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Jock Reynolds - The Father of Fantasy

My beloved community.

I present to you JR Brumby FC as it stands heading into a weekend of critical practice matches.

JR Image 1

JR Image 2


Too many poor bastards are getting sucked into dodgy midpriced rubbish. I’ve extracted my value instead from the second tier of proven premiums who are undervalued. Jacobs, Dal Santo, Murphy, Beams, Shuey, Vince, Franklin, Enright. These blokes hold the key to my season.


If you’re worth over 300K – you need to be worthy of holding your spot in my team all season. Look at the winners over the last few years. Johnny Bruyn had 13 players he carried through the whole season last year, so did the winner in 2012. I’m going in with 16 $300K+ players and I believe every one of them is likely to provide premium output.


Just couldn’t find a spot for him structurally and to be frank I’m tickled pink that I don’t have to barrack for the bloke. Bernie Vince’s preseason , the cattle he’s surrounded by, his role, and the fact he’s under Paul Roos has taken Dale’s position and I love him for it. This is a significant point of difference and I have a very good feeling I’ll be pleased I went this way after the first few rounds. Beware Dale’s ankle – I’m telling you its stuffed.


Happy enough with my bye situation. I’ll take a bit of medicine round 8 missing 5 premiums, but that’s fine. Never let these byes dictate who you select too much, the worst thing you can do to your team is make it a victim of “outsmarting yourself” syndrome and trying to structure around byes can be very bloody dangerous. Remember – a hell of a lot of water passes under the bridge in the first 8 rounds anyway so your bye avoidance plans could well go to buggery by round 8 anyway.


I don’t feel as if I’ve rolled the dice with this team unnecessarily. I still consider Sandiballs a significant risk – in the likely event that he is injured before his price jumps he could be a very awkward proposition to replace. Can’t leave him out though. I feel better without having to look at bloody Daisy Thomas in the guts – yes he very well could come off but I’m not convinced he’ll do as much as some anticipate even if his ankle holds up. I’m bloody confident on Webster and with his place in St Kilda’s best 22. I’ll look to upgrade him midseason. Caddy I feel safe with now, still not convinced he’ll provide enough to avoid being upgraded later in the season but I’m convinced he’ll earn his keep and make a bit of cash on the way.

There it is community. What do you reckon?


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Blown away Jock! Love the mid price mids structure! Key to success this year in my opinion!


to right skippa it's the only way


Solid stuff there Chief!
As you point out, the faith you place in your second tier premos will make or break you.
For me your biggest second tier risk sits with Vince and Shuey.
Don't see Vince as a top 10 mid by yr end, could make you $100K tho. This POD will define you!
Shuey will need to share points around with Prid, Selw, Masten plus emerging Ellis and Hutchings.

Everyone riding the gut-wrentching Sandi-roller coaster. Risk not just from injury but also getting swept up in "Lyon-management". Would expect early game time with Griff/Clarke not 100%.

Hope ur right on Webster, if anyone knows where he's at, it would be you son.

Overall, not anywhere near as "balls to the wall" as higgo.

In any case, you gotta roll the dice somewhere if you wanna give this thing a shake!

Good Luck, on the 'coaster!


9.988M of your salary used Jock, Didn't see it valuable to keep a bit in the bank?


My own opinion Dean is that cash reserves are a far less important consideration than picking your best team.

Believe me you will generate plenty of cash once you start ditching injured or under-performing mid pricers and premiums for break out rookies. It happens every year no matter how well you plan your starting team.


I like it Jock. It's a very nice looking team. Love the Vince pick. Wish I could pick him but he doesn't fit into the structure I've gone with to start with. My defence is looking very similar. The only pick I don't like is Buddy, but it's certainly not a risky selection. It's sooooooo much better than Higgo's team. Not sure what he was thinking really!!


Just can't let that Buddy bashing go hey Sarah ha ha!

What will you do if he racks up 25 possessions and kicks a bag tomorrow?


And what will you do if his next performance is like his NAB cup game?


Personally I'm hoping that's the case so more Buddy critics and haters jump off.

Last thing I need is for Buddy to explode tomorrow, as Sandi did last week, and then every bugger and their doggy to jump back on.

May not reach the heights of 2011 and 2012 ever again but still definitely underpriced for mind.


His worth the look given the price, but there's no point having someone who is going to score 40-90.
Personally, i'd go with Tom Mitchell over Buddy.


I agree buddy is a waste of space, too many crap games and hardly takes a mark for a power forward that isn't good enough. He burned me bad last year and I am definitely not having him this year!!


Tom Mitchell or Luke Parker are better options then Buddy.
Buddy's only highly picked because of his popularity.


Missing out on some good rookies in the middle, and for mine I don't see Vince or Dal Santo being keepers, unless you want to keep players averaging just around the ton in your midfield the entire year. I'm hoping that anyone who goes near Caddy gets burnt, especially since the only thing to do if he fails is to downgrade him back to a rookie.


Love your Shuey and no Daisey & suckling selections! been all over Shuey all preseason! also agree with your ruck structure in terms of not having a 300k back up for Sandi on your bench! Love your work.

John In Brunny

Are you happy with your bench ruck stocks? Is Currie gonna play? With Sandilands – you really need a reliable back up… thoughts?


I'm concerned with that too. Playing Sandi R2 would mean you really have to go with Dixon in the forward line so you can swap him with Thurlow when Sandi goes down i would have thought. Lyon will rest him as well because he's so important to Freo late in the year.


I think Dirk it's a risk many of us are just going to have to take even though we are not exactly thrilled by the idea.

The main alternatives are:
a) not to start with Sandi and potentially miss out on perhaps $200K and maybe elite R2 output; or
b) have a $300K plus R3 backup sitting largely idle on your bench most weeks; or
c) have Hale or Dixon in your forward line who have proven to a bit up and down when there are so many fantastic forward options in the $400K to $500K bracket this season. Dixon has also missed a fair bit of footy himself.

All these options have their own risks and shortcomings too. Hopefully either Currie or Thurlow (if upgraded) plays Rd1 which will relieve our anxiety a little there.


option c) appeals with big Charlie as a DPP in the fwd line and with hopefully Thurlow getting early games. You need to take a risk occasionally and Dixon with his ankle is certainly that. Looked good last week with his attack on the footy and 4 goals against the pies. Will also rove his own rucking in the forward line as usual. It's caused me sleepless nights though.


hi jock.

nice line-up as would be expected from someone so esteemed as you.

question on Vince I have been grappling with…..what is the likelihood of Vince copping a tag and what is his track record dealing with said tag?


