GWS Giants v St Kilda NAB School worksheet

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Analysis of the GWS Giants v St Kilda game:

My beloved community,

I’ll be sticking like bloody glue with my Saints during this upcoming lean patch I can assure you of that. My Saints are in for a rough season here there’s not much doubt about that – but there is some fantasy value to be had with some of the Seaford colts:

  • Lenny Hayes looks to have now joined Jack Steven on the sidelines. Looks as if he’s done his hammy. While this situation can go flog itself.. it does mean there is opportunity ahoy in the midfield for up and comers.
  • Luke Dunstan (STK, MID, $132K) will play all year – has shown enough. 22 touches and very good in close. Will play plenty of MID time. Lock him in.
  • Jimmy Webster (STK, DEF, $240K). Looks comfortably best 18 for mine. Could well run through the guts as well now – might be a very tidy point of difference defender. Silky as buggery and finds plenty of pill.
  • Shane Savage (STK, MID, $341K) may as well just pitch a tent in the middle coz he’ll waltz into our midfield like the King of bloody Sheda under these circumstances. Consider. Jarryn Geary could even find himself a spot in there as well.
  • Hickey played the main ruck, contested well with Mumford but had little of the ball apart from his 28 odd hitouts. Longer play a lot FWD.
  • Adam Treloar (GWS, MID, $470K) – that kid can play mark my words and I’ll be very surprised if he finishes this season any lower than his starting $470K. Dominated.
  • Adam Kennedy (GWS, MID, $307K) shut Montagna down and got his own pill. Interesting prospect.
  • While on that note do not go within a Bull’s roar of Montagna this season – will be tagged to buggery.

How did you see the game folks?

Jock Reynolds

Download Jock’s completed GWS v STK NAB School Worksheet

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Yes Ive never seen the saints on this may trouble since the early 80s.Saints fans need to try and hang tough this year


Excellent wrap up Jock!

Agree with your comments re Adam Treloar, GUN!

I thought Tommy Bugg has looked very good in NAB1 & NAB2. 300K DEF, looking at him seriously now.


Considering Bugg,Whitfield,treloar,Kennedy,Palmer. Still unsure but I'm thinking of asking 2 of that bunch. Wonder how Bugg goes when when Whitfield returns.


Jock – loving these worksheets – is there one for the Dogs vs Freo game ?????


Good to know you guys are human after all!


ok – thanks Jock – probably least of my worries – just like reading up on my beloved doggies


what would you guys recommend Pendlebury and Polec or Dal Santo and Savage?


Option A – P&P.


Though i've opted out with Pendles. I'd say pick Pendles and Polec.




I'be been toying with Webster for a while now – took him as a rookie mid way through last year as he looked silky, but was green and not quite ready for big stage. Sounds like he has stepped up a gear.
Just can't quite work him into my structure at that price.


Thanks Jock.
Throttlefinger put me onto Jimmy Webster last week and he looks real good for D5. I agree that he's a chance to run through the middle and even if he doesn't with Gilbert out he'll get plenty of ball off halfback in a Walker type role. Good for 80 I reckon.

Apologies for the topic but someone has to say something.
If and I emphasise IF the ‘bombers 10’ aren’t allowed to play this year we will be presented with a plethora of low & midpriced options across the field.
IMO a few names that we should all consider because if the axe falls these guys will either be the most played rookies in the comp or moved to much higher scoring roles within the team.
There are probably a few other names that will debut but I reckon that these are the most relevant to SC
DEF: Steinberg, Ashby,
MID: Howlett, Gleeson, Van Unen, O’Brien, Chapman, Goddard, Zaka
RUC: Fraser Thurlow must now be locked into R3 or F7 depending on your structure
FOR: Chapman, Merrett, Howlett, Thurlow, Del Olio, Kommer


