Peter Higginbotham Team Reveal

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Β Behold – Mathemagic FC*!

(*Team subject to a multitude of changes prior to lock-out)

Serious times call for serious strategic rigor and in-depth analysis.

Posted below is my team as it stands at this point in time. It has not simply been thrown together; behind each player, behind each line and behind the entire squad runs deep analysis grounded in strategy – the cornerstone of The Jock Reynolds Community.

higgo team reveal


1. Bye Breakdown

Given we are forced to deal with the the bye rounds earlier this year, my Premium MIDS have been spread carefully across Rd 8 – 10. A glut of my Rookie selections have been placed in Round 10. In doing this I hope to increase my chances of hitting these players as they peak in price. This strategy also allows me a greater opportunity to trade the in-form Premiums immediately after the Round 8 and Round 9 Bye rounds.

2. The Spend

A minimal spend in DEFENSE; hopefully Alex Georgiou gets the green light and is upgraded to Melbourne’s playing list. If not, some adjustment will be made. The other defenders seem fairly solid options at this stage. This cost cutting in defense was of course to enable me a more reliable starting forward line. In fact, with some luck running my way, I may be able to run with four of these through the entire year. Yes, there is no Dustin Martin there – I have my reasons.

3. The Rucks

I am sure that this will be the line that generates the fiercest debate. As discussed in our most recent podcast, coaches who lock in Sandilands must consider a plan to cover his almost certain vesting, week or two off or, touch wood, major injury. My plan includes using him as an emergency linked with the dummy ruck in Archie Smith. The rookie listed Smith plays for the Lions and was selected due to his basement price and the fact that he plays after Sandilands in each of the first three rounds. If Sandi is injured or vested during a game, I can then take the score from Blicavs …. another selection sure to cause much debate.

4. Mid-Priced Madness!

Higgins, Blicavs, Thomas, Webster, Suckling … Yes, this is the year that will see a strong shift away from the traditional Guns ‘n Rookies strategy. The reason is two fold (read Mick the Mad Irishman’s article on this here), firstly the increase in rookie pricing and secondly, the obvious lack of quality on-field rookie options. Time will tell, but my greatest fear at this stage is that I have gone too Mid-Priced Mad and will be unable to make the required corrective trades prior to the post round 3 pricing changes.


I could discuss this team in greater detail but do not want to place further bias on what The Community really thinks about this squad.

Fire away!

Kind regards,

Peter Higginbotham


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opinions on Fasolo? already have beams, pendles, grundy and reid. really want the price boost but question marks as to how much he will play this year? also i feel a tad of an overload on the collingwood players. have him in, please tell me who a better option is please…


Too many Pies players, Beams and Pendles sure! Grundy has the toughest ruck draw in 2014, pass. Reid to compete with Cloke and White, pass as well. Fasolo? will make cash IF he plays, doesnt look likely round 1 though.


since posting, dropped grundy for sandilands and to be perfectly honest, im going to stick with reid as a slightly risky POD. final question, fas or higgins?


Higgins, Watts is a better alternative to Reid FWIW.


Risky DEF rookies! Overall not bad though.


Surely Tommy Langdon should replace one of those 2 bench rookie spots Higgo.

No Dunstan either?

Vodka Kreuzer

Congrats on beating the Jack Watts curse Higgo but as for Shaun Higgins lets stand united this year is his year and don’t let anyone tell u differently.


Hi Higgo – I'm sure you have mathematical analysis behind this but it must be one hell of an algorithm !!

12 mid pricers ????????? I guess half of them are fallen premiums but surely you cant expect them all to get back to their best .

satans son.

Higgins. Burnman.

Murphy. Burnman.


Murphy clearly isn't a burn man


Murphy burnt me bad last year.

KadeK is a jet

I like it!


Agree..good pricing structure.


No Richmond players….. Interesting. No Polec, No Dunstan or Ellis? How are you going to generate that much needed cash Higgo? Your DEF Rookies are also a worry…. Cutler and muller mite not be named Round 1, they most likely won't make you cash come around 3. I'll tell you what mate, you definitely got me going with your strategy here. Talk about "Food for thought". I'm gob smacked….. Although I like your ruck set up Mr. Higgo! Blicavs should be on everyone's radar with out doubt….


No Richmond for me either…too expensive compared to others in all positions.


I like the fact that this team is a lot different to everyone else that I see in these comment sections. I query Blicavs though, I know you think he will be playing on the wing and down back, I just don't see him getting enough of the ball to score very well. Is there enough midfield rookies to earn enough cash? I'm skeptical about that – but midfield should be strong to get off to a strong start I suppose.


I like the strategy behind loading up on round 10 rookies. Hadn't considered that. Sandi can't be on the bench though… Too much dough to be sitting there. He has had a pre-season, so I'll gamble with him on the field and take a rookie on the bench.


Is everyone locking franklin in? Having a look at last years scores he went over 100 nine times and never went over 125. With Kurt Tippet in his FWD line at the swans as well as reid, he will not be the go to target like he was at hawthorn. Currently not in my team…


Buddy will be pushing up the ground alot, roaming around the 50, where as Tippett and Reid(Will play DEF) will be much deeper.
Buddy is more capable of kicking goals on the run, than those mentioned, he will still be a target, all over the ground.


I just don' think he's in the right place right now to pump out consistent 100+ scores. I will look to pick him up later if he's on song


Yeh, thats a fair call, especially when the Swans have so many goal kicking mids who push up through the forward half. Small SCG will make it more contested for him too. Hard call


NAB cup appearance was nothing to be to proud of either, however I heard he had a good showing in the the intraclub.


The only club Buddy will put a good showing in this year is the night club. His main issue is between his ears and it'll be worse now that he's based in Sydney. I think he's got a big wake up call coming his way. Can't take an overhead mark either.


well put. buddy = question mark for me


Not in mine either. I value my mental health too much to deal with his inconsistency, injuries and suspensions again



We had a big arse walk after the podcast on Sunday night. I felt you were ready to cut your ties with Shaun Higgins as I tucked myself into bed later that night.

I see now that you have had a relapse. I don't want you to get bloody down on yourself bout this. I just want you to fix it. Quickly.

I'm here for you mate. Because I bloody love ya.



Dear Jock,

Yes Jock, after our walk I stumbled back into Higgins.

I would appreciate a few more days with him. I'm trying to get through this but the structural change as a consequence of the break up leaves me feeling uneasy.

The warm feelings expresses in your message are reciprocated.

