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Jock Reynolds - The Father of FantasyFriends – this is getting fair dinkum now

What kind of coach will you be this week? Will you be the type that craps him/herself and makes some hasty last minute structural decisions?

This is the week where champions rise. And the inexperienced flounder.Β Many of you know that the inner sanctum are now revealing there teams.. here they are so far below.

Jock Reynolds









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Hi guys! all have solid teams atm.

Mind gazing an eye over my team? 55K in the bank. Thoughts and advice are welcome.

DEF: Mitchell, Hanley, Enright, Hurn, Suckling, Mcdonald (Clurey, Langdon)
MID: Ablett, Pendles, watson, Beams, Thomas, Polec, Ellis, Dunstan (Crouch, Robertson)
RUC: Mcevoy, sandilands (Thurlow, King)
FWD: Dangerfield, Martin, Pavlich, Caddy, Higgins, Rohan (JKH, McCarthy)


Solid for mine. I'd just be worried about Sandi going down when there's no good back-up available (Dixon and Hale only half-decent ruck/forward options).


Should make some value before that happens, can trade fwd to Dixon/Hale as contingency which im looking at myself. Has to be real consideration for teams with Sandi especially if rested before or after bye/easy games.


The first price changes happen before R3? I'd be surprised if Sandi plays the first three games. Given how important he is to Freo they'll be resting him every interstate trip when he's pretty sore.

Not having Sandi could be my downfall but I'm fairly sure it'll save me an early trade πŸ™‚


For mine, nailed it. Well done mate


Only thing I'd be worry about, is your Ruck structure. Having Sandi as your R2 and the only cover you have is Thurlow who might not play much games this year and King your Dummy ruck for that captain Loophole is little risky i must say. I think it would be better the Dummy player at the Back or Fowards, and have another playing Rookie in the ruck to support Thurlow to cover Sandi that way, you have more chance of not getting a Donut.

A solid team you have going there.


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Sportsbets fantasy comp doesn’t have many entrants and with $50, 000 in prize money its worth putting a team in!!! Take a look here –

Lee Underwood

Please take a look at my team any comments are welcome

1. McVeigh, J
$572,50000.00, MID SYD
2. Mitchell, S
$562,00000.00, MID HAW
3. Hanley, P
$516,20000.00, MID BRL
4. Suckling, M
$312,20000.00, HAW
5. Webster, J
$240,80000.00, STK
6. McDonald, L
$182,30000.00, MID NTH
23. Fuller, M
$117,30000.00, WBD
24. Georgiou, A
$102,40000.00, MEL

7. Ablett, G
$695,00000.00, GCS
8. Pendlebury, S
$683,10000.00, COL
9. Watson, J
$601,30000.00, ESS
10. Beams, D
$497,20000.00, COL
11. Thomas, D
$341,80000.00, CAR
12. Tyson, D
$216,80000.00, MEL
13. Polec, J
$172,60000.00, PTA
14. Dunstan, L
$132,30000.00, STK
25. Crouch, M
$117,30000.00, ADE
26. Robertson, N
$117,30000.00, BRL

15. McEvoy, B
$503,30000.00, HAW
16. Sandilands, A
$310,70000.00, FRE
27. Currie, D
$123,90000.00, NTH
28. Thurlow, F
$118,40000.00, FWD ESS

17. Dangerfield, P
$609,00000.00, MID ADE
18. Martin, D
$549,20000.00, MID RIC
19. Parker, L
$468,80000.00, MID SYD
20. Wright, M
$384,90000.00, MID ADE
21. Caddy, J
$325,30000.00, MID GEE
22. Rohan, G
$176,20000.00, SYD
29. Taylor, L
$117,30000.00, MID BRL
30. Kennedy-Harris, J


Nice team only weakness I can see is midfield bench it would be nice to be able to afford x Ellis and michie as not sure your two will get much game time. Taylor to Impey to IMO.

Starting team very strong.


Mitchell, Simpson, Swallow, B Smith, Suckling, McDonald, (Langdon, Georgiou)
Ablett, Pendle's, Cotchin, D Beams, D Tyson, V Michie, Polec, Ellis, (Dunstan, Cunningham)
Jacobs, Sandilands, (Currie, A Smith)
Dangerfield, Cloke, T Mitchell, R Gray, L Dahlhaus, S Higgins (L McCarthy, Kennedy Harris


Nice pods up fwd


Looks a bit light in the guts Winning. I'd look at dropping one of gray, tmitch, or haus for Rohan and using the cash to upgrade Tyson or michie


Hey Jock, Would love to hear your thoughts on my team


J McVeigh
S Mitchell
P Hanley
M Suckling
L McDonald
J Laidler
W Langford
A Georgiou


G Ablett
P Dangerfield
N Fyfe
T Cotchin
D Beams
D Thomas
D Tyson
J Polec
V Michie
L Dunstan


B Grundy
A Sandilands
F Thurlow
T Nankervis


D Martin
J Roughead
L Franklin
D Zorko
G Rohan
J Kennedy-Harris
L Taylor
Z Merrett



beautiful set up


Liking it! I'm worried about your D6 and F6 if they don't get regular game time or good output. Also, Grundy/Sandilands combo is a risky one!


Pretty well set, but still open to suggestions.

DEF: S.Mitchell, J.McVeigh, K.Simpson, D.Swallow, J.Webster, L.McDonald

EMER: W.Langford, A.Georgiou

MID: G.Ablett, S.Pendlebury, T.Boak, D.Beams, J.Macrae, D.Tyson, J.Polec, X.Ellis

EMER: L.Dunstan, M.Crouch

RUCK: P.Ryder, A.Sandilands

EMER: T.Derickx, M.King

FWD: P.Dangerfield, D.Martin, C.Wingard, J.Caddy, S.Higgins, M.McDonough

EMER: J.Kennedy-Harris, L.McCarthy


Looks good to me, like the boak selection


I’m all over McRae in the guts too. Nice POD


J. Mcveigh , P. Hanley, L. Dunn, M. Suckling, L.McDonld
Emergency: Laidler, Clurey


G.Ablett, S. Pendlebury, T. Libertore, L. Shuey, D. Thomas, X. Ellis, L. Dunstan

Emergency: Polec, Crouch

Ruck : M . Leuenberger , A. Sandilands

emergengy: T. Derdickx, F. Thrulow


P. Dangerfield, C. Wingard, C. Mayne, L. Parker , J. Kennedy Harris, D Towers

Emergency: S. Lloyd, M Honeychurch

Please give me your guidance O' Mighty Jock


forgot to add langdon to defence aswell


1. Mitchell, S
2. Hanley, P
3. Enright, C
4. Shaw, R
5. McDonald, L
6. Georgiou, A
23. Kolodjashnij, K
24. Langdon, T

7. Ablett, G
8. Selwood, J
9. Watson, J
10. Rockliff, T
11. Cotchin, T
12. Beams, D
13. Polec, J
14. Ellis, X
25. Dunstan, L
26. Crouch, M

15. Naitanui, N
16. Sandilands, A
27. Derickx, T
28. Thurlow, F


17. Dangerfield, P
18. Martin, D
19. Zorko, D
20. Rohan, G
21. Kersten, S
22. Kennedy-Harris, J
29. Impey, J
30. Honeychurch, M

Also $10,100 in bank


Bit light up fwd


B: Bartel Simpson Spurr Clisby McDonald Langdon Geourgiou Fuller

Mids: Ablett Pendles Rockliff beams Murphy Thomas Wright Ellis Polec Dunstan

Rucks: Dixon Sandilands Thurlow Nankervis

Fwds: Dangerfield Martin Cloke Higgins Knight Taylor Honeychuch Kennedy-Harris

Michael C.