oops I forgot Aylett in defense


And here we are, the last of the televised pre-season and my team is all but complete. I've taken a middle of the road approach and starting line up consists of 11 prems, 4 mids, 7 rooks. Gone for plenty of ruck coverage, I refused to get burnt by Sandi, loaded midfield and a couple of PODS who I have faith in, what do you all think? DEF S Mitchell, P Hanley, H Taylor, J Webster, L McDonald, J Laidler (J Tippett, A Georgiou) MID G Ablett, J Watson, D Mundy, K Jack, D Beams, D Thomas, D Tyson, X Ellis (J Polec, L Dunstan) RUCK A Sandi, I Maric (T Derickx, A Smith) FOR P Dangerfield, D Martin, J Westhoff, J Caddy, G Rohan, J Kennedy-Harris (F Thurlow, T Curran) Subject to change depending on who's named for round 1 and any injuries that pop up in the next couple of weeks


maric is out for 8 weeks


Hi Beagz, I can't see your 'plenty of ruck coverage' big Ivan is still in hospital and Archie will only play if others are injured and Derrickx is doubtful for a place in round 1. Maybe move Thurlow from fwd bench to ruck bench


Who's going to back up Pyke in the ruck round 1 in your opinion Wombats?


Naismith & Tippett


Tippett most probably wont be fit for round 1 mate. And if he needs surgery, he might miss 2 or 3 months!

Lets compare game time and hit outs from Derickx and Naismith in the 2 games played so far.
Derickx –
GAME 2: 80% game time, 23 hit outs.
GAME 1: 77% game time, 17 hit outs.

Naismith –
GAME 2: 54% game time, 12 hit outs
GAME 1: 32% game time, 2 hit outs

Clearly their favouring Derickx don't you think Wombats?


Yep they look like they are Naismith is still a rookie so he may well get a run.
I doubt it, for no other reason than a bloke his size not being able to get a game at Richmond despite Ivan spending most of the season on 1 leg


LRT often played in the ruck back in the day, if by some chance he gets named, be sure he's the backup ruckman.


As mentioned, Tippet probably won't be fit for round 1. Even if he is, with tendonitis I don't think they'll risk throwing him in the ruck for at least a few rounds.


Yep stats never lie. Go for him.
The tigers thought he wasn't as good as Hampson thats enough for me.


If they were planning to play Naismith, I think they would of played him more than 32% and 54% game time in the nab cup! Both of us are just guessing at he moment, but I'd rather put someone in my side in the pre season who's stats and game time actually deserve to get picked. And also telling the community that Derickx is a doubtful round 1 starter is abit pre-mature on your behalf.


Well i feel like an idiot, when did Ivan go down? Cant see him on the injury list.

ive been reliably told derry will be playing more than people think so we’ll see how that goes. Once i swap out Ivan that’ll give me 4 playing rucks with one non playing for the loophole.


Had ankle surgery last week to remove bone spurs:

Also mentioned on Jock's premium cheat sheet v1.0


Thoughts and feedback would be greatly appreciated.
1. McVeigh, J
2. Mitchell, S
3. Hanley, P
4. Webster, J
5. McDonald, L
6. Laidler, J
23. Fuller, M
24. Georgiou, A
7. Ablett, G
8. Pendlebury, S
9. Selwood, J
10. Beams, D
11. Thomas, D
12. Savage, S
13. Beams, C
14. Polec, J
25. Ellis, X
26. Dunstan, L
15. Lobbe, M
16. Sandilands, A
27. Currie, D
28. Thurlow, F
17. Dangerfield, P
18. Martin, D
19. Rioli, C
20. Caddy, J
21. Fasolo, A
22. Rohan, G
29. Kennedy-Harris, J
30. Honeychurch, M


I would love to start with Rioli but he is out week 1 through suspension


Reckon selwood could be headed for an early price drop. Hasn't had the ideal pre-season. Fasolo might be eased back into things, keep an eye on him


Good call Jock on Jimmy Webster, think it was after the Saints first NAB game, and you summed him up with nothing else but a "significant" comment. If, like you say he runs through the guts he'll get plenty of the pill and will solve many a fellow community members issue with the D5 spot. Lukey Dunstan is a solid unit, both physically and for holding down a spot in the midfield. Stick solid with your Sainters mate!


So do we consider Savage over Thomas now?

The Mullet

IMO, Thomas is a bit higher risk due to lingering injury concerns, but has more upside.


Jock – Rhys Palmer looked fitter and hungrier than I've seen him. Is he worth considering as a mid priced forward? Thoughts or stats for and against anyone?

Shannan R-H

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