Peter Higginbotham


Stick with him, he'll go alright this year


what dat mean?? get down on yourself?? dat funny talk Jock..just like when you hab too many cans and say Narelle had "the prettiest face i've ever come across"….Silence!!! Ah higgo…u listen me good…in Pyanmar we hab saying…we say "man who get down on himself eventually have solution on tip of tongue and have to spit it out"…. Welcome…


♥ Jock


wow love the pod ruck structure and i see you have taken higgens out of the oven using the oven mits I hope there are no holes in them and you get burnt. Is it just for love of the name? Has roo's turned melb into this yrs PA i see you defiantly think so,, hmmm significant.


guess mick and peter could go into rehab together ?


Sorry Higgo, don't believe you will roll with this side, got some interesting selections having said that, starting a guy on the rookie list? 310k on the pine? Good luck I guess.


Guys need your help
i need two out of Polec, Sheed and Michie Thoughts???


Polec and Michie….IMO



Thanks Raj keep up the great work


Polec, Michie, ………………….daylight…………………………Sheed – in that order for mine.


Oh Higgo.

Higgins? The ultimate burnman? Is it because you share partially similar surnames? Because I can't think of another bloody reason you'd choose this man.


I think your making a mistake…….having so many mid priced options and some rookies in defence that may not play early. Good on ya for having the guts to be different, but I think it will come back to bite you. If I'm wrong, have fun spending the 50 gorillas!


I need thoughts on geary from it break out year for him?jock your a saints man,thoughts would be welcome.

neil the nail

sorry mate but dont think geary has that consistent scoring power


Hey guys, fairly new to all this, just after some feedback or advice. Don't pay too much heed to my rookies, I haven't looked much into them yet and will likely fix em up later, some of them are just placeholders (particularly the DEF and FWD ones) so I can save my team.

Mitchell, S. Enright, C. Malceski, N. Suckling, M. Kolodjashnij. Clurey, T. (INT) Fuller, M. Tippett, J.

Watson, J. (C) Steven, J. Cotchin, T. Beams, D. Shuey, L. Hutchings, M. Shiels, L. Polec, J. (INT) Wanganeen, D. Newton, B.

Lobbe, M. Grundy, B. (INT) Sandilands, A. Nankervis, T.

Martin, D. Mitchell, T. Roughead, J. Zorko, D. Honeychurch, M. Kennedy-Harris, J. (INT) Taylor, L. Thurlow, F.


Jack Stevens is out for 8 weeks I’m pretty sure


didn't even realize, probably should keep up with it a bit more haha, cheers


Jack Steven is injured. Not too sure on your rookies and I would really recommend trying to squeeze Dangerfield and either Gaz or Pendles in there somewhere if you can manage it. They cost more than the others but there are good reasons for that.


yeah I have about $90K to play with, I'll look into it, thanks


I like hutchings and Shuey but wouldn’t go both I actually prefer hutchings Shuey will cop attention and struggled with it last year


HIGGO, STAY STRONG!!! Sean Higgins 15 disposals from the half he played in the NAB he will surely go back to his 75+ average from 2009-2012. I'm tipping this burnman to come alight this season


Thoughts on Dalhouse anyone ?
His nab games have been fantastic can he continue ?


Mate, I have never been so on the fence about something before. One of the best players across the whole nab challenge, however previous years show that he just can't get up to that premium level. In saying that, if you were to pick Dalhaus, this year would be the year to do it.
If you veer away from him, some other options around his price give or take 40k are:
T. Mitchell
M. Pavlich
M. Wright
I currently have Wright in my team as it saves you 40k and he had an even better nab challenge than Dalhaus with 159 in nab 1 I believe.
No dreadlocks, could be a breakout year for Dalhaus.




if sandi fails a quick trade to tom hickey is easily done


Thoughts on Laidler, Gary Rohan, Pittard, Apeness and J Tippet please!!


In racing terms, the first three have claims. Forget about the last two.

beer monkey

Like it higgo. Perhaps swap higgins for hogan if you want someone to play regularly with a round 10 bye.


swallow at d2 is way too risky


if Higgins is madness, I'm thinking of running Hawkins and Caddy in the front line. what do you think community, is that too much mid price madness? Are there better options?


I like it,FWDs wise I’m on the same path with slightly different players. ATM have Danger,Dusty,Parker,Walters,Wright and Caddy. I know Wright is another burn man but with VB out I think he will score well


Join my league, need three more people to join!! 902306


I’m surr you’ll make amendments to this team. Cutler, fuller, church of honey,robbo probably won’t play round 1… I’m one who doesn’t mind taking a chance with Higgins @ 254k, he needs to seat fit for 6 weeks to be worth( easier said than done!). I don’t think murphy will be an elite scorer and buddy is a no for me, my backline is very similar.. May force be with you..


I’m sure you’ll make amendments to this team. Cutler, fuller, church of honey,robbo probably won’t play round 1… I’m one who doesn’t mind taking a chance with Higgins @ 254k, he needs to stay fit for 6 weeks to be worthwhile ( easier said than done!). I don’t think murphy will be an elite scorer and buddy is a no for me, my backline is very similar.. May the force be with you..


I need a cheap forward that costs 140k or under that will play, please help!!


Kennedy-Harris. S Lloyd from Richmond might get a R1 gig.


sydney said dean towers should play lots


Wow, I mean, WOW, Higgo! This team is slathered boldness. Think my concerns mirror most of the above.

Rucks I would echo Al Paton and say you can get Goldy and McE and spare yourself the headache and loop efforts. If the goal is to upgrade Sandi to Goldy your system is a bit Rube Goldberg-esque. Also, Max King is a better loop ruck as Dees have 2nd most post Sat games (9. Doggies have 10).

Mark Webb

Surely Peter you can find room for Watts, Westhoff and Broughton in your team.
Does Magnum PI have anything to do with this Higgins-philic behaviour?


Big fan of yours Higgo, but not understanding the Blicavs love. I can’t see him playing a different role to last year, in fact can only see reduced ruck time owing to the (temporary) fitness of Hmac and Simpson. You’re outlaying $360k on a pinch-hitting second year ruckman and have made some sacrifices on other lines to accommodate. But as they say, it’s a fine line between genius and insanity…


thoughts on Shaun Atley anyone?


He sucked in the NAB cup.


Avoid him like a plague.




Jock, thats a pretty strong side by Higgo, but I can spot one weakness.
Buddy should be replaced with either Mitchell (SYD) or LeCras (WCE)
Buddy will stay true to form and drop in value early before slowly climbing back up.


