.



I reckon the No.1 tag will go to Griffen, as he's more damaging on the outside. So I'm expecting big things from Libba this year, I'm tipping that he'll be in the top 5 averaging players in the comp.


Libba is a tackling and clearance machine, hence limits his low scores even when he doesn't get near it as much.


Thats what i was thinking… he ticks all the boxes doesnt he


Griffin I’ve heard no certainty for R1, so Libba could get tag after all….


M. Wright or Caddy?


Ive got both.

I think Wright comes with biggest risk but also the biggest reward.

The Edge

Thoughts on Freo's M Johnson, he hasn't scored well in the preseason but he's so damaging floating across the halfback line he may well lift to the next level!


At the price he's a solid choice with consistent scoring


Awkwardly priced, inconsistent and better options at the price imo.

NAB 1 – 13 touches from 90% TOG, 61.5% DE for 48 SC pts
NAB 2 – 14 touches from 48% TOG, 85.7% DE for 70 SC pts

Mr Consistency – Corey Enright is not much dearer and will pump out 90's for you each week.


I need help…. I logged out of my supercoach page because the missus wanted to do hers. I used my old email address from last year to register this year 10 weeks ago, and use a different email address now so I can't remember my old email address that I used to log in. Now I can't do my supercoach. PLEASE HELP SOMEONE


You can't remember your email addresses? You might be on your own there bud


Make a new one Man


Wondering who I should get out of Rockliff, Cotchin and Liberatore?
Or is there a better option around the 550-600K range?


All solid options, depending on your other mids, bye strategy might decide it for you with Cotch having a Rnd 8 Bye. Libba Rnd 9 and Rocky Rnd 10.


No those are it. Gen Soreness is spot on, which fits bye better?

I have Rocky, but am thinking hard on Libba


Id go Liberatore. Not sure Cotchin will improve on his 106 price, Rockliff would come in second…


Can someone clarify this:

Gary Ablett is $695,000 and his last years average was a whopping 128.

My question is if Gazza by round 9 is averaging say an impressive 110 – 120 … his price would still be lower than 695,000?

Plus Gold Coast Suns have improved so he wont be a ball fiend this year? and couuld play more time forward?

Im starting to think its actually a risk to take gazza if you want to maximise your money making ability?

rumors of a dodgy calf too…

Any thoughts? should I just lock him and shut up?


Gazzas price could be anything if he averaged 110-120 at round 9. It's all about 3 game rolling average, so say he averaged 85 for first 4 weeks then 150 for the next 5 weeks (averaging around 120 by round 9) in which case his price would be something like 680K, or could go the other way 150 for first 5 weeks, then 4 weeks of 85s in which case he would be something like 550K.


If GAJ operates at 120, you've missed 840 points (1,680 if you had the c on him the whole time) before you bring him in. If you have an alternate who is avg 110, then you only miss out on 140 points if you have the c on them the whole time. Where you put the extra $100k-150k is important as the winner took it out last year by 129 points.

Secondly, if GAJ drops to 120, his price will still be $630k. Who are you upgrading to bring him in?

I'm picking GAJ for that reason, but each man has to make his own mind up. Goodluck for the year.



agree… you must have Ablett to score the big points. forget about price fall. It doesn't matter if his price falls if you are not going to sell him.


He played at Geelong with Bartel, Johnson, Selwood, Ling etc and still scored a mountain of points, he is Gaz. Pick him.


Libba / X. Ellis / Cunningham?

Shuey/ Michie / Aish?


Option 1 for me


Who do you think will be a better pick JPK Or Libba?
At the moment I Have JPK Because of Sydneys Draw


"He like to swallow. I like to swallow. Welcome"
Hahaha classic crouching!


Is zorko worth a chance?




Not for me. But I got burned by him last year, so I'm not going near him. If he plays more mid, he might be ok, but reckon the Lions will be throwing their kids in there this year and Zork will be a forward who pinch hits in the guts. That's only a guess though.


Why generalsoreness?


Well priced with good upside, can go large. If he is over the 2nd year blues and plays more mid then will produce scores that should see him stay in your team at years end as a F6 or better.