Not sure about Clisby's security. Not bad otherwise.


Me either but need to take a couple risks with POD


Hi guys, this is my team:

DEF: McVeigh Mitchell Hanley Suckling Webster McDonald (Clurey, Georgiou)
MID: Ablett Watson Liberatore Cotchin Beams Tyson Polec Dunstan (Cunningham Crouch)
RUC: Ryder Sandilands (Thurlow King)
FWD: Dangerfield Martin Zorko Caddy Wright Rohan (Kennedy-Harris Impey)

All comments are appreciated!


Sorry, not Tyson and Zorko, its Xavier Ellis and Pavlich


Very solid looking team Carl.

Paddy is a big POD there. Definitely some risk attached but he could really explode whilst Bellchambers is out of the Dons line-up. Not sure I have the plums to pull that one myself he he.

We have nearly identical backlines there. Like Macca as your D1. Had a BOG performance against the Lions yesterday with 34 touches, 9 clearances and a goal. Continuing on with his fine form from late last season.


I’d lose McVeigh. Unlikely he’ll put up the sorts of numbers he dI’d last year. Wright is a great choice low priced and has all the tools to avg 100+


Interested to know what makes you think that about McVeigh Azza?


Yeah McVeigh racked up over 600 possies, is key player and key backman in SC this year


Just don’t think he’ll back it up. Never had those sorts of numbers before


I disagree, McVeigh should be able to go better if anything considering he's had another preseason under his belt +a year of experience down back. He's a great player with extreme efficiency, and despite his preseason being primarily in the mids, he even showed there his potential output.

I'm going with McVeigh, considering he wont be 100% required in the guts with Jack/JPK/Hanners doing the hefty work, the ball will be fed to him all over the ground and he will be rested up forward I'd think too. With this, he's a strong mark and sharp shooter, he will kick goals.


He's become an extremely versatile player and think his elite running power is a little under rated. There were a couple of times he broke the lines in their NAB 1 game where I thought "gawd he's looking dangerous early".

Perhaps I'm paying top dollar for him but just happy to lock down my D1 and D2 spots with Macca and Mitch and not have to worry about them all season.


Agreed, plenty of value this year can afford the price


Like the Ryder pick nice POD, I am so not keen on these Dummy player in the Ruck specially when people has Sandi and a Rookie that might not play much games as cover if Sandi goes down or rested. Please get rid of that Dummy and have a playing Rookie in there or have a player at FWD with Ruck swing ability or find another Dummy in the Back or FWD.

Other than that, the team is Strong.


G'day Jock you great man,

Would be an honour if a fellow Saints die hard had a look over my team!

DEF: J McVeigh, S Mitchell, D swallow, M Suckling, J Webster, L Mcdonald (M Fuller, A Georgiu)
MID: G Ablett, M Murphy, D Beams, L Shuey, D Thomas, S Savage, J Polec, X Ellis (L Dunston, M Crouch)
Rucks: B Mcevoy, A Sandilands (M Apeness, T Nankervis)
FWDS: P Dangerfield, D Martin, L Franklin, J Gunston, L Dahlaus, A Fasolo (L Taylor, J Kennedy-Harris)

A whopping $600 left in the kitty!

Cheers guys


Great balance across your lines. I think Kennedy and Blair ahead of Fasolo


Mitchell, Hibberd, Swallow, McDonald, Clurey, Cutler, Langdon, Georgiou

Ablett, Pendlebury, Watson, Beams, Thomas, Aish, Sheed, Dunstan, Crouch, Robertson

Minson, Ryder, Apeness, Nankervis

Dangerfield, Reiwoldt, Martin, Wingard, Billins, Impey, Merrett, K-Harris

Michael C.

Looks like too many rookies on the field, especially with midprice value around. One too many guns forward – downgrade to Higgins/Caddy/Wright and trade up a fwd rook. Same with one ruck down to Sandi/Lobbe/Jacobs/McIntosh and upgrade a defender.

The Troglodytes

Thoughts on my team so far?

Def- Mitchell, McVeigh, Hanley, Swallow, Suckling, McDonald (Georgiou, Laidler)

Mid- Ablett Jr, Pendles, Dal Santo, Beams, Murphy, Tyson, Polec, Ellis (Dunstan, Crouch)

Rucks- Minson, Sandilands (Derickx, King)

Fwd- Dangerfield, Martin, Caddy, Rohan, Garlett, Kennedy-Harris (Thurlow, Impey)

– Have still got $180,200 in the bank.


Get rid of GARLETT mate, stick HIGGINS in there I reckon….



The troglodytes

Cheers for the tip guys and as soon as after posting this up I traded in Higgins for πŸ™‚

KadeK is a jet

Forward needs work.


Not many hawks in this team though


H Shaw GWS

P Hanley BL

J Grimes MELB

M Suckling HAW

J Webster STK

J Laidler SYD

L McDonald NM, S Docherty CAR


G Ablett (c), GCS


T Cotchin RICH

D Thomas CAR

S Savage STK

J Martin GCS

V Michie MELB

J Polec PA

X Ellis WCE, L Dunstan STK


B Grundy COLL

A Sandilands FRE

B Longer STK, F Thurlow ESS


P Dangerfield ADEL

C Wingard PA

C Dixon GCS

J Gunston HAW

S Higgins WB

G Rohan SYD

N Bock GCS, J K-H (MELB)


Nice balanced team, Parker will go past Wingard this year and youd get better value if you spent that $$ on Murphy, JPK


Love Grimes, Swan
However, Dixon will probably be played up forward reducing his rucking points, Hanley and Shaw will almost certainly get tagged (even if its a half effort). Jack Martin? Broooooooo, and Laidler will find it extremely difficult for gametime.

Sorry man haha


Hanley should be good anyway


No Beams or Dependleberry. Brave.

Personally I don't like Bock as a choice.

Good luck.


Docherty too expensive to be sitting on the pine

cyril is the man

I like Savage, hes in my team too. scored well at the hawks considering his limited chances


DEF: McVeigh, Mitchell, Hodge, Enright, McDonald, Laidler (Langdon, Georgiou)

MID: Ablett, Pendles, Liberatore, Beams, Thomas, Michie, Xavier Ellis (Dunstan, Matt Crouch)

RUCK: Lobbe, Sandi (Thurlow, M King)

FWD: Dangerfield, Mayne, Parker, Dahlhaus, Higgins, Rohan (Honeychurch, Kennedy-Harris)

Would love your thoughts. 65k in bank. Uncertain on Hodge. Forward line obviously a little unorthodox, but im fairly confident in all of those players.


Love ya fwd line very unique and could give you an edge. I wouldn’t go Hodge I’d swap him for Pearce Hanley or Kade Simpson


Agree Azza. Having Turf Toe (Sandi) and a Hobbled Knee (Hodge) in 1 team is too much risk.

Love ya MIds and Rucks


First time I think I've seen Mayne's name mentioned here. If he has a great year he could be a massive POD for you. I plan to roll with JJK instead as a POD up forward.

Hodgey is a bit different too. The Hawks are certainly rolling early wiping out anything in their path so I'm sure he'll be a big part of that.

Btw think you are missing a mid there…rookie perhaps??