Good team Jock, surprised no Viv Michie though, but I really like the team.


Think it's a truly super team Jock though I do have a quite few differences there, but that's all a matter of preference and opinion. I also have 16 x $300K plus players coincidentally.

Wowee Vince is bit of a surprise. He's been very impressive in the pre-season and looks likely he'll get plenty of the pill in the new system. I considered him seriously too but decided to go with the cheaper Tyson and Michie options.

Really like Sauce as your R1 and have him locked down there myself. A man on a mission as I see it.

A fantastic backline you have assembled there. Glad to see you are a believer in Macca as your D1. He's been a lock for me since his finals series last year. A real late bloomer.

Albeit for little ole me to grade the Father of Fantasy's side but would mark it a very solid A and would be more than happy to field this team myself.




Sam Jacobs, RUCK


im running the same ruck combo so that makes me feel better about my selection. its a good theory and im also not on the suckling train like the masses.

Whats your back up plan for kersten if he doesn't get a run?


I think supercoach has crashed.


Tried login in my samsung phone, ipad and laptop cant login.


jocks team has broken supercoach.


I think so too MarcuJ. that was weird for about a 4 hours I couldn't login.
But its all good now, yet not so good for my SCTeam more headaches, I gues that 4 hours of not able to login was a sign of "Get it a bloody rest already" haha


No Suckling pig? Very surprised to see that.

Chris T

Jock I like your team and your theory behind it. But my worry for you is only small. I doubt Kersten will play much at least in the first 8 weeks and Fuller has not shown sign he will play early and I doubt honeychurch will either. All three however could be good downgrade targets later. I just worry for your back up.


I like it Jock. Your "value from the second tier" philosophy is a good one. That said though, I think you've left yourself a lot to do in the middle. Out of your mids I only see Ablett and Beams being top 10 end of the year. I'd look at dropping one of those 500k defenders and picking up someone like Cotchin or Fyfe or Rocky


I'm with you and will be going in with a thinner backline spend and a couple more proven elite mids myself.

But I can respect Jock's strategy and NDS, Smurf, Beams, Shuey and Vince should prove to be a very solid midfield core for JR Brumby FC.


Jock, go with daisy, his ankle is solid you got 30 trades. Has had better pre season than buddy and Mick will get best out of him. Go for Dom Tyson under Roos they got him specifically for mid. Dal Santo best behind him, upgrade him to a VC loop in Pendles, Swan, Watson, or Cotch. For similiar value go Rockliff who will be ball magnet in the 600 + possie range this year. Trim that extra mid for $$ to upgrade Sauce to Nic Nat, Leuy or Cox, or downgrade to Hickey, Hmac (if named with Blicavs rnd 1) or Grundy who will improve on his 21 hit outs and gets possies around ground. You gotta get off the Shuey train matey, wait till he can show consistency


You need to have more depth up fwd instead of Kirsten, Honeychurch who wont play early best 22, try Ben Kennedy, Nahas, Hogan, Higgins will all get massive opportunity through to rnd 8. From what i read on Crouch adelaides midfield is hotly contested, might not start early in season. Should make room in ya guts for more cows by culling mid pricer for $$ to strengthen fwd line. Ben Kennedy especially has had big pre season and Bucks loves him, will get some midfield rotation at times will score 70-90 range improving on his 19disp avg with more time on ground


Actually answering my own posts here. I take it back if Shuey and Dal Santo can get back to their best undervalued. But same goes for Daisy. If he can hit 600+ possies again then he is in Dal Santo ball park. Still think you need $$ from somewhere to strengthen fwd line. Prob sauce down??


Agree with you on Daisy and a very likely starter in my team unless something untoward happens in the next 10 days.

But I can't dispute Jock's assertion that there is a decent element of risk there. Could end up being one of the picks of the season though and one I'm personally willing to roll the dice on.


My whole philosophy is risk this year, i had a good year last year 465th overall that im happy to get rolled this year if thats whats meant to happen. By risk i mean fallen premiums proven scorers offering value. I see it as a "risk".Where as trying to find or get a ride on a break out year/player I consider to be more "chance" than risk. I do like Jocks side the more i look at it. I just think little light fwd line/need more flexability. Daisy gives you that cash to thicken fwd line.


'Good call' The Saltshaker. I also worry that Matt Crouch is unlikely to get too much time this year as you note – there are about 15 guys on the Crows list who've been there for a lot longer who are fighting for midfield spots. I'm looking at other rookies.


… although having said that, Richard Douglas' "knock" seems more serious than first thought … perhaps Matt Crouch has moved up the list as a midfield contender?


I know I must be on the right path to SC Glory when 26 of the 30 are the same as yours Jock
I've gone Elliot Yeo instead of McVeigh in Def
Midfield two diferances you went Polec I went J. O'Rourke (GWS) You left out Dependleberry He made it to the KrakenKats
McEvoy still in and after the dominant display last NAB by Sandilands he is my R2 I just can't bring myself to select Jacobs he burnt me bad last year – If Dog dog shows me something in trial game I might nudge McEvoy out
I went Parker over Franklin – Woeful performance last game but he is proven premium as you say so he is a watch and see.. Love your reasoning behind Vince selection mate nice plum's !!!
I know my team will change again it always does
Great stuff buddy


Hey Dools I think O'Rourke could be a good downgrade target at some point during the season but he hasn't played a single NAB game yet and hasn't been named for tonight's game either.

So I would scratch him from your starting team as there are heaps of other good midfield rookies to pick from.

Can understand your stance on Sauce and if I was going to pick anyone else for R1 it would probably be Big Boy McEvoy too.

Yes I would hold fast on Pendles if you really like him. Though a number of us including Jock, Higgo and myself probably won't be picking him in our starting teams there's absolutely no question he's one of the most consistent elite scorers in fantasy history. It's all just a matter of WHEN you select him.


I think if youre gonna spend that much on Sauce you might as well go Nic Nat or Leuy. Or down Grundy, Hmac or Hicky. I think Cox still offers a lot can play footy, knows the craft so well (for those spending big in ruck)


Big Cox is certainly an ageless wonder who again could have another ripping season. Hasn't missed a game in 4 years too.

But father time does catch up with everyone eventually and it's just not that easy to shell out nearly $600K for a big man that will turn 33 later this year. He costs more than Cotch does!