Will Mitch Clark play round 1?


Nope. Out for at least the first 3-4


Mr Higginbotham, I think you’re trying to throw the competition for the 50k off track here… I doubt very much if you would actually roll with this complex ruck strategy and not have Pendles in your side?? I can understand having trade up targets but surely you can squeeze in probably the best, most reliable sc player going around for round one. Ducks and drakes for mine!




Agree with your agreement!!


Looks very similiar to my side except ive got even more fallen premiums. Also more rookies in guts, extra prem in backline based on structure. Im assuming you base spending $576 for another mid Libba has more potential than spending on another back (bartel, mcveigh) Personally with no pendles id take Cotch or Rockliff over Libba.

With so many prem spots taken will you have enough rookies to generate enough cash?
Will it limit mid season downgrade options as they become available?
Will you have enough rookie targets downback to make cover the greater percentage of mid rookies?

These are the questions that stopped me from loading up on mids


Actually not that similiar haha but both gone midprice madness


Off your dial, Higgo will not run with this come round 1 no Dunstan Pendles
Havig 300k on the bench a week is laughable this team will burn


If it was me, i would lose a few of the 200 – 300 k players and replace with rookies, and wait to see the price rise for round 3, then trade the mid pricers in. This will give you flexibility with some cash depending on who is looking likely to give you bang for buck.

I would question Libba as well, I don't think he is worth the $572 K. Franklin I think will drop before he gets better. Murphy didn't work for me last year, so I've dropped him from my team this year.

McEvoy will do well though, he is a stayer, but not neccessarily a price riser, which is what I'm guessing his intention is in the team.

I would trade fuller to. If he isn't in the Nab Cup, probably not likely to be there round 1. Can get another rookie with some early cash, and then trade him in later if he is playing. Agree if fuller is playing, he will be a great pickup!






Not a fan of this team at all


Sorry to say Higgo but this side will see you on the Botham of the ladder! Are you sure Higgo isn’t short for Higgins? Because a relative to the young man would surely be only person silly enough to pick this burn man. Furthermore, you will struggle to make the vital money required to upgrade your average mid-pricers as you have overlooked some key cash cows! Back to the drawing board buddy


so what would you change??


For starters, downgrade mid's and upgrade def. He has Georgiou starting on the field, whereas he could have Dunstan/Polec/Ellis starting on the field instead. I could go on..


Higgo is Right about Higgo!!!!!…….the risk is for 1 trade if he fails…at $254k their are many replacements, so the down side is small…the upside is that if he stays fit he plays, not many at that price can say that, and if he plays he will rise in price toward $350k-$400k….not such a bad risk/reward … is my latest team….what do people think. …..?????….weakness is the Ruck….but you have to be weak somewhere when only having $10m to spend

Mitchell, McVeigh, Hanley, Suckling, Laidler, McDonald (Fuller, Cutler)

Ablett, Pendlebury, Watson, Beams, Mitchell T, Martin J, Tyson, Polec (Crouch Dunstan)

Grundy, Sandilands (Nankervis, King)

Dangerfield, Martin, Parker, Grey, HIGGINS, Rohan, (Impey, Honeychurch)


Whats a guy gotta do to get a reply around here?


The problem with Higgins is several fold. The obvious, he is injury prone. The other interesting fact is that his SC stats are actually pretty poor. Do your research and you will see he is not exactly a candidate to smash 100+ average – although at his price he could make some coin IF he can string together 5-10 games in a row.

In terms of a contingency plan .. well there aren't that many options up forward under his price. If you are also starting Rohan then that takes away the obvious replacement already if Higgins goes down.

Nice team generally mate although i just think you could kill your whole season by not starting a much stronger R1. Grundy/McIntosh/Hickey were all pretty poor in the preseason so no obvious signs any of them will make major money. Sandi on the other hand is a lock!

Grey, Higgins, Rohan with poor bench cover seems way to risky for me. I have T.Mitchell, Wright, Caddy as a comparison …

Sean M

Thoughts on Adelaide’s wright? Thanks, love your work


Better , more consistent alternatives at that price I would have thought


As a F4 i would agree .. but if you look say go Murphy/Beams in your mids as M3/M4 (as opposed to expensive blokes like Swan/Selwood/Rocky etc) then Wright can slip to a F5 which at that price seems good value. Averaged around 20 points below his 2012 average last year due to playing a tagging role but seems that is about to change based on the pre-season. Good option.


like who??


I have Wright think he will play a lot of mid and not have at tagging role this year.


There's always going to be positive and negatives at the start.
We cant have the perfect team right away, it's all down to opinion so i'll give mine.
DEF: I really like the idea of you having Swallow Higgo, i think given his prince, he could be worth the selection, but i don't agree with Suckling. Too be honest, i can't see why people think highly of him, i think hell be a burn man, also the EMGS are worries, why not Tippet or Clurey?
MIDS: I agree with all except for the 2 rookies and Libba. I don't agree that Libba is a good player, yes, he racks up touches but his overrated. I'd put Deledio, Fyfe or Rockliff in over him for that price. Also, i'd rather have Ellis or Polec over Tyson and Viv, but i think Viv will be a handy player.
Rk: Big Ben is a interesting choice, he seemed to do well at St kilda and could be better at Hawks. So that's a risky selection but could be a good one. Sandi should be on the ground and Blicavs should be R3.
FWD: Pav at his price could reward a lot of players who select him if he hits form. Not a fan of Parker, think his another overrated player, Tom Mitchell is a far better player.

Cyril is the man

I would say no to libba. I think he’s too expensive

No to Murphy. Too soft for a midfielder. Struggled after that wack last year.

No to blicavs and wasting all that coin on the bench

I don’t like pavlich purely because it’s hard to rack up points as a key position player.

I had Higgins but have decided not to risk him

Also Georgio. Is he on their list?


who to put in for pav??


Mitchell, Zorko?


Zorko will burn you


Got a couple of players that I want to know your thoughts on
In def: Trent mckenzie and Sam darley
Mids : zorko,Kelly (gws), morabito and aish
Rucks: longer, currie
Fwds: Palmer, caddy, billings

Cyril is the man

Morabito. Big talent but too bigger risk.

I reckon caddy is going to have a massive year

I don’t like currie only because I had him all last year

Not sure on longer as it’s hard to say what saints will end up doing as to who is their no 1 ruckman


currie is useful because he is almost a solid 0 each week to use as your captaincy loophole. And if Goldy goes down longterm, you have a ready made sitting there…bonus.