Hi Jock, wold love some feedback about my team

DEF Mitchell, S, Hanley, P, Swallow, D, Suckling, M, Webster, J, McDonald, L (. Langford, W, Georgiou, A)

Ablett, G, Pendlebury, S, Cotchin, T, Murphy, M, Beams, D, Michie, V, Polec, J, Ellis, X (Dunstan, L,Crouch, M)

McEvoy, B, Sandilands A, ( J Homels, A Derickx, T)

Dangerfield, P, Martin, D, Franklin, L, Parker, L, Higgins, S, Rohan, G (Kennedy-Harris, J, Impey, J)

$10K left in bank


Also I was at the game on Friday and I watched Higgins closely he got crunched down back and got straight up, I am banking on him outscoring Caddy. I am worried about Caddyh's DE I think he is a better dream team option.


Yes Higgins is looking pretty appetising this season. But then again I guess that's what a burnman does this time of year….promises the world early.

Caddy can butcher the footy when he gets it so don't blame you for picking Higgins over him and saving some cash.


Do you think that being at the price he is now and considering the price he has been in the past that the burn wont be quite as severe. I mean if he does burn, you could just quickly downgrade to a rookie or something. Maybe by the time we've figured out he is still indeed a burn man that we might have a clearer picture of which rookies to pick up. Interested to hear yours and others thoughts on that.


Can't see him dropping any further in price so no risk at all from a value perspective.

Only risk is that he gets injured again before he's realised his full cash potential and you have to prematurely trade him out. Has an atrocious record there and hasn't played more than 19 games in each of the past 5 seasons!

Definitely something to think about if you're already loaded up with players like Suckers, R.Shaw, Daisy, Sandi, NicNat etc.

Reckon I may take the punt on him though.


not sold on caddy but have been burnt by Higgins too many times.


Will have issues at rnd 8 bye trade Cotch to JPK or similiar


I am not worried about having an extra premium out for round 8. I am banking on Cotchin scoring more points then say a JPK or Watson by round 8.


You should, limits your options if injuries strike or players rested (Gibbs missed 3 weeks either side of bye at same time Goodes, Pittard went down) or if rookies not named that week. Also you can miss an opportunity if a decent rookie or value player comes available beforehand. With 3 prems you can still make a call, with 4 prems you cant do squat. Last year Luke Ball $300k avg 90ish at bubble before Pies first bye, my hands were tied. Better to be flexible. Wont outscore JPK before bye, if he does not by much. Thats my 2cents anyway, otherwise solid team πŸ™‚


Thanks Saltshaker some good points there, I just really want Cotch in my team πŸ™‚


Looking at your starting team you have 6 (I consider Beams as Premo) Premium players out in Rd 8 bye.
I think that's one too many extra premo not playing in Rd8. you also need to put in consideration what if there are players who gets injured or suspended by Rd8 comes.


S. Mitchell, P. Hanley, C. Enright. M. Suckling, L. McDonald. T. Langdon (Longford, Georgiou)

G. Ablett, S. Pendlebury, J. Watson, D. Beams, B. Vince, D. Tyson, V. Michie, J. Polec (Ellis, Dunstan)

W. Minson, A. Sandilands (Currie, Mitchell)

P.Dangerfield, L. Parker, T. Mitchell, L. Dahlhaus, J. Caddy, J. Kennedy-Harris (Merret, Towers)

Rookies subject to change of course


Vince, Tyson, and Michie could take points off each other. I'd look at another mid pricer such as shiels or macrae


Pretty new to the game but would obviously like to get off to a good start. Any pointers would be great.

Def: Mitchell, D Swallow, Watts, Suckling, L McDonald, Laidler Emg Fuller, Georgiou
Mid: Ablett, Rockliff, Liberatore, Beams, Shuey, Macrae, Michie, Polec Emg X Ellis, Dunstan
Rucks: McEvoy, Sandilands Emg Currie, Thurlow
Fwd: Dangerfield, Roughead, L Parker, Pavlich, Caddy, Higgins Emg Kennedy Harris, Kersten

Pretty light on defenders but not a huge fan of any of the premiums there.


Team looks good, id go Caddy down use money upgrading Watts to McVeigh


Hey community would love some thoughts/advice. A little light in the rucks but have sacrificed there to be stronger across the grojnd

Mcveigh Mitchell Enright Houli Suckling Webster (McDonald Langford)

Ablett pendelbury Beams Thomas Tyson Michie Polec X Ellis (Dunstan crouch)

Jacobs sandilands (thurlow king)

Dangerfield Martin zorko wright caddy Higgins (McCarthy Kennedy Harris)


I think rucks solid, id go Currie (nth) will surely play this year out of fear of losing him from limited opportunities


on ya bench


Backs: S. Mitchell, P. Hanley, D. Swallow, M. Suckling, L. McDonald, J. Laidler (W. Langford, T. Langdon)

Mids: G. Ablett, D. Swan, N. Fyfe, T. Cotchin, D. Beams, V. Michie, J. Polec, X. Ellis (L. Dunstan, M. Crouch)

Rucks: P. Ryder, A. Sandilands (D. Currie, J. Thurlow)

Fwds: P. Dangerfield, D. Martin, C. Wingard, D. Zorko, S. Higgins, G. Rohan (J. Kennedy-Harris, J. Impey)


Colledge, B $123,900WCE for Impey


After much time and thought this weekend and multuple changes i give you


DEF: McVeigh, Mitchell, Malceski, Suckling, McDonald, Langford (Langdon, Georgio)
MID: Ablett, Pendles, JPK, Murphy, D.Beams, Daisy, Polec, Ellis (Crouch, Dunstan)
RUCK: Jacobs, Sandilands, (Currie, Thurlow)
FWD: Dangerfield, Franklin, Chapman, Pavlich, Higgins, McDonough, (Impey, Taylor)


Chapman, why?


Rest looks very neat


Chappy offers great value 94avg priced at 85, can still play, scored 139 in Cats prelim last year. Slow start in NAB challenge but still got 24 touches, if he is good to round 8 ill be happy. Bombers building fwd line around him so has a role to play still. May change at the bubble. I always corrective change a prem that doesnt work and a rookie i should have got – but i do hear ya. More than likely go for Parker once sides are named just to be safe πŸ˜‰

Michael C

So close to my team until the forwards. I have Simpson, Shaw and Webster in for Malceski, Laidler and Suckling. Parker for Ablett and more money spent up forward.
Must be doing something right to be so close to yours.


Cheers, have changed it, Chappy to Parker – if i had money id go Simpson as well, love how he gets so much footy around the ground. Malceski looks fit and raring to go main issue is such a good team i fear they will take pts off each other but i think good teams also help score pts as well.


Much better team than the one you had, but I feel there's still a bit of room for improvement at the Back and FWD.


DEF: mcveigh, Mitchell, Hanley,

Suckling, McDonald, clurey

(Langdon, georgiou)

MID: ablett, pendles, rockliff, d.beams,

Thomas, polec, michie, ellis

(Crouch, dunstan)

RUCK: Goldstein, sandilands

(Derickx, king)

FWD: danger, Martin, Parker,

Higgins, fasolo, Rohan

(Taylor, JKH)

Michael C.

Looks solid. Wouldn't pick Fasolo, but that's just me. Go where your gut says.


DEF – J.McVeigh, S.Mitchell, P.Hanley, C.Enright, J. Webster, L. McDonald (M. Fuller, A. Georgiou)
MID – S. Pendlebury, J. Watson, T. Liberatore, M. Murphy, D.Beams, D. Tyson, J. Polec, L. Dunstan (M. Crouch, M. Honeychurch)
RUC – M. Kreuzer, A. Sandilands (D. Currie, F. Thurlow)
FWD – P. Dangerfield, D. Martin, L. Franklin, J. Caddy, G. Rohan, S. Kersten (L. Taylor, J. Kennedy-Harris)

Stuck for options on my F6 Any pointers? Help and Feedback would be appreciated!


kruezer not fit i think??