For me Sauce could be a waiting move until the eilte ruck picture becomes a little clearer mid season. During that time hopefully he can appreciate a little in value and generate premium output whilst he does it. Also like his draw up to the Crows Rd8 bye.


Tasty Dools! I'm going back and forth on McE and Sauce. But mirrored Keyboard with Parker over Buddy. Have him with Pav and Caddy. Not 100% but getting there my man.


Scaddict, 'Salt & TF . Woww I can't beleive my team wasso close to the Master's so I need a POD , I drop Shuey and Dal and go with what Keyboard and next G are screaming for Rockliff but at Just shy of 600K in a team that will stay in the same posi Hard real Hard….Hmmm and then there is Wingard only 530K only to hear that Daisey played really well in Def for Blues God damn it…Just when I think I nailed Glory it all crumbles to dust and the seaon has not even started… I'm off to the bloody fridge…Thougts of X. Ellis still reverbing and Polic Aghhh……….Ahh Carlton Draught I'm on the way…..Right you lot out Shuey in X.Ellis and out O'Rourke In Patrick Cripps


Hawkins or caddy, which will have the better everage by round 8.


hawkins just… thinking hawkins 80 caddy 70


Im starting to think the same I have caddy but think I should change.


good idea.. don't get me wrong Caddy can play footy but he's DE is low, probably more suited to AFLFantasy but i wouldn't recommend playing that lol no skill needed to play that game 😉


My pick would be Caddy. Looks like he is ready to step up to the next level. Though I wasn't huge on him before, his excellent preseason and the way the Cats are using him now has meant he's forced his way into my team as an F6.

Though Tomahawk is flying right now just how will that back feel after he's played 5 or 6 games of gruelling footy? Back issues are often tough to overcome and can sometimes linger with a player on and off for the rest of their career. Hopefully that is not the case however.


Agreed, Caddy will get midfield time this year. Chris Scott wants him in there at times. Can always trade at rnd 3 if you back wrong one. Really you could be getting better value in other lines. Increased midfield time is the expectation as to why Caddys pick. On that reasoning you should get on Dom Tyson who was recruited for that reason, will spend more time than caddy in midfield. Higgins, Ben Kennedy, Nahas could get you similiar scores for some cash in hand if its to fill your fwd line. Jack Martin will get more mid time than Caddy. Anthony Miles if gets elevated and run in the mids will find more of it than Caddy. Ryce Shaw, Suckling, Shane Savage could all get you better scores. For little bit more Jeremy Cameron is a known goal kicker.


I think Hawkins will because he was moving very well last night at the practice match and made a few good contests… but the main thing is that HE WAS MOVING REALLY WELL. the back must be good.


Hawkins Sh1t


Well done, Jock. Like the Big Sauce and Vince picks.

Wondering who your backup is if Kersten doesn't get the nod round 1? F6 has been a headache for me for this reason.


I see McDonough had another solid game for your Tiges today with 22 touches. Surely has to be in the conversation for Rd1 contention now.

Who are your latest front 6 TF?


Hey SCaddict. Right now it's Danger, Martin, JJK, Parker, Pav and Caddy.

Didn't feel comfortable slotting in Rohan at F6. Feel he's going to be a slow rise to get the cash in value. May change mind and do McDonough (ripped it up against Dons) and use the extra cash to upgrade a mid rook to Shuey. Not sure. Like the feel of this at the moment.

How you looking in your front line, my man?


Wow man really burning the midnight oil there. Wasn't expecting a reply til tomorrow.

I'm very settled on all the other lines now and will likely only make a tweak here or there depending on the Rd1 rookie situation. The forward line is still very much a changing beast.

I have Dusty, Buddy, JJK, Mitchell, Wright and Caddy. Dusty and Buddy are the only locks for me but feeling fairly comfortable with Caddy and Titch.

Could change my mind on JJK or Wrighty depending on rookies named on team sheets over the next fortnight.


Ha! Well I woke up to watch the second half of the GWS-Crows game. Wanted to check out a couple players…Brodie Martin may be a savior in the back line!

Very nice forward line. JJK is getting lock-ish the more I've let him settle in. I'm about 75% dialed in with the rest. Right now like you just working variations based on possible rooks named for R1. Trying to take as much guessing out, especially given the split round.

Going to close the laptop now. More sleep now, less crankiness at work tomorrow.


Didn't realise they were showing any of the NAB 3 games on AFL Live to international subscribers. You have bit of a competitive advantage over the rest of us then. Are they showing all 9 games or just a few of them and is there any commentary?


Ha, no advantage, although us int'l should get that crumb given the times we have to watch the games during the season.

GWS streamed it live on their website (or rather YouTube). So no advantage. Had a single female commentator. Seemed to know all the Giants players and few of the Crows during the play.


Ah ok makes sense now.

Do you ever get any quality sleep? You are just a fantasy football machine! Jock would be proud!


There was also coverage on the North game on NMFC's website. Good stuff!


How did your boys look, Shinboner?


I'm considering young Mitch Brown Geelong but at 260K Hard only leaves 100K odd in the vault for changes. but with Def and Fwd attack he could be an absolute steal, due to injury woes at the Cattery Hmmmm. Time for another beer..I love research Hahahah


Great team Jock!!! Love it, but have to say Vince is no longer going to be PoD!! 🙁 I have him locked and loaded from last week or so, but seeing him in your side I have a feeling a fair few people are going to jump on him!!
One change though – I would be tempted to change Franklin to Parker!!


Did you catch the Doggies practice game by any chance Jock? Shaun Higgins 10 touches in the first quarter hahaha


I was reading saltshakers many comments up above and he stated that Ben Kennedy could be a breakout forward. Can anyone else back this up/go against this claim because i'm also struggling for a F6 and he could be an option/


Better remove the two injured rookies you've selected Jock..

Ian Wilson


Ian Wilson

Luv the $300+ commets, making me have a major re-think


Heh Jock, like your thinking here. A risky proposition with that many awkward priced players ($250-$500K) 7 in total. I personally only like to have 1 in each position so 4 max as unless they do get back to Premo output of 105+ each week, they won't generate the cash you need to upgrade to full premo side by round 18-20.

I can't believe not one person on this site in the past weeks ha mentioned Clinton Young? He's priced ($243K) to average 45 but is more than capable to hit mid 70's meaning he will go up at least $150K. Job security is good and will get plenty of the pill and is super fit despite his injury from last year. He has killed in on the track and has put on more muscle, surely he is worthy of serious consideration?