No offence intended but that is seriously one of the worst teams i have seen posted anywhere …

There is a seriously high chance that every player in your back line will need to be upgraded except S.Mitchell. Webster? Seriously …

Mids are ok .. but no Pendles? Do you really think Crowley/Raines will keep him that quiet to justify trying to trade him in later. Even with his round 8 bye the man is a lock.

Rucks – both will need to be upgraded. Sandi is a lock but why not take McEvoy up and get rid of Blicavs who will play forward. Waste of 300k on your bench.

Forwards – Franklin seems to have lost the plot and a poor NAB. Pavlich will play deep all season and not be a to 6-10 forward .. or make much money. Higgins .. well he may last a few weeks before breaking down.


Webster is a lock for me.


Upgrading the defense is the whole idea Matt. Swallow/Suckling/Webster will make coin IMO. Defense was so up and down last year it's worth waiting to see who can be consistent rather than jumping on McVeigh/Hanley/Walker straight away


The best rookies are in the midfield. There is serious value in Suckling down back who has averaged over 90 before in SC and is priced in the mid 300's. Outside of that the only other value is in the rookies – McDonald for sure … then a whole host who may or may not play round 1 including Langdon, Langford, Cutler, Clurey etc

I think Webster/Pittard/Guthrie etc are fools gold personally when you can get Wright/Caddy/Macrae/Thomas/Shield/Hill/Sandi as midpricers elsewhere in your team.

Given the last of serious rookie down back and up forward i think you need to load those lines a bit.

Here is a team i am playing with as an example: Tell me if you don't think this team will make enough cash ..

B: McVeigh, S.Mitchell, Enright, Suckling, McDonald, Laidler (Langdon, Georgiou)
M: Ablett, Pendles, M.Murphy, Beams, Tyson, Michie, Polec, X.Ellis (Dunstan, Crouch)
R: Cox, Sandi (Thurlow, P.Mitchell)
F: Dangerfield, D.Martin, Parker, T.Mitchell, Wright, Caddy (Kennedy-Harris, Spina)

Given the last of forward rookies i am writing off one spot and using it as a loophole (emg and captain).

The major issue with the team in this article is that it requires a heck of a lot of trades to turn it into a near full team of premiums (not that anyone will get it entirely perfect come seasons end).


Gday Matt,

Really like that team mate. I have a similar structure in my team this year.

At first I looked at Cox and went hmmm I dunno but on second thoughts – less NicNat in the team and an easier draw in the fist 5-6 rounds… makes a lot of sense… would you be looking to trade Cox out at any time?


Nope – i will be looking to lock him in for the season. Consistently over the past x number of seasons he has been in the top couple of rucks in the league. No reason to suggest that will change this year. If i saw him all of a sudden playing as a sub or a permanent forward then sure, i would trade him out, but lets face it – that is not very likely.


Good team BUT your midfield is weak Murphy & Beams as your M3 & M4 No thanks… to risky.


Murphy outside of last year has averaged over 110 four season in a row. Beams is a no brainer. Not that risky really. What it does do is allow me to avoid having multiple risky players across my team.

I agree i would prefer a Swan/J.Selwood (injury pending) or Watson type but team balance doesn't really allow for that.

I am slightly tempted to take Murphy to Watson and take Caddy or Wright down to Rohan but i think Rohan will average 50-60 whereas Caddy may go as high as 90 even.


Yeah Murphy WAS doing that when Judd got the tag. With Captaincy & getting tagged I would stay away but that's me. Yes Beams is a no brainer I have him as my M5 not M3 he adds depth and great scoring power if anything but one injury can change that.


Yes good point with the Rohan/Caddy selection, Caddy has the bigger ceiling no doubt but I realy think Rohan can punch out scores in the 70's on a weekly basis.


Webster has scored over 90 points in each game with very low disposal numbers. Every touch is gold and for 240K (don't know why your comparing to Pittard etc) is to good to refuse with someone who will be in the best 18 IMO.

Dustbin Feltchers

hey higgo thanks for sharing the wisdom…here's an idea i've been tinkering with…is fraser thurlow a definate starter?? my idea only works if he isn't ( and if Hale or Dixon can pull finger out)….Have Decent R1, Thurlow as R2 and Sandi R3 (bench emergency) cheapie R4…and Hale (or any hidden Ruc/Fwd gem) as F4,5 or 6 (depending on structure elsewhere)…

if sandi lands 100 plus, leave non playing Thurlow on field, and Hale on forward field ( he plays brisbane in tassie)…if sandi gets the ole turf toe in the first quarter, you can swap hale to ruck for thurlow…(need a playing f7 if this happens)

what do u think?? advantage is you swap rather than trade and you arent forking out for blicavs…the disadvantage is you are banking on hale for a consistent 100 (possible with mcevoy???) , sandi wont be playing the first game every week,and you have an extra bloke not earning cash…

Feedback would be appreciated….atm i am going Cox (easy draw early and stats don't lie) Sandy Thurlow Smith (loophole with sandi) and no ruckmen in my forward line of midfielders…


The price rise and falls have changed this year or not?


Clearly I’ve been listening to too much podcast for my team is scarily similar to Higgs’!

Shannan R-H

Stuck whether of not to pick Cutler or Fuller! Who is more likely to play more this year?!




Not keen on either mate. Haven't seen Fuller, and Brisbane will be getting games into Cutler but he didn't impress me


Cutler looked no where near ready to me and Fuller…….. Does he even exist?


If they are your choices I am unable to assist, neither for me.

Consider Georgiou, McDonald.


Hey lads,

How did Nic Nat go?

Few questions Ryder or McEvoy for R1?

King in the ruck is he gonna play at all?

Laider is he worth looking at?

Tyson or Michie in the mids are they ahead now of Ellis and Polec?

Impey or Billings worth going for?

Webster people calling lock? Is this true?

This is my squad as now and would love some imput (got a personal bet with family/friends)

McVeigh, Mitchell, Hanley, Suckling, McDonald, Clurey (might change do people rate him or what) – Langdon, Georgiou

Ablett, Pendels, Cotchin, Beams, Thomas, Shiels, Polec, Ellis – Dunstan, Crouch

Ryder, Sandil – Thurlow, Nankervis

Dangerfield, Martin, Parker, Mitchell, Caddy, JKH – Taylor, Merrett

What's thoughts my big questions lay over Taylor, Polec, Ellis, Clurey!