Please Tell me what you think of my team and who to trade or who to get:

1. Mitchell, S
2. Hanley, P
3. Enright, C
4. Suckling, M
5. McDonald, L
6. Laidler, J
23. Langdon, T
24. Georgiou, A


7. Pendlebury, S
8. Johnson, S
9. Fyfe, N
10. Cotchin, T
11. Beams, D
12. Thomas, D
13. Tyson, D
14. Polec, J
25. Dunstan, L
26. Crouch, M


15. Grundy, B
16. Sandilands, A
27. Nankervis, T
28. King, M


17. Dangerfield, P
18. Martin, D
19. Westhoff, J
20. Zorko, D
21. Fasolo, A
22. Kennedy-Harris, J
29. Thurlow, F
30. Impey, J


PLEASE give me tips ASAP


Jimmy, for a start lose Grundy as your R1. I'm a Pies man and whilst the kid is good he aint no R1 just yet.
I would also seriously consider losing Fasolo. I haven't seen a lot of teams with Stevie J in the midfield so that may work in your favour cause he is a gun.


I got rid of Fasolo for Rohan, Grundy for Jacobs and Westoff for T Mitchell
What do you think?


A lot better. Good trades!


7 round 8 premiums is good if you want to win you league but not good if you want to win it all.


Solid team nice work. Obviously no ablett, but Im sure you have your reasons.

Personally I dont like Grundy as a ruck option. like his work and effort but for me isnt fantasy relevant and I would be more inclined to go with a better ruck option like McEvoy, Leuy etc if you need the cash to do it, consider DG Westhoff to a Parker, Mitchell, Franklin, Chappy. My 2c.

Good luck for the season.




Any leagues that are not full that I can join? Cheers


719545 ๐Ÿ™‚


Hey Josh, there is one spot left in my league 715701




Ok thanks guys ๐Ÿ™‚


923402. ur welcome to join


Hey mate! Would love you to join mine: 965674


Liberatore or Rockliff and why?


Cant go wrong with either, but at the moment, I'd say Libba, considering how easy the Bulldog's first half of the year is.


Rockliff because he is a more established player and a better all around player and could be a premium mid at the end of the year but also Liberatore because he'll get less tag because of Griffen


Hey what does everyone think?

Mcveigh, mitchell, enright
swallow, webster, L mcdonald
fuller, georgiou

Pendles, Libba, Murphy, Beams
Thomas, Aish, Ellis, Dunstan
Polec, M Crouch

McEvoy, Sandilands
Currie, Derickx

Danger, Martin, Franklin
Caddy, Fasolo, Rohan
JKH, Impey

With $263k remaining in bank ๐Ÿ™‚


Solid team. I wouldn't keep that much in the bank. I'd use at least 200k to upgrade a mid pricer to a premium.



thanks mate… i wouldnt mind getting shuey or vince in the mid


Well done, Crouching One. Like the McDonough at F6. Very risky. Balls of steel. Goldie will be nice POD. Surprising to not see him in more teams.

By the way, am in a league that has some spots. Think 7 spots left. Join code: 263940


Hope you don't mind if I join Throttles?


Not at all Mitch! Look forward to doing battle, my man.


May i join Throttles? it might be a good challenge for me?


Any1 wanting to join a league code is 293354


Sure. Did you get in?


Joined can't wait to vs you.


Me too. Bring it!


Would you be interested to join in my league. its a public one but has spots open Join code is 923402


Think I have one league open. Waiting to see if another buddy is starting a league. If not, I'll jump in. Will now soon. Still spots?


Any sports left in yours Throttlefinger. Been loving your chatg and am impressed at your ability to function on the other side of the planet. Glad you eventually got your Prospectus..always a great read.


Hey Mac. All spot gone, my man. Loved reading the Prospectus. Really gave me an advanced class about players strengths and data that matters for SC.

Thanks for the props. Yeah, the time zone is a killer. Caught a bit of a cold, which I think partly was due to popping up in the middle of the night to adjust lineup. But the community has been my favorite part of the preseason. Learned a ton and had a blast doing it.

Good luck this season, my man!


crouching u know you have 7 players out in round 8 in your defence


sorry. what was i thinking


What are people's thoughts on the Gold Coast debutants in Sean Lemmons(MID) and Claye Cameron(DEF)?

Good job security?


McKenna seems to love Camerson and Lemmins. Seems like it's there spots to lose:




join our public league.
here is the code:



DEF: McVeigh, Bartel, Hurn, Suckling, Webster, McDonald, (Georgiou, Clurey)
MID: Selwood, Cotchin, Josh P. Kennedy, Beams, Macrae, Aish, Polec, Ellis, (Dunstan, Crouch)
RUCK: Dixon, Sandilands, (Derickx, King)
FWD: Dangerfield, Martin, Mitchell, Darling, Wright, Lewis Taylor, (Impey and Kennedy-Harris)
With 247K left

Thoughts please?