If Kreuzer isn't fit, who would you consider to replace? only $500 in the kitty, was thinking down to Leuenberger, or Maric. Gutsy even to go to Sauce? Ryder as a POD?


McEvoy is in the same bye round as Kreuzer and costs 503k I think or Cox who is off the top of my head 527k. Or there abouts. Same bye round also


So you'd recommend McEvoy for Kreuzer?


Ah sorry Cox is 578. Yeah he is an option in your price range


Cheers for the feedback


Im going Sauce, 1st 2012, 3rd 2013 total hit outs, disappointed with himself though and keen to make impact in 2014. Has lost 4 to 5kg as working on aerobic capacity due to changes to stoppages requiring greater fitness. Crows identified that not as many hit outs to advantage in 2013 and want to win more clearances. Can only go up i believe. McEvoy will find himself fwd more at Hawks and pts shared amongst talls. Cox still best option as gets so many possies but costs a bit. Still he is 40k cheaper than 2013 and has highest Dreamteam avg which is generally a good sign of workrate.


Hi all Had Sauce as did BVC last year ……Burnt me so bad…I can still taste it. Going to the fridge to wash this sh1t outa my mouth. Agghhhh PTSD is a bummer if you don't like beer


$600 to spare. I would love to hear some feedback community

S Mitchell, Grimes, Swallow, Suckling, Webster, Mcdonald

Ablett, Pendles, Rokliffe, Cotchin, Murphy, Beams, Michie, Polec
(X Ellis, Dunstan)

Jacobs, Sandilands
(Currie, Derrickx)

Dangerfield, Parker, T Mitchell, Caddy, Rohan, Kennedy-Harris
(Merret, Impey)


Dont forget a doughnut player. Need to exploit that captains loophole eh


Colledge, B $123,900WCE for Impey


Please don't go finding a Dummy player in the Ruck, for that captain Loophole unless you have 2 premium players as your R1 & R2. Your Ruck is fine the way it is dont go ruining it, by slotting a Dummy in there.

bloody big dozer

def – Hodge, Mcveigh, Bartel, suckling pig, Webster and Mcdonald – INT – Clurey and Georgiou
mid – Pendlebury, Dangerfield, Murphy, Beams, Vince, Tyson, Polec and Dunstan – INT – Michie and Roberston
ruck – Lobbe and Sandi – INT – Thurlow and Currie
fwd – Martin, Roughy, Dixon, Parker, Caddy, Rohan – INT – Kertsen and Honeychurch

if sandi gets injured i can swap in Charlie Dixon for Thurlow.
there are a few rookies im worried about .eg. Kersten, Honeychurch, Georgiou, Thurlow and Currie

please give me some words of wisdom. Negative and postive


Move Danger fwd for Caddy, then Caddy for D.Thomas


Jacobs over Lobbe

bloody big dozer

ive swapped caddy for higgins and have 121 k left in the kitty


Vince to Daisy $220k spare, move Martin to mids turn him into YAAAAAABBBLLLEEETTTT!!!


oh i left out danger to fwd line


Off topic guys…. Just a quick one, Crouch or Ellis?




You're the bloke who was having a dig at someone for not posting something 100% relevant on Barron Von Crow's team reveal… and now you post a question on a "Show us your TEAM" article. Practice what you preach.


X.Ellis for sure Dee but then I have both LOL


Hey guys!

Any advice on my team would be appreciated highly.


– Mcveigh, Mitchell, Hanley, Swallow, Suckling, Mcdonald (Fuller, Georgiou)


– Pendlebury, Cotchin, Murphy, Beams, Shuey, Tyson, Polec, Dunstan (Michie, Crouch)


– Ryder, Sandilands (Currie, Thurlow)


– Dangerfield, Martin, Franklin, Higgins, Caddy, honeychurch (kennedy-harris, kersten)

Thanks for the feedback guys.

I’ve taken a punt on Higgins, swallow, caddy, Shuey, Ryder

What do you think?


D.Thomas for Caddy, or Shuey to Thomas Cotchin to Ablett


I'd go with that line-up John, I think you have a pretty good side. The only thing I would reconsider is your F6, maybe replace Honey for Blease or Rohan.


Thinking my team might be a bit too average !!!


Mcveigh Mitchell Simpson swallow suckling McDonald

Emg Langford georgiou


Ablett pendles cotchin beams shuey Tyson michie polec

Emg dunstan Ellis


McIntosh sandilands

Emg currie king


Danger Martin wright caddy Higgins Rohan

Emg jkh impey

Taking a risk on McIntosh Sandi and Higgins no Thomas risk in mids though.

Michael C.

Looks like a "set and forget" backline. Lots of Round 8 mids – could go Cotchin to JPK


Surely if he's named round one we have to pick impey?



SC Legend.



DEF: S Mitchell, P Hanley, G Ibbotson, H Taylor, M Suckling, L McDonald (T Langdon, A Georgiou)
MID: S Pendlebury, J McVeigh, B Deledio, D Beams, L Parker, D Thomas, V Michie, X Ellis (H Cunningham, M Crouch)
RUC: B McEvoy, A Sandilands (F Thurlow, T Nankervis)
FWD: P Dangerfield, D Martin, D Zorko, S Higgins, G Rohan, L Taylor (J Kennedy-Harris, M Honeychurch)

Michael C.

Quite different from the average team. Ibbotson will miss the first few weeks. Interesting mids! Not sure Taylor will play yet either.


Hey guys! My current team is

DEF: S Mitchell, M Hibberd(or p hanley), C Enright, M Suckling, J Webster, L McDonald (Langford, Georgiou)
MID: G Ablett, J Watson, T Cotchin, JPK, D Beams, L Shuey, V Michie, J Polec (Dunstan, M Crouch)
RUC: S Jacobs, A Sandilands (Currie, M King)
FWD: P Dangerfield, L Parker (or buddy), D Zorko, J Caddy, G Rohan, JKH (Z Merrett, J Impey)

any thoughts welcome, not certain on hibberd starting if not i'll go hanley, and parker vs buddy
58.5k left


Michael C.

No obvious issues, apart from HIbberd – just keep an eye out! I've gone Parker, as I think he will improve more than Buddy.


Def: J.McVeigh S.Mitchell C.Enright J.Webster L.McDonald B.Martin ( M.Fuller A.Georgiou )

Mid: G.Ablett T.Rockliff T.Cotchin D.Beams C.Masten J.Macrae D.Tyson J.Polec ( L.Dunstan M.Crouch )

Ruc: S.Jacobs A.Sandilands ( D.Currie F.Thurlow )

Fwd: P.Dangerfield D.Martin L.Parker J.Caddy S.Higgins G.Rohan ( S.Kersten J.Kennedy-Harris )

Salary Cap Remaining: $88,000

Michael C.

Well balanced. C.Masten J.Macrae B.Martin makes a nice pod.

Adrian Butler

Sam Mitchell
Pearce Hanley
David Swallow
Matt Suckling
Luke McDonald
Jeremy Laidler
Brodie Martin
A Georgiou

Gary Ablett
Scott Pendlebury
Jobe Watson
Trent Cotchin
Dayne Beams
Jared Polec
Xavier Ellis
Luke Dunstan
Anthony Morabito
Matt Crouch

Nic Natanui
Aaron Sandilands
Fraser Thurlow
Tom Nankervis

Patrick Dangerfield
Dustin Martin
Lance Franklin
Tom Mitchell
Gary Rohan
J Kennedy-Harris
Nathan Bock
Mitch Honeychurch

All feedback would be greatly appreciated

Michael C.