If you are trying to win your league premiership Jock, this is an A+ side to start with but to be honest "Ol Grand One", I can't see this team being in top 1000 for the $50K prize….

Good luck mate, I hope ya can pull it off


Youngs problem is he's another Pie to create issues at round 8.
Players of similar price or cheaper who don't have round 8 bye and will score better or as well as Young include tyson, thomas, ellis, beams and michie.


Quick question, Josh j Kennedy or Dane Zorko?


Depends on whether you want a rational opinion based on consistent performance or, an emotional opinion based on memories and perceived potential.

Kenny Powers

Good one Jock. Seems as if you have dismissed the wise words of the pride of the community, Johhny Bruyn, by going heavy on the spend in defense and lightish in the forwards?

Kenny Powers

and lightish with the mids too?


My biggest struggle this year is Buddy or not? changing to new team, is he fitting in, is he fit? hungry? My gut feels Franklin will have a slow start. Is this stupidity? He is proven Superstar of the game, gettn paid to kick goals. If he is such a superstar, how many games will he need to get going? Have conflicting emotions. The 2nd dilemna is Dixons body, 10, 13, 12 games over his first 3yrs. Is it gonna hold up vs just how good of a footballer is he? Will parker, mitchell outscore him consistently or is he developing in his own way and the light years seen as conditioning strengthening. Reports are pre season he's a monster, gonna be a headache for defenders. Has excelled at fwd training drills this pre season. Kicked 3goals vs pies


I won't bang on about Buddy as there are some legit concerns out there but all I'll say is he's a lock in my team and leave it at that.

Been torn on Dixon all preseason and in my team for about half that time and then out again. If he didn't have DPP status then that would make it much easier for me to leave him out.

Think he has the capacity to really impose his will on an opponent and could become the dominant forward in the game in the coming years. His past injury problems,ankle surgery and a modified preseason do count a little against starting with him though.

Also has Richmond and Freo to kick off with and then the Hothouse Hawks in Rd 4 so may not get the supply he needs for truly mammoth scores early. So probably won't pick him in the end but it's a close call for me.


Hey Lads , As last years winner advised if the position comes down to who you like and a DPP pick the DPP ahh now I thinking of losing Rohan and puttin' in Dixon. This has got to stop LOL


HAHAHA. Dools. Carlton Draught should sponsor Keyboard for the season. Gold.


Buddy is a lock for NOT being on my R1 team. Think everyone has allowed his 2012 play to carry forth and are overlooking his subpar (by his standards) 2013. Many will attribute that to "contract talks" and such.

My theory is that Buddy is a bit of a diva and emotionally has a hard time handling the spotlight when it's not focused on him in a positive manner. You could see the frustration last year for some questionable tackles and strikes. Scores weren't consistent and many times just plain bad (7 sub 70pt games)

That was last year's drama. This year's drama is the new squad, big contract expectations and playing on a smaller field. My point to all of this, is that he will need time to adjust to all of this. May rip a big score against GWS but don't see it going well after that. I'm not off on him. Buddy will start finding his place after R10 and I'll look to bring him in then, when his price has dropped $50K or more.

Not trying to disparage him. Just think just as we look at Higgins as a burnman, we see Buddy as being an unstoppable force. Think fresh eyes are needed while keeping the past in consideration for both.


Hes not in my team and unless he really drops i doubt he will be. Cash is harder to generate this year for one so i put a premium on guys who should play 22 games for starters! I agree with almost everything you said. His potential is unlimited but his mental resolve will never allow him to reach it constistantly.

One thing to keep in mind with buddy 2012 score of 116 ppg — he kicked 13 goals against the kangaroos with a SC score of 236…. 236???? this alone brought his yearly ave up by 10 whole points. Has never been consistant and never will be.


I think a key difference in 2014 is the inability to have DPP's…This then puts a greater emphasis on line ups such as jocks which look for value as security through DPP's is non-existent. If there are links in teams I have no doubt more teams would be higher risk and have the GnR strategy knowing the cover is there from another line. It also means in H2H matches there is lesser opportunities to pull a late line up change through DPP's as I observed the last few seasons.


Far out, despite all my abuse (friendly of course) towards Higgo regarding the ULTIMATE BURNMAN, I fear that, I too, may get sucked in. Just fits my structure well.

Help friends


For those less familiar with the UB, I am referring Missy Higgins from the Dogs. To quote Crouching – "He burn ass off"


He had a best on ground performance against the Blues today.

That has to pump up (our) Higgo's tyres a little. Perhaps there is some hidden genius in the Mathemagic FC seeming insanity.


Speaking of the Bulldogs, Libba was staggering when he came on. 13 touches in a quarter is no mean feat. This is why he is in my team ahead of Cotchin.


Looks set for a huge year doesn't he. Cotch also got subbed out today with some degree of calf soreness though hopefully it's nothing serious and he's right for Rd1.

SC Legend.

Hello community,
(Loving the POD in mid-pricers Jock)
I thought I'd release my team for some opinions, pretty well locked-in besides for the changes in Round one.

1. McVeigh.
2. Mitchell.
3. Hanley.
4. Enright.
5. Suckling.
6. Laidler.

7. Langford.
8. Clurey.

9. Ablett.
10. Watson.
11. Cotchin.
12. Beams.
13. Thomas.
14. Mcdonald.
15. X.Ellis.
16. Dunstan.

17. Michie.
18. Crouch.

19. Leunberger.
20. Cox.

21. Thurlow.
22. Nankervis.

23. Dangerfield.
24. Martin.
25. Franklin.
26. Wright.
27. Rohan.
28. Kennedy-Harris.

29. Towers.
30. Merret.

The rookies on my defence/forward bench are up for change according to round one teams.
Opinions on Matt Wright? Could trade him out for Bernie Vince in the mids but wouldn't know what rookie to get rid of?


cyril is the man

strong ruck department!


Langford. Clurey, Crouch. Ablett Kennedy-Harris.Thurlow: great


not sure about laidler mate. May be used but i wouldn't count on it. Strong ruck though


i would put McDonald in DEF and get rid of Laidler, find a better MID rookie


OK, would like some help on this one.

OPTION 1: Nathan Bock & Jobe Watson


OPTION 2: Liberatore and Viv Michie.

Leaning towards Option 2 at the moment, Libba looks an absolute gun.