Not sold on your No1 ruck, Nathan. Worth spending the extra 247k on a Goldstein or Minson?


Yes I'm with SCKook. If you are going to pick Dixon I would definitely position him in your forward line instead. Plenty of other solid ruck options for R1 this season.

$247K is way too much in the bank. Perhaps consider upgrading one of your midfield to include a GAJ or Pendles or to convert your F6 to a Rohan, Higgins or Caddy.

But otherwise a nice team there.


Crouching. Some very sound selections there – Goldstein and FWD depth.

What is your thinking taking GAJ and Dependles into the season? Having a look at many teams, it's either one or the other… also interested in your selection of McDonough – I think he'll get a go as well, but can't decide between him and Higgins.

Higgins and Shuey… or… Jobe and McDonough??


Absolute Gold Crouching!! haha the unsung hero of the podcast Welcome!

nice team too! to many people getting caught up in the whole Crowley 1st up/Round 8 bye situation that pendles finds himself in.. He'll end up the most expensive player bye seasons end and will only go down 50k so might aswell get on him now! fwd line structure also good! welcome


I am in a league with available spots. Anyone interested in joining? join code is 923402


Hi all, after a ridiculous amount of changes throughout preseason, I'm confident this is what i will take into rd 1:

DEF: Mitchell, Hanley, Swallow, Suckling, McDonald, Langford (Langdon, Georgiou)
MID: Ablett, Cotchin, Dal Santo, Murphy, Beams, Vince, Thomas, Polec (Dunstan, Crouch)
RUC: Jacobs, Sandi (Thurlow, Nankervis)
FWD: Danger, Dusty, Gunston, Caddy, Rohan, McDonough (Kersten, Kennedy-Harris)

Still have 160k in the bank, gone with a few risks but i didn't last year and it cost me, I'm sticking to my gut! Let me know your thoughts community! Good luck to all this year, can't wait!


Nice team, good to see you are going with your gut. $160k in the bank is a lot and your backline is skinny. Good luck with the season


fair point there mate, have considered that, and i still may change either swallow or hanley to mcveigh. cheers


Upgrade Langford to Webster or McDonough to Higgins. Other than that you have a pretty solid team


Join our league 888092, it's filling up




I see Bennell may not being playing R1. Could be more mid field time for swallow and GAJ.


Hi everyone, still keep changing the team regularly but I'm close to having the whole team locked away for rnd 1:

DEF: Mitchell, Hanley, Enright, Swallow, Suckling, McDonald (Langdon, Georgiou)
MID: Ablett, Liberatore, Murphy, Beams, Thomas, Michie, Polec, Dunstan (Ellis, Robertson)
RUC: Leuenberger, Sandilands (Derickx, King)
FWD: Danger, Dusty, Mitchell, Wright, Caddy, Rohan (JKH, Impey)

with $104,500 left.



Evening community, I've got a league that needs filling! I would love anyone and everyone to join. Cheers!
Code: 965674

Crouching Two

You are an inspiration Crouching.


Soooooo is there anyone else jumping on Harry Taylor and leaving out Enright??? I smell a huge year from the lanky one.


i like it! may average the same but with a higher SD

Big G

G'Day Community,

Have 7 spots left to fill in Big G's Japan AFL – 365912
I was Top 1200 last year and thanks to Jock and the boys over the Pre-Season am aiming even higher…

Get amongst it and all the best to everyone during the season!

Give It A Go

Have 14 spots left, (766812) please free to join,

Let the game commence

cheers community


Heres my team so far:
DEF: S.Mitchell, J. Bartel, P. Hanley, D. Swallow, M. Suckling, L McDonald + W. Langford, T. Langdon
MID: Gaz, Pendles, D. Beams, T. Cotchin, Daisy, D. Tyson, J. Polec, J. Aish + X. Ellis
RUC: Big boy, Sandi + M. King, T. Derickx
FWD: Danger, Dusty, Wingard, Zorko, Wright, Higgins + Rohan, Kennedy-harris
With $56k salary remaining
Whats everyones thoughts so far?


Nice team crouch, dependlebury is spot on and a must have

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