Gary Ablett, Scott Pendlebury, Trent Cotchin, Dayne Beams may be too many Round 8 byes. Morabito is enticing, but may be a few weeks away – better to get him on the bubble later.
Nic Nat is high risk/high reward – go for it!


Think you are about 123K over budget. Was wondering how you fit all those players in!

Adrian Butler

Actually got 21K in the bank


G'Day Jock!
Would love some feedback on my team
S. Mitchell
P. Hanley
C. Enright
D. Swallow
J. Webster
L. McDonald
T. Clurey
A. Georgiou
G. Ablett
S. Pendlebury
T. Liberatore
T. Cotchin
D. Beams
D. Thomas
J. Polec
L. Dunstan
M. Crouch
N. Robertson
T. Hickey
A. Sandilands
T. Derickx
F. Thurlow
P. Dangerfield
D. Martin
C. Dixon
J. Caddy
G. Rohan
S. Kersten
J. Kennedy-Harris
L. Impey
Have $59,000 in the kitty

Michael C.

Too many Round 8 mids + Danger & Martin! Especially as they are all keepers.


DEF: Mitchell, McVeigh, Hodge, M.Brown, Webster, Mcdonald (Clurey, Georgiou)
MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Liberatore, Beams, Aish, Polec, Ellis, Dunstan (Langdon, Robertson)
RUC: Minson, McEvoy (Currie, Naismith)
FWD: Dangerfield, Martin, Roughead, Caddy, Higgins, Fasolo (Kennedy-Harris, Close)


Took all of 45 to change it yet again *sigh*

DEF: Birchall, Houli, Malceski, Hurn, Webster, Mcdonald (Clurey, Georgiou)
MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Liberatore, Beams, Aish, Polec, Ellis, Dunstan (Langdon, Cunningham)
RUC: McEvoy, Sandilands (Currie, Wood)
FWD: Dangerfield, Martin, Roughead, Pavlich, Caddy, Higgins (Kennedy-Harris, Close)


Preferred the original myself. Maybe downgrade Minson to Sandi and then use the extra cash to upgrade one of Fasolo of M. Brown. Not too sure on your defence of the second team.


D: Mitchell, Simpson, Hurn, Grimes, Webster, McDonald (Langdon, Georgia)
M: Ablett, Pendles, Fyfe, Beams, Tyson, Michie, Polec, Ellis (Dunstan, Robertson)
R: Luey, Sandi (Thurlow, King)
F: Danger, Dusty, Walters, Pav, Caddy, Higgins (JKH, Kerstan)
Can't see any problems

Michael C.

Fyfe, Walters and Pav too many Dockers all in the forward line? Good pod if it works! Kersten probably not in for first few weeks.


Fyfe and Walters are gone now haha. Still looking for a good F8


DEF: S.Mitchell, P.Hanley, C.Enright, M.Suckling, J.Webster, L.McDonald. (M.Fuller, A.Georgiou)
MID: G.Ablett, T.Rockliff, T.Cotchin, M.Murphy, D.Beams, D.Thomas, J.Aish, J.Polec (L.Dunstan, M.Crouch)
RUC: T.Goldstein, A.Sandilands (F.Thurlow, T.Nankervis)
FWD: P.Dangerfield, D.Martin, T.Mitchell, J.Caddy, D.Garlett, J.Kennedy-Harris (L.Taylor, M.Honeychurch)

Michael C.

Garlett won't play. Taylor probably not either. Or Fuller. A few more options listed in other teams.

rolling thunder

Id take one out of your mids (taking byes into account) and chucking another up front. Garlett wont play much this year. Like how youve gone goldie. good move. im going minson but it just means one less trade because goldy and minson will both prob be the best rucks. nicnat may do ok but going with injured players mean you will end up having heartbreak (especially when nicnat is packing alot of extra weight in the groin region LOL). and like most others you will hope sandi travels interstate- otherwise there will be many donuts/wasted trades thanks to sandi.


Would love some criticism/ reviews of my team






Would love some feedback boys and girls


Hi buddy to me that team does not jel Fwd line is the best line with Hurn and Webster in Def I highly rate as choices I also like the X Ellis and Polic pick in Mids


team does not jel?? what do you mean?

Michael C.

Thompson a bit of a pod. In fact your backline is quite different from most. No obvious issues, but try to get Mitchell in if you can. He's right on the boil to start the season..



Def: P Hanley, T Mckenzie, S Hurn, M Suckling, L McDonald, J Laidler, (T Clurey, T Langdon)
Mid: G Ablett, S Pendlebury, J Watson, T Liberatore, D Beams, D Tyson, J Polec, L Dunstan, (H Cunningham, M Crouch)
Ruck: M Pyke, A Sandilands, (M King, P Mitchell)
Forward: P Dangerfield, D Martin, L Franklin, C Sylvia, J Caddy, G Rohan, (J Kennedy-Harris, B Johnson)

The Terminator

Im going to be frank here mate, your backline is looking really risky. I seriously think you need to put into bringing in a player like a Sam Mitchell or Jarrad McVeigh to give you some consistency in the backline. You could look at downgrading one of your players to help upgrade one of your defence players. Your Midfield looks really solid but I reckon this is where you can help get some cash. Your ruck is really good as well. For me C Sylvia is a real head scratcher and I think its honestly best to stay away from him and look like bringing in another player. Otherwise good team.


Cheers mate. I swapped Hurn for Bartel, Martin for Parker and Sylvia for Zorko.


Yeah I agree with the Terminator. Sammy Mitchell has been arguably the player of the preseason so that's why you see him listed on nearly every team here.

Sylvia hasn't really shown much at his new club yet so appears to be a smokey at best. So many other great choices for similar money such as Pav, Zorko, T.Mitchell, Parker, Gunston, JJK etc.

Like your pick of Pykey and Hurn has been in and out my team so don't be afraid to stick with him if you really like him.

Captain joc

Def: Mitchell,Hanley,d.swallow,suckling,McDonald,(cutler,fuller)
Mids: GAJ, libba, Watson,beams,Tyson,Michie,sheed,ellis(Dunstan,crouch)
Got a bye structure going but got a bit of money to upgrade somewhere depending on rookies named next week
Welcome to any critism

SC Legend.

Money better spent elsewhere with Sheed/Billings.


swap McVeigh to backs for Ibbo or Taylor use cash on Murphy. Parker to fwds try turn Lids to Ablett or Swan (SC Royalty)


Hi all, can i have your thoughts, Dont get a lot of AFL news where I am and am not sure about the rookies

Bartel, Mitchell, Shaw, Swallow, Spurr, McDonald, Fuller(will he play early), Georgiou (will he play early),
Ablett, Swan, Kennedy, Cross, Thomas, Martin, Kelly(Gws), Dunstan, Michie(will he play early), Morabito
(will he play early),
Mumford, Jacobs, Thurlow, Nankervis,
Dangerfield, Martin, Pavlich, Hogan(will he play early), Kersten(will he play early), Taylor (Bris)(will he play early), Sicily(will he play early), Honeychurch(will he play early),


Hogan, Kersten and Taylor are all injured so i would jump off them, i think there are better pick than Kelly (GWS) around that price, backline good but Spurr?? i havent heard much about him but otherwise good

SC Legend.

Fuller can go for someone like Langford/Langdon/Laidler. Hasn't featured predominantly in the NAB cup and may not crack Round one, or early in the season at all.
Georgiou should play if he is promoted from rookie.
Michie will play early, Morabito still awhile off playing a full game. Better options, EG.. DUNSTAN. Lock.