I'd go option 2 mate, Libba and Watson are both guns, but I think michie will get more games then bock and will score better.


As Bocky isn't expected back for at least the first few rounds you can't pick option 1 really, so it's option 2 by default.

Also a little confusing perhaps as you have listed 3 specialty mids there and one specialty forward so not sure how you arrive at that either or scenario.

cyril is the man

no bock choy


Lock in Option 2 mate …Not sold on either of option 1 just now, follow your gut Matt


need some help guys, really tough decision !!
should i have
option 1 : franklin , wright ,higgins
option 2: zorko, wright, caddy


Option 2. I'm definitely a Higgins detractor.


No love for Zorko?


need 3 of these 5
franklin, zorko, wright, caddy, higgins
who do u guys recommend


All good picks mate but at this stage I'm most keen on Buddy, Wright and Caddy out of those 5.

Though Shaun Burnman Higgins did have a great game today by all reports which no doubt would've warmed the cockles of Higgo's heart…especially in that sub cockle region.

But reckon we have to stay strong and listen to Jock on that one he he.


Franklin, Wright and Caddy for me. Although Wright did seem to revert into a slightly less SC-friendly role against GWS today. However, should the Douglas injury keep him out of the side, there's a bit of a void in midfield for Matty to slip into.


cheers boys!!




Wright, Caddy, Higgins.

More can go wrong with franklin and Zorko and they cost a lot more for the same potential.


Important information I feel everyone that is relying on the fallen premium strategy should know.
Of all current players over the past 9 years, there have been 30 instances of a player having averaged above 100 a game for at least two years before dropping at least 10 points a game the following year. The average point drop was 18.7.
Now, most people expect that the year after such a drop, the fallen premium should recover most, if not all the lost points.
Not so, the average rebound was only 4.6 points. This is particularly interesting as there are 10 fallen premium candidates by this measure this year: Cotchin, Deledio, Beams, Thompson (Adelaide), McEvoy, Murphy (Carlton), Franklin, Scotland, Pavlich and Sandilands.
Food for thought


Hi Tom,
Thanks for the stat mate but I think a lot depends on who the 30 players in 9 years were.
For example in your current list of fallen premiums you include Scotland, Thompson, Pavlich & Sandilands, these players are in the last year of their careers and should be termed as fading stars rather than fallen premiums.
Beams, Murphy, Thomas and Cotchin are all young players coming back after playing with injuries or not playing due to injury.


Some fallen premium stats that refute Toms Stats.
Cooney fell from 99 in 2010 to 75 in 2012 L/Y back to 98
Stevie J fell from 107 in 2011 to 96 in 2012 L/Y best ever 115.9
Sam Mitchell fell from 108 in 2009 to 98 in 2010 then in 2011/12/13 he ave 113, 110, 104 (2012-2013 are role change influenced)
Nathan Fyfe fell from 108 in 2011 to 93 in 2012 L/Y back to 106
Michael Barlow fell from 116 in 2010 to 83 in 2011 after the first of the really bad broken legs this century. in 2012 he was back to 95 ave and L/Y another 15 point increase to ave110

As you can see the relevance of the data is dependant upon the players compared. Based on the above, Beams, Murphy, Cotchin, Thomas should be absolute locks in every team


Remember that I used players with at least 2 years averaging over 100. While I agree that you can make a good case for younger guys being more likely to bounce back (but I remember thinking that about Goddard in 2011 and Judd in 2008 too and it didnt really happen – see below), the stats do not back that up. If you change the criteria to one year of above 90 and a 10 point drop, the average drop was 19.7 followed by a gain the next year of 5.0.
For the record, I agree that Cotchin and Beams in particular are young enough to buck that trend and in Beams' and Thomas' case, the significant discount they received makes them extremely attractive anyway. I have Cotchin, Beams and Sandllands in my current team.
Here's the full stats for the original premise
Ablett – 2010 dropped 10.2, 2011 dropped 2.8 – age 27
Montagna – 2011 dropped 14.1, 2012 dropped 1.5 – age 29
Cox – 2010 dropped 23.1, 2011 gained 34.2 – age 30
Goddard – 2010 dropped 22.3, 2011 dropped 6.7 – age 27
Kane Cornes – 2011 dropped 18.8, 2012 dropped 3.1 – age 26
Nick Riewoldt – 2011 dropped 21.8, 2012 gained 8.8 – age 29
Harvey – 2009 dropped 24.6, 2010 gained 12.7 – age 32
O'Keefe – 2010 dropped 18, 2011 gained 12.2 – age 31
Judd – 2007 dropped 25.4, 2008 gained 3.6 – age 25
Judd – 2012 dropped 11.1, 2013 dropped 5.3 – age 30
Dal Santo – 2008 dropped 14.1, 2009 gained 14 – age 25
Dal Santo – 2012 dropped 17.6, 2013 dropped 4.3 – age 29
Heath Shaw – 2008 dropped 14.8, 2009 gained 3.2 – age 24
Luke Hodge – 2009 dropped 27, 2010 gained 25.1 – age 26
Luke Hodge – 2012 dropped 20.6, 2013 gained 10.8 – age 29
Paul Chapman – 2008 dropped 14, 2009 gained 16 – age 28
Paul Chapman – 2011 dropped 15.2, 2012 dropped 1.1 – age 31
Simon Black – 2009 dropped 10.7, 2010 dropped 2.6 – age 31
Lenny Hayes – 2007 dropped 16.9, 2008 dropped 1.1 – age 28
Lenny Hayes – 2010 dropped 15.1, 2011 dropped 17 – age 31
Lenny Hayes – 2011 dropped 17, 2012 gained 15.8 – age 32
Daniel Cross – 2011 dropped 18.2, 2012 gained 2.8 – age 29
Shaun Burgoyne – 2009 dropped 18.7, 2010 gained 18.7 – age 29
Adam Goodes – 2007 dropped 15.2, 2008 gained 0.8 – age 29
Adam Goodes – 2010 dropped 20, 2011 gained 13.8 – age 32
Joel Corey – 2010 dropped 20.1, 2011 gained 8.4 – age 29
Matthew Pavlich – 2010 dropped 10.9, 2011 dropped 0.3 – age 29
Jonathon Brown – 2007 dropped 29.2, 2008 dropped 12 – age 27
Jonathon Brown – 2008 dropped 11.5, 2009 dropped 0.9 – age 28
Alan Didak – 2011 dropped 41.6, 2012 dropped 5.1 – age 29


Incidentally, the opposite proved true, for players averaging between 70 and 100, gaining at least 20 points (ie the classic breakout players), the average gain was 25 points in the breakout season followed by a fall of 6.9 points. This shows that while previous breakouts players are likely to take a step back the year after (and therefore may not represent great value), it may not be quite as large as assumed. This is based on 36 instances over the previous 9 years of data.