If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it and would be willing to help them however back πŸ™‚



– Nic Nat selected to play praccy match tomorrow against Freo.
– McEvoy for R1 – Bellchambers is ahead of schedule with his injury and will be back very early on in the season which will push Ryder forward.
– Don't expect King to play, wait for final Rd 1 teams though.
– I like Laidler, if he is named on the ground in Rd 1 should be a good option.
– Tyson is too expensive, any of the other 3 would be good. I have Michie, Polec and Ellis.
– Impey or Billings, wait for Rd 1 teams.
– Webster can find the footy and with Saints mids injured and suspended should see midfield time in the first few games. Locked away in my team.

Team looks good. Hard to help on rookies at the moment. Hopefully all of these are selected Rd 1.


Team looks good. I'd put in webster for whichever rookie not named round 1 (georgiou is still rokkie listed) and maybe change sheils to a rookie for cash. Altho I do think sheils will have a breakout year, don't know whether his sc scores will reflect it.

Jimminy Cricket

Agree 100% on Parker, a lock for me


Hopefully he gets over that nasty eye poke that will see him miss NAB 3 this weekend.


Not sure about your team jock, very risky.

On a side note, anyone is welcome to join my league at 738043….there are 6 spots left


With a risky Defence like that, would you like some ice for your Balls, they must be big and swollen ones.

Apart from the risk, plenty to like.

Couple of questions:

Is Daisy a lock?

What are the thoughts behind a loaded mid when the best way to generate cash appears to be lighten up in the mid given the number of good mid rookies?

Feel like sharing re: Martin?


Interesting structure Higgo, although I think Max King would be a better dummy ruck option. King is flying under the radar playing good footy (looks like a young cox). He won't play early although with a long term injury he would be next in line to be elevated after Georgio. He also plays he's first 3 games after Sandy



An extra 200k on your bench for what, Save 1 trade or 50 points one week


Just run with Sandi see how it goes


I think Higgo is got winner here fellas, if i were ya all copy his team line-up πŸ™‚ you'll regret if you don't. Seriously fellas, why would he goes in this team line-up if he hasn't got any inside information. I think Higgo knows something we don't know, might have to contact ASADA to investigate this outrageous madmans team structure.


Love your work, Higgo!

Trying to pick two of three: Fyfe, Nicky Dal, Bennell?

Would love some help! Thanks!


Fyfe and Dal out of those


Thanks PJ8! What if I had Jobe in the mix. So M3 would be Fyfe or Jobe and M4 Nicky Dal or Bennell.


Ripper, depends on your structure. Dal and HB both have round 8 byes, so you need to take that into consideration. I'd go Fyfe regardless and Nick Dal.

cyril is the man

I don't have any of them but Fyfe is the pick I reckon. He's only going to get better. Dal looks like hes had a good preseason and should be reliable too.


Defensive rookie Matt Fuller is poised to play his first game for the Bulldogs this Friday.


That's true but he was named as just an emergency for NAB 2 which was hardly a ringing endorsement. Sounds like he may need a few injured team mates to get a regular game at the Kennel.


Any thoughts on Eddie Betts?


Personally not a fan. POD but not in my team. Dependant on kicking a bag each week for a score – won't happen


Lads some help

Swallow, Jacobs or Lobbe in the ruck, Parker


Hanley, McEvoy or Ryder, Dalhaus

Thoughts boys?


Option A

Captain joc

What does everyone think about Rhys Palmer from gws?


Too much of a tagger these days to score high in fantasy. You may as well roll with Crowley who's cheaper if you are into selecting stoppers.


Doesn't loom promising behind that analysis of yours Higgo but then again we'll just have to wait and see


HI guys and girls…..

joing champions league….. 521377




save some cash mate. get rid of tyson

cyril is the man

I disagree on Tyson. Dees gave away a lot to get him so they think very highly of him. He's a bit pricey but he's ready made and I reckon he will play a big role for the dees.


Lock Tyson in. He’ll be worth it






90,100 left in bank


Awesome team mate


Treloar! I have been thinking about him myself, could do better than Shuey, Murphy, N,Jones and Martin this year. Looked at his past two years and mate he should join thee 100 club this year if not very high 90's


What are people's thoughts on Harley Bennell this year? Looking for a good POD, and iam looking at the likes of Bennell, Bernie Vince and Adam treloar. Thoughts community?


Treloar out of those mate

Read above


I'd save some cash and pick Vince if forced to select from those 3. It's only early but it does look like he's going to get plenty of the pill under Roos rules.


Hmm.. Interesting. What about if I throw Reddening the mix?!


Whoops, *Redden.


I'm just not huge on selecting Lions players before their bye due to their early killer draw. Reckon they could be in store for some real thumpings which is normally not a great thing for individual SC scores, all things being equal.


Hey guys need some help in a few areas

So far it goes

Mitchell, Hanley, Enright, S.Shaw, Webster, McDonald, Langford, Gorgiou
Ablett, Pendlebury, Priddis, Redden, Beams, Michie, X.Ellis, Dunstan, Polec, M.Crouch
Lobbe, Sandilands, Thurlow, King
Dangerfield, Martin, T.Mitchell, Dahlhaus, Caddy, Rohan, JKH, Merrett

28k in the bank

Know that Webster is a lock but also think Shaw at 254k will be up around like he was in 2012 ( averaged 72 ).
Just can't bring myself to bring in Suckling and I worry about the first 4 letters in his last name πŸ™
Don't get me wrong I think he will be good this year but there is too many better hawk players down back since 2012 and can't see him going beyond 70 average this year and that won't be a lot of cash generated.

T.Mitchell or Parker?


Gday mate,

Nice team. Parker over Mitchell. Dahlhaus too inconsistent and reliant on kicking 3 goals a game on a regular basis. Redden good POD. he is only going to improve imo.


Gday Community,

So ive been working on this team day after day since pre-season started, doing my research etc etc and meticulously going over every SC relevant player with a fine tooth comb for each position and I think (hopefully), ive settled on my (close to) final team:

DEF: J McVeigh, C Enright, S Hurn, J Grimes, M Suckling, L McDonald (T Langdon, A Georgiou)

MID: G Ablett, M Murphy, D Beams, L Shuey, D Thomas, J Polec, V Michie, L Dunstan (J Aish, X Ellis)

RUC: P Ryder, A Sandilands (T Derickx, B Brown(fwd))

FWD: P Dangerfield, D Martin, J Roughead, L Parker, J Caddy, G Rohan (F Thurlow, J Kennedy-Harris)

I know it may initially seem a bit light on in the midfield, but that's really where ive identified areas with good rookies who should make you some cash money, as opposed to the defence and forward lines, where theres stuff all.