Your forward line needs some research with the rookies too. Eg Hogan, Kersten, Sicily, Honychurch.. OUT. (in my opinion)

Good luck, feel free to return the favor with my team πŸ™‚


Feedback would be appreciated!

DEF: Bartel, Mitchell, Everitt, Guthrie, Sucking, McDonald (Webster, Georgiou)
MID: Ablett, Fyfe, Beams, Vince, Thomas, Tyson, Polec, Ellis (Dunstan, Crouch)
RUC: Jacobs, Sandilands (Currie, Derickx)
FWD: Dangerfield, Martin, Mayne, Monfries, Caddy, Rohan (Kennedy-Harris, Impey)


Defence: I wouldn't start with Bartel as he will spend more time in the forward line and won't get as much of the footy as last year. Will be a good pick when his price decreases. Would go with C.Enright as he is the most consistent defender in Supercoach and $65,000 cheaper. A.Everitt and C.Guthrie are very very risky picks, I would recommend picking only 1 of them, swinging towards Everitt as I see C.Guthrie being used as a tagger.

Midfield: Solid but just feel you are missing 1 more premium midfielder like a (J.Kennedy, T.Cotchin, J.Watson).

Rucks: Solid wouldn't touch. S.Jacobs is a good POD.

Forwards: I don't see any value in having either C.Mayne or A.Monfries, they were good picks last year but at there prices I wouldn't touch. Could go for L.Franklin, L.Gunston, L.Breust etc.


Michael C.

Two midfield premo strategy – lots of room for growth, but low scoring to start, especially if Vince/Daisy don't come off.
Everitt, Guthrie also risky. COuld have Webster on the ground with another rookie on the bench and upgrade the other def.


Good to see everyones teams coming together!
Would love any thoughts on my team =)
Def: J McVeigh, S Mitchell, D Swallow, M Suckling, J Webster, L McDonald. (T Langdon, A Georgiou)
Mid: G Ablett, S Pendlebury, T Liberatore, D Beams, B Vince, D Tyson, V Michie, J Polec. (L Dunstan, M Crouch)
Rucks: M Lobbe, A Sandilands. (F Thurlow, T Nankervis)
Forward: P Dangerfield, D Martin, L Franklin, Luke Parker, S Higgins, G Rohan. (J Kennedy-Harris, J Impey)
Question Marks hanging over quite a few players like Lobbe's late form, Parker's Eye Injury and whether Langdon can get into the Collingwood Backline.
Any thoughts welcome.


Colledge, B $123,900WCE for Impey
J Webster, L McDonald. weak

Michael C.

G Ablett, S Pendlebury, D Beams, P Dangerfield, D Martin is a lot of Round 8 byes.


Defenders: Mitchell, Hanley, Enright, Webster, suckling, georgiou, Langdon, McDonald

Midfielders: Ablett, pendlebury, Murphy, beams, Macrae, Tyson, mitchie, Vince, polec, dunstan,

Rucks: Dixon, sandilands, thurlow, nankervis

Forwards: dangerfield, Martin, zorko, caddy, Higgins, Lloyd, Rohan, Kennedy-Harris

Michael C.

See comment on the team before.


Would like some feedback on My team:




Suckling pig













O Rourke









Kennedy Harris




I’ll probably Change some of the rookies prior to Thursdays line ups


Forgot to add fullier as my d8. Any feedback greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Hi Branks,
In addition to Garlett, fuller & honeychurch wont be starters either. M.Crouch and O'rourke are both good players but I think they'll start the season in the 2's.
IMO hold off on Swan until you see if the recent surgery has any effect on his output, if you can get Pendle instead you wont be going backwards.
Personally I'm not a fan of Buddy's prospects over the first 12 rounds I reckon he'll drop back to last years worst before he gets any better; he cost all of the Swans players 10% of their salary forever they hate him and wont help him until he has put everything on the line for the team. I'd look at Mitchell or Parker instead


Thanks for the advice Wombats FC!
You are definitely right about most of the rookies you discusssed above. I am likely going to replace O'Rourke with N. Robertson, Gartlett with Z. Merret, Fuller with Langdon or Langford and honeychurch with maybe S. Kersten if he is named round 1. That is also a very good point about Buddy, I will seriously consider downgrading him to either Parker, Mitchell, or even zorko. I disagree with you on both matt crouch and Swan though, as M. Crouch looked excellent in the NAB cup, although he lacks the tank do go consistently for 4 quarters. Swan has had surgery, yet he states that while his wrist will never be 100 percent, its the best its been since 2008.


How did Buddy cost the Swans 10% of their salary cap? The Swans traded Buddy in so the Swans cost themselves 10% of the salary cap forever. Swans offered the money and Buddy took it. Most ridiculous trade ever.

Michael C.

Garlett gone – won't play. Also lots of high prices Round 8s.


How much do you all think one should keep in reserve coming into round 1?

SC Legend.

As much and as little as you can, generally not over 50-100k. Spend as much as you are happy and content with your team.
If you have 300k left in the kitty it just means you have to use it to upgrade a player later in the season and burn a trade, which you could do now for nothing!


SO many teams are stacking their midfields down to M6 with thomas, vince, savage etc. Its rather daunting to look at sometimes as im using the mids to generate cash. Worried I may fall too far behind, but i think alot of people are picking too many speculative picks in the forward line to pay for it. Also see a lot of weak rookies at D6-7 and F6-7 to pay for these midfielders. I guess im hoping that you are all overestimating your cash generation abilities.
I see many players having to waste sideways trades on 400k-500k players and also underwhelming rookies early in the season. This is where i hope to make up the difference.

SC Legend.

Lots of Midfield cash cow rookies in the midfield! I'm with you Shane!
But, one Thomas/Vince/Savage wouldn't hurt in the midfield. They definitely have great scoring capabilties.


G'day mate, cant help but feel ppl are still trying to stick to previous years structures. We have so very little to choose from in def and fwd, they are all so expensive, and so are the ones we have to downgrade too. I think I can build a better team than most players, but will it be too late? lol. I currently have VINCE at M4 and TYSON at M5, vince is my hope to give me 110-120 for a few weeks and become a round 8 bye player who has fallen. But after that its all about cash gen!


The first month may be hard, but while they are making sideways trades to generate cash, im hoping for 1 downgrade, 1 upgrade, should be able to creep up on them.


It's good strategy to follow for league wins as you should be a real powerhouse by time the SC Finals roll around.

You may find it difficult to finish top 1000 though as a lot of these speculative picks will come off so you may find it tough to catch the early bolters in the overall rankings race.


That is not true. I think you misunderstand trading strategy. First of all noone makes sideways trades so that statement is incorrect. Only for injuries. Secondly it will be longer than 1 month where it will be hard for you. Why would anyone trade in the first month? Rookies need 6-7 weeks to increase in value.

And you also say "but while they are making sideways trades to generate cash"- how does making sideways trades generate cash?

And you also mentioned earlier you see many players wasting trades due to underwhelming rookies- what makes you think you wont be choosing those underwhelming rookies?

Rookies will generate cash regardless- and all they need to avge is around 60 pts. It just means it will take an extra week or 2 to go up. But there are heaps of rookies on all lines who will easily avge 60 points.

And you must remember that the mids arent the only position that generates cash BUT they are the only players to avge huge scores from day one.