I like it jock…. I know where your going with this team, believe me mate I do. Very nice…. You definitely clarified a few things for me that’s for sure…. Good luck mate, but I’m gonna go the other way. LOL


roughead or wingard?

SC Legend.





Dear Community, I need some intelligent comments I have 3 plays for two spots in the midfield.
The 3 players are: C. Wingard, T. Mitchell and D Beams.
Your thoughts PLEASE.


It's a pretty boring answer but it's so hard to overlook Beamsy. Could potentially average over 120 this season so you really have to have him at that bargain basement price despite his Rd8 bye minor blemish.

Probably think Titch and Wingard are better suited in your forward line so would make room there if you are going to pick them.

cyril is the man

Beams in the middle, Mitchell forward.

Wingard is a no for me. very talented and a great start to his career. He will receive a lot of attention this year


T. Mitchell


Beams is a class above the others

Gold Rush

Thought you would of learnt from last year Jock, give Shuey the boot!!!!


Brodie Martin 3 goals and named in Crows best. Is he in their best 22? If so, $175K mature age defender is like finding money in the street!


Yes could really factor into our D6-8 calculations if we get shortchanged in the playing defensive rookies come Rd1.


Kids got the wrap but also got the vest last season replacing McKernnan after a nice pre season – de ja vu???? – approach with caution!


He is definitely worth a go if he's named. But remember that this is his 5th season and he has never played more than 7 games in a year – 2012 when he averaged 58.
The Crows have lost a lot of midfield talent from their early season roster and they are fast tracking some players into midfield roles. I don't think Brodie Martin will be part of the midfield rotation but I do think that he will play the role Luke Brown played last year; alternating between offensive & defensive back flank


Hi community,
Here's my team thoughts would be appreciated

Def: Mitchell, swallow, enright, suckling, laidler, cutler, fuller, georgiou

Mids: abblet, pendles, fyfe, beams, Thomas, jack Martin, McDonald, dunstan, polec, Matt crouch

Rucks: Goldstein, sandilands, nankervis, thurlow

Fwds: danger, Dustin martin, wingard, zorko, Rohan, JKH, Lewis Taylor, honeychurch


swallow, abblet, Matt crouch, thurlow, sandilands, all great


I have concerns about your D4 to D8
You can more points for the 220k you spend on Martin if you spend it somewhere else.
Rethink fwd bench maybe have a look at McDonough


Who would you suggest getting rid of honeychurch or Taylor?


ATMO it doesn't matter as I doubt either will play before the bye rounds


Updated squad: out: honeychurch, Taylor, jack Martin, suckling

In: Kirsten, Hanley, Xavier Ellis, McDonough


Hahahah It does mztter and the throw away line "as I doubt" Like your game Wombats. Imperial, Condisending, But to The Point…Nice


Just my opinion

For Jock's team

back line top heavy, very very weak D8
very weak M7 and M8
rucks great
forward line very weak F4,5 and 6

Have a nice day.


hey lads, plz have a look and give honest feedback

def: 1. Mitchell 2. Swallow 3. Matt Buntine (GWS) 4. Jimmy Webster 5. McDonald 6. Langdon 7. cutler 8. georgiou

mid: 1. GAZ 2. Pendles 3. Barlow 4. Libba 5. Beams 6. Jack Macrae 7. Tyson 8. Michie 9. Dunstan 10. Crouch

ruck: nic nat & sandi 3. Thurlow 4. Currie

fwd: 1. danger 2. dixon 3 . parker 4. tommy mitchell 5. caddy 6. higgins 7. JKH 8. lincoln mccarthy (GEE)



and which two out of bugg, suckling, shaw, buntine, webster, undersided

SC Legend.

I'd say Suckling and Webster in my opinion, the others would make nice POD though. Depends in which boat you're in, if you're going for a league win, go safe with Suckling and Webster. Something for ranks would be Shaw, or even Buntine.
Good luck


IMO ditch buntine & cutler and only keep geogiou if he is upgraded
I watched all of the Suns NAB games and based on Dixons role and the role of Tommy Lynch I suggest keeping well away from Dixon until after round 3 and only get on then if he and lynch have managed to work out who goes for the mark and who occupies the big defender. Tom Nicholls kills it in the ruck and they don't have charlie penciled in to do any ruck work at all atmo, this means way less scoring opportunity. He is great for team balance and providing cover if one of your main rucks goes down but you'd be better off trading in a new ruck when that happens.
I like the call on Jack Macrae reckon he could be a great POD


cheers wombats, picked Dixon exactly what you said, good cover for sandi but didn't watch any suns nab cup and would've thought they would play one of nicholls or zac smith in ruck and rotate Dixon through there, but very weary of permanent key forwards


sorry jock, team might sound good in theory, but all of Nicky Dal, Shoe, Murphy and Vince are not keepers in my opinion, may float around a 100 average if lucky. plenty of better options available for potential final midfield. Too risky in my mind and wont generate enough cash

Midfield Stinkers

Couldn't agree more. Gone far too lean in the midfield. Btw what is up with Sauce Jacobs? Is he really worth it with Lobbe available?


Good call Adam,
I reckon Jock only put this squad up to make the new SuperCoaches with crap teams feel positive about the future.


My D6: Bugg, T, $309,000 GWS


Hi Daryl,
Tommy Bugg at D6 indicates a very expensive backline without much opportunity for generating cash. IMO Webster will match Bugg but is 60k less so he'll make 60k more.
The saints are a bit light on midfielders with experience and Jim showed in every NAB game that he can cut it with the best.
Bugg had a great game but he is also the Giants main defensive stopper which is a role that doesn't usually score well.


D1: Swallow, D $429,400


Hey guys, do you think Nahas and Fasolo will get much of a go in their teams starting 22? Are they worth the cash at 200k? Will they play the year out/ score consisted. Cheers!


spend the extra 20K and get Ben Kennedy


Hey Jock, interesting choice in Vince. He's been in and out of my team since NAB1. After seeing your team he may just make the cut.