Obviously the def and fwd rookies will be tweaked dependent on Rd 1 selections so theyre not 100% locked in.

A couple of points about selection:
– Hurn is an interesting one. He is the definition of a flat track bully and has an easy draw. Will look to upgrade him to a premium who has gone down in value in round 9.
– Grimes is also interesting. A good average at his peak and with Melbourne playing a higher possession game in the backline, hopefully he will increase his average on the last few years.
– Shuey statistically also performs much better against the weaker teams and with an easy draw will hopefully appreciate significantly in value before his bye, when he will be traded out to a decreased midfield premo.
– Also absolutely sold on Parker too. With the whole bell curve and entering his 22nd year, I think he could really peak this season. Will rarely attract any attention so hopefully can run rampant.

A couple of issues/question marks I currently have:

– Enright has had a very consistent average and standard deviation for the last 8 or so years, but being 32 yrs and 5 months old, will this be the year we will see him drop 10-15 points off his average?
– Far from sold on Murphy. Major doubts about his ability to break a tag.
– Roughead – so hard to tell if Buddy's departure will impact his scores. Hopefully will go down back/into the midfield if required at times.
– Ryder – does anyone have any educated idea of when Bellchambers will be back in the Bombers lineup?? If it looks like he will be back before rd 5-6, im thinking ill change Ryder for Lobbe.
– Can see Cyril Rioli coming into my team very early on – a shame that he is out Rd 1.

Cheers guys – feedback and areas for improvement all much appreciated.


I'd say Roughy is looking a safe pick mate. Last season Franklins role was more team oriented. With him gone JR and Gunston look more settled with Hale/Bruist/Rioli all joining in. IMHO not having Franklin almost balances out the players they now have, with McEvoy the primary Ruck.

Only other considerations are Shuey, Thomas and Polec are all injury collectors.

But otherwise I like the look of it. And I'm no expert!


Are you looking for high overall ranking or league victories.

If high rankings, I think you are a premo mid short.


Great work Higgo, some very interesting picks there and I agree with some of the boys, think that could change 3 or 4 times prior to Friday next week.

I think the Round 8 issue is being over thought by most, I have no issue having 10 or 11 players our for round out, as long as they are Rookies. My strategy is to have 2 maybe 3 premo's out for first bye, those being 1 mid (Pendles or Abblett but not both) and 1 or forwards absolute max with 2 mid pricers. If you have 5 or 6 rookies as you would expect they have made you enough coin by the end of round 7 to trade 2 down to 1 rookie and 1 premo (playing round 9 or 10).

No issue having outs for first bye but make sure they are rookies.


This is true although there isn't a great deal of suitable rookies at the minute with r8 byes.

You are right with the overthinking though. Losing one extra premo's 100pts in the r8 bye is better than losing points on another preferred gun for 7 straight week before that. Keep the common sense flowing folks.


Hey guys,

Got a few questions for ya:

1. Initially had settled on Suckling as a mid-pricer, then out of nowhere a bloke by the name of Jimmy Webster popped up. Is he worth a spot? Or is Suckling a more reliable option?

2. I've popped in S. Hurn as a def-prem. I can't say I know much about the guy. Can someone give us a bit of info on him?

3. Kolodjashnij, K, Nankervis, S.Kersten – These guys gonna play?


1. Lock in Suckling – proven history that he can average over 90 which other options don't have.
2. Hurn has a great draw and may benefit from no Waters playing but really is an awkward priced defender – i would stay clear but many are jumping on …
3. Kolo is almost recovered from an injury – doubt he would get up for round 1 with a limited pre-season however. Nankervis is fighting with two other blokes for the one spot so who knows. Kersten will be a late starter as was not training with the main group all pre-season.


Hurn is built like a beast, has elite kicking skills and is the rebounding half back.

Webster before Suckling

Don't know about those rookies think all 3 will be looking at mid season births?


Webster .. mid pricer who averaged 66 in the NAB over 2 games .. 11 games last year for a SC average of 44. Pick 42 in 2011. Got the vest 5 times last season so could get it again a few times. Played a lock down roll four times as well.

Suckling by comparison – was just eased back into thing in the NAB. Running half back with an awesome left foot. Team mates want the ball in his hands! Averaged 90 in 2011 so we know he can play good consistent football. Still young and improving in a top team. 48 games now so about to explode you would think.

No comparison really …


My opinion on Hurn is that he is a flat track bully who scores well against lesser teams (close to 30% better than his average). WCE have an easy run early so could be a great option.


And on the topic of Webster… im very hesitant to pick a player based on a couple of decent NAB cup games (but I suppose that's part of the skill of our great game)

I wont be starting with him but if it looks like he is going to be a gun and earn significant cash, ill corrective trade him before the price rise.


On that point, would you recommend an alternative to Hurn?



40k more you can get K.Simpson
Round the same price A.Rance or M.Johnson
40k cheaper you can get L.Dunn or J.Grimes


will jack martin play heaps?




your an idoit


Grew great confidence from seeing your selections. I have just finished version 1.6 of my team. Would really appreciate any thoughts community!

Def: Mitchell, Hanley/Enright, Terlich, Suckling, Webster, McDonald (Cutler, Giorgiou)

Mid: Ablett, Kennedy, Priddis, Liberatore, Beams, Thomas, Michie, Ellis (Dunstan, Crouch)

Ruck: McEvoy/Lobbe, Sandilands, Blicavs, Smith (all picked before I saw this team!)

FWD: Roughy, Parker, Mitchell, Gunston, Fassolo, Kennedy-Harris, (x 2 cheap options)

Not 100% but roughly the way im looking.


To much risk in the backline with Terlich/Webster/Suckling. Terlich is just an awkward price really.

Missing out on to many good rookies in your mids by starting 5.5 premiums. That is where you make all your cash!

Wasting a few 100k on the bench in your rucks …

No Danger (or Pendles) .. Fasollo has been overtaken by a few kids coming through last season so may even be in and out of the team. Was terrible in the NAB as well.

Like the Gunston pick as a smokey but just to many risky players across the board. Need more guys who WILL be in the top x number of spots in their position to avoid using to many trades to get your team upgraded.