Shane, it all depends what your goal is when playing SC. With your strategy you wont finish in the top 5000 IMO.
The only way your strategy has a chance of finishing in the top 5000 is if all your Rookies end up scoring like premiums which would be like winning the lotto because this year is so much harder to select quality rookies compared to the past 2 years.


pretty happy with my lineup,probably have

1 or 2 too many prems in rnd 8 bye but trying

for score output and will try and trade accordingly


S.Mitchell Hanley Swallow Webster

McDonald Langford (Langdon Georgiou)


GAJ Pendles Libba Fyfe Beams Daisy

X.Ellis Polec (Michie Dunstan)


Lobbe Sandi (Thurlow Nankervis)


Danger Dusty Zorko J.Cameron

Higgins Rohan (McDonough JKH)

$9,900 in the kitty

SC Legend.

Solid defence, but will one of Langford/Langdon/Georgiou be playing every week? I hope so!

Really strong midfield.

" " ruck πŸ˜‰

Camerons a nice POD but will he get enough of the pill week in, week out? McDonough is a nice POD rookie, has showed lots in the NAB.

Check out my team and return the favor!


cheers SCLegend,really,all my rookie priced are up in the air right up until
team selections. Cameron is a bit risky but get the feeling his aerobic capacity
and the fact he has a bit of c$&t about him will see him win a bit more of his own footy,
and lastly,the team should improve as a whole which in turn will help cammo increase
his disposal avg. Well,I’m hoping anyway!


Hello Community, really unsure this year so be honest!!

Backs: S.Mitchell, Hanley, Swallow, Suckling, S.Shaw, McDonald. Bench: Georgiu and Cutler

Mids: Ablett, Pendles, Libba, Beams, Shiels, Michie, Polec, Ellis. Bench: Dunsten and M. Crouch

Rucks: Sandi and Jacobs. Bench: Thurlow and Nankervis

Forwards: Danger, Dusty, T. Mitchell, Gray, Caddy, Higgins. Bench Kennedy-Harris and Rohan

I know the ruck risk with sandi

SC Legend.

Looks like a solid team Haydn, not too sure about Gray? Nice POD but I think the money could be spent better elsewhere! The forward looks almost too loaded. Maybe upgrade Michie to Tyson in the midfield and downgrade Gray?
Cheers, give my team some tips if you'd like to return the favor! πŸ™‚


Hi there, as we set up our supercoach teams can someone explain the week one and two split round to me. In particular, when the first game starts do we start to burn our trades and only have the 2 trades for the round. If this is the case it will make it hard to pick the best side possible not knowing the teams in the second week of the first round.

Thoughts, strategy recommendations please?


Jerry, you're free to make as many swaps as you need to up until round 2. However, say for Friday nights collingwood v freo game, you'll need to have any players from those teams locked away in your side. As such, you won't be able to swap any collingwood or freo players into your team until round 1 is complete

SC Legend.

Hello community, looking forward to a solid 2014 SC season after an extensive pre-season. I'm proud to say, I have put in even more hours as previous seasons!
I would, however, like some opinions on how the team is looking or advice:
Mitchell, Hanley, Enright, Suckling, McDonald, Laidler (Langford, Georgiou).

The plan here is to get McVeigh and Bartel in when they drop in price, 570k is a bit on the expensive side!

Ablett, Watson, Liberatore, Cotchin, Beams, Thomas, X.Ellis, Dunstan (Polec, Crouch).

Pretty happy with the midfield, sort of leaning towards Vince and Tyson getting in there somewhere, any ideas?

Leunberger, Sandilands (Thurlow, Nankveris)

Dangerfield, Martin, Franklin, Wright, Rohan, Kennedy-Harris (Merret, Impey).

I'm happy to take the punt on Wright at the moment and overall, I am generally reluctant in spending less cash in the forward/ruck as it is generally more inconsistent. I'll wait and see who performs throughout the season!

So, community, any opinions or better plans?
Wright? Vince? Tyson?

SC Legend.

Higgins (FWD) and Tyson (MID)
Wright (FWD) and Crouch (MID)?


Think maybe little light in forward line, risky starting both Rohan and JKH

SC Legend.

Thomas (MID) and Merret (FWD)
out for,
Tyson (MID) and Higgins (FWD)?

Would that look better?

SC Legend.

Mitchell, Hanley, Enright, Suckling, McDonald, Laidler (Langford, Georgiou).

Ablett, Watson, Liberatore, Cotchin, Beams, Tyson, X.Ellis, Dunstan (Polec, Crouch).

Leunberger, Sandilands (Thurlow, Nankveris)

Dangerfield, Martin, Franklin, Wright, Higgins, Rohan, (Kennedy-Harris, Impey).



That's looking good SCL.

Leuey will be a nice POD for you.


Is Griffin carrying an injury? Whats the situation with him?


Griffen has been carrying a back injury through the pre-season


Accepting any criticism on my team

B: McVeigh, Mitchell, Hanley, Webster, Martin, Laidler (McDonald, Langford)
M: Ablett, Rockliff, Jack, Cotchin, Beams, Shuey, Michie, Polec (Dunstan, Crouch)
R: Jacobs, Sandilands (Derickx, Thurlow)
F: Dangerfield, JJK, Parker, Lamb, Rohan, JKH (Merrett, L McCarthy)


-Not sure if JJK can replicate last year
-Laidler wont get games
-FWD rookies not so sure on

-Lamb is gun, will be great value, good pick
-Enjoy your 400 points a week from McVeigh, Mitchell and Hanley haha
-Strong Mids, Rockliff, Jack and Shuey great PODs
-No Dusty could be great, but could also screw you haha, might be worth swapping JJK to Monfries to give you some consistent points


that was a quick reply, i wasnt expecting one so quick. JJK i have chosen because of good early draw might upgrade if makes cash, Laidler should play because Alex Johnson is still injured. I wanted to start without any first year rookies on ground but havent been able to do that with JKH but meh BRING ON ROUND ONE!!


I still think Shaw/Nick Smith/Rampe are first in line, with Rampe to get pushed out when AJ gets back, with Laidler still missing out. Anyway, thats my 2 cents.
Fair point with JJK, just an awkward price at this point however definitely a high risk/high reward!
I think I'm with you praying they name a bounty of forward rookies for round 1!


good point there Cameron23098087 about Shaw/Smith and Rampe that may cause me to rethink it all but i cant see many other good def rookies out there because Fuller didnt play NAB and im unsure about Langdon and Cutler


Yep, thats exactly right, forced me to stretch my cash across the defenders, leaving me with: McVeigh, Grimes, Suckling, Shaw, Webster, McDonald (Georgiou/Cutler)

Rookie defenders are so desolate, will chop and change when teams get named, good luck with finding some!


if anyone wants to join a league the code is 293354


Hey guys i have just made another league that you can join but i will delist you from my other league the code is 791877. Sorry the coaches of Blackducks and Pinch 'n' Roll


Checkout my team, different structure but have a different strategy to win my league

Def: Mitchell, Dunn, suckling, McDonald, Langford, Langdon (Cameron, Georgio)
Mid: ablett, pendlebury, swan, Goddard, prestia, beams, treloar, Vince ( crouch, Robertson)
Ruck: lobbe, sandilands ( derickx, currie)
Fwd: danger field, Martin, caddy, b.kennedy, rohan, McDonough (Kennedy-Harris, Z Merrett)

Let the abuse begin haha


Simply put, too many midpricers. You should probably choose only one of Vince/trelor/prest, snd personally I don’t understand the selection of Dunn. Really like.your bench rookie picks though, Robertson, McDonough and merret are good Pod rookies.

SC Legend.

WORST TEAM I'VE EVER SEEN (There's your abuse)
And, seriously, Dunn, Goddard, Treloar, B.Kennedy, the door is that way. Better options available James.