Vince, Tyson, Michie fromMelb in the Mids…..too much?


1. Mitchell, S
2. Hanley, P
3. Enright, C
4. Suckling, M
5. McDonald, L
6. Georgiou, A
23. Clurey, T
24. Fuller, M
7. Ablett, G
8. Liberatore, T
9. Cotchin, T
10. Dal Santo, N
11. Murphy, M
12. Beams, D
13. Polec, J
14. Dunstan, L
25. Towers, D
26. Crouch, M
15. McEvoy, B
16. Sandilands, A
27. Nankervis, T
28. King, M
17. Dangerfield, P
18. Martin, D
19. Parker, L
20. Caddy, J
21. Higgins, S
22. Rohan, G
29. Kersten, S
30. Kennedy-Harris, J


Bloody Hell Jock what are you doing?

Because you're a nice young fella who's heart is the right place I'm going to give you some Golden Insights and a few hidden gems to help your team this year.

Broughton is a must have for you and will help you appreciate players like McViegh.
Duffield is another that you need to keep balance across all lines
and Finally Shaun Higgins will outscore Franklin by more than 100 points over the first 5 games.


That was Sarcasim……Wag the dog dude…..Love me , Hahahahahaha Nice Wombat, can pet it?


Guys just wondering your thoughts on Travis Varcoe at only $301,000 and good chance of midfield time with injuries is he a viable option along with josh caddy


Burnman. Don't touch.


Why are so many considering Buddy Franklin?
The bloke couldn't get a kick in NAB and the swans players hate him for losing their COLA so, they're in no rush to help him out of a form slump.
He has serious health concerns and has been having seizures.
The Swans wanted him to be a replacement for Goodes but he hasn't got the engine, the heart, the brain, or the modesty required for that role.
IMO he'll be lucky to ave 75 over first 10.


Agree on that, my friend. If he's worth a pick up, it won't be after the bye rounds. Can easily see a $75K drop.


Hi Throttle,

I see that your still losing the battle against insomnia. Keep on fighting mate you'll win eventually


Trying to get into match shape, my man. One week left before I have to tackle the pain of rolling lockouts.


Well don't be taking any supplements; especially that 'booga sugar' that is so common in your part of the world.






90k left.
Should I keep it or look to upgrade e.g treloar to kennedy
Thoughts appreciated


join champions league



The round 8 Bye is going to wreak havoc with your premiums. If you only care for league comps and not the big fifty smacko's then losing a single bye round won't hurt too much. Your defender 6 position is a doughnut risk unless Georgiou is elevated (hope so). Don't think Grundy has the temperament to hold down no.1 ruck all year. Wright is a good POD but he does tend to tag regularly. Good luck.


is there a reason houli hasnt been on anyones radar whatsoever? pretty consistent and can push out some solid scores


don't chace dog dog


Hi guys, after some opinions on my strategy this year, No GAJ OR PENDLES. leaving room for at least one plus another fallen Rnd 8 premium before the byes, these will come from Shuey and Vince, Hoping to get super premium output from them for the first month, after which the team will look VERY different with the addition of ablett and/or pendles/ jelwood. Here we go…

BACKS: Mcveigh Mitchell Simpson Suckling Shaw Webster BENCH: Mcdonald Georgiou
MIDS: Libba Beams Shuey Vince Tyson Michie Polec Ellis BENCH: Dunstan Crouch
RUCKS: Minson Sandilands BENCH: Thurlow King
FWDS: Danger Harvey Martin Kennedy (POD) Caddy Higgins BENCH: Rohan JKH

Im happy to discuss the trading plans if someone is curious. Thanks guys.

Your team sucks

This is a horrible team, You don't have one proven premium in your mids, who are you going to captain? Backline is horrible!


in regards to the mids, that wont be for long at all, depending on rookie selections for rnd 1 i may drop a mid pricer from the backline. Not sure if you noticed, but 5 of top 6 mids this year have rnd 8 bye, how many are you starting with? can you bring any in that fall in price? or are you paying top dollar for 2 of them and then your upgrade choices are limited?
as for the backline, i tend to disagree, rooks are barely worth a mention so ive gone for depth. ive started with 3 of the 6 i want that i believe will have the best start. Bartel, Walker and Hanley to come in. The mid pricers are there as place holder until the round 9 and 10 byes, at a price between 300k – 450k 2 of them will become round 8 super premiums. Have caddy in fwd who will likely become griffen in round 8. my mids will be strong i believe.
As for finding a captain (for the first 4-5 weeks ONLY) using max king i have some fairly good options for vice captain in those rounds.
Anyway thanks for the criticism, not sure it was contructive "your team sucks"
maybe i can have a look at your team??


G'day Shane'
Wow Kennedy in Fwd Line as a POD? Me! I think your team from Def to Fwd Line has POD' acrooss all lines mate. Are you really advocating No GAJ? Or Pendles? I love the Libba and Vince call but I think it's a bluff yes they are worthy in any midfield but without a Captians score week in/ out…….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHMMMMM To make it jell as we say Naw never mind you have a strucure and plan. Good Luck mate


thanks dools, the structure with my premiums being a lil pod is definetly the plan. Basicly I dont think i can win having GAJ and PENDLES for the reason being more skilled and experienced coaches will probably allocate the rest of the funds better than I and possibly trades as well. I'd be resigning to second tier success and i could really use the 50k lol. Shuey and Vince i see as cash cows having a great start, im trying to squeeze a bit more cash to upgrade shuey before round 1 without too much sacrifice on any of my lines as he is pretty expensive. I see libba and beams as M7 and M8 by round 11 or 12. (GAJ PENDLES JELWOOD SWAN GRIFFIN and 1 more to prove himself. By not starting with either of them i can pick up all of them at their lows. Selwood should drop in price early and both gaj and pendles have questions over their draw for the first month. I can bring one of them in very quickly and the other after the bye, i expect to pick up GAJ OR PENDLES, plus SELWOOD AND GRIFFEN before the round 8 bye, also a defender. (4 upgrades rounds 5-8) the def is likely to be hanley, or walker.


BTW DOOLS, ive read many of your posts over the last 2 years and would definetly value any suggestions you have on a particular I have picked or not picked, where would you squeeze 200k to upgrade shuey to GAJ or Pendles? I can only justify starting with one of them, pricing of a player only takes into account their ave for the previous year, not whether or not they will be captain, so you do get bang for buck. Im struggling to pick between them, i really think pendles could be a better pick, he should play more games and i think he may just have a better ave this year.