Anyone think that Andrew Mackie for Geelong is going to over take one of Enright or Taylor?

Going for a balanced back line

Mitchell, Hurn, Mackie, Suckling, Webster, McDonald as starting 6


Peoples thoughts on sydneys defenders. Grundy looks very tempting. Shaw, Laidler?


Dont get sucked into Grundy, his 35 touches wont happen in a home and away season, considering he plays on the no.2 forward, right down back, seriously, dont go near him.
Same with Laidler, I cant see him getting game time, especially now that Sydney have so many returning quality defenders.
Shaw is definitely a good pick though, not sure on his output, but you can count on him playing weekly


Laidler maybe … no to the others!


Grundy great


I’m annoyed Webster played well in NAB. He was in my first draft team back in January and since. Now everyone will have him……. I also had buntine in January’s well πŸ˜‰



Mitchell, Grimes, Sucking, Shaw, McDonald (Langford/Georgiou)

Ablett, Pendles, Griffin, Cotchin, Beams, Thomas, Tyson, Dunston (Ellis/Crouch)

Jacobs, Sandilands (Thurlow/Curry)

Dangerfield, Martin, Rioli, Caddy, Higgins, Rohan (JKH/Honeychurch)

Seriously, with the Dog's early start to the season, you'd have to have Griffin or Libba!!
Like Higgo, going cheap down back, but with some 'reliable' scorers(?) to make some dollar bills!


by "early", I mean easy run


Would love some feedback on my team – bit of a different strategy – seeing the most value this year in rookies and the madness of cheap priced mid premo ..

McVeigh, J
Mitchell, S
Hanley, P
Suckling, M
Webster, J
McDonald, L
Clurey, T
Langdon, T
Ablett, G
Murphy, M
Beams, D
Thomas, D
Tyson, D
Aish, J
Polec, J
Ellis, X
Dunstan, L
Crouch, M
Pyke, M
Jacobs, S
Apeness, M
Thurlow, F
Dangerfield, P
Martin, D
Wingard, C
Mitchell, T
Wright, M
Caddy, J
Rohan, G
Kennedy-Harris, J


Clurey, T, Langdon, T, Ablett, G, Crouch, M, Thurlow, F, Kennedy-Harris, J…great


Not bloody good enough Higgo
Swallow at D2 and 3 other defenders who either didn't play NAB or arent on the senior list.
Higgins at F6! thats a $255k hospital test dummy taking the spot of a potential cash cow.

Get off the sauce and give lifeline a call.


No Jared Polec?

Yet you found a spot for daisy?

Good Luck.

Franklin – fail


Looking for a POD in the ruck?
Many appear to have gone with Hickey…for an extra (approx.) $20k I can pick up Hampson.
Considering Maric supposed 10 week injury could Hanson be a better option than Hickey?
I know I have gone light on in the ruck dept.:
Hampson, Sandilands, Derickx, Thurlow – I have Dixon forward as a plan B for Sandilands.
Interested in your thoughts (especially yours SCaddict)???


I agree Hampson is an option, if he can stay fit for 3 games in a row and focused for more than 5 minutes in a row. I think the tiges favour Orren and Tyrone over Hammer & Tyrone


If there is one place you don't want a POD or risky player it is your R1. Just lock in one of Cox/Minson/Goldy/Luey along with Sandi who is a bargain as your R2. You can't win SC in round 1 … but you can lose it.

Hampson, Hickey, McIntosh, Grundy are all terrible options that you will regret …


not sure why a lot more people wouldn't use Dixon as a fwd can score through the roof.If u have thurlow in the ruck with Sandy would be great cover if Sandy doesn't play. Dixon only has to stay healthy & will be a keeper.


Hampson is bad news. Poor SC record. Stay away.

scott semmens

you wait till old mate jock gets hold of ya!!!love the great mans passion.ha wait till podcast this week higgo he gonna tear ya a new one!!keep up good work boys!


Higgo, although I have many different players to you, my team is of a similar structure to yours……………Skinny down back, solid across other lines, with a greater indulgence in mid priced madness than previous years.
Given the lack of depth in viable Rookies, I think the mid priced madness is unavoidable to a certain extent.
As with everyone else ( including myself), I'm sure you are awaiting Round 1 selections to finalise your Rookies.
I have put a self imposed ban on changing my team again before Rd 1( save for Rookies or injury), apart from one Dilemma………………………Titch or Zorko for F4?

Higgo/Community, please help


Personally wouldn't touch Zorko with a ten foot stick.


Just saw that Ablett has the injury icon on him on the supercoach team page. It says 'calf, subject to fitness test'

Anyone know anything about this?


I heard him speaking on the radio yesterday about burning his hand whilst cooking, being the reason he missed the Practice match against Collingwood.
All good apart from that though and ready for Rd 1, unless there have been any more recent developments.


That's strange that it says calf though


calf kept him outta nab 2
burnt hand kept him outta the game against the pies

he'll be apples round 1


He was cooking veal scallopini.


I see that you've only left yourself $7,000 to play with and I just wanted to get peoples opinions on how much to spend on a team. At the moment I'm going to have about $150,000 left as a safety net.

Does anyone have any thought on how much to leave?


I would pick all the players you want to select. If you happen to be left over with say $50-100K then that's fine but I wouldn't purposely set aside a specific cash reserve. Perhaps $150K is a little on the high side though. That could be used to say upgrade a risky mid pricer to a proven keeper all season.

Once the season gets under way you will quickly generate cash by downgrading under performing (or injured) premos and mid pricers to stand out rookies anyway. That's likely to happen no matter how much you like your Rd1 team right now.

Although my team changes daily I'm usually close to fully spent. Only have $8K in the bank right now like Higgo coincidentally. I'm now fairly settled with my mids, backs and rucks but still very much tinkering with my forward line.

Do I go Danger or Dixon….Wright, Caddy or Tomahawk….Titch or Parker….ad infinitum….arrrrrggghhh!!!


In an ideal world you want about 20k left in your kitty. That allows for those 117k rookies that you might want to upgrade to someone who is 123k for example.

Generally however, i think any more then that is a problem as you are simply leaving points in your kitty. Previously when we had less trades (i.e. now we have 30) it may have been a more relevant tactic .. not sure that still applies.