A different looking team is exciting! I'd look at dropping one of Vince/treloar for one of the popular rookies so you have a bit more cash generation coming through. Someone a bit more reliable than Dunn for your D2


Just think you are missing out on the best cash cow rookies by loading up in the middle.

As result your back line is looking very brittle and you're counting on perhaps too many rookies with iffy JS to stave off donuts or generate decent cash in that area.

It's certainly a different strategy I'll give you that. πŸ™‚


I like how this team is different!
Yes I agree with the other responses – put on a polec or ellis in mid, and use the cash to grab a webster or shaw in def.
However if you are confident that those rookies will play, and that those midpricers will become guns, stick by your research!


Reid for Dunn


Team is still a WIP. Got $159K in the war chest. Happy to upgrade but don’t want to spend every penny before round 1.


Hanley, Pearce (MID) $516200 (BRL)

Swallow, David (MID) $429400 (GCS)

Suckling, Matt $312200 (HAW)

Webster, Jimmy $240800 (STK)

McDonald, Luke (MID) $182300 (NTH)

Langford, Will $123900 (HAW)

Langdon, Tom (MID) $117300 (COL)

Georgiou, Alexis $102400 (MEL)


Ablett, Gary $695000 (GCS)

Griffen, Ryan $627600 (WBD)

Dangerfield, Patrick (FWD) $609000 (ADE)

Mitchell, Sam (DEF) $562000 (HAW)

Martin, Dustin (FWD) $549200 (RIC)

Beams, Dayne $497200 (COL)

Michie, Viv $172600 (MEL)

Polec, Jared $172600 (PTA)

Crouch, Matt $117300 (ADE)

Dunstan, Luke $132300 (STK)


Minson, Will $616600 (WBD)

Hickey, Tom $313300 (STK)

Sandilands, Aaron $310700 (FRE)

Derickx, Tom $123900 (SYD)


Wingard, Chad (MID) $531800 (PTA)

Dixon, Charlie (RUC) $487900 (GCS)

Pavlich, Matthew $437500 (FRE)

Caddy, Josh (MID) $325300 (GEE)

Rohan, Gary $176200 (SYD)

Bourke, Jordan $123900 (BRL)

Merrett, Zac $117300 (ESS)

Honeychurch, Mitch (MID) $117300 (WBD)

SC Legend.

Too weak of the defence, invest in a Mitchell/McVeigh.

Probably one too many premiums in the midfield, downgrade one of them to a midpricer or rookie,.. Tyson?

Sandilands too expensive to sit on the bench, good bye Hickey.

No Dangerfield in the forward line? Is he not going to be one of the top six scoring forwards for the season? Lock him in and throw away the key for the whole season.

SC Legend.

Feel free to return the favor.


Agree with this. Possible look at downgrading Griffen – given his limited preseason due to back injury, I would not be expecting him to produce the kind of scores early in the season to justify his price – we saw what a back injury did to Hawkins last year! This should free up some cash to invest in an extra premo in the forward line.

Also interesting with Dusty and Danger in the midfield. The midfield seems to me to have better rookies than the forward line, so I would look at swapping one or both of them for rookies in your forward line to increase potential cash generation and scoring potential from rookies.

That said, I would not swap all of Griffo, Danger and Martin – that would leave you too light on in the mid.


Very interesting how you have gone with DPP premiums in mid, I'd be interested to know your strategy here, since it seems the fwd and def lines will be inconsistent.

SC Legend.

Feel free to return the favor!

SC Legend

this team is Rubbish

SC Legend.

Copying my username mate? HAhaha, good one.
I've clearly got a full stop πŸ˜‰


only new at this so after reading all the advice this is what i came up with and feel free to pick it apart

DEF McVeigh Mitchell Hibberd Hanley Webster McDonald (Clurey Georgiou)

MIDS Ablett Pendlebury Liberatore Priddis Beams Michie Polec Dunstan (Cunningham Crouch()

RUCKS Jacobs Sandilands (Derickx Thurlow)

FWDS Dangerfield Rioli Pavlich Caddy Rohan McDonough (Z.Merrett JHK)

any feedback would be welcomed


i think you have picked very well
Just a couple of things Hibberd is injured so may not play rd1 and Rioli is suspended for rd1 as well but otherwise a very good team


cheers James will look into Hibberd and was prepared to wait a week for Rioli without wasting a trade but will check that also


Hey guys. Been quite settled on this team for awhile, but Lobbe's form has me worried. Here it is…

$ 4, 400 remaining.

DEF: Sam Mitchell, Shannon Hurn, David Swallow, Matt Suckling, Luke McDonald, Tom Langdon (Tom Cutler, Alex Georgiou)

MID: Gary Ablett, Scott Pendlebury, Jobe Watson, Marc Murphy, Dayne Beams, Dale Thomas, Jarad Polec, Luke Dunstan (Matt Crouch, Nick Robertson)

RUC: Matthew Lobbe, Aaron Sandilands (Fraser Thurlow, Max King)

FWD: Patrick Dangerfield, Dustin Martin, Lance Franklin, Matthew Pavlich, Jack Darling, Jay Kennedy-Harris (Jarman Impey, Zac Merrett)

Go The Power

If Lobbe has you worried, you could put in someone like a brodie grundy and free up some cash.


Backs: Mitchell, Hanley, Enright, Suckling, McDonald, Langford (Cutler, Georgiou)
Mids: Ablett, Jack, Liberatore, Beams, Thomas, Polec, Sheed, Ellis (Dunstan, M Crouch)
Rucks: Goldstein, Sandilands (Naismith, Thurlow)
Fowards: Dangerfield, Martin, Dixon, Parker, Caddy, Hunter (Kennedy-Harris, Honeychurch)

Any advise/comments much appreciated

Bolton Pies

G'day community!…..

Any criticism, thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated, this is my second draft and hoping its looking better!

DEF: S. Mitchell, L. Hodge, P. Hanley, D. Swallow, J. Webster, J. Laidler, (A. Georgiou, M. Fuller)
MID: G. Ablett, J. Selwood, D. Beams, L. Shuey, T. Mitchell, D. Thomas, D. Sheed, L. Dunstan,
M. Crouch, L. Taylor)
RUCKS: M. Lobbe, A. Sandilands (F. Thurlow, T. Nankervis)
FOR: P. Dangerfield, D. Martin, L. Parker, M. Pavlich, G. Rohan, J. Kennedy-Harris, (M. Honeychurch, D. Markworth)

$77,500 left in the kitty.

"Out Pick, Out Play, Out Score"


A survivor man like me. Hope you are enjoying season 28.

Only suggestion I'd make is to somehow switch Mitchell to the forward line as you really don't want him taking up a valuable midfield spot in my view.

Bolton Pies

lol…..not a big fan of survivor any more……not for a long time…….too many professional "contestants" on it these days! but i do love the tagline!

"somehow switch Mitchell"……makes sense, but at whos expense forward and who to drop into that mid place is the problem though SCaddict……has me scratching my head a little

Bolton Pies

I know its staring me in the face, but i've been at this for a couple of hours now so its probably hiding in plain sight!!


What if, you take out Pav, put Mitchell up fwd and then grab yourself a nice mid who you know can outscore him.


Sorry but you're going to have to make that call on your own BP.

Only saying keep that in mind as you rejig your team like the rest of us in the lead up to Rd1. If you can't fit him up forward so be it.

Bolton Pies

LOL! Just thinking out load really SC………Im starting to think that IF Mitchell in the mid is my only problem then maybe for the time being its not really that big of a deal at this stage, and wait to see what unfolds in the first couple of weeks.