G'day Shane,
Your stratagy as it stands on Pendles and GAJ not firing in pre round plays esp. in 1st 4-5 weeks when u look back at these players during losses have scored more or equel to oppostions best player so You have opened up a can of Whop Ass on yourself. But having said that Your def solid mid solid Ruc dept depends on Grundy He will not do it. Try H.McI instead will play actully can play but every one has forgotten. Higgins is a Burnman have a look at Leenon or McDonagh both around 170K or if you really want TRY Ben Kennedy for 230Kish. Keep the faith Shane after all this is your team let me know how you go mate and good luck


Sorry shane I have wrong team up on split screen sorry bud.
Okay starting from the back Def will sort it self out.Midfield as per reasons above still stand but I like all your players but not SC outputs in same league as Dependlebeery or GAJ.
Rucks Minson is a great selection and a good POD at this stage in the game but if you lower your standards just a tad and Look at Jocks Ruc BVCs Ruck or Mr Cs ruck you may get an epihany which will free up coin to fwd line BTW I rate your front line No one has picked young Harvey Keep the faith Shane after all this is your team let me know how you go mate and good luck


Hey Dools I'd appreciate if you didn't go pumping up my POD's!
I think Lennon has a 2-3 week knee injury.
Yep Higgins has left scars on many of us BUT, if he breaks in the first 3 it's not really a loss as he can be downgraded for a rookie. However, if he doesn't break in the first 3 and plays anything like he has in NAB he will go up by about $70k after round and another 50k after round 5. It is definitely worth the risk to start with him because imagine the torment if you don't have him and after rnd 3 he is averaging 95 and only costing $330k and due to play the Giants in rnd 4!


Watson or Griffen? What does everyone reckon.


Im a mad doggies man, but cant split these two. For a starting spot in your side id have to suggest Watson. Griffen is more expensive, his rnd 9 bye collides with many mid pricers and rookies who will likely be downgrade options. On top of that griffen is likely to have a slow start ( back issues). Weigh that up against possible ASADA sanctions and/or related stress issues for watson. I think watson may be a better pick, and I myself am trying to convince myself to pick him instead of Libba in my team mentioned above. Atm its libba due to a bt of bias and the mentioned issues with Watson. I also see libba as a much better chance of playing 22 games.
Hope that helps.


Thanks mate


Where's the site where we can see the practice match Supercoach scores?


G'Day community,

As we head into the business end of team selection, I'd appreciate some feedback on my team 🙂

Still needs a bit of work, and I'm open to making changes to any line.

DEF: J. McVeigh, S. Mitchell, C. Enright, M. Suckling, J. Webster, L. McDonald.
BENCH: T. Clurey, A. Georgiou (both pending rd. 1 selection)

MID: G. Ablett, T. Cotchin, N. Dal Santo, D. Beams, D. Thomas, J. Polec, X. Ellis, L. Dunstan.

RUCK: M. Lobbe, A. Sandilands.
BENCH: F. Thurlow, T. Nankervis.

FOR: P. Dangerfield, D. Martin, L. Parker, D. Zorko, J. Caddy, J. Kennedy-Harris.

$480,300 left in the war chest.

Cheers everyone 🙂


Mate I cant fault the posted team from apaper point of view Nice
When the real stuff starts….Have your finger on he Trigger buddy, upgrade city man..You are in the zone Matt! In the Freaking Zone!!!


I'd have to say Jock's Team is the best out of them 3 so far. The things I am not sold about are Smurfet, Buddy and F6. There are so many Rookie option in the mids and yet elect to have 4 rookies. I think if he downgrade Smurfet to a playing rookie and upgrade F6 to a Premo or a Mid-pricer, then I'd say Jock's Team would be complete. In saying that, I think his Mid are still a little light to start with and a little risky for my liking not feeling secure.


Im looking at going with David Hale as my R1 and Sandi as R2,thinking Hale'y might be a handy POD…is this a smart move or should i trade him up to Leuenberger like i originally had? Cheers all.


Hi all, can i have your thoughts, Dont get a lot of AFL news where I am and am not sure about the rookies

Bartel, Mitchell, Shaw, Swallow, Spurr, McDonald, Fuller(will he play early), Georgiou (will he play early),
Ablett, Swan, Kennedy, Cross, Thomas, Martin, Kelly(Gws), Dunstan, Michie(will he play early), Morabito
(will he play early),
Mumford, Jacobs, Thurlow, Nankervis,
Dangerfield, Martin, Pavlich, Hogan(will he play early), Kersten(will he play early), Taylor (Bris)(will he play early), Sicily(will he play early), Honeychurch(will he play early),


Jock been thinking about some of your choices. In retrospect i think youve found value in everyline. Shuey, Dal Santo, Sauce inspired choices. Not convinced on Caddy or Vince however

The Cardinal

1. Bartel, J
2. McVeigh, J
3. Mitchell, S
4. McDonald, L
5. Cutler, T
6. Langdon, T
23. Fuller, M
24. Georgiou, A
7. Ablett, G
8. Pendlebury, S
9. Fyfe, N
10. Beams, D
11. Vince, B
12. Aish, J
13. Polec, J
14. Morabito, A
25. Michie, V
26. Ellis, X
15. Pyke, M
16. Sandilands, A
27. Currie, D
28. Nankervis, T
17. Dangerfield, P
18. Martin, D
19. Roughead, J
20. Mayne, C
21. Rohan, G
22. Kennedy-Harris, J
29. Caddy, J
30. Honeychurch, M

Feedback please FFL community!

Lil Timmy

Hey everyone, not sure about how strong to make my backline, and how many mid pricers in the mid

1. S.Mitchell
2. J.Mcveigh
4. C.Enright
5. M.Suckling
6. L.Mcdonald

7. T.Cutler
8. A.Georgiou






Kennedy Harris


Any opinons please

Lil Timmy

Not sure about whether or not to start with pendles and will bernie vince be a 90+ point player


Jock, the more I look at this side, the more it makes sense. I think you will be off to a bolter. Got an extra "keeper" than most teams and thats not including Vince. Might start losing 60-70 points a week in the midfield once everones upgraded, but you should have the trades to fix that. Good luck.


gday supercoachers!!!
need some help, do i want cotchin on liberatore??? need help!!!!


So Jock how much of this team have you changed since revealing it? Just the rookies or other players? It is a great team even if you left it how it is.

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