7 premiums??? That's 15 mid price and or rookie upgrades. Gut feel is you might struggle for big scores early, and run out of trades late…


Supercoach draft- league code (673680)

Shannan R-H

Hey guys what do you think of my team! Comments and suggestions/improvements would be much appreciated!
DEF: Bartel, Mitchell, Everitt, Pittard, Kade Kolo, Luke Mcdonald (S1 Brodie martin S2 Laidler)
MID: GAZZA, Dalsanto, M Murphy, Beams, Grigg, Daisy Thomas, Polec, Ellis, (S1 Dunstan S2 M Crouch)
RUC: Sam Jacobs, Sandilands (R3 Derickx R4 Currie)
FWDS: Dangerfield, Dusty Martin, Wingard, Monfries, Caddy, G Rohan (S1 Kennedy-Harris, S2 Honeychurch)
I still have 52k in the bank!


slim looking backline – havent seen KK to cement a spot at D5, everitt and pittard are risky picks too
midfield – quite weak as well, if possible try and fit in a pendles in place of grigg, another risky risky pick
ruck – jacobs burnt many last year, but could prove well this year, and sandis a lock!
forwards – looking strong here!! maybe look to downgrade monfries to a rookie, have JKH on field and this may allow you to go grigg –>strong midfielder

hope this helps and good luck!

Shannan R-H

Thanks for replying mate! As a massive crow fan, Sando backs Grigg to fire this year so I'm thinking of keeping him but further changes will be made, thinking of getting suckling in but will be hard because that involves bigger changes! Cheers!


no worries mate, sucklings a must, will make money and at that price hes got to be a cow in your team!

you'd know better than me re grigg so best of luck with that one


Hibberd or Hanley


Depends what your looking for. Hibberd will be consistent 90-110 scorer. Hanley will be anything between 50-140.

In defence I like to have consistency so would pick Hibberd. Most forwards score very up and down like Hanley anyway.
Edit Delete




What's the deal with Kolod lads? It sounds like this bloke won't start round 1. Is it worth having him on the bench with Laidler as a fill in for the moment? Or should I throw in a cheaper rookie?

Bear in mind I have Mcdonald & Georgiou in as cover atm.



Get rid of him, he's too expensive to have on the bench. Get him as a downgrade during the season after he plays 2 games.

Also Georgiou is still on Melbourne's rookie list, so he still may not play unless he gets elevated.

Wait for Rd 1 teams and see which rookies are named Langdon, Langford, Fuller, Cutler all could play.


G'Day community,

As we head into the business end of team selection, I'd appreciate some feedback on my team πŸ™‚

DEF: J. McVeigh, S. Mitchell, C. Enright, M. Suckling, J. Webster, L. McDonald.
BENCH: T. Clurey, A. Georgiou (both pending rd. 1 selection)

MID: G. Ablett, T. Cotchin, N. Dal Santo, D. Beams, D. Thomas, J. Polec, X. Ellis, L. Dunstan.
BENCH: M. Crouch, Empty.

RUCK: M. Lobbe, A. Sandilands.
BENCH: F. Thurlow, T. Nankervis.

FOR: P. Dangerfield, D. Martin, L. Parker, D. Zorko, J. Caddy, J. Kennedy-Harris.
BENCH: G. Rohan, Empty

$480,300 left in the war chest.

Cheers everyone πŸ™‚


That's a fair bit of coin left haha…

I like this team, similar set up to mine. A good even spread across all lines.


I'd have a look at your mids. Having 4 round 8 out as well as 2 up forward and 1 at back is a lot. Just something to think about.


Matthew, have you somehow stolen my SC password? My team is exactly the same except I’ve got Michie over Ellis. At least I now know that someone else has made the same mistakes as me. Best of luck to us both!


G'day Community,

The Team as it looks atm, would appreciate any feed back guys.

DEF: S. Mitchell, C. Enright, D. Swallow M. Suckling, J. Webster, L. McDonald.
BENCH: W. Langford, T. Langdon or T. Clurey, A. Georgiou (pending rd. 1 selection)

MID: G. Ablett, S. Pendlebury, M. Murphy, D. Beams, D. Thomas, J. Polec, X. Ellis, V. Michie.
BENCH: M. Crouch, L. Dunstan.

RUCK: B. McEvoy, A. Sandilands.
BENCH: F. Thurlow, T. Nankervis.

FOR: P. Dangerfield, D. Martin, L. Parker, D. Zorko, J. Caddy, J. Kennedy-Harris.
BENCH: K.Kennedy, M. Honey Crunch

Rookies are subject to R1 Selection…

However i have a few questions…

D. Thomas or a rookie?

M. Murphy or N. Dalsanto?

D. Zorko or Wright?

B. Kennedy or A. Fasalo?


Wright, M $384,9000 ADE…great


Hey guys!

Had a go at my team, any feedback appreciated!

Def – S. Mitchell, D Swallow, J Watts, M Suckling, L McDonald, A Georgiou, (W Langford, T Langdon)

Mid – G Ablett, S Pendlebury, J Kennedy, M Murphy, D Beams, D Thomas, V Michie, X Ellis, (J Polec, L Dunstan)

Ruck – S Mumford, A Sandilands, (T Derickx, A Smith – Captain Loophole)

Forward – P Dangerfield, D Martin, L Franklin, L Parker, J Caddy, J Kennedy-Harris, (L McCarthy, F Thurlow)


I think Franklin will be a slow starter and will take time to adjust. Would look to upgrade to Wingard or down to Gray POD?


What's the deal with Kolod lads? It sounds like this bloke won't start round 1. Is it worth having him on the bench with Laidler as a fill in for the moment? Or should I throw in a cheaper rookie?


Sorry guys, accidentally doubled posted this one.

SC Legend.

Hello community,
I thought I'd release my team for some opinions, pretty well locked-in besides for the changes in Round one.

1. McVeigh.
2. Mitchell.
3. Hanley.
4. Enright.
5. Suckling.
6. Laidler.

7. Langford.
8. Clurey.

9. Ablett.
10. Watson.
11. Cotchin.
12. Beams.
13. Thomas.
14. Mcdonald.
15. X.Ellis.
16. Dunstan.

17. Michie.
18. Crouch.

19. Leunberger.
20. Cox.

21. Thurlow.
22. Nankervis.

23. Dangerfield.
24. Martin.
25. Franklin.
26. Wright.
27. Rohan.
28. Kennedy-Harris.

29. Towers.
30. Merret.

The rookies on my defence/forward bench are up for change according to round one teams.
Opinions on Matt Wright? Could trade him out for Bernie Vince in the mids but wouldn't know what rookie to get rid of?